Kate Middleton visits her British Vogue portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

Kate Middleton visits her British Vogue portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge got to view pictures of herself at the National Portrait Gallery and count that as work – again. Kate visited the Vogue 100 exhibit at the NPG yesterday, May 4, where two portraits from her British Vogue shoot have been added to the exhibit (I will cover the rest of the Vogue spread when I can get a copy of the issue myself, hopefully later this week). You can view Kate’s two other May 4 engagements here.

Kate visited the National Portrait Gallery to view the “Vogue 100: A Century of Style” exhibition which features portraits and covers from British Vogue from 1916 to today. With over 280 prints from the Condé Nast archive and international collections being shown together at the National Portrait Gallery for the first time, the exhibition tells the story of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.

Upon arrival, Kate was met by the gallery’s director Nicholas Cullinan and British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, and once inside, Kate met with photographer Josh Olins to view her portraits.

Chatting to Olins, Kate said: “It doesn’t look like January. You did a very good job. It was such a lovely moment, a beautiful end to the day. It didn’t seem like January. We were very exposed up there as well.”

Kate also asked Olins: “As a photographer do you get involved with the exhibition?”

Kate’s portraits were hung next to a portrait of Prince Charles with his chickens. On seeing the Charles with his chickens, Kate said, “Ah, I haven’t seen this before”, before taking a step closer to get a better look.

You can kind of see the portrait of Charles and his chickens in the below photo on the right. There’s a bit of glare on it, though.

After viewing her own portraits, Kate toured the rest of the exhibit.

At a display which had been arranged on a textured khaki material, Kate said: “It’s just fascinating this texture, with the glossy photographs….did you do it [the arrangement] on the floor first? It looks almost casual….”

Lingering over a sequence by model turned war photographer Lee Miller, Kate said: “It’s amazing she was a model and a muse and turned to this.”

Kate views Vogue 100 exhibit
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Nicholas Cullinan, director of the National Portrait Gallery, really bent over backward to sing Kate’s praises:

    “I think [Kate] was very pleased by them [her pictures]. It is obviously a process, so of course seeing the images first and then to see them up in the gallery, in the context of the exhibition, is very special. It was a very natural way to round off the exhibition with our patron. What did she think? I can’t speak for her but she is obviously used to seeing her face. But she was very pleased, I think. Josh did a fantastic job, she was very relaxed, which is great.
    “What came across in my first meeting with her was understanding of art, especially photography. She was asking some very intelligent and engaging questions tonight. It’s always a joy to work with people who really understand the process, the technicality, how to hang it, the process of making an exhibition. She has a good eye. We talked about how this is an exhibition of fashion photography first and foremost, it is also a nexus of shifts in culture, society and music.”

[Daily Mail]

Kate views Vogue 100 exhibit 3 Kate meets people who worked on Vogue 100 exhibit
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate repeated her pink Alexander McQueen wool cashmere peplum dress (which was originally thought to be two separate pieces) that she first wore in Australia in April 2014. Kate wore her Cartier watch, her LK Bennett “Fern” pumps, and carried her LK Bennett “Nina” clutch.

I swear, these Ferns are the new Sledges. Kate literally swapped out the Sledges she wore in 2014 for the Ferns she wore yesterday.

April 2014 on the left; May 2016 on the right.

Kate dressed up the McQueen this time with Monica Vinader “Riva Diamond Cluster Drop Earrings” ($1190) and “Riva Diamond Cluster Bib” ($3200) which she previously wore to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards in October 2014.

Interestingly, the Daily Mail published an interview with Vinader just last week in which she said these pieces were loaned to Kate. She said: “I knew nothing about it as my press team had lent them to her people and they’d told them to tell no one else in the company.”

I wonder if this was a “loan until worn and then bought” type thing or what. Because there have been articles before claiming Kate doesn’t pay for anything until she wears it publicly (though I can’t remember which articles as they were years ago and I don’t want to search for them right now). Hm…


The exhibit also includes Vogue portraits of Princess Diana and Princess Anne.

189 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visits her British Vogue portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

    1. Hard to say since she botoxed her entire face for India. She always looks much more ‘alive’ when she’s botoxed her face. It really lifts her face. Not a criticism. Just an observation. It’s well done application.

        1. She has access to wealth, but is not rich on her own.

          In general, people who live off of the wealth of others and only use that wealth on their own physical appearance frustrate me. What wasteful behavior for a person who should be a role model.

  1. I praised her this afternoon, but tonight I am not as impressed. First off, I greatly dislike that pale pink dress. I disliked it the first time too, though at least this time she is not wearing it around children since it is so low-cut. And i had no idea it was a dress and not skirt/top.

    I am getting so tired of the Ferns. I like nude heels, just not all the time. All she wears are nude, black or blue pointed pumps now. This outfit is so pale, it needed some sort of POP! She could have even chosen a nice floral shoe, just something that had some nice color to it. Everything just blends in and washes her out.

    I am not sure what to say about her comments. How are we suppose to believe she asks really intelligent questions and knows so much when the few bits we get are so basic and vague? Also, I still can’t believe looking at pictures of herself is ‘work’. Though, the photoshoot was too. It is funny that on other sites people are saying the photoshoot proves Kate works behind the scenes-ahahahah. It is ridiculous πŸ™‚

    1. I actually think it’s an improvement that she managed to get through an event without mentioning her kids.
      And the British Vogue editor standing right next to her is the perfect example of how to wear nude/white heels: just match them with bright colors. I love her outfit.

      1. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. I thought the Vogue editor looked horrid. Those white shoes don’t go with anything in her outfit and totally ruin it in my opinion. When I saw the first picture of her, Kate and the NPG guy, there was no caption to identify who they were. I thought the editor was Rebecca Deacon because it looked like something she would wear. Then I realized she was too old to be Rebecca. I really expect someone who is an editor for such an influential fashion magazine to dress better. Then again, this is the woman who chose Kate for the cover so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised after all.

        1. TBH I don’t like light colored pumps, and I find the white ones hideous, but since Kate seems to wear mostly these kind of shoes to events, she should pair them with something like this IMO
          I don’t think the editor is badly dressed. I may have exaggerated a bit when I said I loved her outfit, but it seems appropriate to the event and to her body type. Not every editor-in-chief can be a fashion icon, which doesn’t mean she’s not good at her job (I can’t know bc I don’t read Vogue).
          Regarding Kate’s photoshoot, I think the Vogue team did their best with what they had in their hands. If they had tried to glam her up or do something more quirky, it would have been disastrous.

          1. I thought that the Editor looked annoyed at one point. She has her arms folded and is shooting daggers at Kate. Although I do have to admit, if I was in the Editors shoes ( although I would not be caught dead in those things) I would be probably doing the same thing. What a stupid question, “Do you get involved in the Exhibition?”

    2. “She was asking some very intelligent and engaging questions tonight. It’s always a joy to work with people who really understand the process, the technicality, how to hang it, the process of making an exhibition.”

      Well, no, the questions were not intelligent or informed; it was just the usual unprepared small talk from Kate, sad to say. Why, why, why is someone so dumb, so undeserving feted??? The Gallery director is just gushing empty flattery but basically wants good press, visitors, and possibly a royal gong later down the track!

      The questions asked to Josh Olins, and the ‘did you put this on the floor first’ comment indicate the opposite of the director’s claims. The Lee Miller comment was utterly vacuous. In-house design teams, and occasionally commissioned external exhibition teams design every aspect of an exhibition, spatially and graphically. Vogue most likely partnered in the exhibition with the NPG but the overall responsibility would have fallen to the latter. Josh Olins provided content and would not have had anything to do with the display. Nothing is laid out casually; every inch of a display is determined and discussed forensically. All exhibitions have long lead times, even temporary ones such as this, and demand long-term planning, design and fabrication.

      For Paula, who made a comment below, the floorplan is here: http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/vogue/exhibition/floorplan.php
      A short video featuring some images is here: http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/vogue/exhibition.php

      1. This!

        There was nothing intelligent. How can I know? Years of nothing intelligent. That’s how. She’s praised in clips for articles, but nothing can support the praise. Worse, her own actions and comments undo the praises. And the praises are almost always given for self sering motives like promotion.

        It’s as if she shows up. Does the task. Disconnects from it entirely when over. And then comes back when requested again. Nothing happens in between. No education. No prep. No interest. And that shows deeply.

      2. Hi Jen, thank you so much for the info. Unfortunately I live thousands of miles away from the UK πŸ™ so I’ll have to make do with the website.
        I went to London last year and this gallery completely escaped me. I’ll surely pay it a visit next time.

        1. Paula, there is a youtube video, about 10.5 minutes long, a dialogue with a Vogue editor (?) and one of the curators, also from Vogue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa4ziTWKhb4

          At least it gives you an idea, though not as good as being there! It’s a fascinating dialogue and locates British Vogue as pushing boundaries of what constitutes ‘fashion’ and beyond. There is a nice discussion about Lee Miller’s work too. Also, from some of the photographs shown, it puts the Kate pics into sharp relief, in not a good way. This video was shot in February 2016. Kate could actually have watched it before visiting in May to get herself up to speed. Ten minutes prep though… whoa, a big ask.

          By the way, Kate’s comment about the layout of one section looking ‘casual’: in what universe? It’s very formal and crisp.

          1. Just one more thing: Vogue was at pains to point out that Kate art directed every aspect of her shoot; that she refused all conceptual suggestions and only accepted advice on makeup.

            No offence to Josh Olins, (#PoorJosh) who was relegated to snapping under the direction of a vain, controlling and clueless woman, but the images bear no comparison to the beautifully constructed quality of ‘true’ Vogue images on the walls.

            Sadly, British Vogue bought into the ‘Kate effect’ image, wooed her, gave in to her demands only to find, guess what: nothing there. They must be feeling very foolish.

          2. Jen thanks for posting this video. It puts those two or five snaps into context and perspective. The drama that goes on in the real art photos as opposed to the dowdiness of the Little Miss Duchess pics.

            As I said before. Kate’s pictures are supremely forgettable.

      3. I seriously doubt that Kate knows anything about the process of putting together an exhibition. You don’t learn that at uni, you learn it by working in a museum. That’s how I learnt – and Kate has never held down a real life job! She has a degree in Art History but she has never worked in the field.

        1. She did have her own exhibition of photography AH. Not certain how much she actually did with it though. Maybe just chose the photos…?

          There is quite a lot though. You can learn all day what the process is, but the experience and learning as you go is quite different. I have a friend in this world. From what they’ve said it’s like getting tossed into the fire if you want it well received.

          1. Yes, the museum world is harsh. Like AH, i have worked in this area too and it can only be experienced, not taught. Your friend is right – it’s a vicious world. I don’t expect Kate to have detailed knowledge but she should be suitably prepared to engage intelligently with the people she meets. She gets by on small talk because no-one is going to call her on anything, so she carries on.

    3. The nude shoes and clutch with that pale pink dress? OMG, no! She is so bland and just seemed to blend into the background The photo of Charles, from what I could see, was outstanding!

      So, Kate asked brilliant questions? Like, what? And, to call her visit to the Gallery to view her own photos work is a bit much. But having the children was an engagement, too,, yes?

      Lauri, I swore off the Kate threads for a while because she was making me crazy. I am back and still feeling so negative.

      If I had to find something nice to say, I don’t know what it would be. W and K are wearing on the public, aren’t they? It’s a sad situation to think that with such a high profile, they could do so much good. Instead, it’s the humdrum appearances and the lackluster statements they are making that draw huge rounds of applause.

      The mundane is now considered extraordinary. What, may I ask is the extraordinary? Here’s to Harry and his Invictus Games Here’s to Rhiannon meeting him!

      1. This! Exactly. It’s the frothy praise for – well, what exactly – that leaves me climbing the walls. Okay, papers need to sell papers and reporters need to meet a word count, and people get caught up in the moment but really, does all judgement leave them? Clearly so. It’s lazy journalism and sycophantish behaviour for reasons past understanding.

  2. Her bony chest just makes me worry for her.

    None of her questions and comments are intelligent, despite what is said about her being oh so smart and thoughtful. Proof is in the pudding.

    1. She’s as bony as her wedding. She lost alot of weight for the wedding, lost even more for Canada. Gained most of it back to conceive G. Lost a small amount, but not a huge amount so that she was still able to conceive C. Given that she’s back to pre-pregnancy weight, i’m going to be very shocked if there is a new baby announcement any time soon.

    2. My first thought was, “why no blouse under that low-cut jacket”? My second thought was to notice that she has a bony chest (aka, no cleavage) so she probably thought she didn’t need a blouse. I can’t wear tops cut that low without looking like I’m soliciting.

      1. I’m very small in that area as well, ahem, and I would never wear a low cut dress like that. It just looks inappropriate…

        Y’all know I do not like her much and am disappointed/frustrated by her but her appearance really makes me concerned about how she is doing. I can imagine William is not easy to deal with, and considering her life is all about pleasing him, with how sickly she looks to my eyes… Her arms look fit, sure, but still she is so gaunt πŸ™

        1. Part of me is concerned, too. Then, I think, well she wants to look that way!
          I may be wrong. I guess women who suffer from eating disorders see themselves as heavy and just keep dieting. I think she looks way too gaunt. Way too bony. Isn’t there anyone who cares for her who will say the truth. And, get her some professional help?

          1. Agreed. Will we rag on her for not doing MORE in terms of royal work, some of us (myself included) are genuinely concerned for Kate’s physical and emotional health. I said it a few posts ago and I’m going to say it again: I think is going through her own kind of “rejection” and we’re seeing it play out in public. She’s physically super skinny and that was never a flattering look on her (since we know that she isn’t naturally this slim), she uses her hair as a security blanket, plasters an over-the-top fake smile upon her face and so many other little things that stand out every now and then.

            I truly hope there is someone out there who genuinely cares and reaches out to her.

  3. This is counted as work? Give me a break. I’m surprised they don’t also count shopping for the dress as work. This is pathetic.

    1. I will agree with mothers that giving birth is work but the court circular counted Kate giving birth to George and Charlotte as engagements. LOL!

  4. Too bad for that jeweler. You can barely see the necklace and earrings drowned out by her massive mop of hair and wiglets. What’s the point of wearing jewelry if you can’t see them? It’s another lost opportunity to make a fashion statement and lost advertising for the jeweler. The whole point of loaning jewelry is to showcase them for the benefit of the wearer and maker. She really is a dunce.

    1. An updo would have been more appropriate. Not a fan of the dramatic v neckline, it does her no favours….

  5. I never liked this ensemble.Its proportionally off putting and it has a rather deep v neck,so structure wise it loses points.I remember when she wore it in Austrailia,she was bending her back and her cleavage was showing.
    Also, the jewellery doesn’t suit the delicate pink and structure of this outfit.Her Kiki McDonough or Mappin and Webb set would have worked better.

    1. I am not a fan of this outfit either, but at least she wore a good bra that must have plenty of padding since she is so thin. When I look at her neck and see her Adams Apple…yuck. The deep V neck reminds me of her wedding gown, which to me was a big nothing. The gown had no presence despite the fact that I am sure a lot of hand work went into it.

    2. I remember her wearing this dress in Australia too. She leaned down over children in it to speak to them. There are/were pictures online of the view she gave children of her chest as her breasts flopped forward because of gravity. Really Kate, let’s not flash the children.

  6. I have a burning question. Where’s prince hubby to ooh and aah at the pictures of his country girl Jecca wannabe wife?

        1. Not babysitting, looking after his children which is apparently why we don’t see more of him…somehow I doubt it!

  7. Ugh. I hate that pale pink dress. With how thin she is, it needs to be taken in. She can rock peplum, but this dress looks too big. Whatever impact that jewelry could have had is covered up by her hair; a brooch would have livened this look up and is very sorely needed.

    And the color is terrific to paint a room with, but as one monochrome dress without any styling, it (and she by extension) has no personality. The nude shoes is the blah cherry on top of the blah sundae.

    1. I really noticed the head jut when she arrived for her first outing of the day. It must look so hunchy in profile.

      Another thing I’ve noticed is there is rarely a bad picture of her and she is photographed A LOT. And in bad, I mean eyes closed or in the middle of a blink, awkward facial expressions, as though in the middle of a word etc. Kind of like how William usually looks in pictures. Or myself. She always seems aware of the camera angles and often appears to be looking at it, while everyone else is carrying on around her. I FREAK OUT when a camera is pointed in my direction. It’s never a good time and I am never quite ready…therefore not so many pictures of moi floating around. But she seems permagroomed for a photo op, that is for sure.

      1. The Middleton women always seem to know when the cameras are around, and Kate has long been aware of them and always on show to best advantage.

      2. It seems like she studied Diana a lot. Diana was the most photographed person in the world, so Kate decided to make looking photo-ready all the time a priority. She rarely speaks so there aren’t photos of her mid-sentence. Unfortunately, she ignores the part where Diana worked, and the work is important because it is the work which brought her in contact with people, so Diana could then be photographed caring about people, and the photos could endear her to people around the world. It starts with the work Kate! You skipped that step and went straight to photos.

    2. Peplums are for very narrow hips. If you have a rail thin figure and little waist to hips ratio you rock peplums.
      And in earlier photos of dating years Kate she had hips. Not much, but something. Now, 2 kids later her bodyfat appears so low she’s narrow again. It’s a bit alarming considering this is not her natural state.

  8. She looked better the first time she wore it. She really needs a new hair dresser to deal with her hair. I like the earrings but I wouldn’t have known what they looked like if KMR hadn’t posted a picture of then. Kate’s hair just got in the way. The pink is so pale it’s basically a neutral. The dress is screaming for some colourful accessories. Girl just doesn’t have a clue! Horrible posture like usual. It’s like her head is permanently jutted forward. Just weird!

    And I highly doubt this is the first time she’s seen the pictures. I’ve done photoshoots before and you can see them pretty much the day of. When I did mine a few years back, the photographer showed me the pics on her camera rigt away. A week later, I got to sit down with her and pick the ones I wanted. If I could see mine a week later and I’m just some regular Jane walking down the street, Im pretty sure Kate would’ve seen hers well before today.

    1. She sees the photos before, because Vogue said that she selects the clothes, takes her hairdresser and even suggests she selects the photo…. It is just the first time that she sees them in great format.

    2. Vogue has a video of the shoot online. They said Kate managed everything and only took advice on her makeup. Ironically, her makeup was the only improvement.

  9. I loved this AMcQ on her in Australia (except when she bent over in front of the kids and gave them an eyeful, of probably not much by the looks of things, but still!) as I am a huge fan of the half up hair and delicate jewellery. I very much liked her necklace today, but not the earrings. Imo, simple diamond solitaires would have suited the look better. Today, the dress did not fit her well and the color seemed washed out. I think the dry cleaners boobed and it faded!

  10. Nothing new to comment on her outfit, but I did like her Vogue photoshoot. I’d love to see the whole exhibit.

    Also that portrait of Charles with the chickens is fabulous. I actually googled it to see it properly.

    1. Charles with chickens is as fabulous as debo and her chickens.

      Debo (RIP) was the duchess of devonshire and the last surviving Mitford sister. The Mitford sisters were eccentric, irreverent socialites who witnessed and or influenced swathes of society.

  11. I was going to say “colour me bored”, then I read what Kate said about Lee Miller! She took some of the most stunning photography I’ve ever seen, think of the photos of the camps when they were liberated. I’m shocked Kate would say something so trite! If Kate really wanted to take great photos then studying Lee Miller’s work is a great place to start.

  12. “Kate doesn’t pay for anything until she wears it publicly.” I don’t get it. So if this is true does it mean she just gets to keep these stuff and not pay for them if she doesn’t wear them publicly? Anyway, I forgot how low the neckline of this dress. I don’t mind if she wears things like this, she really likes that low v-neckline thing, but at least tape the sides or something. No accidental flashing at least.

    1. I wondered about that too. Is there a certain period of time she has to decide whether or not to wear a piece before returning them to the designer?

  13. Totally off topic but I wanted to make sure Rhiannon is alive after seeing the cover of People magazine this week? Prince Harry looks pretty good πŸ™‚

    1. I am still here! I tried to fly to WPB yesterday on standby to no avail. I will fly out on a buddy pass on Saturday and be ready for Opening Ceremonies on Sunday.

      My friends has an extra all access pass and she will be doing most of her work in the VIP suite. Her main condition for the pass was to help her work, lol πŸ™‚ So if all goes as plans, I will get my Harry hug! Rest assured there will be no skin tight jeggings or wedges of doom in sight.

      I just came back from the mailbox with my People mag. I literally said “Hello husband”.

      1. Rhiannon, wishing you well! I know he will talk to you. I feel the chemistry already. Get ready to be hugged. And, get ready to knock him off his feet! Oh, Harry, you won’t know what hit you!

        PEOPLE Mag? Hearts be still!!!!!,

      2. Rhiannon, all the best to you and your Prince. I can’t wait to hear all about it and am already thinking about what to wear to the wedding. Sending you hugs and supportive thoughts. You are going to be one happy woman. What are you wearing??

        1. The first thing I will have on is good posture, lol! Lauri taught me that one.

          More than likely my driving loafers, cropped skinny (not tight) pant and some sort of polo or button down. I told her that I was there to help, not get dirty, lol! am not sure if I have to wear an IG t-shirt. But, I did pack for practical (skinny jeans, sneakers) if I need to.

          I was told that I will get a list of the things that I can and cannot do. I will do my best to sneak in my camera or my phone πŸ™‚

          1. All good thoughts to you Rhiannon. I hope you meet your prince and he is all you hope him to be. I hope, too, he sees the goodness radiating from your soul and has no option but to smile and seek you out. Fingers crossed.

      3. Lol, I love it Rhiannon! And I so hope you get your Harry hug. We will all be waiting with bated breath to hear what happens πŸ™‚

          1. I’ve bought my wedding hat Rhiannon can’t wait for the engagement news. You will be a fabulous hard working much loved princess ( ok ok I’m sucking up I want a good spot in the Abbey?!)
            I really really hope you get your hug and much more.

  14. Well, at least she didn’t flash her bits this time. That’s all I have to say.
    And now I’m off, reading everything about Harry. πŸ™‚ Have fun and take care!

  15. Oh God, Kate seeing her Vogue portraits are couting as “work”. But it is Kate, I expect for this. I don’t like this dress, I like light pink, but not the dress. Of course Nicholas Cullinan, director of the National Portrait Gallery, would say only good things about Kate, like “She was asking some very intelligent and engaging questions tonight. It’s always a joy to work with people who really understand the process, the technicality, how to hang it, the process of making an exhibition.” But until I listen Kate really tell something spontaneous, not reading a speech, I won’t say she is “intelligent”. We all know how are her “talks” and someone saying “”Can you test the smell by smelling it”?” how Kate did IT IS NOT intelligent, really. Kate’s conversations always end up sounding like a 10 yr old at a slumber party. Also when she said to the children queuing outside the art room ‘are you going to the art room?’ The Farberage egg comment. Oh God. I would think that someone from her background, with all the opportunities given to her, would have learned the fine art of small talk. Didn’t she ever attend any luncheons or parties or something where people needed to string together more than four freakin’ words? I think I have seen enough of Kate to make me believe she is not very intelligent or a natural lady. Everything is forced. I don’t know her but as it is said actions speaks for a person. And about the Vogue cover, there is an article from Daily Mail that say Kate won’t never pose for a cover. Here is the article:

    One is not amused: Queen ‘disapproves of Kate posing for Vogue cover’
    UPDATED: 22:15 GMT, 7 October 2011

    Rumour has it Anna Wintour is attempting to secure a photoshoot with the Duchess of Cambridge for the cover of Vogue.
    And while gracing the pages of the fashion bible would do wonders for Kate’s style credentials, it might not go down so well with her grandmother-in-law.
    The Queen is said to be unimpressed with the idea – which could also explain why Kate reportedly turned down an offer of a British Vogue cover.
    Kate often divides critics with her demure, polished dress sense and glossy long hair.
    But despite everything she wears selling out within hours, the 29-year-old has never claimed to be interested in fashion.
    The Palace source said: ‘But both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon.
    ‘That’s not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them.’

    Well, how we see, many things proved not true in five years, specially the idea that “they take their royal duties far too seriously.” And now this cover. Ahhhhh.

    1. I loved that bit about W&K not wanting Kate to be seen as a fashion or style icon and that they take their royal roles so seriously. Bahahahahaha!! I really don’t think they need to worry about Kate becoming a fashion or style icon unless the boring, dowdy look becomes popular. And my god they trivialize their royal roles darn near every time they open their mouths and speak.

  16. I hope it’s not threadjacking when I mention that the People cover picture of Harry is much more NPG-worthy than the Vogue stuff…
    Whoever took his picture did a great job. On the other hand it’s obviously quite easy to capture Harry’s personality as he has loads of it.

    Whenever he appears at an event it feels real and as if he would do the things he does even if he wasn’t a Royal. With Kate I feel the opposite. She only does the appearances she does because she has to. And her fashion choices show clearly that she’d rather disappear than being the center of attention. The pale pink dress is pretty and appropriate. But it’s making her kind of invisible. It’s more like a camouflage.

    1. Oh Greta, because of your post I looked for Harry cover on the net, and I almost died. He looks very, very, very amazing. And I agree with you: “People cover picture of Harry is much more NPG-worthy than the Vogue stuff…” Kate Vogue cover has nothing to do with Vogue, IMO. I agree completly with your opinion about the differences between Harry and Kate.

      PS. I’v already seen this photo and I read on another site that this is the new official photograph of Harry.

    2. I was so disappointed yesterday that coverage of Harry was sidelined so the press could focus on Kate’s hair. I can’t wait to get my copy of People magazine and let me tell you I will be holding on to that magazine for some time!

  17. There’s something special about someone who can’t be bothered to leave the house to attend the anniversary gala of a charity she’s patron of (SportsAid) but can make it to the anniversary of a fashion magazine in order to look at pictures of herself.

    It doesn’t take an expert to know that looking at pictures of yourself in a gallery and calling it work does not come off well. She should have sent a note expressing her delight at the exhibit. If a note is good enough for a charity she’s patron of, it’s good enough for the Vogue exhibit. I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea to tackle the laziness perception. Honestly, given her past, staying home in bunny slippers would have been better from a PR perspective (because heaven forbid she actually be too busy with her charity work to go gaze at herself). This just reiterates that her laziness has absolutely nothing to do with her spending time with her kids or whatever other line KP wants to feed us; it has to do with her just not liking to work unless it’s something she personally finds enjoyable or suitably strokes her ego. It almost feels like the earlier events were cover to make this not look too bad.

    1. This is horrendous. What an ego. Kate cannot show up to pass out shamrocks to the Irish Guard, breaking a 115 year tradition. Yet she can show up to gaze at her bony ass for the 100th anniversary of Vogue. What a joke. Vogue is high fashion yet she looks Town and Country or aiming to look like Jecca. Take your pick
      What a waste she is. Self absorbed human being. I’m disgusted.

    2. Hi Lilibet, it’s going to take time and a lot of effort on her part to live down missing the Irish Guard parade. And when was the last time she attended an engagement for SportsAid or children’s hospice or the Scouts? As I said it will take time and a lot of effort to rehabilitate her image but I don’t see it happening, I don’t think she sees a problem with any of her actions.

    3. Oh, very good, Lilibet. Well said. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s married to the future King of England and gave birth to another. Above approach, apparently.

    4. Well said Lilibet.

      Yes, we can never forget the Irish Guards! I hope they publicly and politely NOT invite her to join them this year and for the next 115 years. How humiliating for the Guards last year. Shame on Kate. Shame on William, too for not knowing the significance and importance of keeping this tradition. And yet, look at Kate admiring herself in Vogue … Truly, what’s wrong with that picture?

      1. lLilibet, so very astute of you! Calling a visit to the Gallery to view photos of herself, “work” is offensive, isn’t it? Especially since she cannot make the time for many of her patronages — except to send a congratulatory note on an anniversary now and then. Notes, that were no doubt, penned by staff.

        The pale pink dress would have been pretty in a brighter color. Indeed, she did look bony. How much weight can she continue to lose? It’s alarming, actually.

        Her comments did not seem so scintillating to me. Kate is a bore. Her actions, her clothing, her self-centered ways. I find that I am getting nastier and nastier when I comment on threads that concern her. That’s not good.

        It’s hard to be more polite, however, when I think of how very little she does for others and how the poor taxpayers are being stuck with huge bills for her clothes, hair and make-up. Also, the chopper rides to and from London.

        She is one spoiled Duchess.

        1. I hear ya Jenny! No matter how hard I try to stay positive about Kate, by the end of the comment I’m feeling so snarky and bitchy!

    5. +1000

      Lillibet that’s brilliant.

      There’s something special about a person who can’t be bothered leave the house to attend the 10th anniversary of 7/7 London bombings and the 70th anniversary of VJ Day service but can make it to the anniversary of a fashion magazine in order to look at pictures of herself.

      1. This!

        When she during that same week had no problems attending Wimbledon for six hours, but couldn’t attend the 7/7 remembrance and VJ Day event due to her kids.
        Especially when the two latter events took approximately an hour.

  18. On more note. Have you noticed that in some photos Kate is holding her clutch the way Diana did? I’ve never seen Kate holding the clutch like that. I may be wrong, but if Kate is starting to imitate Diana’s style to hold the clutch, then this woman is getting worse than I thought. Only my guess.

    1. This is a point of “princess training” and you can find many, many examples of this among other female royals.
      There are only so many variations of what to do with your hands and how to stand.

      While there are similarities with how Kate mimics Diana I don’t agree with this one.

  19. Why, why, why does she do nothing with that hair……it overwhelms everything, if you want to have hair like an 18 year old, wear it down privately and wear it up to look like an adult when you are “working”.

    1. I agree the outfit and time of day needed a simple updo. It would also have shown off her beautiful jewellery better. I have to say that both this and the lunch time dress just look too big. There’s a side view at lunch where you can see the back of the dress is just hanging off her. She looks well with bouncy hair, so if she is eating very carefully to be this thin then she should have her designer clothes altered to fit.
      I had been so hoping for a really elegant cocktail dress for this event. Diana in her later years always looked especially stunning in her early evening cocktail events.

  20. Down a dark hallway, behind a closed door in a room lit by a single desk lamp sits Sarah Burton, her golden hair glowing in the dim light, as she bangs her head on her solid mahogany Louis V desk muttering “she paired my creation with nude pumps, she paired my creation with nude pumps” again and again until despair renders her silent.

        1. I liked the Wedding gown in its basic simplicity. It was nice. Unremarkable, but lovely.
          I call it a Burton as it’s certainly not a McQueen!

    1. Oh, Lauri! A standing ovation for you! That’s the high point of my day. Your funny post!!
      Thank you. BTW, I bought a coffee table book at a tag sale the other day. It focuses on the Royals Families of Britain, starting with Queen Victoria. There is one photo of the young princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret, who were in their late teens, sittiing on lawn chairs with their parents. The girls’ posture was ok, but nowhere near as great as their Mum’s. Wow, the Queen’s back was so ram-rod straight and her shoulders back in spelendid form . Someone should cut that photo out and stick it on Kate’s closet door!

      1. You are quite welcome Jenny!!! I read that in the olden days forks would be tied to the back of chairs with the prongs facing out to discourage young people from leaning back against the chair. When I was growing up, posture was important and I’ve noticed that it does make a difference to my overall mood and feelings of strength and confidence. I guess that’s why I make such a scene about Kate’s posture, I truly think that if she improved that she would feel more confidence during her engagements. Of course, having good posture can take a bit of work especially if one is having to undo years of slouching and knowing what a fan Kate is of hard work, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

        1. Oh, Lauri, those forks on the back of chairs! My goodness.
          I agree with you about posture and mood. When one stands tall and dresses nicely, you do feel confident. Even in jeans and a t-shirt, good posture sends a solid message and helps one feel better about oneself.

          Kate is a slouch. I wonder what they said to her during the VOGUE shoot? “Shoulders back, Ma’am!” Not that she would listen.

        2. A long time ago Lauri I went to a very posh school. We had to walk with books on our heads. Now whenever I am in a stressful situation, especially when at work meeting difficult people, I visualise those books. You have to walk straight and tall to balance the books. It works. Pity Kate didn’t go to my old school….

    2. If I were Sara Burton, I hope that head banging gives her some new design ideas because overall I find her creations rather boring, but then again, the only person I see wearing them is Kate. To me it is always a structured top with some kind of detail at the bottom, such as the peplum and then either a full skirt or a pleated skirt. Kate’s wedding dress was basically a gussied up version of this style.

      1. I agree BB she doesn’t seem to be very original. I wonder if having Kate as a client has really helped her, because Kate just doesn’t have either the posture or the confidence to pull off her outfits. I cannot remember ever just thinking ‘WOW” as I did so often with Diana. Kate often looks perfectly nice, but there is no edge or personality to her choices. Her theme dressing on her tours just annoys me.

  21. Nicholas Cullinan said: “She was asking some very intelligent and engaging questions tonight.”
    Since Kate has been criticized publicly more than once for asking silly or shallow questions during her appearances, it is most likely that KP has instructed Mr. Cullinan to emphasize that she is both intelligent and informed.

    1. He’s a pro. I doubt he had to be told. What is good for her is great for him. Had he said anything not in glowing light he’d be torn apart and the wrong type of attention would be given to this regarding promotion for both himself, Vogue, NPG, and Kate. Miss Wintour would have his head.

    2. I love how folks say Kate’s asked intelligent, thoughtful, etc questions but never actually say what questions were asked. I’d love for the press to ask for a specific example.

  22. I actually shook my head yesterday when I saw this outfit and it kept shaking when I saw the new nude pumps. And it continued when it looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra, but really was, it’s just that it wasn’t doing anything for her. She would have been better off with a low cut slip for all of the support the bra gave her.

    Do people in the positions that plan these things for Kate and accompany her around get sucked into her vortex and inhale some pheromone emitting from her that makes them believe every word she spouts is so well thought out, informed, analytical, amazing that they just can’t help themselves? Are they playing along because they are hoping to work with her again in the future and saying she was as dumb as a box of rocks would insure that wouldn’t happen? Or are they just merely being polite? Because being polite is one thing, misleading people into believing she is the second coming is another all together.

    I don’t know what to think. On the one hand she needs to work. Every day with weekends off like the “normal” people she and Billy wish upon a star to be. Working continuously will hopefully help her to learn what does and doesn’t work. I say hopefully because it’s been five years and she still hasn’t learned the lesson about lightweight fabrics cut in flowing designs and the hazards of windy days.

    On the other hand, I’d be happy to leave her to her Norfolk country wife/mother wearing expensive striped/plaid tops and 70’s jeans and be completely happy not to see her. Ever. Again.

    1. Lisa, I think it’s about becoming dizzy with excitement just being in close proximity to someone famous. All common sense leaves people and they just gush, tending to be over positive. They have met the famous, and get a bit high on it. Nicholas Cullinan will, of course, bend over backwards to compliment the woman; he knows the game he has to play. Doesn’t matter that she is useless; the illusion and ego must be stoked.

      I would rather Kate retire to Norfolk, whittling herself away on the stripper pole and whatever else, and leave the engagements alone. The public should resign themselves to the obvious that Kate and William are complete duds and write off the money. They seem to do more damage when they are out and about. Plus annoy anyone with a brain. They are genuinely unlikeable.

      1. I would rather Kate retire to Norfolk, whittling herself away on the stripper pole and whatever else, and leave the engagements alone.

        Thank you for that mental image Jen. It is going to take DAYS for it to get out of my head LOL.

        1. Sorry Tanya! Not a pretty thought, I know, to see this woman swinging endlessly around a pole in the pursuit of a thinner and thinner body. At least you can distract yourself with packing!

        2. I have a vision in my head now of you installing a stripper pole at the PO In outback NSW!! That would generate some gossip….. Koalas would love it.

  23. I don’t know about you all, but there is no way in the world I would want to see an exhibit with my own pictures in it. The pics needs to stand on their own. I am not a fan of the pics at all. I would have liked Kate to do a version of their 73 questions. I am not sure if you all have seen it but it is cute. It is quick fire, off the cuff questions. Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham did one. But, on the other hand, it might stump Kate.

    I will say that I like the shade of the dress. The peplum is a bit too wide on the sides. She needed a brooch or a statement piece for the outfit. I read that the necklace cots 3500 pounds.

    I will say that I am vexed with Kate. I want to praise her, but it’s getting harder every day.

    Thank you for the speedy update, KMR!

  24. Oh boy, this doesn’t look good. Apparently Vogue is making quite a killing on their June edition, the one with the Duchess on the cover, but they aren’t making any donations to charity with the profit. I know this isn’t directly the Duchess’ fault but you’d think someone on her staff would have suggested that Vogue make a donation to one of the Duchess’ charities. This revelation makes her posing for this magazine even more of an ego-stroking adventure than before.


    1. Omg… The “Kate Effect” has been fully debunked from all angles… What is DMO thinking?

      And missed opportunity to raise money… So, Kate basically posed for Vogue because she wanted to be in Vogue and not for any charitable reason? This should not been counted as work then imo.
      Again it’s only to promote herself. At this point she almost has to actively avoid her patronages or no one on her teams is daring to suggest she have association with them.

      She seems really awful at this point. Not unaware. She should know better.

      I wonder how the sales will go for this edition also… I really doubt sales will rise as much as the DMO suggests.

      1. That the only benefit flows to Kate in terms of ego-stroking is a bad, bad look. But it also confirms, too, that the BRF has well and truly embraced the chase for ‘celebrity’ and that they see themselves in that camp. So let’s not pretend they are anything more.

        Of course the cover should not be seen as work as it’s a flattery exercise for Kate. Had she been interested in the NPG’s exhibition of Vogue’s covers, she might have considered attending the opening almost three months prior rather than waiting for her photos to be exhibited.

        1. For this vanity project to be legitimately counted as work it should have been worked out in advance that a charity (or two) would benefit from x amount of profits. It also would have been trumpeted all over the media by KP on Twitter beforehand to ramp up the excitement and get people out there to buy the issues. Kate could have been portrayed in a positive light for going back on her word about posing for Vogue because she is helping her charities.

          The fact that it has basically been slid in right under the public’s collective noses makes me think something was hinky in how this whole thing was put together. Vogue said nothing in advance about a special cover session, no thank you’s from charities that would profit from the sales, nothing. I think Vogue was embarrassed beyond belief once they realized what the outcome of this session would be. Bland throwback photos with a press release story accompanying the article. No ghosting of Kate at events to learn how she works behind the scenes, no talks about her life, nothing. Just her asking questions in her quest to become the best little palace photographer there is. NPG would have been touting it as well. It is all a giant waste of time and effort. But I can pretty much promise you that some of those clothes made their way into Kate’s closet. So someone came up on the plus side in this whole thing.

          1. Yes, it’s all rather odd. The director of the NPG commissioned them, with Vogue; whether there was pressure on him to do so, who knows. You’d think the exhibition might have opened early May to coincide with the 100th issue but no, it’s almost over. As you say, no mention from Vogue to build expectations. I’m sure they are disappointed with the results – absolutely no insights into this dull woman. There’s nothing there. On another site, it was confirmed that Kate was wearing no underwear with the black pants/ bum flashing – the print copy is very clear apparently – so the pants at least may have gone home with her.

            I agree that there should have been some forethought into the optics of having Kate model with a donation from sales made to charities, even if it is to the NPG itself. It doesn’t take much strategic nous to get to that. The PR people are either hopeless or this whole thing has been a flight of fancy from Kate and PR has tried to clean it up as best they can.

    2. What I find strange in this article is that we have no element, no figures which prooves that Vogue sold many numbers. Spokenman Vogue denie to comment. Anyway because it is an anniversary number is well sold.

      We have : “Brand experts are hailing the move as a huge coup for both the Royal Family and Vogue, with the magazine expected to see a sales boom off the back of its photo-shoot.”
      The exposition is well visited but the director say that because it was a bank holiday weekend.

      I am always sceptic when the press speaks about Kate’s effect.

      1. I agree Clem, we really don’t know how this will affect Vogue’s bottom line. My complaint is that no one on the Duchess’ staff thought to have a portion of the proceeds go to one of the Duchess’ charities. I realize that the NPG is benefiting from this exhibit but since the Duchess wasn’t compensated for this shoot (at least not monetarily) I think the least Vogue could have done was to make a donation on the Duchess’ behalf to one of her charities. By not doing this, again it screams giant ego stroking for the Duchess and chance of profits for Vogue. Yet again another missed opportunity for the Duchess to regain some public goodwill.

        1. I agree with you about a part of profit to go for charities, about what you say in your post.
          My comment was about the absence of precision from DM’s article (but it is maybe irony that I miss?): I think that this number will be considered like a success not after just one day of sale, but in comparaison with other sales.

          I dislike the lack of transparence about how money is collected for charity : how many money was collected from their evening gala in India?

        2. So true, Lauri. A portion of the proceeds from magazine sales should have been presented to a charity. But, that’s too much to ask, isn’t it? I am sure all their cover girls are given some payment and if Royalty is photographed, don’t they automatically ask that the money go to Charity A or B.?

          What were the sales of British VOGUE before? Are they just desperate to boost revenue? If so, tap Madeleine when she gets back to London. I bet she would ask them to donate some of the proceeds to a charity. And her face on the cover and a spread inside would be a big revenue maker, too, I would think.

          And, Rhiannon, you could be next. British and American VOGUE.

          In reply to your prev. comment, Rhiannon, I don’t think I could bear to go to the Gallery and view my photos, either. So self-centered. Surely, there are others way she can help the Gallery. Take her camera out into the streets, photograph everyday people doing real jobs and then have them hung in the gallery for a special fundraising exhibit.

    3. Who is buying these magazines with her on the cover? I was hoping this would be a dud. I guess the sparkle of royalty blinds more people than I thought.

    4. I think someone from Kate’s camp has bought several thousand of Vogue copies.

      I remember reading in one of the Kennedy biographies, how their garage was filled with copies of JFK’s book ‘When England slept’.

  25. I am very irritated at her. I am irritated by the “Just call me Kate”. We CAN’T call you Kate because we have to call you “Ma’am” or “Catherine” because that is what is expected of us. If you want to be called Kate by the general population, then you should have married an accountant. Stop pretending to be “normal” because you are a Princess whether we like it or not. We are stuck with you and as most of the British are tax-paying citizens (I am in the cheap seats across the pond in the States), they aren’t getting much value for their money; boring clothes with no “it” factor or style, hair from The Brady Bunch, and aloofness. Good Grief.

    1. I agree LoriB. Yet Kate even if claiming to be normal wants the luxury life she’ s living. She’ s not normal.Normal people work day in day out , have no housekeepers or nannies and don’ t wear tiaras. What I used to love about the Royal Family was their glittering not normal life ( along with their sense of duty)

    2. “Because that is what is expected of us” I honestly don’t care, if I ever see her I will say alright Kate, because untill she earns my respect she aint getting any. She’s a useless royal so I ain’t addressing her like one!

  26. So this exhibition has been open since February and only runs for two more weeks. Weird timing for this latest Kate kerfuffle. I suppose they had to tie the PR to the magazine release but I would have thought the exhibit would run for a couple of months yet, not a couple of weeks. Even though the Portrait Gallery itself is free, this exhibition is Β£19 (about US $27.50). A bit steep IMO to look at magazine covers.

    The gallery director has only been there a little over a year, so I understand his sycophantic remarks to the press. Can’t throw shade on Royal Patron after all.

    Isn’t there a “Mastering Small Talk for Dummies” book? Kate needs one. Desperately.

    1. I thought that was strange as well. The exhibit is almost closed and now Kate comes to visits it? It just seems like an obvious cover for Kate. She really wanted to be on a Vogue cover, which I can’t blame her, but the only way she could do it without getting to much flack was with something like a charity involved. Funny how she doesn’t bother to visit this exhibit until her photos are up. I just can’t believe people are buying into this Vogue cover being for charity and not for something Kate did for herself

      1. But it’s not for charity. It was just for Kate and Vogue. No money changed hands between Vogue and any of Kate’s charities. Why do people think charity was involved?

        1. Because KP is saying this was done for NPG, her charity. That way they can say it is work and not something Kate was pushing for.

          1. Thanks for the clarification Overit. It’s very misleading and manipulative on the part of KP. Heck, it’s just a lie! The exhibition opened 3 months ago so ‘work’ could have seen Kate opening the Vogue exhibition then… though without her images on show.
            I wonder how it feels to be a KP PR person. Man, it would be a depressing job talking up Kate and William, and having to endure their smugness knowing they were were doing nothing to deserve good press and lavish lifestyle.

  27. Off topic : maybe it is just me but the necklace from Diana in the Vogue’s frontpage doesn’t look at first sight like the new tiara of Mary of Denmark?

    1. It is a design that is very typical of the Belle Epoque (late 19th century). There are many many necklaces and convertible tiaras that look like this.

  28. You know what I just realized? In the 14 years that Will and Kate have been together, I have only seen them kiss once. On the balcony at their wedding. Now, there were a couple of years when I wasn’t really royal watching so maybe I am wrong. Don’t you guys think that is a bit odd? For a young couple constantly hounded by paparazzi, especially for the nine years they dated, and no kisses were captured on film? Considering how everyone has a camera phone now and the nature of the internet, I am shocked that pictures of Kate sunbathing basically naked were revealed but not of them kissing. Do they ever kiss?
    I know this is random, it just seems weird to me and this is the only comments section I can think of where I can talk about this without being jumped on by people who don’t want to discuss Kate objectively. IMO there is nothing wrong with a married couple sharing a kiss especially during their private moments. They seem a little cold towards each other sometimes. I even find it odd that Kate doesn’t bring her kids grocery shopping or out to restaurants with friends or family. I used to be a nanny and I would bring the one and three year old kids I took care of everywhere with me. Grocery shopping, to eat pizza, the library, the mall, the park, etc. Is the nanny forced to stay at Anmer Hall? As a former nanny myself I can say it doesn’t matter how big the house is, that would get stifling really fast.
    That event when Kate went to Hampton Court would have been perfect for both George and Charlotte. I Have nannied for a few kids including the two boys I mentioned, one had just turned a year old and the other was 2 and a half when I started taking care of them and I would bring them both to parks all by myself, no other adults needed. A one year old even if they are not walking independently can still sit in a sandbox or play around. It would have been nice to see how Kate interacts with George and Charlotte. She could have brought the nanny along, I suppose but that wasn’t even necessary considering how short the engagement was.
    It just feels like Kate is going out of her way to seem normal and down to earth in these Vogue pictures, but it isn’t normal for a married couple to be so old fashioned about showing affection and it isn’t normal to keep children locked up in a country estate. Kate may try to promote a “normal” image in this pictures, but actions speak louder than words. Will and Kate are very Victorian in many ways. They don’t act like a modern family.

    1. Hi Cookie, I too think their lack of physical contact is odd and kind of off putting. In fact seeing them hold hands in Bhutan made me cringe a bit because it was so obviously staged and Kate was so thrilled that William was touching her in public. At this point I’m rather glad I don’t have to see photos or watch the two of them kiss, I think it would be too unnerving.

      I think Kate doesn’t bring George along to these events as she doesn’t interact with him well. Just a feeling I have remembering the pap shots taken of the two of them when she was pregnant with Charlotte, her and George never smiled in each other’s company. Someone on another site mentioned some time ago that it seems that Kate so identifies with being the child and taken care of that she is unable to mother her own children well

      1. There was some dribble released by KP after the Taj Majal photos that the reason they didn’t touch each other while they were there is because they are professional royals and they were at work. Like I said, dribble.

        I think that if William was as crazy for Kate as she appears to be for him we would see more interaction between them. Seriously, he’s grown up seeing his grandparents touch each other more than he touches Kate. The lack of simple physical interaction screams separate lives. And the putting his hand on her back to steer her around doesn’t count.

        On the Hampton Court thing, if Kate had taken George she would have had to wear something else (pants, lower heels) to chase after George in and I wonder how much control she actually has over him. I think George would have been a bit subdued at the sight of the cameras, etc. but may have gotten into the swing of things. He would also upstage Kate and these events are all about Kate and her hair and clothes. We may have gotten some photos to rival those of CP Mary with her kids if George had gotten really into the park and didn’t listen to Kate. Or she would have kept a death grip on his little hand. The distant photos we saw of them at the play park last year where he was on the hill were different because on one could hear what she may have been saying to him. There’s no way she’s going to have George not listen and risk going Mommie Dearest in front of the media. And there’s absolutely no way she’s let Nanny Maria upstage her.

        This is where Vic and Dan excel in raising Estelle (and now little Oscar). Estelle is comfortable with the media and people, obviously loves and listens to her parents and is going into her future role with her eyes wide open to her responsibilities. I can see William on his deathbed snickering and telling George “it’s all yours now, have fun” while George will be left wondering what he’s supposed to do and why he wasn’t taught it earlier. It may be a lousy image but that’s the way William’s spirit comes off to me.

        1. George, at nearly three, is such a wild card to be allowed at engagements where too much could be unwittingly revealed about the quality of interaction with his mother. It was on Lola’s site that she opined that Kate’s mothering was severely compromised by still identifying herself as a child herself needing parenting. So that must make interesting living at Anmer if Carole is holed up there now, parenting them all.

          From what we see of Estelle, she is poised and has had no problem with the meet-and-greets since she was younger than George when she started and seemed to take it all in her stride. She looks to be a well-adjusted little girl overall, and very loved by parents who appear to be a genuine couple.

          I’d expect the BRF to have transitioned to private (though incredibly rich) citizen status during Charles’s reign so I’d expect George will have (a) a future based on his own abilities or (b) will do nothing much, as per his father. Since he is appears to be spirited, I am hoping that manifests itself in endless curiosity and a desire to do good somehow; a big ask given the influences on his life.

          1. Thanks Jen for pointing out that it was on Lola’s site where I saw the bit about Kate identifying as a child and unable to mother her children, some days I can’t remember what I had for breakfast let alone remember where I’ve seen or read something πŸ™‚

        2. I have an idea! The Swedish Royal Ladies should go on the road and do *real* princess training.

          Silvia can teach tiara hair and posture. Get Queen Sonja from Norway to tag along. I love those two.
          Vic can teach “How to raise a future king/queen and still have ‘privacy'”.
          Madde can demonstrate how to conduct yourself on television (if you haven’t seen the You Tube video, Madde and Chris were on a talk show called Skavlan with Adele and Jamie Oliver. They were great! And don’t forget, English is not really Madeleine’s native language!) plus how to curtsey.

          She won the Gold Medal for THE most incredible curtsey ever. She curtsied to Pope Francis. In heels. When she was seven months pregnant. AND she was holding Leonore. It was awesome πŸ™‚

          1. I remember that picture! I have never been a fan of Kate’sKate’s curtsey. Mette-Marit does a good one too. As does Princess Marie.

        3. I had not heard about KP mentioning why Kate and William didn’t touch at the Taj Mahal. What a weak excuse. Especially because they touched during the hike the day before. So were they not professional royals at work that day? Gosh, they need to keep their excuses straight. I am just happy there was enough talk about the lack of affection at the Taj that KP felt the need to say something. I had not heard any of that, so thank you

  29. Seriously, if Kate hadn’t married William & became the Duchess of Cambridge she would have been a nobody, just plain Miss Kate Middleton. There is nothing that she can contribute to society that is outstanding, she has zero personality, no intelligent conversations & bland dressings. She can only smile & offer idiot comments – she doesn’t portray herself as a Uni graduate. Even Princess Anne who has only ‘A’ level is more intelligent than her!

    1. Princess Anne is also a world class horse women, European champion and Olympian in her own right. Being Royal doesn’t stop you excelling at other things.

      1. “Being Royal doesn’t stop you excelling at other things.”

        Can’t tell you how much I love this!!!! 1000% true

        1. No, of course it doesn’t, but a royal – like everyone else – needs a strong work ethic so that a desire to excel is at least possible. There also has to be a level of humility in place, too, to know that despite status, there might be people actually better at whatever they aspire to.

          The difference for a royal is that extreme privilege is provided simply because of birth. It has not been earned. The temptation is to lap it all up, believe one is superior and deserving, become cocooned to the reality of most people’s lives, and as we have seen with the Cambridge’s, just play at doing something until it gets boring, and hide away from prying (and paying) public eyes.

          If William wants to fly, no-one would have a problem with it. But he slacks off so often, and nearly got kicked out of the RAF because of it. And now he is bored with EAAA and does few shifts. Given so many opportunities because of his status, and ONLY because of it, William chose not to work at his chosen career, he chose not to excel.

          Similarly, Kate, from what little we know of her interests, is interested in photography and has been for over a decade. Fine. There’s a technical aspect to master, but also so much more. Has she sought to learn, formally or informally? No. Did she exercise some humility with the Vogue people and learn from their expertise in the opportunity presented to her? No. Again, she chose not to open her mind, so in no position to excel.

    2. If Kate hadn’t met William at university it possible that she might have been able to build a nice, little life for herself. She might have found a job at a gallery, where she would have been able to put her art history degree to good use, meet a nice, fairly wealthy young man, spend time in London and at their country pile hosting shooting parties and raising their adorable children. Instead her mother ran her life, encouraged her to take William back time and time again after he cheated on her, talked her into dressing like a tart to win back his affections and financially supported her so that she could be available to William 24/7.

      1. Lauri, AFAIK they actually met before university. She had her eyes set on the prize whilst at Marlborough… It’s really sad!

      2. I’m not sure she would have had the ambition to get a job at a gallery-to much working from the bottom up. I feel like she would have tried her hand at modeling or something similar. Kate likes the lime-light and her strongest asset is her body, which she knows. A gallery job takes a refinement she doesn’t have

      3. I think Kate and Pippa would have holed up in their parentally-provided million pounds plus apartment, and oozed themselves into the wealthy set. Pippa’s still doing that. Carole and Mike wanted their kids to appear in no need of jobs in order to fit into that kind of set. Maybe that’s why, apart from a natural inclination towards laziness and disinterest in anything bar exercising, Kate never bothered with work. It’s always been about moving up the social ladder. Sigh.

      4. My one consolation is that at least Carole didn’t bury any competition. I think the pale pink dress looked bleugh for this outing. I think nude shoes with that outfit make Kate look like a ghost. At least the Vogue photos look better than the portrait. I do like the earrings and necklace set.

      5. @Lauri
        Having a job in a gallery requires an ability to talk small talk, plus probably an extra language or two?

        But then Kate was able to get a job as an accessories buyer without any skill at accessorizing?

        1. The Jigsaw ‘job’ was created because Carole was friendly with its owners. Kate didn’t win the job on merit. Wasn’t it just a cover anyway to shut the Queen up? And she was rarely there – much like William and his EAAA job. They share a strong ‘stuff working everyday, not gunna do that’ bond there!

          Had Kate had snookered a decent job at one of the prestigious art auction houses, she’d have to be very knowledgeable. Yet, despite her art history degree with a specialisation on photography, she was nevertheless amazed at how much work went into her January shoot, and despite observing at close hand Annie Leibovitz at work in March still asked dim wattage questions at the Vogue exhibition. I honestly wonder if her remoteness, not able to care about others, etc indicates a disorder of some sort.

      6. Kate really had the perfect setup to wait for Will to call at any minute. If she had been working a regular job I don’t think she would have held onto him. He would have moved on to someone else. It really was all about him. I do think that Kate having a tight knit family was a deciding factor in marrying her. I think he longs to be part of a warm close small family very much. If it weren’t for that they probably wouldn’t have married. Kate had all he aces up her sleeve. Enough money from ma Mid to be supported while she waited for him, the small warm cozy family to integrate him into, a pretty face. That said she would have never met him if ma Mid hadn’t elevated the family’s financial status and sent the girls to posh schools to mix with the right crowd. I don’t know that Carol really had her sights set on the palace, but she certainly seems to want her children to marry wealthy people. Pippa seems to be lagging behind, she’s going to turn into a spinster soon if she isn’t careful.

          1. And Charles. They were all close as they could be with work and their schools. However, the middle accepted William as he is and not a man with potential.

            He may have found the family he wanted and that level of closeness vs the family he had/has who e left him to be a productive member.

  30. Princess Diana was on the cover of Vogue 4 times:

    1) August 1981 — when she was 20 years old with baby cheeks and had just married Charles. Lord Snowdon took the photo.

    2) December 1991 — Diana was 30 years old, an attractive cover in my opinion.

    3) July 1994 — Diana was 33 years old. Happy Birthday cover. Sophisticated look and classy. (Yes, you know Kate will want a Happy Birthday cover, too. Maybe in 3 years?)

    4) October 1997 — Diana passed away in August 1997. Cover Photo: she wore red and was fresh faced, lovely, alive …

  31. There is talk that Vogue is making a lot of money off of Kate being their cover girl, and as such, it’s really a ridiculously stupid, vapid, vain thing of Kate to have done. No donation to charity–so where does the money go? They’re making money off a royal who specifically posed for them, after finally finding a flimsy excuse to pose for a famous magazine like Vogue, ruin it with trying to be country chic and control the situation herself (because these two control their image)…

    I wonder what William thought of it all.

  32. I think if Kate had not married William, she would have found some other wealthy British young fogey to marry. May have been someone with a title or just an old established mercantile family. I know the BRF is worth at least a billion (includes the personal art collection and personal jewels), but I am sure there are other families who were worth in the neighborhood of 200-400M USD that she could have tapped into. Marrying into the BRF is the TOP prize of course, but without the “work” she must do to be in the BRF, she would pretty much be leading a rich, pampered country life anyway if she married someone else. I do not think she has ever had any intention of having a real job.

    1. Judging from the lack of luck Pippa has had in “catching” an aristocratic, or even just rich, man, I think maybe William was uniquely vulnerable to the Middleton advances.

      1. One would think that after Kate got William, Pippa would have found several aristocrats cueing to marry her. These days, five years after the wedding, she seems to be involved with nouveau riche and reality tv people.
        What happened? Are the Middleton’s that crash and tacky? You don’t even see Carole or Michael interacting with the ‘inner circle’. What Carole has wanted her entire life is to befriend aristocrats and her daughter to marry them.

  33. I shake my head in disbelief at these two numbskulls. After all the flak due to lack of activity, the ski trip, skipping the Irish Guards ceremony, fifth anniversary trip to India, she goes and pulls this stunt. She needs to stop thinking of herself as a celebrity princess. She has yet to grasp the concept that hers is a public service role in a branch of govt. The Head of State for goodness sake. Forget the glitz. Concentrate solely on civic duties and real charity work, forsake luxury holidays, and in a year’s time public opinion will shift and her popularity will increase. At least a little bit.

    And sorry for the cattiness. But that magazine cover is terrible. How can the fashion Bible get it so wrong?

    1. Right? Diana was a celebrity because of her work…(ok.. in part). Kate needs to develop more of a work ethic before she can be a celebrity royal.

      1. Work ethic? Are you kidding me? She can’t develop it. She simply doesn’t have it. It’s not in her DNA.

  34. Decency. Integrity.

    Where is the decency and integrity surrounding her? At every turn, she is celebrated. This is what concerns me most- the lack of decency and integrity. This corrupt void seems to be reflective of her main companions, adjuncts and outliers, reflecting her at every turn, reflecting what she seems to be. With the blessing of the BRF.

    1. There is none, Maven. Just a self-absorbed entitled person surrounded by enablers who have their own agendas of clinging to fame. That’s it.

  35. At least there’s some volume on top of her head this time. She’s been doing the flat topped big bottomed hair style ever since she chopped it. I’m still so disappointed with the hair cut. She looks so much prettier with longer hair πŸ™ She needs to grow it out or bring her hair pieces back. She also needs some color in those legs they look sickly so thin and without a tan. But I’m just a superficial brat what do I know

    1. I agree with the volume on the top of her head. I was thinking earlier that her hair grew back out to the longer length really fast. I think that her hair wears her when it is longer that that recent and drastic chop. So, I disagree with your longer hair statement.

    2. Amber I definitely have to disagree about bringing back the hair pieces. They were poorly attached and just basically hung there. Definitely not a look she needs to cling to.

  36. I kinda like the dress. I agree it needs accessories that pop. I liked her jewellery, but her hair needed to be up.

    what I don’t like? seeing the outline of the heads of her ribs how they connect to the sternum.

    I may be a fluffy wench here, and I do not want to body shame my skinny sisters, but if you are that emaciated, dont wear a statement necklace.

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