Royal Round Up: Duchess Camilla, Queen Maxima, Queen Letizia, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips

Royal Round Up: Duchess Camilla, Queen Maxima, Queen Letizia, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips

Here’s a quick royal round up featuring Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall meeting Tom Hiddleston, Queen Maxima and Queen Letizia doing queenly things, Princess Beatrice possibly becoming a public speaker, and Zara Phillips Tindall with her daughter, Mia.

Camilla meets Tom Hiddleston
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall got to meet Tom Hiddleston yesterday when she joined Chris Evans (not Captain America) to judge BBC Radio2’s 500 Words competition. Apparently Camilla is a big fan of The Night Manager, which stars Hiddleston.

On meeting Camilla, Tom said: “I have never met the duchess before but she seems lovely. I have met Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They were kind enough to come to the premiere of War Horse, so we met them and they were great.”

It makes me sad that Camilla got a “lovely” while William and Kate got a “great”.

Camilla meets Tom Hiddleston 2
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

After meeting Hiddleston, Camilla joined the panel to discuss 50 shortlisted stories from 123,436 entries in the children’s writing competition. They decided on the bronze, silver, and gold winners in two age categories, 5-9 and 10-13.

Evans said of Camilla afterward: “The Duchess Is actually a huge fan of children’s writing. Her father wrote books, she’s read other children, her grandchildren. She’s big into education. She’s passionate about this.”

Here are a couple videos of Camilla and Tom.

And here’s a photo of Tom in a tux at the Met Gala on Monday night. Just because.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended the Liberation Day Concert on May 5 in Amsterdam. Liberation Day is celebrated each year on May 5 to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Queen Letizia El Pais awards
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

On May 5, King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended a dinner for the 40th anniversary of El País – one of Spain’s largest newpapers – and the delivery of the 32nd Ortega y Gasset Journalism Awards.

Letizia wore a navy dress from Spanish brand Cortana. Leti wore the “Valentina dress in blue” (940€). I really wish we had a shot of Leti from the back because this dress has a pretty deep v-shape in the back.

Letizia accessorized with new bespoke Magrit “Vanessa” heels in bronze (the Vanessa usually retail for 290€, but since Leti’s are bespoke hers would cost more), metallic clutch, and earrings.

Princess Beatrice has been accused of “cashing in” on her royal connections by the Daily Mail which ran a piece about how Beatrice plans to become a public speaker for hire (you can read that here). The DM has a bunch of quotes from Bea’s APB Speakers International profile (which has been taken down) as well as quotes from “sources”. Bea’s “sources” are claiming it’s a mistake and that while Bea is looking to become a public speaker for hire she has not signed with this company and the fact that she is a royal was not supposed to be mentioned (it was in the now-removed profile).

Here’s why I bring this up: I understand that Beatrice is not a working royal and will never be, and she has to be allowed to make a living for herself because she will never be taxpayer-funded in the way that William and Kate are, but the quandary lies, for me, with the fact that if not for Beatrice’s royal connections, why would anyone hire her as a public speaker? If not for her royal connection, she would be a normal rich girl working in New York who has little-to-no public speaking experience and no mastery of a skill which would warrant spending thousands of dollars to hear about. Other than her royal experience, what about her is worth paying money to hear about? That sounds really rude and I don’t mean it to be, but it’s the same question I have with Kate doing something like pose for Vogue. What about Kate makes her worth putting in Vogue? Oh right, nothing except that she’s royal. What about Beatrice makes her worth spending thousands of dollars to hear her speak? Oh right, nothing except that she’s royal. I realize I’m probably going to get a lot of negative pushback for comparing Beatrice to Kate, but at the same time, other than their royal connections, neither are all that special. Is it worth it to pay thousands of dollars to hear Princess Beatrice to give life or business advice?

Here’s a photo of Bea with her boyfriend Dave Clark at the launch of The Parker Institute For Cancer Immunotherapy on April 13 in Los Angeles.

Let’s end on a cute note: Mike Tindall brought out Mia Tindall to watch her mom, Zara Phillips Tindall, compete at the Badminton Horse Trials on May 6. Mia’s getting so big.

PS. Queen Elizabeth sported a big bruise on her leg while visiting a school yesterday. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on how she got it.

HM paid a three-hour visit to Berkhamsted School as part of their 475th Anniversary celebrations. The school was founded in 1541 by John Incent, Dean of St Paul’s, and, although HM is patron of the school, this is the first time a reigning monarch has ever visited. HM wore a fuchsia coat and dress by Stewart Parvin and her small pink and diamond brooch.

103 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Camilla, Queen Maxima, Queen Letizia, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips

  1. I swear, whenever W&K start getting a lot of flack in the press, SOMEONE gets tossed under a bus. It could be Harry, Bea, Charles, etc. Today, it is Beatrice.

    Kate snubbed the Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s day. The India/Bhutan tour was a bust. William’s interviews have hurt him rather than helped (open mouth, insert foot). More pictures of the kids have been released. Kate covered British Vogue. Unfortunately for them, none of this has helped PLUS Harry is getting a shedload of positive press for the Invictus Games SO……who has to be the sacrificial lamb? In this case, it’s Beatrice.

    I just went to read the comments on the DM and the comments are absolutely horrible. I truly believe someone published this to make W&K look good since nothing else has helped.

    Sigh…..I’ll comment about the others in another post.

    1. That’s what I thought, too. But then I read the article and started wondering what exactly Beatrice has to offer in the way of life and business advice, and why anyone would care about her at all if it weren’t for the Princess in front of her name.

      1. KMR,

        I think your musings on Beatrice is perfectly valid because she doesn’t really appear to have any particular skillset. Plus, like William and Kate she appears to vacation more than working.

        If she’s going to try making money I suspec that she IS going to use her royal title as a draw. Because, let’s face it, what competences and experience does she really have in terms of building a career at this point? I get that she has a degree but has she ever used it? I think the best option for her would be to start somewhere as an intern and then buckle down, working her way up.

        1. I read somewhere she intended to talk about dyslexia. Still I don’t think having a disorder makes you a specialist on the subject to be hired as a public speaker. If she wants to draw attention to the cause and pass on her experiences, maybe supporting a charity and giving speeches would be more appropriate.

          1. IMO she could talk about so much more. How to deal with stress on a day to day level i.e. as both her and her sister have been so heavily criticised by the press their whole lives and keep persevering regardless, how to deal with anxiety and keep functioning, I’m sure there are times she feels like hiding away and yet we still see her living her life. She could shed light on her charities and try and generate revenue for them, her dyslexia which is a unique learning disability as it affects people differently, she could talk about her condition and what strategies have helped her overcome it to function at school and at work. I don’t begrudge her trying to make a living for herself, I think she was testing the waters and it seems go have failed but I know she’ll keep trying, unlike the dim duchess. I do think both York girls are treated quite harshly in comparison to their other cousins, Peter Phillips who is organising the block party has imo a conflict of interest amongst other things and yet did not receive nowhere near as much criticism as Bea has for this incident. I feel for the York girls…

          2. I agree the York girls are treated quite harshly, much of it because of their parents. The Peter Phillips stuff was also pretty shady and he got off lightly. But as people said, Bea has little experience, so trying to be a public speaker make her a little bit out of touch. If this is something she’s insterested in pursuing, she should take it one step at a time and specialize in something. Like ArtHistorian said, work her way up.

          3. “I don’t think having a disorder makes you a specialist on the subject to be hired as a public speaker.”

            Exactly. Just because I have suffered from depression for 20 years doesn’t make me qualified to go on the public speaking circuit to … talk about my struggles? Talk about overcoming it? I don’t know.

          4. KMR, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but IMO public speaking is a step up and involves much more work than just sharing our own struggles and how you overcame them – especially if you’re someone with the visibility Bea has.

          5. That’s my point. Just because someone has suffered from something and/or overcame it – in my case depression, in Bea’s case dyslexia – does not make them qualified to go on the public speaking circuit. There is more to that type of public speaking than just sharing experiences, and IMO Beatrice is not qualified for that. I’m not qualified for that either which is why I’m not a public speaker.

        2. I would never say that the York girls aren’t allowed to make their own money, because they are, but this seems like a quick, cheap way to make money rather than building a long-lasting, sustainable career.

    2. That profile was super tacky though, did you read it? I thought it was gauche enough that it’s believable Bea did not approve the text for posting. Still, something like that gets put online the press has every right to throw shade.

      1. It was tacky, but those are topics I could see her talking about. She has no real business experience to peddle. I do wonder at the timing of this. As Kimothy and KMR pointed out, this came out after “good” Cambridge press failed to impress. I wonder if KP keeps track of other royals and files away their misdeed to use at times like this.

  2. Now onto the rest!

    Camilla you luck SOB! Tom Hiddleston! **drools** Plus, I’m also a HUGE bookworm (I’ve got 4-5 books on my nightstand and like 15 books on my “to read” list). Soooo jealous and I’m glad Camilla is doing this and she appears to love it.

    Maxima is rocking that gold dress!! Her bright smile and beautiful personality totally match the dress!! I think if you have a dull personality (*cough*Kate*cough*), the dress would look drab.

    Letzia? Meh, I would’ve preferred a springy-colored dress like lavender. I’m glad she and Felipe are acknowledging the press and newspapers.

    Mia Tindall is a cutie patootie!! It’s awesome seeing her out and about and hanging out with her cousins, Savannah and Isla!

    Ouch, HM!! That doesn’t look good at all!! Hope she’s taking care of herself and is taken care of.

    Okay, NOW I’m done LOL!

    1. Tom Hiddleston does not do it for me. And, yes, how sad that Camilla got a lovely, while Kate and Will were so fantastic. Come on. I love Camilla’s continued interest in the written word and her devotion to causes that mean so much to her.

      Max is just fantastic and Leti? Wow, Lauri, please check out her posture in the first photo. She knows how to look magnificent! Bea as a public speaker? Now, really. I think she needs to get a job. Something she is interested in and something that will give her a way to make a difference in the world. Either that, or a rich husband. She is not going to keep on keeping on the way she is.

      Mia is just adorable and you can tell her parents are crazy about her. She is right up there with Leonore and Estelle as a really adorable and fun child.

      Gotta run. To all in the U.S., Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow. Here in NY, it’s been cold and rainy. Supposed to rain in the AM on Sunday, but the sun promises to shine in the afternoon! I HOPE SO.

      1. Hiddles used to do it for me, but not so much anymore. I’ve moved on to Chris Evans (Captain America).

  3. Love to see other royals!!! Letizia is beautiful! The hairs of Maxima are different, I do not like to much.

    People are surprised about the bruises of the Queen : she is 90 years old, it is sadly normal for aged people. My grandmother has bruises (she is blind too). I think that people tend to forget that she is not immortal.

    I love Zara, Mike and Mia!!!

    I am jealous of Camilla about meeting Tom Hiddleston : about the Night Manager, I wait the french traduction and I will watch this series. I don’t think that Tom Hiddleston’s commentary about Camilla = lovely and KW = great are particulary signifiant. For me, lovely is a comment about the personnality of Camilla, and great = diplomatical commentary : “kind enough to come to the premiere” (because they rarely present?)

    Harry has very good press at the international : this press is not about his looks or not about a new girlfriend, but about his creation IG, his experience in the war. He has a very deep connection with the people, he really has an impact of people’s lives and what I love is that he is not just a face saying some sentences, he made action….. And I ramble!!!!!
    Hope that the Cambridges won’t appropriate his success (and his team’s success)

    1. There’s a lot of Harry to cover and I’m going to cover some of it in a separate post tomorrow, probably.

    2. Hiddleston famously repeated one of Kate’s more inane comments about actord an facial hair – quite deadpan, ending the whole quote with a “God save the Queen”, if I remember correctly.

      I quite like The Nightmanager. It is thrilling and entertaining – and I’m happy to see Danish director Susanne Bier returning to the thriller genre, which she has always been better at than the romantic comedies that female directors so often get pushed into doing.

      Curiously, Liberation Day is celebrated the 4th of May in Denmark – we put candles in the windows. My father is old enough to remember both the Occupation and the Liberation – and I lived in a college dedicated to the Resistance when I studied, so this is an important remembrance for me.

    3. I agree with the ‘lovely’ and ‘great’ comment. As a Brit, I think I would prefer to be called lovely than great. Lovely seems much more personal and softer, and gives the impression that the person is touched to have met them. Great feels more aloof and removed. As an example I’d describe my boss as ‘great’ (even though she is slightly scary and not very personable), but I wouldn’t describe her as lovely.

      1. I agree with you about lovely vs great. Great is very generic, lovely is more personal. 🙂

  4. Queen Maxima looks good in gold.Letizia is truly a posture queen.HM looks fantastic.If Princess Beatrice follows through her plans for public speaking I shall be surprised because she doesn’t appear to prefer employment.Ooh BBC’s 500 word competition!I always enjoy reading the stories.

  5. I think Kate advertising for Vogue and Beatrice selling her royal status as a public speaker is exactly the same thing.

    1. I don’t agree. Kate is a taxpayer funded member of the BRF, Beatrice is not. I’m with Kimothy I think this is all about deflecting attention away from lazy boring Kate. To say whether I agree or disagree I would need to know more facts, but I don’t think she can be compared to Kate.

      1. I haven’t looked at the DM story yet, but as has been said here before, Beatrice and Eugenie are often on the receiving end of awful comments simply because of their parents which is grossly unfair.

        Usually those on the speaking circuit have substantial achievements in business, politics, the arts, social innovation etc. I am not sure what Beatrice has achieved thus far to warrant such an offer, but happy to be informed. She seems to put her hand up to help when she has no obligation to do so, and for that I’d give her credit. She does have a right to make a living, of course; others from the royal family have cashed in on their connections so why pick on Beatrice? As Birdy says, Kate is fully funded so any monies ‘earned’,eg Vogue cover should go to charity, as I believe does revenue from her photos of George and Charlotte.

        When Cambridge plans to make themselves look good go awry, as they generally do, the pattern established has been to throw other royals under a bus. Or, to limit other royals getting good press for substantial service, the Cambridge’s hijack it with their own agenda. Nasty pair.

        I hope the momentum for the Invictus Games builds and that the athletes get true and deserved respect. If the Cambridge’s play up again during the games, they need to be taken down big time.

      2. In terms of them not having much more to offer than their royal status, I think both Beatrice and Kate are in a similar boat. I would give Bea more credit since she has actually held a few jobs since leaving school, but not much since she’s mostly just flitted around between jobs. I want to give Bea the benefit of the doubt here since I do think this is a bit of “throwing someone under the bus to make someone else look better”, but I really don’t think she has enough credibility in any field to be a paid-for public speaker.

        1. KMR, I had a look at the DM article and comments: not pretty.

          The range of topics Beatrice would speak to is slight. Bea just hasn’t much professional experience under her belt at this stage and her life experiences are not remotely difficult compared to the other 99%. It all sounds like something her mother has dreamed up…

          You know, the biggest disadvantage to being royal is that succeeding on one’s merit can be thoroughly disabled by all the unearned privilege. Reality is completely distorted which is why we are so affronted by W+K’s behaviour. And you can see how several members of the BRF not on the publicly-funded gravy train struggle; their skills are either untested or insufficient to make an independent living. Yet because they are royal, they are feted as special. And they believe that because the alternative is unpalatable. However, there is more than sufficient family money for the BRF to sort it out privately.

    2. I agree to a point, but I feel bad for Beatrice and Eugine. They were raised supposedly told they would work for the BRF if they wanted, and always be taken care of (unlike Anne’s kids). So they grow up expecting this until Charles decides to streamline the monarchy and now they have start over like regular people. Eugene seems to be getting on, but Beatrice seems to want a higher profile life (possibly due to mom’s influence). Unfortunately she has little to offer. I just hope Harry’s kids aren’t treated like this someday.

  6. Don’t feel bad about Tom saying ‘great’about Kate and William. He is definitely being disingenous about William since they were at Eton at the same time. Judging by their ages, Tom would have been in the year above William.

    Tom has discussed at length about knowing and being friends with Eddie Redmayne since he was 14. They met at Eton. Eddie was in the same year as William. Eddie was also prefects with William AND played in several sports teams with William. Boarding school facilitates a very tightknit community amongst students even if they aren’t besties. Those who are besties definitely share opinions about others in the community.

    Both Tom and Eddie pretend to have met William at premieres rather than admit they were at school with him.

    As for Kate, his immediate comments after meeting her implied that she was less than smart.

    ETA: this is what he said about Kate after meeting her for the first time at the Warhorse premiere:

    “I met the duchess of cambridge afterwards and she said,’oh i know who you are now! Although it’s very strange now that you have got facial hair. Some of the people who had facial hair in the film don’t have facial hair now.’ I guess she doesn’t hang around actors very much.”

    1. I’ve read that comment before, but damn is that a stupid comment. Good gosh. Forget actors, does Kate not know how beards work in general?

      1. KMR did you forget about the epic (for her) discussion she had with the artist, in front of his art, about his beard instead of his art??? Was going to pass the info along to James, so apparently she doesn’t understand anything about beards other than William doesn’t have one.

        1. That discussion was epic in it’s inanity. Kate really has no self awareness in terms of how dim she comes across. There is a way to ask for geard advice without sounding like you’ve just discovered a new planet discovery.

      2. Sometimes I wonder whether the Dim Duchess is not as dim as she portrays herself and says vapid comments like the beard example so someone from above bans her presence at events…we know she’s not accostomed to working, this may be her only way out…

      1. She’s terrible at small talk and has proven this too many times.
        Could be a sign of limited social interactions. Or just the depth of her personality. Both is my guess based on her cousins comments regarding this.

        1. Part of me really feels for Kate because I’m also terrible at small talk, but her comment was beyond stupid. I guess she doesn’t realize she’s socially awkward.

          1. Her cousin said that Kate has difficulty caring about other people. or something similar. I don’t think it was meant as an insult, just a general character assessment.

        2. This is not saying that Kate is any great thinker or falls in this category at all, BUT it’s possible for someone to be terrible at small talk and seem very socially inept, but still be a very smart individual when engaged in longer, more intelligent conversations. I’ve met people like that. Maybe Kate’s like that? I doubt it, but you never know.

          1. Part of being adept at small talk is really showing an interest in the other person. I think Kate suffers from anxiety and is too wrapped up in her own issues to really think about the person with whom she is talking. If she tried to make the other person feel more comfortable, she might forget her own discomfort and show more of an interest in what they are thinking/saying. She appears to be pretty shallow, so I don’t know if she is yet able to do that, though.

  7. Yikes! I hope HM’s leg heals quickly and isn’t a sign of something wrong.
    I do like how Camilla takes on grittier subjects, kits for rape victims isn’t glamorous but unfortunately very necessary. Promoting reading and writing is something we can take for granted but needs constant nurturing and Camilla does that so well.
    You brought up a good point KMR about Beatrice and her possibly having a speaking engagement career. She does need to make a living, as for making money off her Royal connections *deep breath*?I’m not sure on that one, I do know Bea works hard for the charities she is associated with and turns up when wanted, well informed too, so I will cut her a break.
    And little Mia? Has Mia been getting lessons in wriggling from Leonor?

    1. Also, isn’t it nice seeing Mia dressed appropriately in contemporary clothes rather than dressing her as a ’50’s throwback? I do hope Charlotte and George have knockabout clothes to be themselves in.

      1. G has been papped in regular clothing when with Nanny Maria and with Kate. He tends to be slightly dressy when he is papped with Carole, no matter the activity.

      2. This! Mia looked like my little girl. It made me happy that at least one royal kid gets overalls and sneakers. How cold is Anmer Hall that Charlotte has to be in sweaters and tights all the time?

  8. Maxima was ever and will ever be my favorite Queen (Crown Princess). I will never forget her wedding day. They played that wonderful tango and she was so moved and cried. And I cried with her. Now every smile of hers makes me smile with her ? It was such an emotional, heart warming (and at the same time heart wrenching) moment. And IMHO she was the most beautiful Royal bride since Grace Kelly.

    Her golden dress is so stunning. The different hairstyle is fine. She loves trying new things and it suits her.

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my future husband, Tom Hiddleston, in this post!!! I wouldn’t read to much into his comments about Camilla versus W&K, I’m sure he prefers Camilla to the dull duo any day.

    I love, love, love this dress on Max!!! And am thrilled to see her hair curled for once! It seems that she has somewhat thin hair and imo it looks so much better when it’s curled just a bit.

    Thank you Letiza for once again showing me proper posture and looking stunning as well!! It’s nice to see her in something flowy as she usually wears pretty structured pieces. I hope she keeps her hair cut shorter, I really liked on her.

    I personally don’t have a problem with Beatrice taking advantage of her royal connections in order to earn a living. I can honestly say that if I had royal connections I’d use it to my advantage as well, in fact I’d never shut up about it :). In my opinion the difference between Beatrice using her connections versus Kate using her’s is this, Beatrice was born into this life and really can’t escape who she is, she’ been told that going forward she will not be able to work for the Firm and must find outside employment, now she could not use her royal connections and get a job that probably doesn’t pay great, doesn’t provide the ability to continue attending royal and charity events and certainly wouldn’t allow her to take 18 vacations in 12 months or she could cash in on her rarefied position as granddaughter of the Queen and make as much money as she can now while she still has that position because once the Queen passes, her and her sister will become nieces of the King. My problem with Kate using her royal connections is more a matter of perception, the perception that she has been given so much and still wants more without having to lift a finger to earn it. And yes, the old bug-a-boo, I don’t like Kate very much, I don’t have any respect for her and pretty much anything she does pisses me off, so yeah it bugs me immensely when she plays the Duchess card, a card which I might add she has no real idea how to play.

    To end on a more positive note, doesn’t the Queen look lovely in bright pink? I’ve noticed the older I get the more I like her signature look of pearls with the pearl and diamond earrings, not that I’m a pearl wearing kind of gal but I appreciate the continuity of her look.

    1. IIRC Beatrice pays no rent and is supported by Daddy. She lives in a fabulous, large apartment. She takes tons of holidays. How is she different than Willy who also didn’t choose to be born into all this privilege? She is as much a victim of circumstance as he is.

      I completely agree with KMR’s assessment. What does she have to offer except the dubious prestige of her name and connections? This sounds like something cooked up with Fergie. Didn’t Fergie take the public speaking route as well?

      I don’t think Bea is going to speak for nickels and dimes. One can command very big bucks as a speaker. I don’t think she’s looking for pin money.

      She’s riding on her name, and it’s just as lazy as anything Waity has done. She doesn’t have the authority, experience or the CV for this kind of work.

      She will speak as a celebrity. Will be paid like a celebrity. She’s just another celebrity like Waity. She also went to university, interned, etc., and here we are- another greedy, feckless younger royal to add to the list. But let’s blame it on her accident of birth and on Charles.

      As for this news being a distraction from the Dolittles. It well may be. But it is still the reality, still the truth and it’s still an opportunistic course to take. Not on her own merits.

    2. “the perception that she has been given so much and still wants more without having to lift a finger to earn it”

      And this doesn’t apply to Beatrice? I think this applies to Beatrice also.

      1. That statement is equally applicable to several in the BRF. There will be more and more scrutiny of anyone taking public money, and much, much more accountability demanded – and rightly so.

        Maybe KP filing is away stories on others to be brought out whenever W+K PR doesn’t work (not unlikely plus they’d need a stack of them), or the York’s testing the waters, but you’d have to be certifiably nuts to opine that Bea, bless her heart, is ‘one of the bright lights of her generation’. Um, in what universe? Honestly, it’s no wonder the BRF thinks it’s so superior if they are brown-nosed like this.

        1. One of her ‘expert’ topics is “Finding Purpose in Your Life”. Seriously!

          BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I don’t know what to say!

          Oh, and it turns out, Momma Fergie is also signed up with APB among others, and commands(demands) a fee from 50K to 100K.

          There is also an “Evening with Princess Beatrice” that she’s flogging. I wonder how scintillating that would be. Sounds like she’s selling a royal schmooze and will call it ‘work’.

  10. I want to say how impressed I am that the Queen stayed to visit for three HOURS (sorry all, the yell was to W&K).

    That allows for time to really talk to the kids and teachers, see artwork, maybe hear a song performed and how they are implementing new technology or discuss needs. W&K probably stay 30 mins because it would be beyond obvious how little they care and how completely devoid of conversation they are.

    1. I know right. It’s so shocking when a royal stays over an hour since I’m so used to W&K leaving after 45 minutes.

  11. IMO, all minor or not working royals should be careful not to be accused of cashing in their position. Establishing a solid work ethic while being a BRF member is not easy. We’ve seen how Bea’s parents were condemned in the past and I wouldn’t like the history being repeated with her. Let’s hope she took these lessons.

    Maxima and Leti: lovely as always. Maxima’s personality is as bright as her golden dress and Leti’s outfit, sandals and mostly posture are beautiful, although I agree this dress would have been a smasher in a happier pattern or colour.

    I also like Tom Hiddleston but I have to admit that my British husband these days is Benedict Cumberbatch with whom I first fell in love as Sherlock. 🙂

    And how cute is Mia? Her biting that blanket and squirming is adorable, let’s hope we have another Leonore here!

    Looking forward to Harry’s coverage KMR! I surely hope Rhiannon will be there somewhere in the picture!

    Thank you for another great post.

    1. This is why I am for plural marriage, because I am holding out that Tom, Benefdict and I could make it work. These British actors are too much for me! Add in some Idris, MacAvoy and Fassbender and I’m in heaven. I call them the Brit pack (as opposed to the Rat Pack/Brat Pack) and I wish Vogue would do a cover on all of them!

      1. Hiddles and Cumberbatch do nothing for me, but Idris is sexy as hell. And give me MacFassy anytime. I love their interviews so much (I can’t see their names side by side without fawning over them!)

    2. Oh I love Benedict on Sherlock. I’m sad that we have to wait so long for it to come back.

  12. Honestly, I’m going to give Beatrice a pass because as mentioned she is not a working royal, she has to make a living for herself, and yes, people will hire her to “speak” depending on the event, royal or not. (I’ve seen her in action and she does quite well — much better than Kate, in my opinion.)

    I did think Beatrice was thrown under the bus for no reason when I read the article. As an American reading all of this from afar, it was predictable after Kate mumbling in the Queen at Ninety interview, William and Kate’s India taxpayer funded vacation and flashing, William’s “work shy — got the t-shirt” interviews, and that “in-your-face I’m HRH Duchess of Cambridge and don’t you all forget it” Vogue cover.

    So is William and Kate “working” next week? If not, I wouldn’t worry about Beatrice, if you get my meaning.

  13. God I’m so jealous of Camilla! I absolutely adore Tom Hiddleston so thanks for that photo of him in a tux.

    Regarding Beatrice, she really doesn’t have much going out for her except for her royal connections, I don’t really judge her harshly for it though. Not many (if any really) of the Windsor has a college education that allows for high paying jobs right away to support the lavish lifestyle that they are used to.

    1. Then it is Beatrice’a fault that she did not pursue an education or a lifestyle that would be more conducive to earning and sustaining a career- something that would give her money and personal identity apart from being Randy Andy’s & Bankcrupt Fergie and the Queen’s granddaughter. She knows now that she doesn’t have a future with the family firm, she should be creating an separate identity for herself now, rather than cashing on her royal connections which will not have as much “power” once she becomes the horse-faced niece (no offence to horses but Beatrice is in no way an attractive person. Now if she displayed intelligence and work ethic, I wouldn’t care that this ultra ordinary woman is elevated to a status of Princess, due to the medieval concept of “monarchy”) of an aging, lame duck King.

      1. The horse-faced bit was unnecessary, but I agree with the rest. Zara comes to mind: she has found something she’s passionate about and pursued it. Her royal connections probably got her more opportunities, but she used them in her favour and carved a name for herself.

      2. Bea is well educated and your comments about her appearance are offensive. Let’s none of us stoop so low.
        And as I said up post let’s see what the real story is before making judgements.
        Bea will be the niece of the King, and like it or not, in British society that means she has automatic respect. She is a blood Royal.

      3. But Anne raised her kids out of the monarchy. Andrew didn’t. Beatrice expected to be a working royal, and only found out recently that wouldn’t happen. I give her some leeway. Besides, even Anne’s kids still profit off the monarchy, just more quietly. Peter supposedly has deals with the BRF and ray bands and Zara lives with her mother at that huge house the Queen gave her.

        1. There’s nothing wrong in profiting off your connections (to a certain extent at least – that recent Peter Phillips stuff was pretty shady). Unfortunately that’s how the world works, and even if they decide not to do it, somebody else will.
          But as KMR said there’s a difference between getting to a place because of your talent and getting there simply because you’re a royal. This is why I mentioned Zara as an example: it’s not like she started riding horses one day and the next she was trying for the Olympics. She’s good at what she does and she put real work in it.
          IMO Beatrice should take her time and specialize herself in an area before jumping into public speaking.

      4. Making fun of a person’s physical appearance is mean and uncalled for. Please don’t do that.

      5. A lot of people are using Zara as an example so I’ll use her too. Anne is known for being a tough lady who doesn’t shy away from work and loves horses. She passed that passion on to Zara, Fergie and Andrew passed nothing on to their children except for their habit to cash up using their royal connections and meet up with questionable characters. Beatrice could have done better and become her own person, but often enough children are what their parents make of them.

  14. Max looks like a golden statue! She is luminous. Leti stands so tall and regal. I love to see her because she’s so confident. I do miss Felipe’s beard.

    Cam is in her element with books. Her passion for reading is palpable. She just seems like a warm woman with many stories to tell. As for Bea, I don’t think she has much choice. I agree that her title got her the job, but there’s nothing else. I love the pic of little Mia. She stole my heart when she held her granny’s purse. I do think we do have a a squirmy runner up in her. Leonore, watch it, lol!

    I’m off to the airport in a few. I’ll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s just enough time to catch a hug from Harry. I think my best bet will be tomorrow as we will be in the VIP lounge for most of the day. My friend warned me not to say anything stupid or pass out. I cannot make any promises to that, lol!

    Thanks for this great roundup, KMR!

    1. rhiannon have an amazing time! I’m jealous just thinking you’ll be in the same room let alone that you’ll probably get a word or two (or a hug) out of him. Good luck!

      And it’s not a bad jealousy like our Kate would have. I wouldn’t be running you out of the room when he walked him, but I definitely would be throwing you in his path!!! I see an entire section of KMR people at the church in their amazing hats giving Kate the eye. Just promise you won’t turn the church into the forest with those trees she used…almost as if they were trying to block the overhead cameras and guests from seeing their private service.

      Give him hugs for all of us!

    2. Have so much fun at the Games, Rhiannon! Tell us all about it! I hope you get your hug! If you do meet Harry tell him a lot of people you know online are SO proud of him and thank him for all his work! 😀

    3. I’ve got everything crossed for you Rhiannon have a fabulous time and report back next week. We might have to ask KMR to let you have a whole post to yourself.

  15. I quite agree with your position on Beatrice and Kate. However, I don’t think criticizing one royal, makes the other look good. What was interesting about Kate’s vogue shoot is that all you are seeing her doing, is what we imagine she is actually doing all day long… playing with her dog and riding bikes. (Charles had a photo of him doing what he enjoys – organic farming). That’s about what she has to offer the world.

    The story about Beatrice is true – not gossip. She is making contact with speaking agencies to feel out possible revenue resources. One strategy to see how that would be received – is to do exactly what they did — and listen to the response. Thus the putting up and taking down was intentional — to find how much interest did they get from people who wanted to hire her to come to their event. And also to find out how much push back they got from Buck Palace.

    So critiquing one royal about their activities doesn’t always have anything to do with the other members of the family. That story was legit on its own.

  16. No shade to Bea. Here’s why. She isn’t trying to sponge off the taxpayers. And she isn’t promoting herself as a public speaker to dish about all things royal. She has life experience that has given her a unique perspective many of us do not have because she was born into royalty. There’s a different angle she can bring. If she does it correctly of course.

    Factor in how her charity work can be approached… She has been able to do it with more ease than us because of her royal connections, but does that diminish the involvement? Does it lessen what she’s learned from it or the impact?

    Overall, there are few public speakers I can think of that are just really good at speaking and have no other connections to appeal. Tony Robbins being 1. The others? All have coat tails or name drops. So, to shame her is to shame all pretty much.
    I’m holding all judgement until she actually speaks.

  17. Wow that’s a nasty bruise on the Queen. Could be from riding horses. Anyway is that Sophie Turner too with the Hiddles and Cam? I kinda pity the York girls. Maybe it would have been better if they ended up being Lady only instead of Princess or just like Anne’s children.

  18. Supposedly she was going to use the money from her speaking events for her patronages. Even if she wanted to pocket the money for herself, royals have done this before; Zara and Basmah Bint Saud are one of those people whom pocket the money from speaking engagements. At least with Bea it’s a constant with her charities and seems to genuinely want to help them. She’s been a part of Big change for six years and is quite active in it.

    I think we are undermining her, I think she could give great advice especially those whom struggle with dyslexia, or self image problems as she has struggled with that in that past. She may have lived a privileged life, but she has had her struggles. Sure not the worst of struggles- but she has been through quite a bit.

    If I was Bea I would be fed up. First off the press has never been nice to her or Eug down right bullying, just because they were Sarah’s daughters people already judge them because of that. I have a friend in Norfolk whom doesn’t like Bea solely because she’s Sarah’s daughter. She didn’t mention her supposed vacations are her ‘partying’. She just said she did not like Bea because of her parents.

    Secondly, Bea is not a working royal, but she seems to be on stand by in case the BRF would need her, so iffy place, and when she does find work people complain. Not to mention as a first born of York . I think regardless some things are expected from her, family wise. I would have been just frustrated to be in her/their position, being criticized at every turn, having expectations from the family and public. I think if the BRF have high expectations from those marrying in, I could only imagine the type of expectation from those who were raised in the family. But then again the BRF seems to let W&K to do whatever they want….

    I would tell both York girls just live their life and to not second guess their choices.

    1. I fully agree that the press has been quite undeservedly nasty to Beatrice and Eugenie in the past.

  19. I’m going to write my thoughts before I go back to read the other comments while they are still fresh in my mind. So I apologize if I’m echoing anything already mentioned.

    First – THREE HOURS – HM did a three hour visit to one place!!! Completely blown away. Just turned out “Blink and you’ll miss her Kate”. Her bruise is concerning, but she is older and probably bruises a lot easier now. If it had been Kate she probably would’ve cancelled the event or maybe worn pants for the first time…nah she would have cancelled.

    Tom Hiddleston – yummy. But that aside I would actually prefer that he call me “lovely” than “great”. Great to me is a throw away description you use when you need to say something nice but may not really want to. Lovely is a bit more personal to me. But that’s just me. Haven’t seen “Night Manager” but now I need to track it down.

    Loved Max’s dress. And I like her hair at that longer length. It looked more put together than it has in past photos. And the purple flowers just pop against her dress.

    Leti is just so tiny, I think of her as a little bird. But she’s tiny in a good way. Doesn’t look ill. Would I like to see a little more on her, yeah, but she’s good as she is. And besides she’s got Felipe so she could not care less about what I think.

    Mia is adorable and I’m waiting for Zara to get the Olympics over and done with because she needs a little brother or sister and I need to see two Tindall babies!!! Okay, it’s not so much about Mia’s needs, but mine…lol

    Beatrice as a public speaker. I’m of two minds on this. One being good for her getting out there and trying to make her own way. The other is that as mentioned would she be considered for this if it weren’t for the HRH in front of her name? IMHO She really doesn’t (from what I’ve seen) have the experience to really speak on the subjects that were listed. Maybe there are things that she’s experienced that I am unaware of, but I’m not seeing anyone other than people who want to get a member of the BRF in the room to pay fees to hear her speak. I’d actually love to see her succeed at this as it would put her on her own two feet. But….

  20. Queen Maxima and that dress… So amazing. I’m usually not a fan of metallic patterns, but this goes great with her skin tone and hair colour. This woman can do no wrong.

    I love how diverse Camilla’s charity efforts are. She seems to be really engaging and invested in what she does. Loved her exchange with Tom.

    Thank you for another post, these royal round-ups always bring me joy.

    1. I don’t usually like Max’s clothes, but respect her style as she wears her clothes confidently. I love this gold dress and her hair today, she is a stunning woman.

  21. I like how happy Maxima looks. Just radiates warmth and the gold dress looks stunning. I like Letizias’ posture and smile which does bring out the features more. I think Letizia carries off the black dress well.
    Camilla getting involved with the 500 word competition shows her enthusiasm for her visits. There is a difference between Camilla and Kate. Camilla shows up and asks genuine questions and doesn’t look like she is keeping her distance.
    Beatrice does need to get an internship to focus on. Both Beatrice and her sister are criticized when they have to be able to perform royal duties and then when they vacation or work. Anything to take the attention away from WandK. Though I think Beatrice could cut down on the holidays with Dave. Perhaps then Beatrice might get a ring. I don’t really agree with the monarchy being scaled down. Charles and Camilla cannot do everything and I think Charles should co-operate with his siblings. How cute is Mia who is chewing on that blanket. Mia is adorable and looks like she is showing her own personality. I can see that Mike and Zara work together to be the best parents and example, and like that Mia is dressed in dungarees to romp around in. Thank you KMR.

  22. Not to start a huge debate, but I noticed int he last few pictures that Letie also uses a ton of eye make up. How come we have never seemed to notice or comment on that? trying to figure that out 🙂
    I kinda like Beatrice, maybe because I have my own Baby Bea. I probably also dig her because I am a dyslexic too. I cant remember what her degree is in? Is in a field she could find work? I think with planning and structure she could create a speech and be compelling. I do think it is …. tawdry.. to have used that website. But and expert… nope.

    However people listen to Jenny McCarthy, Kim Kardashian, and other non-experts on topics. Who knows.

    Id like to see her support research on dyslexia or brain based learning. That would be awesome.

  23. Camilla – I very much admire her. She works hard promoting her charities (I think she has close to 90 of them). She loves reading and animals – a woman after my own heart 🙂

    Whatever your feelings about the Prince of Wales/Diana/Camilla history, the Duchess of Cornwall supports Charles and I don’t think he has ever been as happy and fulfilled in his life as he has been with Camilla. I can remember when she was likely the most hated woman in the world, and has risen above that. It could not have been easy.

    Max – what can I say? I love her to death. Her style (it reminds me of the old rhyme “When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid!”), her effervescent personality and her acceptance by the Dutch people. There was quite a fuss when the engagement was announced, but it appears that she is well loved. Her husband clearly adores her and her daughters are beautiful.

    Letizia – She looked wonderful in that dress. The designer has some other beautiful dresses that I think Leti would look great in. Her hairstylist does a great job putting her relatively short hair into that updo – I thought it was so flattering.

    I could have cried when Felipe shaved his beard. He’s still handsome, but I do have a thing for beards. My husband always had one. I hope the political situation in Spain is resolved plus the family issues with Christina must be heartbreaking for them. I give F&L a lot of credit for maintaining some stability for the Spanish people.

    Zara finished 23rd in the Badminton trial today. Keeping my fingers crossed that’s enough to get her on the GB team and off to Rio. There were some cute photos of the whole family (including Anne, Peter and Autumn) and it was nice to see them all so proud of her.

    Beatrice – I don’t know quite what to make of her. Last year, there was an article in the Belfast Telegraph that sums up her predicament:

    P.S. Heal rapidly, Your Majesty. Such a to-do over a bruise, eh?

  24. I still hate Camilla for destroying that marriage, I mean it may have been doomed from the start,but bottom line she set out to destroy it. That is serious bad karma, she’ll get hers !!!!!!

    1. Why don’t you hate Charles for, you know, destroying his marriage?

  25. “…other than their royal connections, neither are all that special.” I just don’t think any of us know them well enough to make that kind of statement.

  26. KMR,I don’t know why I hate him less, I just don’t it’s weird it takes 2 to tango but I don’t hate him the way I do her. May-be it’s because she led Diana to believe she was her friend, boy talk about manipulation!!

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