Prince Harry’s lead up to the Invictus Games

Prince Harry’s lead up to the Invictus Games

Prince Harry has been pimping the hell out of the Invictus Games this past week. So much so that I can’t keep up. This post is a collection of a couple speeches and interviews Harry has done in advance of the Invictus Games in Orlando which starts today, May 8. The opening ceremony is tonight (you can watch it at 8PM Eastern on ESPN2 if you’re in the US).

Last Monday, Prince Harry traveled to Toronto to launch the road to the 2017 Invictus Games which will be held in Toronto in September next year. He met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (I never realized how good looking this guy is), gave a speech about the Invictus spirit, attended a hockey game, and seemingly charmed yet another foreign official into being his buddy.

    “In less than two week’s time, at the conclusion of the Orlando games, Toronto will become the custodian of the Invictus spirit. This city will become the focal point for hundreds of men and women who use the pull of Invictus glory to motivate their recovery from physical and mental injuries. And Toronto will take on the responsibility for a competition that has the power to inspire millions of people around the world and to remind us all of the amazing contribution that our servicemen and women and veterans make. […]
    “2017 will be your chance, your opportunity to salute those that serve your country; to salute those that put themselves in harms way so you don’t have to. On home soil, during this most auspicious of years, as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary and remembers the events and sacrifices at Vimy Ridge, you will have the chance to cheer on the custodians of the Invictus spirit. Your support will create a life changing atmosphere for competitors and spectators alike. Who knows, it may even help a Canadian clean sweep of medals! […]
    “I can’t wait to see how Canada embraces the games and rises to the challenge of telling Chapter 3 of the Invictus story.”

[full transcript here]

Harry traveled to Palm Beach, Florida on May 4 for the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup at the Valiente Polo Farm. Harry played polo in the rain, gave a speech at a reception afterward, and of course charmed more people – this time Nacho Figueras. Wet Harry with a horse is doing all sorts of things for me.

    “Twelve years ago I made my first visit to Lesotho, hosted by Prince Seeiso, who sadly cannot be with us this evening. As we travelled across the country, I was amazed by its beauty; but I was also struck by the many children I met whose lives had been torn apart by the loss of one or both parents to AIDS related illnesses. Having lost my own mother seven years before, I felt a profound connection to these children. In spite of the obvious differences in our lives, we shared the loss of a parent and that ever-present emptiness that could never be filled. For many of these children, their situation was compounded by the need to feed and care for brothers and sisters – as a result there was simply no time for them to be children anymore.
    “These experiences put my own into perspective; I resolved to do what ever I could to help. The result is our charity Sentebale, meaning ‘Forget me not’ which Prince Seeso and I founded together in memory of our mothers, ten years ago. Incidentally I found out just today that forget me nots were my mother’s favourite flowers when she was growing up.
    “We recognised that a great deal of valuable work was already being done in Lesotho, so we decided to partner with these organisations; using their experience and the attention we could bring to this work to help galvanise support for this poor but magical country. […]
    “The concept is simple – we encourage children and young people to come together through our week-long Momahato camps and network clubs, to talk about their health issues and fears of living with HIV. Often for the first time, they learn to talk openly to one and another about being HIV-positive, learning about their medication, building friendships and a sense of normality; as they realise that, with the correct medication, it is possible to lead a long and healthy life. By giving children the opportunity to share experiences with their peers, in a safe and accepting environment, we have found they’ll lead healthier, more well-adjusted lives.”

[full transcript here]

In promotion of the Invictus Games, Harry gave an interview to Simon Perry at People Magazine. Harry is the magazine’s cover for the May 16 issue. I haven’t read the whole interview in the magazine, but here are some highlights People released online. The interview took place in the Audience Room of Kensington Palace before he set off for his Invictus promotional tour.

Harry joking about disappointing kids because he doesn’t look like a prince and what he’s going to do to live up to the Disney image:

    “Every time I get to meet kids and they have been told a real-life prince is coming, the disappointment on their faces when they see me without a crown or a cape…” he says with a smile.
    “I’m worried because the American kids, especially next to Disney World, are going to be thinking, ‘You ain’t no prince, you ain’t dressed like a prince, you’re having a laugh!'” he said during a wide-ranging interview in Kensington Palace.
    “So I am going to pack a crown and a cape this time and some funny pointy-toed shoes,” he cracks. “I’m going to sign the crown out!”


Harry on wanting to make his mother proud:

    “All I want to do is make my mother incredibly proud,” he tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview in this week’s cover story. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”
    “When she died, there was a gaping hole, not just for us but also for a huge amount of people across the world,” he says. “If I can try and fill a very small part of that, then job done. I will have to, in a good way, spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void as much as possible. And so will William.”

Harry on not being his mom, but having a lot of his mother in him:

    “I enjoy what I do. But I don’t do things because I feel as though my mother would want me to do them.” And yet, he says, “I know I’ve got a lot of my mother in me. I am doing a lot of things that she would probably do.”

Harry on starting the Invictus Games:

    “You turn up and you think you’re invincible in a super-duper aircraft, but you’re helpless,” he says. “Then I come back and I say, ‘How can I use my name and that spotlight to the best effect?'” Creating the Games, he notes, was “almost like a cure for that pain I had back then.”

Harry also says he wants kids, but there’s “no rush!”.


Harry on kids being the future:

    “All the amazing things that are going to happen in the future, it’s all going to be them,” says the royal, 31, in an exclusive interview just before heading to the U.S. to bring his Invictus Games in Orlando. “I never want to lose touch with that generation.”

Harry on having kids of his own:

    As for having kids of his own, he says, “There have been moments through life, especially when we do a tour abroad, when I think, ‘I’d love to have kids now.’ . . . And then there are other times when I bury my head in the sand going, ‘All right, don’t need kids!’ There’s no rush. I think . . . I tell you what: There’s been times I’ve been put off having children.”

Harry on being the fun uncle:

    “No, actually, I’ve got a couple of mates and being around their children just brings me back down,” he says, noting that he hopes to be a “fun uncle” to George and Charlotte: “Nobody wants to be boring.”


Harry’s “fun uncle” line is about as tired as William’s “George is a handful, but Charlotte is so ladylike” line.

Prince Harry People cover

Here’s an interview with the Sunday Times Harry did. It’s behind a paywall so I can’t read it.

EDIT: I think this is part of the Times interview:

    In an interview ahead of the Invictus Games, Harry said: ‘I am in this privileged position and I will use it for as long as I can, or until I become boring, or until George [his nephew] ends up becoming more interesting.’
    Responding to recent ‘workshy’ jibes, he said: ‘I don’t get any satisfaction from sitting at home on my a***.’
    He said he would have loved a job after the Army but was unable to find one that he could have combined with Royal duties.
    He spoke of how it was difficult for him to lead a normal life.
    ‘When people finish work… if you want to have a bit of downtime you might go to the pub with your mates. I do that less because it’s not downtime for me… I don’t know who I am going to bump into. I don’t know if someone’s going to try and grab a selfie.’
    He also talked of the ‘massive paranoia that sits inside of me’ about the scrutiny that any girl he speaks to in public must endure: ‘When I do find a girlfriend I will do my utmost to ensure that me and her can get to the point where we are actually comfortable with each other before the massive invasion that is inevitably going to happen into her privacy.’

[Daily Mail]

So Harry’s not going to find a civilian job now, he’s just going to do royal duties?

Harry also spoke to the BBC and kind of complained about public intrusion to his private life:

    “Everyone has a right to privacy,” he told the Andrew Marr programme. He added: “Sadly that line between public and private life is almost non-existent any more. We will continue to do our best to ensure that there is the line.”
    Harry went on to say he and other members of the Royal Family were “completely aware that we are in a very privileged position”.
    “I will spend the rest of my life earning that privilege and trying to bring a spotlight on to things and causes that really matter to me, and hopefully matter to other people as well. Everyone has a right to their privacy, and a lot of the members of the public get it, but sadly in some areas there is this incessant need to find out every little bit of detail about what goes on behind the scenes. It’s unnecessary.”


“he and other members of the Royal Family were ‘completely aware that we are in a very privileged position'” – Are they? Are they really? Because it doesn’t seem like they do. At least not some of them.

Yesterday, Harry visited the ESPN Wide World of Sports venues and a few preliminary events ahead of tonight’s opening ceremony.

I’m sure you’ve already seen these videos since they are over a week old, but I thought I’d include them anyway since I haven’t covered them yet. US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama released a video “taunting” Prince Harry about “bringing it” at the Invictus Games. Then Prince Harry released a video response with a very special guest, Queen Elizabeth II, saying “Oh really? Please” to the POTUS/FLOTUS video. Then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got in on the action with his own video response.

I’m so in love with this entire interaction. I just think it’s adorable that Harry got a president and first lady, a prime minister, and the Queen of England all to make videos promoting the Invictus Games. I don’t know why, but it just warms my soul. #Boom

Seriously, this dude is so hot!

117 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s lead up to the Invictus Games

  1. Harry rocks!
    I’m with you KMR, Harry sure has been working hard to get the interest there with his games!
    I’m also impressed with him getting on those polo ponies and gettingsstraight into a game. Usually you need a bit of time to bond with a horse, it shows Harry’s riding skills that he is on and straight away playing.
    I remember a soldier telling me that there was no parades, no nothing when he and his fellow servicemen returned from Vietnam. They were told to just get on with life. I like that by creating these games it is a acknowledgement of those who served and acknowledges that they still have value and can achieve things. To be getting the leaders of these countries involved shows Harry is making the right moves, good for him!
    And yes KMR, Justin Trudeau is very cute! 🙂

    1. Justin Trudeau is a handsome man with a sense of humour. Is it just me or was Harry a tad on the defensive about privilege, privacy and public vs private persona? Do you think he’s covering for Wills?

      1. New commenter here, but I think that he’s trying to reassure the public that William is an outlier and that the rest of the BRF know their duty to the taxpayers.

    1. I’m pretty excited for us to be getting a personal report from one of our own! Looking forward to hearing every. last. detail.

  2. The article behind the paywall, ou can view if you go Incognito on your browser. 😀

    Love Harry. Love the Games. Love all of this. His interviews are so articulate with his genuine concern, compassion, empathy. Gosh I’m going to explode in sugar.

    I think he’s told to spout a line about everyone knowing their place, and their privilege – or who knows, perhaps he does think everyone’s oh so mean to William and Kate and leave them alone! I hope not.

    1. You got my hopes up, Ellie. I thought that incognito trick would work but it didn’t work for me. Now I’m sad.

        1. Thanks for his link Ellie. It’s one of the most genuine interviews I have read. I have a much better sense of Harry from his own words. he needs to do much more of this when he can and really push the causes he can. He strikes me as being very able in project work and a good people person.

          1. Thanks for the link! Agree that it is a very genuine interview. He has quickly learned the art of giving “something” to reporters without divulging everything. I could do without the “privacy stuff” again and I feel like he is trotted out to say this stuff because Will is horrible at it. Doesn’t bode well for Will connecting with the British people over the years.

            It strikes me that William can’t fathom what a full time royal is and Harry can’t find a job to fit with his duties. That strikes me as a disconnect and along with the “I don’t like sitting on my arse” comment makes me think he is held back because of the small number of engagements that Will and Kate do.

            Overall, his enthusiasm for these games is infectious and as always he is coming off as a star during this trip! Oh, +1 KMR on the Canadian PM – he is HOT!

          2. I share the same view about the possibility of limitation of engagements because of Kate and Will.
            What I think is funny is that if you said that to royal reporter, they mock your thoughts.
            But Harry surpass already his brother and Kate with Sentebale and IG (concrete realisation), in charism (not to difficult…) and popularity… I hope that he will go on, that he can involve in other great projects, that we see more of him.

            I read maybe too much in this : but on Twitter, there are many posts about IG (it is good) but there is always a comment about Will or Kate in order to not to forget that they are here and they work…

            About privacy commentary : for me, he is fed up with the speculation about new girlfriend (DM : a blonde physiotherapist in IG; or the actions of some fans speculating…), with the fact that a simple contact with a girl become his wife (like with the girl who has amputed legs, I forget her name).

  3. What a truly delightful man!

    I just love seeing what he gets up to not only because he’s gorgeous but he puts his heart into his work and his joy and kindness just seem to radiate from within, even in photographs. He seems like he is well and truly comfortable in his own skin and has made peace with who he is and his role in the world.

    Great to see him paying attention to Sentebale in the midst of all the Invictus hype! The fact that these two charities were born out of his pain speaks volumes about his spirit and strength of character. He could have easily played the bitter twisted victim role and went about life feeling sorry for himself, much like his brother, but instead he rose above it all and channeled his pain and the resources that come with his position to helping others and for that he has my respect! It’s also telling that he told People Magazine that he believes good things happen when we people do good things.

    As for the fun uncle line, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s banned from talking about about George and Charlotte so that line gives him an easy way to acknowledge that he is their uncle without actually saying anything about them.

    1. The thing is Harry doesn’t seem to have much contact with his nephew and nice, so he has to repeat these generic statements in every interview. Besides, if anyone other than Kate starts spilling the tea on G e C she won’t have anything to talk about in her engagements.

    2. Wonderful comment Em. I agree with every word you said. I really think Harry has little contact with George and Charlotte, with is sad, but knowing William and Kate, I am not surprised.

      1. I wonder if the kids see anyone other than Carole, the nanny and their parents. Have there been any pictures if the kids with anyone one else?

        1. That’s so sad. George sees other kids at kindy, but does Charlotte get out to see other little ones? I’m hoping there is a group like Mainly Music or Wriggle and Read like they have at my local library for Charlotte to meet other toddlers. OK, so the littlies probably pay no attention to the story being read but it’s so cute as they check each other out and play.

        2. They took that portrait with HM and the other great grandchildren for HM’s 90th birthday.

  4. Harry kissing the dog. Wet Harry with a horse. Add that photo of him poking the chubby baby and I’m oficially dead.

    KMR, I read the People interview on tumblr somewhere, probably someone will post the Sunday Times interview too.

    Going by his last interviews, I think he has been getting good PR training. He’s dodging questions like a pro. That video with the Obamas and HM was genius, this is how you use social media. Maybe Poor Jason can actually do a good job when working with someone who’s willing to listen?

    As for not taking on a civilian job, I hope he has other projects on his sleeve. And I really think he should be seen out more when not promoting Invictus. This “working behind the scenes” thing won’t cut with the general public.

    1. The Sunday Times article goes into detail about other projects and things Harry has in the pipeline including work for more HIV groups and whatnot:

      Among the roles to which he is now committing himself — with his mother very much in mind — is that of an ambassador raising HIV/Aids awareness in Britain. He feels the issue has faded from public discussion yet still presents many unresolved challenges.

      “She started very punchy [on the Aids issue],” Harry said of his mother. “She smashed the stigma around HIV on more than one occasion. It had a huge impact, and . . . a huge impact on my life as well.”


      As a child, Harry said, he played in the garden with toy soldiers. “I had an imagination . . . now it’s like, ‘There’s an iPad, off you go’. It’s all created for you. All you have to do is press buttons. That worries me.” He is now planning to work on a major global project aimed at reconnecting young people with nature and the environment.

      1. It’s refreshing for an oldster like me to hear someone of his generation point out the potential deleterious effects of technology on children. I so rarely see children playing outside.

        No one wants to hear these critiques from the older set. Yet Harry can do it, and actually be influential- a perfect spokesperson. I’m impressed, while I’ve always thought he was a lightweight.

        1. So happy to hear about these new projects! He will be fantastic helping to push forward these issues. You can tell what these projects mean to him and why he has decided to become involved just by his words. As my Mom always says “he knows about what he speaks”. Instead of the same tired old lines about “being keen” and “erasing stigma” not that those aren’t important goals but you should be able to speak more broadly on a subject.

          I’m going a little off topic but I just watched some of his speech along with President Bush and again Harry was fantastic; relatable, honoring, charming – just the whole package!

        2. I kind of have to disagree with you there, just a bit. Harry is over 30. To the kids who are actually kids now and using technology, Harry *is* a part of the older set. So I’m not sure how much influence on kids Harry will have in that area.

        3. I’m younger than Harry and I appreciate his comments on how sad it is that kids are not playing games so much anymore. Creativity is such an essential part of childhood. I have so many wonderful memories of the games my friends, my siblings and I played. Even, our parents took part sometimes in our creative spurts of energy.

          What can I say about Harry, other than wow! Princess Diana must be so proud of him. He just is such a special, caring, loving man.,

          I loved when he said that his mum’s favorite flower as a child was the forget me not. So symbolic for the work he continues to do.

          I also was saddened to hear him say that he will find it difficult to find a woman who can deal with the media’s intense focus on her and their relationship. He has fears just like William, but when Harry says things, he is not blaming — I don’t think — just stating a fact of his life.

          Well, meet Rhiannon, Prince Harry. And, I have yet to read through all the comments in this thread and the new one, so I need to know what is happening with our girl!!!! My high hopes are with her — as I know so many people’s are.

          The photos of the prince/ Amazing. Like others, I am still swooning. Harry with the horse. Harry with the child. Harry with the dog. Harry solo!!!

          Thanks to you, KMR, for feeding our frenzy. We love him and are cheering for the Invictus Games — and for Rhiannon and the Prince.

          Hope Mother’s Day was a loving day for all.

      2. Thank you, Ellie, I just read the interview and loved it. These projects seem to be amazing and important. Let’s hope he goes through with them.

    2. Agreed! These awesome Harry photos and interviews just after Hiddleston. Wooo, this Texas lady needs to jump in the pool and cool off!

      Thank you KMR for keeping my heart rate up. This is much preferable than the blood-pressure rise I get out of the K&W articles. If you do an article on Prince Carl skinny dipping (with photos please) I may drop dead.

  5. My fingers are crossed that:
    (a) the IG go brilliantly, honouring all athletes and their families;
    (b) W+K won’t try to take the wind out the IG sails with some of their crap;
    (c) Rhiannon meets her prince, gets her hug, and maybe a phone number…

    I agree with Em in that Harry is most likely barred from discussing Charlotte and George so trots out the very tired fun uncle thing. It’s old and says nothing. Best not to mention them at all really.

    While it is politic to say that he (and the BRF) know how privileged they are, it needs to matched with solid and consistent work. A former PR guy Mark Bolland said, the royals were good at doing part-time work for 5 months and making it look as if they were working full-time for 12 months. With more scrutiny on everyone these days (not only royalty), and austerity measures in place for everyone else, the UK public will come to demand more transparency from the royals. If the royals did more, and by that I mean work of substance, perhaps the press wouldn’t hound their every move so much. If Kate giving birth and attending an exhibition to look at images of herself is counted as work, for example, it is clear that the BRF is scrambling for things to do make up the numbers to make them relevant. The old chestnut ‘working behind the scenes’ won’t wash with people any longer; unless there’s proof, it’s not happening.

    1. Well, Harry has the patter down pat, now we’ll watch for the follow through. I agree, without consistent and real work, it’s just another generation of slackers not paying their way.

      The fact that the BRF is willing to fudge the numbers in such ludicrous ways and make a mockery of the concept of ‘work’, in general really does not bode well for the future.

      1. No, it doesn’t bode well. Better to limit public funding to just a few events and the monarch and let the others live lives of whatever purpose they choose. Work as defined by the BRF is an insult to all. I hope Harry follows through, simply for the sake of the veterans and their families who have put faith and time in him.

  6. At this point I am convinced that Rhiannon is going to be in a puddle on the floor somewhere, after finally meeting Harry. That photo of him all hot and sweaty after the Polo match nearly had me leaving Hubby of 23 years and heading overseas.

    At least we know that Rhiannon will be looked after by her friend this time and she will be Ok.

    Let us know how you went this weekend Lovey, I am waiting with baited breath to hear how you went.

    And Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there xxxx.

    1. Happy international Mother’s Day to all KMR mommies out there and to you Tanya S.! I hope Miss four realises the day. My Miss ten soon to be eleven has already crafted her giant wishing card.

      Oh, I’m sure Rhiannon has done her homework and has swept the internet for pictures and interviews of Harry lately. Her meeting him in the VIP booth is what I’m worried about though. She’s got plenty of advice here so hopefully she will remain poised and contain herself. 🙂
      I’m hoping we’ll get pictures of the long awaited hug!

      1. Thanks Elina, Miss Four made me a photo card at Kindy and it says

        I love my Mum because she washes my clothes.
        I love my Mum because she puts my pyjamas on.
        I love my Mum because she reads books to me at night time.

        It is a step up from last year when the only reason she loved me was because I made her Macaroni and Cheese and gave her chocolate.

        Hubby did one for the MIL when he was growing up that said, “I love my Mum because she feeds me”. LOL

        I am sure that Rhiannon will remain poised, although I am hoping that she doesn’t have a brain fart and we see her on TV being carried away by Security. If she is going to do anything, I would like her to faint, as Harry is a gentleman and will render assistance then.

        1. That is hilarious, Tanya!

          My son had his teacher write in his card that he loves me because I like Star Wars, and I make good meatballs.

          I suppose his bar isn’t very high.

          1. I think we all need that meatballs recipe! considering how fussy kids can be about food I think that’s the best compliment ever!

            And Tanya? Your card from Miss Four appears to indicate that a budding fashionista is living in your home?

  7. Great work for Invictus Games : going on media (newpaper, TV, radio) in order to publicize Invictus Games!!! The atmosphere seems genial from what I hear.

    The expansion of Sentebale in Bostwana!!

    What I love about him is that he makes concrete action, like I said on other comment “It is just not me and my pretty face”.

    I wait to see the other projects (Aids issues, nature)

    And I love this sentence of the Sunday Times : “I need to earn more respect from a lot more people, of course I do.”
    —-> It is not a sentence what we hear from William….

    I like what he knows that he looks like his mother on term of personnality, capacity at putting people at ease, at being charismatic…
    I wonder how his brother and Kate react to that : happy, jealous or not seing that in him?

    He is inconstably the most popular Royal with the Queen : there are mostly positive rewiews on DM

  8. GREAT, AMAZING, FANTASTIC post KMR. Thank you very much. When I think I couldn’t love Harry even more, I see this and my love and admiration for him grows. Oh God, he really rocks, super engaged, loving, caring and we can see how he matured. He is really involved in everything he put his efforts in, we can see his sincerity. It’s a pitty he is not the oldest son, UK deserves him as the king. It’s unfair to compare Harry with William. It’s the same to compare a sunny day with a very cold, raining day. It’s like comparing good and evil, light and darkness, a smile and a tear, joy and sadness. Because Harry makes me happy and William makes me sad an angry. I really want Harry to be very, very happy. Congratilation Harry. Harriet, from Toronto, Canada, commented in Dm after seeing Harry in Toronto “After personally witnessing Harry’s efforts, warmth, compassion, humour, kindness and sincerity promoting the Invictus Games in Toronto yesterday, it is more apparent than ever William and Kate simply do not possess the Emotional IQ, sense of Noblesse Oblige or deep understanding of Duty required of a future King and Queen Consort. The Cambridges’ PR Team may increase the couple’s ‘profile,’ workload or media presence, but it won’t make a difference. It’s far too little, far too late, Bill and Cathy Middleton have made it quite obvious they want all the perks of being Royals, but not the responsibilities. They may go through the motions, but the fact remains, their apathy is just sad and pathetic, the couple are a lost cause. The focus should be on Harry, he is the only hope for the future of the Monarchy and the House of Windsor. What a shame Harry is not second in line to the Throne, he would make a fine King. He did a stellar job in Toronto yesterday, Well Done Sir !” This sums up Harry.

    P.S: Rhiannon, I am looking forward to see a picture of you and Harry. You go girl LOL.

    1. Oh Jamel, Harry was awesome! I saw him for maybe like all of 2 minutes, not even, and you could just see how friendly and passionate and empathetic he was. It just oooooozes out of him. I wish I could actually spend time with the guy and talk. He seems like person who you can easily talk to. I can’t wait until next year when IG is here. You bet your butt I will be trying to shmooze up to him if Rhiannon hasn’t already got him locked down. 😛

  9. Sorry to post this here : here an article about the question of the abdication of the queen : interesting to read.

    Here some passage about William and Kate if you don’t want to read the whole article :

    “Hence William and Kate’s tour of India, with its heavily symbolic pictures of the couple at the Taj Mahal offering a happier message than when Diana visited alone in 1992. But is it enough? As one royal photographer moaned to me: “Picture desks are already starting to say William is just another middle-aged bald bloke in a suit.” Likewise Kate is seen as too staid and sensible to generate the sort of crowds that Diana did.”

    -> Happier? I think my traduction doesn’t function is staid means dignified…. I think that they are boring because they are not really passionate about their causes (contrary to Harry) and because I think that they don’t really care about other people.

    “The Windsors need to beware another A-word too: arrogance. Both Charles and William tend to be peevish and churlish towards the media, taking them for granted and as being in no need of cultivation. Both may have good reason, given past experience. But it is the petty things that rankle, as when William had to be persuaded to acknowledge, through gritted teeth, even the presence of journalists and photographers accompanying him on an expensive visit to China last year. He eventually gave them a brusque “good morning”.”

    -> Anyone know the cost of the visit in China? I think that William has not respect for the press.

    “And there lies one of the House of Windsor’s problems: it is actuarial. With ageing monarchs it is difficult to spread the fairy dust on a succession of middle-aged-to-elderly male kings. Camelot it ain’t. While it does not want to repeat the soap opera of the 1990s, future public scenarios can already be mapped out. The media focus is already on who Harry might marry; and then it will shift to where George and his sister Charlotte will go to school, who they are dating, and how they will spend their lives, on an endless loop.”

    1. I find this quote very interesting: “Lord Salisbury, Victoria’s future Tory prime minister, noted: “Seclusion is one of the few luxuries in which royal personages may not indulge … loyalty needs a life of almost unintermitted publicity to sustain it.”
      – William and Kate seems to prefer a life of seclusion but that is the only thing that they cannot have if they want to keep their royal status.

    2. Harry will always be young at heart and of spirit.
      Dare I say this: William is just a fuddy duddy now. How will he be 10 years from today?

  10. Gosh Rhiannon you are a lucky lady. The dog loves him and that says a lot to me- the Irish Wolfhound didn’t love Kate!
    I love what he is doing and really hope now that he keeps it up. He’s got lots of ideas I hope he has the support staff to enable him to achieve things and to get the appropriate praise for him.
    The Guardian report is very good, clear and honest . I think Britain realises that there must be a sea change once HM hands over the reigns to Charles. Laziness will not be tolerated.
    KMR thanks for bringing light to all your younger readers.. There seem to be a few fighting Rhiannon for the hug.

  11. Thank you!!!! This is exactly what I needed!! I can’t wait to see how the Invictus Games will play out!!!

  12. Everyone has a right to their privacy, and a lot of the members of the public get it, but sadly in some areas there is this incessant need to find out every little bit of detail about what goes on behind the scenes. It’s unnecessary.”

    Interesting comment from Harry, wondering if it wasn’t a psa ‘leave my big brother and his ball and chain alone’. And I’ll bet that waste of space and her prize catch are really jealous and not happy that Harry is generating such positive and glowing publicity. **snicker** Harry is genuine unless I’m totally reading him wrong and he is simply a caring and appreciative young man. He means it when he speaks of his privilege and then goes on to say he wants to earn it. He said a mouthful there and I’m wondering if that wasn’t a message sent to his utterly worthless and repulsive big brother. Even if that wasn’t Harry’s intent it is a massive statement of reality.
    And Harry’s relationship with our President and First Lady must grate on the heir’s and his broodmare’s nerves. I mean the spare with that sort of relationship while I, being born first, first I tell you don’t have it just because I am who I am. Loving this, just loving it!!

    1. The sooner Harry sets up his own office the better. At that point, presumably, he’ll be able to get on with projects without having to test W+K’s temperature.

      1. Agree, but I don’t think he’ll be able to do it until he gets married, if that ever happens. Having his own team implies hiring new personnel > extra costs. People will whine.
        (BTW Jen, out of topic, but thanks for the Vogue video link on the Kate post! Loved it!)

        1. I also don’t think Harry will get his own office until he gets married. Maybe not even then, though that would be the wisest thing to do. His own office with his wife and his own “Royal Foundation” with his wife, too. No longer tied to the Royal Foundation of the Cambridges.

  13. I have a question. When Harry imitated American kids complaining he wasn’t princely, he used the word “ain’t”, twice. Why did he use that word? Only poor/uneducated people say “ain’t”, unless its being used for effect. Do Brits think Americans talk like this? Or was this a bit of a joke? Harry probably does meet more poor kids than I do, so maybe this is an accurate imitation, in which case I’m a little sad.

    As a self-appointed language and grammar officer (I’ve read ‘Eats, Shoots, and Leaves’ more times than I can count) I am hyper-aware of the ways our language defines us, and it irks me that Harry (as a representative of Great Britain) thinks we talk like that when many of us don’t. But, as a Texan, I can say there are still many who do, and I admit to thinking less of those who do. Ugh, now I feel mean and uppity. I’ll get off my grammar high-horse now.

    1. Jet, it isn’t just language that becomes a stereotype, I live in a state where some people think we ride horses, that Taco Bell is the only restaurant, that we haven’t indoor plumbing. A lot of this comes from TV, so I don’t think you’re on a high horse at all, just saying that stereotypes can come off all wrong and unintentionally offensive. I, personally am not worried about how our state is viewed, I don’t want a whole flock of celebs and muckety mucks to mess up the gorgeous views and landscape. Language wise? Ain’t doesn’t bother me as much as ‘she don’t’ “) Ain’t is, if I’m not mistaken in the dictionary now since it’s been so widely used.'t

      At the end of this something is said about the British, but I don’t quite understand what it means.

      1. Very true, especially since he even uses “me and her” instead of “she and I.” Like nails on a chalkboard lol

    2. ” Only poor/uneducated people say “ain’t””.

      Not true. I use it as vernacular in speech sometimes to emphasise a point. Everyday speech is different from the literary. I’m sure he was using it for effect. Also, kids these days don’t have to be poor or illiterate to speak this way.

      1. Brits say ain’t it’s just slang, it’s certainly not something he would consider an insult to Americans.

        1. Thanks Birdy.
          I was going to say the same thing, it’s just everyday slang language.
          (Though I do remember my mother having kittens when I moved back home to NZ after 5 years in London! I did have to watch myself!)

    3. No he probably doesn’t think everyone talks like that. A lot of young people, even those going to private schools where they tend to be strict on grammar, use “ain’t” along with other grammatically incorrect, and therefore “cool”, words. Just some examples:”He is so chill”, “yoThe party was lit”, “I just can’t.”. It’s just slang, and it’s popular in US, UK and the world over with pre-teens and teens.

    4. Only uneducated people use ain’t…..I’m sorry but I don’t think its nice to say something like that, I use aint all the time as part of my vocabulary, and its actually quite offensive to be called poor and uneducated for it.

      1. I’m sorry that I offended you, and I wanted to delete my post. I’m one of those irritating people who point out grammar infractions and mispronunciations. I usually don’t say anything, but to hear a Prince say this when imitating my country concerned me. “Ain’t” has crept up into more common usage, but historically it was considered incorrect speech.

    5. I have a degree in English language and literature. I was once required to take a history of the English language course where my professor discussed the history of the word ‘ain’t’. It dates to the early 18th century, particularly in British literature. The idea that only the working class or ‘uneducated’ people use the word ‘ain’t’ is a major misconception and although you may not have meant it to come across this way, it is actually classist to assume that a person must be uneducated or ‘poor’ to use the word ‘ain’t’.
      “Whether it appears in a declarative sentence (“I ain’t going”) or an interrogative sentence (“Ain’t I going?”), it conforms to the normal pattern for all verbs in the English language. Although readers may not approve of its use, they cannot argue that it is ungrammatical in such sentences.”
      “It appears in written English in the 18th century in various plays and novels, first as an’t and then as ain’t. During the 19th century, it was widely used in representations of regional dialect, especially Cockney speech in the UK, and became a distinctive feature of colloquial American English. But when we look at who is using the form in 19th-century novels, such as those by Dickens and Trollope, we find that the characters are often professional and upper-class.”


      As someone raised in the south, I can tell you for a fact that the southern, or Appalachian, dialect is actually closely connected to a Scots-Irish accent that became Americanized years after immigrants from Scotland and Ireland settled in the area where I grew up. Through my study of the history of the English language I have realized that the southern accent is very similar to an English accent as well in that some of the unique grammar that southerners use compared to other parts of the country can be found in standard Early Modern English in Shakespearean plays.
      When Prince Harry did a documentary for Walking with the Wounded he asked someone “what do you reckon this says?” That is a very ‘southern’ sentence that is also popular in England. However, my family who are primarily from the Northeast never use the word ‘reckon.’ I have also heard Harry use the word “ain’t” when using his normal diction and heard him mimic an American soldier in another documentary I watched of him on Youtube.
      Bottom line, I do not think Harry meant any harm whatsoever. Most likely Harry is copying the sound of the American accents he is most familiar with. Maybe this is the way Harry’s American friends in the army spoke? When I try to put on an English accent for fun I sound like Julie Andrews because that was who I watched in movies throughout my childhood and in my mind I associate an English accent with her first. I obviously understand that not all English people enunciate the way she does and I don’t mean any offence by it. I just don’t have a talent for mimicking the subtle dialect differences from region to region in England and I would most likely have to study with a dialect coach or live in England for at least a year and be immersed in the different accents from the area before I could put on a very convincing accent.

      I am very sorry that you “think less of those” who use the word ‘ain’t’. I am personally fascinated by accents and love when a person speaks differently because I think that it is a part of their personality. The way that a person chooses to express themselves by coloring their speech with slang or colloquialisms is not necessarily an indicator of their intelligence, but merely another form of communication.

      1. The Cockney dialect uses ‘ain’t’ a lot – it’s a very distinctive East London working class accent/dialect. In the recent past it became quite fashionable, so much so that upper class people would affect it eg violinist Nigel Kennedy spoke an upper class accent but as an adult a one point put on a Cockney accent. Not sure if Harry is affecting the Cockney use of ain’t, but assume so.

      2. Hi Cookie.
        Your degree subject sounds interesting. How much of an influence is TV and movies on language? We get a good mix of English and American programme here so speech patterns must be picked up from what people watch as well?

      3. When I said I look down on people, I mispoke. I certainly don’t think less of a person, or judge their worth. I too have a BA in English Lit, a BA in Communications and an MS in Information Science And am captivated by language. My dad was a naval captain who forbid me from saying “right” when I meant “correct” and instilled in me his loathing of passive voice (it sounds uncertain, and the military requires concise communication).

        Any linguist will tell you there is no one correct way to speak any language, and I believe that the variety of our languages and dialects is as beautiful as the variety of people. A schoolmate of mine works for a university collecting Texas dialects. Unfortunately due to mass communication, we are loosing many regional dialects and even languages around the world. There is a global effort by scholars to capture the last of these dying tongues.

        But while no one way of speaking is correct or better, there are many places in our culture where we control language: the military, aircraft control, academia, science papers, legal documents, formal writing, business communications, etc… I worked in advertising for years and remember one occasion where I had to defend the one sentence of copy in a magazine ad to my Account Director. It was for a beverage company in a Texas magazine and my AD thought the copy had too much slang in it; he thought we were stereotyping Texans. During my advertising career I took classes in public speaking. One of the first things I learned was to adopt a neutral way of speaking, that is, to purge your vocabulary of local-isms when speaking to a non-local audience.

        Thank you for the history of the word “ain’t” and for your sources. As you know, while the word has long been a part of the English language, it has also been divisive. I clearly come down on the side of not using it, and when I said “I look down on people who use it” what I meant was that I notice it when people use it casually. I have also been on the hiring committes at my last two jobs and “ain’t” is a trigger word for me that will score marks against you. So while the multitude of languages and dialects are beautiful, there are situations where a standardized or controlled speech is preferable.

        If you are interested in language or grammar, please check out the podcast “A Way With Words” here, or read Grammer Girl here, or read one of my favorite books “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”. Again, I apologize to those I offended and thank you all for the excellent discussion.

        Side note – isn’t it interesting to talk about language and its relation to class and education on a blog dedicated to Kate Middleton, a woman who famously changed the way she spoke upon becoming a princess and now speaks Received Pronunciation more royally than the royals. And we criticize her for that. I’m off my high horse for real this time. Go Harry and lots of love for all of our soldiers at the Invictus Games!

    6. Well I hate to disagree with everyone who has already commented on this comment, but I actually get what you’re saying JET.

      “Ain’t”, in my experience, is typically used by Southerners, in the Cockney dialect, and by uneducated or less-educated people. That’s not to say that all people who use “ain’t” fall into one of those categories, but most of the time when I hear someone use “ain’t” they fall into one of those categories. I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying that, I’m just relaying my experience with that word.

      Whether or not Harry was trying to imply one of those categories when he used that word, I don’t know, but I did read him saying that in a Southern accent in my head, for what it’s worth.

      1. I’ve heard “ain’t” used in American entertainment for ages; I’m thinking of The West Wing where the (highly educated) main characters used it when they want to emphasise something so fundamental that they wouldn’t be swayed. I took it to mean honest and unaffected. On that tack, I’ve heard US politicians from both parties use it to appear relatable to the public.

        Re-reading my previous comment, I didn’t mean to imply that Harry was being a tool, rather adopting the vernacular in the situation he found himself in, having a bit of fun and being relaxed.

        1. I think everyone is reading too much into this – I doubt any particular thought went into using ain’t.

  14. Although both men acknowledge the pain around the loss of their mother, it seems only Harry uses it as a call to action, while the other brother uses it as a call to be inactive, and reactionary to the media and public.

    I hope that Harry continues to find happiness…..

      1. Well, in his mind anyway. I’m surprised Kate doesn’t walk around in sunglasses all day, in case he turns around and blinds her with the sun shining out his arse. Special, special man, a treat to live with I am sure!

  15. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I really can’t think straight right now. (Another night shift last night.) I feel that Harry is getting such glowing reviews because he’s actually doing something with charities that he created (IG and Sentebale). And he’s doing it on a world stage. What has William and Kate done? What charities have they created? Even with just being a patron, what have they taken onto a world level? William’s conservation passion? I feel like he is all wishy washy on that to count. No real substance. IG and Sentebale leave an impression. Harry is doing an amazing job and I hope he continues his amazing work.

    1. I can’t think of a single memorable thing that William and Kate have done for charity. I had no idea about the Vogue exhibit at the NPG, for instance. What is the point of Kate drawing attention to it two weeks before it closes? What is the point of anything they do?

    2. Have you all forget about the HuffPost session? lol
      It was solded by KP like a revolutionnary thing from Kate, but it fell flat…

      What I love about him is that he made concrete actions and he speaks about them (he gave contents and not barely facts, there is a continuity with his work)

      I don’t want to be pessimistic but if the campaign Heads together is just people representing charities who made the marathon (it is impressive itself) and we have more learning engagements, ending stigma about mental health but no more act from W and K. Personnally I find it disappointing (but not surprising from these 2)

      1. I’m very curious how that Heads Together thing will work. It *sounds* like Kate will relate to children, Will …not sure, but I think it’s male suicide? and Harry focuses on veterans. Harry’s already ahead by having the symposium today “The Invictus Games Symposium on Invisible Wounds will convene warriors, experts and community partners to address the scale and scope of invisible wounds (Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injuries) facing warriors. With representatives from all fifteen nations participating, we will discuss barriers to care, including both stigmas and stereotypes associated with these injuries.

        The health and wellness concerns of post-9/11 veterans are complex and often linked to their service experience. Physical and psychological injuries sustained during combat can affect many factors related to reintegration. The Policy Symposium will put forth solutions for more effective collaboration between communities and post-9/11 veterans and their families. The Symposium will also explore how best to ensure veterans seek and receive effective treatment and increase support of wounded warriors.

        Am I awful in thinking that this is just another thing dreamed up for Will and Kate to be “keen” about, but Harry will be the most involved and successful? I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

        And don’t forget the UK mental health week starts next Monday (May 16) – wonder how often W&K will be out and about?

        1. Kate may release a statement or video in support of mental health week. She released a statement last year.

          1. So we’ll get another general “wonderful to support…fill in the blank…typed statement on a pre-signed sheet of KP letterhead?

    3. Unfortunately they are not ambitious nor driven where their work is concerned.A real pity considering their resources.

    4. Yes Miss K, I said this before, it’s unfair to compare Harry to William (and Kate). The Cambridges are zero and Harry is 100000000000. He created something (Sentebale and IG) and he really cares about them. You pointed corretly “he’s doing it on a world stage”. And what have William ank Kate done? What did the create? Nothing. I read an article saying that William was wanting to create his own charity, but IF the is true I am sure it is because of Harry (he created Sentebale and IG). I’ve read today an article about a little girl who lost her legs aged 10 months (I don’t remember her age today), but she was going to Orlando only to watch the Invictus Games and see her heroes (in her words). This shows the importance of IG not only for the soldiers.

      1. Great story about the little girl. The article that you read: was it recently ? I hope that if William create a charity (I don’t see him realize that, give his name and collect the result, but not put himself in a charity), he will not be celebrated like God…
        Even a speech is a burden for these 2.

    5. But Miss K, Kate is keen and hugely excited to pretend to be seen as doing something, but not actually doing anything.

      Will and Kate like smoke and mirrors.

  16. Great review of the many, many articles leading up to Invictus Games. I woke up this morning to an interview with Harry that was replayed on my local news. I love Harry to bits, but I actually thought, “not another interview” and put the pillow over my head.

    Probably because they all ask basically the same questions. Harry is doing his job in sitting for these interviews and I understand the media wants their own people getting the response hoping to get something the others didn’t. I encountered the same thing when going through press days with the musicians I worked with. At some point it becomes mind numbingly boring for the people being interviewed, but they have their job to do. I applaud Harry for getting out there and working his cute little butt off!

    1. Totally agree. Love Harry. He has given nearly ten interviews with the same, albeit important talking points. The sunday times and the bbc were slightly different.
      Likely, those who “honk for harry” have heard it all before. The average person will only see or hear one or two of these interviews, right?

      And he has been interviewed several times by both british and american media.

      Must the reporters drag the cambridges and their spawn into every article and interview. Ugh. Don’t care, not interested. Certainly not clicking on anything for them.

  17. Oh, I was waiting for this post! Just to get the Queen, Justin (sigh!), and the Obamas to come together like this to promote the Invictus Games — BRILLIANT!

    I hope Harry continues toward this path because respect is earned everyday. Not overnight.

    It’s a great day! Go Harry!

  18. Good luck to all the competitors and a huge congratulations to Prince Harry for pulling this together. The whole world is watching and cheering!

    I saw this about the Invictus Games video and thought I’d share if you haven’t already seen it:

    Harry told HELLO!: “The Queen had great fun. And I think it was almost as though you could see that look in her face, at the age of 90, thinking, ‘Why the hell does nobody ask me to do these things more often?’”

    He added: “We did one take from two angles. She’s the Queen, she’s busy! You don’t have more than 90 seconds to get that right. Also, she’s so incredibly skilled, she only needs one take.

    “Meanwhile, I was like a gibbering wreck. I was more nervous than anyone else. I was like, ‘We’ve got to get this right.’ And she just dropped the mic! It was great fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it.”

    We sure did enjoy it, Harry 🙂

  19. Something came to me while I was reading all of the posts. I had an idea of something Harry could do at the end of the games. Since he is already on the continent, he could make a quick trip to Edmonton on behalf of his grandmother, the Queen, to meet with evacuees from that horrific fire in Alberta. I realize this idea has some problems – it may still be too on-going to be practical – the government might not want him to come. Part of me thinks it would be a good idea and then part of me thinks the timing would be bad. Hopefully, by the end of the week, there might be some good news or at least better news from there.

    1. I think usually for this sort of thing they wait as they do not want to get involved with potentially hindering rescue efforts and such but it’s a really nice idea.

  20. This is a really interesting docu on the queen from the 1990s. It’s been a while, since I have seen it…
    If I recall correctly, she made a really insightful point about the way she led her life and how she had to blend her public role with her private life because it wasn’t prudent to separate the woman from The Queen.

    It’s a lesson that Charles and his siblings understand. Both william and harry do not comprehend this message and want the best of both worlds without having to compromise. Royal perks and a private, press-free life.

    The way the brothers go on and on about privacy is mind numbing. It’s understandable to a point, Harry has previously had a rough time with them. However, they need to find a balance. They’ll never be “normal.”
    Imagine if people only found out about them through kp’s pr social media?
    “Dutiful” Kate’s never flashed a war memorial. William is the hardest working royal and has single handily rescued babies, old folks, kittens, and puppies. It is nauseating.

    Not to mention, the reporters should really get of their high horses. They praised w&k for simply being able to walk and talk at the same time. They went along with kp, until negative stories sold better. Suddenly the lamebridges are awful? They’ve been terrible all along.

    Harry is in a tricky spot. Not able to leave and do his own thing, but important enough to stay on to foil for his useless brother.
    His bbc privacy complaint was quite dramatic. Maybe william does give him advice after all 🙂
    Has anyone heard Mike, Zara, or mia complain about the adorable pictures at the horse trials? Nope and they are legitimately private citizens!

    1. The quote from the Queen made sense back then, when you didn’t have social media and smartphones. It was easier to compromise because they were sure that there was a part of their lives that remained private. There was always a line between public and private that wasn’t crossed so easily.

      With these new techs, this line is really blurry, and while I disagree with William’s motivations to be private, I think Harry’s are more valid. Visit a few tumblr pages and you’ll see what I mean, it’s really awful. People share private photos of his friends and take sneaky photos of him. I remember someone even shared a video of him going out of the bathroom!

      I agree when you say about finding a balance. At the same time, it’s difficult for them if the public doesn’t act with a bit more compassion and understand that they are people too, not public property. So, I can understand why they get defensive.

      Also I think having a public role is much more about aknowledging that you have to be approachable rather than being ok with someone on the table next to you taking your photos without your permission.

      1. From what you describe so thoughtfully, it seems to me that the press isn’t latgely the problem but people on social media and their lack of manners, boundaries, and simple respect. Both William and Harry should get a clue, then. No one takes pix of the older royals acting less than royal. Most senior royals have been gossiped about endlessly, this is nothing new.

        If you live your life with a little grace and restraint in the public eye then there is nothing to kvetch about (even if you resent the press). As for the intrusiveness of social media- some they can control, others are merely a betrayal, but largely not by the press.

        I think it’s Willy and Harry who need to adjust their behaviour to the new reality (as the queen had to in her time) and stop blaming it all on the press at large. And just. stop. whinging. It has indeed become mind-numbing. It’s unseemly.

        Let’s go back to “Never complain. Never explain”.

        1. Paula, I totally get your point about social media.
          They are public figures, though everyone deserves to grocery shop in peace.
          The rpos have been known to delete those type of pictures from people’s phones, if they are caught. (It’s rare to find william and kate off duty, unless he is paying for his own discount plane ticket 😉

          Tumblr terrifies me. I stay away :-

          It was a random comment to make, considering most of the other interviews have focused on the invictus games and his mother.
          I could imagine dear william saying that. I get the impression william only wants approved images of himself on duty or carefully selected “private” images depicting a fun, normal, family man, princepilot.

          What happens if people stop gossiping or caring about the monarchy and the individuals in that role? Slippery slope.

          Maven, I agree, they need to adapt as well. — “Never complain, Never explain!”

        2. Eh, I don’t think it’s weird or bad for Harry to say these things considering he goes off in his off time to hang with friends, people stalk him once they find him, take pictures, have no concept the man does have a life outside being a public figure. He deserves a bit of time to himself without worrying will someone take a picture of me going to the loo or whatever, you know? Or talking to a girl–then this girl is suddenly his future wife. I think he ACCEPTS it, it’s the way it is,but he does not have to like it. And people and fans are really rude. Especially the crazy tumblr fans. I mean, I hear about encounters with celebrities and how people think they own them.

          1. Yes, everything you said, Ellie.

            Maven, it has nothing to do with grace or restraint: the guy is doing day to day activities and people think it’s ok to creep on him. These situations are really intrusive and he has every right to complain about them.

            And this is a press problem too, because if I’m not mistaken reporters publish stories taking info from tumblr and social media. So by doing that, they lack on boundaries and respect just as much as the person who made the info available.

            To me, both sides have to adapt. I agree W&H tend to blame it all on the media, and shutting them down completely is a big mistake. They have to learn to disclose a bit more of their personal lives so that press and public are appeased.

            But never complaining nor explaining would mean putting up quietly with the media’s BS every time, and the press should be called out when they cross a line. Let’s not forget they also have a public duty (even if it is gossip we’re talking about).

            I think it is a very delicate balance, but the truth is both sides need each other and the answer is somewhere in the middle.

            I now realise I wrote all this thinking about Harry as an example because William is MIA most of the time. I don’t know why he complains about privacy tbh, he has it way too easy.

          2. And Paula looking at all these interviews I’d say Harry has no problem with legitimate media. Harry has issue with people invading his privacy on his off time. Fans, people who he runs into who take his picture and post it all over social media, people who then extrapolate–oh is that his new girlfriend! and the media then running with it…

            Unlike William I think Harry knows legitimate media from paparazzi or obnoxious royal fans. He’s always pretty respectful and is open and gracious, or has been during these many interviews for the Invictus Games.

  21. After a looong day of shopping (bought tops, a pair of truly-slenderizing/flattering Capri jeans, and a pair of sandals for my bandaged up tootsies), I’m FINALLY able to sit down (to a bowl of whole grain angel hair pasta, spaghetti sauce, turkey meatballs and Parmesan cheese) and comment.

    1.) Thank you KMR!!!!!!!! Sooooo needed a dose of Harry and boy did you deliver! 😀

    2.) I bought the People magazine and already read the interview. A few of the things he mentioned about the Invictus Games really stood out and here is one of the quotes. “I always view the games as part of the rehab for these guys. They view it as an opportunity to put on a show to all those people who have supported them.”

    This quote resonated with me because it’s similar to the transplant games: The transplant games IS rehab for my friends and me. It helps us (plus the donor families and living donors) heal emotionally and psychologically and that’s incredibly important. It’s an immediate connection that’s fast, deep and forever. Their special energy helps me and vice versa and I understand that that’s what happens while at the Invictus Games. It’s an instant family you’ve created for yourself and it’s so comforting. I’ve got their backs and they’ve got mine, just like it is with Harry and all of the veterans he’s come in contact with.

    3.) I LOVED the smack-talking between the US, UK and Canada!

    4.) I think Harry gives that general “fun uncle” to cover up the fact that he rarely sees his nephew and niece, which is a shame.

    5.) I’ve got the TV on ESPN2 to watch the opening ceremony! Go U.S.A.!

    P.S. When we get close to the transplant games, let me know if you all would like a link to watch the opening ceremony which will be on June 11th in Cleveland, Ohio (as long as it’s okay with you, KMR)!! Can’t wait to reunite with my transplant family!!! 😀

      1. Noooooo. Let me see if the SWF’s website has an e-mail address. That might be quicker.

        And yay!!! Someone, PLEASE remind me (either on the 9th or 10th of June) so that I can link you all. I know I’ll totally forget. 🙂

        1. Okay, this is what I just drummed up. Let me know what you think before I mail this sucker off tomorrow!! (May 10th)

          “Dear Prince Daniel,

          First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your wife on the arrival of your son, Prince Oscar. I’m sure he’s a blessing and Princess Estelle is thrilled with her little brother. Is she happy to be a big sister, just like her mother?

          The reason for my letter is this: I too am an organ recipient (heart and lungs and will be celebrating 20 years on June 14th of this year), am happy to see the work you’re doing in connection with transplantation and that you’re speaking about your own personal experience. It’s not an easy topic to discuss but I feel (at least within my part of the world) there is still a stigma regarding organ donation and transplant. So many myths and rumors are around and, unfortunately, many people in the public realm often believe them to be true. A fair number of times, I’ve had to correct my friends or *their* friends.

          Back in 2011, the World Transplant Games were held in Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend (though I do hope to go one day) but many of my friends did and spotted you at the track and field events, handing out medals and whatnot. I was very pleased to see that you were using your voice to spread the word about organ donation.

          The Transplant Games of America ( is coming up soon in Cleveland, Ohio on June 10-15, 2016. I know that this is incredibly last minute but I would like to invite you and your family to attend (and perhaps participate in?) these games. If not 2016 than maybe 2018. I personally love being there; reuniting with my transplant family and making lots of memories. I hope you will consider joining in one day. Not only are these games geared for recipients but donor families and living donors which means your father could be involved as well!

          Yours Sincerely,

          Kimberly (“Kim”) J***** (last name)

          P.S. Happy Kidney Anniversary (May 29th) to you and your dad!”

          Thoughts? Comments?

          1. Just press send. I believe he won’t come this year ( too short notice) but he will be interested and may come another year. I think you will get a response.
            Just do it ( apologies Nike).

          2. I can’t find an email address! Can someone please message/send me one? I’m searching like a yahoo on the site and coming up empty.

            EDIT: I found it! Never mind!!!

          3. Kimothy I’m sure you’ll get some kind of response. And remember if he does show up next year you’d better post an interview on your YouTube channel!

          4. Oh, well done Kimothy! Great letter. I am sure Daniel will respond. Yes, I think 2016 is a bit soon (though you never know) but if you follow it up with a formal letter of invitation with others on the committee then perhaps 2018 is very possible. Let us know!

  22. We should have some Invictus Games master-post where we can just gush in the comments as that’s about all I feel qualified to do right now. I cried. I cried a lot, watching it. I am so proud of a man I don’t even know and so thankful to him for doing this for our veterans and those veterans from our allies. THank you Harry.

  23. Great, great speech for the Opening ceremony : very moving. Great delivery!!!! I have no words, great atmosphere!!!
    Thanks to IG, we have the opportunity to hear the stories!
    And I am happy to see that people congratulate Harry and recognize his efforts.

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