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Kate Middleton visits Place2Be, Art Room, plays tennis in Scotland

Kate Middleton was in Scotland yesterday for three engagements – two to two of her patronages (she’s already visited more of her patronages than either Prince William or Prince Harry have). The Countess of Strathearn visited a school with Place2Be, a school with The Art Room, and a school where she participated in a tennis lesson with Judy Murray.

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Kate Middleton celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets

Happy Sunday (or Monday – sup New Zealand)! Kate finally made an official appearance that wasn’t a church/memorial service the Queen dragged her to – yay!? It’s been a week shy of two months since Kate worked last, on December 16, and for her first official appearance of 2016 she can already check off one of her patronages as visited – also yay!? The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, paid a visit to the RAF Air Cadets in her new, official role as Honorary Air Commandant today, February 7. Kate marked the 75th anniversary year if the Air Cadets with a church service at St. Clement Danes and a reception at the Royal Courts of Justice.

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Kate Middleton takes over one of Prince Philip’s patronages, attends Christmas lunch at BP

I wasn’t going to cover the annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace until tomorrow, allowing Camilla to have today, but then BP announced that Prince Philip has handed one of his patronages over to Kate, so yeah. Cams gets bumped to tomorrow, and there will be a Harry post either over the weekend or on Monday. Anyway, Kate Middleton has been made Honorary Air Commandant of the RAF Air Cadets.

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Kate Middleton plays drums at Anna Freud Centre Christmas Party

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, made a return visit to the Anna Freud Centre yesterday, December 15. Kate previously visited the Centre in September, so she’s visited a charity that she is not patron of twice this year – for reference, she has not even visited several of her actual patronages that much (she hasn’t visited SportsAid at all this year). I’m being nitpicky, though, this was a solid appearance for Kate.

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Kate Middleton visits Action on Addiction center

Kate Middleton‘s haircut is growing on me. I actually wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it yesterday, but the more I see it the more I like it. It’s not too long and not too short, and the bangs work much better with it this length. Anyway, the Duchess of Cambridge was out and about today, December 10, in Warminster, England visiting Action on Addiction’s Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies.

PS. I’ll cover the Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet tomorrow – I want to wait until the Swedish royal website posts the menu. Please no thread jacking.

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Kate Middleton visits Chance UK, talks about Prince George

It’s the second day in a row of double engagements for our dear Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. And it’s the fifth day of engagements in the last eight days. Phew. Kate must be exhausted. Earlier today, October 27, Kate visited Chance UK at Islington Town Hall in Islington, North London. And what did Kate wear to visit kids? Dark grey, of course.

Oh, like yesterday, this is a two post day. This post is just for the day event, I will post about the evening event later. Please no thread-jacking.

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