Kate Middleton takes over one of Prince Philip’s patronages, attends Christmas lunch at BP

Kate Middleton takes over one of Prince Philip’s patronages, attends Christmas lunch at BP

I wasn’t going to cover the annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace until tomorrow, allowing Camilla to have today, but then BP announced that Prince Philip has handed one of his patronages over to Kate, so yeah. Cams gets bumped to tomorrow, and there will be a Harry post either over the weekend or on Monday. Anyway, Kate Middleton has been made Honorary Air Commandant of the RAF Air Cadets.

Kate becomes patron of air cadets 1

After 63 years, Prince Philip is stepping down as Patron of the RAF Air Cadets and handing the reigns of Honorary Air Commandant to Kate. It was announced in 2010 that Philip would be stepping down from a number of his patronages – though he remains Patron or President of over 780 organizations – so his stepping down is not a surprise, but the fact that he handed his patronage over to Kate is surprising.

This is Kate’s first role with a link to the military, and taking over one of Philip’s patronages definitely signals that Kate is approaching full time working royal status and should be taken more seriously. So now if she goes back to her dinky schedule of appearances it will be even more aggravating.

Philip steps down as patron of air cadets

On a side note, it is possible this will be the first of a few new patronages announced for Kate in the coming months. Kate has visited both the Anna Freud Centre and The Fostering Network twice this year (and hasn’t visited some of her actual patronages even once), and I’m thinking she may become patron of those organizations soon.

Kate becomes patron of air cadets 2

Kate wore her red Luisa Spagnoli suit which she debuted in 2011 and wore again in 2014. Kate wore her Mappin and Webb “Empress” earrings and her Stuart Weitzman Power Pumps (which she has literally worn 13 times this year).

It seems this audience took place after the Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace which Kate attended with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Prince Harry rode in the same car with them, and Nanny Maria rode in a different car. Prince William skipped the lunch to attend a memorial service for John Pelly (father of Guy Pelly) – which is odd to me since I thought Harry was closer to Guy than William.

Harry and George arrive for BP Christmas lunch

Most of the extended family came out for this event, as per usual. Here are some photos of Prince Charles and Camilla, Sophie, Princess Eugenie, and Zara Phillips Tindall.

Photos: Twitter / Getty

115 thoughts on “Kate Middleton takes over one of Prince Philip’s patronages, attends Christmas lunch at BP

    1. Other than the flypast, what else does that title require? Just out of curiosity, so we can check if she’s doing the honor some justice.

      1. it’s like the scouts, but for older kids. it’s also one of the better DoE programmes for adventures and such.

        Seeing how little she did for the scouts, i assume this will go the same way except she gets to wear a meddle at Trooping the colour.

        >>>i also think it’s ironic they keep talking up her RAF grandfather as if his example pushed her to accept this patronages. she refused to join the RAF wives club, so i’m going with what another blog is saying….she wasn’t given a choice here.

        and it’s weird that William, and Ex-RAF man wasn’t given this patronage unless *he* was given a choice and he turned it down. he has form on that front.

        1. Kate may not have been given a choice in terms of they may have said “you have to take this”, but I don’t think it went down the way Celebitchy said. Kate would have known it was happening, they wouldn’t have just thrust it on her at lunch without telling her. In some of the photos of Kate leaving Rebecca Deacon is in the background, so this was planned. Also, from some of the photos, it looks like George left with Harry, not Kate.

          1. I agree – it doesn’t make sense that the royal family would just surprise Kate with it, especially with a photographer there lol. Her outfit choice indicates she knew about it too – while the suit is red, it would have been an odd choice if she was solely attending a Christmas lunch imo.

          2. I agree, this wasn’t sprung on her after coffee on the day. She would have known about it and I agree that they might have said that she had to do it. Poor Prince Philip is starting to wind down. Not before time but still sad to see.

          3. Celebitchy was having fun with the suddenness of the engagement. They frequently make jokes about The royals.

            They understand how the BRF works, so you have to recognise when they are having a joke.

            Of course they didn’t just spring this on Kate after dessert or whatever course at lunch. It’s a joke Celebitchy is having at Kate’s expense.

            What Celebitchy is saying, and I agree with, is that the process of who should take this patronage didn’t involve a lot of consultation with Kate.

            Simply presented as a fait a compli at some point rather than the usual drill of letting her choose (or not choose) for months at a time before she shunts said patronage to the royal foundation or simply says no.

            And then the handover was organised around the lunch, with everyone present rather than allowing Kate to take her sweet time about it, and BP’s own PR machine swang into action and announced this patronage + pictures thereby not letting KP + Jason handle it.

            They went as far as pushing Kate’s own grandfather and his RAF record, no mention of her own husband’s RAF record or those pesky RAF wives.

  1. I love Prince George’s hair; it’s beautiful. Kate is looking less desperate today. Better make-up or lighting makes a HUGE difference in her daily appearance. I still say she has aged beyond her years since George was born. And I still like her hair very much at that length. It swings and looks alive, as opposed to that mass of dead, messy locks that dragged down her features. As for assuming a patronage of P.P., I don’t believe she will be a real patron; it’s a symbolic gesture.

    1. I like that they let it be naturally curly. I hope they let it be natural going forward, because in a lot of the photos of him they’ve combed it down which I don’t like. I prefer kids hair to be natural – brushed, but natural.

  2. Prince Philip is known for talking straight. Will he tolerate Kate doing zip for an organisation he has been associated with?

    Or is Kate just wanting a pretty brooch to wear? (the air commandant brooch she will be given to wear at certain occasions)

    And, imo , that belt with the bow doesn’t go with that suit.

    1. I mean, Prince Philip has done a lot of appearances over the years, but as KMR points out, he is still patron of 780 organizations, so I highly doubt he really paid a great deal of attention to each of his individual patronages. It doesn’t work out mathematically – he never did 700+ engagements per year, which would just put him at 1 appearance per organization per year.

      1. Actually 20 years ago, he did do close to 700 engagements a year, like Princess Anne and Prince Charles have done in recent years. But none of the senior royals (the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Princess Anne) visit all of their patronages; there are too many of them.

      2. Even if he did 700+ engagements a year he still wouldn’t visit all his patronages, because a lot of his engagements would be non-patronage related. So yeah, having that many patronages means he can’t visit every one every year.

        1. I think Seth’s point that Prince Philip has in past done close to700 engagements in a year was a correction to a previous comment that he doesn’t clocked up that amount of engagements, now in his 90s yes but previous he has, not him saying he visits each patronage of his in a year.

          I beat landing and waving from an airplane door didn’t count in his 700 tally ;), but I could be wrong.

          1. It was. 20 years ago he carried out 700 engagements or so a year. I didn’t mean that he visited all of his patronages every year; that would be near impossible. 🙂

      3. I have a relative who was part of Prince Philip’s social circle when he spent time in Australia at the end of the war. My relative told me that Prince Philip has a great sense of humour and great fun. He also had a great awareness of his rank and more importantly the obligations that go with it (noblesse oblige). I asked this relative if he would be just a figurehead and a name on the letterhead and was told that (in my relative’s opinion) they thought that even if Philip wasn’t able to visit all of his patronages he would have been kept up to date with what was happening with each organisation. Of course you could say that I am talking to someone who knew him a long time ago, I did say that to my relative and the reply I got was “a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots”.
        And btw, when young Prince Philip was very very good looking!

        1. Cathy, Did your relative have anything to say about Philip and his friend Mike Parker having a rather wild time in Australia? I’ve read two books that say they cut a swath and left a number of women broken hearted.

          1. *cough cough*
            hmm, umm, yes
            It was apparently surprising just where they would end up! But then not very surprising at all!
            (Don’t forget this was before Philip was married to Elizabeth)
            My relative did smile and say that Philip was very very charming!
            (as well as oh so very good looking!!!)

  3. I’ve always thought Harry has a resemblance to Philip. You can see it a bit here in Prince Philip’s profile. I’ve also thought Eugenie reminds me of the Queen Mother. Something in the eyes. I actually feel sorry for the “Yorkies.” The media picks them apart more than ever since Kate came onto the scene. In their own right, their grandmother is the Queen.

    George is a cutie. Looks like a little thinker.

      1. Agree! Happy to see someone else sees that resemblance. I’ve noticed it in different photos for years. Prince Harry’s eyes have the same setting as Charles. The facial structure can put to rest the other guy that’s always rumored to be his father.

  4. Since I am newer to this wonderful KMR group, I’m going to seize the moment of Kate and Harry in the same car picture to ask KMR or maybe Rihannon about the seeds of discontent between Wills and Harry. I see it since I’ve been educated about it on this site. But I missed how/why/when it started. It pains me so. Is Wills truly jealous of Harry’s … What? Thanks guys.

    1. In my personal opinion Wills is aware that Harry has the ‘Diana Magic’ which can’t be taught or bought. Wills and Kate even when they try hard just don’t have IT.
      Why another red dress? People liked her in red so she just repeats? Hair length better but it needs to be layered and shaped in a more modern way .

      1. Re another red dress: It’s more theme dressing. It’s a Christmas lunch, so she needs to wear Christmas red. She’s worn red to this event every year she’s attended.

    2. I agree with LRB. Harry has “it”. If William didn’t want to do things as a child, Diana would say that Harry’s doing it and loving it. That would make William come around and do it. William is known for making cheap shots at Harry’s hair and his “lack” of intelligence (“That’s pretty rich coming from a ginger”). William is known for stealing his thunder too. Harry has always been supportive of his brother. I think that since W+K married and have pulled their hijinks, Harry has pulled back. I remember during the jubilee that Harry made will come back and walk with Kate under the umbrella. And let’s not forget the lack of bowing to HM on Christmas. Oh, and add a sprinkle of uncomfortable flirting from Kate.

      Harry respects duty and service. IMHO, he sees that his brother doesn’t have the same ingrained in him. He played third wheel for a long time and it looks like he’s broken out. If you look at Harry’s visit to beautiful Australia and New Zealand, you can see how different they are. W+K went on a vacation. Harry worked. He endeared himself to the people. He did a respectful Haka and even joked with a photographer by putting paint on his head.

      William and Kate can never recreate that of they tried. I know that I am quite biased as I fully intend to marry him, but he just has “it”.

      1. From what I know of you Rhiannon we look forward to having you as our future princess. You seem to have ‘it’ too. So what’s the plan to get the two of you together?

        1. Yes, we need to scheme on this one. Do you live in the UK or in the states? No worries if you don’t feel comfortable answering…

          1. Well I live in the UK but I think Rhiannon is American. Does anyone actually know Harry who could arrange a blind date??!!

      2. I am a natural “ginger” as we are called in the U.K., but here in the U.S., I am a redhead. That said, I think Harry must be thinking, “That’s rich coming from a bald billiard.” Of course, he can’t say it, but having snide comments made about my hair, which is exactly Harry’s color, I know what thoughts go through my head.

        1. From what I have read I think that Harry gave it to William during his Best man speech at the wedding. I think that there a few mentions of the hair loss with Will. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that speech.

      3. That’s not great that Harry’s the one reminding William to be mindful of his wife. I wonder if that why Kate was always so relaxed when Harry was around, cause he was helping look out for her, in general that seems a bit like his personality to be mindful others. Before the wedding he didn’t seem to know Kate that well if his interview during the South Pole is anything to go by and for the first two years they looked like a tight trio. William seems to have spent a lot of time over at the Middletons and even when they were clubbing Harry wasn’t with them most of the times. Even at polo matches Kate would be pictured away from the click, towards the end of the dating years you saw her with William’s friends, they all grow up together if not met earlier in school so they’re all trusted friends and there’s the Glosse Posse but Harry had a different group of besties. I’m surprised that of all people it was William and not Harry who pulled out of Christmas lunch with the Queen and extended family to go to Peter Kelly’s memorial. Surprised but not surprised.

        Harry will always be supportive of his brother and is quite dutiful but I’m sure there are things he’s seen that he can’t be too happy with, like his father being shelved and it taking “they won’t let me see” reports for the Cambridges to relent, and William and Kate’s behaviour, William ditching the family and the disrespect towards HM and what she stands for at times.

    3. I really agree with LRB and Rhiannon. That’s what I see too in Harry. He’s very comfortable with himself and has a natural interest in others. He’s not pretentious and honestly feels for people in a variety of circumstances. That honesty, coming from a privileged person, endears him, as does his efforts to be involved while still retaining who he is. He’s definitely got the magic. It’s mattered more to Will these last few years, especially once he married Kate and seems ridiculous about keeping the boundaries in place that the press put on themselves out of respect for his mother’s death and the fact that Will and Harry were still minors. I think Will enjoyed that feeling of power–the press self-restraint made him egotistical and arrogant, almost like a king of old that expected his subjects to crawl in his presence. Now that he is a full-fledged married adult, they’ve taken off the restraint, and he doesn’t like it. Worse, Will’s been allowed to wallow in bitterness and attitude, egged on by the Middleton’s to depend on them for *normal family* and it has ruined some of what his mother bred into him. Harry is what Diana hoped Will would be, and I think Will resents that.

      1. I so agree. When William pulled that stunt of “I am a Prince”, I got angry. He wants to be normal, but will pull rank in a minute. He is beyond arrogant.

          1. I love your points G. I feel like KMR is an English pub where we all get our pint and discuss the substance of what we see. You’ve always got your finger on why W&K have to get it together.

          2. Thanks Ri, LRB, Sunny and KMR and everyone. Totally makes sense about the Harry v Wills situation. Makes me sad too. But it makes sense. I wish we were all at a pub. Pimm’s for the gang on me! Love our “virtual pub” too.

    4. I am with Herazeus, there was no choice for lazy, as she has sooo little charities.

      As to Prince Harry in the same car with PG from KP – may not have been a fav for snowflake but no other vlood royals to ride with other than Harry and. PG and was ordered (she didn’t even wave to the people like Pr Harry did); also the same car show he was more senior than her: and Prince Harry had some photo and bonding time with his nephew.

      The same may be true – PG remain at BP with the grandpa and the royals while lazy kate was sent on cadet event. Leaving PG to have quality time with his royal cousins and family.

      1. Kate waved on the way out and smiled at the crowds; I think she didn’t wave on the way in because she was sitting in the back, which had blacked out windows, so the public couldn’t see her anyways. That’s why any arrival pictures of her and George are angled to be shot from the front of the car, and not the side. I’d actually say that William has always indicated huge reluctance to do anything other than pout/look gloomy during these kind of pictures in cars, but Kate usually clearly makes an effort to at least smile, except maybe sometimes when she feels awkward because of William.

        1. The windows were blacked out so people wouldn’t have seen her. When Edward and Sophie were in a car with blacked out windows at the Swedish royal wedding they rolled down their windows so the people who had waited and lined up across the road could see them and interact a bit, a wave and a smile isn’t much but I’m sure much appreciated by those waiting.

          I can understand George’s window remaining rolled up. I do find it interesting that given the few occasions available for George to be seen on British soil they black out the windows of cars he’s in on official Royal occasions. This lunch and when leaving KP. Twice in a year driving past adoring waving crowds doesn’t seem that traumatising given that other royals, and even previous British royals, have had their kids out and about, walking in front of their supportive subjects and fans, but maybe they’re his parents and maybe they don’t think George can cope.

        2. I meant to put a yes at the start of that comment, agreeing with your comment to the other poster that she wouldn’t have been seen if she waved which is why there aren’t photos of her waving when going in. I do think she could have rolled down her window but I understand the security concerns. Just realised it came like I was saying the windows were purposely done for her, which I don’t think.

          1. I have a feeling they did black those windows out on purpose. They debuted that car with the blacked out windows when Charlotte was born. Remember the ride home with proud papa driving and then them leaving the next day for Anmer? With George you could see into the back seat, but not with Charlotte. I think William got a bug up his butt about those pictures and had the windows tinted.

    5. I think there is envy there. Harry has way more freedom than William in terms of not having the “future king” label hanging over his head and Harry was able to actually serve overseas in the way William was not allowed to.

      I think it’s also a sense of entitlement and wanting to be the top dog – “William is the older brother and should be entitled to more than Harry”, that type of thing. William doesn’t want Harry to have anything William can’t have, and when Harry does William gets upset.

      1. I wonder if the envy goes the other way too – William has a wife, two children, and is settled into a (presumably) happy family life. Whereas Harry has always struggled with convincing a woman to give up her independence and marry him. Also at least William knows exactly what is expected of him (even if he refuses to accept it). He knows he is meant to be King. Harry is in this awkward spot where he needs to help the royal family look good, but has no clear-cut role for the future. It’s the reason I hope William and Kate have a third child – George knows what his destiny is, but Charlotte will struggle to find a real role for herself, and I think having the support of another sibling not meant to be monarch would help her.

        1. Maggie I totally agree with you. But Rhiannon wants Harry so we need to make that happen. I wonder why Harry who is so clearly good with kids just doesn’t seem to connect with the Cambridge duo.

        2. I don’t think so Maggie. Will was interested in a few other women, notably Jecca Craig, who turned down her opportunity to make it more serious. Kate was always at the ready and willing to take on the royal duties, so she got the ring. Harry is being choosy of how he awards his heart. I admire him for it, especially since he’s expressed he’d like to have kids, but he isn’t going to grab what’s easy just to fulfill an urge. Far from Harry having a role, he’s obviously successfully involved with his African charities and Wounded Warrior causes. He’s doing great.

    1. Yes, I think so too. It won’t say anything about her being a full-time royal. She can be patron of hundreds of charities or causes but if they are of no substance, it won’t mean anything. Anyone can dress up (in similar outfits of different colors), smile, shake hands and say a few words in an hour … but to really advocate and devote your time and efforts into it – it takes someone special to pull that off!

      And what might be more annoying is Kate might even drag the Willie into this and they’ll be supporting it together. Like she can’t do anything on her own. =_=

      1. I think Harry would be a better fit for the Air Cadets as he’s a trained pilot & a natural with kids.

        I guess cadets is the softest, easiest, least important Military patronage that can be given – I really don’t think anyone should read major changes into this happening. It’s Military-Lite (and I say that as a Mum of a 1st Class Air Cadet myself – it does not compare to being patron to full time Military. These are kids who – in my sons case – gather twice a week for 2 hours each time. Not full serving soldiers/pilots).

  5. Good to see she’s taking on more responsibilities but it will remain to be seen if she will step up and be active. I know we begged Kate to cut her hair, but she is looking more and more ordinary with each day that passes. I definitely don’t want her to grow her hair back because it was looking lifeless but this new hair cut is so bland and out-dated. I used to wear my hair like that in the early 90’s when I was 14. Just not feeling it from her. Thank goodness I have other royal woman to follow who inspire me both in style and intellect!

  6. Oh wow, this is a huge step and a great risk for Kate. Failing to commit to Prince Philip’s charity would send her into an abyss of criticisms, not only from the public but from all senior royals, and would be terribly embarassing. From letting her wear Diana’s tiara to handing over a charity that used to be patroned by Prince Philip, you can see that they are desperate to push Kate. Everything seems to be rushed unnaturally. I wonder what would be the reason. This is like telling her, “we have seen your performance until today, now we are giving you a chance, step up now or fail miserably!” They really put her in the spot this time, either glory or shame.

    1. I think the palace has noted the high level of criticism leveled at Kate (Will too) this year and is seriously trying to negate it. Time will tell, but throwing things at fire isn’t a smart way to put it out.

  7. Well – do you think Prince Phillip shows up to all 780 of his patronages?
    KMR – just what does a Commandant do? Show up for parties and parades?

    Meanwhile I do see the link between the spouse of a monarch passing a patronage on to a future spouse of a monarch. Especially one where you just show up for parties and parades.

    Also, I do see that the Tindalls hired help – note that old lady in the back seat.

    1. There is no way Philip visits all of his patronages even once a year. They must go years between visits from him. I actually think it’s a disservice to the organizations for the royals to patron so many. I think it is a good thing that Kate keeps her number of patronages low, I just wish she would visit her patronages more. The point of keeping a low number of patronages is to give more time to each of them and Kate doesn’t do that, which is a problem.

      Kate is just Honorary, which means she’ll show up to an event here and there and that’s about it.

      Re the Tindalls hiring help: There is nothing wrong about it unless they continue to claim they don’t ever have help.

  8. Palmer is tweeting that Kates car was the only one with blacked out windows & the only one that actually increased speed through the crowd – all the others slowed down to wave. He says it looked unnecessary – I’d say rude & dangerous.

        1. I totally agree with you, Sunny. He wants to stay within certain boundaries placed for him and the press as a result of the meet and greet–but at the same time, he is so frustrated by them and how they treat the press. And, it shows through his passive-aggressiveness.

    1. Emily Andrews tweeted about that, too. I’m assuming they didn’t want the kids photographed, because, you know, privacy and whatever.

  9. I’m really starting to think the Queen is trying to help rehabilitate Kate’s image, Prince Philip with this hand over, when the Queen marked surpassing Queen Victoria’s record reign with a quiet celebrate/tea/lunch with William and Kate (remember how articles were circulating about Kate becoming a recluse), the tiara (Cambride Lover’s Knot), I wonder if it was her counsel that convinced Kate to get rid of her trademark glam locks. For the monarchy’s sake maybe she’s stepping in like when she wrote to Charles and Diana to say they need to decide what they’re doing and finalze their divorce during the height of the War of the Wales. Surely the Queen’s not oblivious to the discontent being voiced by some, not most but a growing number, of her subjects and most likely courtiers. William has been said to be difficult to work with/for, Kate is called the Prickly Princess and even HM own staff return to her household after a short while with the Cambridges.

    She’s probably trying to get Kate (and William) to take on more engagements, next year is the RAF Air Cadets’s 75th anniversary so there’ll be a number of events Kate can (should and hopefully will) go to. Hopefully she doesn’t pull a William, a no-show… even when he’s at Kensington Palace and the BAFTAs reception is being held there.

    1. You might be on to something here Gie. The Queen is well known for taking a back seat and letting her family members make their own mistakes but I believe even she has heard the rising cry for William to step out of the line of succession and let Harry take his spot. If I remember correctly she didn’t step in with Charles and Diana until the public starting catching wind of the troubles and voicing their opinions about it. Now HM has noticed that the public is no longer enraptured with the Cambridge’s and their unwillingness to perform the royal duties they are so richly compensated for.

      1. It was actually after they both went on TV and gave their interview, it was Diana’s though that did it, she said she’s rather be Queen of hearts and also said some pretty unfavourable things about Charles exposing his personal views towards becoming monarch, which ended up calling into question his suitability and ability, seeding doubts over him becoming king.

        When the monarchy’s threatened she acts, which is why most commentators and Royal reporters/watchers were so surprised she got Diana’s passing, initially anyway, so wrong.

    2. Much as I’d like it to be true, HM has always stayed quiet on problems – the head in the sand approach. I don’t think the rumblings of discontent are eve vaguely loud enough to rouse her yet – W&K aren’t being openly criticised on the Press (yet). If anyone would say anything it would be Philip, but again, I don’t think we’re close to that happening yet. They seem to all choose to live in ignorance of harm being done.

      1. She reads the papers each day, hopefully she’s catch on with more this type of coverage that the love affair with Kate (and William) is coming to an end.

        I think you do have a point though, that it’s not bad enough for her to stick her head out the ground yet,


        I just don’t see Charles towing the line with William and Kate, so I hope Prince Philip gets HM to step in while she’s still around.

        Surely she couldn’t have missed the March of the Middletons and the future Middletonization of the House of Windsor if things aren’t brought into line soon.

        1. It has been said that Prince Philip is the head of the family so I am guessing that he would be the first one to pull W&K into line. I can’t see him standing for much crap.

  10. This post makes me sad in the sense that I realize that Philip is slowing down. This man, despite his repeated gaffes, had had a lifetime of service and duty. As JL pointed out, I would have liked Philip to pass this to Harry. I find it laughable that Philip is passing a patronage that is the personification of duty and service to someone who is work shy and can’t even master a curtsey. Kate cannot muck this up.

    Kate looked nice, I like this suit, but am tiring of the nude stockings and black accessories. Let’s be honest, was Kate going to act silly in front of Philip? Nope. Philip doesn’t play.

    I always like to see the pics of the royals arriving to lunch. They al looked nice. Harry looked adorable as always. I hope the ginger beard stays. The first thing I plan to do after I announce my engagement is to pinch Georgie’s adorable cheeks. I really wish Eugenie was a full time royal. I will always try to root for the York girl despite their lack of action.

    Great post, KMR! I appreciate your willingness to cover these types of things at a moments notice.

    1. Great points Rhiannon. I too am sad–you know, I just realized that Camilla is kind of like him. Tough, rough, hard worker, and he’ll tell you exactly what he thinks. Maybe that’s why PC could never get over Cam. Ok, now that I’ve wandered, that picture of him looking at his gift made me a little sad. He reminds me of my grandfather, one of those virile men that you can’t imagine ever passing, but it’s going to happen for everyone and he’s had an amazing life. My grandfather loved life too, right up to the end. Hopefully, the PR team figures out that some of Kate’s other charities can feed right into this one, with kids who’ve overcome challenges can be given new horizons with this one. Otherwise, it’s going to look like she’s the Duchess of Diddlysquat. Anyway, here’s hoping that this turns into something good.
      Agreed about Eugenie. I think she’s got a lot more to her, but I think Andrew brought her up to do whatever she wanted because it’s not like she’ll ever be on the throne (maybe a little of his own discontent or drifting issue) instead of service. I’d like to tell her that many of us non-royals serve, and it is a wonderful part of our lives plus a way to challenge yourself and personally develop. She should pick 2 or 3 patronages and really get involved for 2016.

      1. I read somewhere that Cam is the kind of woman who can play with horses, get dirty, take a wash up and put on a gown. She just does it.

        I agree about the York girls. Eugenie suffered from scoliosis as a child and could bring awareness about that. But, they are stuck in a weird spot. It is also ironic that they aren’t vocal about wanting to do more.

        1. I agree Rhiannon. Eugenie would make a good job of a charity for scoliosis. I have always thought the York girls have been more able to make a connection with the general public because of Beatrice and her dyslexia and Eugenie. Eugenie was very brave having the operation at 12 years old did not have much attention which was even better because it didn’t make her scream look at me at what I am wearing for example but her behaviour. I do think getting back on track William not being there was strange.

      2. Eugenie has charities that she supports eg she actively and consistently supports the Teenage Cancer trust, and she’s the Royal Patron for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital where she had a pre-teen operation on her curved spine. she didn’t stop her activities at simply patroning where she only visits once in a year, she raised money for them and actively publicised their fundraising effort for their new unit. Here is one of her rarely [in terms of media coverage] publicised visits:


        while we are here, Beatrice is also quite active on the charity front although that also rarely receives coverage unless the media what to spin a negative light on her activities. this is a list of her patronages:

        – the York Musical Society
        – the York Theatre Royal
        – The Sick Kids Friends Foundation
        – Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice
        – Broomwood African Education Foundation
        – The Berkshire Community Foundation
        – the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre.

        on the charities front, she works with the teenage Cancer Trust, Children in Crisis and her own charity that she founded with friends *Big change http://www.big-change.org/

        * big Change got alot of publicity when Harry was dating Cressida because he used to turn up or help out at their events. Cressida’s sister Isabella is one of the co-founders. It was amusing that this event was written up as Harry’s charity when infact it was Beatrice’s charity. http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/463549/Cressida-Bonas-supports-Prince-Harry-on-official-engagement-for-first-time-at-Wembley

        1. Thanks for the info and shame on the media for not positively highlighting these two more! I hate the whole picking the heroes and villains theme the media do. No wonder the girls don’t try harder. Having said that, they should get up in the media’s grill and not let themselves be labeled.

        2. I am so glad to hear this. I wish that this would be published more. The girls are giving back and it’s a shame that we don’t hear more.

          1. What I find amazing is that for the most part, when the media shame them, they turn those lemons into lemonade eg when media fat shamed teenage Beatrice, she lost the weight and ran a marathon to celebrate the weight loss and raised money for Children in Crisis in the process.

            That much derided wedding hat was auctioned off to the tune of £81K, all proceeds divided between Unicef and Children in Crisis.

            When her dyslexia was diagnosed, she received treatment at the Helen Arkell Centre and is now their Patron.

            The need to misrepresents them stems from media hatred of their parents.

            In as much as the parents are grade A idiots, editors have also admitted that it suited their own agenda to start a Saint Diana vs Devil Fergie image and chose the appropriate images to ran the narrative. And so good was the crafted public image that a good story about Fergie didn’t and doesn’t sell copies.

            And that’s before you get into the heir vs spare PR game that BP encourages as it applies to Charles and Andrew.

            Rinse and repeat with their children.

            The Wales kids are positively promoted whilst the York kids are negatively promoted.

            When you examine the evidence where the kids are concerned, the York kids are practically saints.

            Both sets of kids had publicly embarrassing parents.

            The Wales k were wild teens and young men who drank, occasionally took drugs, fell out of nightclubs night after night.

            The York kids didn’t drink, do drugs, fall out of clubs. We can be sure this didn’t happen because the media would have crucified them with the public’s pleasure and agreement.

            At best (from media POV) the media fat shamed Beatrice as a teen. And that’s the worst they could do.

            The Wales boys are not intellectually gifted though they dealt with that as best as they could.

            The York girls are intellectually bright, and studied English Literature and History respectively.

            The York girls work, only half the Wales boys work.

            And as for the holidays, between the two sets, there is some from column A of weekend visits with friends + some from column B of genuine holiday time. Both sets are guilty as charged, but the York holidays are positioned as much worse than the Wales holidays.

        3. Thank you, Herazeus, for the sobering facts re. Wales and York offspring. The girls seem to have done remarkably well, given they have to contend with their “A-grade idiot” parents (so true) and a venomous press. Incredibly unjust treatment.

        4. Thanks for your comments, I always find them so informative. It’s a real shame how the press chooses to highlight and hide another’s achievement and work.

        5. I know it’s so late to reply but if I may add to the list Bea was patron for Fashion for the Brave in 2013 and recently became patron to English National Ballet School.

          She has shown her support to various other charities such as Springboard for children, Elephant family, WE Day UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital, BCG Partners Charity Day, Masterpiece Marie Curie cancer care events, and the The Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball, etc. i believe she also involved with they key to freedom the York clothing line which helps out a charity.

          Notably this year, Princess Beatrice officially attended The NSPCC Art Gala fundraiser (2015), on behalf of HM The Queen, who is a patron of the charity.

  11. When I first read about Kate’s new patronage yesterday my first thought was”Oh boy, I hope she’s up for this”. I can’t imagine Prince Phillip tolerating anything less than all that he’s given and done over the years, so I guess only time will tell if Kate is up to the challenge or not.

    I’m not feeling the need to comment on her clothes today as we’ve seen this exact same outfit before. What I don’t understand is Kate has probably 20 blue coats, upteenth black pumps and an assortment of tiny, expensive jewelry but couldn’t be bothered to buy a new dress for the holidays?

  12. Oh, so the Air Cadets are kids? Like scouts? I thought they were teenagers or something. I suppose they decided this would be the easiest patronage with a military link that they could start her with because of her loose associations with the Scouts. Anyway, I hope she does more for this than with the Scouts with her “volunteering”. I mean she’s gonna be a patron of this and all.

  13. I think it is a step for Kate to be made Honorary Air Commandant of the RAF Air Cadets. I hope in the coming year though I can’t think beyond the weekend. I do think Kate could have worn muted colours this time round though to blend in. It looks like she is signalling to mate again with William. That is all Kate thinks about I expect.

    Eugenie does remind me of the Queen Mother. Different face perhaps but the same colour eyes.

    I like seeing Mike and Zara and I am guessing the nanny? I dont’ see anything wrong with that. They need a nanny given Zara is out on her horse to earn money from her sponsers. At least they are not hiding the nanny in a separate car. Harry looks border line fed up and George is copying him. It is rather funny.

    Is the Christmas lunch for the minor royals? Like Frederick Windsor and his wife etc?
    If I were the queen the more family I had at Sandringham House the more I wouldn’t have to speak to the ones I didn’t want too.

    1. Eugenie is the spitting image of the Queen Mother as child, teen and young woman. This is the Queen Mother at those stages:




      generally speaking, i’m really fascinated by familial resemblences of people. I look at Margaret as a young woman and all i see is her father’s face. Who would have thought his masculine features would have been so pretty when rendered female.

      Charles is starting to age into David in his later years.

      the lunch is for entire family. they can’t all fit around the sandrigham christmas table, so this is a compromise.

      on rare exceptions they’ve all been invited to Sandrigham which meant all the nearest cottages and outhouses and servants quarters had to be co-opted to accomodate them. Last time that happened was Kate’s first christmas as a newlywed.

    2. The Christmas lunch is for the entire, extended royal family because they don’t have room at Sandringham to fit everyone. So they gather everyone at BP before HM and PP head to Sandringham.

  14. When I first read about this, I honestly wished it had been a joke. It just appears to be something else she’ll be a half ass patron for (forgive my language) and that’s a shame considering Prince Philip has a track record of 63 years of involvement.

    I hope Kate is turning it around. I hope she really picks it up after the first of the year, or we’ll see if it’s just more of the usual. Pump up the numbers in December, give the people an early Christmas present by speaking at a few engagements, but business as usual after the annual Mustique trip.

    I can see the grey men thinking they’ll make her patron of this in hopes that she follows in the working footsteps of Prince Philip. The photo of her accepting the book looks like she was a little freaked out about the size of it (not the smiling one above, there’s another on DM). I’m still holding out hope for Kate and I truly hope she doesn’t let us down again.

  15. My take on this new patronage is it’s a signal from the higher ups (Queen and Prince Philip) that Waity’s slacker days are about to end and that she needs to step up to the plate and do more. So let’s wait and see what she does with it.

    Now on to the dress and hair. Yes, her hair is shorter but it still is heavy. She needs long layers so the whole look balances out with the dreadful bangs (or fringes). The outfit – hohum. She wears red because it is a festive color that may be associated with Christmas—I get that. But I can’t stand the black pumps. So tired of that same look over and over again. No flair and she really is devoid of charm.

    1. That was my interpretation of it as well. That HM and PP are trying to signal to Kate that she needs to become a full time working royal.

  16. Kate working a little more. Is change in the air? Does anyone think the fairly recent comments about Kate ‘being intelligent’ comments have come from leaks concerning meetings among HM, PP, PC and Cam?

    Why do I feel something has been up at the palace? Someone has probably put their foot down with W&K and Kate may be the only one with a little bit of sense. I wonder if the statements have been made to encourage Kate to improve and bring stubborn Will along the road to change.

    I am probably reading way, way too much into things. The Kate ‘intelligent’ comments have really stuck out with me. One can only hope.

    1. As a Brit with three sons who have been/are going through the uni system can I just say St Andrews is a very top academic institution. Kate would have been a nobody when given a place so she must have had good grades. She must be bright and intelligent but to my mind she just doesn’t know how to use her brain. Harry is not at all academic, nor was Diana but they had/have charm, charisma and a genuine desire to nurture and help others. I really don’t think they consider it a job, it is something that they enjoy and gives/gave their lives meaning. Kate is lazy, selfish and self-centred in my opinion, but she is most certainly also very bright.

      1. I should leave this topic alone, because I don’t have the brains to the point where I can explain myself with any clarity. I realize Kate has a very good education from St. Andrews, but she doesn’t seem particularly intelligent to me.

        Kate has been in the spotlight as a royal fiancee and a wife for five years. Hasn’t she written a few speeches? Didn’t the PR people make a point in letting the public know she had written the speeches? I wasn’t impressed.

        I realize there are different kinds of intelligence, but Kate has yet to impress me. Perhaps, Kate is hiding her intelligence the same place she is hiding her work ethic.

        1. I think she is book smart and that’s it. It has been said that Kate always had to work very hard to be a good student. Many teachers found her unremarkable, never claiming she was bright. I don’t think she has much, if any, emotional intelligence at all.

          1. There is nothing wrong with her working hard for her grades at all, but from what I see she doesn’t seem like an intellectual. Otherwise, we would see way more ambition from her in more intellectual charity work such as women’s rights, in the arts, et. al. Her teachers also commented that she was not remarkable by way of her intelligence. And you don’t need to go to some great school to be deemed intelligent. We even see highly intelligent people never finishing school—Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. I think most would agree that book smarts and intelligence are two different concepts.

            As for emotional intelligence, yes, that’s a problem because if she is to connect with her “subjects,” she needs to be able to relate to any and all of them whether that person is a politician or a homeless man or a child. That is why I believe Harry would be a better King than William because despite him not having an education; he can relate to most anyone. That is intelligence not easily teachable.

        2. I went to St. Andrew’s for a semester abroad (after Will and Kate were there) and my observation was that there was the same mix of students there as the other two universities I’ve attended, one a state uni (U of Oregon) and one private, liberal arts uni (Reed). I would say that the level and quality of people’s education was slightly better than at the state uni, but the levels of intelligence were pretty average. A lot of people have wealthy families who put them through excellent private education and that gives them an advantage. They are also able to afford tuition and expenses, which most of us struggle with. There were A LOT of pampered students, who were not bright at all, attending because of their families and backgrounds. I would say that, from what I’ve seen, most students at Ivy League colleges are pretty average in intelligence. I knew just as many academically gifted people at my state alma mater. The exception is the minority group of brilliant students, who tend to be there on academic scholarships. And, the truth is that doing well in school is more about plugging away and paying dues. If you show up, read the materials and put some effort into your work, the average person can do very well. I had a high, but not perfect GPA when I got into the study abroad program, although I’m sure long term students have a more rigorous admission process. I had to write an essay, submit a couple papers and that was it. I’m not some brilliant intellectual, I just work hard and enjoy studying. I think linking intelligence to university isn’t a very accurate way to go about things, except in the case of places like Johns Hopkins Medical School or MIT. My personal opinion is that Kate has average intelligence, but is determined and crafty. She also had a better than average private education, which gives her the rich kid edge. I think that William has slightly below average intelligence, so he makes Kate seem smarter. I would put money on the likelihood that, in her ring of doom campaign, Kate suffered through hours and hours of William talking about his boring personal interests (does anyone who doesn’t play it really like talking about polo, for example?) and had to feign interest in the equivalent of watching paint dry. I have a feeling Kate knows way more than she wants to about Polo, helicopters, the big bad paps and pheasant murder. I do get the impression that Kate frequently has to repress/hide massive irritation with William’s petulant, self absorbed behavior. She gets showered with material possessions and perks, in exchange, which would make me feel like a high class courtesan and rather empty, as I suspect Kate secretly experiences.

          1. My twin sister did a semester abroad at St. Andrews, three years after Wills and Katie were there. She’s intellectually bright (I call her Lisa Simpson b/c she’s fond of Buddhism and was a vegetarian) and worked very hard. Of course I’m not exactly a slouch in the intellect department either, just in a different way.

        3. You are wright about all kinds of intelligence. Even emotial intelligence was recognized as it’s own domain.When it comes to DC even she is still in disbelive that she is where she is, so am I. Just imagine being a struggling student and than escape to the luxuries island with a prince. She had only one goal- never let it go and this is what her intelligence was absorbed with. I doubt base on her performences that she ever thought about the responsibility and duty to the public which her position automatically carries. All I can see is triumphant person who is drank on its own succes.

  17. G I think I am agreeing with you – she’s academically gifted but doesn’t know how to use that ability . Her work should make her happy she has the position to really make a difference but she doesn’t seem to understand the tremendous positive power and potential of her position in life. You do very much have the brains to explain your point!

  18. IMO, Kate does look good in skirt suits. It does make her look more professional. I think it would help with her image as a senior royal to try to temper her fashion and focus more on looking professional and her work. She also would not have as many fly-ups…I think Queen Leti has a really nice professional style; I really believe she should emulate her. HM also wears many suits in different colors. Perhaps, it is time for her to use a designer such as Angela Kelly to create her clothing. Her look would be more refined and tailored–and people wouldn’t always talk about the designer of her clothing. Hopefully, she will have improve and be known more for her work.

    I was actually quite shocked William was not at the Christmas lunch (as all royals go to that out of respect to HM) given that Guy is a closer friend to Harry not William. It shows serious disrespect to his grandmother who is not getting any younger.. However, it could be that the Wharfe article got to him, and he did not want to be seen in public or be around his brother because the article espoused Harry as king. He may also think that these statements by Wharfe are coming from Charles’ PR to push him and/or promote Harry as King. What’s sad is that he missed his grandfather hand over his former patronage to his wife. That might have been a special moment for Kate (one would hope.) I hope he’s not jealous of her now and the attention she is getting,

    The military, sports, and art charities are areas that I am thinking she would be good at if she applied herself. I know she lacks emotional intelligence, and that is not easily learned. I do believe, she is book smart; perhaps, not intellectual, but she had to be book smart to get into both Edinburgh and St. Andrews.

    Also, Prince Harry looks miserable in the car with Kate and George; George doesn’t look happy either. I don’t understand why they were forced to drive over to BP with each other. Funny that Prince Harry left in a different car than Kate and George. Some major rift happened between Kate and Harry; perhaps, it was Kate’s flirting.

    Well, I am rooting for her and do hope she works hard with this one as it came from the DoE. Otherwise, the UK people may not be so forgiving this time; the same goes for the BRF.

  19. The Kate machine is really working to improve her image and it is about time. I am sure the negative feelings the public has for her are well known by all the PR people employed by the royal family. At this point, she is just not relevant and they need to give her a “brand” or else she will always be a nothing. I think the public would like her better if she did something people could identify with, other than being a mother. For example, it was said she enjoyed classical music and went to concerts with Charles, well, why doesn’t she find a charity or organization that brings music to young people. That would appeal to people who have children and people, who love music, but may not necessarily have children….it is a win-win for her.

    1. I agree that Kate needs to show something that people a connect with other than the fact that she is a mother. Because I’m not a mother and cannot connect to that. I’m sure a lot of royal watchers are mothers and they like being able to connect in that way but not all of them are, so if Kate wants to connect with people she needs something other than that.

  20. Oops…forgot my fashion critique: I think suits are always a good option for a royal, makes you look more professional than some shirtwaist type of dress with a full skirt, but it is time for her to retire that suit, the peplum dates it. The length of her hair is much better, but the cut is awful.

  21. KP have released a photo of the Cambridge’s. Nice to see a photo of the children.
    I’m hopeful is not a one off event and they, or Jason , now get it that people want to see the children from time to time. Afterall, George will one day be King.

  22. Her Royal Hairness getting a patronage that she probably doesn’t understand or have any connection to. Prince Philip is winding down, William must have refused it and they got desperate. DM article has her grinning inanely at all the attention. She really believes her own hype doesn’t she. Just nauseating.

    And RE all the comments on her intelligence: she is supposed to be very sporty and fairly arty; it would be unusual if she were also above average intelligence as well. I think she got her place on the same course as William thanks to her private education. That is the reason private education exists – to get into the ‘right’ university.

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