Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attends Christmas lunch with Helen & Douglas House kids

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attends Christmas lunch with Helen & Douglas House kids

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall held her annual Christmas lunch with terminally ill children from Helen & Douglas House where they help decorate the Clarence House Christmas tree on Tuesday, December 15.

Camilla has been out of action for a while, missing the diplomatic reception due to neck and shoulder pain. But she didn’t want to miss this event, telling the Daily Mail (thankfully Rebecca English left the Kate event to cover this one): “It’s one of the most special things we do all year. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

One of the great things about this event is that it shows that Cams is willing to throw out pomp and ceremony and get in there with the kids. She helps serve the kids lunch and this year she also got on the floor with them.

This is the 11th year Camilla has invited kids to help her decorate the tree – this year she invited kids from Helen & Douglas House (obvs) and from The London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children. Camilla became Patron of Helen & Douglas House in 2007 and of The London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children in 2010.

Another thing I like about this event is that we get quotes from Camilla.

To the parents of twins with cerebral palsy – who said the care their children have received from Helen & Douglas “has been remarkable” – Camilla said: “It’s just such a happy place, isn’t it? You never know what to expect but it has the most uplifting atmosphere.”

To a boy named Tommy (the boy in the red sweater in the photo below), who was drifting off in his specialized wheelchair, Camilla said: “We’ve got to keep you awake, I have a real surprise in store!”

That surprise turned out to be getting to try on the traditional Welsh Guards hat. Camilla insisted Captain Matt Wright take off his hat so the kids could try it on.

Camilla with kids trying on Welsh Gaurds hat

I kind of don’t want to, but I feel like I must talk about Camilla’s outfit. Camilla wore a black suit she’s fond of and two flower brooches. Because I call out Kate every time she wears dark colors to hang with kids, I have to do the same for Camilla (to be fair). It’s disappointing that Cams chose such a dark suit this year considering last year she wore a lovely fuchsia dress and floral print scarf.

From the Daily Mail:

    “Orr Bar-On, who is seven and suffers from a number of muscular problems as well as autism, stuck to Camilla like glue.
    “His mother, Gina, from Islington, north London, said: ‘It has been just a magical day. I really didn’t know what to expect when we got the invitation. Of course I was excited as it was a chance to go out and socialise and mix with other adults, which I don’t get the chance to do.
    “‘The Duchess even gave me a glass of bubbly – my first drink in I don’t know how long! What I didn’t expect, though, was how down-to-earth everyone has been and how welcoming they are. Orr picked up these Christmas tree biscuits and there were crumbs all over the floor but the Duchess told me not to give it a second thought. And she just laughed when he tried to drink out of the milk jug! It really has been a wonderful day.'”

More from the Mail:

    “Before she left Camilla wished all her guests a very happy Christmas and said she was looking forward to spending time with her own family – son, Tom, and daughter, Laura, and her grandchildren – over the festive break.”

It’s good to see Camilla out and about again. Rebecca English said this is one of her “favorite engagements of the year” and I’m inclined to agree with her. I like this event.

Christmas tree decorations 2015

Photos: Getty / Clarence House @ClarenceHouse

83 thoughts on “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attends Christmas lunch with Helen & Douglas House kids

  1. The genuine warmth and empathy of Camilla shines through here! What matters most is that Camilla attended despite her recent ill-health. And despite that, here she was, on the floor, playing around with kids and just making sure they were having fun.

    It may be just the lighting but the suit looks like a deep maroon/ brown with a lilac camisole underneath. The 2014 fuschia dress is more festive, along with the lovely scarf; no matter, she looks radiant and welcoming and real: priceless!

    1. In some of these photos the suit does look brown to me, but I’ve seen this suit at other events and it looks black.

      It’s really great that Camilla decided to go through with this event even though she’s having some health problems.

  2. My favorite event of the year. Camilla serving these families so they can relax and enjoy is just lovely. This is what royals ought to do on a regular basis: SERVE OTHERS.

    I wish it got more coverage.

      1. Well in my eyes she has a lot of making up to do and I never want her as my Queen. Her health problems always seem to appear when there’s something tedious to do. Sorry absolutely not forgiven for her behaviour to Diana.

        1. I will probably never be a Camilla fan for the same reason. I don’t think her marriage to Charles is as special as it is whitewashed to look. I think they love each other, but it is more friendship. She is like a mother figure to Charles or a companion. I think the hot romance wore off, after it lost the sneaky fun of running around behind Diana’s back.

        2. Diana was no saint, either. (Like the stories she’d spread about people! Ouch.) None of them were/are. Humans with foibles who screw up, as we all do. Doesn’t mean they are horrible people or deserve to be treated poorly. I’ve had cheaters in my family. Changed the way I looked at them, certainly, but I don’t hate them (this includes my parents both).

  3. Thank you KMR for this heartwarming post. This is the real spirit of Christmas.
    Camilla was such a great hostess and I love her for that. What a lovely idea she had with the Welsh Guards hat. The girl on the photo who is trying on the hat looks so happy. I think thanks to Camilla everybody could enjoy a very happy time full of Christmas magic.

    1. Oh, I am so happy with this post. Camilla is so real and so thoughtful to the children What a lovely tradition and how wonderful to see her kneeling on the floor relating to the children.

      The brooches on her jacket spared the dullness of what may have been a black suit. And, the lilac blouse was lovely, too. I concur that the suit may have been maroon. Still, I agaree her last year’s colorful outfit really was festive. To me, she looked elegant this year, though.

      Allowing the little boy to try on the hat was pure enchantment. I just find Camilla to be so caring. And, I was not her biggest fan for years because of how much I adored Diana as a kid.

      Oh, well, this is the true meaning of this special time of year. How lovely to bring such joy and magical moments to children every year. Kudos to Camilla.


    I think Camilla looks always so good, she is so amazing at dealing and interacting with kids it’s beautiful. She is a true warm and caring person.

    I agree I wish she wore something more festive but she has wore this 5/6 times so A+ for ‘recycling’!

    1. This has become one of my favorite events of the year as well. I wasn’t going to cover it last year, but I needed a post for Christmas Eve and this event was the only Christmas-y photos, so I covered it. I really enjoy covering this one.

      PS. My email is in case you’re wondering.

    2. Do not forget that this woman changed the course of Dianas life causing her tragedy with far gowing consequences which among others include William marriage to escort girl.

  5. Funny how I gave no thought to her clothing at all while reading your post. Camilla looks beautiful and would have even if she was wearing a sack. The lovely warm, genuine smile that reaches her eyes is the best accessory.

    1. I didn’t think about her clothes either at first, but then I did and had to mention it in order to be fair since I mention it with Kate all the time.

    2. It’s interesting how when someone is genuinely warm and doing a great job, their clothes don’t matter so much! If Kate would do this wonderful of a job at her engagements, perhaps people wouldn’t be so critical of her appearance. When there’s no substance, the only thing to talk about is how she looks. Cam gave us a great event in which she truly participated, therefore her clothes didn’t matter so much 🙂 That’s how it should be.

      Thanks, KMR, I’m so happy that you covered this. Cam has gotten such a bad rap in the past but IMO she has proven herself to be one of the warmest and hardest working members of the BRF. Not to mention that Charles seems to be a whole different man with her at his side!

      1. Yes, it’s amazing how fashion takes a backseat when someone does their job exceedingly well, although I did notice her smashing pansy brooches. Camilla impresses me more every time with her work ethic and the warmth, dedication and commitment she brings to her role. The perfect example of royalty giving back 100 percent. William and Kate would do well to take a few lessons from the older generation of royals if they ever get off their high horse to look beyond their entitled attitudes.

  6. You get a sense of what Camilla is really like here. This is royalty giving back, it’s Camilla’s event and she is doing it her way!
    I do think it’s amusing to see her adc in his number ones (dress uniform) and Camilla is serving the kids and on her knees really interacting with the kids.

    1. I think Camilla would be one of the funnest British Royals to hang with. She’s got the stories and wouldn’t be too stiff, you know. You could actually have a few drinks and gossip with her.

      1. KMR, she so would. I’d love to hang out with her.

        I hear she’s a lovely, warm person who is great fun to talk to and a good listener. Whatever her faults, or Charles’s, I cannot help but like them for the good things they do for other people. I think events like this show the true spirit of a person.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, KMR! This is just beautiful and what Christmas is all about. It’s also what being a royal should be all about. The love and care demonstrated by Cam for these children is palpable. She just shows what a lovely lady she is and yes, Charles seems so happy with her! Their Christmas card screamed love. I think she will be a lovely Queen Consort, and I hope the people will accept her with open arms.

      1. We have been assured she will never be queen consort. I do hope they keep their word on that one. She would still get the full respect due to her as wife of the King but not have that very emotive title.

        1. Legally, she is Princess of Wales whether she uses the title or not. Even if she doesn’t use the title Queen Consort, unless they are changes to the laws, she’ll be Queen Consort even if she doesn’t use the title.

          I wish more people could realize there is an enormous difference between being someone’s husband and being a nation’s king.

  8. I ADORE Camilla. And this is why. I do love when she wears colors, but hey, she got me with the brooch bling. She has such an easy way about her. She feels like “home” and is willing to put others at ease and make them comfortable. I hate to say that I was not a fan, but she has won me over. She knows her charities and knows the right things to say. She was so aware when the young man was falling asleep and made sure that he didn’t miss out. That is just amazing to me.

    I love my future mother-in-law. Beautiful post, KMR.

    1. You totally hit the nail on the head here Rhiannon, Camilla does feel like “home”. Thanks for finding the perfect word for her! I don’t really want to make comparisons but I just have to say that someone else feels like an interior designed, sleek, post modern walk up, you know those places in magazines that are great to look at but you’d never feel at ease living there?

      1. I can just imagine how special those kids felt when they left. Camilla waited on them. Got on their level and helped them feel like it is there home. This is what the monarchy needs to do. Invite people into their home (really the people’s house) and be human instead of a mystique.

        KP would be a beautiful setting for this.

    2. Oh dear god Rhiannon she is a woman who destroys marriages how can you love her? This event was a good one for her and she is good with kids, but never forget what she did to get this position in life. So many of Wills problems sit at her door.

      1. I’m thinking that Charles had a lot to do with destroying his marriage, too. There were problems in that marriage and yes, Camilla was an intruder, but Charles happily broke his vows. I was always angry at Camilla in the past, but I will certainly give her credit now for her amazing way with children and her ability to offer them such a lovely holiday party. One, in which as Rhiannon so beautifully said, gave them the festivities and comfort of a happy home-like setting.

        The entire party seemed filled with the holiday spirit. So full of love and care. I think you could read joy on Camilla’s face. She was so kind and caring to the kids. Whether serving them, or kneeling on the floor with them, she made everyone feel happy and special.

        Thank you KMR for covering this event. Last year’s and this one It really puts a happy spin on the holiday season which often becomes so commercial. The ornaments for the tree were so beautiful This kind of event shows warmth and tremendous joy. To be honest, I think Kate is a long way off from pulling something like this off. However, people can and do change.

        An early Christmas greeting to all who celebrate the holiday and sincere happy and special holiday wishes to all as we get ready to move into a New Year. Sorry to be late with my wishes to those who celebrated Hannukah. I trust your holidays were happy.

      2. Yes, because Charles had nothing at all to do with destroying his marriage, it was all the evil harlot Camilla. And William’s personality problems? Camilla totally mind controlled him to being a spoiled arrogant asshole. That bitch.

        1. Man are mostly driven by sex that is way it is up to the women to resist the man who is married. Only women with high morals and intelligence can do it . Camila is not one of them.

      3. I’m sorry for the sarcasm, but come on. The only two people who can destroy a marriage are the two people in it. And William’s personality problems are the fault of himself and his parents.

        Also, if we’re laying blame for destroying a marriage on the “other people”, theN Charles destroyed the Parker-Bowles’ marriage. As did the women Andrew cheated with.

        1. Thank you for both comments KMR. Camilla is not entirely at fault in this whole thing and it’s not fair to her to paint her as the evil seductress.

      4. I used to hate her with a passion. I would have egged her house or cursed her out. However, I do think that all four of them (Charles, Diana, Andrew, and Camilla) wrecked their marriages. Charles should have been able to marry Camilla in the first place. I love Diana. Always have and always will. I think they way in which they played each other was despicable.

        I also think that Camilla overcame being called horrific names. She was the most hated woman in the world. I also believe in second chances. She makes Charles happy and she does her work. Her charities love her. It took me years to get here, but I like her as well.

        1. Great then you Americans can have her as your Queen we don’t want her and I am far from alone in that belief. As long as you don’t give us Donald Trump in return!! I don’t want people thinking her actions make her a role model. For the record I don’t particularly want Charles as King either I think his and his family’s treatment of Diana was the start of all the problems, but ironically in trying not to repeat the ‘sins’ they are still getting it wrong with Kate. Essentially they are a messed up family and it is fantastic to see Harry come through relatively unscathed.

        2. Actually the only thing that stopped Charles marrying her in the first place was he never asked her and she got fed up with waiting. His ineptitude has caused so much pain to so many, but heyho Rhiannon will get a fabulous husband out of the whole unholy mess.

          1. That’s my memory as well – that Charles wasn’t eager to marry and so when he went off to do other things Camilla married someone else. It would have saved a lot of pain had Charles been willing to marry Camilla back in the day – before she married her first husband.

  9. Just like the others, I love reading about this event. I think Camilla is great. She got off to a very rocky start, but she’s found her niche and she works. She genuinely looks so happy to be with the kids and they in turn are relaxed and have fun.

    There are so many times we’ve seen kids interact with royals (a certain one) and they come off as a bit taken aback, a little scared, nervous, but with Camilla they just glow.

    Considering how she has back issues I was really surprised to see her on the floor with the kids. But she proved yet again that she is there for the kids and will do what she has to make them feel comfortable and have fun.

    I wish we could graft some of that genuine warmth and interaction onto another member of the family. And I really wish that that particular member of the family and her husband would stop doing things that seem like they are trying to rain on the parade of others with their releases.

    I hope we’ll be seeing more of Camilla after this and that her health situation improves for her.

    1. Sorry I’m very grumpy tonight about all is camilla praise but if she is so fabulous and amazing and Kate’s step mother in law why is she not helping Kate, doing lots of joint outings, guiding her and publicly supporting her? Why are there no photos of Charles and Camilla with George and Charlotte – this woman who you all think is so fabulous with kids is never seen with the future monarch and his sister. We hear she is a fantastic grandma and I am sure she is but as Charles wife, with Diana dead, does she not have a role in the lives of his grandchildren too!

      1. We haven’t even seen Charles with George and Charlotte. The two people who control who is seen with George and Charlotte is William and Kate. I doubt Canilla has any say in the matter at all. I don’t understand why you are trying so hard to ascribe every negative thing about everyone else to Camilla (the breakup of Charles and Diana’s marriage, William’s personality problems, the lack of seeing Charles and Camilla with George and Charlotte) when she is not the one in control over those things. Charles chose to step out on Diana and treat her horribly and would have done so whether Camilla was in the picture or not (in fact he cheated with more than just Camilla), William’s personality problems are his own with help from his parents, and it’s William’s and Kate’s decision about who gets access to their kids and what photos are released of them.

        If you don’t want to like Camilla you don’t have to, but it’s wrong and sexist to lay the blame for Charles’ and William’s decisions at her door.

        Agreeing to cheat with Charles and agreeing to treat Diana poorly are on her, but it’s wrong and sexist to blame Camilla for what Charles and William did and do.

        As for Camilla not helping Kate, who says she didn’t try? There were reports before the wedding that Camilla and Kate were having lunch and Camilla bought Kate a charm bracelet as a wedding gift. If Kate does not want anyone’s help then it doesn’t matter whether Camilla offers or not because Kate won’t accept the help. And there were reports that Sophie was helping Kate but that clearly didn’t pan out and they clearly don’t spend time together either (so why aren’t we blaming Sophie for Kate’s problems?). I don’t know whether Camilla offered to help Kate, but it would take both parties agreeing to make that happen. So in that instance you have to lay at least half the blame on Kate.

        I’m sorry if I’ve come across as rude in my last few comments, but blatant sexism in the form of blaming a woman for a man’s misdeeds really upsets me. We, as a society, really need to stop with the whole “blame the ‘other woman’ for a man cheating on his wife” thing.

          1. Because I edited my comment after you replied, here is what I added in:

            I’m sorry if I’ve come across as rude in my last few comments, but blatant sexism in the form of blaming a woman for a man’s misdeeds really upsets me. We, as a society, really need to stop with the whole “blame the ‘other woman’ for a man cheating on his wife” thing.

          2. LRB, I appreciate your comments and wonder about all the PR put out by the BRF. Camilla and the PR team have put in some effort to rehabilitate Camilla’s image. While she may be a fun, spend time with the kids at this event and appear to make Charles happy, she has an unfortunate personal history.

            I wish you would reconsider continuing as part of the KMR group. We need all opinions. Who else would be in my corner as part of the ‘Camilla wouldn’t be my best friend’ team.

            There have been a few tense moments at KMR recently. KMR has had her own frustrations over things which have been said on the blog and how people have commented back and forth. I think KMR’s apology was extremely sincere. It takes a big person to write a public apology and for this I give her a lot of credit.

            LRB, I hope to see you back here.

          3. I am totally on your side. Camila should let it go off Charles in the face of his marriage. She showed luck of sensitivity, selfishness, cruelty etc. horrible woman, pure nightmare….nothing can rehabilitate her past doings.

        1. I think the fact you point out Charles cheated with more than one woman during his marriage is important, but since most of us associate the cheating with Camilla, so she takes much of the blame.

          The person who is married and has taken vows is the one who is most at blame in my book. I think the reason Camilla comes across in such a negative light is due with meeting Diana for lunch while Diana was engaged to sort of ‘get ideas’ about whether Charles would have a chance to get away to meet Camilla. You don’t give gifts to a man (cuff links) to an engaged man with your initial linked with his. Camilla acted as lady of the house in Diana and Charles home. All very forward behavior.

          Camilla was there for too much of this marriage. Even if they were not sleeping together the whole time, how much flirting and such went on with C&C. Diana blamed Camilla for the interference in the marriage, but of course Charles is the main one to blame. If you point fingers, how do you place blame? Charles 60%/ Camilla 40%?

          I think LRB may feel the same way I do. That is, if Camilla had said to Charles prior to his marriage to Diana, that anything going on between them was over and meant it, we probably would not be talking about her as we are right now. Charles should have given his marriage and his children 100% of himself. If his marriage could not work after being 100% faithful, then divorce and marriage to Camilla would probably look very different to those of us who are not currently not fans of C&C.

          Diana knew who the troublemaker was in her marriage and she blamed Camilla. Yes, Charles is most at fault, but Camilla behaved terribly.

          1. I note with interest that KMR does not follow her own comments policy her attack on me personally yesterday was uncalled for and exceptionally brutal. I am not sexist and take her personal attack very seriously. I have signed out and will delete all links to her blog but she needs to follow her own rules.

          2. Did you read her followup comment? From my read, she didn’t “attack” you. She pointed out that it is sexist to only blame the woman when a man cheats.

        2. Three cheers for KMR!
          C’mon peeps! It’s Christmas and this write-up was about an event for kids who are terminally ill. Bottle your venom.

      2. LRB, KMR was merely trying to tell you that blaming the “other” woman 100 percent for an affair is not fair–as there are two guilty parties here. It takes two to tango. Also, I hope people can forgive Camilla for her past. I think we can all look back at things we have done and feel shame for whatever it was that we did. I know I can say that of myself. He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.. I just don’t live in the public eye where all my misdeeds can be seen like Camilla did.

        I think what she did here was sincere and kind; you can’t fake this. We should applaud this beautiful act of service she did for these children. She is not so ROYAL and so above everyone else that she can’t invite people into their home and host them. Also, I think Charles and Camilla sincerely love each other; you can’t fake the love seen in their holiday card.

        I know this can be an emotional subject because of what happened to Princess Diana–but they all played a part in the demise of that marriage. I hope all can move on and forgive (and remember that you probably did something you aren’t so proud of.) I also hope people can accept Camilla as his Queen Consort some day. I know there was a time I would have never said that–but look at her now. She is doing so much good. I also have to remind myself that I am far from perfect either.

        Also, KMR did apologize to you. It’s hard for her to run a blog with so many differing opinions. Sometimes, things get heated. So for her sake, let’s all try to be on our best behavior. I hope you are ok, KMR, and am sorry about what happened..:-(

        1. Camila and Charles caused Diana and her children tremendous tragedy. She was young, innocent and loved Charles. What she got was deception, betrayal, cold treatment etc. Camila delibaretly choose to hurt her.

          1. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If someone pointed a gun at your head and told you to rob a bank or else they’d kill you, you cannot claim you “had no choice”. You always have a choice. In that situation, you could choose to die.

            Charles is 100% responsible for the destruction of his marriage and the pain caused to Diana. Charles chose to step out on his marriage (with more than just Camilla, by the way), chose to treat Diana poorly, and allowed Camilla to do the same. Camilla could not have treated Diana poorly had Charles not allowed her to. Charles was not some innocent little puppet that the evil harlot Camilla tempted and manipulated into treating his wife like sh-t; Charles chose to cheat and be a d-ck.

            You don’t have to like Camilla. Not everyone has to like every royal – there are people who dislike Charlene, and Letizia, and Mary; and lord knows we all have problems with Kate – but we have to accept the fact that they are royal whether we like it or not (yes, even Kate), and the least they can do is work hard and do good for their charities and causes. Camilla works consistently, as do Letizia and Mary, Charlene doesn’t do as much, and Kate does the absolute bare minimum. Everyone has flaws, everyone has sins, but that doesn’t mean we cannot work hard, do good, and become better people.

            There are certain actions that are absolutely unforgivable no matter the length of time and no matter what the person does to redeem themselves. Camilla acted like an asshole, cheated on her husband, and treated her affair partner’s wife like garbage, but she did not rape or murder anyone.

            Like I said, you do not have to like Camilla, you do not even have to let go of the past if you feel that strongly about it, but if you are going to dislike her and be critical of her, be critical of more than just her past. If you think Camilla is not working hard enough, or that she doesn’t give good enough speeches, or that she wears inappropriate clothes (basically the same complaints that we level at Kate), then by all means express them, but don’t judge her solely on her past.

            Everyone has a past, everyone has sins, and I’m sure I’m not alone in not wanting my current self to be judged solely on my past. I would be pretty damn pissed if no matter what I did now the only thing I were judged on were my actions and thoughts from a decade ago. I am a completely different person than I was a decade ago. People grow and change all the time due to life experiences and, as long as they have not committed some heinous crime, they should not be solely defined by their actions from decades ago.

  10. I agree with Lindsey from DC, when someone is so warm and inviting what they have on their backs is secondary. But to be fair to Kate I would have loved to see Camilla in a more holiday-ish color or print.

    Thank you so much for covering this event KMR, it’s by far my favorite! I know I’ve said before that it would be perfect for Kate to do something like this, but now I take that back. It really an opportunity for Camilla to really show off her warmth, maternal instincts and vibrant personality and if Kate started doing something like this you know where all the press coverage would go. Plus, we get to see the inside of Clarence House, which is beautiful by the way and I don’t really need to see the beige inside of Apt 1A.

  11. Wow. I am really impressed with Camilla. Fabulous job at this event! It warms my heart that she went despite recently dealing with injury. On top of that, she got down at the children’s level and was incredibly engaged and warm with everyone. That has to have been painful physically for her. Bravo! I really think she is a warm, down to earth person and she obviously loves kids (and Christmas!). I wish this had been covered better in the media though. Bravo, as well to those courageous children and their families.

  12. What a beautiful event! Even though she’s been having health issues, she’s got a lot of heart to share with the kids! I loved the pictures!

  13. Maybe, I am way off base, but I am suspicious of Camilla missing events due to neck and back pain. Perhaps, her pain is quite mild. If you look at the photos, she is on the floor and turning her head to look at the children. I am an RN and have chronic back pain. I have relatives and friends with neck and back injuries. Not one of us would be able to do this type of activity.

    Your spine and brain make up your central nervous system. If you have spine/neck problems (other than a simple pulled muscle) your muscles are very weak. Thus, getting down on the floor would require Camilla to have the muscle strength in her legs to get up from the floor.

    I am not saying she doesn’t have neck and back problems, but what I am suggesting, is they are mild or the palace may be using this as an excuse for Camilla not attending events.

    I thought she missed quite a bit (about six weeks) last year at this time. My concern is that Camilla does not have some other medical issue and this is a simple excuse. I hope this is not the case. She does not look very healthy for a woman of 68 years old.

    1. I’m totally with you on this one G. If she doesn’t want to do something boring she’s ‘unwell’ – then suddenly she can crawl on the floor with kids.

    2. Or she has back pain the ebbs and flows depending upon how physically stressful her activities are. Some days I can have really bad back or neck pain, but not every day. Her mother had serious complications from osteoporosis, so it may be that Camilla is headed down that path. Didn’t she break a foot or leg hill walking a few years ago and it took a few months to heal? Unless she took a really bad tumble, that would lead me to think she may be developing bone issues.

      1. I also have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that on any given day and time period can rear their ugly heads and cause debilitating back pain. Not all the time, but when the pain hits and stays I’m limited in my activities.

      2. As a nurse I considered all possibilities with Camilla. The main point I was trying to make, is my concern she may have a more serious problem with her health, which she may want to keep private.

        Many of us speculate on things when we leave our comments. I am more concerned about her health than my initial comments conveyed. I hope I am very wrong.

    3. Perhaps Camilla took pain killers or voltaren (anti-inflammatory drug) before the function so she would be able to get down to the children’s height? She does have health issues so would know what to take beforehand so she could participate.

  14. I like this event too. I like how Camilla interacts with the children, serving lunch. and letting them decorate the tree. It must be a treat for the children and you can see that Camilla does care and demonstrate empathy. It is a lovely tradition and a lovely memory for the children.

  15. I have grown to appreciate Camilla. At first I was a team Diana only person, but I have been impressed how Camilla has taken her lumps and continues to serve.
    She is 68, and I think she looks great and is pretty active. I am not surprised she has neck and back issues, esp after having many tiara events and ‘bringing’ it with the jewels. I do not begrudge her some days off for neck and back issues.

    I also have some serious disk problems in my back, and I have migraines. I feel I can say that sometimes you bounce back from a flare up and sometimes you don’t. I also feel like after having this for over a decade, I can manage events in spite of the issues. I used to be a special educator for small children(crawling on the floors and lifting toddlers.) before I became a SAHM. I would have a few weeks knocked out flat and then Id be able to kinda hobble through my sessions the next week.

    She may also have good meds to help or a chiropractor to help.

    I think she kinda rocks… didnt used to but I do now.

  16. I had a different opinion of Camilla in the past as I, personally, don’t think couples should stray outside of the marriage. If the marriage is not working you should try and fix it, if that is not possible then separate and then look elsewhere. But since marrying Charles I think Camilla has risen in my estimation. she’s made Charles happy, she’s taken on some worthy causes – the rape kits for victims, the reading recovery programmes etc. She’s letting these children and their caretakers into her home and really being actively involved in making sure the kids have a good time. It’s also a treat for the caretakers, usually the child’s parent who are on duty 24/7. Perhaps today would be a good day to remember that and not what happened in the past with Diana?

  17. Thanks so much, KMR, for covering this event. This is one of the most wonderful things the Firm does- and Cams really shines! She’s fantastic, happy, and her own person. See, Kittens, it is possible to be happy in your full-time royal duties and have a life with your family.
    Everyone gushing about Kate’s “normalcy” and “common touch” have come down with a case of wishful thinking. Cams has it in spades. And of course Diana was the queen of the common touch. Neither of them were “middle-class” though. Hmmmmmmmm ………

    1. Girl shut your mouth so true!!? What normalcy Kate has!!?? She looking for someone to hand her everything!! Remember how she be at events. Sitting n talking. Kates middle class normalcy had a case of pneumonia!! Yes Camilla and Diana high super nobles managed to pass her up! How embarrassing!!SMH!!! Camilla served, talked, played, etc she multitasked!! I loved it. I LOVE THIS PAGE KMR!!! Mwah!! 🙂

  18. II love this!! Camilla queen consort! She is awesome! But yes Diana would be jealous about this. Camilla health issues didn’t stop her at all i admire that!! Her strength and her integrity shines through! Just like the Queen her mother in law. I love this page. She does a good job in these kind of settings. Wish Duchess Kate would do the same!! She does try I guess!?!?!?!! Lol. I like the outfit. I would like to see her in light blue or red this season.

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