Kate Middleton visits Action on Addiction center

Kate Middleton visits Action on Addiction center

Kate Middleton‘s haircut is growing on me. I actually wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it yesterday, but the more I see it the more I like it. It’s not too long and not too short, and the bangs work much better with it this length. Anyway, the Duchess of Cambridge was out and about today, December 10, in Warminster, England visiting Action on Addiction’s Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies.

PS. I’ll cover the Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet tomorrow – I want to wait until the Swedish royal website posts the menu. Please no thread jacking.

Action on Addiction works to free people from addiction and its effects through prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, support for families and children, research, education, and workforce development. The Training Centre offers bespoke training for those working in addiction and related fields.

Kate joined a tutorial group of recent University of Bath graduates to discuss their training in addiction counseling. She also met families involved in the M-PACT program – which is a joint program with Place2Be – and participated in a graduation ceremony for people completing addiction counseling degrees. Upon her arrival, Kate was by greeted staff and representative from the charity, and received a posey from a family helped by the charity (more on that in a moment).

Kate attends action on addiction discussion

Kate became Patron of Action on Addiction in 2012 – it was one of her first patronages – and the last time she did a public appearance for them was in October 2014 when she attended their Autumn Gala. Before that she did an M-PACT plus visit in July 2014, and attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala in 2013 which benefited Action on Addiction. Before then, she made an actual visit to the charity in February 2013.

Kate attends action on addiction graduation ceremony

Here is a story of the woman in the above photo, Anna Elston, from the Daily Mail:

    “The Duchess of Cambridge was moved after hearing how a recovering alcoholic had overcome the trauma of losing her three sons to foster care to graduate a university course, in addiction counselling.
    “Anna Elston, 43, told how she was ‘entrenched in active alcoholism’ and her children, including her premature baby son Dylan – who was born at 25 weeks and weighing just 1lb 12oz – were taken into care. But, after she was able to prove she could ‘get to grips with my recovery’ she mercifully regained some care of her sons after a year.
    “Shaking her hand after a celebration ceremony at a training Center run by Action on Addiction, Kate, 33, told her, ‘I’m so happy and pleased that you got your children back.’ Elston adds, ‘She said ‘well done’ and wished me all the best.'”

Elston’s three sons – Jack, Eddie, and Dylan – were the ones who presented Kate with the posey of flowers.

Action on Addiction’s outgoing chief executive Nick Barton said of Kate:

    “There’s obviously some overlap some addictions result as a response to mental health problems and sometimes mental health problems arise from addiction. What’s always struck me is she’s very keen to learn. You can tell from the quality of her questions. She’s hearing from students for a session to hear about why she chose this course and what good it’s been for them and what it’s going to do for them. She’s genuinely interested which is great.”


Kate wore another new coat from Reiss – her go-to coat designer this fall, apparently – this time choosing the “Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat” ($620). She also repeated a bespoke teal Emilia Wickstead dress she previously wore in New Zealand in 2014.

I actually really liked this dress when she wore it in 2014 so I’m glad it made a reappearance. Not a huge fan of the coat, though.

The Stuart Weitzman Power Pumps and Mulberry Bayswater Clutch made ANOTHER appearance (STAHP wearing these!), along with the Mappin and Webb “Empress” necklace and the “Diana” sapphire and diamond earrings.

Reiss Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat Mappin and Webb Empress Mini White Gold and Diamond pendant

Here is a comparison between Kate in 2014 (on the left) and Kate in 2015 (in the right).

Rebecca Deacon sighting. Um… poor thing.

There was some wind. Thankfully, Kate’s skirt stayed down.

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

104 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visits Action on Addiction center

  1. First thing I noticed on the new coat, is that she forgot to undo the back vent. She left it attached so it moved very awkwardly in the wind. I have done that before with a new coat :).

    I like the coat, but I am glad she didn’t use the belt as this coat doesn’t really have a shape and the belt just creates an odd silhouette when worn. Gosh though, Kate is a boring dresser. Don’t get me wrong, she always looks pretty and both garments are pretty, but she is boring because she doesn’t know how to style them. Always the same black heels and bag. I love shoes and would wear something fun. And then the jewelry is a poor choice as well. Those earrings don’t go with either the coat or the coatdress. With the busy print on the coat, she probably should have just kept her earrings simple. I have just come to realize that Kate, while she can pick a nice dress, is lost when it comes to styling things. Which is why she isn’t a style icon.

    I love both coat and dress and I am glad she actually wore color under the coat and not just a black dress. Seriously though, how many coats does this woman have, lol.

      1. I totally agree that Kate’s accessorizing ability is non-existent that’s why the sum of the nice parts = boring. For someone who used to be an accessories buyer, I find her lack of styling pizzazz puzzling.

        The same old pumps are killing me at this point. Surely she can afford to buy more exciting styles.

        1. Oh I had forgotten about her job as an accessory buyer. You think that would have educated her a bit or that she would have needed to know how to accessorize to get the job. I just don’t think she knows what looks good together.

          Her black pumps (all 10 of them), are now the new sledge nude pump. They are her go to and are the same ole’, same ole’. She may not really care for shoes, but even if she wanted to stick with a black suede pump there are slight variations to change up the style. Instead of buying black suede pumps that all look the same. I found 2 just quickly on Jimmy Choo right now. They are not that far off from her comfort zone but each at least have a different silhouette to change things up:



          Of course I think there are far better options out there, but that is just an example 🙂

          1. Beatrice, I am obsessed with shoes as well. If I had Kate’s money, I would go even more crazy, much to my husband’s dismay :). I think I have more various styles as well. Come on Kate! No excuse then, lol.

            And thanks Runner. Oh gosh, she needs Queen Leti as a role model in so many ways! 🙂

          2. OMG Overit!! I saw your post about the Aquatalia boots and I knew it. I have a closet full of shoes and I am still browsing the internet for more shoes.

            My husband said he has less than 10 pairs and he’s OK. He asked me how come I have shoes that I never wore and still want more. “Don’t you get sick of shoes????”

          3. You can never have enough shoes! I was just looking at my closet and I have 8 pairs of boots in different colors, textures, heel styles, heel materials, and lengths. Don’t get me started on shoes because I can give Imelda Marcos a run for her money – LOL !!!!

          4. I love it Beatrice!!!! I am always browsing for more shoes as well. Men don’t seem to understand that with heels, you need different ones for different clothes and outings. You don’t wear the same pair every time you go out. Beatrice we are two peas in a pod. I dream of a closet one day just for my shoes :). Lol

            Yorkie, you are so right! You can never have enough shoes. Although, I think my husband wishes I only had 8 pairs of boots. And I live in CA which doesn’t really even have boot weather. And there are so many more boots I have already seen this season I want. Gosh, I sound so addicted to shoes :). I love shoes though because other than being gorgeous, they fit even when you gain or loose 10 pounds.

  2. I think its a total win today – no problems with hair, make up or clothes. She seemed engaged in the video I saw on DM website.

    Credit where credit is due – nice one, Kate.

  3. Yes, liking the hair too, KMR. She just needs to layer it because it would really make her look great. You know, I think she should try some highlights as well–perhaps red or something to spice it up.

    I love houndstooth so the coat is a big win for me–and the neckline on that coat is my favorite. Jewel tones work for her so I am glad she is sticking with them. It really compliments her skin tone.

    Yes, the shoes and accessories are boring. But, maybe, she is not an accessories person. I am totally not one myself. I just wear the same cross necklace my hubby gave me. She could have more fun with the shoes and handbags though; I totally agree there. I think she could stand to have more handbags rather than clutches all the time–but that’s also personal preference. She needs to mix it up with the shoes and clutch and not wear the same combo for each event.

    Otherwise, win for me.

  4. The coat is nice. The dress looks,like the pink one we saw years ago!! I like both, but she keeps doing the same style but different color!! Just buy a new dress please! U got money!!

    1. There was a red one for the Diamond Jubilee I think. I think the Duchess bought 2 and got 1 free. :))

      I love the dress style. The pink and the red ones had a dropped waist I believe.

  5. Rebecca Deacon looks a mess. That sweater doesn’t match that skirt / shorts. No one should be wearing those shorts. They look awful. Kate is such a boring dresser, and that coat is hideous. Miss / miss.

      1. Rebecca always seems to dress like a slob. It’s unfortunate that Kate doesn’t have a more traditional Lady-in-Waiting. Another example of the Lazy Duo preferring Normal over Traditional. I can see why Kate would prefer/be comfortable in her company: neither are fashion plates, neither are particularly poised or elegant. They have the same “unpolished” look about them. Kate should feel comfortable with her “aide,” but perhaps someone with more class and polish would be better to help her “rise to the occasion.” I could never imagine Rebecca suggesting to Kate that she wear a slip with a particular outfit or pulling out the Elnet in the car on the way to an engagement so Kate’s coiffure remains presentable.

        1. Lady Susan Hussey and Carolyn Beckwith-Smith were my favorite LIW. They were fashionable, but could also melt into a crowd. HM and Diana benefitted greatly.

    1. I don’t think the Duchess would want Rebecca to look stylish and smashing upstaging her. I wouldn’t want that either.

      But then I wouldn’t want my employee to look like Rebecca either. Does she have black nail polish on??? ugh!!!

      1. Bingo! HM and Diana’s LIW were impeccable. Lady Susan even stood with Kate during a Remembrance Day. Kate didn’t blink as Lady Susan has class and decorum for days.

          1. Rebecca Tsk Tsk Tsk no wonder Kate looks a mess.

            No wonder written notes from the office are unprofessional.

            You’d think Rebecca would understand that the upspoken professional requirement for a conservative insitution extends to her, not just the inhabitants.

            She’s not working on rock concerts anymore.

            Le Sigh

  6. I thought she looked great today. The lightened up make-up combined with the shorter hair makes her look younger and more energized. I know houndstooth can be a bit polarizing, but I like it.

    I think that keeping her accessories simple is a good move for daytime engagements. It looks more professional for a conservative business climate. If she was visiting an art center or someplace else more creative, I would love for her to go a little wild. But for this type of event, I think the simple jewelry and accessories is the most appropriate route.

    1. I think the fresh hair cut makes her look younger but she is still wearing a ton of makeup. The last photo really shows it. I think lightening up on the heavy and thick black eyeliner would actually make her look younger. Especially for a daytime event

          1. Her hair seems darker today but maybe it is the lighting. I like the shorter look. Makeup needs serious updating though. Less eye makeup and maybe some lip gloss. Not my favorite dress, but the color looks good on her.

    2. Oh, I am not a fan of her make-up. THe lightened look makes her look oh, so pale and the heavier make-up is not flattering at all. Someone, needs to do a make-up session with Kate. Especially, now that her hair looks so much better. I think, as someone else posted, a hint of red highlights could be helpful to her hair.

      I love the blue dress and thought it looked way better without the hideous fascinator she wore when she wore the dress before. Oh, burn the fascinators, already. I am so not a fan!

      The houndstooth coat did not do it for me. It would have looked better with a red dress peeking out. THe blue did not seem to go with it, to me.

      As for her appearance, good for Kate. She seemed more relaxed and more in tune with the people she met. The woman who graduated from the program and now has her children back — the fact that her children presented Kate with a posey — now, that was touching!

      To get back to the make-up for a moment, in some of the photos, she looked less pale. Outdoors, she seems very white. I noticed that when she and William were in the car in the other post about the tiara, she looked very pale, too. The color of her dress washed her out, but her make-up did little to add a spark. I am on the pale side and know only too well how the wrong make-up can wash you out even more. Hormonally, there are days when I need different shades of make-up, too. Some colors ook great on certain days and too garish on others. The more neutral looks really drain me of any color, especially on my pms days.

      Oh, and note on Rebecca. Yikes. She has no style at all. She looked horrible. A poor reflection on Kate, for sure. Of course, Kate does not want to be shown up, but Rebecca looked dreadful.

      1. Kate not wanting or not noticing how inappropriately Rebecca dresses for the job speaks to her lack of professional experience.

        However, it is also a reflection of Rebecca’s own limited job experience. Her first job seems to have been working to organise rock concerts which is a more relaxed/casual dress code work requirement.

        After that, she seems to have been a low level back room PA which again didn’t require professional wardrobe.

        However, now that she’s front office, of a conservative institution no less, her wardrobe hasn’t been updated to match.

        The fact the all the male staff show up in suits seems to have escaped her as far as how smart/professional her own wardrobe needs to be.

        She shouldn’t be taking guidance from Kate because Kate has never had a proper job and wouldn’t be the best source of advice.

        She should be the one guiding Kate seeing as she is a LIW, but apparently this is a case of the blind leading the blind.

        How is Kate to know to step up the plate if slovenly, unprofessionally dressed Rebecca is her guide?!

        Every single time Rebecca is photographed by Kate’s side, except for the polo, I wince at her clothing, her hair -always looks unbrushed and simply tied up, no make up, slouchy un-ironed clothing, too short skirts/dresses and so on and so forth. Great for Polo, not so great elsewhere.

  7. Good engagement for Kate. I love the dress/coat combo. I would have stepped further and added a pink clutch for whimsy with a scarf. I think her hair length is perfect.

    Who were the older women with her? I guess ladies in waiting by the order that one of them had on her lapel. Rebecca looked way too casual. And she needs to buy a better bra. Not a good look.

      1. The older lady in green velvet is the High Sherrif of Wiltshire. I wonder if the lady in maroon is the Lord Lieutenant or associated with that office as they have responsibility for Royal visits?

        1. The lady in the maroon *is* the lord Lieutenant for Wiltshire and what a difference her self presentation vs Rebecca. The Lord lieutenant represents the monarch at local level and organises royal visits.

          Kate looks like her teen daughter.

          I’m not one to say some stuff old woman should take Kate in hand, but considering she has no instinct for self improvement or ability to take cues from those around her, so perhaps someone like the lord lieutenant here or a lady Susan Hussey needs to be assigned to Kate.

    1. OMG! That was a tragic outfit. Maybe she shares her boss’s aversion to undergarments. I think Kate looked good really. I like the teal dress. Let’s hope Kate keeps up this type of schedule – it’s really what the job requires. And then some. No one would begrudge her time with he family and children if she stays this active in “the firm”.

  8. Well every party needs a pooper and I guess I’m it today 🙂

    I don’t care for the hounds tooth coat, it was too shapeless for my taste and while I realize she likes the look of coats buttoned all the way up, imo it’s too much of a strangling, puritan look. I would prefer it if she wore a colorful scarf instead of buttoning up the collar.

    I can’t figure out why she wore what was essentially two coats today. Also, and I’m sorry about this but TEAL??? it’s the color of gangrene!! Ugh! If one must wear teal let it be as an accent color not the entire outfit!! Secondly, if one must wear teal imo it should be worn only in the spring or summer. (as you can tell I don’t like teal) I don’t understand why she didn’t wear a more holiday season color today, the other two women wore lovely winter jewel toned colors.

    And does this woman have no other shoes and clutches?? Or jewelry?? I can’t imagine that she keeps her engagement wear at Anmer Hall. It would make more sense to keep her country casual clothes there and her more “formal” wear at KP, since most of her engagements are in the London area, so it’s not like she forgot to pack extra accessories or shoes. I can only surmise that she has little to no concept of accessorizing.

    Lastly, I’m still loving her haircut.

    1. “Every party needs a pooper that’s why we invited you, party pooper. That’s you!” Lol

      I agree with you about the coat. I don’t like Houndstooth and I didn’t like that Kate buttoned the coat all the way up to her throat; it looked like it was strangling her.

      I can’t agree with you about the teal, though. I love teal.

    2. One more quick rant, once more her poor posture and incessant crotch clutching ruins the look of an outfit!!! Seriously what is she keeping there, the crown jewels, nuclear codes, the Holy Grail??

    3. Lauri I said the same thing about her accessories. The girl needs to change up her shoes and clutches at the least :).

      I wondered about the coatdress under the coat as well. It seems like it would be very bulky, which is maybe why she chose a coat with no shape? I honestly wondered why she choose a coatdress paired with a coat. But I love teal, so I was happy with the color :).

    4. Lauri I am with you on this one. For some reason the two pieces don’t mesh. Separately I like each of them, but not the way she styled the coat; buttoned up to within an inch of her life and no belt. When I look at the pictures side by side, I can’t imagine this is the same event. Maybe if she would have worn her pink version of this dress, winter pastels are very in this year.

      Lastly, bravo on the haircut! The shorter hair suits her. Still not sure I’m loving the bangs but credit where credit is due.

  9. Greetings again everyone for the last time

    Off travelling until hopefully being back in Christchurch NZ around Christmas Eve to assist with the City Mission and extended charities.

    I will say this – my last lengthy post was just on 12 hours ago at the Tiara shameless exploitation. Have a read if you want a brutal appraisal.

    As this is the last KMR in my inbox before closing out while I am out of satnav range my comments are straight to the point

    Middleton is fake, has no empathy, has only had her hair extensions cut, dressed in a mismatched outfit today. Behaved like a “tart’ at the ICAP event – short skirt, flighty and flirty behaviour to garner attention on herself and most likely to try and make bill jealous. To which he made damn sure he knew she was performing.

    Again – this calls into question her motives, and I am loathe to say it but I will – it is about her PR team trying to make people think she is anything other than the over privileged, indulged, self important, socially inept person she is.

    For goodness sake this is a person who is a 34 year old (or soon will be) dress up doll, who has squandered every opportunity that most of the people in hardship or who have not had a fraction of the opportunities she has had would move heaven and earth to have so that they can really contribute to humanity.

    Middleton is a mess, a disgrace, and shameless in her grasping, over the top, precious (me) and attention seeking behaviour.

    I would put money on the fact that it was the middleton (bill, his cringing mrs, scarole, pippa and their PR idiot) that plastered that OK rubbish about Prince Harry all over the place because of his popularity. It is something that bill would do as he is totally jealous of the natural empathy and real depth of heart that his brother has. He nor his fake kate, or the propaganda team would think twice about throwing Prince Harry under the bus to make them look good.

    Just look at the evidence – where bill has raved on about losing Diana – Harry has only directly quoted once and that was way more heart stopping and truthful than bill could ever do.

    Bill and his shameless mrs have never once praised Prince Harry or supported Prince Harry in any of his endeavours but leak stories and make sure they make appearances that over shadow anything Prince Harry has done.

    Also speaks volumes that the Highest Personal Order Her Majesty can give as a personal thank you – was to Prince Harry. Check that out – it was 2014 I believe and an Order which carries the love and total respect of the Sovereign.

    Personally you all may think I am harsh however I am fed up with the sanctimonious tripe that is being written about bill and kate middleton, her looking tired because of her “hands on” bringing up their two children which is a load of bull dust – it is because she exercises, and diets so much and still has sneaky smokes that she looks tired, but has a household to run around after her. Which is common knowledge.

    As for the stepping up to the plate – no the back story will be that she had calculated on getting her grubby hands on the order from the Queen and that was a total “put in your place moment for middleton”.

    Last but not least the Tiara – bill would have grovelled to Her Majesty probably under the threat of middleton not turning up or doing charity work, or producing more photographs of the children.

    Her Majesty is more than likely sitting back and knowing full well that this would back fire big time and it has.

    Middleton looks like the dogs breakfast in these photographs, cheap behaviour in yesterdays – with enough for bill to tell her to tone it down.

    These two babied, pampered, selfish people will hasten the downfall of the House of Windsor and all that Her Majesty, Prince Philip, Prince Harry, Charles, Sophie, Anne etc have worked hard for and believe in.

    More than ever people know genuine kindness, empathy and caring when they see it – this smacks of show pony, look at me – which is all that bill and his equally shameless mrs are known for.

    Feel free to argue the toss, it is an open forum –

    Diana would be weeping for the type of person bill has turned into and the kind of person he married. This would not have come to pass if Diana had been around, unfortunately bill’s pent up hatred of the blood royal (which he takes from) and the paparazzi who he also blames adds to the nightmare that he and his so-called new royal family have become.

    Even on Diana’s worst days she never behaved like these show ponies.

    Enough from me –

    I will not and will never defend the indefensible. This makes me sick just to look at it.

    Take care of yourselves out there, take care of each other and those you love.

    I will look in from time to time when I am near a satellite post – meanwhile I hope the festive period brings you much joy, love and laughter, with many blessings. See you on the flip side.

    Over and out.

    The Wild Rose.

    1. I must say that I share many of your thoughts. She seems totally unsuited to her role – or perhaps does not understand it at all. I doubt anyone could dissuade Will from marrying her. He is no better really – they want the trappings without the responsibility.

    2. Wildrose thank you, thank you for that post ! I was so afraid that just only Kate’s new haircut was enough to convert all of the ladies on the blog. Is this really only about her new hair, coat, dress or whatever … you name it. Now I can only read how young and great she looks and I don’t believe my eyes ( in fact I disagree – she still looks old with that heavy makeup and these deep wrinkles on her forehead but that’s not important).
      I can only speak for myself but for me it was never about her look – it was always about her conduct and work ethic which she lacked entirely and no outfit, hairdo or makeup, even to my liking, would ever change that.
      You can call me hater if you like but I will have the same opinion unless of course something miraculously happened and she will change – but I wouldn’t count on this. She will never change – she is already too old for that and instead of baby steps she should make grown woman steps.

    3. I have been wondering myself what is wrong with that Harry-Pippa news. Among the nasty rumours ever been thrown to discredit Prince Harry, this one is actually the most disgusting one imo. And somehow the timing is always too perfect, when Harry is at the top shape, and when W&K was trying to rise. This time, the rumour came exactly at the timing for Kate’s “new face”: Diana’s tiara, new short hair, consecutive appearances. Teen pregnancy rumour was right before his fantastic job in Africa. Seriously, what’s up with all that?! Can’t they shine with their own power without making others look bad?

      1. Agreed. That was awful. Whenever Harry shines, they put out nasty rumors. How awful! It just shows poor character. Hey, Jason, you suck when you put out hurtful, untrue things about Harry to bolster the image of WK. People see right through it. We aren’t that stupid. People still love him–and want him to be king anyways. There is nothing you can do to destroy him because it is all lies. The best thing you can do is make WK work–and seem like they care. Don’t put down someone else to bolster your lazy clients.


  10. I am not crazy about coat-the pattern and the shapelessness. It just doesn’t match with the teal dress. Her shoes, don’t get me going..

    But I love the teal dress. I wear teal in the fall or winter.

    Now who said the Duchess is a botox frequent? That furrow is something..

  11. Gosh, I somewhat feel sorry for Kate. She seems like a very anxious person. I watched the video of her talking in a circle with a group today and she is always fiddling/rubbing/picking at her fingers. I have noticed this in the past either in recorded video’s or large groups. It is a nervous twitch and she probably doesn’t even know she does it. I just think she might have a slight anxiety issue, which kind of makes me feel for her as each time she has to talk to people in a large group, it might feel overwhelming. That might be part of the reason she always seems uncomfortable and why she may over exaggerate her happiness to balance out the anxiety.

    1. I don’t see someone with anxiety being one to strut her stuff in a sheer skirt as a dress as she did when William first noticed her. (Clever move, though.) I think it’s more about how she is utterly unsuited because she’s never really worked a day in her life. Never dealt with people or learned how to talk with others.

      I love the coat. Love the dress. Not together.

      1. Hmm good points Ellie. She is just anxious in certain situations. Maybe because she also then has to act like she is interested and cares, she become anxious. That is really just sad then and I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

        1. I think in some way she must care–how can you be devoid of empathy? I think better of her than that!–but I do think she focuses so much on appearing that she’s sympathetic or having a good time or whatever (see her weird giant smiles and faces she makes) for the cameras that she doesn’t focus on what’s going on around her.

          1. Some people don’t have any sympathy toward those less off than them. But your right, I didn’t mean she didn’t care at all. That was a bit harsh. I hope she cares on some level, she is human after all. I guess I meant having to focus on the more technical side of things concerning the charities. I think Kate prefers to just smile and meet people, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty she might be more anxious to appear really focused and intelligent. I don’t think she likes the heavier conversations, which is when we get the fake/forced caring face. I think those conversations might make her more anxious since she has never really been around that and isn’t sure what to say. Does that make sense? Gosh, I am having trouble explaining my thoughts. That is what happens when I type and drink whiskey at the same time :). Sorry Ellie if I am not explaining right. All I know is she appears anxious in certain instances.

          2. Overit I agree and it does have sense what you saying no matter your whiskey.
            Most of the time Kate just looks miserable on her engagements no matter how much she tries to conceal it with these fake, jolly smiles of her. Both, she and Wills reminds me of two puppets who are pushed into something without their will and consent but they do it anyway because they have to. I suppose Kate at some point has to care about these charities (as you said she is a human after all) but she doesn’t know what to do about that, she is too lazy to put some effort except just showing on these events. There is no heart, no real agenda in her acting – I am sure she forgets about everything she saw or heard on these engagements as soon as she gets to the car and heads toward her palace where she finally can be hermetically separated from the world full of real problems and troubles.

          3. Honestly, I don’t know if she does care. Sometimes, you need to go through some real adversity to develop empathy–and she hasn’t. While William has, he seems not to care either. Being pampered really doesn’t help. Not having to worry about money, putting food on the table, dealing with health issues etc. They aren’t struggling in that regard. Also, some people just don’t have much empathy because they are just too selfish.

  12. I’m just glad she took the coat off inside for once.

    Other than that, yay for no skirt fly-ups. Her comments are appropriate, though not anything more than what you’d expect someone to say under the circumstances. The flowers are pretty–whoever arranged them did a nice job.

    1. I also find it odd that she almost never takes off her winter coats while indoors. I think it sends the message: I don’t plan to stay here long.

      1. I am one of those people that feels cold all the time. I stayed in England for two years and I was freezing so I always kept my coat on for that reason. I don’t know if that is the reason she keeps hers on though.

  13. Hi KMR, glad to see Kate visiting her charities and bringing them much needed attention. Also, good job being out in public three days running. I wish there was more information about Anna Elaston and where she’s going to work as a counselor. She definitely understands addiction’s destruction and how important it is to climb out. She’ll be tough to fool, knowing all the addiction excuses. Kate is taking baby steps in the right direction. I’d put this visit as #8 win: no fly-ups, hair shorter, dress nice, emphasis on charity. Lots more to do, but she’s getting warmer. Hey Jason, you aren’t such a loser after all! It’s about time you stopped dismissing all the good advice this blog has offered. However, you are still a putz. With regards,

  14. I think the coat looks nice when it’s open at the front against the blue dress. Kate has been doing really well at the last couple of events, she’s dressed appropriately and interacted and shown interest in being there. Let’s hope it’s not just a hasty act for garnering the goodwill of the people at the end of the year, and that she keeps this upward move going. 🙂

    1. I agree. I really hope she continues this level of work into the new year, but I also know they have done this end of the year rush many times so I’m cautious in my optimism.

  15. I have to say, while i think the shorter hair may look more professional- I prefer her hair long as it is more princess-like. It is stunning. With her short hair, Kate looks good- but she looks like typical really good looking young professional from top MBA program in that suit. With her long hair; she is normal yet aspirational (as the royals must remain) at the same time. Kate- kudos to you for trying new things but please grow your hair back out. It is jaw-droppingly beautiful when long.

  16. Fan of Kate’s, think she took on a HUGE ROLE/CAREER marrying William and accepting all the responsibility, scrutiny and control imparted by his family and position. I do not see signs that she is artificial but I think that there is stress in her marriage and in the recent appearances with her hubby she seems to over smile and laugh. There is strain or nervousness in her appearances with her husband, she compensates by acting all smiley and laughing a tad to hard. Perhaps inevitable that there will competition between husband and wife in these dual appearances, who comes across as the lead player in each outing, there seems to be some dissension on this point. IF she appears nervous and anxious in some appearances, maybe she is tiring of the superficiality of her role as a royal. My sense is that she would be happy to run an organic home grown food business and raise her kids, and not be in the limelight that she signed up for.

    1. I kindly disagree. If she is tiring of the ‘superficiality of her role as a royal’ that would be her own fault for only making it superficial. The platform the Royals have is enormous and can do so much good. There is nothing superficial about it. The only reason it appears superficial with Kate is because she doesn’t really seem to show any interest in anything she is doing. Kate has always come across entitled and mostly caring about herself, at least to me she has. The only times she really really seems to be enjoying what she is doing is when it is a sports event/charity or meeting celebrities/movie premiers. Kate would only have herself to blame for the superficial aspect of being a royal and only being a clothes horse. Her job as a royal is whatever she wants to make it, which may just be superficial.

      I think Kate would be happy just shopping and going on vacation. Before marriage she never showed any desire for a career, so I doubt that she would want to run an organic home grown food business because that is work and she has ALWAYS show an aversion to work or anything close to a career. She doesn’t have the drive, other than the drive to marry a royal. Further more, I think she loves the spotlight. The photos of her leaving the club when she was dating William prove how much she loves the spotlight. Although, I will say now she might be a little wary of it since the media is not fawning as much over her anymore.

      I also don’t think there is any competition over who is the lead player in each outing. Kate has always come across as being fine submitting to William and following his lead. So, I think when they go out together, Kate is fine and happy with William taking the lead. I think Kate prefers to follow.

      1. Amen! Overit. What a platform to make a difference! It would be a DREAM job to help others that are suffering and support various causes–and making changes for the good. I don’t get it! You find purpose when you serve others..but I digress.

        Though I don’t think being married to William is a walk in the park–but she knew what she was signing up for.

      2. Amen! She could do so much good and I think that’s why most are critical of certain things. She has the potential but doesn’t care to reach it. Not that I don’t think she cares, but I just don’t think she cares enough? Does that make sense?

        I posted about this on a forum but the focus on addiction with Kate as the patron really grinds my gears because of how superficial she is and treats it thusly with her well dones, then those dealing with her required to come out with nice little comments that show she pretty much doesn’t know a thing. My parents are both recovering addicts of various substances, and it was hell growing up with that, bouncing from one home to another, dealing with an alcoholic father, then my mother who was addicted to pills with a boyfriend who was abusive living in our house. It wasn’t “well done!” to my parents that they finally got help. It was they hit rock bottom and knew they were going to lose everything. Growing up seeing that really screwed me up for life. Knowing as a CHILD I could do nothing. No amount of therapy or antidepressants I was on helped those desperate feelings. It is such a wonderful platform and Kate squanders it. I’m sorry I got really personal but it really upsets me. Kate could do so much and say so much, but she doesn’t. I give her kudos for trying, and improving slowly it seems, but… The superficial garbage they report about her and what she said irks. A lot. “Well done on getting your children back!” I mean, what.

        1. Oh, Ellie, I can see why you would be upset by this. I am sorry about the tough time you had and I can only say that you are correct, “Well done,” was not appropriate a response by Kate. I posted below before I read your post and I truly do hope that Kate just did not know the more appropriate words to say. Obviously, this woman has worked so very hard to get her life on track and get her children back. She is to be praised and her children deserve kudos, too. I don’t think Kate is “quick on her feet.” Some people are born knowing the right things to say, even if they are blindsided with a situation they did not expect. I am sure, however, Jason, or Rebecca, or both, knew about this families’ story and the research Kate was privy to prior to the event should have offered an opportunity for more genuine and appropriate words to be offered to the woman and her children. I know we always compare Kate to Diana, but I think Diana would have found the right words. Harry would, too.

          Again, I am sorry for the suffering you endured and I truly understand your feelings about this situation. I wish you well. You are very courageous to present your points so effectively here.

        2. Ellie,

          Let me say first that living with parents who are addicts sucks hard and I’m so sorry that you had to experience not only addict parents but abuse as well.

          I do hope that you have moved out of that period and made a life of your own.

          I am not going to tell you to forgive your parents, because I’ve been told that before and it always pisses me off. Because while we deserve to move past that anger, they do not deserve to be forgiven.

          I completely understand why you would be upset at Kate’s “Well done” in the face of addict parents, even ones who turned their lives around. Like I said, not all parents deserve to be forgiven for the immense damage they have done to their children.

          1. Oh, wow. I didn’t expect this to blow up! Thank you for all your sweet comments, I mean it.

            I’ve definitely have been away from the toxic environments for a long time, thank God. I’m almost 30 and have a toddler. 🙂 Both of my parents are sober and have been for awhile (I have doubts about my mom recently, which I think is why I’m reacting so strongly to this which stepping back I think seems a bit silly?), but it was a very tough environment to grow up in. One home had problems, the other did too.

            I felt so emotional reading about these people and their struggles, and here waltzes in Kate with her vacuous comments in an attempt to care and seem involved. It really struck a chord. I just thought, “Wow, had I been there, I’d have wanted to punch her.” It’s great she is going to places like this and giving these organizations attention, but I think they do it all wrong. There’s no genuine compassion on her end. I feel the same about the mental health initiatives.

            KMR, the forgiveness thing makes me balk too. Some of the things I just feel like I can’t, though I’ve moved on and as an adult I understand it was almost not in their control. The addiction, the disease, controls; but I still can’t forgive certain things, especially as both parents deny events and I just want to bang my head against a wall. I think they do it to make themselves feel better. That they really did not do or say certain things to their only child. I don’t know.

          2. Don’t feel badly for expression your emotions about this. I did something very similar earlier this year when there was a story about a woman whose teenage daughter was her caregiver. I was forced to be a caregiver for my mother and so that story upset me and I wrote about it which not everyone understood. Some people were quite mean about it. So don’t feel badly, because I fully understand where you were coming from.

            Your last paragraph, Ellie… it’s like you read my mind. I can understand the addiction and the mental problems that caused it, but that and getting sober does not erase the decades of abuse. Like your parents, my mother denies a lot of the things that happened over the years.

      3. She loved the spotlight when it worked to her advantage and helped her land a prince. When she got what she wanted, she did not want it anymore. As cracks show in her marriage, she wants it even less. As someone who suffers from anxiety, there are resources that can teach you how to manage it. She has access to every resource possible. In my opinion, she needs to clean her own house before she can be credible dealing with devastating issues that conveying addiction, etc.

        1. Your comment made me think about what that Hong Kong journalist who spent all day (or however long it lasted) on the engagement with Chinese president and WK had to say about Kate. The journalist said that Kate ‘suddenly lit up and was girlishly delighted and interested’ when meeting Jackie Chan.

          FYI: the engagement was about creative England and Creative China so they toured various English/chinese creative intiatives set up at lancaster house at the end of which Jackie Chan made an appearance.

          The comment made by the journalist implied that until Jackie Chan joined them, Kate wasn’t engaged and or so remarkable was her change in demeanour at meeting/being with Jackie Chan that it was worth a separate pointed comment.

          And that tells us why her platform is simply superficial. She only cares about the superficial.

      4. I totally agree with you, Overit: spot on.

        Kate seems to be able to dedicate herself to, well, herself and her best interests with great determination; anything else gets fleeting attention, accompanied by strangely grotesque grins. That attitude would fly (sort of) if (a) she were a private citizen and had not married into the RF so people could take her or leave her (b) she was not under intense global media scrutiny to perform, and (c) the public was not contributing to her upkeep.

        Kate may well be wary of the media and this might account for nervousness at events for which she has inadequately prepared. However, she lights up at events which feature celebrities or some fun. So again, we are left to draw the conclusions you have, Overit, which are none too complimentary of a nearly 34-year old with immense privilege and no sense of duty, much like her husband.

  17. Kate has always been interested and keen to learn everything about anything. We’ve had loads of stories where she was described as keen. That’s one of the press favorite things to describe her with along with girlish and gigglish. But she needs a follow through with that keeness or it’s all for naught.

    1. Funny, but that is just what I was thinking. Kate apparently says she is keen to learn… But has she done anything about it? We have yet to seen any obvious signs yet.
      So at the moment it is like we are rewarding her for minimal effort, somewhat like rewarding a puppy for the first time the puppy brought back the stick you threw? Who’s a good girl, who’s a good girl? Pat on head?
      Kate’s hair looked nice, but then I should say that as I wore my hair exactly the same way all through high school.
      Nice coat, did she not know that she should open the vent at the back?
      I’m glad she did go to support Action and well done for the lady who got her life back on track.

    2. I think the ‘keen’ mantra is a kind of holding pattern comment for Kate to excuse herself from not knowing much when she rocks up to an event – essentially a playing for time gambit, much like a kid at school who says they’ll try harder when called out for not doing anything.

      I agree with posters who were affronted with Kate’s patronising comment to the woman who graduated and also got her children back. Kate should have presenting HER with the posy: what a magnificent achievement! I think both Diana and Harry would have hugged the children and their mother. There is no way Kate would not have been briefed as to who she was meeting that day and would have had ample time to prepare remarks, or asked for assistance if feeling unsure. Yet again, it is matter of lack of effort/ interest/ empathy/ bad staff work… take your pick. Unfortunately those who feel entitled in life don’t have much to offer others; they are a burden and take up a lot of time and energy.

      The Cambridge’s advisors seem curiously inexperienced or ill-suited for the positions they hold. I’m guessing they were appointed because they are of the same age as Kate and William and so there was a bit of a comfort factor there. They do need someone who can guide them with kindly authority; I think William would be hard to advise – he seems to trust no-one or feels he knows it all.

      1. Wow! Richard Palmer isn’t a brown noser. Even after that lovely meeting with the babies, he still can’t help but expressing his opinion. So, he isn’t a puppet after all!

    1. Perhaps he is tetchy because he was promised better/deeper access to William and Kate at that soiree held for selected reporters in exchange for more positive coverage, yet only sugary press releases have been delivered for them to publish? It is a lazy or desperate to publish supplied PR releases, so anyone worth their salt would balk at being expected to do so. Usually they end up in in the circular filing cabinet!

      1. What you mean Whiny and Waity went back on their word…well it was only the press. Do they really think these two are going to play nice with them? Their history shows otherwise. I want a good old fashioned take down of these two. Not because I’m spiteful, but because they need to be put in their place. They owe everything they have to the public and the media. It’s time they were given a dose of reality.

  18. The win for the day are her hair and no fly away clothing. Looking at Rebecca, I can understand why Kate sometimes goes out looking like she does at times with ill fitting, sometimes inappropriate for the event clothing.

    Rebecca probably believes that as long as Kate looks better than her, then it’s all good. And we know Tash just doesn’t have a clue. Is she still working as her “stylist”?

    I love the story of the woman who turned her life around. That is absolutely great.

      1. Oh ick. Nipple show through? Don’t they realise that it is cold in the UK? Therefore nipple show is possible – wear a padded bra please!

  19. Ok, so I am 50/50 on Kate’s look and this appearance.

    Who dresses this woman, anyway? I cannot believe she didn’t undo the vent of the coat. Sloppy, indeed and someone should have reminded her. The coat is nice, but I don’t like how it looked on Kate. I think a dark brunette woman would carry the black and white way better. And, the dress, to me, looks more peacock blue than teal. Teal, to me, has more green in it. At any rate, the blue didn’t look so good with the black and white coat. I agree that red or a hot pink would have looked better. I did like the dress, though. Thought it was flattering to Kate.

    Congrats to the woman who overcame her addiction and won her children back. That was touching and I so hope that Kate was honestly moved by that. Who could help but be?

    Rebecca did look terrible and shame on her for the nipple showing. I mean, now, really! As Rhiannon said, there are ways to prevent that. It is just in such poor taste. She is not the type of sloppy person a Duchess would want to have around. There is nothing classy about her. Nothing appropriate, at all. She’s lucky to be earning a paycheck, if you ask me.

    1. I had thought Kate looked nice even if she was wearing the coat with the collar up (funnel neck look?). It wasn’t designed to be worn like that so it may be why if looked a little funny? As for the teal suit the day before. I had thought she looked appropriate and was thinking (yah no views of her private parts) but then I saw a back view on a sugar site and (yikes) the back slit in the dress was very very high and if Kate had taken a long step she would have been very close to showing us her knickers! Doesn’t anyone check the back view for her? Or check her clothes to make sure slits haven’t come undone?
      (Jason – can you get a “dresser” for Kate for Christmas?)

      1. Actually the coat is shown with the collar up like Kate wore it in one of the photos on the Reiss site. So it is sort of made to be worn like that if you wish.

  20. Her hair still looks pretty thick to me, so either she still has extensions or never wore them before. Only thing is, way back when her hair definitely was textured more like her sister’s and her mom’s. That glossy abundance came from somewhere, and I don’t think it was just the work of supplements!
    I don’t care for houndstooth, ever,at all, on anyone. But that bluish green Emilia Wickstad dress is a favorite of mine. I loved it with the hat, in NZ, and I love it now. She has the exact same dress in pink, and I don’t think the color suits her nearly as much.
    RD – why does she look so sloppy and mismatched? When she first started her job, she lost points for her dumpy, fraying style, but then pulled it together quite neatly (other than the daring length of dome of her skirts). This just looks totally off, to me. Anyway, Bex should be in dark pant suits, and accessorize with scarves and fun earrings. Her working wardrobe should be more of a “uniform”, it would be so much easier for her to get dressed in the morning and make her less of a target!
    Finally, I really like that last photo of Kate. Her expression, her forehead wrinkles, her uneven skin tone, her badger striped blush, her trying harder but still needs work cut and color. Take all that makeup off, and she’d just be the young mom next door with really good teeth!
    My comments today deal only with the physical and sartorial, and in no way reflect my opinion on her work ethic. Not sure why I thought I had to qualify that, but there it is.

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