Swedish royals attend Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet

Swedish royals attend Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet

I love tiaras, I really do. And I love it when people break out of their tiara ruts and wear something new (while I think the Lover’s Knot should have stayed in the vault a while longer it was still interesting to see it again). Yesterday, December 10, the Swedish Royal Family – King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill – got all dolled up in tiaras for the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony and banquet at Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm.

Queen Silvia isn’t ever a surprise and isn’t ever my favorite, but she always looks nice, as she did last night in her rust-red gown with Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong Tiara and her Order of the Seraphim sash and star (Sweden) and portrait of the King.

Crown Princess Victoria looked amazing. This custom aubergine silk chiffon gown and cape from By Malina is easily one of my top 5 favorite gowns from her. She paired the gown with the Connaught Tiara (which isn’t wholly new to her since she wore it for Prince Carl Philip’s wedding but it is still a change from her usually go-tos) and the necklace, earrings, and two brooches (one securing her sash, the other in her hair) from the Amethyst Parure. She also wore two diamond bracelets and the Order of the Seraphim sash and star (Sweden) and portrait of the King. I love this – she looks really fantastic here but she didn’t win the night for me fashion-wise.

That honor goes to Princess Madeleine. Maddie looked gorgeous in a grey, embellished Fadi El Khoury gown and the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara.

The tiara was originally owned by Princess Margaret of Connaught, wife of King Gustaf VI Adolf, and previously worn by Carl Gustaf’s mother, Princess Sibylla, but is now the property of Princess Margaretha (Carl Gustaf’s sister). Maddie borrowed it for the evening, as well as diamond floral earrings and a ring previously owned by Princess Lilian (Carl Gustaf’s aunt who passed away in 2013). Maddie also wore the Order of the Seraphim sash and star (Sweden) and portrait of the King.

I think Maddie looks stunning and it’s really fun seeing this tiara on her. She looks like a princess and wins the night for me.

Also, Maddie posted a message on her Facebook page: “Congratulations to all of this year’s Nobel Prize winners! We are all inspired by your accomplishments for the world!”

Princess Sofia wore a black Oscar de la Renta gown and her Diamond and Emerald Wedding Tiara. She also wore diamond and emerald earrings and a brooch, along with her Order of the Seraphim sash and star (Sweden) and portrait of the King.

Sofia looked okay – way better than last year’s tulle and sequin creation. But I’m still not a fan of this tiara; it just doesn’t seem to sit right on Sofia’s head. Also, she looked, I don’t know, nervous (?) last night. Her expressions were odd.

Princess Christina wore the Six Button Tiara. The Six Button Tiara may be no one’s favorite, but I’ll be damned if that thing doesn’t sparkle like mad on camera.

Princess Christina Nobel Prize 2015

Chris O’Neill and Prince Carl Philip.


The food looked very tasty with a menu of:

Turbot and scallop with plants from the sea, browned butter, and caviar. Glow baked veal wrapped in mushrooms, celeriac, and apple, and roasted celery juice, served with potato pithivier (a puff pastry pie). Cherry Flower with the taste of coffee and almonds.

Nobel 2015 food 2

Nobel 2015 food 3

The Nobel Prizes were awarded in physics (Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald), chemistry (Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich, and Aziz Sancar), medicine (William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura, and Youyou Tu), literature (Svetlana Alexievich), and the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (Angus Deaton).

During the banquet, a choir sung while lights were projected on the wall.

You can watch a replay of the awards ceremony here, and of the banquet here.

Nobel 2015 choir

Over in Norway, King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Crown Prince Haakon attend the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo.

Mette-Marit wore a white Alexander McQueen coat that she previously wore to Queen Margrethe‘s 75th birthday celebrations in April.

Photos: Getty / SVT live stream

76 thoughts on “Swedish royals attend Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet

  1. I agree that Madde completely won the night, but I wish she would choose different colors. She always wears (as another commenter elsewhere put it) “mother of the bride” type colors. She won for me because of the neck up.
    Victoria showed a bit more cleavage than I ever would have expected. I loved the color on her. It’s hard for her to beat last year’s look.
    Sofia looked better than I expected. The dress made her look much more prego than she actually is. At least her sash was pinned.
    So glad that CP eased up on the hair gel for the event!

    1. Haha, “mother of the bride” colors! I know exactly what you mean. I think Maddie hasn’t quite gotten her pre-pregnancy body back yet and is still working with that fashion wise.

      Jumpy claps for Carl Phillip and clean hair!

  2. I thought Victoria’s dress was a beautiful color and flattering on her, but Madeleine’s was astonishing. I’m not in a habit of getting giddy about dresses, but I was bowled over by the elegance of Madeleine’s. Moreover, it’s refreshing to see a royal family where everyone just does what they’re supposed to do and well.

    Hats off the Nobel Prize winners! I hope they enjoyed that meal–it sounds like a delicious menu.

  3. Thanks for such a great post KMR!! It’s so hard to find coverage of other royal families and you do such a great job bringing us news and photos, I really appreciate it.

    I thought everyone look gorgeous tonight, the gowns and tiaras were stunning. I love, love that tiara on Victoria, for someone so young she can really rock the larger tiaras! And I don’t know what to say about Maddie, stunning doesn’t even begin to cover how beautiful she looked. I have to ask, does anyone think she’s the Princess Margaret of the SRF? You know, the one to remind everyone she’s royal? While I can’t deny she’s beautiful there is something about her that leads me to believe she can be a bit of a “princess” if you know what I mean.

    Even the guys looked great in their tuxes!

    Sofia’s dress was my favorite tonight. I love the accents on the bodice and the embroidery on the full skirt. I agree though that something is off with her tiara. It seems to me that the other ladies wear their tiara’s in the same place on the head but their hair is has more volume while Sofia’s is sleeker.

    What caught my attention in the photos I saw of this event was how comfortable and at ease all the royals appeared to be. There didn’t appear to be the same level of stuffiness we see with the BRF. Don’t’ get me wrong the BRF can do pomp and circumstance better than anyone but I feel that the SRF have mastered the fine art of pomp and ease. I thought even Sofia looked very much at ease with the family and her place in it.

    Lastly, that food looks simply mouthwatering and much to pretty to eat!! Thanks for including pictures KMR!

    1. I just saw a video of Princess Madeleine speaking on a talk show with Jamie Oliver (?), Adele and her husband. I hope I remembered this correctly. Anyway, I was surprised she sounded like an American to me. I know she lived in NYC for a couple of years, but as an American, I was surprised by her voice.

      She talked about how she is kind of shy and has never gotten used to having her photo taken. I thought she sounded pretty down to earth.

      1. I read that after I posted my comment. I think that might be what I’m picking up on. I too am very shy in social situations and have many people tell me that I come off as aloof or bitchy, when I’m really struggling with what to say.

        1. One of the stories I love about Maddie was when she was dining with Chris in a restaurant in Stockholm and noticed there were two girls outside who had seen her. Maddie went outside and said hello to them. I don’t consider her princessey after hearing that but I do consider her very gracious and by doing that she’s made a fan for life of those girls.

          1. Kate would never do that. She’d probably hide behind her clutch in front of her crotch. The rest of the British royals? Forget it.

  4. Victoria looked wonderful, but I will always, always love that gorgeous red dress she wore last year. As for Maddie, she looked amazing. She may well wear the more muted colors so she doesn’t stand out over Victoria who is the heir.

    Sofia??? That tiara, the center part in the hair…she just looked meh. Maybe she was a little queasy from the pregnancy.

    I would kill to be invited to one of the Swedish galas just for the experience of the food. They have the most amazing menus. And they are so beautifully prepared.

    One quick question…on Victoria and Madelaine’s orders the picture looks a lot like CP. Is that CG at a younger age or someone else? Is the picture of CG based on the age he was at the time of presentation because Sofia got old CG. Just curious.

      1. Thank you KMR! Now I really understand a bit more why CG is so overly protective of CP and upset that he’s not going to inherit. He’s looking at a younger version of himself. Oh well, I hope he realizes that Victoria is going to completely own being Queen.

  5. I’m in the minority I guess. Madeleines gown was lovely but she dropped from first place when I saw the buttons in front. It just took something away. All in all a beautiful event and the food looks as amazing as the SRF

  6. I was so excited to be able to watch the ceremony live, yesterday!

    I agree, Maddie knocked it out of the park. But really, I didn’t think anyone looked particularly bad this year.

    Two notes:

    1) Victoria’s cleavage. Read in a few different places that it was seen as too much. I, myself, am in the midst of pregnancy and can appreciate how hard it can be to look nice before the tremendous size of your boobs pushes it into hoyden territory. I think it’s fine, considering her pregnancy and the cape that tastefully covers them.

    2) Sofia’s tiara. The shape of the tiara means that it was meant to be worn in front of a large, piled up, updo (not sure if it’s the right word) and that’s why her tiara looks kinda dinky just laying there on top of her head like that. If I were Sofia, I’d get the shape altered, or stop having low hair-styles when wearing this one.

    1. I didn’t see anything wrong with Victoria’s cleavage. If she hadn’t been wearing the cape then I could see some people having a problem with it, but even then I probably wouldn’t have. It’s fine.

    2. I so agree with you Liz, Sofia’s tiara is rather narrow and would really benefit from a puffier updo. Unfortunately, she doesn’t strike me as a puffy updo sort of gal, but when wearing a beautiful tiara one must make allowances.

  7. Beautiful post, KMR! I will admit that I threw my granola bar to the ground when I saw the pictures and description of the meal.

    Vic looked stunning. The Connaught is my favorite. I love amethysts. They are beautiful stones. The mixture of diamonds and amethysts were amazing. I loved the brooch in Vic’s hair. You will see jewels from any angle that Vic is photographed from. Madde looked exquisite. I would love to see her in another color. Maybe a vibrant blue or green. She had an awesome rock on her right hand. I mean, it was like a a door knocker. And I loved it. Sofia looked pretty. I wasn’t a fan of the embellishment at the neckline. She needs to change up that center part. A center part is so extreme. Let’s give it up to Silvia. She was born to wear these jewels. I loved her outfit. Her neckline was a beautiful showcase for her necklace. Silvia normally channels a Dynasty look to me, but she was the MVP for me.

    Mette-Marit looked beautiful. It isn’t often that I say that. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure. I am so glad that she wore something that flatters her so much.

  8. The aquamarine tiara did it for me! Just stunning. Although, Maddie’s gown was a bit too matronly.
    What is with the furrowed brows of Sofia and Kate? Comes from worry, doesn’t it? I wish I had their worries! I know everything is relative, but Ladies, please relax!

    Am I the only one who was not blown away by the fashion? I know Vic is pregnant and I know she is usually just smashing, but she looked tired and I must say, this is the first time, I have felt critical about her choice in fashion. Again, she is pregnant and it has to be a boy! She is big.
    Lovely, but definitely with child.

    The food looked amazing and as always, the photos you chose, KMR, captured the evening in a perfect way. I am usually ga ga over the Swedish Royals, so I don’t know where my blah feelings are coming from.

  9. The food! Oh I’m on a (forced) diet and I gained five unnecessary pounds just looking at it. Respectfully KMR, I’m not sure why you dislike the Queen’s dress and gush over the Crown Princess’s. The colors look very similar to me, the latter’s perhaps two shades darker. The Crown Princess also looks very aged to me; her face seems too tan, she has sun spots and deep lines in her cheeks and forehead. I’m not sure that mary elizabeth’s comment about Princess Sofia’s brow is necessarily accurate. She looks simply gorgeous in the photo of her descending the staircase arm-in-arm, though I wish she’d get her teeth fixed to eliminate the gap so she would smile wider. Wonderful as always, KMR!

    1. Huh? I did not say I disliked Silvia’s dress. I said she “isn’t ever my favorite, but she always looks nice”.

      1. She has an understated elegance about her. I liked the color of the dress, but the style seems dated, like Jackie Kennedy circa 1962. At least in the top half.

    2. Hi Seth. I agree, the CP looks beautiful but exhausted. The flat make up did nothing for her. She needed something a little brighter but still neutral. Pregnancy can cause melasma which can look like sun spots, though she looks very tan. Maddie is my favorite in the SRF and I love the tiara. She seemed more heavily made up than usual though. But those eyes!

    3. During my pregnancies, at around the 4-6 month mark, I was constantly exhausted and could have slept 20 hours a day if I were able to. 🙂 I don’t know if you recall but there was a picture of Diana sleeping through some royal event complete with a tiara on her head, it was really quite a sweet picture.

      1. Yes, I remember that picture of her. She was wearing some kind of pink swirly gown. It is a very sweet picture. For me, the exhaustion was early on. I would fall asleep while my husband was in mid sentence.

        1. So true. I could have fallen asleep while waiting in line at the check-out counter at the supermarket throughout my pregnancy. I will give Victoria a huge thumbs up for always having the wherewithal to attend each and every event and be “present.” However, I think this must be a tough pregnancy for her and I wish her well. She does not look her usual “fab” self, but that is to be understood.

          Maddie is amazingly gorgeous, but I thought the dress was not all that great. The tiara rocked. Queen Silvia looked lovely and Sofia, looked a bit off. THe bodice of the dress was not too flattering and the overall fit really exaggerated her pregnancy. Is she due in the spring?

        2. I remember a famous photo of Diana the day before her pregnancy was announced. She was at a formal event with Prince Charles, sitting in a large red velvet chair, wearing a pale blue ethereal off the shoulder style gown. I think it had blue ribbon near the shoulders or neckline.

          I thought it was a lovely photo, especially after it was revealed she was pregnant with Will. She said later Prince Charles did not like that photo of her.

  10. Round 2 pictures are coming across! Sofia seemed to hear the message and moved the tiara forward a bit but it’s still “off” in some way? Her dress is very similar to Madde’s first one.
    Vic knocked it out of the park in a dress that I think is a repeat or perhaps a similar style to something she has worn before?
    Madde apparently did not like our “matronly” comments. 😉 Still a mother of the bride color but far from a mother of the bride cut!

  11. Oh wow! What do I comment on – the food or the clothes?

    Yummy yummy food!!! I’d move to Sweden if I get to experience their gastronomic delights…

    Queen Silvia was okay, loved Princess Sofia’s dress, the Crown Princess was stunning except for her exhaustion; & imo Princess Madeleine was gorgeous because she is a gorgeous person with impeccable posture who carries herself beautifully, I didn’t like the Kokoshnik on her and those buttons ruin the bodice. Her hairstyle was the best though. Queen Sonja gets my vote for Norway, only for that colour of blue.

    None of the royal guys stood out, Prince Daniel in particular vanished.

    1. B/c he wanted to project the IMAGE of being a “modern” royal and not marry another royal. The reality of course, has taken us back to the 18th century.

      1. They did both study Art History. Of course she actually finished and took ethnology and modern history, two useful areas of study for a diplomat (which royals really are now).

        1. Madeleine also seems to be drawn to accomplished men. In addition to being a sleaze, her former fiancé Jonas Bergström was a lawyer, and Chris O’Neill is obviously a successful financier. William’s resume is pretty weak.

    2. I don’t think Madelaine ever even thought about William. I can’t see her putting up with his nonsense. Imagine him telling her she can’t post pictures or have a Facebook page. Not to mention they just seem to be very different people. Maddie is full of life and William looks like he just wants to crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear (but with all of the perks and money).

      1. I agree. Not even for a second. My point is that they both studied Art History (albeit William unsuccessfully) but that that is where the similarities end.

  12. I know it’s a tradition for the various members of the Swedish family, especially the women, to escort various Nobelists at this banquet. Does Daniel do it, too, for female recipients of the award? If so, I think I need to renew my efforts to win one of those prizes…

    1. Well the King did escort a wife of one of the prize recipients, so I would imagine that the Princes would escort any female winners or wives of the recipients.

          1. You know Rhiannon that Harry is one of the top terrorist targets in Britain b/c of his war service, far more than William. If you marry him, you won’t be able to walk outside without bodyguards, b/c you’ll be a target for kidnapping or assassination.

          2. I didn’t realize that. I knew he was a target in Afghanistan. Oh well, there’s always the romantic and private hills of Sandringham and Balmoral. Unlike a certain couple, I would be okay to have that at my disposal.

            Is it too early to call dibs on Highgrove?

          3. More bad news Rhiannon. Sandringham and Balmoral are the private property of the reigning monarch. So Charles will get them, then… Well there’s speculation that Charles will give Balmoral Castle to Scotland as a historic building and keep Birkhall and Delnadamph Lodge as his private Scottish residences, so anything’s possible. 🙂

          4. Hey, rhiannon, you never know–maybe some impoverished earl or duke would be willing to sell you and Harry one of his country estates. You could make it your own (and better!) version of Anmer.

  13. Great post! The SRF hosted a gorgeous Nobel prize event. CPVictoria was just gorgeous; she looked like a monarch with her tiara, bearing and jewels. I didn’t mind her cleavage at all. The cape was tasteful, she looked beautiful and confident. Honestly, I’m getting a little angry with the Swedish people for always complaining about the SRF when they are getting so much bang (work) for their buck along with intelligence and grace.
    I was thinking about Kate wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot to the Diplomatic reception and am thinking QE did it because she knew everyone would be talking about the SRF/Nobel prizes and wanted the focus to be on the BRF. I guarantee everyone at the reception forgot about the SRF when Kate walked in. If so, I hate that QE used Diana’s popularity, which she always scorned, to get the attention on Britain and on her conversation points. It’s a brilliant, cold move- necessary in diplomacy but complete void of the warmth and naturalness that Diana and that tiara personified.
    The food looked fabulous! I am so trying to make one night a month “eat like a royal.” Which means, good try and eat out

    1. I have to disagree with you on your comment regarding the Queen lending the Cambridge Lover’s tiara to Kate in order to focus attention back on the BRF. In all that I’ve read and seen about the Queen I really don’t believe that she would engage in such game playing, especially not with her grandsons mother’s memory

  14. Thank you for the beautiful post. I love the jewellery, the evening gowns (Madde’s especially), the men look great in white tie but now I’m going to get something to eat as I’m hungry after looking at the photos of the food at the dinner!

  15. Thank you, thank you KMR – wonderful post and all my very favorite things – especially jewellery and food. Victoria looks stunning and Madeleine’s tiara is totally awesome; I think I need to borrow it.

  16. I agree with everyone who feels Maddie takes overall top marks on the evening, she looks sublime and so sure of herself. Love that confidence.
    I am also in the camp with those who think Sophia’s hair is a big miss, especially when she wears her tiara pushed back on her head ( like a trucker hat). It doesn’t look right, but she’s had sash issues as well, so is anyone helping this girl out with the small stuff?
    I loved the Queen’s tiara the best, that’s my idea of a fairy tale headpiece. So pretty.

  17. Thank you, KMR, for this feast of a post. I think i’m in the minority in liking Sofia’s center part. Gotta get the center stone of the tiara lined up right, though.

  18. I hope I don’t get into trouble for thread jacking but here goes.

    The DM had an article about Kate out shopping today complete with pics. It’s interesting as I thought the British papers didn’t publish photos of the Cambridges out and about. Also, the photos aren’t photoshopped so the Duchess does look rather haggard and tired. I wonder if William will complain about this?


    1. Someone pointed out that it looks like she has a pack of purple cigarettes sticking out of her purse in the some of the pictures. What do you guys think?

  19. KMR thanks for this post!!! I absolutely love that you give us the menu and pictures of the food. For some odd reason I find it fascinating and it just helps to bring the whole event together in my mind. By the way, the food was so beautiful and I bet it was also delicious!

    Tiaras and gowns, it is so hard to go wrong with this combination, especially when it’s the Swedes. In my opinion, they have the best jewel vault and enough women in the family to show them off rather frequently.

    I loved Maddie’s grey gown, very stunning, and Victoria just glowed. I thought everyone looked great but I do agree that Sophia’s expressions were strange. It was like she was trying too hard. Maybe she wanted one of the big gun tiaras-:)

  20. I think Victoria looks amazing. I like the colour of the gown and the broach .matches the colouring of her hair. Victoria does manage to pull off the big tiara and to be quite big now it must be uncomfortable. I like the way Victoria’s gown flatters the bump.

    The Swedes definitely know how to pull of a menu with delicious foods. I have to confess seeing the foods makes me feel hungry.
    I do think Madeline is the best dressed. I like the lace sleeves and the button up front but it does look a bit matronly. I adore the aquamarine tiara. It matches Madeline’s eyes. I don’t really understand the term princess. Is it meant in a derogatory way as opposed to playing dress up?
    I think Sofia looks elegant.
    Thank you KMR.

    1. “I don’t really understand the term princess. Is it meant in a derogatory way as opposed to playing dress up?”

      Are you asking why I said Madeleine “looks like a princess”?

      What I meant when I said that is that if you asked me to describe what a fairy tale princess is supposed to look like, it would be Madeleine in this outfit. It is in no way derogatory.

      1. I think Madeleine looked like a fairy tale princess too. I think it was the other meaning. I have come across it and confess I don’t understand the other meaning.

  21. loved this post. I have always looked forward to the Nobel prize ceremonies because of the attractive SRF, their gowns and tiaras – even before I had any clue about them.

    Maddie definitely stole the night. She is a natural beauty and always rocks a tiara. This night was no exception. That tiara brings out her beautiful eyes and matches perfectly with her gown. It is a bit demure but I think the occasion called for it.

    Victoria also looks amazing. I can imagine it isn’t easy at her stage of her pregnancy bit Victoria is quite the trooper an never disappoints. The Swedes must be so proud of their Crown Princess. I hope to some day read (or hear) her proud father boasting about her work (especially given his past comments about his heir wishes).

    I think Sofia so crown is growing on me. I disliked the emeralds the first time I saw it but I guess she must love them and she is sure making that crown hers 🙂 I like her dress too. I always like a black dress and I love the embroidery at the bottom and the flower lace on the top. I don’t even dislike her hairdo.

    This is such a good looking family… I’m sure other royals are jealous lol.

  22. Stunning use of the amethysts! wow! Maddie looked great too! Both women were stunning.

    Sofia need to try some texas hair with that tiara… and a side part.

  23. Who let them out of the palace looking like that? Tiaras aside it’s a fashion disaster… the grey dress was more or less okay, as for the rest… too much jewellery and terrible dresses.

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