Kate Middleton visits Chance UK, talks about Prince George

Kate Middleton visits Chance UK, talks about Prince George

It’s the second day in a row of double engagements for our dear Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. And it’s the fifth day of engagements in the last eight days. Phew. Kate must be exhausted. Earlier today, October 27, Kate visited Chance UK at Islington Town Hall in Islington, North London. And what did Kate wear to visit kids? Dark grey, of course.

Oh, like yesterday, this is a two post day. This post is just for the day event, I will post about the evening event later. Please no thread-jacking.

Kate arrives at Chance UK

During her visit to Chance UK, Kate met with children age 5-11, their parents, and their mentors. They told her about their experiences with the organization and Kate told them stories about Prince George.

As we saw yesterday, a photo of Kate and George at the Natural History Museum surfaced. When Kate sat down with Carl Goddard, 10, and his mentor Claire Butler, 29, Kate talked about the NHM trip after Carl showed her a picture of him at the museum. Apparently it happened last Thursday, October 22. So not the day of the rugby match like I mused. Kate simply rewore those ugly floral Zara pants.

From the Express:

    “[Carl] said: ‘She was telling me that she took George to the Natural History Museum. They went there last Thursday.’
    “Claire added: ‘She said that George was more interested in a pigeon they found there rather than all the amazing exhibits. Carl told her about the fox that he saw and she was interested in that.'”

So George is more interested in pigeons than dinosaur bones. Got it.

Kate talks to children at Chance UK

Because we’ve been discussing mental health and how to talk to people suffering from mental health issues a lot lately, this quote from Carl about what qualities a good mentor should have stuck out to me.

From the Daily Mail:

    “Carl said: ‘I was telling [Kate] about what a good mentor should have. She should be empathetic so she can put herself into the child’s shoes and think about how they are feeling. And also she should be organised.’
    “Claire, who has been volunteering as Carl’s mentor for five months, added: ‘These are all the skills he chose for a good mentor and he explained each one in turn.'”

I agree with Carl. I think whenever one is working with people with any sort of problem or disability, it is important to not just be sympathetic, but be empathetic. To genuinely try to understand how they are feeling and how they want to be treated. Mostly people just want to feel like they aren’t alone in the world.

Kate listens to people at Chance UK

Chance UK is a charity focusing on improving the lives of primary school children, aged 5-11, with behavioral difficulties who are at risk of developing anti-social or criminal behavior by using a solution-focused approach to grow their strengths, build their self-esteem, and find positive alternatives to their challenging behavior.

Oh, by the way. Kate stayed at this event for about an hour.

Kate outside Chance UK

When Kate was talking to Faith Buchanan, 8, and her mentor Elizabeth Little, 33, they discussed the qualities a princess should have. Faith said one of the qualities was special powers, and Kate said she wished she had special powers.

Also while talking to Faith and Elizabeth, Kate mentioned how George likes “ladybirds”, which in American is ladybugs.

From the Express article I linked above:

    “Faith said: ‘We were talking about insects and she said George likes them.’
    “Elizabeth added: ‘She said George’s favourite was the ladybird.'”

I wonder if Kate bought that ladybug-patterned mug from Emma Bridgewater benefiting EACH for George since he likes ladybugs so much.

What ever happened to that appeal, anyway? I haven’t heard anything about it since February when Kate visited the Bridgewater factory. Kate should really go back to that charity and appeal to remind people of it.

As I mentioned, Kate went with dark grey for the children’s charity visit. She repeated an Orla Kiely dress from the AW2011 collection that she first wore in March 2012 to the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Kate accessorize with her favorite Stuart Weitzman Power pumps and Mulberry Bayswater clutch (I’m so sick of these two pieces – she’s worn them so much this year).

Kate wore her trusty Annoushka pearl drop earrings and Cartier watch. At least she wore her hair up.

I’ve been wanting Kate to bring back some pieces from 2011/2012 because she has some really pretty pieces from that time, but not this one. I never cared for this dress.

For comparison: Kate in 2012 on the left, today on the right.

Kate arriving at Chance UK

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Chance UK @ChanceUK / Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail / Getty / Islington Council @IslingtonBC

58 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visits Chance UK, talks about Prince George

  1. I actually really liked this dress the first time she wore it, so I am happy she brought it back! I think it looks much better today with her hair pulled back. Her ponytail looks great! Very young and fresh in my opinion. I have nothing to critique on her outfit for this afternoon engagement. I thought Kate looked lovely today and appeared engaged. I feel like she talks about herself a lot or her and George, but maybe that is just the sound bites we get so it just appears that way. I just hope she doesn’t make it about herself when talking to others. She may be trying to relate, but ends up mentioning herself too much. Oh well, at least she looked pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I wonder about the sound bites we get. From what we get, both Kate and William talk about George a lot. And Kate also talks about William. It would seem, from the little we get, that they talk about them a lot, but I wonder if that’s just what the reporters think is most interesting and so that’s what they publish. Kate could talk about a lot of other things, too, and we would never know because the reporters only publish the interesting stuff – which is the stuff about George, William, and Charlotte (though I don’t think Kate has ever been quoted as talking about Charlotte).

  2. I’m a sucker for pleats so I actually like this dress. I wish it were a different color than a dowdy gray, but, it’s a bit more of an interesting choice, relatively speaking. She seems to have lightened up her makeup too which is good. On the side by side 2012 picture versus today, you can really see how much she has aged in 3 years. She is quite stooped too but maybe that’s just a bad angle. The contrast is quite jarring.

    1. I like the structure and silhouette of the dress, but I don’t like the detailing on the neckline and the color is just so drab to me.

        1. Love the pleats. Hate the detailing on the bodice. And, grey when visiting kids? Oh, we have discussed this so many times. She did look very engaged in the photo where she is seated next to the child, but the back of her dress was a mess. Doesn’t she know how to properly seat herself?

          I am a huge complainer. Sorry.

          1. Lol. So am I, Mary Elizabeth. That’s why I post here. No one else but you guys (and I mean NO ONE ELSE) cares at all about my rantings. ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Seth, how is your mother doing? How are you? Sending love, light and prayers your way. I am so sorry and can only imagine how stressful this is for you. I truly hope the doctors can find a medication to keep her comfortable. Please know we all are sending good thoughts your way.

  3. I really liked this dress the first time she wore it so I’m happy to see it again. I agree that the ponytail was very appropriate today but frankly it looks like my 4 year old granddaughter put it up for her, rather messy on the right side of her head. I agree with you KMR, she really needs to retire these shoes, clutch and earrings, we know she has more of each so lets see them.

    I have to say the difference between the picture of her in 2012 and of her today is rather startling. Imo, back in 2012 she looked so vibrant, happy and relaxed, today she looked tired, blah and a bit stressed. I would have thought that after 4+ years she would have become more comfortable in her royal role as opposed to less comfortable.

    When is Kate going to comment about these great charities that she visits? As I recall a short quote was released not all that long ago about one visit she made, which I thought was fantastic, but since then silence. If she wants to be seen for more than her clothes, hair and figure she needs to put the spotlight on the various charities she supports. The only way I know anything about these charities is because of the bloggers not because of Kate, hell I know more about Pippa’s charities than I do about Kate’s because Pippa actually says something about them.

    1. I like that she wore a ponytail, but it always seems like her ponytails need to be much tighter than they are. They are always done very loose.

      I wish she would comment on her visits so that her off-hand remarks about George or William weren’t the only thing to focus on. The only reason I know anything about her charities is because I look them up in order to let you guys know what they are about. It would be really great hearing even a snippet about them from Kate herself. I wish she would say a few words at her events.

    2. “I have to say the difference between the picture of her in 2012 and of her today is rather startling. Imo, back in 2012 she looked so vibrant, happy and relaxed, today she looked tired, blah and a bit stressed. I would have thought that after 4+ years she would have become more comfortable in her royal role as opposed to less comfortable.” – I wholeheartedly agree.

      Once again she did not said a word about the event, and I truly think that’s the reason reporters focus so much on what she’s wearing and what she says about George – it also helps we rarely get to see the kid, so might as well let people know about him.

      I personally don’t find anything strange about she talking about her kids, it’s a normal behaviour once people have kids they have a tendency to speak a lot about them. What I found really odd is how she only refers to him as ‘George’, never ‘my son’ or ‘my eldest’, IMO it seems she thinks everyone she comes in contact with knows she has a son and his name is George, of course it wouldn’t be as awkward if she only spoke to adults, but when she speaks to kids they usually do this face ‘who the f. is George’.

      She, once again, stood there awkwardly while other person give a speech, in this case, Kessington Ladipo, a man who has helped by the charity and now helps kids like him – Kate had a ‘private meeting’ with him right after she arrived, she much have felt inspired it was about 5 min!
      [https://twitter.com/QueenVicMirror/status/659048079803457536 ; i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/10/27/16/2DD8066000000578-3291472-image-m-113_1445963700110.jpg]

      1. Her private meeting with Kensington Ladipo at the start adds to belief that she doesn’t visit her charities behind the scenes. What we see on these days is pretty much all that she does. Which I think is another reason why she doesn’t give speeches, no content, nothing she’s learnt despite having been “interested in early intervention” (we were told) from the get go 3 years ago when she finally started doing charitable engagements.

  4. In that last pic her dress isn’t folded under her bottom. If she’s going without underwear again, that could be a very, er, *special* chair. Ugh.

    1. Oh, you’re right. He butt is fully on that chair right there. I truly hope she’s wearing full-coverage underwear.

  5. Is Prince George going to appear in public soon? Do they have him on the schedule? I wish they would show him doing things instead of talking about him. The only engagement George has ever done was Plunkett.

    1. Probably not. They really don’t like showing him to the public. I wish they would, though.

  6. I actually really like this dress. I wasn’t as fond of it the first time she wore it, maybe her ponytail changed things for me. It’s kind of a youthful dress and I think the ponytail fit the design and shape of the dress much better. This is a win for me in the clothes department.

    I do wish she would learn to say a few words about her charities. As someone who gives and attends a ton of speeches, it can be kind of awkward when someone is praising your efforts (as I’m sure they do) and you just nod a thank you and move from the front of the room. I like all the activity but they could definitely up the impact of the visits.

    1. I think it must be so incredibly awkward when Kate just stands there listening to people give speeches/say a few words and she stays silent. I would feel compelled to say at least something. At least thank them for saying what they’ve said about me.

  7. I give her an A with this look. I love gray and the pleats are lovely. Her hair is off her face and you can we that she’s a pretty woman. The difference between 2012 and now is jarring.

    She needs to step it up and attempt a speech. She is in a safe space to do that. She’s had four years. It’s time. She needs to do it while she’s on a roll. She will never get good at it of she never tries. Come on, Kate. I want to believe in you again.

  8. She looks MUCH thinner today vs. 2012. I find that startling since (no offense to any mothers intended :)) she has had two kids in 22 months. Usually after having kids almost back-to-back, I would imagine she would still have a little weight (but of course she also seemed to gain so little weight during her pregnancies to begin with). Something just doesn’t seem quite right in that department to me. She has less flesh on her cheeks and her neck, and looks more like she’s grimacing than smiling in the 2015 picture, at least to me.

    1. Take that up with Amanda Platell. How she can’t conceive that Kate might very well purposely want to be this skinny defines logic. I don’t know why she can’t put two and two together having already pointed out the following:

      “She lost weight before her wedding โ€” but then every bride does…But since her two pregnancies, Kate has, thereโ€™s no denying, become thinner still.”
      “…rather than criticising her, surely we should all try to understand…imagine having just given birth after a ghastly pregnancy and then having to step out on to the steps of the hospital and be photographed by the worldโ€™s media”

      That comment right there throws out her whole “Surely no one really thinks that she went on a Victoria Beckham baby diet to be stick thin just weeks after her child was born.”

      She even goes on to say, “But, then again, just imagine what the whisperers would be saying if sheโ€™d developed a baby paunch.”

      What Platell fails to understand is that the main complaint before and after her wedding is that Kate shows more interest in being skinny than her contribution to society. The only thing she’s prepared to work on is her body and physical appearance.

      How can Platell excuse such poor showing from the Duchess of Cambridge after more than 4 years in The Firm and almost a decade to prepare during the dating years,

      “the whisperers attack her for attending just 25 public engagements in 2015 and only nine since Charlotteโ€™s birth, including two appearances at the World Cup rugby. While Kate did 34 official engagements in her first year married to William, Diana was out 170 times as the new wife of Prince Charles. In 1991 she performed 397 royal duties, not including her tireless behind-the-scenes work for the homeless and HIV sufferers.”

      No one is asking for Kate work herself into the ground but surely at the very least hitting a 100 in a year whilst a 91 year does almost three times that isn’t too much to ask. Is it?

      Anyway, kudos to her for this one,
      “Ah, William … Unlike his younger brother, who seems to take his royal role in his stride and actually enjoys the good he can do for his various causes, William appears begrudging and uncomfortable in his role.”


  9. I think she looks really pretty. I love the dress, and her hair looks great. I think you might be right Seth, she’s thinner now than in 2012 – yikes!
    Check out Bex D. in the background, miss fashionista in the mod style outfit. She of the short skirts, lately!

    1. I don’t agree with the color of the dress, Ray. Gray when visiting children? But when she went to the World Trade Center Memorial Site, she wore bright pink? It’s like to me she mismatches everything.

      1. The bright pink coat to the WTC Memorial was a definite misstep. If her intention was to bring a little light to what was going to be a somber visit, it was misplaced. For someone who likes to dress for the theme of an occasion as often as she can, this was a major faux pas. Especially in light of the fact that the rest of her trip was clothed in shades of black and grey. Even the coat she wore upon arrival was subdued enough to wear again, if she was so set against something dark that day.

    2. Becca really loves her short skirts. She wears shorter skirts than Kate. It really looks unprofessional.

  10. I genuinely like that dress (at least one from her 2 weeks parade) and gray is my favorite color. She looks good in that piece but in 2012 she looked much, much better. Can you compare her complexion 3 years ago with current one? She looks so tired and much older now – all glowing and sparkle is gone.

    I don’t know but I miss Charlotte – I don’t really understand why we never see any picture of Kate together with her little baby girl as we used to with George – that is very strange. You know I also have a little baby boy at home and I hardly can separate with him. When I am out of the house I just can’t stop thinking about him and most of the time he is like the little monkey who is always in my arms – and that is so natural for any mother. Why then we never see Charlotte with Kate, why she hardly mentions her?

    1. That’s an interesting observation, Polishgirl. We focus so much on George and the Cambs complaining about him all the time, we might forget they have another kid. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe she’s quieter and they feel she’s just an infant, so there’s not much to say? Whereas George is 2 years old, so he’s much more active? Don’t know. You would think Kate would be more expressive about her ONLY daughter but who knows?

      1. Seth – there is always much to say about little babies because they growing so fast and every day is bringing something new. I’ve never seen new mom who hardly mention her baby. That is why women without the children find new moms very boring and focused only on one topic.

        1. I am surprised Kate isn’t talking about Charlotte. Babies change so quickly, there is always something to say about what they are doing at each age.

          I don’t have any children and do not find parents discussing there children boring. Actually, I love hearing about my friends children and ask about them all the time.

          1. As a single 20-something with lots of friends having kids and living in an area where one it’s major draws is it’s supposed “family-friendliness,”, I’m in the minority in this three-way exchange. I’m not overly fond of little children for many reasons and I dislike every time a conversation goes on and on about every little thing the kid is doing at the moment, instead of discussing a more “adult” topic. Just my view. ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. and that is what I wanted to state Seth. I was among that group once when I was single but after my firstborn son opened his eyes to the world for the first time I immediately changed the tune. That is what’s happening with the new Mums

          3. Lol, Seth, I’m with you. A friend of mine just had a baby and she’s gone so overboard with it. Will not stop talking about it and posting a million photos on Facebook. She’s been talking non-stop about the baby since she got pregnant. It’s just too much for me. I don’t need to see a million photos of a week-old sleeping baby.

    2. Yeah, I can’t miss Charlotte because I know nothing about her other than that she exists. She’s a baby with no personality at this point. They really need to show her off more so the public can get attached to her and grow to care about her. Because as it stands now I don’t even care about Charlotte. I care more about the Swedish kids because we can already see so much personality there.

  11. Oh I forgot to say that her accessorizing “skills” are just beyond the help. Again black pumps and black clutch – no imagination, no creativity. That woman is so predictable and so dull.

  12. I liked this dress the first time she wore it and I still like it.

    I’m glad she wore her hair away from her face, but that ponytail is so poorly done and the bangs (I’m still hating those) just make her look even more tired.

    She should have worn different pumps, sheer black tights?, a different clutch, whatever! something to appear different (in a good way) from the last time she wore this dress.

    I’m in agreement with all who point out how all her glow is gone. I don’t know if she thought she was going to be the next Diana (loved, admired and worshiped by all) and then was met with a lot of criticism for her lack of work, fashion style, huge expenses and home renovations or perhaps even not a fairy-tale marriage… She looks more insecure (in that side-by-side current picture) she is even curling in, tired, sad ๐Ÿ™ jeez, makes me feel bad for being so critical.

    Someone close to her, please help!

    1. So true Beatrix – Instead of growing into the role she looks more and more insecure and confused about her place and position.

      and I also feel bad about being so critical and hard on her because few years ago she seemed like a very nice girl and I wished her well.

  13. I am sure you will cover this later but Harry is in DC with Michelle Obama and there is an article in FEMAIL http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3293715/Prince-Harry-smiles-meets-Michelle-Obama-event-support-Invictus-Games.html. In the 5th paragraph down the article slips in a mention of Harry’s sister in law as being a long time champion of mental well-being. Is that kind of a back-handed insult or are they trying to convince readers that this really matters to her. It is so LAME!!!!!

    1. Yes, I will. Later. I don’t have time at the moment. The post will probably be up either later tonight (like much later) or tomorrow morning.

  14. The last picture of her sitting on the chair, She needed to tuck her dress in before sitting!
    Because when you don’t it is skin to chair, Yuck!
    A real Lady would know that!!!

  15. I have just joined the group. I really enjoy the coverage I’ve seen of the BRF and the European Royals. Thank you, KMR, for the research and hard work that goes into this blog. I want to state that I had very high hopes for William and Kate when they became engaged and until about two years after their marriage. But, like many people, I’ve been quite let down by their laziness and lack of contribution to the BRF. That said, Kate and William always seem a little depressed to me in the last year. I think William is very moody, and feel that given Kate’s rapidly-aging face, there might be something going on behind the scenes that we do not know about. I know this has been discussed a lot on this blog, but as I am new, just thought I’d put in my two cents.

    1. Lisa welcome to the group ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also novice in some way as I joined the KMR just a few weeks ago but no matter how long we are here I think we all share the same feelings. I think no one in the group was Kate’s critic from the beginning. We all had such a high hopes for them and we wished them well – but they shattered our expectations and now we can only express our disappointment and disapproval. It’s sad but true.
      Welcome again

      1. There are so many people here who had such high hopes for W&K when they first married and have become so disillusioned. It seems to be a pattern. W&K let down so many people.

    2. Hi Lisa S!! Welcome to the blog!

      I don’t know about you but I started to loose hope with them after the France photos showed they lied about why they didn’t attend the rest of the Paralympics. That was the start of their downward spiral for me.

      I agree with you that Kate has seemed very off lately. I don’t know if it’s postpartum depression or if it’s that she hates her royal life and duties, but something is definitely off there.

      1. It is confusing. She does seem off, but not when she’s out and about doing the fluff and fawning over celebrities.

        The Paralympic lie is when I was done with these wastrels as well. It was huge, and so blatant and offensive. Showed how little they cared for humanity, and a total lack of character.

  16. Not a fan of the dress, it’s drab in color. I do like the silhouette though. Fit and flare works for Kate, even though the waist is too high on her. Pleats are good. She needs to learn how to sit in it, though. UGH.

    The bust area looks lumpy.

    I’d like to see a post showing her teeth: Before/after. It seems as if there has been some recent tweaking of the veneers.

  17. She looks tired and a lot less attractive than she did the first time around in that dress. She always looks rather sickly to me when she doesn’t have a tan. When she’s all tan and dewy from the humidity in the summer/warm climates she looks quite a bit younger and far more attractive. I think that’s true for everyone though. It’s becoming quite apparent to me that my thing for her is almost entirely superficial, apart from loving her inner gooberness and kind-hearted naivety. I’m pretty much interested in how she presents herself. I guess there’s just not much else on offer so that’s why. She doesn’t really have a platform or a voice like Diana did, but it’s still early. She could end up surprising us all and become more than just a pampered housewife. Anyone who’s really studied Diana’s life knows she was rather unaccomplished and petty herself for a long time as well.

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