Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry attend Spectre premiere with Daniel Craig

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry attend Spectre premiere with Daniel Craig

After wagging some wellies earlier in the day, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry glammed it up in tuxes (for the gents) and gown (for the lady) to attend the Royal Film Premiere of the new James Bond film, Spectre, in London.

Kate, William, and Harry arrive at Spectre premiere

After the red carpet for the film’s stars was over, the royal trio arrived and walked into the Royal Albert Hall where they met the cast and creators of the film including: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, director Sam Mendes, and producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

Kate talks to Daniel Craig at Spectre premiere

When meeting Craig, Harry fanboy-ed out, patting him before asking to borrow a reporter’s pen to get the actor to sign his program. Harry is so adorable.

Let’s move on to fashion…

The good:

For the longest time I’ve commented on Kate’s earring game and how dinky her pieces are even though they are extremely expensive. Well, Kate finally showed up in some substantial earrings. Like, really large and really expensive earrings. Kate wore Robinson Pelham “Pagoda” earrings set with blue topaz and diamonds in white gold (£14,300).

These earrings were previously worn by Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, to the evening wedding reception in 2011. I like the earrings and I’m glad Kate blinged it out. And I can accept the cost because they were purchased for Carole for the wedding in 2011, so it’s not like Kate just ran out and bought £14,000 earrings. They are a repeat borrowed from Carole.

Also good: Kate wore her hair up in a really nice updo.

The “I’m not sure if it’s bad”:

Kate wore a brand new bespoke Jenny Packham gown in duck egg blue with a halter neckline, sheer back and sleeves, and a sparkly belt. Because of the sheer back we can see that Kate’s not wearing a bra (though I’m sure double-sided tape was involved).

Yeah… I don’t know if I like this or not. I’m okay with the color and I like the skirt and even the sparkly belt, but that top is giving me pause. It is so baggy. Everything is so baggy about the top, and when Kate reaches out her arm (photo below) you can see just how much extra fabric is there.

Kate is so boring in her dressing usually, so I’m okay with her going a bit daring with the halter and sheer fabric, but it’s just so baggy! I think I would like it much more if it weren’t so baggy. Plus, because it’s a halter with light fabric there is no structure to the top which only adds to the bagginess of it. It looks so droopy in the front because of how baggy it is.

I’ve probably used the word baggy 50 times in the last three paragraphs, so I’ll stop, but my overall thought on this dress is that I would have liked it had the top not been so loose and baggy.

Kate back

The “meh”:

Kate’s other accessories were her Jimmy Choo “Vamp” Sandals and a new Jenny Packham “Casa Silver/Gold/Crystal” clutch (£455.00). There’s not much to say there.

Robinson Pelham Pagoda earrings Jenny Packham Casa Silver Gold Crystal clutch Jimmy Choo Vamp Sandals

Here is Daniel Craig AKA James Bond looking good in a tux – sans wife Rachel Weisz who did not walk the carpet with him. I know the “Who is the best Bond” question has been debated in the comments before, but I still say Craig is my favorite Bond. And Craig’s first Bond film, Casino Royale, is my favorite Bond film.

Weisz did do the greeting line with Craig, though.

Next up we have Ralph Fiennes – who I will forever love due to his playing Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films – and Christoph Waltz with his wife Judith Holste. Waltz plays the villain in the film.

These two are personal favorites. On the left is Andrew Scott who played Moriarty on Sherlock (I love Sherlock). And on the right is Ben Whishaw. Whishaw plays Q in the film. He was my favorite part of Skyfall, and I think he’s attractive.

I’m going to skip the fug fashion from the other ladies who showed up to the premiere and only show the main female stars of the film (because they actually look nice and this post is getting too long to do the fug fashion). On the left is Lea Seydoux (in Prada) and Monica Bellucci (in velvet Ralph & Russo), and Naomie Harris is on the right. Not many women can pull off orange on the red carpet, but I think Harris looks great here.

Here are some more photos of Kate and Harry (and his Ginger Beard) at the event.

Because several people mentioned how Harry bent all the way down to talk to people in wheelchairs at the bomb disposal unit service last week, I thought I’d show a photo of how Kate talks to people in wheelchairs. To compare and contrast.

Kate and William and Spectre premiere

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty

145 thoughts on “Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry attend Spectre premiere with Daniel Craig

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth– that dress is *baggy*!! Also, I’m not sure about how I feel about the bare back/ obvious no bra, though I guess in her defense, it must feel a little frustrating trying to pick a gown that meets the conservative dress standards expected of a Royal while also making her look and feel age appropriate/ not too matronly… I’m glad she pulled her hair back though, and i agree with you about the jewelry so overall I’d say this was a tentative win for her… as for how she talks to people in wheelchairs, sadly, I’m not shocked… Thanks for another great post!!

    1. She has worn strapless before – in 2011 to the military awards. It was one of her best looks, in my opinion. She she can do modern and look good. I think the no bra/sheer back would have been fine (since her boobs are so small) had the dress not been so baggy.

        1. Well, if we’re comparing black strapless dresses… The Queen wore one first. So both Kate’s and Diana’s should remind you of the Queen’s. Personally, I don’t mind that Kate’s black strapless McQueen was similar to Diana’s dress. Kate still looked great in that dress.

      1. The dress is a styled on a 1930’s design which is flattering on slim silhouettes, but like everything Kate wears it like a potato sack, it’s and ethereal sensual dress, and she makes it lookike grandma in her nightgown, I just don’t get it with this woman there is nothing remotely womanly about her she’s like airtime girl in all she does. Rant over…

        1. I’m with you, Hayley. Kate just could not pull this off. I also hated the row of buttons on the sleeves. Like, what?! Kate looked so gaunt to me. Not thin, not slender. GAUNT.

          Harry looked the best of everyone. He is one amazing guy.

          As for how Kate stood in front of the person in the wheelchair. She is just clueless. Harry just says, does and breathes perfectly.

          1. Kate did not have a suit on (pants is the word). I think a woman has more to worry about before bending down. I think if either one could not hear the other, you would have seen some movement to lean in closer and that did not happen. I think the dress is fine. Sleeves almost are a dolman from the shoulder to the elbow, and they are usually somewhat baggy. I am glad she is experimenting with fashion and continues despite the harsh comments.

  2. I like the dress but it was not good choice for Kate. I think she literally “starving” underneath that top. She also doesn’t need bra because she has no breast. I know I am being cruel but look at that picture when she is walking with the William side by side on the red carpet. She just “disappearing” in that dress and her all feminine features are gone. Please Kate – eat something !!!

    1. Its funny you said that Polishgirl. This just shows how small chested Kate really is and is not breast feeding anymore. It also shows that she must wear a padded bra most other times. You can’t really hide your true size when you go braless. I am just happy that this should put a stop to people using breast feeding as an excuse for Kate not working more.

      1. To tell you the truth Overit I’ve never believed that she breastfed – not after that “playing in the field” with George during that polo match in June. She looked too (let me say) comfortable without Charlotte. I think no breastfeeding mom could be able to stay away from her newborn baby that long, only just a few weeks after giving birth. She would be aching for some relief from heavy and painful breast unless she hid some breast pumps in that tight jeggings of hers.

        1. I didn’t believe the breastfeeding either. Especially when she was gone for so long at Wimbledon. I remember when she missed that weekend wedding, the really Kate obsessed said it was because she was breastfeeding. I guess they will find an excuse for anything to make Kate look good. Even though this really proves she hasn’t been breastfeeding. It is really sad too if she didn’t. It is so good for the baby. Makes me think she is shallow. Why else wouldn’t she do it if not for being shallow and wanting to keep her breast perky (I know feeding can kind of change them).

          All I know is Kate’s body is starting to look like Keira Knightley’s. However, I think Keira’s is actual natural where as Kate’s is not. It makes me sad that she feels the need to be so thin. I wonder if part of that is William wanting a model thin wife?

          1. To play devil’s advocate:

            There are a multitude of reasons why a woman would not breastfeed her child that have nothing to do with the woman being shallow. Maybe the baby won’t latch on properly and/or isn’t getting the necessary amount of nutrients from breastfeeding, or it is painful for the mother, or some other medical reason that makes breastfeeding not an option. Or maybe she just chose not to breastfeed for some other reason.

            Many women chose not to breastfeed their children for any number of reasons. That doesn’t make them bad mothers.

            If you want to call out Kate, her PR team, and her fans for using breastfeeding as an excuse when she is not actually breastfeeding, by all means do so. But choosing to breastfeed or not is a personal decision that every woman is free to make for themselves.

          2. KMR, I don’t mind you playing devil’s advocate, but I never said not breastfeeding makes her a bad mother. I said it makes her shallow! There is a big big big difference.

            And your right there are a number of reasons that women choose not to breastfeed, however, I came to the conclusion with Kate that it was purely superficial reasons because of things we have seen regarding Kate. Such as she is very into her looks and body, so much so that it takes president. I can see her not wanting to breastfeed so that she can focus on her image. Also, because she is lazy and might not have wanted to get up in the middle of the night to feed or pump. All of this is of course speculation. But in regards to Kate, it wouldn’t surprise me to know that she chose not to breastfeed for shallow reason. I am only talking about Kate, not other women. I never mentioned women as whole not breastfeeding. I don’t want to offend anyone, especially if there are some on here who have had trouble themselves with breastfeeding. I am solely talking about Kate 🙁

          3. Okay, I understand. It seemed to me that you were making a general statement re breastfeeding v not breastfeeding and wanted to say something about it because I know a lot of women have a hard time breastfeeding. I also know that breastfeeding v not breastfeeding is a huge debate topic for many mothers and opinions can get heated with women being labelled bad mothers for doing or not doing one or the other, and wanted to get ahead of that. Thank you for clarifying, and I’m sorry I jumped the gun on that one.

            Another thought I had re Kate breastfeeding or not: If we are correct in thinking that Kate is suffering from some kind of postpartum depression, maybe that could be a reason why she didn’t breastfeed this time around. I do believe she breastfeed George for several months after he was born because her breasts were much larger after he was born. They went down in about Jan 2014. Kate’s breasts do seem to be smaller now than this amount of time after George was born. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate didn’t breastfeed this time. Or if she only breastfed for a short amount of time.

          4. I am also not judging someone for not breastfeeding. I myself had a very hard time with my firstborn son because no one could tell me what was wrong. I was so sore I couldn’t think straight. It lasted for 2 month until I eventually gave up but still I felt very bad about that. It was like a failure. Then after 2 years it came very naturally with my daughter with no problems and I really enjoyed it so now with my baby boy I feel like a pro.
            You see then, I know both sides very well and I was far from judging. I only wanted to point it out that in my opinion Kate with her breastfeeding is some kind of propaganda to make her look better as a mother.

      2. Oh wow, I didn’t even think about the breastfeeding… seeing her in these photos, I literally forgot she just had a baby…

        1. Goodness, Ladies, it seems you make comments about Kate as if you lived with her night and day. How can you make daydream remarks? You have no proof of anything. I know, I get it, get you, get over it please.

          1. I’m going to let this through, but since you’re new here, please read the comment policy and don’t be rude to others. There is a more diplomatic way of saying something than “get over it”.

      3. It also shows that Kate didn’t get breast implants or whatever it was people were saying she got. Because clearly her breasts are still very small.

        1. i very rarely discuss a person’s size because it’s never as simple as they are under or over weight due to how much food they eat, and i frequently ask those who do to consider the variety of reasons for a person’s weight eg their frame, their body type etc, but in this instance, and i feel so horrible for talking about it, i feel Kate is too thin to the point she is fragile.

          her wedding year thinness didn’t leave her as fragile as this. she actually had muscle tone so it looked like she had exercised herself into thinness.

          this time i was afraid for her each step she took at the premiere. i’ve been making fun of her OTT wig all week, but i can see now that it was hiding her fragile thinness and i deeply regret that now. she’s gone beyond pin thin, and she doesn’t look strong and her sad face makes me think that there is something very,very wrong behind the scenes.

          ETA: what’s even more weird is that i think she’s lost MORE weight between the chinese banquet and yesterday’s premiere. i thought she was thin at the banquet, and i’ve gone back to look at the photos/videos, but she’s managed to lose some more in the past week and now looks fragile unlike beginning of last week.

          i know she is off to Mustique [or some other sunny place] soon, and boy do i want her to go if it means she can recover from whatever is ailing her.

          1. I so agree with you. I try my hardest to not comment about a woman’s body type. She’s scary skinny now. I hope that she gets the help and support that she needs.

          2. Was she wearing padding under the white dress she wore to the women’s correction facility? She was not this thin then. Come on, we were all saying she had breast implants. Suddenly, and quite dramatically, she looks sickly. She is way too thin. Way too thin.
            I know it is not right to criticize a female’s body type, but she looks very sickly. Why isn’t anyone who truly cares about her helping Kate? It’s obvious to many of us who look at her photos, that something is very wrong.

    2. I completely agree and I am about the same size as Kate! I struggle to keep weight on and that’s the first place you lose weight in (followed by the rear). It’s extremely important to wear flattering and appropriate shapes that enhance elegance and lovely clavicle bones, rather than emphasizing small size and looking underweight. She really needs to learn how to dress properly for her body type.

  3. First thought came to mind when I saw the gown…..”Is that a bathrobe?” I don’t wish to sound so negative all the time, but I would bet that gown would look drop dead fabulous on someone else who has more meat or curves. The gown doesn’t flatter Kate because of her extreme thinness, and therefore, Kate doesn’t do justice to the gown either. Would someone please feed this woman?

    1. Sorry to be rude but you have taken the words out of my mouth. Love the skirt portion. Wish it was a brighter color. It looks like an old expensive robe!
      Breast feeding or not is her choice.

    2. I thought this gown looked more of a negligee when I saw it. Just swathes of wispy material overwhelming an extremely thin frame and I didn’t think the bareback braless look suited the occasion. And the color is too pale and washed-out. I did like the statement earrings, however; a nice “wow” factor.

    3. Yes, bathrobe… or negligee. It’s the wrapping effect around the front that gives it that bathrobe/negligee look.

      Actually I have to disagree a bit with you about the dress looking good on someone bigger. I don’t think that dress would look good on anyone, really. A woman with larger breasts would look bad because the dress is backless and you can’t wear a bra. And no matter what the dress would have too much fabric under the arms.

    4. I like the upper back portion as well as the belt and the skirt portion. The front though…just doesn’t do it for me.

  4. It is official, she is the most boring dresser. Cut the sleeves off this gown and you have the same basic style that she wore to the state dinner last week. Same with the dress she wore earlier today, get rid of the print and make it red, it is almost exactly what she wore to Wimbledon. I do not expect her to dress in a blatantly sexy way, but overall she has no sex appeal at all.

    1. Bullseye LJA! I have been grasping for the right adjective to describe Kate because no matter how much she dresses up or down, there’s just something missing. You nailed it LJA — she has no sex appeal! I would even venture to say, she doesn’t have the gift of being naturally charming. She’s a manufactured, one-note, female.

      1. She could wear something off the shoulder or sleeveless or something with a nice wide square neck, that just shows a bit more. All the other European royal women do that and look perfectly respectable. As usual her hair was a nightmare. Someone please please please tell her the color is not good with her complexion. By the way dress color was totally wishy washy and made her look pale and haggard .

        1. Yes! I saw that dress and felt it made her look rough, pale, no breasted and unhealthily skinny. Good lord she must use one of those add two cup size bras because she looks like an a cup here. That dress makes her look worse. 🙁

          1. I agree the color of the gown is a total washout on her, yet she seems to love baby blue gowns (remember the one with the front slit). She is in serious need of a stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist. Yet look up the write ups on the news and online magazines and everyone is slobbering with superlatives like ” Hollywood glam, sizzling, stunning, breathtaking.” Can we throw up now?

        2. She wore a strapless black velvet McQueen dress to the military awards in 2011. She looked fantastic. One of her best looks to date.

          1. That WAS one of her best looks! Didn’t she wear some beautiful rubies that evening as well? It was the nicest “big” jewelry I’ve seen on her.

          2. She wore a big fringe necklace from Mowad (I think, I’m not sure about the company) that was made of diamonds and rubies. And because it was a fringe necklace it wasn’t too much on her like some of the other big jewelry she’s worn. She looked really great that day.

    2. *Boring*!!!!
      You know how we communicate with our clothing choices, colors worn, etc. I just can’t get out of my mind that Katie is the MOST boring and dull individual ever. It’s like the life and fun has been sucked out of this girl. Seriously! She didn’t seem that way back in her uni-curvy days (that outfit she modeled for some trench coat with boots in the lawn in front of the university building comes to mind… yikes, chasing Willy really took everything)

  5. When I saw this dress early today I was sooooo underwhelmed. It is so matronly looking. Maybe without the sleeves or a little more fitted top it would look better. I am not sure, but I am not a fan at all. It also just shows how skinny/frail she is :(. I really don’t think this was her best look. I also don’t see why this dress is considered ‘daring’ for Kate? It has a similar silhouette, the only new thing is the open back which is then covered with a sheer overlay. There is nothing daring or sexy about it. And I know she went braless, but I am sure this dress had something built in to give her a little support. I hope tomorrow night is better 🙁

    At least her hair looked pretty. And Harry was too cute asking for an autograph. I am glad to see a Royal be real and excited to meet a celebrity. It is refreshing. I am happy this is Craig’s last Bond movie. I have not enjoyed any of them since he took over. Sorry KMR, he is by far my least favorite Bond. He is a good action star, but not Bond.

    1. Open back and bra-less. That is more daring than Kate does of late. Of late, Kate has been really covered up to the point of her clothes looking like they are strangling her. She used to do strapless and deep v-necks. She doesn’t do that anymore. So the open back with the sheer overlay is a bit departure from her current hyper-covered style.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree re Craig as Bond.

      1. KMR Bonds are like football teams. Everyone has a different favorite but we at least all agree on loving the franchise 🙂

  6. This is my least favorite thing that she has ever worn and it makes me sad to look at it. It looks like it should be worn by a much (much!) older person, it highlights her malnourishment, and the color looks like concrete.

  7. Methinks she’s trying to pull an Angelina Jolie and wear the long-sleeve flowy thing to cover up how emaciated she is. I don’t hate the dress. I do think the bottom is prettier than the top. Love the earrings; can’t believe they belong to she who irritates me so. The hair looks pretty, though would have liked the crown brushed back instead of the wings sprayed to the sides of her head, and … breathe! … the whole bun a bit higher. She seems to have tried so hard to channel CP Mary these past few days, don’t you think? BHH. Her face looks lighter and brighter and more sincere in these pictures than it has in decades, it seems. But the note comparing how Harry talks to a person in a wheelchair versus how Kate does is so telling. She’s using her one-handed “I’m really smart and I’m really empathizing with you at this very moment” gesture, which is so old and faux at this point. I dunno. It could have been worse, I guess.

    1. Sigh. Diana had such pizzazz. Can’t British Vogue also grab KM by the thin, bony arm and show her how to dress? Color and cut if dress is AWFUL. I am a social worker, so I feel compelled to comment on the wheelchair. Some people are offended, or feel it’s patronising, when one stoops down for a quick hello. If it’s a chat of >5 mins, then bending down is appropriate.

      1. I think that bending down when chatting with person on wheelchair seems like the only natural and spontaneous way of interacting. Unfortunately not for Kate

        1. Looks like if she did bend over in that dress, unless things were taped down, the lady in the wheelchair would get an eyeful

      2. Suki that is what I was wondering in regards to the wheelchair. I have always thought that it is patronizing to bend down when talking to someone in a wheelchair. That it makes them feel different. That is what I have hear anyway, so I don’t normally do it. Maybe Kate thought the same thing?

        1. I think context is the thing. Most times we see Harry on his knees it’s with injured vets or children. On these occasions it’s not a social hang out or the work place but an official engagement where the people there are sharing personal information; things they’ve struggled with, challenges being faced, how they’re managed and in what ways the organisation’s helped them. Kneeling and thus being closer instead of towering over an individual might help create a sense of one-on-oneness and intimacy that allows them to speak openly. Maybe there’s also a feeling of safety through the closeness and shorter distance where one doesn’t have to worry about the threat of microphones picking up on what’s being divulged.

          Harry seems to have a high EQ, he’s naturally good with people but I think he takes the role serious enough to learn/be conscious of ways he can help break the ice and help people feel at ease. Eye contact with kids and being at their level when communicating them helps them, especially if they’re nervous. Meeting a royal and a few cameras pointed at you must be somewhat intimidating for kids.

      3. I was going to bring that up, Suki. I wonder if sometimes people in wheelchairs would be offended if people bent over or knelt when talking to them because it means they are treating them differently from everyone else when they just want to be treated like a regular person.

        1. I think they would be more offended if someone would calculate what to do bend it or not to. If they would see someone is natural and genuine with them I am sure they wouldn’t mind whatever their preferences are. I remember that picture of Harry bended and talking with the man on the wheelchair – his body language was so relaxed and genuine that seemed like the only right thing to do.

    2. Jeez I immediately thought of Angelina Jolie as well! Only Angelina Jolie is prettier and I think Kate’s body manages to alarm me more.

  8. I’ll start with the good. I really like it when she wears her hair up and I thought it looked very pretty tonight! The bangs blended well and it was nice for her to get it off her neckline.

    Maybe it is just me but when I first saw the pictures I did a gasp and not in a good way. In my opinion this dress makes her look so frail it is hard for me to look at the pictures and see anything but an almost alarmingly skinny woman. I keep thinking “my Lord the camera puts 10 pounds on her” what does she look like in person? For all the talk of her “close knit family” someone should intervene. I tried to look back at Diana pics when she was bulimic and I didn’t see any that shocked me like these.

    Also, I find it extremely rude to tower over someone in a wheelchair like that. Kate didn’t even bend a little to talk with that lady. That shows a lack of grace.

    1. How skinny she looked in this dress was one of the first things I noticed. I wonder how much her poor posture plays a part in that, I don’t think the rounded shoulders help.

    2. The fact that the dress swallows her up so much was the first thing I noticed. It really is so big on her.

  9. When I saw this get up I though that she looked matronly and like this entire look made her look 45 at least! It’s painful to look at.

  10. I love her hair up. But this dress is so unflattering. The color washes her out and the fit is poor. I want to ask her with everything at your disposal why oh why do you dress like someone at least 20 years older,

  11. My last comment..I think this is one of her worst choices ever. Can:t believe this hideous schmatte is custom made. Reminds me of a red gown she wore early on that looked like a bathrobe. Unlike 007 who has a license to kill, Kate has a license to bore. The poor thing really needs some good fashion advice.

    1. You thought the same thing I did! I was wondering if Charles cut off her clothing allowance and she wore her bathrobe. Bless her heart, if she’s too tired after the engagement, she can just go right to bed!

    2. Oh no lot Bond puns! I kept seeing them in every article and blog post I read and refused to use them in mine because of it.

  12. I like the dress at first glance but the more I see it, the more I hate it.

    Also are you going to post about other royals? I don’t want to sound pushy (this is your blog after all) but I’m just wondering if you just forgot about them.

    1. I think KMR has been busy covering Kate’s engagements first since that is the blog name. I know she said she would get to the Royals after Kate’s engagements. I don’t think it is fair to ask her if she forgot about the other royals when each blog entry takes time and most of us are here for the Kate ones with the other ones being a bonus. I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t think it’s fair to ask KMR in the manner you did. It comes across condescending, when she has obviously been busy.

      1. Thank you, Overit. Posts do take time. And I like to schedule posts – especially the ones about the other royals – so that they have time to breathe and be seen. If I did a post on CP Victoria (or any other royal) right now it would get lost in the shuffle of the many Kate posts last week and this week. Because Kate is the main focus of the blog, I do put her above everyone else, and so the other ladies do get bumped sometimes. But I do like covering them and I know a lot of people like reading about them. But, like I said, I like to give their posts room to breathe – give them time to be seen and read. So I do them after the Kate ones so that they will get their due and not be overshadowed by a Kate post.

        1. I like that you cover the other ladies after covering Kate. Especially when Kate is absent so much of the year. But I think it is so smart to wait because with Kate’s next two appearances tomorrow, the other ladies would get lost. We need time to discuss Kate before moving on, lol. So thank you:). I know it takes a lot of time and I highly doubt this blog is your whole life. We appreciate all you do and the time it takes!!!!

          1. Thank you, Overit!

            I thought about doing a post on Victoria’s tour for Sunday, but then thought about Kate’s four events the two days after and knew the Vic post would get lost in the shuffle of multiple Kate posts so soon after. So I decided to wait.

    2. I didn’t forget about them. I mentioned to someone else who brought this up on another post that I’m waiting to cover the other royals until later this week. I don’t want to do a post on them only to have it swallowed up by a Kate post (or two) the next day. I want to give the other ladies their moment.

      1. It’s okay, I actually like this post. Kate doesn’t do anything interesting most of the time, but this is one of the more interesting things she’s done. Whenever Kate doesn’t disappoint, I’m almost a fan.

  13. I don’t think the dress is baggy, it’s just very uninteresting except for the colour that I like. If you take the top sheer part out, it looks like a 30’s gown which would work and not look as matronly. I don’t like the earrings since I am not a fan of big baubles.

    I love that comment about the Duchess talking to people in wheelchairs. SOOOO RUDE!!!! It wasn’t like her boobs would fall out if she bends down, (she doesn’t have any). But even bending down is still rude and indeed, oh so not very ladylike. Yep, Harry’s got it.

    But why who cares about Kate!!! When Daniel Craig was picked for Bond, I thought no way. He’s no Sean Connery. But after 2 films, he is Bond. I remember him in Moll Flanders from Masterpiece Theatre. I believe he does most of his stunts.

    1. I never could get in to the other Bonds. Connery is too my dad’s Bond, and Brosnon is too my mom’s Bond. Craig is my Bond.

  14. Oh, that dress! It really don’t have any hanger appeal does it? Nice that a wiglet or two got the chance to go out with the coat hanger?

    I do think the skirt on the dress is pretty.

  15. I want to like this dress. I don’t mind the colour and it has some interesting elements to it. I like the skirt, the peekaboo back and the buttons on the back of the sleeves. But as KMR mentioned it’s too baggy, which throws it off. I also don’t like how the dress looks when she’s walking or moving. It looks okay if she is standing still, but that’s not practical of course. I usually really like Jenny Packham’s gowns, but this is not a great gown.

    I love her earrings and her updo. Those were great!

    On another blog, a poster mentioned that Kate’s dress might be based on a dress from Jenny Packham’s Spring 2011 collection. I would be interested to see what the back of the original dress looks like.

    While it’s certainly Kate’s prerogative to ask the designer to change elements of their design for her, if these were Kate’s choices, I think she should let the designers do the work.


    1. Those links appear to be what they went off for this dress… I like the model’s version better, but I don’t think it would have favored or flattered Kate in any way. She has broad shoulders, she might have looked wider if they were not covered…

      1. Kate would not have looked good in that original 2011 dress. It would have just highlighted the broadest part of her body. Not a good look on a woman.

    2. The dress Kate’s was based on is a true halter, so I’m guessing it doesn’t have a back.

      I think it’s interesting when Kate’s bespoke pieces are a huge miss. Because clearly she asked for the pieces to be the way they are. Like the Kane skirt being far too short. She asked to it to be that length knowing full well it was way shorter than her other skirts. And she asked for this dress to be this baggy on her. I have no idea why she would do that to herself.

      1. It seems that keeping Kate as a client outweighs their work as a designer at times. I remember Jenny Packham being called out about the yellow dress that Kate wore in Calgary because it blew up. So how Kate wears their designs and the reception it receives does come back to the designers at times.

        I just wanted to add that the 2011 original dress is not one of my favourites. I think it would look better without the sleeves. But I think that the original colour is better than the pale blue that Kate wore.

  16. I have to say I’m conflicted about this look. On one hand I can see what this dress was trying to achieve plus the hair and earrings are gorgeous. Also, kudos to Kate for taking a chance on a different style. On the other hand, I was shocked at how thin and frail Kate looked in this dress. I do wonder if this dress looks better in person and just doesn’t photograph well?

    I know I’ve said it before but I think it bears repeating, Kate can’t seem to find a style that suits her. She flits between frumpy, matronly like earlier today and then sexy, showy like tonight. CP Mary and Leti seem to have found their style and rock it for day or evening wear.

    In defense of Kate standing while talking to a wheelchair bound woman, I can’t imagine squatting down or bending over would have worked well with either this gown or her heels. I think if she wore pants for engagements she would be better able to speak to people on their level.

    1. I forgot to add, that when I grow up I want to be like either Dame Judy Dench or Dame Helen Mirren but I really want to look like Monica Bellucci!!! She is simply one of the most stunning women alive and wow she can rock a gown like no ones business.

    2. I thought the same thing about bending down with that gown and she has never done it before so I don’t think she should just copy of a page of Harry. It would be too obvious now.

      1. I will say it out straight: Kate does not need a new stylist. Kate needs medical intervention. Her weight is alarming. As a former anorexic I (as I believe many on this Blog understand) an eating disorder is not about looking like a model: it may come for a need to control events in our lives we cannot control, but we can control our weight. These pictures are not from a tabloid. They are real. And they show how Kate is trying to hide it (the baggy clothes) which is a hallmark of anorexia.Look at her face: it tells all.

        1. She’s not the only royal struggling with weight issues. Victoria of Sweden, Letizia of Spain, the late Diana…they’ve all been there. Hope she gets some help.

  17. With Kates snall droopy breasts and her slouch she needs better posture and a bra to pull of that look.

    Kate just can’t seem to pull everything together.

    Prince Charles needs to call Rachel Zoe.

  18. That dress and hairstyle make her look matronly. The dress looks as though its hanging off of her. She has gotten too thin. But she did have two engagements today, if that’s what you call it, so she has to to be tired. Time for a holiday.

  19. I dont think she looks emaciated and frail. I thought this week she looked heavier than she has been since marriage (in a good way). Besides her pregnancies.
    I dislike the dress it is too baggy and a terrible colour for her skin tone.
    I love her hair and the jewels though.

    Most of all I loved Harry today! What a man.

  20. I certainly hope that William bought Kate some popcorn and a choc top to watch during the movie because she needs something to get some meat on those bones.

    Love the colour of the dress but hate it on her. I am going to be frank, she looks like a bag of bones in that thing and it is terrible. William needs to wake up and realise that there is something wrong with her. Other people on other sites have said that she is naturally thin, but Kate is not naturally this thin and it is a worry.

    I also agree about towering over the lady in the wheelchair. That is just disrespectful and rude.

    1. Yeah, Kate is not this naturally thin. She was never this thin during the dating years.

  21. Hate the dress itself. But her poor posture — hunching forward/rounded shoulders/purse crotch clutching — did nothing but make that draped fabric look worse. I think you have to hold your shoulders back with a proud chest and purse at your side to even begin to carry off that type of style.

  22. Yikes, I want to be nice so I’ll start with some positives too.
    + Those earrings are gorgeous. Glad she borrowed them.
    + The belt is a nice feature of the dress.
    + Happy she wore her hair up.

    but then…
    – Wow, she looks so malnourished in all those pictures. She truly is a bag of bones. I can’t understand how her super-protective, perfect, loving, oh-so-available mother has not helped her.
    I can understand how selfish William only cares about himself, but jeez, what is up with her mom? Is she blind? Take care of your baby girl not just the tiny prince and princess.

    – I always like her up-dos but the bun needed a “bump” up or something. It looked great from the side but on front pictures it looks like super lose hair pulled back. Maybe it’s the darn bangs! Or the fact that she looks like she’s dying of starvation but starting on the 4th picture, she looks terrible.
    Maybe it didn’t help that she had to cover her ears (she always does that, I’ve noticed they are pretty big and I guess she must dislike them so she covers them almost all the time) and that was probably pulling the bun down as well…

    – 5th picture is the *worse* I have ever seen Kate.

    – The dress is too baggy, emphasizing the fact that she is so frail. Maybe the same gown just a bit fitted would have been better.

    – The color really washes her out, not good.

    Harry! Wow! Again, the best of the 3. I thought it was awesome that he asked for an autograph and padded the actor. So genuine and fun 🙂 Harry truly rocks! and he brought handsome to the night (sorry, I don’t find Mr. Bond attractive).

    1. Re the hair looking too loose from the front: it’s the bangs. Definitely the bangs.

      I really do think the dress would have looked much better had it not been so baggy.

  23. I like the idea of the bat-wing style of the gown (I think it looks rather sexy in the photo of her extending her arm), but agree with other commenters that it doesn’t quite work for her – whether its a matter of the cut’s not being exactly right or her being too thin to carry it off.

    As someone who uses a wheelchair, I’ll just say that for myself, I don’t expect those who are talking with me to either bend or crouch down. I don’t at all feel “talked down to” when others are standing as they normally would. On the other hand, it does drive me crazy when people position themselves to talk *over* me – where I can’t see their faces and feel like I’m a part of the conversation. I can’t fault Kate’s posture here.

    1. Great to have the perspective of someone who actually uses a wheelchair about whether people should stand normally or crouch. May I ask if you ever think it’s rude when people do crouch? Like, do you want to be treated normally, and would prefer people to stand normally when they talk to you? What would you say is the best position to be in when talking to people in wheelchairs?

      1. Again, just speaking for myself, I wouldn’t think it was rude if someone did bend down or crouch to talk with me, as I’d assume they were trying to accomodate my disability. If we were exchanging more than a few words, I’d try to convey nicely that it would be fine for them to stand normally. At social events, the ideal situation for me is if there’s somewhere for the person/people talking with me to sit down, so that we’re at the same level. If that’s not possible, I’d prefer they stand as they usually would to talk to anyone seated in any kind of chair. I went back and looked at the photo of Kate to see if there were any light, easily moveable chairs she should have perched on for a minute, but couldn’t spot any. From the perspective of a wheelchair user, it’s unfortunate when at mix-and-mingle events the only person/people sitting (and have the opportunity to sit) are those in wheelchairs.

  24. I suppose I’m in the minority. I liked it. I’m not a ‘gown’ girl, but I’d wear something like this. Appropriate for occasion and not overpowering actors in film. And you can see through the sheer fabric her arms aren’t anorexic arms. Although her mid section is really slim.

    Sometimes I think her posture is she doesn’t want to be nearly as tall as William. I’m 5’9″ and struggle with bad posture. If I have good posture, I’m tall and it also looks like I’m pushing my boobs out. If that makes sense.

    Love her hair up and the makeups seems a bit softer. I truly loved the look.

    Seth, saw your message on post below. Thinking of your and your sweet Mom. Lots of love and strength.

    1. I agree that it is a good selection as to not overshadow the actual stars of the film. That would/should have been something they thought of when planning what Kate would wear to the premiere.

      Re posture and women: sometimes I think having good posture equals being thought of as arrogant by other woman. I could see how a woman may have bad posture in order not to be seen as arrogant. I don’t know it that’s what Kate’s thinking, but it is something I heard recently and thought I would add it to the conversation here.

      1. I can see your point here KMR regarding posture and women but I don’t think it makes women look arrogant but confident. Take Letiza for example, that woman has the most incredible posture, military almost and it makes her look strong and confident. HM also had great posture when she was younger. It used to be admired. I still remember the days when mothers would constantly correct their children’s posture, stand up straight, throw those shoulders back, etc…

        1. I agree, Lauri. I think posture is important and I don’t think good posture makes a woman look arrogant. I was just relaying a different perspective that I heard recently.

  25. Also, I like seeing her cute dimples when she smiles. Not sure why, but I get a strong feeling, that William is way more harder to handle and deal with than we all know.

  26. Okay, so there is a photo on hrhduchesskate blog that is funny. Kate is talking to Daniel Craig and she has her manic laugh/smile. She is leaning forward slightly (or maybe just her posture makes it look that way). She has her clutch in one hand and the other is flopped/hanging funny. Anyway, what I love is Christoph Waltz can be seen in the background giving a funny side glance at Kate and her crazy “your a famous celebrity and I can’t believe I am meeting you” face. It just is a perfect timed photo 🙂

    Also, watching the video I think it was really sweet that during the lined up greeting with the Royals, Craig was holding Rachel Weisz hand the whole time even though she is standing behind him. It is really sweet. Kind of obvious how much they love each other.

    1. Lol, that photo’s too funny.

      I saw photos of Craig talking to William and he was holding Weisz’s hand behind his back while he was talking to William. I thought it was really sweet.

  27. This is one of my least favorite Kate looks to date. The original version of this dress was nicer, the changes made it look more matronly. With the excess fabric under her arms, Kate looked like she was on her way to a retirement community for elderly sugar gliders.

    I did like Kate’s hair, though. And it was nice Carole let Kate borrow some substantial jewels for the red carpet since the Queen doesn’t appear to trust her with the good stuff.

    1. I actually don’t really care too much for the dress Kate’s was based off of. I think Kate’s could have looked nice had it not been so baggy and oversized. Also, get rid of all the extra fabric under the arms.

    2. That actually is interesting. We’ve rarely seen Kate borrow jewellery from the Queen / royal collection. It’s only been on a handful of engagements all overseas during royal tours, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not counting tiaras.

      I wonder if Carole helps Kate plan her looks and suggested these earrings or if Kate simply called up for them.

      Carole did help with G&C’s nurseries, shopping and paints, and the baby stroller company met up with Carole instead of Kate to demonstrate its features. We’ve also seen them interchange clothes, mainly dresses. Carole does have better style than Kate though.

      1. Off the top of my head Kate has borrowed:

        Two brooches: the maple leaf in Canada and the fern in New Zealand.

        Two tiaras: the halo school on her wedding day, and the lotus flower for the pldiplomatic reception in 2013 and last week’s state visit.

        Other jewelry: the diamond chandelier earrings on numerous occasions going back to the BAFTA event in LA in 2011. The Nizam of Hyderabad necklace at the NPG gala in Feb 2014. The wedding gift bracelet and choker bracelet for the state visit.

        This may not be everything, only what I can remember right now.

  28. Not been a fan of her looks lately, and I’ve come to the realisation it’s her fringe, it just ages her so much.
    Also, not a fan of this dress. Looks like she’s wearing a silky nighty with a sheer dressing gown over the top :/

  29. Imagine this dress if it were in the teal shade of her other lace-back dress (Jenny Packham?) that’s long and flowy! I think that it would look much better on her. She had a better updo then, too! This color is bland and a tone that makes her look sickly – which I think is intentional. It’s bespoke, so there has to be a reason and/or message behind the color choice. The construction of the dress also looks like a sloppy Downton Abbey attempt to look vintage. It’s all off.

    I think the whole point of this dress is to live up to the spirit of the law – someone must have told her to dress more modestly, and to have no more wardrobe malfunctions. I mean, the dress technically covers her from the neck down, but, the sheer fabric to show her back, and just a tiny bit of side-boob (a term I hate!), is her way of flashing her body. Plus, I think she really likes the attention that people give her if she looks poorly. She hasn’t accomplished anything, so comments about her wardrobe, hair, makeup, and extreme thinness are the only thing we can really comment upon.

    1. Oh it would look so much better if it were in that teal color. That was a good dress on her.

  30. Harry looks handsome as ever.

    I agree with the hair and earrings. The dress is hideous. It looks like a satorial throwback to the 70s. It’s big, baggy, blousy, and I’ll fitting. It does her no favors. Again, I try not to judge another woman’s body, but she’s too thin to pull this off.

    1. Yes, I agree with your take on the dress. Kate is too thin to carry this dress; she is swimming in it. Something more fitting and contemporary would have been just the ticket. If anyone is forcing this matronly style upon her, they need to desist immediately as well as Kate needing to determine her own style with more thought. The gown reminds me of something the Queen Mother would have worn, though without the exposed back. I do like Kate’s hair up; if only the bangs were held back and the bun higher.
      Harry, as has become clear through frequent and varied types of appearances, seems to be able to measure what is required, and adapts effortlessly. He appears to engage with whomever he encounters with genuine interest. He ‘gets’ what the job is: to shine light on the cause and make the people there feel special. Good on him! Such a turnaround from a decade plus earlier.

    2. I would have included more photos of Harry for you but it seems like the photographers were too busy trying to get good photos of Kate to get any of Harry. There just weren’t that many of him.

  31. Somehow the first picture saddened me. It feels like Harry is a third wheel and an extra who tagged along behind W&K. He deserves so much better attention as he is currently the most successful of the three, and the hardest working. With a wife like Queen Letizia or Rania, he would easily overthrow the lazy duo. She doesn’t have to be of blue blood, but brilliant, hard working and gracious. Perhaps a human rights activist or a journalist? I hate the thought of seeing King William and Queen Catherine in the future. King Henry IX… How fantastic that would be…

    The moment I saw Kate’s dress, one person came in mind: Meryll Streep! She would look fantastic in that dress. As for Kate? A big MEH. She looked sickly bony and in need of serious help. Kate is going down real fast… No star quality, she is like the Gray Lady from Ravenclaw, with only skin and bones…

    1. Yes, Harry very much is the third wheel when all three of them are together. It would be lovely of him to find a nice wife, but I don’t think he should rush it. He should wait until he finds the right woman. And I agree a woman already working in the charity sector would be a great partner for him.

      1. That’s unfortunately a partial function of royal precedence and partially being single. I feel somewhat qualified to speak on this as I just went to a wedding with my sister and brother-in-law and usually feel like a third wheel when I’m with them socially. It’s hard for Harry b/c in precedence, he goes before them, like at the Jubilee Service at St. Paul’s. It looked REALLY awkward with all these couples and then him… with a space next to him, walking down the aisle to his seat.

  32. Loved Kate’s earrings and hair but not her dress. Color was too pale and there was way too much fabric on top. Wish she’d mix it up with different designers. Plus she’s gotten scary thin. Wonder if she’s purposely losing all that weight or if there’s other issues going on.

    On a different note, Daniel Craig is the best Bond! I like that he’s not your typical pretty boy. His wife Rachel Weisz looked absolutely beautiful for the premiere. Loved her dress and the fact that she’s a healthy weight.

  33. I feel like whoevers doing Kate’s dress sizes at the moment assumes she has a bigger chest and bottom than she actually does. That or wearing looser items is a way for her to appear skinnier.

    Also, as someone who works with the disabled on occasion I’ve actually found that people in wheelchairs either don’t mind or prefer you stand up as bending over feels patronizing. Harry crouched in a way that made it feel comfortable like he was chatting with the blokes. But yeah Kate’s manners are actually spot on in this instance. I only crouch if a person is hearing impaired and I don’t want to shout down at them.

  34. The dress was not a home run for me. The color is the same darned color she wears in her various coat dresses. It has to be a favorite of William’s or hers, otherwise I can’t understand wearing that same color all the time.

    The hair was good up, we could see the blingy earrings. Other than that, she looks much too thin and very sad in some pictures. As Herazeus said, something is going on and it needs to be addressed. She’s not a healthy thin, she’s beginning to look malnourished. Why is it that Leti gets called on the carpet by people, but they laud Kate and talk about how beautiful she looks when Leti looks healthy and Kate looks ill? Too much tiptoeing around W&K by the press.

    And while she probably isn’t, could one reason she appears to have dropped so much weight since the State dinner is because she’s having bouts of morning sickness and can’t keep anything down? Broke the happy news to William only to have him lose it and that’s why she looks so down? I’ll take any reason other than she thinks she looks best at this size because she doesn’t.

    And unless the people around her are telling her this they are doing her a great disservice as family, friends and staff. Someone needs to sit her down and figure out what the heck is wrong.

    1. Didn’t William say that his favorite color is blue? Maybe that’s why Kate wears so much blue.

  35. I loved Kate’s hair and jewelry and I loved the idea of this dress.
    TBH Kate always has this effect in clothes, a lot of time she wears dress that should give her some shape yet they look way better on models. It’s the Kate effect, she makes standardized models look voluptuous!

    On the subject of talking to people in wheelchairs, I don’t believe there is a 100% correct way to do. It varies from people to people, from country to country and even, from charity to charity. So in some institutions people are told not be bend over bc that makes them feel uncomfortable.While others organisations tell you, if you going to have more than 5 min conversations, you should bend over so that they do not get neck pain from looking up.

    So IMO Kate is just doing the job she thinks it’s required of her: show up and look concerned the exact opposite of Harry. I think comparing Kate to other royals, with exception of William, is like comparing oil with water, Kate in way under her league.

    Harry has proven the charity/royal work he does is bc he truly cares and so have others that have redefined the concept of being royal: Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, etc. So when Harry bends is bc he truly is concerned and wants to know more from them, not so he can fastly skip them to the other person in line.

    Also yes, sometimes she bends, usually when three things meet: kids, knee or shorter length dress and pregnancy!

    So is not about the dress, nor the heels. She bent to receive flowers from a girl in the royal variety performance last year, and that dress it would be harder to bend your knee bc it was very form fitting. If any of you were patient enough to put together a compilation of Kate doing that you would notice that, first it happens quite rarely, and second mostly when she’s wearing high heels and pregnant.

  36. I’ve just paid a really quick visit on the HRHduchessKate today and I am just simply stunned by all that praising comments. Are those people blind? Really, isn’t it obvious that Kate looked almost anorectic and frumpy in that gown? I have a feeling that for some people nothing makes difference. Whatever Kate wears or however she looks, she always is gorgeous and fabulous. Thank God for KMR

    1. Can I get an Amen!! I visited another site, not HRH, and the same thing, Kate’s gorgeous, Kate’s perfect, Kate can wear no wrong, etc…. I think some of these folks only see Kate has a cut out paper doll and really don’t want to see the person behind the clothes (or hair or jewelry).

  37. Will and Kate look TEN years older than Harry! I need to mention Harry. As much as I love Harry, I think he would look better in a classic single front Tom Ford tux v the double breasted style. A friend who owns a men’s clothier shop in the U.S. says he hasn’t sold a double breasted suit in the last 20 years. Perhaps, this is a classic/traditional look which has stood the test of time in England.

    1. I agree. I don’t like the double breasted suit on most men. Prince Charles can pull it off but neither Harry nor William can.

  38. Wait until you all see the new dress she showed up in to present an award for the 100 (something @ hedge funds?).

    I watched all week at her parade of expensive bespoke clothing. Not one of them a big hit IMO. Now, Kate shows up in this crazy gown. Charles should quit paying! Unless Kate gets some style help, it isn’t fair for Charles to have to pay for her expensive style mistakes.

    This woman has NO taste. No taste in men, no taste in clothing, no taste in hair, no taste in jewelry.

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