Kate, William, and Harry welly wang at BAFTA Charities Forum

Kate, William, and Harry welly wang at BAFTA Charities Forum

Don’t know what welly wanging is? Well, I’ve got you covered. Because I had no idea what that was either until I saw a video. Welly wanging is where you throw a boot (a welly 😉 ) at a prop and try to knock its head off. All three members of the Royal Holy Trinity got in on the welly wanging action; they also made clay models and participated in other activities. This morning, October 26, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry (still sporting his Ginger Beard) attended the Charities Forum hosted by BAFTA and Aardman Animations.

Shortly, these three will attend the Bond premiere – I will cover that in a separate post, this post is just about the Charities Forum; please no thread-jacking.

Let’s start with that welly wanging – which is an actual thing, I come to find out. They hold Welly Wanging World Championships each year in the town of Upperthong in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England.

William, Harry, and Kate all participated in the welly wanging – throwing a boot at a model of the character of the farmer from the Shaun the Sheep film. Both Harry and Kate missed, but William knocked the head off. Harry’s reaction after he missed was adorable. BTW, KP didn’t post a video of Kate’s turn. Shame.

Kate also participated in a stop-motion animation workshop on stage. She and a few kids took part in a skit against a green screen, and the animators added in the effects in post. As Kate took the stage, William called out: “Make Catherine do a silly walk.” So Kate trotted away at the end of the skit.

Part of the Charities Forum – which is the collection of over 30 organisations of which William, Kate, and Harry are Patrons, meets twice a year, and provides an opportunity for the Charities to update the royals on their recent activities and projects and provide a platform for collaborative activity between the organisations – included a model-making session with children from EACH Hospices, the Art Room, WellChild, and Child Bereavement UK. The royal trio made clay models of Shaun the Sheep.

Harry makes clay model

Kate makes clay model

Prince William makes clay model

The royal trio screened the new Aardman Animations TV special, Shaun the Sheep: The Farmers Llamas. I was wrong when I first mentioned this event. The royals were not screening the Shaun the Sheep Movie that came out earlier this summer, they were screening this TV special which is part of the Shaun the Sheep stop-motion TV series in Britain.

Prince Charles is a huge fan of the film, Chicken Run, according to Prince Harry. I can see that.

The Forum served cookies, some with Shaun the Sheep frosting.

Shaun the Sheep treats

After branching out to red and purple earlier last week, Kate went back to her tried and true blue and black color palette on Friday. She stuck to her safe place today wearing Tabitha Webb blue and black patterned “Meg-Space” dress (£312.50), black suede “Aimee” pumps by Jimmy Choo, black suede Mulberry Bayswater clutch, and her sapphire and diamond earrings. Kate of course wore her Cartier watch she loves so much.

I’m not in love with the pattern on this dress, but it is a nice silhouette and a proper length. I like this dress more than the Scotland outfit from last Friday.

Tabitha Webb Meg-Space dress

This seemed like a fun event for everyone involved. It’s nice to see William and Kate get involved and be good sports. I expect that from Harry, but it’s still nice to see him have fun. We don’t normally get this kind of access to these Charities Forums.

In other news, photos have surfaced of Kate and Prince George at the Natural History Museum. They were spotted at the museum by a teacher who took the photo of them. The teacher told Cas.sk: Kate and George looked like “any other mom and her son” … “They had with them no security. […] Kate bent and talked to George about dinosaurs, the little prince listened to her attentively. They looked very nicely.” Kate wore the same floral Zara pants she wore on September 26 to the rugby match. So this NHM visit may have taken place that same day. Many thanks to Anna for the find.

Kate and George at NHM

Here are some more photos from the Forum.

Photos: Getty / Victoria Murphy @QueenVicMirror / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Tabitha Webb

96 thoughts on “Kate, William, and Harry welly wang at BAFTA Charities Forum

  1. Thanks for the quick post KMR! I like the shape and fit of the dress but I don’t like the pattern. I don’t mind busy patterns but this almost looks comical, but I’m sure others love it! They looked very engaged with the kids which was great to see though Harry always stands out to me among the three. He is my favorite and it shows in my comments!

    Overall this seems like a solid outing! I am curious about the sour faces caught when they were exiting the cars. The DM seemed to have quite a few of Kate. I know it is a millisecond in time but you know the cameras start flashing as soon as the door opens so this shouldn’t happen. The comments in the DM seemed to focus a bit on the sour faces.

    George, George, George such a cutie! It is fantastic to see him and I hope that innocent pic doesn’t set off another round of threats.

    One other quick question. Do you know who the woman is standing in between Will and Harry in the first pic? She was also at the day event after the banquet? Is she a new Rebecca of sorts?

    1. It really seemed like the royals were actually enjoying themselves once they were inside the event. Don’t know why they don’t know to put on smiles or at least less grumpy faces when getting out of the car. As you said, they know they are being photographed as soon as they step out of the car.

      I don’t actually know who that woman is. She was at the creative industry event last week. She may be a new press secretary or assistant or something. I’m not sure.

      1. I believe the woman is from BAFTA, both this weeks and last weeks events were hosted by them. She was with William when he attended the BAFTA awards ceremony the other year.

    2. One DM commenter wrote, “Did someone fart in the car?” in response to their sour faces. Crass — but totally on point.

    3. Greetings People,
      Taking one look at that shambles – there is major tension between william and harry – Prince Harry does not like to be used, and my guess is that they are using him (bill and kate) as a major foil in their disintegrating relationship with the public, with each other and the other members of Royal Family.

      Prince Harry has done shedloads of engagements, covered for bill middleton for almost 5 years now as well as putting every effort into tours and his personal charities and been there for Her Majesty – not the other two shameless leeches.

      Finally the real truth is starting to unravel and what many have long suspected is leaking out. Prince Harry has obviously had words with both of them, he was probably asked by Her Majesty to attend because of their poor ratings and the fact they are not relatable to people, (the common ones that she always wears her high heels to stand over – Kate that is) and bill knows his brother is more popular than him and his lazy mrs put together. That is where the jealousy is.

      Sad fact but obvious – as was seen at Christmas 2014 on the step of the Church at Sandringham. Check that out.

      One last thing, you could not see a more forced smile, smug grin or laugh plastered over someone’s face if you tried. Middleton excelled herself trying to cover her fake enjoyment – probably because Harry had stepped in to save the moment which was too late anyway. She has already showed her true colours and they are not beautiful inside or out – no matter how much money she has.

      Don’t worry bill middleton will be on to the lawyers soon… it is always a given.

      Have a great day/evening everyone wherever you are

      Kind regards.

  2. On the plus side, Kate looked happy and engaged which is great.

    On the negative side, that dress is hideous. I can’t make up my mind if it looks like the Milky Way galaxy gone amok — or if the royal laundry went hog wild on OxyClean bleach and botched the fabric.

    1. Yeah, I they were going for a “space” pattern but it looks more like someone threw paint at a wall, rather than actual space.

      1. The pattern of the print looks exactly like a result you can achieve with Parker Quink inks and household bleach. Simply use the inks as you would paint, then draw with the bleach. You can draw actual images or keep them abstract as per the dress. The bleach reacts with the ink and starts to change its colour. I’ve only ever seen the bleach react with Quink ink. Food colouring as a substitute for Quink also works.

        An example is here:

        1. I wonder if that was deliberate on the part of the designer. It really does look similar.

          1. I think it is a deliberate approach. I could show you how to duplicate that abstract very easily using black and blue Quink ink and some bleach just flicked onto it. It’s quite distinctive. I couldn’t find better examples on the net to show you but having taught it to many an illustration student, it is quite the simplest thing to do and a legitimate technique. You can take out as much of the ink’s colour as you like with the bleach. I guess the final artwork has been transferred to fabric.

  3. Hi KMR, I was so looking forward to your take on the grumpy cat faces Kate was making when she arrived at this event. The look that she was directing at the photographers should have put them 6 feet under. When I first saw them on the DM this morning I snorted coffee through my nose, they were so funny and completely out of character for her. LOL

    I have to agree on the general consensus, this dress is horrible. It reminds me of that gawd awful flower dress she wore while pregnant with Charlotte. It seems to me like she is still confused fashion wise, Friday a short skirt and then this today. Yummy mummy or frumpy matron, she can’t seem to decide.

    On the plus side, she seemed to be very engaged today, there are some great pictures of her laughing with the kids attending. And really isn’t that what these events are all about anyhow? She could wear a potato sack for all I care, seeing her laugh, smile and genuinely interact with this kids is what matters.

    1. Lol, I’m so used to Kate’s grumpy faces that I didn’t even notice them. I disagree that they are out of character for her; I’ve seen these types of grumpy faces from her lots of times when she’s getting out of cars.

      1. Lol. I noticed the faces at the start. I was a bit surprised cause there were photographs and fans too in that direction, which eventually led to her smiling and waving.

    2. No wonder – her favorite celeb red carpet Bond Premier in the evening. Her dress is was too busy with too much hair for that skinny frame, too much grinning (do not make it sincere).

      and why wear such a short top that will flash and move up bending on the outing with George? Where is William, and George is still scared of the people/public.

  4. This dress is an odd pattern. More something I would see on a child’s shirt. Like someone accidentally bleached a black and blue flower dress. Glad to see her look happy and not miserable like lately. Nice to see her not wear clothes that are too revealing too. That pic of her at the museum with George, it is cute but I feel in her high position that she needs to wear clothing that is a bit longer so her lower back and potentially bottom aren’t exposed when bending over. Also those flower pants are hideous still. She needs more princess training!

    1. Re the pattern as a child’s shirt: maybe that’s why she chose it for this event? We have been after her about dressing properly for children’s event. Maybe this crazy pattern is her attempt at dressing for the kids?

  5. They did so well today. Well Harry usually does. It was lovely to see them having fun with the children, engaged and enthusiastic.

    I think Kate did really really well. There was a moment during the Welly Wagging game that she wanted to laugh with the boys about her miss and Harry instead redirected her focus to the kid who was next after her and now having his go. It was really nice to see Harry help Kate out, to make sure the kid got his due and also that Kate came across well and focussed. I just thought what a good guy. But then again that’s Harry for you, dutiful and quite often about others. It wasn’t belittling or mean, he did it in such a way that it was “check out the kid be awesome/don’t miss out” and not “hey, stay focused!” Kate responded well and went on to give the kid a high five and afterwards they laughed about her miss. It was great to see Kate enjoy being there, interact well with the kids. Today she was relaxed and genuinely having fun at one of her charity events.

    1. I think that interaction says a lot. Harry is focused on the people he’s interacting with at the event, and Kate wants to interact with William and Harry about herself.

      1. Spot on, so agree!!

        Prince Harry is great as always.

        I don’t sense she get along with Prince Harry, photo with her entering the building and Prince Harry standing by do not seem warm.

  6. What a fun event today. How could they not have fun???? They all seemed to enjoy themselves. As for Kate’s dress, it looks exactly the same as the red dress she wore to Wimbledon this year. It has the same lines and silhouette, just in a print. I actually don’t mind the print. I think it is fun, but other than the print, it is the same dress worn before. And black suede pumps are her go to heel now.

    Thanks for posting the museum photo of Kate and George. Kate is wearing flats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad to know she does occasionally. They do look like any other family. I thought George, as was royal tradition, was not going to wear pants until much later in life? But he is here. He looks like a mini William, lol. The lady that took the photo didn’t say when she took it? I do wonder if it was the same day as the Rugby match since she is wearing those ugly pants.

    1. All I can go on about the museum visit is what was in that article I linked to, and in that article it did not say when the visit took place.

      1. it’s cute that the lady thinks Kate and George don’t have guards. AS IF they would let George out of the palace without guards.

  7. I also wish Kate would dye her hair, this lighter shade doesn’t suit her. She looks much better with a dark chocolate brown, which is probably closer to her natural color anyway

    1. She should also cut her hair to lessen the drag it puts on her face. A nice haircut with soft, long layers would take years away from her face and fast forward the style from 1970 to 2015.

  8. It does sound like a fun day. No major missteps that I can see in this event. She’s a little rougher with that girl who helps her do the silly walk than I would have been with a child I didn’t know, but it’s not egregious.

    Also, yeah, right, Kate and George didn’t have security with them. I’m sure they were there but not obvious.

    KMR, typo in the first paragraph: “knock its head off,” not “knock it’s head off” (the current version).

    1. Whoops. Thanks for letting me know about the typo. I changed it.

      Re the security team: Yeah, there is no way they didn’t have a security team. They just must have been standing far enough away as to not be noticeable.

    2. I also thought there was NO way they were there without security. I’m sure they were just plain clothed officers as usual. George is a future king after all.

      1. Completely agree with y’all. There’s absolutely no way there wasn’t SOME level of security. Private engagements are much lower-key, so they usually dispense with a full motorcade but we all can say “plain clothes.” That’s the whole point. You don’t usually see them unless they’re needed. When Diana was accosted by a mentally ill man in a crowd in 1987, there was no one around her. In about two seconds, she had several plain clothes PPOs, including her senior bodyguard next to her.

    3. I saw a tumblr saying someone asked people to erase their pics of them, and that was the reason why that fan was not posting that pic. – I don’t know if this is true or not, but they have done it before, let people take pics and later ask them to delete them or even confiscate cell phones to prevent people from photographing them.

  9. Even though I personally did not like the dress. I loved how she wore a fun pattern to a kids events, often she wears dark/black colour to kids events and I don’t like when she does that.
    She seems to be into colour lately and I like she seems to be experimenting more with fashion, still very Kate (=boring) but going in a good direction. Of course we can not forget how she has so little shape in her body if she opts for dress without the shape of this one she looks like a plaque.

    1. In addition to the (sort of) fun pattern. It was good to see her in something she could move in for a kids event. I think she might have been too constricted in some of the tighter skirts we see at times.

      1. Agreed Lindsey! 🙂 She often wears too short dresses to kids events…
        I found it so interesting when a few days ago the Daily Fail made an article about Queen Letizia and how Kate could never gotten away with those types of short shirts/dress I laughed so hard at it, royal ‘reporters’ completely forgot about all of the events she attended with similar things, it terms of length, which became very obvious when she was pregnant of George… Days latter she showed up in Dundee with a mini skirt ahahahahah lol

        It is also very interesting to me how almost every time they refer to other females in other RF is to bash them so they can show how Kate is a good example, usually only about fashion.
        Curiously, they never remember to use other indicators to provide a better comparison between Kate and them like: the amount of different languages they can speak; how many work they get done; how much more speeches and causes they support; or even how involved they seem with international and european conferences.

  10. The picture of Kate and Georgie is too cute. He’s getting so big. I also have doubt about the picture. I’m surprised that Will hasn’t stomped his feet. I thought they didn’t want pictures taken in public spaces? And that camera phone is pretty good.

    I call today a win. She did have a grumpy face upon arrival, but she did well at the event. Kudos to Harry for his subtle redirection. I’ll give her a solid B+. She needs to balance the fun with substance. She also needs to work on her body language. Harry leans in and touches people. The picture of him touching the arm of the child on the wheelchair is adorable. The picture of Kate perplexes me. It looks like the kids initiated it by looking at her death-like grip of her purse in her left hand. Then pictures of the three of them laughing puzzles me. Will looks like a tool and Kate is being extra. Baby steps.

    The silhouette was good. She needs lower heels and to pull that hair back. I love when her hair is chocolate brown as well. She dresses way to old for her age. Again, baby steps.

    Awesome job, KMR!

    1. The photo of Kate with the kids hugging her looks like they ran up and grabbed her without asking and without giving her any sort of warning at all. Her left hand still has her clutch pressed against her crotch. And her face looks like she’s screaming “Ah!”

    2. “She needs to balance the fun with substance.” I completely agree. For a while I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was doing substantive meetings behind closed doors. But at this point it seems like she just shows up places, gets tours, and (grumpily) gets her picture taken. I don’t know if I would call that a “patron” or a “mascot”…

      1. I wouldn’t even call Kate a mascot. Mascots have way more energy and enthusiasm for the teams they mascot for than Kate does for any of her patronages.

  11. Good event for Kate. If she could do this 50 times in one year, I may start to praise her.

    To me it is similar to a company who has lost the consumers trust. W&K squandered the goodwill showered on them. Now, they have to work extra, extra hard to gain it back.

    1. … sorry, end of year rush PR count for the Register. It’s the normal pattern in past years. I don’t appreciate any of the end of year insincere multiple PR-fake and lack proper support publicity for the charity, as the focus is on their several months of absence from duties instead of the charities/causes.

  12. I’m sorry to “hijack” this thread but I wanted to give y’all an update on my Mom. Frankly it is not very good at all. She has been hospitalized since Friday (she was transferred to the cancer wing today) and is in a serious condition. The physicians still do not have a definitive diagnosis, so they can’t begin treatment until they do. Sorry to hijack, KMR. Just wanted to let y’all know. Thanks. 🙂 My very best to y’all,

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, Seth. How are the both of you doing? Sending love, light, prayer and peace to the both of you. Keep us posted.

      1. Well we’re managing the best we can Rhiannon. Doesn’t help me that I have a bad cold now from traveling 350 miles south to a weekend wedding where it was 15 degrees warmer than my normal Northern climate. 🙂 Sadly the wedding was NOT in south Florida. 🙂 Thank you for the light and love.
        Best always,

    2. Oh, no. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I was thinking about her the other day and was going to ask you about her but you didn’t post until recently. Thank you for the update, Seth. I hope the doctors are able to accurately diagnose her soon and can start treatment. If nothing else, hopefully they can ease whatever pain she’s in. Virtual hugs to you and your mom, Seth. Stay strong.

      1. Thanks, KMR. I was away over the weekend at an out-of-state wedding, so I didn’t have computer access (otherwise I would have been reading and commenting! 🙂 ) We’re all doing the best we can with it. I also a bad cold so that makes it that much worst for me. But we’re hanging in there.

      1. Thank you so much Satsuki. It’s amazing how the Internet can connect people from different parts of the world together! 🙂

        1. Seth I didn’t know your Mom was sick because as you know I am new hear but I am very sorry about that just the same as other Ladies. I hope she will overcome this and she will be well soon. In some way I know what you feeling because my mom is breast cancer survivor. She had mastectomy 4 years ago but she is “clean” now and hopefully with no recurrence. I will give you and your Mom my prayers and please keep us posted .

          And one thing more – I did notice your absence hear on KMR and I miss you 🙂 Take care 🙂

          1. Hi Polishgirl, Unfortunately my mother has some form of advanced cancer in her liver. My aunt had breast cancer over 20 years ago and was cancer-free for almost 6 years before it recurred. She passed away in 2004. My great-uncle had stomach cancer, survived it but developed pancreatic cancer in 2003 and died in 2004.
            I’m hopeful for the best with my mom but right now the situation is pretty grim. The doctors don’t even know where the cancer originated or what type it is exactly.
            As for my absence, I was out of town at a wedding over the weekend and didn’t have access to a computer to rant on here. 🙂
            Thank you for your very kind thoughts and prayers.

        2. How are you feeling? I hope you get better from your cold soon.
          Continuing to pray in faith for your mother and you, Seth. Please take care.

    3. Oh Seth, I do hope they can figure out what is going on with your mom so they can begin treatment. Positive thoughts and prayers for both of you. Take care of yourself as well, it’s hard to think about yourself when someone you love is ill, but you need to stay strong.

      1. Thank you Lisa. Believe me, we are. My mom’s friends are taking excellent care of all of us. The maddening thing is simply that the physicians haven’t figured exactly what type of cancer it is (sarcoma, melanoma, carcinoma, lymphoma or leukemia) and where it originated in her body, so they can’t begin treating it. At a minimum though, my mom is much more comfortable in the hospital and her nausea (which was the major sticky widget) is under control. 🙂
        As for the dress, meh. The Daily Mail wrote something about how more “daring” Kate has become over the years from 2011 to 2015, feeling more and more comfortable in her role to show off more skin. My reaction is: Huh? Now she’s a mom, she should be able to not wear underwear? Terribly amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.
        This is a general question to everyone and anyone: Does anyone else notice now, how whatever is a negative of Kate’s (she doesn’t work, she flashes everyone, she always looks bored as hell), the Daily Mail (maybe other papers too) turn it around and say it’s a positive attribute?

        1. Lol, I read the same article and had to wonder at all these “fashion experts”. I don’t think the editors at DM actually read the comments generated by these articles, they seem to be as out of touch with reality as W&K

          I loved the headline yesterday when they were saying how Kate was all smiles when arriving at the morning event when the picture they ran clearly showed a Kate that was chewing nails and spitting them at the waiting photographers. I wonder if this has anything to do with the little meet and greet the other night? Did W&K promise the DM something in exchange for all these glowing headlines? I guess time will tell.

          Seth, my prayers and good thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.

          1. Thanks Lauri. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the photos v.s. the printed words. It’s ironic to me, b/c as an avid royal watcher, the Daily Mail more often than not, gets the details about the royals wrong. Some biographies have claimed some well-known articles spread across multiple papers (including the Mail) are fiction. Things like Prince George being heir apparent or being the Queen’s grandchild are one thing. A more infamous example is when Prince Philip allegedly called a group of deaf students in Cardiff deaf b/c they were near a Jamaican musical performance he despised, saying “Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you are deaf.” He disputed that in a 2004 dual biography of him and the Queen, noting that as his mother, Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark, was severely deaf from birth and he would never say such a thing.
            Thank you again Lauri for your good wishes and prayers. 🙂

    4. Hey y’all. I just got back from the hospital a little while ago. My mom has a stage IV sarcoma. They are going to give her chemotherapy to shrink the tumors. It is not operable at this point and it is likely going to slow their growth but it can’t stop it. Mostly it’s to provide her a higher palliative quality of care. Evidently this type of sarcoma is relatively rare and very aggressive. They don’t have a definitive prognosis but she’s not likely going to be getting a 100th birthday greeting from Willard Scott on “TODAY.” 🙂
      Thanks y’all. You’re the best. <3

      1. Oh Seth. I am so sorry. How is your mom coping with the news? How are you doing? I hope that she can be comfortable right now. Sending continued prayers of comfort and blessings to the both of you.

        1. Hi Rhiannon,
          Thank you so much my dear KMR-watcher. She’s doing ok. My sister’s spending the night with her at the hospital. I’m ok I guess. We’re still not sure how long the treatment may last or whether it’ll work. At the same time though, that’s how life is. I mean I could cross the street tomorrow and get hit by a truck (especially if I’m in Philadelphia, the trucks drive CRAZY down there).


          1. I totally get it life is unpredictable. It’s filled with the highest of highs and heartbreaking lows.

            Make sure that you also get the support you need as well.


          2. I’m so sorry Seth. Thanks for letting us know there’s finally some sort of diagnosis now and that they’ve been able to start treatment. I’m hoping the treatment works.

          3. I’m so sorry Seth. Thanks for letting us know there’s finally some sort of diagnosis now and that they’ve been able to start treatment. I’m hoping the treatment works better than they expected and that they’ll be able to give you guys more information and care for your mom well.

      2. Sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis Seth. But at least now you all know. Not knowing is a very hard thing. I hope that you can spend the time you do have left with your mom with tons of joy and love. I also hope they are able to keep her relatively pain free. Take care of yourselves and prayers and good thoughts are still coming your way.

      3. Thank you for the update on your mother’s condition and I am so sorry to hear about her prognosis.
        I hope the doctors are able to make your mother feel more comfortable with treatment. May you find the strength and support to stay strong, Seth. Thinking of you and your family in my prayers.

      4. Hi Seth, I’m really sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she’s being kept comfortable as can be. It sounds like you have family that you are close to, what a blessing, you will NEED them. Not only now, but very much so after. Things will hit you when you think you should be fine and moving on. And that’s ok, don’t bury it, give yourself permission to deal with it. Nobody has to be that strong, we are all human. This sounds heavy, I’m sorry, just speaking from recent experience.

        Thinking of you and your family

    5. Seth, I am sorry for not posting sooner. I missed this posting and want to send my best to your mother and you. I hope you now know more of her condition and she will receive helpful treatment. You and she will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself. And, send us updates as we will want to know how you are both doing.

      1. Hey Mary Elizabeth,
        Not at all. My mother began her first round of chemo yesterday. She’s very tired but cheerful and comfortable. We’re hoping she might be released from the hospital to come home (she’s been in there for a week) and be allowed to do her chemo as an outpatient. It’s meant as palliative to mitigate her symptoms but not as treatment per say b/c the doctors still haven’t developed a treatment plan for her.
        Thanks so much for asking.
        We’re all holding up as best we can. 🙂

    1. It looks like Dedham pottery exploded over a piece of fabric. I like Dedham pottery (I own some). I like fabric. Together? No. And of course she has to be wearing heels.

  13. I only can say – No, no to those black pumps and black clutch again !!! I know there are different brands she wears but they all look the same to me and (excuse me for repeating this) extremely boring.
    As for the dress – I really can’t say anything except it looks like one of her 345 or something kind of dress -the same silhouette, same style and let’s not forget BLUE – her favorite color

    Good news – yes she definitely looked better interacting with people today but I don’t think it will last long – not without William and especially not without Harry by her side.

    One more thing – George is adorable and Oh Gosh he is growing fast but his Mom looked so tawdry in that cropped skinny Zara pants and such a short top/sweater ( she shows bare skin when she bends). I know that was her private time and I should give her a break but I think in her position that is completely inappropriate and unacceptable. That Girl has no class 🙁

    1. As to the surprisingly good stolen(?) museum picture – The first thing I thought after, omg Georgie is so cute, was when is the picture of 3″ of butt crack on display going to surface? Third thought was who forgot to shred those weird pants when Kate wasn’t looking? I mean, once was enough for those, sheesh

  14. KMR, it’s not welly waGGing – it’s welly waNGing. To wang is to throw or toss. It’s an olde worlde British term.

    We have welly wanging contests here in Sussex (South coast England) at village fetes in the summer.

    1. Oh. Thank you. I had never heard that term until I read it in the articles. Either they also messed that up or I just read it wrong. I’ll go in and fix it.

      1. It’s kinda fun seeing how so much of our culture doesn’t translate across the pond. Like I wouldn’t know its not normal until it needs explaining. We are a funny bunch 🙂

        1. It’s always interesting seeing the differences in cultures; especially when the cultures are so similar and there are just those little things that are different.

          1. To give an apocryphal George Bernard Shaw quote: “The British and Americans have a common destiny divided by a common language.”

  15. On the Shaun the Sheep visit, the best thing about it was Harry. Fortunately, he got to be himself once he got out of the car. And I would kill to hear what they said in the car that caused those faces. Oh yeah, I really want one of those Shaun the Sheep donuts.

    George is adorable in that photo at the museum and I agree, there’s absolutely no way they didn’t have RPO’s with them.

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