Prince William and Kate Middleton focus on mental health in Scotland

Prince William and Kate Middleton focus on mental health in Scotland

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn (as they are known is Scotland), traveled to Dundee, Scotland for a day of appearances. Their main focus for the day is their new hot topic for fall: children’s mental health.

Last night, the Earl and Countess stayed at the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews – where they “enjoyed a romantic meal together” – before heading to Dundee today, October 23, for their appearances.

The couple’s first stop was Dundee Rep Theatre where they did a walkabout outside before heading inside where they met the staff and crew behind the piece, “In Her Shadows”, which is “a visual performance that explores a young woman’s relationship with her depression – and highlights the stigmas surround the illness”. The couple also met families who attended a Family Fun Day at the theatre.

William and Kate at Dundee Rep Theatre
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

During the walkabout, one person asked Kate if William was still riding his motorcycle. Kate said: “He’s still riding it. It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it. I’m terrified. Hopefully, I’m going to keep George off it.”

I feel like this is a such a cliched, “wife” thing to say, but I’m not going to lie, if it were my husband and/or son (or daughter), I’d feel the same way. I’m not a fan of motorcycles.

The next stop on the Strathearns schedule was a See Me workshop. See Me is Scotland’s program to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination and are funded by Scottish Government and Comic Relief and managed by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and The Mental Health Foundation.

William and Kate at See Me workshop
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

During the workshop, William told the group:

    “It seems to me sad that society does not seem to listen enough, all the suggestions here and all the evidence you’re giving us is very much that society doesn’t seem to listen. And yet it’s the most basic fundamental point of families and communities, whatever to listen to each other. And so I think what this mental health piece will do, will be able to really raise everyone’s awareness, that we should just stop and listen and take a note of what’s around us and those around us and pay more attention. And hopefully that will help more people come forward.”

Because of that awkward feeling when one does not know what to say to someone who suffers from mental health issues, people would rather not talk about it. And while it is difficult for someone who suffers from mental health issues to accept help because other people just don’t understand what your suffering is like, I think a lot of times people just want to feel like they aren’t alone in the world (I know I do), and having others say they’ve been through similar suffering does help one feel less alone in their own suffering.

Kate and William at See Me event
[Viktoria Begg/Dundee Rep Theatre Facebook]

The next stop was The Corner to participate in an anti-bullying workshop with RespectMe. The Corner is a drop-in center which offers services and support in mental health, sexual health, drugs, smoking, and alcohol (among other things). RespectMe is another anti-bullying organization, like See Me, which is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by SAMH.

During the RespectMe workshop, they watched a video about the dangers of social media and William asked whether they thought social media companies did enough to prevent bullying online and he was told they feared that the introduction of a dislike button on Facebook could be a disaster. I, too, think the dislike button could end up having negative side effects but from what I understand Facebook is still figuring out how the dislike button will work so it’s a ways off still. The only reason Facebook is even considering a dislike button is because so many people have asked for it for so many years. If they introduce a dislike button and people hate it, they will remove it, I’m sure.

William and Kate pose with young people outside The Corner
[Richard Palmer @RoyalReporter]

The Strathearns then traveled to Discovery Point where the RRS Discovery is docked. The ship was built in Dundee and carried Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their first Antarctic expedition in 1901. William and Kate were greeted on the docks by pupils from Dunblane Primary School.

William and Kate on RRS Discovery
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The final stop of the day was at Abertay University where William and Kate met with BAFTA Young Game Designers winners. William and Kate got to try out the games and apparently William chuckled as Kate tried one out.

As someone who is learning computer programming and has built my own little web app using Laravel and Bootstrap, I look at computer games and think “So many methods, so many loops, so much rendering, mind blown”. Granted, these kids aren’t making Arkham Knight, but still. Way to go, kids.

William and Kate with game designer
[Abertay University @AbertayUni]

Kate wore Scottish designer Christopher Kane for the trip to Scotland. Kate wore a blue coat with a black turtleneck and blue skirt underneath. The coat is a bespoke slim fitted dogtooth wool coat with a belt, and the skirt is the same fabric as a slim fitted kilt also with a belt. The kilt is pretty short – many inches above the knee. Kate wore black tights and those Aquatalia “Rhumba” boots she has worn numerous times.

Kate carried her Stuart Weitzman black suede clutch she debuted at the Rugby World Cup opening. She also carried then wore her Cornelia James “Imogen” gloves. To go with the blue coat, Kate chose the sapphire and diamond “Diana” earrings.

Speaking of the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony, this blue Christopher Kane coat looks pretty similar to that blue Reiss coat Kate wore to that event, right? I mean, she even accessorized with black tights and black accessories then, too. I much prefer the Reiss coat to this Kane coat, personally.

BTW, Kate looks a lot happier here than she did during the State Banquet and the creative industry event, right?

William looks like he wore the same navy suit he wore to the creative industry event on Wednesday. This time switching things up with a blue shirt and a different red tie.

BTW, Victoria Murphy at the Mirror posted the below photo with the caption: “Wouldn’t say the crowds are huge outside Dundee rep theatre today, around 200 perhaps.”

PS. This is the second post of the day – go here to check out Prince Harry if you want a break from the week of the Cambridges.

Crowds outside Dundee Rep Theatre
[Victoria Murphy @QueenVicMirror]

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130 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton focus on mental health in Scotland

  1. I think W&K did well today – they looked engaged & enthusiastic without veering into manic.

    I was v disappointed that my fave Richard Palmer spouted the “romantic evening” tripe that KP had just tweeted (about them staying in St Andrews or some utter guff).

    I’m watching for changes since The Meeting.

    1. Ugh, I noticed that Palmer was more glowing toward them than usual. I rolled my eyes at that romantic evening line.

      1. Call me an old cynic but I believe there’s a reason behind all this sudden working together and now the “romantic evening”. I read on one of the other forums that Jecca Craig has married – (I can’t remember which one and I can’t find anything on line to confirm it) – and if it’s true then all this could be a deliberate act to deflect the whole “the one who got away” talk.

        1. I saw something that said Jecca had married recently. I didn’t even know she was seeing someone, let alone engaged. Edit: I must have seen Tanna’s tweet. That’s where I saw that she had married.

        2. But when has marriage stop affairs with true loves. Look at W&K at the wheel – they seem to be catching up on personal conversation (as if they did not sleep at the same palace); last Saturday she was over dressed and he in very causal wear (as if they came from different homes, and met up for the meet greet then off to rugby game), for the Anna visit. She also looked away and seem teary eye.

      2. Romantic evening. How lovely. And I’m sure the hairdresser had an adjoining room, just to make getting ready this morning that much easier. Because we’ve all seen what her hair looks like, when left to her own ministrations. And I’m sure the maquillage takes every bit of time she might have.

        Just had to flex my claws a minute, they’re back in πŸ˜‰

      3. Seems like that press reception that the Cambridges hosted did the trick then. So instead of rectifying their ways they are going to sweet-talk the press, which they still will continue to mislead, be passive aggressive towards and use for their PR spin to keep getting away with the peaks without duty con they’re run.

        “‘Their Royal Highnesses, who *first met* while students at the nearby University of St Andrews, are delighted to be visiting Dundee and very much looking forward to the day,’ said a Kensington Palace spokeswoman.” – oh, so they’re still peddling that one.

    2. This is all PR. Other photos seem he is on with personal conversations at the wheel.

      They don’t deserve applause for what is normal for the BRF – Showing up, ‘looking’ interesting (which is disingenuous considering most the year/s, Willnot&cannot are missing from supporting Charities/causes) , no work ethic or representative HM POW- The Monarchy.

      This is all about PR and the count for the year Register – more upcoming luxury vacation – Red Carpet event/s- extended holidays beyond the New Year.

      At least the attire is appropriate than the morning lace dress at a Diplomatic business event with the Chinese President, and at the Anna Mental Health – no jacket and in casual wear on professional charity visit.

      Happier bc she is on her college favorite -sailboats (didn’t she serve on millionaires boats).

    3. I just read another Palmer article where he calls Kate “the future Queen”. Ugh.

      1. I wonder if the threat of not being invited is what led to this, cause they only invited certain members to the reception.

        I remember James Whitaker calling out today’s royal reporters on their relationship with the royals, how they really write and report on the royals with much objectivity, serve the public and play their role the way they are buddy buddies (trying to be) and allowing the Palace to say what they can and can’t do.

      2. Till Andrew Morton’s book nobody thought the fairytale they were being fed was a lie. The public was misled and journalists who came across smoking guns didn’t ask or investigate further. Even after Morton’s book there some journalists who still wouldn’t believe it and attacked him only to find out later when Diana went to visit friends of hers that were quoted in the book that there was some truth to it.

        Richard Kay says when they confronted the press secretaries they admitted they knew all along and felt that they couldn’t say anything. I’m not saying something is wrong with William and Kate or what the story is with Kate not working, just that if something could be very wrong and we all be none the wiser for years, and worse till actually lined to.

        Katie Nicholl has actually been the only royal reporter to inform the public that Kate spends a heck of a lot of time, more than we realise, at her parents. She also was the one to inform us that didn’t meet at St Andrew’s. If they don’t want us to know where they met cause it’s private to them, fine, say that and leave it at that but don’t create a lie about it.

        1. The only reason that we knew anything was wrong in the Wales marriage was because Diana and a group of her close friends talked to the press. Kate seems to have ditched all the friendships that pre-dated William, so I think it unlikely that there will be many leaks from her camp. William, on the other hand would have many assets at his facility to leak but his relationship with the press sort of precludes that being an option.

        2. My memory is probably foggy about the wedding of Charles and Diana, but the TV anchors never described the two as a ‘love match’. Much was said at the time about the differences in age, lifestyle and personalities.

          Of course, there was the other side who tried to make some moments between the two of them seem romantic, but the cracks were often pointed out over the years. For instance, the two starting to do seperate events, Charles saying things about Diana’s popularity and feeling everyone came to see his wife, Diana fainting in Canada due to her bulimia and Charles’ negative comments and the Highgrove visit for TV to try to make them look like a happy couple. The boys were quite young at this point.

          If you compare the info leaked about Charles and Diana vs. Will and Kate, I think there has been more fairytale discussions about W&K. Far more trouble in paradise’ leaks seemed to have occured for C&D by the current time in Cambridge marriage.

          Diana claimed that she and her husband tried to hide their problems because they didn’t want to disappoint people. The war of the Wales couple started fairly early in their marriage; along with the leaks. More of the story came out from both sides @ 10 years later.

          I am surprised how little gets out about W&K. Will seems to have a tight fist on anyone who works for them, and others in the know. So little is known about these two in this day and age. I wish the royal media would start to let info out about this strange couple.

          I have never been more curious about two boring lazy people.

          1. I feel like if we knew everything that went on behind the scenes, W&K would be far less boring. It would be more like a soap opera.

          2. “I have never been more curious about two boring lazy people.”
            I totally feel this way, lol !

            KMR, ” W&K would be far less boring. It would be more like a soap opera.” we can only hope! πŸ˜›

          3. I had to laugh, but oh, how true, G! I wonder if what we are really curious about is whether these two are decent and worth all the fuss, given their fortunate positions. And time after time we are disappointed: selfish man, vapid woman. Like the emperor’s new clothes, there’s just nothing there.

            I am less concerned about what Kate wears than what substance she and William provide to these organisations. If they have their own charitable trust or want to start one rather than take up the Prince’s Trust, then why not get to work and make it happen? This I could respect.

            Inviting a few tame journalists to view their children in an attempt to buy good press/ keep press from being critical for doing next to nothing is just pathetic, particularly given the fuss made about keeping their children’s lives private. This couple seems really dislikable. They don’t seem to understand that an hereditary monarchy exists due to public goodwill; no one actually needs them. In particular, these two.

        1. My point was that Palmer doesn’t usually refer to her as such. And the change only happened after that little meet-and-greet the other day.

          1. Ah. Along the lines of “Thou must refereth to Catherine with the title she was born to have! And if you do not, we will not throweth out any crumbs in your direction.” Lovely.

            Long reign King Jong Will. I wish him luck with the media control game.

      1. W&K had a private meet-and-greet with a select few members of the press last Wednesday, where the press got to meet George and Charlotte.

        1. A private meeting with the press? Does that mean we’ll see pictures at some point? I’d even take something furtive, caught mid motion on an iPhone. Wouldn’t be any worse than the odd set of shots from the christening. From a world renowned photographer. Haha, still scratching my head over those

          1. I’m sure the press had their phones confiscated or something. At least that’s what I would do if I held a private meet-and-greet where I didn’t want anything getting out. So I doubt we will get photos from that meeting.

    4. Yes way better than the state visit.Also more appropriately dressed even though wonder why a bespoke coat is pulling across her bust and has a gap around her thighs.This is an exact remake of her other Kane coat the icy blue one she wore except for the fabric

    1. In the photo where she’s at the wheel, looking pensive, with Bill at her side, it almost looks like she’s contemplating sailing off to Mustique.

  2. Allow me a pedantic moment: she’ll try to keep George off the motorcycle, because obviously Charlotte is a girl and could never be interested in such a thing…

    Okay, moment over.

    Seems like a solid outing on the Kate Scale. Nothing to write home about in either good or bad respects. I do wonder how long W&K’s focus on mental health will last after their Christmas break, though.

    1. I know, right. That’s why I included the (or daughter) to my comment because there is nothing that says a girl can’t want to ride a motorcycle.

      I, too, wonder how long the mental health kick will last. I’m sure they’ll get bored of it at some point and switch to something else. Just like Kate did with addiction and then children’s hospices.

    2. I just laughed at Kate’s comment about George riding a motorcycle. William loves his motorcycle and Carole will take William’s side in any argument. That leaves Kate outvoted 2-1 on the motorcycle issue.

    3. One of the things that bugs me about this is that press keeps going on and on about it while neglecting the point of the visit, highlighting mental health issues. It’s situations like this when Kate should release a little quote or sound bite to bring attention back to the point of the visit instead of some silly, off topic thing she said.

      I hope Princess Charlotte rides bikes, climbs trees, makes mud pies and all the fun things that children do, regardless of gender.

  3. I think Kate looked very pretty today and more engaged than we have seen her. I am surprised she was so much happier today since William was with her the last two times.

    I love that color on Kate, but you are right KMR, it is very similar to her Reiss coat unless you are close and can see the print. Like I said, she looked very nice today, but nothing special. It is the typical Kate outfit, although at this point I am not sure how she can ‘wow’ us with coats. Seriously though, how many coats does one woman need??? And this is bespoke, so we know it is expensive! My only problem with the outfit was with how short the skirt inside was. Since it was made specifically for her, she obviously chose to make it that short. Why Kate, why???

    Hey at least she took her coat off inside, yay πŸ™‚

    1. That’s what’s weird. Kate gets bespoke clothing that is too short, or not tailored correctly. So odd the choices she makes.

      1. It is too short for a woman in her 30’s especially one that is Royal. I know she is wearing tights which help, but it is clear she chose to make this skirt so short. I know she has a great figure, but it is obvious she wants to show it off. πŸ™

      2. Btw speaking of bad tailoring, have you noticed there is a weird gap on the coat around her chest? It’s the outer layer covering the buttons, but it looks like it may be too snug. It pulls and leaves a weird gap. I would not expect that on a bespoke piece.

        1. Most of her coats are that way, kinda made a few millimeters too small for her (she doesn’t even have big breast, just a broad back/shoulders).

          The coat she wore to welcome the Singapore president… the coat dress from that occasion seemed to be pulling/opening it’s buttons in the mid-section. I gave her a pass because it had been recently announced she was pregnant, but it stills happens.

          She likes all of her coats skin-tight, I’m guessing if she drank too much water or moves her arms too much buttons will start popping out poking people in the eyes (bc of the 10 inch heels πŸ˜› ) .

      3. Maybe her weight is yoyo-ing because of all the weight she keeps gaining and then losing? It might make it a little harder to et even bespoke clothing to fit her well.

        1. That’s totally possible. She has her clothing tailored to her size, but then she loses weight so the tailored clothing doesn’t fit correctly.

          OR, I read once that Kate doesn’t actually do fittings with the designers who do her bespoke clothing, instead they have models that are the size of the proportions she gives them. So that may be a cause, too. The designers have her measurements, but they are old and not to her current weight since she keeps fluctuating.

        1. I don’t know. Kate has only ever had bespoke Kane outfits. I don’t know much about the designer so I don’t know if he only does bespoke or if he has ready-to-wear pieces that she just chooses not to buy.

          1. Christopher Kane is a very fashiony fashion designer best known in Britain and Europe. Doing quite well, seemingly out of the gates of design school.

            His label took a back seat for several years when he was appointed chief designer at Versace/Versus, but that contract ended last year and he is back to focusing on his own label.

            He recently held a celeb art class at his showroom which was attended by among others, Salma Hayek and her hubby which made me think that the christopher Kane label is under the Kering fashion conglomerate owned by Salma’s husband, FranΓ§ois Pinault. Kering owns a host of well regarded labels eg McQueen, Stella MacCartney, Gucci, Balanciage, Bottega Venetta, Puma, Saint Laurent, Brioni, Sergio Rossi and many, many more. It’s never an accident when Salma is in any of those labels.

            Christopher Kane tends to flirt with a very arty sensibility and often references painted art. Consequently he tends to be favoured by those people who loved McQueen, before Lee died and Sarah Burton took that label mainstream. FKtwigs, Robert Pattinson’s GF memorably wore Christopher Kane to this year’s met gala.

          2. Somehow I don’t think I could ever see Kate in a dress with a penis on it.

            Thank you for the info, Herazeus. So would you say Kate’s Kane coats are keeping in his style or are they different than he usually does?

  4. OMG, I want that coat! I did cave a year and a half ago to buy those boots ;). Glad I did, they were spendy, but I wear them a lot and they are comfy, warm, and weatherproofed. Don’t know if I’ll be able to afford bespoke outerwear, though, till I win the lottery (someone remind me to buy a ticket!!)

    1. Hey Ray, I have thought about buying those boots because they do look comfy! Do you think yours are going to last a long time?

      1. I do, Overit. Very well made; sturdy side zip, heel and sole made of hard rubber to stand up to the elements without getting trashed, and like I said before, the suede comes weatherproofed. There is some stretch to the boot, so you can wear it over skinny jeans, as well as tights, and it doesn’t bag out on you part way through the day. I’ve worn them many many times, and they still look like new. Plus they look great, I get compliments on them all the time;) A splurge, but worth it, imo!

          1. Sadly they are not making the Rhumba anymore. The new version is called the Damara. I wish I had bought the Rhumba’s last year when they were on sale for around $400. I just can’t bring myself to spend $725 for boots. I also don’t think my husband will let me πŸ˜‰

            Ray, do you think they fit true to size? Or do I need to go up half a size like in some boots?

          2. True to size in my case, Overit. Even though it’s an Italian brand, mine say size 9 (rather than 39 or 39.5). I am a 9, 95% of the time, there are a few brands were I go up half a size, but I am a 9 in these

    2. I am so jealous!!!! I’ve wanted a pair for so long but I have rather thick calves and they don’t look like they would fit me well at all, darn! I’m so glad that you’re getting a lot of use out of them, you know if you divide the price by the number of times you’ve worn them you might find that they really only cost you pennies per day πŸ™‚ That’s how I justify so many of my purchases πŸ™‚

      1. So true, Lauri from Ca! I used to be one of those people who would buy something expensive and beautiful, and then never wear it because I was scared something would happen to it. Or, I would find something that I just loved and tell myself oh no wayyyy too much, then go and buy a bagfuls of cheap crap, spend almost as much as the thing I wanted initially, and then never wear the stuff. Nice clothes make me happy, and that’s what I spend my money on, when I can afford it. I don’t feel guilty anymore, you only live once right πŸ˜‰

      2. I have a very similar version of the Rumba boot. It is made by the same company
        (Aquatalia). The boot has a black panel which is hard to see and it gives women with wider or thinner calves a better fit. I have @ six pairs from the company and can vouch for the good wearability.

        I don’t want to get in trouble saying something wrong, but I hope this helps. I shop online for the boots at ‘A’. A huge online company. They tend to have boot sales before and after Christmas. I tend to get close to -70%.

        1. Ok so I’m not very computer savvy but I just looked up ‘A’ and nothing came up. Are you talking about the huge company that starts with an A and ends with an N, with maybe a Z in between?

          1. Oh man, I’m as savvy as you Laurie from Ca! I didn’t catch G.’s meaning either, I DID think it was a site called “A”. *just totally embarrassed now, eek*

          2. Yes! Sorry to confuse people. I didn’t want to get in trouble with KMR and the site rules.

            You have to watch pretty close to catch the deals. I buy directly(not other vendors) from ‘starts with an A, has a Z and ends with an N’.

            I have purchased $600.00 knee high boots for $210.00 and three pairs of $500.00 ankle boots for @$200.00 (and even less). Sometimes you have to buy suede instead of calf leather depending on your size. I wear a 37 or 38 which I think is a U.S. 7 or 7.5. This size sometimes sells quickly. I may not get the exact color I want. I have black, espresso brown, chocolate brown, soft beige, navy and forest green.

            The sales are usually a general sale. Meaning all Aquatalia on sale at an extra 20% off the already sale price. This is a for instance, since I haven’t purchase since right before Christmas 2014 and do not remember the exact details.

            I have the best luck from October to Feb. or March. You would think they would be cheap in the summer, but I have never had luck during that time period.

        2. I’m so confused on what online store we are talking about, but I would love to know! Did you get your aquatalia boots at a discount from this seller as well?

        3. I did order a pair of Aquatalia boots last year and they were so tight and narrow that I sent them back. I was so disappointed πŸ™ I don’t think they were made with those of us with wide feet and calves in mind.

      3. I have a a pair of Tods loafers and another pair of their patent leather heels. They are both over 10 years old and they don’t look it. I had the loafers resoled, but I haven’t touched the shoes other than to have a pair of heel thingys put on the bottom. They were expensive, but per wearing the cheapest shoes I ever bought — both of them. They still look good and you’d never guess their age. Can’t recommend the brand more for durability. I have one of their tote bags, too. It’s several years old. I carry it every day to work and it looks new. Again, expensive, but does not show wear.

        1. Yes, bluhare, but you take care of yours. Kate obviously doesn’t maintain her wardrobe and the person who does is seriously lacking in the shoe maintenance department.

  5. Even if Kate was married to a guy more wealthy than William (not counting all the perks) she would dress exactly the same, a very wealthy young suburban woman. She is not adventurous at all. But that hair……hate the red tones, makes her look even more washed out. You can see her darker roots and she should go back to the darker color.Also, mentioned earlier the coat gapped at her bust and it did not close completely on the bottom…where are her tailors to fix this before she goes out. Also, time to lose the boots, they looked kind of worn at the toes in the Daily Mail plus, I am sure can afford to get another more stylish pair.

    1. Yeah, if Kate wants to wear boots like that, she should buy some new ones because these have looked ragged for years.

  6. I thought Kate looked rather nice today. The color of this coat suited her well, but seriously how many coats does this woman need? I had no problem with the length of the skirt, I would wear it (with tights) and I’m almost 20 years older than Kate. Actually, I thought today’s outfit was more like what we would have seen her wear several years ago before she started dressing like a matron, rather fun and flirty.

    KMR and others, what would you suggest someone say, who doesn’t suffer from mental health issues, to someone who is in the midst of a crisis or struggle? As you said so many don’t know what to say and I have several relations and friends who struggle and I never know what to say, so I usually just end up listening and trying to empathize.

    I hope that W&K’s involvement in mental health issues continues past the holidays. I liked what William had to say about listening, so many people just want to be heard, to be acknowledged. While I don’t work as a counselor, I’ve had the privilege and honor of having friends, family and sometimes strangers pour their hearts out and tell me their deepest secrets, I am always humbled by these encounters and am struck by the need people have to simply be heard. You can almost see the weight lift off of their souls.

      1. I just introduced my Hubby to her “Engaged and listening” look, complete with pursed lips. He nearly died laughing. I love the “Eyeliner of Serious Concern”. It made my day.

    1. Hmm Lauri, you made me rethink my thoughts about her skirt length. It is more fun and flirty Kate like the old days. Now I am torn. On one hand I think it is too short, but on the other maybe not :). I think I need to see more full length photos without the coat to decide. I think with the coat the length is not bad, but without it may appear too short. Kind of like a school girl’s uniform. It looks a bit juvenile and not that of a grown woman. I also may be tainted knowing that Kate likes to show her legs as often as possible, so her purposefully making it short is just to show her pins off.

      1. Hi Overit, again I would wear this skirt/kilt but only with tights or leggings. It is somewhat school girlish but to me that’s what makes it fun! In fact I just bought a cute little skater style dress that I’ll pair with tall boots and tights. I love wearing fun and funky dresses in the winter because with a pair of tights or leggings it’s like wearing my pj’s to work, super comfortable. I will admit though sometimes I go through the whole “am I dressing too young” thing, so then I pull out the frumpier clothes, get tired of looking my age and go back to what I feel comfortable in. I really like to dress for myself and if someone else doesn’t approve, well too bad.

    2. She looks great in this blue, today and the Rugby World Cup Opening night. That night was tops for me. My favourite look today is without the coat.

    3. Lauri, in regards to your question about suggestions on how to talk to people who suffer from mental health problems:

      I went to a writer’s conference last weekend and one of the panels I went to was about writing for youth, and one of the panelists talked about not “othering” your audience. Because kids and teenagers will know instantly that the story was not written by a kid or teenager if you start talking down to them and don’t truly get in the mindset of the audience you’re writing for.

      I feel like that applies so well to talking to people who suffer from mental health problems. People who suffer already feel so isolated from society because not only do their problems isolate them but the stigma around their problems isolates them as well. That last thing you want to do is isolate them even more by “othering” them.

      Even people who suffer from mental health problems can have a hard time talking to other people who suffer from mental health problems, because you are so in your own head and in your own problems. But after thinking about how I wanted to be talked to I came up with my own system for talking to others that I now implement.

      I won’t speak for anyone else, but here are a few bullet points that I, personally, try to keep in mind when talking to others about their mental health problems:

      *Be specific to them when talking about their experience. People want to be heard, not just listened to. Being told you’re brave for talking about your experience is good, but sometimes it can come across as being pat on the head instead of actually acknowledged. So make sure you acknowledge the other person so that they know you are actually hearing them. It goes back to that isolation thing. We don’t want to be pat on the head, we want to be accepted and hugged (figuratively, not everyone likes being touched; if you do want to physically hug someone make sure you ask first).

      *Don’t trivialize their experience. If you have a story or experience that relates to what they’ve told you, by all means tell it – because people who suffer want to feel like they aren’t alone – but be careful because sometimes telling stories in order to relate can come across as putting those stories on an equal level and if they are very much not, it will “other” the person you’re talking to because they will think you are trivializing their experience. I’m not saying it’s a competition of “who suffers the most”, but when a person is suffering a great deal and another person seemingly trivializes their experience, it just isolates the sufferer even more.

      *Oh, and if you are going to talk about your own experience to try and relate, make sure you mention their experience first. Acknowledge them before you make it about yourself, basically.

      Basically: Talk about them and their experience specifically; Talk about them before you talk about you; and Don’t trivialize their experience.

      These are the major points I keep in mind now when talking to others. I hope that helps, Lauri.

  7. Anything that brings to light Mental illness can only be a very good thing, I would love to see them both do so much more. Being the mother of a daughter with a very serious illness I have a vested interest! I agree that they both seemed engaged and interested today. Well done to both of them!
    P. S The Duchess looked nice today, but the skirt / kilt was way too short, a little bit of length is so much more elegant looking, but the hair seriously needs some styling and get out of the 70’s look she could do so much with it.

    1. I think the next step is they need to have more official patronages that deal with mental health and they need to give speeches.

  8. I love the color and cut of her coat. The blue is so rich. I don’t like that it is cinched as it causes the coat to buckle. I am not a fan of the short skirt. I wish that she would pull her hair back in a low chignon or bun and wear a brooch. The skirt was waaay too short. I don’t like that look at all. If she didn’t have that coat, we would see too much if she bent over.

    This was a good performance by Kate today. She did look a bit goofy and has a ways to go.

    I truly think that the press offered more assurances yesterday. Maybe a picture/exclusive for more space. I do not know why they continue to play into this facade with them. All that malarky about their romantical (reference to my favorite movie ‘To Wong Foo…’) evening is a joke. This reminds me of the loved up stories of Charles and Diana before the breakdown.

    I just won’t comment on William. He and Kate need substance to these visits. Then I will believe them.

  9. Kate probably enjoyed romantic dinner so much that she accidently ate too much than she used to – no wonder the coat is too tight.
    You know Ladies I wasn’t sure if behind that “only skin and bone” figure is some kind of eating disorder or stress, depression …. but she seems to love emphasize her skinny body and shows her long legs so much by always wearing something too short or to tight that I am pretty sure she is just vain – period . She thinks the skinniest she is, the sexiest she is – my question is for whom? As far as I know most men are not attracted to bonny girls, they love curves and shapes that’s why they loved Marilyn Monroe so much and she still is the icon. I hope Kate soon realize that her skinny look is not the only thing she can offer to the world and what world expects from her but there are actually some virtues like caring, working hard and being modest.

    As for her coat today – well coat like coat, who cares? Probably next weekend we will se another one which could feed three villages in Africa

    1. William likes his women bony. If you look at his romantic history, with exception of one woman, Rose, they’ve all been tall, lanky women who tend to bony. With somewhat masculine looks – what would have been described as handsome in ye old times.

      Kate over the course of their relationship has lost a lot of weight. Some of that would have been the natural consequence of growing up and losing puppy fat, but she’s also been personally rewarded when she’s lost a lot of weight, from tales of high school when the boys suddenly noticed her, to the media 2007 tour to win William back.

      The other thing to mention is that sloaney types, the kind around William, tend to maintain very slim figures. In order for Kate to hang with them, even if she is currently snubbing them, she maintains the slim figure of the group.

      1. I think I heard Katie Nicholl say William would “bully” Kate back in their university days by calling her CHUBBY all the time… I kinda believe it since she lost all her curves from back in those days.

        1. Seriously???? She wasn’t even really curvy in her university days. She had more meat on her, partly baby-fat, but not really curves. She has always been really thin. What a jerk to call her ‘chubby’ if he really did. Apparently he doesn’t know what chubby is. I guess he just wants a model for a wife!

    2. I remember the day of Diana’s funeral and the TV crew spoke to a group of young women and men sitting at a cafe. One of the men stated how sad he was about her death. Then he said, “All the men fancied her. We just didn’t want to say it.”

      My husband knows I follow royalty, but he doesn’t have any interest. Except, he loved Diana. He was as sad as I was when she died. Despite any faults she had (and we all have them), she worked hard and cared about people.

      As for Kate, I have showed my husband pictures and he isn’t impressed. I realize I am talking about looks, but the subject of bone thin women came up and I don’t think most men care for that look in women.

  10. I love the coat and thought she looked great. The skirts definitely need to be a bit longer. I have ‘short’ skirts that still look nice, but they are a bit above the knee and not thigh grazing (sp?). Sophie does modern, but Royal really well without the thigh high skirts.

    But to Kate’s benefit, she may simply be keeping with the styles. I have a really and I mean REALLY hard time shopping. Pants are so TIGHT and I can’t stand fabric hugging my body. Skirts are either too short or something a woman in her 80’s would wear. I window shop net a porter all the time (can’t afford, but love to browse) and the skirts are all super short.

    And I can definitely relate to her skin. I have deep forehead wrinkles as well. But I’ve been able to almost make them disappear with Tazorac (form of retinol) and at home peels. You would think she would know what to try. I’m also not a big makeup advocate at all. I think the thick pancake base is drying and aging her skin. I feel as if I bring Sophie up a lot, but she’s a great example of how with makeup less is more. Her skin breathes without so much makeup and she simply glows.

    1. So true Ccoop – her makeup practically suffocates her πŸ™‚
      As for her wrinkles, I am not sure if anything could fix them. Remember Bridget Bardot and how much she loved sunbathing, well look at her now – her skin was damaged beyond her age. I think all that Kate’s luxury vacations and medditerranean tours are starting to paying back.

    2. i agree with you! IMO the point is that she s a duchess and she doesn t dress like a duchess, or a countess in this case should

    3. Sophie is the best British Royal. Too bad the public/media is not crazy about her. I would love more coverage of her…

      Regarding Kate’s skirt: I’m not that tall and I have a hard time finding nice-length skirts (especially in the summer). I understand that she’s young and was in love with mini-skirts in her single days (as are her mother – even at 60 yrs of age- and her sister) and I think she should still wear them on her private time (which is like 350 days of the year). I don’t think mini-skirts should be worn for *any* of her official events. My thinking is: we are pretty much the same age (I’m months younger than her, still born on her year, married and no kids) and I wear a mid-thigh skirt maybe once or twice in the summer, especially if I vacation at the beach but I would NEVER-EVER wear one to work or any work related event, not even on a casual-Fridays.
      I know her dark nylons helped, but still; mental health event = serious topic , representing the BRF, offical event, etc. and a BE-SPOKE piece!!! come on! Totally fine had she been out shopping with her sister or whatever…

      1. Beatrix, I think you hit the nail on the head! A skirt that length is never appropriate for work, especially when representing the Royal family. I cringe when I see women wear that short of skirts to church as well. And I’m not even old, I am a few years younger than Kate. LOL. There are just certain places a short skirt is not appropriate, regardless of age.

  11. KMR you mentioned that Kate look happier today. Kate always looks happy when she’s doing walkabouts. She’s always all smiles and really happy when she’s being handed flowers, people are screaming her names and crowds are taking picture of her. She only looks bored, disinterested and not there when someone else is the centre of attention, when people relay stories to her or during, heading into services or engagements when attention is meant to be on the Queen or armed forces/country. i.e Trooping the Colour, or the service to mark Britain’s combat operations in Afghanistan. Her smile reappeared outside afterwards where all the photo’s with her hand on her belly were taken. If she’s not the centre of attention or it’s not a sporting event she’s a fan of you don’t get much of a smile from her.

    1. Great point! I wonder though if it’s because walkabouts are easy to do, smile, shake hands, accept flowers? Whereas more formal, royal events actually require her to remember what she needs to do, where she needs to stand, look serious not manic, etc? It seems without prior work experience she really has no idea how to handle herself in more serious, formal or professional situations.

      1. I’m just going to guess that maybe it’s easier to smile when there are cameras around and you’re expected to smile?

        1. There are always cameras around when she’s on official events. She knows from on all of her engagements from start to finish the cameras are on her. We don’t see the same smile on walk abouts, or when she’s visiting Downton Abbey as we do when she’s with the scouts or when she’s on the balcony for events like Trooping the Colour.

      2. Greetings,
        Agree there to a certain extent with your last sentence however it has been widely reported and middleton said so herself that she was/had “princess training” which is something Diana (who was 19 years old) never did, was thrown in the deep end and we must remember 10 years younger than middleton, that even at her most awkward Diana had a natural dignity. Kate is forced and after 10 years of chasing bill down, all the money and “transformations” at her disposal, middleton has only bothered with the basics and appears on numerous occasions to pay extra attention when she knows the camera is on her but when caught unguarded that is when you see plenty of her inner self and that is not pretty.

        I am not trying to be unduly harsh on another person however kate had every opportunity to better both her behaviour, her attitude, her work ethic but still 15 years later we are waiting. Not a late bloomer, more like I waited 10 years now you can wait on me. Well that does not cut it in a modern world. Service, duty, respect for the role you have taken on as well as those you meet along the way and still even after all this, tied to mummy’s apron strings to the max.

        Queen Elizabeth and other senior Royals are exasperated with her lack of “anything of substance” – it is obvious a mile away. All that history, that expertise and what do you get? Another “bespoke – I cost a fortune coat and short skirt”, spending an obscene amount of money to turn up to 3 events before she goes on holiday for months – as for bill’s supposed job – who is covering his shifts? Hardworking people who are dedicated, not bill, who would rather live of his father’s/taxpayer money which is the Duchy of Cornwall that pays for the 3 kitchens, the moving of the tennis court and all the lazy middleton’s extensive, expensive wardrobe which in itself could fund serious money to the Charities (of which she is still yet to settle on properly).

        This amounts again, the quote “to whom much is given, much is expected” may not be the exact wording but in this instance the “taking more than they give” is a more accurate description from my observation. I have met these people both in New Zealand and in the UK (by chance while in Europe) – it is the fake part that you notice first, yet all praise is heaped on her clothes because of middleton lacks the substance. An Art Degree will get you somewhere but when you are up against those other ladies, Letizia, Mary, Rania, Mathilde, Maxima etc who have Degrees in Commerce, International Relations, Journalist, Lawyer etc as well as 4 or 5 languages apart from their original language – in my observed opinion middleton does not cut it, has shown no interest except in the superficial and wants a cocooned world with her and bill, hidden away in their own world. Royalty will not survive that.

        Hope this has not offended anyone – but irritates me when she has to “tower” over those – to set herself apart, yet no-one expects her to be another Diana, they do expect her to make a damn effort. Sadly that is something we may all be waiting for still in years to come.

        Have a good evening/day wherever you are.

  12. Is Jason the reason for the ‘romantic dinner’ talk? Could this be a way to deflect from Kate’s less than spectacular State Dinner appearance and the sad/tired look people are talking about.

    Diana was so stressed during her marriage, but most of the time she was able to put on a happy face and attend to her duties. Kate has always been a lightweight were royal duties are concerned, but now I think this is more than Kate being lazy. She seems miserable and out of place.

    She only seems able to get through an event if William is within two feet of her the whole time. But, even the weird pram walk to the christening video seemed extra strained. I am begining to think Jason and the the BRF needs to make a decision about Kate and William.

    Maybe, Kate needs to stay home. William needs to quit his fake air ambulance job and at least double his number of appearances. They could use the excuse, that as a couple they feel Kate needs to stop her royal duties and stay home with the children. She hates the job and she is awful at it.

    1. She wasn’t very good at the one job she held during her dating years with William so why would anyone think she’d be good with this or any job. She really has very little “real world” experience. If the monarchy fell apart and they were left to sort things out on their own it would be a sad state of affairs for them.

      1. Well, if the monarchy fell apart, she could always sell off her coats and shoes. Those should be enough to get their children to college.

    2. yep, no one takes her seriously, when shes alone, and shes too blame, shes always invisible, and when she appears, shes grinning like a maniac, her hair is always blowing around together with her clothes and no speeches geez stay home kate and stop following your husband around!!

    3. Yeah, what the heck with that “romantic dinner” soundbite?
      Do they need to kill rumors of trouble in paradise or what? For such a *private* couple to put that out there… why feed the OH-SO-IN-LOVE-COUPLE at this point?
      1) trouble in paradise
      2) trying to sell that hotel as a romantic venue? πŸ˜› was it a commercial?

      1. Romantic dinner “soundbite” what a laugh. This marriage is in trouble and has been since bill realised that he wasted the OUT his father gave him when they split of for those months but bill needed a crutch and she was it – like a security blanket.

        Prince Harry, who was the younger of the two when their Mum died has fared so much better, he has got into scrapes, sorted himself out and is flourishing.

        The marriage is doomed. Fading into the background would do us all a favour – the false “love match” the faked closeness, all hypocrisy and I agree, somewhere soon the BRF (senior Royal like Her Majesty) will call it when even she is faced with the inevitable mess they are leading the throne into.

        These two should just give up the charade now – save the shambles that they are trying so hard to keep under wraps. Especially with all the drivel the PR people are foisting upon the people (plastering this as the love story and saviours of the RF) – to try and convince everyone that everything is alright.

        No wonder Prince Harry stays miles away from this – don’t blame him.

  13. I know that this is the Kate Middleton Review, but please post something about the visit to Peru & Colombia undertaken by the Crown Princess of Sweden and her spouse, or about any of the royals who actually do something worthwhile – and mean it

    1. I am going to cover that visit later this week. I want to give them their due instead of doing a post now and having it get ignored when a Kate post happens the next day. I want Vic and Dan to get the attention they deserve.

  14. Kate continues to be an awkward and embarrassing disappointment because she puts zero effort into her job. How much more vacant and selfish can she be? She seems to hunger for attention yet goes about earning it in all the wrong ways with her sloppy hair, manical expressions and poor clothing choices. She desperately needs help in all areas but I’m betting is too lazy and stubborn to take it. I despair of her ever growing up and taking her position seriously.

  15. This supposed focus on mental health leaves me cold. For one thing, it’s been such a scattershot approach- there is no rhyme nor reason to it except to jack up the numbers before the months of holiday. There is no focus on anything but the words, “mental health”. Where is their consistent patronage and support of these organisations? Where is their concern and constancy, and what have they done besides show up and leave in less than an hour? *One time*. Feh.

    1. I agree Maven. Their focus on metal health seems to be nothing more than a buzz word to them. If they were truly invested, I would expect new patronages and speeches and actual comments showing they know what they are talking about, rather than one-and-done visits to places where they don’t actually show that they know anything about the subject. People telling me that W&K asked smart questions and seem to be invested does not cut it.

      I read an account by a woman who sat right next to Kate at the See Me event and all the woman said was how great Kate looked and that she and William asked smart questions and seemed to be truly invested in the cause. But the woman didn’t talk about anything that W&K actually said or asked about. If the people W&K meet don’t or can’t remember exactly what they said, then that to me seems like W&K are great at feigning interest but don’t actually say anything of value. You would remember something of true value because it would stick in your mind. Rather than a feeling you got while you were with them.

      1. I agree with both of your perspectives. Mental health is an important issue and deserves to be more than a buzzword for headlines.

        I think the real test will be in the new year, after their vacations, and after their tour, if it happens. Will they stick with it and continue to bring the same level of attention to it, or will they fade away and only do minimal events like they normally do. Is it just a way to bring in appearance numbers, or is it real?

  16. Greetings Everyone,
    Always, as always, it is about her Laziness and her “bespoke” coat, her “bespoke” ball dress – well those many thousands of pounds spent could have gone to the very Mental Health Charity (or various ones) and done a heck of a lot more than be worn, fawned over and have people sucking up to these leeches.

    I also notice it is like a “rent a crowd” – never seems to be many around outside an event, always the camera angle.

    Her Laziness looks fake, false, uncomfortable near people, seems to act as if she is going to catch germs and Bill looks bored, and cannot wait to get out of there. Either way another holiday is about a fortnight away and Her Majesty is waiting for the fallout.

    This marriage may not be survivable. They are too lazy, too self absorbed, it is not the old adage simply “happy wife, happy life” this manipulative female (see through lace skirt hauled up to look like a dress and flashing her underwear so Bill did not miss her) is too old now to change her attitude or her innate disdain for the lesser classes to which she believes are now there to make her look better. Her cold eyes, and frankly frosty forced interactions (or lack thereof) always make me think that about kate. Hang around long enough, marriage or I spill the beans tactic.

    I have also commented on the Daily Mail website and my goodness if you do not worship saint kate boy do you get it – it is a horror story especially when people say much worse than I do, my comments are based upon having met her here in NZ, seen them in the UK etc (by chance there) and just years of observation – something sticks in my mind about her falseness – yet if you actually have a reasoned argument or observation, the lovers of these two are vitriolic to the nth degree.

    As for the actual cause of Mental Health – well that got next to no coverage. It was all about her, her, her, her and him if he falls off a bike. What does that tell us all.

    Then there was the dress up box of photos comparing before and after pictures of many Royal Houses. To be truthful middleton should have been at the end of that prestigious list. No mistake.

    The others who have married into the various Royal Families had more than a flash of underwear to recommend them, like brains, 4 or 5 different languages, a real work ethic, a willingness to learn, a real understanding that with great privilege goes great responsibility – yet when I pointed that out I received a stream of abuse. However, I did not complain to the Daily Mail as was my right.

    Saying it like you observe it and calling out the middleton mess – leaves you open to all sorts of nastiness. However, she lowers the Monarchy in such a way that even bill has reached her low standards. He looks as if he could not give a toss anymore how people see or perceive him – it is get me out of here.

    Hope all is well in your worlds, wherever you are.

    Kindest regards to everyone.

  17. Another boring look with that awful hair while clutching her empty purse for security at BAFTA. Diana placed herself into the hands of Vogue early on. Kate needs to do the same.

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