Prince Harry attends service marking 75th anniversary of Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Prince Harry attends service marking 75th anniversary of Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Anyone want a Prince Harry break? It’s like a smoke break but with more Ginger Beard. Prince Harry continued his autumn of royal duties yesterday, October 22, attending a service to mark the 75th anniversary of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) across the Armed Forces at St Paul’s Cathedral.

[Harry is pictured with the Lord Mayor of London Alderman Alan Yarrow and his wife Gilly Yarrow]

Harry attended the service, afterward speaking to families of soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, and speaking to soldiers who lost limbs in Afghanistan.

[Harry speaks to Sapper Clive Smith (L) and Sapper Jack Cummings (R) who both lost their legs in Afghanistan in 2010]

Harry wore a navy suit, white shirt, navy and red tie, and his three medals: Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal; Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan; and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. He did not wear his Victorian Order.

[Harry speaks to Luke Sinnott who lost both his legs in Afghanistan in 2010]

In other Harry news, the details of his trip to America has been released. Harry will visit Virginia and Washington D.C. on October 28. Harry will join Michelle Obama and Jill Biden in Virginia at Fort Belvoir to meet wounded servicepeople in rehabilitation programs, and will attend an event in support of the Invictus Games 2016. Later that day, Harry will be in Washington for an Invictus Games board meeting and reception at the British Ambassador’s residence.

Also, Harry will take over for Prince Charles‘ Royal Variety Performance duties since he (and Camilla) will be out of the country on that day. Harry will attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 13. The event will be hosted by Jack Whitehall and headlined by Sir Elton John and One Direction.

The Queen and Charles take turns each year attending the RVP. 2013 was Charles’ year, while 2014 was the Queen’s year, though she handed her duties to Prince William and a then-pregnant Kate Middleton.

It’s nice to see Charles turning to Harry to cover for his absence.

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35 thoughts on “Prince Harry attends service marking 75th anniversary of Explosive Ordnance Disposal

  1. Harry, Harry, Harry…… the star of the younger set of Royals. For all the work that he does he really ought to be getting more recognition for it. Shame on the press for not highlighting his work more. Also, I’m loving the last picture!! Thanks KMR.

    1. No, not just you ;o)

      Applause to gorgeous dedicated (future King Henry!) Prince Harry. You do us proud representing HM POW The Monarchy.

      Yes, thank you KMR. last pap had me smiling – any photo on his Norfolk Walk with the Wounded, while the donothing w*c visited China President…

    1. Oh Tanya S, I feel someone’s got to go check on Rhiannon quick !
      BTW, did you see this week’s New Idea? In the NZ version it started with calling Kate “queen Kate” and ended with an article saying that Harry has been on a dinner date with Pippa. Yikes !

      1. I have been ill this week Cathy and have not been to the shops I will have to have a look when I take the three year old to a birthday party today. Oh no, not Queen Kate and Harry is already taken. NI need to speak to Rhiannon,

  2. Thanks KMR, it’s always nice to see what Harry is up to. He’s usually working! You can tell he is invested in what he is doing as he shows interest who he is talking to.

  3. Harry keeps amazing me – He really does a real stuff. Bravo Harry BRAVO

    KMR you can be very cruel – I am afraid Rhiannon’s heart won’t be able to stand the last picture. It could be fatal for her. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. oh my, that last picture has all sorts of naughty thoughts swirling around my head!!!!

    It’s so great to see Harry taking on causes for wounded servicemen and women, it just astounds me that these people have done so much for our countries yet after their service is up they can just get pushed aside. So much more needs to be done, especially for those suffering from the invisible wounds like PTSD.

    I can’ wait to see him in tux for the Royal Albert engagement, that boy can rock a tux like noone’s business!!!!! Grrrr!

    1. I wonder if it will be a reoccuring thing where HM calls on William and Kate to take over her RVP duties and Charles calls on Harry (and his future wife whenever she’s in the picture) to take over his. I know neither HM or Charles likes going to that event.

  5. Those last three pictures were not fair, KMR. I need some sort of warning, lol. This is not right. Just not right. He is so handsome. The one with his jacket blowing in the wind gave me the flops.

    I applaud his commitment to the troops, especially to the disabled vets. IMHO, society forgets about the vets once they are home. The injured ones, whether physical or mental, need support and an advocate. Harry is an advocate. His time in the military served him well. He is not just a talking head. He can empathize so well as he was in active combat. Kudos to him for kneeling to speak to the vets in the wheelchairs. That small act shows a huge amount of respect and emotional intelligence.

    Let’s also talk about Harry’s body language. It’s open. Very open. His arms are clasped in the middle of his body. Not at the you-know-what. He leans in as he speaks to people and is very tactile.

    Guess who is leaving D.C. the day before Harry? Let’s just say that I am working hard to change that.

    KMR, these pictures are divine. I look forward to leaking future family shots with me and Harry. You will get the exclusives.

    1. Is “the flops” good?

      It is so nice to see Harry kneel down to talk to the guys in wheelchairs. Whenever Kate has to talk to people in wheelchairs she just stands over them in her giant heels.

      I hope you have an opportunity to meet Harry. If not, there is always Orlando in May. I can’t wait for your exclusives once you and Harry are married.

      1. In this case yes. I normally get the flops when I am in extreme Southern heat. For example, i once got the flops in New Orleans in August. The symptoms include dehydration, sweats, body aches and trembling. It literally knocked me off my feet.

        I am so okay with having Harry flops.

      2. That is the first thing I noticed about Harry. He was lower than the gentlemen in the wheelchairs and the men had to look down at him. It makes me wonder if this is a subtle show of respect. Just wondering.

        Please, Harry find someone great to marry. While I love this blog and all KMR does, she does forcus on you, too. We need some extra positive conversation around here and I feel you are the one to give it to us.

        1. And this is how Kate does it:

          Kate with Prince William:

          Prince Harry is such a gem; he is a natural and carries out his duties with such warmth and enthusiasm! He is my favorite royal from the BRF(*^-^*).

    2. Hi Rhiannon, have you been able to change your schedule and stay for that extra day in DC?
      I’ve got my fingers crossed for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. KMR thanks so much for this post! Harry just oozes charisma, sincerity, openness and empathy. As many have stated I wish his appearances received the attention both he and they deserved but I imagine KP doesn’t want the Cambridges eclipsed. The differences between their appearances and Harry’s are striking. I won’t bore everyone with a long post on that!

    I was struck by Harry’s schedule when he comes to the US. When Will and Kate take an overseas trip you invariably get the line from Jason that their schedule includes things that match their interests i.e, cooking class, canoe races, wine tasting, whitewater rafting etc. These things mainly serve Will and Kate but you can tell Harry is coming over to work and serve others. Again such a striking contrast and one of the many reasons he is adored!!

  7. Only Prince Harry attending.

    P WIlliam (current heir to the heir) and wife should be present at the Cathedral as well – representing and respecting service members and the wars. They could have scheduled Dundee Scotland outing, another day/week – of course that would mean coming out of hiding another time.

    1. But rescheduling would interfere with their planned holidays which must be getting close as they usually cram a few extra engagements in just before they dash off to recover from their exhausting middle class lifestyle. The poor little darlings!!

  8. Rhiannon, you lucky lady!
    Is this Prince too much?! OMG. He is the best. Handsome, caring, truly genuine. The photos, KMR, the photos! Made my day. Can’t wait until he visits American wounded. He will be a boost for morale, I am sure.

    I so appreciate all and every Harry post. He gets better and better. Doesn’t HM realize this? Why can’t William and Kate just be relegated to some background noise?

  9. Rhiannon, you lucky lady!
    Is this Prince too much?! OMG. He is the best. Handsome, caring, truly genuine. The photos, KMR, the photos! Made my day. Can’t wait until he visits American wounded. He will be a boost for morale, I am sure.

    I so appreciate all and every Harry post. He gets better and better. Doesn’t HM realize this? Why can’t William and Kate just be relegated to some background noise?

  10. Thanks for covering this. I wish the press gave more attention to the causes and engagements he does than the truck load we get for just one of Kate’s few appearances. I’m glad they cover her engagements but sometimes they go over board.

  11. Prince Harry tackles some of the most meaningful tasks for the royal family, and he looks so well placed in his role. He has the warmth that Princess Di had, and seems to be a genuine and caring man. He looks very distinguished with the suit and his medals. Well done!

  12. Greetings Everyone,
    Prince Harry is the star in the Crown (in this generation I mean). He has the work ethic of both Her Majesty, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, His Mother (as well as her compassion, humility, sense of fun, empathy and never takes himself too seriously). Prince Harry puts his heart and soul into whatever he is doing – a far cry from him brother and abysmal wife.

    The most important thing that is noticeable is that he is way more popular than the two wannabes for want of a polite word. Prince Harry is not crowding them, they hang on to his coat tails and they absolutely resent having to do it. You can see photographs of the evil eye being thrown his way by both bill and kate middleton – they try to portray this closeness but Prince Harry always puts distance, however slight between them all.

    He was disgusted by their lack of respect to Her Majesty at the Church at Sandringham on Christmas day when The Queen left the Church. Check it out on youtube and you will see what I mean. They literally turned (b&K) turned their backs on him and Her Majesty … since then Prince Harry has totally distanced himself and thank goodness he was not around for the farce of the staged christening of Charlotte. There is more than an undercurrent than is known or shown because for the flypast with grumpy George on the balcony – Prince Harry again stood back and away from them, yet was directly behind Her Majesty and Prince Philip (it is like he is their protector, defender and certainly understands that as well as being his Grandmother first and foremost The Queen is his Sovereign – something which the other two do not give too hoots about.

    Prince Harry is a delight in person, has a warmth than no-one can fake. Yes he has his flaws but never does he squirm out of his duties, or find excuses not to be 100 per cent focused on whatever he is attending, helping at or the people who have given up their time to meet him.

    I personally hope he marries a blue blood (a Lady) like his mum. Whether or not she is ranks below the self centred and pampered middleton, I think that is his ideal if not Chelsy who would give her Laziness a run for her money. I think she (Kate) had plenty to do with that break up. Prince Harry deserves all the happiness in the world and having watched his brother turned into a surly, self important, arrogant person with an equally manipulative wife – Prince Harry would head for the hills.

    Have a good day/evening wherever you are.

    Kind regards and thanks KMR for the updates.

  13. Having a bad morning so far, so I had to look at this amazing Harry post again. He is gorgeous!

    Had a chance to visit with Jenny for a little bit yesterday and all is well. Baby is such an angel. Very good temperment and so pretty! Jenny’s mom left after a week of care and I think there is a sigh of relief on some levels, but a missing of the mother, too.

    Jenny wanted to offer her thanks for all the nice messages she received on this blog. She sends her love and hopes to be back online in the not so distant future. “Bringing up baby,” she said, gives her little time at the moment. Ah, do I remember those early months. Every parent does, I am sure.

    1. That’s great to hear, Mary Elizabeth!! I’m glad Jenny and baby Madeleine are doing well.

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