Prince William and Kate Middleton accompany Chinese President to creative event

Prince William and Kate Middleton accompany Chinese President to creative event

Fresh off of their big night at their very first state banquet, Prince William and Kate Middleton accompanied Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Madame Peng Liyuan, at a GREAT Britain Creative Event, ‘Creative Collaborations: UK & China’, at Lancaster House yesterday, October 21. Then held a private reception at Kensington Palace for certain members of the media.

I’m going to start with fashion because, well, there has been a lot of discussion already about what Kate wore to this event with the thought being that Kate’s lace cocktail dress had no place at a morning event. Yeah… please don’t stone me, but… I think Kate looks great here.

I really like her purple Dolce & Gabbana “Guipure” lace dress ($3,495) and think it looks good on her. The only problem I have with it is that the neckline is so high it looks like the dress is trying to strangle her – I’m getting anxiety just looking at the neckline – but the rest looks really lovely. And I love the color. Her posture is still terrible, though.

I think Kate’s shoes game is extremely boring, but I must say I actually like Kate’s Gianvito Rossi “Gianvito” Bordeaux-colored pumps here. I like that she went with a color other than black suede, navy suede, or nude patent. I think the burgundy Mulberry Bayswater clutch is still boring (because she has this clutch in several colors and carries it so often), but I’m willing to go with it because, again, a color she doesn’t normally choose. And I don’t mind that Kate went with a monochromatic styling with her bag and clutch because at least it’s not as matchy-matchy to her dress/coat as she usually does.

I’m still not a fan of Kate’s Mappin and Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop earrings (Β£3,450.00), but that’s fine. And oddly enough, I don’t hate Kate’s hair here. I think her hair looks better here than it has since she got the bangs.

When I first saw pictures of this event I thought this was a fashion win for Kate and was surprised that so many people had a problem with it.

Dolce & Gabbana Guipure lace dress

Gianvito Rossi Gianvito pump Mulberry Bayswater burgundy clutch Mappin and Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop earrings

In other fashion news, William wore a navy suit and red tie. Also, it was raining.

The event at Lancaster House was a creative industry event showcasing the industry connection between the UK and China. Outside, the foursome viewed the Aston Martin DB10 which is featured in the new James Bond movie, SPECTRE. Past Bond films have featured China and Chinese actors, hence the connection to China.

They met Hong Kong-born actor Jackie Chan, who said of the state visit: “I think it really helps for the culture exchange. Right now China is one of the bigger markets. Collaboration really helps me to create new ideas.”

William, Kate, the President, and his wife watched exhibitions by TV series Sherlock, TV series Poldark, West End musical Matilda, and the Society of London Theatre.

They also saw an exhibition by Merlin Entertainments which owns Legoland, hence the Lego in this photo. Merlin just announced they signed an agreement with China Media Capital to establish a Legoland park in Shanghai.

They also met Kung-Fu Panda.

Doctor Who!!! The TARDIS and a Dalek, specifically.

Kate had a busy day yesterday, apparently. She also received Dr. Nicholas Cullinan upon assuming his appointment as Director of the National Portrait Gallery (I swear the only time Kate does anything for the NPG is receiving people like this and attending galas), and received Nick Barton upon relinquishing his appointment as Chief Executive of Action on Addiction and received Graham Beech upon assuming the same appointment. William and Harry were also busy yesterday with similar unannounced events.

Also, last night William and Kate held a reception at KP for certain members of the media. William and Kate brought out the big guns, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, for the occasion. I saw several people saying this was due to the rumored tour in early 2016, because William and Kate did this same “the media gets to know George” thing before the Australia/New Zealand tour in 2014. But that time the KP reception was much closer to the tour. Like, the tour had been announced for months when that reception happened. They haven’t announced a tour yet, and even if they do one in early 2016, that’s still several months away. So I doubt this reception has anything to do with a tour.

More likely it’s to smooth over the onslaught of negative press the Cambs have been receiving lately. And specifically, to prevent an even bigger onslaught of negative press when the Cambs take a vacation soon. Here’s another thought, is it possible this is a reaction to the media seemingly ignoring several of Kate and William’s events recently? Do you think The Queen finally stepping in? Or do you think Jason finally got through to William and Kate that they need to give the media something in return for glowing press? And by “give something” I mean a meet-and-greet with the kids – because f- full time work or photocalls, amirite.

Who knows. Our most favored Twitter ranter, Richard Palmer, has decided not to say anything. Sad face. I’m so disappointed; Palmer’s Twitter musings were amazing. But I guess Jason’s tactics worked. Oh, by the way, not all media were in attendance, only certain favored people were there. And, you know, people KP needs to hush up, I guess.

Richard Palmer Tweet

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82 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton accompany Chinese President to creative event

  1. I’m very disappointed in Richard Palmer. Boo! I can’t imagine William playing nicely without a BIG boot up his butt, so I think credit must go to HM for this. She’s had enough of the glut of negative press surrounding W&K. I suspect she had a word when they joined her at Balmoral for her Longest Reign.

    I hope this doesn’t affect journalistic integrity, but I think most of the chosen few will be so giddy at being chosen they’ll now tow the line.

    1. Yes, something big must be behind this because we know William doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do unless forced. William seems to think he is an expert in PR, like his mother was, but he just isn’t. But he would never let anyone tell him he isn’t. Which is why he won’t listen to Jason. So yeah, there must have been a big kick in the pants for him to change his mindset.

      1. On the BBC news website there is a section which shows the front pages of the newspapers here in the UK. Kate only on one and not even on the Daily Mail front page which is very unusual

        1. That’s true, Haze. And when she is in articles the comments are heavily weighted towards criticism. This isn’t one or two people disliking them – this is getting huge now. They are entering 1980/1990 Prince Charles levels of dislike. (I love Charles & Camilla, fwiw)

        2. Kate is making the front pages less and less it seems. The press have been falling out of love with her and it really doesn’t seem like she sells the way they portrayed. I wonder if that will change after this media reception.

          1. I don’t think it will – papers are a business, after all. It’s all about sales and online clicks. If she’s not popular with the public no amount of schmoozing journos will change that.

            The way to become popular is to WORK.

        3. I’ve noticed that now Kate will be on the front page of the DM online when she first appears at an event but is soon relegated to the side and then gone later in the day. It will be interesting what changes this little meet and greet will bring about. I wonder if since G&C where there if W&K are talking with the reporters about their need for privacy and so on.

  2. I like the colour of the dress Kate wore but agree with most people that it wasn’t really appropriate daywear. I am glad to see her in a different colour and one that suits her well, the dark purple is elegant but not too showy.

    Kate and Will as tourguides sounds like a nightmare though.

    1. Oy. Those two would be the worst as tour guides. It seems like the four of them had tour guides through the event, so it wasn’t like W&K were doing much, just observers like the Pres and his wife. Can you imagine the inane comments from Kate, though? “And here we have tea, you can test the smell by smelling it.”

      1. Oh my – β€œAnd here we have tea, you can test the smell by smelling it.”
        KMR I almost choked on my coffee πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Kates hair getting ever frizzier as the rain got to it did make me smile! William with an umbrella covering himself and not her – oh dear!

    1. Do we expect any different from William? He doesn’t strike me as all that caring or gentlemanly.

      1. I kind of loved it. Kate should have worn her hair up – we expected rain here & it rained. Dur. Long hair gets frizzy *surprise*
        Unless she physically can’t do two up-dos in a row?

      2. He ought to take a few pointers from CP Frederik. During a State Visit to Vietnam with QMII and Prince Henri, they got caught in a shower and he made a point of making sure his wife was cover by his umbrella.

        Sometimes those little gestures of chivalry are very nice indeed. I’ve especially experienced them when meeting elder British men. Someone opening a door for you or helping you with a heavy suitcase, It is nice because it is a rarity these days.

        1. Those simple gestures are so nice. My grandfather used to pull my luggage off the luggage wheel at the airport for me. I got so used to it that it was jarring when my uncle picked me up from the airport once and didn’t even offer to grab my luggage. Those types of things are so simple, but so lovely, especially since they are so rare nowadays.

  4. I’ll get the fashion out of the way first. D&G are notorious for dressing curvy women and outlandish garb. This was quite understated. I don’t like to say this, but the dress is too big for Kate. In the 3rd pic, it’s very loose in the back. You can see the gaping fabric. I hate the dress and the color. It’s daytime and she looks like a doily on Alexis Carrington’s boudoir table. It’s inappropriate for the event and ill fitting. Take note of the First Lady, Kate. That’s how you dress for a rainy day engagement.

    Theven meeting with the babes screams of a QEII intervention. Why would the world would W&K invite the journos that they loathe? To create goodwill. Right now, the journalists are being placated by Lord Flaunteroy and Princess Lady Like. They will eat out of W&K’s hands until the next crisis. I hope Scarole got the memo because I maintain she is in cahoots with the paps.

    Awesome post, KMR.

    1. Rhiannon, she is practically swimming in the dress in the rear. She lost weight, but I think she’s taking it a little too far this time around. I don’t know what’s going on with her, but something isn’t quite right in Cambridgeville. I wasn’t expecting an over the top performance from her, but she was seriously lacking in these two appearances.

  5. I think Kate looks lovely. Her best outfit ever.

    I also think people were right: she looked overdressed for a day event, something like Madame Peng Liyuan would been better (BTW she looked so lovely every single day, beautiful style even though a bit to dark for me)
    However, the majority of Kate criticism came from not wearing british or chinese designs to the event, Kate showed up in almost all italian wear!? As KMR said on another comments she likes to use the “visiting country theme dressing”, so I was surprise she showed up wearing italian. She could easily found a chinese designer based in UK.

    So I actually agree with everything she looked amazing and the criticism is valid IMO, bc sometimes I like the two sides of a same coin, this is one of those times.

    About the media thing, I thought it was odd being announced, we’ve only learned of the George one bc Tanna said so and then some of the reporters broke the accorded silence weeks after it happen and said ‘yes we’ve all met and George was there’.

    First, for me, it was sounds like they are using their kids to gain the press sympathy which I’m not a fan, in my book that’s despicable.

    Second could well be for all the reasons stated by KMR including a tour – even though it not official they most likely will go on tour – every single tour they got was announced by ‘sources inside the palace’ months and months before it was officially confirmed and everytime it coincides with periods of time where they are not going to be seen much. We’ve been hearing about that tour ever since Charlotte birth. Besides the Cambs no one in the BRF uses this tactic we’ve only know of a tour when it’s officially announced by the palaces.

    1. You bring up a good point, Snowsie, that I hadn’t thought of in that Kate didn’t wear any Chinese designers. But that got me thinking back to the OZ/NZ tour when we all commented that Kate wore very few NZ and OZ designers. Then randomly wore two dresses from a Serbian designer and wore two different American designers. I guess Kate thought she did well enough honoring the visiting country by wearing red to the state dinner.

      1. I seem to recall reports of NZ designers sending Kate dresses to the palace for her consideration, but they were returned (something like that)?

        It’s a shame, as she would’ve looked amazing in one of Kate Sylvester’s creations.

        Kate does wear a lot of Emilia Wickstead though, a Kiwi who is London-based.

        I think that yellowish dress she wore on the beach in Oz (along with wedges, which she ran in the sand), was from an Oz designer.

        1. That dress she ran on the beach in was white, and yes the designer was Australian: Zimmermann. It was one of the few Oz designers she wore (the only other being a hat designer, if I remember correctly).

  6. What is up with KP ignoring Harry so much? That man never stops working & yet he’s sidelined to an afterthought.

    Disgraceful, really. He’s the star of the family & doesn’t William know it – he acts like a Klingon to Harry. Can’t wait for him to marry & pull away from W&K. He needs his own office & PR.

    1. It really is such a shame that KP relegates Harry to the sidelines. Harry has always been the star but even more so now – he’s really come into his own. It makes me sad that he is willing to stay so attached to William when all William does is either use Harry for goodwill or throw Harry under the bus to prop himself up.

    2. Kp knows Harry outshines will not and drop in and that’s why he isn’t given much coverage. Will and drop would get buried by the media and kp knows it. As much as the dreadful duo says they want to be normal and be out of the media spotlight they feed off it and would be lost without it.

    3. Maybe Harry prefers it, at this stage…flying under the radar, but still supporting the causes that are important to him.

    4. It’s not just their office who does this.
      Maybe you have noticed William is taking a piggy ride on Kate and Harry’s back – and the worse for me is that they are main contributors of it.

      Almost every speech Kate was given she mentions William – with or without his presence. The only exception being the unannounced one she made in OZ, where curiously she only thanked them for the hospitality shown to George and her (even though Will was there she did not acknowledge him in her speech) [the others where more remarks than speeches – the St Andrew’s school; the national portrait gallery and Natural History Museum]
      On her videos she mentions Will even though he did not seemed nothing for those causes.

      I laugh out loud every time some says “William does not have the fear of being outshined by his wife like his father has” – WHAT!? William and Kate relationship is based on one simple thing: Kate is there to be an extension of William not to be her own person. Yes Charles was mad bc he was trying to bring to light a lot of things and the only thing the people and the press cared was Diana BUT she and Camilla have their own strengths and passions and don’t need nor are in their husbands shadow just waiting to care him on the shoulders like Kate is.

      Harry is a very accomplished men I just wished he stopped to praise his brother for things he did not do! In the WWTW walk he spoke about mental problems they face he praised Kate and William…that was totally unnecessary! First Will and Kate have only talked poorly about the subject, second it has as if he was saying ‘I’ve done a lot about this. but my brother who mainly likes to go parties to hear about this problem and my SIL who needs a 3h hair appointment to show up for one hour – they deserve just the same praise. Bc going to the polos and recovery units for this guys is the same that attending fancy dinner and flipping your hair’

      The same happen when he received the humanitarian award – the man who presented it praised Harry to the skies and when he got there ‘My brother and I accept this’ – even in the 30th birthday documentary comenters said he award was for both brothers! (some times I feel like punching him!)
      IMO he does this bc of his mother teachings, when they were little Diana would not like when one brother was photographed without the other was her way of making the press know that they both were boisterous and good boys, one was not the screw up and the other the golden boy. – But nowadays they use the same sistem to make William look good.

      If one truly looks at it what is William passioned about?
      kids mental health – comes from Kate
      kids – comes from his mother and Harry
      conservation – Harry did more in this summer than William in the last 7 years
      wounded soldiers – comes from Harry

      IMO William does not have feet to stand tall and proud and that is why the KP behave that way.

  7. I’m actually more interested in what happened at the press meeting with the Cambridges and their special guests George and Charlotte. I really want to know what went on there.

    1. I know, right. I’m very curious how that went. Like, did W&K just sit the press in a room then parade G&C in front of them like a fashion show, or did they press get to interact with the kids, did W&K actually talk to the press, who all was invited and why were others left out, what was the dynamic between W&K and them with the kids. So many questions.

  8. Wow! Kate’s posture is gawd awful!! That clutch doesn’t match the dress, and somehow Waity makes everything look matronly. Her hair looks like a 70s wig. And that close up! Egads she is looking jowly and old! I love how someone on DM commented on Ms Jowels and suggested now that she’s pumped out two kids she should be traded in for a younger model. She doesn’t look 33. She looks 43.

    1. Wow, that’s incredibly rude of that DM commenter. Women are good for more than just producing children. And just because we age doesn’t mean we’re worthless. Kate’s lack of a work ethic and inability to learn the protocols of her job is why she’s basically worthless. Not her age or how old she looks.

      1. Hear hear, KMR! But the British press can be a vicious Siren. All sweetness and light, till they decide to
        drag you under and eviscerate you.

        1. Truthfully, she does look older than a woman in her 30’s. With all she has available to her, I can’t understand why she looks so old and tired. I don’t believe for a minute that she is chasing after two kids, she has help. She just looks like she doesn’t care about her appearance. very sad.
          Note: Did the petulant prince match his tie to his wife’s dress or is that a “happy” accident.

          1. I was stunned to see some of the pictures and how she looked extremely tired and almost sad. The monochromatic look on her did not help — dark hair covering most of her skinny self, dark dress choking her, dark clutch, dark shoes– only accentuated her aged and matronly look. Not flattering at all. It would have helped if she put her hair up and paired the dress with some snazzy shoes instead of the same old boring pumps. She looked like a dowager! All she needed was a walking stick to complete the look.

          2. I’m positive it’s all the tanning she does/has done that is making her look older. I tanned a lot in my early twenties and now years later it’s catching up with me.

          3. Have to agree, but I think it is all the sun, (how many photos have there been of the Duchess on the beach ect… ) and extreme weight loss it has got to the unnatural point. Your face and neck (more so the neck as you age) are the first to look haggard, hard, tired and drawn looking and with her hair most of the time hanging around her face makes it all the more worse. A lot of her clothes are tight fitting with belts accentuating the thinness, tight dresses etc.. so I can only assume she does not see what the rest of us are seeing. Her posture is out because she is on the taller side and so skinny, so she always looks tilted over. The Duchess engagement photos were lovely she had layers in her hair, she was more rounded weight wise and her face was lovely and attractive, if you compare photos of her now it is very noticeable. A lot of the clothes she wears don’t fit properly due to her extreme thinness. Around the back of this dress has a noticeable gap where she just cannot fill the dress out properly. Terrible to say but now she is all head, teeth and hands and that is also a indication of being underweight, if you saw her with coffee cup in her hand it would be the biggest part of her, not a good role model. Someone needs to advice her or say something, damage can be done to your vital organs with prolonged starvation. Very sad.

          4. Reading through these comments, I can only say that I think Kate is a very troubled woman. Emotionally troubled and I don’t think she is getting the help she needs. So many people on this post and others have mentioned the manic looks, the vacant eyes. I really believe she is not well and a life of sadness is taking its toll. Looking on from the outside, one might ask, how could she be sad? She appears to have it all. However, I am convinced that being molded and pushed by Carole for so many years has done extreme damage. William’s self-centered and supposedly controlling ways aren’t helping her either. Sadly, she does not seem to have the inner strength to face her challenges and move forward. I don’t think she ever thought her life was going to mean that she would have to one day step up to the plate and start working.

            I think something is very wrong and I hope she can receive guidance and support, because the more photos I see of her lately, the more desperately sad she looks. Not good for her, William or the children.

            Truly, this is a very troubled lady, imo.

          5. @Mary Elizabeth:

            I could definitely see how Kate could be sad and not doing well mentally and emotionally. I think about being in that family and I tend to think the shine would wear off rather quickly. Yes, we can sit here and blame her and say she wanted that life, and she got it, but one never knows truly what one is getting in to and I could see how the life she thought she wanted wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

            I do feel sorry for her at times. Especially when I think no matter what she does she will be criticized. I was reading another blog that said something about one of her recent appearances, and I just thought to myself: “If she had not done [what she was criticized for] you would have criticized her for *not* doing it. And I know that because you’ve criticized her for not doing it in the past.” In that way, I do feel sorry for her.

            I think Kate brings a lot of criticism on herself by refusing to do the job she signed up for and by refusing to learn from her mistakes and improve herself, but at the same time she gets criticized for both doing and not doing the same exact thing sometimes. I can see how that would be maddening for someone in her position – seemingly always in the wrong no matter what.

    2. Honestly, she looks maybe 53! I don’t know many 43 year old women with jowls/skin like that. Or bags under their eyes. She has the facial tone of her mother, who is 60!

    3. I am slightly older than Kate and I have 3 little kids ( my youngest is 8 months old). I also don’t have any help not even from my husband (well – maybe on weekends) who is constantly working physician (even at nights) so as you can imagine there is not much time for myself but still when I look in the mirror I look fine even without makeup. That is why I can’t explain her change. I don’t know what happened but after Charlotte she aged like 10 years and the only explanation is that something is not right. My first guess is her underweight and extreme dieting which could be terribly damaging. I know there are plenty of women who look great being slim but her body especially her big head, teeth and hands indicates that she supposed to have much more on her bones. Literally she has no a.. if you know what I am meaning. I myself have 125lb on 5’5 frame and I still have curves so how much she can weight – I think under 110lb and that is not healthy. Is it any kind of eating disorder or some weird vanity? I don’t know but I can only imagine how does she look under her heavy makeup with tones of eyeliner and blush

  9. I was rather amazed that Kate choice two Italian designers for an event highlighting British/Chinese relationships, she used to make much wiser satirical choices. While I think the dress is lovely, I don’t think it was appropriate for today’s engagement (the designers even described it as an evening wear dress), whereas Madame Peng’s outfit was completely appropriate. One thought I had is that Charlotte spit up on the outfit Kate intended to wear so she grabbed this one that she was going to wear for the press reception.

    It looks to me like her love affair with her fringe is over! I actually liked her hair today, although with this dress it should have been up. I like it when her natural curls come out to play πŸ™‚

    I was reading another blog earlier that talked about the difference between how Kate acted at engagements right after the wedding versus now. When they were first married Kate really seemed to enjoy interacting with others and acted like she enjoyed her new role. Now 4+ years later, she acts so closed off around people and so hesitant in her behavior and demeanor, like she can’t wait to get back to the safety and security of her home(s). I wonder what has happened to her during this time, has she started reading her bad press, is Will hounding her, are the Grey men holding her back, is she succumbing to the pressure? I have to say, for me it’s rather sad to see.

    1. She has lost all of her sparkle. I googled some Kate gifs earlier after seeing one on Twitter – my god, she was radiant & happy. Now she’s terrified & hollow.

        1. That’s it–no more sparkle! I actually saw a side by side comparison of Waity’s dress to Queen Letizia here and the Queen wins hands down.

          Key differences: Green paired with lighter shoes definitely more youthful. Good posture of the Queen vs slouchy Waity. Lower neckline with the right length and volume of hair. More importantly, the queen was glowing!

          1. She looks as if she’s in mourning. The dark color, the covering up practically everything that she used to flaunt. The downtrodden look on her face. I’m beginning to think someone has sat her down and laid out what is expected, play time is over.

          2. Hi Yorkie, the differences between the two women, especially now is quite marked. I agree with you about Kate’s posture, I really need to write Rebecca Deacon and she if she can get Kate to stand up straight, bad posture is going to come back and haunt her as she ages.

            There again was quite a difference between Kate when she was first married, like in the gray dress, and now. Like the Queen, Kate used to glow but now it seems her light has dimmed πŸ™

          3. Hi Laurie from CA- you were spot on about the gray dress picture! Stark difference isn’t it? I think part of the problem is Waity was probably not enthusiastic about staying up late for the banquet the night before and having to get up early the next day to “work” again — you know—like what normal people do every day.

  10. I really liked her hair. I don’t like the fringe in general but in this style I was like ‘Wow! Her hair looks great!’ But I agree with you KMR, the collar is a turn off. It looks macabre and choke-y.

  11. I am surprised that so many people think this is Kate’s best look. When I saw her yesterday I thought for sure everyone would all think the same thing. So, it is fun that we all see her outfit differently.

    To me, this was one of Kate’s worst looks! Her hair is a mess, like it was last night’s hair and she just rolled out of bed. Her make-up is always too much. But the dress! I think the color is a nice change, however, the style is so similar to all her lace dresses. There is nothing special about this dress other than the color. It is a typical safe lace dress. I don’t mind the high neckline, but it makes her hair look even more all over the place. I think a nice low ponytail would have worked so much better. I definitely don’t think this was a day/morning look. She could have added a nice blazer to make it look more business appropriate. Sadly, this whole look was just a mess and all over the place. The one thing I did like was the color of her shoes! Finally something new :). Her black suede power pumps were starting to become like her LK Bennett nude pumps. They are her new go to pump!

    It looks like Kate was trying to match her whole outfit, like she loves to do. But I am glad to see it didn’t really work. The dress color was a different shade from her shoes/bag. So at least there was some unintentional contrast. Btw, the dress looks like a wine/deep burgundy color, not purple.

    1. I think someone told her that everyone hated those nude LK Bennetts, so she changed to the black suede Power pumps as her go-to. Kate has been in such a rut all year with her bags and shoes – choosing the Power pumps and Bayswater clutch for most of her engagements.

      The dress color is officially called “eggplant”.

  12. When you represent your country with a visiting Head of State for a cultural exchange program – you do not wear Italian designers. This is an example of how clueless Kate is when it comes to representing her country. It’s showing off Charlotte in Spanish knits all over again. Kate helps no one. One billion people in China and when the press covers the Presidents visit to the UK – they will hear: “and the duchess wore Italian designer…. ” Unbelievable.

    1. Not unless the visiting Head of State is from Italy. Then it would be totally appropriate to wear Italian designers.

  13. Regarding Richard Palmer – I find it amusing that he is using a phrase of the American 5th Amendment – which is a course an Amendment to the Constitution which came about after Independence from Great Britain. Honestly, if we find out this was to let the world know that Charlotte has joined George in the pool at Buckhingham Palace! I will lose all respect for “royal” reporters.

    1. I know, right. I almost commented that he can’t claim the 5th since he’s not an American.

  14. I dislike Kate’s look for this event. It looks very Mother-of-the-Bride to me. The clutch is too casual for the dress (i.e. the edging on the bag).

    It looks like Kate is growing out the bangs/fringe once more. She tried the fringe thing back when she was first pregnant with George. I didn’t work then, but she went ahead and gave them another try. It is another example of Kate never learning when things don’t work.

    People are really noticing: Tired/Too Thin/Looking older than her stated age. Something must be going on. When you do a history and exam on a patient, these would be one of the first general observations and placed in the history and physical. Something is either up with her or she is putting on an Oscar winning performance to get sympathy for ‘Poor Kate is Exhausted and Needs a Holiday’.

    I wonder what happened up in Balmoral. Is it the press or KP claiming they went to celebrate with HM? But now the talk is about the Queen talking to them about their lack of work. I wish HM would take her tiny frame and give both of them the ‘spanking’ they deserve. If they refuse to work, then take away the huge apartment they don’t use, the hide-a-way country home, the clothing allowance from Charles ect. HM thought she had her hands full with Fergie and Diana. Geesh! Now, she is stuck with Kate.

    Showing off the kids won’t work. They can’t act the way they have and then expect the goodwill of the media and the public.

    1. I don’t know why Kate keeps trying bangs. They don’t work on her. She tried them when she was first pregnant with George and quickly got rid of them.

  15. I thought they had a private meeting with journalists the last time because they were about to sneak off to the Maldives and this was supposed to keep that trip hidden from the public. They returned to the UK and then went on tour…..the excuse was that the new nanny, with Carole’s help, had to get used to the baby’s routine ahead of the tour which was a pretty poor showing from two supposedly hands on parents.

    They were busted by airport or possibly resort workers in the Maldives, then reporters told of the private meeting with the baby. And then that was spun in some quarters as trying to have baby acclimatised to reporters experience of the tour.

    I think this private meeting is more of the same except they are going to Mustique as previously announced or somewhere pretty sunny and they need the reporters to downplay it. Nothing to do with the tour.

    The last tour was pretty close to the holiday, so some excuses were believable.

    I also wouldn’t put it past Kate to play act the exhaustion to justify the holiday….poor thing is so visibly exhausted that she needs a holiday.

    She did the same thing in her early pregnancy when she cancelled so many engagements at the last minute whilst claiming sickness and was then forced to attend the Singapore president by direct command from HM, and she showed up with pale make up that made her look really ill. Somebody noticed that the shade of lippy she used was far paler than her usual one such that it gave the impression that she was sick. She also didn’t have her cheek rouge on, but had pale foundation. Shades of MIL in her panorama interview.

    1. Herazues you mean Katie might be faking it? Oh be still my heart! I wouldn’t have thought she had the brain power to do that. If she would put half the effort into her job as she does avoiding it could you imagine the good that would come from it

  16. Kate’s face has fallen, this is especially noticeable when she is not smiling. I think when she smiles naturally she looks pretty.
    As for her dress, to me lace is itchy and purple lace is dated. Does she ever wear suits?

  17. What is the world is wrong with William? He looks so unhappy. Kate looks like she needs to be physically propped up. They are both aging terribly. I do like Kate’s dress very much, but maybe it is a bit too much for the hour of the day. It has been a long time, in my opinion, since George was little and they were in Australia and New Zealand, that either one has looked happy or pleased to be in the other’s presence. Kate has been looking especially dreary, and I wonder if she is pregnant again, this time without the H.G.? I know she was drinking champagne at The state banquet, but maybe she is in the early stages and doesn’t know yet. Just speculation on my part, but she has that worn-out look that I observed she gets in early pregnancy. Or, maybe working more than two days in a row and not being used to it has done her in.

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