Kate Middleton wears ugly Erdem to 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala

Kate Middleton wears ugly Erdem to 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala

Oh my god, you guys! Some of you said last night’s baggy Jenny Packham negligee was Kate Middleton‘s worst look ever. Well let me tell you Kate must have read those comments and said, “Challenge accepted!”, because she showed up to the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala in the worst dress I have ever seen Kate wear. Ever. Kate wore a new floral gown from Erdem in a red, white, and blue color scheme. It’s hideous.

I have never been a huge fan of Erdem, but having followed Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Oscar campaign earlier this year I really came to hate Erdem because of the hideous floral gowns Cumberbatch’s wife, Sophie Hunter, wore all throughout the awards season. And this Erdem dress Kate chose only cements my hatred of Erdem. Kate looks horrible. Like, I feel sorry for her that she wore this dress. Not only is it an ugly floral pattern in red, white, and blue, but it has a high neckline, no sleeves, and a ruffle at the bottom. I think I’m going to cry, that’s how ugly this dress is.

The dress is the Erdem “Alouette” printed gown ($4,560 at Net-a-Porter). It is described as: “The claret, cobalt-blue and cream floral print on Erdem’s ‘Alouette’ gown is inspired by 1960s Japanese graphics. Flawlessly cut from lustrous silk-gazar, this elegant piece is fitted at the bodice and flares below the waist into a voluminous peplum skirt.”

Erdem Alouette printed gown

Of course, Kate wore her hair down, covering up the only part of the outfit that would distract from the atrociousness of the dress: her earrings. Kate wore the Queen Mother’s sapphire and diamond fringe earrings loaned by the Queen.

I do like the earrings and her hair is pretty even though I wish it were up so we could see the earrings better.

Too much mascara on her bottom lashes, though. It looks really clumpy on her right eye.

Queen Mother's sapphire & diamonds fringe earrings
[With thanks to the ever quick Anna for id-ing these earrings]

Kate also were her art deco bracelet she’s been wearing since 2011 that is thought to be a wedding gift from Prince Charles. The bracelet is part of a matching set with earrings and a ring that she didn’t wear tonight.

Kate’s other accessories were her Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Maud Clutch and Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps.

Here’s a video of Kate arriving at the Victoria and Albert Museum where the event was held.

OH! The dress made me completely forget why Kate was even there. Kate attended the event as 1) Patron of 100 Women in Hedge Funds Philanthropic Initiatives, and 2) because Kate’s other patronage, the Art Room, was chosen at the beneficiary of their philanthropic endeavors this year.

In the photo below, Kate is presenting the Industry leadership Award to Elizabeth Corley CEO of Allianz Global Investors.

I want to make something clear: I don’t take any pleasure from tearing a dress down, or from tearing Kate down for that matter. I feel badly for being the cruel to this Erdem dress, but the sight of it gives me heart palpitations and makes me want to cry. It’s that hideous.

No matter what people say, Kate is an attractive woman. She could look so pretty, and she has before, but she chooses pieces that do not flatter her at all, are tailored wrong, or are just plain hideous. Why does she do this to herself?

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243 thoughts on “Kate Middleton wears ugly Erdem to 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala

  1. I feel like Kate chose this dress to prove that she is a daring dresser. But instead this dress just looks hideous. I just don’t get the bed skirt bottom of this dress. I saw the shorter version of this dress and it actually looked nice. The print is actually pretty, but not for an evening dress. It was better on the short version.

    I honestly didn’t think her dress could get worse after last night. I was so wrong! Since it is obvious how ugly this dress is, I will mention something else. Why the heck did she choose a black clutch/shoes with this dress? They don’t look right at all. This would have been a great chance to choose a fun red heel or something in a color other than black. She just picks boring accessories when she could have had fun with the outfit. She needs to branch out from her basic black!! The only saving grace is her earrings! Kate has a great figure and she is very pretty, but she doesn’t seem to know how to best dress herself, especially when trying something new. Gosh, after this week I think it is obvious she needs a stylist!

    1. The shorter dresses with this same pattern aren’t terrible, actually. In small doses this pattern is okay. But on a full length gown it is overpowering. Plus the ruffle at the bottom is just a huge no.

      1. I agree, this material should be in a dress not a gown (and not for formal event as this), definitely not regal.

        With all the wealth available, she has no regal presence – are there no other stylist she listens to than ma carol…

          1. Oh My Gosh! What the heck!?
            That dress may even be uglier than her spotted pants, if that is even possible?
            As for hiding those amazing earrings in all that hair? The Queen Mother must be spinning in her grave!
            Sorry, but I’ve got one more thing too moan about… Can someone please teach Kate a graceful way to walk up stairs in a long dress? She looks like a little girl walking up stairs in her Mum’s dress in the photo in this post and yesterday when wearing the blue swamp-me dress she reminded me of someone with hand fills of washing going off out to the washing line.

      2. This dress reminds me of the dresses we wore in the hand-bell choir at church when I was a teenager (with a higher back, of course). Now considering that I was out of my teens by the eighties and this dress was embarrassing when I wore it, I can’t understand why anyone would let her leave the house looking like that. She needs help, and the designer needs an intervention.

    2. I just saw a picture on DM that shows the bodice in more detail and the seams are horrible, the flowers don’t match up and the bust darts don’t come anywhere near her bust. She really should get her money back for this dress.

      1. It really does not look like a 4500$ gown. It looks cheap. With that budget she could have found something absolutely stunning. This dress looks out of place compared to the women she was photographed with. I will never understand some of her fashion choices.

  2. This actually hurts my eyes.

    P.S. Kate – 1974 called. It wants its hair back.

    Seriously with that hair & that frill she looks like she should be on a prairie.

    1. I don’t mind her hair so much in an of itself. I do wish it were up so we could see the earrings, though. But that dress… it’s so hideous.

      1. Her hair is massive at the moment. Bouffant, dated & probably flammable with the amount of hairspray on it.

      2. She purposely did this dress to take away from the professional women and the event (‘boring for her as she knows she has never and don’t intend to earn a profession or ever work).

        She towers above the others, in a bright fumpy awful gown – she look bored, rude with the other two professional ladies making pleasantries (totally ignored the women and look off) – middle of article – Photo 12 from full group –


        HM orders for ma carol the middeltons ;butt out’ of the children upbringing/homes (devastating for lazi kate and her needy immaturity) – she seem no longer interested as she knows her, carol the middletons are taken care of with Willnot royal privileges/wealth for over 14 years, and will never end with two kids. She is looking a time and way out … No Order – don’t care for royal jewels anymore – (backless braless Bond Premier gown was another nail) – thumbing her nose at HM/The Firm.

      3. KMR, your entry was so spot on and so very funny. Yes, Kate showed us she can one up her other ugly (most recent) formal look. I agree, this gown is just hideous. My mother owned a public relations firm for many years. Now, times change, but one thing she hammered into my head was — when being photographed, less is more. She was referring to patterns, not wearing less clothing. OMG, the print of that gown, the ruffle, I just cannot believe there is no kind person who could steer her to better choices. A kind, stylish woman, that is.

        Her hair appeared to have a few pieces woven in. And, the hair did indeed hide those magnificent earrings. Yes, I also agree, she needs posture lessons and a lesson on how to proceed with grace when she moves, especially when going up and down stairs/steps. I am beginning to wonder if anyone really wants her to succeed. Who could possibly have thought this was a classy, stylish look?

    2. Exactly! Little House on the Prairie with peasant style dress from the 70’s. Yuck. Maybe she recently saw Gone With the Wind and repurposed some ugly curtains… The hair looks an awful mess.

  3. it actually isn’t that bad of a dress if you look at it without the weird bottom thing. I think it would make a very pretty short dress on her – especially with other-than-black accessories. part of me thinks she lost a bet and had to wear someone’s old bridesmaid dress! part of me thinks she is trying new things and that’s great! But to get it so wrong 2 evenings in a row? makes me sad for her – she is going to be ripped apart.

    1. It really does make me feel badly to tear this dress apart because on the one hand it must suck for Kate to constantly be told her clothing doesn’t look good on her. It’s like she can never please us – we’ll always find something to pick a part. But on the other hand I really do think Kate could look so good with the proper styling and it frustrates me that she constantly misses the mark. She really needs to invest in a proper stylist.

      1. I afraid you are both wrong this time.
        We are the ones who think she does not dress appropriately or good enough to be considered a fashion/style icon.
        However her fans and the media have a very different saying, they loved her dresses they said about all on them in this past days, including today, who she ‘dazzled’ and ‘wowed’ everyone.
        So I don’t think she knows or cares about our opinions, she probably only will read the papers, not blogs – even though the latter with helper immensely, especially if is a blog like this one.

        1. You are right snowsie! The media and Kate adoring sites are praising Kate. No matter what she does or wears she is perfection. Which is probably why Kate will never learn. She believes all that is written about her since it is always adoring. Just like articles are stating how she is such a hardworking royal for showing up these past few days. There is no truth written about her, so she is none the wiser.

        2. She knows (carol the meddleton knows and care), that is what all the awful snaring look getting out of the cars – is about, daring the paps/media …

          Maybe this is her last gala before going back into hiding – waiting vacations, extended holidays to late late 2016; and here’s wishing all a Merry Christmas (tree).

      2. I don’t feel sorry for her. Unless she is that stupid. A savvy person would look at all avenues to enhance their image; but it would also take a lot of humility. If she lacks the humility and thinks she’s that smart or thinks her mother is that smart and savvy than she deserves the brickbats. If all that matters is your ego and image, then this is where you end up- vomiting up the ugly.

        1. One would have to actually self-examine and be open to the fact that one has flaws. Whereas Kate may actually think she looks amazing. It’s like how William thinks he knows better than everyone else, so he will never change his ways because he does not believe he is doing anything wrong.

      3. Diana went to British Vogue and the rest is fashion history.

        Kate needs to do the same and do whatever they say. She needs to stop thinking only about what she and William think because they don’t have any taste.

        Kate is playing in the fashion Olympics and coming in last place. The actresses on that red carpet looked more polished and stylish than she did. They brought their A game and Kate looked like a kid who rummaged through granny’s trunks playing dress up.

      1. I have a dress like it in cotton but it is a day dress and short and it doesn’t have that hideous bedskirt ruffle on the bottom. It is good for a day dress. Not a black tie event.

  4. I have one question. Who on earth let her out in public dressed like this? It looks like a nightmare to look at and should come with a warning label so that people know not to look directly at the dress.

    For goodness sake and for our eyes sake please someone get this woman a stylist from the 21st century.

    1. I’m dizzy this past week – that none of the meet greet made a difference, hard to remember the reason for the visits- other than their own PR; how badly practice is needed after 4 years with a royal stylist (not ma carol) advising.

      Dolittle /Willnot are so predictable from October on of each year, if they both would be dedicated and consistent (as with their PR) like other hardworking dedicated royal ladies (Q Leticia, Raina, Max, CP Mary, Victoria, Princess Sofia)- e closer home: HM, PR Anne, DoCornwall, C. Wessex – work throughout the other 9-months supporting, ‘working with’ charities/the needy, the people and organizations would be so better off.

  5. I can not even describe my feelings…
    KMR you couldn’t get over that dress I can’t get over that hair! It look like a very, very awful wig.

      1. The hair and the teeth. So artificial. And very distracting. Once you see the teeth you can’t ‘unsee’ them. And it’s such a shame the beautiful earrings are hidden. Maybe I’m too sentimental, but to be wearing jewels that belonged to the Queen Mother is something to be celebrated and not hidden behind a curtain of hair extensions.

        1. If you think you’re being too sentimental I will join the club with you bc I’m feeling the exactly same way! I agree with everything you said! It should be a crime to hide those beautiful pieces under a wig.

          JL didn’t you mean the “hair” πŸ˜‰ ahah jk
          It looks so bad! It’s like she has a balloon head and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

        2. In response to Kate’s teeth looking large. I think it is from all the weight she has lost. I worked with adolescents with eating disorders, and one of the characteristics of someone with anorexia is that their teeth become more pronounced. Not saying Kate has an eating disorder, but I think with how thin she has become since having Charlotte that is possibly why they look so large.

          1. I do agree with the teeth and eating disorders. I’ve seen it myself.

            But with Kate, I wonder if she’s adding ‘filament’ as I call it to her teeth. They aren’t veneers, but your dentist can add it to fill in and even lengthen teeth. I’ve had it added to a few of my teeth over the past few months. I had braces again as an adult (had them as a teenager also). When my braces removed, I wasn’t happy with a few teeth and the dentist added bonding or filament to widen and lengthen a few of them.

            You can see her befores: http://cdn2.blisstree.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/kate-middleton-teeth.jpg

            Hopefully she stops. It’s starting to distort her smile a bit. I’m the same way, I keep looking in the mirror and finding little faults with my smile. I’m done with adding and refining.

  6. Ok I’m confused here, I thought Kate was attending a gala with 100 of the richest, powerful women in Britain not a luau with Uncle Fred and Aunt Bertha. Did I read the article wrong? Are they having a roasted pig for dinner?

    When I first say this dress I actually laughed out loud…at my desk…at work. My coworkers gave me some strange looks πŸ™‚ From top to bottom especially the bottom this dress is wrong, so very wrong. And it cost how much???

    The only redeeming thing about her look tonight is her hair and earrings. Her hair is looking like it did for the engagement interview, very bouncy and shinny. And my goodness those earrings are beautiful, I really, really want them!!

    Lastly, I found it interesting how she gets out of the car with a big smile for a gala event but looks so down when arriving for a fun event with children. This shows me where her true interests lie.

  7. It’s a muumuu..No it’s a kaftan…No, its the curtain in my grandmothers house!

    There aren’t enough superlatives to describe this ghastly, horrifying, jaw dropping ugliness of a gown. Was she blindfolded when she picked this dress or has she totally lost her mind?

    And the black shoes! Redeem yourself with something strappy and sexy than a pair of black wedge shoes.

    Her smiles at this juncture of her “work week” are obviously pasted on because you can see her eyes are no longer smiling. She doesn’t want to be where she is. Well, I wouldn’t be either as I would much rather hide than be caught alive wearing that monstrosity.

      1. I love ’em festive Christmas colours – would be lovely in the kitchen window or cant you see ruffles gathering as table runner, large crystal ornaments as centerpiece/each place setting; I have used small similar for festive holiday deco.

        No royalty for sure – style definitely all over the place – frumpy, aging, grannie, exhibition bare/braless, to what the …

  8. She needs her meds changed. What the bloody hell? It’s like she’s lost the plot.

    And she pairs this atrocity with the Queen Mum’s earrings? Yeesh. So she has access to more bling. Okay, noted. Still, this is a business oriented event. And she wears massive bling….

    Gah! Show off.

    I’m suspecting that since she had the spare she’s smug enough now to unleash the florid inner Waity beast.

    One other comment: WTF? What does she know of or have any relevance to Women in Hedge Funds? The fact that these women are all over her just confuses me.

      1. Sorry, don’t mean to hijack this conversation. Let me add to my comment above. I just read Vanity Fair and the article said “Kate is a patron of the 100 Women in Hedge Funds organization, and will be presenting a leadership award before the dinner.”

        What does she know about leadership? As a working woman and mother, I find this insulting as she is no role model nor a leader. This organization needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

        1. Yeah, I don’t know why Kate keeps being invited to this event other than because they want the attention Kate brings. Kate is in no way on the same level as the women in that room. And it’s such a joke that she is the one handing out the Industry leadership Award. 1) Kate is not in that industry, and 2) Kate knows nothing about leadership. Kate has never even held a real job let alone ran a company the way the recipient of this year’s award has.

          1. I’m sure the irony is not lost of the women invited. I can just imagine the conversations behind closed doors about Kate as patron.

          2. Quite right, KMR. I would be stunned to hear that my accomplishment in leadership and business was to be recognized by a woman whose resume consists of marrying richly and wearing expensive clothes.

  9. Like the earrings but the dress looks like a patriotic flower garden. And what’s with the big flouncy curtain at the bottom? Gads, it’s so awful it’s almost funny. Reminds me of my home economics sewing project.

  10. The woman to Kate’s left, the one in black, looks so much better! And she has side swept bangs, hair down, and still manages to show off her earrings. Her bangs also are not in her eyes or doing a 70’s flip.

    1. YES YES YES
      She’s killing it! She looks beautiful, loved everything, from the dress, to the make up, to the jewellery. Tonight she’s been a sight for sore eyes, for me! (even though I personally would choose a floor length dress and a closed toe heels)

    1. Agreed, Lauri. This is getting painful, on so many levels. A pox on the media and all the sycophants, elevating this nothing person to great heights. I want her offensive person gone.

  11. Oh no. I was fully prepared to see something fantastic tonight, maybe even a repeat because I so disliked last night’s gown, but good Lord this is bad! About 90% of the time when she wears something bespoke, I look at the original garment and wish she never messed with it because the original would have been so flattering on her. I’m STUNNED she chose this garment off the rack and thought “I’m good, no changes needed”.

    I’m with some of you in that it could be pretty if the bottom didn’t look like a table skirt! It seems most of her go to designers won’t tell her when her ideas might not be the most flattering. Considering this isn’t her first piece by the designer she could have asked the designer for suggestions. Sarah Burton seems to be the lone designer who has probably said something along the lines of “I have an idea, let me design something beautiful for you”. Erdem should be cut out of the rotation after this!

    Final comment to Kate: Statement jewels are made to be seen! Show the earrings off, they are beautiful!

    1. Klein,

      Do you think this was the place to show off these earrings? Why should she be making a statement with them at this event? IMO, they would have been more appropriate at the Spectre event.

      On the other hand, I get what you’re saying. Like usual, she doesn’t know how to incorporate bling. Sadly, I think we are stuck with a poseur/dullard.

      1. Oh I wasn’t even thinking that deeply about this appearance or event just the fact that if you are going to borrow the “family jewels” for heaven’s sake don’t hide them in your mass of hair! Playing in the royal jewel fault would be one of my favorite activities if I married into this family! I think we agree that she doesn’t know how to wear the bling.

    2. KMR I forgot to say you made me laugh out loud! Normally I read through most of the article to find out what you thought of an appearance or an outfit and to see your thoughts in the headline was hysterical!

      1. Heh, Klein. I didn’t even register the very pointed subject line, cause, I guess, it was a soulmate moment for me. :). Thanks for bringing it up to my consciousness.

  12. My god.
    Hair- 70s Farrah fawcett looking wannabe
    Clothes – my blind grandmas couch from the 80s
    Clothes shape – straight outta an 80s prom.
    Makeup- a 90s nightmare with too much mascara clumps and I bet this was the most expensive makeup money can buy too.
    The only good thing here is this hideous taxpayer paid get up hides her anorexic looking frame.
    All in all? This week? Fail. Today? Double fail.

    1. He went last year because one of his charities was being given the funds raised. Kate went in 2013 and this year because her charities were being given the funds raised. Harry was very charming last year.

  13. Greetings everyone,
    I am so sick of seeing this fake, false, window dressed twit plastered all over the “NEWS” sections of the papers. Her true were shown on her face when she attended the Charity with Prince Harry and bill. I cannot in all conscience say that I will ever support the Crown or the Throne if these two leeches get anywhere near it. I hope and pray that I am long, long, gone.

    As for the nightie – well they are hanging in the NZ $2 dollar shop clothing recycle outfitters that we use post earthquake. Yes that monstrosity was “bespoke” which meant many thousands of pounds of nightwear on her back as well as the 15,000 pd earrings. This is obscene when people are hurting to much.

    As for the grandmas curtains that she nicked and gave to her favourite designer to make up for the grand total of almost 4 thousand pounds – it beggars belief.

    Middleton should never have been anywhere near these hard working ladies. WORK has never been a word in her vocabulary and her poor interaction skills are even more glaring as each day passes. These women worked to have what they do, kate laid in wait, trapped a man, and every day the rest of the world will suffer for it.

    They have just pulled out her “dress up box” just to show how far she has come. Massive fail and being slammed as a PR Stunt like everything she does.

    I am, and always have been a Royalist, Her Majesty is the only Sovereign I have ever known – and I have sworn allegiance to her during the course of my lifetime. To Prince Charles if he ascends the throne – probably yes but never, ever, will I to bill and kate middleton.

    These two ingrates are appalling and their PR is in the toilet and circling the drain – you could see clearly Prince Harry’s absolute discomfort at being anywhere near either of them. I know that if Her Majesty had a quiet word with him to attend these two events – it would have been because she knew that bill and kate are not popular and Prince Harry always pulls his weight.

    Disappointed that middleton and her excessive spending is considered news, in a country which is struggling, among people who are struggling and knowing full well that she needed to be thinner, taller and “higher up” the food chain than the people she meets just sticks in my throat.

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are.

    Kind regards

    1. Wildrose, you have said it best. Thank you.
      Especially the part where Kate should never have been allowed near these women as she does not know what WORK is.
      Amen sister!

  14. I have been very hard on Kate so I will focus on the little amount of positive: I think she listened to me and went back to a darker less red toned hair color…or it is the lighting. Too bad she did not wear it up to showcase the earrings. The dress is so beyond hideous, all she needs is a guitar and she would look like Loretta Lynn at The Grand Old Opry circa 1967. The bodice of the dress looks mismatched to the bottom and she wore black shoes. What fresh hell is this? She just does not look good… she looks very unhealth and haggard. Also her Adams Apple is very prominent because she is so thin. She needs to gain some weight. She is a mess, the poor thing.

    1. LJA, I think Loretta Lynn woulda rocked the Opry wot some big hair and glittery boots in this dress, lol.

      I gotta ask. What’s the difference between fresh h*ll and stale h*ll, lol! That made me laugh.

  15. The Queen Mother’s earrings are beautiful. A simple column gown with a chignon would be beautiful. I would love to see Kate in a sheath dress, chignon, and a killer pair of red pumps. That ain’t gonna happen.

    This dress reminds me of those Pokemon shows that have the warning about watching it can cause seizures. That ruffle is giving me the flops. Bad flops, not Harry flops. It’s not lined up right. It’s as if someone added a modesty skirt at the last minute. And those heels? The makeup is horrid. And the hair reminds me of Diana’s style, grown out. Tash obviously doesn’t not know how to style Kate. And her hairdresser is just as bad. Her hair either looks heavy or extension laden. Or, you see pins and tracks.

    She actually looked good earlier in the gray number. Her hair looked awesome. Her wins are few and far in between.

    She is in a room of accomplished women. Can she not dress to her audience? If were a member, I would question her being there. What has Kate done besides providing the heor and spare? What has she contributed to society? How has she left her mark on something? Yeah, his visit has me shaking my head.

    Awesome post, KMR.

    1. Dear Rhiannon, Please, please marry Harry now, I simply can’t take anymore of Will’s wife!! I need you in the royal family so perhaps between you and Sophie you can teach this woman/child how to dress appropriately and with style. I read recently that Queen Maxima will be attending the November 8th memorial service, finally some real style and grace in Britain!

      1. Lauri C, I agree Rhiannon needs to get that ring on her finger NOW. I have a headache from looking at Kate’s so called “Fashion” the last week.

        I loved the Queen Mum’s Earrings though, they are gorgeous

      2. I think that Kate would be overwhelmed by my simple sophistication. I am lracing for the airport soon. Wish me luck.

        I plan on wearing my burnt orange coat with chocolate accessories. I’ll either burn up or freeze my tookus off.

        I can see it now: 2 years in the future “The Duchess of Sussex is scheduled to meet Queen Maxima at the airport”. Be prepared for me serving airport, glamour, royal realness.

          1. I would love to be her bff. I think by hats was missing with the BRF: friendships among the other royal families. There was a picture of Vic, Haakon, Mette-Marit, their kid along with Mary and her kids and Stephanie and Guillame. There’s no connection.

  16. Ladies I am just overwhelmed by that floral piece of s****.

    I don’t know what was she thinking. Please believe me – it doesn’t give me joy to criticize her every time I see her but she is asking for it, no she is crying for it – I just can’t stay silent.

    That fabric looks like a huge curtain and that hideous ruffle at the bottom makes this dress the worst one I’ve ever seen. Is that person could be called the icon of style?

    But the worst part is that it won’t change anything – all that tabloids will keep praising her and tell us that she is some kind of phenomenon. I just don’t understand why are they doing this, why are they selling that crap? Did the world loose any sense of class or elegance? Where are the times of Grace Kelly, where are the times of Jacqueline Kennedy? I am just speechless and so, so sad

    1. I agree Polisgirl. Jackie and Grace had a simple, yet elegant style. It was classic and perfect. She has her pick of so many classic designers. Herrera, Valentino, Posen, etc. But she doesn’t. It’s hard to stay silent with this foolishness.

      1. Regarding Grace Kelly – two weeks ago I watched great movie about Grace with leading role of Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth. In the early sixties Grace went through the deep crisis of her identity as both a royal and movie star and also crisis of her marriage. The movie is about duty and very hard choices she had to make to create her new “self”, to played the hardest role of her life and to find the love again. Actually that film made me think about Kate because Grace wasn’t born royal but she become royal because of difficult choices she made and most of all her sacrifices. What can I tell, just watch it Ladies.

        1. It’s in my Netflix queue now! Thanks for the tip. Speaking of movies about royalty, has anyone else seen that terrible movie about Will and Kate? I had to watch it and it was the cringefest you’d expect, but the funny thing is that the whole time I was watching it, I was thinking that the actress who played Kate had ten hundred times the charm, beauty and grace that she has. I looked her up and it turns out that she’s actually an Aristocrat and has a title! Apparently, she’s in Harry’s social circle as well. Now why couldn’t Will have gone for someone like her? I do realize it’s pathetic to think that the actress in a low grade made for tv movie would do a better job, but that’s how much Kate has disappointed me.

    2. I remember seeing a photo of Grace Kelly and her first meeting with the Prince of Monaco. She wore a shiny fabric, huge floral print cocktail length dress. Apparently, she didn’t have anything else to wear. It kind of remeinds me of this mess of a dress Kate is wearing.

      Grace was extremely embarassed, since she knew the dress was awful. Due to the significance of the first meeting with her future husband, the photo was published over and over. At least Grace knew the huge print was a style no no. It appears Kate cannot/will not learn from other royal women.

  17. I just saw the photos elsewhere, and I almost fell out of my chair in horror. It looks like something you wear drinking Pina Coladas with mum and sis in a Mustique resort whilst comparing pedicures. All she needs is oversized sunglasses on her head and a giant woven purse. However, my second thought was “KMR is going to have a field day with this.” And you did and it’s well deserved. Just incredibly bad taste and inappropriate. I could go on for a month about that ruffle, but won’t because you pretty much said it all. Great post, KMR.

  18. In the words of Tim Gunn, “That’s a lot of look.” I agree that the pattern would be alright in small doses. It would be okay as a blouse, or a short dress, but not a ball gown.

    It’s interesting, there are some people who can wear and pull off quirky looks, but they have the confidence and the personality to pull it off.

    I don’t usually like bold patterns, especially florals, on a regular basis, but this is too much. This dress is tragic.

    I feel sad for those who are in the photos with Kate. Unless the same 100 women are invited every year, this would be a big deal to them. Now whenever they show the photos to their friends, family, colleagues, it will be, “You met Kate? What in the world is she wearing?”

    1. It’s bad enough in the stills, but in the video clip where you actually see her walking…it looks like a low rider hoop skirt. Is it Gone With a The Wind? Little House On The Prairie? 1981 Spring Formal? I bet that dress came with a matching parasol, she probably left it in the car. It’s contrived and costumey, and I like as much as every one else here!
      To quote bookworm…”This dress is tragic.”

    2. bookworm, it is funny you mention Tim Gunn. The dress looks like a disaster from Project Runway. As though the contestant received a bad review from Tim on day one and had to start over.

      With two hours until the runway show, this sad number was thrown together with whatever fabric was left.

      1. It’s so true! It’s like when they realize that the dress is suddenly way too short and they have to figure out a way to make it longer.

    3. I could see it as a skirt with a white blouse and strappy heels. That would look nice. But not as a full length gown with a ruffle at the bottom.

  19. That dress is absolutely hideous. It looks like a shiny tablecloth. And what is up with her hair? Is she going for a 70’s style? If she is, then she massively failed. This girl is just really becoming a joke of the world. She needs some severe lessons on what her role entails.

    1. Eek! I think it’s all about her all the time especially when competing with other women. She looks like a freakish giant in that photo.

      I just don’t get the sycophancy.

      1. First thing that came to mind when I saw the group picture was she chose the ghastly schmatte of a gown on purpose to be radically different and stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the effect is freakish and so out of place for the event as she sticks out like a sore bony thumb. Just goes to show how clueless and empty headed she really is.

        1. It really smacks of arrogance and attitude to walk into a room of professional women who work very hard, day in and day out, looking like you just came in from from a beach resort holiday, especially given her lack of work ethic. I believe her stylist is incompetent or secretly enjoys making her look foolish. Epic fail here.

  20. Okay, watching the video, the woman in black does not curtsey. Which I thought was interesting, but then I realized she sounds American. Did anyone else notice this? It’s terrible of me to say, but I kind of like when people do not curtsy to Kate (mainly because she doesn’t always show respect to the Queen by curtsying). And if that woman is American it makes total sense why she wouldn’t curtsy. I know it is a sign of respect to do so even if you are not British, so I found it telling that she didn’t. I may be reading into things, but at the same time maybe not…..

  21. The dress still would be ugly no matter the event but it is more appropriate for a beachside party in a tropical place. At a high powered blck tie London financial event, no way. Too casual. The dress makes me think Kate had a Freudian fashion slip. Like mentally she already is in Mustique sipping mojitos with her family.

    1. “Like mentally she already is in Mustique sipping mojitos with her family.” Lol, literally.

      Thanks for that one India Andrews.

  22. I’ve just made some shopping on the Boden site and it definitely raised my spirit πŸ™‚

    I also checked the comments on HRHDK and Ladies we are not alone !!! Can you believe it? – about 75% hated that floral “mess”.
    I think we clearly need some vacation form that fashion disaster and it’s good that she will be out of our sight while on that Caribbean holidays.

    I don’t know about you but somehow I felt offended today. Offended, because that person (obviously without any taste and quality of any sorts) could be so privileged and put on the pedestal by majority of the world.

  23. The moment I saw that picture in the news, I said, “Oh, KMR is going to have a field day with this.” Yowza. At least she didn’t flash anyone? That’s some small positive, right? Anyone? Bueller?

    My second thought: What a great organization! And what a ridiculous patron for it!

    1. Hahahahahahhaha “At least she didn’t flash anyone”. It’s so sad that that’s the standard that I can’t help but laugh about it.

      1. My bad, thanks for adding the link India so people know what I mean. I guess not everyone had a grandmother making those fugly things!?

    1. I think I did throw up! What an obvious ass kissing piece! I guess that private meeting with Will and Kate worked if this article is any indication. πŸ™

      I had to laugh about the part that said Kate has the most difficult job in the world. I hate it when people say, like the author, could anyone else do better? Honestly, I know I could! I think most women could.

    2. Knowing Platell’s history in writing some almost-scathing comments on the Dolittle Lamebridges, this reads so much better if you look between the lines and see the sarcasm… I hope…

  24. If she puts a white apron on, I can see her milk a cow for living.

    I seriously think that she actually wants to challenge Diana and shows us she is a much better woman. But she kept showing how much of a failure she is. I stand my ground when I said she is going down REAL FAST.

    When HM lend you a historic piece of jewelry, you let it be the focus and wow people with it, not cover it with massive hair. I find this attitude of her to be disrespectful to HM. The same like when she wore the Nizam of Hyderabad. As if trying to mock the historical pieces.

    Did she really received a royal training?

  25. Did Kate say any words of thanks at this event? She is the patron of the charity benefiting from this event and it would have been expected. If not, then it’s disrespectful to this remarkable organisation run by real women of merit.

    1. Not sure if she said anything at the event, but she sent a formal letter of thanks to 100 WHF for their contributions through fundraising (Β£500 000+)at the Gala to The Art Room UK charity.

      1. I just saw the letter. Would it of killed Kate to utter these words with her own mouth? She has serious public speaking issues. It’s simply not acceptable for someone with her title and status to be so mute. It’s no wonder the world just focuses on what she wears. I wish the media would start calling her the Paperdoll Duchess (in addition to Duchess Dolittle)

        1. Does anyone have the link for the letter? And you are so right RT, would it kill her to say a few words instead of just aimlessly standing there while everyone else talks. I would feel awkward not saying anything. But it is part of her job, so it is time she learns.

          Paperdoll Duchess is so true!!! I love it

          1. The links are down below.

            She practically copy pasted the first paragraph from 2013’s Action on Addiction to this year’s Art Room letter.

            Sentence one is the same bar one word and the charities.
            Sentence two has “through their previous work with William’s charities” in the first year but the rest of the sentence is the same word for word.

            Except for that it’s great to see more on what the charities do.

        2. I agree sorry to compare her to Diana but she found this very difficult at first but she got help and worked hard to improve because it was her job.

  26. You all are so correct. The massive amount of events before the end of year and also before holidays.

    I feel as if the hair and dress compete. Both of them together a complete nightmare. Perhaps it would have worked with hair up and even a nice glittery diamond necklace. Maybe.

    I’m starting to wonder if the extensions have caused breakage to her natural hair. It happens and I’ve seen it many times. We all know what her natural hair looks like before extensions. I’m a huge fan of long hair, but sometimes you simply have to start over. Letizia (sp?) does an amazing bob. Agree with above. The hair is starting to look very 1974.

    Loving the makeup is more natural and blended lately! Wondering why no none is introducing her to retinol. I’ve been using it since 18. You can do low strength without a lot of peeling. Does wonders for sun damage. When it comes to skincare, expensive doesn’t matter, it’s all about retinol.

  27. I think this was a really bold move from her, people are always wanting her to take fashion risks and she did so I’ll applaud her that. Now Kate please pretty please tell me we’ll be seeing you take your work more seriously and that this isn’t just the annual get-the-numbers-up-October-November binge.

    1. I don’t know if she is taking her work more seriously. She doesn’t have anything on her schedule at the moment after her last whirlwind eight days.

  28. Ladies, I am going through a horrendously bad time with major depression, anxiety, and poverty. However, I have to thank most of you for actually making me LOL over and over again. I thought I had finally snapped looking at the headlines that said Kate made “floral overload” work. Thinking I was the only one who thought the dress hideous, it reminds me of my tween year “maxis” more years ago than I want to remember. LJA, you are wonderful: “wihat fresh hell” indeed! Wildrose, I could not agree with you more. It’s important to realize that while these “royals” live the life they live on the taxpayer’s backs, people are really suffering! I’m an American and we do not bow to anyone (except for our crazy president, he seems to like the practice) so I mostly am bemused by royalty. However, I must admit I am fascinated by the train wreck the commoner is proving to be. If you want to be royal, you must love the people as Princess Diana did and as Queen Elizabeth the II does. Waity thinks she is above everyone and does not seem to have a servant’s heart. Thanks again for the laughs ladies, and I am off my soapbox!

    1. Hi Jaye, so sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time of it. I really hope it lifts soon, I’ll be sending funny thoughts your way!

      You are so right though, I feel like I’m watching a slow motion train wreak with Kate and William. Nether one of them has a “servants heart”, which is really at the center of the BRF, HM, PP and PoW have devoted their entire lives to the service of others and while they might not get it right every time at least they are out there day after day, doing the work. Sometimes if feels to me like W&K are quite content to ride the coattails of his mother, first for her popularity and secondly for her tragic end.

    2. Dear Jaye, sending you wishes for better days. I am sorry you are having a tough time and am glad you are getting some relief from this wonderful blog. What is so wonderful about this site is the caring way people respond to each other. May each day bring you closer to less stress and strife. Anytime, you need support or laughter, let us know.

    3. Dear Jaye… Stay strong! Sometimes we all have more strength than we realize. Sending good thoughts your way.

      You are right about the dedication from HM, Diana and Charles. D&C decided from the begining: We Serve. I think Harry has it, too. Such a shame the twist of fate of having Will be the first born.

    4. Royal watching seems so trivial when one is suffering from depression, anxiety, and poverty but I’m glad this blog and the commenters are able to give you some form of entertainment. Depression is so isolating and so difficult to claw your way out of, but there are several commenters here who also suffer from depression, so know that you are not alone in dealing with depression. If you ever need to talk things out or just need a pick-me-up, we’re here for you.

      And yes, Kate doesn’t seem to have any sense of duty at all. She just wants the perks without doing the work that comes with them.

      1. Have not been back on here for a while but wanted to say thank you to all you ladies for the encouraging words! I know all of us suffer from depression at times. Sometimes it feels like you can’t climb out of the hole you’re in but that’s when good people like you and especially funny people like William and Kate are needed. I’m anxious for her to wear another gown and I keep hoping she will cut her hair!

        I like this site quite a bit. I mostly stay off of blogs, etc. because it seems people are so nasty and mean to each other. It’s nice to see the polite and dignified way people behave on here. I must be getting old or something because that still is so important to me!…. πŸ™‚

        Wildrose, I agree with so much you have to say. Prince Harry not only looks good; amazing actually, but seems to truly be a good soul. He reminds me so much of his mother, who despite her faults, seemed to be a good and kind person who truly cared for others. It is a shame he is not the heir to the throne as he would be a great king.

        I don’t care for what Camilla and Charles did and I hope she is not named Queen but truthfully, he too seems to have that servant’s heart I spoke of earlier. We all have faults and it is not up to me to judge him or his wife. Unfortunately, William and Kate only seem to think of their next holiday or what they are doing to renovate their palatial homes. It’s sad because they have the ability and means to do so much for their people. It makes me wonder what type of children they will raise. I think Charles will be a good king. He certainly works hard!

        Is it my imagination or did Kate just have that one busy week? I don’t think I’ve seen anything on her in the news except for something about them having a prospective meeting with some CEOs or something which I really don’t see as being of benefit to the people of GB.

        Finally, I wish those two would share their children with the public. The little boy will be king and the princess could be queen some day. While I am in agreement that the children should have their privacy, I think there should be photos of the princess again by now. Am I wrong about this? I don’t have children so I don’t have that sense of protectiveness to the extreme a parent does. I just know there have been other mothers like Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana who allowed pictures of their children while controlling access. What do you all think?

        I’m sorry for not mentioning the ugly dress anymore…..so many of you have been so funny about it I have nothing left to say. If the English or British (I don’t know which they prefer being called) voted, I would say “vote for King Harry!”……..lol!!!!

  29. Why does she always feel she has to wear high heels?! These Jimmy Choo’s are unbelievable high and that might be the reason she always walks with a little hunch. It’s really difficult to wear them gracefully. To have to go up stairs with such a long dress, all of that in front of the press, that takes guts. I’m 5.9 and if I wear heels or wedges I tower over most people. I sometimes like it because men get very intimidated by that, but most of the time I find it uncomfortable. She seems to like it. Perhaps it makes her feel more secure when people have to look up to her. The dresses were hideous. And it’s sad that William likes her very thin. When George was born he told Boris Becker that she needed to lose 10 more pounds. At that time she already was VERY thin again. So, I assume he encourages it. Sorry, I just didn’t want to bore you all, but it has been bothering me for quite a while and I just wanted that heel topic off my chest.

    1. OMG, he actually said that?? Now it makes sense why she’s so very thin, poor thing, gosh now I really feel bad for her. It just hit me that for all the events William has attended for anti-bullying he is a big bully himself, just look at the jibs he makes at his brother, all the passive-aggressive comments about George, and now finding out how he torments Kate about her weight. What a tool!

      1. Ugh, who is he to make those comments. With his premature balding hair and horsey looks, he should shut up. If he weren’t royal, he’d be eating slop.

        1. Also, as we saw earlier this summer at the polo matches, William himself has a tummy. So he’s not one to talk about looking a certain way or weighing a certain amount.

    2. William said that?!?!? I must have missed that. Wow, what a – excuse my language – dickhead.

      Re these Jimmy Choos, I totally agree with you. These ones in particular are extremely high. They are her highest heel. I very much dislike these heels.

      1. The heels don’t even go well with her dress. It makes sense why she always wears high heels around Will, so that she appears taller and eye-level with him. But at this event, the sky-scrapper heels make no sense. Other than she just really wanted to make sure she stood out among the other women. I can’t help but wonder if it is true that she feels so insecure around other women.

        And the comment from Will, if it is true, what a douche! Who says that to their wife and to one who was already thin and just gave birth to his child!!! My husband would never say that. It makes sense though that he is giving her a hard time considering she is obsessed with being too thin for her frame.

        1. I think her curtain with dust ruffle was just too long that is why she needed extra heels. Not only she chooses terrible dresses she also like them too short or too long, too tight or too loose

      2. I’m sorry I reply so late. Boris Becker was in a German talk show where he was asked about meeting Prince William and what the two talked about. He replied that they talked about Kate and tennis and that he told Prince William that Kate looked absolutely amazing and offered tennis lessons for Kate. Prince William thanked him and said that Kate could use tennis lessons because she still had to lose at least another 10 pounds. That was right after the Tusk dinner where she wore that silver dress. I thought she looked really great and slim. I don’t know if HE wanted her to lose that weight or if she complained about carrying extra weight and he just repeated her complaint. But I think he likes really slim women. Jecca is also rail thin, although she actually seems to be naturally that way. I’m pretty sure Kate is on a VERY strict diet to look like that. Queen Letizia is obviously on a very similar diet. I assume I’m about her height and at one point, when I hardly ate anything, I weighed (? I’m a non native speaker, so I sometimes get some words wrong) 125 pounds and I was really thin, but I hardly ate anything.

        1. Oh wow. I didn’t know about that incident – thank you. Hm, you bring up a good point that it might have been Kate who was complaining about losing that extra ten pounds and William was just repeating it. Either way, though, I don’t think that’s an appropriate thing to say to a stranger about your wife. If Kate did say that to William, that’s something that should have stayed between them.

        2. Thanks so much for the info! I had not heard that before. Hopefully it was Kate who was complaining about wanting to loose 10 pounds and not William. I agree though, that is not something you should ever say to a stranger. Btw, I thought Kate was supposed to be a tennis super-star, so why would she need lessons? hmmmm πŸ˜‰ I do think Will really likes rail thin women though. I watch what I eat, but that would be horrible to be on such a strict diet that you cannot enjoy any food really.

  30. My first reaction when I saw the dress was ‘what the eff’.

    Like you KMR, I’ve never seen her wear anything this hideous! I think as a dress just above the knee would be lovely, but the full length and that OTT ruffle thing at the bottom, it’s just atrocious, and so no worth that price tag!

    I’ve said it before, but the fringe is awful, does her no favours.

    1. That was my first reaction, too. Actually, when I first saw the dress on Twitter, my first reaction was to think, “That can’t be Kate”. Then when I was certain it was Kate, then I went, “WTF?”

  31. On a more positive note, that grey dress with the pleated skirt was quite pretty. It would be good for church or visiting a picky elderly aunt in a rest home?
    Mind you, I haven’t seen full length photos of it yet, please say it doesn’t have a too high split or is embarrassingly short.

    1. I love the grey dress she wore earlier today, it’s one of the few pieces of clothes she has that I actually want! And fyi, it doesn’t have a split at all and is knee length πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Lauri, thanks for the information about the skirt on the grey dress. I did get to see a full length photo later in the day, of course it would look way better if the waistline was sitting on the waist but as discussed before, Kate has got a very long torso so waists on her clothing never sit where they should.

    2. The grey dress is lovely and Kate looks very good in it. A red poppy would have been an appropriate gesture to make as well, like all others around her did I see.

      1. I’m surprised she hasn’t worn a poppy yet. She usually wears them this time of year as soon as they come out, and they’ve been out since last Thursday I think.

  32. If you can get past the horrid print, the cut of the dress is really quite lovely except for the unfortunate ruffle. In a solid color (maybe a dupioni silk) and without the ruffle it could have been a beautiful dress. I’m not a designer but do make my own clothing – and my rule of thumb is that a busy fabric is best in a very simple pattern. Agree with all the negatives about her heavy mane of hair, particularly when she had such lovely earrings. An updo and a solid color gown would have allowed those earrings to receive the attention they deserve.

    1. Without the ruffle and in a solid color, yes the dress wouldn’t have been bad. It’s the crazy print mixed with the ruffle that is the basis of my dislike.

  33. I say W and K have created this issue, due to their contentious relationship with the press. The article in the DM, is trying to counter that.

  34. I think this is the best dress Kate has ever worn and I find her normally to be a very dull dresser. Love this choice, especially the silhouette and the nod to the late 60s tailoring with the stiffness of the silk ghazal, blended with the 70s referencing with the skirt style (which also owes a small debt to Victoria Beckham’s collections a few years ago).

    1. Ruby – may I suggest you go and find better place to express your delight. There are plenty of better places where people will receive your comment with “open arms”.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with a difference in opinion. As KMR said debate with fellow commentators is welcome, Ruby happens to like this dress and she’s brought up some influences that the designer may have had when making the dress, or Kate may have been drawn to, which is interesting.

        1. You are absolutely right Gie – I am very sorry! It’s just, I am so irritated after yesterday that I think I am not ready for different point of view.

          1. Polishgirl, you sound very sweet. Many of us make comments online which without the benefit of tone of voice, humor inflections ect. come across in a way they may not have been meant at the time.

            I was so shocked when I saw a photo of Kate in the dress, I violated site rules and made a comment 2 blog topics ago. I completely forgot my manners and wanted everyone to get a shocking look at the very different Erdem design. The dress is such an odd choice it brings strong opinions.

        1. To Gie and LJA, thank you for respectfully reminding others of the site rules and to be respectful of other’s opinions. It would have been very easy to be harsh and you guys chose to be respectful. Thank you.

      2. People are allowed to have differing opinions. I, personally, hate this dress, but I can understand – now that Ruby brought it up – how someone who loves 60s and 70s style would like this dress.

        1. Thanks for publishing my comment KMR – believe me there is plenty that irks me about KMidd – which is why I was so shocked to like one of her fashion choices!

        2. I do see the reference to hostess dresses from the late 1960s and early 1970s now you mention it.
          Does it come with accessories? Like a voucher for a bubble perm? Recipes for fondue, coq au vin, instructions on how to build a cheese hedgehog and a big bowl to put in the middle of the table so everyone at the party can throw their keys in?

    2. I don’t know about best dress, I really loved the white number she wore to the Nelson Mandela movie premiere. I also think this dress is a better than last night’s.

      1. That dress was, i believe, by Roland Mouret who is know for his simple yet sharp tailoring – his pencil dresses are especially gorgous. However, the slit was too high for my taste and Kate was so thin that it had become ill-fitting. When she wore it the first time, it was a better fit.

    3. Hi Ruby, while I still don’t like this dress, I have to agree that Kate really took a big step out of her fashion rut with this dress and this dress certainly isn’t dull.

    4. Hi Ruby
      I see what you mean by the nod to the 60’s. I found the skirt style of Victoria Beckham’s too, though a far more dramatic statement that Kate’s dress:

      Interesting to see how Victoria’s designs have developed over the years. I feel Kate’s dress would have looked nicer as a short dress, worn late on a summer afternoon, in the garden, with a Pimm’s Number 1 Cup in hand!

  35. Regarding that ridiculous Amanda Platell article in DM I have one question. Why is she calling all the Kate’s critics the whisperers? I am not whispering anything, I am almost screaming out laud my disapproval and dislike. For God sake this is twenty first century and we are in liberty to say anything we want, I don’t need to hide somewhere and whisper.

    1. She probably means her fellow journalists who are too afraid of William’s wrath.

      More than ever I’m beginning to think that article was a passive aggressive dig at Kate. Why else bring up everything people complain about in the comment section. Like, she didn’t have to fan the whole ‘Kate is overly dependant on her mom’ fire.

      “[William] moved them all to Anmer Hall in Norfolk to have some privacy and, of course, where they could spend time with Kate’s mum, Carole β€” something that’s provoked cruel comments by the whisperers.” –

      These whispers could also be the palace couriers or W&K’s friends (they’re actually William’s, she ditched all hers).

      1. You know Gie it’s funny because I had the same feeling about that article being passive-aggressive. It looked like she is smuggling the true opinion under the cover that she is against it. That way she stays clean in front of Cambs but still she wrote all the negative about them.

        1. Is it true she coined the phrase “Waity Katie”?

          Oh wow, I didn’t know William’s people had sat her down. Was it in the dating years or after the wedding? I find it very interesting that they feel they can tell off a journalist for being critical. Did she, or others, comment on this “talking to” in piece?

          Well, I guess William has found his match on the media front.

          1. Thank you Satsuki for the link

            I am just wondering how much did they pay her? Or maybe what threats did they use?
            In fact it doesn’t matter I am only asking how that A.P. can look at herself in the mirror?

          2. Wow thanks for the link satsuki! I cannot believe her change of tune and more importantly I don’t believe it. I wonder what they threatened her with. William really does bully people into writing what he wants. Man I would love to be a fly on their wall.

            I think its funny that Kate should be a role model for all because she basally made herself a beck and call girl. And if Kate was preparing herself behind the scenes for her future role, then why doesn’t she do better??? I can’t believe Will’s people actually thought people would buy that crap!

          3. But I will say that I love her passive aggressive remarks. Sadly, I am sure William isn’t smart enough to catch that she is still mocking Kate πŸ™‚

          4. Overit as long as I think about that change of tune the more I am sure she feel exactly the same way about Kate as she felt few years ago but something must happened and now she changed the style – as I stated above I thing she pretends to protect Kate from the criticism but in fact she is stating all the Kate’s and Will’s flaws. The only missing piece is what made her to cover her real point of view?

          5. Thanks Satsuki πŸ™‚

            Oh my gosh, this article is gold!

            Having been “intensely mindful of her position as the future King’s betrothed” and “diligently but quietly preparing for her role as his wife” for 8 years I seriously cannot wait to see the fruit of Kate’s labour.

            I laughed though that whole article. She is the queen of sarcasm!

            “side by side, enjoying each day, and performing their duties with compassion and care.” – lol

            “Nor has Kate succumbed to the kind of trans-Atlantic fashion make-over that Diana did β€” she has kept her own very English style, even down to over-long hair and heavy-duty eye make-up” – lol

          6. Thanks, Satsuki, for the links. Wow, Rebecca Deacon is getting so damn lazy. She just copy and pasted the 2013 letter and changed the charity and the tiniest amount of words to make the 2015 letter. Geez, Becca, step up your game.

          7. Thanks for the links, satsuki, very interesting. My take is that AP was being very tounge in cheek with her (non) apology swathed in sarcasm. I need to read more of this lady, she won’t cowed and is clearly not intimidated!

        2. Oh wow, after reading the 2011 story I have a whole new take on Platell. That’s genius!! She is actually cleverly disguising her true take on the situation. This recent article has everyone saying ‘you can’t be serious – the hardest job in the world – Kate Middleton is a piece of fluff’ which is actually fueling the public’s discontent with the whole Middleton situation. Maybe I’ve misread things, but it still is an interesting possibility!

          1. Platell is skilled at using hyperbole, which is one strategy for expressing crticism disguised as praise that is so over the top that reader that can discern nuance knows exactly what’s going on. She also uses a lot of back-handed compliments that really draw attention to the failures of the people she “supposedly” praises. It is quite clever. Readers aren’t stupid yet she doesn’t really endanger her relationship with the royals because she can always say: “hey, I praise Kate – why are you complaining again!” Will may be too stupid to see what she’s doing but his PR people are not. However, by using this strategy they can can’t complain about her articles when she’s not directly critical.

            Outwardly she’s placating William but I think that she makes her opinion quite clear. You just have to know the codes. Furthermore, in the first article, after she got the talking to, she framed the whole piece by starting out with a mention of the visit she got from William’s people. That way she made certain the reader knew that the rest of the article were read against that very intrusive move from William’s side.

          2. I like how she eludes to Kate’s increasingly unpopularity by adding ‘growing’ in the title. She could have just left it at army of critics but no, it’s not just a few it’s a growing mob.

            She’s smart, that’s one way to get around the palace. Another journalist used the same “this is what the public is saying” tact and then use quotes from blogs, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2576512/Royals-jet-storm-protest-leave-George-home-Maldives-getaway.html .

            Now that AP is on my radar I thought I’d go through some previous articles.

      2. When I read the article I was struck by the loud and glaring differences in stats between Diana and Dolittle. I thought it was, at best, backhanded in Dolittle’s defence, and at worst, excoriating in accusation. I love the bit about leaving Kate alone or else she will end up broken and loony (like Diana-poetic licence, I’m sure). Just the inference that she’s such a fragile cornflake who cracks and crumbles easily at the slightest expectation highlights how unfit she is for her role. At every turn, I thought Platell was showing how unfit Kate is to be duchess, princess and queen consort. I love Platell.

        It still bothers me immensely though that Willy and his goons can lean on her (and especially her editors) to make her toe the line and muzzle the press. Who’s the bully, then?

        And who’s the coward? The British media seem to have had their cojones handed to them on a silver platter, even said thank you, and that’s what’s really worrisome. It shows the immense power that Normal Bill is able to wield and how corrupt and sycophantic a lot of journalists and reporters have become. Jason must be doing something right if even Palmer goes all saccharine after an audience with the Dolittles who shamelessly peddled their sprogs. Did he tug his forelock, too?

    2. You know what’s funny is the Amanda articles are clearly passive aggressive, but on other Kate sites, the fanatic fans of hers actually think it is a praising article. One of the poster, who is most annoying, even said “kate should read it everyday and smile at how blessed she is.” Lol. Come on, how do these people not see the article for what it is? Open your eyes people. But maybe that is what Amanda wanted. The people who see no wrong with Kate will be appeased thinking the article is worshiping Kate, and the people with half a brain will see her true tone in the article.

  36. A picture of Kate and George has surfaced on the internet where they are vising a museum. I am really surprised that this has not prompted legal action from K & W. So much inconsistency.

      1. This one was taken by a civilian and not a photographer or paparazzi so the same foundation he used in that letter – they manner in which they’re taken and danger it poses to the photographer for being mistaken for a threat or throwing off his RPOs – does not apply.

        I’m sure he’d LOVE to complain but he can’t be seen to be taking on civilians.

        Harry just came on the television and I got pleasantly distracted πŸ™‚ We never hear of any of his girlfriends taking legal action against the media. Chelsy hated the press and they were very unkind to her but we never saw any of the stunts William pulled while dating Kate. Instead Harry spoke up on how amazing Chelsy is, that he’d like to say more but can’t and that what’s printed about her isn’t true

      2. Apparently school children that day also took photos but were asked by the museum security to delete them. They don’t legally have to delete them right? Because I would tell them no and to piss off :). Or I would take the photo and then send it to my husbands phone or my email, and then delete it so they are none the wiser. Now I have a goal when I go to London. Photograph Kate, lol

      3. I always wanted to comment on that letter, but wasn’t registered here when it was released. Am I the only one who felt the letter was nearly forced and almost made up on their part? They are so boring and no offense to their children, but I don’t see that many people truly caring about them to the degree they think.

        The letter came across as if the world truly cares about their every move, and in reality, we really don’t.

  37. That dress reminds me of Carole Burnett doing a take-off on “Gone With The Wind” where she wears the curtains with the curtain rod as Scarlett O’Hara only Kate pulled the curtain down and then tacked on the matching dust ruffle from the bed.

    I don’t know why she chose this dress. Sleeveless, summer style to me with the bold print. She really, truly has no clue about how to dress herself. If it’s not tight and short, she can’t figure it out.

    And the hair was competing with the dress. It should have been pulled up, especially to show off QM’s earrings. And she had on her towering platform heels. Does she think that if she’s the tallest woman in the room she is superior to them? Because I’m pretty sure every woman in that room has worked rings around Kate.

    Kate if you don’t want us to think of you as an overly thin, empty headed clothes horse you really are going to have to look within yourself and make some serious changes. Unfortunately, I don’t think you have it in you to do it. I think you believe you are doing everything absolutely right as long as you have William. And sadly William really needs to play the role of protector, so unless he tells you it’s a problem, you are not going to change.

    1. The more I think about it, the more I feel that the stratospheric high heeled shoes were a Freudian attempt to tower over the professional and successful women because her bragging rights start and end with her height, besides marrying a royal. She has nothing else to offer but her imperious height to cover up a deep-seated insecurity among the smart women around her.

  38. Thank you, Lauri from CA! That was nice of you and I’m reading a lot of funny stuff to feel better. I was giving that dress some thought…..still can’t believe she wore it! I think if it were redesigned……very form fitting sort of like a column dress, low cut in the front (tasteful, of course), no ruffled curtain look, and maybe a slit in the skirt, killer red shoes and clutch, it might work……..but still not for a semi-business affair. The function itself demanded a classical look. The ladies pictured with her looked so elegant! She looked like Daisy Mae off the farm……lol! Definitely hair up to show off those amazing historical earrings that belonged to the Queen Mother. Ruby, I’m glad you liked the dress. After all they do say if you can’t say something nice……..lol! You definitely knew where I was coming from when I mentioned the old maxi dresses of my childhood.

    BTW…..that article of Amanda Platell’s, definitely passive aggressive! You don’t mention every negative you can think of when you are trying to defend someone! Sort of like, “it’s not her fault she does not realize she’s 33 and if you are going to wear your hair that long, perhaps you should keep it up most of the time”!……lol! I really think Kate should get some advice from Queen Letizia who always looks so elegant. I’ve never seen her wear anything unsuitable!

    1. Hey Jaye, I think you are on to something about the redesign of this dress. I thought the shorter version of it and even the skirt were very nice and I agree with you, more form fitting and without the ruffle would really help and what was with the panels in the bodice??. Also, the styling of this outfit was all together wrong, I felt like she only brought one pair of shoes to London for all of her engagements. A pair of red, strappy sandals and clutch would have really set this look off. While I loved the earrings and not so secretly covet them, I don’t know if they were right for this dress, I think the gold, geometric shaped ones that Kate has would have looked better. Lastly, I don’t think this print was right for this event and the time of year. This is an event was really a quasi-business event held at night at the end of October while to me the print of this dress says tropics, vacation, fun and sun. But of course Kate has no business/job experience so how could she be expected to know how to dress appropriately for this type of event?

      Yeah, that article was hysterical! I wonder if Amanda was one of the chosen who attended the meet and greet last week?

    2. Platell’s specialty is passive aggression. She has done so on many occasions. You think she’s defending someone but when you get more into the article you realize she’s actually being quite rude.

  39. Dear KMR, not meaning to hijack this post but has anyone checked on Rhiannon lately?? Harry is here in the states and I fear that she might have hyperventilated and passed out! If not, then run Rhiannon run to D.C.!!

    1. We need to keep a look out in all Harry pics for a lady in an orange coat with chocolate accessories… and in a state of rapture.

    2. I was thinking of Rhiannon and whether she had an opportunity to meet Harry. Hopefully she’ll check in here soon.

    3. I’ve just had a vision of Harry and Rhiannon together, booking the flight to London Heathrow. Harry was just defeated by her charm and total unlikeliness to his famous sister-in-low that he instantly felt in love. Tomorrow he will made the Queen to give her consent and the press will break the news that our lovely Rhiannon will soon become Her Royal Highness …

      … and that’s gonna be also the beginning of the end Kate’s era

  40. Kate is messing with us, right? She has to be. She decided to stick the middle finger at us by wearing this atrocious dress… Or Jecca Craig has become her stylist. Either way, whatever she wears next time will have us singing praises. Nothing can be worse than this dress. Nothing… Right?

    ETA: I’m sure she made everybody’s day. It must be nice to say, “I attended a gala with Kate Middleton and looked so much hotter/better than her” XD especially the lady in the strapless black sequined gown!

    1. It really does look like Kate is trolling us. The funny thing is the next time she steps out, she’ll look amazing compared to this. Though, if she let’s it sit for too long we’ll all forget just how terrible this dress is and will still say her next outfit is bad (depending on how many flaws it has). We’ll give her less of a pass on the next outfit the longer she goes without making an appearance. And so far she has no appearances scheduled. People are assuming she’ll be at Remembrance Sunday, but that’s not confirmed.

        1. If she’s wearing a miniskirt we won’t be able to tell since she’ll be on the balcony and her bottom half is always blocked by the balcony. But hopefully no hair twirling or manic grins.

          1. I don’t know–some of the Kate fan sites seem to be able to figure out what she wears very well, even if we don’t see the whole thing. We might know in spite of the balcony! I just hope there’s nothing untoward for skirt lengths to report.

      1. I wouldn’t put it pass her not to attend. Initially I thought she might since it would be bad for her to be at the Rugby World Cup Final and not Remembrance Day but then I remembered a) this is Kate b) she found time for Wimbledon and lunch with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie but none of the VE or 7/7 services. She was all smiles at Wimbledon and sour at Trooping the Colour so I’m guessing someone told her she had to go.

  41. Oh my, words fail me. It was such a shock to see the Duchess dressed in both the evening dresses. All the layers of blue material, as others have commented looks like curtain material. Why would she swamp her figure in such a design. You need to have a bust line to be able to successfully wear that gown and have a fuller figure, that just looked like a big mess. The Erdem dress, I am stunned. The bottom of it is hideous. Again too much material for her slight frame. My grandmother many moons ago had a lounge made of similar looking fabric the only difference being was it was of tapersity material.
    Why isn’t a fashion house giving advice or someone guiding the Duchess? With everything she has at her disposal what on earth is going on here? The two ladies in the first photo look stunning, especially the lady in the black dress beautiful.
    It would be so nice to say something positive and nice but the Duchess is on the wrong path here. AS for the weight loss, I am shocked as others at the extreme weight loss, compared to previous photos, it looks dreadful. Her posture is out. The hair is very 70’s looking, a shorter look and layering she would look so much better and softer looking. But the aging of her face, its so sad to see what she has done to herself. William or her mother someone needs to sit her down and have a talk with her. For her age it is really shocking how old she is looking. With some help and guidance she could look so much better, she had a very pretty face but now she is all teeth and hair.

  42. Greetings everyone,
    Glad to see that I was not the only one who saw the horror in both the blue night dress that is hanging up in an op shop near here – obviously not worth the thousands of pounds middleton’s one cost. Maybe I should send it to her.

    As for the floral tablecloth/curtains cannot quite figure out whether she had been drinking for the last 4 days. Obviously she looks like something out of the 60’s toss your keys in the bowl crowd.

    How dare they tell those children to delete their photographs – what is the point of having someone of kate’s so called stature as a Patron if these things cannot be shared amongst the children for a bit of joy.

    I think middleton, her Laziness, and bill are bullies to the extreme.

    As for ma middleton peddling Halloween costumes that kate would wear (or you might get out of a hookers dress manual) for young girls – that would be something that we will probably see Charlotte in at 5 years old – it was in the Daily Mail about 3 days ago NZ time – check it out. Could not understand how bill and kate managed to get that past the palace, especially The Queen. Sold online of course but was dug up by someone who was on the ball and checking out their trashy site.

    Personally I am totally sick and tired of middleton (bill, kate and the hangers on) – they will be on holiday in another couple of days and needless to say that will be it for them for another 6 months.

    I feel sorry for the poor Air Ambulance staff who have to cover the lazy bill’s shifts while he prances around with his bone idle, self indulged mrs because she wants to be seen to be doing something other than spending money before going on another holiday.

    Interesting also to see Prince Harry putting distance between himself and the two pampered ones. Prince Harry really looks uncomfortable when he is anywhere near his brother or her laziness.

    Also an article sprouting out the bull dust about Prince Harry wanting another Kate Mark II – made many people quite sick and outraged.

    I despair of what these idiots will do to the monarchy – one can only hope that they never get to the throne or it ends with Charles.

    Prince Harry has done some wonderful work – especially his Walking with the Wounded and the 2016 Invictus Games – at least he is a credit to the Royal Family.

    Have a great day/evening wherever you are

  43. Greetings all
    I posted earlier but didn’t show up so posting again. I think that dress is hideous and the worst she’s worn in my opinion. You can see at the seams the dress is not patterned match which given the price of the dress it shouldn’t look like that, the designer must really hate her. I also think think she needs to reduce the amount of hair extensions as the thicker she has it the more fake it looks.
    On a positive I’m glad she’s out supporting a good cause, she needs to keep this pace up.

  44. I have to admit that I almost died laughing when I saw this! Not only is this the ugliest dress Kate has EVER worn, it’s also one of the most hideous dresses ever made. She looks like she’s going to a hoedown and made her own dress from her Granny’s curtains. Using a 1982 “Ruffles N’ Dreams” pattern. This is seriously the worst dress ever. The pattern is awful, horribly unflattering and tacky and the cut is beyond horrible. This dress certainly reminded me that she and William are technically related. It wouldn’t be amiss at a barn dance, that’s for sure and if a tiny piglet ran out from under the hem, it would somehow be very fitting. Ah, I’m glad I gave up on Kate a while ago and can now just fully appreciate the comedy gold that her extremely poor fashion choices present. Fabulous.

    1. “…fully appreciate the comedy gold that her extremely poor fashion choices present.”

      Love it! It’s so true. I’m going to have to start viewing her in the same light, it will help to reduce my disappointment in her.

  45. I didn’t read all the comments here so forgive me if I’m repeating anything that was said, but this dress is totally inappropriate for the occasion. I’m not going to get into the details of what others have probably covered, but just look at the gowns worn by the other ladies posing with Kate in the photo. Glamorous, subdued and elegant while Kate’s outfit is more fitting to a Hawaiian luau. Did Kate not get the memo that she wasn’t going to a beach wedding? It’s also screaming, “Look at me!” I think of the solemn and subdued outfits she wears to children’s charities and the neon pink Barbie coat to the 9/11 Memorial in New York and can only determine that she dresses according to how she wants and not befitting the event. Her hair with all the extensions is just visibly expanding until it dwarfs her face. As well, the QM’s gorgeous earrings are once against lost in the masses of hair and just wasted on her. The best part of the outfit is once again obscured. I just hope they located the earrings afterwards in that dense forest.

    Would any of this really matter if Kate had stepped up to the microphone and gave a short speech, demonstrating her improved ability at public speaking? Or if these multiple events weren’t an obvious ploy to increase the end-of-year numbers before William and Kate skip off to Mustique? Rather than concentrating on all the good works she could do and the effort that she can put into her charities and really make a difference, all we can talk about is her hair, makeup and fashion. Otherwise, we’d probably be giving her a pass since she’s a hardworking, dedicated royal committed to her charities. I just think it’s a shame that these talented, industrious women had to curtsey to an individual who doesn’t even comprehend the meaning of true work unless it’s the dedication that she invests in herself.

  46. Greetings Everyone,
    I hope what I say does not upset anyone at all but I cannot sit on this thought or stuff it in a box any longer so here goes:

    I have a deep suspicion that Billy Boy a.k.a. William playes the “Diana – poor me card” not just once, not twice, but has it seething through and shows it outwardly in every way possible. Yes some may say that it is justified. On the other hand….

    Prince Harry was much younger even if by just 18months to 2 years when Diana died. Harry went through his phases – much of what he got up to however was actually egged on by William. Club H was Club Highgrove, the African dress (when Harry turned up in that particular uniform for William’s party was a dare put forth by William to Harry. Harry in turn got blasted – William got off scot free and has done so ever since.

    Bill and her Laziness are supposed to be supporting Mental Health (yeah right… a term which we use in New Zealand to say Not Likely), they are awkward around people, mentally ill or physically ill, they do not like touching people, always hesitant, always fake and false. They control every aspect of their mannerisms – nothing natural and nothing shines through their eyes.

    If you have a look at today’s Daily Mail you will see two articles 1. Prince Harry with his walking with the wounded foundation, and 2. William speaking to a lady whose husband died as a result of disarming a person. Check out the comments on both. Then you may see what I mean about who thinks what about whom.

    There is also a jealous, competitive streak between both of the Princes. Harry, when England lost to Wales was gracious in defeat whereas Bill and Kate gloated – yet when Wales was beaten in the Rugby World Cup – Billy boy through a tantrum.

    When it came to the Final between Australia and New Zealand – Prince Philip attended. In some of the clips shown you can see the different closeness and real comradeship between Harry and Prince Philip more than with William. Also when William greets Her Majesty he never bows his head, nor does his lazy mrs curtsey. Prince Harry without fail, bows to Her Majesty, and kisses her on both cheeks, same when he greets Prince Philip. Never more apparent than at George’s christening or at Sandringham 2014 at Sandringham when Harry indicated to Bill and his mrs that The Queen was leaving, both turned their backs on him and The Queen – Prince Harry stood to attention, bowed his head and paid respect to his Sovereign and Grandmother.

    I have often wondered whether William is too far up himself to think past the label the press gave him at the time of Diana’s death, e.g. poor William etc. He has blamed everyone, including his blood Royal family for Diana’s death whatever the circumstances were and found that the middleton’s coddled him which has escalated into a full blown surly, arrogant, entitled manchild.

    I am really sorry if this offends anyone – it is just something I need to air. Please feel free to yell at me if you want to.

    The other thing in the Daily Mail today was about Her Majesty spending her 90th birthday sailing around Scotland next year – well you can imagine the first sentence was “the duchess of Cambridge is used to Mustique…” or words to that effect. Check that one out. Some hilarious comments. Many quite true.

    Other than that – yes the Rugby World Cup – even though the All Blacks won Prince Harry attended all the pool games, that is apparently to get to the semi finals and finals – he gave it his heart and soul even though as a host Nation England had not made the finals. Gracious in defeat to the end.

    I will be writing a letter to Prince Harry to thank him for what he does for others – whether it be for the wounded, Sentabale, other Charities and just wishing him all the best. Even though he is of the blood Royal, he still deserves to be thanked even though he is expected to undertake all his duties (of which he does with everything he has). A truly good person – like his Mum, Dad, Her Majesty, Prince Philip, The Princess Royal and Countess of Wessex.

    Sorry for going on for so long but figured now was as good a time as any. Have a lovely evening/day wherever you are in the great wide world.

  47. There is a youtube video of Doolittle and George at the polo this summer. George climbs a little hill and Kate follows. So does her protection. At top of hill are two girls. Protection officers clearly tell the girl with her phone out to put it away.

    What peeved me is the girl on her phone was looking at the iPhone the whole time. She had no idea Ms. boring was around. She clearly was absorbed in her phone and texts or social media updates. I doubt she had any inkling to even know this boring Kate was nearby. How rude to make her put her phone away. You can see her put in in her back pocket. If she was like me, the last thing on my mind would be to take a picture of this boring lady in her striped shirt.

  48. I don’t understand this choice. Looking at her sexy modern outfits from their Singapore tour, you’d think it was a totally different woman doing the picking. Could be her inner goofball nerd doing the picking this time round. Maybe she’s getting comfortable. It’s hideous and so is the hair

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