Prince Harry meets President Obama, gives moving speech in support of Invictus Games in US

Prince Harry meets President Obama, gives moving speech in support of Invictus Games in US

Prince Harry met President Barack Obama for the first time when he traveled to Washington, D.C. yesterday, October 28. Harry also met with Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden (wife of Vice President Joe Biden) to launch the Invictus Games in Orlando next May, giving two moving speeches about how his time in the army changed his life.

During his last trip to the US, in May 2013, Harry met with Michelle Obama in the White House, but did not hold a meeting with the President. This time, Harry made it to the Oval Office for a meeting with POTUS.

During the exchange, Obama said:

    “We want to thank his royal highness for his own service in Afghanistan alongside our outstanding American troops. It is a testament to the special relationship, the incredible bond that we share between our two countries and that bond continues into the next generation of leadership that his royal highness represents. So we’re very grateful for him, not only for the specific work, but also for continuing to strengthen the deep, deep bonds between our two countries.”

Harry replied:

    “Thank you very, very much for hosting us today, especially giving the Invictus Games the boost that it so readily deserves, I suppose. I had huge amounts of fun designing the Invictus Games based around stealing the Warrior Games off yourselves, and making it international, making it better, now we’re giving it back to you. So we are really looking forward to [I can’t understand what he’s saying] hoping to see as many people as possible come down and support all our wounded warriors.”

You might want to turn the sound up on your computer when Harry starts speaking in this video. I had to because I couldn’t understand what he was saying at first. Harry really needs to speak up and enunciate better. There is a part that I just could not understand even after several listens and wasn’t able to transcribe.

I hate to do this, but compare Harry’s interact with Obama to Prince William‘s (link to video here), in which William talks about not checking to see whether Prince George was a boy or a girl and Obama turning to talk to the press instead.

Earlier in the day, Harry joined Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden at Fort Belvoir, Virginia for an event to highlight the upcoming Invictus Games. The trio started the day listening to a music presentation by wounded warriors at the USO Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir.

Also at the Family Center, Harry joined an art therapy class helping veterans with mental injuries.

The trio moved to Wells Field House where Dr. Biden, M. Obama, and Harry all gave speeches.

In his speech, Harry discussed his time in the army and the incident that changed his life:

    “I am in no doubt that my two deployments to Afghanistan changed the direction of my life. There is very little that can truly prepare you for the reality of war. The experiences can be stark and long lasting.
    “Returning to the UK after my first deployment, I shared the flight home with three critically injured British soldiers, all in induced comas, and the body of a Danish soldier, killed in action. It hit me then that this flight was one of many, carrying home men and women whose lives would be changed forever, and some who had made the ultimate sacrifice.
    “From that moment, I knew I had a responsibility to help all veterans, who had made huge personal sacrifices for their countries, to lead healthy and dignified lives after service.”

Harry also discussed the mental health of veterans, addressing the stigma that surrounds all mental health:

    “The Invictus Games seeks to change perceptions of physical and mental injury. One thing we have to talk about more is breaking down these barriers around so-called invisible injuries, like post-traumatic stress, just as we have for physical injuries like the loss of a limb.
    “This is a topic I know the First Lady and Dr. Biden are working hard to highlight so that people are no longer afraid to ask for help. This fear of coming forward, as a result of the stigma which surrounds mental health, is one of the greatest challenges veterans face. People from all walks of life struggle with issues like post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression, not just veterans.
    “We have to help them all to get the support they need, without fear of being judged or discriminated against. Not only is it ok to talk about it, we have to talk about it.”

You can read the full speech on the princeofwales website. I’m including a video of Harry’s speech below. You can here the end of M. Obama’s speech before Harry’s in the video.

It’s great to see Harry mention mental health as well. I know we’ve kind of poo-pooed William and Kate’s mental health kick, but mental health really is a topic that deserves attention as so many people are affected by it. This was a great speech. It was appropriately personal, it informatively talked about the main topic (the Invictus Games), and it mentioned the issues and stigma that veterans suffer from. Great job, Harry.

After the speeches, Harry, M. Obama, and Dr. Biden watched a Wounded Warriors wheelchair basketball game. They looked like they had a lot of fun.

While in Washington, Harry attended an Invictus Board meeting at the British Ambassador’s Residence.

In the evening, Harry attended an Invictus Games reception at the British Ambassador’s Residence where he gave another moving speech.

    “Seeing these young guys – much younger than me – wrapped in plastic and missing limbs with hundreds of tubes coming out of them, was something I never prepared myself for. For me, this is where it all started. From that moment, I was committed to doing all I could to ensure that [they] would recieve the recognition and support they deserved.”

[From Rebecca English’s Twitter – I can’t actually find the speech anywhere else as of time of posting]

Country singer Tim McGraw was among the attendees at the reception.

During her speech, Michelle Obama got the crowd going by saying: “Come on ladies, Prince Harry is here. Don’t pretend you didn’t notice!” Which received a huge cheer from the audience. Harry charmed the First Lady during his first visit to the US back in 2013, and it was cute watching their interactions from yesterday.

BTW, not that it matters, but Michelle wore a Tadashi Shoji dress – the Rose Motif Collared Shirt Dress ($428.00). Shoji does a lot of lace in his designs, and we all know Kate loves her lace. I wish she would look into wearing some Tadashi Shoji; as far as lace dresses go his are rather nice and right up Kate’s style alley.

Links: Express. Daily Mail.

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111 thoughts on “Prince Harry meets President Obama, gives moving speech in support of Invictus Games in US

  1. Okay, I can understand not wanting to compare William to Harry as they met the President, but seriously which one looked more regal. More in control, more mature and capable. HARRY! Hands down, no doubt about it. I’m so happy he’s found his niche and is not just giving lip service about it. He’s out there doing it and making it work. Not hiding away and popping up when he needs good press.

    I’m not British, but I’m so darned proud of him. I’m sure if his mother were still here she’d be beaming from ear to ear.

    1. I hate to compare because I feel like we bring Will and Kate into so many conversations about other royals, but the contrast between Will and Harry while talking to Obama is just startling. Obama treated Harry as a true diplomat and representative of his country, while Obama treated William as some random person whom he needed to put up with as to not be rude but got out of the conversation as quickly as possible.

      1. If you see one of the video that goes on it’s because the press couldn’t careless about that conversation, they started asking Obama questions and ignored that William was there.

        With Harry there was actual proper content and substance that Obama could work with. Obama could have simply endorsed the Invictus Games, why they matter and that he and Michelle would be supporting them, which he did, but he does more. He credits Harry’s leadership and bears witness to Harry’s statesmanship by using talk that’s usually referenced when Prime Ministers or the Queen visit, the “special relationship”. And rightly so, Harry has done work that falls into that category.

        Lisa, I’m darn proud of him too!

        Harry has moved beyond representing the country through just his role as a member of the British Royal Family, he’s becoming a good ambassador for the UK. During the Games I saw comments from Americans commending the UK for showing through this tournament, the attention and the priority that was place on it how a country should get behind its injured vets, so it’s not just Harry getting a pat on the back but the Games reflected well on the UK too.

    2. Spot on. Even President Obama saw appreciated this (educated as is FLOTUS and Dr. Biden) – a royal who is dedicated, hardworking leader with substance for the people (like his father Prince Charles). Wonderful historical photos.

      Britain future King Henry!

  2. Obviously it’s not Obama’s fault things got awkward with William. William is not a talker which is not good since he’s next in line to the throne.

    Harry can talk about why he’s doing these charities from his life experience.

    William would say that I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do. Which isn’t a terrible answer but it’s a simpler answer and not from any connections to his life.

    1. Also the British royals in general are pretty stuffy. I remember when Kate and William visited New York and there was a commotion about Lebron James touching a royal.

      At Trooping the Colour the royals wave on the balcony safe from public touching. The Queen rides a glass coach and waves while being untouchable.

      In other countries on the soverign’s birthday, the royal family will shake hands with the public.

      I’m not saying that it’s their fault but they just have too many protocols.

      1. The walking around and shaking hands you mentioned was actually invented by the British royals. Queen Elizabeth II’s father was the first monarch to do a walk about shaking his subject’s hands on a tour in Canada. It’s estimated that the Queen has met over 4 million people, as in shook their hands and spoken to them, over her reign.

        When Pres. Obama and Michelle came to the UK Michelle put her hand out hugging the Queen and the Queen reciprocated and they walked like that for a bit. Some protocol is outdated and some is rooted in their tradition and part of their history.

        On occasions like Trooping the Colour it’s pageantry and ceremony. Given the numbers of the crowds it would be a unsafe for all if the Queen and royals were out shaking people’s hands. On occasions like this where there are hundreds of thousands of people out on the street you risk a stampede. Also not everyone would be able to see them and Events like Trooping the Colour are crafted around showcasing British and Commonwealth regiments mainly so it would be inappropriate for the royals to be walking around shaking hands. On this occasion they represent the different regiments and are part of the ceremony.

        The Queen regularly hold tea parties in her gardens at Buckingham place for people from across the UK. And on those occasions the royals mingle and chat with everyone. She also regularly holds receptions in Buckingham Palace. Every day in the UK at least on of the royals is out and about shaking hands, meeting people. Even on Sunday when the Queen goes to church she’s stops and speak to people on her way in.

        If you want to have a better idea on British Royalty don’t look to William and Kate. Prince Charles can be quite quirky and a lot of fun, there are some great pictures out there. He’s a lot happier and more relaxed then during the years when he was depressed and highly anxious.

        In terms of protocol some is outdated but some is rooted in their tradition and part of their history but a lot has changed in society and the British monarchy has changed during HM’s reign.

        Andrew Marr has a fairly recent three part series titled The Diamond Queen which is really great. I highly highly highly recommend it.

        1. Hi Gie, I watched that documentary and it was so interesting! The Queen’s grandfather was the one who started the royals on their present course of visiting hospitals and such. There was a little bit about how the then Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen Mother) was complaining about visiting hospitals and Queen Mary shot back “We’re royals and we love hospitals”! I wonder what Queen Mary or even the Queen Mother would make of the current crop of younger royals?

          1. Lol – I know, I loved that.

            Ha! Kate would have been miserable because her hair twirling, flying skirts and the rest of it would have been put to an abrupt end. One of the Queen’s lady-in-waiting would be assigned to her at all times like till she stopped these games of hers. We also would never seen the Middletons again after the wedding. There’d be no March of the Middletons, The Queen Mother would have put an end to that. Apparently Charles waited until the Queen Mother passed away to marry Camilla.

          2. What’s really sad is that many people came to be royal watchers because of William and Kate, particularly their engagement and wedding.

            However, William and Kate have an odd dynamic, public and private, on top of being very awkward and stiff in public and uncomfortable with members of the public as well as having no charisma. Their solution is to be as formal as possible and to hide away until they absolutely have to be seen publicly.

            However, many people probably don’t look to the other royals or even realise that this issue is specific to William and Kate, so they assume that BRF are meant to present the way that William and Kate present themselves.

            The BRF comes across as stuffy only because most of the working members are old and from a different era. The young ones are trying eg Beatrice recently spent had an engagement with a childhood centre that she patrons, and from all the photos, everyone had a great time. She even took them presents.

            Sophie is always fun at her engagements. Charles and Camilla are fun at most of their engagements. Harry had to fight for his place at the top table. Even the much derided Andrew is quite brilliant at his engagements, but the stiff, uncomfortable, ivory Tower William and Kate suck all the media attention and unfortunately that’s the image sent into the world. And that’s the image that many have of the BRF.

          3. Excellent points Herazeus. The truly odd thing for me is their love/hate relationship with the press. They do court the press when they want the attention, but then they turn around and say back off and leave us alone. They really believe they should be able to call the shots.

            I wish the press would just take the kid gloves off. Fortunately, some of them seem to be doing just that. Slowly, but I think there’s going to be a big blow-up at some point and William and Kate will be taken down by the press and it’s not going to be pretty.

          4. For Willnot limpet – braless and sheer skeleton wonder at Bond Premier – Queen Mary and QEI both sitting up in their graves , watching William bring down the Monarchy.

    2. Prince Harry wasn’t a talker either, only on substance of his Invictus Games – compared to Petulant fake, ‘regular’ conversation on the world stage of the Oval Office (talk about not knowing George gender … etc.).

  3. I usually just lurk, but I’ll come out of hiding quickly. The full transcript of Harry’s meeting with Obama is available on mycrarrythings tumblr, sourced from TheBlazeNOW. I only found it in image form, so I can’t copy-paste. From the part where he mumbled, he just says, “So we’re really looking forward to the 8th through 12th of May.”

  4. Harry is a genuinely positive, caring, interested human being. People will always be drawn to character like that. He’s quickly becoming an all around prince/ambassador. He’s always been a mumbler, that’s about the only thing he needs to work on. I loved all of the pictures, he just looks so engaged with his surroundings. Great guy!

  5. Ladies I completely understand why you don’t want to bring up comparison with the Cambs. It becomes unfair to other royals who are doing an excellent work. However it also gives us a very good perspective on how much they are lacking, both in their job and character.

    For me is quite simple, when Harry went to Lesotho and saw the conditions the country was bc of AIDS his instinct was ‘I’ve got to find a way to help’ and he co-founded a charity. When he saw the devastation of war in soldiers he vowed to help every way he could, and he has! Now he was a record of years and years of helping other with an HONEST heart, and it shows.

    On the other hand we have Will – the man who is passionate about conservation and yet 90% of the things he did for them was parties and fundraising (I’m not saying this part of the work is not imp, it is! BUT it should not be the only part William is interested in doing). After all he has a degree in Geography! Which means he should have a better understanding of a multidimensional problem, and yet his way of pushing people to do something is to make them/us fell guilty bc we will have to explain our kids why those species are no longer in Earth.

    IMO William (and Kate) is not doing those charities events bc he truly understands the problem and wants to help but rather to find something people will associate with him – just like people associate Harry with kids and vets; or Prince Andrew with technologies and science; or Prince Edward with theater; or Countess Sophie with autism and vision problems; or Camilla with rape survivors and literature. For me they are doing this bc it looks good, it makes them look concerned and down to earth – he has never invested a tenth of the work and passion the other royals invest in their causes.

    So to me it seems an easy choice: I support a man who has became the greater member of the BRF – Harry. Bc I believe when he speaks about mental illness, kids, vets he’s doing it bc two things have come to an alignment: his duty and his heart. So I believe in Harry’s message and everything in him points for a man who knows his duties and the power of diplomacy – there is a reasons why governments keep asking for me to represent HM abroad.

    1. Amazing Snowsie. Comment of the Year Award goes to… 🙂

      Seriously though, great observations and so right. Harry’s pretty awesome. ‘his duty and his heart’ true, love love love.

  6. Wow, Harry is quickly becoming the star of the BRF!!! I know that lots of people were hoping that Kate would be the next Diana, obviously that hasn’t panned out which is great because the BRF has had the next Diana with them all along, Prince Harry. You can tell he speaks from his heart about this cause and his empathy and understanding just shine through. He is such a natural with people and seems to light up the room with his smile and easy going manner.

    My only complaint and it’s not really a complaint just something Harry should work on is he rapid fire speech and mumbling. Now I’ve noticed when he’s giving a speech he actually does pretty well but, when he’s taking one on one like with the President or is being interviewed by a reporter, he talks really fast and doesn’t enunciate well and that makes is difficult to understand him sometimes.

    Seeing the videos comparing William and Harry talking with the President I could easily see that what Harry had to say was much more important to the President than William talking about his son. However, I had to say I found it rather rude of the President to turn away from William while he was in the midsentence to talk to someone else in the room, it sure made for an awkward moment for William.

    Has anyone heard from Rhiannon? I watched the news yesterday and didn’t notice any security breaches or a woman wearing an orange coat being lead away by the Secret Service, so I guess she’s okay!

    Lastly, I really hope he keeps this beard!!! It gives his face a certain maturity and quite a bit of sexiness!

    1. Oh I love that, that’s so true. How fitting that the ‘next Diana’ figure would be her very own son.

      “I watched the news yesterday and didn’t notice any security breaches or a woman wearing an orange coat being lead away by the Secret Service, so I guess she’s okay!” – lol 🙂

    2. I am thinking that Rhiannon managed to see Harry from a distance and is now curled up in a ball chanting, “Harry, Harry, Harry”.

      Can you let us know if you are Ok lovey

      1. I literally bottled up the air and fainted. He is too handsome for words. I got eye contact and I wanted to literally have a “banana back”.

        A banana back is when you try to pick up a toddler and they let their back curve so it is difficult to pick them up. Yeah, that was totally me.

    3. Oh, I think to some extend she (and carol) has copied Diana – that is disrespecting HM BRF. But kate is NO aristo Lady (Princess) Diana – no qualities of service, duty, dedication, hardwork to HM/ Monarchy, the people nor the chrisma, regal presence and warmth (qualities in her son Prince Harry).

  7. Harry’s personality is that he is just more relaxed and interested…..after all “heavy is the head that wears the crown”, especially if you want to wear the crown and have all the perks, but also want as little responsibility as possible, and in the UK that is just not the reality of the job for the heir to the throne. W & K just do not have as engaging personalities and that is just how it may always be.

    1. people who wan leadership roles or are thrust into leadership roles have to study history otherwise they are doomed to repeat historical mistakes.

      Churchill was a better leader after he studied his ancestor John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.

      William needs to see that the really successful Kings and Queens of England had to fight for the throne, and or had to survive immense pressure to keep their thrones, and if parliament or the throne’s paymasters didn’t like it, said king/Queen was removed. Yes, heavy is the head that bears the crown, but it is by no means an assumption that said head will keep the crown. Charles, learnt the hard way that despite being the heir, his way to the throne wasn’t an assured lovefest and is very dependant on the goodwill of the people. This is a lesson William is yet to learn. And given how he is coddled by everyone, I fear he will never learn it until it’s too late.

    2. Unfortunately, William really believes he knows best. History or current title holders be damned, he’s going to do things his way. One day people are going to get fed up with him and his wife and they could very well find themselves regretting their actions. Especially when they start having to pay for everything themselves.

      1. With only one or two exceptions, every single King or Queen who thought they knew best came a cropper and or was removed. Even in the days of absolute monarchy.

  8. I have to say that I had tears in my eyes hearing what Harry had to say about his compassion and understanding of the struggles so many of the military members go through. He is his mother’s son and as previously stated, the world was waiting for another Diana and believed Kate was the one, when all the time Harry has been here. I love his energy, his empathy for those who are suffering and his convictions to help make things better for them. I love his ease w hen speaking to others and his amazing presence which makes one realize how special he is.

    I am sure that he will continue to do wonderful things and be the kind of man Diana was trying to raise. William’s personality is so different and I want to see him grow and do well. Kate? I just don’t know if she is capable of doing so. I hope I am wrong.

    And, in regards to how Harry looked — Wow. Mrs. Obama and Jill Biden seemed impressed. Who wouldn’t be? I hope Rhiannon’s meeting with Harry went well. Obviously, their privacy has been respected!

    Oh, and as for the younger Royals working on behalf of mental illness and bringing less stigma to true medical issues, I applaud them. I think that Harry will be the one to lead the way and I wish him and W&K the best. This is an issue that needs to have positive light shone on it and much work needs to be done to help those who are suffering.

  9. There’s something very authentic about Harry and the warmth that exudes from his mere presence. His involvement with the Invictus Games goes beyond just showing up. You can feel his passion and genuine interest in making a difference in other people’s lives. The Cambs, however, are robotic and perfunctory. Show up, give a speech (not Waity as we’re still waiting to hear if she can string 2 intelligent sentences together), smile (sometimes fake), then it’s over and done until they have to show up again to shore up their event attendance so as not to embarrass themselves.

    1. So agree.

      Lets hope cousins Philips, Yorks and Wessexs join him at the Games in the US – would be great for both countries, others. The DRF Prince Fred/Mary family may attend. ‘I Am’ could become service members Olympics.

      Kip 11:43

  10. From what I heard the mumbling is a family heirloom, possible contagious too. Almost all the BRF members have it: William, Charles, Andrew, Anne, Philip, Sophie had but it’s better now, Kate also has mostly bc of the fake posh accent, HM sometimes. I don’t know how they do it but I agree they need to solve it!

    1. Fabulous hat! Perhaps an Erdem frock to go with it?

      In the fourth last picture there was a glimmer of an orange outfit to the left hand side of the image… the pair may have eloped.

      I agree with other posters, and especially with Snowsie’s eloquent reflection of Harry’s heart and duty being in alignment. He knows where his life’s work and worth lies; he will lead a happy life.

      I also feel Mary Elizabeth’s point about William having such a different personality. Being the older child, he would have been just that bit more aware of the very public battles of his parents, his mother’s unhappiness and so on. Clearly, it still weighs heavily and frames a lot of his life choices. I also hope that his wife will rise to the circumstances she has found herself in; what William and Kate really need is an excellent, empathetic advisor whom they both feel they can be guided by as well as trust. Someone real, not stuffy!

          1. An Erdem dress paired with my flamingo hat sounds understated and classy. It is the bride’s day after all…

    2. Hahahahha that would be amazing if you showed up to a wedding at Westminster Abbey in a flamingo hat.

  11. There is something about Harry which makes you believe in what he’s saying. I agree, he is genuine and authentic. You can really tell that he really cares for what he’s doing and his attitude towards people is so warm and relaxed. He doesn’t afraid of showing his emotions and affections. He is very compassionate and eager to help. Yes he is definitely his mother son – she would be so proud of him. I cant stop wondering how is this possible that two brothers could be so different? Really, Harry has something which would make him great king, he’s got charisma which pulls people towards him. It’s a pity that William doesn’t have the same authenticity. He is so stiff and awkward whit this fake smile plastered on his face – you can tell that he couldn’t care less for what he is doing. I also believe that maybe if he would have different wife she would be able to change him, to “open” him to the people. The worst problem with Kate it’s not that she can’t dress or behave like a lady but that she has no substance and I believe no social intelligence. She has no passions or goals whatsoever. She has nothing to offer to the world – how then William could develop his personality and be more valuable?

  12. I wonder about comparing members of the BRF, but W&K have brought the negative comments upon themselves.

    Of course people will have different opinions over Kate’s sartorial picks, but for the most part, if W&K increased their numbers, Kate said 3-4 sentences to begin getting comfortable with public speaking, dress appropriately for the event, stop flashing and show genuine interest in those at the event; I bet 75% of the negative comments would die down.

    I may be wrong, but I think H.R.H. Harry wore the boring blue tie with the blue suit in order to bring attention to “I AM” on his lapel. For Harry, it is not about him, but it is about those he meets and the event. This is why Harry is loved. Harry has made a few mistakes, but he learned quickly. W&K make mistakes over and over. This is why we compare the three.

    One young woman, it may have been on yesteday’s TV evening news, said she was suicidal at one point and Harry making the effort to help vets made a difference to vets struggling. Harry would be melting Diana’s heart. Again, we compare because we see the real difference a royal can make in peoples lives.

    O.K. I will talk about myself. I worked for many years as an RN in cardiothoracic ICU and other critical care units. I worked with nurses who didn’t care enough to do the job which all patients and their families deserve. I felt working with patients was an honor. I was not special. I was doing the job people deserved to get from me.

    This is why I am so upset with W&K. Their position is one of honor. Not because people will bow/curtsey to them, but because it should be an honor to make a change in peoples lives. W&K think it is all about them and Harry knows it is all about everyone else.

    1. G, your last paragraph especially rings true. It is an honour to be given the opportunity to serve others in a myriad of ways, as nurses, teachers, police, servicemen and women do. And there are endless ways the Royal Family can champion any number of causes.

      Someone mentioned on the ‘welly wanging’ post that Kate got a little caught up with the competitive nature of the activity, and Harry gently reminded her that a child was waiting to have a go. Being generous, maybe Kate’s nerves get the better of her in these situations? And maybe it’s Harry, with a mature EQ, who can lend a hand to his brother and sister-in-law? Perhaps that’s why he accompanies William and Kate to various events as he is more relaxed and puts others at ease.

  13. Regarding Michelle Obama I am not very fond of her dress but I just love her blue pumps with I believe kitten heels? I just love kitten heels pumps – you can feel classy in them yet still comfortable. Ladies are you having any idea what brand she could wear?

    1. Michelle is a big Jimmy Choo fan so I won’t be surprised if she’s wearing one. I love the unique color — almost like gentian violet. You are right, this is not Michelle’s greatest sartorial pick, but it’s easy for me to overlook the slight faux pas. She gets it right most of the time, and more importantly, she is a woman of substance. She’s intelligent, has a wonderful sense of humor, accessible, and a passionate advocate for her causes.

      I hate to put Waity and Michelle on the same sentence as there is no comparison at all, quite insulting in fact. But the reason I am less forgiving about Waity when she commits a fashion sin is she has no other redeeming value. So therefore, I pick on what is the most tangible about Waity— clothes, hair, and shoes–because she has nothing else to save her from herself.

      1. This was not my favorite dress on America’s First Lady, but please look at her smile, her enthusiasm and her interest in the event. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden have worked tirelessly for military families and veterans. Mrs. Obama always makes people feel comfortable when they meet her. She and Prince Harry seemed to get along great. Nothing fake about their interest in the game. Nothing overblown or stuffy, either.

        I am also hoping Rhiannon has seen PH! We are all eager to hear all, Rhiannon. Do, tell! Unless, of course, you are on your honeymoon.

        1. Seriously??? Mrs. Obama has worked tirelessly for military families??? This is a joke right. I almost didn’t read the comments because I had a feeling people would start talking about the Obamas and sure enough they are. I think I will excuse myself from this post. I know that Harry visited with the President and his wife and that is why it is part of the conversation. However, when the comments start focusing on them it makes me feel like I am on an Obama loving site. Sorry, but I find this really frustrating since not everyone likes these two and this is a royals site. And I agree their is no comparison between Kate and Michelle. I actually prefer Kate for all her issues.

          Let me clarify…. I don’t care if you talk about her horrible dress or appearance. I just don’t want politics brought up which saying she works tirelessly for veterans is bringing it up. It makes me heated because she has not. The Obamas really don’t care about veterans or the military so its frustrating to see praising here of all places. Thanks

          1. Well I must admit I am not very keen observer of the politics apart from widely known facts and events but my husband is and he rather keeps me posted. So one of the thing I heard from him (few times already) is that Obama doesn’t care for the veterans and he is not doing much to help them especially for those who were wounded. He believes that after what they did for the country (we live in US) and what they risked they should be more rewarded. Simple saying that they are heroes is just not enough. My husband is not in military but wounded soldiers and particularly Wounded Warriors Project charity is his favorite where he keeps donating. I don’t know much about Mrs Obama though so I really can’t tell if she in fact cares for veterans but you can tell if her husband is not much into this, she couldn’t be too.

          2. It doesn’t matter whether you like the Obamas or not, but it’s simply not true that Michelle has done nothing for US military veterans. For years, she and Jill Biden have been involved in special programs for veterans. Here is the website of “Joining Forces”:

            I grew up in the US military and have many military friends and family, and though not everyone likes Obama or this administration, nobody doubts the sincerity of Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden for doing what they can.

          3. Excuse me, everyone. I did not makae this into a political issue and my politics are not being exposed if I make a statement concerning that Michelle Obama and Mrs. Biden have worked and visited military families since the beginning of the first Obama administration. I was merely stating that Mrs. O makes people feel comfortable when she makes appearances and you can see that on the people’s faces. I think Mrs. O., Dr. Biden and PH were being themselves and enjoying themselves at this special appearance and I don’t appreciate being called out for my politics. None of you have a clue as to whom I voted for or will vote for. I was merely making a point as to how the appearance of this threesome seemed to be picture perfect and more. Please don’t call me out for being honest. I said nothing to hurt anyone’s feelings and I stand by that.

        2. I know I’m replying to Mary Elizabeth, but this is directed at everyone:

          Let’s keep the politics to a minimum, please. Thank you.

          Politics and religion are two subjects that people have widely differing opinions on and debates about those subjects get very heated. Way more heated than even the most heated debates we’ve had here about the royals.

          This is a blog about royals. And when royals meet with political leaders, we must mention those political leaders in the context of the royal’s meeting, but for the most part I think it’s best if we stay focused on the royals and check the politics at the door.

          It’s always perfectly fine to talk about fashion, or to talk about how a political leader interacted with the royal (Michelle’s flirting with Harry, Obama’s disinterest toward William), but let’s keep it at that.

          I’m not chastising anyone, I’m just trying to keep things from devolving.

          Thank you.

          1. KMR,

            I won’t post anything more, but I just had to reply to Overit with a link to what Michelle Obama and Jill Biden do for veterans. Leave politics out, yes, I agree, but it is simply not true that they don’t do anything.
            As I said before, I won’t say anything more about this subject!

            Back to dresses and royals!

          2. Forgivbe,me,KMR, but I wrote my previous post before replying to this one. You are addressing me, for bringing up politics? I merely said I liked Mrs. O and Mrs. Biden because I know they have visited military families since the first administration. That is a fact, not politics. Overit’s nasty reply to my posting was politlical. She is the one who made a political statement, I did not. I was just mentioning what I have known and read for years.

            And LizB also pointed out how much work the FLOTUS and VEep;s wife have done. I did not intend to make a political statement, but was comparing the comfort zone of America’s First and Second Ladies with the uncomfortable zone of W&K. For goodness sake, I said nothing about the President’s policies, nor wouild I. This is not a political site. I am very angry that I have been called out when mhy post was not poliltical and Overit’s was.

            End of rant. But, fair is fair.

          3. Mary Elizabeth,

            I hit the wrong reply button when making that comment. Because if that, I made sure to add in a qualifier at the beginning of my reply to make sure you knew I wasn’t directing my comment to you in particular but to everyone.

            My comment was an attempt to prevent too heated a discussion because I know that politics is a hot button issue and some people get really angry about it. I thought it could progress there based on certain comments and wanted to prevent that.

            I’m sorry you thought I was directing my comment toward you in particular. I should have replied elsewhere but hit the wrong reply button.

            I’m sorry my mistake caused so much confusion. I did not mean to upset you. Please forgive me.

            PS. It seems like the more I try to prevent flare ups the more hot water I get myself into. I may just stop trying to prevent things. Again, I’m sorry for upsetting you – I didn’t have a problem with what you said at all. I really am a terrible moderator.

        3. Thank you, KMR. I believe if you read my initial post and Overit’s directly after, her’s was the more political one. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. You are not a terrible moderator. This site is something we all love.

          1. To be honest, mary elizabeth, I found your original comment perfectly fine and Overit’s reply unkind and political.

            Unfortunately, it seems that we (meaning society in general) can’t say anything about the First Family without some taking it to be “political” or “Obama loving.”

          2. Which I think is ridiculous. For example, me stating that Michelle Obama does a lot of work with and promotion of healthy eating in children is purely a fact and not in anyway giving an opinion on her as a person. Saying I like or dislike a dress she wears is my opinion, but it’s about her fashion and not about her as a person. I can think even Kim Kardashian (whom I dislike) can look nice now and again (which is rare because her style is horrible but she had worn some nice outfits). I thought the President of Mexico’s wife looked fabulous during their state visit back in March, but that doesn’t mean I agree with their politics. And on the flip side, there are people I love whose outfits I think are horrible (I love Hayley Atwell but her style misses the mark a lot of times for me, and even the royals that I like I don’t always love their fashion choices).

            Stating Michelle Obama and Jill Biden do work with veterans isn’t a political statement, it’s just a fact. Saying that stating that fact means the person likes or agrees with their politics is a political statement.

            As far as I can remember there have only been two times where someone was even remotely open about their political beliefs on here, and they have both been recently (like, in the last week). Most people just keep it about the royals.

            Edit: to sum up my point: just because you like something about a person doesn’t mean you like everything about a person. We don’t live in a binary world.

            Just because I like someone doesn’t mean I like everything about them, and just because I dislike a person doesn’t mean I dislike everything about them. I can dislike things about people like like, and like things about people I dislike.

          3. You know I wasn’t going to respond, but now I will. My comment was no more ‘political’ then yours, Mary. You said that she ‘tirelessly’ works for veterans, where as I disagree. Therefore they are both the same amount of political. And Liz B there are plenty of people (I have military friends too), who do doubt the sincerity of Michelle. I don’t mind opinions, but both of your statements came across as facts, not opinions. That is where I have an issue. Especially during this heated time period of politics, I just rather not read anything about either Obamas and their supposed causes on a site about Royals. And your right KMR, saying that Michelle works for veterans is a fact. But it is the adjective used ‘tirelessy’ that makes it political, because we disagree on how much she really does and her sincerity. That is what starts making it more political.

            I will apologize though for my tone to both of you as I reacted on emotion and didn’t take a pause before responding. Veterans are a cause dear to me and it makes me very emotional. It is often times hard to understand people’s tone on blogs, so I apologize for coming off as harsh.

            I am a big enough person to admit my fault and attacking both of you. I just didn’t want politics brought up, which obviously we have different views about what politics include. This post was about Harry, since this is a Royals site, and I therefore was trying to say can we please keep it about him and not go off on how great Michelle is and how hard she works. It is the same with any royal. Take Will and Kate, when they met with the Chinese president, no one talked about them more than their outfits since this site isn’t about them. That is all I was trying to say. So again, I sincerely apologize for attacking you both, but I stand by my wish to keep it about the Royals. I just didn’t go about it in the best way.

            However, the conversations that ensued after my comment makes me sick. It seems like you both ganged up on me, as well as KMR. Which I didn’t see anything wrong with asking that politics not be brought up. KMR it is your blog and you are allowed to say what you want. However, your comment made it clear that you are attacking me and taking sides. You said you wanted to prevent a heat up and then ended up encouraging it. You not only encouraged it but you ended up throwing stones at me with the others. I think it is very clear that I am not welcome here anymore. I have been coming to this site for a very long time and I am saddened to see that you take sides. I loved this site for being able to discuss Kate and I will miss it.

            Polishgirl, thanks for being kind!

          4. Overit,

            You are very welcome here.

            I was trying to diffuse a situation and prevent a flare up from happening. Then I ended up upsetting Mary Elizabeth and tried to diffuse that situation because I didn’t mean to call out anyone in particular. Then I replied to LizB with my own personal opinion about liking one part of someone but not all of them and ended up bringing more politics into the situation than I should have. Now I’ve clearly upset you and will try to diffuse this situation by explaining where I’m coming from. I am not above admitting when I am wrong, and clearly I have handled this entire situation poorly.

            I have handled this situation poorly, however, I will not apologize for saying we do not live in a binary world and just because you like something about a person doesn’t mean you like everything about a person. I have been accused on so many occasions for forgiving Carole or Kate or Charles or Camilla or Sofia all their sins simply because I say something nice about them. And, yes, I think it’s ridiculous that I have to defend myself for saying something nice about them. Just because I like the work Charles and Camilla do, or like an outfit Kate wore, or like how Sofia has handled herself since her wedding doesn’t mean I don’t still disagree with their past (or in Kate’s case, current) actions.

            I stand by that statement in my previous comment. Though I will admit that I brought way too much politics into my argument for that statement in my previous comment.

            I tried to leave my own political beliefs out of my previous comments as much as possible, but I clearly did take sides in terms of who was making the more political comment. I tried not to take sides when I made my original comment and was honestly directing it at everyone and I even wrote “I’m not chastising anyone” because I wasn’t trying to be rude and I just wanted to stop the conversation. But in my subsequent comments there is clear side-taking which was wrong on my part. It was a mistake and I apologize for that.

            Honestly, I don’t even know what to do anymore with regard to flare up diffusal. There were enough flare ups to prompt creating a comment policy, and since then I have tried to be more on top of diffusing flare ups before they start or grow. But it seems like whenever I do try to diffuse a flare up before it starts or grows, I end up making the situation worse. I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t and I don’t even know what to do anymore. After 2+ years of blogging I should be so much better at this moderating thing than I am, but I just can’t seem to get a grip on it.

            Please, everyone (and I mean everyone, including myself), let’s all just drop it now and go back to talking about the royals.

            And Overit, whether we agree or not about politics, the royals, or which actor played the best Bond, you are always welcome here. Everyone is.

  14. Prince Harry is doing a great job! W & K think that they know everything & do not need to take other people’s advice.

  15. Thanks for the excellent post on Harry’s visit KMR.
    Harry has said in the past that he gets nervous before public speaking but he doesn’t let his nerves stop him from getting out there and showing his support, well done Harry!
    I liked the way that Harry went to the meeting at the White House by foot, no great motorcade etc! Humble and it reinforces the point that the meeting was about the games and disabled servicemen and NOT about Princes coming to meet the President.

    1. It really does impress me that despite his stage freight, Harry gets up there and gives speeches. And in front of hundreds, or thousands, or millions (watching on TV) of people. As someone who has suffered from stage freight, it can be debilitating, so the fact that Harry gets up there anyway says a lot about his character.

      1. I didn’t know public speaking was frightening for Prince Harry. He seems so natural. It makes me love him even more.

    2. I had no idea he had stage fright. Just goes to show that a passionate cause can make you go beyond yourself in spite of the fear. His speech was wonderful and heartfelt; he really is a breath of fresh air and I’ve actually never cared for him that much. I may have to rethink that. Heh.

  16. I’m back!

    While I wish I could say that I am safely esconced in the Dorcester with Harry, I am not. I did get to see him and his motorcade at Fort Belvoir. A friend of mine works at FB and was able to get on the base. It was tight security. Security is always tight when POTUS, FLOTUS, VPOTUS or SLOTUS is anywhere, but it was tighter. We were able to see him leave and he is a tall, handsome guy. I wore my orange and shouted a very Southern “Hey, Prince Harry” as he rounded the bend. I got a nice smile. That’s all I need ladies. Orlando, here we come…

    I did walk near the embassy, but sadly didn’t catch sight of him. I need to be careful as to not be placed on some sort of terror watch list.

    I love D.C. it is a great city to support and highlight veterans. If you ever get a chance to visit Walter Reed, please do so. The vets bravery and healing is a sight to see. My mother used to work as a patient advocate at the VA in my hometown and I have a great respect for them. I appreciate all of the work that FLOTUS and SLOTUS have done to champion vets and their families.

    While I love my Harry, I need to work on his speech. He sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. That being said, he is a natural. Based on what I heard from the inside, he is just a humble guy and everyone loved him. They said that he is very approachable and warm.

    I love the outfits of FLOTUS and SCOTUS. They are not afraid of color and texture. I think that I want a variation of both for my engagement tour.

    Great post, KMR! I am a little closer to my “husband”, I mean Harry. I think that we are ready to take the operation to the next level. Operation Orlando has now begun, lol!

    1. Yay! The plan is working. You should totally place a missed connections ad!!

      (That’s really exciting that you got a chance to go. I loved Flotus’ dress!)

      1. Wouldn’t that be cool? It would be: enthusiastic, yet nervous steel magnolia meets handsome ginger prince. We locked eyes. Yours cerulean blue. Mine, chocolate brown. Meet me in Orlando in the Spring to continue our destiny.

        1. Rhiannon I wish you will get your ginger prince someday – I really do 🙂 It’s a pity that because of security reasons no normal and down to earth girl has any access to Harry. How can he meet great girl then, fell in love and marry? Most of the time only rich and spoiled girls can reach him. So there is still the risk that another Kate Middleton will catch Harry and that vision horrifies me.
          I didn’t know you live in Orlando – this is our favorite winter break destination for quick vacation with kids. Unfortunately we didn’t get there this year because I was heavily pregnant

    2. So glad you caught a glimpse glimpse of PH, Rhiannon.More importantly, he caught a glimpse of you. Your trip sounded wonderful and how great to hear that everyone said how unassuming Harry is. I am sure your day was made and I hope his was, too. He seemed to enjoy himself. Truly, a man of the people.

    3. Hi Rhiannon, so glad you caught a glimpse of your one true love. I believe he spent the flight home thinking about the beautiful woman he locked eyes with across the crowd, the woman in the orange coat, the woman who stole his heart.

      I am thinking of Elle Saab for your wedding gown, unless of course you decide to go with a British designer or maybe throw the BRF a curve ball by choosing a Southern designer! 🙂

    4. Hi Rhiannon. So nice to see you are back and hadn’t fainted away. Thanks for the report on your first smile exchange. As you don’t want a “clingon” situation like Kate I do like your softly softly approach, it’s just enough to get Harry’s attention that first time.
      And a big thanks to your friend who got you in the right place at the right time on base.
      As for sounding like he is talking with a mouth of marbles, they all either talk like that (special classes at Eton?) or they sound like a BBC presenter from the 1930s (clipped RADA tones).

    5. You can visit Walter Reed? I would love to and just tell the brave men and women how much I appreciate them, their heroism… We’re going to DC next year as my husband’s going on a work trip, so I’m bringin’ the kid! Too bad we’re going to Orlando in January for my birthday at Disney World. I’m trying to talk my husband into going alone to the Invictus Games. Lucky for me I have tons of family in Florida.

  17. My wedding dress was tadashi shoji. TS dresses are very pretty, cut very flatteringly, and can be very economical (often found on sale for very good prices).

    1. Wow, just looked at the costumes and titles. So wrong on so many levels. And these costumes are for girls aged 10-16? Ewww. Though I guess Carol is well versed in pimping out young ladies.

    1. I think she wears kitten heels because she’s so tall and she doesn’t want to tower over everyone, especially her husband, by wearing taller heels.

    2. I wear kitten heels because I still get the look of heels without having to deal with foot killing 3+ inch heels. Also, I’m about 10 years older than Mrs. O and I still love to dress stylishly 🙂

      1. My mom has/had horrible feet after years of heels. I will only do a kitten or a flat. I think that it’s just enough and I keep pretty feet. I’m 5’5, so I like a little lift. My sister refuses to wear them. She calls kitten heels the training wheels of heels, lol!

        1. LOL, your sister sounds like a hoot!! I admit I used to think that kitten heels were only for little old ladies, but now they come in such great colors and prints with fun styles that I’m a total convert! Rhiannon, do you happen to wear loafers? I’ve been eyeing them lately but wonder if they look too manly?

          1. I love loafers. I will wear brogues too. I love the look of a loafet with slacks skirt. I’ll usually wear a whimsical sock with slacks.

            Google women’s loafers outfit for ideas.

          2. I’m tall too and love kitten heels. And you’re right, for a long time they weren’t very stylish, but now they are adorable. I have a dream of having the Jimmy Choo kitten heel in every color he has.

    3. I’m taller so like the lower height of kitten heels. Otherwise I tend to tower over people. I ruined my feet years ago by wearing higher heels. Kitten heels allow me to be a bit dressier and comfortable at the same time.

      1. Rhiannon, I live in an area that gets quite cold in the winter, can you wear socks with loafers? All the pictures I see the ladies are wearing either no socks or just knee high nylons, not quite warm enough for me.

  18. You can! I live in Atlanta. It gets cold, but not bitter cold. I wouldn’t go too thick. Depends on the cut or style. If you wear brogues, you can go thicker.

  19. I was just looking at some old pictures of William and Harry when they were teens, and wow William was very good looking back then but Harry not so much. Interesting to see how that as reversed now that they’re both in their 30’s.

    1. William was very attractive when he was younger. Harry was… young? I don’t know how to describe it. He didn’t come into his hotness until his late-20s and has gotten especially hot now he’s in his 30s. William has lost all the hotness he had in the early 2000s. I remember having the biggest crush on him back in 2002. He looks so much different now. He’s lost a lot of hair and just looks so rundown.

  20. Can I make a comment about the disappearing photos of Kate and George at the museum? Would it surprise anyone that the latest copy of Women’s Day has 2 photos of George by himself and one with Kate at the Natural History museum. And Kate is looking at the photographer so she must have known she was being photographed.

      1. Oh yes there is the 3 more different photos that were in this week’s NZ version of Woman’s Day. I haven’t seen these photos online, yet.

  21. I always enjoy seeing pictures of Harry and his charming smile. I can definitely see why he is the most popular royal, and would love to see William withdraw from the line of succession. William has been very annoying for a couple years. For someone who “doesn’t like a fuss”, as he put it, he certainly is a very high-maintenance individual. If he didn’t like a lot of special attention, he would downsize the residences, and live in a more humble fashion. I wonder if Harry is as happy in his life as he looks, which leads me to ask if William can be as unhappy as he appears?

  22. Shhh, baby is sleeping and mommy is going to re-visit her fave blog.
    Can’t stay long, but what better post to go to than one celebrating Prince Harry and his special brand of compassion and his interest in doing good and shedding positive light on great causes.

    Breezed through many of your comments and I must say that I second, third and fourth all the comments that support and praise HM for all he is doing . He has been able to capture his late mother’s ability to make people feel special. He also seems to want to work and do positive things about matters that need support from others. I loved the way he fits in wherever he goes and you could tell that Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden and PH got along and had fun.

    Rhiannon, I hope you are still on cloud nine after catching a glimpse of Harry. I hope he saw you and cannot stop thinking about you.

    To KMR and everyone on this site who were so supportive during my pregnancy and who posted such lovely sentiments when Madeleine Juliet arrived, I thank you for your good wishes and caring ways. Mary Elizabeth has kept me posted and I hope to have more time as the days move on to come back here more frequently.

    Madeleine arrived early, which was scary, but all turned out well. We are blessed with a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl. She is so calm and so unlike her parents in that fashion — although, my husband is calmer than me. It’s been a wonderful few weeks and I really could not be happier.
    I hope each of you is well and finding life treating you kindly. Special hello to Seth. Mary Elizabeth told me your mom has been ill and I send prayers and good wishes to her and to you. It is not easy to see one’s mother suffer. I hope that her health can be helped and that you are taking care of yourself, too.

    KMR, thanks for all your hard work. It’s so nice to be back — even briefly – on this blog.

    1. It’s so wonderful to hear from you. I am so glad that you and the baby are doing well. We missed you. Go and give her a kiss from Her Uncle Harry and Auntie Rhiannon.

    2. Jenny!!!

      It’s great to hear from you! So glad you and Madeleine are healthy and doing well, even though she was early. Hopefully you are getting some sleep and resting in between taking care of little Madeleine. Have a great day, Jenny!

    3. Hi, everyone. Just got back from a visit to see Jenny and Madeleine. My youngest daughter came with me and is now talking a new baby sister non-stop. Like, I am going to give her one?
      Two kids and a step child are my limit!
      Maddie was fussy when we first got there but once she calmed down, she was a dream.
      Jenny is busy, but I read her your replies to her post and she asked me to send her thanks and love.
      Hope everyone is having a good day/evening and that the weekend will be fun.

    1. Halia, I don’t know why my post did not come in after your post. You are definitely included in the thanks and good wishes that Jenny asked me to send all.

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