Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Peru and Colombia

Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Peru and Colombia

I hope everyone who celebrated Halloween had a fun and safe celebration. We’ll kick off November with a long-awaited post on Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel‘s visit to Peru and Colombia the week before last, October 19-23.

A programming note: This coming week we’ll have posts catching up with the royals that we missed during the two weeks Duchess Kate decided to fit in all of her appearances, plus November’s Hot Guy. Kate will be back in action on November 7 when she and Prince William join the Queen and other family members at the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. Then on November 8, Kate will attend Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph with the other royals.

Victoria and Daniel started their South American visit on October 19th in Lima, Peru where they met with the President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, and First Lady, Nadine Heredia, at the Presidential Palace.

The next stop was the Universidad de Lima where Victoria and Daniel attended a seminar to promote university collaborations between Sweden and Peru, and the scholarship program BECA 18 – which is a scholarship grant that gives young people in poverty access to higher education.

Victoria gave a speech where she quoted the Peruvian writer and Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, saying in part:

    “Now Sweden may seem far away, but when the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa came to Sweden five years ago to accept the Nobel Prize in literature he said:
    “‘I never felt like a foreigner in Europe or, in fact, anywhere. In all the places I have lived… …I felt at home. I have always found a lair where I could live in peace, work, learn things, nurture dreams, and find friends, good books to read, and subjects to write about.’
    “I’m sure that those of you who decide to study in Sweden will also find a place to feel at home, to nurture your dreams, and to bring excellence to the sciences or the arts. And perhaps one day, some of you will return to Stockholm to accept your very own Nobel Prize.”


As a side note, I’m really glad the Swedish website posted Victoria’s speeches. They don’t always, so it was a nice change to be able to read her speeches from this tour.

After the seminar, Victoria and Daniel visited an H&M store at Jockey Plaza in Lima. Something I actually didn’t know until looking it up for this post, H&M is a Swedish brand. Which explains why Victoria wears so much H&M. Anyway, Vic and Dan met with employees and learned about H&M’s operations in Peru and South America.

Here’s a picture of just Daniel because I know some of you love him.

In the afternoon, Vic and Dan visited the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia where they were given a tour of the Paracas fabrics which the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg has returned to Peru. To end the day, Vic and Dan attended a reception at the Swedish Consulate General in Lima.

For day 1, Victoria wore a red version of the purple bespoke Seraphine Maternity dress she wore to Prince Nicolas’ Christening. Victoria wore a black and white Malinda Damgaard hair piece, and a butterfly brooch. For the evening reception, Victoria changed into a black dress with an embroidered black coat.

Day 2, October 20th, saw the Crown Princess couple visit Volvo Trucks where the couple viewed a demonstration of the safety training they offer truck drivers.

Victoria and Daniel visit Volvo in Peru

The couple then visited the cancer institute, INEN – which specializes in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of people affected by tumors or neoplastic diseases.

After visiting INEN, the couple went on a guided tour of the historic center of Lima before having a meeting with the Mayor.

Victorian visits INEN in Peru

For Day 2, Victoria wore ASOS Maternity. Vic wore a version of the “Maxi Dress In Star Print” ($98.53). Victoria’s dress is shorter and has a different neckline. I actually prefer Victoria’s shorter version, but I do like the print which is odd for me because I normally don’t like prints.

ASOS Maternity Maxi Dress In Star Print

Day 3, October 21st, saw Victoria and Daniel move to Cartagena, Colombia. The couple visited the Agency for Reintegration where they were given information about the activities and met former guerrillas and paramilitaries.

The couple then attended a panel discussion with Swedish companies participating in the Caribbean Maritime Conference – an annually recurring conference during which exhibitors from around the world showcase products for companies in the shipping sector.

Victoria and Daniel visit Colombia

The couple then went on a guided tour of Cartagena’s historic center with the theme “in Adlercreutz footsteps”. In 1820, King Karl XIV Johan sent Fredrik Adlercreutz to Colombia to assist Simón Bolívar in the fight against the Spaniards. Vic and Dan’s tour began at the Plaza Santo Domingo and ended at the Inquisition Museum.

The Crown Princess couple then visited Cartagena’s port where they were given a tour of the area and a newly installed crane simulator for loading and unloading containers. Cartagena’s port is largely equipped with Swedish technology.

The day ended with a reception with the Mayor where Victoria was given the keys to the city.

Victoria wore ASOS Maternity again, this time the “Premium Placed Floral Scuba Midi Bodycon Dress” ($98.53). I like this dress, too. Am I coming around to prints?

ASOS Maternity Premium Placed Floral Scuba Midi Bodycon Dress

For Day 4, October 22nd, Victoria and Daniel moved to Bogota, Colombia where they participated in a roundtable discussion on sustainable business. Victoria gave a speech, saying in part:

    “Environment and sustainability are two issues close to my heart. As a swede I’m of course proud of our vast Swedish forests, long coastlines and rich wildlife. And I recognise the same sense of pride in the Colombian people I’ve met, who cherish the Colombian nature and the privilege of living in what is arguably the most biodiverse country in the world. This splendid richness of nature should be treasured by all Colombians, and indeed by all of us.
    “Investment and trade are foundations of prosperity and opportunity. Business brings work, innovation and development. But as modern history has taught us, we mustn’t fall for the temptations of short sighted growth at the expense of our long term interests. While limited resources may be depleted to meet our present needs, the resulting consequences to our world may be irreversible.”


Victoria and Daniel then met with President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos at the Presidential Palace Casa de Nariño. After the meeting, Victoria and Daniel walked through the main square to a lunch hosted by Foreign Minister María Ángela Holguín.

In the afternoon, Victoria and Daniel visited the “Ruta Motor” project which is a social program sponsored by the Swedish government which works to give vulnerable young people the opportunity for training and job opportunities in the automotive industry.

Day 4 ended with a reception at the Swedish ambassador’s residence.

Victoria must love her bespoke Seraphine Maternity dress she wore to Prince Nicolas’ Christening because she wore the red version on October 19 and rewore the purple version on October 22. This time she paired the dress with the matching purple coat.

For the reception (picture here), Victoria wore another ASOS Maternity dress. The “Midi Skater Dress With Embellishment” ($152.28). Vic carried an Alexander McQueen clutch. I’m not a fan of this dress.

ASOS Maternity Midi Skater Dress With Embellishment

For their final day in South America, on October 23, Victoria and Daniel attended an informal meeting with representatives of Colombian women’s organizations at the NGO ‘Ruta Pacífico de las mujeres’ headquarters in Bogota. The theme was women as agents of peace, and the couple learned about working with female victims of violence and discrimination.

The Crown Princess Couple then visited and were given a guided tour of the Gold Museum – which houses approximately 55,000 objects from the people who lived in Colombia before the Spaniards arrived in the country.

After the visit to the Gold Museum, the Crown Princess couple met with staff at the Swedish Embassy in Bogota. The couple also met the people responsible for the alumni network of Colombians who studied in Sweden and learned about their work to highlight the ability of Colombian students to study in Sweden. The visit concluded with a lunch at the residence with a theme of transport infrastructure.

The photo below is of Vic and Dan arriving for the alumni network meeting. Victoria’s baby bump is clearly visible in her new black and white dress, with a white jacket from Seraphine.

Photos: Getty / Kungahuset

34 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Peru and Colombia

  1. Victoria is great! And Dan is wonderful for all of the work and support he gives her. I think the reason you are liking her print dresses is because they are very pleasing to the eye and they are fitted properly. Not pulling or too short.

    I think she really enjoys doing her job and I also think that if something were to happen where the SRF no longer existed she’d still be a very happy living her life with Dan, Estelle and their new one.

    I do so love reading about the other royal families after seeming weeks of OMG/WTF/HUH! moments from Kate.

    Keep up the great work KMR!!

  2. I’m loving you even more for this post, KMR.

    I love these two. I agree with Cathy. This is a full itinerary filled with both fun and substance. Victoria’s speeches were great. I think that she’s and great ambassador for Sweden. It’s also nice to see her and Debonair Dan together. They make a great team. Dan looks like he was made for H&M.

    I like the prints that Victoria wore with the exception of the last. I know that we’ve said this before, but she looks so lovely with her hair down. I loved the headpiece from the first picture.

    Beautiful post, KMR.

  3. Thanks KMR for your email. It appears to be working now I can see the comments I post. I don’t know what issue was but glad all working again. Thank you

  4. Thanks for the great post KMR!! How refreshing to see a pregnant woman dressing like a woman not a 3 year old. And this might sound strange but for me I love seeing a royal walking around with her hands by her sides not clutched over her crotch. I swear sometimes I can barely look at pictures of Kate because of the crotch clutching. I know, I know it’s weird but it’s a little thing that just irritates me to no end:)

    Victoria recently said this which really raised my opinion of her even more:

    I have the best job in the world. I think in such a role, it is important to have a good ear; to switch between various things back and forth. I constantly meet so many people during my work, and it is an important task to be representing Sweden. This is what I want to do and it’s the best job in the world.

    Crown Princess Victoria spoke about her “job” as Crown Princess of Sweden in an interview with Expressen last week.

    And that’s one of the reasons why Victoria will be an amazing queen one day!

    (via hrhgeorgeofcambridg

      1. Hi Margaretty, LOL, I’ve read Lola’s posts before but somehow missed this one!! So I’m not the only one who’s bugged by this, thank goodness I thought my OCD about body language was flaring up again:)

    1. So agree Lauri and others!

      CP Vic is also brave with child, working in that part of the world temps …

      Thank you for the post KMR – so deserving of the CP Couple (what’s Princess Estelle about- London visit o))

  5. Here’s to Victoria and Daniel. They are a great couple. Victoria is a trooper. I cannot imagine all the traveling and presentations and speeches while pregnant. She does it with grace and love, it seems.
    I am sure it is not easy. I’m thinking she may be having a boy this time. Just have a feeling.
    Hope everyone who celebrated Halloween had a good time. My youngest wanted to sleep in her princess costume. Time to hide the candy the kids collected. Too much sugar is not a good thing!

  6. Love this couple! They have embraced their roles and just seem like really nice and decent people unlike the gruesome twosome from England. If katiewon’t did one quarter of what Victoria does she’d be on holiday 9.5 days out of 11 due to exhaustion

  7. Thank you KMR. It is good see Victoria confident out and about. I like the fact that Victoria did her research and quoted a Peruvian writer. I also like the way Victoria got stuck in with the children where you can see she is genuinely interested. I like the printed maternity dress from ASOS and the ones apart from the last. It is good to see Victoria embracing her pregnancy and also dressing as elegant as she can given the comfort level. Victoria’s bun does look severe but at least it is out of the way for engagements. Maybe Victoria wears her hair down in private.

    Hope everyone had a good Halloween. I didn’t have any trick or treaters. Where I lived in a village outside where I live now we used to have the kids in their costumes come round with a parent or two late afternoon. My niece dressed up last year as a Witch. I think she went kayaking this year.

  8. So many of us wish lovely C.P. Victoria would do something with her hair. I have to quit being critical about this one thing, since it is clear Victoria cares more about learning about the people and places she is visiting, genuinely interacting with those at the events, putting her energy towards having a good time with the children she meets; instead of spending time and money on a hair stylist.

    I can’t continue to be critical of a hairstyle, when the royal lady takes her job seriously, completely understands it is a job and chooses to represent her country impressively and conducts herself without embarassing the SRF. This is the opposite of Kate who hasn’t figured out her job after almost five years. Kate still thinks her job revolves around picking out clothes for events, having her hair done and throwing a wave to the crowd.

    Kate THINKS she does her job and Victoria DOES her job.

  9. Love this couple!! They can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s probaby just trying to be professional with her hair always back — as opposed to Lady Godiva of Great Britain.

    1. Actually I do prefer the professional look. At least the people Victoria meets and talks too can see her clearly. Victoria and Daniel are such a classy couple supporting each other. Mind you Daniel doesn’t look happy in H&M. Although for Victoria I am sure he makes an exception.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this. I find your posts quite comprehensive & it’s a shame these two were sidelined for the Cambridges.

  11. Very nice. Though the red print was too much for me. Like someone spilled a bucket of red paint on it. I thought the other prints were ok, b/c they’re more subtle. The human eye is drawn to the color red and the dress was like an explosion of red. Though she’s not hiding the bump, which I find annoying. Don’t know why. This may date me but I think we should do as Princess Elizabeth did when she was pregnant. Have a statement put out that she will be undertaking no more royal duties after x date and will be in confinement. That way the baby is safe, she is safe and there is no need for pregnant women playing hockey in wedges of doom and jeopardizing the child with a miscarriage. Sorry, I’m very old-fashioned about certain things. 🙂 Heaven forfend I cause offense.
    Anyway I hope you all had a good Halloween if you celebrate. We had about 40 kids and 200 pieces of candy.

  12. Not meaning to hijack this thread or has anyone else noticed the rise in pro-Kate articles lately? People has a bit from one of her charities saying how knowledgeable she is, how she does much more than smile and nod, the Daily Beast has a whole article about why Kate doesn’t speak in public and now the Telegraph has an article about why Americans love Kate. I’m shaking my head wondering why her charities have to support her when it should be the other way around. And guess what Daily Beast, most people are more afraid of public speaking then having their taxes audited or going to the dentist.

    Again, sorry to hijack this excellent thread about CP Victoria but I really needed a place to vent:)

    1. Hi Lauri, I agree, lot’s of positive articles on D of C lately. I see it as damage control and maybe as a preemptive strike when the criticism starts if Kate and Will and family really do end up going to Mustique this month. Also, public speaking is nerve -wracking for me but the more I have to do it, the less I worry about it and she has had almost 5 years to be eased into it. I know Diana was not a fan of public speaking either, but it was in the job-description, but I guess it is not in D of C’s job description.

      1. I don’t know of anyone, with the few rare exceptions, who genuinely enjoys public speaking. But, it is a task that one can practice and with continuous practice it is possible to become more at ease with it.

        I guess my biggest complaint about the recent rise in glowing press, is that her charities are having to say how good she is at her job. I thought the purpose of being a royal patron was to highlight these charities not to have the charities highlight you.

        I think the Duchess’ staff have been reading some of the critical reviews of their boss and are trying to do damage control and make the public believe that Kate really does do more than shake hands and smile. Several other Kate-centric blogs that I read are starting to question the increase in engagements and positive press, wondering if Kate is trying to get her numbers up or distract from her upcoming vacation.

    2. I would say it probably has something to do with that private meeting with the press from two weeks ago. That’s when the glowing articles started.

  13. I’ve never really thought about royal families very much, or taken them seriously but thanks to the Dolittles, I now take notice. I’m impressed by Victoria and Daniel- they act like ambassadors for their country, with gravitas in spades. They just go to show that (like Charles) you can shape your own royal destiny and contribute to the world and your country in a meaningful way. I think it takes self-reflection, and smarts, neither of which the Normals possess.

    So, here’s my backhanded compliment(heh)- thank you Waity and Willy for making me take notice and appreciate some royals as actual human beings, and not spoiled, vapid, self-absorbed, power hungry ciphers.

    It’s marvellous to see a grown up couple who can inspire even if they are royal. It kind of boggles my mind.

    Wonderful post, KMR. Much appreciated.

  14. My favorite outfit on her was the flower print scuba dress from ASOS.

    I happened to come across older pictures of Victoria and Daniel, the other day and they were so interesting. She’s such a beautiful lady; seems like she’s lit from within, which adds to how appealing she is. I really, really admire this woman. How she comports herself, how much she loves and enjoys her family, her style. Everything. Just so impressed. Her and Maxima…they are real deal royalty!

  15. Thanks for this post KMR.

    I admire Victoria. She seems like such a pleasant and down-to-earth royal and mother yet carries all of her duties with great dignity and interest… dare I say joy as well…

    It was nice to read part of her speeches. Most of the times with the British Royals (the ones I follow) hardly ever speak and when they do there is not much substance and with Mary, Maxima and Victoria I never understand or can find a source I can read.

    My favorite dress was the green ASOS floral but I think she looked great in all of her outfits (except the black dress + coat for the evening reception). I loved how I saw she wore flats for a certain walk, smart lady!

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