Kate Middleton visits Place2Be, Art Room, plays tennis in Scotland

Kate Middleton visits Place2Be, Art Room, plays tennis in Scotland

Kate Middleton was in Scotland yesterday for three engagements – two to two of her patronages (she’s already visited more of her patronages than either Prince William or Prince Harry have). The Countess of Strathearn visited a school with Place2Be, a school with The Art Room, and a school where she participated in a tennis lesson with Judy Murray.

Kate Scotland Place2Be 1

Kate started her day in Edinburgh with a visit to St. Catherine’s Primary School where she met with children and parents before sitting in on a meeting with ten headteachers from schools in Edinburgh with Place2Be.

Place2Be started working in Scotland in 2001 and is now in 28 schools across Edinburgh and Glasgow, reaching a population of 8,000 children.

Kate arrived and was given given flowers by two children from St. Catherine’s, Suranne and Rodney. Kate then participated in a sing-a-long at a school assembly. The video of her is cringe-worthy because she clearly does not know all of the words and moves and she looks uncomfortable. It’s like when she and William danced in Tuvalu and looked super awkward, but at least this time we were spared William’s dancing.

After the singing, Kate was invited to speak to the assembly by the headmaster, Paul Hunter. Kate actually said words (according to the Express): “Good morning everyone. Everyone should start the day like that! Hope you all have a great day and I look forward to meeting some of you later.”

Kate was presented with a Quaich cup of friendship by Nicola and Luke from St Catherine’s. Kate then joined the headteachers for the meeting.

Kate Scotland Place2Be 4

Kate Place2Be discussion
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The second engagement of the day was at Wester Hailes Education Centre where Kate viewed The Art Room’s work in the school. Kate participated in a round table discussion looking at how The Art Room works with the wider community. Kate also joined an art workshop where students express their feelings through art.

The Art Room offers art as therapy to children 5-6 to increase their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence.

Kate in Art Room discussion
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate in Art Room art class
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate then moved to Craigmount High School for a Tennis On The Road training session with Judy Murray (Andy Murray‘s mother).

Tennis On The Road is a roadshow where Judy Murray and her team travel to schools to teach parents, coaches, teachers, and volunteers the tools needed to get kids active and to help further kick-start and develop tennis in Scotland.

Judy Murray gave an interview to Sky News (at the end of the video below) where she said of Kate:

    “Well she’s a really keen tennis player. She played in her school team; she’s just become patron of the All England Club, which to most of us that is Wimbledon, which is a huge thing for tennis but also women’s sport. I’ve seen her several times at Wimbledon supporting and I know that tennis is one of the two sports that she can beat Prince William at.”

BTW, Kate has never attended a women’s match at Wimbledon. She’s only ever gone to the men’s matches. Yay, women’s sport?

Also BTW, Kate took a helicopter to Scotland.

Kate repeated her MaxMara Sportmax long green coat she debuted on Christmas 2015. Underneath, she wore a black turtleneck and a new skirt from Le Kilt, the “Classic – Houndstooth Long” (£470.00).

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Lauren diamond leaf earrings, as well as her staples: Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black suede, Stuart Weitzman Power Pumps in black suede, and Cartier watch. Kate wore her hair down for the first two engagements but put a few pieces up during the tennis gig.

For the tennis gig, Kate changed into a more sport-appropriate outfit. Kate wore Nike Baseline Half-Zip Women’s Tennis Top ($70), Monreal London Black Tuxedo Track Pant ($345), and Asics GEL-Solution Speed 3 shoes ($130.00).

For everyone side-eyeing Kate’s dirty sneakers while out shopping last week (which I still don’t have a problem with), Kate’s sneakers yesterday appeared to be brand new.

You know what I do have a problem with? $345 track pants. Track pants!

Kate Scotland Place2Be 6

Kate leaving Place2Be Scotland
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

165 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visits Place2Be, Art Room, plays tennis in Scotland

  1. she is not a natural at anything, shes does everything for the cameras, why cant she stop opening her mouth soo wide!! geez, when she removed her coat, she looked soo skinny, poor girl whats going on with her!!!

      1. Totally agree with comments!

        Again more PR meet greet to change the subject. From the lazy shopping duch who is always predictable – few minutes grinning/meet greet, then addl cost for leisure.

    1. Yes and it’s all a case of me me me me me!

      From what I read elsewhere, it appears she had no interest in the rationale behind the tennis roadshow, what interest it has been like, if it is making a difference to people and thus achieving its goals. Apparently she asked lots of questions but they were ALL about getting George and Charlotte into tennis?

      If that’s the place to be song, shouldn’t the patron be somewhat familiar with it?

      Five years later and they’re still trying to force Catherine on us instead of Kate. If I remember correctly they went against palace advice in order to get married on St. Catherine’s day and apart from this latest appearance at St Catherine’s school, they were a few other Catherine related things that popped up. If only the lazy duo were as committed to work as they are to making Catherine happen.

      1. She’ll always be waity katie to me 🙂 And I haven’t read anything about the tennis gig but from what you say, even there she is self centered and yep, me me me. I didn’t think the tennis gig was PR friendly since, really who benefits from having her there and it’s outright fun for her. And to hang out with Judy Murray is an honor. I know nothing about tennis but I am getting to know names. The tennis gig ranks almost up there with her visit to the set of DA, in my opinion, but as I said I know nothing about tennis so could very well be wrong. I’m still outraged at the ever so caring, modern, thoughtful, thrifty couple and their tennis court and how they got it. Entitled much?

  2. Another very expensive black houndstooth skirt – and a kilt in Scotland who’d a thought it ? Does she never look in her wardrobe and think ‘I’ve got one almost identical I don’t need another!’. I’m with Adam though she is scarily skinny especially showing in the tennis shots. She clearly does a lot of exercise.

    It’s been said before she should do more with sport which is clearly her love, and I do think she interacted better with the tennis kids than elsewhere.

    Stop with the manic grins it doesn’t make us forget what is really happening chez Cambridge.

    1. I’m wondering why she didn’t repeat the skirt she wore to the HuffPo thing since they are pretty similar.

      1. Good question! My guess is she does not think much out of how to use and reuse clothes so she ends up with a lot of similar choices. I would prefer if she wore this skirt to the HuffPo. But she had the thrifty headlines she wanted, just by wearing the coat, so she could wear two brand new outfits without the press taking a shot at it. Am I the only who sees how analogically beautiful this is? The press only caring about the reuse coat, after that looking underneath was not an option…

      2. It is odd but perhaps because this was a kilt. Then this thought led me to wondering just how far in advance does she plan her ward robe for the up coming events. Did any royalty or anyone out there write a tell all book? I recall one book I read where everything was done for this particular royalty including someone putting toothpaste on his tooth brush. Say what!!!!

      3. The HuffPo skirt was short. This one is more appropriate, especially for being with children. I’d rather she wore it to both events. She would have looked less girly and more respectable in this longer skirt at the HuffPo event.

      4. Yes, KMR. I agree. However, I am still wondering why she didn’t pair the skirt she wore as Guest Editor with the sweater she wore to the school.

        Again, Kate wears black when meeting kids. Oh, but the green coat. Was it a nod to the colors the kids wore? I assume their school color is green?

        Kate really should have pursued sports. She seems to enjoy athletics. That’s her passion, not the “causes” she takes up from time to time. Truly, if she enjoyed sports so much as a kid, it’s a shame her Mum didn’t push her in that arena. But, no, grabbing a Prince was more in line Carole’s dreams.

  3. I think she did really well yesterday. It was nice to see her so relaxed at the tennis event – wow she looks so fit. I don’t see her so much as starving herself, now more of an obsessive exerciser. The photo of her running is particularly great – she looks young and happy. Really nice to see.

    1. I love the photo of her running – she looks relaxed and happy and younger than normal. Like a whole different Kate.

      1. Maybe because i’m a runner that pic bugged me the most. Her form is terrible.
        She’s thin, but has minimal stablizing muscle mass.
        At least she’s doing something. *golf clap*

        1. In the picture of her shopping in leggings her tights look very prominent almost protruding above the knee cup. This indicate excessive workout.

      2. Yes., I posted my thoughts on how much she seems to like athletics above prior to reading what you commented here. I agree 100%.

      1. She’s also dressed more age appropriately rather than like a middle aged woman and that makes a huge difference too!

    2. She clearly LOVES sport and more importantly, feels comfortable doing it. Why then did KP not advice her to take on sport as her thing? Womens sport, school sport and childhood obesity are all hot topics – she could be encouraging our kids to get offline and get out and play. It’s a very 2016 issue. Play to your strengths, Kate!

      1. Sadly I’m sure KP told her to focus on something that would pull people’s heart strings and show how empathetic she is. They are pushing the kid’s princess, even though she is not comfortable. Sports doesn’t have the same impact with people. Look at the sailing charity and the flack that has gotten. I think your suggestions are great ideas and she would be good at. I just think KP doesn’t take those as seriously

        1. I think the issue with the sailing charity is that the sport is far too elitist and inaccessible to the average person.

          It appears to be the quintessential rich kids’ sport and unlike football/soccer, even attempting to sail requires a fair bit of resources. So I think the average Brit could be forgiven for wondering why sailing charities exist in the first place and why someone, on their dime, was supporting a “non-issue” instead of a more worthy cause.

          She also lets herself down in the “perception game”, it doesn’t quite fit in with the great “commoner Kate and her prince live happily ever after” fairytale they keep trying to sell us. Like her unnatural new accent, her supporting a sailing charity and her maniacal expressions just come across as her putting on yet another air and grace.
          Don’t get me wrong being “upwardly mobile” is perfectly fine and the fact that each generation of her family has more opportunities than the one before it is commendable (whether we agree with the means used or not). But she needs to own her roots and take full advantage of the unique perspective her more humble roots give her in an institution like the royal family instead of trying so desperately to run away from it while still claiming to want to be normal. Like you said Ella, it’s the whole Kate vs. Catherine thing- no wonder people say she is “a bit grand”. Unfortunately, she hasn’t done much with her life so this and only this commoner status is her unique selling point, she should make the most of it. I’m sure the world would appreciate that sincerity and it may just bring her some much needed happiness. Or she can continue being that person on the outside, wanting to fit in to William’s circles so badly, but only managing to look in instead of being accepted.

          As for the sailing charity event, of course, it didn’t help that she was all but throwing herself at Ben Ainslie either.

          1. Em totally agree with you. Why doesn’t she do hockey ? She loves hockey and it is something as a country we are very good at ( I went to the Olympic men’s bronze medal match, it was one of the best days!). I’m not knowledgable about children’s mental health but my gut feel is that saying sport is good for kids with MH problems may not be wholly accurate, but I don’t think sport is bad for anyone. With all the obesity problems too encouraging real sport vs PlayStation FIFA has to be good. But it has to be sport that is accessible to ordinary ‘peasants’!!! Football,hockey,swimming, running etc not sailing.
            And I agree with someone commenting somewhere too she should do a charity run, or get involved actively with Sport Relief.
            The options are frankly simple and endless.

          2. History is full of Kings and Queens who go by shorter names or nicknames. It sounds very neauvous riche to pretend that you are only called Catherine by everyone, when clearly for your whole like you have not been. She will be officially Queen or Princess Catherine when the time comes, but real royalty didn’t mind being called Alix, or Bertie, or Vicky, or whatever. Again, the Middletons are playing at what they (meaning Carole) think aristocrats do, but completely miss the air of comfort and easiness in which they do it.

          3. @Amy:

            Harry’s real name is Henry, yet he’s cool with everyone calling him Harry. So Kate insisting no one call her Kate is a bit dumb, especially since she was fine with that during the dating years.

          4. I like your analysis Em, she is irking people by making them observed her transformation from country pumpkin to posh, sophisticated upper class woman. She finished higher education, but looks like it wasn’t her priority and we hardly see any footprint of it on her. The elite sports are definitely in her alley as long as it moves her toward privileged class to make some connections. She plays the public just like she does William.

      2. Sick kids scans better on paper – in reality, Kate looks visually uncomfortable. With the benefit of hindsight, I wonder if they’d change their tune. Better to have a successful Duchess in one area than an unsuccessful one in another.

        1. That doesn’t make sense she didn’t have a single sport/kid related charity. Sports to improve health or moods. She could do all the others, but if there was any passion for charitable deeds and sports she could have added something and been involved on a minor scale.

          I think Kate is to sports as William is to flying. Its fun enough for them on their own terms, but to make it work is too far.

          1. “I think Kate is to sports as William is to flying. Its fun enough for them on their own terms, but to make it work is too far”.

            Oh, ITA! Well said! It’s really all about them and what pleasure they get from it. It’s not about minding others or caring or stepping outside of oneself. It’s certainly not about raising the spirits of others, others who are suffering.

            Look at her, she’s just another kid in the bunch. Just like she could make time for Ben Ainslie even though the event was cancelled.

          2. Candice
            I didn’t count the sailing because it was only to pad and for publicity to host sailing in the future. Nothing more. That was a naked PR move.

            And sportsaid. Has she done anything with them lately? I mean outside of gala/hosting/etc…
            Meaning does she use these sporting patronages for activity promotion?

            Ugh that cancelled sailing event was bs. The event was cancelled due to bad weather. No one had any point in being there outside of the Cambridge wishes. It was something else.

          3. I’m actually really surprised she hasn’t visit Sportsaid in such a long time. That kind of stuff is what she should be focusing on since she supposedly loves sports.

          4. I get the impression that Kate doesn’t initiate anything. Of course she could be asking her staff to set up all sorts of things eg meetings with Sports Aid as to what they could do together and so on. I don’t think she is interested. She just responds to whatever has been agreed to, trots along, grins madly and gets outta there asap.

      3. Excellent post JL. I do so agree. The area of exercise vs sports would have been such a perfect subject arena for Kate. As you said play to her strengths.

    3. I also think Catherine had a good day. She was appropriately dressed for both the school visits and the tennis lesson. She participated in everything even though she was unfamiliar with the words and actions of the song. She interacted with the kids and spoke briefly to the group. Catherine did everything expected of her. As far as the comments about the “manic grins” I think they are unfair. She is at a children’s’ event and is supposed to look excited and happy! As for the new skirt and pants and the helicopter ride, none of us have inside information about her budget for either clothes or transportation, so I would imagine these items must fall within the budget or she would be told about it. All in all, a great day for the Duchess!

      1. The budget stretches to her use. We know this as it’s all tax write off for Charles or it falls into security which is strictly tax funded.
        That’s pretty insider to me.

      2. Who do you think ultimately funds her wardrobe? Amongst many others I do. The POW money comes from the Duchy which would revert to the state if ( as discussed here) the BRF were no longer to be our head of state. It is our money, not some private finance they have . In addition they don’t pay their full taxes even though now they do pay some tax.

        1. And they only pay their taxes because they chose to… Kinda gets the blood boiling.

          Side note. I hope Charles doesn’t get to claim the Duchy as RF owned. That would be a huge error.

    4. Definitely she always looks so much different at a sporting event or participating in. This is her element and her main attraction arena. This appeared to also be such a focus in her childhood. She shines. She is animated.

    5. I agree with you. This was a good day for Kate. I hope she takes note and continues these outings. Also, I agree with the many commentators here who think Kate should do more with sports related charities. She could even join her sister for a charity run. I also like the idea of tying in her stated interest in mental health with a charity that focuses on getting people to be more active. Exercise is really one of the best medicines for certain mental health issues so that would be a natural tie in for her.

      All in all I say, well done Kate!

      1. Excellent post Jennifer. And to emphasize…exercise for children is a very key component and mental health well being.

    6. I agree with the obsessive exercising, she has very nice shape naturally, even when so whittled down. I still think she has a strictly controlled caloric intake. My guess is she’s hungry all the time and at night her sweet dreams are of delicious food and her nightmares are of then scarfing it all up. (Been there and done it)
      She looks so much better with 8 or 10 extra lbs, but most of those expensive tailored to the millimeter clothes won’t forgive it. Some day dancing on that blade’s fine edge will be too much, and she’ll make like Elsa and let it go. I hope, for her sake, anyway. And if Wills doesn’t like it, let him go too.

      I didn’t like it when she cut her hair, but I will say this is the best I’ve seen it look since she had it done. It and the bowl cut bangs have grown out enough, that it no longer looks like a lunch lady wig.

    7. I’ve always thought she puts full-time hours to working out… but I also believe she starves herself. She isn’t toned or “cut”, she is fit and super skinny.

  4. Ahhh so many things to comment on:

    1. I thought the same thing earlier when watching the singing video. She looked so uncomfortable. Why didn’t she learn the song ahead of time so she could at least sing along, even if she didn’t know the hand movements? It was hard to watch

    2. She over exaggerates her expressions so much, she comes off so fake. I noticed it more today when looking at the photos on the DM. Every few pictures or so was Kate with her mouth open wide, eyebrows raised. Maybe it is real, but to me she comes across very fake and looks to be trying to be engaged in the days events. Not natural at all.

    3. Her first outfit is fine, not my favorite, not my least. But seriously, the sporting outfit??? I have no problem with dirty shoes, but why did she have to buy a whole new sporting outfit for this engagement? Just clean up your tennis shoes and wear an older pair of workout pants. I am sure she has a ton since she is so keen to workout. I think it is crazy how much she spent of these sporting clothes. Or rather how much she made the tax-payers pay. Her track pants alone cost more than what most people would pay for a nice coat or boots. Come one Kate!

    4. Seriously? Another helicopter ride? That with the sports outfit just shows how clueless this woman is. She really is coming across more and more spoilt. I am done hoping for change from her.

    5. BTW, I think Kate talked about how she wants to get George and Charlotte into tennis. She was at least asking about what age they can start. I’m surprised she didn’t mention how ‘keen’ George is to start the sport.

    6. I didn’t know it was confirmed she was the patron of the All England Club. I just thought it was rumored. I guess this confirms it. Great, now she really does have an excuse to go to every match. Which means more faces and clapping for us. 🙂 Gosh, her and Will really do only care about sports it appears

    Sorry all, I really have nothing positive to say about her today. I am just tired of how fake Kate and Will come across more and more. And I am tired of the press praising her every move.

    1. I agree with you about the daft expressions – she’s always playing to the cameras. The new outfit was bought, I imagine, because it could be classed as work clothes as it was for an engagement…so she bought the most expensive she could find because Charles was paying.

      I don’t have any problem with taking the helicopter to Scotland – the train would take hours. I slagged her off for using it from Anmer to KP and back, but yesterday was legit.

      It hasn’t been confirmed yet about the AEC Patronage, KP are being dumb and not confirming or denying it. Dumb situation.

      1. “It hasn’t been confirmed yet about the AEC Patronage, KP are being dumb and not confirming or denying it. Dumb situation.” – let’s not forget that was a press assumption and HM is the patron. So if The Queen is still with the position why would KP think they have any place to correct something the press has come up with?

    2. I wonder if Judy Murray simply read the media reports and repeated them as fact. The Wimbledon thing was rumored in the press and the “tennis is 1 of 2 sports Kate can beat William at” thing was said by William in the press some years ago. She didn’t say Kate said any of this to her, so it kind of seemed to me that she was parroting stuff she read in the press.

      The expressions… Kate really does smile broader than everyone else.

      The helicopter ride… I would have imagined she would have taken some form of air travel (I assumed plane before I read differently). I Google Maps-ed it and by plane it’s under two hours where as by train or bus it’s 6 hours or more. So it makes sense that she would take air travel since it’s just one day.

      Out of all the crap Kate has said George and/or Charlotte like or she wants to get them into, tennis is the only one I would believe. Kate really does love tennis so it makes sense that she would want to teach her kids tennis as soon as she can.

      1. I think people are annoyed she didn’t take a scheduled flight. For being so normal, one would have thought she would do this. Plus, it’s so much cheaper and only 2 hours. After getting bad press last time, I would have thought she would take a commercial flight to save face.

        I believe the tennis thing to with George. I’m just laughing because the one that makes the most sense is the one she didn’t say George is keen on or talks about all the time.

        1. That’s what I assumed, that she would take a scheduled flight. It seems like a long way for a helicopter ride.

          1. Stansted airport or Luton – both really close. Easyjet or equivalent would cost much less even for the whole of her entourage – and her tennis gear would go on as hand luggage so she wouldn’t have to hang around. She could even have taken the tram in to the City and met a few more normal people!

          2. Are helicopters faster than jets?

            She took the helicopter, IMO, because she is a VIP don’t ya know, and because she’s entitled. Which, in effect, is mirrored by KP’s response -that it’s really no one’s business and not up for scrutiny.

          3. Maven, I’m no expert but I imagine a helicopter is slower than a jet, but it lands in her garden, and she doesn’t have to stress about meeting a peasant like me on the flight! ( I travel by plane to Edinburgh regularly for business, return day trip and 6 hour meeting is easy. ) I just wish with the expense of the heli that she spent a few days in Scotland doing a whole series of events. Nanny Maria would cope and she could Skype George which I couldn’t when I was away on business and my kids were young.

      2. Hmmm, KMR you make an interesting point about Judy Murray.
        And, do you have any idea what the other sport she can beat him at is?

    3. Agree! If it was six months or a year ago I would try to give her some credit, but almost FIVE years have passed and this royal is still trying to learn her job. When she is singing, I want to say she looks like a 5 yr. old on their first day at a new school, but that would be insulting to five year old’s. They spend a day at school learning more, playing harder and making friends with more gusto than Kate could ever manage.

    4. She needs to loosen up around kids. I find it odd that she doesn’t have that maternal touch and warmth as a mother herself. Also, how hard is it to practice the song beforehand? That would have taken her, what, 10 minutes at most?

      1. I do find it odd too that she has a different approach. Diana was full of warmth and affection much as I don’t approve of comparison. Harry is going to be a totally different father from his obvious warm and caring approach to children in public. He is so much like his Mum. I hope I am wrong and that the 2 children of Kate and William are growing up in a loving home.

        Kate had opportunity to practice song with George. Surely she knew what she was going to be doing at each of the 3 functions.

      2. well the kids have the nannies taking care of them, that s why kate has no maternal touch. I remember from a pic of Charlotte’ s christening she carried her without holding her little head

    5. Overit, you are so on target!

      I simply cannot imagine why Kate is not prepped more for these visits. Or, perhaps, she chooses not to be? If she had taken the time to learn the school song — surely, someone had to know the children would be singing to her — she could have joined in. How nice that would have been for the kids. She would not have had to sing the entire song, but perhaps just join in toward the end. You know, give them their day in the sun, but be a bit part of the fun, too.

      Not much thought goes into these visits, imo. There are so many sweet touches that could be made everywhere she goes. THey would make her visits more meaningful to those she visits.

      I am a firm believer, like others, that Kate really does enjoy athletics. She seemed to be relaxed at the tennis meeting. Looked like she was having tremendous fun. Obviously, Charlene of Monaco, has a huge interest in sport and has incorporated that into visits she has made with children, Kate should be doing that more with kids. She’s have more fun and the children would, too.

      She had a busy day and seemed to get through it in fairly good shape. So, kudos, Kate. I know we always say that not much is expected of her, so why compliment her? Still, I do think the day went comparatively well.

  5. Can’t stand skinny leg track pants. So over them. Where I live, they are worn almost exclusively by young men and I think they look ridiculous. It’s just a pet peeve of mine.

    Her other outfit is nice. Simple, professional looking.

    What’s with wearing Big Blue and the expensive watch while doing sport?

      1. Do you think she actually wears it all the time? It is soooo big I think it would get in the way. But then I suppose she doesn’t do chores, but even so I think of it as a dress ring she puts on when she goes out.

        1. My educated or uneducated guess is a big fat NO. Kate does not wear it all of the time even if she does not do normal cleaning household duties. It is for public scenery just like other special jewelry. I understand the very special significance but small is better for 24/7 at least for me. Just my humble opinion.

          1. I was joking. I also don’t think Kate wears her ring all the times. I only think she REALLY uses it much more than Diana. Diana didn’t wear the ring on the christenings of William or Harry, or at other engagements. At this tennis event, for example, Kate didn’t need to wear the ring, she is holding a racket. When she was showing Charlotte for the first time outside the hospital her left hand (with the ring) was always visible. Every picture of the girl and there was the ring. It seemed she was showing the baby AND the ring. She didn’t do this when she showed George.

          2. But, but… Diana’s granddaughter, Jamel. Of course Diana’s ring had to be on display.

      2. It’s bit out of topic, but does anybody think that this ring should remain lock some wear forever because represents bunch of lies on Charles par? Each time I see it I shudder…in disgust. When it comes to Kate, she is going to perform and she’d a spotlight for a long time. She is not my cup of tee

        1. It is an completely unimaginative design – it would be better to have it broken up and the stones reused in a new piece IMO. I’d do the same with Diana’s sapphire and pearl choker because that is another boring design using wonderful gems that wouild really shine in a new design, like a sautoir fx.

          1. Thank you ArtHistorian for deciphering my post( I accidentally push comment and than there was no option to delete it). I was very much surprised and puzzled when this ring emerged. You are 100% right that it should be dismantled. Not only carries the bad memories(Charles didn’t deliver any of the plages this ring supposed to symbolize) but also it has an ugly design. I also agree with you about the pearls and emerald choker. Although Diana looked good in everything.

  6. I give her credit for going out there and working. She just needs to work on her self consciousness and stop grinning like a maniac. If she got out more and did more engagements I think that she would get the hang of it and become a lot less nervous. She did look like she was in her element despite Big Blue weighing her down. I agree, she is better suited to kids in sport rather than sick kids. She looks so nervous around them all the time.

  7. I liked a lot that she joined the coaching session this time! Is something I always found odd that someone as sport oriented as Kate is said to be she never joined or wore appropriate clothing.
    I liked both outfits I would prefer is she wore this skirt to the HuffPo engagement it would improve dramatically the look just due to skirt length.

    I liked she said a few words, the kids probably didn’t heard her and there is no video of it, when they said he invited her to speak I hope that was something she was expecting.

    I saw gifs of Kate singing on tumblr and I must say they don’t do justice to the video, on the gifs she looks good, not trying too hard, and engaged. But as usual she’s much more awkward in video.

    I really liked her sporting outfit that is something I would wear even though I can make better price choices. She tamed the bangs for it, which was nice and bc the hair did not get in the way it was enough, however one should not wear any jewellery or watches for sport as a safety measure, as an adult she should be aware of this type of behavior around kids,especially in a position of ‘coaching’.

    I agree with everyone that said she looked fresh, joyful and young in that pic of her running it had been a while I thought of Kate as beautiful and those were my thought once I saw the pic, which is why I agree with everyone who says her main focus should be sports. Is when she looks more engaged and natural. 🙂

    I don’t think Judy’s remarks for Kate becoming patron are true, as least are not enough for me to believe it, especially bc if KP had something like that to reveal they would. Like KMR said it seems she was taking a page out of the press rather than something Kate said.

    Only bc Kate is a woman who watches sports does not mean she does something for women’s sports. Not to mention the official excuse for her attendance at Wimbledon is so she can “galvanize support” – which is one of the most hilarious things her team came up with on the official website, not the most hilarious though!

    Kate still has to improve her skills a lot! Particularly towards kids, on visiting the school she practically pass them by. The kids are literally waiting for her on the cold and still it has to be brought to her attention the noisy kids behind her are there and only after a man started to wave did she felt a magical call to do the same…. On her way out even though there were three rows of kids she only tried to make eye contact and talk to the ones in the first which looked very forced and awkward.

  8. This coat looks better with the thinner belt and the color goes particularly well with her current hair color.
    I saw other photos of the kids art work and I was impressed by it.
    Also,I appreciate the photos of The Countess of Strathean doing something athletic,b/c she seems to be in her element in the sports arena.

        1. True. We should actually use it more and she could actually visit Scotland more often. Everything gravitates towards London.

  9. Sports is her thing, and I wish that would be her main focus with kids. She looks lovely there and more importantly, really happy. That was wonderful to see! The watch was a bit fancy to play tennis in, but that’s a small nitpick. I just assume security could hold on to it when she played. The other outfit is fine (I prefer this to the Dolce skirt) but she was at the art room and hanging out at Place2Be with kids (many are facing issues like depression), so I think a fun, colorful and more creative choice would have been refreshing. I give her credit for trying the singing, she is very self conscious so I think it’s extremely hard for her to loosen up…but towards the end she did.

        1. My grandmother’s sister was completely grey by the time she was 17. Some people grey early; it’s not a huge deal.

          1. My great grandmother had full gray hair before she was 30, you are not abnormal. I continue to fight my gray from an early age. I am proud to be part of this club!!!

        2. I’m younger than Kate and already have some greys. It actually has nothing to do with age. Most people start getting some grey in their 20’s.

        3. It is genetics – and why does it matter so much when people go grey. Some go grey early and some late (my father turns 80 this spring and his hair is still black on top whereas the rest is grey and white).

        4. Smoking, stress, too many stimulants, poor nutrition etc

          It can’t be normal to start going grey before your late 30s at the earliest.

          1. This is the second time someone here has told me I’m not normal in the last three or four months. I am normal, Alis, and I don’t appreciate being told I’m not by people who don’t know me.

          2. It may not be the average, but it’s not abnormal. There are many factors to greying hair but it’s mostly genetics. There are people who never go grey (my grandfather for one), and there are people who go grey very early (my grandmother’s sister, as I said before).

            It does not matter when a person goes grey and if they don’t want to dye their hair they shouldn’t have to. It’s their choice.

            I think it’s extremely rude to say going grey before 30 is abnormal when several commenters have told you they started greying earlier than 30. What you’re saying id that the commenters are abnormal, which is rude.

  10. For the love of all that’s good and great, would someone please tie that woman’s hands to her side???? I simply can’t look at pictures of her anymore with her hands clutched to her crotch!!! And seriously someone needs to teach her how to sit up straight, the kids she’s with have better posture than she does!! Argh!!!!!! Okay, rant over 🙂

    Posture aside, I thought Kate looked rather nice today. The kilt was a great idea and a nice nod to Scotland but isn’t Christopher Kane Scottish? If so, I would have preferred the blue coat and skirt that she wore for an engagement with William. Also, why does she keep wearing black for her visits with children? Is it some subtle signal? Maybe she thinks interacting with children is like death? I don’t know, maybe I’m over thinking this. I’m with you KMR $340 for track pants??? Seriously??? I mean they look nice but so do the ones I bought for $40. Oh well, at least she didn’t wear her skinny jeans and Wedges of Doom, so I guess that’s worth the $300 she overpaid for these pants.

    Interesting how Judy Murray is simply parroting back what she’s read in the news about Kate, nothing about what they actually talked about. Why are people so hesitant to bring up conversations they’ve had with the royals? Are they afraid of being frozen out by the “privacy pair”? Is there some unwritten code about never sharing conversations one’s had with a royal? or did Kate not say anything worth sharing? I just don’t get it.

    I really didn’t mean to be over critical this morning, I really did think Kate looked nice and it appeared that she had a really great time at the tennis workshop. I guess I’m just in “mood” this morning 🙂

    1. Whenever I’m tempted to splurge on gym clothes, I pinch myself back to reality that dripping my stinky sweat on expensive stuff just isn’t worth it. That’s my beef with the $340 track pants.

      But what really grates on me are her default delirious grins. Really, honestly, they can’t be real. I just want to slap her silly now!

      Ok rant over. Agree she was at her best at the tennis workshop.

    2. It’s Scotland so she must wear a kilt?? I don’t think so. But perhaps she could wear a sporran and clutch onto that for a change. Just as well we didn’t have to find out what she wore under her kilt!!

      1. @Birdy

        Oh Birdy, thanks for the visual.

        In fact Kate should always wear a sporran, that way her skirts would be weighed down and there would be no more fly ups, in the front at least?

    3. If you look closely at the pictures with the schoolchildren, you will notice that Catherine’s coat colour is exactly the same as the school uniforms, which probably explains the choice of coat.

        1. She has on other occasions used colour or a design to enhance the event she was attending, so I would think the choice of this coat so soon after Christmas had a lot to do with the colour.

          1. People just assume she chooses colors for where she is going. No one actually knows. I honestly don’t think she thinks about it, I think her people think about it and tell her what color to wear. That is my assumption, but considering how little effort she puts into her charities, I find it hard believe she would think deeply about her clothes tying in. That is something her handlers look at and then tell her. Although, the theme dressing totally seems like her, such as wearing sail boats at a sailing event. It is too cutesy. I don’t see handlers recommending that.

      1. I think she could struggle with depression and anxiety too. This could also explain her lack of effort and poor performance in public. I think she is smart and I think if she was just putting in token appearances and didn’t care then she would do a better job and project more confidence at each appearance. This is why I hesitate to criticize her. I understand how hard it can be to even get out of bed or socialize with others when struggling with depression.

  11. “She looked great and seemed super engaged in what was going on during her stops. She really blossoms when she is with children.”

    This is a comment about this engagement by Kate on a different website. It’s the kind of comment that makes me question my hold on reality. I don’t hate Kate, and I’m not determined to see everything she does in a negative light, but to call her super engaged and that she blossoms around children?! Wtf. Maybe I’ll give her the super engaged part, but in what universe does the Duchess “blossom around children?”

    1. “Makes me question my hold on reality” hahahahaha!!! I know exactly how you feel Liz B, I read comments on other sites and have to wonder if we are looking at the same person!

    2. You haven’t lost your mind Liz B. The Kool-Aid drinkers see what they want to see. Quite frankly, I thought she was more at ease and happy at the tennis event than at the school and art room visits.

      1. Right. I would say she blossoms around tennis, but not really children. She is very much trying, but she seems most comfortable interacting with the wee beasties when they are handing cards and flowers over a rope barrier. And the open car door is beckoning less than 100′ away waiting to whisk her home. That’s what I see. Give her the sports or an art gallery/museum, but keep her away from anyone under the age of 18, no matter what the issue. Not her forte.

        1. In some small defense of the Duchess, I have two (adult now) children and also grandchildren whom I love and adore but I’ve never been comfortable around other children even close family members. So if that’s the case with Kate, it would be better for her to choose charities not so involved with children.

    3. LOL! Thanks for that Liz. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to crazy people on other sites :). She blossoms around sports, not kids. I never understood the raving of Kate around kids. She never seems comfortable. Sometimes awkward and other times ok, but never blossoming.

      1. I totally agree. This is a positive turn though. Her attending the tennis session was a great PR idea because we got to see her in her element. At least we now know what activity suits her and makes her happy, instead of thinking of her as a kind of lifeless robot or a bimbo when William is around.

      2. She seems to like the competitiveness of sports, I’m not sure how much the sport. What was the comment about 2 sports that she beats William in? Very competitive couple. I bet there is a scoreboard in their home, lol Kate 2 Will 0 haha

  12. I liked her green coat and skirt/turtleneck combo. I do wish that she wore brighter colors. The skirt length was perfect. She looked relaxed and happy during the tennis clinic. I am giving the $345 track pants the side eye. The media is going to scrutinize everything that she does. Why hand them more stories?

    She does need to stick with sport. She seems more engaged and natural. The kiddie princess is gone and she needs to embrace sporting Duchess. If she keeps this up and shows up engaged, then I will support her from the rooftops.

    Thanks for the coverage, KMR!

  13. I know the right thing in her position is to attend the female tennis matches but I know I never questioned. I guess because I prefer to watch the men play tennis.

    I really liked her athletic outfit. She comes so alive in these type events.

    1. I think it would be good if she attended female matches of any sport but she might be like you and prefer male matches. The only thing I believe should not be happening is people telling she is doing or setting up an example for woman’s sports when she is not.

    2. I mean, I don’t think it’s necessary that she attend women’s tennis matches, that was not why I brought that up. But I do think it’s BS to say Kate has done anything for women’s sport since she has only attended men’s tennis matches.

  14. I don’t understand the mouth wide open grin thing. Every engagement she goes on, that picture comes out. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but I want to scream at her “just smile”.

    I liked her outfit – clean lines – appropriate …..but I would love to see her in brighter colours expecially when she’s meeting children.

      1. Occasionally yes but in almost every picture (when she isn’t pulling her concerned face) and at every single one of her events? That’s a bit much!

  15. Woah, so she changed outfit for the sporty part of the event? Why didn’t she do that in her previous events where she needed to play sports? Like the one where she briefly played volleyball but couldn’t hit the ball properly because of her wedges. It was the event just after George was born and we saw her flat stomach. It’s like she and her staff suddenly realized “hey you know what would make playing sports better. Wearing actual athletic clothes.” In any case, nothing particularly remarkable here. It reminded me of that event where she wore the blue coat and blue kilt/skirt last year. Btw, did Judy Murray just unknowingly confirmed that Kate’s going to be the Wimbledon patron? Because as I remember, that’s still a rumor. KP hasn’t released a statement about it right? Only the Anna Freud center patronage is confirmed.

  16. She looks quite nice in those skirts, I think. The comments above are saying what is really the problem with William and Kate imo. You can’t show passion and interest where you have none. She and William both (and this is just my thought) have been forced into a mold and expectations of them are to ‘act like a royal’. Before anyone throws a pot at me, let me explain. When you see someone light up at an event like Kate did at tennis you know she is loving it and engaged in it. What William is passionate about eludes me. I don’t think either of these two have ‘found themselves’ and until they do, we’re going to see fake/phony/and flat out insulting the intelligence of masses of people. William is really no different than any other young man who inherited vast wealth and privilege, he’s simply titled. Kate’s mother wanted to climb the social ladder (why, I can’t fathom since she too is trying to be someone she simply is not). In a way, and no pity or sympathy here, I think that both William and Kate have been robbed of their childhoods and used. Kate, more so than William. Having everything handed to you on a silver platter isn’t all that awesome, imo. Again, no sympathy or pity for either of them since they have to be forced to even make a phony effort, they’re greedy, thoughtless, rude, arrogant and totally out of touch with any sort of real people. And that **is** a choice they have both made. As adults. Chronologically adults. The fact that neither of them has ever had to work, to grow, to experience hardships like the rest of the people do (yes, William’s mother was killed in a car wreck, and yes, he had to be out in public, and yes everything about his mummy and daddy’s marriage was played out in the press, and on and on) . So bloody what! It was eons ago. William is trying to be his ‘own person’ but still clings to his mummy as does Kate. They just share one now. Neither of them are people who feel obligated to ‘give back’ so lest anyone think that I’ve slipped my rails again and am heading into ‘poor little Billy and Katie Middleton’ I most assuredly am not. I have nothing but contempt for them and no matter what they do from here on out, I am with OVERIT. It will be viewed as pure pr and forced on them. After all this time I am not buying into anything they are selling. I’m waiting for the crash and burn, to see that smug smile wiped off the faces of each and every member of the ‘Buckleberry Hillbillies’ and the crash and burn of the “House of Middleton”. Kate, her uber expensive workout pants, another ‘heli’ ride. If that mass of hair hasn’t smothered her last remaining brain cell you’d think she’d pretend for a few ‘engagements’ to be aware of the public’s perception. Take a plane with the plebs, (wear a face mask if you must, crap the sugars will hail it as a new fashion statement), wear one of your gazillion pairs of athletic pants,clean up the dirty tennis shoes that you saw fit to wear in public. Heck , you’re faking it anyway so make it seem like you relate, or care about economy. I have nothing but contempt for Bill and Cathy Middleton. OVERIT, I didn’t mean to put words into your mouth. I simply agree with you!!

    Happiness, whether consisting in pleasure or virtue, or both, is more often found with those who are highly cultivated in their minds and in their character, and have only a moderate share of external goods, than among those who possess external goods to a useless extent but are deficient in higher qualities.
    Aristotle in Politics.

  17. I had to go watch something else to stop cringing! Dude, if you don’t know the lyrics, just smile and clap along. Oh, yeah, she also doesn’t know how to clap. #facepalm I can’t even talk about the horrible track pants. It’s just too awful. You could not pay me to wear those out of the house. Again, her hair was inappropriate and should have been properly pulled back. She looked so uncomfortable, awkward and unsure of what to do, that I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. I am on the autism spectrum and I understand feeling shy and awkward around strangers. If I was in her position, I’d be hiring social coaches. She’s had years and years and years to get this down and she’s not improving at all. I really believe that she was so focused on getting the ring of doom that she never realized the price you have to pay. I think all this “work” is a big shock to her and she expected people to love her because William married her by default. If you’re going to have the gall to wear Diana’s ring, at least show the smallest amount of respect for her famous work ethic. She clearly didn’t want to be there and was counting the minutes until being able to heli back to the gilded cage. She looked Ben Ainsley happy during the tennis lesson and we all know why. What a disappointing person.

    1. Bets, I agree.
      She just focused on marrying the prince and didn’t realize that “happily ever after” would be the beginning of her story and not the end.

  18. So one thing that has bothered me for awhile, and this is not Kate’s fault, is the amount the charities talk about Kate after a visit. They always talk about how keen she is or how she asked so many questions, so on, so on. Isn’t the point of her visits to bring attention to the charities? So, why are they talking about her. She should be talking about them and how great they are. No wonder the articles don’t focus on the charity, but rather on Kate’s appearance. The focus is always on her. I know on some degree that is fine since we are all here because of Kate. But I think it is sad that those involved in the charity are only asked about Kate instead of being asked more about how great the charity is. Does that make sense? That isn’t Kate’s fault, I just get tired of the interviews after the fact raving about Kate. Her job is to raise them up, not the other way around.

    1. I have felt the exact same way Overit! The Duchess is supposed to be bringing attention to her various causes, not the other way around. I keep hoping (against hope) that she will start speaking out more about her patronages, it doesn’t have to be more than a sound bite or two, just something to put the focus back where it belongs, on the charity.

      1. I don’t think she’s capable of it.
        The school principal allowing her to speak at assembly was another wasted opportunity. All she really said was “hello, see you later”.
        She was at a school for very young children and it would have been so easy for her to say something simple, short and effective to promote the charity among them.
        Just off the top of my head, she could easily have thanked the kids for the warm welcome, complimented them on their singing, said she’s so happy to be at the school to support place 2 be and looks forward to hearing from the kids about the ways in which it helps them. Then she could have quickly linked to her video message by saying how she wished such an organization existed when she was school and encouraged the kids to take advantage of it.

        1. So true Ella. I am happy she speaks more now. But even though she does open her mouth a little more, there is still nothing of substance. Her common sound bite is ‘I’m hugely thankful to be here” or something similar. She has been at this ‘job’ for 5 years now! Saying a few thoughtful comments on the charity is not hard or a speech.

    2. I’m not letting her off the hook completely. She has to do her part to ensure the charity gets an equal share of the spotlight. If she is truly passionate about her charities, she (and Jason) have to come up with creative ways to make sure it’s done.

  19. It seems that Kate’s PR people read this blog. Because it seemed to me that her visit to Scotland ticked off all the right boxes: no ridiculous wig let, hair off her face and a nice length, a conservative yet professional outfit, a skirt by a Scottish designer, not as hunch backed, speaking up a bit and looking engaged.

    However, it’s been too many years of lies and laziness so it’s going to take more work and over a long period of time, for Kate and William to get back the mass public adoration that they had at their wedding, if ever.

    Even noticing the comments on Daily Mail, most of the comments and the highly rated comments nowadays are along the lines of her being useless, lazy and an embarrassment in her role. No longer are WK able to get the masses to sing to their tune by just an appearance or two, after a long absence.

  20. Kate Middleton worked all day one day. Good.

    Now she’ll need a rest.

    Meanwhile Victoria has attended an UN meeting. (She’s maybe hours away from her due date, but works.) I admire Victoria.

  21. I haven’t read through the comments yet, so I’m sorry if someone’s already touched on this.

    She looks like her face has been stapled into place. She looks the same at every event! I’m happy to see she changed for the tennis part of the day. And not just her usual sports uniform of skinny jeans + stripped shirt, but actualy sports wear! She’s finally learning! *insert eye roll* I still don’t get wearing her jewelry. That’s the first thing I take off before sports/workout.

    I will say, this is probably the most geniune I have seen her look. It shows she’s very into sports. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I LOVE sports! I am super athletic. The gym and any game (basketball, soccer, badminton, swimming, etc) are my happy places. So given how obvious she loves sports, why not make that her thing? I don’t know what the stats over the pond are, but in Canada, it’s something like 1 in 3 kids can’t afford to participate in organized sports.

    I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she probably does like kids. But I think her problem is she doesn’t know what to do with kids who are sick or have some sort of mental illness because she was never exposed to that. Hence the maniacal facial expressions. As long as the kids are “normal”, she’s good. But problem is KP has made her thing kids who need help. (Ok, that came out wrong, but I can’t think of the proper phrase I’m looking for.) So her crazy looks could partly be a result of her being scared/not sure/afraid, but more likely than not it’s because she’s been raised to be a snob (given her social climbing mother).

    I feel like I can relate to her a little bit. I grew up privileged. My parents are self made and well to do. We were never left wanting. We went to a private school. We went to school with children of famous actors/actresses, prime ministers, CEOs of big companies, etc. So I really do get it. But my parents were adamant that we work too as soon as we were legally old enough. They paid for our educations because student loans suck! And they’d bail us out if we were in a really tough spot, but otherwise, we’re on our own. I am very grateful. Since I started working, I’ve only ever asked my parents for money once. And that was only because my ex stole my cheques, forged my signature and cleaned me out.

    And now I’m rambling. I had really high hopes for them. So much wasted potential. I think they still have a chance to redeem themselves… through a lot of hard work, but it’s still possible. But like a wise supervisor once told me, “If someone is having trouble doing something, it’s a matter of are they unable to or are they unwilling to.” Seems to me that when it comes to Kate and PW, it’s a matter of unwilling.

    1. Your parents sound wise Miss K. I’m afraid Kate was not as fortunate with her parents’ abilities. We have commented here about the Middletons’ poor parenting in the past and it totally makes sense since Kate grew up but also spent her twenties – meaning as an adult- in a protected and spoiled environment.
      Maybe as you say this is the reason she cannot relate with the sick & the poor or maybe she doesn’t have natural empathy skills like Diana had, who also grew up in a privileged environment.
      The fact remains that she does come out awkward around the needy. Especially when she’s compared with Diana or more recently with Madeleine with the Min Stora Dag children.
      But, you know, whatever nature didn’t give us, we make the adult choice to compensate for. I don’t like to go to the gym like you and I’m not a naturally sporty person but I know I have to do it so I collect myself and try my best.
      Does Kate tries her best? Does she get training and help to compensate for her weaknesses? We really doubt in this forum. That’s where the ‘unwilling’ applies, as you mentioned. Sad but true.

  22. I find I have turned into a real cynic when it comes to just about everything. I can’t help thinking that the promise of the tennis gig was the only way they could get her to: a) even go to Scotland and b) do something for her other charities.

  23. Well done Kate! Three functions in one day and she managed to go to Scotland to do them.
    Obviously a helicopter trip there and back was called for?

    A kilt for the first two functions? How imaginative, but then we do know Kate likes theme clothing. As she is Countess of Strathearn I did wonder why, if she was going to wear a kilt then why didn’t she wear the Strathearn tartan or even the Balmoral tartan, which the blood royals wear when north of the border?

    I thought Kate looked great at the tennis event. I would suggest she hires who ever styled her hair for the event. Her outfit looked good too, but over US$300 for trackie pants? How is that even possible?

    Those new blue trainers looked good too. Now I know that was a bit judgemental for calling her on those dirty trainers, I was surprised that she ventured out in them to shop in Chelsea. Most people have a pair of old trainers for walking the dog or taking out the rubbish bin etc but would you wear them shopping in an upmarket area like that? I’m no one special but when I lived in London I would dress up before going into Chelsea or South Kensington to shop, otherwise you’d never get served.

    I notice that, in that photo, Kate didn’t have Big Blue on show. It has been suggested that Kate hides the ring away when she doesn’t want to be noticed, so does that photo show the real Kate?

    I do like the idea of using tennis as a motivator to get kids off the sofa and outside getting some exercise. Considering how well Andy Murray has done in his tennis career it would be cool if that had more kids thinking… a Scotsman can win Wimbledon so I could possibly too!

    As for Kate being patron of Wimbledon, the announcement hasn’t been made yet so I wouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched.

    Good call on Kate’s lack of support of ladies tennis KMR.

    I’m pleased Kate did these 3 engagements but I do wonder where Jason’s head is at? IMO, since Jason started, it seems to me, he has only worked on Kate’s image. Maybe that was the job he was hired to do? Just promote Kate?

    In my eyes, he should be promoting William more as he is the blood royal. If William didn’t want to go to functions then Jason should have said “suck it up, it’s your job” and made him go (sweet talked him into going?). I’ve had bosses who I’ve had to help with their image and there are ways of getting a reluctant boss to do what you want (what they need to do to improve their image). It can be done.

    What has happened, with Kate seemingly working hard by doing more than one event on one day, it just makes William look even worse?

    1. I’m pleased too about her visiting Scotland and her overall ‘performance’ in the three events. And you’re right, she does look better than William at this point. But of course, consistency is the key. It will take a lot more than one successful day for Kate to restore her image.

      Whenever Kate comes out better or does more than William, we doubt of Jason’s work for William. The fact remains he really needs to personally act and get involved plus great PR moves (and not lame KP’s attacks as the recent CAA throwing under the bus) could start turning his very low image at this point. Let’s see if he even cares to give a serious try.

    2. I really like the Strathearn tartan I wish Kate would wear a coat or kilt made of it. It would look nice on her. The Strathearn tartan scarf she has looks nice on her.

      Re Jason: I’d really love to know the dynamic between Jason and William. Like, is Jason actually allowed to do his job and he’s just doing a poor job of it, or is William calling the shots over Jason’s advice and that’s why everything is so bad?

      1. It would be a great idea if she wore a Strathearn coat or kilt and visit Scotland more often. And why didn’t she wear her scarf? It would look great with her green coat. But even her theme dressing is not as successful.
        Re Jason: I have the same question about his relationship and work (if any) he does with William but it’s really one of the many questions I have about William theses days. Time will tell if we ever find out.

      2. When Jason first came around it was big news. He was going in full steam. Then WK were not living up to his hype. Hype you can be sure was all approved by them and their team in meetings and before hiring.

        I think there’s only so much he can do with uncooperative clients.
        Although, KP PR has been awful with a few things. Their leaking of news, their blaming technical issues on basic office equiptment. Typos, wrong information like dates. Really major mistakes for their level.
        It’s astounding.

  24. I liked it. Her makeup is a million times better. Softer, blended …. not caked on. She’s super thin though.

    Murray’s mother reminds me of Scarole.

    Part of me feels sorry for her at times because I get a huge feeling that William is off in many ways. Spoiled, etc. and more. But then she chased him for years. It’s interesting that not many girls wanted to date him. Like at all.

    Sweden is questioning their RF and if they can and should support them. I see Victoria and Daniel rising and showing they should remain. I don’t see it so much with William. He’s in for a rude awakening if the country truly is over this. Especially when HM is no longer here. He rubs me the wrong way for many reasons. IMHO he makes the Duke of Windsor look downright normal.

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