Prince William has only worked 12 shifts so far this year

Prince William has only worked 12 shifts so far this year

The Sun – who ignited this most recent press war with Prince William when they called him out for his laziness, and when other papers followed suit, KP responded by throwing CAA under the bus – has an exclusive today about just how many shifts William has worked so far this year: 12 shifts.

From The Sun:

    “PRINCE William has worked just 12 shifts as a helicopter pilot since January 1.
    “His job for East Anglia Air Ambulance has been used to explain why Wills has only managed two royal engagements so far this year. But he has only flown a helicopter for them on just a dozen of the last 50 days.
    “A flying source said: ‘We all know it’s a token job for him. In the past we haven’t seen him for weeks at a time. It’s not as exciting as the RAF. There he’d run off and rescue people from the sea. Here he ferries people to hospital and sits outside for an hour. He looks bored out of his skull. He’s not overly liked and people are nervous of him. He’s hardly ever here. We didn’t see him for the whole of December.’
    “An air ambulance pilot works 8.5 hour shift in a four-on, four-off rota. Kensington Palace says he averages 80 hours a month and he is currently ‘packing in the shifts’ to explain why he is not doing more Royal duties. But in nearly two months Wills, 33, has worked just over 100 hours at an average of about a day-and-a-half a week (14.5 hours a week).
    “His next royal duty is watching Wales play France in the Six Nations rugby in Cardiff on Friday.
    “The Sun told last week how Wills’ first royal job of the year was a disaster when a speech to diplomats left him facing accusations of breaching neutrality rules by apparently backing the EU Stay campaign.
    “An air ambulance spokesman said of Wills: ‘We all feel he’s very much part of the team.'”

The “flying source”: token job, William’s bored, takes weeks off at a time. All things we’ve mentioned before. We knew going into William taking this job that it was a token one for him to use to put off royal duties, we knew he’d get bored quickly, and we’ve commented that he seems to take a lot of time off.

I’ll be honest with you, while I do think William is lazy and should be called out on it, I’m far more fascinated with the fact that the press is actually calling him out and not letting up on it. As with any past criticism of him and Kate, I thought the first Sun article would be a one-off and the whole thing would die down, but it hasn’t yet. And KP even responded. It’s fascinating to watch this all play out.

There are still a few William supporters defending him, though.

To Emily Andrews’ tweet of her article there is this response arguing that William’s air ambulance work should be counted as charity work since he’s donating his salary to charity. Um, KP hasn’t even told us which charity is actually getting the money or whether any of it has been donated, so no.

William defender tweet 1

To two tweets from Phil Dampier about this Sun article, there were these tweets which are just funny to me. “Weighs” was supposed to be “works”.

William defender tweet 2

This whole thing is funny to me. Not outright HAHA funny, but just… amusing.

PS. William’s new EAAA boss is a man who organized the military involvement in his and Kate’s 2011 wedding, attended the ceremony, and was made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order shortly after: Major General Sir William Cubitt CBE. So going forward, EAAA is probably going to have even more incentive to cover for William, right? [Mirror]

PPS. Kate has a few engagements in Scotland today, which I will cover later.

173 thoughts on “Prince William has only worked 12 shifts so far this year

    1. I know that he was lazy, but at this point…. He is not desapointing us on this point!
      I don’t understand why HM, PW let the situation goes on. I will know what HM, PW, Princess Anne think about his behaviour…

      1. I’m sure if Anne cared enough about William to comment she would have some choice words for him.

      1. Holy cow! The knives are out! Wow! It’s a wonder they didn’t fire him. Too much $$$ exchanging hands, I’m guessing.

        Seasoned royal watchers predicted the boredom at the time he took the job. I didn’t see it coming.

        1. Maybe not money, but rather agreements.
          For William to get that job the EAAA got their heli they’ve been requesting for years. Word was they got bumped up the list and fast tracked so William could have a job as the other helis would require him to be a regular employee and full pilot. As opposed to Co-pilot as he is currently.

          To release William is bad press for EAAA and William. And they might face some backlash on their heli or a contract they entered into regarding William.
          Like he can leave, but they can’t make him until x amount of time.

    2. He HAS worked 12 shifts since November. This is a scandal – THIS is why the story is not going away. It’s worse than The Sun first quoted.

      The sugars all say he’s pacing himself, he’s going to be Kind a long time. I say he’s been reluctant & lazy all his life. When have you ever heard of someone changing from unwilling & petulant all his life to a duty bound workhorse in middle age?

      They’re kidding themselves.

      1. The only thing I can think of that makes a person change that drastically is a big life event like a life-threatening event for the person or someone they care about, or something similarly dramatic. Realistically, neither William nor Kate are ever going to change, and if the superfans think that everything will be different once W&K are Prince and Princess of Wales, they are in for a rude awakening.

        1. When Will and Kate become the Prince and Princess of Wales, I think they are in for a rude awakening. Remember, the last Princess of Wales was Diana, a true work horse and one who understood royal duties, and Charles is a hard worker as well. I can see Kate being compared to Diana, and that won’t be pleasant for her. Given what we have seen, she is not capable to getting even close to that level of work, not to mention care and concern.
          I have read that one of the reasons Camilla did not take the title of POW, was because of the inevitable comparison with Diana, and, of course, the fact that the public would have revolted.

          1. I have a question : the British will accept a new princess of wales or will prefer that this title is not used again, even if it is by kate and not by camilla?

          2. Im happy for Kate to be Princess of Wales if she works. It was just with Camilla everything was too raw and too soon and as a second wife and divorcee (still frowned upon though very common in the BRF) it just wouldn’t have worked for Camilla. Whilst many people now love her (not me as is well known on this blog) I think even her biggest fans would say best that Camilla stays away from the title. It wouldn’t make sense for Kate not to have the title if her husband is P of W, and indeed she is mother of a future King too. Well that’s my view, anyway.

          3. Legally, Camilla IS the princess of Wales. However, due to the controversy of Camilla’s role in the Charles/Diana marriage, and the fact that they married at a time when Camilla was still hated, it was felt that the more prudent thing would be to use the lesser title. In much the same way that they are saying she will be Princess Consort rather than Queen Consort.

            the reality is that when Charles is King, Camilla will be Queen Consort. And given how much better her public image is, there will be little objection.

            The Princess of Wales title is so wedded to Diana in the public’s mind, that people really think Camilla isn’t the Princess of Wales even though she is currently married to The Prince of Wales.

          4. Camilla seems to be a really hard worker too. She is warm, natural and engaging at her events and is particularly good with animals and children. She has grown on me a lot and you can tell that she and Charles are the best of friends and genuinely love each other. I don’t know if the British people will ever accept her though, she’s still very unpopular and I’ve read that the palace is extremely careful to send her to areas where she is liked and has history and connections.

      2. Imagine if during the month of January he and Kate were in vacation…. It will be worse than the actually news….

        I prefer the royal commentator says the reality than they sold a false fairytale…

          1. Yep!! But I think that the visit of Kate can make forget about the Will’s scandal…

            The choice of the rugby engagement is not very discerning,skilled.

        1. Look at their skin tone between that January Wreath laying thing at Sandrigham and now. they definitely have a sun skissed glow to their skin in recent pictures.

          Plus one of the papers wrote an article about them taking their first holiday as a foursome in January around the time Kate was supposed to have told her staff to fill her diary because she was suddenly going to be a workhorse – i can’t remember if it was this particular article that had that quote about their week’s holiday.

          i remember that it struck me as weird wording since we had just been informed that William took 3wks off for Christmas.

          1. And yet it turned out to be 4 weeks (at least) for William. Remember how Sir Roger Moore tweeted/reported that he had been bumped from a flight to Scotland in January and that his place was taken by Kate? I wondered whether they had taken separate routes to Scotland and then flown off somewhere. They act with such unnecessary secrecy.

  1. I actually found the Emily Andrews tweets laugh out loud funny. My question to her is why is he only working part time in the first place. Even with full time shifts he would still have more time to do royal duties than he is doing. I really think his defenders are actually making the situation worse. What is wrong after all with a well educated man living off the state doing virtually nothing with his life, Emily?

    Looking forward to seeing Kate. When Diana was under attack she used to come out to work looking awesome and simply blew away the critics. She understood the need to put her game face on. Wonder if Kate can do the same? Let’s be positive and hope so.

    Will she be wearing Lululemon to play tennis?

    1. I saw someone mention that they thought Kate may have been shopping at Lululemon for clothes to wear during her tennis thing today. Possible. I just hope Kate doesn’t wear a dress and heels or giant wedges to the tennis thing.

      It always boggles my mind the things people come up with to defend William and Kate.

      I wonder if KP/William are going to use Kate’s event today as some form of damage control. I mean, William can’t use his event on Friday as damage control since it’s just a rugby match.

        1. If she/KP were smart, she’d give big smiles to the cameras and say words for the press to print and us to talk about, giving something for the press to focus on instead of William’s crap.

          PS. W&K gave giant smiles to the US press when they arrived in NYC… because FU British press, amirite.

          1. If she was smart (biggest IF ever…) she’d debut a radically different look to fill the papers with. Editors want clicks, regardless of how they come. Chin length straight hair would fill columns until the middle of next week.

            She’s not that smart, though. Or that willing to cut her hair.

          2. Lol, Kate should have saved the hair cut until now, then all the papers would have focused on that like they did back in December.

          3. So far Kate’s engagement today isn’t rating the front page of the DM, just a little blurb on the side. And less than 100 people have showed up, I guess the public is getting weary of these two as well.

      1. Frankly, I’m hoping she shows a crack in the facade. I suspect she imagines the two of them untouchable. I would like to see this getting to her/him.

        Also, I don’t want this scandal derailed this time.

        1. I’m sure they are both furious at being exposed as well as with the leak from EAAA colleagues. What does William do with his time? If, as Clem wondered, they had skipped off on vacation in January, now is the time for someone to spill those beans.

          1. You’re so right! Looking at the Scotland pics of her nothing has changed and all the OTT tics are there including some subtle ennui. She really is a “WaityBot’- perfect moniker for her. Plug her in and boot up the programme.

          2. This is nothing new, but her facial expression is beyond bizarre. So many photos today,of her day, including lots of other people that attended the events including that silly tennis lesson. In virtually every single photo, Waity is the ONLY PERSON WITH A GAPING SMILE.

            Kate holding a tennis racquet – gaping smile. Kate listening to instructions – gaping smile. Kate approaching children – gaping smile. Kate being approached by administrators – gaping smile. Kate bouncing a tennis ball – gaping smile. Even when the entire group of people are listening intently to the coach, she’s the only one with a gaping smile. If others are, in fact, smiling, they are smiling in a normal way – mouth closed – in a genuine way.

            Why is she ALWAYS doing this?????

            I wish the Queen would tell her it’s bad form to put your tongue and tonsils on display every time you’re in public.

        2. If you see Kate smiling more manically today at her engagement, then you know the flack is getting to her. Those huge, nonstop grins are her cover-up for something that’s eating her inside like rot.

          1. +1. It’s just her grotesque maniacal mugging for the cameras. As usual, it’s all about her. If you asked her to name who she met or what people said, I reckon she’d be hard pressed to remember.

      2. My Twitter feed this morning was filled with Keen Kate in Edinburgh. KP was re-tweeting the hell out of anything with her manic smile in it. And it looks like more press were around – at least for some of it. More press = more pretty pics to share. Ummmm – maybe that’s their point, Jason.

        1. Richard Palmer said 46 people were there when he arrived, which swelled to all of 89. So, not too much interest from the Scots.

          1. Was he including press? I wonder how many people wandered over to see what was going on when they saw the original group and photographers? It doesn’t seem that hordes of people were waiting for Catherine to appear. Just a few looky-loos.

    2. Emily Andrews is suggesting we all be fine with him working 2 days a week (which he actually doesn’t do) and far less then other part-time workers (because him want to be so normal and like everyone else as he’s said on multiple occasions), I’d totally agree if that meant he wasn’t on holiday on all the other 3 days (or 5 days) of the week and neglecting his royal duties while living in tax-funded lifestyle and luxury because of the royal status he enjoys while loathing its responsibilities.

      1. Emily Andrews is firmly on the path of truth and exposing Williams b/s. She has to be VERY careful what she writes as one flaw will be leaped upon as proof her expose was false. She’s a diamond.

  2. It’s so strange that he has never been photographed or spotted with his children outside an official photograph session despite having all this time off.

    1. I know, right. We’ve gotten pap shots of George with Kate, George with Carole, George (and Charlotte) with Nanny Maria. But no pap shots of George or Charlotte with William.

      1. Have we ever seen a pic of Prince Charles with his grandchildren? I mean, other than at their christenings? Id love to see him being all sweet with them, like when he held up Camillas granddaughter on the balcony after Waity and Willys wedding. I wonder if he gets to see George and Charlotte much.

        1. We have seen glimpses. The photos generally aren’t carried. Charles was very sweet with George at the polo event.
          Same with Harry.

          It’s known Charles was very aware of his sons privacy post Diana’s passing. I think he expects the same of the press now with his grandchildren AND has the relationship with them to achieve it.
          Outside of events like holiday church and polo I doubt much time is allowed for visits.
          Which is bs since WK bank too greatly on his accounts.

        2. You could see a photo of Charles and George in the background in that Prince’s Trust doc with Ant and Dec. I recall it being cute, but honestly can’t remember the details. Would be so awesome to see him with the kids. There are pics and vids of the Queen with her grandkids and even Charles with the Queen mother. Although now that I think about it, they were mostly from the post-Christening photo sessions. Which we know Wills put on lockdown. No behind the scenes, no happy royal family, no one holding the kids except he and Kate. What a control freak!

    2. Given that George wants to be a helicopter pilot ( or was that yesterday!) daddy could have taken him to sit in a helicopter and invited the press. We used to see Diana and Harry playing in tanks. Little boys love big boys toys.

      1. Just watch and wait Birdy at Kate’s Wimbledon appearance as patron when she says that George wants to be a Grand Slam winner.

        1. Well, George may wish to be a Grand Slam winner (although of course he is far too young to have any idea what that means) but that would require a lot of work on his part. Unlike his father’s “jobs” there isn’t anyway KP or William can arrange or buy a Grand Slam win for him.

      2. Ah no, George doesn’t want to be a helicopter pilot today is the tennis day so Kate will be telling everyone George wants to be a tennis player?

        Oops, looks like Yorkie said it first!
        (great minds think alike?)

  3. Wow, I’ve noticed that William has become lazier and lazier since his marriage but I didn’t realize what a liar he is. That fact that he and his PR team have blatantly lied to the taxpayers that fund his and Kate’s “private” lifestyle bothers me so much more than their laziness, there is just no excuse.

    1. Yes : I’m OK with you : On, you can read a citation from William : “My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring.” – Prince William

      It’s “funny” to make this citation in relation with the Will scandal! For me he lost all credibility.

    2. I’m glad PW and KP are being outed for their complicity in duping the public—s**t will always stink, as the saying goes. I hope the press marches on with their exposés.

    3. i realised they were liars at during their engagement interview.

      so much in that interview is glib and falsehoods.

      the biggest whopper of all being his proposal story which was a straight copy of his own friend’s engagement story that had ran in a society section of DM the previous month. The only detail he changed was the country.

      and soon after that i started to see all the lies in their PR. That it was all designed to hide their true activities rather than a need to build their images. Secret lives is the true goal of their PR.

      one of my friends was not bothered until the Kate/RAF wives kerfuffle. That lie really upset her because she has ties with that community.

      fast forward to this latest exposure of yet another lie and i’ve reached that point where i’m just finding it funny as opposed to being annoyed by it.

      Even if my taxes are being used in this way.

      1. “the biggest whopper of all being his proposal story which was a straight copy of his own friend’s engagement story that had ran in a society section of DM the previous month. The only detail he changed was the country.”

        Say what? He didn’t propose that way? I thought he copied his friend but he lied? I couldn’t quite buy the idea of carrying Diana’s ring around in a rucksack but this is news. It truly is funny at this point since as far as I can tell your country has ***nothing*** to lose by exposing waity and wimpo since aren’t they essentially ornamental? Expensively so, but have no real ‘clout’ with the actual workings of the government? If nothing else at this point it’s entertaining to watch the pr and press ‘duke it out’.

        1. No one knows how he proposed, but he was probably told he needed to come up with something since he was being sold as the romantic prince – son of Diana finally found true love and all that.

          1. Since that story variations of the proposal have come out.
            When it happened, where it happened change slightly.
            Like they got engaged informally, but needed a story to publish.

            A story that made sense imo was this one.
            William is told he should look into settling down by Charles. William is getting bad press for ending with Kate. William goes back to Kate, proposes, accepted, and smooths feathers with her family.
            Then trip with ring is planned.
            Harry’s video interviews in this timeline help suport this variation imo.

          2. What is more interesting to me is that he told his family of the engagement only 2 hours prior to it being publicly released.

          3. My2Pence
            I disagree. It was the only solid move William could make at the time. Charles didn’t encourage William to treat Kate so poorly or to dump her after nearl a decade of tease. And William had always noted he wanted to be wed by 30. Factor in no one else would have him. And he knew Kate would put up with him nonsense it all fits.

            Not that Charles told William to marry Kate because she was the only one willing. I’m not meaning to say that at all.

        1. During engagement period, Kate’s Pr memorably told all of us how she couldn’t wait to work, would hit the ground running, was the most prepared royal bride ever blah blah, really laid it on thick.

          Then a few days after the wedding, the Palace said that rather than work, Kate was going to be a housewife in Wales, settle into her marriage and join the RAF wives club on Anglesey

          A few months later, as well as being papped in London more than Wales, it transpired that she had declined the RAF Wives’ club invitation to join them.

          Sidenote – this about turn was the start of the false Queen lived in Malta story used to justify Kate’s refusal to work in that first year.

          1. Still Kate had the audacity to ‘write’ forewords to the RAF wives book, altough people that have been follwing her know she never attended any RAF wives meetings.

          2. That was what started turning me off Kate. All the stories about Kate being Everywoman, grocery shopping, etc. and she wouldn’t join the RAF wives club. Then had the effrontery to write the foreword for their book. I guess they asked her, although I don’t know if I would have even if it would bump up my sales. On the other hand, it was the least she could do after snubbing them. I haven’t seen anything about her at the Sandringham Women’s Institute either.

        1. The RAF wives are a close knit group that respect privacy. They are said to be very kind and supportive with the bond of their husbands jobs.
          Kate was offered a place with them and refused on grounds of privacy issues.
          Like these ladies could not be trusted before meeting them with no other privacy issues before.
          When she started getting papped near her parents vs her husband everyone pretty much accepted why.

          It was seen as sort of an insult to the wives.

    1. I’m glad the newspapers and CAA are throwing major shade at PW and have not been been bent into silence or submission by KP. I hope they don’t let up on him and his equally lazy dimwit wife.

      But I’m dying to know the catalyst for ganging up on him. Could it be the “ban” on photographers from taking pics of his family?

      1. I don’t think it comes down to one catalyst but rather a combination of built up resentment, the HuffPo event (which the rest of the British media didn’t really cover) and William snubbing the BAFTAs, which he got called out for. I especially think the last two instances that provided the impetus.

        I have commented before that the HuffPo used Kate to establish themselves in the British media landscape and that it was a mistake on the part of her team. Especially since the rest of the British media didn’t really cover the event, which really hurts the cause. Then William once again snubbed the BAFTAs and that’s got to have pissed off some people who have important press connections. It is never wise to piss off important people.

        I guess it just took one member of the press to voice the criticism publicly for the rest to follow.

        1. Well I’m just glad that finally they are all following. Because it’s not the first time a journalist has written something calling out Kate or William but they usually become a lone wolf. This is a first. It’s about time.

          I wonder if the HuffPo thing is what tipped the scale? Because they have (on twitter) complained about not being allowed to use photos that overseas press does, embargo deals that they honour but get the cold shoulder from KP, a handful of photographers being invited to events (Char’s Christening etc.) and the release of significant British historic G&C baby photos on American social media.

          1. I don’t think that Kate’s $3,000.00 helicopter ride helped their ‘down to earth’ image either. She’s so arrogant and yep, an accumulation of things coming together to create a maelstrom and I hope it continues to grow until it blows the “House of Middleton” to smithereens. And the fact that it’s going on while the queen is still alive and reigning? Wow. Just wow.

            A bit off topic but I read in one of the articles that prince Phillip was fresh out of heart surgery? Can one of you please enlighten me? I am not British, I know little if anything about prince Phillip’s younger years but that man delights me.

          2. royalsareajoke: december 2011 – Heart attack requiring surgery.

            summer 2012 – Bladder infection that required hospital stay

            Summer 2013 – operation on abdomen. described as exploratory and a precaution.

            it was a very close thing in 2013. He looked terrible for months afterwards and that’s after spending all summer and autumn recovering.

          3. Any operation at his age is not taken lightly. It’s only done if absolutely needed with death being an extremely real outcome.
            Many MANY surgeons will not operate close to that age as it’s very likely the patient will pass away through no fault of the team. Still, it means paperwork and scrutiny.

            So, if philip went under the knife he had to.
            And it’s incredible he went back to work so soon. I’ve seen patients who do everything right, but take weeks to recover from something like a bladder infection/prolapse. It’s painful and you never fully recover at that age.

      2. Hi Yorkie, I think it’s just an accumulation of years that the Cambridge’s have been rude to reporters and photographers. KP has banned most of the press from events attended by William and Kate (which is stupid as the charities really need the publicity their visits bring), Chris Jackson (Tash’s bf) is the only photographer allowed to get close to the Duchess (therefore he gets the money making shots), on tours W&K completely ignored the reporters and photographers traveling on the same plane as them (just rude imo), the list goes on and on.

    1. *He’s not overly liked.* Yeah, Will! If other people have to cover for you, if you are making others rearrange their schedules because you call off, if you act bored with a job others pride as an important profession, if you spend little time with other staff members and don’t bother to get to know them… Yes, you will not be overly liked.

  4. This also makes a liar out of the spokesperson for the EEAA who praised him to the skies. Shameless. Also makes the EEAA powers look suspect. It’s like a place to launder money. EEAA is a place to launder Willy’s lies and laziness.

  5. I have to now wonder if everything is ok with the Cambridge children and/or the Cambridge marriage? Is that why PW is being seen so little, to focus on fixing up his home life? Is it why KM looks so insecure and tired and faded at her public appearances?

    Funny, KM’s HuffPo guest editing thing was suppose to bring her and William endless praise and positive press; people were suppose to forget that they come across as lazy and entitled! It appears to have had the opposite affect with the press keeping the criticisms coming fast and furious.

    1. I don’t mean to sound cruel Red Tulip, but I really don’t see William as the type to spend a lot of time working on his marriage, maybe his children but since we’ve never seen him in candid photos with them maybe not.

      1. Not to butt in but I don’t think that you’re being cruel at all. This man treated waity like dirt before he finally tossed her Diana’s ring, and I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a marriage so much as a ‘ you give me heirs and I’ll give you a title and massive amounts of the taxpayer’s money’. Well, the heirs are here.
        The fact that he does have heirs points to his total lack of character to me. He loathes everything ‘royal’ but brings two children into it knowing full well what they’ll be facing? Now that was probably cruel. What *I* just said.

  6. This is a very interesting outcome in the life of Prince William: the golden prince who turns out to be a golden goose. What a sad way to end the fairy tale. The prince did marry his Cinderella but they turn out to be a couple of freeloaders & an embarrassment to the royal establishment. Worse still, they don’t even look happy together. What about the children? I don’t think he spends enough time with them. He loves his family but still wants to have his bachelor life. I think the last straw will be photos/news of them jet setting on a secret holiday. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Queen or Prince Charles confronts William. Or will they just let him be, throw him to the wolves & let the press tear his reputation to pieces??!!

    1. IMO, Cinderella turned out to be one of the step-sisters. 😉

      Kate and William haven’t looked happy in years. Also, we’ve never seen a pap shot of William with the children. Kate with the kids, Nanny Maria with the kids and Grandma Carole with the kids! But no pictures of Daddy William with George and Charlotte. It makes me sad for them because they’re the innocent ones in this whole thing.

      Also, I think Liz and Chuck will allow William to be torn apart by the press.

      1. Is William that smart & secretive that he’s always on to the Paps that he won’t be photographed with his children secretly because he values their privacy? I think there’s something very, very wrong with him.

    2. Well, since his papa and his grandma seem to have allowed him to run ripshod over everything and everyone, pampered him, coddled him, and now are trying to ‘protect’ him with that utterly stupid ill thought out response from KP (newsflash, this isn’t the 15th century, when what came out of the palace was the word of God and not to be questioned) and it has backfired big time I think if they’re smart they’ll let the wolves have at him. That crap with his uncle Andrew and allowing him a platform to defend **himself** irked the people (the Jeffrey Epstein thing), so if the queen or Charles steps in they are risking their positions or at least their credibility. They would have to lie I think. I don’t think at this point anything will ‘repair’ his reputation, people are angry and now his mates are speaking out. Saying the same exact thing that people who run blogs, who comment on blogs, have been seeing and saying for years. I didn’t see the ***boredom*** coming but there was no question in my mind that this was a token job, to play with the whirlybirds, that he wouldn’t be ‘one of the guys’, he **can’t** be one of the guys and he was given that ‘job’, it was created for him and while the working people felt restrained in speaking out I never bought the ‘he’s just one of the team’ rubbish. The fool is a prince, he can’t be ‘normal’. I don’t think the queen or Charles or the powers that be want the spotlight to be turned on them directly. This is getting better and better and better by the minute. **snicker**

      1. This episode with William happening on the Queen’s 90th year, definitely not a good birthday present for her. Prince Philip had always been tough with Charles but when it comes to William he became a softie. Maybe this is due to Diana’s death. It always goes back to Diana. If she had been alive would William turn out to be like this? Diana never taught him to be arrogant & selfish. Helping others was her priority. William became everything that she despised in the royal family. What happen to his promise to continue his mother’s legacy?

        1. Well, Diana did her part with William. She with everyone else treated him like the heir.
          Because she worked didn’t mean William did. Most we heard was how she’d tell William Harry will go in his place and have all the fun when William refused to attend something.

          William is known to have been coddled by all adults growing up.

      1. An absolute insult!! Love your comment, it’s right on and you’d think that someone, somewhere would have the good sense to just ‘shut up’ and weather the storm rather than doing something stupid like this. Your reaction is probably the exact same as the vast majority of people (set aside the sugars and sycophants) and this is just fueling the fire. Taking us for fools is not a good PR move Jason. What next, the pilot of the helicopter passing out cold and William having to not only pilot the heli but hang on to the rudder with one hand while rescuing a child with the other?? That’s just as believable.

    1. Tangled? I’m not surprised that he seems to have no idea what he’s doing after all, now we really know he’s hardly there.

    2. Those photos could have been taken anytime. But more importantly they are especially uninteresting pictures, which is the red flag to me. It’s not about anything but showing proof that he “works”, well, at least for that morning, whenever it was.

  7. “So going forward, EAAA is probably going to have even more incentive to cover for William, right?”

    Must have someone at the top covering for William, forcing the plebs to keep quiet about the facts.

    The new photos are so obvious. Who falls for this?

  8. The comments on the latest article are hilarious and the article itself is bordering on passive aggressive or at least obvious in blatantly admitting that this is to counter his ‘not working’ call out. People aren’t buying it. If the pictures of waity are from today, the posters were right. Smile and wave in place. Sometimes I can’t figure out when a picture was taken, this woman/child tends to look the same in a lot of them, to me at least.
    Really, Jason. He is so working. So there!? Is not, is too is a bit childish in defending a prince, don’t you think? I get that you are working with a child but isn’t **your** job to make him look a bit more, more…I can’t find the right word. And William posing for pictures is showing how desperate he is, but also how stupid he is, or thinks we are. Just my opinion. Wow.

    1. Same old grins with vacant eyes. So phony that she could paste on manic smiles throughout the event. My face and lips would be twitching after 20 seconds. Does she run on battery?

      Sorry KMR, don’t mean to hijack Kate’s Scotland event. I will stay quiet now till your next post.

  9. Wow, the train wreck people have been predicting has started. Some of the cars are coming off the rails. If William does not want to be King one day, isn’t now the time to say so? Of course, Carole will never stand for that, will she? Does anyone actually think she pushed Kate toward him for any other reason than the actual crown?

    What a mess!

  10. Why do I picture a puzzled Will and Kate sitting on the sofa. They are talking about how they didn’t go on holiday with Pippa and James. They didn’t get caught going on holiday to another place. So Kate says to Will, “I thought NOT going on holiday meant we were working.”

  11. That just irks me to no end. I busted my ass off to become a medic. 3000+ applicants for 70 spots at school. 2 years of school. Literally had to workout like a fiend because one component was to lift a 200lb patient up and down 4 flights of stairs. (I’m 5’6, 125lbs) That’s no easy feat. Not to mention having to maintain at least a 70% average to stay in the program. So full time school + internship + part time job. I had like no life. And agter graduating, I had to sit through exams upon exams to become provincially certified. And then came the exams (written and practical) for each department I applied to for a job. After getting hired, then it’s base hospital training and more exams. It was the hardest 3 years of my life. A serious challenge… mentally, emotionally, physically. And I got lucky to be hired on my first try. I know some people I graduated with who still can’t find a job. I am super grateful for my career. He’s an entitled lazy asswiping prick of a prince. I get it. Life’s easy for him. But for him to waste such an opportunity… ugh!!!!!

    1. Gosh, I am glad you showed how hard it is to get a job like his! You busted your butt and he was handed the position on a silver platter. And he still doesn’t do anything with it. I can only imagine how those who are trying to get a job look at him with resentment.

    2. That’s the difference between people like you and Wills: you have genuine passion for, and commitment to, your work. You deserve and, more importantly, appreciate your every achievement.

      He’s just playing at this. It doesn’t matter to him because none of it has been hard won.

      It makes me so angry that my taxes and those paid by my family – all hard workers – go towards the continued funding of this anachronism and lazy, entitled little shits like Wills and Kate.

      I really wish that he’d just quit the pretence and allow the EAAA job to go to someone who has genuinely worked for it and needs the income.

    3. Good for you! Well done! It is sad to think about the money, work and time people have put in a professional calling, take it very seriously, loose time away from their families and view their work as a passion.

      On the subject of children. I have to wonder why people fall for the W&K are wonderful parents and just want to spend time with their children. Does that mean other parents can’t wait to leave the soft cuddles of their children, are sick of their sweet faces and love to dash out the door hoping an emergency keeps them away doing overtime.

    4. First off, congratulations and thank you! It’s obvious that you are passionate about your career and we need people like you. Secondly, if I”m livid I can’t imagine how angry you and people like you are. Keep the rage coming and blow the lid off the HOM. (House of Middleton), as long as it doesn’t harm you. Your hard work and breakdown of what it takes is very telling and I suspect that his ‘co workers’ are just as angry as you are but are just beginning to feel safe in speaking out.
      Oh, and Miss K, you needn’t hold your true feelings back here on KMR. I mean I get being nice and low key but KMR welcomes comments so just let it ‘all hang out’. 🙂

    5. Congratulations on seeing it through and making it to the position you dearly wanted. One of William’s problems is that people seem to bend over backwards to give him what he wants. I wonder if part of the reason he gets to play helicopter pilot is because as the heir to the heir he wasn’t allowed to go into combat like Harry did. I remember PC being envious of Prince Andrew during the Falkland war for the same reason.

      Well he got what he wanted and he just uses it like it’s his little toy to play with when it catches his attention. Jigs up William!

      One other note: thank you and all of the emergency personnel out there who do their job because it’s what they live for. I recently had to take an ambulance ride and the young lady who was the driver was about your size and I was blown away at her getting that gurney up and into the ambulance and her driving skills in the weather we were having. We were going so fast we passed my sister-in-law who had left about 1/2 an hour before we did and that ambulance only slipped one little bit during the whole drive. If I had to do it all again I’d request her…lol

      1. Lisa, I have a feeling this is gonna come out totally wrong, so please know I don’t mean it that way. We hate being called drivers. There’s no such thing as an ambulance driver. We’re all medics. We take turns treating patients. Depends on how you work it out with your partner. 1 shift I could do all the driving. The next I could be doing all the treating. Or we switch every call. Trust me, driving is not fun. People don’t pull over or think they’re important than you. Just idiots/ignorance all around. Add some weather into the mix or terrible road conditions and it’s super fun! We get trained on how to drive and we have a different license (at least here we do). So for PW to be a “co pilot” is another point in the negative for him. I’ll give him credit for becoming a pilot. My ex went to school to become one, so I know it’a difficult. But that only makes him a pilot. It doesn’t make him a medic. Unless he did more training that wr don’t know about, but I highly doubt it. Drives me absolutely nuts!

        1. Not taken the wrong way at all Miss K! I didn’t use it in a derogatory way, that was simply the role she filled that night and I was completely impressed by her skills in the hospital and on the road. I know full well that anyone who is in the position of caring for people in extreme situations like that are fully trained and dedicated to their positions.

          I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, it was not my intent.

          1. Not offended at all! I totally went into defensive mode because it happens a lot. There’s a lot of misconceptions about the career. You’d think PW would take the opportunity to educate the public and help raise awareness/funding. But hey, that would be asking him to work and we all know that’s too much for him. Both him and Kate… such a waste of potential!

          2. Miss K, William doesn’t work enough to care about defending the position. Also, if I remember correctly he was supposed to be finished with his training well before the date he actually finished it. It seems it was always getting pushed back. Either he just couldn’t grasp any concept beyond flying the helicopter or he was already getting bored with having to study (just like the special Cambridge course). I think William wanted a reason to fly and saving lives is ingrained in him (because of his mummy issues).

            Anyone who is dedicated and goes through the extensive training that is needed to do the job that you have is amazing to me. The world needs more people like you and I, for one, am very happy that you’re out there doing what you do every day.

    6. Thanx guys! I worked hard and am very proud of what I’ve achieved.

      As for letting it all hang out, there’s more. What I went through is just for a primary care level. There’s advanced care level and critical care level. All involve more schooling and exams and recommendations and experience. So more mental, physical and emotional challenges. I don’t know how different it is over the pond, but to be a flight medic here, you need to be critical care level. So someone at his level would’ve gone through a lot more than my “measly” 3 years. It’s not easy getting to that place in my career. Most don’t make it to that level for a number of reasons. It’s not a matter of just wanting it and going to school. They have to want you. They don’t just take anyone and justifiably so. We literally have people’s lives in our hands. It makes me mad to think about how he’s wasting such an opportunity.

  12. What baffles me is the people out there still defending him. Are they brainwashed? I don’t get it. Like saying her is really doing charity work because he ‘donates’ his salary. How do people truly believe things like this????? He is playing around and postponing real work. He only ‘donates’ his money in order to save face and we don’t even know where he donates his salary. I can’t believe people don’t see the truth. Take the wool off your eyes!!! Its like talking to crazy people 🙂

    1. I think if he did donate his salary to charity (and now that we know KP lies, it’s doubtful) he likely gave it to his own Royal Foundation and that’s probably why KP won’t announce the details.

      1. This is what I was thinking. Charles already does something like this. Royals never give their money away. Donating to charity? that is for the peasants.

  13. I’m a republican and would love for this media scrutiny to continue… but it’s not going to.

    William and Kate’s behaviour is nothing new. The press have long known about it. This criticism has *only* arisen after William was deemed to have spoken on the European Union and our remaining a part of it. Newspapers such as the Daily Mail and The Sun, a Murdoch rag, are keen for the UK to leave the European Union and will have been angered by William’s (perceived) political comments.

    This is their shot across the bow, a warning, to make William and his opinions fall back into line. If the lazy balding coot backs away and doesn’t make any further comments about the EU, the press will again turn a blind eye to his and Kate’s work shy ways.

    1. I don’t think they will now that they’ve seen how the public have lapped it up. Their ultimate aim is to sell copy and advertising. W&K have been pissing them off in multiple ways particularly over photographers’ access. Although I don’t think it will hurt the monarchy as there’s still too many sycophants in UK; the press are not going to give up on the stories any time soon.

      1. KMR, I’m sorry to threadjack–please delete if you’ll be writing a post on Waity and I can add it there. I just HAD to post this asap…..

        I was livid when I just went to the UK Telegraph to re-read a story I’d read this morning — only to see it had been SWALLOWED UP by an article about her engagement(s) today. It was entitled “Duchess of Cambridge Risks Row by Taking Helicopter Rather Than Train on Edinburgh Day Trip”

        It was a great piece of journalism, in which they broke down costs and how there was no need for her to take the heli because of events scheduled close together, etc. and that a scheduled flight or train would have been much more sensible and cost-efficient.

        Here’s the link to the original story: (They’ve pretty much cleared it from Google as well, because I could barely find reference to it at all.)

        I hope this whitewashing trend by the Telegraph doesn’t continue. Maybe it was a fluke that the story ran in the first place? Got past certain editors perhaps?

        1. Seriously?!?! I realize that it might have been difficult to change plans so late in the game, but are they really that tone deaf?
          The bit about the helicopter is still in the Telegraph article, but buried in the middle. Hopefully a more gutsy paper will make it headline news.

          1. Amy, thanks for clarifying that the helicopter issue is still there. I was so livid I hadn’t read that far. Too bad the original headline hadn’t remained…..

          2. The telegraph will be torn between reporting the royals’ discretions and maintaining their ‘royalty is patriotic’ line hahaha. Interesting to see which way they will go if the other papers start calling the royals out for their spending on a regular basis from now on.

  14. I’m tiring of this. He needs to work. Full stop. If not, he will get bored when he’s king and want to quit. Enough of this tomfoolery.

    1. Interesting- who knows? It is ridiculous that he wasn’t there and people certainly weren’t happy about it. I do realize that she could do more, but I agree with Katie N.’s point that at least Kate has the excuse of having two young children at home to care for. Yes, she has way (WAY) more helo than most parents, but she does seem to be relatively hands on and having two children so young is not easy- I would guess she must put in way more time as a parent than William does at EAAA. William should have far more engagements than she does and the fact that that is not the case is troubling. It makes me sad as an American (And I would be mad as a British tax payer) because there is so much history to the BRF and it really does seem like it is all going to end with William.

      1. I think I may actually believe this, and I don’t always believe everything that Katie Nicholl says because normally she never says a critical word about Kate. Some people have theorized that she may actually have connections with the Middletons and that Carole Middleton may be one of her ‘sources’. But I can believe that something like this could happen. I think some people think that people are just upset that William didn’t go to the BAFTA ceremony when in reality they are also talking about a reception held in Kensington Palace so I could imagine someone questioning why he wasn’t there because it is his London residence. We never got a real explanation for why he wasn’t there and if he was working with the air ambulance why couldn’t Kate go in his place to represent him?
        I know exactly what you mean, I am an American as well. But I have a degree in history and hope to go to grad school to study history as well so this is very disheartening. But I think that all is not well in William and Kate’s house. I have seen pictures of him scolding and yelling at her that were not published in British newspapers and I was shocked. I think this is just the beginning. Just like with Charles and Diana we will start to see more leaked stories about what goes on behind the palace walls.

        1. We just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors though with so much manufactured sunshine-and-light PR – as it transpires, years of lies, nothing but lies – we can conclude that all is not what it seems.

          We do know that they both think they are super hot, are self-absorbed and entitled. Personally, I do not assume that either W or K are hands-on or good parents because that would require qualities that these two have never, ever demonstrated. Just because W+K do bugger all ‘work’ doesn’t automatically equate to the huge expanse of time remaining is spent with their children.

          1. I agree that it is hard to know what the truth is. But I also agree with the point that another person made on this thread when they mentioned that there have never been any paparazzi pictures of William with his children. Yet, we have seen George going for walks with his nanny, and pictures of him at a petting zoo, park, museum, etc with his mom and his grandmother. In my opinion (and this is just the impression I am getting) William prides himself on being traditional (or so he claimed in an interview) so I think it is very likely that he believes that babies are a mom’s job and he will be more hands on once George is older and can play sports like polo. So I think Kate is probably more hands on than William, if anything, although the kids are probably mostly with the nanny. Nanny Maria looks like she adores those kids. They definitely do act self-absorbed and entitled.
            I am wondering if maybe William and Kate were secretly on a vacation when the BAFTAs were happening and the press just didn’t know. They went on vacation without George once when George was a baby, so who knows? The only excuse that Kensington Palace gave was that William was “away”. Well, away where exactly? They both need to do some serious damage control during their tour of India.

          2. But William also claims to be ‘modern’ which in parenting terms would make him hands-on. Neither he nor Kate are naturally warm people so it’s hard to imagine either being good parents. I don’t think you can behave publicly as one thing and be completely the opposite in private.
            Part of the problem with Kate and William is that can’t keep their stories straight. I agree with you that they most likely went on vacation in January.

          3. Jen, that’s the main problem with creating fiction and flat out lying about things. You really have to work at keeping your stories straight. It’s almost like they need a playbook to keep track of what they’ve said so their PR can refer to it when needed.

          4. William is often caught away from duties and family.
            Nanny, Kate, Kids can all be found elsewhere when William is completely MIA. If nothing else William spends lengths of time not with his family and not working his civilian job or royal job.
            To hide this I believe his call for privacy is more for secrecy.

            There’s something about his actions you can’t trust.

          5. Exactly RunawaySnarker, from what I’ve been reading, a lot of people are beginning to question if William plea for privacy of the kids is not the kids well being but to protect *his privacy*.

      1. Lol, that was funny. Especially since Reese had been all “I met a Princess” in several interviews after meeting Kate in LA.

  15. Putting together 2 words from above commenters that seemed to perfectly fit the bill: ornamental and freeloaders. I will add ambivalent to that (if someone also used that above, I concede it to them, and concur).

  16. KMR thank you for another great blog
    When you consider how much taxpayers money was spent on the 22 room apartment at KP, the behaviour of the pair of the is disgusting.
    They should be full of enthusiasm, ideas, a real proactive get out there and achieve something. Enough sitting around, fun weekends, shopping, holidays etc… It is about time they started to contribute something back to there country and the Monachy. KP would have been better off not saying a thing. As the Air Amb service have said exactly how it is and highlights the lack of work days.
    William has not found his way,direction, he is too busy feeling resentful of what he sees as his lot in life. Rocky times ahead.

  17. I am wondering if the Queen is letting Will and Kate dig themselves into this hole as a way of teaching them that there is no way out of the responsibilities they have as senior royals. Maybe when they hit bottom is when they will realize they need to change. Or if they do not want to change, then have the decency to let the public know that they plan to live their lives out of the spotlight, raise their children, purchase their own clothes, cars and jewelry and pay for their own vacations and do a bare minimum of engagements a year. If they go this route then the engagements should only be things like opening new buildings, giving awards, visiting schools but please do not say you are committed to a cause and then do nothing! ALso, neither Kate or Will should take on any patronages, as it is an insult to the organizations who have patrons who do zilch.

  18. I’m shaking my head at this, this is not good. But I guess it’s better to happen now and William bucks his ideas up or leaves than for it to happen after Charles dies.
    The Royal Family are lucky that Harry would be great in this role.

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