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The Sun: Kate & Pippa skied in France while William was in Switzerland

The Sun has a new article up about how Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton went skiing in France the same weekend Prince William was skiing in Switzerland.

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The Sun: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are ‘extremely serious about each other’

I wasn’t planning on covering Prince Harry‘s rumored romance with US actress Meghan Markle again until there was more evidence of the relationship, but then I read this Sun article and laughed, so I thought I’d share.

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Prince Harry attended cousin’s wedding, got drunk and stripped a friend

There were about five royals/families who did or released stuff on August 4 and I’ve so far only covered two of them (Duchess Kate & Co and Crown Princess Mary). I’ve had posts on the others ready to go since Friday but then Charles v Carole and Princess Beatrice bumped them. Later this week, I […]

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Prince William has only worked 12 shifts so far this year

The Sun – who ignited this most recent press war with Prince William when they called him out for his laziness, and when other papers followed suit, KP responded by throwing CAA under the bus – has an exclusive today about just how many shifts William has worked so far this year: 12 shifts.

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The Sun has had it with Prince William

Oh man, The Sun is over Prince William‘s shenanigans. They were the ones to stir up controversy when they pointed out that William would skip the BAFTAs yet again this year, and now Emily Andrews has really taken the screws to William about his lack of interest in royal duties after his FCO speech didn’t […]

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Prince George’s first official portraits aren’t great

The first official photographs of Prince George Alexander were released today.  There are two photos: one with Will, Kate and George; and one with Will, Kate, George and Lupo.  Glad to see Lupo not being left out.  The photos were taken by Michael Middleton (Kate’s father). 

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