The Sun got the first photo of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle together

The Sun got the first photo of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle together

At the risk of causing a huge firestorm on here, I’m posting a quick update that The Sun got the first photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together.

The couple were photographed heading out to the theatre to see comedy Peter Pan Goes Wrong. According to The Sun, a “pal” says:

    “They are both clearly crazy about each other. They’re very serious and have told friends they are very much in love. As an actress Meghan loves the theatre so this was an obvious date to go on. They want to do as many normal things as possible, like any young couple. Harry has said his privacy is important to him but they are clearly not afraid to be seen in public together.”

I don’t have anything to add here except to ask everyone to please be polite: to each other, to Meghan, and to Harry. I know that the, in my opinion, mangled introduction of the relationship to the public, the press craziness that followed, and KP’s statement have caused many people to have strong feelings about Harry and Meghan, the relationship, and the way the press has handled it, but please let’s be civil to each other and to Harry and Meghan.

I’m not trying to thought-police anyone, and everyone has a right to their opinion, but I really want us all to be civil to each other and to Harry and Meghan – we can share our opinions while still be civil to everyone. I don’t want this blog to become a hate-filled place. I told myself after my last Harry/Meghan post that I wouldn’t post anything about Meghan until there was something concrete, and so I’m only posting about the first photo because it is something concrete, but I really want to stress that we all be civil to each other and to Harry and Meghan. I know I keep repeating myself, but I want to make it clear. I don’t like the negativity that Meghan brings out, and the only reason I’m posting on her again is because there is an actual photo this time.

So please, please, please be polite and civil to each other, to Harry, and to Meghan. Thank you very much.

169 thoughts on “The Sun got the first photo of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle together

  1. Well it’s good to see an actual picture. No one knows where this will lead. I’ve always just wanted Harry to be happy, I’ve got my reservations about how this has been handled and where it will go, but I’ll just keep them to myself in respect for keeping the peace on the board as I love reading your posts.

    Thanks KMR!

  2. I don’t have anything to say about their relationship. Just that it’s nice to see one of the young royals going to the theater!
    It appears that Harry even goes to the theater in his blue wardrobe.

    1. All of the young royals need to branch out in terms of color choice. Enough of the blue epidemic already!

  3. I don’t get why there is so much negativity. I’m glad the first pictures are out so maybe everyone can just relax…IMO that is why this very public date occurred, it seems he is saying “get use to it folks”

    1. Agree. I don’t understand the negativity about Meghan either. She appears to be a very nice person. I think she and Harry make a lovely couple.

  4. I am far more excited that the Christmas party held annually at Clarence House for severely disabled and terminally children was yesterday and the photos are now on the DM. This is my favourite Royal engagement of the year and apparently D of C was seen heading off to the Palace kitchen to find ketchup as one of the little ones would only eat his sausage and mash with it doused over everything. This is my kind of Royal story with a cup of tea and two sugars. I love this event and looking at Camilla I think she does too.

    Not to be unappreciative of your hard work KMR but this Harry showmance / romance isn’t floating my boat at all.

    1. Next to the noble prize ceremony this is my 2nd favorite. I didn’t see pics of the soldier putting ornaments on with his sword, did you see some? I even clicked on the dm story hoping to see it!
      Love it!

    2. Camilla did this today. It is way down on the page of the DM and mostly filled with Camilla hatred and how she’s copying Diana doing this.

      Sigh. She can’t win.

      KMR, can we have a post about this event Camilla does? I love it, it melts my heart every year and Camilla says it is her favorite engagement she does, period, ever, and will do it every year as long as she can.

      1. I’m going to cover it in a couple days, I’ve got a Kate post and a Victoria post scheduled first. Kate takes first priority (since this is a Kate blog), and I got the Victoria one done first so that’ll post before the Camilla one that I have yet to write.

    3. I’ll have a post on that party in a few days. I’ve got posts about Kate’s Cubs100 meeting and Victoria and Estelle receiving Christmas trees scheduled ahead of it. But Camilla’s party should be posted about this weekend.

        1. Thank you KMR!

          Love Prince Henry and maybe Princess Henry out and about with the ‘regular’ people enjoying Christmas festive countdown! Also my favorite time with DoC disabled charity party!

          Lovely to see the Danish and Swedish royals have their beautiful children/family out attending and enjoying the holidays festivities. Princess Maddie post a beautiful photo with cousins and CP Vic with future queen Estelle. Meanwhile, lazy entitled whiny bill and middleton kids hidden with carol and the middletons.

      1. I do apologise for distracting this thread from ‘loves young dream’ it’s just that this party is everything that children looking at Royalty should be about. I’ve been scanning the papers for the last few days waiting to see it. It’s Camilla at her best and the children having an absolute ball.

        1. Oh I love covering this event, and I will, I just got to Kate’s and Victoria’s events first.

          1. Ooh, more fun to look forward to! I know that this might sound silly but sometimes I think this blog helps my sanity. I’m steeped in politics in real life and coming here is the most wonderful “escape.” You do a really lovely job. ❤️

        2. I agree and thank you for that! My youngest is autistic and my son has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This Christmas party is about, what I feel, should be the focus of the monarchy.

          But I did a clappy hand thingy when I saw this post! 🙂

        3. I actually went on the official website looking for it. I gave up, I was on cell phone and didn’t have the patience trying to find it! I thought it would be an easy click on Camilla and her schedule would drop down! I was severely wrong!
          Everyone involved always looks so happy

          1. Which “official website”? Because doesn’t have Charles and Camilla’s stuff on it. They have their own website:

          2. Charles’s official site is even worse! Man, it needs a major redo; their diary page is often not updated, and has stuff the CC puts up but nothing on their page… Drives me nuts when I wanna see what Charles is doing because he’s out doing something or other daily.

          3. All of the royal websites from all of the royal houses need new code. They all suck. Some are better than others, but they all suck in some way.

          4. Ha! I know that now! I thought the Royaluk site was the new Royal website to find their court circular. I’ve never wandered over there before to look for events. So I found the camila page and it only talked about her charities, interest and gave a bio. I gave up after that, figuring you would post on it eventually =)
            I didn’t know they had their own site.

  5. Though I’ve been a skeptic of Meghan’s due to her lack of discretion, I do hope I’ve always kept it civil. That said, I may be one of those who can be brought around, if for no other reason than just out of perserverence on their part. (It’s not happening yet, but it is a possibility.) I don’t like how Harry handled the Toronto diversion but there is something about them in the last couple of days that’s growing on me. Was it the Christmas tree buying?! I did say way back when that this is going to happen based on the avocado/taxi cab theory. Harry’s just there in his life I think–it’s the timing thing.

    Anyway, I’m with Sarah–yay for royals going to the theater. All those shading the “actress,” look who brought culture to the royals! I kid, I kid. I know Kate loves Towie.

    1. I too very much think this is going to happen. Harry has been harping on about marriage and kids for a very long time. If it doesn’t it will be because the press digs up something so unsavory about Meghan that the BRF won’t be able to stomach it (like Koo stark and porn) or Meghan will decide she doesn’t like the constraints of royal life. I mean her life is pretty free right now. Even though she works acting isn’t a 9-5 job. She gets months off at a time to do whatever she pleases. I mean as a royal she’ll get months off at a time as well but she’ll get a lot of criticism for it. That’s a lot to give up to play second fiddle to Kate.

      That being said I could be totally wrong. I thought for sure he and Chelsy would eventually work things out and get married.

      1. Speaking of Chelsy though and how batshit CRAZY everyone is when it comes to Harry and his girls, isn’t it funny how in the DM comments everyone is like, “bring back Chelsy!” I’m getting such a kick out of all these nut jobs going on about how Harry used to have an actual lawyer and now he’s just [seeing] one that plays a paralegal on tv (KMR, please know I’m not trying to be rude, just trying to make the point about how unbelievably all over the board people are and how no girl can ever win). It’s so amusing to me how Chelsy’s stock has risen significantly all on Meghan’s account just by her not being Meghan. I mean, it does make you wonder how Harry can ever get a girl to go out with him given all the hate.

        Also: the DM headline about the Peter Pan date story/first pics because they can’t post the pics or write too much bc of the Sun’s lawyers…

        Meghan’s date with the boy who never grew up


        1. It amuses me when so many people say “I miss Chelsy”, and I saw it a lot when Harry was dating Cressida, because from what I remember Chelsy was not well liked when she was dating Harry. So it amuses me that so many people like Chelsy now.

          PS. This is nothing against Chelsy. I just think it’s funny how people view people differently once a new person comes on the scene.

          1. I wasn’t paying as close attention back then. Why didn’t people like Cressida? Wasn’t it because people thought she was using him just like they think Meghan is?

          2. Many, many people didn’t even want to believe Cressida and Harry were dating even though there were a bunch of articles about their relationship and many reporters said that they were dating privately because we went, I want to say, over a year before they were even pictured together. There was also the Vegas thing that happened when they were supposed to be dating, which put people off. Articles came out claiming Cressida thought the Vegas thing was funny, and so, at least on the forum I was on at the time, people thought she was either super immature to think his seemingly cheating on her was funny or she was a doormat for being okay with him seemingly cheating on her, and they didn’t like either option. People also didn’t like that Cressida was seemingly waging a PR campaign for herself and the relationship, especially while Harry was away in Afghanistan. I think there were some other reasons, but I don’t remember them right now.

        2. Oh I know! People hated Chelsy when he dated her. The things those commenters said about her were just awful. She got just as bad of treatment from trolls and the press. Harry publicly stood up for her though. In the interview for his 21st birthday he said he wished he could tell the world how amazing she was and that what is written about her wasn’t the truth. That’s why I always thought Harry’s statement wasnt so much about how serious the relationship is but more that he will stand up for people he cares about.

          About the DM headline… They are not forgiving Harry anytime soon for that statement. Did you see the piece they wrote over the weekend basically making fun of Harry and Meghan for how juvenile they’ve been with this relationship? It was brutal. Isn’t piers Morgan the editor for the mail online, and didn’t he have drinks with/was friendly with Meghan? Or is he the editor for the print version?

          1. Speaking to that sentiment: In one of the many articles that came out after Harry’s statement on Meghan, a “source” claimed it wasn’t about who she is but rather about who he is. I don’t remember which article it was.

          2. It’s easier to rake Harry over the coals than to question where in God’s name William is. Keeps the media off his and Kate’s back when Harry’s being eviscerated for sport. KP PR, folks!

          3. The DM is so hot and cold – just today they published a column from Piers Morgan singing Meghan’s praises and encouraging Harry to get on with it and marry her. It’s enough to give you whiplash.

          4. Lol, then Harry should run like mad. I hate Piers Morgan and everything he promotes and stands for.

      2. I have been wrong before, but somehow I think this may be the relationship where H & M end up together. I thought this relationship was different from the beginning. We will see. People are too quick to make a judgement on Meghan and the relationship. I wonder if we have Will and Kate, at least partially to thank for this occurring to H & M, since W & K squandered all their initial good will. People are now looking for red flags.

    1. He had the Palace issue an unheard of statement confirming the relationship (and causing some people many headaches). How is this not being proud?

      Should they be required to run out and deliberately get papped, to live their private time in full-view 100% of the time? That would only make some people attack Meghan more, saying she’d done it to be a famewhore and prove the relationship. That was what happened to Cressida after they were photographed together.

  6. I assume this is London? I’m glad they were photographed together, as they are adults in their thirties. Of course Harry is going to date someone, and it’s good they are doing normal date things. They need to get to know each other in many situations. Think of the problems of past royal couples who spent a lot of energy avoiding the press and public, and never caught on to how ill-suited they were.

  7. The only issue I had was that she was specifically baiting the press or trolling them, and then they came out and complained about press coverage which they did’t address with the actual press. Otherwise I had always liked Harry and I’m happy if he’s happy. Just act mature with all this as they are in their mid-thirties.

    I never thought twice about “what she is”. My family has become very racially diverse. My daughter is engaged to a gentleman who is black and Filipino, my son and youngest daughter are dating people who are Asian and my boyfriend is Hispanic. I didn’t think twice about her ethnicity until she brought it up herself.

    Even though I’m whiter than white I have people ask me what I am because that’s kind of an American thing with our melting pot.

    I will say that over my excitement at KMR’s new post I burnt my eggplant and therefore I am blaming that on you girl. Stop being FABULOUS! Oh, and I do miss the whole “annoying article” thingy….

      1. Oh, almost wrote in all caps that I love you, but I remembered so you just get a regular “I love you”! 😀 Like I said, keep being fabulous you!!

        And it was my fault cuz I was so excited over your new article!!

      1. I think everyone is very well aware of how you feel on this subject. I generally use facts and logic when I talk about something unless I’m super excited and happy so here goes. First off you can read the article that was posted above and I think that sums up what many feel. Secondly when you have 1.5 million instagram followers and you are posting not so secret messages to your “boyfriend” on there for the world to see, then yes, that is baiting everyone, not just the press.
        If you are going to do this then you really have no right to complain about the press finding out or whatever. I have met Harry and I like him. I have never met Meghan but would have been happy for them both immediately had their not been these little games with all the world to see and when they did an overemotional letter to a press that wasn’t notified about anything from him before that.
        If you do not believe that posting these messages for the world to see, when you are 35, is not baiting the press, particularly when you have a publicist, then that is your opinion. Mine is quite different, but regardless if she turns out to work harder than Kate and not behave as divaish then good for them. I will say once again that I like Harry and at 49 I don’t have a leg in the race soooo……I love KMR and I have said my peace. I will no longer respond to the automatic disagreement over this subject. 🙂
        Stay classy!

        1. Weeeeeelllll, I would say (respectfully) that “baiting the press” is one interpretation, but another, equally valid interpretation is that she was just giddy and excited about being in a new relationship and sharing that happiness in whatever small way that she could.

      2. agree Nota, I just don’t see any press baiting/trolling on her blog.

        Meghan uses her blog to express herself, her feelings and her life. Posting a pic of snuggling bananas was cute imo. And an oblique way of being honest, without being too ‘lookerme’!

        Had she posted actual pics of herself with Harry, or Harry alone in her kitchen making waffles, or just a snap of the princely feet -then I might have seen it.

        But she’s a person. She not here to be what others what her to be, or think she should be. It does appear as if the barometer of expectations needs to be reset.

        As Kate has shown, the rules of royalty are changing. IMO, as long as the possible-future-princess Sparkle (charity) works, doesn’t flash her arse and can string a sentence together -she’s winning.

    1. Well, if it upsets Kate that’s a bonus:) If Harry and Meghan are in love, truly in love, and setting aside all the flying articles and such, well what we have here are two people who are wanting to be with each other, do things together, get to know each other better, and the ‘race’ issue has always always always been and always will be for me, a non issue. Yes, things have been very badly handled, mangled (isn’t that what you said KMR?), but be that as it may I’ll set aside my own opinions (or, as Lisa said keep them to myself), and wish them both the very best.There are plenty of places to be ugly and mean, this thankfully isn’t one of them. Peace to all at this beautiful time of year.
      On a personal note, and please delete KMR if you find it unsuitable for this forum, I am sitting in an almost empty bedroom and it’s snowing like crazy. My little dog is with me,(poor girl, she has been so bewildered with all the goings on) and a rented moving truck and day laborers are on their way to our new home. We’re moving from a 7 bedroom split entry we’ve lived in for 25 years to a 2 bedroom one level about 30 minutes away in good weather, with good roads. Still a lot to pack up and move but we’re on our way, and the timing is due to predicted sub zero temperatures for the weekend which is when we originally planned to move.
      I don’t think that there is anything that Harry could do that would cause me not to love him. Looking back at some of his shenanigans, the key word being some, I can’t help but smile. He’s so funny and genuine, he simply, despite his less than well thought out behavior at times, delights me. I sincerely wish him the very best! And the same for all of you on this forum 🙂

    2. SpringsMom, I have lots of wonderful people in my family, as people I know, who aren’t as **I** am as well, whiter than white. I never taught my kids anything, they simply accepted people, aside from a few questions that were fun and just human curiosity. (can Japanese people see?) I agree, she herself brought the ‘race’ issue into this, and there are still articles about being bi-racial, in which I have no particular interest, since that’s been done and done and done by her. Personally, while being whiter than white, I’m pretty much a mutt. My little dog is a purebred Miniature Schnauzer and she doesn’t have a problem with mixing with us mutts.
      Sorry about your eggplant, now I’m hungry:)

      1. Ha ha! I love it! Yes, I was married to my husband for 15 years before he was killed and we were always around military people who are extremely blended. We never thought twice about and being liberal I actually double downed on everything with my children. I’m so happy to hear that I’m not alone! 🙂

  8. At least they’re going out now and acting normal like no big deal.

    I still think she’s hunting for fame, and in it more for that, but I want Harry to be happy.

    1. IMO they are both “milking” the relationship in their own way, because this is very good PR for Harry too. I think a huge part of the public still sees him as the playboy party prince, so being in a steady relationship with a career woman helps him being taken more seriously. And I think it was Palmer who said that this has reawakened interest in Harry’s work, and it seems true. I’m not saying they are not for real and in love, just that this is mutually beneficial in terms of PR.

      1. A lot of people are going on about how they hate Harry, are so disappointed in him, etcetera… I don’t think it’s good PR for him, between Meghan being an actress and the rather hyperbolic silly statement he released encouraged by Meghan and her lawyers.

        1. I saw some hate but I thought people in general were being supportive or just not caring. I also saw lots of comments praising him for that statement. I still imagine this will be mostly beneficial to his image.

      2. Oh Meghan definitely wins with this relationship no matter how it ends up. The exposure she’s gotten from this relationship is priceless. She was virtually unknown before and now according to Google she’s the most searched for actress on their search engine. If they break up, her brand will always be associated with royalty. She will definitely be able to be a life style guru after this a la Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP. If it ends in marriage then I presume she will be happy about that as well.

        Harry’s narritive has also changed. He went from being bridget Jones to now in a serious relationship. If he doesn’t do any more missteps like the toronto detour and goes on the charm offensive people will forgive him like they always do.

        1. I’m not sure how much of a win this is though. If they break up, she’ll always be known as Prince Harry’s ex. I’d personally hate that.

          1. I think it depends on whether you’re the ex-girlfriend, or the ex-wife.

            I don’t think that being known as Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend is that tough of a burden, and as Carter noted the exposure is priceless. However if Harry and Meghan marry, have children and then divorce after a few years a la Andrew and Sarah, I think that will be a difficult situation to be in.

            I think that it will be hard for an ex-wife to carve out an identity separate from being part of the BRF, particularly a public one, without being seen as exploiting the connection, but at the same time, once she is no longer a member of the BRF then she loses status and perks on that end.

          2. Being the ex-of a royal is tough. It’s similar to being branded like cattle because the relationship will always be invoked long after you’ve moved on.

            More than 30yrs AFTER the fact, Prince Fharles’s exes are described as that whenever they pop up in the media no matter why they are in the media eg google Sabrina Guinness – more articles about being Charles’s ex than not.

            Susannah Constatine was always known as Viscount Linley’s ex until she forged a definitive public persona that had nothing to do with him. It took entire decade before being called his ex was the most important thing in her biog.

            All of Andrew’s exes keep popping up including Caroline Stanbury and famously Koo Stark.

            Edward’s exes were mostly theatre actresses and he was never interesting to the public, but when those exes pop up, that factoid is brought up repeatedly.

            William was only public about Kate which has protected all the other women he dated.

            Chelsey and Cressida and Meghan ( if it doesn’t work out) will always be called his exes and it is reported as the only thing interesting about them.

          3. I agree that if Meghan and Harry break up initially that will be mentioned in every article. But I think her public persona before they started dating will help her break from that mold. Especially because I think she had hustle and will be able to harness that media interest into a lifestyle brand. Just my opinion though.

  9. I think it’s a cute pic. I always thought the analysis of her Instagram was insane as well as photos of her leaving her place as if she is supposed to be a shut in.

    So they are dating, good for them. They both seem happy and if they want it to work then they will make it work. Harry putting that statement out there is definitely a sign that he is taking this relationship seriously.

    Meghan may not be a perfect woman, but who is. And she really would be the breath of fresh air that Kate was promoted to be, but hasn’t really panned out.

    1. I think she looks lovely and Harry certainly looks happy! Yes, she may not be perfect but then, neither is Harry! I hope it works out well for both of them and they live happily ever after!

  10. I am very uncomfortable about these comments about Camilla’s party being everything royalty should be. It feels like a direct hit at Meghan and her biracial background. This post is about Harry and Meghan, not sure how it became about Camilla.

    1. Camilla’s event happened today, and I’ve covered it the past two years, so people are asking if I will cover it this year. That’s why it’s being brought up in this post, because this is my first new post since that event happened.

      I don’t think the comments about Camilla have anything to do with Meghan. Saying that Camilla’s event where she decorates a Christmas tree with terminally ill children and then feeds them lunch is “everything royalty should be” has nothing to do with the race of anyone. Rather, it’s about the actions of the royals.

      1. Thank you KMR. You have read me exactly as I intended. I’m quite shocked that anyone could see my joy at the children’s excitement over sausage & mash at Clarence House served by the future Queen as an slight against MM. Very bizarre. I look forward to this engagement every year, it’s my favourite and IMO I think all the Royal Family should throw open their tax payer funded palaces now and again for the ordinary or rather extraordinary people and a great cause. You know Camilla was even arranging the sausages on the kids plates into smiling faces. Sausage for a mouth, two mounds of mash for eyes. I just love, love that. This is the kind of work I want my Royal family to do on my behalf.

        1. I took your comments to be more about the quality of Camilla’s attendances as opposed to the flaky stuff Kate and William do, when they even bother doing something.

  11. Finally!!

    “As an actress Meghan loves the theatre, so this was an obvious date to go on.” LOL. I love how the Sun always gets what little info they have and try to make it into a quote to pretend they actually spoke to a “pal”.

  12. I love the pictures. A young couple enjoying their time together. They look comfortable to be seen in public together. Harry is spotted at theatre plays regularly, he’s a big fan of interactive theatre.

  13. I love my Harry and wish the best for him. Even if it’s Meghan or anyone else. I do wish they have the time they need to get to cultivate their relationship without being under blitzkrieg llights.

    I actually feel a bit sorry for her. She is darned if she does and darned if she doesn’t. I just feel that they are a bit overexposed and wish they get the time they need to determine their path, whether it be together or apart.

    Thanks, KMR. I am so glad you asked for kindness in regards to this relationship.

    1. And thank you, Rhiannon, for being generous in your feelings about Harry. We know KMRers here that you were our preferred choice as Harry’s partner…;-)

      Well, if it’s not you, Rhiannon, then I’m just hoping it’s Meghan who makes him happy. After all the media first craziness and I dare say some poor handling from the couple’s side, I hope Harry’s fans will eventually accept her, even appreciate that these two could be right for each other in a lot of ways.

      Thank you KMR, for trying to keep this place sane.

      1. And, Elina,good to see you here, too. How are you doing?

        Sending best regards to you and Rhiannon and all the other regulars who make this site so much fun.

    2. “I do wish they have the time they need to get to cultivate their relationship without being under blitzkrieg llights.”

      Wouldn’t you say they’ve done pretty well so far? How many months has it been before this became public? Also, they are not callow children. Both know the score.

      1. Hi, Maven! I find it extraordinary that they’ve kept it under wraps for as long as they have. I just feel that now they are under scrutiny. It’s hard enough to date on general. Add to that journos, paparazzi and the general public? That makes it even harder.

        For me I would love to see myself as falling for Harry behind closed doors and to get to know him. Going public? I would have been scared out of my mind.

  14. They look good together. I hate the hats. I hope subsequent sightings provide more interesting fashion. It would be good for Harry to be seen working about now, too. I think people would feel better about Meghan if it didn’t look as though he were choosing her over them (public duties).

    About the previous gfs: Chelsy wasn’t respected because she was African, a casual dresser (she was a university student at the time) with often messy hair, a hard worker (which wasn’t reported) and a hard partier (which was — with pics). She’s also busty, and many commentaters believed that made her slutty as well. Cressida got a lot of dislike for her family’s seeming to direct the press to accept her and maybe even to pressure Harry to propose. She was also a university student when they first started dating, often a messy dresser, and leaked instagram photos showed her licking an elephant tusk, joking around with a sex toy, and seemingly passed out on the pavement with her dress hiked up to show off her underwear.
    I watched the latest season of Suits and find M to be a decent actress, a good interview, if a little too self-congratulatory, and a decent writer. I don’t think she’s been baiting the press, just underestimating the public’s desire to slam her for what were likely coded messages to her bf.

    Interestingly, Cressida is now starring inGatsby, an immersive theatre experience in London somewhere. It’s a tiny show, but she’s got top billing and is getting good reviews. I think it’s good that Harry doesn’t take Meghan to see it, though.

    1. I love how Chelsy got slammed for going out and partying but nobody cared Kate didn’t work, wasn’t in school and was falling out of nightclubs drunk 3-5 days a week with William. Chelsy going out while in law school though merited being crucified…

    2. “They look good together. I hate the hats. I hope subsequent sightings provide more interesting fashion.”

      Ha! I laughed at this. With you all the way!

      “I think people would feel better about Meghan if it didn’t look as though he were choosing her over them (public duties).”

      Amen, sister.That’s everything in a nutshell.

    3. I bet that when the year end numbers come out that Harry will have carried out more public engagements in 2016 than he did in 2015, so it will not be fair to state that he chose Meghan over public duties. BUT I also predict that, like in 2015, Harry would have carried out far fewer engagements than his father, aunt and uncles, and that is where it’s going to get interesting, because while I can believe that Harry does charity work or behind-the-scenes that are out of the public eye, I doubt if he is working at the same level as his father, aunt and uncles and his efforts are going mostly undetected.

    4. “A little too self-congratulatory” – yes, this is my only hang up about her. But then again I do feel that women, in general, are conditioned to be self-effacing – often to their detriment. And it seems she has lots of other good qualities to offset that – beauty, brains, charm, kindness, etc.

  15. You don’t have to worry about any negative comments from me — I *adore* this couple!

    For some reason, this seems like it’s different for Harry; I think Meghan is “the one.” Obviously this is speculation, but he showed he wasn’t fooling around by releasing that statement. He really seems to care about her a lot, and based on what we’ve heard, it appears as if he’s very happy with her.

    I think they’re lovely together and have my fingers crossed for a Royal Wedding 2017! ?

  16. If Harry is happy, I’m happy for him.

    He’s a grown man. He’s met lots of women with lots of motives. At this point, the only respectful thing to do is trust his judgment.

    But it’s rarely a good idea to marry in the heat of new love, so I hope he and Meghan take a year or two to get to know each other. It’ll be tough, given the distance and ticking bio-clocks, but I hope good sense prevails.

    Today, Lainey Gossip said Meghan has met Eugenie, Charles, and William, but not Kate. Not yet. The scheduling hasn’t worked out. Lainey hints that Kate’s avoiding Meghan. Who knows?

    1. Kate hasn’t shown herself to be friendly to many women, after all does she even have female friends currently? Pippa and her mom don’t count. And Meghan is a woman basically the same age as Kate who has done more both with a career and humanitarian work than Kate ever has and probably ever will.

      No way Kate wants Meghan to be a part of this group, because she won’t be the only woman in the room for the Windsor boys (ok really Harry) to give their attention to.

      1. Harry will most likely get married eventually, so if it’s not to Megan it’ll be to someone else. Kate better pull up her big girl panties and get used to another Windsor wife within the rarified circle.

  17. You can never please some people. Kate cops flack for not being very glamorous, being reticent, work shy and not really giving much of herself. She’s pretty dull. Intentionally so or naturally who knows. Fact is, our major Princess is pretty boring and gives the royal watchers nada.

    So along comes this potential Princess who looks like she may be everything Kate is not. She may give a bit of glam, have something to say, have a personality, reveal a bit, get out to events more. A bit more razzle dazzle. At the very least, a lack of dull and a lack of midi skirts and brown.

    People still aren’t happy! Oh no, she’s TOO public. Well what is it you want? Kate’s dull, so here’s some potential sparkle. Why wouldn’t we want a Princess with social media. At least we have some personal insights to go off. There’s something there. Is there some middle ground people want between celebrity and dull?

    1. I think people really need to be careful about their perceptions of Meghan and their thoughts about what type of royal she will become (if they get married). I think everyone is projecting their disappointments regarding Kate on to her, and I think a lot of people will be disappointed when Meghan doesn’t live up to them because their expectations are a tad unrealistic.

      I mean let’s be real, Harry doesn’t work that much. Yes he does more than William and Kate, but they are doing only the bare minimum. He does a little over 100 engagements a year. Harry will go stretches of weeks and sometimes months without an engagement. Meghan isn’t going to ever perform more than Harry, and Harry seems to never want to officially perform more than William. So to think that she’s going to hit the ground running and out work Kate by a lot I think is not going to happen. Especially because they will presumably want to have kids, and Meghan will be taking maternity leaves afterwards. I do think that Meghan will be able to give speeches better though and will be more comfortable with the spotlight given her chosen career.

      1. I agree that Meghan, while she will be great at some of the stuff Kate isn’t (like speech giving, connecting with people), most likely won’t be publicly out working Kate. Harry refuses to publicly outwork William (for whatever reason) so I doubt Meghan will publicly outwork Kate.

        1. I respectfully disagree. Meghan is an actress and PR comes with that role.
          Even, if she stopped acting, the inner personality of wanting to shine will always be there. And, she has already shown her interest in various causes. I think she will give Kate a run for the money, so to speak. If she and Harry truly are in love, good for them.

          The two of them in the woolen hats reminded me of early photos of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn together. They always seemed to wear those hats. Hope the outcome for Harry and the woman he eventually weds is a lot longer and happier than what happened to the Prince of Camelot and his bride.

          1. I think the safest bet would be for Harry’s future spouse (whomever that ends up being), found her own charity a la Sentebale. And be publicly seen working at it at least twice a week. That way, she can pour work into that, but as it won’t “count” it still means they aren’t officially outworking W&K.

      2. I always feel we point this out but Harry does a lot that is never mentioned in the CC, it’s considered personal or volunteering, while Kate’s volunteering with the Scouts, for example, is counted as official engagements. Though I agree Harry must get off his duff and do more publicly, I think there are a number of factors at work as to why and it has nothing to do with Harry not wanting to or being lazy.

        1. I didn’t mean to say that I think Harry is lazy or that he’s doing nothing. I just meant that if those things don’t count for Harry then they won’t count for Meghan either. So even if she does plenty of stuff privately behind the scenes it won’t be counted publicly or officially. Therefore it will be perceived that she works just as much or less than Kate. Preception is everything. Most people aren’t royal watchers. So all they will see is the end of year tallies with the accompanying headline about how they are all lazy doing less than the queen and Phillip.

    2. I know that on my end, the only issue I have taken is that if you are going to post coded instagram photos to your 1.5 million followers it’s then a huge leap to attack the press over issues that weren’t really there.
      As many have written that Meghan isn’t exactly a Cressida who seemed to need to be protected from the press and instead she courts it. Reminds me a bit of Diana and you can’t just turn the press on and off when you feel like it. Will and Kate are discovering that.
      I will say this again I like Harry and I don’t care who he ends up with, but please do not complain about something that you have encouraged. If you want privacy then keep it private. I have to do that as well because of what my husband did. I can’t just “accidentally” tease ISIS with pictures of my family with my husband and then complain if something happens to us, and I don’t think that she was “accidentally” doing this as well.
      Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what we think or don’t think because this is Harry’s relationship. I will say it again that I have met him and actually spent quite a lot of time with him while he was here and I really, really liked him. I will always be in his corner. If Meghan marries in to the family I have no doubt that she will be a much bigger asset than Kate could ever dream of being. 🙂

      1. “attack the press over issues that weren’t really there.”

        When the press uses the headline “Straight out of Compton” the issues are really there. The press themselves were the ones stirring up the racist pot, and they were allowing the racists to run riot on their sites. The DM allows it regarding Michelle Obama too.

  18. Y’all, I think Kate is seriously worried about Meghan which to me is the biggest indication of how serious this is–forget the media speculation.

    Lainey made a curious comment yesterday when she covered Kate’s scouts visit, which was kind of a weird thing for her to cover since she doesn’t cover Kate’s every day stuff that often. She said “Kate’s not staying at Kensington Palace this week. Which may mean, yet again, that Kate and Meghan won’t have the opportunity to officially meet. Which… how many times does “scheduling not work out” for it to be more than just scheduling?” What’s she implying there and what inside info might she have?

    There have also been two curious blind items on CDAN (which ok grain of salt) and blind gossip (ok another grain of salt) about Kate’s outright disdain and disapproval, respectively. Please, I’m not trying to sound like a nutty royal disher here (please don’t tar me as such!!!!), but if you read some of the comments from Meghan’s actual fan club on her IG, they are curiously directed at defending her from Kate’s sugars, as if they’ve been hearing from Meghan’s people that she’s needs defending from Kate.

    Ok, I’m worried I sound crazy and need saving. Someone chime in and save me. Help!!

    1. Well, if it upsets Kate that’s a bonus:) If Harry and Meghan are in love, truly in love, and setting aside all the flying articles and such, well what we have here are two people who are wanting to be with each other, do things together, get to know each other better, and the ‘race’ issue has always always always been and always will be for me, a non issue. Yes, things have been very badly handled, mangled (isn’t that what you said KMR?), but be that as it may I’ll set aside my own opinions (or, as Lisa said keep them to myself), and wish them both the very best.There are plenty of places to be ugly and mean, this thankfully isn’t one of them. Peace to all at this beautiful time of year.
      On a personal note, and please delete KMR if you find it unsuitable for this forum, I am sitting in an almost empty bedroom and it’s snowing like crazy. My little dog is with me,(poor girl, she has been so bewildered with all the goings on) and a rented moving truck and day laborers are on their way to our new home. We’re moving from a 7 bedroom split entry we’ve lived in for 25 years to a 2 bedroom one level about 30 minutes away in good weather, with good roads. Still a lot to pack up and move but we’re on our way, and the timing is due to predicted sub zero temperatures for the weekend which is when we originally planned to move.
      I am not sure that anything could make me not love Harry, he’s so funny, and genuine. Sure, he does whacky things but he’s still Harry. Looking back and remembering some of his shenanigans, some being the key word here, and I can’t help but smile. He really can be simply delightful.

    2. Why is it hard to believe that Kate is not at Kensington palace when she’s hardly ever there and is constantly holed up away at Amner Hall? Why would Kate care really? It doesn’t matter how popular Meghan is she’ll always play second fiddle to Kate. If they get married she will initially have a honeymoon period with the press but as she becomes middle aged and George and Charlotte grow she’ll either become like Sophie who gets next to no press attention or will be the whipping girl for Kate much like Harry is for William. It’s the life of a spare and his wife unfortunately. As much as people would like to fantasize that William will somehow step aside or get pulled aside for Harry, it’s just not going to happen. If William and Kate don’t become king and queen it will be because the monarchy itself was abolished not because he stepped aside for Harry. Harry and whoever his wife will be will become less and less relevant as time goes on and will eventually just be called hangers on who need to be cut off, unfortunately.

      Also question, isn’t Lainey connected to Meghan in some way? Like someone who works for lainey is Meghan’s good friend? Or something like that?

      1. I think Harry is very well aware of that. Therefore Meghan. Or whoever. Whenever he’s ready to settle and have babies, he already knows the score. Depending on his standing with the press and public, he and wife may be called upon more or less to represent the BRF. Harry’s future is as much set in stone as Williams’s, something I never really realized till now. I, as most here, wish him true happiness with whomever he makes a life with.

      2. Life is a slippery little sucker…..You just never know. And
        I have a feeling that Meghan – as controverse opinions might be now – will be a serious threat (in popularity) for Kate. Often in life it’s not only one single component that counts, but the combination of components. Meghan and Harry might have a chemistry together that might lead to a different dynamic whatsoever. Well, my name is Greta, not Cassandra….. but maybe the next Queens consort name might be Meghan? You just never know. ?

        1. “maybe the next Queens consort name might be Meghan?”

          I have a legit question I’ve been wondering for a while and have not expressed: If Harry and Meghan marry, will she go by Meghan or Rachel (her real first name)? Will it be Duchess Meghan or Duchess Rachel?

          1. I’d probably vote for Meghan – I kind of like the sound of “Duchess Meg.” But she strikes me as the type to want to use the more…”regal” sounding name, so maybe she’d go for “Rachel.”

          2. I don’t know the ins and outs, but couldn’t she be Princess Harry?

            I like the Swedish way that married-ins get to be Prince or Princess.

    3. Kate’s Cub Scout event has been scheduled for weeks, and according to reporters Meghan’s current trip to London was spur of the moment. If that is true, then I’m not sure it’s Kate making plans to not see Meghan, at least in this instance. But who knows.

    4. Any girl Harry marries will be frozen out by Kate. Look how she treated people when they weren’t of use to her during the dating years. Any woman is competition to her, I think. It’s just how she is. It’s not like she has any real female friends outside her mother and sister. It’s sad, honestly. A new royal will outshine her 110%. She won’t like that.

    5. I express my opinion here and on CB. I don’t go onto Kate Middleton fan sites, attack them, and bully them. Some Middleton fanatics, however, cannot say the same thing about how they treat KM’s critics online.

      Kate’s sugars can be nasty, violent, bullying individuals. Particularly in the anonymous spaces online.

      I’ve told the story many times before of the Kate critic on tumblr who experienced a miscarriage. A flock of Middleton fans attacked her online and said she and her baby deserved to die because she didn’t like Kate Middleton. Another tumblr site owner has been tracked down physically and her mother targeted at work by obsessed Middleton fans. She was also told her boyfriend (killed by a drunk driver) wanted to die because he couldn’t stand being around someone who criticized Kate Middleton.

      For people who claim to want to fight cyberbullying, W&K sure do let their sugar minions get away with a whole lot of cyberbullying, no?

      They and their staff cannot be unaware of the issues. All it would take is a simple statement to shut down that behavior, but they don’t want to shut it down. The more sugars that bully critics into going offline, the less criticism W&K have to face.

      I don’t think Markle has anything to fear from Middleton herself. From Middleton sugars? You bet.

      1. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to blame William and Kate for the behavior of those people. They aren’t baiting them and telling them to do those things. Just like if Meghan ends up having fans that do those things it wouldn’t be her fault either.

        1. I can blame them if 1) they or their people are aware of it (and how couldn’t they be) and 2) they do nothing about it. Just like when she was being used as inspiration on pro-ana sites and the Palace said nothing. If H&M fans started bullying critics the way Middleton fans do, I’d criticize them if they didn’t do anything.

          W&K claim to be against cyberbullying. Some of the worst cyberbullies in the royal fandom are certain Kate Middleton fans.

          When W&K went after a bunch of websites around the time of the wedding, claiming copyright infringement and getting them shut down? They only shut down the critical sites, but left all the sugar sites alone.

          W&K choose to do nothing about the cyberbullying done by some of their fans – because it benefits them, IMO.

  19. I am feeling like such a wishy washy hypocrite right now. I don’t think that I’m genuinely expressing my real feelings about Harry, it doesn’t matter but it troubles me deeply. Hopefully to say that both he and she are acting more like teenagers than full grown adults isn’t violating KMR’s wishes. Harry has lost a lot of his ‘Harryness’ in my view and that’s hard to accept. I can’t believe that something happening miles and miles away, that’s really none of my business is causing me to think so hard and wonder about myself. I guess I truly expected better of him and am all but making excuses. Smacks of denial and hypocrisy.

    1. So him going out and dating someone is him not living up to your expectations? What do you want, him to be celibate as a priest? I genuinely don’t get this sort of attitude. When he does work, which is not enough, he is engaged, educated, compassionate and present, and that’s all people ought to care about, not that he goes out with a girlfriend to see a play. Should they stay inside?! I admit I don’t like Meghan and think she’s playing a game with Harry, and her stock sure has rose–she’s the most searched actress right now! everyone knows her name! it’s great for her brand–but I don’t think Harry has changed at all. He’s still Harry. He’s human. And maybe he loves her and maybe she loves him, who knows. I assume he cares about her enough and he’s happy, which is good enough for me even if I don’t particularly like her.

      No matter who he dates, people seem to get up in arms about it. Chelsy, Cressida, now Meghan. I agree the statement was really ill-advised and stupid (thanks Jason and your hyperbole!), but whatever, he can do what he likes in his private life.

    2. But hasn’t Harry always carried himself with a sort of…irreverent, youthful enthusiasm (and isn’t that a huge part of his “Harryness”)? Because, in that sense, it follows that he’d carry those sensibilities/traits into a new relationship. Truth be told, the first flush of love can make some of us behave like giddy teenagers. I don’t know that that’s such a bad thing – but then I don’t really think he’s done anything wrong here.

    3. Maybe it just smacks of the stress of a move. Many happy wishes for your new place. I bet in a couple of weeks you won’t be second guessing your royal reactions.

    4. Hi sweetie, I’m sorry that it elicit such a response to a question many of us have. My only “issue” which doesn’t matter cuz no one cares what we think was the Instagram and then attacking the press over something that wasn’t happening. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have though twice if this was the first picture we saw of the two and knew nothing about it before then.
      I think the perception is that because she’s an actress that some motives came into play, which wouldn’t have happened if it had been anyone else. I know that I defended Cressida on DM many, many times.
      I think Harry began to lose that when the Queen started sending him on tours. He grew up right before our eyes. I think that he will always have that quintessential “it” fact, just like his mom. I would believe that it will be in full force when he has children! Keep your chin up!!

  20. I couldn’t read all the comments (too busy atm, xmas, job, kids,…), but I was so happy to finally see both of them together in one picture. Harry is in love? So mote it be. It’s up to him to choose the girl he wants to spend his time/feelings/heart/life with him. As long both of them are happy (and his smile – the one he sports since months! – speaks volumes) I am happy for both of them. I love a good love story ? Harry! Meghan! More of this! Thank you!

  21. Well my six penneth is:
    WK have in my opinion totally exhausted goodwill of everyone with their workshy ways and complete inability to relate and step up their game especially in light of age of HM and PP. If it were me I would be raring to go, all the PR money in the world can’t buy their potential platform, so it’s such a waste they don’t do more.

    If PH and MM do make it further and I hope they do, you can betcha we have another new baby next year. Remember Pips is getting married too, so KM will need something to lug back the spotlight and I reckon pips will want a baby asap after the wedding.

    whatever protocol says PH and MM will always top WK just because they have more personality and can engage with people better. Harry is a top hugger and makes Wills look like a waxwork

    It is concerning that there are increasing blind items that Wills is playing away, if he is then that’s sad given his history, no smoke without fire?

    1. Would you link to those blind items, please? I’ve looked, and could only find the one hinting that M paid off her ex to testify that they broke up before she met H.

  22. All this wedding plot talk is ridiculous. Anything to sell papers.

    It’s apparently relatively new & long distance. There would be a bunch of differences that would be too massive to overcome.

    Her divorce and civil partnership would potentially cause constitutional issues to start. Charles and Cam were able to get married because let’s face it, he is the heir (and no one ever says no to them) and children from the union were out of the question.

    Not to mention, she is a hustler, not a bad quality in theory. That personality type would be a disaster in the brf, especially for the wife of the spare. W&K already play games when the attention on harry gets a little too good.

    Can anyone imagine her giving up her life, culture, ability to travel wherever whenever to wear suede beige pumps and follow quietly in kate’s footsteps? Not to mention be made accountable to the British public to some extent.

    As new and refreshing as Fergie apppeared to be, it turned out disastrous.
    Harry deserves long term happiness. Not to one day find his wife on the cover of the tabs with another man and their children present.

    People are getting jumpy and excited because the Windsor soap opera has a juicy new chapter. Shouldn’t judge the book by it’s shiny photoshopped cover imo.

    1. I think marriage speculation is premature, but not at all unfounded. They’ve been together for nearly six months – and we’re not dealing with spring chickens here; these are thirtysomethings who are likely marriage minded.

      And, forgive my ignorance, but what constitutional issues would a marriage engender? He’s not the heir – he doesn’t have a chance in hell of ascending to the throne (nor would his children), so what, exactly would foreclose marriage between these two?

      1. Remarriage after divorce is pretty much still not done in the COE.
        That’s why there was such a commotion about Charles and Camilla. They claimed Charles was a widower, not a divorcee. And placated everyone with a civil service and separate blessing service.

        Harry is still close enough to the top, he’ll be a consular of state all his adult life.

        The press always says things are progressing seriously. The media proclaimed potential wedding bells, when Harry was 21ish and Chelsey was 19. He was hounded by claims of marriage to cressie.

        Have they really been together for six months? The timeline seems to change with every new story.
        Long distance + new relationship is one thing. Dating and/or living together in the same place is quite another.

        I doubt it will get to that point. She seems to jump to bigger fish once she has stepped over the last.
        Harry is a stepping stone to a bigger media profile in the u.s. imo.
        She would have to change everything for the foreign, icy brf. It’s a lot to ask of someone to cut ribbons. Is the private individual Harry even really that great of a guy worth making that type of sacrifice?

        1. Well, Hollywood producer to a celebrity chef doesn’t seem to be much of a leap but ymmv. Putting aside all allusions to social climbing for just a sec, I imagine she would be willing to give up acting at least if she cared deeply enough for Harry and wanted to be with him badly enough. The BRF may be cold, but Harry has always been a light, hasn’t he? I’m sure she could be sustained by his warmth.

          I’m still not understanding the constitutional issues at play, and I’m convinced that, regardless of whether it works out, their intentions are serious – again, they’re thirty somethings who are likely thinking of settling down, having kids. And whether they got together in June or August, they’ve been dating long enough to know whether or not the other is a suitable candidate for marriage – doesn’t take that long to figure out at their age.

          1. Love isn’t enough imo, love changes, it fades. She would have to have a deep sense of duty to the monarchy because the monarchy is and will continue to be Harry’s life.
            Could she live with silencing her political opinions?
            Limited earnings potential?
            Living off of what Harry is given by dear old dad.

            They’ve been dating long distance. That’s what? A couple of visits. Texts, calls, video chat. That doesn’t always translate well in the day to day existence.

            We’ll have to agree to disagree. Changing her life for harry is a romantic fantasy. The reality would be much different.

            The fact that she was divorced, different religion would be frowned upon.
            There was a huge to-do about Charles’ marriage. It would be a Peter Townsend/princess Margaret type of situation. The media would no doubt love and encourage the drama. It wouldn’t turn out well.

          2. Solid points, but I think that, if the answer to your questions is “yes,” then “romantic fantasy” could become reality soon enough. I agree that long distance relationships are fraught, but the obstacles they pose aren’t insurmountable. And it’s a good sign that they both seem to be making an effort to see each other as much as possible, I think.

            That she’s a divorcee isn’t ideal, no – but it’s not unprecedented. I think the BRF has come a ways since Princess Margaret. Time will tell.

            As an aside, I know that Meghan attended a Catholic school, but I don’t think she’s actually Catholic (although they’ve changed the laws fairly recently regarding Catholicism and royal marriage anyway, haven’t they?) Also, I don’t believe she was in a “civil partnership” – just a long term relationship that she tossed…to be with Harry, I guess.

        2. It is almost 2017. We are not living in the era of Princess Margaret. 40 percent of marriages in the UK end in divorce. Marriage of divorced people is not forbidden in the Church of England. The local officiant gets to use their discretion and do what they choose.

    2. There’s a difference between a civil partnership and a couple living together. The former is a legal arrangement designed to give rudimentary equality to gays (pre-gay marriage laws) and children/mothers in break-ups. M shared a rental home with a boyfriend. He moved out before the lease was up, she has since moved into her own apt. It was a similar arrangement Fergie had with that race-car guy before she got together with Andrew, except M was in a relationship of equals and F had a whiff of gold-digger about her.

      I think the long-distance aspect of this relationship is the most problematic for them to overcome, but my parents managed it.

      1. Did anyone read that article about how the biggest question to ask isn’t whether Meghan is the right person for marriage but whether she’s the right person for divorce? It came out right around the time the news of their relationship broke and honestly it kind of spooked me, as an American. I don’t know if she’s thought through this but if they have kids and they get divorced, the kids can’t come back to the states with her. They stay in the U.K. with the BRF. As a mother that would terrify me. Some people (Americans mainly) romanticize the idea of an American marrying into the BRF, but imagine how iced out Diana and Fergie felt. Now imagine that happening to you in a foreign country. I’ll go looking for the article now…anyone else know what I’m referring to?

        Edit: found it!

        1. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a bad question for either of them. Marrying into the BRF is high stakes and high pressure. It will take a very strong relationship to withstand that.

          Also keep in mind that Meghan being divorced is very relevant. 60% of second marriages end in divorce. That means statistically speaking, if Harry and Meghan get married they will be more likely to get divorced then to stay together.

          How morbid 🙁

          1. Exactly. Not only was she divorced once. She also left a civil union relationship. It doesn’t bode well on her end. On his… Harry is still quite immature and doesn’t have a great track record himself.

          2. I always wonder about relationships that last several years, then end shortly after marriage, like Meghan’s did (7 years, then divorce after 2 years of marriage) or Brad and Angelina for that matter. And I think Leti too. Makes you wonder if marriage ever should have happened. But it is her leaving the civil union for Harry that gives me the most pause and him pursuing Sarah Ann after she had done that that makes me think these two are both too immature for this step right now.

            Also can I just say that her in London right now just proves what an asinine move that post-tour Toronto stunt was last week. That also goes to show they are loving the games and drama of this. Not a time to be making big decisions.

          3. GreenTrees, from what I’ve seen of starter marriages like you describe, it’s often one of a few issues. Sometimes the dating went on for so long because things just weren’t bad enough to quit and the wedding was an effort to improve things. Sometimes the dating, on the other hand, was great because it focused on the fun, romantic side of the union and the wedding marked the transition to a more complete reality and the relationship foundered. I see the second more often with ambitious couples. They’ll independently pursue their careers and meet up for romance but rely on friends and family for true emotional and practical support. I have no idea what went wrong with M’s marriage, but I hope she does — for her own sake.

    3. Everyone keeps mentioning her prior divorce. I’m Catholic so I admit that I don’t know all the ins and outs of the C of E. Does anyone know if she was married in a church for her previous marriage? If it was only a civil ceremony and not a religious one then in the eyes of the church she was never married; and thus could marry in a church without any problem (think Letizia). At least that’s how it is for Catholicism. I imagine the C of E is similar.

      1. The C of E, you can be divorced and remarry in church, even if your previous wedding was a church wedding. The rules may be more stringent for BRF members, though.

  23. Graymatters, I can’t figure out how to respond right below your response to me, so I’m just putting my reply here, but yes to everything you said! I think your analysis of “starter marriages” is spot on.

    Also, switching gears slightly here, the DM put Harry and Meghan as the headline of the online edition for a hot minute last night and I was really struck by something. This may be somewhat harsh but I think they both look a little ridiculous. In the photos, both are wearing beanie caps. Meghan has holes in her jeans. We can assume they’ve got on their stupid matching bracelets. They’ve just come from the theater. But they’re dressed like teenagers! I’m sorry to get on my high horse about this but I’m one of those people (and I’m only in my thirties) that remembers that people used to care about looking nice when going to the theater (and church for that matter) but Harry has got this L.A. casual thing going on that just bores the hell out of me. I saw an old photo of him the other day, climbing out of a car, and he had on a suit and a watch, and he looked so damn hot. And I thought, oh yeah, back when you had somewhere important to be! I’m being a bit hyperbolic to make a point, but I do think it speaks to how the army and structure (I know nota and others have made this point) are good for him. In a way his dress has reflected his “slide” so to speak. He’s not some Brooklyn hipster or some L.A. scenester. He’s a 32 year old senior Royal. He’s a MAN. Dress the damn part.

    Ok, rant over. Thanks everyone for indulging me!

    One more thing: That little throwaway line about how much Harry parties in Piers’ column yesterday was VERY telling and definitely worth some discussion I think. Makes you understand why Sykes has basically stopped just short of calling him an alcoholic.

    1. I’m nearly 50 and I definitely agree about the general decline in dress codes. When I was a child, people dressed up to go on an airplane, for church, for work, for the theater, for a date… really anytime they left the house. My mother used to wear a housecoat over a slip and she’d switch it out for the dress to leave the house. I’ve adapted to the times and am now wearing a nice sweater and comfy socks with yoga pants. When I leave the house, I’ll switch out for trousers and add booties.

      Do you mean the second photo of H&M where you can see her shoes? Because, although I think the beanies are an ugly attempt at anonymity, I didn’t see the ripped jeans. It did look as though H is wearing a sportscoat over a blue shirt tucked into his jeans, though, and non-sneakers. I think that’s probably about right for situation.

      I’m really hoping for some good fashion out of this relationship. Kate’s getting boring. And William has always been.

    2. I think Harry’s beanie hat was a terrible attempt at disguising himself. (There’s is no point in covering your red hair if your red beard is still showing 😉 ) But you are right it did make him look like an LA hipster. Between the poorly thought out Toronto detour, the matching bracelets, initial necklace, and cutesy coy instagram posts nothing about this relationship screams super mature adult relationship to me. Then again that doesn’t surprise me because Harry doesn’t strike me as a super mature adult so why would his relationship be. I always chuckle when people say Harry does well with structure or he gets bored and into trouble. Seriously? The guy is 32. He’s not a child in elementary school who has ADD and needs structure or he disrupts the classroom. I don’t think he’s a bad person or anything, I just think the reasoning for behavior that we use for children shouldn’t be the ones we use for grown men.

      1. Does Harry have ADHD? I’ve heard whispers of a learning disability in the past. I have ADHD – it’s not always something you outgrow, unfortunately. And I don’t mind speaking speak for all adult ADHDers when I say that structure is key to our survival! =)

        1. I have worked with people who have ADHD and you are right not everyone outgrows it. I realize now that my comment could be seen as flippant and offensive to people with ADHD and that wasn’t my attention. I’m sorry. If I could edit my comment and take it out I would.

          As for Harry, I don’t know if he does. I don’t know the medical requirements for the British army, but I know some branches of the US military don’t allow people to join if you’ve ever received medication for ADHD. There were reports that he possibly has dyslexia, but as far as I know it was never officially confirmed.

          1. Oh, no worries – and no apologies necessary! I understood you were speaking more to Harry being discussed as though he is a child. I just meant that, if he did have ADHD, then yes…structure is so very important.

    3. I was puzzled by the beanies as theatre attire. Gettin’ on their hipster groove? It’s a bit try-hard and a clumsy faux-attempt at anonymity, both of which feature in this relationship. Kate also channels her early twenties. Maybe it’s an attempt to hang on to a more carefree time of no responsibility. Dressing appropriately for the theatre is part of the treating the experiencing of live performance with respect; ripped jeans and beanies, not so much.

    4. As long as they are covered, in private time they can dress as they please, as far as I’m concerned. Public duties are a different matter. My mother wore jeans in her 80s. Yes, standards have changed, or disappeared, but I for one am glad I never have to wear stockings again. As someone else said, we all wear the equivalent of pajamas in our off time.

  24. To paraphrase the snobbiest snob of snobs, the exquisite Tom Ford, proper dressing is a form of good manners. I couldn’t agree more. If you look closely at one of the pics on the DM site, you can see her ripped jeans. I’ve not seen her in a pair of jeans than isn’t ripped, so maybe that’s just the style she prefers. To each their own.

    1. Absolutely. I never understood the ripped jean thing. When mine rip, they get thrown away. When my children’s would rip, they would become cutoffs (that’s the way to recycle clothes, DM), but I like her boots. Maybe there’s hope for her jeans game.

    2. I’ve never been one for the ripped jeans either. I also don’t understand it. If it’s cool enough to wear jeans/pants why would you want holes in them? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Sort of like that mini skirt with Uggs look that way popular a few years ago. If it’s warm enough for a skirt it’s too warm for Uggs!!! But that’s the beauty of fashion. To each their own.

      LOL I’m picturing Kate and Meghan doing a joint engagement with Kate wearing skin tight skinny jeans and Meghan wearing ripped jeans. (I doubt Meghan would wear ripped jeans to an official engagment but the picture can still make me chuckle).

  25. Hiddleswift gave the press lots of photos too 🙂 Remember Kruger Cowne represents MM. The ability of a PR team (including a street team on social media) to raise their clients profile is amazing to me. Blast the news feeds With conflicting stories. Fans love, haters hate Google searches go up etc. Companies even help you have a blog In the PH MM scenario Richard Palmer said reporters weren’t going on Harry’s tour due to costs etc that changes after Girlfriend increased interest, his words on twitter. IG 2017 desperately needs pr. Remember the first was in London so lots of details covered by home crew. Orlando was at Disney who cover logistical details. They are still without a lot of key people/companies to do “grunt” work and are searching for a manager to cover Branding & merchandising. M well she was not exactly on Oscar level yet. (civil & kind) so she benefits from raising profile even they don’t last. Of course he could just be a ripe avocado and they live happily ever after.

    1. Hi Bandanna! I haven’t seen you post before so if you’re new to this site, welcome! Any chance you’re the poster “b” from Lola’s site? I’m a longtime lurker over there and I miss reading “b”s comments and thought this one had a similar bent. Just a shot in the dark.

      If there’s anything to what I think you’re getting at, then the royals have officially jumped the shark.

  26. I admit that purely as a diversion I’ve been following this relationship over the last couple of months — not something I’m normally interested in, although my wife is professor of history at an American university, and she specializes in Tudor-Stuart England….

    I’d just like to say that I appreciate the tone and tenor of the comments on this site, even if I don’t entirely agree with some of them. I’ve been shocked by the virulent bigotry I’ve seen online and in the British press over this relationship; it has put similar issues in my own country into a more international perspective. Nice to see very little of that here.

    On the relationship itself, I have nothing substantial to say, beyond wishing the two of them well and hoping they both find what they want and (apparently, from what they’ve said in other venues) need. As a function of my profession, I met Meghan Markle briefly on two occasions at charity events in LA and Toronto. For what it’s worth, probably not much, she struck me as intelligent, confident, charismatic and ambitious. (I mean that last word in a complimentary sense.) I’ve dealt with subtle and manipulative people in my career; she did not come across that way. So I’m willing to give both of them the benefit of the doubt: I suspect they offer each other more benefits than negatives. Good luck to them.

    And thank you for your civil discussion.

  27. I am sure that Meghan is a lovely person, but Harry’s actions — along with those of Will and Kate — make me concerned for the future of the monarchy.

    Both of Diana’s sons seem very drawn-in by the lower classes and by popular culture. Both of them have expressed a desire to be “normal” and some sort of reluctance over their royal titles and life. The Queen has a very deep sense of duty and seems to subscribe to the idea that her personal happiness is less important than the welfare of the nation. In contrast, the titles that these young men carry are becoming a “distinction without a difference.” Other than being phenomenally wealthy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell them apart from upper-class commoners or . . . celebrities.

    I strongly suspect that this desire to have things both ways, i.e. maintain the wealth and titles while living a mainstream lifestyle, will ultimately be the undoing of the monarchy, because the British taxpayers will see less and less value in their investment. Harry’s desire to be “just a normal couple” as expressed in this article further showcases my concern.

    I sympathize with the fact that it must be difficult to be born into this kind of life. But I really do wish that the heirs to the throne had more of an interest in service than in personal happiness — and that includes Kate. The monarchy exists to provide standard bearers and role models. I am not suggesting that Meghan could not fill such a role, but that it seems that most people in 2016 are emotionally unprepared for the degree of sacrifice it requires.

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