Kate Middleton took part in DofE documentary

Kate Middleton took part in DofE documentary

Kate Middleton took part in the new ITV documentary about the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s 60th anniversary.

Kate is a DofE Award holder, having completed The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award while at Marlborough College, and she took part in the new ITV documentary marking the 60th anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, When Phillip met Prince Philip: 60 years of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Kate did not give an interview, but she did participate in a small way. She and Prince Philip met with a group of Olympians who all achieved their award at Buckingham Palace on the night of the Team GB reception in October. Kate recalled preparing a meal in the rain while on a hiking trip:

    “I can remember trying to cook bacon in the soaking wet. Everything was just sopping and I was trying and trying to cook bacon. I remember saying you know what, ‘I think we’re just going to have plain sandwiches. Bread, basic bread and butter.'”


Sophie, Countess of Wessex – a Global Ambassador for the International DofE Award, and who completed her own Diamond Challenge earlier this year – gave an interview for the documentary where she described Philip as a fantastic partner for The Queen:

    “He has been a fantastic life partner for her. I think it’s maybe a fairly lonely job being queen. As a female in the top job I think to have somebody you can lean on, you can discuss things with, she can be honest with behind closed doors… I don’t think she could have chosen better. And they make each other laugh, which is half the battle, isn’t it?”


You can watch the documentary here if you have access to ITV. I do not, so I have not been able to watch it myself. You can learn more about the DofE here. If you would like to take the Diamond Challenge, there is still a couple weeks left to do it – more info here.

Kate’s portion of the documentary was filmed on the same day as the Team GB reception and the meeting with BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes: October 18. As with those two events, Kate wore bespoke Alexander McQueen Poppy Print Dress, Gianvito Rossi red suede pumps, and Soru Jewellery Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings.

Kate will be with the Cubs Scouts celebrating their 100th anniversary later today.

You can see a brief glimpse of Kate and Sophie in this promo.

106 thoughts on “Kate Middleton took part in DofE documentary

  1. Kate actually uses a lot more “likes” and “you know” in the actual comment about cooking bacon, which sounds very high school. She has never been one for eloquence though.

      1. She’s extremely banal in her conversation isn’t she? Sophie provides colour and a charming anecdote whereas Kate barely strings a coherent sentence together. It is baffling because she’s speaks as if she’s totally uneducated.

        1. That’s what struck me as well- the banality. So very dull. I wonder what she and Willy had/have in common besides laziness, parasitism and contempt for peons. Mind you, Willy is glib. So, Banal and Glib. What if they had babies? LOL

        2. I don’t know if Kate is as stupid as she sounds or if she is one of those women who feels the need to dumb herself down to. Are the man feel more intelligent. She may thinks It’s funny.
          I find it painful.
          I’m a hiker/camper and I find it odd that her options appear to be bacon or bread and butter! I’m assuming it was car camping since she had bacon, so why were those her two options. One would assume if there was bacon she probably had eggs too? No granola bars, pb or even oatmeal? That comment makes no sense to me.

    1. Your comment about the use of “likes” and “you know” reminds me of the Internatioanl Student Coordinator of the college I attended while being an exchange student. She was telling some of us (the exchange students), that the use of “likes” and “you know” to often when speaking could be perceived as a bit childish (or something similar, don’t remember her exact wording). Made me self conscious about my speech later on.

      1. It is childish. If I peppered my submissions in court with “likes” and “you know” I would be perceived as dumb and not as credible as other counsel. Legally Blonde isn’t real life.

        I don’t think of Kate as intelligent anyway. She has an undergrad degree, which anyone can get. And the stories about her copying notes among other things doesn’t suggest she was ever that good of a student.

      2. I took classes in public speaking for my marketing job, since I had to present ideas and plans to various executive teams. “Like”, “you know”, “um”, “er”, “because”, etc… are called filler words, because we say them to fill silence when we don’t know what to say. Using filler words is a bad habit, but it can be broken. It takes awareness of the issue and acceptance that pauses in speech are accepatable and preferable to spewing filler words like a busted pipe. For a famous example of this, see Miss South Carolina, Lauren Katlin.


        1. It’s taken me a long, long time to eradicate some of these, particularly, “And she was like, ‘Well…'” as well as the fillers. Once they’re ingrained it’s quite difficult. I wish that I had the access to aid that Kate does. It’s difficult to be keenly aware that you’re using fillers in professional settings, especially at a moment one feels shy or nervous, and yet still find oneself falling back on them.

      3. I thought the over use of the words “Like” and “You know” were horrible habits of Americans. I am shocked by Kate’s use of them. Just terrible!

        I agree with Mrs. BBV above, Sophie’s comment was eloquent and meaningful. Kate sounded so ridiculous.

        1. Out of curiosity: what fillers do the British use? I know the French fillers because somehow that was one of the things that stuck for me while studying it.

      4. I have a stammer and while it isn’t as severe as HM’s father, and it has gotten better over the years (knocks on wood), I still use “um” and “you know” when I talk. I admit, it is definitely filler and, for me, having a stutter is like having a brick wall in your mind. You’re just pounding on the wall to get to the next sentence/word/syllable and get passed the “stuck” stage. Unfortunately, my mom used to add “I know” whenever I’d say “you know” and I got so pissed off that I just snapped at her. She eventually got off my back when I told her that saying, “I know” whenever I’d say “you know” would throw me off and make me more self-conscious than I already was.

        (I take customer service calls at work and that seems to have helped me a bit regarding my speech. Sigh.)

        1. Kimothy, I was not negating the use of like and you know for people who stutter/stammer. I was referring to the Valley Girl types in the U.S.

          I would never want to offend you in any way. You made me think about this issue in regard to others, though. Thanks for sharing.

          It’s interesting to listen to news reports of average Americans who witnessed a catastrophe or a crime Nine out of ten speak in overly excited tones and pepper their words with “likes and “you knows.” I guess I never thought other people around the world did it, too.

          On another note, I miss rhiannon. I hope she is well. Anyone know?

          1. No one would make fun of of a stammer. A high school friend of mine wrote a hilarious college entrance essay about his stammer. He had to speak to a computer, which corrected his speech. He got so irritated that he started swearing at the computer, and the computer corrected that too!

            Interesting note, filler words are not uniquely American. All cultures have them, but they use different words or sounds. Americans often say “um” or “like”. The Brits (I’ve read) say “er” and Spanish speakers say “eh”. See here to learn about filler words around the world.


          2. jenny: hugs and I miss Rhiannon too!!

            JET Texas: Bahahahahahaha!!! (your friend’s computer….I would’ve thrown something at that machine!)

            Whenever I’m talking with my dad on the phone, and I get a stutter attack, he’ll drop the f-bomb or something and then we’ll both burst out laughing–which helps me finish off whatever it is I’m saying to him.

  2. I’m now curious about her DofE Award experience. Sounds like it would be a fun story – better than the chutney one at least, and a nice change from the G&C’s talk.

    On a side note, I’ve just finished watching The Crown and man, Philip’s portrayal is not flattering. I know the series has a lot of historical inaccuracies, so I do wonder if he’s as whiny in real life.

    1. I think the marriage went through a bad patch in the early years of her reign, with Elizabeth’s role of head of state, and Philip didn’t have much to do. The two later children are testament to their determination to have a successful marriage.

    2. I think in the early years he really struggled to define and find himself, his role and was met with a great deal of hostility within the Palace. It’s testament to his strength of character that he overcame those obstacles and has provided HM with the support a consort should. I think he, more than most in the family, has made incredible self sacrifices.

    3. I believe Phil’s narrative will continue to be polished until it sparkles as he ages. Time distances us from the ugly scandals of yesteryear until we’re left with the impressions of Phillip that work best for us. What is undeniable, however, is his unwavering devotion to his duty as DoE and Prince Consort to his queen. There will probably be no other royal who will ever have such a flawless work ethic.

      1. It started with the wedding, not the engagement. Infact the first 15mins of that 1st episode was condensed version of an 8yr series of events.

        Their romance had drama. Philip was not the preferred choice and it’s unclear when exactly he fell for her given when they met she was 13yrs old whilst he was 18yrs old and already out in the world.

        She was paired off with suitable partners at appropriately arranged parties in the hope she would pick from the preferred pool of suitable partners.

        By all accounts, Philip is her one rebellion. Helped along by his Uncle Dickie Mountbatten who was the Carole Middleton of arranging the relationship.

        After Philip asked for her hand in marriage, the King’s response was to ask her to cool off for a year. The condition was that if a year later she wanted to marry him, and he felt the same, then the King would give his blessing. In the meantime he took her to South Africa austensibly as a ‘royal tour’, but the real reason was to get her away from Philip.

        The Queenmother took her time warming to Philip. Her nickname for him was ‘the hun’ in a perjorative reference to his germanic roots.

        Only time and the Queen’s devotion to him helped pave a good enough relationship between the two.

        1. I’m curious about something. Why was Philip opposed, as having Germanic descent, where Princess Marina was not? Did she have “enough” of another nationality somewhere in the forebears even though she was a princess of Greece and Denmark? It was it that she simply married the Duke of Kent and Philip was marrying the heir apparent?

          I would also be curious to know when Philip “fell” for the Queen rather than it being one sided, or affectionate rather than actual romantic feelings. But we’ll probably never know that.

          1. Yes, he was broke and sort of an orphan–dad was off philandering in Paris, his mother, poor Alice, sent to an insane asylum; and Philip was taken in by his relatives.

        2. Can’t reply to the lower one so saying it here: thank you! I hadn’t correlated the historical timing. That had bugged me for a while and I knew you would know the answer! ☺️

  3. Comparing what Kate says to what Sophie says…

    My goodness, Kate has a university degree? My four year old is more articulate than that!

    What is basic bread? Bread and butter is a sandwich? What? Complete with the hair flip and coy eyelash batting, man, I can never get over the PR about Kate being so articulate, intelligent, and well-educated then seeing this…

    I love to see more of Sophie! I wonder if this will be up on YouTube. The DoE Award seems like it has really done a good thing for young people in the UK and the Commonwealth.

    1. And don’t forget about the reading of scientific papers.

      It’s hard to believe someone in Kate’s position is barely able to string a sentence together. SMH.

      1. Hee hee, the mere idea she could even begin to understand a scientific paper…

        I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning and kinda bought into the PR, but every time she opens her mouth it’s like my own IQ drops five points.

        Is it being socially awkward? Is this some game she’s playing, being cutesey and ‘poor widdle me everyone be kind to me,’ or what? She sure played the ingenue and long game with William starting with that sexy fashion show to get his interest so she’s clearly cunning in that way to keep his interest from coming back to her every time his eye wandered for eight years… The one time she showed backbone and said no, her mother shoved William at her…

        She must be so unhappy. This isn’t the life she waited and waited for, is it? I can’t help but pity her despite it all.

        1. Even if she (and William) knew she was self conscious or socially awkward from the beginning, there is no excuse at all to not get professional training, guidance, or support in public speaking, elocution, body language, and professional dress. I really think WK believed she could just hide meekly in the shadows. Wow, did they have poor judgement.

          1. Notasugar
            Several things are being conflated here and it is easy to justify your statements by confusing the timelines. we are talking about the university years. There is no evidence that Kate was William’s side/secret girlfriend. After their first year at school he asked her to move in with him and a select few friends in an off-campus apartment. From then until graduation she was the official girlfriend, despite William’s summer dalliances, which he hid from her. Kate had two boyfriends at boarding school and one at university, whom she and William are still friendly with. That was it. There were no dalliances with boys, no tainted reputation, everything was about William, sadly and the rumor at her summer job was that she was saving herself for a shot at William. Her one university boyfriend was quickly dropped once William decided to be with Kate. Either way it is almost an impossibility that Tom ‘procured’ or ‘vetted’ Kate for William at university. Like it or not she was not a random girl he met at a nightclub or campus party and went for a few one night stands. They were living together. She attended the birthday party William threw in Jecca’s honor at KP. There are rumors and there are facts. I don’t see enough facts to justify several of your claims and the rumors you mention seem anachronistic at best and third tier at worst.

            Because of William’s trysts and roving eye Kate was constantly watching out for other challengers but there is no indication at all that she was not correct to believe she was his official girlfriend and behave as such. That wretched mattress moniker came after university and has no bearing here. Her nickname as the Limpet came after university and has no bearing here. Her acceptance of freebies came after university and has no bearing here. At boarding school Kate was known for years and by all as an unusually shy, awkward but polite girl who was a mama’s girl and was outshone by her sister in everything. She was unremarkable enough that an incident of flashing her knickers could not have made her more memorable. And again, no bearing on the university years.

            I believe we will simply agree to disagree.

        2. I’m in step with your logic but wanted to point out an inaccuracy. That infamous fashion show was not the first encounter between Kate and William. They were already on good terms, although platonically, and were part of an early morning study group. Apparently it was the posh set and they very much resented Kate’s presence there. I suspect she was doing his homework for him. There was an auction for charity at school and William actually “won” Kate although the follow up date never happened. My guess is that William’s friends gave him a hard time about paying too much attention to Kate, whom they disliked. I think William gave in to his friends. However, he did not cut off his friendship with her and as she was into fitness, they were soon going for morning runs together. It was still quite platonic at this point. The fashion show changed that. She was asked to participate because she was known to run in the right social circles and William seemed to consider her a friend. I believe Kate thought it was now or never. At the last minute she pulled the sheer skirt she was wearing up over her brassiere and strutted down the runway. The rest is history. According to friends it was the first time William saw Kate as more than the cute first year study buddy. He cornered her at the party held after the show and the next thing you know she and her boyfriend Rupert were parting ways. She and William became an item. It’s not the narrative we’ve been sold but it is also not the ‘Kate as wanton temptress’ narrative either. They were genuinely acquainted, I believe he liked the fact that she had a crush on him but also liked her relative freshness and quiet nature in the beginning. She was known as a mama’s girl from a close family who was shy and into healthy living and didn’t run with a pack of girls. William liked that, I believe. But Kate changed once she and William began dating. She became obsessed and, in my opinion, a bit neurotic to keep his attention. It may not be nice to say but I actually think she would have been better off had they never met. She is not a bad person, despite what many here think, but she is too shallow and self-absorbed to represent a monarchy. William is worse, in my opinion, because he absolutely should know better. Oh well, sorry for the rant lol.

          1. You’re conveniently forgetting that William was dating someone else at the time. He bedded KM on the side behind Carly’s back for months before she publicly called them out for it.

            That’s another little detail that gets whitewashed frequently; she was the hidden bedmate both at uni and used as such for years afterwards. The Mattress name didn’t show up out of thin air.

          2. notasugarhere,

            I thought she got the nickname because of how she’d climb into bed during the night but had her “walk of shame” in the wee hours of the morning; I didn’t know she was his side-chick early on!! **smacks forehead** that makes a lot more sense! D’oh!!

          3. I don’t think many people on here think Kate is a bad person, at least I don’t. But I do think she and William are bad for each other, and that they are both bad for the monarchy.

          4. @Hydrangea, after 5 years of being a royal she still is not great in her role. Can we all picture her and William as King and Queen? I think once The Queen passes, a lot of people will question whether or not we need a monarchy.

          5. Notasugarhere
            I’m not sure the term ‘conveniently forgetting’ can be fairly applied to me if I’ve never been aware of your claims. I’ll check it out however, assuming anything can be gleaned grom the web, which is often scrubbed of negative Kate and William stories.

            I do not believe that Kate was William’s side piece for years because they began living together after their first year at Uni. That is not exactly her sneaking into his dorm. I believe William saw whomever he pleased on holidays and during summer breaks, however, and Kate was powerless to stop him. As for referencing the stories calling Kate ‘The Mattress’ I refuse to give that level of ugliness any importance. Apparently William’s POs gave her that nickname because of the amount of intimate time spent with William. They were in a relationship and had the right to do as they pleased. The misogyny and breach of professionalism displayed by the POs is unfortunate and has mo place in a legitimate criticism of Kate.

            On another note I can not imagine that Kate and William will ‘get it if they haven’t by now but who knows? Anyone can change, I suppose.

          6. JET Texas,

            I don’t think many people on here think Kate is a bad person….

            The idea that Kate is good or bad surprised me because we really don’t talk about her in those terms.

            However, I do believe she (and Willy) fulfills the criteria for more than one of the 7 deadly sins. Ha! One is rather glaring.

          7. Hydrangea: the William/Carly/Kate affair was well documented at one point especially because she public shamed them, but many of the links are now scrubbed or impossible to find.

            Further, every time i see Thomas, ex- of Melissa Percy in pictures with William, i wonder what other services he procures for William because part of the reason William cheated on Carly was because she allegedly wanted to save herself for marriage which didn’t go down well with William. Kate came highly recommended by Thomas on the grounds of her descretion and ability to service William’s needs behind Carly’s back. I remain curious how or why he would know or insinuate such a thing about Kate.

            All of that happened around the time of the show. A confluence of events so to speak.

            As for the ‘mattress’ moniker, it came about AFTER they left university when the relationship was more off than on. Being in the off period of the relationship didn’t stop Kate running to William whenever he called. Sometimes for only a few hours. And William was crass and indiscreet enough on occassions to tell people he was about to have sex….Kate shows up and leavs hours later. OR telling a dinner party private things like his preferred cup size ( thanks uncle gary). The RPOs took to giving her that nickname because often that was all there was to their relationship. I don’t agree with it, but there it is.

            William didn’t stop pursuing other women even in the presence of Kate, or when their relationship was on again.

            Kate simply held on until the end, with the help of Carole of course.

            I do agree with you about Kate being obsessed with William. It’s less obvious in recent years, but my goodness she couldn’t take her eyes away from him during their first years as a married couple.

            When they presented PGtips at the hospital steps, she barely looked at the baby. Eyes were firmly glued to William when she wasn’t looking at the cameras.

            William looked properly ecstatic in a way he hasn’t looked before or since and she looked like she had FINALLY given him the right present in the way of a person desperate to please.

          8. Again, there’s no justification for the mattress nickname and bringing it up only furthers harmful ideas of womanhood, worth and virtue. I’m not thought policing you, I just don’t approve. I also feel unequal to the people ask of making hard assumptions based on photographs. I think after giving birth and facing the cheering masses I might look to my partner for fortitude as well. *shrug*

            And you’re right, the obsession is real lol. Notasugarhere we seem to be 50/50 today 🙂

          9. I heard, but cannot remember where, that they may have met at a party at the end of high school (using the American term because I can’t remember the British). They had acquaintances in common at that point. It was proposed that that early flirtation helped inform going to St. Andrews. In my minds eye I can totally see Carole hearing about the party and saying, “Oh, it’s at the prince’s house! You *must* go.”

          10. Hydrangea: i agree. I brought up that particular nickname to give history and information, not that i approve of it.

            I watched the hospital press conference at the dentist’s office with the sound turned off.

            All of us in the waiting room mentioned Kate’s eyes glued to William during the presentation. One woman wondered whether Kate would notice if someone took her baby. That’s how little she looked at the baby. It was bizarre.

            Pictures from the same event don’t show this. They are more neutral in what they show. Tiny moments from entire presentation.

            Em: She definitely met him in High School. Emilia D’larnger (sp?), the boy’s godmother, introduced them because Emilia had grown up around the boys and knew them very well.

            Charles converted a space at Highgrove into a rec room for the boys called club H where they boys could hang and entertain their friends.

            Emilia took Kate to a club H party/gathering and that’s how she met him.

            It’s also how she knew ahead to change from Edinburgh to St Andrews and landed a place in his halls as she was a known quantity for security reasons even though she wasn’t particularly close to him yet.

          11. Yes, I know Kate did it to get his attention because he saw her as a friend and Kate wanted more. Along with what notasugarhere points out about William and Carly. It’s all so icky. Reminds me of the talk of Tom van Straubenzee telling William how Kate is discreet. How did he know exactly?

          12. Isn’t the sleazeball Thomas who recommended Kate the same man that just divorced this year? He’s a godparent to one of the children, right? Ewww.

            It’s definitely disappointing hearing all this about their past, that they were dating other people and she was a sidepiece. Talk about lack of self respect. I definitely believed in the fairytale romance and thought how wonderful when they got engaged. Now it just sounds like he proposed because he owed her for being so loyal and discreet. Crazy. How sad.

          13. There is some evidence that Kate threw herself in William’s past but there is no evidence that Kate and William had an affair with one another behind their respective partners’ backs. Thomas Strobinzy was and remains William’s best friend because of his silence, loyalty and discretion, which William is a bit obsessive about. He would often give his friends fake news just to see who to excommunicate from his circle should the news get out. Tom was one of the many few who championed Kate because he suspected she was not willing to trade her access to William for fame. And she didn’t, being incredibly discreet. If William was giving Kate or anyone else too much attention and it angered his gcurrent irlfriend she had a right to make healthier personal choices for herself. But branding a scarlet A on Kate is unfounded and sexist, given the lack of evidence. I am open to more information but otherwise this trend feels uncomfortable to me.

          14. Discreet and not trading? His own brother called her The Limpet for how she clung and traded off the royal connection. She and her family took years of designer freebies and demanded the royal discount on an Audi lease years before the engagement. She still takes freebies, against protocol, through her family.

            Quiet nature? The girl who had to be ordered to stop mooning the boys at middle school, earning the name Middlebum because she like flashing them so much?

            I’m not approving of The Mattress nickname, but I’m not going to censor myself when it was widely known and the reasons for it were widely known. It wasn’t just the RPOs who called her that, but the press as well.

            She chose to allow herself to be his convenient bed mate, not his acknowledged girlfriend, for many years. She was always waiting to take him back, to give him the couple hours of sex he wanted, and to drop everything for it. I consider those to be anti-feminist and sexist choices, and they are the choices she made.

            People in the audience at the Carly performance, and others in the set, have bandied that triangle info about for years. Was there a front-page Sun story about it? No. But I’ll lend credence to the people who were there, who witnessed it, and got that story out in multiple ways. Just like the one teacher who broke ranks at Marlborough to admit she was dull, unmemorable, and anyone who said otherwise was making it up for posterity.

          15. Herazeus, Tom was one of the guys William would send over to make a girl turn around so he could see her face. Once William got a look at her face, he’d give Tom the signal to bring her over or reject her. That’s the type of service he provided, among others.

        3. Kate is too long in the tooth to play the ingenue, yet is still channeling the young woman in her twenties. Perhaps she still feels as if she’s that age? She has not matured or grown into her public role, barely speaks and when she does, is completely vacuous. No doubt, William’s directive is to do as little as possible, but still…

          Not sure what makes Kate happy. Her family is driven by money, status and physical appearance so presumably Kate has hit the trifecta. Ultimately, William and Kate are not the best choices for each other; neither brings out the best in each other.

          1. Jen, Your comment reminded me of a passing thought–KM plays the ingenue in her mid 30s because she always feels robbed of being W’s wife as a fresh faced 20 something as Diana was. She hangs onto the unbecoming drab long hair, skin tight pants and, until recently, floaty skirts because she never got to play the demure Diana equivalent. Even though she is incredibly compliant, there must be some lingering resentment towards W who kept her hanging for a long time.

            It’s a shame she has resorted to botox and other plastic surgery tweaks, because I don’t think they make more attractive. Instead she seems to be disappearing.

          2. Well said.she would have been much better off becoming an upper middle class mom with posh play dates for the kids, country weekends at the bolt holes of lower level aristos and lunch dates after yoga with friends. In other words, it’s Pippa who wins in the end.

          3. Notasugarhere
            I dislike the thought that a woman can or should better a man, however, there is no denying that our partners can inspire us. It is painfully obvious that Kate and William simply enable one anothers’ least admirable qualities.

          4. As said elsewhere, a partner can be either a mirror who mimics back all your negative behavior to you so neither of you grows, or they can be the person who helps you examine your flaws and improve.

            Daniel has done the same for Victoria, helping her to see the real world instead of her ivory tower. Or am I not allowed to say that a relationship with the correct man can improve a woman?

        4. Indiana Diana
          Not sure I agree with the Diana stuff. Kate definitely wants Diana comparisons in the mothering/parenting department but it doesn’t seem she had any particular desire to copycat the dating/early marriage years. I believe her style choices reflect what was popular when she was experiencing her best/happiest years and becoming known to the media. I don’t think she can let go of those years. Someone once said celebrities stop maturing at the age they become famous. Taylor Swift will always be America’s sugar princess, Justin Bieber will always be an indulged brat, Madonna will always be a type A diva and Kate will always be a responsibility-free, pampered Sloanie.

          1. Well, it was a passing thought. But for whatever reason, I agree she thinks her 20s were her best years and stopped evolving emotionally and intellectually at that age point. Too bad.

          2. I think Kate is very unsure of herself. Despite the fact that she landed her Prince and is now a Duchess, she doesn’t appear to be too confident in herself. She slips into that “poor helpless me” mode due to her lack of self-confidence, I think.

            Oh, there are times when she does use her title to benefit herself and she often does seem rude. (Remember the tossing off of that lovely bouquet that the young man gave her as the Royals were leaving Canada)? Still, I really think she lacks confidence. I blame her Mum for taking control of Kate’s life and never really letting go. And, William doesn’t help his wife in many ways, His little jokes at her expense are just awful.

          3. Jet Texas
            Lol 🙂

            Mary Elizabeth
            I agree with you. Confidence comes from experience and a desire to continually improve. Kate had worthy ambitions but tossed them all aside to chase a Prince. That is not a fairy tale I want to emulate.

          4. I suspect that Kate is plagued by a sense of not belonging in her role. That means that from her perspective, it might feel that she’s still dating William and trying to win him over. Somewhere deep down she knows that everything she has could disappear at any moment. I think she believes that many women would like to take her place. In short, there is only one Prince William, but there are many possible Queen Consorts, so she has to account for scarcity. Her desire to not put one foot out of place shows that she doesn’t feel secure in her position, IMO.

        5. Her alleged ability to read scientific papers makes sense when you remember that she has Maths A Levels that she passed with an A grade.

          Our A levels are roughly 2nd/3rd year american college level education.

          She achieved an A and a B in Art and English respectively.

          The irony of her A level subjects and results is never lost when you consider her inability to string together a sentence in English or to have an analytical mind given the maths which might help formulate a better message on mental health than she has done.

          1. I think it can be easy to fall back on one’s insecurities in a public forum in spite of intelligence. I am quite poor at this. I attained the highest scores possible on the AP level tests I took in high school, including both language expression and comprehension of English (we didn’t have IB at my school). As I said in a previous comment, though, I wish that I had access to what we frequently cite for Kate: continual access to professional training/practice to overcome these maladies. It drives me mad to be on the spot in a meeting or speaking in front of an audience and find myself using my old fillers.

          1. We are not a part of their relationship, so anything anyone says about how much they love each other is pure speculation and opinion.

    1. Didn’t Cher have more emotional intelligence, cunning (setting up Miss Giest with Mr. Hall to lower her grades), care (took care of her dad)?

      Sorry, Clueless is my generation’s “16 Candles” so I’m a bit protective of it. ?

      1. The resemblance to that Cher is only skin deep, I think. On the other hand, a shallow valley girl fits totally.

        I love ‘Clueless’. It’s a riff off Austen’s “Emma”. Cher was never stupid, and she had a good/well-meaning heart, just like Emma. She was a busybody, true, but she was interested in, and aimed to bring people together, and that is something we can’t imagine in Kate.

  4. I thought it was an interesting documentary, and Philip was as sharp as ever, but quite modest about the D of E award, and what a difference it has made to so many young peoples’ lives. I did the awards when I was a teenager, and I’m glad I did. Note to Kate- I had to cook in the snow! It was thrilling to get on the train and go the Palace to get the medal. I thought Sophie expressed the points very honestly and well.

  5. I had no idea Kate was a DOE gold holder. That’s fantastic. I’m glad she participated in the documentary. Prince Philip is a legend!

      1. That seems unfair. She wasn’t a Royal girlfriend at the time or anyone of particular note… why would you think she didn’t earn it?

      2. Agree with Megan. I see no reason to discredit Kate’s work as a teen nor to impugn the judgement of the selection and review committees. Plenty of other things to criticize, imo.

      3. Kitty, you don’t get your DOE award through connections.

        It’s aimed at teens and you have to work to earn the different levels.

        We can criticise all sorts of things given to Kate based on status, but her DOE award was earned. Properly and squarely. Before she met William.

      1. I think it’s easy to take for granted just how much people learn about “public speaking and commentary” from having careers. Sophie is particularly camera ready with her words, and I’m sure her career in PR further developed that skill. Unfortunately Kate doesn’t have a similar background “on the job” and seems to be paying the price today.

        But, there is hope – if in fact Kate wishes to become a better speaker, which she may not. She could always enlist a teacher. Does anyone remember that Princes Diana took very involved lessons to become a better public speaker?

        However, what we on this forum consider to be a huge problem for Kate, may not even be a consideration for W, K, or anyone else involved in their public image.

  6. So, Kate has an engagement with the Scouts today, I’m seeing jeggings, a striped shirt and some sort of inappropriate heel. Is anyone else seeing this or is my crystal ball getting cloudy?

    1. That or some sort of Barbour and mixed outerwear, possibly including a muffin shaped hat OR Scouts hoodie, runners, and black jeans- with requisite Scout scarf, natch ?

    2. I went to the DM to look for things and what I find funny is that I saw articles on the Monaco royals (with kiddos) doing event, maxima in Germany AND Camilla’s fabulous party(yaaayyyyy!!!) but nada on Kate.

    3. Yup, skin-tight jeggings and a sweater. Jeggings so tight you can see the outline of her rear and such. Who in their right mind wears this to a children’s event?!

    4. Whatever she wears it will be too-little, too-late for me. I love the Scouts, and blowing them off for 2 years is inexcusable for me. Giant raspberry to you, Kate. Thhbbblblbllbbbblblbb!

      1. I may be wrong, but I think it’s a lighting issue in the pics of her arriving. Her cheeks don’t look any fuller in the pics from inside the event.

  7. In the picture above, Philip being the 95 year old man that he is, is still sitting up straight and projecting so much confidence. Dare I say, he still looks pretty handsome. Frankly, with the DoE scheme and carving out a role for himself, Prince Philip has been far more impactful than QEII could ever hope to be. I mean what is QE II’s notable achievement, apart from living a long life?

    And Kate, looks so scared and insecure and unpolished in that photo. She is no future stateswoman, no future Queen Consort, no public figure and she never will be. She doesn’t even talk eloquently or even provide insight in her comments. She is dumber than a bag of hair, selfish and lazy to boot and her looks are veering towards scare-crow territory. I will be happy to see the monarchy abolished and this worthless woman and her loser husband, fend for themselves!

    1. “Frankly, with the DoE scheme and carving out a role for himself, Prince Philip has been far more impactful than QEII could ever hope to be. I mean what is QE II’s notable achievement, apart from living a long life?”

      You can’t really be more impactful than someone when your entire status is based solely on your relationship with that person.

      She will be the last monarch of the remains of the British empire. Her achievement is reigning.

      1. Not much of a legacy if your brand dies with you.

        Take away the titles from them, and Philip would have been an admiral. The Queen would be a married woman who liked dogs.

        1. Philip would have been an admiral because his uncle is Louis Mountbatten. Let’s not pretend Mountbatten didn’t pave his way into everything. He’s not even English.

          1. Philip was a good naval officer, all things considered, and got a lot done on his own merit and nothing to do with Uncle Dickie. Mentioned in despatches isn’t a remark given because of who he is related to. He would have probably been a fine officer no matter what and it seems like he really loved it.

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