Harry and Sophie at ICAP Charity Day, Sophie in HM’s necklace

Harry and Sophie at ICAP Charity Day, Sophie in HM’s necklace

Prince Harry and Sophie, Countess of Wessex both attended the ICAP Charity Day on December 7. Also on December 7, Sophie attended the Golden Hockey Ball wearing a necklace and bracelet on loan from The Queen.

ICAP Charity Day sees ICAP give away all revenues and commissions on one day each year to charities around the world. This year, two of the charities were Sentebale, which Harry founded in 2006, and Shooting Star Chase, of which Sophie is Patron.

Sentebale supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS, and through education, psychosocial support, and care give them the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives.

Shooting Star Chase is a leading children’s hospice charity caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families. The charity offers bespoke support free of charge to families with services including short breaks, Hospice at Home, symptom management, end-of-life care, bereavement care and a comprehensive range of therapies.

Both Sophie and Harry had a go at the London Air Ambulance Operation Game.

For fashion, Harry wore a navy suit with a blue tie. Harry wears a lot of blue, as do both Kate and William. It’s like a blue epidemic with the royal trio. I’d love to see Harry in a rich green or purple tie or shirt.

Sophie wore a Suzannah “Kaleidoscope Neat Tweed” dress (£695.00).

Below is a video of Harry at the event.

In the evening, Sophie attended the Golden Hockey Ball at the Tower of London as Patron of England Hockey. The evening celebrates the success of the hockey team this year including at the Rio Olympics.

[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Sophie wore a repeated Bruce Oldfield gown (which she first wore to the Luxembourg royal wedding in 2012) and the Diamond and Gold Cuff Necklace and Bracelet on loan from the Queen.

Diamond and Gold Cuff Necklace features vertical bars of diamonds in a yellow gold setting. The necklace appeared on the Queen a couple times in the 1990s, but hasn’t been seen since. The bracelet features horizontal rows of diamonds in a similar style to the necklace, and was seen on The Queen as recently as a 2012 photo.

The necklace design is very dated – Diana had a similar necklace in the same design – and doesn’t go with the design of this dress, but it is cool to see HM opening the vaults more and lending out jewelry to Kate and Sophie.

[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

46 thoughts on “Harry and Sophie at ICAP Charity Day, Sophie in HM’s necklace

  1. Nice to see Sophie and Harry. We’re there any photos of guys in their underwear and high heels like last year? I wonder why Kate didn’t go this year… not like she has much else to do.

    1. None of Kate’s patronages were ICAP charities this year. That’s why she didn’t go.

  2. I love that Susannah dress, especially the neckline. And though I’d love to see Harry diversify, I am a total sucker for a blue suit.

  3. I wonder if Diana’s necklace was costume jewelry, as she wore fake quite often?

    I think one shoulder gowns are hard to accessorize, but as you said, it’s good to let more pieces out of the vault.

  4. I would really love to know how that whole lending process works. How does Elizabeth make it known that it’s cool they go shopping in her vaults and how she decides what pieces can be worn. OR if she and her staff select things for the ladies to wear. I really can’t see Kate in a collar piece like that. It looks amazing on Sophie.

    1. I would love to know as well. I suspect there is a master class wardrobe expert on staff with an assistant whose job it is to keep meticulous records on who wore what, when and where. The personal assistants to the royals may put in their requests to him/her. If it is a request for a heavy hitter or a major event the curator probably vets the request along with his/her professional suggestions yay or nay to the appropriate courtier. If it is an extremely momentous decision then it may go to HM herself. All delightful speculation on my part, of course!

      1. Y’all should read the book written by the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly. I think there are others written by various people describing how they collaborate with the Queen’s dressers. Hardy Amies, Stuart Pravin etc.

        There is a documentary or two kicking about somewhere on the same subject.

        By all accounts, if anyone is the courtier in charge, who would grease the wheels on borrowed/borrowing items, it’s the dresser.

        What we do know is that they keep a meticulous account of wardrobe to be worn and after it’s been worn plus accessories.

        When Kate is thought to be advised by the Queen on wardrobe and jewels, Angela Kelly’s name crops up every single time.

  5. I think the necklace goes fine with the dress. It is definitely a statement piece and Sophie was smart to wear small earrings with it. All in all a very nice choice.

  6. Is anyone here aware of the fact that Queen Victoria’s wedding tiara/coronet has been sold to a foreign buyer. The UK cultural minister placed a temporary hold on the auction and advertised that the government would match the price. The UK has until Dec 27 until the ban expires. If the buyer wishes to keep the tiara there will be nothing the government can do about it. Kind of sad, really. I think the family should have approached the government or a museum first before they contacted an auction house. Oh well. #firstworldproblems #elginmarblekarma

    1. That caused a row when it came up a few months ago. No word on whether it’s been saved yet.

      Also, the seller is not known. It’s definitely not the royal family. It’s highly likely that the seller isn’t related to the family at all considering the fate of Princess Mary’s estate.

      The coronet left the royal family when Princess Mary, George V’s daughter, married the Earl of Harewood in 1922. It was a wedding gift. The Laschelles ( the Earl’s family name) have been steadily selling off Princess Mary’s gifts/ baubles / estate, for decades now. The coronet was sold to a dealer by the family in the 60s .

      It’s a similar situation to the fate of Princess Margaret’s estate. Some of her jewels have started to show up in resale auctions.

    2. If a museum can’t come up with the funds (Victoria and Albert) I’d love for Charles to buy it. He’s a romantic and I’d think it would give him a lot of goodwill points. I don’t see Camilla wearing it per se, except for maybe an initial debut but then he could loan it a museum.

  7. Nice to see Sophie promoting British fashion. It’s a pity she doesn’t get much coverage, she probably does way more for children’s hospices than Kate. I also admire her range of patronages, the young royals should take note.

  8. I love that ball gown – it’s good to see it again. Sophie looked great at the Lux wedding, both her day look (with the horse print dress and massive hat) and the evening gown. She pulls the necklace off and it’s nice to see her continue to support her hockey patronage

  9. Sophie and Harry looked like they were giving it their all and enjoying themselves, too. I think they pair well at such events When they were on the phones, was that part of a telethon? Can you imagine calling in to pledge money to one of your fave charities and getting Harry or Sophie on the phone?!! I’d max out my credit card, for sure!

    The air ambulance operation situation brought out the fun and adventurous nature of these two. I wonder how Kate and William would have reacted. Would he be too stiff? Would she be looking to him to find out what to do?

    I loved Sophie’s dresses both times What color was the gown? The purple light gave it a lavender look. Or, was it grey? Whatever, I liked it and the tweed dress, too.
    !Harry in the blue suit? Just fine with me!

        1. Wow, was that really a year ago? Thanks for the reminder, kmr.

          Kate playing with the table tennis paddle and showing quite an expanse of her toned legs really wasn’t that appropriate. At least, not to me. She usually find a way to call attention to her bod, which shows some kind of confidence. In another post, I said, I doubt she has much of that. But, in some areas, apparently she does.

          I think Harry and Sophie were far more relaxed and happy at this year’s event. Sophie looked amazing. Love that dress. Her evening gown, too.

          I just don’t think William and Kate are very comfortable in such roles.

      1. Notasugarhere, thank you for the link to the full-length photo of that gorgeous gown.
        I agree with you, it looks like it is taupe. I love it. Sophie looked magnificent in it.

  10. I’m pretty sure that since I’m not up on the Earls and Dukes and such, that I’m reading this wrong. The ‘firm’ can’t possibly be desperate enough to sell anything off, can they? I hope I don’t get kicked off of here, but while others seem to really like Sophie, I just can’t. I’m not sure why, but there it is.

    1. If it’s not something that belongs to the Crown but is personal property instead, then the estate is subject to hefty death taxes when the owner passes. It’s not unusual for their personal items to be sold to make money or avoid certain penalties.

  11. As much as I am over Harry ( and his blue attire) at the moment, I will say, his suits seem to be step above Williams. It appears to be pin stripped and I’m a sucker for a pin stripe.
    Neither have Charles’s flair tho. I love his pocket squares!

    1. Well, blue might simply be his favorite color. I’m fine with it. Although he could really mix it up every time and again. But to be honest, most of the time I only realize that he is wearing blue again because others point it out. The only thing I see is his smile and positive and warm vibes. Looking at pictures of Harry makes me feel a little better. I bet if I met him in person I would melt away like a snowman in the sun.

  12. I’m in love with Sophie’s watch. Is it Cartier? I love a good watch. I don’t like the big one that Kate wears.

    I thought that same thing about Harry’s fashion during his tour, KMR. It is like Harry only packed one blue suit for the entire tour. We talk about women’s fashion a lot but I think Harry needs to step up his game, too. He would look nice in purple since he has red hair. I also think he looks good in black.

    1. Charles needs to give his sons some sartorial tips! He always is fabulous in those suits and the funky, creative tie and pocket square combinations and his shoes he’s had since, what, his 30s? Haha.

  13. Love the first three photos. The personalities of both Harry and Sophie jump off the screen.

    Sophie really is an asset to BRF. So professional, warm, interested. And she looks beautiful.

  14. Oh wow, I love that Suzannah dress on Sophie- the neckline and the sleeves and the wide hem all add up to a gorgeous piece of clothing that I will now add to my covet list!

  15. Off Topic, don’t know if anyone brought this up. So, it begins the press is starting rumors that MM is pregnant by PH, I saw the magazine covers while shopping at the grocery store *sigh

    I should have bet money the press was gonna do this, so typical of the press.

    1. Haha oh god. You know what though it would be one explanation for why this girlfriend introduction has been so over the top and different from the past.

    2. I was in Publix on Sunday and saw The Globe had a cover about Meghan being pregnant and the Queen demanding a shotgun wedding.

    3. That rumor started back in October at the same time the relationship became known. All kinds of nasty “she trapped him, evil woman” “evil WOC trapping prince, otherwise they would never allow him to marry her” comments around it.

      HM is smart-enough to know we all know how to count to 9. If they ended up expecting before a wedding, we’d all know it. Even people who know how to count and know how long pregnancy takes are still idiots when it comes to bashing people anonymously online.

      Madeleine was likely a couple weeks pregnant when she and Chris married. They announced their engagement Oct 25, married June 8. Leonore arrived February 20.

      There were still idiots on the DM screaming “shotgun wedding” when Leonore was born. As if the whole wedding hadn’t been planned and in place since October the previous year.

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