Kate Middleton celebrates 100 years of Cub Scouts

Kate Middleton celebrates 100 years of Cub Scouts

Kate Middleton, as a Volunteer with the Scout Association, visited the Cub Scouts last night, December 14, to mark their 100th anniversary.

In the evening of December 14, Kate visited 24 Cub Scouts in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and took part in a variety of skills-based activities with the kids. Kate arrived and immediately took part in some classic parachute games, which are designed to develop teamwork and cooperation skills.

The second activity Kate joined in with was a cupcake decorating activity where Kate and the kids iced cupcakes. During the cupcake activity, Kate, according to the Express, said: “Who wants the pink? No one… its me then.”

[The Scout Association Facebook]

Kate then took part in a character skills activity to help confidence and positivity. The Cubs were encouraged to write down what they did best and how they help other people. Kate said, “I’ll have a go but I think it’ll be a short list!” before writing “bonfire building”. Not what I would have expected her to write.

Kate took part in a first aid skills activity where her arm was wrapped up in a sling made out of a scarf. Kate also sang “Happy Birthday” with the group, cut a special 100th birthday cake, and recited the Cub Scout Promise.

Kate was presented with flowers, and a beaver bear and club scout bear for George and Charlotte.

Kate has been a volunteer with The Scout Association since 2012 and has done a handful of events with them over the years. Kate’s last event with with them was in December 2014.

The Cub Scouts were originally a boys-only program which officially launched on December 16, 1916.

Here’s a video of Kate’s visit. At the end, she says: “It’s been a real treat for me as well to come to see all of you here and keep up the hard work ’cause you’re doing all the hard work helping other people, helping each other and things so keep it up. And Happy Christmas to you all.”

Kate wore a new sweater from a new brand, choosing the Iris and Ink Grace cashmere turtleneck sweater in light grey ($210). She went with Zara skinny jeans, and Really Wild Spanish Boots in Chocolate Suede (Β£315.00).

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings, and a Cubs100 Official Adult Scarf (Β£2.50).

I know many will disagree with me heavily, but I actually think Kate looks nice here, for a casual look. I’m not a huge fan of Kate’s casual style, but I like this one.

OH, PS. Emily Andrews said on Twitter that William and Kate won’t be releasing any Christmas photos this year. I’m disappointed; I was looking forward to that.

I will cover Victoria and Estelle receiving the firs tomorrow and Camilla’s Christmas party the next day.

240 thoughts on “Kate Middleton celebrates 100 years of Cub Scouts

  1. I like the idea of the look. I frequently wear skinny jeans, boots and a sweater. I just don’t like this particular sweater. And I wish she’d pull her hair back in a ponytail.

    And really?! No Christmas photo?! I have no words.

  2. The jeggings are quite frankly obscene. Jeans and a sweater, sure, go! but jeggings that show off your rear end like that and the front, um, no thanks, especially not on an official engagement around children! Will she EVER learn?

    I like the sweater and the less high-maintenance hair, at least…

    The quote just has me shaking my head. “And things?” How articulate. Jeez, no wonder she is the silent duchess, she is so…vapid.

    1. Those don’t look like jeggings to me, they appear to be denim.

      And from the pictures I’ve seen it appears the sweater covers most of her bum, although I’m not sure what’s obscene about a trousers-covered-bottom in the first place.

      1. Replying to my own comment because my bad: the computer I’m looking at these on definitely made them look like blue jeans, but I pulled it up on my phone and now I’m thinking they’re the same pant she wore canoeing in Canada?

        Looking at the pictures from that engagement and this one, it looks like they are fitting a little tighter here.

    2. Totally agree, so unroyal!

      …and what ‘celebrate ‘ are we speaking of….a royal patron with nothing to do- who can’t be bothered thoughout the year to visit and only show at end of year count.

      Yet lazy entited km and carol is holding the kids at the middletons for Christmas (maybe payback to HM POW for no unearned Family Order) – carol must not be invited at AH Forest for the holidays. Whiny km carol playing an awful disrespect to HM BRF Traditions and especially the Wales grandkids at Christmas. Whiny willnot, may be with. jecca and baby and not with cannot carol. They need to be cut off from royal perks and millions from tax payers.

      HM POW need to invite Prince Harry Meghan even to stay onsite at Sandringham, that would get carol waity attention!

  3. I am not really a fan of her style – casual or ‘sophisticated’. Her casual looks consist of jeggings, striped top/pullover/sweater, pirate boots, boat shoes or wedges. Zero imagination.

    For this outing, at least her sweater was long enough to conceal her nether regions. So it is OK for me. I think it’s kinda vulgar to be wearing skin tight pants and short top (even if you have a boy’s body) which she adores.

    One thing is that this sweater emphasizes her super long torso…

    1. I don’t understand the pearl-clutching over her pants. Do you think those children have never seen someone wearing skinny jeans? They’re moms and sisters and aunts probably wear them too. I don’t even own another type of jean because it’s 2016. What is vulgar about them? Is it because she’s skinny that we feel we have the right to make shameful comments like “she has a boys body”? Is that something she is meant to control or simply just conceal? Her body is her body and if you’re offended by someone’s rear in pants not being covered by a long shirt than I don’t know how you go about your life in this day and age.

      1. Would you wear jeans showing off every bit of your rear end and crotch to work? And with kids? Kate wants to show off how thin she is. I wear jeggings and they’re not so tight you can see everything!

        If she wants to in private time, sure. Here she is at an official engagement, at work, representing the monarchy so thus, the queen and Britain. It is tasteless and gross. And yes, vulgar.

        1. I’m sorry, but where are you seeing her butt or her vagina? I see clothes that are covering those parts of her body. Should her crotch area always be hidden? That would mean always wearing long dresses or skirts or maybe Harem pants? Just because she happens to be thin doesn’t mean that she’s showing off. They’re pants. She’s thin. Therefore, she looks thin in pants.

          Also, it’s deeply sexist and a little transphobic for people to make comments about her having a “boys body” (I know you didn’t say that but the original comment I replied to did). She is a woman, so regardless of the shape, she has a woman’s body.

          1. I think the point is that she can show off her figure in more tasteful ways, and she doesn’t have to wear skin-tight pants to do so. I’ve never seen Kate in any sort of pants that didn’t look as though they could have been painted on.

          2. I don’t think the boy’s body description was meant to the derogatory. Back in the day, that’s how her body shape would’ve been categorized as, now they’ve moved to general shapes, so she’d be under rectangle. At least when shopping for clothes to try and fit said body type

          3. They are pants meant to show off one’s body. Not appropriate for work. I don’t want to look at the outline of someone’s crotch or rear, thanks. Especially not from someone who supposedly represents an institution like the monarchy. Is it so hard for her to wear regular jeans? They’d be far more flattering. If she were out shopping or whatever, sure, wear whatever you want. The point here is Kate is not professional and it is gross, full stop. I’d have been fired at any job for showing up to work like that. Even retail jobs I held in college had higher clothing standards than Kate has for herself representing the monarchy and a nation…

            I can tell you like Kate, so anything we say here is just mean/sexist and now transphobic? rofl I have a ‘boy’s body,’ just like Kate does. Straight up and down, no real curves to speak of, but I’m a lot shorter. I’d never show up to work like I rolled out of bed, with painted-on jeggings.

            At least she showed up, but it’s sad they had to make it oh so convenient for her and put it a few minutes from Anmer… If it’s so close and she’s so into Scouting why hasn’t she showed up before… Smoke and mirrors.

          4. I’m sorry people have described you as having a boys body. Just because you think it’s okay for you, doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. I think KMR has been pretty clear on the body shaming issue.

            I don’t actively hate KM, so I guess from that perspective it may come across that I love her and will defend anything she does/wears/says. That’s really not an accurate reflection of my perspective of her, but what an awful waste of time it is to try to convince internet strangers that your opinion may come from somewhere more reasonable than blind devotion.

        1. I think the large sweater and boots balance out the skinny pants, so I don’t have a problem with them.

          1. I agree, I don’t like this look, I think it’s very boring and unflattering. I don’t particularly like those boots, and I don’t like them paired with those pants. I hope the sweater is really soft and cozy, because I don’t find it flattering on her. However, I thought jeans and an over-sized sweater was a very appropriate outfit for playing with kids. I don’t particularly like leggings, but they are everywhere, and she clearly thinks they are comfortable and flattering.

            Also, to give Kate credit, this is the first time I can remember her looking happy and natural while playing with children, usually her smiles look manic to me.

      2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CzqGbzfWgAI1Ep1.jpg

        Click on that and tell me you wouldn’t be reprimanded for wearing buttcrack revealing pants at work. Because she is on work time and gets credit for the appearance in the CC.

        An almost 35 year old woman should be able to understand by now that excessively skinny jeans are not appropriate for her appearances. She could wear jeans that are looser. The style is for more boyfriend jeans anyway. The skinny jean trend was five years ago.

        1. She looks like she has a wedgie, but she isn’t revealing any buttcrack – there is no skin showing.

          1. Guess it is all in the way you look at it. The photo from the back showed her butt crack to me. It also revealed the exact shape of the butt cheeks. The jeggings were so form-fittingly tight, they showed off everything. Not in the actual flesh, but in the way they revealed — yes, the crack — and the shape of the cheeks! Whatever, it really wasn’t suitable, at least to me. And, Kate really does seem to enjoy showing off her body more than not showing it off.

            I’ve seen women shopping at the mall in leggings so sheer and tight, they look like they are wearing a pair of black sheer panty hose. I don’t find that particularly attractive, either

            Oh, well, everyone sees things differently. I just think a nice pair of black trousers, or well cut jeans would have been better on Kate.

          2. To me, “showing butt crack” means actually exposing skin. Kate’s pants showed her butt in pants.

        2. I hate the jegging trend despite wearing them. My skinny jeans aren’t so tight. I’m also not royal, so I don’t have to look professional whenever I go out on an official engagement. Y’all would make fun of my short stumpy legs if I were royal and wearing jeggings! πŸ˜‰

          Lately I’ve been doing tunic tops and sweater dresses with leggings or tights. So, so comfortable! I feel like I’m wearing my jammies!

      3. Trousers would be appropriate, skinny jeans and jeggings are not. In my work environment, even on casual Friday it is jeans not skinny jeans and no jeggins. And I’m not representing a nation.

        1. I work for the government and skinny jeans and jeggings are perfectly acceptable in my department as long as they’re paired with more professional/dressy tops etc. She’s at a Cub Scout clubhouse, not an office. She needs to look appropriate for the type of event as well as look professional and this outfit succeeds at doing both in my mind.

          1. You work for a different government agency than I work for then and I’ve never seen anyone in any agency that I’ve been to where someone wears jeggings, however it’s not appropriate for royalty to wear jeggings to any event. Have you ever seen the Queen wear them? Or for that matter have you seen the Queen flash on a continual basis? No. This is all on Kate.
            She could simply wear trousers or even boot cut jeans, but considering how often she shows off her body or flashes it’s apparent this is the look she’s going for.
            I must agree with Ellie in that it doesn’t matter what I say, because you like Kate and will protect her no matter what. I’m not a fan of Kate, however if she started acting and dressing appropriately I would feel much more positive about her. πŸ™‚

      4. It’s not pearl clutching. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t invalidate the other’s opinion. I wish people would stop saying that to excuse everything. It’s not an argument but rather a sly ad hominem amidst the others that are blatantly so.

        1. I don’t have a problem with this outfit, though I do wish she would wear skinny jeans in the correct size and not jeggings/a size too small. But I do agree with you Maven, I found the above comment quiet snarky as well. Honestly though, a few of the rose colored glasses fans that come on here to defend Kate do that :(. I just remember their names and try to ignore them. So far, there are about 4 of them who come on here off and on. Although, other than the jeans, I don’t see anything to defend today-it was a good engagement for Kate.

          1. LOL. I find it funny that my clear disagreement with overwrought language being used to describe another human being’s pants makes me a “rose coloured glasses fan”. I’m 100% here for the thoughtful criticism of KM’s laziness and since I’ve been visiting this site, I’ve certainly woken up to a lot of BS that both her and William try to pull. That said, I think it’s horrific for people to make comments about her body shape and to suggest that she’s somehow a vulgar person because her pants are tighter than some people would like. If that warrants being ignored, than I suppose nobody with a dissenting opinion need comment on KMR.

          2. You should stay. You came here for the same reason most of us did (some longer than others) and you are entitled to your opinion.

            I don’t have an issue with the skinnies, I am 9 years older than Kate and they make up my entire pant wardrobe. Some commenters on KMR have abhorred them since the beginning, as you can see πŸ˜‰ It’s all fair game here! I was happy when KMR put the kibosh on body shape commenting- I made some harsh criticisms of Leti , and this made me check myself and realize how unfair it is to dish out. Hair, clothing, makeup, work ethic…bring it on

          3. Halfofone, stick around. I personally don’t have a problem with the skinny jeans. They make up most of my closet. And what she wore today (boots skinmy pants, sweater) is basically all I wear in the fall/winter. There are some here who absolutely HATE skinny jeans. And to some degree I can see it may be inappropriate, but to each their own. Personally, I would’ve found it more inappropriate if she wore a dress and flashed the poor kids. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And fashion is something where people aren’t always going to agree on. It’s not so bad though. We all agree on 1 thing: Kate is lazy, workshy and comes across as an airhead.

          4. I beg to respectfully differ. Trashing, berating, belittling and ridiculing other commenters for their differing opinions, making it personal, is trolling, IMO. Who needs that? There are tons of Kate sugar sites out there.

          5. Miss K,

            I wear jeggings most of the time (love them) and I am old. But I am also appropriate, as I was when I was younger. Nor would I wear them when I’m on a job, and I sure as heck wouldn’t wear them representing the BRF.

            A sense of occasion is merely good manners, which greases the wheels of civilisation and human society and shows respect for others. Generally speaking, I personally don’t find having no/self absorbed adolescent standards a superior goal.

            Furthermore, we know what Kate is like and it’s all about flaunting the putative assets, the position of ‘Duchess’ be damned.

          6. Halfofone, all I saw was a few other commenters disagreeing with you, so I don’t understand why that makes you think people with dissenting opinions shouldn’t comment at KMR? People disagree on here all the time, even about specific words being used and if someone’s only been coming to this site for a week, they would have seen those types of discussions. Comments here are all about people being able to say their own opinions and also disagreeing with others opinions.

          7. Maventhefirst, don’t get me wrong. I like the skinny jeans/sweat/boots combo. But I also would never wear it to work. My cowokers have never seen me out of the paramedic uniform and I intend on keeping it that way. I agree that for work, it’s not appropriate. I just, now this is just my own opinion, sometimes feel like everyone here hates skinny jeans because they’re skinny jeans. I think Kate should wear whatever she wants during her own personal time. But girl has no imagination when it comes to her clothing choices that she ends up wearing the same formula repeatedly. Kate’s 2 formulae seem to be skinny jeans/sweater/boots or floaty dress/nude pumps/monotone.

            PS – I hope that made sense. I’m coming off a 14 hour shift. A bit tired and sleep deprived.

          8. Differing opinions are great on here and welcome. But as Maven said, belittling other’s opinions because you don’t agree with them is not. That is attacking the poster just because you don’t like their opinion. It happened down below when you didn’t like someone’s comment by telling them ‘they see what they want to see’. Go ahead and give your opinion, but don’t treat those you disagree with like they are children. That is all I was saying and I am done. Thanks Maven, we are on the same page :). I think I need a Kate break for awhile.

        2. Calling Skinny jeans/jeggings “obscene” or “vulgar” is very pearl-clutchy to me. People can absolutely dislike her pants and her sense of style, but using the aforementioned words is so above and beyond that it’s become slightly hilarious.

          1. Pearl clutchy. I am amused. And, I think she has a great gift for showing off her private areas And, as the future Queen Consort, that does not jive with me

          2. Hi Halfofone, I agree with your sentiment. The problem lies much more in people sexualizing Kate’s body than in the piece of clothing itself. It’s one thing to say some clothes are too casual for a work environment, but people seem to be short of implying that Kate is dressing in a sl*tty way.

            Just one thing: I think your first post might have sounded a bit agressive. I hope you don’t get me wrong and keep commenting though, your remarks gave me a lot to think about.

      5. +1

        I’m over people thinking that Kate wearing skinny jeans is in any way associated with her wanting to show off a thin figure. Skinny jeans and trousers are popular right now, lots of people wear them. I would love to see her in a more fashion-forward cut but I also appreciate that she’s not bowing to trends.

        The subtle body shaming going on in the comments is what’s truly obscene here.

    2. There are a lot of things Kate deserves criticism for, but I don’t think one of them is her body type. I personally think it is wrong to call her body type a ‘boys body.’ No one has control over their body type and everyone comes in different shapes/sizes. I think it is fine to say she is thin, because she is, but I don’t think it is fair to say to she has a boy’s body. She might not have curves but she still has a woman’s body and it is not her fault for having more of a straight figure. Sorry, I am not trying to be rude, but I just think it is going to far to call her figure a ‘boys body.’

    3. Guys, enough. Everyone’s opinion is welcome here as long as we don’t attack each other. Agree to disagree and move on.

        1. Hey, that’s okay! Sometimes tone doesn’t translate on the web too πŸ™‚ I think I’m just coming from a different place than some commenters re: the appropriateness of skinny pants.

      1. Sorry KMR. I didn’t read all the way down before I posted. You can smack my hand if you want but then I won’t send you any Christmas cookies. πŸ˜€

      2. I know you said enough, my question is an oblique one– why doesn’t the LIW ever say something about Kate wearing so tight skinny jeans? Another instance of KP not wanting to irritate W? No sense? As pointed out above, HM would never have worn them as PE much less Queen. Kate will be QC someday. Why not say something since she obviously doesn’t see why Zara jeans should be in the trash where her wedges are. Is it that sexy equals confident to Kate so she has to wear something like a talisman. That’s what it seems to me.

        Otherwise it was a good outing.

        1. Because Kate has no LIW and they have no advisors to tell them what to do, because William knows best.

          That seems to be how they roll. It doesn’t work very well.

        2. The queen has been pictured in riding pants which are form fitting, but even if she has not, it’s been over 60 years since she’s been a princess, and will likely be another 10-20 years before Kate is Queen Consort, that is a 70-80 year span, surely Kate should not feel compelled to dress like someone did decades earlier. I am just imagining Princess Elizabeth or Princess Margaret dressing according to standards set by Queen Victoria or their grandfather George V.

          By the way, I am not a fan of Kate’s pants.

          1. @aaa “the Queen has been pictured in riding pants.”

            ….has she been pictured wearing them while on Royal duty? Did she roll up to the Houses of Parliament, wearing riding pants?

            Or was she wearing clothing (and Crown) more appropriate for her work occasion?

          2. Kate wasn’t in skinny jeans at the opening of parliament. She was playing around with kids at a Scouts meeting.

          3. I hear you @KMR, but you’ve made my point for me. Its all about context. In the context of her on an official duty, I still think the skinny jeans were inappropriate.

            I would argue that representing tradition, and maintaining a code of behavior are all a figurehead monarchy has. imo, Kate in her choice of attire, was doing neither.

  4. Reading the article about the Cub Scout pack pointed out one very big difference between the US and UK Scouting practices. In the US in my middle-west area, the Cub Scouts and the Girl Scouts are separate entities. Cub Scouts don’t admit girls to their pack and Girl Scouts don’t admit boys to their troop.

    With Girl Scouts, the troop mission is very oriented towards teaching skills in a gender-neutral mode: they are neither male nor female skills. My nieces are in Scouting and have enjoyed their meetings and outings. However, one that was interested in cooking/nutrition and another interested in sewing/needle arts found there were no badges that could be earned from the current catalog of badges except tangentially connected as an optional single skill within the perquisites for an unrelated badge. They were disappointed that they couldn’t teach their skills to their troop members as part of a badge as other troop members could. The only ‘arts’ available are dabbling in drawing and photography neither of which interests them. Both have said that this will be their last year in Scouting.

    With that said, they are attending meetings of other groups as guests to see if those groups fit more closely with their interests. They don’t dislike GS, but the longer they have stayed with the organization (via their troop) the less they want to stay with a group that ignores their interests year in, year out.

    Why is Kate wearing her scarf differently to the other scouts? (Aside from the sling demo.) Her scarf and clasp are not worn in the same manner as the other scouts and their leaders. Everyone else has the scarf scinched up towards the neck with the scarf ‘tails’ aligned straight down the shirt front once past the woggle. Her scarf is clipped together near the end of the ‘tails’. What have I missed here?

    1. ‘Why is Kate wearing her scarf differently to the other scouts?’

      Maybe because there is no clasp? She’s knotted the ends of the scarf.

      1. I think she just left it tied after the sling, and rolled it up with the knot already there. I think that’s why it’s rolled a little messily.

  5. I like the whole look. Loved the sweater, and although I’m usually not a fan of the jeggings they seem appropriate for this engagement.

    Judging by the video she also seemed more at ease interacting with the kids, but she really isn’t good in speaking off the cuff. It’s always “Keep up the good work” with the thumbs up.

    I’m also disappointed they won’t be releasing any cards. I wonder why.

  6. Not related to the Scouting engagement in any way…in these photos, and others recently taken, I noticed that KM’s cheeks look oddly pumped up. Her facial expressions remind me of itty-bitty ground squirrels stuffing their checks with the smallest of nuts in order to scamper back to their nests with the maximum amount of food to be stored for the winter. (There are a lot of those little guys around my home.) I don’t comment on her looks. People have good days and bad days. But her face looks so peculiar compared with earlier photos of her.
    Here are some recent photos:



    The super-rounded cheeks almost look painful when she smiles.
    What’s going on?

    1. I noticed that too. My first thought when I saw photos from this engagement was that she was pregnant again because her cheeks look so full. But I think it’s probably just fillers or something? Her face has changed a lot over the years.

    2. My entire family look like chipmunks in fact we all call them the (blank) chiipmunk cheeks. Hers appear to be fillers. If I had known she could have had my chipmunk cheeks! πŸ˜€

  7. If she is a ‘volunteer’, then why do these engagements count? Harry’s volunteering doesn’t make it to the CC, so why should hers be there. This ‘volunteer’ title doesn’t make sense.

    1. On the face of it, this is an ‘engagement’ but it’s really showing up for 60 minutes and doing whatever those in charge have arranged for her to do. There is no volunteerism about the visit. If she was truly interested, this Kings Lynn troop would have been ‘her’ troop such that she has participated at least 4X per year in their activities. She could have easily done that over the course of the last few years. But, she didn’t.

      I don’t believe that she is all that interested in Scouting. This was convenient. It’s a fuzzy interaction with kids engagement. I do believe that Countess Sophie is interested in Scouting and participates (without media exposure) in their activities.

    2. Beats me. She was supposed to just be a volunteer in her spare time, but then her scouts engagements started counting toward her CC numbers.

    3. It started out being publicly-touted as something she did as a volunteer on personal time. But she never did anything with them, only rumors. When her numbers got so bad on official engagements, magically Scouting became “official”.

    4. Events listed in the Court Circular are engagements being done on behalf of the Queen and she approves everything that is listed. It makes sense that private activities like Harry’s Invictus work, Will’s work as an air ambulance pilot or Kate volunteering with scouts not be listed, but every now and again certain activities make the court circular, my guess is that all involved agree that it makes sense to classify a certain activity as an official royal engagement, probably for exposure.

      For example, Harry’s work with Invictus and Sentebale, while (presumably) most of his activities don’t appear in the Court Circular because they are not being done on behalf of the Queen, some of his work with these organizations have appeared in the Court Circular.

      1. “every now and again certain activities make the court circular, my guess is that all involved agree that it makes sense to classify a certain activity as an official royal engagement, probably for exposure.”

        Yes, like William’s personal jaunt to Kenya for Jecca’s wedding which ended up becoming official (and taxpayer funded) when he met with the Pres. The CC is so arbitrary it’s ridiculous. When the birth of your royal kid is counted as an engagement you know this is not only ludicrous but contemptible.

  8. In such a short comment, she managed to say ‘keep up’ and ‘hard work’.. it just sounded odd. She needs to work on that.

    I noticed her face looks fuller, like how she looks when she’s pregnant. Which to me, isn’t a bad thing, I think she has looked amazing when she’s preggers and has a fuller face.

    Didn’t like her outfit, I hate those boots, as well as the ones she wore on the Canada tour (Penelope Chivers, or something like that). They’re bulky and I’m not a fan of the chunky boots/super skinny pants look. Her hair looked fab though.

    1. I also don’t think she has the position to be telling children to keep up hard work when she barely does any work herself. A little hypocritical in my book!

      I also have thought she always looks her most glowing and beautiful while pregnant.

      1. She absolutely bloomed when she was pregnant with George, I love seeing pictures of her from that period and shortly after.

    2. I can’t quite figure out what it is with her talking/speeches/sound bites. Is she really shy and can’t quite talk to people she doesn’t know? Is she just socially awkward? Is she cautious of what she has to say? Is she worried about saying the wrong thing? Is she really that stupid? Is she quiet because she doesnt want to upstage Will? I don’t get it. You’d think a 34 year old woman with a university degree and the world at her feet would’ve figured it out. Or at the very least she would use everything that’s available to her to get over whatever it is that’s plaguing her speech/speaking skills.

      I know I come across as shy and quiet when you first meet me. But that’s more because I’m cautious. I know I can be very blunt and that doesn’t go over well sometimes. But once you know me or I’m very comfortable in a situation, you will say I’m anything but quiet.

      1. I truly think much of her reticence for public speaking comes from (ill advisedly imo) altering how she speaks. It’s something she has to work at and I’m sure doesn’t want to get caught out pronouncing something the “old” way. Who knows, I think it’s one of the most ridiculous things she applied herself to in the run up to the wedding. She doesn’t even sound like her family anymore and someone British here once said she now sounds posher than William!

    3. she seems to use that phrase a lot “Keep up the hard work!” or “Keep going!”

      My guess is, a courtier explained (once) Royal duty as being ‘to offer encouragement’. So she tends to sound as if she’s coaching little league.
      “Slide into third base! You can do it!” And so on.

  9. Good for Kate that she’s actually doing something for the scouts for once, it’s been a long while since I seen her at an event like this. I don’t think it should have taken her this long though.

    On another Note I don’t think PH is releasing a new christmas card either judging from the card I got I wrote to them for the holidays and PH sent an old photo for a christmas card

    1. Harry usually uses a photo taken during the year at an engagement. Charles and Camilla and the Queen and Philip do the same thing. William and Kate usually do, too. The cards sent out last year to people who wrote to them was the family of four shot from Charlotte’s Christening, even though they released that “Christmas” (but really fall) photo to the public.

      1. Is there a difference between a Christmas card, which I am sure they are sending, and a Christmas photo call? The card photo will be leaked by a receiver.

        I don’t understand their aversion to a photo call with kids. Lots of normal people (William’s ideal) do an annual family Christmas photo.

  10. Turtle necks are awful on most everyone in my opinion so that aspect is not popular for me other wise I like the top. I’ll bet she did her own hair for this event. She looked very nice (except for turtle neck style). We don’t know if she visits the cub scouts on the sly. Since they are so very close to their country home it is quite possible. At least their children would be able to attend easily when they reach that age.

  11. I really like seeing her with the Scouts so I’m glad she participated in this event. I really like her outfit. I love the sweater actually, I would buy it if it wasn’t so expensive.

    I don’t understand why they aren’t releasing a Christmas card. Seems like they could have used a photo from the Canada tour or something. Bummer.

  12. Another beige engagement, wearing a beige sweater from the Master of lowering all expectation. Goodness I know we can’t all be good at everything but can someone please just shake some personality and life into this middle aged, university educated woman before life passes her by. All that potential totally gone to waste. And what for? So she can fit into a pair of size zero (US) skinny jeans and titillate her husband via the press. It’s all there is. Emmeline Pankhurst and her Suffragettes would be so proud. Arggghhh.

    1. Mrs. BBV, I loved your comments. It’s sad that Kate is such a bore in her choice of clothing and her lack of any true working goals. If she is spending her time totally on raising her kids, I would cut her slack, but we know there’s a full-time nanny there, yes?

      The tight jeggings were a turn off for me and the boring sweater was just that. Boring.

      As for dangling her hair so close to the cupcakes as she was decorating themn —-ust so wrong. As someone already pointed out, does she go over the details of the events she attends with staff prior to dressing, doing her hair and heading out? I guess we all know the answer. Still, I need to ask! It’s just one of those cranky days for me!

      She did seem to be enjoying her time with the kids, so that is a plus, but, I would like to see more thought going into her appearances.

      Note to Rhiannon: so happy to see you back on the site, too. Have wondered what was happening and am hoping you are doing well.

      Off topic. but cute! I just saw the photos of the Monaco twins at the gift-giving event. They are so darn cute!!! Little Gabriella is no longer so blonde. And, her chubby little knees in those tights? So precious!! Those little boots, too! Her brother is more at ease in public, I think. He’s darling, too!

      1. Oh the twins are just too cute aren’t they? I just can’t understand Kate at all? When has she ever seen any member of the RF dressing in such provocative clothing? Hell no one’s asking her to wear loose polyester slacks just a bit of decorum and a little less on display at public engagements. She could have achieved an almost identical look and protected her modesty and everyone’s else’s stares by going up a size. She definitely likes to court attention……negative and positive.

        1. “Hell no one is asking her to wear loose polyester slacks….” Exactly, Mrs. BBV! Yes, Kate loves to show off her bod! And in a truly inappropriate way for a Duchess. Excuse me, I’m clutching my pears!

      1. Aren’t looser fitting jeans like boyfriend jeans what’s in style anyway? She is stuck in a style that was popular ten years ago. And of course shows off what she thinks are her assets.

        1. No, skinny jeans are still very much “in” with shoppers/designers and are going to represent a huge percentage of what’s available denim-wise.

          If she had worn boyfriend jeans with that sweater she would have looked incredibly frumpy.

  13. Here’s what I noticed…and it may have been the photos you picked… but in none of them are the kids interacting with her. They look like props in her ad.

    It’s gotta be weird for this pack to go through their whole year and then suddenly find a strange lady among them playing. If it had been anyone else the leaders would have called the police.

    1. I honestly didn’t notice whether or not Kate and the kids were interacting in the photos, I just picked the ones I liked the best out of what was available to me.

      “If it had been anyone else the leaders would have called the police.”

      Yeah, but we could say the same thing for any royal visit with children. Take any of Harry’s visits with kids: some random dude showing up and hugging the kids? If he weren’t Royal and weren’t on an official engagement, the adults would call the cops.

      1. I agree that the concept of an adult wandering in to a group of children is the same, but when Harry does these visits, the kids interact directly with him because he makes an effort to do so. He is not just there he is a part of what they are doing. Kate still hasn’t figured this out and she is the one with two kids of her own, not Harry.

        1. She looks great, but she is very awkward. IMO, she struggles to make a connection. Maybe that’s why everyone focuses on her clothes because there is just something odd about Kate. I find it difficult to put words to what I see in her. Maybe she is overly cautious or maybe she doesn’t really care about this event. I’m not sure but it’s very troubling to watch.

    2. There are videos on DM that show her quite clearly interacting with children. She didn’t just sit there in silence while that little boy tied her arm in a sling or when she decorated cupcakes or really during anything she did on this visit. People see what they want to see.

      1. I don’t see any pictures of Kate with kids and direct eye contact. It looks like a sweater ad to me. Of course, this is a strange volunteer whom they’ve never seen before showing up to a meeting of theirs. I “see” someone who volunteers once to have her picture taken and doesn’t know anyone’s name.

      2. I thought she was very engaged and charming in the videos, joking around with the kids and asking them lots of questions. This was one of my favorite appearances for her, TBH, I thought it looked like a lot of fun.

    3. There was interaction, however, I love that the kids aren’t kissing her butt so to speak like the adults. The adults fawn over her, not just at this event, but the kids aren’t really fazed. They care more about the event they are participating in than Kate being there. That is not knock on Kate, but just an observation I appreciated from kids since they don’t generally care about fame or celebrity.

      1. My favorite part of the event is shown in the video, when that little boy trying to fix Kate’s sling takes a huge fistful of her hair and slings it out of his way. It really made me laugh. Kate even laughed. I bet not even George has ever dared to do that with her hair!

  14. I’m glad she’s finally showed up for the scouts. It’s about time. I would like her to spend more than an hour at an event. She’s only stayed longer at one conference and at the Downton s

    I like the sweater a lot. Just wish ut would have been in a hunter green or burgundy. I loathe those skintight pants with everything in me. And the wiglet looks like it hasn’t been brushed since the last engagement.

    I think W+K think they are being smart with not releasing a photo. This is where they have no clue as how to play the long game. They are making it too easy to make themselves irrelevant and unnecessary. Keep it up guys, you are only hurting yourselves.

    Thanks for a great review, KMR.

    1. I personally think they aren’t releasing a picture out of spite. I bet they are still pouting about being called out as work-shy in the spring and boring on their tours. Give the press a family pic? Naaaaaaaa.

    2. I know this would never happen, but wouldn’t it be great if Harry released a photo with Meghan this year?

      Will thinks he is above the press and public, failing to understand that he needs public support for his privileged lifestyle to exist. Building up goodwill through easy things like a Christmas card will help weather the criticism of their complete lack of work ethic. The kids are cute card is the only thing they have.

      And really, isn’t it weird for a young family not to make an effort to take a family photo? Is Will even around that much? It’s not like there are new photos of him working as a pilot.

      1. At this point I’m thinking he is miserable having a family and resents it. Because usually parents are chuffed to show off the kidlets at every opportunity. Certainly, he is a user when it comes to them, trotting them and their pix out when there’s a PR crisis, or excusing himself from work, or to show what a hands on daddy he is. Again, it’s unnatural. But then we know he is twisted.

        1. Speaking of Harry and Meghan pic…their first picture together has surfaced! Its a pap pic taken from the side, showing them strolling in casual clothes hand-in-hand.

    3. Since this engagement was so close to her home, someone must have advised Kate that it would be in poor form if she didn’t show up to such a momentous anniversary, especially when its closer to Anmer Hall and she maybe needs to devote 1-2hrs tops.

    4. Rhinnion, I agree. I like the sweater and think it looks soft and comfy but the jeans have got to go! There is skinny jeans and then there is painted on. Kate’s in the later. I remember Olivia. Erwin John saying that they literally stitched her into her leather pants in grease and those seem less tight than Kate’s!
      Also agree about your sentiments about Christmas cards. I can’t tell if it’s their intention to make themselves this irrelevant or just side effect of William’s hatred if the public/press. I saw pics of all these other Royal kids out and about doing holiday stuff thinking they need to take note. If the public are invested in their kids they would be invested in preservation if the monarchy. At this point, I think most people don’t care. I’m sure peoplealways click on the pics but that’s more to get a view of the rare more than genuine interest.
      And welcome back.

      1. Exactly. Relating to and being interested in the next generation is critical for preservation of the monarchy. There are so many things that they do that make me want to head-palm but not sending out a holiday photo seems to be a failure of such catastrophic proportions.

    5. Rhiannon we’ve all been worrying about you. I hope you are well and the rehab is going well. Best wishes . I also know that on top of everything else your heart must be breaking, but I for one hope Harry is happy.

      1. Hi, rhiannon, so good to see you here again. I just posted yesterday wondering how you are. I agree with you 100%. And, I so hope that you are doing well. Miss you!!!

  15. If Kate should work with kids, this is the sort of organization to be involved in. She looks as if she is genuinely enjoying herself. And I’m glad it was mostly activities with the children rather than a facilities tour and speech. I wish she would do more with the Scouts.

    In regards to the ‘bonfire building’ comment, I suspect the answer was in the context of scouting skills. Mine would have been ‘tent building’. πŸ˜‰

    1. She is enjoying herself playing as if she were a scout. She is not interacting a lot with the actual scouts, or keeping the focus on them. Sophie is so much better at events like this one.

      1. In the clip, Kate interacts with the children like most mums when they are with children they don’t know well, not too touchy and not too standoffish. I suppose she could help a child do the activity, but that may not have been what she was asked to do.

        I don’t know it is fair to judge her as Prince Harry or Sophie. The temperaments are different and as far as I know, she isn’t trying to be either of them; she trying to be Kate. I understand from people who have actually held a conversation with her that she is thoughtful but reserved, so maybe that is what is coming across?

    2. Re skills: that makes sense. But I saw a photo with some other responses and they weren’t scouting skills, so who knows.

    3. All I see is that big fat grin of hers in practically every picture. She looks “on” to me and unnatural as usual. The woman hasn’t had anything to do with scouts for a couple of years so I’m not thinking she’s into scouts or the kiddies. Looks like a last minute photo op to me.

  16. Raise your hand if you’d wear a $240 pastel cashmere sweater with dangling sleeves/cuffs to decorate cupcakes with icing likely to stain and ruin the sweater. Because that’s what you wear to do crafts with kids.

    Maybe if you were spending someone else’s money like water you would.

        1. Mine too, that hair in the cupcakes, ewww. If this is a casual outfit then why not do a casual pony tail. Her outfit? Those jeans make me cringe but that’s because I couldn’t stand wearing anything that tight. I think that is simply Kate’s style, those skinny jeans and maybe one itty bitty indication that she has a tiny little spark of personality. The cashmere sweater, yes probably just because she can since it’s not her money she’s spending. A bit OTT for casual where I come from. However, I do like the fact that it is long and aside from the potentially hairy cupcake I think she actually looks good.

  17. I loved this engagement for her and her doing it. In stills I didn’t like the sweater at all, but looked much better in video. Never been a fan of those particular boots, but overall had no issues with her appearance.

    What I loved was her attitude with the children. As hers get older, I think we’ll see her more relaxed with kids. She was happy and interested and she NEEDS to do more with the Scouts- looks like something familiar to her that she enjoys that doesn’t cost the average citizen $8000000 to participate in.

    I’m not too fussed about the Christmas card, but I would love to see some Christmas morning candids/video of the children in the New Year, how cute would that be? And since Canada, I am an official Charlotte sugar, can’t wait to see more of her (preferably in motion- I believe she is a little force to be reckoned with!)

  18. Looks like one of a few who liked the outfit. This was my favorite casual look for years: skinny jeans, bulky-ish sweater and boots. Alas, I cannot fit into my skinny jeans anymore.

    But I’m still mad at her for blowing off the Scouts for so long. Look how fun this visit was. She can’t do this 4 or 5 times a year?

    “The Cubs were encouraged to write down what they did best and how they help other people. Kate said, β€œI’ll have a go but I think it’ll be a short list!”.” Nice to know that she is aware of her shortcomings.

    1. “Nice to know that she is aware of her shortcomings.”

      I doubt it. Proof: Hello Sloth. Has she done something about it? No.

      More likely, she has to keep up the helpless snowflake image.

    2. I wish she would do more with them too! They’re a great organization and it’s terrible how little time she spends with them!

      I like the outfit too JET! Looks like you and I are fashion pals again!

    3. I loved this look too. I thought the ensemble was a fit for what she was doing. I thought the sweater in particular was lovely. It looks like something that I wear around kids when I’m trying to look put together but also engaged with them. And cashmere washes easily so it actually works well as a go-to material. I know that others would like her to dress up more but I actually think wearing something slightly more relaxed encourages both her to feel comfortable– and thus likely to be more engaged– and puts the kids at ease.

  19. I must be the only one who loves her boots. It is actually a pair I would buy if they didn’t cost so much. :(.

    Did anyone else do the parachute game growing up? I remember doing it in PE in elementary school. It was so much fun running under it. Ahh childhood

    1. You’re not the only one who likes her boots. I like them, too. And I did the parachute game several times throughout my childhood.

      1. Is it bad I wanna buy a parachute to play this game with my kid? I mean, you can’t do it with two people. KMR parachute party at my house! lol

  20. This ensemble is a huge fail, imo. The jeans are too damned tight and vulgar the way she is wearing them. That rear end of hers should be covered up, we don’t need to see every curve of her butt muscles – and this is particularly awful for a royal doing royal duties. She obviously has no knowledge of appropriate clothing for a job.

    Not a fan of that sweater, either. The color is drab, the design is not flattering even on someone with her thin physique. A tunic length would have been much better, in fact I have the perfect sweater to loan her for next time.

    The boots are lackluster as well. I just think the proportions are way off. At least she wasn’t wearing 4 inch heels, though……

    1. +1

      If this sweater had been tunic length and she had worn sneakers I think it would have been perfect.

      The skinny-jeans-tucked-into-mid-calf-brown-boots look is just so common nowadays, I would love to see a little more unique personality interjected into her looks.

  21. I love the children and Kate’s warm interaction with them. But I felt that if she was going to wear those skin-tight jeggings, the sweater should have been longer to cover her rear. She also should have pulled her hair back in a low ponytail for the cupcake decorating, I thought the tips were going to decorate the icing – not very sanitary. It would have been practical for the sling activity as well; even the children were trying to get her hair out of the way before she did.

  22. I don’t care if she showed up in a dress or trousers or whatever wasn’t in the laundry bag….. No speech, no relevant quotes, nothing special.

    What’s her name?

  23. Rumour mill is in overdrive tonight as the Daily Telegraph have gone to print with the story that the Cambridges are not going to Sandringham this Christmas but Bucklebury Towers instead. Speculation is rife that it’s the last family Christmas before Pippa marries or that Kate is expecting number three. I wonder if they’ve had HM permission or Butthead has just decided to do his own thing? I’m really sensing a falling out with PoW. I have no evidence just my own instinct but I sense that this is about more then being en famille with the Middleton’s. No official Christmas Card, not being at Amner when the rest of the family are at Sandringham? KP throwing Harry to the dogs in the media. I wonder whether PoW has had a talk with William about his lack of workload lately. EAA anyone? Maybe some of the less than positive feedback they are getting has been mentioned? Make of it what you will but something’s brewing. Probably an enormous William sized tantrum.

    1. I’ve thought for some time that there’s been a falling out between Charles and William. Charles and HM need to rein both he and Kate in.
      If they are skipping the Christmas walk I’ll be even more disgusted with them. I get Christmas times with families can be difficult time wise but when your “job” is to be seen, he needs to make an appearance. I’m a nurse, my BIL is a reverend, both jobs entail we work the holidays and sometimes that means we celebrate family Christmas more at epiphany time. They have the luxury to take the family chopper if so desired to fly back to buckelbury afterwards =)

    2. I think William just does what he wants, to hell with the consequences.

      It’s one day the Queen has all her nearest and dearest. To ditch it is awful, to me. It tells me what his priorities are–being a Middleton, and not a royal. She asks for ONE DAY. One! Were I royal I’d do it, absolutely, because it is the right thing to do and the kind thing to do. He is so lucky to have both grandparents around. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that whatsoever, and it makes me angry.

      They can do Boxing Day and whatever else with the Middletons. God knows Carole lives at Anmer, right? Jeez. So disrespectful. I split up holidays with my family vs my in-laws, and if I lived closer to my one surviving grandparent, I’d move heaven and earth to be with her for Christmas.

      1. If I were William, I would spend Christmas with HM for wholly selfish reasons. HM and PP are 90 and 95, who knows how long either of them have left. Carole and Mike are much younger and will be around a lot longer. I’d take this time to be with HM and PP and spend a different day with Carole and Mike because this may be the last Christmas to spend with Philip, and possibly HM.

        1. Exactly.

          Who knows, this could be their last Christmas, as you said.

          Missing that…is so disrespectful and, dare I say it, cruel to HM and PP.

      2. Ugh, these two. They just don’t get it. The lifestyle, the money, the houses, drivers, helicopters, 7 kitchens, nannies, etc come with the responsibility of working 2 hours a week, and getting photographed during that time. It is a package deal. Give up one, you give up the other. Has anyone explained this to them? Even if you don’t care about the monarchy, do it because this might be the last Christmas you spend with your grandparents. Sheesh! The Windsors’ claim to family trumps the Middletons’. Careful William, you are setting a standard your kids may follow one day…

        1. It’s not enough, obviously. I’m guessing they want to mainline ££££ and deference to the nth degree.

          Actually I think that they believe that their mere presence is a fragrant anointing. I think that’s the bottom line.

      1. I wonder if there is trouble in the paradise of their marriage and Kate wanted the moral support of her family? Missing the Christmas walk to church is ridiculous. Maybe the Middletons will stage a rival walk, if they go to church.

        1. Hmm. Not showing off the kiddies. Decamping to Middleton towers. What’s wrong with this picture? Sounds like Willy is in a big snit, wants to be coddled, and I still say he hates his life as a husband and father and future king. He wants to be a rich, subsidised tramp.

          I’m beginning to wonder if he will actually be around for the holidays.

        2. Fifi, they’ve done that before. The Christmas she was expecting their son, the press were told she was too ill to go to Christmas at Sandringham. Lo and behold we end up with a Middleton pap walk at their local church (which they do not have a history of attending). Lots of pressure from William’s team to the press about how this was a private event, they were not to be photographed, etc But still the Middletons had their rival pap walk.

      2. I think it’s supposed to mean before another in law arrives in the family. Of course they wouldn’t count William as a mere in law being a supreme being. Meanwhile James is rumoured to be discussing babies and formalising a commitment to Donna Air.

          1. But he’s richer than Croesus and gives them free holidays at Eden Roc in St Barts, flies them there in his private jet and has them mixing with the like of Abramovich and the other Billionaires Club so I can’t see Carole really saying ‘no you’re not welcome I just want my own kids for one last family Christmas before James and Pippa fly the nest’.

            I am even more convinced William has has a massive tantrum with the Windsors and is in a sulk. I mean why not just have them all to Amner so the Royal obligations can be fulfilled but they still get the Midddleton Christmas? It’s not as if Bucklebury Towers is the childhood home and she wants a cosy Christmas in the home she grew up in with her brother and sister. It could all so easily be done at Amner.

            There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Pregnancy / mental illness / anxiety disorder / eating disorder / Falling out with the Windsors? There is a reason I’m sure why they’ve decided not to be in Norfolk at the same time as the RF.

          2. @Mrs BBV, never realised how rich James is. He’s more well off than William. I hate that William and Kate won’t spend Christmas if The Queen. She’s not getting any younger. I fear for the monarchy after The Queen passes.

          3. Yes, but he’s not a toff. I bet you anything that they look down their noses at him for this. And the guy is basically in ‘trade’. Especially considering they have a future king sitting dead centre in the web of their family. The poor guy will never count for much except the freebies, IMO. I hope he gets a clue and buggers off with Pips to breathe free and to start their own independent dynasty.

            Totally agree with your last two paragraphs. Something’s up.

          4. MrsBBV,
            Just a thought inspired by your comments- are the Dolittles setting up a court with the Midds included? It’s probably out in left field but right now I have time on my hands. Ha!

          5. It sounds like a rival court doesn’t it? But quite a few commentators on the DM have alluded to Mike & Carole being separated and that there is apparently a media blackout on that so I still think there is a story yet to come out that the media can’t talk about such as Kate or William’s health / marriage. And we all know how litigious William is with other people’s money. Xx

          6. Thanks for the intel, Mrs BBV. So the media are still kowtowing to the Midds and Willy? They have a nerve complaining then about being shut out. This is getting juicy, though I’m not sure how having a totally Midds Christmas is anything but an alert.

          7. Not Kitty, but I think once Charles is on the throne William will throw a huge fit and abdicate or take himself out of the line of succession, probably including for his children. I think he is another Duke of Windsor, and really does not want to be king. I think he will blackmail for a huge financial settlement. I think he wants to bring the monarchy down completely.

          8. Kitty,

            I have no idea. There are people on this site way more knowledgeable than I. I do know that Charles is eager to be king, and Willy is eager to garner in the £££££.

        1. How very rude and insensitive of William not to want to be with his family at Christmas. As others have said, HM and PP are getting older and who knows how many more holidays they will be able to be part of in the future. I would want to be with them and share the joys of the holiday season. I know I dislike seeing the Midds along for the ride, but in this case, I guess I could stomach it and say, “invite them, too.”

          William really is not a very caring man, if you ask me. What exactly does he want out of life other than his own way? When you are a husband and father, son and grandson, brother and cousin, etc, why not show some kind of warmth toward the family? If he loves the Midds, too, that is his biz, but for goodness sake, I feel sorry for his lack of caring toward his family.. Especially, when he uses them for all the perks his title provides. I just don’t see where he is coming from. Or, perhaps, I do and just don’t like it!

    3. Meh, they’ve been married 6 years and have spent all but one Christmas at Sandringham. Maybe they can spend Boxing Day with HM and PP instead?

      1. Wish William and Kate would show more respect and consideration to HM and PP.
        Yes, indeed, they are getting on in age and should be able to count on the Cambridges to be joining them for the holidays. I would begrudgingly say, “oh, invite the Midds too.”

        Carole sure knows how to cozy up to the future King. I wonder if she will live to see his lazy butt and that of her daughter ascend the throne?

        I pray Charles lives long and prospers!

        1. The fact that Willy doesn’t appreciate that his granny is super old, and she only asks this one favour of her family tells one everything you need to know about their relationship. Inviting the Midds to get him there is just craven, IMO.

      2. lobbit, even when they show up they aren’t showing up for all of it. They do the pap walk, then get papped front and center driving to Christmas lunch. After the photos are taken, they high-tail it out of there. So even the few times they show up, it was really only for the photos but they dumped the Windsor family and ran as quickly as possible.

    4. I guess it has been confirmed now they that won’t be doing the Christmas walk with the RF. I totally understand wanting to alternate Christmases with families. My husband and I do it. However, my husband and I are not part of the BRF. It is not just about spending time with the Queen. But about the church walk on Christmas day. It is about tradition. Once again William and Kate have made it clear they don’t care about tradition. The Christmas walk is about connecting to the people. I just get the feeling William in particular could care less about the normal people and Kate is right with him.

      If they were a normal couple, then yes they should flip Christmases. But they are not. Kate knew about this tradition and honestly it should be observed. It is a disappointment to those who go out to greet them on Christmas day.

          1. How sad because William will one day be head of the Church. Its sad how the younger royals aren’t religious people or believe in God. I mean I believe the reason why The Queen is the longest reigning monarch in the UK is because she has great faith in God and a strong believer.

          2. William went through a religious phase as a teenager and Kate was confirmed before they got married but I think that was more about form than any religious devotion. Kate wore a cross for a while after she was confirmed but I can’t say I’ve seen that in a while.

          3. AFAIK Harry goes to church on his own time, but W&K don’t.

            Kate used to wear a cross necklace a lot pre-engagement, so maybe she is religious insofar as she is a believer but doesn’t attend church or care much.

          4. Kate wore a cross necklace several times in the first year or two of her marriage but that necklace hasn’t been seen since, I want to say, 2012.

          5. @Ellie, I didn’t know Harry goes to church in his own time. WK I feel as if they aren’t as religious in the sense that The Queen is. Which is frightening to me in my opinion.

          6. To be fair, other royals could well be Christmas Christians too, attending only out of duty rather than having genuine faith. I find it curious to praise God on one day, only to kill His creatures the next as part of the ‘traditional’ Boxing Day hunt leisure activity. As for the small group of people waiting for a glimpse of the royals, isn’t it sad that they have so little to do, so needy to defer, that they wait like roped off sheep in the rain?

          7. We don’t need to belittle people to say that we disagree with their opinions if their opinions aren’t hurting anyone. Different people gain happiness from different things. Some people enjoy going and watching the royals, other people enjoy going and watching sports. Others wouldn’t enjoy either. Just because one is more mainstream than the other doesn’t mean either are invalid since neither is hurting anyone.

          8. Kitty, I made it up, or rather, I think I did! Just a term for people who rock up to church at Christmas, but at no other time of the year.

          9. She may well be, Kitty. Kate’s personal beliefs are entirely her choice as well they should be. I certainly wouldn’t condemn her – or anyone – for their beliefs, or lack of them. My point further up was that it is an empty tradition if you participate in rituals, such as church, but have no belief yourself.

          10. Jen, here in the states we would classify them as “twice a years” as they go Christmas and Easter.
            Kitty, I don’t feel we can really speculate whether they believe in God just because they don’t attend church regularly. Many people believe in a higher power but have a problem with organized religion in itself, for some people their beliefs are personal and don’t feel the need to prolselytize, many people also stop going to church in their 20s/30s then go back and some don’t believe at all and that is fine as well.

          11. @Jen oh yes I agree. Now I’ve recently learned Harry goes to Church in his own time. I’ve noticed Will and Kate only go to Sunday Service when in the presence of the Queen. Off topic but was Diana religious?

      1. Yet wk won’t hesitate to gobble up public money to fund their lifestyles while showing such disdain for the public. Bring on the Republic!

      2. I can kinda understand them wanting to spend christmas with the Middletons. I think that’s a delicate balance that every family has to deal with. I know with us, because boyfriend, his brother and I all work shift work, christmas is almost never actually on christmas. His family gets it. Mine does too. We still try to figure out a way so that we spend some time with both our families.

        That being said, we’re not the BRF and don’t have traditions like the walk to church. You would think Carole would be all over Will & Kate to get their act together and honour these traditions. These traditions come with the crown and we all know Carole is crown hungry. And since there’s already a precedence set last year with the Middletons joining the church walk, why not do it again? You honour tradition and get to spend christmas with both sides of the family. It’s a win-win situation. This plus not releasing christmas pictures makes me think Will is throwing a tantrum. *sigh* So childish!

        1. I’ve been doing a lot of reading of various sites tonight trying to get a fuller picture. The most common ‘theories’ are that the marriage is in desperate trouble and not up to the scrutiny of a RF Christmas. William has been having an affair. According to European media Carole & Mike have divorced and that the return to Bucklebury is to support her family through their first Christmas as a divorced family. The pregnancy theory doesn’t seem to be very popular on account of the use of fillers and Botox lately. And of course those rather revealing jeggings from earlier in the week that show she’s rather unlikely to be expecting. I am favouring the ‘William is at odds with PoW and the RF in general theory but there is a lot of speculation not least on DM comments that we are seeing the start of something significant.

          1. I’m not sure it’s dislike but I think it’s extremely complex stemming back from how much Diana exposed the boys too and how much William saw, heard and absorbed as a child. I think William was only just beginning to realise that there were two sides to a marriage break up when Diana died. William is in many ways very Windsor mentally so is Charles……given to melancholy, rages, victim mentality, feeling put upon. But also quite Spencer in Whig behaviour which can be very reactionary whereas PoW is far more considered and strategic in his approach and thinking. PoW takes advice from anyone and everyone whereas William thinks he knows best. So there are some personality clash there too. I don’t think PoW much cares for the Middletons and their proximity to his Grandchildren at his expense. I think PoW has a far deeper work ethic and a calling to perform his role to the best of his ability whereas William is rather lazy and sees calls on his time as an imposition. Personally I think they are at polar opposites at present an PoW appears to have a far more natural relationship with Harry but then doesn’t everyone? Essentially I think being a Windsor comes with pressure, responsibility, accountability and expectation. Being a Middleton doesn’t so William is pushing back and resentful of his Royal heritage. He wants and feels entitled to the goodies without making the sacrifices that come with them.

          2. Mrs. BBV, it’s interesting what you read about and then poted here.
            If Carole and Mike are getting divorced, it is sad for everyone. Spending time with the Midds is fine, but as future King and Queen Consort, couldn’t William and Kate spend X-mas eve with her family and then high tail it to HM’s?

            Also, if Carole and Mike are getting divorced, I feel sorry for Pippa. Such unhappiness at this time in her life, is not easy, for sure. I am sure her parents will be civil at her wedding, but a divorce at any time in life is so hard on the kids.If that is why they are spending Christmas with the Midds, it is pretty sad for all. I still say, time with William’s family is also important.

      3. William is the guy who refused to be at Christmas with his father when his brother was deployed so Charles was without both of his children… I expect nothing less of this selfish a-hole that is William.

    5. Maybe HM doesn’t want the Middletons on her private property for months on end, like they were rumored to be Christmas 2014/2015. That time, it meant the new housekeeper and groundsman quit after only 5 months and ran back to HM to get their old jobs.

      HM has given them everything, they take and give nothing back. She asks one day, that’s it. So incredibly selfish of both W&K.

        1. It seems more likely that she (Kate Middleton) and the kids spend a lot of their time in Bucklebury while William lives the solo life at Anmer (or wherever else he runs off to when he has trouble “adjusting” to the fact that he chose to get married and have children when he didn’t really want to).

    6. I wish I knew what was going through their heads when they made that decision along with the decision to not release any Christmas pics. They HAVE to know the PR fall out won’t be good, right? I mean even I can figure that out and I don’t work in PR and haven’t been in the public eye my whole life. Do you think they are so out of touch with reality that they don’t see it, or do you think they see it but don’t care?

      It just amazes me that both William and Harry grew up in the public eye and yet they allow their PR to be a jumbled mess.

      1. I’m wondering if the reason for no Christmas cards this year is that they’ve run out of funds–perhaps Charles has put his foot down and said no more money from the duchy for the rest of the year. In 2016 they’ve had expenses related to the Indian tour, the Canadian tour, the Caribbean tour (Harry), the Vietnam trip (William), the trip to Kenya for Jecca’s wedding and “work”, plus probably more legal fees for the upcoming topless photos trial and legal fees (perhaps) regarding the MM/press fiasco. Not to mention all of the wiglets, extensions, dye jobs, keratin treatments, botox and fillers–all of which I’m sure Kate bills as “work-related”. That can’t be cheap. And you know there’s no way that William would spend his own money to send cards as a small acknowledgement to those who have supported him. Perhaps they’ll manage to post a photo on Instagram or Twitter.

      2. I doubt they care. Perception is Charles is a nutjob and horrible, and maybe even killed Diana, but William should be the next king and is so amazing, kind, and humble. *eye twitch*

  24. I am nor a fan of leggings/jeggings for work events but I don’t consider them obscene.

    What perplexes me about Kate is that she seldom wears pants when she’s at work events and then when she does they’re invariably leggings/jeggings which seems odd that she rarely wears trousers and when she does she wears goes to the most casual end of the spectrum. I wish she would wear pants more often but find a pair of smart looking pair of trousers to wear.

      1. Slightly cropped with a bit of a cuff (and possibly a knife edged seam down the front) always looks amazing with a good heel.

    1. Yea I agree. The skinny jeans don’t bother me in the setting of the rest of the outfit with the baggy sweater and boots. It’s when she wears a tight top along with the skinny jeans that bothers me. Looks like we are in the minority though.

  25. I was also wondering why Kate’s cheeks looked so full and ruddy. I noticed that at the diplomatic reception as well. I thought maybe she is pregnant…….she could be almost 3 months along and due to her being so thin, it just may not be showing yet. Or maybe it is fillers and botox. If she is pregnant maybe that is why they are spending Xmas with her parents, could be a less formal atmosphere. I do not mean this in a spirit of nastiness, but those who will be with the Queen may also be more relaxed without K & W around as well. I don’t like this decision of theirs to not release a Christmas picture, it just makes K & W seem that much more remote, but I think all of this is part of a larger plan to set the tone for his reign. I envision a King and Queen who will do the bare minimum in the public eye while living off the fat of the land (and taxpayers), but I hope they both have thick skins because they are opening themselves up to a lot of negative comments by the press and public ridicule.

    1. One of the Royal reporters mentioned that last year at Sandringham the talk was all about how W & K don’t pull their weight. It’s not hard to imagine Will being a baby and not wanting to hear any criticism this year. So I lean toward this being a punishment for Charles.

      Really though since this costs the taxpayers extra money when they visit buckleberry, they should be responsible for those security costs.

  26. On the fashion front, I would’ve worn this sweater with gray jeans either a light gray or a slate gray. Or better yet trousers and a cute pair of flats. Definitely hair would’ve been in a jaunty ponytail and a small pair of studs. So still keeping the look business casual.

  27. On J Brand’ website, the skinny jeans on tbeir models don’t dig into their butt crease, or gluteal fold, the prominent horizontal fold that marks the upper limit of the thighs from the lower limit of the buttock.

    Kate’ jeans are wedged deep into her butt crease, so I can fully understand the comments that her skinny jeans look unprofessional and vulgar.

    For those who say that they wear skinny jeans to work, perhaps yours are only as tight as J Brand’s models, which is totally acceptable.

  28. Sad that William and Kate and the children won’t be with HM at Christmas. I think it is in rather poor taste for William to behave in this way. His grandparents are getting older and sadly, won’t be around forever. I would want to spend every holiday I could with them. And, what joy the children would add to the dynamic!

    I really did not like seeing the Midds strolling around with the Royals last Christmas, but I’d feel ok if they came this year. I think William is rather immature and volatile about many things. Once loved ones are gone, they are gone. The guilt one can feel when one is mourning such a loss, is really tough. Also, bad memories seem to haunt people through life, even if they think they have made peace or put things to rest. Christmas is a time for love. It’s a time for healing, too.

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