Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Estelle receive the firs

Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Estelle receive the firs

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle received the firs at the Royal Palace on December 14.


Every year since the late 1960s, a Swedish royal has received a set of King Spruces (which got its name due to this tradition) at the Royal Palace in Stockholm from students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet – SLU).

Since 2010, either Crown Princess Victoria or Prince Carl Philip has done this event. Victoria did this event in 2011, 2013, and 2014, while Carl Philip did it in 2010, 2012, and 2015.

This year it was Victoria’s turn again, and she brought Princess Estelle with her. Yay!

Estelle wore one of Victoria’s old dresses: a green dress Victoria wore in 1984.

Victoria’s shoes are Acne Studios “Floral Nova Fabric Flower Print Court Shoe” which she wore to this event in 2014.

Acne Studios Floral Nova Fabric Flower Print Court Shoe

Victoria wore a red dress from Prada which she just wore on December 12 for a meeting with this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

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Also on December 12, Victoria, as patron of the Stockholm Women’s Voluntary Air Defence Organisation, attended the anniversary vespers in the Royal Chapel where she presented the Stockholm County Defence Committee’s Medal of Merit.

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Princess Madeleine posted this photo on her Facebook page of Princess Estelle, Princess Leonore, and Prince Nicolas at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Maddie captioned the photo: “Cousins at Christmas Lunch at the Palace yesterday!”

[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

PS. Victoria and Daniel started their trip to Italy yesterday, which I’ll cover separately once the trip is over. The last two years, the Crown Princess Couple have released their Christmas photos and video on December 18, so I expect we will get this year’s Christmas photos and video around that time.

69 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Estelle receive the firs

  1. Estelle is getting so big! I love the cousin picture. I think Leonore and Nicolas favor their father’s side if the family in looks.
    Thank you, KMR! Looking forward to the Italy coverage…

    P.s. I think this dress was smocked by Silvia’s mother, which is why they kept it.

  2. Thanks for this coverage of my favorite royal family. I love how they hand the special dresses down. All the cousins are growing fast. I do think Leonore looks like Chris’ mother. Also like the red Prada and that she is letting her out of the bun. Wish we could see photos like this of George and Charlotte.

    1. I’m so bummed that we didn’t get/aren’t getting any Christmas photos from the Cambridges this year.

      1. I think it’s so weird. Most families I know, all non-royal, take some sort of Christmas/Hannukah photo and at least post it on social media, if not sending out a physical copy.

      2. But are you surprised? A consistent flow of photos is not their “thing”. It seems like a 30 second video would be a great idea, but they don’t seem to want to communicate that way.

      3. I’m bummed, too. Why? This is another stupid move by the Cambridges. They will go down in history as….uhm….what? The Invisibles? The Annoyings? The Borings? The Reluctants? No, they will be remembered as the Irrelevants!

    2. Who needs a begrudging, heavily photoshopped, staged, weird-vibe-behind-the-scene photo from the Cambs when you can see a lovely, warm, lively photo of Estelle, Leonore, and Nicolas. Estelle has her arm lifted as though she’s triumphant. Also love the first photo of Estelle and Victoria with the trees.

    3. I know it’s hypocritical of me but it doesn’t bother me when he swedes pass their clothes down to next generations. I don’t know if it’s becuase the dresses look timeless and not dated or if it’s becuase I like them better?

      1. To me, the Swedes are much more natural as well as having the advantage of an innate understanding of their history. They are very good at mixing modern with nostalgia.

        When KM (ie, Carole) dresses George in W’s old clothing it’s jarring because Carole is desperate to create a perfect pastiche that feels false. It doesn’t connect to the historical setting. I’m thinking of Charlotte’ s christening. The Cambs looked like they were dropped into the setting perfectly packaged like a Part Pieces christening kit. Both Carole and KM have no clue about or respect for the royal culture. It’s always about trying to force themselves into the royal environment.

        1. Oh, agreed! That christening!!!!!! With the old fashioned pram, the nanny in that rediculous uniform and putting George in William’s old clothes, none of which we’ve seen again. That was so phoney. The Sweeds look natural and happy. The Cambridges look staged and stuffy.

          1. George did not wear William’s old clothes to Charlotte’s Christening; he wore a modern outfit which closely resembled William’s old clothes. George would have grown out of that outfit quickly, so I’m not surprised we’ve never seen it again.

          2. The blue outfit george wore to changing of guard that william wore when he was same age was actually charles’s, there is a photo of Charles wearing it with HM when young.
            I do like recycling of classic children’s wear. My son is same age as Harry and I had him dressed in a silk smocked romper!

          3. The nanny outfit was just horrible. Very disrespectful towards Nanny Maria. But Carole, KM and Pippa all dressed in the same style and color. Part of the perfect kit.

          4. I don’t understand why the Norland Nanny outfit was horrible and disrespectful to Maria. Maria worked hard to earn the right to wear that outfit; she should, and most probably did, wear it with pride.

          5. I think it was disrespectful in the manner in which the entire christening was a 1950s creepy throwback. The nannies aren’t required to wear uniform at events like this. I mean, could have been her choice, but it deliberately enforces the Cambridge public image.

            To them, she’s a servant. No more, no less, despite her raising their children because they aren’t bothered.

            It’s the image it sends moreso than Maria wearing it herself, does that make sense? It’s just so bizarro-world for me.

          6. KMR, I see it as Ellie does. The uniformed nanny seemed like another prop in Carole’s staged christening pastiche. Maybe I don’t understand nanny uniforss. Is this a typical uniform for special events?

          7. The christening was staged and full of artifice. It had Middleton juice all over it. If Nanny Maria wore her Norland uniform regularly or even on official occasions, it would be understandable. We’ve seen her often enough to see that she wears regular clothes while doing her job. Unless she chose to represent herself in her official uniform at this special event, she was a prop, too, in the heavy-handed recreation of the 1950’s by this trio of awful, awful women.

          8. I agree. If we’d seen her in the uniform before or after it would be one thing. The fact that she was in outdated almost costume attire may not exactly be disrespectful per se but at least an interesting choice.
            I also find it interesting that she was there in an obvious work capicity. How long was the event? 20 minutes? How many people were there? Not very many and most were family and friends. So they felt the need to have the nanny there in brief capicity were tons of family and presumably close family friends are there if needed to wrangle George in? Tres bizarre especially for people who would like the narrative of they are doing all the child rearing themselves except when doing work engagements and what not.

      2. The difference is that the Swedes really pass their clothes down. The Cambridges on the other hand dress George in replicas. So, the Swedes do. what every other reasonable person would do and the Cambridges do the straight opposite. That’s just another proof for how insincere the Cambridges are.

        1. Also the Swedes don’t make a big deal when the kids wear clothes their parents wore. Estelle just wears Victoria’s old clothes. They don’t announce it with a side by side photo. KP announces when George wears William’s old clothes and posts side by side photos on Twitter.

  3. The three of them are holding hands in the pic, so cute!

    I get such a joyful vibe from Victoria. Loved the floral pumps and the red dress.

    1. I was unaware that Victoria has an official Facebook page. Do you have the link to it?

      1. Just went looking for it and realized it’s not official, but a fan page. Still, they have tons of pics and really update it fast.

        Search for “Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.”

  4. Love the christmas theme dressing of red and green. Loved Victoria’s look today and I also love the three older cousins holding hands and posing so sweetly for the camera. Would love to see a photo of the two babies, especially my favourite little chubby cheeks Alexander. Such a warm, loving royal family, the complete opposite of the BRF.

  5. What a lovely tradition.

    I am not partial to the red and green co-ordination, but it’s still a lovely custom. The real upside is that Estelle is learning to cherish this tradition.

  6. Crown Princess Victoria will make an excellent queen. She’s so warm and engaging – and stylish, too! Thanks for covering my favorite royals!

  7. What a fun opportunity to continue to introduce Estelle to royal life and public duties. I think the Swedes really have this royal parenting thing down. I’ve always thought that by hiding their children from the press, responsibilities, and attention that come from being royal, the BRF are only setting their kids up to be shocked or scared. I like this Swedish method of introducing them to responsibilities early, in a fun way. It will also make the public more invested in the younger generation if they’ve watched them grow up, and teaches the kids how to manage the attention and media naturally. Kudos Swedes!

    1. I agree with the SRF’s approach to “job mentoring” ; ) And really look forward to their video e-card. They seem to have a completely healthy perspective on their roles and responsibilities. And as a family seem to be on the same page.

    2. She’s been showing up for “duty” since she was a few months old. One of her first official appearances was at VictoriaDagen a few months after she was born. This is her second or third time helping Victoria accept the tress I think. I always look forward to their Christmas videos too!

      1. Wasn’t there a great video of her decorating the tree one year, with Vic and Dan? Or baking? Can’t totally remember, but she was so flipping adorable I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face

        1. I can’t remember how many there have been. Maybe three?

          – one making roll out cookies, I think that was the first.

          – her popping up out of the sofa cushions while her parents wished people happy holidays. Was that the Christmas tree one too? Estelle was wearing that cute white sweater dress with the red reindeer (turned out it was a Ralph Lauren not a Scandinavian designer).

          – Last year’s was making traditional crispbread with the giant wood-fire oven.

    3. I think having them in public early, doing brief fun events and letting them be kids makes them appear less reticent.
      The Monaco royals have brought their munchkins out for events. The girl has more problems with it (understandable)so they bring her back in. Which is okay in my opinion. Get them used to being seen and if not happy that’s okAy too.
      The BRF could learn from these other counts but they seem pretty insular.

        1. Hi, rhiannon. Too cold to venture out with a baby getting over sniffles.
          How are you feeling? Better I hope. Please don’t push yourself. Sending hugs right back your way!!!

      1. Thanks jenny, my tea kettle is getting a workout these last couple of weeks, but looks like our cold snap is coming to an end by Monday. KMRers stay warm wherever you are- sounds like it’s wintery everywhere!

        1. Yep got a winter blizzard in Toronto yesterday and took 3hrs to get home by driving. Came home from work early today and are now sick ? Stay warm everyone!

    1. So cold here in DC, too! We are expected to get record lows this weekend. Of course it just so happened that I got a flat tire this morning… Flat tires are never fun, but even less fun in 19 degree weather! Estelle and Victoria were certainly a warm distraction for me, too!

      1. Oh, my gosh, Lindsey. I hope your day gets better. Did you get someone to change the tire? I am such a wuss, but I would/could not do that job. My thing would be to call Triple A or GEICO.

        Have some coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate and warm up!

        1. I’m lucky to have a big, strong, Mr. Lindsey who left work and came to change it for me 🙂 I’m also a wuss, not to mention horrible with cars, so he was such a lifesaver this morning. He will be getting dinner as my treat tonight!

          1. Good for Mr. Lindsey. I would count on my husband, or as I said, my insurance policty,, too. I’m bad with cars!

            Hope your dinner was nice, too, Lindsey.

            And, Red Tulip, my goodness, what a long time you had getting home in the blizzard. Hope you are feeling better. I wish you well.

  8. It’s amazing how these children in old fashioned clothing do not look old fashioned or strange yet the Cambridge kids look very old fashioned and wrong in their similarly old fashioned clothing.

    I wonder what the difference is.

    1. I suppose dresses are easier to pull off – especially if the design is simple, classic. The knee socks and slippers Prince George wears are adorable but so dated. Looks like a costume – a very cute one, though!

    2. I think it makes a difference that we also see Estelle in modern clothing at other events. I feel like we only ever see the Cambridge children in fluffy socks and old-fashioned outfits, regardless of the circumstance.

      Also, I don’t know why, but old-fashioned clothing seem more appropriate during the Christmas season to me for some reason…

    3. What bothers me is that they don’t dress George in hand-me-down outfits, they actually buy clothes that look vintage and try to replicate Wiliam’s style as a child, so it ends up being artificial (and a bit creepy).

    4. I think it’s the way that the Cambridges make it a point to have people notice that George is dressed exactly like daddy was as a boy. Similar to Kate ripping off Diana’s look, playing coy, and on and on. It’s forced and fake (especially when they’re buying clothes to copy old looks), just like everything else about them. The Swedes will rewear clothes but you don’t get the feeling that they’re trying to evoke mom or dad in every one of those appearances. We just see Estelle in a cute dress her mother wore rather than Little Willy Reborn.

  9. Thanks for the lovely coverage, KMR . I remember looking at the receiving of the firs on this site when I first came on board. My how Estelle has grown! She watched everything Victoria did back then and behaved so elegantly for a tot. She is still a darling girl!!! And, she looked so sweet in her mother’s green dress from Vic’s childhood. And, I loved Victoria in red with her hair in a pony tail. She is just perfection, to me. She takes the time to expose her daughter to things the child will need to know . And, she does it without showing off. Just very sweet and endearing, they are —the whole family of Swedish Royals!

    Also, loved the cute photo of the cousins together. They really are a warm and loving family. Would love to see the babies, too.

    I wish that we were able to see a holiday photo of little George and Charlotte this year, too. Keeping them under wraps like that makes no sense to me. People just want to see these two children and feel closer to them Why not share a family photo? Or, at least a picture of the two chidren, W and K? ‘Tis the season of good will and sharing!

  10. I love Victoria’s bright red dress and how she and Estelle interact together. I also like how she’s changing her hair up a bit by putting it in a pony tail, something different from her usual bun.
    Love the cousins pic, so precious!

  11. I just adore Victoria and Estelle. And the pictures of the cousins? Adorable on so many levels.

    At this point, I don’t care to see any holiday pics of the Cambs. They seem to relish being jerks. For every time I get excited about the kids, I remind myself of the M Night Shyamalan type video they shared after the Canadian tour.

    Thank you, KMR, for sharing these photos with us.

  12. Victoria is so natural and loving with her children . Estelle is just darling. Love the photo of the three cousins together. Holding hands! Little Nicolas, holding on to his sister’s finger. Just really darling.

    Victoria in the red dress? Lovely! And, her daughter in a dress her mom wore as a child? Just so sweet, too.

    Oh, and I love Vic’s shoes with the red dress.

    The holidays are almost here and this helps support the happy spirit even more. Thank you, KMR.

    Rhiannon, all best wishes and much support to you.

  13. Thank you for sharing more pictures and updates on the Swedes. I wish the British shared as much as this royal family does.

  14. I love this Royal family! Such great photos. I can’t wait for their Christmas photo. I am also glad to see Victoria’s hair in a ponytail instead of the bun. She has such pretty hair, I wish she would wear it down more. But then again, I am sure she pulls it back because it is easier to manage when working.

  15. I love how this family conducts itself. Everyone is so natural and not overthinking how they appear to the public.There is not an aura given off that they are doing their jobs begrudgingly and can not wait to disappear back into their castles. I am sure they have days when they are not in the mood to do their jobs, but this can happen to all of us. Class act! P.S. I did not realize Victoria’s hair was so long!

  16. I know all parents are proud of their children but if I was CP Victoria I would be bursting with pride over this little one. This child has a maturity and emotional curiosity well beyond her years. Not only is she huge fun and terrible engaging but she seems to get the idea that she’s is the focus of an inordinate amount of attention from strangers. She holds and conducts herself so well for her age. I’m very, very impressed by her and the parenting of her. She’s a proper little girl with an immense amount of character. Watching her grow up and seeing what she does with her life is going to be very interesting. She’s special.

  17. What a wonderful post, thank you KMR. Estelle, the little star of the SRF is growing to be a natural leader, as she’s already leading the pack of her cousins. Madeleine’s Facebook page is a treasure of pics. Love all the cousins and of course, my favourite little monkey, Leonore. It’s too bad we can’t see little Charlotte stealing the show in the same say, while she’s still in this super cute age.

    I’m too so looking forward to Vic & Dan’s Cristmas video/pics, as they never dissapoint.

    I wish KMRers everywhere to stay warm and healthy and all of you to have a happy holiday’s preparation time.

  18. Estelle is growing up fast. I like how Victoria takes Estelle to receive the firs. I like Victoria’s dress and the shoes more. Wearing red here is better here than on Kate recently as it focuses the attention on Victoria like it is supposed too.
    I adore the photo of the trio. Leonore looks so cute and it is good to see the cousins holding hands.
    Thank you KMR. I love this family so much.

  19. I agree with the comments above on the exposure and fun in seeing the Swedish children, especially Estelle. She has been guided (with the gift of having an outgoing personality) with care and respect to her age. As far as I can tell, her parents have her participate but not become (or her behavior) the focus of an event and over honored attendants. ( memories of W/K sigh).
    Personally, I don’t believe in having too young children disrupt a wedding. However, love seeing the baptisms and general play with all the children, especially my favorite little royal “scamp” Princess Leonore.
    My mother made lovely dresses for my sister and me-many with smocking,hemstitching, or embroidery details. Alas, we don’t have them. However, we still have incredible dollclothes!

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