Prince Harry attended cousin’s wedding, got drunk and stripped a friend

Prince Harry attended cousin’s wedding, got drunk and stripped a friend

There were about five royals/families who did or released stuff on August 4 and I’ve so far only covered two of them (Duchess Kate & Co and Crown Princess Mary). I’ve had posts on the others ready to go since Friday but then Charles v Carole and Princess Beatrice bumped them. Later this week, I will have posts on Pricness Sofia, Countess Sophie, and Queen Letizia, as well as a Duchess Camilla post. But for today Prince Harry gets some attention, because Emily Andrews at The Sun has a not-so-flattering story about Harry at his cousin’s wedding in South Africa this weekend.

Harry Team GB video

Harry attended the wedding of George McCorquodale, the second child of Princess Diana’s older sister Lady Sarah, to Bianca Moore on Saturday, August 6, at Netherwood Farm in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. According to the bride and groom’s wedding website it was an “adult only occasion” and there were “No personal photos or cellphone photography allowed”.

That’s the lead up to The Sun’s story about Harry’s time at the wedding:

    “PRINCE Harry partied at his cousin’s wedding by stripping one of his pals naked. He enjoyed a two-day bender as George McCorquodale, Princess Diana’s nephew, tied the knot.
    “The night before the wedding in South Africa, Harry, 31, and male pals held a party at a golf club where they downed beer, cider, gin and tonics and Jägerbombs. On Saturday night, after George, 31, wed Bianca Moore, Harry led celebrations back at the Gowrie Farm Golf Club in KwaZulu-Natal, where an honesty bar was drunk dry.
    “A friend said: ‘On the Friday Harry was p***ed big time and smoking a lot of cigarettes. He and friends pinned down a younger cousin and stripped him naked. Everyone was laughing, having a good time. Harry was on his best behaviour during the wedding, but afterwards at the golf club he went pretty wild.’
    “Harry is in Africa working on conservation projects. Kensington Palace declined to comment.”

[The Sun]

I don’t know, you guys. I know Harry is on his private time and he can do whatever he wants. I know that not everyone is into the same things and I shouldn’t judge others because I like different things than them. I know that Harry would probably think I’m the most boring person on the planet since a raucous night out for me involves playing Cards Against Humanity at a nerdy-themed restaurant. I know that a lot of people probably think I’m a huge wet blanket for being very staunch about consent. But this type of behavior is really off-putting to me. The fact that the “friend” claims Harry stripped someone naked is upsetting to me and I hope that younger cousin consented.

By the way, I know some of you were wondering if the Cambridges were still in France, so here’s an update from Emily Andrews, who tweeted: “Prince Harry is still in Africa, due back next month, but Kate, Wills, George & Charlotte have returned to Anmer from France.”

George is the ginger on the left in this photo from 2007.

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  1. KMR – I’m with you on “whatever floats your boat” – but if true – it does not show Harry in a good light at a family wedding. Where were his Protection Officers ? This question was also posed in a similar episode at Las Vagas several years ago. You only need a suggestion of antics like these to undo all the brownie points earned for good deeds. Or – is this K&W tossing Harry under a bus to deflect on poor publicity in relation to the trip to France – a country that has its security services stretched to breaking point ?

    1. Protection ofgicers are not hired to police or moralise their charges’ behaviour. Only to provide safety. If he is getting roaring drunk, but in no danger, then the protection officer lets him get on on with it.

      1. This story smell of bill carol meddlesome diversion PR from the France privacy holiday with security pressure on France during b&w middleton secret entitled luxury trip.

        Who else could report on the private wedding in another country, if not brother bill middleton.calling and receiving the private family joke about the wedding.

      1. Hyacinth, I think you are onto something. They did want to party hard. I am with you, KMR. This is disturbing to me and does not shine a good light on Harry. Even if the cousin gave consent, this type of behavior does not resonate positively with me. Grow up, guys! Please. Harry, I am disappointed.

        1. Absolutely agree. What might get a pass at twenty-one (but really shouldn’t) doesn’t seem suitable in one’s thirties to me. I do wonder how reliable the “friend’s” report is.

  2. If it was such a private party how was this leaked? Interesting timing considering the Cambridges have just arrived home…how is this anyone’s business? I hope the cousin consented to being stripped, if not that’s terrible. At least Harry is working in the month of August, rather than wasting tax payer money on a holiday…

    1. I actually wrote a few sentences wondering whether this was true or whether this was a “throw Harry under the bus” situation. But I cut it because I wanted to focus on the consent part. It’s Harry’s business if he wants to party, but I take consent very, very seriously and the “stripped a younger cousin naked” part really put me off.

        1. This was a private family joke/event with his family.

          Someone is setting this PR spin in motion to take the spotlight from bill and waity entitled France vacation, during Terror attacks but still bill middleton divert security from protecting the French people.

  3. Is there any evidence other that one anonymous source’s word? I mean, we all know Harry’s no saint, but it bugs me – anyone can say anything. I tend to be skeptical of “he said, she said” in general. But then Harry has made it easy over the years for these kind of stories to be believable.

    It kind of begs the question…which behavior is worse, really? We love Harry because he’s likeable and looks good in the public eye and says the right things and seems genuine, but then the dude is a moron about alcohol and partying and does abominable things in his private time (or so rumor has it). But for some reason, his good qualities are the kind that make us excuse the poor behavior. I find myself willing to make excuses for Harry, saying “But, but gosh dangit, he’s such a nice guy!”

    Whereas I find myself offering no such mercy to William. Wills is grumpy and annoying and comes across as petulant in public. He bugs us, we don’t like him, he seems entitled, and acts above most people. But somehow, he’ll still rank lower on the “who’s the better man” scale. Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen a story about William acting like a drunk sex-crazed psycho for…oh, ever? He seems to be a loving father and behind the scenes probably has more God qualities…but it doesn’t matter because well, he’s a jerk.

    I’m not making any judgements on either of them, honestly. Just analyzing my reactions to them and society’s acceptance of certain behaviors over others. And back to the story that prompted it all – I’m not even saying this story is entirely accurate. Who knows? But does make me wonder why we defend some people and others we skewer.

    1. Hahahahaha! Just noticed my typo on God qualities. That should say good qualities, but man…that cracks me up. He probably THINKS he has some God qualities!

      1. I’m sure Wills thinks he is the next best thing to a higher deity . . his attitude certainly suggests he occupies a rarified space – too hoi poli to mix with “lower orders” folk

      2. Well, royals/monarchs/future monarchs have traditionally been thought of as “chosen by God to rule”, so I actually wouldn’t put it past William to think that about himself.

    2. Harry is charming and William is not. It’s as simple as that. Charming people get away with a *bleep* ton of stuff. That’s why the stripping another person part upsets me so much: because charming people, especially males, tend to get away with violating other people’s consent.

      1. They sure do, and often there’s not much substance behind them.

        Harry possesses his mother’s charm but it doesn’t make him less accountable. The event, if true, and as described, does not sound like consent was given or asked for. It’s easy for some to excuse it under the ‘boys-will-be-boys’ mantra, but it is distasteful and is tantamount to assault.

      2. Honestly I don’ t believe what’ s reported by The Sun, I’ m pretty sure it was again another attempt to throw Harry under the bus.
        I think he drank a lot, sure, then maybe start pranking his cousin, but I don’ t think he stripped his cousin at all, probably he kinda stole his jacket, not much more and most of all i think it all was made in a goliardic way, I mean it sounds as Harry kinda raped him.
        I mean IF he really stripped his cousin naked without his consent, that’ s really seriously bad, it’ s iullegal!!. But I don’ t believe it

      3. It was an adult function. When they say younger cousin, it could be one year younger, which still puts him in his late twenties. Maybe it was strip poker or maybe the cousin passed out in the bushes behind the venue and they were playing a joke on him. Harry was most likely part of a group who undertook the undressing of the man in question. Takes the Sharpie moustache to the next level, but these were all grown men.

        1. Whether one is grown or not does not make it less morally reprehensible if consent if consent is diminished. That’s like saying marriage can’t equal rape.

          1. I’m just not finding it that big of a deal. The Sun trying to sell copy. No smoke without a fire, but I believe little of what they reported.

    3. Too true. When you like someone you tend to overlook or forgive their bad behavior. When you dislike someone, the smallest things they do irritate you. It is sad that Harry hasn’t outgrown this juvenile behavior. I also wonder if “striped” means “pantsed”, or pulling his pants down. Still stupid, but a silly prank rather than assault.

    4. William’s bad behaviour is always covered up. He parties as hard if not worse, reports from Guy’s wedding from one of th staff and the guest artist said Harry was a lot more restraint.

      Katie Nicoll reported about Kate telling off Willaim and his friend when they were drunk and cause a rucus on holiday because anyone could be watching / see them.

      In University as well there was a media was not allow to report what he got up to. His father allowed them to have a Club H at Highgrove, Willaim has also been photographed drunk coming out of clubs.

  4. Sigh. While we all admire Harry’s commitment, empathy and energy towards his causes, I’m sure we are not naive enough to think that his private life is anything but, well, boisterous.

    His personal life and behaviour is his business, though it is tiresome to see the same old stuff – getting off-your-face drunk and stripping – still on the agenda, four years later. Too much access to everything, too little accountability, and not being able to handle it well seems to be the pattern for ‘royals’ in general.

    I am confused about Harry presenting as mature and empathetic in public and being moronic and immature in private. I don’t understand how a person can behave so differently, and it begs questions of Harry’s authenticity.

    How fortunate for the Cambridge’s that their holiday in France can be pushed into the background with this incident.

    1. Hi Jen, I think alcohol plays a large part in his moronic and immature behavior in private so imo because of this I don’t doubt Harry’s authenticity just his judgment about drinking to excess.

      1. Hi Lauri, good point. I know the culture that Mrs BBV and Herazeus describe, one that some public school boys never grow out of for reasons I don’t quite understand. Maybe their school days were, in some ways, their best/ happiest years regarding comraderie so it is re-enacted with booze at events (weddings) that are a rite of passage in themselves?

        1. ETA: Not a ‘pearl clutcher’ by nature, I hope Harry is not a functioning alcoholic. So easy in his position to become dissolute: lots of time on his hands, no financial problems or responsibilities, no defined career, plenty of cash, and a mob of people wanting to have a good time. The worst part of being ‘royal’ is one’s life reduced to being irrelevant if you’re not careful; hanging onto the goodies is all that’s left, if that makes sense.

        2. I think you’ve it upon something here Jen, grown men trying to relive the carefree “glory days” of their youth. It would explain the midlife crisis some men suffer. lol There’s quite an age difference between myself and Mr. from Ca., so I’m always teasing him that he married his midlife crisis.

          1. Those school days I’d imagine to be when these boys were ‘cock of the walk’: rich boys with everything ahead of them, no responsibilities, and full to the brim of entitlement, especially at Eton. They didn’t have to prove themselves in the real world at that stage, just luxuriate in their very special aristo bubble.

  5. I am stunned that a friend will say that to the Sun: maybe it is true (and it is bad if it was forced), maybe it is false (way to spin a bad story about him : because it is credible in link with his past) and it gives bad image of some other royals in comparaison….
    I take this story with doubt….

    1. I take this story with doubt too: a “friend” ( who is he/she? it is too vague) said this.
      And it was released exactly when another article about William at work was released. In my opinion it is throwing Harry under the bus and distracting from the alleged holiday by Kate in France

      1. Some “friend”. Huh. I don’t think Harry and Carole are close enough to be called that, but I guess if she thinks so…?

  6. Harry sounds like a classic functioning alcoholic. The protection officers are not babysitters – they are there to make sure Harry is in a safe environment. Harry acting like an ass is not their responsibility. This kind of behavior gives one pause – I know I would not like to be married to someone who thinks getting boisterously drunk is a good time.

  7. I always wonder what kind of “friends” or “family members” some royals, or celebrities in general, have if those feel the need to leak stuff the media – and even more negative stories… maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it and if I would be the one getting private stuff leaked, I for sure wouldn’t be happy and not sure if this friend would still be a friend afterwards.

    Othe thing, I don’t really enjoy people around me getting really drunk and some fun stuff isn’t in my eyes but everyone is different but it raises some questions to read stories like this. How much he hides, how much he plays a role in public, are there any bigger problems, how often this happens… but maybe people also tend to come up with worst case scenaries too quickly and things aren’t even like written in media.

  8. We will probably never know if this story is true, and even if it is, I don’t really care. I have lots of male pals who enjoy this kind of partying and while I’d never join them, I think it’s OK if they think it’s fun themselves. I don’t think it harms anyone, and I don’t believe this bender harmed anyone, either. I don’t follow gossip closely, but I think it’s been a while since there were any juicy stories about Harry, so I guess someone thought it was about time to get the rumor mill churning.

    1. Of course they have to start the rumor mill! Harry’s recent work with AIDS and veterans was making him look better than the Lambridges. That means some story has to be leaked to make him look bad. It’s the same tactic they use against the Yorks.

    2. I totally agree. This is really not a big deal to me at all, and in no way does it point towards any type of alcoholism. He let loose at a wedding, as he does, nothing shocking or upsetting about that. imo, of course

  9. First of all, I’m going to take everything that the Sun says with a grain of salt because well… of the Ellie Goulding BS rumor, the Chelsy reunion rumor of last year,… I could go on. They have a knack for being very creative when it comes to Harry so I’m going to be skeptical.

    And second, if it was true, this was a private event. He partied hard so what? Does he have to be teetotal to be a good royal? About the stripping the cousin part, well Emily Andrews is very imaginative so I don’t really believe her.

    And third, for me it sounds like a “throw Harry under the bus” Cambs PR. When it was announced that Harry was going to the wedding, people were asking why William wasn’t going. And People Mag, just said that William wasn’t there because he wanted to be with his family. But Mr. I-want-to-be-with-my-family, didn’t think about them when he flew to Jecca’s wedding this spring.
    He did the same when Peter Philips got married. He ditch his cousin’s wedding to go to Jecca’s brother wedding. Leaving Kate to meet the Queen for the 1st time by herself.
    William is not close to any members of his family. Windsors nor Spencers. Or he doesn’t want to be close.

    This article dropping at the same time when Andrews brings up the Cambs being back from holiday is a giveaway. It’s diverting from the Cambs holidays and most importantly it reinforces the fact that William did a good thing by not going to the wedding because it was so “wild”.

    1. Sad thing is us on here (but not the majority of the public unfortunately) are aware of William’s back story re getting drunk and behaving like an ass himself. Wasn’t this the guy that lost a tooth at the Percy wedding? Let me repeat that – he lost a TOOTH. Just try and think what you’d have to be doing to lose one of your teeth and then compare it to Harry’s latest escapade. Wills is by far a worse drunk, he just gets it covered up and kept quiet because of who he is.

      This is throwing Harry under the bus. Sad for him.

      1. You have a point, I remember plenty of stories of Will getting drunk, rude, and stupid — particularly in his 20’s. However, re the Percy wedding, I think it was a chipped, not lost tooth. That could be from something so innocuous as someone slapping his back while he was drinking beer straight from the bottle.

        I agree that there’s some using of Harry’s inappropriate antics to deflect from William missing his cousin’s wedding and vacationing in France (again! during a terror alert!) but — Harry certainly made it easy for them, didn’t he. I don’t like frat boy/fly boy/ military men asshatery either. Time to grow up, Harry. I hope his hangover was a humdinger.

        1. Are we sire it was Lady Melissa Percy’s wedding and not Guy Pelly’s wedding in Tennessee in May of 2014?? **scratches head**

  10. This has all the hallmarks of another of those pathetic stories that throws Harry under the bus to redeem Williams latest bad press. This is very normal horseplay that the upper classes find quite usual even at their age…..extension of boarding school japes and as distasteful and juvenile as you might find it it’s what they do. William has had his own moments, chipping a tooth, swimming naked in moat. It’s bantering, it’s public schoolboy japes that they don’t grow out of and Harry is incredibly close to his McCorquodale cousins…..has been since they were children.

    I’m more angry about the turncoat that talked this story to the press. Harry has the right to expect privacy at a family wedding of all places.

      1. I think it would be fair to say that Harry makes more time to have a relationship with them and they likewise with him. He was always much closer to Diana’s sisters too. When Diana died both Sarah & Jane tried to play a supportive role in both boys lives but it was more easily received from Harry probably as much down to his age.

  11. I’m not bothered in the slightest by this behaviour. Not because it’s Harry, but because it’s typical british drunken behaviour. The rest of the world doesn’t drink and misbehave the way we do. We drink, some people strip, or are stripped and everybody retires ( or passes out) to sleep off a monumental hangover.

    Add in the fact that Harry is ex army and you have an even bigger capacity for drink and high jinks, naked or otherwise.

    No need to get over-wrought about it.

    When i read your reaction to his drunk high jinks, i’m reminded how puritanical Americans are about certain things, specifically alcohol and nudity. Not a judgement. Just a fact. If you went out on a saturday night in any town in Britain, you’d be pearl clutching for days.

    I can tell you that the stripped cousin would have taken it in their stride as part of party games.

    The fact that they did this at an after-wedding booze up increases the chances of such high jinks. I’m surprised they all didn’t strip naked.

    To worry about consent is to imagine criminal intent in this scenerio. Usually in this type of situation, like the Vegas incident, you do not strip or strip others unless you know 150% that it is ok. You have that level of friendship. And it is never done with criminal intent nor would you do it to a stranger. Nor would you just simply strip or strip someone else without warning.

    1. Spoken like a true Englishman. You non Brits have to understand our boorish, male drinking culture to know that this is in fact totally normal. And the stripping off is a class thing in the confines of a friend’s stately home, Officers Mess, holiday home. This class wouldn’t be doing it in public but it’s perfectly normal male horseplay in private.

        1. Off topic but I have seen today on Twitter a tiara that the people of Brazil gave to the Queen for her Coronation. It’s just stunning (aquamarines & diamonds I think?) and I can’t recall her ever having worn it. Do you know anything about it? Xxx

          1. Mrs BBV: i see your question has already been answered. I adore aquamarines, but i do not like the tiara and necklace that HM created from the stones she was given.

            I love the brooch though.

          2. She did wear it in earlier times. She tends to hide away some treasures, then bring them out and assign them to a new wearer.

            She did the same with another aquamarine tiara, the one with the bows on it. All kinds of speculation that Sophie had been gifted a new tiara from some outside source. Turned out it was a tiara HM had worn in Canada decades before then put into the vault.

      1. Herazeus and Mrs. BBV, I appreciate your perpectives, as it gives me a context I wouldn’t otherwise have – to me the drunkeness and stripping incident were off-putting, but I had no understanding of the milieu you describe. Like KMR, I wondered about consent and also the issue of power. For some reason, it was a “younger cousin” who was held down and stripped. Do you think Harry himself, in this same mix of people, could have been the one held down and stripped?

        1. Constance: with regards your question about whether Harry would be stripped, the answer is yes. In these scenerios, there is never a hierachy. Infact, the highest status person in the room is more likely to be stripped.

          These games never, ever devolve into an abusive situation. It’s actually quite amazing that they do not given the levels of alcohol consumed and the stripping off.

          Even if there are women present.

          And that boorishness is only kept to the occassions when they are in each others’ company. They will politely sip alittle in strange company and not get out of control, but as soon as they are out with their mates, especially if it’s a lock in situation, boom!!

          1. Thank you for the reply, Herazeus. So interesting, and so different from U.S. scenarios I had thought might be comparable (like hazing, which can be anything but benign).

          2. I do not understand hazing. Meaning that i’ve read all about it, but it seems a USA specific activity.

            Here, something like that would be considered bullying and treated as such. Unacceptable behaviour.

            What Harry and his chums are doing is completely different. The only harm is to their livers not to each other.

        2. I second the thanks to the British posters perspectives and feel a whole lot better about Harry. He is after all, young, not married, and nothing all that bad took place given the British point of view. So he cuts loose but he still is doing so much good for the country, and yep, I suspect that this was to draw fire from the vacationers who were so selfish and entitled as to have chosen a country in crisis as their location.
          Oh, and of course Billy wanted to be with his ‘family’ so didn’t attend the wedding like his disreputable brother did. (sarcasm) . Funny how a lot of normal hands on mothers and fathers do manage to attend events such as these and still be good parents, and a lot of working parents manage an evening out as well.
          Thanks again to the British posters who restored my thinking of Harry to what it was yesterday 🙂

      2. As another Englishman I have to agree. No need for fuss, and absolutely no suggestion of things being done without consent. It’s not a side of the English I’m proud of but it’s certainly not Harry being a dreadful person, a functioning alcoholic etc. It shows a real culture difference between the UK and US.

        1. It absolutely shows up cultural differences. Us Brits have a real problem with binge drinking and it sadly is seen as a rite of passage to get as mortal as possible. Harry’s circle will behave like this until they marry and then it will be just at family get togethers like weddings, stag parties etc that are less frequent when they get together and let loose again, with for the most part everyone else looking tolerably on. It’s not a lifestyle I choose but it is very British in such a way that no Brit really raises an eyebrow. Letting off steam, is what the boys even when they’ve grown up, do. It really is much worse form to talk about it to the papers.

    2. I am very much the odd duck when it comes to my lack of any sort of partying, so please don’t stereotype about all Americans based off of me.

      Also, like I said in my article, I realize that I’m very odd in how seriously I take consent. I can’t just laugh off lack of consent at this level as “they’re just having a good time”/”this is typical drunken behavior”/”boys will be boys”.

      That’s just me. I know a lot of people disagree with me and I’ve very much in the minority.

      1. I don’t party either. I’m glad I’m not alone! I’ve only had a handful of drinks in my life. It’s just not for me.

        Considering if it’s true–which I doubt–and they’re relatives–and that’s how guys are… I don’t like such boorish behavior either, but if it is true, well, it’s immature and stupid but it’s how they all party it up. My family has done far worse at wedding parties, for example, that would probably horrify people. Too much alcohol.

        I just go to bed, man. I can’t deal with that stuff.

        1. I don’t party either, but it’s OK for me if others do. I often have to participate in dinner events for my job, but I leave as soon as I can after the official dinner part, like Cinderella 😀

      2. KMR, No, I’m the most boring person on earth and, if this story is true, I’m reminding myself to never put anyone on a pedestal. I find the behavior incredibly immature which may be a tiny clue why Harry isn’t yet married. The details are vague, but the issue of consent crossed my mind, too.

          1. Judging by what I know about my male pals’ partying, this is a kind of behaviour they naturally leave behind at a certain stage, not necessarily during the early years of marriage, but at some stage they just outgrow it. And some day it belongs to the golden memories of youth :-D. Yes, it can be seen as immature, but I just don’t think wild partying makes one immature and inable to make a commitment in general, unless it’s the only thing one has in life. I don’t put people on pedestal, but in my opinion Harry has showed the world he has his caring, committed and serious side as well as the wild one, and that’s what makes him accessible and human. And on the other hand, who’d like to tame a man who’s already tame?

          2. “And on the other hand, who’d like to tame a man who’s already tame?”

            I don’t think I understand, could you explain what you mean, please?

          3. I mean that it’s this wild side that makes him attractive, I think. I don’t think women would go half as wild as they do if he was like watching paint dry, prince or not. Harry’s character has many different sides and I believe it’s the mix that makes him likeable.
            And it’s not only that – I just think it’s attractive if a man is a bit wild at times. Now I’ve said it. Period :-D.

        1. Indiana, too many people heralded as God’s gift to anything turn out to have feet of clay, so like you, find it unwise to put anyone on a pedestal. I applaud Harry’s contribution to his causes but to extrapolate anything further will only disappoint.

          Getting off your face may be the thing for upper-class lads to do, and I guess Harry’s party had the dosh to drink a bar dry over a 2-day binge. It’s not a great look at 31 (or older as William was when he chipped a tooth at a wedding, again drunk) but it is in their own time and at a private function.

          Overall, binge drinking is a huge problem here in Australia; many indulge because it’s a rite of passage, not because they necessarily want to drink. It’s just the thing to do. I agree, most leave it behind when they have more substantial interests.

          1. Maven, like many here, I’m not much of a drinker and find drunks really unpleasant and scary. At my last job, there was a culture of drinking (lots of events) where the boss would not need much alcohol to turn into what he really was under his quiet Danish facade: a vengeful bully. I’m guessing we all have stories about drunks and alcoholics, and these colour our reactions to Harry’s activities. Harry’s stuff doesn’t surprise me really.

      3. I don’t drink at all….I hate drunk, messy behaviour but culturally in Brit terms this really is a non event. The Vegas thing more so because there were photos of Harry and it was a good story with evidence but this, it it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t even have known about it seeing how much interest it’s generated as a story in UK. The Sun is regarded as a comic with a ‘find a fact inside and win a prize’ reputation and as we’ve said this is very much boys will be boys japes of UK drinking culture. Not something I much like about our reputation as I don’t drink but more people likely to think Harry’s being stitched up again than be bothered that he got wild at a wedding reception. Just adds to his accessibility & normalness really.

        1. What Mrs BBV said.

          KMR: i understand where you are coming from, but in all commentary of nudity and alcohol, it is always the Americans pearl clutching. It’s what you guys do.

          I’m not saying this to be mean or to judge you specifically. If you deemed the British out of control binge drinkers, i’d shrug and move on because whilst it isn’t necessarily 100% accurate, there is enough of it for that to be our reputation.

          And so with the Americans.

      4. ITA agree with you, KMR, but I would have said it more forcefully. It’s essential to have standards and draw and expect boundaries about behaviour. Life is not a free for all.

      5. Well I’m in the minority with you, KMR. I’ve spent many a night playing cards against humanity or dominos with friends over a bottle of wine.

      6. I used to throw down when I was younger. I am very glad it all occurred before the worldwide advent of FB. I am not sure that all Americans are pearl clutchers… some are, some aren’t.

        The consent issue is not necessarily indicative of criminal intent or sexual activity, however it has to do with power. In the US consent has become a focus of power between groups and individuals. Inherent in our makeup is a need for power to be equalized. We (sorta) strive to not be as accepting of class driven behavior. To what extent, varies across the nation… (ex.. our presidential race). Its not about ‘proper’ behavior, which is low on many American’s list, but power.

        It is more for Americans, I am hypothesizing, that a person who has a load of power and charm harassed instead of fought for the underdog cousin.

        Either way, I think that it was a throw Harry under the bus moment, and ill be interested if this sticks like some of his other incidents or not. If not, I will see it as him being set apart from the other royals because his approval is deeper. If it blows up.. then business as usual.

        1. Oh, now i understand what you mean by ‘consent’.

          Again, that isn’t an issue here. Infact, the highest status person ie the person with the most power is more likely to be stripped in this scenerio because it’s a chance for them to be one of the lads and what better way to demonstrate your ‘helplessness’.

          Apart from the pearl clutching, i tend to think that this type of thing is over thinking when you start to worry about consent.

          These boys grew up behaving this way and will continue to behave this way until they are OAPs or their livers can’t stand it or their SO bans them from such behaviour in which case they’ll give a wink to the next generation to pick up where they left off.

          It’s not worthy of comment or judgement. An imaginary storm in a teacup is how we view it.

          1. This is so true. When William was at Eton his gang actually stripped him and removed his security beeper and tossed it into the river. Ok they waited to the end of term when high jinx like this occur but no one is immune from this horseplay not even the future king. In fact it’s actually inclusive in a male bonding sort of way. If people didn’t like or respect you they wouldn’t take the trouble to include you in these rituals.

          2. Mrs BBV: You bring up a very good point about inclusion in these rituals.

            It puts into context Kate’s school stories where some pupils said they didn’t rate her enough to bully her or to engage her.

            I’m a veteran of boarding schools. Nothing worse than being ignored. Being sent to coventry we called it.

            It’s the cruelest thing kids could do to you because there was nowhere to escape to AND you are made very aware how much fun everyone else is having without you.

          3. I am also a product of the English boarding school system…..nothing worse than being ignored and being thought ‘square’. Inclusion to these rituals is social acceptance. God no wonder they all think we’re weird Herazeus. Xxxx

    3. You’re right about the puritanical streak in the U.S. We still have that Calvinistic element to our national psyche dating from the earliest settlers (Puritans, too inconveniently “good” for Ye Olde England). That, combined with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and a very real, very frightening date-rape culture in which alcohol was too often used as a defense against rape charges, leads to Americans clutching our pearls at such antics. You’ll see the Puritans informing some of our political debate, as well.

    4. That puts it in so much more of a context! Thank you for all of the explanation. I still think it’s a bit ridiculous– I know frat boys here in the states who still relive their glory years when they get together– but the idea of the shenanigans being something they all kind of agree to makes more sense.

  12. Considering it’s The Sun, I don’t buy it. And from what I’ve heard about British guys and their drinking, and the gals too, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I went to a pub in London during the World Cup last year. Hoo boy, it was interesting for this American girl to see it. My family weddings are similar with a lot of hijinks and so much drunkenness (shall I blame us being 2nd generation Scottish Americans?)

    But I don’t believe it. A bit too much drinking, horseplay, etc? Sure. But this is another ‘throw Harry under the bus and make him look bad’ story to get clicks IMO.

  13. This reminds me of the saying , rumors can make you and rumors can break you . With the existence of social media , it’s very easy to spread such stories , especially if they were as dramatic as this one . We reached the point where one can hardly believe anything anymore , even with pictures “as we know that pictures can be photo shopped these days ” , so how about a story based on “he said” or “she said” , I think one has to be careful here , as I’m sure that as humans who are not perfect , all royal family members have their “down to earth,and maybe more repulsive ” kind of behavior , but only one member “who is becoming very popular” is exposed .

    1. Hi there Alia……Princess Margaret was notorious for her drunken shenanigans, they just didn’t often makes the papers as it was out of deference to HM. But it was well known she would party hard. But all gossip and hearsay even back then without the use of social media. And once she was reputed to be a party princess she took that reputation to her grave. Xx

      1. So true Mrs BBV , and this happen with normal people and celebrities which shows how rumors can strongly affect a person’s life and even his/her trying to change it , but without the social media the damage used to be nation wide , now it’s world wide 😉 . By the way I still like princess Margaret and find her one of the most beautiful in the world , may she RIP . Wish you a pleasant afternoon Xxxx .

        1. Oh it’s so nice to hear you say nice things about her because she is still much maligned and her reputation surrounded by sadness. She was just exquisite in an Elizabeth Taylor sort of way.

          1. Yes , the same kind of enchanting and natural beauty that we rarely have these days .
            I hate judging Mrs BBV as we are all humans with flaws , and try to avoid it as much as I can with people I know well in my life , so how about those I only hear about like these royalties and celebrities .

  14. Hello, everybody. I was absent because my mother was in the hospital, but now she is fine and at home. I would like to say that LOVED the post on Kiki earrings. It was fantastic. Thanks KMR.

    I think the press always comes Harry’s “wild ways” as a crime, like someone getting drunk is a very serious offense, especially for a Royal. The problem is that William also got extremely drunk when partying, getting to be carried in time to go away. But of course William’s “wild ways” did not appear in the press, because, of course, the golden boy, the perfect prince could not have a bad image. And honestly I do not know if this story about Harry is true. Show me the “source” and the “photos” and I will believe it. The Sun is known for its false stories, and the stories are always the same, Harry drunk, naked, flirting with some girl. I do not care. Kate was photographed topless and it appeared that she committed a crime. What people, even Royals, do in their intimacy is their problem.

    1. Oh, Jamel, I also send you positive wishes on your mom’s health. Glad she is better and hope you are feeling well, too. I think of you when I watch the Olympics. Have not been able to see as much as I would like to see, but still… I’m enjoying myself and hope everyone is where you are, too.

      Such exciting times. And, now that your mother is feeling better, I hope you can relax a bit,too.

  15. I’m a bit conflicted. I don’t drink. At all. A lot of friends and family give me heat about it, but it’s not my thing. I don’t judge others because it’s their choice, not mine. People will paint me as a killjoy because of it.

    I digress…I’m conflicted because I am a Harry sugar. He deserves to have fun too. Is it my type of fun? No. Not at all. But he was in an environment that was supposed to be private and discreet. I find the source to be a bit dubious as they love to tear Harry down. And also, it takes the focus off Will and Kate and their Fabulous French Adventure.

    Has Harry had this type of fun before? Yes. But my hope is that he’s in a safe environment where no one gets hurt and consent is given.

    Thanks for this post, KMR. The discussion has been very.good to think both sides of the issue.

    1. I think it’s absolutely wrong to judge someone who doesn’t drink. I enjoy good wine, but I’ve never thought I should drink in order to get drunk. I have friends who drink more, but I’ve never been considered a killjoy when I stick to a glass or two.

    2. Hi Rhiannon, when I read this post I immediately thought of you, hoping this won’t turn your heart away from Harry! I think this much ado about nothing, from what I’ve read it sounds like the cousin got pants-ed . While this type of drunken behavior is rather boorish and immature it certainly doesn’t make one a bad person. I’m sure once Harry falls under your spell the need to drink to excess will fall away 🙂

  16. Hmmm…..I’m more of a social drinker and, considering all that my body and I have gone through (and will in the future), I have no desire to acquire a new liver any time soon. 😉

    Anyway, I’ve heard quite a few times that people from/in Europe drink and do drink quite hard. I’ve had a hangover or two (no, I didn’t get hammered, two glasses of wine is apparently too much for my tiny body!) and omg! I don’t know how people can drink in great amounts and still go to work! I understand that Harry was at a private event (a family wedding, no less) but geez Louise! I guess it’s the norm but…..I’m just floored at the consumption of alcohol.

    Since this story is from The Sun, I’m taking it with a tiny grain of salt and, as others have mentioned, I have a feeling it’s another “toss someone under the bus” story to prop up Will & Kate. Sigh…..

    **P.S. I hope our European KMR’s aren’t offended by my second paragraph. It’s not a diss, promise! 🙂

    1. I think there are people who drink everywhere, so I definitely didn’t get offended! I usually drink my glass or two with a three or five course meal so I don’t down half a bottle at one go ?! It takes hours. I can even go out with friends and have a glass or two, but it’s enough for me.

  17. Whatever floats your boat? Is that like saying boys will be boys? Ye gods. Harry is a 31 year old *man* and he acts like an alcoholic frat boy. Not to mention humiliating someone else, the most important issue here. That entire set is self-absorbed, entitled and puerile. They wouldn’t know a decent, grown up man if they tripped over him. That aristo culture is sickening and demeaning.

    This just proves to me what I think of Harry- he is little better than Willy and certainly no one worthy of being king or even, prince. BTW, what would people say if a younger queen had behaved this way?

    1. Actually young royals have partied and party hard in other countries as well. Have been in the same clubs with the Swedish royals in my youth and seen that. And as long as we don’t even know if this story is true at all…

      1. I don’t understand your point? Does that mean Harry gets a pass because others do the same thing? In my books, nobody gets a pass for this kind of behaviour.

        And Harry’s no longer ‘young’. He’s a 31 year old man. Other 31 year old men are working hard, have families and a mortgage and a ton of responsibilites.

        1. My point is that Harry’s not the only one who has partied, but it’s often made to look as if he was. And as long as we don’t know if this story is true, it’s just pure speculation what he has done or hasn’t done. In my eyes it’s OK if people want to party, so I don’t think negatively of him even if he had got pissed or stripped. But your opinion is just as justified as mine, I don’t think it’s about who’s right or wrong here, we simply think differently. I’ve seen people’s lives affected by totally false rumors, so I’m very careful what comes to this kind of stories. I’m so much older than Harry that I still think he’s a young man, and although he never needs to take a mortgage I think he has his responsibilities he takes care of. I think he has even sought responsibilities by starting a charity, joining the army etc. If he spent all his time partying and getting drunk without anything else to do, I’d consider him a sorry figure, but I don’t think parties are the only thing in his life. But this is just my opinion, I’m neither right or wrong as it’s about a person I don’t know and whose life I don’t know. I just feel bad for anyone who cannot defend himself against rumors and “friends” who spread them as I’ve seen what such stories can lead to.

          1. Agree 100% Grace very nicely out. We are all entitled to our different opinions , but IMO people are getting hugely worked up by a story that probably has little truth to it.

    2. Warning, this is a rant. So let me get this straight. Rich alpha male gets drunk at a party, chooses to strip younger less powerful male. Others pile on. No one steps in to stop it or thinks it’s wrong because rich alpha male is a prince. Sorry, but I don’t find this behaviour acceptable in any social setting or any place in the world. Just saying.

      1. As I’ve already said, we don’t know what has happened or if anything has happened after all. I’d imagine we’d have heard a juicy story about how the cousin in question had objected if it hadn’t corresponded to his idea of fun, but that is just what I think. I don’t know about alpha males, don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone unless it’s been a monkey at the zoo, but I know many guys who think this kind of behavior is fun – don’t know how to call it, some kind of guys’ fun – and I still don’t think they are any worse people than anyone else. It’s definitely not the kind of fun I’d join, but it doesn’t bother me as long as the people in question enjoy it and don’t harm anyone. I think this kind of rumors are easy to spread as nobody is ever going to reveal their sources or correct anything, but on the other hand I’m rather liberal in my thinking as life has simply taught me a lesson or two and made me think there are worse qualities in people than enjoying an occasional bender. But that’s just the way I am.

        1. And it’s absolutely not my intention to offend or attack anyone, I’m really sorry if it happens. I’ve actually talked about this kind of “guys’ fun” with some male friends and some just see it as a something women will never understand. I don’t know if it’s true, but we have agreed that men and women sometimes have very different ideas of what is fun and worth joining in. I’ve sometimes played with the thought it would be very useful to spend some time as a man, it might help me to understand them better ?.

      2. Trouble is IJ none of this is based on facts. Others pile on, no one steps in. How do you know that? Easy to destroy a persons character based on malicious gossip.

      3. All the people there are rich, all the participants are male, the ‘victim’s is the eldest son of an earl there are no power dynamics. These people are friends. This type of loaded language is absurd.

        1. Just because you are friends with someone does not give you the right to touch them without asking. I never said the cousin was a victim, he may have consented, I don’t know, but caring about consent is not absurd.

          1. I replied to Indiana Joanne’s comment. I thought ‘alpha male’ and ‘less powerful male’ absurd. If I replied in the wrong place, apologies.

      1. What I know is that the Sun invented so many stories about Harry in the recent months that I just don’t believe them anymore. The Ellie Goulding kissing under a blanket, Chelsy reunion in Africa last year.
        Since the beginning of this year they have linked him with so many women because they have to keep reinforcing the playboy prince image.
        And for the party prince image, they waited until the perfect opportunity presented, a wedding, since he avoids london nightclubs now.

        He met the president of Malawi recently. The press obviously won’t investigate and report his work, no, only the things that would contribute the party/playboy prince image.

  18. I guess Harry had no real ‘work’ to go to after this binge. Makes me wonder if his volunteer work is really just an exotic holiday with the perk of hanging around really cool animals.

    1. I’m disgusted by this man’s way of making money out of Diana. Of course we can’t know how much of his tales are true, but I can’t sympathize with a man who is willing to give away stories like this over and over again.

        1. IMO ( and it is just that) I think a lot of what he says is probably true. BUT given he knows these things from having been in a position of trust it makes him a despicable person to publish them to make money. I hope he never needs anyone else to employ him he’s proved that he is the lowest of the low.

          1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s disgusting how a position of trust can be abused. It’s possible there’s a lot of truth in what he says. However, I’m sure he has added a juicy bit here and there whenever it serves his purposes.

    2. What amazes me is that the Royal Family hasn’t done a better job of getting their protection officers to sign enforceable non-disclosure agreements. They’re pretty basic documents, and I’m flabbergasted the family’s personal lawyers haven’t insisted on it. These sorts of leaks shouldn’t be happening. Perhaps the family can’t insist on it because the guard are employed by the police. either way, the police should have one. it makes them look bad when their former employees are out running their mouths for money. Very unprofessional and mean spirited by this man.

      1. It’s been a while since this man worked as a royal protection officer. Could it be that confidentiality wasn’t considered to be that much of an issue back then and no non-disclosure agreements were signed? I think there’s been more talk about them in the past few years but maybe it’s just that such issues have become more important than before?

        1. They didn’t have confidentiality agreements that extended into covering when a person had died which is why Burrell, Jephson and Wharfe all got away with it but I believe these contracts have been updated to include the living and the dead. I actually supported the initial publication of this book as Ken Wharfe has a lot of integrity and I didn’t believe then it was just about the money……I think he was appalled at the way Diana’s personality was portrayed after the intial mourning of her death but to revise it and bring it out again I just can’t justify. It’s a real shame because Ken does a lot of Royal commentary and he’s very decent man. But this is a total brain fart of a decision on his part.

          1. I never thought Diana was a saint, but bringing all these issues up over and over again does not do any good. I think it’s starting to feel as if her memory was just being used for making money and not creating a more complex and real picture of her.

  19. Drunk harry story followed swiftly by “Statesman Bill” off to Germany and will meet merkel.

    Could they be more transparent?

      1. Lol! Seriously, what did they do to deserve duck lambridge paddling across the channel for a visit?

        It sounds like the America trip…
        Bill is only going to watch a military parade and they tacked on some face time with merkel to make him appear important.

        1. I hope Merkel laughs at him. What substance could he possibly add to a meeting with her? He doesn’t come off as particularly intelligent or well-versed in current affairs to me.

    1. I doubt Angela will really want to chat about the kids, which seems to be Wills fav topic with political leaders. Such a joke to send him, but grandmama is trying so hard to salvage something out of her 2nd in line.

      1. Grandmama should have worked out – as the rest of us have – that her precious second in line is next to useless.

      2. I bet he will tell Merkel how much George likes Germany and wants to visit. Because George likes everything and anything that has to do with whatever engagement W+K are attending.

  20. Just read the article can’t wait for your take on it KMR. I think she’s a wonderful girl and could be her generations Sophie.
    Fergie gets so much bad press but if nothing else her kids love her and as a Mum I don’t think there’s any greater praise I would want.

    1. Oops that has appeared in the wrong place totally! It’s related to the article in Eugenie. Too busy watching the Olympics …..

    2. I just read the article and oh my gosh – I fell a little more in love with her. Such a normal girl. She seems like the type that any of us could have lunch with. “We also try to support Granny and Grandpa in any way we can because that is what family is for” – exactly, Eugenie!

      1. She ought to have a word with cousin William…..I don’t think he’s picked up on that small but essential point. And I just adore that they call them Granny & Grandpa when they talk about them.

  21. Christ on crutches– this again?! When will Harry be able to stop being the fall boy for everyone else?

    First of all, it’s The Sun, which is like the National Enquirer, so I wouldn’t but too much faith in the reporting. It’s a 3rd rate tabloid, at best. What we should all take away from this is that Harry attended the wedding of his cousin George. The end.

    Second, on the same day that this being reported, William was pictured on an air ambulance call in Sudbury. After all of the negative press that surrounded Wee Willie and Waity about their extended, hugely costly (despite using a private plane) vacation, William is suddenly hard working, pictured “rescuing” and 80 year-old, who was not even close to death but had a dislocated hip, and Harry is reported on as being, basically, a functioning alcoholic.

    Honestly, this same, predictable tripe is just so pathetic is make my eyes roll so hard they bounce out of my god damn head, shattering on the ground. Who the hell believes any of this anymore? Honestly? Who? Let’s break it down, shall we:

    -Harry is on a conservation trip in Africa for the summer, working in the name of the crown. A cause near and dear to his heart, of course, but still in the name of Britain.

    -William, Kate and their children have done virtually nothing, and then jetted off for an extended vacation in France. Their venue, protection officers, nannies, drivers, etc., are costing Britains an arm, a leg and their first born. Bad press ensues, yet we’re all reminded we should be thankful because it was a private plane, therefore privately funded. *Yawn*.

    -KP announces that William and Kate will tour north west Canada in the fall. The trip is extremely poorly received with Canadians denouncing the plans on social media, stating that they didn’t want to pay for the over-indulged Cambridge’s and their extended photo-op. Twitter explodes with negative PR, and this is well documented in the media.

    -Just for good measure, there’s a smattering of talk that Ma Midds is keeping George from Charles, and, surprisingly, the comments are pro Charles. The “En Masse Middleton’s” are facing backlash once more.

    -William is announced to be visiting Dusseldorf in August in an official capacity– social media and royal watchers wonder aloud, “why?”.

    With all this negative press on the not-so-golden-couple it was really just a matter of time until Harry was thrown under that perverbial bus again. But, shock, horror, OH. NO. Harry hasn’t done anything that even remotely controversial. Well.. he is attending that wedding in August, we’ll just say that he’s done something that demonstrates that he’s a perpetually 16 year-old frat boy who has no sense of decorum, respect or manners. Juxtapose that with sweet, helpful, angelic rescue pilot William and you’ve got PR gold, right?! Wrong. Piss off, it’s just stupid now.

    The only thing that we can fairly assume is that Harry attended a wedding in South Africa. End of. And a word to the wise, and to you Cambridge PR machine, no one is buying it, so you need a new angle, or, crazy as this sounds, someone needs to speak to those two morons and remind them that it’s the public that insists on the monarchy, and 34 years-old is well beyond the stage where you’re unware that biting the hand that feeds you is in poor taste.

    1. You know, true or false, i see many comments defending Harry and questioning why this story surfaced. Emily and any reporters that tweetee the story are being challenged.

      It says something for the public’s regard for Harry that this story is being challenged. Just like the Vegas pictures.

      With WK, the public rarely challenges.

  22. I am not much of a drinker. I like a gin and tonic or a glass of cider but I prefer to be sober long after my friends are merry. There was an occasion at a friend’s birthday where I and her just drank appletizer but my friend was expecting. I think Harry is charitable and loving but when he drinks then it is all over the papers where as William goes under the radar with it. Apart from the I’m free speech where he was clearly drunk. I haven’t played cards against humanity. Something to look forward too.

    1. The stories for years, from people who know them, is that W&K have always drunk more than Harry. William admitted it in several interviews, that he’s always partied more than Harry but it wasn’t reported. Rare moment of Wm admitting his ass is always protected while Harry’s isn’t.

      1. I remember a story where Harry was celebrating having finished his training at Sandhurst and William with friends were pissed drunk at the reception. I still remember the reporter writing that he was surprised that it was William and not Harry who was making a fool of himself. His superior went as far as contacting Clarence House so that they would have a word with William.

        Not only William was always worse than Harry, and the fact that he was protected for every misdeeds gave him no boundaries as to how far he could go.
        He used a Chinook heli twice, once to impress Kate and the other one to go to Peter’s stag do. You would think after the first time and the backlash it created he wouldn’t do it again. But the RAF and the palace covered for him so he did it again.

  23. Just been a news flash here that Gerald Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster had died after a sudden illness. He was 64. This iwas the man who let his private plane be used for the France holiday. He was married to William’s Godmother.

      1. Poor Hugh. Only 25 to run Britain’s largest estate and deal with all of that on top of the grief of losing one’s parent. 64 is too young. RIP.

      2. To die at 64 is very sad. May he R.I.P.

        I must say that W&K definitely know how to align themselves with the very, very, rich, aristocratic families, which will pay rich dividends and/or favours.

  24. They all drink huge amounts don’t they? Look at Andrew, he’s magenta. Kate has the complexion of a girl who likes her gin and cigarettes.

  25. Yow, 161 comments for Harry. This may have been said before, but considering the couple getting married made a point of telling people no cameras, no pictures, no talking to the press, I’m wondering who let this little tidbit slip out. I too side eye the fact that Harry is once again blasted as the party prince while “Ice Won’t Melt In Our Mouths” Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are announcing they are back with the family and William will be heading off to work. And oh yeah, he’s also going to be going to Germany later this month. Harry will still be in Africa, probably partying every other night.

    I can’t blast him for having fun at a family get together, but I agree that if the stripping was not agreed upon it’s wrong. That being said, I’m going to have to go with the defense of no pictures, not so sure it’s true.

    And to be honest, probably the worse part of the whole thing for me was him smoking like a chimney. I just find that so vile and with a family history (on one side) of early deaths from smoking related issues you’d think he’d stay far away.

  26. It’s a little disappointing given Harry’s had such a good run with the press for the last few months with all his good work and now this. I agree with him still smoking is very off putting. He’s going to be 32 next month. I beginning to think that Harry will be the Royal clown for the rest of his life just like his Uncle Andrew.

  27. Never believe a single word Emily Andrews says. EVER! She always attacks Harry, she wants to be in good graces with William and Kate. She is terrible. This was a private event and with only close friends and family and the only thing that comes out is this, yeah right! Kinda sad alot of you automatically believed it.

  28. I don’t think that Harry’s personal/private life should be fodder for the British press. He’s a bachelor, and that’s how unmarried men behave at parties. I can understand if H was married, then it would be wrong. It’s so ridiculous!

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