Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark split after 10 years: will they get back together?

Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark split after 10 years: will they get back together?

First things first, Happy 28th Birthday to Princess Beatrice. Now on to the sad news: reportedly, Beatrice and her long-time boyfriend Dave Clark have split after 10 years together.

According to the Daily Mail, Beatrice and Dave ended their relationship a month ago after they discussed whether or not to marry.

    “A source close to Beatrice, 27, told The Mail on Sunday last night: ‘After ten years together, Beatrice and Dave had to wonder why they were not married. They talked it through and decided to take time apart to reflect on the future. They remain friends and the decision to break up was mutual.’
    “Beatrice’s family, including sister Princess Eugenie and parents Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, are said to be ‘completely shocked’ by the news. Sarah, the Duchess of York, in particular is said to feel as though she has lost a son. Another source said: ‘Sarah considers Dave to be part of the family. She is very sad it didn’t work out. They have been together longer than many marriages last.’
    “Other branches of the family are likely to be less devastated by the news. Rumours have long circulated that Prince William did not approve of the relationship and demonstrated his dislike of Dave, 32, by refusing to invite him to the Royal Wedding in 2011. He is said to have considered Dave an ‘indiscreet’ addition to the extended family and was opposed to the prospect of his little cousin marrying him.
    “But pressure for Dave to propose intensified in May last year after the birth of Princess Charlotte pushed Beatrice down to seventh in line to the Throne, meaning she no longer had to seek permission to marry from the Queen, who would most probably have taken William’s advice on the matter.
    “It was thought the Succession of Crown Act, which requires the first six in line to the Throne to seek Royal approval, had been the stumbling block. But when Dave failed to propose for more than a year after Charlotte was born, Beatrice decided to address the problem head-on.
    “The source added: ‘Beatrice has become a lot more assertive and confident recently. She gave Dave an ultimatum, but it backfired because he did not ask her to marry him. They both agreed that with no marriage in their future, it was time to go separate ways. They had a very co-dependent relationship, so they haven’t yet managed to completely cut off contact. They speak occasionally and they sometimes refer to the split as ‘a break’. But it has been over for a month now and there doesn’t seem to be any reconciliation on the cards.'”

[Daily Mail]

Richard Palmer on Twitter corroborated the story of Beatrice’s split from Dave, writing: “I talked to friends of Princess Beatrice today to help colleagues writing a feature. She and Dave Clark have split for now, they confirm. It’s not impossible that Beatrice and Dave, who have dated for 10 years, may get back together after time apart, according to one friend.”

The Daily Mail had a follow-up story with more quotes from “sources” likening Bea and Dave’s split to Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 2007 split, and claiming Bea and Dave may still get back together:

    “‘This was a conversation about where they were heading after ten years and they both agreed to go their separate ways for a while to try to work out what they want,’ said one source close to the family.
    “‘I think it might be a William and Kate-type split [the couple split briefly in 2007] — I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together. They are both open to that. As we all know, there are several types of split, and this is of the most amicable kind, with no one else involved. It’s just they felt it was decision time. Her family are very supportive of both of them, very fond of him and very open-minded about them getting back together. She is staying in the U.S. and not coming back here. They are both terribly upset at the moment.’
    “Without revealing who exactly prompted the break-up, the friend said: ‘They are two people who met quite young and have dated for a long time, and want to think hard about what they would like to happen.’
    “Another friend of the family worded it thus: ‘Any prospect of an engagement had long passed its sell-by date, though a split can shift that feeling. So she is a footloose singleton once more — not a status she is relishing, despite the shedloads of party invitations.’”

[Daily Mail]

Beatrice supposedly left her job in New York a little less than a month ago, right? I wonder if there is any correlation.

I don’t want to comment on Beatrice’s relationship status other than to say that I’m surprised – I thought they would announce an engagement this year. I do want to comment on that first DM article, though.

I have to laugh at William supposedly not liking Dave Clark because he’s “indiscreet”. Not that I follow Dave Clark too closely but from my view the Middletons have always been far more “indiscreet”. In fact, I’ve always got a kick out of how much William hates paparazzi and people being “indiscreet” considering how much the Middletons have leaked over the years and how pap friendly they are.

I’ve read the “the Queen would most probably take William’s advice if Beatrice sought HM’s permission to marry” thing before and I still don’t understand why the Queen would care about William’s opinion on such matters. I also don’t understand why it seems to be Beatrice-specific. The press never makes this claim when talking about Harry’s love life. Would the Queen take William’s advice if Harry sought permission to marry, or is this a specific attack against Beatrice? We all know the DM doesn’t like Beatrice, so I’m wondering if the DM made this part up to further their own agenda or if this is coming from any actual royal camp. I’m very interested to see if the DM brings up the idea that the Queen would ask William’s advice on Harry asking permission to marry whenever Harry gets an official girlfriend.

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  1. If you have not got a proposal after 10 years and you are “waiting” for it – then I think you need to consider moving on to someone else. Nothing wrong with living together if that is what you both want. On the assumption that she is the one who is looking for the commitment then he is either not the settling down type or he doesn’t see the long term future being with her. Either way – once you have had the conversation I see it as you either both agree to continue as unmarried partners or you call time on it.

    1. I can understand the 10 year wait since they got together when Bea was 17 or 18. But if either of them wanted to get married and the other one didn’t, now would be the time to call it.

  2. KMR – I agree – why would HM consult William ? Why not Andrew – her father and apparently the favourite child of HM. As for indiscrete – well there are stories that Kate was not the only one in William’s life over all the years they dated – so how discrete was he ?

    1. It seems really random that the press would say HM would consult William. I mean, Andrew makes sense, Philip makes sense, even Charles makes sense kind of since he is Prince of Wales, but William makes no sense. Why consult William and no one else? Seems like the press just made that one up.

      1. To add to the oddness it seems it was William himself who introduced Beatrice and Dave so for William to suddenly be anti is strange IMO.

        As I’ve mentioned before I’ve always had a soft spot for Bea and Eugenie and I could never shake off the small feeling thst Dave was using B through her connections for his job. Unfortunately, people have made rude comments about this breakup (saying how she’d need another holiday to get over him) and I just think that’s completely out of line.

        I hope Bea surprises everyone (especially herself and cousin William) and pulls a “Princess Madeleine” and finds a guy 1,000 times better than her ex. She deserves it.

        1. Happy birthday, Bea! You may not think of your breakup as a birthday gift in disguise, but I’m sure you’re better off without Smiley Dave. I hope you’ll find someone who is worthy of you and won’t need your sanctimonious cousin Willie to vet him.

      2. I doubt that William should be the one to be consulted on this matter — he cannot control his own wife. Gossip Cop had an article about Kate and Sir Ben, her crush, flirting with each other, but it stated that the rumors are untrue.I suppose it’s the reason Will accompanied Kate on her last visit.

          1. Someone who claims to be vaguely acquainted with Sir Ben posted on Celebitchy that he doesn’t enjoy royal visits. Apparently he can’t wait for them to be over.

            If true, poor Kate.

    2. I’m going to try guess it’s because HM wants to hear the views of William on such matters to assess how he makes decisions about his family members. When HM and Charles passes (knock on wood), William will be the deciding facotr on their family, up to extended relations. Maybe now is the time to practice.

      1. I can’t believe the press is making a big deal about the Queen’s permission. In this day and time, I would think that the granting of her permission is more a formality than a real power that she would choose to wield except in the most extreme circumstances. After all, she granted permission for Charles to marry Camilla!

        1. Lyme: it’s not the press, it’s the law. Here are the details

          In the simplest terms, If they don’t get permission, they are automatically removed from the line of succession and all the attending perks of their status tied into the line.

          No more taxpayer perks ( if they have any) and from hence forth you have to live off your own efforts.

          And you can’t ask for permission after the fact ie marry and them seek permission after the fact.

          Charles had every right to marry Camilla the minute his divorce was finalised, but without the Queen’s permission, he would have been demoted to plain Prince Charles Mountbatten-Windsor minus the Duchy and his POW titles because he would no longer be the heir.

          In past 5yrs, a European Prince has been removed from his status for marrying without permission. I think it’s Belgium though i could be wrong.

          1. ETA: just googled. It was Belgium. Prince Amedeo married his girlfriend last summer without permission and consequently lost his place in the line of succession.

            The reporting was the PR ‘he gave up his throne for love BS’ used for the British abdication of Edward 8, but if you read the finer details, it’s because he didn’t have permission.



          2. Thanks for that explanation, Herazeus. A question though: didn’t William spring his engagement on the RF just moments before it was announced? Or was this just the announcement, with permission already granted?

          3. The Belgian royal family is close, even with their public squabbles. The engagement was formally announced by the court. I don’t think it was a scandal or that the King would have refused to give permission if anybody cared.

            Philippe and Mathilde attended the wedding. The heir, Princess Elisabeth Duchess of Brabant was an attendant at the wedding. BTW King Philippe has retroactively approved the match and Amadeo is back in the line.

            Amadeo is no where near the throne; Philippe and Mathilde have four kids. Why bother with arcane permissions when the Court itself announces the engagement, with the tacit approval that goes with it? I don’t think the couple cared. Amadeo and Elisabeth keep things close, stay private. Her recent pregnancy wasn’t known until her 8th month.

            Philippe is downsizing the BRF. Not formally approving it was an easy way to get more people out of the line. The Belgian Royal Family survives if they stay quiet, mild, uncontroversial. They’re probably embarrassed at the negative attention it gathered so retroactively approved it.

            Louis of Luxembourg removed himself and his children from the line. They didn’t want their first son, born before marriage, to have a different status than any future children.

          4. Jen: William informed HM 2hrs ahead of the announcement. Permission could have been sort during that time OR perhaps he asked months ahead of time and informing her of the done deed is where he sprang it on her.

            In the engagement interview, he was very clear the Middletons knew about the engagement for weeks, yet HM was informed just 2hrs ahead of official announcement.

            The way the entire episode was handled leads one to believe that it was presented as a fait accompli rather than asking for permission.

            The rest of the family carried out their regular scheduled appointments and were effectively door-stepped by the media who informed them of the engagement.

            None had a prepared statement as usually happens when the family is informed of important events.

            And Harry gave an interview a month before the wedding where he said the family was surprised by the upcoming marriage because they had always thought William was a long term bachelor – words to that effect.

          5. Herazeus, William’s handling of that whole thing was a sign of more things to come, wasn’t it? From stealing the engagement story (and ring) to hiding the engagement from the Queen. The BRF were all working that day. No one had been informed that this big event was going to happen and all were surprised by it.

          6. That’s interesting, Herazeus, and thanks for the explanation. So maybe he sought permission, or maybe HM preferred not to enforce the rule… They sure have enabled William to walk all over them.

            My, William really dislikes his family, doesn’t he? His behaviour was disrespectful as well as immature. Things have not changed, have they? Charles/HM will be sorely disappointed if they think he will buckle down to royal work; they should be making otheer plans. Even in the ‘Queen at 90’ doco you could tell he did not mean a word of it when he said he’d be the first to step up.

          7. Nota/Jen: Yep.

            Years later, i’m still agog at the brass balls of stealing a publicly searchable engagement story. It’s Melania Trump and her Michelle plagiarism level.

            I really want the media to nail him for these obvious lies he tells. Like the Civil authority did when he lied about his hours at EAAA.

            I’ve come to terms with the lie about the ring though i still shudder at it’s use as an engagement ring for a new marriage given it’s doomed history.

            Btw speaking of that documentary, at one point he is asked whether he has spoken to the Queen about her job to get some pointers and he point blank says no. And doesn’t seem bothered about this obvious lack.

            Does this mean he never spoke to her during his cosy tea time visits when he was at Eton? Was thst another PR lie where we were supposed to think that behind the scenes she was giving him pointers such that we shouldn’t be worried at his shirking his duties now?

          8. Herazeus, didn’t it take HM quite some time to sign the paperwork for the marriage? Maybe I’m not remembering it correctly, but I recall her not signing it until very close to the wedding.

          9. I’m just curious to put it in perspective, when did HM give the official signed seal of approval for the marriages of:
            Anne/Mark (and, for the heck of it, Edward/Sophie, Peter/Autumn, and Zara/Mike)?

          10. You all seem to forget that he proposed with his mother’s ring. I think it must have ringed some bells when he asked for it (wether he had to ask his father or the Queen). I do not believe he just happened to have it lying around after her death. It will have been stored somewhere with the rest of the family jewelery.
            I also believe not for one second that no one in the royal family had a sense of what was going to happen. Maybe not the date itself but that is was on the line.
            I think we all should be more careful in taking anything we read and hear about them and from them for the truth. Sometimes the speculations here are quite the fanfic. I am all for a good snark but against spreding vague rumors that will be quoted months later for the truth.
            Hope I did not insult anyone- this is not my intention.

          11. Lisa: as KMR has pointed out, 7 days before the wedding. Makes me think she delayed as much as possible for reasons 😉

            Kimothy: all other written, formal consents for other couples were made and published 2-3months after the engagement announcements.

            Until recently, she had to give permission for the first 10 in the line of succession. As of March 2015, that’s changed to top 6.

  3. I feel sad for her. I hope she finds someone great that loves her for who she is. I feel the same way about Eugenie and Harry, of course. I can’t imagine how discouraging it must be to think a healthy, happy relationship is even possible in their situation. And they’ve lived through so much divorce and betrayal…I don’t know how you’d even stay optimistic.

  4. Beatrice and Dave were just 17 and 23 years of age respectively when they met. Both very young to tie themselves down for so long without talking about long term plans until now…
    Better to take a breather to work out what they both want rather than feel obliged to marry.

    Since Bea has never been anything but in a relationship her whole adult life, it might be refreshing for her to make her own decisions for the foreseeable future before plunging into another relationship or resuming this one. It’s okay to be single and independent.

    Also, if Bea is starting her own consultancy/working with friends or whatever the garbled story was, she now has the time to focus on it.

    Why on earth would the Queen consult layabout William about anything? Given his own abominable choice, he is in no position to criticize anyone. Is he so under the Middleton spell that he is unaware that they have leaked/ planted stories for years? Is he so dumb that he does not know he has been well and truly snookered? The Middleton’s must laugh their socks off at his gullibility.

  5. I’ve read several times over the years about Will not liking Dave because he’s indiscreet. But its never explained. Indiscreet in what way? How? When? My guess is that there was an incident of some kind, and Will has never forgiven Dave. Dave and Will were in the same year at Eton, and Will was the one who introduced him to Bea.

    1. The second DM article I linked mentions Dave networking with celebs as part of his job with Virgin Galactic. Maybe there was something related to that which William didn’t like?

      1. Maybe Dave name dropped William’s name and/or an incident and it got back? That could rankle given William’s obsession with privacy. Just a guess.

        1. That’s what I was thinking – that Dave name-dropped the RF in some way to get ahead in business and that’s what put William off.

          1. I think if William and Dave were friends then William would support Dave and Beatrice. There was a lack of eye contact at times with the couple I noticed and Beatrice smiling and smiling and not getting Dave’s attention. I think the relationship had just run its course. Beatrice should be more discreet. William is a man and unfortunately double standards still apply.

    2. I believe there are photos floating around of Dave flashing his bottom or “mooning” the camera with a model on a beach, but my understanding is that William didn’t like him before then anyways.

  6. I’m not so sure about this news That bea and Dave broke up as it came from the DM.

    But if if true and the press knew of their breakup for a month, then it was very underhanded of them to wait until close her to birthday to drag all out to the public. why choose close to the day where Bea probably would not like to be reminded about it? Boy the press sure do like to cause her misery if true.

    Well, in some articles Will likes Dave and even played matchmaker between Dave and Bea and in other articles Will distastes Dave, which is it? Because it can’t be both. That right there is the press contradicting itself. Heck this is the same press that thought Harry was going to propose to cress or had secretly been engaged to Chelsy.

    and a very Happy Birthday to Princess Beatrice!

    1. Not to defend the DM, but I didn’t read that they sat on this info for a month, just that Bea and Dave split a month ago and they are just now letting the info out now. I could have misread it, but that’s what it read like to me. But yeah, the DM really has a hate-on for Bea.

      Re William and Dave: Actually it could be both. William could have liked Dave originally and set up him and Bea, but then later grew to dislike him. That happens. You like someone for a while but then you either grow apart or they do something to put you off and you end up disliking them.

    2. Hmm, i did notice that Bea’s personal FB personal pic has yet to be changed or Dave’s personal twitter profile pic, their profile pictures has them together, but it may be nothing, as they don’t seem like the type do much social media anyways.

      That’s true people can grow apart and I could have misread it too being late and all.

      1. It depends on how frequently they use social media and how seriously they take it. I haven’t updated my personal FB profile pic in 3 years, nor my blog Twitter profile pic in 3 years either come to think of it. Bea rarely uses her Twitter account (which is a bummer since it would be a great way for her to promote her charity work). So them not updating their social media profile pics could mean nothing, or it could mean everything. This news is still only “sources” and “friends” official, so we’ll see.

        ETA: As far as I can see on her personal FB page she hasn’t updated it since 2014. If that’s the case then her not updating her FB profile pic does mean much since she doesn’t use FB that much. I could not be seeing everything she posts, though, since I’m looking at it as not her Friend.

  7. Happy Birthday Beatrice!

    After 10 years in a relationship it must be sad and disheartening for Beatrice. I think that Harry, Eugenie and Beatrice must find it more difficult than most to have a sustainable and loving relationship but I believe the next relationship Beatrice has will be the one that leads to marriage. I think being single is fine, but it doesn’t mean the goal of being married with a family is impossible. Beatrice possibly placed too much in a relationship. I think concentrating on her business venture or working with friends with help.

    1. I agree that it must make it hard for all 3 of them. Eugenie is in a longterm relationship and seems very happy. I feel like Harry is going to have a very difficult time. He’s so famous and is probably quite suspicious of the women he meets. He can’t really take women out to public places on real dates because of the paparazzi.

      1. Eugenie I get the feeling is more streetwise is that the term? Harry will marry someone in his circle of friends. Beatrice needs to learn to love herself and do things for herself. I think Eugenie will marry first but it isn’t a race.

      2. I think Harry is going to marry a woman who loves him to bits and shares his passions, and probably about 10 yrs younger. They will be full time world travellers, humanitarians, and true philanthropists. They will have 3 or 4 children who will be bundled along wherever they go and they will be such a happy, loving family. And a real credit to his parents and grandparents. ?

        1. Ray, that is a wonderful future you have posited for Harry and I hope it turns out exactly that way. Nothing could be better.

          1. Why did I reply twice early? I am clearly in Mr. Rhiannon heaven. I’m ready Harry!

            I was able to walk today. 3 miles..with my cane, but I was able to walk. Things are turning around.

        2. I don’t care about Harry’s parents and grandparents, since I’m fed up with the ‘firm’, but aside from that I sincerely hope that your ‘prediction’ for Harry’s future comes true with all the bells and whistles this young man deserves. (I know he’s a member of the ‘firm’, but to me he’s a living testimonial to someone who overcame that, just as some kids born in the slums do.) I don’t see Harry as entitled, as pompous, as making sure that his name starts with the word prince. I see him as a young man who has made mistakes (any and all of which I attribute to being young), has learned from them and moved on with his life, appreciating his privilege and sharing it with others. His title ***does*** benefit others, in my opinion.

  8. It used to be that when you break up with someone, you buy some ice cream, listen to ballads and reach out to your girlfriends. I feel bad that Bea needs to have this played out so publicly. As someone else said, I hope that Bea finds herself at this time in her life. Rediscover her likes and dislikes.

    As far as the DM, they always have to drag William into the mix. I laughed when they said HM sought his advice. Wasn’t this the man who announced his engagement without going through the proper channels? The one who’s inlaws offered a blanket to Tanna when he took the Christmas tennis pics? The same ones who are known to ring up paps to send pics of their family that look good?

    I wish Beatrice luck and every happiness as she takes the next steps in her life. Thanks for sharing this with us, KMR!

    1. Rhiannon, you are so right. I feel sorry for the publicity surrounding this break-up, too.
      Here’s to Bea finding herself and the man of her dreams. She’s young and has the world ahead of her. If Dave is the one, he’ll be back and they, hopefully, will have grown thanks to the “break”. If, he’s not, I hope she finds someone who truly is special. A man who will love Beatice, the woman, not Bea, a member of the Royal Family.

  9. I wish Beatrice the best outcome whether she gets back together with him or moves on.

    As KMR and many others have pointed out, DM’s reporting is so haphazard and buffoonish that it difficult to even understand the crux of an article. The maudlin description of Pip’s engagement reads like a bad romance novel. So, even though DM is a guilty pleasure, especially for some of the comments, I’ll imagine that Beatrice eventually finds real purpose and happiness in her life. Here’s to you, Beatrice!

    1. “The maudlin description of Pip’s engagement reads like a bad romance novel.”

      Pure Cinderella fantasy, for sure. Let the whitewashing begin.

      1. I personally enjoyed the Pippa engagement roll out.

        Regency novels at their finest. I hope the wedding is as full of drame.

        Mama needs light entertainment.

        While we are here, as laineygossip says, let’s pray to the gossip genie gods to have a Pippa wedding as fame thirsty and attention seeking as George Clooney’s wedding.

        While we are here, if this is a permanent break, A percy for B!!

        Can you imagine how Carole would take it if B snatched the dukedom of Northumberland from Pippa!?!

        1. That roll out was worthy of Barbara Cartland (nod to the family connection).

          Northumberland, Westminster, or the billionaire Thurn und Taxis with the offensive mother and sister.

          1. YES! YES! YES!


            I would enjoy it very much.

            Let’s see, Northumberland is 32

            Westminster is 25 ( would have bonus of making WK squirm at continue to borrow the westminster family plane and estates when B was the future duchess)

            Thurn und Taxis is 33

            All within her age range.

            Love it!!

            We really need to gossip genie this one.

            I’d even throw in Arthur Landon. He is mega wealthy and besties with Harry.

          2. Well..since Hugh Grosvenor and I are the same age I *suppose* I can take him and his billions 😉 although, TBH I don’t know much about him other than that he’s filthy rich and one of George’s godparents.

            For the record…I would never let W+K borrow my plane 🙂

          3. Oh goodness. What a shame. RIP. I’ve heard about him and it seems like he was a good man from what I have read. My prayers to his wife and their children. He was so young.

        2. I suspect Pips wrote the article because it sounded like her awful puple prose and DM published it.

          And if Beatrice were to marry one Pip’s former aristo boyfriends, I’d be vet happy.

  10. Happy Birthday Beatrice!!

    When I look at her I see a young woman at a major crossroads in her life. She is rumored to be starting a consulting firm as well as taking a break from a long term relationship. I really hope she takes some time for herself, to decide what it is she wants for her life in 5, 10 years from now. This is such an exciting yet scary time for anyone, let alone someone in the public eye, so I hope she finds her inner strength to do what is right for her. Good Luck Beatrice and don’t forget to breathe!

    1. + 1. The hardest part is being in the public eye, especially if a newspaper is sniffing around for dirt. So stressful!

  11. I don’t know exactly why but I detest the yorkies, et al. However, in reading the comments on the DM I became a bit miffed with all the pot shots taken at Bea’s looks and actually (like I’m a big deal) defended her. Basically, I said that to trash a woman’s looks is demeaning to all women, that Bea hadn’t any say in how she came into the world, and that if we were going to go there with the looks and brains crap as a reason for Dave’s getting ‘rid of her’, that Dave hadn’t anything more to offer in that department than she did. Personally, I think that Fergie’s insistence on literally hanging onto her daughters as a means of status might have contributed to the breakup. Or, maybe they both just thought that it was time to move on and stay just friends. After 10 years that’s possible, neither of them ‘stalked’ the other so who knows? It probably is just me but Dave always gave me the willies.

    1. As someone said up-thread, it must be hard for Bea, Eugenie and Harry to know if someone likes them for themselves or for the upward mobility, fame by association and career enhancement such a relationship gives. I have no idea how anyone works that out or whether it is dumb luck 9or lack of it)..

      I didn’t bother reading the DM vitriolic comments but I agree with your take.

    2. Royalsareajoke, I had the same thoughts about how Sarah and Andrew may be a liability to B finding lasting love. I’ve heard Sarah make sure to enunciate that her daughters are the princess. I’ve heard her tell Oprah that she’s proud to be the best mum in the world and then describe how many times her daughters prop her up emotionally. Fergie is a narcissistic, needy mother. Same with Andrew when he’s always scrounging for money from her boyfriends to support his outrageous antics. Is there any hope for B&E to find love with someone decent when they have parents like these?

      1. I had no idea what Sarah and Andrew have inflicted on their daughters. Awful. What’s wrong with them. It’s amazing that both girls have turned out as well under the circumstances.

      2. KMR, I love this site but it gives me fits at times. I worked very hard to modify my comment apologizing for straying off topic and it didn’t take. Sometimes, the words typed take forever to show and dag nab it the little box told me that my comment was successfully saved. Anyway, if goofy things happen with my comments this is why. (most of the time)

      3. Wow, Indiana Jones, I knew that Andrew and Fergie were dependent on their status, (therefore our daughters are princesses and don’t you be forgetting that) and Fergie in particular, but I had absolutely no idea how deep and ugly it went. You simply can’t have parents like that and any hope of just being who you are, who you want to be, or not being who you don’t want to be unless you break free and dump all the trappings and advantages, so no I don’t think the girls have much of a chance at this point as far as knowing that they’re loved for who they are. How could they, their parents don’t love them for who they are in my opinion, and I’m not saying they don’t love them at all. It’s simply not a healthy nurturing love. Even now, Fergie isn’t supporting Bea, oh no, ‘she feels like she has lost a son’. How about it’s their decision and I respect it. Instead, it’s about Fergie as usual.

          1. Unfortunately, my mother had that exact same reaction (and said those words) when my sister and her long-time boyfriend broke up. Mom truly loved him like a son and (I think) still misses him though the sister and ex broke up years ago. In fact, they tried to get back together but he cheated on her–again. Some mothers *do* get attached to their daughters boyfriends so I’m not surprised at Fergie’s blunt choice of words. I’m just sad that she still clings to them as if they were still little girls who need their mommy.

          2. Parents should support their kid in any break up. ALthough, if their child was the cheater some tough luck might be in order. After I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, my parents went immediately from loving him to disliking him as much as I did 🙂 My dad still won’t speak to him when we see him around.

          3. I think it is rather strange that Sarah is supporting Dave. It seems that Sarah wants to be a grandmother. Is that normal any guy your mum likes so she can be a grandmother? I would not know as I am single and don’t even want kids at the moment. I tend to think that kids are a gift.

    3. For the record, I think Beatrice has really grown into herself and become quite a pretty young lady. However, I doubt looks had anything to do with it. They were together for 10 years and began their relationship before Bea’s weightloss. If anything, she should be single and ready to mingle because she’s looking better than ever! It seems as though they do have a real mental connection and I’m sure they are both quite sad. 10 years is longer than a lot of marriages and she really grew up with him.

      The DM and a lot of their commenters look for any excuse to hate on the Yorks and their looks.

  12. According to DM Kate is the one that Harry has to get agreement on with his future spouse, load of crap of course. If Kate doesn’t like I’d say he’d marry her loL!

    1. I trust Harry has the good sense to keep any serious relationship completely under wraps until he is sure of its future. I reckon he knows how to do that. Pity he doesn’t have a wider group to choose from. I also hope that if the Kate-William-Middleton family relationship is as toxic as it appears to us on the outside, that Harry knows not to repeat that mistake. I’d bet my last dollar that Kate’s approval would be the last thing on his mind. However, I’d be very protective of any serious partner so that no nonsense can ensue. It is inevitable that Harry + bride will be compared to Kate + William. Since the latter have thrown away all public goodwill in the past 5 years, the comparison will not be pretty and they won’t like it. Harry needs to ever so gradually remove himself from the Kate-William orbit, set up his own office, and work on his own projects – basically, become future-proof.

    2. Kate has a rather exalted opinion of herself to think that Harry and/or his girlfriends need her approval. However, I do think that Kate would be quite bitchy towards the girlfriend because she appears to enjoy Harry’s attention, which would end when a GF is around.

      1. Vonnie,
        She’ll only become an official witch once he places a ring on the girl’s finger. 😉

        **whistles innocently**

        1. Kimothy: LOL, I love it, and can’t wait for that day to come. I think Kate will be turned upside down and in a tailspin if Harry’s GF is in her twenties and has the media praising her gorgeousness. Kate got lucky with no competition from Sophie being 50 and Camilla close to 65 when she married Will, and was able to hog all the attention. I foresee that Kate will be visiting the plastic surgeon, pronto. Don’t you just love it? ha ha. All’s fair in love and war.

      2. I agree, Vonnie. I think Kate has a mean streak of jealousy and is just generally not a nice person. Evidenced by how she has treated the Yorks in the past and her lack of warmth with other women in the family.

        I only hope that Harry is not as wrapped around her finger as the media makes them out to be. Otherwise, he’s going to have a hard time finding a partner because she’s going to constantly bully them away or shoot them down in order to keep Harry to herself.

    3. Yeah that’s a load of rubbish. Harry needs the monarch’s permission because he’s fifth in line, but he doesn’t need Kate’s permission at all.

        1. Harry said publicly after the engagement announcement, “I’m looking forward to getting to know her.”

          No matter what PR spin comes along about KM cooking for Harry, vetting his girlfriends, being so close, and other nonsense. We have Harry’s own words. After 10 years of W&K dating and living together, Harry barely knew Kate Middleton.

        2. I think that Harry is stuck with William and Kate for now, but I doubt that there’s any sort of deep friendship, especially with Kate. The media spin is belied by pictures of them together, where Harry keeps his distance from drooler Kate. I think Kate would love to have us believe that they’re a cozy little trio but I don’t see it at all. (He called her a limpet at one time).

    4. How demeaning for Harry to have such tripe written about him. Harry subservient to that arriviste? Not bloody likely on this planet.

      Meanwhile, Harry, divest yourself of those soul crushing leeches. Not that he ever will, alas. He has been trained to play servant and whipping boy to the king.

  13. Jen, I couldn’t agree more, especially with the absolute nonsense that Kate’s approval would play into any relationship that Harry will have. That is almost so ridiculous as to leave a person speechless, and I only say almost because you can probably make a safe bet that the DM will have her being very much a part of it and giving advice to the new girl, or in Harry’s case grown woman. I see Harry as his own person, and I rather think that if he does marry and have children he will do what his brother blabbers on about, that is love and protect them, and if things get out of hand defend them to the point of saying keep your money and all that crap, we’re outa here.

  14. I would just love, love, love it if Bea got together and married George Percy.Also as Charles has set a precedent by marrying Camilla, a divorcee, Harry would marry Melissa Percy. That would be a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for Old Mother Meddleton.

  15. A bit off topic, but I’m surprised that no photos have come out of the Cambridge’s in France as of late. I guess they are staying pretty well hidden or someone has shots but is holding out for big bucks.

  16. I feel for Bea. I think this sort of proves my suspicion Dave was with her for the connections. If you’re with someone that long and don’t want to commit… It raises red flags.

    I wish her all the best. She’s such a sweet gal.

  17. I actually think consulting with William makes a lot of sense. William is the future Head of the family and will have to deal with anyone marrying into it. These folks are his peers and he would have a lot more information about how they conduct themselves than the Queen would have. The minute the Queen dies, Beatrice moves back up in line until William and Harry produce more heirs. Think about how things happen at Christmas at Sandringham — Beatrice is required to be there… suppose she marries an indiscreet fellow who tells a family member about the goings on there and that person then sells information to the press. Marrying a York means giving up holidays with your own family and being on the Monarch’s schedule. So yeah, I’m pretty sure there are some checks on folks before they marry into that family because they could damage the family reputations.

    As for Dave being indiscreet – suppose Dave was hanging out with William and William did something that maybe he didn’t want others knowing and Dave told Bea. THAT could get you on William’s shit list as well. Just a theory.

    1. Considering William married Kate and introduced Bea to Dave, and now hates Dave (because he’s indiscreet? hello pot, meet kettle!)… I wouldn’t trust him to make any judgment on anything. But it’s not like HM seems to give a flying fig about William’s inadequacy.

      The Middletons and their obsession with being quasi-royal already have damaged reputations, but to William I’m sure it’s okay because they treat him like the king of the universe!

  18. For those who have said that Dave Clark wasn’t invited to William’s wedding: I just watched some footage of the hymns performed at the wedding and I saw Dave Clark. He was sitting with a bunch of people I didn’t recognize. Just FYI!

      1. I’m pretty sure. It was during the hymn “Guide Me o Thou Great Redeemer.” He was seated in a row behind the wife of the youngest Van Cutsem brother. Far away from Beatrice, which makes sense since they weren’t engaged or husband and wife, but he was there. If I find the link again I’ll share it.

    1. Really!!!??? Why would you come on here just to insult everyone? I approve your initial comment thinking you were just adding a difference of opinion and then a few comments later you insult everyone. Way to go.

    2. Before I engage in a online forum such as this, I like to read more about the website in order to determine if I want to be a part of it. Taken from the “About” section on this blog:

      “Kate Middleton Review is a critical blog of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and other royals. However, Kate Middleton Review uses the word “review”, rather than a harsher word, for a reason. This blog tries to take a more middle ground approach to Kate and the other royals. As a critical blog, of course it is critical of Kate and others, but it is also willing to applaud the positives when warranted.”

      I am not sure if you reviewed this part of the blog before providing feedback or judging the people who post here. My question is why, based on the “about” section would you come here and pretty much insult both KMR and the people who post here in such a public and demeaning way?

        1. That definitely looks like him. I wonder why he wasn’t publicly identified.

          All the guests had to line up outside in a queue to enter the church and BBC had a field day showing every single guest entering….90% more coverage than they gave the attending VIP guests.

          He is also not listed in the guest lists aboge nor was he later seen entering the post wedding parties……curious.

  19. When you get right down to where the rubber meets the road, Bea’s life is her own, and I think Fergie needs to keep her snoot out of any personal relationships and live her own life. That goes for Andrew as well. And the thought of William’s having any say is amusing since he himself chose such a ‘winner’, and brought an entire family of clingons into the rarefied air of the ‘royals’.

  20. I just read some comments via email but they aren’t here. Not unhappy that they’re not here, but is it because they were deleted or am I not seeing them here because of problems with the site? I love this site but as I said before it at times it gives me fits so just making sure I haven’t gone off the rails 🙂

    1. Do you know the name of the commenter? Or what the comment was about? Because yes there were some comments made last night that I deleted.

      1. Yeah, it was from someone named *Name. I had a pointed response back to them. KMR, I’m sorry if I overstepped any boundaries. That comment just irked me.

        1. Part of what bothered me was that while I didn’t agree with their initial comment I approved it because it added a differing opinion but wasn’t insulting, but then the next comments were all insulting. That’s an abuse of my trust, you know.

  21. The comments seemed to come from someone who took offense at comments made by other posters and wasn’t particularly polite, and in fact appeared to be intent on attacking others, and in my opinion took it to a very personal level. There was no name, just name*. I have a suspicion that one of the comments was directed at me, and I saw one aimed at you, but no matter, you took care of business and I’m not totally derailed 🙂 I’ll just delete them.

    1. Yes, I deleted all comments from that commenter because of certain comments made.

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