The Sun: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are ‘extremely serious about each other’

The Sun: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are ‘extremely serious about each other’

I wasn’t planning on covering Prince Harry‘s rumored romance with US actress Meghan Markle again until there was more evidence of the relationship, but then I read this Sun article and laughed, so I thought I’d share.

We learned on Sunday that Harry has supposedly struck up a romance with Suits actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle, and since then some of the press and public have flipped out. I’m not going to delve too much in Meghan, because I’m too busy delving into Kate and the Swedes in order to write some fun articles for you guys, but from what I’ve gleaned from other people’s delving apparently Meghan was in Mexico when Harry was in Toronto (which is when the Express claimed they met), they wore similar-looking bracelets in some photos, they follow each other in Instagram, and Meghan’s Wikipedia page’s edit history is going crazy (with people updating it with this rumor and others taking it down).

With that being said, let’s get to this funny Sun article. The article is a bit long, so I cut some stuff out for space – you can read the full thing here.

    “PRINCE HARRY inundated a sexy actress with texts until she agreed to go out with him. The 32-year-old royal pursued Suits star Meghan Markle, 35, after meeting her at a charity do in May. And The Sun can reveal they saw each other twice last month after a string dates over the summer. Friends say the couple are ‘extremely serious about each other and massively loved-up’.
    “One said: ‘They are the real deal. He definitely pursued her and besieged her with texts until she agreed to a date. They went out with a group of friends to Soho House in London in early July, followed by two dates by themselves where Harry swept her off her feet. By August it was a serious. He is very full-on but she was going through quite a tough time with her previous boyfriend and she was very flattered. She couldn’t contain her excitement, but once she got back from London she became very secretive. It was then that it changed from them just ‘seeing each other’ to boyfriend and girlfriend. He’s head over heels and she feels the same.’
    “[…] Harry likes an independent girl and the LA-born actress is undoubtedly her own person who is clearly not afraid of the limelight. Meghan, who is nicknamed ‘Flower’ by her African-American mum, Doria, grew up on TV sets, with her dad Tom Markle working as a lighting director on hit Eighties and Nineties US sitcom Married… With Children. […]
    “Our source added: ‘Harry loves her humanitarian work in Africa and the fact she’s an independent, sassy girl, while she’s part of a power clique in Toronto that includes the prime minister and major TV stars so she’s not intimidated by celebrity.’
    “With Meghan’s glamorous dress sense, charity work and volunteering echoing his beloved mum, Princess Diana, it appears to be so far, so perfect for the royal, who has always said his heart lies in Africa. But success in Meghan’s personal life has until now eluded her, and there was one small problem when she met Harry — she was seeing someone else. Having split from her husband of three years, film producer Trevor Engelson, in 2013, she was dating Canada’s version of Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef Cory Vitiello.
    “A pal close to the couple said: ‘Their relationship was on the rocks but it was complicated as they were still living together and had to sort out custody of the dogs. Cory is quite the player and they were on the outs in April. Meghan was feeling pretty down and vulnerable. She’d been very hurt by Cory. Then suddenly there’s a Prince Charming who’s pursuing her like mad and she couldn’t contain her excitement.’
    “Contrary to reports, the pair did not meet when Harry was in Toronto in May to promote next year’s Invictus Games. Meghan was in Mexico at the time, while Harry spent only a day in the city before heading to Florida’s Palm Beach to play in a polo match for his Africa charity Sentebale. Friends say they first became aware that the relationship was serious in August. Despite Harry being in Africa from July to the start of September, Meghan was in London in August and at the Soho Farmhouse members’ club in Oxfordshire with Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh in September.
    “The pal added: ‘She hasn’t met William, Kate or Charles yet. But this has become a pretty serious relationship so that’s the logical next step. Harry is pretty gutted this has got out. He wanted to keep it under wraps as long as possible and very few people knew. It was conducted in the utmost secrecy, as Harry wanted to give it as much time as possible without the glare of publicity. She really could be the one.’
    “She has ordered her relatives to stay quiet about her romance with the fifth-in-line to the throne. But family friend Eri Specht, who was in a relationship with Meghan’s half-brother Tom for 15 years, said: ‘She’s very smart, very well educated and very poised. If anyone is well suited for a prince, Meghan is. She is a great catch — she’s really kind, careful and goes out of her way to help other people. She would be a very moderating, careful influence on Harry, whatever they stepped into. You don’t want him to end up with Miley Cyrus! Meghan is much more classy and sensible. She worked really hard to get where she is. She’s very accomplished and professional.’
    “Eri added Meghan was ‘heartbroken’ by the breakdown of her marriage to Engelson. But she said the actress was ready to start a family, and Harry has made no secret of the fact he wants kids and to settle down. Now, finally, he may have found his perfect woman.”

First of all, I want to say that I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but even so there is absolutely no need to throw her under the bus, completely randomly as she has no bearing on this story whatsoever, to make Meghan look good.

I cut out the part about Meghan’s background, but again they refer to her as “a household name”. Dear, reporters: Meghan Markle is NOT a household name. STAHP!!

I want to draw your attention to part that made me legit laugh out loud when I read it, then question my reading of it, then go “Huh?”: At the beginning of the article, it claims Harry met Meghan “at a charity do in May”, and then later on, it says: “Contrary to reports, the pair did not meet when Harry was in Toronto in May.” So they met at a charity function in May but it wasn’t in Toronto on May 2? I laughed originally because I thought the article was contradicting itself, but now I’m just confused.

“Meghan, who is nicknamed ‘Flower’ by her African-American mum, Doria.” I’m not familiar with Meghan’s past interviews, did she say this publicly? If not, someone seriously leaked the nickname her mother calls her? Why?

Now on to the hilarious quotes from “pals”. Firstly, “She hasn’t met William, Kate or Charles yet.” is a direct contradiction to what Camilla Tominey wrote in her article on Sunday, that William and Kate had met Meghan and given their approval. So which is it? Who is right and who is pulling crap out of their butt?

“Harry is pretty gutted this has got out.” THEN WHY ARE YOU TALKING? If this pal exists… does it seriously not see the irony in talking to reporters about how Harry is bummed the romance leaked? Or is the irony the point and it’s supposed to be funny?

Oh man, though, these quotes from friends… They’re just so funny. Maybe it’s because I’m not one for the over-the-top romance (I laughed so hard at The Notebook I thought it was a comedy), but these over-the-top romantic quotes are just so funny to me: “He’s head over heels and she feels the same”; “a Prince Charming who’s pursuing her like mad”; “She really could be the one”; “If anyone is well suited for a prince, Meghan is”. I can’t stop laughing.

PS. According to the Evening Standard, Harry was scheduled to fly to Toronto to visit Meghan on Sunday, but didn’t show:

    “Sources say Harry, 32, was booked on Flight BA0093 at 11.30am from Heathrow to Toronto on Sunday when news of his romance broke in the press. A source said: ‘The flight was booked last week but he was a no-show.’ […] The source added: ‘The crew for the British Airways flight knew the Prince was booked to travel with them. It appears he pulled out at the last minute and decided not to travel.'”

Also, both Harry’s and Meghan’s reps have not commented: “Kensington Palace said it did not comment on ‘private matters’. […] Her representatives also remained silent today.”

Oh, and also: “Today, bookmakers suspended all bets on the prince getting married. Previously, they had offered odds of 12-1 that he would announce his engagement this year, and 5-1 that he would wed in 2017.”

The article ends with this gem: “Earlier this year, Harry said: ‘Even if I talk to a girl, that person is then suddenly my wife.'”

PPS. There is this other Sun article which is basically a rundown of what we know so far with quotes from other sources I’ve already linked, but it does include this tidbit at the end:

    “When The Sun contacted representatives of the actress Kruger Cowne, we were told the romance was still ‘unofficial’. A spokeswoman added: ‘However, should this be confirmed by the Palace, all of us at Kruger Cowne are delighted for them and wish them well.'”

The same article says Harry split from Cressida Bonas “earlier this year”, which we know is not true.

I looked up Kruger Cowne and while there is an article saying Meghan has signed with them (though it’s not dated at all), her profile page (which the news page directs you to) returns a 404.

So there you go.

Meghan at Wimbledon on June 28 and July 4.

Harry in that Heads Together video – because I think this photo is fun.


110 thoughts on “The Sun: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are ‘extremely serious about each other’

  1. I agree with you, KMR.

    The cliché-ridden phrases to describe their ‘romance’ are eye-rolling tosh. Pass the bucket.

    The so-called ‘friends’ spouting off are just a joke; why don’t they keep their mouths shut if this relationship actually exists and if so, the principals’ wanted it kept private until they chose to announce it? And why is this coming out now? What’s the real reason?

    1. “And why now is this coming out?” I was all for a conspiracy theory involving the Cambridges leaking this info so they could go on holiday in peace, but I clicked on another Sun story and found this:

      “When The Sun contacted representatives of the actress Kruger Cowne, we were told the romance was still “unofficial”.

      A spokeswoman added: “However, should this be confirmed by the Palace, all of us at Kruger Cowne are delighted for them and wish them well.””

      So her PR is basically confirming the rumours? They are certainly adding fuel to the fire. Now I’m thinking it was her camp that leaked it.

          1. Beautifully written, good spirit, inspirational. I don’t care if this whole circus is a pr stunt or a rumor or just a fling…Harry needs someone like her by his side (if not her). A grown woman with a big heart who appreciates all the good in her life and enjoys giving back.

      1. If her people confirmed things, even inadvertently, I could see Harry and the palace squashing this romance immediately. There’s nothing the palace hates more than indiscretion and fame mongering. Part of the reason Kate has made it so long is by keeping her mouth shut.

    2. I actually think the relationship probably is real, although maybe a bit exaggerated. But if the friends are real and both Harry and Meghan wanted the relationship kept quiet, then the friends are dumb AF. Why would you out them knowing that they don’t want to be outed and knowing that they will know who you are and dump you as a friend for being disloyal? That’s so stupid. OR Harry or Meghan or both actually do want the story out there and gave the go-ahead to the friends to spill the beans. OR all of the friends are made up.

      1. If they are real ‘friends’ they’d keep quiet IF Harry & Meghan wanted it kept quiet, otherwise they’d be ex-friends. I’d guess that either: (a) she leaked it to up her professional profile to being a household name (b) Harry & Meghan leaked it. ‘Friends’ is just a convenient foil.

        However, they haven’t met up all that often, just snatched time here and there. There’s excitement in the secrecy, the chase, the lust; whether it’s something more remains to be seen.

      2. While I would be prepared to believe that W &K tossed this out to deflect from a holiday in Scotland, there is a comment in yesterdays Celebitchy post that is interesting. If true, it implies that Meghan is in Europe and was overheard talking about him pretty loudly.

        So much craziness over this whole thing though.

        1. She just came off some girls’ vacation there, according to her Instagram. Soooo even if she wasn’t talking loudly, the chances of her having been able to keep her mouth shut about this the whole time…

      3. OR the Cambridges/Middletons leaked the information because they hoped the media circus would destroy the relationship before it became dangerous for the “golden couples” image.

  2. I think they could be seeing each other, insofar as dating and God knows Harry isn’t going to go home alone. Either that or it’a set-up on her end because look at all the publicity she’s getting from this, now she’ll certainly be a household name because she wasn’t before. Serious, though? Nah, not a chance, which is a bit of a shame considering she seems articulate, intelligent, and an interesting woman who cares about the things and people around her. She has a career and a life, and she would have to give both up for Harry, which is the one reason I think he will never marry.

    Discussing this supposed plane trip and whatnot is very creepy…

    1. Should radical changes ever be visited upon the BRF then anyone marrying into the Windsor’s would not have their slate wiped clean. It’s incredibly anachronistic and just plain ridiculous. Scaling down the monarchy to perform modest ceremonial duties for an equally modest stipend would be the way to go, should a monarchy continue.

      1. Oh, I agree.

        I think it will be interesting to see what happens with Harry, at any rate. He will be the public face of things. William has already said he will do what he wants, and if he wants to be a part time monarch and then fly whirlybirds and do whatever and live in seclusion, he’ll do it, because he knows best and Harry will be the one to take on the public face of things. It won’t be good for the institution, but William is a republican’s wet dream–once people realize what a dud he is.

    2. It is one thing for a random stranger to pap him when he’s on a plane. It would be something else if BA staff were making money tipping off paps. Wasn’t there supposed to be a crackdown a few years ago on airline employees who were caught selling information and tips?

  3. Well Meghan’s Last 2 Instagram post is interesting. She’s now gotten in on it. I don’t know what to think.Her Pumpkin Head and Harry’s Instagram Avatar Photo and now the two Bananas is she hinting at something or is she fueling the fire. I don ‘t like where this is going. I wonder if he really did catch another flight and the two are sitting around laughing their heads off at the media circus.

    1. Re the banana pic: Maybe she’s trolling everyone. Like, “I know y’all are asking about Harry, so let me post this cutesy couple banana pic to freak y’all out”.

      1. I have to admit I’d totally troll people like that.

        The comments on her IG are absolutely disgusting, though. The bullying and nastiness is so horrific. (and here we have William who wants to ban criticism because /that/ is bullying, uh-huh..)

      2. I finally went to check her Instagram profile. Loved that banana pic 😀

        I agree she’s trolling, but she also seems pretty eager to stir up people’s attention.

      3. Well she to be doing a good Job. I not really liken her and not bc of her age or her mixed race. i just don’t see this going the distance. She’s just broken up with a guy not long after her trip to mexico in May which they took together. ( he posted photos on his Instagram He seemed to be really into her. ) and then is sneaking around with Harry not long after. Not a good start and the over exposure in the media the last two days is making me ill. Oh her Wiki page has been edited again no more Harry and the fact that she is trolling means she has ulterior motives. NOt Cool at all.

        1. Oh and it seems she follows him on Instagram but he doesn’t Follow her. Nothing with them meeting make sense. I just wish they would confirm or denied it.

          1. Oh she doesn’t Follow Sentebale you would think if she’s interested in him she would be interested in his work especially if she does Charity work herself. Sentebale does not Follow her either. Oh God Adam Bidwall Folllow’s her. Yuck..

  4. The fact that her camp hasn’t denied it yet, to me either means:
    1. It is true
    2. It’s not true, but the publicity is great since she isn’t that well known and has a clothing line coming out soon

    I have never really been a fan of hers. I love the show Suits, in spite of her character who gets annoying. I think she is beautiful, but she comes off very arrogant. I just looked at her Instagram account and so many photos of her are posing so her legs show. She has great legs, but come on, it gets old after awhile. It is obvious she loves attention and she may be a very nice person, but to me, she seems very conceited.

    If they are dating, the one thing I look forward to is maybe one day Kate and her being in the same room. Meghan is beautiful and has gorgeous hair. She isn’t afraid to be glamorous, so I think she would give Kate a run for her money. Kate would have competition in the looks department, which is what we all have talked about happening when Harry marries. Plus, I think Meghan has done more than Kate already with charities.

    1. Yep, if true, it will be an entertaining sideshow once the media plays Kate off against Meghan and brother against brother.

      I’ve not seen the show or have heard of this actress but I hope she isn’t yet another arrogant woman obsessed with her body. Bor-ing. If so, the Wales boys sure know how to pick ’em! All these Hollywood aspirants to stardom look alike to me.

  5. There is a slight chance of this story being true, despite the timeline of them meeting being fishy. She seems to be exactly Harry’s type of girl. However if they wanted to keep it a secret, why are the friends coming out and talking about it? If they are giving the articles an approval, isn’t that contradicting what Harry said earlier, about making sure that the girl is as comfortable before introducing her to the world? A couple of meetings surely can’t make her comfortable to the world that he comes from.
    However it is good PR for her. Everyone now knows who Meghan Markle is. I don’t know I just feel this whole thing looks a bit tacky.

    1. Me, too! And have you seen how much she resembles Pippa in other pics? I actually think she looks more like Pippa’s sister than Kate does. Can’t believe that that alone doesn’t creep Harry out a bit.

    2. I was about to say the same thing! She looks so much like Pippa in that hat! I’m sure we’ll hear from plenty of conspiracy theorists who think this is why Harry’s into her.

    3. I know. She does remind one of Pippa. Carole must be in a tizzy. If he likes that look, why not her other daughter?

      I don’t know what to make of this? If it’s all a dose of heavy PR for her, then, she has succeeded in getting the attention of the world. If they are an item, then, let’s just hope they will be allowed some peace as they get to know one another. Fat chance, though.

      She certainly seems to have much more substance than Kate. Oh, my goodness, will the media have a field day comparing the two and inventing garbage aboaut feuds, even if there aren’t any.

      I don’t know. Harry deserves to be happy and he deserves a good life . He surely has made much more of an impact on the world than his lazy bro and Will’s lazy wife.

      Onward to more speculation……

  6. I feel like we are being trolled. I think that the sources are questionable. Harry is known for having loyal and discreet friends. I don’t doubt that they might have met or dated. If that were me, I would give nothing away. No double entendres, no hints. Nothing. Because this exact thing would happen. People are looking at parallels.

    If this is true, good on them. Bur I fear for her as everything and anything will be used against her in public opinion. We will certainly wait and see.

    1. I’m thinking you should take a trip to the carribean late November =) I’m sure it’d be therapeutic and you could get your stalker girl on

    2. We are diffidently beening watched I mentioned yesterday that Adam Bidwall one of Harry’s closet’s Buddies Follows her on Insat well he has unfollowed her. So Williams Cyber Bully campaign is Looking like a real winner now. Is it a coincidence that timing of the Picture of a young prince Philip looking exactly Like Harry Hits the press, for year Harry has been questioned and bullied about his paternity. Then is girl appears she’s mixer race, older then him, American Divorcee and a Catholic. The Press have all so been posting a hela lot of semi nude photos of her in their stories. Now she is trolling his fans. Which is certainly raking up the comments on her Instagram. Its open Season on her and she’s not saying a word to shut it down. There is something very wrong with this women BC if it was me i’d be standing up for myself. I all so read several rumors that She is not a very likable person on set she had someone fired bc she wasn’t given the wrong bottle of water and she’s determined to do what ever it takes to make it in the industry. I get the impression that she is with another guy who runs Soho House in Toronto ( Which is why she was staying at Soho House in London )they seem really close they even traveled together to London and Europe over the summer. She all so hangs out at the Chateau Marriott which belongs to Andre Balazs guess who’s daughter is hooked up with Arthur. What a mess. The more read on this girl the more you find out she is just another socialite trying to make contacts to move ahead and now she is dragging Harry along with her. He needs to be so careful bc he’ll end up becoming a baby daddy to some one. Harry doesn’t have a lot experience when it comes to women he falls hard. American girls especially in show bis are a worry.

  7. Megan Markle has a website called, The Tig. She recently posted a blog post called, “How to be Both”. In the blog post she writes that her mother calls her “Flower”. But mainly the article is about finding a balance between living in the entertainment world and focusing on her humanitarian work. It’s a really good post.

    This really struck me: (web link:

    “…the entertainment industry matters: it gives people an escape, a catalyst to laugh, to reflect, and to balance the realities of life. Plus, my gig as a working actor is the hand that feeds me. Without that hand, I could never be the hand that feeds another at this level. Were it not for my show and website, I would never have been asked to be a global ambassador for World Vision or an advocate for UN Women, both of which are honors I relish.
    …When I gave the speech for International Women’s Day, and UN Secretary General Bahn-Ki Moon led the standing ovation, I thought, “This right here, this is the point.” To use whatever status I have managed to garner as an actress, and maximize my opportunity for impact with the moments of value that resonate far greater than an audition ever could. I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of work is what feeds my soul, and fuels my purpose. The degree to which I can do that both on and off camera is a direct perk of my job.”
    I found the blog post to be beautiful and inspiring, something I wish Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge could understand (because I don’t think she does). Meghan Markle may not be an A-list celebrity, but she understands that she is living a life of privilege and wants to be able to contribute to the world in a way that is greater than a USA Network TV show.

    Whether these rumors are true (The Sun article makes Prince Harry seem desperate), I’m okay with it. She appears to be a lovely person. Although, you will have people who will be reading into everything. Her Twitter and Instagram posts will take on a meaning that might not have been the intention—everything will be in relation to Prince Harry.

    If these stories continue, she will become the: villain, attention seeker, brat, spoiled star, social climber, etc… No matter what Meghan Markle does, she will not be able to win. There will be people out there who say that she is not “good enough” for Prince Harry. Prince William and Kate Middleton (because they’re opinion matters?) don’t like/approve her. Kate feels threatened by her, so therefore she has to go.

    It almost seems that the press, media or whatever loves it when Prince Harry’s single because they get to write these sad desperate stories about him. They also get to use his single-status to make Kate Middleton look good, which is weird and actually makes Kate look bad (it makes her look controlling).

    I won’t believe these stories until we have photographic proof, like most people. The reason being, is that these stories are just pathetic. They make Prince Harry look horrible (sad and desperate) and the quotes are just weird and way too sugary.

    1. I really do wish the press would change their tune when it comes to Prince Harry. He is not the “Playboy Prince”. Nor is he this sad and desperate 32-year-old man who is staring out the window longing to be married. He isn’t the male version of Cinderella. He is an adult who focusing on making a difference in the world. He has stuff to do.

      1. Like most people, I would like to see Prince Harry (and everyone, for that matter) find happiness, whatever that may be.

        I just wish that we stop thinking that the only way for a person to live a happy and fulfilled life is to be married and have children. It is very old-school thinking.

        1. I think there is a difference between saying you would like to see someone get married and have kids about someone who has never specifically said they want to get married and have kids and saying it about someone who has actually said multiple times that they would like to get married and have kids. Who knows if Harry’s truly meant what he said, but he has said several times in interviews over the last few years that he would like to find someone to settle down with and start a family. So it’s not a giant leap, nor is it “very old-school thinking” to say one would like to see him get married and have kids, because he’s specifically said that’s what he wants. Different people want different things for their lives and have different opinions on what makes them happy and fulfilled, but Harry has said he wants a wife and kids so that’s why people keep bringing it up – again, whether he meant it is another story.

    2. They all want to be Angies .There PR team encourages. She would have someone Else write her Speech. I’m sorry but I’m not Buying IT.

  8. Imo she seems very nice, down to earth and tenacious. So if this is true I wish them all the best! 😀

    KMR, the flower nickname is true it was written by her on her website – The Tig, it’s a life style site with everything from fashion, to food, to volunteering.

    That particular story is on her article ‘How to be both’ ; which I recommend to those who want to know more about her directly from her

      1. Your’re welcome kat 🙂 I think people here would prefer to know more about her from official sources rather than tabloids.

        I found the article very interesting, she keep it real. Even though I found it to be quite personal. However I’m pretty sure I thought that because when I read it, the supposed link to Harry was very present in my mind. Nonetheless she writes very well! And she does great speeches!

    1. “How to Be Both” is a very interesting read. Coincidence that she posted it so close to when her “relationship” with Harry was leaked? No other posts–in the past couple of years, anyway–come close to this much detail of her own views, life, etc. And coincidence that it paints her–and her parents–in stark contrast with Kate and the Middletons? It was almost like a personal post to Harry–“See, I’m not like Kate at all…I have a social conscience, I have depth, I can express myself.” Then again, maybe I’m just reading way too much into it.

      1. Hi Lizzie! 🙂

        I did not make it clear in my post but she is the founder of The Tig. Most of the articles (if not all) are written by her. As far as I could find the first post was on may 2014, so the website is only two and half years old.

        I was also skeptical of the proximity of the article with the ‘news’ but right now I’m trying to think the best out of people. I’m hoping this isn’t a friend’s betrayal, I’m hoping it’s real. I would also find it despicable if it’s a PR move – which wouldn’t be that surprising since this is how the world has worked for ages, is not okay but is what we know.

        Even though I would like them together and hope for the best if they are, I’m not holding my breath. I’m only truly believing they are an item when we see them together. Right now my feels are very meh…

        1. Snowsie, I wish I could be as kind and generous as you in my thoughts! I just can’t get past the timing of that post–it seems, to me, that she had to be in on the Harry leak and was going to make the most of it. And while she does seem sincere and dedicated to her volunteer work, I’m having trouble reconciling what she is saying with some of the photos she’s posted–so she wants to be a voice for women and girls and yet she’s okay with sharing photos that emphasize her boobs and butt? Not that women or girls should be ashamed of their bodies, but really, there are ways to be feminine and sexy–and be both an actress and activist–without looking like a Khardashian. It just detracts from any good she’s trying to achieve IMO.

          But on a positive note, I am going to go to the library and pick up one of the books on her reading list–All the Missing Girls. I love a good suspense, so thank you, Meghan Markle, for that!

          1. What photos are you talking about, because I looked through some photos on her Instagram and didn’t see any photos that were focused on her boobs or butt.

          2. Oops! My mistake–must have seen Reitman’s or Suits publicity stills.
            And wow, I really can get sucked into people’s instagram accounts. Just wasted waaaayyy too much time on hers.

      1. Yes I believe it does. I went there for curiosity and then I saw she interviewed one of my favourite people on this earth: Priyanka Chopra. I end up staying a lot more than I expected, I really liked the content of the site and the way she writes.

  9. Ok I read the Sun article and it is a little disturbing how they freeze frame so many captions of one love scene with the actor who plays her boyfriend on the show. Suits is pretty tame and there are no raunchy scenes. PG 13 at most.

    Maybe she is doing this for publicity, but still, her character is generally straight laced on the show and the article is trying to suggest otherwise.

    1. It’s on regular television!! It’s not even prestige TV like HBO, it’s regular old cable. And for those of you not in the States, that means no profanity, no nudity, etc.

      1. Let’s not forget the press always try to find something to shame women! If she’s link to Harry they go the extra mile. They did the same with Cressida, she did a small participation where she played a ‘mean girl’ suddenly that was all she ever was in the eyes of the press…

  10. Nic919, Thanks for that comment on the disturbing freeze frames. I found the juxtaposition of the photos with the captions that she is a humanitarian really sleazy. Must have been much snickering in the editing department.

    I read the link supplied by Snowsie. For me, it screamed TMI. She’s 35, chronicles that she’s done and experienced every noble and enterprising entity possible in the history of humanity and still nobody had heard of her. Now there’s a leak that she’s connected to Harry and the tabloids are going wild. Good job PR Team Meghan. She’s finally a household name.

    I couldn’t care less who Harry dates or texts or marries. She’s beautiful. I’m thinking Harry noticed her photo at Wimbledon, looked her up and contacted her. Just goes to show that Harry has a lot of free time and probably is lonely.

    It seems to me that she is shouting “Look at me!” Now we are looking.

  11. Harry likes an “independent girl”? Do we know that for a fact?

    Time to throw Harry under the bus? He supposedly pursued her while she still had a boyfriend. Which makes him a cad.

    I don’t believe this fairy tale.

  12. My thought is either Middleton PR machine blindsiding Harry before a big tour which will put Kate and William to shame.

    Or the PTB trying to put the kibosh on a relationship they dislike.

    I do believe there was some kind of “romance”. I hope they didn’t meet because Harry saw her pic and pursued her. That sounds sleazy entitled.

    Speaking of Pippa, this reminds me of the tricks they used tp pull to try and get whomever Pippa was chasing to the altar. Lots of leaked items about how serious they were. Didn’t work for Pippa. Definitely wouldn’t work on Harry.

    Interesting that her agents/PR firm is based in London. Maybe this is her trying to get what she can out of a short fling.

    1. The first article came out in a British newspaper. How would an American actress who films in Canada have access to Camille Towhey of the Express? This screams Middletons throwing Harry under the bus.

      Meghan would get better press coverage with US media with this story with the larger market. If this came out in People first then I could see the direct link.

  13. I’m thinking it’s more like they hooked up a couple times then full on romamce at this point.
    I’d be shocked if she met the fam in any real capicity.
    Wasn’t it said that Kate didn’t meet Charles and the rest many yrs into their relationship? That could be William be William and Harry is more open in that regards but if you’re trying to keep it on the dl the less people who know the better

  14. This dating & mating news has even made it into the front page of Toronto Star, which has the highest weekly circulation of all newspapers in Canada. Can’t believe who’s dating whom is front page news of a major national newspaper! and is breathlessly reporting on it and providing updates. But at least the lady is Canadian 🙂

    If this is true and I think it is, I’m glad that Harry has gone for a woman who is outside of the aristocrat English rose type.

    In the beginning of 2016, I was listening to celebrity psychic predictions & the psychic did say that Harry would get engaged by this year…

    1. Meghan was born and raised in LA. She’s American. She currently lives in Canada because her show, Suits, is filmed there.

  15. Some are saying the Cambridges did this to diverge the attention they are in vacations in Scotland, apparently Kate and the kids were seen going there with William when he did an engagement in Stirling on the 24th. Does anyone knows if is some truth here? I don’t remember anything about them being seen there as a family…

  16. The article from her blog is going to be printed in Elle UK – maybe a way to introduce her to the British public.

    *A condensed version of this story can be found in the November 2016 issue of Elle UK, as revised and edited by the Elle UK team.*

    1. “Samantha Grant claimed to have raised Meghan for 12 years growing up in California, boasting a family album of childhood pictures as proof.

      Now wheelchair-bound and living in Florida, Grant, 51, accused Markle of not being the humanitarian she makes herself out to be.

      “The royal family would be appalled by what she’s done to her own family,” Grant told Radar. “The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry, he wouldn’t want to date her anymore because it puts her in a bad public light.” “

      1. Yeah, I think Grant is just bitter because her sister won’t give her free money. I mean, why should Meghan give her sister and father money? Also, we don’t know this whole story behind this decision – there may have been some really bad blood there and Grant may have been a huge jerk to Meghan. I wouldn’t give anyone in my family money if I hit it rich because they are all jerks who have been horrible and abusive to me. Outsiders may be “appalled” by my stance on that, but if they knew the whole story and not just the one-sided story my family told then they wouldn’t think like that. Maybe it’s because of my own experience but I think Grant is very suspect and I’m taking Meghan’s side here.

        1. KMR, I’m with you on this one. My mother would talk the same way about me as Grant does about her sister. And my mother is ill and I take care of her every day and spend as much money on her care as I can.

        2. I completely agree with you KMR. The minute I read the part where Grant says that Meghan won’t help her family with money I thought the same thing. There are quite a few celebrities who have family members come out and complain about them not giving money. I always roll my eyes. We are only getting one side of the story here.

          What I find amazing, though, is how quickly a supposedly close member of Meghan’s family came out to speak to the press. This is really an avalanche of media intrusion over the past 48 hours or so. Like I said before, if I were Meghan I would be terrified and run for the hills. If it only takes a couple of days for someone who claims to have helped raise Meghan to come out and give an interview, imagine what the next few weeks might bring. If I were Meghan I would end it immediately, but no matter what her life will never be the same now.

          If Meghan really likes Harry for the right reasons, and is not just looking for publicity because of her new clothing line and acting roles, then I am afraid that all of this attention is enough to put an end to Harry and Meghan dating. Would Meghan really want to give up all of her freedom, her acting career and other ventures, and be a recluse like Kate?

          I feel really sorry for Harry. It must be really hard for him to fall in love with a decent girl who truly loves him and isn’t just in it for the fame. The moment he tries to date someone the press terrify her with how intrusive they are. I wonder if he will stay a bachelor forever. Considering how much he wants kids that would be very sad.

  17. allow me to be the cynic…. she is a former soap opera actress now in a middle of the road role on a network cable show whose instagram is self promoting nonsense and thinks she is so successful and important she needs a website.

    every LA actress/model/socialite out there has a website like that now, with the same one word kitschy names, too.

    if harry cannot see through this…

    1. Thank you, Bluejay. She is definitely an opportunist. Anyone who genuinely cares about someone doesn’t just happen to post online a nauseating self narrative that would make a Nobel Peace Prize winner look like slacker.

      You don’t call attention to yourself like she has if you really love someone.

      1. “She is definitely an opportunist.” “You don’t call attention to yourself like she has if you really love someone.” TOTALLY AGREE (sorry, but I needed to shout)

        1. But, does she really draw attention? I mean, two bananas and a tea cup are not really “fame whoring”. And the leaks may come from totally different corners. IDK, but maybe she is just a woman who tried her very best to be the very best version of herself. And by trying to gen this best version she used the means that are available nowadays. In this World we live in today, with all those social media outlets in our lives, it becomes harder and harder to present yourself in a genuine way. I already found myself posting things on facebook because in that very moment I felt like this but even my friends got them wrong.

          As long as Harry and Meghan don’t talk and hide we don’t know nothing about them and everything is pure speculation.

    2. bluejay, the cynical side of me is buzzing like someone has set off alarms. Her latest Instagram photo is of an elephant shaped teapot and a jigsaw puzzle.

      Here’s where my cynicism kicked in…elephant teapot, Harry loves elephants. Jigsaw puzzle, it’s all a puzzle because no one knows for sure. We’re only what, two, three days into this “relationship” publicly and I’m already tired of it?

      I’ve also wondered about who gets the most out of this. Someone mentioned that “Suits” is on its last season. I haven’t seen her in anything else. A lot of actors with series try to do film work during their hiatuses. Not knocking her doing humanitarian work instead, I actually applaud it, but I wonder if she just doesn’t get any roles. And being Harry’s wife would be the role of a lifetime. I’m sure they’d team up on charities in Africa, but it would be really, really nice to see someone focus on Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

      I also kind of side eyed the web site. I think I need to blame Gwyneth Paltrow for this whole actress does lifestyle/foodie/fashion/concerns web site thing. The flood gates opened after her site took off.

      What I’d like to see is some kind of actual confirmation so we can move on from all this “are they/aren’t they” with cutesy Instagram photos.

      FYI, Harry’s alleged Instagram account hasn’t had any new posts lately.

      One final thing, this from her piece in The Tig:

      When I gave the speech for International Women’s Day, and UN Secretary General Bahn-Ki Moon led the standing ovation, I thought, “This right here, this is the point.” To use whatever status I have managed to garner as an actress, and maximize my opportunity for impact with the moments of value that resonate far greater than an audition ever could. I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of work is what feeds my soul, and fuels my purpose. The degree to which I can do that both on and off camera is a direct perk of my job.

      If this isn’t a resume for being the humanitarian Duchess I don’t know what is. Maybe I’m just having sour grapes after a long day at work, but it’s a wee bit self-promoting. She didn’t just get a standing O, it was led by the UN Secretary General. Take notes people, she’s that good.

      I’m all for a smart, strong, hard working woman by Harry’s side. Just make sure it’s the real deal Harry. I’d truly hate to see him fall head over heels and see it fall apart down the road.

      1. Well, the “…and UN Secretary General Bahn-Ki Moon led the standing ovation…” seems to be the point of Meghan’s statement. It’s self-serving. If you want to get involved in humanitarian causes do it because it needs doing. Let others write about how good you are.

      2. I find it odd that she thought “This right here, this is the point.” when Bahn-Ki Moon led her standing ovation. I realize she followed it up by saying to help people, but she didn’t think “This right here, this is the point.” when actually helping people? She thought it when she got a standing ovation led by the UN Secretary General? That seems odd.

        BTW, I love that elephant teapot and would totally buy it if it were affordable.

        1. Exactly. It’s just odd.

          Love the teapot too. I had a great collection until the 1994 Los Angeles Earthquake took them away from me. 🙁

      3. Lisa, I went to check on the whole piece. I can believe she wants to help and that she cares about others, but I eye-rolled many times while reading it. It reminded me a lot of those PR articles the DM writes about WK and Harry and how they are so special for helping others. More about boosting their profiles rather than reporting on what they are doing.

        Lots of people transition between the glamour life and humanitarian work life. Diana did it, Angie has been doing it with six kids under her belt, other famous people do it. I agree that talking about your experiences is a good way to inspire others, but you can do it without being self-serving. My take is that she seems to be very controlling over the image she wants to convey to the public. Doesn’t mean she’s not genuine about her charities though.

        1. I’m sure she does care about the causes she chooses to back, but as you said it can be done in a different manner. She does appear to be very controlling over her image. I can understand that, but sometimes it’s best to just do what you can to help and not worry about how you appear while doing it. Just get on with it and do the work.

          I will say I had a pretty good laugh over her talking about her mom telling her not to give it all away with skimpy dressing and then seeing so many photos of her in very low cut tops, short skirts, etc. It’s those kinds of situations that make me side eye the stories that come out.

          1. Meghan said something about balancing out a tight pencil skirt with a loose top on the show but then she wore short short and a shirt showing her bra to an event in her off hours. She can wear whatever she wants but those things are a bit contradictory.

          2. It’s not only contradictory, it perpetuates that old women-have-to-be-modest talk. Girl, you’re a feminist! Elegance has nothing do to with modesty.

      1. All these articles are definitely making it seem as though this relationship is actually true. I wish there was some statement from either side, either confirming it or denying it. I know Harry’s side wont say anything, but at least from her side. If they want to keep the relationship low key, I feel her side should just deny it. Or maybe its just great publicity.

        1. At this point now that it has gotten so big it would make sense to make a comment . Either do an exclusive interview tell everyone that they are really happy yada yada yada and move on to the next chapter. i feel the reason why that has not happened is bc there is no relationship. Instead she’s posting silly pictures to her Instagram to fuel the hate. I don’t get it. At some stage Harry is going to meet miss right and when that happens i don’t see it going down like this in the media it’s way to messy. I all so read that her London PR team are on longer representing her and that just happened yesterday. So someone is pissed…at her PR team.

          1. and just to add after every thing Harry went through with Cressi he would be very wary. This girl is an actress i just can’t see him going through all that again not after Cressi.

      2. The interview quoted in that article was given before the news broke about the Harry rumor.

  18. Rhiannon for heavens sake we need to get a grip on reality. Get yourself over to London throw yourself at Harry’s feet if you must, and sort him out.
    I love Suits, and I am sure this lady does a lot of good in the world, but Harry needs to marry Rhiannon.
    Next year would be good.

    1. We need a Go Fund Me. Rest assured that you would not see hair nor hide until we are engaged. No cloak and dagger IG posts or leaks. I’m ready to work on day #1!

      1. Oh, wouldn’t you please leak a little news to your friends here at KMR. You know we would never tell the press.?

  19. eeehhh, Now, the press is speculating who the mystery man was with Princess Beatrice. So, basically the press thinks none of the royals can be only friends with the opposite sex. Why must the press assume a romantic relationships when people are single and with the opposite sex? On the other hand I like this costume better. This costume looks good on her.

    Now, I really don’t believe PH is dating this girl. To me this all seems like gossip the press cooked up in order to sell their clicks. Although, I could be wrong, who knows….

    1. Bea’s outfit is cute.

      My closest friend is male. So I think it’s ridiculous to say that men and women can’t just be friends. Just because you hang out with a member of the opposite sex doesn’t mean you’re having sex with them.

    2. to be fair to the press in this instance, this woman is doing nothing to stop the press speculation and in fact is fueling the fire

  20. It’s got all the hallmarks of a coordinated PR campaign now. And not to feel out the relationship — to promote her. In a week or two she’ll issue some statement saying they are just good friends or they hung out a few times and then in 3 months she’ll give an interview about how the media blew it all out of proportion and made her life a hell, boo hoo

  21. She’s not a very good actress. I doubt she’s made enough to live off given her shaky career. She needs an exit strategy into a good marriage or new career like her blogging…. all of this is very convenient for her.

  22. The way this whole thing is mushrooming, I am sure the press is now following each and every move both of them make, and at some point either side may have to confirm or deny. I can see KP saying something cryptic like “Prince H and Miss Markle are acquainted”, which will further fan the flames. Either way, I guess it is good publicity for both.

  23. There even weren’t this many articles with Cressida when their ski kiss pictures were releazed.

    I don’t know how to feel. In a way I’m happy for Harry but really disappointed at him as well.
    Meghan has qualities I like and qualities I dislike a lot.

    This is just too much! It feels like some pr people have taken over this story. I am really confused by all this. It feels like her pr representatives are behind all this, but again it has also some Middleton leake touch in this.

  24. Now The Guardian, The Telegraph, et al are jumping on this and have multiple articles about Harry’s supposed girlfriend. WTF? Was it this nuts with Cressida? I still don’t 100% buy it and think it’s awful convenient PR for her.

    Supposed talk about Harry at her house in Toronto and people gave out her address so paparazzi are there. Jeez Louise.

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