The Sun: Kate & Pippa skied in France while William was in Switzerland

The Sun: Kate & Pippa skied in France while William was in Switzerland

The Sun has a new article up about how Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton went skiing in France the same weekend Prince William was skiing in Switzerland.

On the weekend of March 11-12, while William was dancing the night away in Verbier, according to The Sun, Kate joined Pippa for a skiing “hen do” in Meribel, France.

Before I quote The Sun’s article, I want to preface this by saying the photos of Kate and Pippa the article uses are from a 2012 French ski trip with William and Carole. The use of these 2012 photos without stating that they are from 2012 – in fact, the captions on the photos imply they are from this 2017 trip – is very misleading.

As of time of posting, there are no photos from this alleged 2017 ski trip. So make of this article what you will.

    “THE Duchess of Cambridge went on sister Pippa’s secret skiing hen do β€” on the same weekend husband Wills was away partying with his pals in the Alps. The two groups even shared the same private jet as they hit the slopes last month. But while the Duke’s gang headed for Verbier in Switzerland, Kate and Pippa were around 100 miles away in Meribel, France.
    “A friend told The Sun: ‘Pippa loves skiing so it was her first choice for a hen weekend. They stayed in a really exclusive catered chalet with maids and chef, who ensured that they were totally spoilt. The owners also wanted to impress their royal guests so the girls were showered with gifts. They were given Swatch watches, Ugg slippers, leather-bound notebooks and bespoke fragrances. It was a very small, private party and they had an amazing time.’
    “The private jet was paid for by the Middletons ahead of 33-year-old Pippa’s wedding next month to tycoon James Matthews, 41.
    “Prince William, 34, was heavily criticised for missing the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 13. All other senior royals attended, but he went skiing and clubbing with his friends in the Swiss Alps. He was then pictured sharing a boozy lunch with Aussie model Sophie Taylor, 24, and her beautician pal Rosie Peate, 30. Wills was later filmed dad-dancing in the Farinet club β€” where Sophie and her boyfriend Aaron Goodfellow worked. The prince was accompanied by best pals Guy Pelly, Tom Van Straubenzee and James Meade.
    “The friend added: ‘Apparently the girls on Pippa’s hen were giggling as Kate told them that William had had to be escorted down from the mountain for being too drunk after that lunch on the Sunday. All the girls thought it was hilarious. He wasn’t allowed to ski as he’d had too much to drink. The staff didn’t want him to get hurt. At first Kate thought it was very funny. But she wasn’t too impressed when she saw the photos of him dancing with that Australian girl.’
    “Wills and his group returned to the UK later that day with Kate, 35, Pippa and her hen party. Meribel is a favourite resort for the Middletons. Wills and Kate skied there together in 2010 and 2012. Pippa and James’ wedding takes place in Englefield, Berks, on May 20, followed by a reception at her parents’ Β£6million home nearby.”

[The Sun]

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  1. Well spotted KMR!

    And yes, sorry but I have to say it…

    Haha Kate, you’ve been sprung!

    And sorry to all those fangirls who were suffering from all that angst about Kate being left home alone!

    1. Yes Cathy, it was the first thing I noticed, the pictures are old. The problem IMO is not for William being skiing alone with friend, it was for him missing the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. This is not acceptable for the future king, specially at the dificult time that UK is going through with Brexit. And this Sun story abou Kate, is this true or a way to soften the criticisms of William? I don’t know. Emily Andrews has always “too much” details in her stories, I don’t trust her.

        1. It just proves William doesn’t give a crap about anything but his own pleasure. Not the job he will one day inherit, where he should be showing up on days like that service.

        2. Everything to do with Brexit – we now want to solidify our relationships with non EU countries, and especially Commonwealth countries. We are looking globally for new trade deals, and the BRF should be concentrating on this not showing a total lack of respect for the Commonwealth.
          I’m not being political – this is simply a fact that all sides agree on, we need new trade deals.

        3. It does. While the service does happen every year, many people are hoping Britain forges closer ties with Commonwealth countries in the post Brexit era. Skipping this service by a senior member of the royal family can give off a vibe that Britain doesn’t actually care about them.

          1. No no no. Brexit means a split from EU countries. Trade contact with commonwealth countries is not threatened and they don’t need to strengthen those ties.
            For Gods sake, trying to look somewhere else is NOT going to soften the blow of Brexit!
            The U.K. must pray and hope they will get a decent trace accord with the EU, that is all they should want and need. Solving the problems of a divorce with the European Union by looking st the commonwealth (of all places) is the last thing May should do. It is the last thing May will do.

          2. Trade with commonwealth countries is threatened by Brexit because in the past trade with the UK also meant EU without further barriers. Now they will be separate and countries like Canada are making direct deals with the EU without the UK because the EU still has a larger total consumer base. The UK itself is not as large of a market as the rest of the EU and not as important on its own.

      1. +100

        Useless entitled bill middleton is grossly disrespectful to HM the Monarchy and BRF to give the f..- partying on Commonwealth Day event- while the monarchy waste millions of tax payers funds for a lazy entitled set and inlaws with bodyguards, luxury lifestyle. What insincerity sending the two as reps for Brexit when they wont perform duties for the needy and charities.

        After King Charles only King Henry will do – who cares about the people, respect of the Commonwealth and the world.

        1. LMAO!! Prince Harry nearly went on his third holiday this year when it was only MARCH! Thanks to William’s dancing skills he cancelled it (probably cause people told him to).
          His numbers are lower than Kate’s at this moment and he enbarresed the queen because he HAD to introduce his American actress girlfriend to the world at someone else’s wedding.
          Stop trying to make Harry look like a saint to bring William down, it’s unnecessary. William screws up enough without people having to pretend Harry is so perfect (he’s not).

          1. Given what Harry does with Invictus and Sentebale, he always does more tha W&K. What exactly is wrong with him taking his girlfriend to his friend’s wedding? The bitter tumblr fangirls hated him for it, but taking his girlfriend of 8+ months to a wedding is natural.

          2. I’m going to shame him for it too. He could’ve brought her with him to some sort of tennis or polo match. If that was my wedding, I would be pissed. The media attention was nuts.
            As for his invictus games… I love him so much for doing that. It’s a great project.
            But alas, I was talking about 2017, and, as mentioned before, he nearly went on three holidays by the end of March.

          3. Uhh… they have been out publicly together before. Does it have to be a special event to satisfy you?

            Then all the tennis and polo players would be “pissed” because the attention wouldnt be on them, right?

            You may be particularly sensitive, but that doesnt mean the bride and groom were.

          4. Lower only because KP CL do not count a lots of Prince Henry’s charities, Invictus work – visits, planning, meetings to highlight how entitled lazy whiny Willnot Cannot uselessness!

            He attended the wedding of one of their set, that was formally announced – not secretive. For bill cat middleton it would be counted as work.

  2. If it’s true it only proves that both William and Kate care nothing about their positions and have no regards . They both are useless , spoilt and rude individuals with no integrity .Shame on them .

  3. Good for the girls for staying under the radar and no pictures and video’s. William take note. Hope they had a great time. A hen weekend is hopefully a one in a lifetime event so i hope they enjoyed it.

  4. So no one was with the kids? Usually if one parent has a scheduled event like a hen party shouldn’t the other parent stay home with the kids? Kinda blows their hands on parenting image.

    And if the story about Kate giggling about her husband being too drunk to ski is true…. well she is very dumb. Will is a little too old to be getting plastered on ski trips. If he wants to drink then just stay in the UK and go to a pub.

    1. They were probably with the nanny. Or with Carole. But it sure does blow up their cover of hands-on parents. They are using these children as PR props, which saddens me. I hope they are alright.

      At least, Kate stayed under the radar for a bit longer, but I agree with you, if she finds William’s behaviour funny, then she is as immature as he is. Though I don’t think they will be able to get drunk in the UK ? They are too well-known.

      1. They used to fall out of pubs when in their 20’s; William couldn’t hold his liquor then either. Some photos exist. I’m sure they drink at home or at friends’ homes.

        1. They haven’t matured since their 20’s, have they ? I find it a bit sad,since they are the one going to represent the UK in the future.

          Usually, when you get older, you become more cautious about your drinking, since your body doesn’t have the same ability to recover from hungover. Many people I know calm down when they reach their 30’s.

    2. Carol was at hen partying…?and no need to hide the luxury freebies giveaways. No one would be interested unless pipsand colr wanted PR – carol wouldn’t miss such event as one of the ‘friends’ of three – the article is referring.

        1. Lots of people take their mums to their hen parties! And future mother in laws too. I think it’s really nice to include them. Maybe Carole was there, possibly not. After all someone has to look after the children don’t they? (Yes, Nanny Maria, thank goodness you’re always there for George and Charlotte)!!!

        2. Lots of women bring their moms on hen parties. I had my mom. A lot of women have there mom there for a bit and then the mom goes home when the ‘partying’ really starts to take off. I don’t doubt for a second Carol was there since Kate is so dependent on her mom.

          1. Yeah, it doesn’t sound unusual to me knowing how Kate is so dependent on her mom.

            My hen night was going out to a nice restaurant with a bar and walking along the beach with my girlfriends. We’re boring. πŸ™‚

  5. β€œWills and his group returned to the UK later that day with Kate, 35, Pippa and her hen party.”

    I thought William stayed on at Verbier to ski? Or did they all return to the UK together and he just couldn’t get himself to the Commonwealth Service?

    Either way, the ‘hands-on parenting’ cover is blown. Or that only used for minimising work? Also, thinking it hilarious that her husband was so blind drunk after lunch that staff had to remove William from the ski fields is not impressive. These two seem to be hopelessly immature, just wanting to re-live their 20’s again and again.

    1. The same PR story came out after Harry’s nude photo scandal in 2012 while he was dating Cressida. A story came out that Cressida thought it was totally hilarious that Harry got naked with a bunch of randoms and bear hugged a naked girl. What is with these royal partners who think their royal’s stupid, childish behavior is funny?

      1. I can’t imagine, the article writer could really know this for sure. Who was with them?
        “A friend” told them, that’s not detectable. It could be that they were skiing, but how do they know this, when they even use old photos?

        1. I don’t know. I’m side eyeing this one a bit since there are no photos. In the past, people have yelled at me for trusting The Sun when there are no photos, so I’m not sure what the difference here would be (other than before it was in regards to Harry’s shenanigans and this time it’s Kate, and Harry seems to get all sorts of passes that Kate doesn’t). Especially since they seemingly tried to make the 2012 photos seem like they were from this trip when they weren’t.

        2. Yes, it is as I said before, Emily Andrews’ stories have always “too much” details, always “sources” said, “pals” said, “friends” said. I don’t trust her. Many newspapers and Royal reporters lie in their stories. I am suspicious about this story. I think this is like “See, William was alone with friends but Kate was alone with her friends, too. He is innocent. It’s all right”.

        3. I always get skeptical when any article is referenced to include Pippa or Kate’s “friends.” Considering how they step on people to climb the social ladder, and have become more paranoid since Kate’s wedding, I am of the belief that Kate doesn’t have a lot of friends. Pippa, maybe, but if Kate was involved in an entire weekend’s worth of fun, I don’t think Pippa would risk having other people there – Kate is too private.

          As for the previous times that articles have given “friends” as sources during the dating years, I’m still convinced it was Carole. The Middletons just don’t socialise anymore, not now they have their BRF ‘in’.

          Kate giggling with friends over William’s antics? Don’t make me laugh.

          1. They are probably paranoid cause some of those people they stepped on while climbing the ladder might paint a different picture of them and it ain’t pretty .I think Pippa has a lot of friends but Kate seems like she could mean girl other women .

      2. Beats me. The women in these relationships, though, are not equal to the “I am a prince” men; they know their place, and that is to excuse unacceptable behaviour by laughing it off, at least publicly. Wouldn’t you feel like a total idiot having either Harry or William as a partner when they behave so badly?

        1. Oh I would HATE (yes, I need the caps) being with a royal man – having to be his “inferior” and walk behind him and put up with his crap because I’d lose my “status” if I dared question him. That would be terrible for me. I would hate my life if I had to put up with that.

          1. That’s why there is big financial gain plus a title for women who marry them. Otherwise, those boys would be old and alone.

        2. It just shows that a born prince is not always a gentleman.There are several men out there without such a high background, behaving far better and more polite than William.

          1. +2

            I am a Prince has degraded since with/becoming bill middleton! The many drunken, flashing rolling out of clubs in their 20s hasn’t matured one bit. Princess Sofia, Sweden could teach lazy waity a thing.

      3. Several people at the time who knew Harry (including Richard Branson) came out saying Harry was SINGLE. He might have casually been seeing Cressida, but he was single. Not sure what this story has to do with Harry anyways.

        1. Jen brought up women laughing at Royal men’s childish behavior, so I brought up another example of it.

      1. This is what I thought _ William flew back on Monday, and therefore not with Kate…unless she and Pippa returned on Monday too on the same private jet. And given that Terribly Rich James’s parents own a private jet, why would the Middleton’s hire one? There’s some fishiness here.

        1. Yea that’s the thing that makes me think the whole story is made up. Pippa’s fiance owns a private jet. Why would they need to rent one?

          1. I’m not sure if the story’s real, but James’ parents, who actually own the jet, might have needed it for something else.

        2. I forgot he had is own jet so wouldn’t make sense for the Middleton’s to rent one. And if both groups supposedly all flew out on said jet can’t see them catching a different one home

        3. Don’t they worry about airplane crashes? Add in the aspect of being security targets. Many of my friends with small children will not have both parents travel on the same plane unless the kids are with them. They do not want to chance that the kids (left at home) could lose both parents in a single plane crash.

          HM used to have to give permission to let heir-and-heir travel on the same plane, but W&K blithely get on a single jet and leave the kids behind? Seems selfish and thoughtless behavior towards their kids.

          1. I’ve honestly never known of any non-royal parent that does that. I don’t think it’s all that selfish or thoughtless to have both parents on the same plane since the odds of dying in a plane crash are so low. I get why royals do it, but for regular citizens it’s not really necessary.

          2. I’m pretty sure that’s standard for BRF. The heirs never fly together, but I’m not sure about parent couples. And I have known parents who do travel on different planes.

          3. As I wrote for many of my friends, and trust me they aren’t royal, they don’t get on the same plane. Whether plane crashes are frequent or not, they don’t take that chance.

          4. But just because some people are overly cautious about planes doesn’t make people who aren’t overly cautious about planes selfish or thoughtless, though. And since it is much more likely for one to die in a car crash than in a plane crash, if one is going to call W&K selfish and thoughtless, wouldn’t it make more sense to do so about them riding in the same car together, or the same helicopter together?

          5. Given their high profile lives and presumably being targets? Yes, KMR, I consider it selfish for them to take this kind of risk. I also criticize Daniel and Victoria for getting on the plane with both their kids at the same time. Just because it seems like a slim possibility that something will go wrong, it is something they’re supposed to take seriously.

          6. I wouldn’t call them being on the same plane “selfish”. Also they’ve done it numerous times before for official reasons, what’s the difference if they fly together for a ski trip?
            I have two small children. My husband and I don’t plan out of town trips at the same time but if we did we would certainly fly together. I don’t know ANY couples that fly separately. I mean if you do, cool. But just because someone else doesn’t that does not mean they are selfish and thoughtless. My husband and I don’t take separate cars to events we are going to together either, despite the fact that you are WAAAAAAY more likely to die in a car crash.
            There’s plenty to criticize W&K on without going overboard like that.

          7. Sticking with my original assessment. In their positions, and given that they have to have permission from the Queen every time they fly with their kids on a plane? I’m going with selfish, but they are generally selfish in most of what they do.

          8. William flying with George and William and Kate flying together are completely different situations. The first is an heir flying with an heir, which the royals are overly cautious about (yet they have no problem with them traveling in the same car, even though a car crash is much more likely). But an heir flying with his spouse is something none of the royals care about since they all do it. Edward and Sophie fly together yet aren’t called selfish. I know I keep harping on this, so I’ll be done after this comment and just agree to disagree, but I just think there is so much to criticize W&K for, flying together is the bottom of the list (and shouldn’t even be on the list). I don’t think it’s selfish for any set of parents to fly together since the statistics for dying in a plane crash are so low (even if the plane crashes, statistically your chances of survival are pretty high). I also don’t think flying together is a problem if no one is making a big deal of parents driving together since car crash deaths are much more statistically likely.

  6. This story sounds a bit strange.If it’s true,Kate is ruthless.
    I don’t think they saw each other in the UK later that day.He would have been still drunk, it would have been a desaster at home and I don’t William wants to be seen drunk in front of Kate today anymore. Or, the morals, there aren’t anyone.Those poor kids. If Kate had a little bit self-respect, she would have stayed with her children, in my opinion.I don’t think that this whole scenario does any good for their children.

    1. So kate has a hen do for her sister and goes a weekend away and she is ruthless huh.

      About her seeing him drunk according to that story they flew together back to UK so would imagine she has seen him drunk then and i also don’t think it would have been the first time.

      So Kate has no self respect because she went to her sisters hen do? She should have stayed at home …. if somebody should have stayed at home it would have been william because he didn’t go on a stag do.

      They went a weekend away that’s it, i see nothing wrong with it.

      1. I think it’s ruthless. If William behaves like this, one should stand the ground at home. I would not have thought Kate would do sth like this.
        You’re right, there is nothing wrong for Kate going to a ski trip with her sister, but not in this way, at this time. Why do they make trips apart at Commonwealth weekend? Why does William behave in such way at this trip?

        1. Catherine attending her sister’s hen gathering is a decent excuse to be away from the kids. I think William took advantage by agreeing to go on a boys trip the same weekend. Nothing ruthless about it on her end; William still ends up looking bad.

          1. I think the ruthless part is where she let him be lambasted by the media, serious media rather than royal reporters, for leaving her holding the kids as well as not attending the commonwealth, and didn’t offer up a statement saying something something along the lines that she was fine with him being away.

            It wouldn’t have made the missed commonwealth service any better, but it would have removed the sting of irresponsible, immature William who chooses to leave wife and kids to go party with blondes. A Middleton surrogate went as far as saying Carole was furious and Kate hated his mates who lead him astray, blah blah what a good, responsible person SHE is.

            She’s absolving him in this article ….you know the giggling, but the damage is already done.

            That shows her ruthlessness in allowing him to be thrown to the wolves and not attempt to rescue him. Not in the same way that Charles or the Queen usually do, but in the way that an image conscious Kate would do.

            Hanging him out to dry as if her stuff doesn’t stick is a good demonstration of her ruthlessness.

          2. I thought from the beginning of the coverage the whole “poor Kate stuck at home alone with the kids!” was ridiculous. The issue to me is that they missed a big royal event, not that a parent had a weekend away while the other parent stayed home with the kids and nanny.

            Even if they were both away, it doesn’t change the main issue – being the only senior members of the royal family to miss the event.

      2. Plus, you’re also right that William could have stayed at home and let his wife have a little bit free-time.But he didn’t. I just hope they did not head off to trips on the same weekend.Where would be the use of this?

      3. They went on a weekend away to get wasted and party and skip a very, very important even on the Royal calendar. THAT is the problem.

        Oh, and their constant talk about how they’re so busy being hands-on parents they cannot POSSIBLY work…but they can run off on multiple holidays.

        1. Charles skipped cw day, Harry skipped cw day and not a PEEP from media. W and K miss and suddenly it is a important day (and they only went two times before that). It’s just media stirring things up as usual.

          At the moment they have their storylines. W and K are bad. Harry is good. Charles streamlining monarchy etc. A couple of years ago it was harry is bad, w and k are good. So over a couple years it is harry is bad and w and k are good. And so it goes on and on and on.

          1. Charles and Sophie were absent because they had engagements elsewhere.

            There is proof and everything of them carrying out said engagements.

            This service has become important ever since brexit rared it’s head.

            The royals are being trotted out more than ever to woo the commonwealth, plus the Queen has been campaigning more in these last few years to get the position of head of the commonwealth be given to the British monarchy. At the moment it’s by vote. If she succeeds, then Charles and William will inherit the position.

            The service is followed by a reception, so it isn’t a simple case of go to church and then everyone goes home.

            They go to church then they all head to the networking reception.

            If WK can’t network the commonwealth – William treats the annual diplomatic gala as a fancy dress party as he told us in his own words – they have no business being Brexot ambassadors being trotted around Europe as the govt is setting them up to be.

            All that to say that this commonwealth event is part of an intensified wooing strategy that has been ramped up in the last few years and that’s why you see entire royal family showing up for it. WK should have laid low or come home in time for it. Like Andrew did.

          2. Herazeus, I also wonder if William’s absence has to do with his relationship with Charles and the family, or if the Queen didn’t want any upstaging by them, or any “commonwealth should just skip Charles” rumors particularly from Murdoch press?

          3. Given the constant negative attention W&K have gotten for work shyness in the last few years, coupled with years of royals saying they set their own schedules? I seriously doubt the Queen is keeping them away from big events and is thankful when they bother to show up and work. The skip Charles talk has gone away in many places, mostly due to W&K’s actions.

          4. Prince Charles attended with Camilla. Prince Harry attended as well as Princes Andrew and Edward. Sophie was in Malawi.

          5. Herazeus, you’re spot on as always.

            I’m in Australia and believe me it doesn’t go unnoticed that whenever Will attends or comments on a sporting match between one of the countries he actually likes and a country in the Commonwealth, he always chooses the former. Even when he’s in that other Commonwealth country!

            He seriously does not care what other countries in the Commonwealth think of him, I’m sure.

            We’re also in the last couple of weeks hearing in our media renewed calls for a Republic debate and vote. It failed in 1999 because there wasn’t consensus on the model that was proposed. Our current Prime Minister was the head of the republican movement at the time of that referendum. The Queen is too smart to think that the actions of her family will have no impact at all on the way Australia goes in the next republic referendum. A lot of people say they will never want Charles, and with any luck they’ll say the same of Will too.

        2. They were working, not going out and getting blasted drunk on a taxpayer-funded vacation. Wonder how much it cost. Those chalets aren’t cheap.

    2. Why would you think William doesn’t want to be seen drunk in Kate’s presence anymore? That’s a rather based on nothing assumption.

      1. for the thread below….

        They do go unnoticed until both peppa and carol call the media for PR prop!

        The Firm is cleaning up more for the Monarchy than useless bill middleton….they ordered peppa carol midds or someone is – with the jet, luxury freebies and hen parting.

      2. Just to be clear the Queen is Head of the Commonwealth but not every Commonwealth country also has her as their Head of State. The title of Head of the Commonwealth is not currently hereditary so doesn’t automatically pass to Charles, which the Queen would like, and she has been lobbying for this to happen when she dies.

  7. Perhaps Wills was told to do something stupid to draw attention so the girls could go unnoticed. Can’t you just imagine Kate saying: ‘Go and Dad-dance and squeeze a blond or two. Free pass for the weekend.’

    These two must be a nightmare to manage in terms of security, planning and media relations.

    1. Perfectly said LizB, If true, this story goes down the “poor Kate alone at home with kids while her vile husband was skiing with friend. Pathetic.

  8. Jen/KMR : i’ve had a rethink about my reaction to this story and i think the use of old pictures together with so much unnecessary detail of this hen do is a red flag.

    1. Use of old pictures is a tactic used to smear chelsy and Harry as party people. Editors have admitted they would use the same pictures over a series of articles saying Harry and chelsy were out partying several times a month when they went out just once in that same timeframe.

    2. For Kate to give up so much detail about a hen do, and goes as far as divulging that there was giggling about william’s drunk antics………she’s more protective of image than he is therefore she wouldn’t give up this sort of detail without a point. Plus by saying she found it funny, it removes sting of William’s party fall out.

    3. When Kate has divulged details, it has always been at the expense of other people such that she came out smelling of roses eg William wasn’t around for early months of george or William hates her clothing. Only the kids are given positive public narratives.

    4. It’s making me think about Sophie’s interview in exchange for media dropping or reducing the salacious detail of the fake sheikh sting. She went as far as addressing personal questions in exchange for killing the story.

    4b: similar tactics were used to deflect from Kate’s extensions whereby the story of her childhood operation was put out to deflect from the very obvious extensions. Nevermind that a scar and weaves are not mutually exclusive and it’s not shameful to use extensions or weaves. Intimate private details were passed on to distract the public.

    5. This might indeed be Pippa’s very secret hen do, BUT there is too much private detail which means i smell a rat.

    Kate (and Pippa) might have been at a resort 100miles away from William, but i am not convinced of the reason. Story got out, and this distracting ‘pippa’s hen do with all this girly giggling detail’ is the distraction from the real story. Kate will go as far as absolving William’s drunk antics though not completely because she passive aggressively informs us that he was so drunk that he had to be helped off the mountain. And no one mention the children!

    This is making my spidey sense tingle.

    1. Hera: I agree. I’m side eyeing this one for the reasons you’ve expounded.

      1. Agree too, and like I said before “too much” details. It’s like the story “Prince Harry introduces Meghan Markle to Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte.” In this story Emily Andrews says they had cookies and tea, Meghan played with Charlotte and Meghan gave Kate a “dream diary”, how in the hell Emily would know that????? Only someone who was present at the meeting would know that. She said her “source” told her. Maybe her “source” was Charlotte, children always tell everything LOL. With many Royal reportes in London and Emily Andrews is always the only one who finds out everything, but she was proven wrong many times.

        1. Totally agree with all !!!!

          Then there is the optics of Prince Harry’s Meghan serious Vogue issue, and Invictus. It’s also troublesome for the Monarchy and Commonwealth countries in the era of Brex

    2. You may well be right. These people lie like a rug.

      Do you think the rat you’re smelling is William? Kate has stayed schtum for a couple of weeks when it could have played out differently; meanwhile, he got the full force of public disapproval and she looked liked Mother Teresa, alone with little children. So he threatened to spill the hens’ party?

      Does it make William look better by Kate laughing it off? Don’t think so. He just gets blind drunk in public. Surely it brings the issue back into frame, but this time Kate is also revealed as a shirker as she didn’t attend the Commonwealth Service either. So both appear undutiful. Plus, the cover of kids preventing them from working is now blown.

      1. I think Kate being revealed as a shirker after being portrayed as mother supreme who was furious / let down by William’s party weekend is downplayed by the distracting Pippa hen do.

        The public is being led to think more about Pippa’s hen do and all the girly giggly details and less about Kate the Shirker.

        Further, Kate being revealed as partying on same weekend as William means that William’s drinking has to be addressed in order to wipe that slate clean-ish.

        Firstly the story said he got drunk with blondes then went skiing before going clubbing, specific mention of Australian blonde model.

        Implication was William had a huge flirty weekend on top of being irresponsible to drink and ski.

        Lots of stories that Kate/Carole was furious with William with follow up story about the party friends leading William astray.

        The details can’t be denied, but they can be refocused.

        And this is how they are refocusing……

        Kate was fully aware of events as they happened. She thought it was hilarious and giggle worthy. Nope he didn’t flirty with that blonde or ski drunk. He was too drunk to do that.

        So the focus becomes less about partying with blondes and dangerous skiing, and drinking bei g used as the excuse.

        Now, to non British people, the drinking is appalling, but to us British people, it’s not worth making a fuss over. We drink as a culture. We have pubs on every corner. Fully reponsible adults with children and grandchildren will happily get drunk every day at the pub and even legless to collective public shrug.

        It’s less damaging to be accused of drinking than to be accused of partying with blondes or dangerous skiing.

        And if the wife is ok with the drinking, who are we to judge.

        With that one statement, Kate effectively denies all the previously published stories AND puts out a ‘so what if he was drinking?’ Story to mute perception of bad behaviour.

        That said, the depth and range of the details together with old photos also tells me that this entire story is a distraction from the real story and because it unexpectedly puts Kate in a bad light on the same weekend William messed up, it has gone further than necessary to distract and to refocus / downplay William’s shenanigans.

        1. As you say with reference to Sophie, this story gives away too much and unnecessarily. It refocuses somewhat, but now paints both W+K as hedonists, both neglectful of duty and their children, all for a good time. Has the public attitude changed towards Pippa? I thought she was tarred with the same brush as Carole, and generally ridiculed. Also the timing is bad… waiting for so long after William’s faux pas looks as if this intricate little re-focus was forced.

          Your point ni another comment re. the UK employing royals to work closely with the Commonwealth is well taken. Shame W+K don’t entirely grasp it.

        2. Do you think the hen party happened at all? Or was it made up to make William look less terrible? Ugh, between this PR blunder and the analytics on Meghan’s PR, I may have to take a break from this site, because it looks like we are all being played for fools.

          1. As soon as I read it, given the Verbier brouhaha, there is no question in my mind this is total fabrication from whole cloth. The whoppers coming from that camp are astounding.

            I’m wondering if it was Carole or #poorJason. Someone has been feeling the heat. Good.

          2. Yet another reason not to marry into the RF. Not only will you be swept up into PR nightmares, but so will your family and friends. Imagine asking your sister and mother to lie to the public about where they were and what they were doing to make your husband look better! This is sickening.

          3. Jet Texas/Maven: one final point…….this made up story coming is why we got candids of WK en famille exiting Pippa’s house from last week.

            WK have never let themselves get papped and not complained about it without a point.

            The papped pics were uninteresting, but they reinforced family togetherness and then this fishy news story drops today……

          4. That’s when the Middleton PR camp comes out.

            – W&K walking on a beach in Wales and photographed, complaint. KM and Pippa out walking on the same beach soon after when Pippa’s book was coming out, no complaint.

            – KM papped taking baby on first Mustique trip while William is hunting with Jecca? No complaint.

            – KM and Middletons papped with kids at Easter while William is at Jecca’s wedding. No complaint.

  9. Since when is the Middleton home worth Β£6million?
    Apparently they have no problem leaving the kids 2 weekends in a row with the nanny, but not for a couple hours a day to work.

    1. They bought their new home after the wedding for just under 5 million pounds and may well have added 1 million in upgrades (securtiy upgrades, in particular, are expenive) since.

  10. If the story is true, I think it’s no big deal they leave the kids with Maria or Carole for a weekend. They don’t have a regular Monday-Friday work schedule, so have plenty of opportunities to spend time with their kids. It wasn’t a holiday or birthday weekend for the children so it’s not as if the kids’ special day was tossed aside. From what we’ve seen, the kids seem comfortable with their parents, and so I hardly think they are suffering from lack of their attention.

    The problem is although not a big weekend for the kids, it was an important weekend for the country. As someone mentioned above, with Brexit, events like the Commonwealth Day have become vital for the BRF to take seriously. Duty to country should push their weekend of fun to be postponed.

    Pippa’s wedding is in May – if we are to believe the reports, it sounds like it has required months of planning and a lot of fun events are planned (including a pre honeymoon, which I’ve never heard of). So, it’s not as if a ski weekend could have been put somewhere else on the calendar if Kate wanted to go and Pippa wanted her there. And, especially William – he could go any weekend of the year to Switzerland with his friends. They just went to go clubbing and have boozy lunches, with a few trips down the mountain beforehand. To pick that weekend was beyond poor planning – it was an obvious avoidance of duty.

    1. I agree. When I was little my parents had weekends away too and I loved to stay with granny then, what’s so wrong with a weekend sleepover and grandma’s house?
      Parents who go away for the weekend and ‘dump’ their kids with the grandmother (or nanny) are not bad parents. What should they do, take all their holidays with their kids in the next fifteen years? Kate couldn’t. Ring them to Pippa’s special weekend, could she? I don’t see why this should change their ‘hands on parents’ PR image. George and Charotte seem perfectly and naturally comfortable with their parents.
      As for the service… I know a thing or two about international politics and the commonwealth is not much related to the EU. This service is not connected to the Brexit so saying they have to attend because brexit is vague and untrue, unless you play the ‘but Brittain is going through uncertain times!’ card.
      If anything this (if true) crushes the whole ‘poor Kate being dumped and left behind by her husband’ idea. To which I can only say… thank god.
      Kate and William should have chosen a different weekend, but what else is new. They have not offended a diplomate. Kate is going on three foreign trips this year (probably more) so I’d say she does enough to soften the blow of Brexit. One church service about a union that has nothing to do with the EU is not helping to ease the wound.
      Though… I’m extremely doubtful this is even true. Why would the story leak now? Why use old pictures and call them new? It’s weird.

      1. Parents who are super devoted to their kids take all their holidays with them, at least until they are old enough to stay on their own. My parents did anyway. But then they worked real jobs and valued their free time with us.

        For both Will and Kate to go on holiday without them and not even go together shows how these kids are props. The hen party was probably planned a bit earlier so Will should have stayed home with the kids that weekend. He didn’t need to go skiing at the same time. The obligation to attend commonwealth day fell on him more than Kate anyway.

        1. Wow, that is nonsense? I love my kids, I really really do, but sometimes I love a break. I can afford two holidays a year and my kids love to spend a weekend at their grans house (even when I and my boyfriend are home). Am I not devoted to my kids now? Btw, I have a full time job and I love spending time with them.
          You’re being a judgemental asshole, don’t tell others how to raise their kids. My parents left me with my grandmother too and I loved it. There’s no shame in wanting to spend some time away from hem, when you get back you have missed them and are happy to see them, but I need the recharge and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

          1. I really couldn’t help myself there, hopefully for obvious reasons. I love this blog, but the comments are absolutely hopeless sometimes, and I am not the one who deserves a scolding.

          2. KMR, her other comments are attacking of other posters as well. Down below she told someone to not embarrass themselves just because she didn’t like their comments. Her attacking comments of other commenters is making this forum unenjoyable. Sadly this is starting to happen more and more when the more enthusiastic Kate defenders (to put it nicely) are making there way over here :(. It’s not your fault since it is hard to monitor comments, but I thought I would mention it.

            BTW, you don’t have to leave this comment up after you read it. I was just wanting to address you. πŸ™‚

          3. Everyone has different opinions. But it still doesn’t give you the right to call someone a “judgmental asshole”.

        2. My husband and I have gone away for a day or a weekend and left our child with his grandparents and uncles- who spoiled him silly with kisses, cuddles, food, candies and Paw Patrol cartoons! Doesn’t mean that we aren’t devoted and loving parents, if hubby and I take a weekend trip away here and there, so that we can spend time as a couple and get away from the routine of work-home-work. We are taking care not to miss any special holidays or birthday for our son. So I understand if WK go away for a day or weekend, and leave the kids at home with their very capable nanny. However, anything longer than a weekend, I personally prefer taking our son with us as I can’t bear to be away from him.

        3. I know we view W&K through a specific lens, but it’s not uncommon, weird, or bad in the real world for parents to take a vacation without their kids. Or to send them to the grandparents, if that’s an option, and stay home for a weekend break.

          And what about kids who split their time between two parents who are no longer a couple? Are those parents less devoted to their children because they don’t see them everyday?

          1. I think it’s weird/uncommon that they would take separate vacations over the same weekend. As a mother of two small children, that just seems weird to me. It’s completely, 100% ok to take a break from your kids. It doesn’t make you less devoted and I think it actually makes you a better parent to have a life outside your children. Couples vacations, vacations with friends, etc are absolutely ok. But why would you schedule them the same weekend? I personally think it’s odd and don’t know any parents that would do that. Kate has her time with Pippa, Will has his weekend with friends but not over the same weekend. It’s weird, not bad, but uncommon certainly. Most married couples don’t like to have both parents away from their kids very often. I know there are divorced parents, single parents, etc and I’m not saying anything negative about them. But you do the best with the situation you have. Children need stability and you try to provide that as much as possible. Like for example, booking these completely separate vacations on different weekends. It clearly was not a couple’s trip so it just seems odd to me.

          2. Assuming the hens’ do is true, here’s a scenario:
            1. Pippa and co had the use of James’s family’s private jet to France.
            2. William thinks it’s a good idea to hitch a ride to Verbier.
            3. Kids will be looked after by grandparents and/or nannies, the latter of which is their version of normal anyway.

          3. I don’t have children, but I would think it would be less disrupting to the children for both parents to be gone for one weekend, rather than one parent gone one weekend and one gone a different weekend. Because then it’s only one weekend that gets disrupted, rather than two.

          4. I get what you guys are saying. I don’t think it’s bad, but KMR commented that it wasn’t “uncommon, weird, or bad in the real world for parents to take a vacation without their kids”. I disagree with the first two points in this specific case. Sure an argument can be made that it’s less disruptive or that the kids are with other caretakers a lot anyway, but for for most families that I know taking two separate vacations during the same weekend is not a common thing.

      2. I used to spend three months every summer at my grandparents house as a vacation.

        1. This is about the hypocrisy of Will and Kate claiming to be so devoted to their kids that they can’t be away for them to do royal appearances during the day. Their actions by both taking a trip separately at the same time shows that they can be away from their kids.

          I also specifically made the point about working parents too, which Will and Kate are not. What non royal parents who have to work and don’t live in the lap of luxury is entirely different.

          As for calling posters names, well that is the action of being immature and not worth further comment.

          1. My comment to you was in response to this: “Parents who are super devoted to their kids take all their holidays with them, at least until they are old enough to stay on their own. My parents did anyway.”

            Just because your parents never took a vacation without you when you were young doesn’t mean parents who do take vacations without their children while they are young aren’t devoted to their kids. Spending time away from one’s children doesn’t make one less devoted to them. Which is why I brought up the idea of parents who don’t have full custody of their children – because those parents aren’t necessarily any less devoted to their kids just because they don’t see them every day.

    2. What it continues to point out is the lies of their stay-at-home parents, cannot work because of the kids spin. A weekend away from the kids, if W&K were working hard and made it to the Commonwealth service wouldn’t be a problem. Both of them using the kids as a get-out-of-work card and having no problem with both parents being away from the kids for 3-4 days while not working? That’s where the crafted PR image starts falling apart.

      1. It’s all falling apart, isn’t it? Too many balls in the air for Carole what with the wedding, hustling for extra cash, spinning more tales, keeping the disintegrating Camb relationship together. It all seems to be fraying.

      2. I feel bad for the kids too because both parents ditching them to ski can’t make them feel that great. Especially when they have gone skiing together in the past.
        I am sure George is already picking up on this. Kids notice things and start noticing them way earlier than you realize.

        1. George seems especially sensitive and most likely very watchful of the actions of the adults around him. Let’s hope he and Charlotte are being looked after lovingly as all children should be.

        2. We also don’t know how much time they spend with the kids in general. Despite their narrative of we can’t work because we have kids go, they could both be doing their own thing most days.
          The Christmas pap stroll told me that it was image above everything else and maybe not as hands on as we’re told. I don’t know any mom of 2 kids their age who wouldn’t have a diaper bag with but unless they had Maria sneak in before, all Kate had was her clutch.

          1. Lmao. Why? Was she going to change Charlotte’s diaper in the middle of the service? It was probably in the car. Why am I even seriously responding to this.
            We don’t know how close they are to their kids. Looking at the lack of visible diapers Kate carries around will not give you the answer. Frankly. It’s none of our bussiness.

          2. Would you leave your child in a dirty diaper? Sometimes yes, parents need to change diapers- they leave and do it in the bathroom. The thing about kids- you never know when it’s going to happen and it’s not always at the most opportune time! And diaper bags don’t just carry diapers! Snacks, extra clothes some toys. Do you expect kids that age to sit still for a church service?

          3. You missed my point. My point is: you can’t possibly see the lack of a diaper back as a logical and reasonable reason to assume Kate is not a hands one mum. That’s rediculous and you’re really reaching. As for the church service and diapers (I can’t believe I’m responding to this) maybe there WAS a bag, maybe someone else carried it, who the hell knows? I personally don’t think you should bring a one year old to a church service (cause no, you don’t change diapers half way through) but that’s me. I know other people who bring their toddlers, I don’t want to be judgemental. Kate and William clearly believed the kids were ready, they must be much more capable to decide on that than I am. I’d rather not discuss Kate carrying a diaper bag. Why on earth is this even brought up. It’s not a point of argument. Don’t embarrass yourself.

          4. The pap strolls with the kids always end up revealing something odd. An early one when they were still insisting they didn’t have any help at home? Revealed William’s former nanny in the backseat of the car. Then they finally admitted that nanny was on board.

            The Christmas one this year was strange. Everyone striding off to the church, James Matthews looking glum. No signs of nanny or diaper bags for the two kids still in diapers. Carole hiding something under her cloak, but not big enough to be a diaper bag. Did the nanny sneak in another door with the supplies? Weird story that an 18 month old kid that has been to church once before knows all the church hymns. Shaming Daddy who was off at Jecca’s.

            The France skiing trip from last year, when the PR pictures failed big time? Stories from those who saw them revealed 1) three nannies 2) Carole running the vacation 3) no Mike anywhere 4) Missy Percy’s ex already there with a new girlfriend days after the ink was signed on the divorce papers.

            Herazeus is right. When they try so hard to spin a story one way, truth and the real story will eventually come out against their wishes.

          5. Thanks but I’m not in fear of embarrassing myself. I standby my observation. The devil’s in the details as they say. That William and Kate want the optics of hands on parenting and perfect pics that go with that but parents that are attuned to their kids wants and needs come prepared.
            Look at the swedes-Leonore has her rabbit with her at lots of events. I even think she got a change of outfits from one of her outings Nicholas had a toothbrush to play with at a christening, snacks being munched on
            The Monaco little princess looks distressed at several events and they bring her in. At the trooping Charlotte appeared to be in distress and Kate bats her hands away from her ears instead
            You’re entitled to believe what you want but I don’t believe the narrative being spun. I do think they love their kids, just that they use them as an excuse not to work and that they aren’t as hands on as they would like us to believe. To each her own tho

          6. The sight of Carole scurrying from her Land Rover to Wills after he yelled at her to unbuckle George out from his car seat just before Bucklebury Christmas service said everthing. W is a pampered poodle who depends heavily on others to make him look hands on with his children.

          7. Kate’s the woman who literally shoved he son out of the way to pose for the cameras with Diana 2.0, her daughter.

            Yeah, this is a woman who is a hands-on parent. It’s all about optics.

            These are the people who continually complain about their son who seems like a timid, sweet boy, but the way they say it, he’s a hellion and awful.

            Kate can’t even carry her babies/toddlers properly, letting their heads hang as newborns posing for the cameras outside the Lindo Wing, or holding them by the crotch.

          8. The Christmas pap stroll was so contrived. The thing that made me cringe was Kate cupping Charlotte’s face in her hand at one point as they were walking from A to B, presumably in an attempt to look like the picture of motherhood. It was a show. On a cold day, with two small children, really the focus is just getting them to the destination without bother. There’s an ease of familiarity of parents interacting with their kids that does not seem apparent here. George looks as if he’s been warned to behave, whatever that means in Cambridgeland.

  11. I really hate blind items and this story has that same feel of teasing the reader by just giving the vaguest of details to create a possible scenario and then expecting the reader’s imagination to pick up the slack to come to an intended conclusion “that explains everything.” This article also feels like it’s gaslighting the public.

    My take away is that W&KM and their PR team are liars. Someone approved this article. And in doing so inadvertently unmasked W&KM as spoiled childish people expecting everyone else to clean up their messes. They really are quite a ridiculous couple.

    How much easier and direct and responsible towards the British public and the world if they simply did a full schedule of work. They could then run around on an occasional vacation with a lamp shade on their silly heads if they wanted, no one would care.

    If this is PR spin courtesy of W or KM or Poor Jason or Carole or Pippa, shame shame on them. I understand why people shut them out, they ridiculous. But they are slowly becoming irrelevant by their own sloth and childish reasoning. Can they not see beyond their own petty needs that they must act like adults during a difficult time for the Commonwealth?

    1. Agreed, and it’s going to get worse now that the second Wedding of the Century is soon upon us. Carole will find it very useful. Still, the aristo set will not give them the time of day so, major fail there, Carole.

      1. But for Carole, hope springs eternal that the aristos will eventually bend knee in her direction.

        Carole has successfully played the long game in getting her very average daughters hooked up with men who will be financially and socially useful to her. Where she constantly flubs is understanding that she has no control over the monarchy and that it’s best to follow the lead of the Queen and Charles. She has no discernable idea the best strategy for W&KM is to respect the institution and its corresponding duty if that’s where Carole wants to be. Instead she uses the monarchy as a backdrop for her own perceived success. Hence the hamfisted attempts at planted articles.

        It will be interesting to see where Carole’s hubris takes her in the next few years. So far she’s made a mess of it trying to mold the W&KM narrative into a Middleton Shangri-La.

        1. Indiana Joanna, I do agree with what you say, but would just add that Pippa and Kate are “below average”. Most/average women of their age in the Western world tend to work for a living. And if we are going to be superficial for a monent, neither Kate and Pippa are great beauties and I would say they left their “cute” days behind them when they were in their early-20’s. So yes their mother has succeeded in pushing out immature and below-average girls onto rich men; however, at what cost? Kate seems increasingly unhappy, uncertain and is whittling away to nothing. Pippa, while will have a happier life as an indolent, rich man’s wife, is marrying someone who’s her 2nd (or 3rd) choice of a husband and has a reality star on a trashy show for a BIL.

          1. Red Tulip, Funny you should say that. As I was typing “very average” I thought they really must be below average because they’ve both had opportunities and advantages most of the people in the world never enjoy. With that kind of upbringing you’d expect some real accomplishments. Even actress Katharine Hepburn, who had loads of self confidence, once said she was an underachiever because her parents gave her every advantage and were brilliant in their own right. But the Midd women and brother James are a very self deluded bunch.

      2. It’s interesting considering her daughter is married to the second in line and mother of a future king yet none of the aristocrat set seem interested in Kate or Carole. Carole probably thought by now thought she would have a title and be completely accepted in. It makes me wonder what do the aristocrats see in the Middleton’s that makes them not like them. I was on a sugar high around the time of the wedding and thought Kate and her family would be an asset to William but now I realize the were just pretenders.

        1. My guess is that they saw right through them, realized that they were pushy and obsessed with social class, wanting to be apart of them. Kind of like the kid in high school who desperately tries to be part of the popular/in/cool crowd. I know that Pippa is friends with George Percy but he/his family made sure that they stayed just that: friends (though maybe friends with benefits while at university but still) and nothing beyond that.

          For whatever reason, William was completely oblivious to all of that and assumed they were sincere plus, they seemed to have taken him in like a wounded puppy left out in the freezing cold.

          1. royalty see themseves as outside of and above the class system, so they have no understanding of social climbers. Makes them easy prey, and many of them have inappropriate friends or bankrollers.

          2. I wonder why none of William’s friends pulled him aside and were like, “um….dude. You know she’s using/taking advantage of you, right?”

    2. I’m really beginning to believe that they can’t. Or won’t, rather. A couple of those post-Verbier articles seemed so on point about everyone having basically given up because William is so completely tone deaf.

  12. I feel like it’s unfair not to point out that that will and Kate never attended the service until last year, and that Sophie didn’t attend this year. It clearly isn’t on their calendars and the fact that they didn’t attend didn’t make anyone blink twice until it came out that they were on vacation. Although , after all this fuss, I doubt that they will skip it again.

    1. It made many people blink, as it came right after the PR push that they were keen to think about thinking about working a tiny bit more. The idea that they were finally going to step up as the third couple in the land. They both duck out of that and potentially now both were off vacationing instead? Andrew (6th in line) was also skiing in Verbier the same weekend – and made it back for the Commonwealth Service.

      The William stories, the possible spin story of KM thinking the drinking is funny (until the blonds are involved), and the PR distraction story about their son’s school being released at the same time? #jasonweseeyou

      1. Will and Kate love their holidays that’s for sure, interesting there are no pictures of the bachelorette weekend.

    2. Imo, it plays right into their “we don’t want to be expected to do anything on a yearly basis”, which bugs me to no end. Seriously, these people have a very cushy life thanks to others, and they can’t be bothered to commit to a handful of annual events that are important to the woman who gave them both so much or to the people they will one day reign over?

      1. I think the mantra for W&K should be: “if it’s important enough for the Queen it’s important enough for me”. Why oh why can’t they look to this wonderful example in front of them and just copy what she does? It’s only what we pay you to do, that’s all! No need to think about it, just make sure your diary and hers are about the same and all the ‘Queenie likes this one’ dates are in BIG letters. It’s too frickin easy, they are a pair of useless slackers who are taking the pi*s and make me so mad!

    3. The first time W&K attended Commonwealth Day was 2015. They attended again in 2016. They’ve only attended twice.

      Harry has also only attended twice: in 2016 and 2017.

    4. This is the couple who says they’re so devoted to their children they can’t do royal work, because if you work you’re inherently a bad parent. No, they just prefer to go on holidays and so on. I don’t begrudge people holidays, without kids too, but they provide one image and destroy it so easily with their behavior. They don’t give a crap about their kids, they only care about the image having children provides. The poor kiddos are PR pawns and scapegoats for Mummy and Papa. (I don’t doubt they do love their kids but their behavior is that of people who put their own needs and wants first, before their family and their jobs, which directly contradicts the PR.)

      1. What Ellie said.

        For all the parents on here defending WK as parents, just know that if you are holding down a job, paid or unpaid, WK consider you a bad parent.

        That includes SAHP who voluteer in their communities.

        You must be hyper focused on your kids 24/7 otherwise you are doing a bad job.

        1. + 1!
          I wonder what the nanny does. I mean both Kate and William are doing the parenting 100% of the time.

  13. Maybe this hen party really happened and Kate was there, but wouldn’t it have made more sense for their dopey PR team to have let this information be known earlier to try and diffuse the fallout from LordoftheDanceGate. Or did their PR team feel it was better to let this information leak out later. It does not bother me that they were away for a “private” the weekend without their children, many couples do that, but the timing was poor.
    I understand that there have been other senior royals who have not consistently attended Commonwealth Day,but I feel that as heir to the throne William and Kate should be attending this event, if not for their country, then out of respect for their Grandmother, who happens to be the Queen.
    Bottom line, they are 2 dim bulbs and their PR team – the lights are on but nobody is home.

    1. Yes, this hen do article is way past its expiration date. Too late and too desperate in that it looks like an afterthought trying to wave away W&KM’s constant missteps.

  14. Pics from Pips’ wedding related gathering yesterday and now this ‘wedding’ feature from weeks ago. How coincidental.

    This is the coverup for Willy’s transgressions at Verbier. I don’t believe for one minute this was a hen party. They are shameless and desperate. Kate is happy to be debased and Willy is happy to debase her, all in the name of a perfect marriage, a perfect family and flawless, self-sacrificing royalty. Let’s tug our forelocks in the face of such abject splendour.

    1. I don’t think it’s even true. They may have gone skiing but on a different weekend, although I doubt even that. It’s a pathetic attempt at damage limitation which hasn’t worked. Someone has spent two weeks thinking about what could be reported (i.e. invented) to make William’s antics less stupid and damaging. If someone had seen her anywhere near Meribel that weekend, given the coverage of William’s trip, I’m pretty sure it would have come out before now! It’s quite difficult to go skiing and not be spotted isn’t it?

  15. This whole story is a little fishy. PR from the Middleton clan? Carole the spin doctor. If the story is true. Which I doubt it is. Then one of the 24/7/365 parents should have been home with George and Charlotte. Which should have been William. Let Kate enjoy her sister’s hen party. I do not have a problem if you want to go away for a weekend. When it conflicts with “your job” though. That’s a huge problem. These two clowns are senior royals. The future King and Queen Consort of England. Show up and do your job. What these two do not seem to understand is with the perks, wealth, and houses you have. There comes a price. The price is you have to work. This work shy attitude/arrogant nature is only making them enemies. Whether it is within the the royal family, the press, in the UK, or the entire Commonwealth. If I was a taxpayer I would be pissed.

    The days of old are gone. Her Majesty, is the last of the anointed by God monarchs. She believes in this. As she believes in her faith and duty over self. She is a testament to that philosophy. The House of Windsor is a business now. With the change of the name by George V. The British Monarchy has lasted almost a thousand years. They have evolved through times of war, peace, political, religious, and the ever changing houses of the monarchy. I hate to say it I think we are seeing the last decade or decades of the monarchy.

      1. I agree Kitty. Neither Charles or William have the same strong foundation in they’re faith. Which is a little unsettling because both will be the Head of the Church of England. When they ascend the throne. I have a lot of respect for Her Majesty and steadfast love and respect for her faith.

      2. I agree Kitty. Without getting uber religious. Both Charles and William will be the Head of the Church of England. The only time I see Charles or William near a church is either on holidays or attending a service for an engagement. As time has gone by people have become less religious imo. Her Majesty has a strong faith. I respect her a lot for that.

        1. Eleanor, that is why I personally believe that is why The Queen is the longest reigning monarch in British history because her strong faith. As a fellow believer I think the monarchy needs saving especially with Charles and William not having that strong faith and belief that The Queen has.

      3. Charles attends church every weekend, he’s a pretty religious man. I don’t know where this idea that he isn’t comes from. He’s just far more open about other faiths and is one of those people who loves to know everything about everything. He’s an intelligent man and intellectually curious. That doesn’t mean he’s irreligious; he’s spoken often of his faith. I love learning about other religions and historical faiths, and I am a devout Christian. It is not either/or.

        William I assume is like most Brits: an atheist who shows up for Christmas and Easter with the family ’cause he has to. Which is fine, and I expect the Head of the Church stuff will start disappearing from the role of the monarch. After all, it means very little in the modern era.

        1. Well Ellie its important for the monarchy and I assume for The Queen that the Church is with the monarchy as well. Well sad William isn’t as religious as his grandmother. I assume he’s like is mother.

  16. The story is so fishy, they said nothing this whole time. Leaving Will look like a doushe. I think something went down at home, he is mad and they had to come up with this weird story. The picture of Will and Kate leaving Pippa’s house Thursday, you see William looking right into the camera. Makes me think his people are behind the pictures.

    1. Yes, there are some question marks about this hens’ party story:
      (1) The timing of its release – it seems an afterthought (or invention) to deflect from William’s behaviour.
      (2) The flights back to the UK seem contradictory: Kate and Co flew back on Sunday, William on Monday… yet they were on the same jet going back?
      (3) The Middleton’s paying for private jet. Why? There are two private jets in K+P+W’s orbit – the Duke of Westminster’s, which they have used before, and Terribly Rich James’s parents. Plus many of these people have funds themselves to hire a jet.
      (4) No photographic evidence of any kind from Meribel; amazing someone didn’t see them, though possible.

      I certainly could believe this was fabricated since William was called out by some serious writers, not just the royal co-dependent pack. If William was ‘incandescent with rage’ as reported, he’d be looking for a mechanism to minimise personal damage. The answer, it would seem, is to throw his wife under a bus too, aided and abetted by in-laws. Both look bad. How on earth does that help William? Whereas the answer should be to learn from mistakes and endeavour to knuckle down to the job he is being paid to do.

      1. I don’t understand how anyone in their PR camp can seriously think this would make either W or KM look good. It smacks of desperation. And it has the Middleton banality written all over it. You are on to something–maybe W is so over the top angry that everyone around him thought something had to be done to appease him.

        1. It also has incompetence written all over it, along with a level of insularity that people won’t question or see contradictions. So much stupidity from these people who are unfit in every way to do the job they have been born to/ married into. Sadly, the rewards are too generous, too lavish for them to walk away.

      2. If the whole thing is fabricated, or if it isn’t, then it could be the Middletons making Wm look good. They do plenty of things to shame him when he goes too far over the line. Maybe this time they’re showing him how much they love Billy Boy by releasing this story and spinning the heat off of him.

        1. They’d do better to keep out of it and let KP PR deal with the fallout, however hopeless that might be. Or for William to accept that he exercised poor judgement and resolve to do better. A big leap for William, I know.

  17. Imo:
    The issue is not that William or Kate took vacations. Harry has taken at least two so far this year (that we know of) one to Norway and one to Jamaica. The issue, from my point of view, is that the skipped the Commonwealth Service when they could have arranged things for another weekend. Even if Kate had to be with her sister on this particular weekend, the fact that Andrew was vacationing in the s as me place as William and still managed to come home in time for the service makes both William and Kate look bad.

    I don’t care if they tske vacations as long as they show up and fulfill their responsibilities. If I saw them consistently working throughout the year I wouldn’t care if they took ten family vacations together on their private time and as long as they pay for it.

    I think the problem is that the rose colored glasses that people looked at W and K through following their wedding have been taken away and now the public sees them *both* for being what they are. And that is lazy, entitled, spoiled brats who think the whole world should kiss their feet when they do get the motivation to actually leave their sanctuary at Anmer. Kate went from being Waity Katie to the Duchess of Dolittle. My only objection to that is that they both should be known as the Duke and Duchess of Dolittle.

    I feel for a long time people criticised just Kate. But over the past year or so people are finally critiquing William too. I think that’s a good thing because it feels classist to only criticize Kate because for a long time Will was Diana’s golden child who could do no wrong and who would single handedly save the monarchy. Now fewer people think Charles should be stepped over and that’s because of Williams immaturity.

    Perhaps that’s exactly what William wants?

    1. I also feel that’s what William wants. Break up the monarchy and get his freedom. During his whole he has been brought up as the future King, with huge expectations : to marry, have children and carry out the Windsor name. He didn’t have much liberty in his life.

      He wants to be a gentlemen farmer who spends time in the countryside at his own leisure, he gets a lifetime of duty (not that he performs it well). He is resenting that, the fact that he is made accountable of his actions, that every move he makes is being watched and that the press is judging him.

      So maybe by acting the way he does, he is hoping to get what he wants : freedom.

      1. I think he will never have “our” freedom.Of course, he would have less duties without the monarchy.You could feel sorry for him about that, but I can’t bring myself to it when I see people live in much greater, real misery.People he also should see at his visits to organisations, but he seems not to absorb those informations and feel thankful for what he has.He could have it much nicer in his life with the right attitude.

  18. I didn’t think this story had an inkling of truth, but now other outlets are reporting on it as well. They all reference the Sun article, but normally sites like Hello don’t mention it unless there is a kernel of truth in the story. So, now I am wondering if this is true. But even if it is true, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

  19. I’m going to be upfront and say I’m going out on a long, thin limb here with what is on my mind about this whole thing. That being said, my first thought reading this article?

    I wonder if Kate is attending Pippa’s wedding by herself.

    It’s out of left field, and I’ll probably be proven wrong, but this article doesn’t do anyone involved any favors. The only benefit is that it maaaaybe refocuses the “trouble in paradise” talk by saying “no big deal, Kate was partying with her own loved ones and it was totally cool with her that William was getting white boy wasted three mountains over”. If that’s the case, it should have come out right away instead of two weeks after the fact. This article is covering for something big and fishy. Even if William attended that “meet the in-laws” party with Kate, Pippa, Terribly Rich James, and Co, it doesn’t mean he has agreed to come to the wedding, does it? I feel like they’re trying to do damage control before the big day so no one would think there were any issues if Kate and her children showed up by themselves sans William.

    My more rational thought is that the blonde model William was flirting with was threatening to go to the press with her own story and Carole was trying to one up with a “eh, whatever” type story to lessen the damage. However, my instincts are still saying something is up with the upcoming wedding and I think that might be it.

    1. Quinn, I think Wills is petty enough and humiliated enough to threaten a boycott of Pips’ wedding. I read a quote from a guest at Rebecca Deacon’s wedding that the guest had been looking forward to seeing W dad dance. W would never tolerate snickers from plebs. Perhaps it all the criticism became too much for him.

      Of course, none of this is ever W’s fault.

      1. That’s true too – I didn’t even think about William’s notoriously thin skin playing into this. My theory was based on the long running trend of Kate attending events solo when it would have made sense for the both of them to be there, which is usually followed by fawning articles claiming “They’re truly a loving couple, she does her own things too, nothing to see here folks!” to explain why Will never bothers to show up with her when he doesn’t want to.

    2. I also thought that maybe either Carole or KP had gotten whiff of someone about to release photos of Kate skiing that same weekend and this story was yet another poor attempt to control the narrative.

  20. It’s been pointed out already but Ill say it again, if both went away for the weekend they both could have left Sunday night and been home for the Commonwealth Service. They’re not flying cargo! They have a private and just need to give advance warning Lazy and not very bright.

    1. I hope they know that being head of state in the Commonwealth countries is not hereditary. Why do you think The Queen has been lobbying for Charles to be Head of state?

      1. Kitty, you may be interested in this:

        The Queen is not apolitical when it comes to advancing her own family. Nor does she believe in meritocracy. She used her birthright to conduct a bit of grubby political manoeuevring to try to get her son elected to a global role that has nothing to do with the crown.

        1. Jen, isn’t that sad that she has to lobby? I guess Charles and William aren’t well liked by the Commonwealth countries for them to be head of state. Why is it even important though?

          1. No, most definitely not. It’s not sad, just manipulative and high-handed. Doing it in secret also indicates the Queen knows it’s not acceptable procedure.

            There are any number of demonstrably capable leaders from Commonwealth countries who could serve a term heading the organisation. To refuse to recognise merit in favour of nepotism is the problem, not a solution. The Queen believes in her and her family’s superiority and entitlement. She may call it being sent from God. I’d call it greed, one of the seven deadly sins. Her attitude is outdated and unnecessary in the 21st century. It’s also deeply offensive, particularly when examining the merit of her family which is virtually non-existent.

          2. Jen, well my selfish self would want to be head of the commonwealth so that I get the magnificent jewels that The Queen got lol.

  21. I don’t trust the sun or the DM. However, I wouldn’t put it past Kate and William to have separate vacations when they do go away for weekends, because you know they do. I don’t really care for their vacations. Lots of royals, Aristos, wealthy, none wealthy vacation on weekends. The problem is if the article is completely true, that they skipped a service to go on a vacation. PA went on weekend vacation during the same time and he made it back for the service. In the end, if the article is true the Cambridges have not changed at all nor will they ever…

    One a personal level, I’m going to visit London this summer, can’t wait to see Buckingham Palace. πŸ˜€

    1. HAve so much fun!

      Visit KP, BP, and of course, all the museums! The Tower is fabulous too.

      I have so many food recommendations too… The Builder’s Arms is a lovely little pub in Kensington that’s DELICIOUS. Harrods is overrated but you should go see it once and maybe get some treats…

      London is the best!

        1. What sort of things do you like? We ate a lot of pub food, it was cheap and delicious. Sunday roast is something you must have at a pub, it’s so yummy, but I grew up with that sort of food. It’s my favorite!

          Do have treats, cakes and tea at Buckingham Palace in the gardens. It was so delicious and so much fun. Kensington Palace has a little shop and cafeteria sort of thing where you can get tea, hot cocoa, and treats. We ate outside despite it being a bit drizzly. Another neat experience is eating in the vaults of Westminster Abbey now called the Cellarium Cafe. πŸ™‚ St Paul’s I remember had a delicious pasta bar in the undercroft, imagine that. Those are the eating experiences I wouldn’t miss. We didn’t go for fancy tea anywhere, we stayed at The Goring for a week and had a tea experience with our breakfast there as just part of breakfast. It was fine and a bit cheaper than spending a fortune at one of the fancy hotel experiences.

          Another pub we enjoyed which had some non-pub food (like steaks, roast chicken, that sort of thing) was Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia. We ate a lot at Pizza Express due to having a 3 year old with us, lol, but it was pretty good.

          Ahhh, I can’t wait to go back! πŸ™‚ You going anywhere other than London or staying there? I have tons of recommendations for Cardiff! lol

          1. I must admit I was given hotel and flight from a generous person, but I’m cheap so I’ll probably be eating at the pub. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll probably stay in London, we’ll only be there for a few days

          2. Do you have any recommendation for Afternoon Tea?
            I’ll be visiting London too next month, and planning to visit museums, BK, BP. Pubs are really nice to go eat at! but never had an Afternoon Tea and planning on trying one!

    2. Have a wonderful time in London. i spent a week there in February and it was fantastic. Lived there in the 80s and it is one of my favourite cities. I did several walking tours with London Walks ( and they were a good way to hear lots of information, history and quirky stories from great guides. Would recommend.

  22. Is there no one on earth who can tell W&K that they are utterly wrong ???They are damaging the monarchy to the core .

    1. In a nut shell, no. Why? Because at heart, the BRF also believes in its superiority in the same way William – and by extension, Kate – does. William is a product of his upbringing; he encompasses their values.

      To us, the problem is W+K’s arrogance, lack of work, disinterest and insane amounts of vacations. To the BRF, it is being caught being arrogant, lazy, general disinterest and insane amounts of vacations. There’s a big difference between public expectations of ‘royals’ and BRF preparedness to deliver on them.

      1. Jen, You understand this family of grifters. We naifs think the only way to live is to work. This family has complete confidence in their entitlements.

        1. Indiana Joanna, I’ve observed too many successful grifters in life not to be able to smell them a mile away, the odor of superiority underpinning everything they do. Sadly, as human beings we have been inculcated over thousands of years to believe that those who exert the greater superiority – with attendant generational trinkets like titles, awards etc – are to be respected regardless and deserve the most. It depends on what you buy into as legitimate ‘currency’: is it tradition/status/wealth as that comprise the concept of ‘royalty’? Or do other concepts matter more?

          The Cambridge’s stand out because they are crass. I doubt other members of the BRF think badly of them, but know that they need to affect an appearance of care, relevance etc to shore up the family’s future in terms of public funds. The Cambridge’s assume life is always going to be on their terms, as it has been thus far. They may be right, maybe not.

  23. I am not surprised, they are both so spoiled! It is beyond me why chuck & liz do nothing bring K.W to heel?

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