Royal Round Up: Victoria, Madeleine, Camilla, Mary

Royal Round Up: Victoria, Madeleine, Camilla, Mary

Here’s a quick catch up with Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Crown Princess Mary.


Crown Princess Victoria has been doing some meetings since we last caught up with her. On March 28, she attended at meeting with two ministers with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia (above). On March 29, Victoria held a meeting with people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ahead of her trip to Japan later this month (below, left). Also on March 29, Victoria joined the King and Queen for a meeting of the royal court parish in the Bernadotte Library (below, right). Twice a year, members of the Swedish church gather in the Bernadotte Library for a meeting – this gather’s topic was the church’s international work.


Princess Madeleine joined her mother at the funeral of Prince Richard on March 21 in Germany. Richard was the husband of Denmark’s Princess Benedikte – he died on March 13.

On March 28, Madeleine and Chris O’Neill attended the charity event “Heal Ourselves Heal Our Planet” at the restaurant San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are currently on a tour of Europe (to Romania, Italy, The Holy See and Austria), and yesterday, April 3, they attended a Gala Dinner at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy where Charles was presented with the Renaissance Man of the Year Award.

Camilla wore a red dress by Anna Valentine which featured black flowers. She also brought out the Pear Drop Diamond Earrings and Necklace.

Prince Felix of Denmark, the second son of Prince Joachim (with his first wife Alexandra), was confirmed on April 1 at the Fredensborg Palace church. The family came out to support him: Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik; Princess Marie, Prince Nikolai, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena; Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine.

84 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Victoria, Madeleine, Camilla, Mary

    1. +1
      DoC red gown is beautiful and look well on her. Prince CHarles is wonderful with his appreciation of organic ‘slow’ natural beautiful foods.

      Good to see these RFs who work and care for the people, needy.

      Thank you KMR.

        1. notasugarhere, you are so right. I’m in my late 50s and it is amazing what wacky, out-of-control things my body decided to do after age 55. Boobs are the worst! No matter what bra you buy, they hang how they want to.

  1. Camilla looks great in that red dress. She and Charles appear to be enjoying their time in Italy, very good humoured and friendly towards the press and crowds. They actually look reasonably happy to be there.

  2. I love Royal Round Up. One of my favourite feature on this site.

    It is always lovely to see Madeleine, Victoria and the other Swedes. I just love them. KMR, you may have missed it, but here some pictures of Maddie, Chris and the children in London:
    Just a question for the mothers out there (if there are) : when does a child stops being in a stroller ? I mean Leonore is 3. Isn’t it a bit old ?

    It looks like that Japan is currently the country to go of the moment. Felipe and Letizia are going on a state visit for 2 days starting today. I hope we’ll see tiaras 🙂

    Ah the Danish family !! Felix and Nikolai are growing up handsomely. They’ll be heartthrobs later.

    1. Given Lenore’s proclivity for running all over the place, it’s probably best to keep her tethered when in city streets. She’s too young to understand road rules etc.

    2. My son is 3 1/2 years old and we stopped putting him in a stroller when he was 3. Before now, I would put him in a stroller just because it avoided meltdowns when we wouldn’t let him go wherever he wanted.
      Now, he’s better about holding our hand when we cross a street and being a little more aware of cars. It still makes me nervous, though.
      Echoing Jen, due to Leonore’s character, I don’t blame Madeleine for strapping her in lol

      1. Thanks for your input Jen and LizB. Sounds like toddlers are lot of work. I see my younger cousins once a year so I don’t really know about children 🙂

      1. Oh, yes, I agree. With all that Lenore energy, a stroller is a good place when need be.

        Love the Swedish Royals and always like when they appear here.

        Cam looked beautiful in red. I know she has been wearing her hair in a similar style for years, but it just struck me how it suits her and how shiny and healthy looking it is.

    3. She is a little firecracker, so strapping her in while you’re in a heavy traffic area would be smart. We’re also seeing moments in time. She might have been out of her stroller while at a park or playing, but in the stroller for traveling to-and-from. Just because they say they want to walk, doesn’t mean those little legs will make it all the way there and back without getting tired. Easier to strap a tired and fussy 3 year old into a stroller instead of carrying them home.

    4. My kiddo is almost 5. I use strollers sometimes like going to theme parks because he’s lazy and will wail he wants to sit down. Haha.

  3. I always feel Charles’ tours are packed with worthy events. I love the fact that Camilla and Charles do separate events and seem really interested. I feel they really have an individual say in what they want to do, and I felt the same way about Harry in Nepal. It makes the tour far more interesting to watch, and I notice the local people pick up on the genuineness and respond in kind.

    1. Totally agree!

      Entitled, whiny insincere bill cat middleton is all about dress up, visits for their benefit/PR- vacay fun things.

      Love the way Princess Maddie and Chris take out their children in London publc places and casual without the entitlement. Would be good to see Princess Maddie and Meghan become friends.

      1. How does Sweden handle Madeleine’s security? Does anyone know? She seems to be security-free.

        1. She has security (she had one while she was in New York). She’s still an HRH with succession rights and so are her children.

          1. Strange that the swedish taxpayers don’t complain about paying for Maddies security away from home in london but there is so much criticism for the FLOTUS because she will stay inNY and need expensive security protection there until this summer (Hope this is ok to post if it is too political feel free to remove it – I did not use names on purpose)
            This makes me feel that the royals are not criticized as much as elected politicians?
            Btw I love maddie and her kids are such cuties!

        2. I actually think she only gets state paid security when doing official engagements but she probably has some private security too

  4. Oh I wish I could see Victoria! Felipe and Letizia. They are going to the wrong part of Japan 🙁
    All the stories in this round up are precious but my favourite is the Danish royals. Nice to see them all out supporting Prince Felix.

  5. Charles and Camilla look wonderful. I’ve been following their stops in Romania and Italy.

    I love photos of Madeleine and Chris with their kids. Also love the fact they stop to talk to friends on their walk with kids in strollers. Regarding discussion of couple’s body language a few posts back: Chris is leaning in towards a smiling Maddie.

  6. I only recently learned Alexandra was the first wife of Joachim. Too bad I didn’t follow her during her royal years. I can’t find that much about her. Some recent comments have been that she had full on princess style (which can be fun to watch).

      1. She needs to give that crown back, period. It belongs with the royal family and should be given to the future wife of Prince Christian or Princess Isabella. There are rumors she sold it.

        1. It was Margrethe’s personal property, not the property of the state. Margrethe gave it to her. If Margrethe wants it back, she’ll have to ask for it. She learned her lesson by buying or loaning tiaras for the married-ins after that.

          My hope is that, if either of their sons end up getting married, the tiara would be used as a wedding tiara for the bride/s. After that, I’d hope Alex would give it back to the royal house.

          She’s been through a lot financially, especially with the dodgy second husband, but she owns property in Copenhagen and Turkey. She still has her income from the taxpayers each year. I doubt she sold it, and it is a pretty recognizable item. If she wanted/needed to sell it, she would have sold it back to Margrethe and neither would have admitted publicly that money changed hands.

          1. I’m well aware it was a wedding gift from Queen Margethe because it was expected she would stay a member of the DRF for life. QMII really liked Alex and so it was natural she would get something but because of the breakdown of her marriage CP Mary only gets loaners (even when it’s clear she’s in it for the long haul). I think QMII is too gracious to ask for it back but Countess Alexandra should have good manners and give it back, period.

          2. I think they’re all expected to be members for life, but that isn’t how things work out. Mary was also in line to wear the ruby tiara, which is Fred’s personal property and reserved for the Crown Princess. No need for her to have something larger, which is why I suspect she wasn’t first loaned the floral one Marie wears.

            I’m hoping that after her sons’ weddings, Alex sees that she has no reason to keep it so returns it to Margrethe (or Fred if Margrethe has passed by that point).

          3. Why the heck does Alexandra get money from the taxpayers? She’s no longer a member of the royal family.

          4. My understand was that Alexandra was really popular for her 9 years as a royal until F&M married and she and Joachim divorced. So popular that people wanted her to continue to work as a royal after the divorce. Somehow that translated into Alex getting a yearly stipend from the taxpayers in exchange for that work. It has come under fire a lot in recent years, especially since Joachim has remarried.

            They publicly stated that Marie was given ownership of half of the new mansion in Copenhagen. I think that is to make clear that, if J&M divorce, her settlement comes from the equity in the home and not another annual ex-wife stipend.

            ArtHistorian, am I close to right about any of that?

        2. I agree she should give the tiara back. She is not obligated to, but it would be considered good manners.
          She got that gift from Margarete because she was her daughter in law and a member of the RF. None of which she still is sooo… it would look so beautiful on isabella!

          1. They’ve already stated that only Christian will be a working royal. There won’t be a lot of occasions for the other three kids to attend formal events or for the two girls to use tiaras in their lives.

        3. I understand the value of primogeniture, where the eldest son gets it all, but I’m not following that system for my own family. If Alex keeps the tiara, she’ll pass it down to one of her sons, and his family will then have something regal that a member of the spare’s family wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s not selfish to keep a gift accepted in good faith (should she and J return all the wedding gifts because they divorced?), and if Margarethe’s grandson inherits, it even stays in the family.

        4. I would love to see that tiara back in use by the royals for personal reasons (because it’s gorgeous and I want to see it in use), but I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with Alexandra keeping the tiara. It was a wedding gift, it was legally deemed hers to keep, so that’s that. Like greymatters said, you don’t give back wedding gifts just because you get divorced.

  7. Interesting that Victoria meets with her Foreign Affairs office prior to her trip to Japan. Is she going over diplomacy, local customs, items to discuss, items not to discuss….dare I say ‘preparing’ for her trip? I didn’t know royals did that. Compare that to the Cambs who don’t want to create expectations that they will always show up to events in their own country.

      1. Oh wow. I remember older photos where she was really blonde. I think as mary has very dark hair, these genes are stronger… although genetics can be weird 🙂

      2. I just paid attention to Vincent’s hair; he used to be blonder than Josephine now she has the lightest hair. Let’s see how it looks by the end of the summer.

    1. Thanks for sharing Jessica!! Oh noooo, CP Mary is wearing a D&G lace dress 🙁 I wish I were wealthy enough to buy up all the lace dresses and have a huge bonfire 🙂

      1. Mary seems to like to style herself after Kate, and pump her face full of Botox and fillers… It’s so creepy.

        1. I think it is up in the air as to whether or not any of them copy each other.

          KM often wears full skirts with boots, she has for years. A year or two after the W&K engagement, Mary wore a similar outfit that she’d never worn before. A very KM kind of outfit.

          Was she copying Kate or just wearing boots with a full skirt?

          She also wore a lace dress after KM wore a couple. D&G as well. Is she copying or just wearing something that is new and designer?

          I don’t know how much designer clothing there is in the world, and how much is really wearable vs runway.

          Maybe they all focus on a few brands, like Letizia and Mary both wearing the same Hugo Boss dress. Maxima and Charlene wearing the same (awful) red Valentino pantsuit. All the BeNeLux ladies wearing NATAN.

          1. Is Camilla copying Catherine too, because in that picture she’s wearing a similar outfit to Mary (jacket, scarf, a-line skirt and boots).

            But anyway I highly doubt CP Mary is on DM looking at pics of Catherine so she can copy her style (they are obsessed with the M&F vs C&W narrative). If anything maybe both of their stylists have picked up on the same fashion trends through fashion weeks. That’s typically how actresses end up wearing similar outfits for red carpet events.

          2. There have been multiple times where royal ladies from various houses wear the same dress or similar dresses. I don’t necessarily think they are copying each other, just that they have similar tastes and needs for royal duty wear.

      2. I’m confused – CP Mary’s dress isn’t lace at all? Are you sure you’re looking at the right person? She’s in the satin floral dress in the last pic.

  8. I always enjoy seeing the Swedish and Danish Royal families because we see them interact often as families with their children. I love seeing the little ones grow up! I feel like most of the Cambridge’s problems with the press would be forgiven if they would just let the press see them interact as a family more often in circumstances where not every little thing is controlled, and they just let the kids be kids.

    1. I’ll never understand why they don’t publish more photos of George and Charlotte on their own. It’s easy PR and won’t hurt them in the slightest. It’s not like if we don’t see them people will forget they exist; it just creates a distance and aloofness. The Danish twins went on their first major tour when they were 4 and I don’t see G and C doing anything remotely similar, ever. Their first 6 months to a year full-time at KP will be a headache because of their relationship with the media.

  9. You must be loving all the eating/drinking pics of Charles and Camilla on this tour! I was surprised at how large their crowds have been!
    Love the Camilla bling!
    Is Vic’s trip to Japan a state visit with tiaras?! =)
    I think the Spanish have a state visit coming up too.

    1. Oh I loved the pics of them at the market in Florence. I quite loved seeing Charles drinking coffee and sniffing food.

  10. Thanks for this; I agree,one of my favorites, and thanks for interesting links from commenters.

    Victoria always looks correct, and business-like when appropriate. And knows her stuff because of her hard work and study. The BRF seems to have missed this.

    I like Camilla’s short evening dress, great color. This is how to do it: dress fairly simple and then add on the bling, so people feel you cared enough about the event to dress your best.

    Is anything cuter than Madeleine’s kids? Leonore is really getting tall and growing up. Still has the energy, though.

    I am really tired of fascinators, even when worn by fashionable Danes.

  11. Wow, Felix looks so grown up! How old is he? I do not know about the Lutheran church of denmark, but in the Catholic faith we go confirmed at about 14/15. But he kinda looks older… he is even as tall as his step mom in heels!

    1. There is no set upper age for protestant churches, BUT the usual practise is early teens. There tends to be a minimum age of 13/14 depending on *sect, hence the practise to see it done in early teens.

      If you don’t do it as an early teen, you can do it as an adult.

      With protestant religion, the individual sects decide on an age limit as they see fit, but overall, no set upper age limit.

      * sect = Lutheran, CoE, Baptists, Quakers, Methodists etc

  12. I absolutely love Silvia’s purple suit with the scarf and white blouse. Any woman of any age could wear this and look just right.
    Madde’s black coat is a big yes for me- ruffles are au courant and this is a lovely chic example.
    Camilla in deep saturated color always makes me happy, she can really pull it off with her complexion and hair.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the royal families, KMR, much appreciated 🙂

    1. I just said on twitter that I loved the dress but hated the monochromatic look and needed her hair pulled back so we could see the earrings!
      It’s a shame she kinda blends into the red carpet

      1. It’s a very pretty dress, really lovely it’s just been put together all wrong from hair, to shoes, to clutch. And she should never have worn it on a red carpet. What a shame because this dress has the capacity to be a real winner but as ever she got it all so wrong.

      2. I think those earrings are better covered up! They would really rock a more casual outfit, but they’re wrong for this dress — which does call for an updo to give some space above the high neckline of that dress. I like the dress, and it’s a good color on Kate. Gold shoes/clutch would set it off (and distinguish it from the carpet) better than the matchy-matchy look she favors.

    2. I guess I’m not in a nitpicky mood; I think she would have looked fantastic with her hair up. She seems scared of an updo.

      1. Too much fake hair to deal with and she’s way into having it down and long. Security blanket and she gets praised for how amazing her hair is when most of it is fake!

    3. After looking at the close-up pics of Kate in the DM, one thing that stands out to me is that her face seems to be suspiciously frozen and tight looking in the space between her nose and upper lip. I will leave off the rest of my comments until KMR posts about this.

      1. She is heavily botoxed. And I don’t think it’s an attractive look on anyone. Unfortunately, just about everyone in the public eye does that now. There are so many other ways to look youthful, such as using sunscreen, avoiding caffeine and cigarettes, facial peels, eating an apple a day, eating lots of green and yellow vegetables, drinking lots of water, avoid sugar, exercise, even facial exercises help. Botox and implants just look fake to me–and sadly desperate.

    4. Another Christmas ornaments dress/ earrings and frumpy looking matching the rug…look like curtains on a skinny with large head and big cheeks. The. DoCornwall red gown was is so much beautiful with regal blings!

      This is such a waste of taxpayers funds. The elite aristo professionals seems to be smirking how someone like her sitting behind the Royal seal -maybe hard to believe they need to treat such useless as royal- even the actresses seem to be smirking when she got out. Where is whiny, ‘I am a prince’!?

      Prince Harry MM need to get on with it -show how its done!

    5. Did someone forget to tell her that 42nd Street is set in the 30s, not the 50s? She looks straight out of 1950s prom.

      Because she couldn’t have worn her other calf-length, red, cocktail dress? I don’t understand wasting so much money on new clothes, when she has 6 years worth of clothes gathering dust in the wardrobes. Given her spending, she probably has close to 1 million in clothes by now.

      1. I would like to see this dress on Eugenie; she looks great in 50s style with her lovely figure and coloring. I don’t think this silhouette suits Kate. She looks better in more severe clothes, even if they are a bit aging. And, oh please, could someone sneak up with scissors and cut off that unglorious mop. She looks like a spaniel. She looked far better with the simple pony tail after Pippa’s party.

        1. Eugenie does rock that look

          As does Beatrice

          I also think KM looks better in well-tailored, classic styles. The frou frou doesn’t work, and when she’d tries to look “girly” it ends up being worse.

  13. Chris Jackson’s comments on Twitter about Charles and Camilla’s tour make me smile. How they take the time to talk to people, shake lots of hands, accept hugs, no barriers between them and people who want to see them. A rock star welcome as he put it! Pretty neat. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with this tour through social media.

    1. Hi Ellie, I thought it was very interesting that he said the C&C tend to draw the largest crowds (not saying it’s not true) and considering he’s engaged to Kate’s “stylist” Natasha I wonder if there is some tension behind the scenes between him and the Cambridges for him to speak out this way?

      1. I wonder!

        He does a great job at capturing C&C’s charm and warmth in pictures, which you don’t see with W&K’s tours because there is none despite the manufactured PR insisting there is… He also has done well on Harry tours, I bet doing W&K tours is exhausting because there’s not a lot of substance and not a lot to really photograph but you get the kids so that’s automatic photographer-points for him.

    2. Everyone looks like they are having a great time but PoW loves Italy second only to Scotland so this should be a good tour for him.

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