Kate in Marchesa for 42nd Street opening night

Kate in Marchesa for 42nd Street opening night

Kate Middleton stopped by the “42nd Street” opening night at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London’s West End last night, April 4.

Kate attended the opening night of the “42nd Street” revival because Michael Linnit and Michael Grade (the show’s producers), together with The Global Group of Companies for Gate Ventures, will be supporting the nook appeal for the run of the show.

The Nook is a planned new hospice in Norfolk which will replace the Quidenham site in order to accommodate the demand for EACH’s services. EACH currently provides specialist care and support for 351 children and young people with an additional 417 family members receiving face-to-face therapeutic support. EACH is looking to raise Β£10 million to build The Nook, and need another Β£5 million to reach their goal.

Kate, as Patron of EACH, attended the launch of the Nook Appeal back in November 2014, and has supported the Nook Appeal a few times since then: in Feb 2015, June 2016, and Jan 2017.

EACH “supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. [Their] care and support is tailored for the needs of all family members and delivered where the families wish – in their own home, at hospital, in the community or at one of three hospices in Ipswich, Milton and Quidenham.”

Kate presented with program at 42nd Street opening night s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Upon arrival at the theatre, Kate met with the show’s producers, and executives from EACH, before being presented with a program from Ollie Duell, 12, who is supported by EACH. Ollie lives with a complex medical condition that affects his bowel and stomach. In addition, he has an underactive thyroid, juvenile arthritis and sleep apnoea. He can walk short distances, but often needs an electric wheelchair. You can read more of Ollie’s story here.

Kate presented with tap shoes at 42nd Street opening night s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate received a gift of tap shoes from producer Michael Linnit.

Kate chose a new-to-her designer for the evening: Marchesa Notte – which is Marchesa’s cheaper diffusion line, although still vastly over-priced. Kate chose the “Embellished Tulle Midi Dress” ($1,195) in “Claret” which features lattice and rosette motifs, a fit-and-flare design, and a crystal-embellished waist. Kate’s dress has been altered slightly to add longer sleeves than the original cap sleeve.

As much as I hate Erdem, I hate Marchesa even more – I think all their designs are cheap-looking, fug garbage – so while this is one of the least terrible Marchesa dresses I’ve seen, it’s a no from me. If it didn’t have the lattice and rosettes, then maybe it would have worked for me because I do like the silhouette, but as it is now I dislike it.

Kate at 42nd Street opening night cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate debuted new earrings, too, the Kate Spade “Pretty Pom Tassel Drop Earrings” ($98). These look like they should cost $5, not $98. These are a no from me as well.

I don’t have the same aversion to the monochromatic look that a lot of you guys have, so I don’t mind the matchy-matchy red of the dress, earrings, red Mulberry Bayswater Cluch, and Gianvito Rossi bordeaux suede pumps. As always, I love the red clutch and shoes, I just can’t stand the dress or earrings.

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  1. I liked the dress! I would like it better sans the rosettes tho. The earrings look like something you would wear with in ugly Christmas sweater party. She should’ve paired it with some Art Deco earrings and bracelet and worn her sparkly pumps. And hair in an up do!
    I said on other post that she blended into the carpet in all that red
    I read where Morgan Freeman was there. I would sit and listen to him read a phone bk to me! Best voice ever!!
    I hope they’re able to raise money for the rest of the money. I didn’t see the kp twitter release on this-do they provide the link in how to donate?

    1. If the earrings were $5, then I could see them looking great with an ugly Christmas sweater and a ponytail. But $98 for those earrings is ridiculous.

      No, KP did not tweet a link to donate to the Nook appeal.

      1. Isn’t the whole point of this to raise awareness and donations? What is the point of Kate showing up if their twitter cannot even bother posting about it and linking a donations link? They need better follow through πŸ™

        1. KP was too busy with Harry and didn’t post anything about Kate until way after the fact. So in that sense we’re lucky we got anything from them. But yes, the fact that they don’t tweet links to donate is really dumb on their part.

          1. When your tweet came across they were tweeting about Harry! Which I thought was earlier in the day?
            Not adding a link to donate is a huge missed opportunity on their part. Every aspect from hair stylist to social media seems to be amateur hour with them tho.

          2. Evidently EACH auctioned the blue hat Kate tried on. I came across it from Richard Palmer, but does anyone know if KP tweeted about the auction also? (The hat sold for over $1100, which makes no sense to me, but to each their own)? It feels like this would have been an easy way for KP to help, and very appropriate, since EACH was relying on their connection to Kate.


      2. Here’s an idea: why doesn’t Kate wear repeats for the rest of year and donate the money she would have otherwise spent on clothes to the Nook Appeal? Apparently she’s already spent close to 60,000 GBP on clothes in just three months! I too would love to see KP add a donate link.

        1. Because she doesn’t care about EACH or their Nook appeal. She cares more about her clothes.

          If she cared, she’d show up to things beyond this or a gala they waste money putting on near Anmer. :/

          EACH is in good hands with Ed Sheeran, though. He’s raised way more money through concerts and attending galas and singing there!

      3. I have earrings like this that I got for $5 lol. They are fun but I would never see them as something I would wear to a formal event. I actually saw these in person at the Kate Spade store and couldn’t justify the $98 thus why I got the $5 ones lol

      1. As do Sir Patrick Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Oprah Winfrey, IMO. πŸ™‚

        P.S. Has anyone else been following Patrick and his foster-hopefully-soon-to-be-adopted dog, Ginger, on social media? OMG (yes, justified πŸ˜‰ ) it’s awesome!! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t see the point of wearing earrings like that when they are buried in her hair. She should have chosen less showy earrings or actually wear her hair up to show them off. Why even bother to look for logic where she is concerned.

    The colour of the dress is nice, but yet again another new outfit. It’s beyond wasteful really.

    1. I have *never* understood why *anyone* would wear long dangly earrings with long hair! This isn’t the first time Kate has done it, and Kate isn’t the only one by any means. To me, it grates, like socks with sandals, or jeans with dresses. Just no.

      1. Because you want to wear a certain pair of earrings and also don’t want to bother putting your hair up. At least that’s why I do it whenever I do it.

        1. Does your hair ever get caught in the earrings? Though I have my ears pierced, I hardly ever wear them so I’m curious.

          1. With long earrings, my hair gets caught in them if I don’t pull them in a ponytail or tie them at the back. It get annoying sometimes.

          2. Sometimes. But I just pull it out and get on with my day. It’s not a big deal. I actually have a much worse time with stud earrings getting caught in my hair. Those get caught all the time.

        2. I wear long earrings with my hair down and I think they show. I am more mindful of not usong colors that get lost/blend with my hair. At least we got to see the big bright (ugly) red earrings these time. It only “bothers” me when they are cool earrings and are lost in all the hair.

  3. I love Marchesa! I actually love this entire look, earrings and all. But dang if her hair doesn’t ruin it all. Good hell, girl, put that mop in a pony. Ugh.

    1. Having her haid down covers a lot, not just her earrings. With her hair off her shoulders her white bra strap is visible, some sites have a close ip of her receiving the gift, I thought the dress was torn, but it’s the bra strap showing.

      I’d like to see her in a real updo, the kind Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffny’s, great for all jewellery.

      1. My thoughts exactly*. Too Much Hair. In fact headlines should now read ‘Kate and her Hair visit…’ It’s just a mess.

        *my actual thoughts were ‘the first person to go at that with a pair is scissors will (before they get tasered in the face) receive a standing ovation from me’. Apologies KMR for bad thoughts. Maybe I should content myself with hoping a wiglet falls out and the 80’s can get their bouffant back. Just please, please, please no more big hair!

      2. She has done this multiple times. Worn a see-through chiffon or lace illusion top and shows the bra straps or lingerie underneath. So simple, wear a strapless bra the same shade as the outfit.



        Or course, that would require her to get fitted for a good strapless bra, which didn’t happen with this mint green dress:


        p.s. IMO red and burgundy do not go together unless you’re making a Valentine’s Day card or wrapping Christmas gifts in a hurry.

          1. Thank you Herazeus! That top dress is another fine case of her forcing the waist higher, and looking like she has the world’s longest bum in exchange.

            Someone on Order of Splendor compared the dress negatively to a Pauline Trigere – and called KM’s Temperley dress the Butterick pattern version of the original.


    2. I agree completely! I was just thinking that the hair down, especially because it’s so dark, just completely weighed down the whole look. I liked how the models were styled, and I realized that it was because you could see the illusion neckline, so it gave the dress a chance to breathe. Considering how much money she spends on clothing, I’m not sure why she doesn’t hire a stylist or dresser. It sounds trivial, but I think a few tweeks would make a world of difference.

  4. As always, should have put her hair up but that’s old news now. I doubt it would’ve made the earrings better. They look like they belong on drapes and upholstery or something. I’m not surprised that she chose Marchesa Notte. Compared to the more expensive line, the designs here are more tolerable.

    1. Looks like it!

      Now a bright idea would be to give the shoes to the charity so they can auction them off and raise some money?

      1. I still think giving away gifts like that would come off as really rude on the royal’s part.

        1. OK, but if it was something she will never use?

          Better than destroying them and it could bring in some much needed funds?

          I do see your point KMR, it’s a difficult point to manage. I know the Queen has all gifts cataloged from countries. They get brought for viewing when there is a state visit. And I know the flowers given on walkabouts are given to local hospitals.

          Maybe Charlotte will take up tap in the future and they will be used then?

          1. It’s wasteful giving Kate a gift; flowers are okay, but really, what’s the point? She’ll just chuck them away. Also, since nothing is left to chance in these things, surely the shoes could have been presented to Kate to donate to NOOK?

            Kate wears the 50’s Submissive Woman look well; the waist is, as usual, too high, and the crystal is awful. The shoes and clutch do not match the red of the dress so create a jarring effect. Black evening sandals and a matching bag would have been fine. A vivid silk wrap would have been great a la Audrey Hepburn. And hair up too a la Audrey in Funny Face. I’m assuming the curtain tassels aka earrings are Kate’s nod to being at a theatre that has velvet curtains and tassel tie-backs? They are ghastly and ooze bad taste.

            I agree with others; I’d prefer to see and hear the talented Morgan Freeman!

          2. Little boys dancing are so cute! It’s hard to find classes around here that accept boys. When you do, the price is cut in half because they need boys so badly, ha!

            George will probably be pushed into rugby, football, and polo whether he likes it or not, though, while Charlotte will do dance and whatever else.

        2. It could but I think in general it would be a great move.

          Look how much money Beatrice and Eugenie raised for charity by selling the ugly hats they wore at W&K’s wedding. I know, apples and oranges, but still they raised a ton!

          1. If Kate sold some of her clothes for charity, I’d be all for that. But I don’t think it’s appropriate for royals to sell gifts.

          2. Adding, too late to edit. Maybe that was part of Diana’s settlement, that she got personal ownership of her work clothes? Not necessarily legal, but who was going to fight that request at that point? Charles was too busy scrambling and borrowing money from his mother for the settlement.

          3. I was reading some legal papers the other day and as the law stands at the moment assets such as clothes and accessories cannot me counted in settlement figures in divorce in UK law but there is a legal move to challenge that given the exhorbitant prices of some women’s dress and handbag collections. Jewellery yes but nothing else at the moment. Apparently there is a current case looking to change the law due to a woman who went on a Hermes spending spree before announcing she was filing for divorce. She can ask for hubbys watch collection to be counted as divisible assets but he can’t have her handbag or extensive wardrobe collection factored in.

        3. I think it depends. Clothes e children outgrew yes. I think that could work.
          It would be great if they did an exhibit of some of the more interesting items they’ve received. Several of the presidential libraries that I’ve been to showed gifts they received while in office. It was nice to see

          1. Haven’t I read that the Queen donates clothes, which I think means clothes for off duty? And also that the BRF quietly disposes of unwanted gifts?

          2. Food gifts are incinerated (in case they’ve been poisoned I guess). Flowers are given to hospitals. Don’t know what they do with other things.

  5. She​ should have opted a updo .I hate the earrings .Pearls could have worked nicely.
    I liked the dress . One thing is for sure Kate has not learnt to carry herself .She does not seem to be involved in the event ,she is just present .
    Can anyone tell if she flies all over from Norfolk to London for her engagements ?

        1. Between her new clothes at nearly every outing and the helicopter rides, its cheaper for Kate to stay home and not work at all- less waste of public funds. Especially, when she brings average to terrible performance at every one of her job sites/days of work.

    1. Does anyone remember those tassels that decorators tied to keys in fancy bookcases and wardrobes? Those earrings look exactly like them.

      1. Yes! I’ve just moved into an old property and this is exactly the kind of thing I’m after for the bathroom keys! Bit much at Β£98 for two though.. They’d also make excellent curtain tie-backs if they were a bit bigger but to me they look like the kind of fancy ribbony thing you get on Chinese good luck symbols at New Year. Sorry I don’t know what they are called but with some lucky coins attached you’d be sorted.

      2. Haha, yes, I have a couple that I used to have hanging on the keys to our dining room corner cupboards, until I decided that it was making the space too busy. I’ve tucked them away somewhere not knowing what to do with them, but now I know what I might try lol.

  6. I like this dress, also the rosettes and silver waste, the clutch and shoes are pretty, especially the colour of the shoes. The length of the dress is also interesting. Perhaps 1195$ is too much for this dress, but I
    don’t think it looks cheap,whereas the earrings,they are terrible for this outfit.

    1. The earrings look like curtain tiebacks. I think she choose pretty items (dress, shoes, …) but most of them would have been better worn separately.

    1. She has the “It Factor.” Hard to define, but you know “it” when you see “it.” She is confident and at ease in whatever she wears. She seems to love clothing, but loves who she is even more. And, I think she is able to express her positive feelings toward others with ease. That is what I see in Maxima, too.

      When I say she loves herself even more, I am not talking about conceit. I think she is comfortable with who she is and comfortable in her own skin.

      Also, some women just don’t like all the hoopla about fashion. Kate seems more comfortable in casual clothing. Some women can look so amazing in jeans and a t-shirt. I have seen Kate look very good in some of her casual looks, but also I have seen her look just plain boring.

    2. Ah, Amy, Big BLue is beautiful, but in Kate’s Matchy Matchy world, that fabulous ring clashed with the red dress and accessories. If only Kate was closer to Fergie, perhaps, she could have borrowed her ruby ring. Now, that would have been the right thing to do. I seem to recall Fergie’s engagement ring was a ruby surrounded with either pearls or diamonds.

  7. Okay so I must say I so enjoy your articles KMR! I’m a long time reader but new poster here and enjoy too all of the different opinions expressed.Im up late reading and cannot hold back from commenting any longer.This ensemble is just so bad IMHO-Kate is really pretty but she just lacks a certain charisma and seems to always mess up something with her attire.I do love monochromatic looks but this dress length is off and her hair really needs to be in an updo.There are no words for these earrings Just No!And I agree with other posters that she seems physically present but absent in her demeanor.Kate looks like she’s just not comfortable except when at sports or in casual attire.Such potential but just always a bit off the mark.Really I don’t get it!

    1. I think you’ll fit right in here Lauren! Welcome.
      I think Kate is way overdressed and there was no need for another expensive new outfit. And why does she spend all this money and then wear Day shoes with an evening dress? She has evening sandals . Hair..no, earrings I really like as curtain tie backs or Xmas silly earrings to go with the silly jumper, clutch is nice but she has lovely sparkly ones that would match some nicer shoes and break up the red carpet snooze fest.

    2. Hi Lauren, welcome! Glad to know I’m not the only one who likes the monochromatic thing.

      1. Thanks for the welcome KMR -I think when a person is not a fashionista a simple monochromatic look can be elegant As a busy mom and wife I definitely go for monochromatic whether it be all black yoga pants and T shirts or black wool trousers and cashmere sweaters can take you many places.Especially when one hasn’t got thousands to drop on clothes ?

      2. I am a fan of the monochromatic look. It can be quite elegant. The problem is Kate has done it far too often and it looks like her *uniform*.

  8. Who cares about meeting Kate. I would have wanted to meet Morgan Freeman who was also there. Just let him narrate the whole evening :). I wonder what he thought of the whole to do with Kate (I think it is odd they presented Kate with a present on stage after the play).

    Kate looks nice, but her typical boring and predictable self. Same type of dress, boring accessories, everything the same color, hair down. I don’t think Kate looks good in this silhouette either. She also blended in with the red carpet. She looks nice, but forgettable. I am one who loves dressing up for the theatre but I actually think Kate looks a bit out of place. I think a little less dressy dress would have been better.

    1. Morgan Freeman was there? If he narrated this event, nobody would remember Kate. I even loved his helium voice on Jimmy Fallon.

    2. It’s another dress that Camilla could have worn, if it had longer sleeves. But Camilla would have accessorized it better. Tassles for earrings, is she trying to be whimsical? She doesn’t have the personality to do that. Another expensive, boring look.

  9. No no no to the crystals around the waist! Are they there on the original dress?

    I’m lost as to the pompom earrings. I have long hair but struggle with drop earrings when my hair is down so I put it up. Kate just looks messy like this.

    It seems like, yet again, Kate needs a new dress so she will leave the house?

  10. While I do like this look and burgundy suits her so well, it’s too matchy matchy.

    I think it would’ve looked even better with her Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals or maybe even the Gianvito black criss cross heels from the India tour.
    Her chandelier earrings from the Queen, I think, would’ve looked better. Big earrings still, but more bling and less matchy matchy.

  11. Btw, it kind of makes me sick when a royal (not just Kate), shows up to a charity event that is trying to raise money wearing very expensive clothes. She could have worn a nice inexpensive dress that looked better than this and donated the thousand pounds instead. Especially since Nook has to reach such a massive goal, any bit helps. Here the charity is asking for money and Kate shows up in a brand new expensive outfit that she will probably never wear again. How great would it be to take the dress from tonight and auction it off for Nook? That would actually help with their goal and make her look good. Just showing up to watch a play doesn’t really do much.

    1. I loved this BBC item on Diana, the impact she made by shaking the hand of an AIDS patient. What I like is the historical context from someone who was there and who assessed her actions based on impressions then and with the benefit of hindsight… He discusses how she dealt with staff, patients and interestingly those who behaved in a superior manner to her…definitely a woman making an impact.


      1. Diana had courage here, nobody requested it from her and look which great impact it had on the people.That was something memorable, shaking the hand of the AIDS patient.I’m still impressed.

  12. I don’t know whether it is all the rosettes or meshing, but I am not a fan of this dress, . All the same color is just too much. The shoes and clutch are nice but not with the identical color scheme of the dress, and the earrings that looks awful. A contrasting color would have been a lot better.
    The Indian tour 2016 she did the same thing with the blue Jenny Packham evening dress for a black-tie gala, on the first night of her trip. Blue shawl, earrings, evening bag, a sea of blue, apart from the shoes, black if my memory is right!
    I agree with August, a up hairstyle and pearl earrings would have been much softer looking.
    The European ladies mostly all contrast, and it looks beautiful, and hair is never hanging, and accessories are always spot on.
    The Duchess looks nice enough but a stylist is needed to help her put it all together stylishly. I think she tries hard but it is never quite right.

  13. The positive: the color. Shades of red and red/purple suit her beautifully, and Kate should be playing with it more often.

    The cons: the 50’s look of it, which to me reinforces the message she is a submissive wife and a girl playing Duchess dress-up. I like Marchesa, and while I can picture Michelle Obama choosing this as a day dress, I am not fond of it for night. The earrings are a miss for me as well, for it is as though she knew she wanted a big fat earring to wear with her hair down and purposely chose an explosively big proportion.

    Other details: she needs to know how to pose and use her hands, because she looks uncertain of how to carry herself without a clutch. And I am not fond of (yet again) Sausage Curls With Hairpiece look.

    Does anyone know if we can protest Kate’s wardrobe to the Prince of Wales? Maybe we can write to him and beg him to stop funding mediocre style choices! ?

    1. “The cons: the 50’s look of it, which to me reinforces the message she is a submissive wife and a girl playing Duchess dress-up. ”

      Exactly. At this point, being in her mid-30s, we have to realize she is never going to change. This is it.

  14. I like Marchesa. I randomly googled Marchesa just now and I wish, where the occasion merits (like a big gala which KM sometimes attends) that she would be a bit adventurous and wear something like this: https://d36di5nvqr47bo.cloudfront.net/photos/15762/65304/marchesa-ready-to-wear-spring-summer-2016-new-york-15762-looks-20150916-782364/Marchesa-Ready-to-Wear-Spring-Summer-2016-NY-7312-1442425481-bigthumb.jpg

    In fact this link has some nice gowns she could use:

    KMR, so sorry if you feel this is out of topic. Please remove this post if you need to. Apologies in advance!

      1. I’m mentally picturing KM in dresses 5, 6, 13, 14, 18, 20, 26, 27, 28 but she’s never really adventurous with her clothes…oh well.

  15. This would have been the perfect event for William to accompany Kate. What a missed opportunity for him to support her. The play would have been great for him to go with her to in support of her charity.

  16. Sigh. Same as last time.

    Hair down, covering way too expensive fugly earrings? Check.

    Lacy looking dress? Check.

    Heaven’s above, does she have *anyone* who is advising her?! She is head to toe the exact shade of the d*mn carpet, for pete’s sake.

  17. Kate: an over-accessorised vision in red, red, red! Really the dress is lovely but it doesn’t need big red earrings (hidden in the hair), red shoes and bag! There is so much going on with the dress that her hair should be sleek and maybe smaller sparkly earrings – time for real diamonds rather than all this expensive costume jewellery.

  18. How can one hate Merchesa? Ive been praying for the Kate to wear it ever since she got married!! I love this dress, I love the sparkle, the Rosettes, the color especially and the skirt too. I would have preffered some open sandal and these Earring are horrifying, for once I’m glad her hair was down to hide them away. For me this outfit was still a win though.

    1. Easily. It’s everything I hate about fashion. It’s frou frou and tulle and sparkles and crap thrown together in the ugliest ways possible. Also, the designer is married to Harvey Weinstein who is a disgusting person. So if the fug designs didn’t kill Marchesa for me, the Harvey Weinstein association would.

      1. I agree KMR. As I was reading you comment I could hear Don McLeans Fashion Victim in my head. The entire lot of this spring line is awful. Her selection was the best of the lot. I don’t mind monochrome but this ensemble just doesn’t work for me

      2. I’m glad you brought up the Weinstein association.

        Given the reasons Hollywood women wear Marchesa, i automatically side eye every famous woman in Marchesa.

        And that’s before i judge the ugly designs masquerading as fashion.

        For anyone who doesn’t know Marchesa/ Weinstein ….. google this example: Gretchen Mol.

        Extrapolate to every woman in Marchesa and why Marchesa is so prominent in Hollywood.

        1. Wow. I am going to look at anyone wearing Marchesa in Hollywood differently now.

          I have no word for this kind of behaviour, I’m just disgusted.

          Thank you for bringing up this issus Herazeus.

      3. I’m going to have to pass on that. I’ve seen some really nice Marchesa gowns; I actually rather like the one Catherine is wearing I just wish she had her hair up.

      4. KMR, I am done with your blog. Last week you allowed one commenter to call another an asshole and someone else (maybe the same person) to call Pippa Middleton the c-word. It’s one thing to host a critical blog. Quite another to not moderate the haters. Too bad, as you allowed all of your hard work to be diminished by haters and trash talk.

        1. I told the person who call another person an a-hole to not do that again. I also told the person who called Pippa the c-word to not do that again. I cannot be online moderating comment at all times and sometimes it does take me a while to see comments, but if telling people not to do things I find inappropriate when I do see them is not enough moderation for you then there really is nothing I can do about that. I’m sorry to see you go as I enjoy your comments and you add to the diversity in comments here. Have a nice day.

        2. Hey Beth I was the one one called the asshole yesterday by that ignorant commenter and I have been called better insults by smarter people so you really should not leave because of that one poster. Your comments are worth reading and we can just ignore the noise made by someone who does not know how to express disagreement like a proper adult.

  19. I too am not a fan of Erdem or Marchesa. But, this is one of the better Marchesa dresses I’ve seen, and it’s a lovely color on her. The earrings are a big no. Some commentators have said they are fun and whimsical, but I see them as tacky.

  20. I actually love this look, minus the earrings. It’s a great color and cut on her, and I think the monochromatic accessories were a good choice. I also think the hair down looks good- simple hair looks best with such a detailed dress. Diamond earrings would have been better! Hope we see this dress again.

  21. I’m beginning to think that because she buys so indiscriminately across so many designers her style is just too cluttered. She’s buying American, Italian & British designers who’s signature looks are all very different. She really ought to take a leaf from DoC who sticks with 2/3 key designers and 2/3 key silhouettes. She’s found her mojo and has immense style because she always delivers the look that works for her. Katie Keen sadly has no style cohesion because she neither one thing or another. She needs to decide what she wants to be and stick with it because this scatter gun approach is not working for her.

    Tragically I have still not outgrown a love of sparkle and I just loved the gemstone waistband……much better than twee bows. Ok it’s not very Audrey / Grace or Jackie in the parred back style but I though it brought the look of the dress down by ten years. I liked the Marchesa, it was just accessorised all wrong and looked tragically like the red carpet brought to life. I think it was youthful and a massive improvement on the green lace Temperley and whoever said Eugenie would have rocked that look was right.

    What a shame William never went with her last night, that would have been a really nice ‘date night’. I notice Miguel Head was on duty as one of her props but I’m not sure who the female KP flunkie who was there behind her in the Royal Box?

    1. How long did she stay? Did she help raise money? I can’t see her “on”, working a room for charity, making sure to talk to everyone, being lighthearted and funny, dropping some knowledgeable tidbits about the importance of Nook and the HT campaign, how many people Nook will help, the services, etc… I just can’t see her schmoozing for charity.

      1. I imagine everyone inquires and talks about her and the kids, because they know how to be social and polite, while she is not interested in anything beyond herself.

        1. This ^^.

          Very hard to make small talk if you have no interest in those you are supposed to be talking to. I imagine that’s one of the reasons why she has Miguel there…..to help facilitate conversation.

          Just as an aside but the trio are at the Abbey today for the service of hope and William has laid a wreath but only signed it from himself. I thought that was very strange. He was with Kate & Harry when he laid it but only his name is on the handwritten card in his writing. I’m sure that’s not normal. Maybe he forgot he had a wife?

          1. Hi, Mrs. BBV. Interesting comment on William’s name being the only one on the card which went with the the wreath. Kate and Harry were there, too. At least “Catherine” should have been on the card. What is up with that?

      2. I wonder if Royals have ever made their own monetary donation to these causes, anonymously even (then the information comes out later)? It just makes me feel that Kate’s clothing spending this year could already go a long way towards raising money for the Nook Appeal. I looked at their website and EACH didn’t state anything on their timeline for raising these funds.

        1. Charles has fairly often and sometimes very large sums, like to Aid to the Church in Need which has helped shuttle people (not just Christians) out of Syria, etc. Usually when I hear about stuff like this, it’s Charles who’s donated, he seems very generous in spite of his own, er, spending.

          Even the Queen has donated large sums of money to Red Cross appeals and such.

        2. W&K donated to flood victims late March 2014.

          February 2014 she went to Mustique with the baby while he was hunting with Jecca. A couple weeks later they went on their baby-free 10 day trip to the Maldives where they rented out the entire resort. They arrived home to the PR fallout.

          Less than a week later, they donated money for flood victims in Wales.

          Surely those things aren’t related are they? (sarcasm)

        3. We also have the gem of a story that William donates his salary to charity line but never told what charity it is.

    2. The other person was Sophie Agnew–so either Kate required the presence of two staffers for what should have been a fluffy event, or Sophie can’t yet be trusted to manage what should be a fluffy, straightforward event.

      Either way, those two KPers took up two spaces in the royal box that I’m sure someone else would have paid top dollar for and which could have gone to EACH.

      And still, as was pointed out at the top of the comments, KP can’t be bothered to get a timely Tweet out about the event, nor give its followers a link to give to the charity. For all Jason Knauf claims to know about the power of social media, he has failed yet again….or, again as said above, Kate and KP just don’t care about donations to the charity.

      1. Kate seems to have to surround herself with staff at events. Either as a security blanket or professional need?
        I still remember the the garden party, all these peeps for her to meet and greet and she’s huddled talking to her crew who were invited! She talks to them all the time! Go talk to peeps who you’re there to meet.

      2. Imagine if some of the kiddos from EACH and their families got to sit up there with Kate!

        Yeah, I know, Kate wouldn’t want to deal with it but it would be so sweet and such a lovely thing for them.

    3. The female KP flunkie is Sophie Agnew. She used to be Rebecca’s assistant. Perhaps she’s been promoted since Rebecca quit? I’ve noticed Sophie attending events instead of Rebecca for some time now. Long before Rebecca’s resignation was announced.

      Can’t remember when Sophie joined the office, but we’ve definitely seen her on various tours since last year. Definitely part of the entourage. I do remember her on the India tour because she was part of Kate’s glam squad that trekked up the mountain to the monastry in Nepal.

        1. It’s a generic British slang to mean assistant. It’s not derogatory or pejorative, so the DM isn’t demeaning her by calling her that.

  22. I like the dress esp the rich color and the 50’s style skirt- I am lover of that kind of wide skirt! I even like Kate’s matchy matchy look, it goes here. However, Kate’s lifeless hair doesn’t elevate this outfit to something great- She could’ve run an Audrey-Hepburn hairstyle with this.
    And those earrings are beyond ugly- I thought she had put on bloody tampons on her ears, at first!

    I am actually surprised that this is Marchesa. Usually Marchesa’s designs are those tackey figure skater outfits done up in full-length gowns. Just like Kate, the only reason that Georgina Chapman (the designer of Marchesa) is anything is because of her husband- she only has what she has due to the man she married, as nasty and boorish as that man is.

  23. The colour looks horrible on her; she suits clear jewel colours not this muddied mess. The earrings are tacky beyond the pale, like, trailer park tacky.

    That is one heck of a tan she’s got there, and I don’t think it’s from a so called ‘hen’ trip or a tanning bed. So keen, such a hard worker, such a fluff event, again. Rinse, repeat.

  24. I am having a love-hate affair with this dress. I love the color and love the full skirt on the bottom but Kate- enough with the lace/applique stuff already. I will even give her a pass for the usual boring jewel neckline. The choice/lack of accessories is what ruins it. Did she steal some curtain tie backs from BP and convert them into earrings? Does this woman or her stylists have no imagination? I am also ready to scream because her hair is just out of control, it detracts from everything when it is flopping beyond her shoulders and all over her face. I also think it ages her. The time has come for her to grow up and either wear her hair up 80% of the time when on engagements or cut it just to the top of her shoulders to have a more polished look. I know some of you think this dress has a ’50’s submissive woman
    vibe, and I kind of liked that, but since Kate has no presence, taste, personality or charisma she is not capable of giving this look a modern feel. If she just had done the minimum and worn her hair up last night and put on a pair of diamond dangle earrings and had some kind of a diamond brooch, this would have been a major improvement for her. To paraphrase Marlon Brando in the movie On the Waterfront: “This could’ve been a contender”

  25. The photo showing the close up of the earrings shows her face looking flushed. Was it warm there? Or is it an effect of her make up?

  26. For me, the entire outfit was too heavy looking for an early spring event. Although I like the suede clutch, I don’t like it for this time of year. The Marchesa brand has too many negative Weinstein associations to even warrant a look. And I don’t understand how she thought those earrings were attractive in any sense. In one DM photo inside the theater her long hair covered half her face. Does she think she looks alluring with half her face covered by long extensions?

    I imagine any number of other royals attending this event and I can’t help but know that KM will never project genuine warmth, wit, or caring or even look as though she has a superficial understanding why she must work. Camilla, Sophie, Beatrice, Eugenie or any of the Swedish royals would look as though they were thrilled to meet every one they met and actually look as though they
    were honored to be able to do something for the Nook. That’s what is missing at every KM appearance where her every movement seems choreographed and calculated.

    1. There have been a number of times that Kate selects clothes that are out of season–that horrible poppy dress that she wore in November was from a spring or summer collection, and at least one other time this past winter she wore an evening dress that was from a summer resort collection…I think it might have been that hideous white patchy lace thingy, where the lace of the bodice didn’t go with the pleats of the skirt.

      1. Lizzie, I get what you are saying regarding her choice of clothing that often don’t fit in with the seasons. As I think about this particular dress, I think it seemed to fit in perfectly with the style of 42nd Street. Perhaps, it is not so 50s as I initially thought. I do recall seeing a staged production of White Christmas a few years ago and this dress would have fit in with several of the different scenes in that musical! Wasn’t that set in the 40s, too?

        1. It is a very theatrical dress–my first thought when I saw the DM headline and pics was West Side Story.
          And yes, White Christmas was set in the 40s, but 42nd Street is set in the 30s, I think. So I agree that this tea-length dress is very reminiscent of the 1940s/1950s–it looks exactly like what I’d imagine the characters Lucy Ricardo or June Cleaver would wear for an evening out lol.

        2. 42nd Street was a 1932 novel, a 1933 movie, and the original Broadway production was in 1980. And just like the first few years of any decade look like the peak of the previous one, the early 1930s are the 1920s concentrated. It has nothing to do with the 40s or 50s. The choreography in the film was done by Busby Berkeley. Look at the costumes the ladies are wearing. The story itself is about putting on a grand show at the height of the Great Depression. It’s where the, “You’ve got to come back a star!” quote comes from. It’s one of the OG “puttin’ on-a show”, “a star is born” films. So style wise, if you were going to theme dress, think Fred and Ginger. (Ginger Rogers is actually in 42nd Street.) Or Wallis Simpson πŸ˜€ It was an occasion for Schiaparelli hard chic, not 50s frou. In fact, one of the reasons skirt fullness stayed out of style for a time was because it was considered wasteful, (given the Depression and then the war). So Kate wearing this Roman Holiday/I Love Lucy dress is actually as bizarre as if she had worn a lampshade tunic from the 1910s or came dressed like a Gibson Girl. It’s especially strange since Kate has plenty of clothes with a more 1930s silhouette and that style suits her.

          OT- But, you know what? We point out when Kate cosplays as one of the elders in the BRF or early-80s Diana. (I mean put sleeves on it and this is something that Camilla could wear.) But I wonder if she is also taking style tips from the frills and fluff of the Queen Mum. http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/2012/03/flashback-friday-white-wardrobe.html
          You wanna talk about anti. As OoS points out, the Queen Mum was dressing like this while Simpson was dressing like Simpson and the majority of all other women.
          http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/2011/04/flashback-friday-queen-mothers.html But even QE wore sharp suits and took the girlishness down a few levels every now and again. And it was her style, an actual style, that never changed. Kate’s all over the place. I think the red and black Preen dresses were a hit, (I didn’t like them as much as many others), so Kate and Natasha went “Turn it up! Longer! Bigger!”, and went full-on Betty Draper. But this will last for a year or so and she’ll be onto something else. And hell, Lucy and Ethel wore pants, Kate.

    1. Boston, The British Marchesa owner/designer is Weinstein’s wife. Weinstein has had a history of quid pro quo relationships with unknown young actresses who suddenly are profiled in magazines as the next big talent. He is a predator and these young actresses often appear in Marchesa. It’s too horrible to say more here. Some women have come forward and reported him to the police.

    2. Google gretchen mol.

      Extrapolate to every woman who wears marchesa in hollywood.

      That and he is a terrible boss who bullies and abuses his employees .

  27. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I love the dress! The color, silhouette and length are flattering and appropriate. The material may be a bit heavy but that doesn’t bother me. The earrings on the other hand are ridiculous. Also, an up-do like a French twist, chignon or even a fun ponytail would’ve been a better hairstyle.

    One step forward and one step back.

    P.S. Is it just me, or is this week moving at a snail’s pace? The weather has been so yucky too (rain on Monday, cloudy yesterday, and more rain expected today) so that doesn’t help with my mood.

    P.P.S. KMR: have you been watching DWTS this season? What are your thoughts so far? Are there any other DWTS fans out there? Who do you like? Do you have any favorite pros?

    1. Strictly Come Dancing is the UK equivalent of DWTS……we have Bruno & Len on our panel, well we had Len but he just retired. It’s the highest ratings show in UK and it’s my absolute favourite Autumn programme. I’ve been to see it on live in arenas on a couple of times too. I sometimes watch DWTS…..the last season I followed was when Bindi Irwin won. Artem, when he did our show was the nation’s hearthrob. The producers then tried to make Gleb one too but I don’t think British woman took to him quite the same.

      1. They’re trying to make Gleb a heartthrob/fan favorite on DWTS and I just don’t get him at all (Artem is meh to me). My faves are Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, Val C. (I prefer him over his older bro, Maks!), and Sasha Farber for the guys and for the women, I love Lindsay Arnold, Sharna Burgess, Peta Murgatroyd, Emma Slater, and Kym Johnson-Herjavec. Least faves are Maks and Witney!

    2. I liked the dress, too. Just not those earrings and the shoes. Kate took a chance choosing this dress and I think it worked. I give her a thumb’s up.

      In fact, I could see one of the contestants or professionals from Dancing With The Stars wearing a similar dress during a fox trot! I mean it!!

      I do admit, however, and I apologize, Kimothy, but I am so over DWTS. First few seasons, I was hooked. I just cannot watch anymore!

      As for the Hospice, I hope a good deal of money is raised for their work. They do so much good and help so many. It’s always amazing to me how special all the people who work for Hospices are.

    3. Kate look good but its a little to matchy. It not just you this week has been slow,we’ve had a lot of rain here in Mississippi this week too.It was suppose to rain today but thankful the sun came out hopefully no more rain this week.

  28. I don’t mind the monochromatic look, but this look didn’t work for me. The dress wasn’t very pretty. That isn’t a flattering length on her. And I agree her hair would have looked better in a low ponytail or an updo.

    1. Hi Jen, I agree! Imo, Kate isn’t striving for the monochromatic look as much as she lacks the ability to be creative with her wardrobe so just goes for the matchy-matchy look. My style guru, Queen Letizia is wearing a red dress with a red coat, red shoes and red clutch today and is totally killing it. Why, because she’s wearing it purposefully not because she can’t think of anything else to wear with it.

      1. Letizia has presence, that indefinable ‘something’ of someone who knows who she is, has accomplishments. It’s not a quality able to be manufactured, no matter the professional PR or ruthless family ambition.

        Kate’s dress is nice, but the last green lace dress was all monochrome too, and lace, as this one looks to be (but maybe isn’t). Kate tends to go for the monochrome which I find rather dull – just a walking block of colour. I still think the dress and its waisted style suited Kate – it is a young woman’s style so she is pushing it – but wish she’d accessorised it better to present an interesting and subtle ensemble.

        1. I’m hoping the Spanish state visit to the U.K. Will make Kate up her hair game and recognize what great posture can do!
          I think Letiza’s hairdresser is one of the best out of the Royal ladies and not afraid of more edgier dos

          1. I doubt she’ll learn anything. Least of all posture. I saw an old pic from their Aussie tour. It’s at the airport and a side profile. Her horrible posture is so pronounced. I guess it’s because we usually get frontal pics and I knew she had bad posture, but the side profile pics really show just how bad her posture is.

  29. A change in style for Kate. That is a plus. The color was good on her, too, but the earrings and shoes? NO! The earrings were way too much and took away from the silhouette of the dress. Does anyone with any fashion sense advise Kate?!

    The 50s look is one I really like. The detailing on the dress in the close-ups bothered me, but from a distance, I liked the look.

    Kate doesn’t accessorize with flair. That’s what we always seem to think. Also, walking the red carpet in the similar shade did not work. Again, not too much research goes into her appearances. A staff that really cared would take a gander at the carpet and report back on it. Is that asking too much?

    As for the charity, they deserve applause. So much help and care for sick sick children and their families. That is what needs to be mentioned and appreciated, so I am going to stop my fashion comments.

    Morgan Freeman?! Now, he was worth the price of admission, I am sure.

  30. I guess I am old school, but I think the monochromatic look can be elegant when done right. In my opinion, Kate blew it on several fronts. Suede is a day look not suitable for an evening dress. I have been trying to decide what it is about the dress that bugs me and have decided it just looks cheap. The earrings are totally tacky and inappropriate for the dress. (though I could get behind the idea of the earrings with an ugly Christmas sweater!) I totally give up about the floor mop attached to her head. I keep hoping one of the kids will take some scissors to Mommy’s head while she is asleep and scalps her. Of course, then we wouldn’t see her until it grew back.

  31. About the 5th and 6th image from the top, somebody has clearly taken Kate’s clutch and she is walking without it. She really doesn’t know what to do with her hands when she walks without it, does she?

  32. What a very brave child Ollie is and how much his family loves him — and, oh, what they endure, too. His story is actually quite uplifting when you think of how he manages to do so many things when he experiences so many medical challenges. I am sure his family is relieved to have him receiving such good care. Still, how difficult that a child has such major health issues.

    When days get tough for any of us, it is a major wake-up call to see what children like Ollie — and people like his family — endure with grace and love. Courage, too. I wish them well.

  33. The first photo said a great deal to me. Number one, I liked the dress and thought it was a different look for Kate. I did not like those earrings, though! Just NO! And, the suede shoes were so wrong for that look.

    I promise myself to not compare Kate to Diana, but in that first photo, I just found myself thinking what an entrance Diana would have made and how she would have welcomed those people to her, even though she was the one who was supposedly to be welcomed to the theater.

    Kate looked hesitant and unsure. It’s been way too many years of her in the public eye for her not to have a more confident air. It’s awkward whenever she enters a place. I think her hesitancy must make others feel uncomfortable.

    I find it sad that she is still so uncomfortable in such circumstances and wish there were people she could count on to help her gain more confidence. I can see that a shy person would be hesitant, but she is rather a hard one to read. Shy women don’t get caught with their dresses billowing upward and exposing themselves. And, yet, Kate just seems so very scared and needy when she enters these events. As if she needs someone to come rescue her. Doesn’t she realize people are looking forward to seeing her and in many cases, meeting her? If she would just think of them for a moment and stop thinking about herself.

    Sorry for the rant.

    1. I watched the video of her arriving, and whilst it was probably an instruction to the two costumed women standing at the door, i was appalled thst Kate just swept past them with not so much as a glance or smile before greeting the men inside.

      One of the costumed women was standing right next to the first man Kate greeted in the welcome lineup and was looking at Kate with an expectant expression even though she was there as a prop.

      I felt sad for her because this is a big moment for her, and she was clearly please to be that close to Kate, but not so much as a glance her way…….

      Poor woman.

      It’s little things like that which make a public appearance magical as opposed to smiling only to the important people in the room and no one else. Ignoring rest of the unimportant people in the room.

      1. I noticed that too and thought the same thing. Shades of “boy with bouquet” in Canada. She is far too self aware- in a bad way. Leaves no room for spontaneous interaction. Or maybe she has a low level of natural curiosity, is that a thing??

          1. Her cousin said just that during the engagement. Kate isn’t interested in anything but Kate, and finds it hard to feign interest.

        1. When other people notice these little things, i feel vindicated because i worry that perhaps i’m being unnecessarily judgemental.

          Honestly, a smile to that woman would have been wonderful and wouldn’t cut into the allocated welcome greeting time.

          1. I think Kate needs lessons in social niceties and small talk.
            I used to be pretty reserved until I met you and decided whether I liked you or not. My first job I made maps so pretty isolated and with awkward geologists.
            Then I became I nurse and you have to talk to all sorts, not just patients but friends and family members. Forced me out of my comfort zone. Now I’d pretty much talk to a tree.
            Kate needs something like that. To be aware of those around her. Learn how to make small talk. Be cognizant that people are there for a reason ad it’s not to be part of the decor

          2. Sarah: Hollywood came to my rescue at a very young age.

            when i was 4 – 5yrs old, my favourite film was the king and i. I really absorbed the ideas expressed by the songs, especially the one about being brave when you meet other people because they are just as afraid as you are.


            I started at a new school in a different country and used the lesson of that song to transition successfully.

            Even now as an adult, i find myself flashing to it mentally when put in any situation where i don’t know anyone.

          3. Ok, maybe I can be a bit judgmental, but I noticed Kate’s oversight as well, and attributed it to the fact that Kate must have everything…every single little thing…scripted, and Jason must have left out this little bit of stage direction. Kate probably was still mentally rehearsing her lines of what to say to the men in the line up.

            Kate’s need to have everything scripted, everything spelled out for her, and her lack of curiosity in anything apart from her own self must make appearances dull and disappointing.

          4. @Sarah. You are being generous to KM. I don’t think she wants to move out of her comfort zone to accommodate other people. She has been raised, as has Pips, to believe that she is very special and other people are props, especially those people who can be of use to her. That’s why I always find group photos of Carole and the rest of the Midds so odd and stilted. It’s as though Carole has choreographed her daughters/family to behave as though they are extremely glamorous, when in fact they are rather rough looking and their “togetherness” seems insular in the extreme. Remember KM shoving Charles and Camilla to the side on the balcony last year, and then ignoring Charlotte’s distress? She is concerned with how she looks, no one else.

          5. She has nothing to lose by being nice. A quick grin or a wink from her and that showgirl would have remembered it always and probably told her grandkids about the time she met the duchess…rather than how expensive her shampoo smelled as she blew by her with a chill breeze.

            All these tiny opportunities to connect with people- just overlooked as unimportant. They will certainly add up over time and what a shame.

      2. @Herazeus, KM played to all the men, flirtatiously pulling at the American flag tie on one portly man. She seemed quite comfortable speaking to each gentleman, flattering them with her hand gestures.

        1. I am glad I am not alone in how I felt about her entrance. That she ignored those women who were there for her arrival was just ghastly. I had not seen the video, but imagined that she just waltzed by them And, the fact that she flirted with the men is appalling and yet so true to her form.

          I just keep thinking of how easy a smile in the direction of those women would have been. Or, just to stop briefly and say hello. She is trapped in her stiff ways. Can’t stray for a minute and yes, this does remind me of the way she handed that bouquet off in Canada — directly in view of the young man who had given it to her. Oh, I so wish she would become a bit more caring of others!

          1. FM, I agree with you, Herazeus, Ray and others. Yes, Kate needs to take the feelings of others in mind when she makes these appearances. How easy would it have been to smile at the women, or comment on their dance costumes She is so into herself and so eager to flirt!

            As for The King and I — great correlation with the song. Prhaps, they can revive it in London (Or is it there, by chance) and Kate and Wills can catch a performance. Maybe, the words will make an impact on her. Then, again…….

            The King and I is such a spectacular show. Oh, the music, the dance with the King and those darling kids. The words of every song and the music are fabuslous! Love Rogers and Hammerstein and Lerner and Lowe so much Older musicals are magical!!!

  34. I’m coming to the conclusion that I don’t like Kate’s sense of style period. Add to it that she doesn’t do much in the charity world and there is nothing to her really that holds my interest. I don’t know if anyone else is feeling this way.

    (On a side note. I had a roommate in college just like her who dated a guy from Beverly Hills and broke up with him to date my boyfriend who was a physicist. She was looking for her MRS degree and really had nothing else to her of any appreciable depth. She even majored in art history like Kate and she earned C’s in all of her classes. She was much more focused on finding and holding onto a man because she had a timetable for marriage and starting a family. Whenever I think of Kate I think of Traci.)

    1. I think there is a difference to not liking someone’s style and still thinking they look great and put together. The latter Kate still needs work on. I think maxima wears some of the most bizarre things but she pulls them off because of her personality and smile and then I think that’s a totally maxima outfit and she rocks it (few exceptions where the bizarre remains ?)
      I’ve resigned myself to Kate never being into jewelry or what she does like (weird affinity to all things Kiki) are not to my liking.

  35. I like the shoes and she looks very tan. The dress looks like something from the Sears children’s section at holidays. I could name 10 prettier and more appropriate dresses already hanging in her warehou…sorry, closet.

    1. It would be interesting to know how much money the other working members of the RF are spending on clothes/hair in the last 4 months – including the men.

      But it doesn’t seem anyone is counting. To be fair, wouldn’t we need comparisons?

      It says she spent 214,000 last year. What if her clothing budget was actually 250,000? In which case, she came in quite a bit under.

      I would need more context to make a judgement I think… though, regardless, I wish she’d spend her budget money on better, more appropriate clothing.

      1. Camilla re-wears a lot of things, but she also works more than Kate.

        Ditto HM.

        Sophie spends a lot of money, but she WORKS. She’s out there constantly doing stuff for her charities, and I’m sad she doesn’t get a lot of press. Same with Camilla. Sophie’s work with blindness charities and Camilla’s work with sexual assault and domestic violence are far more worthwhile than the tripe Kate spouts.

        Kate just spends and spends and spends and shows up maybe 100 days of the year, if that (thanks tours).

  36. It’s a bit off topic (again) but reading through all these comments got me thinking about Kate, the kind of person she is and how she compares alongside other Royal women around the world. She’s really failing miserably at this ‘job’ for all the many reasons we touch upon each and every appearance (and lack of).

    Re clothes alone, it got me thinking “imagine if Bill had married..” then I thought of Charlene of Monaco appearing last night instead of Kate. I know she has issues and many don’t like her but the woman has a presence and a great sense of style. I just don’t get the Royalty vibe off Kate, whereas even thinking about Charlene in a killer gown exuding confidence and a Royal mystique, she’d have owned that theatre and all of us.

    Or Victoria, who doesn’t have to acknowledge anyone to make everyone in the room feel included and warm. She’d have dressed appropriately but not too showy, had time for all the kids not just those ‘on the list’ and probably made a speech up there on the stage in three languages to really get the message home about the appeal.

    I could go on but won’t! But next time you feel frustrated with Kate please imagine ‘what if’ and think about the kind of woman this country could have had and the type of commentary we’d be making instead. Why oh why are we stuck with Bill and Kate when we deserve a Victoria and Daniel?!?! It’s not fair UK!!

      1. To me, Kate and Marchesa just make sense together. Every look I’ve seen from both is at best “almost, but not quite”. At worst, they’re both a frou-frou mess. Add into the fact (as pointed out above) that neither Kate nor Georgina Chapman would be enjoying the privileges and recognition that they have without their repugnant husbands. I feel like that’s the only reason these two ladies are also hailed as fashion icons when it’s not justified at all.

        I hope it doesn’t come off as me hating either Kate or Georgina. I don’t, but I do find myself shaking my head at them more often than not. Hence, me seeing Kate in Marchesa and thinking “well, of course”.

          1. Oh, well thank you as well! Glad to know I’m coming off tactful and not abrasive, which I tend to be if I’m not careful. πŸ˜€

        1. Weinstein and William really aren’t on the same level. DW truly makes me uncomfortable, even to look at. William is just a needy, spoiled, arrogant rich kid.

          1. Of course we are not saying William and Weinstein are at the same level of repugnant or that they’ve done similar things.

            To use an analogy, criminals are judged to be bad people even though some criminals are only theives whilst others are murderers.

            We reserve our greatest censure for the murderers, but you’d still avoid and judge the thieves for their bad behaviour.

    1. I’m not sure about that black and green dress, although the red coat for the welcome is great.

      1) big blue princess ballgown + 2) Masako sighting are both good to me.

      1. Agreed, seeing Masako is always great.
        That blue ballgown is gorgeous. She looked every inch of the queen she is.

      2. I didn’t see the black and green, just the red coat and the ballgown. Do you have a pict?

        I agree, always great to see Masako.

      3. I must be in the minority here because I really like the black-and-green Caroline Herrera dress and I really dislike the blue ballgown. It is the second ballgown of Varela’s that I dislike – the problem is that there always seem to be something off about the relationship between the skirt and the bodice. Here the skirt is great but the bodice doesn’t balance the skirt properly – it needed sleeves. It is a bodice that would fit great with a less substantial skirt. He’s much better at daywear. I loved that she wore the Mellerio Floral Tiara, which is a favorite of mine.

        Empress Michiko is ever elegant.

        1. They are unbalanced that way. The other one, very similar to this, was the one used for her Barbie model. It is one of the silhouettes that she and Varela have come up with for her (tighter top, full skirt).

          She has 4-5 cocktail dresses from him in the same style, these two ballgowns are an extension of it. But the cocktail dresses have 3/4 or long sleeves to balance out the big skirt.



          1. I love the green cocktail dress with the sequins.

            Varela’s strength really is daywear and cocktail dresses. The ballgowns are just always a little bit off. I also think that she is perhaps just too petite for a really poufy gown. Her best evening looks have always been more with a more lean silhouette. Her best evening gown is the red one she wore at Mary and Fred’s wedding just before her own wedding (were she, incidentally, almost drowned in her wedding gown).

      1. I know, I know she is perfection today! Question – Leti’s wears a monochromatic outfit and looks perfect, Kate wears one and …not so much, what do you all think the difference is?

        1. Confidence. A sense of innate ease. Look at how Leti holds herself as opposed to Kate. Better example, look at Maxima, who takes huge fashion risks and even when she misses is still a joy to look at because of her warmth and her sunny sense of self.

          1. She has the “It Factor.” Hard to define, but you know “it” when you see “it.” She is confident and at ease in whatever she wears. She seems to love clothing, but loves who she is even more. And, I think she is able to express her positive feelings toward others with ease. That is what I see in Maxima, too.

            When I say she loves herself even more, I am not talking about conceit. I think she is comfortable with who she is and comfortable in her own skin.

            Also, some women just don’t like all the hoopla about fashion. Kate seems more comfortable in casual clothing. Some women can look so amazing in jeans and a t-shirt. I have seen Kate look very good in some of her casual looks, but also I have seen her look just plain boring.

      1. Oh I’ve always had a soft spot for her. Have you seen pictures of her from back in the day? Dang! No wonder Emperor Akihito fell for her so fast! <3

  37. I’m afraid I always feel uncomfortable when expensive items are worn to fundraising events but especially to appearances associated with groups affected by poverty/disadvantage. A good example was wearing a Ralph Lauren dress for a 2011 Centrepoint event, but she has worn earring/shoes/clutch bags into the Β£1000s per outfit many times.
    I know it would be disingenuous to wear Β£30 New Look dresses for occasions when she doesn’t wear them in her down time, as there is no point hiding her privilege either.
    It just makes me feel uncomfortable, I suppose, and I’m surprised the press don’t use it as an easy dig. But then we’re getting back into the argument about the privilege of the royals so I’ll stop…

    On another note, I’m not a fan of the dress or earrings either, KMR. Like the bag and shoes, but wish she would stick to some L.K. Bennetts or Dune shoes which cost 20% of the price.

    1. I think it’s one thing and appropriate to show up at a fundraising event in couture and bling, these organizations are counting on that wealth to help them and another to show up at a shelter dripping in diamonds.

  38. Good Lord, what a gastly, gastly outfit – from top to toe, including accessories! She looks/dresses like a 1970’s housewife.
    Kate seriously needs to employ a professional stylist, i.e the person(s) who dresses Queen Letizia and princess Charlene of Monaco. ASAP!

  39. Imagine her in a shift with trendy bell sleeves, hitting right above the knee, hair slicked back in a high ponytail, and a rounded neckline.

    It would take ten years off.

    For that matter, if she has to do the trendy mid-level hem I hate, imagine it sleeveless, a pinker red, and without the rosettes.

    It’s hideous and that skirt is ridiculous.

    She looks 45.

    1. I dislike the bell sleeve trend, so I would think Kate would look terrible in bell sleeves.

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