William & Kate party at Pippa’s house

William & Kate party at Pippa’s house

Kate Middleton and Prince William were photographed leaving Pippa Middleton‘s fiance’s house after a get-together on Thursday night.

William and Kate Pippa's party DM 1

The dinner took place on March 30 at James Matthews‘ house with William, Kate, James’ parents David Matthews and Jane Parker, James’ brother Spencer Matthews, and James Middleton. Mike and Carole Middleton were not in attendance.

I’m quoting parts of the DM article that goes with these photos, because there’s some gems. But I’m leaving out chunks because I don’t care about James’ brother.

    “As the best-selling author of a book on party planning, organising her own wedding should be a doddle. But Pippa Middleton is clearly taking no chances. With her own big day just seven weeks away, the bride-to-be hosted a pre-wedding summit to introduce sister Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and husband Prince William to future in-laws David Matthews and Jane Parker. […]
    “The Cambridges arrived for dinner on Thursday night at the £17 million West London home Pippa shares with her hedge fund fiance James Matthews. William wore jeans and an open-neck shirt while Kate wore an elegant floral dress.
    “Pippa and Kate’s brother James Middleton, 29, also attended the South Kensington party, as did James Matthews’s brother, reality TV star Spencer, 27. Pippa and Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton were not at the dinner but they are fond of their future son-in-law and approve of their daughter’s choice.
    “The wealthy hedge fund manager shares her love of sport and is well-known for his discretion. Former racing driver James, 41, has known Pippa, 33, for more than a decade, though their romance did not take off until 2015. He is well acquainted with the Duke and Duchess already and is close to Carole Middleton, whom he flew to the Caribbean on his private jet last summer.
    “Carole and Michael will host the reception for 150 people in a marquee in the grounds of their £6 million, 18-acre property in Bucklebury next month. The ceremony will take place at nearby St Mark’s Church in the private estate surrounding Englefield House, owned by Richard Benyon MP. […]
    “David Matthews and Jane Parker first met Pippa’s parents while they were holidaying at the exotic five-star Eden Rock hotel in St Barths, which is owned by the Matthews family. Swimwear designer Melissa Odabash, who has designed a special bikini for Pippa, says Pippa and James will head to the family’s Caribbean resort for a pre-wedding honeymoon so they can top up their tans ahead of the May 20 wedding. […]
    “Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared to be carrying a white package home from the get-together evening. Royal watchers speculated that it could contain an outfit for her daughter Princess Charlotte, who will be a bridesmaid at the wedding.”

[Daily Mail]

Pippa the “best-selling author” made me chuckle. Weren’t her sales so low that she didn’t even make back her advance? I also chuckled at “a pre-wedding honeymoon so they can top up their tans”.

You can see the photos of William and Kate here.

Kate wore a floral dress with black pumps and a ponytail. The dress is one we’ve not see Kate wear before, the Somerset by Alice Temperley “Peony Off The Shoulder Dress” (£99.00). The Peony print also comes in a £69.00 shirt and £79.00 skirt.

Somerset by Alice Temperley Peony Off The Shoulder Dress

I think her hair looks nice here and wish she’d wear it like this to engagements more. I also like that the neckline is much more open than we are used to seeing from Kate now, but the dress itself is not to my taste – I just don’t like florals.

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  1. I vaguely remember someone pointing out last year when Pippa was doing her post-engagement papwalks that it’s almost impossible to have pap that close in James’ neighbourhood. The DM article was an obvious plant.

  2. I actually like Kate’s look here. But I am a sucker for florals.

    I wonder if as time goes by Kate is going to resent or be envious of Pippa. Pippa has the life Kate wants. A very rich man’s wife who does not have to do anything she doesn’t want to and definitely doesn’t have to ever work. She has a private plane at her disposal and can jet off wherever she wants whenever she wants and answers to no one. I think as time goes on, while Pippa is tanning on the beach of her husband’s Carribbean resort and the reality of what Kate signed up for in marrying William sets in she’s going to regret that she pushed so hard for William instead of another rich man who comes with no responsibilities.

    1. I love this dress. If it were cheaper, I would probably buy it presto. With the summer soon coming, it is perfect. Her hair, from the looks of it, is good.
      Overall this is a win from me.

      Carter, I think she is resenting already her marriage to Will. All the efforts she has done to get him, to be given the cold-shoulder in most events together or has to be subdued, and forced to work, when she could have have what Pippa has/is going to have.
      For what is worth the crown, she probably wishes it didn’t involve a lifetime of work.

    2. Amen Carter! The mental image I got while reading your comment! Pippa tanning at that exotic resort doing whatever she wants, anytime. Very good points.
      Excuse me here but a 17£million house? Omg, Pippa! She literally hit the jackpot! God I was born to the wrong family…. I really was.

    3. Totally agree Carter. Despite Kate having titles and being the “future queen” I do not think she has a “fairytale” life. Not with a husband like William. In the end Pippa is the lucky one, really.

      1. If km dosent have a fairytale life, it’s because of her laziness, lack of duty caring for others and work. This tax payer funded security trip was all about influence/royal status peddling, otherwise carol, middleton parents would be there.

        Another royal court with whiny lazy entitled bill n waity middleton when they already held one Christmas with the same people, carol in buckleberry at taxpayers expense for the family of four + middletons/matthews.

        Meanwhile, Prince Charles and DoC is hard at work separately and together in Italy.

      1. I am sure that’s why Kate pushed so hard. But I don’t think she quite realized what her life would be afterwards. That’s why I think as the reality sets in of what she has to do because of her title she’s going to wish she had a set up like Pippa’s instead.

        1. I agree Carter. It’s like she got to the end of the book, read “and they lived happily ever after” and thought… that’s it, task complete?

    4. Interesting question.
      Do you think Kate “opened the way” for Pippa? Would Pippa have struck the jackpot with James Matthews if not for Kate’s royal links?
      Certainly the royal links have helped Pippa brother James escape the drudgery of work and live it up in luxury.

  3. I love the subtle snark and shade throwing in articles like these ,it always makes me laugh.

    I like the dress but it looks weird on Kate with how she’s pulled it up. Why can’t she wear her hair like this on engagements? Looks like they took out a ton of the fake stuff, and therefore looks so much sleeker, and more professional.

    William looks like a balding old uncle as usual.

    I wonder if they were involved in making sure the paps got pictures of them. The Middletons are known to do this sort of thing, thus all the pap strolls of Pippa by this house. also laughed at the pre-honeymoon vacation. Wouldn’t be surprised if W&K and Carole joined them!

    1. I hadn’t read the comments yet when I wrote mine but great minds :). I love her hair without the extensions and also don’t understand why she doesn’t wear off the shoulder dresses off the shoulder

          1. I always wear off the shoulder dresses or shirts pulled up to cover my shoulders because I personally hate the feeling of off the shoulder clothes, they make me feel uncomfortable and i always feel like I have to pull something up so I understand why Kate would do that 🙂

          2. Yes and I have bought plenty of them. If it’s a special or formal occasion I will suffer through an evening of readjusting, pulling up, etc., but for a family dinner, probably not. I have also tried going totally commando but that was a bit of a disaster.

          3. I guess to me, I don’t see why bother buying an off the shoulder dress then. There are so many dresses out there to choose from with normal shoulders, so why buy one off the shoulder if you don’t like wearing the straps off the shoulders? It seems like a waste of money since the dress isn’t worn how it was supposed to be. And we don’t know if that is why Kate wears hers up.

            BethNY, I actually understand wearing them up around family since they can get annoying readjusting them. I love off the shoulder dresses but because they are frustrating I only own 2. I love how they look, but I never want to move my arms because then you have to readjust them. So, at a family dinner I may do the same as Kate. That actually makes sense 🙂

    2. I loved the bit about how low-key Pippa’s wedding will be and how the Middleton’s are determined to keep it private. Bahaha! Like they ever keep things private ?

      1. +1
        The Firm may have ordeed carol PR and poor Jason to out lazy useless waity on ski hen party trip with peppa, the same time as whiny (leaving the kids with staff and Nanny Maria), while receiving all sorts of expensive luxury freebies at luxury chalet- laughing at the people – both ignoring the Monarch’s important calendar and duty with Commonwealth Day.

        Give us King Henry after a King Charles.

  4. I think Kate looks nice here. And the natural ponytail looks youthful. But I don’t get why she wears off the shoulder dresses up. She has done this before. I think the dress would look better worn how it was meant to be.

    Yay for a candid photo. It’s been awhile and I love the candids

    1. She’s done that multiple times where I would have preferred her to wear the off-the-shoulder dress actually off the shoulder instead of on the shoulder.

      1. I have to admit that I have been guilty of the same thing on occasion. While I like the look of the off the shoulder, it’s easier to pull it up and cover the bra straps. I hate having to contend with pulling up and adjusting a strapless bra. My thoughts about this outfit are that the shoes are all wrong for the bohemian style of the dress.

        1. Kate’s “inner stylist” is a 60 year old woman?

          Ok, so just imagine the same dress, with the same ponytail without extensions, the dress worn off the shoulder as it was designed to be worn and with flat strappy sandals? I’m thinking gladiator style here.

          Then Kate would have rocked that dress!

  5. I know it’s small and mean and petty, but I hope it thunders and lightnings and pours rain on their heads for the wedding. Also, I wonder if any Party Pieces items will be featured in the ‘luxury’ marquee? Is their cheap tat actually good enough for them personally? We might find out when they sell the pics to Hello, because you know that’s going to happen.

        1. Peter Phillips sold his wedding photos to Hello. Zara Phillips sold her daughter’s baby photos to Hello.

          1. He was also soundly criticized for it, and how the photos of the Queen embarrassed her. Mia’s baby pictures are a little more understandable, esp with the anti-pap aspect of it (get the first photos of the baby out yourself).

            If she was an anonymous person who had married a famous rugby player, those photos still would have been wanted by Hello. Maybe not to the tune of 150,000 but they still would have been photos Hello bought.

        2. This release is another PR – whiny was on happy ski vacation with girls/friends, this is midds way to make us believe whiny is all one with middleton big happy family!

    1. Why do you want it to rain on Pippa’s wedding? I don’t. I want lots of pics of Pippa’s wedding dress.

      1. No, I want pics of the dress too, just soaking wet with a look of desperation on her face. I just find the Midds so grasping and striving that I (very, very pettily) want the weather to ruin their big day. And even though it’s Pippa’s wedding, it is the Middletons big day. I loathe their smug smiles and pretentious signet rings.

        1. Red Tulip, I understand your honest opinion about the rain on Pips’ wedding day. Viewed another way, Hindu tradition says rain on the wedding day is good luck for the marriage.

          I’m indifferent as to whether or not Pips has a perfect wedding day. I would hope that every one finds true love and happiness.

          But the Midds’ constant self promotion really wears at any goodwill. The photos seem a little too conveniently planned. Ma Midd’s insistence that we see her very ordinary family as extraordinary is constantly upended by her silly and banal press articles. She and her daughters have no self awareness or even a sense of humor. In a way it’s sad, because Carole obviously does not feel like she has yet “arrived” as someone important. Someone who is confident in her own skin would not work so hard at self promotion.

          1. I wonder if our Middleton poster we got last week will make an appearance and tell us all how we don’t know them and are obsessed with them =)

          2. @Sarah. Yes, it smacked of Carole or a Carole lackey wanting to”clean up” and shut down any negative comments in the internet sphere before the wedding. Typical Carole controlling strategy and as always very obvious.

        2. Red Snapper – you made me belly laugh. Thanks for brightening a Sunday night. I can understand your point of view. The Middletons paint a sickly sweet picture of perfection that doesn’t reflect reality for most people in the UK. I am a similar age to the Middleton sisters and have strived to pay my own way through my education, for holidays and my own wedding.
          I have friends who went to school or university with Pippa (one friend went to the Middleton’s house for house parties during the school years!!) and reports on Pippa’s haughty nature are a common theme throughout. So if an act of nature can work against them, it will be a reminder to them that they are not other-wordly manifestations that I perceive they paint themselves as.

    2. Sorry red snapper, but you wishing Pippa bad weather for her wedding is incredibly mean. You do not know her and she di nothing to you.
      She deserves a lovely wedding day with decent weather just like anyone else! Don’t be rude

      1. Red Snapper is not the one being rude. She stated her feelings about someone she will never meet. Kate is just an image, you know, unlike our fellow commenter Red Snapper.

      2. Seriously M from Germany, people are allowed their opinions on here even if you don’t agree with them. It’s not rude. Rude is telling someone what their opinion should be

        1. I am sorry, but wishing someone who has done nothing to you that their wedding day should be ruined by rain is consideredean where I come from. If I said I wished the weather would be horrible on your wedding day, how would you feel?

          I am not saying what her opinion has to be, just that wishing Pippa a rainy wedding is not polite or nice.

          1. The comment policy for this site dictates posters must not be rude to *each other*, not the Middleton family. If I want to say that Pippa is a striving, grasping c*unt, that’s fine. For the record, I hope the luxury marquee BLOWS AWAY during the reception!!!

          2. The comment policy also states not to be rude to the royals – which, granted, I’m more lax on. So, no, it is not acceptable to call Pippa the c-word. I know I am extremely lax about what people call William and have called him curse words myself, but I absolutely hate the c-word and never use it. So please don’t call people that on here.

            I don’t understand why this has turned into an argument. You admitted that your comments about Pippa’s wedding were incredibly petty, so I don’t understand why there is offense to someone else calling the comments mean.

          3. Sorry about the c-word. Point taken. And for the record I didn’t take offense, Not to whine, but she said I was rude and mean, not my comments.

        2. +100

          Pippa carol want to use whiny as their PR of importance – royal or public/celebrity. – they should keep wedding personal to themselves in huckleberry.

    3. Rain on a wedding day is considered good luck by many. Old Wives Tale or not, who knows? Rained on HM and PP’s wedding day & on Edward and Sophie’s, poured buckets on Felipe and Letizia. Didn’t rain on Charles and Diana’s wedding day, nor on W&K’s.

      1. Those Royal Couples you mentioned may have had luck after a rainy wedding, but imo, those stories that rain is good luck on one’s wedding day are only said to appease stressed out brides! Let the sun shine and make the sky a cloudless blue. Thatt’s what most brides want. Or, just pretty fluffy clouts on a picture perfect blue sky!

    4. Well…at least you’re aware that your sentiments are “small and mean and petty.” That’s got to count for something…

  6. Is it warm right now in England? I would have thought she would be freezing in that dress in March at night. I’m cold looking at them

    1. According to timeanddate.com it was around 60 degrees F on March 30 evening. That’s cool enough for me to feel it, but I wouldn’t wear a jacket either in that temp.

          1. When we were visiting London it was the high 60s. I wore long sleeves and sometimes a light jacket, and there were people taking their shirts off sunning in Grosvenor Gardens on their lunch breaks!

      1. Oh nice, Thanks KMR. That isn’t too cold. Especially for a quick walk to the car. I am jealous, I want to start wearing spring dresses 🙂

  7. They are all such snobs.
    Where does the article writer knows from that “Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton are fond of their future-son-in-law and appreciate their daughter’s choice”? Of course, they are, he is rich but why does the writer says it? To avoid speculations, I know, but a writer doesn’t write such a sentence whithout being told to by someone. I hate that they do what they get dictated. Sometimes, it occurs to me that the Middletons are much greater snobs than the people they try so despretaly to impress.
    I can’t stand their behaviour anymore. They let us think that they are so down-to-earth and aren’t keen to make a big drama about themselves, but in reality, they do.They are just to intelligent to say it ou loud.

    Kate looks nice and relaxed, she is in her natural habitat.

    1. I’m not sure why that line makes the Midds snobs. Sure that was fed to the press by the Midds, but maybe the Midds are fond of James because he’s nice to them and they appreciate that James makes Pippa happy and is respectful of her?

      1. I didn’t mean this particular line being snobbish but what we can read of them doing in the whole article. Their vacations with Pippa’s fiance for example.They care so much about wealth and being around the right people, that’s what I call snobbish. It’s just too much for my taste.

        1. Celebitchy always refers to him as “Terribly Rich James Matthews” because his wealth is always featured in their pieces. The £17 mansion, the private plane, the family resort and Scottish estate, etc. It’s very important to Carole that everyone know how well Pippa is marrying. If she were marrying an aristo, we would never, ever hear the end of it.

          1. I’m curious what they will do with their son James when he marries. He will be the provider of his wife. That’s the way they think.Really 19th century, Jane Austen-style.It’s ridiculous.
            In the end, I’m dissapointed of the Middletons.They probably remind me of my parents who went to such vacations all the time with us as children. I always wanted to make something meaningful with the money, that’s what I miss here. I could not live this way and I also would not like my children being just interested in such shallow things. When I go on vacation today, I really travel, I go to the regions where the people live,get to know the country, the food, not just tanning on a yacht.

          2. @lovelyblossom I totally agree! When we lived overseas we traveled using Rick Steve’s. It guaranteed an adventure every single time! 🙂

          3. Pippa has the much better deal. Privacy, with lots of money and the ability to go where she pleases whenever she wants. If I were Kate Id be second guessing myself!

    2. The DM is horrible about putting price tags on everything. Whenever they mention someone going to a private school, they’ll say how much it costs per annum (or term, sometimes). If they know what someone paid for a home, they’ll mention it. I think it goes along with their crassness in constantly reducing women to a collection of pert and toned parts.

      The Middletons might not mind everyone knowing how well they’ve done, but I doubt they leaked this.

  8. It has been warm here, so no jacket at night needed ?Why was the Middleton not there? Definitely someone called the paps ?

  9. Surprisingly, I like this look on Kate! This is probably the most youthful I’ve seen her look in a very long time. The dress and shoes look good, the hair is pulled back and the extensions are gone! William looks like a dweeb but what else is new? 😉

    I’m looking forward to seeing Pippa in her wedding gown.

  10. Is it just me or do Kate and William have odd body language in these photos? I realize that they only show a second in time but Kate doesn’t look very happy to me in these shots.

    I like this look on Kate, however I probably would have worn an espadrille style shoe instead of these pumps.

    I wonder why Carole and Mike weren’t there? I can’t believe they would miss an opportunity to mingle with the rich and the Royal.

    1. Not just you, Queen Lauri. They’ve always had awkward/odd body language together. I understand that they can’t be showing PDA like teenagers but holy crap. Sometimes it’s like they’re brother and sister instead of husband and wife!

    2. I’m definitely with you on the shoes. The black court pumps are a big minus with this dress. I don’t know about espadrilles (not the dreadful wedges!) but something casual and/or sandal-ly–maybe tied around the ankle–with the dress worn off the shoulders, of course.

    3. Queen Lauri, I’ve always thought W&KM’s body language as a couple odd as far back as the gf/bf days. I don’t see a couple genuinely in sync. By comparison, Victoria and Dan, Sofia and Carl Philip, and (my favorite couple) Madeleine and Chris all have their own “signature” body language that telegraphs they enjoy being together with their spouse. They seem comfortable and seem to not only love each other but also to like each other.

      1. I’ve often thought that Kate is the only one who is “in love” in this relationship, not that William doesn’t love her but I doubt he’s “in love” with her, does that make any sense?

        1. Yep, it does. W constantly looked for other women to date while dating KM, which indicates to me that he’s always felt ambivalent towards her. And many of the other women W pursued were accomplished or real beauties. Unfortunately for W he isn’t much of a prize and KM and her mother hunted down the prince nobody wanted. That realization (if he is capable of honest introspection) must be difficult to live with. And though I think W is no prize, I think KM’s constant public reminders to W that she must be looked after like a child would be exhausting and off putting.

          1. I agree. However if William had found someone else surely Kate would have backed off, showing her self respect. But as another poster said Kate doesn’t has hardly if any dignity.

          2. Kate wouldn’t have backed off. If anything, she would’ve gripped tighter and held on. If she had any self-respect she would’ve accepted the 2004 or 2007 breakup (instead of agreeing to take him back).

          3. I think if William would have found someone else she would have made it difficult for him to pursue the other relationship. I have always believed what the late James Whitaker said,”he loves Kate but he is not in love with her”. I don’t know why but I think William knew what Kate and her family were about. If you truly love someone why would you let her and her family endure all the name calling and bad press ? Unless you wanted them to endure it to see how far they would go but he had to have known they would never give up on him because of his title,now had he been William a manager at Burger King he wouldn’t have even gotten a look in.

          4. People wanted him then. He was hot stuff in his 20’s. By many accounts, his marriage hasn’t done much to improve those aspects of character that one would expect to improve over the past decade, and has emphasized personality traits best left in childhood.

          5. I think his external looks finally match his personality!
            He was good looking in his teens early 20s. He was either better at hiding some of his less than desirable traits or I’m older, wiser and the media has stopped covering them up as well or a combination of all But I now find him a truly repugnant individual and think only Kate and Carole would be willing to put up with his BS (or someone else just interested in the title) and that has more to do with wanting the end result-status and titles

        2. Yes, it makes total sense. You can love and care for a significant other but that doesn’t mean that you’re in love with them. I truly believe William never reached that level with her during the dating years and as for Kate, I feel she was always in the ‘infatuation/crush stage and never really reached the deep love phase of their relationship (hence why she looks at him adoringly or annoyed).

          1. KM does have that “I got the prize prince” look every time she looks at W, at least until recently. Even on their wedding day there was something forced about their interaction in the church. KM was elated, even giddy by the look of her some of
            silly expressions. W not so much.

          2. Indiana Joanna, when you think about Chris who cried at his wedding or Willem-Alexander who made those loving comments about his wife even after 15 years of marriage,Daniel who never complain about his role also he is not feeling well all the time. William doesn’t come across as the loving husband, it’s sad.

          3. Lovely Blossom, good point. Their weddings were genuinely touching.

            The Swedish couples show by what they do and don’t do that theirs are marriages of mutual respect and love. I don’t believe everything is a fairy tale happy existence for them. Chris admitted he can be tempermental and Madeleine admited she is a terrible housekeeper and cook. But that’s why I’m more likely to feel they are genuine. They’ve never claimed to be perfect people.

          4. During the broadcast of the wedding, as opposed to the BRF edit on YouTube, when the priest says ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’ Kate looks at William, really pleased. William stares at his hands. It’s impossible to know what he’s thinking at that moment, but my best guess is ‘fuck my life!’

          5. Perhaps there is a little bit grief in their marriage today. They seemed much happier a few years ago. William does not want to be king, so it seems.That would be a big problem, because he has to become one.Perhaps that’s the reason he seems so dissatisfied.
            And with Kate, it could be that she wants more children, didn’t she say it in an interview? What if William ignores her wish? That would be extremly hurtful.Of course just speculation, but William does finally not seem willing anymore to a lot of things. He seems resigned.

          6. I have a hunch that there is a lot of grief (and tears shed) behind closed doors within the marriage but that’s just my arm-chair diagnosis/gut feeling.

        3. +1

          @lovely blossom – tanning vacations is as shallow as useless ignoring the people, needy and is carol standard to climbing, which is shocking considering midds family origins

      2. Felipe and Letiza manage to give each other smoldering looks when they’re at events ?
        Kate is almost always the one trying to show affection in public and it comes off more as contrived than as a general act of affection

        1. Kate and William image in the public is one of perfect family. I agree with Maven here. I feel like the more they try to keep up with that image, the harder it is, as in my opinion there is nothing of the sort in the reality.
          To me, they have an agreement, that Kate produces the children in exchange of marriage and lifestyle, while William does whatever he does.

        2. William is a prize dick, it must be said. I imagine Kate knows it and that her Faustian bargain comes into sharp relief when around other couples who operate in an equal partnership and with mutual respect. No doubt William has the last word at every occasion, needs constant deference, and just bores the pants off people.

          1. I think William panicked/was resigned to marrying Kate after such a long courtship and perhaps not finding/having the opportunity to find (with Kate hanging on for dear life) someone more suited to him. My feeling is that he despises her, doesn’t love her at all, feels trapped, doesn’t want the responsibilities that being King will entail but almost certainly won’t give it up because the lifestyle is second to none. However, his hand may be forced at some point, choices may have to be made. I think Kate is anxious, nervous, unhappy, terrified of upsetting William, frightened of doing the wrong thing, can’t escape except by the socially terminal move of getting divorced, which would ruin not only her standing but that of the whole Middleton family, which her mother would see as a disaster. So Kate is placating William, her mother and many others who are interested in appearances. It’s all a horrible reminder of Charles and Diana.

          2. Rosie, I suspect you are dead right. I think William tolerates Kate. I think she’s probably equally difficult in her own way.

          3. Jen, I suspect they’re equally difficult people. The Prickly Princess stories, the Yorks, her attitude towards all other women. That didn’t come out of thin air.

  11. I like this dress but I was wondering why Kate wore those pumps.The dress, if she had worn it as it was meant to be worn, seems too casual for that type of shoe. I was always a bit of a skeptic about Kate wearing hair pieces, but seeing her hair pulled back it certainly does not look as thick as usual, so I now believe.

    1. Yes, the pumps looked so wrong with the dress and if only, she’d worn the dress off the shoulders. It would have looked much better. Liked her hair, but not the dark floral print.. I’ve seen others that really look great. William looked so dweeb-like. Ugh.

      I wish Pippa a very nice wedding day. I want to see her looking radiant in her gown, not drenched!

      Her marriage sounds like it will be great, but one never knows. I do think that Kate may be re-thinking those years of waiting and being at W’s beck and call, though . Who knows?

          1. Does James Matthews have his own castle?There is one for one on the market now.
            I do like the dress. It is a fashion risk that pays off. I like the ponytail and the normal hair. I don’t understand the hair extensions. Though Neither Kate or William look like they enjoyed the party. I hope Pippa is marrying for the right reasons. I am happy that Pippa has found someone don’t get me wrong but money only goes so far.

          2. Laura: James’s father has a scottish estate, Glen Affric. It comes with a Laird title which translates into Lord Glen Affric, but it’s ten a penny for most Scottish estates which are sold with title attached.

            Ps: father purchased estate which came with the title.

            Estate is approx 10,000acres.

            If father doesn’t sell the estate and Terribly Rich James inherits it, then Pippa will be Lady Glen Affric.

            So in a roundabout way, both Carole’s daughters will have titles.

          3. Thank you Herazeus. However is English aristocracy the same as being a Laird? I would have thought that Beatrice marrying the Duke of Westminster or Percy would be a better match. I so want Beatrice to marry one of those gentlemen.

          4. @Laura. Herazeus would know much better, this my two cents. A laird is a Scottish lord, but today it’s pretty much just an estate owner title.

            BTW, if you love old black and white classic films, one of my all time favorite movies is “I Know Where I’m Going.” It’s a post WW II classic about a young woman (played by the fantastic Wendy Hiller) who is determined to mary a rich man she pretentiously describes to everyone as a laird. It’s just such a beautiful, poetic movie.

          5. I don’t get the feeling that Pippa wants privacy. She’s been hungry for recognition since W&K’s engagement was announced.

            Whether the monarchy fails or not, ultimately William may end up with more personal money than James Matthews. William will inherit the private properties of Balmoral and Sandringham. If he drives the monarchy into the ground, he still walks away with that property.

            20,000 acres at Sandringham
            53,000 acres at Balmoral

            I’m with you Laura. In a revenge fiction universe, I’d like to see Beatrice married to one of those men.

            Indiana Joanna, I watched that film after it was recommended on Princess Diana Friend’s website. Really enjoyed it!

  12. I love Kate’s look here, from the pony hair, to her dress.. I would’ve loved to see her in more casual shoes but oh well…
    Anyone know why the midd parents didn’t attend? Seems like it was family get together …. Weird…

    1. Maybe they’re already living there…I’m sure a luxurious in-law suite wasn’t too much for Terribly Rich James to include in his mansion. Carole would be certain to lay claim to that ASAP.

      1. I wonder if they’ll bestow a pinkie ring on him as well. She certainly didn’t waste time taking a freebie vacay using his plane. I’m beginning to wonder if she actually works with Party Pieces any longer.

        1. I don’t think she really does the hard work.The building-up was her’s but after that, sweet life could start. That raises another question:What does Michael do with all his time? No wonder Kate is not used to work.

  13. Favourite DM comment for me: “Kate dresses like someone from Albania”. (No offence to any Albanians reading this obv)! So. Very. True.

  14. I guess Pippa is a best selling author like William is a pilot ?
    I find it interesting that Carole wasn’t there. Is James and Donna air still dating? I haven’t seen pics of them together. He seems to have somehow escaped the hunt for an aristocrat/heiress that the girls were involved in.
    How funny to have a bespoke bikini made for you. Other’s people’s lives
    Hate Kate’s dress but I don’t like florals especially in such large quantities. I do wish she would wear her hair more like this. It looks nice

  15. Yes, Kate’s hair looked very flattering. No, the dress looked so wrong worn the way she did. Off the shoulder is meant to be just that. Off The Shoulder!

    The dress was ok. Nothing spectacular. The dark print did not send me! And, the shoes she wore with the dress. A definite Glamour “Don’t.” Poor Kate hardly ever gets the total look right!

    Pippa seems to really have landed a prince and yes, I can imagine that Kate might feel a bit out of sort. Still, one never knows what Pip’s fiance is really like They could be blissful, or things could not be so nice at all. At any rate, I do wish them well and a lovely wedding day. I’m sure we will have our fill of Pip pix And, of course, George and Charlotte in the wedding party!

    Ma Middleton is in her glory, I bet. She’s the Queen of Landing Rich Husbands for her girls. Now, there’s the book she should be writing Not those stupid Party Pieces articles.

      1. Ah, yes. I was assuming a ghost writer. Actually, I think we all need a book that reveals the real Kate, Pippa, Carole and William. That will be decades off, though. And, written by a serious and in the know writer!

      1. You’re welcome. I actually advise to go through the archives of this tumblr (just don’t mind the plants pictures). This one is actually one of the few that has been doing some research.

        Hope you like it.

    1. That analysis is apples and oranges here is why…

      1. Chelsy and Harry are pre-social media. By the time they were done in 2010/11, social media hadn’t really taken off. As an example, twitter was around in 2009, but it doidn’t take off until 2011. Twitter is the platform that really put the fire underneath social media. Facebook was popular, but not as popular as when you could share posts via twitter. IG etc came later.

      Point being, Chelsy and Harry were pre-social media stars. And Harry wasn’t yet the beloved prince. Notorious ‘party prince’, but not yet universally beloved. Chelsy after Harry is not as interesting to people or even gossip media. Her recent foray into PR for her jewellery line complete with mention of Harry didn’t pull any crazy frenzied coverage in social media or MSM.

      2. Cressida and Harry were a grey area. They conducted their relationship under the radar. There was longer are they or aren’t they chatter than here is a couple of lovebirds.

      Further, Cressida didn’t have as strong a profile either via accomplishments or being seen at parties or papped. She was neither a socialite nor a media party girl. No stories of Harry going out of his way to do anything that made her stand out eg statements, intercontinental flights etc. There was nothing the media could really discuss about cressida, her family didn’t talk, no bitter family members to sell stories. Harry was also in the army so less chance of chance encounters of him and Cressida out and about. Relationship was mostly conducted in their friends’homes. All in all, little for social media to work with.

      3. Harry and Meghan have intersectional set of people interested in them. Being older, she has alot of history via friends and family opinions, photos, work, work interviews, promotions, red carpet images etc.

      There are the people fascinated positively or negatively by the fact that Harry is dating a black girl who can’t stop arguing the point according to their point of view.

      The impossibility of hiding their movements due to their bi-continental long distance living arrangements.

      Disgruntled and fame thirsty family members willing to give interviews pro or anti MM.

      MM has a proper media profile outside of Harry which needs feeding and updating. It gives an unprecedented glimpse into a royal romance and by extension Harry. It’s getting people invested in the relationship positively or negatively and eager for what they think might be the next step which sets off a new round of hits, searches, interest every time something new appears.

      1. Herazeus, I will concede to you that Chelsy was before social media took off. I don’t really know about Cressida and that period, since that back then I wasn’t interested in that subject.

        I will point out that first Meghan is bi-racial, not black exclusively. Just wanted to precise that.
        Secondly, I will also agree that she had an actual social media profile before PH.

        I, however, shared this article (not the social media but the pr one) because to me it shows that this relationship is nothing but PR. As you said, she has been in the game for a while, and she knows how to play it.

        I’m not commenting on her family. You can’t choose the family you’re living in.

        I have the feeling that she campaigning to either be the Future Duchess or just to get her name out. She is investing money and time into this. Nobody but few people knew her before she dated Harry. I know that she is attracting good and bad comments, but anyone dating Harry has/will.

      2. Herazeus, I think you missed the point? She showed a distinct pattern of PR machinations designed to keep MM in the news a girlfriend/potential fiance to Harry. PR wasn’t invented by social media, it was transformed. This blogger lays out cyclical patterns of PR in a compelling way. Chelsy and Cressida are irrelevant.

        1. I agree. Chelsy and Cressida aren’t relevant to the tumblr person talking about Meghan’s PR pattern since the tumblr person didn’t bring up Chelsy or Cressida when discussing Meghan. If the tumblr person had compared the three, then there would be a point in discrediting the conclusion, but since the tumblr person didn’t, then it’s not relevant.

        2. Unless i picked up the wrong link, the penultimate point of that tumblr post is that MM has so much PR shenanigans that it dwarfs Chelsy and Cressida’s PR shenanigans.

          The blogger drew that conclusion at the end of the post.

          The blogger also uses social media hits to explain her premise.

          That is why i brought up Chelsy and Cressida.

          To show that PR in the social media age can’t be compared to Chelsy’s time or the distinct things that make MM stand out against Cressida.

          MM has so many pieces of moveable PR estate that she doesn’t need to do very much to get her profile going. And that’s the beauty of social media.

          1. I didn’t see anything related to Chelsy or Cressida when I read it.

          2. KMR: i’ve clicked on the link again, and they come up at the end of my link.

            It starts off with MM and the blogger’s analysis then segways into Cressida and Chelsy.

          3. When I click the link (I’m using Chrome for iOS), there is the article about Meghan’s PR cycle, which does not mention either Chelsy or Cressida, and then after that article ends there is a weird jump to talking about Meghan v Kate (which I think is a separate article), which also doesn’t not mention either Chelsy or Cressida. When I click on the link, there is no mention of Chelsy or Cressida at all.

          4. I’ve read the story again and stopped at the segway.

            Without Cressida/ Chelsy part clouding my judgement, i have a different take, and it’s not complimentary to the blogger.

            They take all the MM media, including articles that are clearly journalists making up stuff and decide that this is all coming from MM.

            I’m not suggesting that MM isn’t using the media to up her profile in some cases, but to claim that all this stuff is coming from her is ridiculous.

            There are easily spotted journalist making up stuff articles especially when those articles involve the royals.

            MM isn’t the first royal girlfriend to find journalists make up stuff involving the royals in order to speculate on their relationship and it’s amazing to me that people still fall for these things.

            Journalists will report on the real stuff eg the photos, make up stuff eg the royal stories. The fact that MM is also promoting herself/ her charities via her essays in various magazines doesn’t follow that the made up journalistic royal stories are true.

            KMR: i’m on a tablet too.

            My link starts with the MM PR shenanigand and flows into Chelsy and Cressida without a break.

            There is a jump and a new article comparing Kate and MM’s work days.

            Perhaps disconnect all my computers and see if it rights itself.

        3. Agree. Chelsy and Cressida don’t figure in the main article at all but in separate posts, as does the Kate-Meghan comparison.

          The article I read focused on the regularity of PR hitting various media, showing this visually in an easily accessible way. It points to a deliberate strategy. However, Harry’s PR is also pretty much in sync too, so I’d assume that they have had a united approach for some time now.

      3. The salient points with the post was its dispassionate stripping away of a PR strategy that (1) primed the public to ‘desire’ Harry-Meghan, (2) constructed a narrative and unified roll-out on Harry and Meghan’s terms, and (3) did it with precision. I’m glad someone found patterns and analysed how, when and what has been released through media beyond the manufactured swoon. It doesn’t mean, of course, that H+M are not in lurve, but they sure are playing the PR game.

        Even without the revelation of patterns of PR communications, several people on this site have been puzzled by how this relationship has rolled out. I agree with the writer’s conclusions that H+M have a completely unified PR strategy. I have never held expectations that H+M will set the world on fire because neither has done so thus far. With all his advantages, Harry still dabbles, knowing he can fall back on personal charm and being his mother’s son. Meghan has achieved some success through sheer hustle in a cut-throat industry awash with ever-young, nubile beauties; in her case, though, I think her other activities subsume the acting. Together, they will be charming, dabble in things they find interesting, but live life on their terms which seems to be a lot of personal time interspersed with a flurry of high profile short-term events.

        Two red herrings: (1) Comparing Cressida to Chelsea to Meghan using social media as the tool over a period of time. Two were much younger in a nascent social media landscape, the third was older and with ready access and knowledge of PR. Who cares? They all used whatever was available at the time to create better press, be seen, whatever. That is understandable and sadly necessary these days. (2) Comparing Kate and Meghan’s work schedules. Kate’s public schedule is available; Meghan’s, as a private individual with multiple business interests, does not.

        1. And if Harry didn’t date celebrities/actresses that could view the relationship as a boost could also help. I don’t think chelsy did that until she turned into a jewelry designer or whatevs it is she does now.
          Whether you are for, against or ambivalent about Harry and Meghan it is clear that she’s optimized/fed the pr to help boost her name recognition. If you view those actions of a savvy business woman or just opportunistic is everyone’s own prerogative

          1. I have to agree with that. Harry likes celeb types, so extra PR is what comes with dating celeb types. A private person wouldn’t be generating as much PR. I side eye Harry more than anyone for this crap since he’s the one claiming to want things to be private and that his life isn’t a game, yet dates celeb types which come with PR and plays so many PR machinations himself.

          2. Sarah, both you and KMR are spot on. Neither Harry nor Meghan are innocents; they want to advantage themselves, with Harry playing the hypocrisy card. We’re the mugs if we fall for their crap.

    2. Any site that tries to suggest that Meghan works less than Kate is not credible. Right now Meghan is still working on Suits which is an actual job and lasts more than one hour per day a few days per month. Kate has never held a real job ever and barely does her royal appearances. Only when or if Meghan marries Harry and drops all paid employment will any comparison of royal appearances be worth any merit.

      And if Meghan has a PR strategy, so what? Kate has a PR team too, it just is bad at its job and UK taxpayers fund Kate’s PR.
      If anyone thinks that any public figure does not have a PR team then they are delusional. And all this happens because Harry is fine with it. The underlying message from that Tumblr site is that Meghan is forcing the relationship to happen. That’s impossible.

        1. I stop reading the reference after it said the the January picture were backdated… why would people on this blog and KMR even consign on it, reveals a lot…. The Meghan hate however disguised with indifference comes out loud and clear.

          1. Wait, so now I hate Meghan because I don’t cover her on here (unless there are photos of her with Harry) and didn’t delete a comment with a link to some tumblr page someone posted? People post lots of links to articles I don’t like that I don’t delete. This type of reaction that Meghan draws is why I don’t like covering her and don’t cover her unless there are photos of her with Harry – because unless you’re fawning over her you’re going to get called a hater (even if you say nothing, apparently), and if you do fawn over her other people will call you out for that.

      1. Just read that blog post again, whilst double checking the link posted above, and i hadn’t quite appreciated what it said beyond a cursory snort of derision at the headline that compared MM and Kate’s work days.

        The blogger is discredited when they make any comparison between their work schedules when they show they have no basic understanding of how film/ tv productions work.

      2. It makes me wonder if this is a secondary blog run by the two big tumblr anti-Meghan queens.

        MM has a media profile, she has a job that requires PR. Given how Harry has been used by royal PR for years, I would not be surprised if he and Meghan were working together to put out a unified PR story about their relationship.

        Yes, the idea that somehow Meghan is forcing the relationship to happen, that it is all false — those types of comments lean this into the unbelievable territory.

        I don’t think the world at large is interested in these two, I just don’t. Nor do I think they’re using PR to try to get the world interested in them. Given what efforts certains tumblrs are doing to attack these two on a daily basis? H&MM may (finally) be following a better PR rule book to attempt to combat the absolutely over-the-top, aggressive, ranting fangirls.

        1. I think you are putting wayyyy too much stock in what the BRF think of random girls on tumblr, most of whom aren’t even UK or Commonwealth citizens. I doubt they even are on their radar.

          1. I have no doubt those tumblr queen are on their radar big time.

            A handful of unhappy fangirls are doing their utmost to make people dislike Meghan Markle, and Meghan Markle + Prince Harry.

            The BRF lives and breaths and survives on good PR. They are fully aware of what happens on tumblr, on the DM, on royal boards. They likely already have dossiers on the real identities of those tumblr girls too.

          2. I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree here. I highly doubt that they are putting that much energy into a handful of random girls on tumblr to the point of investigating who they are and where they live. Especially because they aren’t doing anything criminal. They haven’t threatened anyone’s life or safety. Every famous person in the world has a following of people who hate them. And as far as libel, in America, which is where they mostly claim to be from, is very difficult to win libel claims especially if you are a public person. You don’t just have to prove what the person said was false you also have to demonstrably prove that you lost income due to the damage done to your reputation. That’s very difficult to prove.

            They certainly are extremely emotionally invested in a relationship between two people they have never met to a degree that’s kinda odd to me, but then again here we are on a blog critical of Kate Middleton commenting so I’m not sure we are ones to talk.

          3. It might not be easy to prove or act against, but it can be done in some places. Several months ago, someone who was using libelous language about Letizia on twitter was arrested, found guilty, and fined. I have no doubt multiple palace PR machines are watching social media.

            These aren’t people casually discussing something on royal forums, but are spending hundreds of hours of their lives creating analyses like the one linked above basically intended to “prove” MM is evil incarnate.

            The extent to which 3-4 unhappy fangirls have gone to in order to attack Meghan Markle is amazing. Worthy of psychological study.

    3. Pretty fascinating, but also amusing how much in other posts they defend Kate and how Kate works so hard.

      I’m not surprised by any of this. Dating Harry is the best thing to have ever happened to Meghan’s career.

    4. Very interesting read! I’m not surprised by any of that from Meghan. Being good at PR, or at least hiring someone who is, is essential to making it in Hollywood. That’s why I said from the beginning that Meghan is who she is and hasn’t changed, and I do respect her hustle. All that essay does is make me think Harry is a bit of a hypocrite who wants to have his cake and eat it too. You can’t lecture people about your loss of privacy and literally write in a statement that none of this is a game and then turn around and play media games without looking like a hypocrite. I don’t understand why they are playing games like this though. What are they hoping to gain? If Charles can marry Camilla, who seriously was going to care enough (besides us royal watchers) about who the 5th in line to the throne marries? Harry (and his spouse) will only become less and less relevant as time goes on.

      1. “I don’t understand why they are playing games like this though. What are they hoping to gain?”

        It puzzles me too. They’re adults; if they see a future together, do they really need to do a coy fan-dance in front of the world? Maybe they over-estimate their relevance.

    1. Ha! I wonder if this is true. If it is, it doesn’t surprise me.

      I don’t begrudge them going on holidays, whatever, we all do, but to go on and on about what family people you are and how you CAN’T work because you have a family then go off on holidays over and over again around important events… I’m glad they’re still getting slammed on this.

      1. Bingo. The Cambs only talk about how much they need to be around their kids when they have to work. When they don’t have to work, they seem to leave them behind a lot.

    2. Swatch watches? Are those still a thing? Haha
      What I want to know is party pieces that successful to pay for a private jet rental, their house in bucklebury, funding their daughters lackadaisical attitude while waiting for rich men to marry them lifestyle etc?I went on to their website the other day when I was in a snarky mood and don’t see how it’s that successful
      Inquiring minds and all =)

      1. The PP millions don’t exist, as far as I know. They made their fortune through trust funds given to Michael as well as using Uncle Gary for money. It wasn’t through hard graft they made a fortune, it was luck and family.

        1. There is no proof of what the Middletons are worth, merely lots of rumors. Comments from similar business about how unlikely it is that their business made them millions.

          The Telegraph article dissects how much those inheritances were. They likely didn’t cover the kids education costs. Most of how PP made any money was in selling client information – allegedly without permission.


          If the Middleton’s were worth so much, why the two mortgages (through either a Swiss or Swedish bank) on the previous home?

      2. Swatch watches never left!
        Had a Flik Flak when I was younger, but Swatch doesn’t make only kids watches!

      1. Why would this be orchestrated by the Midds? Kate came away from William’s ski trip looking good. This ski trip, if true, just makes her look bad again.

        1. KMR, It strikes me as a tit for tat sort of rebuttal. W wasn’t being a jerk. KM was having just as much fun as he was because she was with her gal pals sort of narrative. And perhaps the fact that W didn’t attend the Commonwealth Day ceremony will get lost in the tit for tat explanation. Just a guess.

        2. I would say it was orchestrated with someone in the know becuase it just came out now. Yes pippa is recognizable since she doesn’t have a helmet on but if you didn’t know that was Kate skiing she could have just been another skier. Pics are clear. And if you’ve got those clear pics of them why release now?
          They obviously rented the chalet in one of their own names since the owners “wanted to impress their royal guests so showered them with gifts” so are they staying at a friend’s chalet (totally possible as the royals are biggest moochers around) but then that info wouldn’t have probably gotten out so then scenario 2 of renting in recognizable name is plausible.
          We know they take trips w/out getting caught by media so strange that both now have been outed.
          It shows that Kate wasn’t at home crying in her cups. They’re both just lazy preferring holidays to work. Cuz neither of them could have done this one of their many other days off? It’s not like pippa works m-f either

      2. I wonder if this is part of the wedding roll out.

        We are supposed to think hen do, party favours were all fun and games and cutie poo.

        To deflect from the double foul of skipping the commonwealth service for which William was excoriated – no rescue from Kate then – William is sort of absolved by this article. See kids he didn’t abandon Kate at home…..no one point out the missing kids…..Kate thought William’s antics were funny, except the dance with the australian model. If Kate is ok with it, so should we.

        Don’t mention the commonwealth service. Look pippa had an ultra exclusive hen do…..THIS is the most salient message.

        Sugar and spice and for goodness’s sake don’t mention the things we want to distract from.

        By the way, allegedly Pippa hired the Beckham publicist to handle her wedding…..


        1. Even so, it’s interesting that the hen’s weekend has only just surfaced when – had anyone wanted to spare William – it could have been reported very differently. But no-one in any camp did, and to me, that’s the salient point. Maybe the Middleton’s are tired of covering for the boorish William, just like his family.

          That, and the ‘we can’t leave the kids for a millisecond to work more’ is blown out of the water yet again when it comes to personal pleasure. What’s new is that William was too drunk after lunch to be permitted to ski. Problem.

          1. Well, it’s all a sham, isn’t it, to present themselves as above others and thereby justify the lavish lifestyle provided to them. And of course the press is complicit in running the gush, as are the public for not questioning it or demanding more work from royals – real work, not just rocking up every now and then, waving.

          1. Nota, But it’s not working. They seem to be digging themselves deeper and deeper rather than deflecting from what will be an interesting trial.

          2. When the trial comes up, nothing will detract from it simply because it involves nudity and royalty. It will be another nail in the coffin for W+K’s image.

            The press and the non-UK public know that more salacious images exist; the trial gives the press a legitimate reason for reporting, if not showing them. As well, and again in the interests of context, the press could remind the public that W+K were in France on a vacation, having lied to the public for not attending the 2012 Paralympics, instead claiming they were prepping for a tour. Of course we now know from observation, poor performance and silly slips from William that the couple does not do a jot of preparation.

        2. She hired a publicist to handle the wedding? Right, poor little Pippa who hates all of the attention and just wants to be an unknown private citizen. Pull the other leg, #middletonpr.

        3. Well, IMO, this makes Terribly Rich James look like a putz, kowtowing to the likes of Pippa and Mommy Dearest. I doubt that with his dough he needs the publicity. I guess Carole prefers her daughters’ gilded gelded as well.

          1. TR James is 41, and is long in the tooth now for a first marriage. Goodness knows what he sees in Pippa but they’ve known each other for a long time so he knows what he’s getting; I assume he recognises that living off his wealth and status is what she’s after. Yep, he’s a putz to settle for that poisonous family.

    3. I’m surprised this is just coming out but i think it just further makes William look bad that Kate was actually at a bachelorette party and still kept a lower profile. Now I’m wondering how this got out.

      1. Me too. It doesn’t make either Kate or William look good, begging thoughts that they take off when they can, leaving children with (presumably) Carole and Mike. This time last year it was all about showcasing the perfect family unit, introducing the children to the snow on their secret French holiday.

  16. Will and Catherine are one of the few couples who have had more negative press and criticism 5/6 years into their marriage than they had early on when they first were engaged and married.

    Haakon and Mette-Marit (her colorful past), Williem and Maxima (her family history), Felipe and Letizia (her first marriage and other rumors), Victoria and Daniel (King and public’s initial disapproval), and Fred and Mary (slow to learn the language/wasn’t adjusting) all had their doubters but were stable and progressing at this point. Not sure how W&C seem to be regressing.

  17. I like her hair that way, however I don’t like how she’s wearing that dress. She has turned it into Frumpville. If she doesn’t want to wear off-the-shoulder dresses, she shouldn’t buy them. It looks like a sack dress from the late 1960s. Can’t really see the shoes very well, but they don’t really pick up the intended fun vibe the originally designed dress had. Once again, Kate blows it with her fashion choice.

      1. HAHHAHAHA yes Kimothy….I laughed out loud too! Esp the comparisons with Princess Anne, who no one will consider a fashion maven 🙂

        1. Yeah but the fact that Anne can STILL fit into clothing she first wore 35-40 years ago?! Impressive (sincerely) plus, she’s a bada**, no-nonsense woman in terms of royal work which makes any disses regarding her clothes completely moot. 😀

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