Princess Estelle turns 4

Princess Estelle turns 4

Princess Estelle is already four years old, can you believe it? Estelle was born on February 23, 2012.

Princess Estelle 4th birthday 1

The Swedish court released two photos to mark the occasion. One of Estelle solo, and one of Estelle with her parents: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The photos were taken at Haga Palace, the Crown Princess Couple’s official residence.

Princess Estelle 4th birthday 2

Princess Madeleine posted this throwback photo of Estelle with her cousin, Princess Leonore, to her Facebook page with the caption: “Cousins are friends that will love you forever. Happy birthday dear Estelle! From your cousin Leonore”.

Be sure to check out Maddie and Leonore donning their best Princess dresses for a tea party with children at the Royal Palace.

Estelle and Leonore

Estelle is such a little grown up person now. Here’s a look down memory lane of Estelle’s birthday photos.

Princess Estelle 1 year eating desert

Princess Estelle 2 years painting

Princess Estelle 3 years 1

Princess Estelle 4th birthday s

Photos: Kate Gabor/ / Princess Madeleine’s Facebook page

62 thoughts on “Princess Estelle turns 4

  1. Thank you KMR two beautiful posts to cheer a grey damp morning. Estelle looks so like her Mummy. I love the little bows in her hair when she was a baby.

        1. I know, rhiannon, I am, too.

          Estelle is so darling and the photo of her with her little cousin is so cute.
          Look at the size of little Leonore’s hair bow!

          May this new year of little Estelle’s life be full of wonder. Soon, she will be a big sister! Hope she enjoys every minute of her new role!

          She is one adorable child.

  2. Estelle looks to be a genuinely happy child; the picture where she is holding the hands of her parents is lovely. You can tell through the photos that her home life is one of contentment. Worlds away from the BRF.

  3. Happy Birthday star (Estelle) of the SRF!
    You’re such a cute little lady about to become a big sister, too.
    All pictures are amazing and the one with Leonore is just adorable. Estelle surely rocks her head bows.
    Kudos to Victoria and Daniel for their parenting. They’re so proud of her and I’m sure the new baby will make them even more proud.

      1. Me too! I realize it is weird to love a little girl you have never met, but this little four year old makes me smile every time I see her. I can’t wait for the pictures of a family of four.

        The photo and caption posted by Princess Madeleine of her daughter with Estelle was full of love.

        1. Leonore and Estelle both own a little place in my heart and it amazes me that I can feel that way towards to little ones so far away from my life and my house lol

  4. Such a gorgeous child! I was never able to get a bow to stay on my four year old. Estelle looks such a happy and contented child. I bet that she will be a fabulous big sister too.

    1. Sorry KMR – I’m threadjacking here…

      Happy Birthday Tanya!
      Hope you are having a great day!

      Grattis! Estelle!
      Ha det äran, Grattis på födelsedagen!

  5. Thank you for this lovely post, KMR(*^-^*)
    She is simply gorgeous and she looks genuinely happy!!
    Happy birthday Princess Estelle and may your special day be eventful and filled with joy.

  6. Princess Estelle exudes the same warmth/glow that Crown Princess Victoria does!
    I love how animated she looks in all her birthday photos over the years.

  7. What lovely photos to mark Estelle’s fourth birthday. I like the warmth of the family portrait and Estelle holding her proud parents hands. I also like the one of Estelle and Leonore as well. It is a delight seeing Estelle’s expressions. Happy Birthday Estelle.

  8. First of all, thank you KMR for the work you do, so we can have a place to indulge in our interests and have a conversation. I know how much work it is to single-handedly create and maintain content on a website. You rock.

    I so admire Victoria and Estelle is such a lovely kid. Victoria and her family balance normal and duty just perfectly. It requires a lot of love, discipline and dedication to do it and they rock it. Victoria is still on duty, btw. She has attended a council meeting just yesterday.

    I know of someone who should take a very close look and try harder.

      1. Same here KMR. I cannot believe all the days you have two or three topics with a ton of information and photos for our enjoyment. You do all the work and we have all the fun.

    1. I hope it is okay with you Hayacinth Bucket if I echo what you said to KMR. She deserves those accolades.

      These photos are very special. There is such a naturalness with this couple and their daughter without any kind of showiness. There is definitely love in that home.

    2. +4

      I love that you cover the SRF, KMR.

      I was wondering about Victoria. I read she cancelled a celebration of her name day (somewhere in March) and that she was already on maternity leave, which kind of worried me, because I really expected her to work to the very last day if her health permitted. Knowing her, I assumed if she inded was on leave already things weren’t going too smoothly. Glad to hear she is still out.

      1. Victoria is still working! She had an engagement this morning. This proves that you can work towards the end of your pregnancy like every woman in the history of ever. Sorry, that was a dig at Kate.

  9. Happy Birthday, sweet Estelle! She is growing up to be such a pretty girl with a full smile, life and spirit. I hope that she keeps her strong sense of self as she grows. Kudos to Vic and Dan for sharing her with us. You can tell that she is self assured and we’ll loved.

    Thank you so much, KM, for these beautiful posts. This is how to balance public interest while maintaining continuity.

  10. She is such a cutie! A great mix of Vicki and Dan! Also, I’m glad he’s smiling a real, toothy, genuinely happy smile, as apposed to the closed-mouth smile he usually sports. Last, it’s so sweet how Vic and Maddie are encouraging Estelle and Lenore to become close friends.

  11. I don’t know how many more of these pictures I can take! They have definitely put me in a good mood. Estelle looks like she’s had a little growth spurt. She’s so much taller now. I want her to stop growing…she’s just doing it too fast!

  12. Beautiful, adorable little princess. She’ll be a good influence on her sibling & her cousins. She has been brought up well. I’m glad she’ll have other royal children of her own age to play with. The Swedish RF has always produced lovely official photos, professionally taken. Thanks KMR for this fabulous post. Now I’m looking forward to more news about these other European Royals & just dreaded the news about W+K.

  13. I never really took note of other Royal families before I found this blog, and now they are such a treat and highlight! This sure emphasizes for me what is lacking in the BRF — love & empathy. Thank you for all you do, KMR!

    1. Charlotte, I completely agree with you. I started following KMR 2 months ago and just love it, the writing, the honesty, and the variety of posts. I had followed some others but mainly focused on how wonderful Kate was and since I am a bit of a cynic, went searching for an alternate reality…and some honesty. I have never paid any attention or had any knowledge of the other royal families and this blog covers it all. Thank you so much KMR!

  14. Time certainly flies when you are having fun! And, Princess Estelle is one child who knows how to court fun. She is darling. Happy Birthday, You are growing by leaps and bounds and winning so many hearts in the process.

    Loved all the photos, KMR. Thank you!

    The picture of Estelle and Leonore together is darling and the words that Maddie posted were so loving.

    Oh, a new sibling is on the way, Estelle. May life be good for all of you in your incredible family.

    1. I was thinking more in line of photos of Mum and Dad with the kids, but the shot of little Charlotte in her pram and her brother on a scooter(?) with Nanny Maria must be making William furious. I don’t think he wanted that kind of damage control. Just a happy family photo. One in which several members can be airbrushed in. Or maybe he is just glad to see his wee ones in the news taking some of the heat off of him. How does everyone else feel?

        1. Will he be on the war path in order to try and milk his mother’s tragic story with the paps some more and thus deflect from the image problem? Just thinking out loud.

          You can all tell I don’t like the “Keeping up with the Cambridgians” attitude, where everything needs to be scripted and pre-filmed before release. Though I bet Carole would love to be the momager.

  15. What wonderful photos of a beautiful child and family! Her parents are so gracious to share such joyful moments with the public.

  16. Happy birthday Estelle!!! You are such a cutie but we also get to love your fun, sweet, kind personality thanks to your cool parents 🙂

    I love that new family picture! I love Estelle reaching out for their hands with her little hands. They sure seem like a fun loving and ×natural* family.

  17. What an absolutely darling little girl! Thank you, this made my day! She is the spitting image of her mom, wow. Can’t wait to see her new little sibling!

    1. Nah, I think she is a good mix of both. It looks like she will be better looking than either of them, which is probably how it’s supposed to be.

  18. She looks luminous. What a happy, healthy family they are as well. And they really look like they are happy to pose for the pictures.

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