Kate Middleton and Prince William focus on suicide prevention, meet suicide survivors

Kate Middleton and Prince William focus on suicide prevention, meet suicide survivors

Kate Middleton and Prince William spent part of today, March 10, meeting with suicide survivors and hearing about their experiences.

Neil, Kate, William, Jonny

To start the morning, William and Kate made a private visit to the charity Maytree. Maytree is a suicide support center which “provides people in the midst of a suicidal crisis with the opportunity for rest and reflection, and gives them the opportunity to stay in a calm, safe and relaxed environment”. While the visit was private, the Maytree Twitter account posted two photos of the visit.

Natalie Howarth, Maytree’s director, said:

    “Maytree’s staff team and volunteers were thrilled to have met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today and to have had the opportunity to highlight Maytree’s vital work in suicide prevention. Suicide is the last taboo, so to have such a high profile couple shed a light onto the issue is priceless. I hope that their visit to Maytree is a catalyst to a useful and meaningful journey for them both.”

William and Kate Maytree visit

Then William and Kate moved on to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London where they met with suicide survivor, Jonny Benjamin, and the man who saved his life, Neil Laybourn. The meeting lasted for half an hour.

William and Kate meet Jonny and Neil
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

After developing auditory hallucinations at the age of 10, depression at the age of 16, and being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in his early 20s, in January 2008, Jonny Benjamin stood on the Waterloo Bridge in central London preparing to take his own life. A random stranger stopped and talked to Jonny, saving his life. Jonny was then taken to St. Thomas’ Hospital where he was sectioned.

Six years later, together with Rethink Mental Illness, Jonny launched the #FindMike campaign in January 2014. Two weeks later, Neil Laybourn came forward as the man who saw Jonny on the bridge six years earlier and helped save his life. You can read more about the #FindMike campaign here. You can watch the documentary here (though for some reason it wouldn’t play for me). Jonny has a YouTube channel where he talks about mental health which you can view here.

William and Kate talk to Jonny and Neil 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Jonny and Neil talked to William and Kate about that day in 2008, as well as their current work to raise awareness about the stigma associated with suicide, the importance of talking about mental health from a young age, and a project the two of them have been working on together.

Of meeting William and Kate, Jonny tweeted: “Thanks for tweets.What a day!Great to talk to Duke & Duchess about mental health & suicide-they said they’re determined to help break stigma”

Here is a video of part of their interaction.

During the meeting, William said:

    “Someone told me five people a day try to kill themselves. I was just blown away by the statistics. For both of us, the mental health piece has got lots of aspects. It’s such a big issue that we need to do something about it. We feel it’s been raised higher up the ladder. It’s suddenly bubbling just under the surface. Now we need to get up to the next level, to the surface.”

William should have looked up the real statistics on suicide instead of just going off of what “someone” told him. I have statistics and warning signs about suicide at the end of this article, as I did for the signs of domestic abuse when Camilla visited SafeLives.

Kate contributed to the conversation by saying: “We see through the work that we do with addiction, homelessness, and knife crime that a lot of it stems back to childhood.”

That’s the only quote I can find that’s attributed to Kate.

*Deep breath*….. I know I was not there, so I have no idea what Kate said except for this quote, she may have said the most brilliant thing about mental health and suicide prevention, but all I have to go on is this one quote… And it is shocking to me that after two visits to the Anna Freud Centre, two visits to Mind, several visits to mental health charities in Scotland, more visits to her mental health patronages also in Scotland, a visit to Place2Be, and a guest editorship for a mental health series – all since her mental health kick started in September 2015 – that the best Kate can come up with to say is regurgitation of a buzzphrase that she’s used in two video messages, a speech, and her HuffPo article.

I know it’s nitpicking, but… Has she really not learned anything beyond what her speech writer wrote for her? I just… *sigh*.

And William… Oh my god, Google the actual statistics, it’s not that hard. Okay, calming down now.

William and Kate mental health discussion
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

After the brief meeting, the foursome traveled to Kensington Palace where they met with schoolchildren from Dunraven School in Streatham, London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge listened to the children as they spoke about their experiences.

From the Express (the quotes above are also from the Express):

    “The couple listened, clearly moved, as one young girl hesitantly talked about the issues she had suffered from after being diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder.
    “The pupil, who cannot be identified, said: ‘I didn’t really acknowledge the impact until I was eight when I started to suffer from extremely bullying. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. Then a teacher came up to me – it was my ‘Neil’ moment – who told me I shouldn’t feel embarrassed.’
    “William and Kate nodded enthusiastically as Jonny told her: ‘No, no, you shouldn’t.'”

After the twenty minute session, before leaving for a private discussion with bereaved families in a nearby room, William said:

    “If I may add anything to the expertise of what Neil and everyone else here has been talking about, that is the importance of talking to each other. I really feel that we don’t listen and we don’t talk enough so I hope that if anything you take away from today is to talk amongst yourselves, to share your problems and communicate and be there for each other. Thank you all for being here today and sharing.”

Here is a short video of William’s and Kate’s last remarks before leaving. I think Kate says: “Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of the discussion.”

William and Kate then held a private meeting with people who had been bereaved by suicide. One woman who was there, Angela Samata, tweeted about her experience meeting William and Kate. She said:

    “When the first thing Prince William says to you is,’Your Mum’s dinners look fantastic!’ you know it’s going to be a good meeting. It was such an incredible meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They asked some great questions and couldn’t have been nicer! …and everyone at @KensingtonRoyal Palace made us feel so welcome! Good day for those bereaved by suicide.Hope we did you proud! ❤️ Today it really felt like those bereaved by suicide had a voice!So good to see how closely William & Kate listened to our experiences”

[Tweets 1, 2, 3, 4]

Kate repeated her green Erdem “Allie” coat that she’s worn twice before (in New Zealand in April 2014 and for the Tour de France in July 2014).

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just dislike Erdem as a whole. I’ve never seen an Erdem dress or coat that I’ve liked. And I really dislike this coat as well.

Previous wearings: April 2014 on the left, July 2014 in the middle, March 2016 on the right.

Erdem Allie green coat

Kate also wore a Jonathan Saunders black swallow print dress (from 2012; $85) which I actually like (there’s my one positive for the day). Though I don’t understand why she wore black to talk to people about suicide.

Kate wore her emerald and diamond earrings, her Cartier watch, her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps in black suede, and carried her Weitzman Muse clutch in black suede.

Some statistics about suicide:

In the United States (from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention):

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death.
  • Each year 42,773 Americans die by suicide.
  • For every suicide 25 attempt.
  • The annual suicide rate is 12.93 per 100,000 individuals.
  • On average, there are 117 suicides per day.
  • Males are 4 times more likely than females to die by suicide.
  • However, females attempt suicide 3 times as often as males.
  • The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular.

In the United Kingdom (from a government report with statistics for 2013):

  • 6,233 suicides of people aged 15 and over were registered in the UK in 2013.
  • The UK suicide rate was 11.9 deaths per 100,000 population in 2013.
  • The male suicide rate was more than three times higher than the female rate, with 19.0 male deaths per 100,000 compared to 5.1 female deaths.
  • The highest UK suicide rate in 2013 by broad age group among men was age 45-59, at 25.1 deaths per 100,000.
  • The highest UK suicide rate in 2013 by broad age group among women was age 45-59, at 7.0 deaths per 100,000.

**Note: You know how I said William should have looked up the real statistics? Well that’s because, according to the above linked report, there are on average about 17 deaths related to suicide per day in the UK. Not the 5 William claimed. It’s great if William wants to take an active role in mental health issues and suicide prevention, but know the facts so you don’t spout false information!**

Risk factors and warning signs (from the AFSP):

There’s no single cause for suicide. Suicide most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition. Depression is the most common condition associated with suicide, and it is often undiagnosed or untreated. Conditions like depression, anxiety and substance problems, especially when unaddressed, increase risk for suicide. Yet it’s important to note that most people who actively manage their mental health conditions lead fulfilling lives.

Something to look out for when concerned that a person may be suicidal is a change in behavior or the presence of entirely new behaviors. This is of sharpest concern if the new or changed behavior is related to a painful event, loss, or change. Most people who take their lives exhibit one or more warning signs, either through what they say or what they do.

Risk factors:

    Health Factors:

  • Mental health conditions (Depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Borderline or antisocial personality disorder, Conduct disorder, Psychotic disorders, Anxiety disorders).
  • Substance abuse disorders.
  • Serious or chronic health condition and/or pain.
    Environmental Factors:

  • Stressful Life Events which may include a death, divorce, or job loss.
  • Prolonged Stress Factors which may include harassment, bullying, relationship problems, and unemployment.
  • Access to Lethal Means including firearms and drugs.
  • Exposure to another person’s suicide, or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of suicide.
    Historical Factors:

  • Previous Suicide Attempts.
  • Family History of Suicide Attempts.

Warning Signs:

    If a person talks about:

  • Being a burden to others.
  • Feeling trapped.
  • Experiencing unbearable pain.
  • Having no reason to live.
  • Killing themselves.
    People who are considering suicide often display one or more of the following moods:

  • Depression.
  • Loss of interest.
  • Rage.
  • Irritability.
  • Humiliation.
  • Anxiety.
    Specific things to look out for include:

  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Looking for a way to kill themselves, such as searching online for materials or means.
  • Acting recklessly.
  • Withdrawing from activities.
  • Isolating from family and friends.
  • Sleeping too much or too little.
  • Visiting or calling people to say goodbye.
  • Giving away prized possessions.
  • Aggression.

Some suicide prevention hotlines and websites:

USA: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) – Suicide Prevention Lifeline
UK: Samaritans.org
NZ: Lifeline.org.nz
OZ: Lifeline.org.au
Canada: suicideprevention.ca

209 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William focus on suicide prevention, meet suicide survivors

  1. Nice article and thank you for the statistics. You did more heavy lifting with your research than the two that showed up for the meetings and their army of staff. How disappointing that K keeps quoting the same thing and W randomly pulls a statistic from “someone” (his chauffeur? his valet? his a$$?!?!). I am with you; the coat makes her look like a punk rocker leprechaun. The dress is different and nice but black is rather depressing, particularly for the subject matter and the audience. Well done, KMR.

    1. Thank you, LoriB. I read several other blogs and articles and it seems I did more research on this than all of them in terms of suicide prevention, risk factors, and warning signs. No one else I read had that information. Hell, I have more information on that here than the entire Young Minds Matter series from last month.

        1. I, too, volunteered at a crisis center so might I add my thanks to Bluhare’s. Your research is awesome and you have probably done more to help than you can know. I read your post yesterday but I was so flabbergasted that I had to wait to comment until today.
          Honestly, William, could you be more of a (I don’t even know the word to use). ‘Somebody told me?’ Not, it has come to my attention, or, I have become aware and very concerned about the suicide rate and risks, but ***somebody told me*** and gave incorrect info at that. It’s like, well I heard that there was something happening that’s not good so I thought I’d drop in and the missus and I will be happy to help. Errr…what exactly is this problem again? And waity might just as well have sent a tape recorder with her hubby and he could have played the recording. I guess the one thing that was said by a person who really works with these people is good, and that for sure the idiots are high profile, although with their less than credible respectable characters or lack thereof I doubt that this was anything more than wow, the duke and duchess of don’t know, don’t care stopped by. I don’t know that it’s how the person felt but it sure sums up my thinking. Kate could do so much here. A lot of young girls and young women are suicide risks and she could really use their adoration of her to do a lot. I can’t stand her but that doesn’t matter, if she would help these kids her life and status might actually benefit someone other than herself and her clingon family. Something else, sports are healthy ways of releasing stress and tension and maybe at times even aggression, although I’m not sure about that. She could combine her love of sports with this cause and encourage young people to get involved in activities. That would do a couple of things I think. First the activity itself would get the people out in the fresh air and not isolated, and also there would be more people who could see the signs and signals and step in to help. A whole lot of coaches have done a whole lot of good with young people. (I keep focusing on the young women since that seems to be Kate’s **fan** base). I also believe that young women are a bit more prone to anorexia and low self esteem with all the ads blasting them with what they should look like. Hope that doesn’t sound sexist because I know men and older people are at risk as well but they sure won’t get it from the great white hope of Britain, Diana’s first born son. He’s a moronic self centered worthless excuse for a future leader, but hey he makes cute balloons 🙂 Just my opinion.
          These two were in sync. Concerned face, happy face. What a flippin’ waste.

          a person expected to bring much success to a group or organization:
          “he was the great white hope for many kids trapped in bad lives”

      1. Thank you KMR for taking time to research and write this post.

        I am certain your warning signs and risk factors for domestic violence and suicide will be used and referred to by many.

  2. They showed up, put on their super serious concerned faces and spouted out nonsense. Predictable.

    One thing that struck me was a video of the dynamic duo listening to the group conversation on RE’s Twitter.
    I have not seen two people blink that much ever. It was weird.

    Old coat, new dress. She is soooo crafty, I mean thrifty.

  3. William didn’t wear his blue suit! Kate looks nice in green but I too never enjoyed this coat. I don’t know, maybe a pretty scarf if she wore her hair up would improve it. The dress is very nice. I think they were moved by what they heard today, and the reactions from those who met them seem positive. I watched the small video clips and both Kate and Will seem sweet but a bit detached…small talk instead of meaningful talk, if that makes sense. I only wish they could relax in their roles…their body language is often tight (hands in lap, for example) and closed off. As far as their quotes, I wonder if they make these very generalized comments so they won’t have to make more than small talk. On a really superficial note, I like Kate’s makeup in the bird dress. The pink lipstick is pretty.

    1. I didn’t notice her lipstick (could it be Marc Jacobs Charlotte??), but you took the words out of my mouth on the rest of your comment. Kate looks anything but relaxed, and the two of them underwhelmed with what we were able to hear them say. Woefully uninformed, by the sounds of things. Suicide is not a platform for murmured platitudes and levity (someone told me…really??? Oh William, your mother would be ashamed)

      1. KMR, you have done so much research on this subject. You should have been the one prepping W and K.

        I read some about their appearances yesterday on the Daily Mail site. I was appalled that it was reported that William wanted to focus on helping men who had suicidal thoughts and Kate wanted to help children. (Harry wsa reported to the key player for military people). Nowhere was anything reported about who would be taking on the woman’s issue. Nice, yes?

        At any rate, how much will they really do?

        I hope their appearances will focus a light on this issue and allow people to re-think any prejudices they may have on mental health concerns. It is a subject that needs to be followed up on continuously, though. I would like to see the Cambridges do that.

        And, would love to see them become more informed and more than just props who drop in and out of events.

        Ray, you are right. Diana would be ashamed. She seemed to study up on her interests and follow-though. She focused like a laser beam on the subjects she believed needed to be changed or helped along in major ways.

        I don’t want to be totally critical. I think this could be a start. I just don’t want it to be an end. Work needs to be done on a steady basis and I don’t want to see anyone become bored and move on to a different cause.

        As for wardrobe. Ugh, I hate bringing this up, but KMR, you are right. Wearing black to a group that is focusing on suicide prevention? Not too cool, if you ask me. And, if she needed earrings, why not simple pearls? Did she have to flash emeralds? Oh, I forgot, she wore a green coat!

        I hope the people who are working so hard on this cause were not used by the Cambridges to gain positive PR. They are doing outstanding work and deserve to be honored and assisted.

        1. I, too, hope that this could possibly be a beginning, but with their track record my hope is faint. For the love of God when will Kate get a clue that she isn’t good with children, at least not from what I’ve seen. Those loony faces she pulls off around children would scare me, and she seems to get in the kids face. Sorry Jenny, I see this as pure unadulterated pr. They did no research, they were just there and so were the cameras. They did the concerned face in sync, and then the smiley face as well.
          I don’t remember who said it but I agree with ***play to your strengths***. Kate really could make a difference but no one can help with anything that doesn’t interest them. My husband volunteers at a nursing home and hospitals, he visits with the people. I absolutely could not do that, it’s not me.

        2. Young women and adults of both sexes have seemingly been left out. Which is odd, since the age group who commits suicide the most is middle-aged adults (in both men and women).

  4. Greetings People,
    The Daily Mail critics are hammering this lazy pair of sods as a big PR job – take care out there and will check in before I head off on Sunday.

    Thanks KMR as always, in awe.

    Kindest Regards,
    The Wild Rose

    1. Didn’t the balloon animal puff piece crack you up. Like it totally excuses the bone idle Cambridges because it is proof they are devoted parents.

      When are they going to learn regular engagements combined with a professional, prepared manner (and limited helicopter rides) will be the only way back into the public’s good graces?

      1. Kip, I found that was ridiculous, too. First responders, nurses and pediatricians do it all over the world. It is a no brainer to distract and comfort a sick child, the glove balloon is a classic and part of his job. Not some ingenious and empathetic mind at work.

      2. Oh that balloon didn’t do the trick for Billy? And he worked so hard at it and grinned at the cameras and everything.
        On a more serious note. I am so done with these two but that’s just me and a few others. Do you think that they can get back into a position of respect and credibility?

  5. As always thank you for your interesting and well written post KMR. I am not a fan of Kate’s green coat. I might like it better if not zipped up to the neck. Not a fan of the print on the dress maybe if the birds were smaller. Hurrah for William that he wore different color from his usual. They seemed engaged and not as this is for the camera. They have unique opportunity to make a difference but will they.

  6. The quote from William is full of cliched language. He either knows little -evidenced by the inaccurate figures – or is inarticulate. Not good for a graduate and someone who has experienced coveted, precision military training.

    1. Good God, William sounds like a moron here! He really needs to be more articulate.Terrible, terrible communication skills:
      “It’s such a big issue that we need to do something about it. We feel it’s been raised higher up the ladder. It’s suddenly bubbling just under the surface. Now we need to get up to the next level, to the surface.””

      And Kate – not all mental health problems are rooted in childhood. Some conditions manifest later in life, etc.

      1. Place2Be claims 50% of mental health issues are rooted in childhood issues, which means 50% aren’t.

        1. Childhood issues can be so many things it is sometimes hard to know what they mean exactly.I just hate vagueness when speaking about something as important as this because it just comes across as non-committal. I’m sorry but vague generalities just don’t cut it for me in this context because there is so much ignorance, prejudice and misinformation surrounding mental illness.

          1. All William and Kate do is vague. But I’ve noticed that Place2Be doesn’t seem to be much better when discussion children’s mental health. They are just as vague. And I don’t know what exactly it is they do to help the children they help. To the point that I wouldn’t donate money to them. Because they are too vague.

        2. Kate, I think is still ‘flaunting’ her awesome childhood, however subtly. Mental illness is a very complex issue and hardly as simplistic as good childhood= good mental health as an adult. Bad childhood=mental health issues as an adult. That’s a dangerous way to view things and downright insulting. It could also could really do some serious harm to parents and others who already blame themselves. Now I’m getting pi$$ed again so will just read and stop commenting.

  7. The statistics on suicide were mind boggling. 5 versus 17 per day in the UK is a huge difference and William should have done his own research. Aren’t both of them doing their own research beyond what might be said or given to them? That would be part of the preparation for everything they under take. Preparation 101. For Kate not to say something more substantial after this period of time is disappointing. Get over this fear or privacy issue. Post was outstanding. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Kat.

      I was shocked that William was so incorrect in his statistics. All it takes is a simple Google search and a few minutes to read. There was no reason for him not to have known those numbers. If the way he got interested in the subject was when “someone” told him about the statistics, that’s great, but then you have to do your own research before you start repeating things because putting out false or inaccurate information does more damage than good when discussing as sensitive a topic as suicide.

      1. Well, it certainly proves that William has learned nothing from attending university. One of the first things you learn is to check your facts.

      2. I wonder if it was William or his staff. At the end of the day he is responsible for what comes out of his mouth, but his staff should’ve prepared him with some sort of briefing before such a sensitive meeting.

        1. But it is his responsibility to direct his staff as he is their boss. I do sometimes wonder about the level of professionalism among their office staff, especially since they seem to go out of their way to have anyone who has had any previous affiliation with other members of the BRF and would consequently know how to prep them properly for their engagements.

          I have noticed Kate’s PA Rebecca often looks rather sloppy when she accompanies Kate on engagements.

          1. Oh, ArtHisitorian, so true. These two count on their staff, but who is making sure the staff is doing a cracker-jack job? It’s amazing to me that nobody with any authority is advising the Duke and Duchess better. And, where is their own interest/concern in doing the best they can each and every time they go out somewhere? If they were sincere, they’d have better and more informed people around them. And, they’d take on their own research, too. They’d be so well informed, it would shock us all.

            If the issue of mental health is so important to them, then they should be giving more than a nod and a wave to it.

            And, yes, ArtHistorian, Rebecca does look rather messy many times. Another sign that she and Kate are not too concerned with making a positive impression wherever they go. Sad, but true.

            I so hope you are well, ArtHistorian. You are such a help to so many of us here. You have taught me much. Sending you the very best of wishes and a big cyber hug. You deserve the very best.

          2. Until the work shy scandal, their staff must have had the cushiest jobs ever. Just another instance of W&K wasting taxpayer money.

          3. Yes, ArtHistorian, taking one day at a time is so wise. We all need to do that. Or, we become more than overwhelmed. And, KMR has created a supportive and loving blog. Reach out whenever you need to do so. You give so much to us. Let us give back to you.

  8. Thanks for a great post KMR! I promised that I would try to be more positive about these two and not just bitch…so here goes…Kudos to William for wearing something other than blue! I did like his comment about needing to listen to one another. I have noticed that people seldom really listen to others without thinking about what they are going to say next, so in turn people can feel that no one listens, that no one cares about what they are saying. I have been working hard at practicing my listening techniques lately and do notice a difference in those I’m listening to when they sense that I’m not forming the next thing I’m going to say but am intent on what they have to say. I do have to give him a fail however for spouting the wrong stats, that’s just bad on so many levels. If one must attend engagements (not rugby) involving serious issues then one must be sure any information given is spot on. If one wants to be taken seriously and really help make a difference then one must know what they are talking about.

    It seems that Kate did okay today. My only real complaint about her today was her clothing. I really dislike this coat, the fabric is weird, the way it folds around her body makes it look very stiff. And really how many zippers can one coat have?? Nice to see that she’s rocking the Eyeliner of Serious Concern, must stay with what one knows I guess. I do like this dress but yeah, I don’t know if I would have chosen a black dress for today’s event, plus I’m not a huge fan of the bright green and black together. Okay, so I have another complaint…Kate really must start working on her posture and body language. She looks so hesitant in the door way photo and her body is so closed off when she’s sitting on the sofa talking to Jonny and Neil. I swear if Rebecca doesn’t pry that clutch from her hands and tie her hands to her sides soon I won’t be responsible for my actions!

    So, in conclusion today wasn’t a complete fail. Both William and Kate have things they need to work on, (I don’t know if they ever will or not but that’s a topic for another post) but they did seem a bit more engaged today, William especially, and if the publicity surrounding their visits can help even one person find the help they need at these excellent charities then I guess all is not lost.

    A special thanks to KMR for providing the information on the statistics, the risk factors and warning signs!

  9. Thank you so much for the stats KMR, they were much more interesting and informative than listening to those two. The body language got me, they were nervous, anxious and bored. They wanted to be anywhere rather than be there.

    At least Kate took off her Coat at this visit so it didn’t look like she was inching towards the door to make a quick exit.

    1. I notice Kate rarely takes off her coat. Is it so cold in England that you usually keep your coat on? Or is a “coat dress” different? Serious questions, not being sarcastic.

      1. Hi BamaLynn, there are definitely times when Kate wears a coat as the “main” outfit, she might have a dress on underneath but it’s usually pretty basic. It seems to me that Kate runs a bit cold so maybe with air conditioning she might be more comfortable wearing a top layer.

      2. No we are a civilised country with an advanced economy and we have central heating! It is not normal to wear a coat inside. But taking your coat off suggests you are staying which she usually isn’t. All this hype and then she stays 20 minutes and more and more it seems people have to come to her at KP.

        1. Sorry Birdy, I was in no way criticizing your country or suggesting you are unable to heat buildings rather drawing on my experience as someone who runs cold too. The office I work in is chilly all year round (my boss and I have thermostat wars), even in the summer I carry a sweater with me everywhere I go due to the chill of air conditioning. Also, if you notice the black cuff showing under the coat during her first engagement says to me that she was wearing a sweater under her coat because the dress she wore had 3/4 sleeves.

          1. Oh don’t worry Lauri I was not insulted my comment was very much tongue in cheek! I always have a pashmina at work, except on a Thursday when I share my office with a lady who has the heating turned up so high I wear a sleeveless dress!
            Perhaps Kate feels the cold because she is so thin at the moment? If I look at the European royals they look from slim to average but certainly not skinny, so I wish Kate would realise that those who love her would love her if she wore a size 8 not a 6( 4 and 2 in US sizing).

        2. LOL, Birdy! England is very civilized, sophisticated, and mannerly, which is why Kate rarely taking off her coat puzzled me. Thanks for letting me know it is one of Kate’s quirks.

      3. I feel like she’s covering up the fact that she never wears a proper suit. She wears lots of little flowy dresses, but rarely is what she wears conservative business professional. I’ve regularly wondered why she can’t/doesn’t wear suits more often.

        1. She never had a reason to for one, never worked in an office or really professional situation. She’s always mostly worn the little flowy dresses. Or the too short dresses, low cut dresses….you get the drift.

          1. Thankfully there was no slit up the side with this one. She does like to show a bit of leg given the opportunity

        2. Lindsey from DC you made me laugh. The little flowy dresses do show she has never really had a proper job, and they also make me think she has never really grown up. A good skirt suit if she doesn’t like trousers, or more of the LK Bennett style of dress and matching jacket would look more professional on days like this. Keep the flowy dresses for home.
          I find dressing the part in any situation makes me feel more confident – so I have a work uniform, and one or two really smart work outfits for when I have someone important to meet, or I am going to be in a situation where I may feel a little uncomfortable – it is a bit like armour and helps me feel better.
          But as Lauri from CA will know, a bit of posture training would also make her look and therefore feel the part more.

          1. Absolutely agree Birdy. I have a suit (that I no longer fit into since having a baby, wahhhhh) and 2 nice professional dress and several skirts and blouses with a beige and black low heels, if I have an important meeting and need to dress the part. Otherwise, my work is mostly business casual.

          2. +1,000 So true. She simply hasn’t matured enough for a suit. In her mind, she’s a princess, NOT a working woman. Hence, no suits necessary. Her maturity level stopped when she was his booty call, wearing those flowy little dresses (unlined and worn without a slip of course) getting pap’d on the streets of London.

            Incredible to think she’s only 2 years younger than Diana when she DIED.

      4. Kate is quite thin. I suspect that she may simply be cold much of the time. A study came out in the US that discussed the most comfortable temperatures for men and women and it said in general, offices are kept too cold to be comfortable for most women based on their weight and metabolism.

        On an unrelated note, many people with eating disorders have a side effect of always being cold.

    2. Or perhaps she was trying to fool people into thinking that two drastically different looking outfits = twice the amount of work.
      I’m sorry but due to their actions or lack thereof, I can trust what they say or their supposed intentions.

  10. Thanks for the informative post KMR. I hadn’t heard of Maytree but think it is a brilliant concept to have a sanctuary for suicidal, who ever came up with the idea has my thanks and perhaps this is something every city needs?
    Again, I take my hat off to Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn. Wasn’t it great that the child reported called the teacher’s help her “Neil” moment? (I wish I had a caring teacher when I was bullied at school, the teachers must have known but did nothing so I’m happy there are teachers out there paying attention!)
    Great reporting KMR and I thank you for your addition of the list of risk factors at the end, I hope they will be able to help someone reading this article.
    I’ve known 2 people who have taken their lifes, one was so deep in crisis that she could have been saved if the one person she had wanted to see had turned up – but that person didn’t. The one person was the son of a friend who just couldn’t cope with life, broke his Mum’s heart by dying but he could never fit in. The family are moving on but it’s been a tough 5 years since. By knowing both people well it has made sure that I do stop, I do listen and then hopefully I do something constructive to help.
    as for Will and Kate? *sigh* Ok, they went along, they saw people, Kate said some buzz words (and then went shopping???). I do wish Kate had used the hair dresser from Scotland’s tennis event as her hair looked messy, sorry I found it distracting. Hate the green zipper coat but think the black dress is nice. (Great colour to wear when talking about suicide Kate!)

    1. Hi Cathy. Maytree is the first time I’ve heard of a sanctuary for people thinking of or attempting suicide. What a wonderful idea, I so hope that this model will become the norm worldwide not the exception!

      1. It think it is a brilliant concept! And a less intimidating alternative to a psyciatric hospital, though those have become infinite better and much less intimidating in terms of surrounding, architecture, decor, etc.

    2. I agree that Maytree sounds like a great idea. They can only treat 4 people at a time, though. So it would be great to see them expand to more locations so they can treat more people.

  11. I am giving serious consideration to the fact that choosing mental health issues, as a couple, is no coincidence, especially when a commentator this week described Kate as ‘brittle’. Odd choice of word unless of course they know something that is not yet in the public domain. So many indicators suggest she is a troubled soul……weight issues, lack of friends, isolation, family pressures, post pregnancy, unhealthy reliance on her Mother. The list is really quite substantial.

    On a lighter note I read in some magazine that green is the most difficult colour for any skin tone to pull off. I think one of the most hideous evening dresses she’s ever worn was Erdem. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/10/27/20/2DD917FF00000578-3292327-image-m-72_1445976289604.jpg

      1. I don’t think they’re using it as a way to get help but I do think it’s part and parcel of their interest. I don’t doubt that Kate has had psychological input of some kind. Any normal person thrown into that circus would need some kind of talking therapy just to stand still. But someone with as many issues as Kate…..surely she’s got to or she would be coming apart at the seams by now? She actually looks like she’s going backwards not forwards in terms of her Royal role. Silly girl thought it was going to be all tiaras, couture and palaces and I think she’s finally woken up to fact that with privilege comes responsibility, something she’s never encountered in her life so far.

        1. Got to say though, she’s looking more fresh-faced in these pictures than she has had in a good long while. Perhaps that skiing vacation really did help.

        2. I think they are both going backwards, Will seems to be increasingly ill at ease when speaking, and he looks uncomfortable throughout. His comments are childish. Someone else mentioned that one of the first things you learn at Uni is to check your facts – the other is to name your sources accurately. ‘Someone’ is not a source!

          1. Honestly, I think William and Kate are self combusting in front of our eyes. The difference in both looks and actions since 2011 is truly astonishing.

          2. Could it be that he is increasingly ill at ease because he’s finally been exposed? That is, apart from the fact that he has little interest in the plight of the filthy plebs. Also, the fact that this ‘work’ had been thrust upon him? Also, that he’s stuck with that loose cannon beside him? They really do seem to bring out the worst in other.

            Not so glib now, are ya, fella?

            I also watched his little speech for the special BAFTA celebration of Downton Abbey- he’s reading from a prompter, and he is amazingly stiff and awkward. It’s like someone is holding a gun out of sight and forcing him to say these words, he shows so little interest. It was embarrassing. Looks like there is no “there” there; he can now join Waity in the vacuum.

          3. I agree. They are self combusting. This was not a good performance by them yesterday. They both came off as flippant and ignorant to me.

            Kate has a black sleeve peaking out from under that ugly Erdem coat. Any idea what that is? Her bird dress didn’t have full length sleeves.

          4. I think he was just covering his tracks by saying ‘someone’ he eliminate the possibility of being wrong, which means William did not get statistics wrong that other ‘someone’ did.

            The statistics data were very different, could it be he was referring to England exclusively, rather than UK?

  12. Great post KMR! Here here to Jonny and Neil and all the work they are doing for suicide prevention. They really do so much and make a difference with their outreach work. Maybe W&K learned something from them about suicide and prevention. But it looked like they just wanted to make the appearance and spout off inaccurate statistics and Kate buzz quotes about knife crime?!? It looked as if they just flew through the interviews and could not wait to get out of the room as shown in the video. Glad they worked.

    1. Lol, I had no idea either Kate or William focused on “knife crime”. They have not mentioned that before at all. Where did that come from?

      1. She must have been reading and researching some scientific journals and found knife crimes, lol. But in relation to suicide I don’t know how it related. Most suicides aren’t by knife.

        1. lol LadyJenn- out of all the commentary related to Kate Middleton- the scientific journals moment was the best thing. Ever. I’m embarrassed for her.

      2. Actually I am glad I am not in the room talking with those two. If I were to hear those buzz words plus knife crimes and everything rooted from childhood, I would most definitely sneeze out a laugh, or a minimum rolling my eyes. Those 30 minutes must feel like forever.

    2. I believe (not sure) that Harry has an engagement with the police in Brazil or in Chili about crime (whose knifes crime)… But otherwise it says nothing for me.

    3. I find : it is xlplondon who works to stop knife crime death! One day last year, one day today and they focused on knife crime!!! What a joke!

      1. Lol, Kate says “dang I said my knife crime buzz quote that I worked so hard and was so hugely keen on at the wrong place. Now what to say at xlp.”

  13. I’m still baffled at what qualifies as ‘work’ for these people. You hear (read) people say Catherine “asked great questions” or “knew a lot of information” or “had thoroughly researched” so and so. From the clips we do see, that’s clearly utter BS. Maybe she shows up as well prepared when the cameras are not around or is charming enough to convince people she cares.

    And for the love of God she needs to stop depending on her clutch or moving her hands that much. I speak pretty expressively as well but I’d like to think the motions make sense when combined with what I’m saying.

    1. Granted, I’m not there with them so I have no idea what they actually say and I rely on the reporters to report on what they say, but I would assume that if Kate actually said something of interest, they would report it. And they don’t. And what does get reported isn’t great. Since I’m not there, maybe I’m not seeing what the people who interact with them see, but from out here in the cheap seats it doesn’t seem like Kate is that prepared, well spoken, or knowledgeable.

  14. Greetings Everyone,
    Hope you do not mind KMR – but I am due to head off again on Sunday NZT time for a spell of service to others.

    I am not trying to advertise myself on this site but can any of the community who want to check out the last couple I have made under the wildrose – it will likely be attached to your original posting on the SNOW JOB.

    As for Suicide (have dealt with it twice in my close family, twice in my friends) – actually found two of the people concerned.

    I conducted the Memorial Service for two of them. It is hard writing and speaking on behalf of someone you love, who you found (first on scene) and it is a difficult thing to do when others are depending on you to find the words to say.

    Always said I had a hard life growing up – as many of us did but Duty and Service are the common threads.

    As for this “jaunt” of the two arrogant sods

    Suicide and/or Mental Health are not to be waived about as a banner to gain support so they keep their perks.

    I am truly appalled that this is how they are using this very hard area. It is wrong on so many levels.

    Check out some of the comments on the DM site – now another row has erupted over the Prince Charles/Her Majesty as a mother issue as well.

    I will check with you all before I leave on Sunday – have my usual food parcel run to do right now, then the blanket drop off.

    Take care out there –

    A basket full of happiness, keep your eyes fixed on what is still good and I will see you in the morning light.

    Kindest regards

    The Wild Rose

    + for getting out of bed. minus for the insincerity of their visits – (shows all over their faces and had not done their homework).

    They were forced to get out of bed – their PR is in serious trouble.

    Last thought – “brittle” reference maybe to the state of the Royal Family in general as in unpopular. Just a thought.

    1. The commentator described Kate as the ‘brittle wife’ of the Duke of Cambridge. It struck me as an odd choice of word as it’s the first time I’ve read someone in those circles characterise her like that and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it suggested that she might be anything other than compliant, easy going, capable Kate.

      1. It’s interesting how we both assigned different meanings of the word brittle to Kate, Mrs BBV. I took it to mean that even though she comes off as hard/cold and unpleasant at times, she’s really very fragile.

        1. Kate has been called steely by journalists & there are many examples of her dropping friends & blocking girls from William, for her own benefit. Fragile is not a word I would ever associate with her. Fleet Street Fox whose article it was, is a huge critic of Kate. I’m convinced she meant brittle as in hard, forced, cold, unwelcoming. Which entirely fits with what we know about Kate. Same as Wharfes description of William as sly fits perfectly.
          Sly & brittle.

          1. I get what you’re saying about her past actions and behavior but I just can’t help but feel as though she may just burst into tears or have a full-on breakdown during one of her engagements. She just seems so overwhelmed and insecure in her work all the time.

        2. From the dictionary:

          Adjective, brittler, brittlest.
          having hardness and rigidity but little tensile strength; breaking readily with a comparatively smooth fracture, as glass.
          easily damaged or destroyed; fragile; frail:
          a brittle marriage.
          lacking warmth, sensitivity, or compassion; aloof; self-centered:
          a self-possessed, cool, and rather brittle person.
          having a sharp, tense quality:
          a brittle tone of voice.
          unstable or impermanent; evanescent.

    2. Safe travels Wild Rose and we look forward to hearing about them when you are back. Sending you baskets of happiness.

  15. I wonder if W+K participate in debriefs after their engagements? I’m sure the PR team does, including comments from newspapers, significant blogs (like this one), tweets from major players. Whether it gets passed on…? Or they take notice?

    The body language of both was very closed when W+K were sitting down. It was really noticeable. They still look uncomfortable. But taking Lauri from CA’s lead, and being positive, they turned up, listened, and were respectful to their hosts. So it’s something to build upon. What I’d like to know is: what happens next? What do W+K do with the today’s experience? Do they speak with people who are in a position to fund/help these initiatives further?

    Great post KMR. I appreciate the depth and breadth of research undertaken here, and synthesised for readers. If only papers reporting these events did such a thorough job.

    1. Awww, thanks Jen! I don’t know though if I can be “positive” about William and Kate two days in a row, so tomorrow might be interesting 🙂

      1. One day at a time Lauri! We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves…

        I don’t doubt that what they hear is confronting and that their humanity is touched. What I’d hope for in the ride back home is a conversation where they start to work out what they can do to affect change. And do it.

    2. But Jen, the saddest thing is we keep hoping and waiting for them to build on what they are doing or have done. And they don’t. They don’t have any follow through. It’s like they throw it out there and if it floats they keep going and if it sinks like a stone they drop it. Or in William’s case he gets bored and moves on. I know Kate has been involved with some of her organizations since 2012 (?) but what can anyone point to as a positive result of her being a patron? What awareness has she raised and then worked on with the hope of bringing in more funding, awareness, aid for people, etc. She won’t even do most of the events they invite her to. Same with William. Maybe he’s a mover and shaker in the conservation world. But I doubt that he is or he would be their poster boy. He would be flying around the world attending conferences or hosting them in his own country so he doesn’t have to be away from his family for too long.

      If they were both working with their various causes, even if the meetings were in private, I think word of them would have linked out. Such as a Twitter comment about a good meeting with the Duke and/or Duchess of Cambridge to sort out a, b, c or sort out x, y, z. With their help we’ve managed to blah, blah, blah. The organizations would be thrilled to tout their work with them because they would have a member of the BRF actively working on their behalf and those announcements could lead to donations, more awareness, etc.

      Seriously, Prince Andrew, the one most people look side-eyed at, works harder and accomplishes more for the causes he backs that the two of them combined. They have to have the want and I feel they genuinely don’t. They only have it for show because they have to.

      1. Yep, Lisa. I agree, and have commented a few times here about W+K’s follow through (if any), work beyond the occasional visits (if any), and impact of their patronage (if any). As you say, there would have been tweets and goodness what telling us that they’d done this and that. Put it this way: if making a balloon animal is the best you can do to garner positive publicity, things have gotten to a very bad stage.

        I suspect the extent of their interest and commitment is the actual visit itself and for self-absorbed reasons, that is, improving personal PR, needing to accumulate numbers for the CC. These two appear to have little interest in anything bar the enjoyment of their own lives, demonstrated time and time again in the tepid nature of their prep and questions, and lack of energy towards their ‘work’.

        Neither has a history of service or work or anything much. I wish they’d all stop pretending and wasting everyone’s time.

      2. “what can anyone point to as a positive result of her being a patron?”

        ……………………………………………………………………. No wait ………………………………………….. Um …………………………………………….. Just give me one more minute …………………………………………………………………………………. Yeah I got nothing.

  16. Thank You KMR for doing research and putting up valuable warning signs and stats. I know your information has inspired me to speak to a family member who I know is depressed and recommend some social services charity for seniors.

    I won’t repeat what everyone else has already said: I agree with all of your points. All I will ask is that do people know how long their entire day lasted? One of the visits/talk was only 20mins? Really? What conversation can you get started in 20mins?!!!

    I read further that Maytree Foundation is the only organiZation of its kind in a large city like London! If WK really want to show that they want to champion this cause, perhaps they could work towards raising funds and donating to help Maytree open up another non-medical treatment centre?

    1. They have their own foundation so that could be a grwat idea. Does anyone know if their foundation actually donates money to specific projects? I find that their charitable work, apart from the official visits and photo-ops, isn’t very transparent.

    2. I agree with you. We heard from Huff Post and from charities that Kate is formidable, that she has a positive impact….. Maybe, I don’t know if many British receive her message, take into account her seriously….

      But without money, hospital, charities have more difficulties to work. And I read a article about the difficulties which show the work which is more and more neccessary : So raising funds is a good priority…

      Here’s the link : http://www.bbc.com/news/health-35747167

      1. That is what I like so very much about CP Mary’s foundation. She started it with a rather modest amount as seed money to get the operation going. Then she and her team went fundraising, with great success. From 1 million DKR to 150 million DKR. Furthermore, they also work together with other large Danish foundations on specific issues, like the LEGO Foundation. Her foundation gives out money, works to implement specific programs as well as arrange conferences. She is really able to direct her work with her chosen issue in conjunction with her patronages. It is much more effective than an infrequent visit here and there.

        I know Will, Kate and Harry have their own foundation but I’m rather in the dark about what this foundation actually does. Does it hand out money? Do they fundraise? It seems as theough there isn’t much transparency when it comes to this foundation.

        1. CP Mary’s foundation seems very good, has a good impact.
          Agree with you about the foundation of K, W and H : it’s interesting when we compare with Mary.
          I don’t see how these visits have a positive impact for the charities : it makes publicity (and more when the articles focus on the charities, but after…
          I see real effect for the moment about Sentebale, Invictus Games, housing for veteran. I am not very informed about the real contribution about W and K, success about their support (conservation/sustainable developpement : there is not amelioration but I don’t think speechs in general on this subject have a huge impact…), we wait for acts. I don’t know if I’m very clear… But with these subject, it needs time to have a perception of change…

          There are good results ( Kate will open a new charity shop in Holt, Norfolk, March 18th), I don’t want to seem to critizice but I think that the journalists and we have just a storytelling of an engagement during the year, but not perception of the repercussion of these engagements (if they have a real good effect, if People hear and know where charities going when they have an issue….
          So it is good that KMR post (complementaries) informations about suicide, symptoms of depressions…. Because at the end of the day, like W and K don’t make a speech and journalist doesn’t always place in center charities (and it is too normal because they cover royal), we have not many information apart the clothes and the general/vague sentence (we must stop mental health disease….)

          It is difficult to be nuanced in my expression, when English is not my first language. So keeping it in mind when you read it, please!

          1. Thanks Clem your English is very good and I understand what you are saying, and overall agree with you. I have pointed out several times recently that I have learned so much more from KMR both sharing her own story and giving us facts, and so many KMRers sharing their stories with us. I don’t feel I have learned anything from Kate, even on her HP day. To be fair, at least because of her we are having a discussion that we might otherwise not have, but that is still no excuse for her lack of real contributions.

          2. Aye Aye! I think one of the few positives from Kate’s mental health kick has been that we have been talking about it and sharing our personal experiences with it.

            It is true that CP Mary’s Foundation has actually done some great work. Which beggars beliefe then why William wouldn’t just take on the reins of the Prince’s Trust considering all the in-house and built-in knowledge, processes and the funding in it?

          3. I don’t know as much about the Prince’s Trust as I do about the Mary Foundation but I really think that Charles has set a new (high) standard with his work.

            I have to say that I sometimes question the effectiveness of a royal having a couple of hundred patronages – how effective is that? The Windsors have always been about preserving their own standing – that is why they changed their name to Windsor (sounded more English) and why they embraced numerous charitable patronages. However, Charles created something new wit the Prince’s Trust and I def think that this is the way forward – to make a real impact the effort must be highly focused. That requires passion and work – sadly, I don’t think that Will and Kate can muister the prerequiste passion to help others. So far, nothing about them has me convinced that they care about other people than themselves and their immediate family/friends. There are some things that cannot be faked.

  17. If they’re so lazy to do their own research then they should tell their PR people to do the research & get all the relevant information & statistics. They’re behaving like an audience in a show, burping “we’ll done” once in while to show that they haven’t fallen asleep. They should have been participants, well-engaged, knowledgeable & open to serious discussions. More importantly, after more people are aware of these mental health & suicides, what is their next follow up? Are they going to forget about this & go to the next charity/engagement.? Sports anyone?

  18. Well folks, we can now convince ourselves that the Duchess is NOT highly intelligent, well-briefed and definitely DOES NOT do her research. She is dumber than a parrot and so does William. Both are too lazy to even read and prepare. I find this astounding considering both graduated from university and should have had the minimum reading skills equivalent to an undergrad student.

    I find it absolutely funny that in the second video Kate’s hand gestures mimic William’s before both left their seat. It feels that sans William there she would really have no idea what to do or say. So when the engagement is attended by both of them, we can be sure that it is because they need each other to fill in the gap of silence between conversations due to both not being informed. That, and throw in the buzz words while grinning.

    I may be wrong, but that ugly green Erdem seems to be Kate’s theme dress for “MAYTREE”. Since it’s a tree so it’s green? And underneath the green there are birds? LOL.

    And someone please call Lupo! Those clutches need to disappear imminently!

    1. What’s going on? William & Kate don’t have a clue , won’t change or changing is too much for them to handle? They are the future king & queen of UK?!

    2. Mia, I inadvertently checked out the first video instead of the second. I thought I was watching the video you mentioned because she does the EXACT SAME THING in that she mimics his left-over-right crotch clutch (about 10 second mark)! Good God this girl doesn’t even posses her own original hand gestures, let alone thoughts.

  19. I absolutely agree with the statement about stressors overwhelming a person’s existing coping mechanisms. I spent several years volunteering in a 12-step program. I gained so much from the experience. The people I met during that time were precious. So many of the women just needed help and support to get to a better place in life. Sometimes the 12-step alone was enough. Sometimes therapy, meds, or other resources were needed. In the end, though, the people who stuck with the program learned new ways of coping and established new relationships/support systems. I wish I felt my same passion of passion coming from W&K when they speak/interact with people. They did choose this subject area after all. Maybe there’s some cultural difference I’m missing, but the whole situation feels flat–like a soda with no carbonation. Why don’t they actually SAY anything? Or listen in a way that conveys real empathy?

    I actually like both the green color and the zipper on the coat; I wish it didn’t look so stiff.

    1. It’s the lack of empathy isn’t it? To be kind and positive, they have a long way to go… Not sure that it was they who chose the issue, more than likely it was their PR chief. However, they did agree and should give it their all.

  20. Has anyone picked up on the fact that Kate apparently changed clothes between the hospital meeting and the Kensington Palace event? The pictures of her in the ugly green coat clearly show a good 2 inches of black cuff below the end of her sleeve. Looks like it could be a sweater, maybe a turtleneck though I don’t think that is it since there isn’t anything visible at the neck. The event at Kensington Palace, she is wearing the black dress with three quarter sleeves. Maybe she was wearing a cardigan over the dress under the coat but I don’t think that is the case. She sent back to the Palace and changed clothes. After all, what is going to help people who have considered suicide more than her showing up in another old but unseen dress. It is always all about her.

    1. The dress she chose I named a “dress of doom” due to the black background which symbolize depression or sadness and white doves which usually portrait freedom or spirits. With her uncontrollable bursts of laughter and that dress the message she delivers…

  21. I appreciated this article because of your statistics and great work at putting this together and giving me a better background on the subject. As many stated above, so much appreciated.

    My problem with these sorts of visits is they actually take away from the charity or cause. As you mentioned, William stated wrong stats. They both look uncomfortable and you can tell they can’t wait to leave. They practically jump from their chairs.

    At this point, they should cut ribbons and visit nursery schools. Their lack of empathy and genuine caring is so obvious.

    1. Thank you ccoop.

      I agree that William and Kate can do more damage than good with these types of visits. With these, they need to be accurate with their facts and specific with their language and they just aren’t.

  22. I agree with you KMR,I thought it was odd that William didn’t quote official statistics.If he wants to give proper attention to mental health,then he ought to do proper research.
    Catherine said nothing interesting,also not all mental health problems stem from childhood.Catherine is interested in the ones stemming from childhood,but that doesn’t mean that all mental health issues start from there.

    1. Candice you said what I have been thinking all along. Kate seems to think all mental health issues stem from childhood and they don’t all. Just like suicide doesn’t always stem from things that happened in childhood. She seems to think that comment covers everything and shows how deep she is. Will and Kate need to do more research and Kate needs to find a new quote instead of regurgitating the same sentence at each event. To me it just shows how little these 2 actually know about this cause that they are supposedly so keen about

      1. Kensington Palace says same sentence : he Duke and Duchess discussed the importance of talking about mental health from a young age

        I believe that we learned….

        The causes of suicide are not all linked to mental health….

      2. I highly doubt she really believes that “mental health issues stem from childhood”. In fact, I think all she had in her mind was how to survive the day and rush back to her golden crib. This is the phrase she read once in the beginning of her involvement on mental health and never bother to read anything else, thus it is stuck in her head. When she is short of words but doesn’t want to sound stupid she will automatically use that phrase because that’s the only thing she remembers. It is imminent that she educates herself and really does her research like a true university graduate. Otherwise, she will keep embarrassing herself.

  23. Gosh these 2 just came across so fake today. They had their over exaggerated expressions and just seemed detached. Watching the video where Kate and William greeted the 2 men, Kate’s comment is so vague. She seemed like she was trying to ask a question, but only made a statement. Combine that with Williams wrong statistics and it is obvious how little these 2 prepare for their engagements. I find it hard to believe they are really keen to make difference in mental health when they seem to know nothing. So much for doing so much behind the scenes and reading scientific papers. LOL. They act like they can make everyone believe they care so much and we won’t realize they are doing the bare minimum. I would rather them do nothing, than half-ass this and not truly care.

    1. And, it’s such an important subject to latch onto to by them. Why not be well informed?
      I just am baffled by their lack of knowledge. It shows that this is a part-time interest. A fly-by-night concern. If you take on such an important cause to champion, please know what you are talking about. Please become more informed. Please talk to professionals and ask them questions that will help you better understand the subject. There are so many things they need to understand. So many ways they could show concern.

  24. So W&K’s private “meetings” are announced – in advance – by KP on twitter and arrangements like photo-ops, videos and even travel from one destination to another are made so that these meetings can be publicised and counted in the CC. But there’s radio silence from KP about Harry’s private meetings and none of them count as work for him???
    Is anyone ever going to ask KP about these double standards?
    I’m not on twitter – don’t understand how it works – but please can someone ask the Royal Reporters this on my behalf?Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, I agree with you : the difference of treatment is obvious! Yesterday KP post some private meeting of Harry (meeting to be ready for Nepal’s visit, meeting for Invictus Games)… but we know that if he made visit which were not counted by Court Circular…. Why? The absence of transparency leads to many conjectures…. The mecanismes of Court Circular are many obscur, and the simple fact that the monarchy mades like it wanks, is disturbing….

      On Kensington’s palace, it is very interesting to see the difference of the likes on the tweets:
      – Harry’s and K’and W’s have many likes (but often when only W’s the number of like are less important; Harry’s and K’s have grosso modo the same number of likes).
      The only difference is when there are the kids….

      …. And I don’t know why I said that… 🙂

      I would like an uptaded survey about the popularity of members of Royal Family.

      Perso : I hate green so I don’t like her coat, and I don’t like her dress (not a fan of pattern…)…
      I have a question : is it the first time that she wears a dress under 100 £? Simple curiosity…

    2. There is clear bias an favoritism there. Harry really needs his own office.

      1. Lately there is an evolution : KP’s tweets about private engagements (Invictus Games, preparation for Nepal’s visit). I hope it’s not temporary but constant.

  25. KMR, Thank you very much for posting the information at the end of your story. You are great.

    I’ve read the DM article yesterday. The pictures show a couple in trouble, the body language is way off. Cramped hands with the knuckles showing white, gap between them sitting there, stiff, just to name a few indicators. I have my own theory what can be going on, but as this is speculation I won’t go into it.

    1. A duo in trouble (hence, the luxury secretive PR snow paps)- the clinging fake grin Willnot with open mouth grin was surreal.

      I am embarassed, professionals trusted with crisis individuals lives allowthis runcaring oadshow (even a royal PR) visit. These two are a danger to such serious. Crisis.

      Thank you KMR – your information proves these two are a danger to the lowest and extreme needy parts of our society and the world. Even the 100 Women in Hedge Fund Girls Initiative saw ‘the. train wreck in wait-y.’

    1. I just don’t get that last sentence ” William will step up to the plate”, when?? It’s similar to the fans saying that when W&K become the POW’s, then they’ll really work harder…I always want to ask, what in their joint work history suggests to you that they might start working harder, is it the 10 years before their marriage that Kate spent working her fingers to the bones, working with charities, using her art history degree and learning all she could about her future role?? I just don’t get it.

      1. ” … I always want to ask, what in their joint work history suggests to you that they might start working harder…”

        Well, nothing actually. We’ve heard this patter before. Kate has never worked and clearly never wanted to; she set her sights on marrying well, and that’s it. William, I think, gets intermittently enthused but can’t sustain interest. It doesn’t matter that both are so lack-lustre. Someone will always be running behind them with a shovel.

        We don’t ‘get it’ because our own lives are not cushioned or consequence-free. They are cocooned by an entrenched system that elevates them for a mere accident of birth (W) and marriage (K). They are literally bowed to. It’s snicker-worthy, but really stupid too, isn’t it?

  26. This just makes me so, so angry they are taking such a serious thing and making it so flippant and all about them for PR. The canned responses showing no understanding or empathy is to be expected from them.

    Story time: I have tried to kill myself a good dozen times. I was put on Lithium at six. That’s right, six. Then at 12 , an adult dose of Prozac. It made me a zombie. (I was depressed because my parents’ nasty divorce affected me big time, and my mom sent me to quacks. Then she had abusive live-in boyfriends and she was high on Vicodin all the time. It was great. Not.) I was put on medication again (I didn’t take it; it was bipolar meds, the trendy diagnosis du jour) when pregnant because I was suicidal and miserable all through it, then adding on throwing up constantly to that. Not fun. Long story short, as someone who really values the work of a group like Maytree and wishes I had access to that kind of support (all my therapists were parent-chosen, and told my mom everything, it was not helpful whatsoever, then when pregnant everyone told me to get over it and be happy), this just makes me mad.

    I could have gone into more detail but I don’t really want to on a public forum, but needless to say, this mental health kick of theirs is just like everything else. Damage control, and using other people’s stories and pain for their gain versus trying to assist the charities and try to learn about the issues, thus using their amazing platform.

    1. Hi Ellie
      Wow, Lithium at age 6! Who does that to a child!
      I’m glad you are with us as that’s a bad start to life.
      You have touched on one comment that really winds me up… When people tell you to “get over it”. I once asked someone who told me that how I was meant to “get over it”. I was told I was being difficult!
      I hope you don’t mind me saying that I think you have done really well with getting through all those obstacles, you need to pat yourself on the back
      I’m sending you a virtual hug and pat on the back from New Zealand

    2. Ellie, I am going to use Wild Rose’s expression and send you a ‘basketful of happiness’. Lithium at 6 – wow like everyone else I am truly astonished. You don’t say, but I do really hope you are in a better place now.

    3. Sending hugs from the Big Sky Country, Ellie. I don’t know you but I think you are a wonderful awesome person with a whole lot to offer. I totally understand and absolutely relate to your fury.

    4. I”m sending you loads of admiration for your strength and fortitude. People say the stupidest things when people have a medical problem. You are the intelligent one! I wish I could send you a big hug along with my warm wishes.

    5. Like everyone, I send virtual hugs and baskets of happiness from my part of the world, Australia. That you have come through so much speaks volumes to your resilience. You are meant to be here, Ellie, no question about it.

    6. Aw, thanks everyone.

      Like I said my mom found all the quacks. Seems to be her ‘thing,’ considering her own doctors. She suffers with bipolar disorder and does not take her medication, so it’s difficult to say the least.

      The only reason I brought it all up was to point out how this is just so fake of W&K and infuriates me so much, and why it does. Like, I see red, it makes me this angry and upset.

      1. Ellie this blog is about so much more than W&K your honesty in sharing your issues helps us all have a greater understanding. I hope virtual hugs and baskets of happiness help you realise how special you are to have overcome such a difficult childhood.

      2. Oh Ellie, My thoughts are with you.
        I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through. I do know, however, how hard it is to have a parent with this kind of disorder, one who doesn’t take her meds. Please take care of yourself.


        1. Hugs back, Birdy and AH.

          It’s so tough. I don’t live near her but try to help, but there’s so much one can do. She wants to move close to me, but I am afraid of the consequences of it.

          1. I cannot stress enough how important it is to draw clear boundaries, especially if you have a parent that don’t respect your boundaries.

            I have learnt, though it is hard, to step back – for the sake of my own health.

            Take care of yourself.

  27. I got more out of the statistics and information you gave us than from all of the visits that they took that day. As you pointed out William got the numbers wrong. If you’re going to quote statistics, get them right because it’s so very easy to be proven wrong and it makes you look like a dunderhead who doesn’t really care enough to get the information right. And Kate is just a parrot. If someone had told her that most people who attempt to commit suicide wear blue she would have thrown that one in too. Ugh, they just keep making things worse.

    On the superficial side of things, I actually liked what William wore and am very happy he didn’t trot out the tried and true blue suit or blue jumper. They, along with the wedges of doom, jeggings and striped t-shirts Kate wears need to be retired.

    Also, would someone please figure out what’s going on with Kate. She’s getting thinner. One of her best features was her legs, they are now beginning to look bony. She looks much older than she should and she’s falling back into the long, droopy hair. And Lauri, can we please arrange lessons for her with you on posture?

    I’m pretty sure they think they are knocking it out of the park, but have they (or Jason or whoever is coming up with these causes for them) considered they may do more damage than good right now? Half-a$$ed quotes aren’t going to impress people with your knowledge about the subject you claim to care so much for.

    1. ” I’m pretty sure they think they are knocking it out of the park,”. That they do, or things would be a lot different given the “climate”. I also think William doesn’t care. Through luck of birth he will someday be king, but he (like his grandmother) think it is God given. Which, in this day and age, is a foolish way to think. But, he apparently has the Queen’s support in how he conducts himself, so I would say Elizabeth and William have joined Phillip( and Rhiannon!) in the IDGAF brigade. Sorry, but that’s how it appears to me. And meanwhile Kate is twisting in the wind, because she thinks every word that drops from William’s mouth is pure golden wisdom. Buck up, or you will always end up being little-miss-whipping-girl

  28. I’m glad that the survivors had a space to lend their voices. Suicide is a taboo subject for many and it’s so important to raise awareness and prevention.

    Kate looked bad. I love the coat, but it’s wearing her now. She is looking thinner and I’m worried for her. The wiglet is back and it looks like it hasn’t been combed correctly. Kate needs to stop wearing dark and morose colors to events that don’t lend itself. And most importantly, she needs to speak. That video was laughable. She mumbled and they both had a hasty exit. Darnit Kate, use your voice.

    Thank you for these statistics, KMR. It’s so important to put facts, statistics, and resources out there. W+K need to be more responsible when spouting figures.

    1. Rhiannon, I’m sorry but there won’t be a coat in your royal wardrobe made out of this fabric, with this many darts and zippers, I think to much of you to do that!!!

      1. Oh man. (Cancellation notice sent to Erdem). I appreciate you looking out.

        That’s what Kate needs. That one friend who will tell you the honest truth about your fashion choices.

    2. Rhiannon, you are so on target.

      Kate seems so uncomfortable at all her appearances — unless, it is a sports related one.
      She needs to be taken under some coach’s wing. She needs lessons in public speaking, as well as regular conversational skills. She also needs someone to show her how to relax more when attending such events. She looks like she is going to jump out of her skin. Maybe a top notch acting coach could give her a few lessons. She just is not a person who would make those she is visiting feel comfortable. And, it’s not their job to make her feel that way.

      1. +1 She has so many people that she could call on. I would even reach out to Camilla. Helen Mirren. Rachel Weisz. All of those women have wonderful compartment.

        I would honestly rely on Cam. She went from being the most hated woman in the world. She always kept her head up and smiled. She knows when to command a room and when to deflect focus.

        1. Yes, Rhiannon. She should rely on Camilla. But, Kate doesn’t seem to want to reach out for assistance. Is it that she thinks she is doing a fabulous job? Or, does she not care? I’m just not sure.

          Kate always looks so nervous. Whenever she is about to enter a room, the photos that are taken show a woman who is truly not in comfort mode. In one of the above photos, she is sitting with her hands clutching one another near her lap. Truly, it looks like she could snap them in two. Her grip is so tight! She needs help. Someone who loves her should make sure she receives it.

        2. The big difference Rhiannon is that (from what I’ve seen) you do know how to ask for help.
          I don’t think Kate would ever ask. If she did she would only ask her mother and look where asking for Carole’s help got her when she was at school? Kate ended up with a makeup (great) and a bum flashing habit (yikes!).
          Lauri will always see you right with your clothing selections, you have no worries there 🙂

        3. You know, I think Richard E. Grant would be a great mentor (actor, writer). He has an easy, genuine charm that puts others’ at ease.
          Kate is not a genuinely warm person, cares little for others (according to her cousin) so it’s a big job for someone. I recommended a man because, apart from Pippa and Carole, she seems not to enjoy the company of other women. She strikes me as unsupportive of women when she feels threatened.

      2. If you watch the ITN video, the charity workers are relaxed with their arms at their sides greeting William and Kate while William and Kate have their arms clasped over their bits which is a defensive gesture for shrinking violets. Then, later, Kate is sitting on a couch with her ankles crossed and her arms crossed in front of her while again the charity workers have relaxed body language. So sad that neither William or Kate bother to break these habits.

        1. I wonder what the mental health professionals they meet think about them beyond the initial sensation of meeting two world famous people who are shining a light on their profession. Do they read the closed off body language and the manic grins from Kate the same way we do? I know they’d never publicly say something, but I would love to know their thoughts.

  29. Thank you for the post.

    Quite frankly, using this as damage control is disgraceful.

    What is frustrating to me is that they add events like this to pad their engagements for the year instead of truly being active. Mental health is not something that can be dealt with so carelessly; doing a little here and a little there.

    But for goodness sake, it is not coming of that way to the public. It seems like they are incredibly selfish and everything is an act. I truly don’t know if they can come back from this. Jason, if you are reading this, you have a sinking ship on your hands.

    That being said, maybe they do care in some way about this issue. (trying to be positive..) It’s positive that there is some media attention pointed in this direction.

    I’m surprised that the American media is starting to pick up this royal ‘scandal.’ I’m seeing headlines like “Prince William and Kate Middleton Under Attack.”

    Thank you KMR for giving us the stats and increasing awareness.

    I hope this post wasn’t too negative. It’s just so frustrating. They were in a position to do so much good. The buzz around this couple was amazing after their marriage. They could have become advocates for those that don’t have a voice. Maybe there is something more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. But it is hard to understand and hard to watch.

    1. Four events in three months. Even William isn’t burning up the world with his work ethic.

      It is going to take a lot more work for William and Kate to repair the damage they’ve done to their public image.

  30. I just have to say – I love how you covered this visit by W+K. I’m so happy there are bloggers like you that care, and made sure to give out the correct information to people who may need a resource!

    Thanks KMR! Keep up the good work!

    1. Absolutely – thank you KMR you are brilliant and especially for those like me who knew very little about mental health problems before coming to this blog.

  31. Rhiannon you’re so right- why is no one helping her with her anxiety???! I can actually feel the gravity in the room change with the awkwardness ‘it’s extraordinary what you’ve done since then…..it’s amazing *deer in headlight eyes* *awkward hands because i’m out of puff with my attempt at a comment* it’s amazing what you’ve done.’ The problem is that she doesn’t have innate intelligence to fall back on when she feels anxious- the ability to find a subject related or even non-related which you can swing back around into relevancy. There’s no safety net of those skills for her. It’s like the moronic comment to Tom Hiddleston. I believe she was going for a comment along the lines of what she perceives the Queen to uses. But it just doesn’t work for her.

  32. When I first saw this covered in the DM, I was wondering why 90% of pics of Kate were those of her smiling to discuss suicide. Was that a smack in the face by the DM because of the skiing trip? All of that aside, this is a serious subject and these 2 were woefully unprepared and they should be ashamed of themselves and they should be firing their PR people. I was embarrassed for them as they looked like 2 grinning idiots. Now I am going to rant about how I wanted so much to like and respect K&W, but I have to say I really do not like them and while I am trying to feel bad for them as they are going down this path of self-destruction, who the heck is advising them or are they just not listening. I have no positive feelings for them at all anymore. They have no relevance at this point . We can keep saying these things over and over, like they need to act like adults, both need to work more for the “firm”, Kate needs serious coaching on her speeches, conversations and physical presence when out and about and why is she not getting this help and on and on………It is also a testament to Kate’s lack of effectiveness that she is still called Kate Middleton in the press. She has not earned the respect of the title of Duchess, you do not see Sophie Wessex referred to as Sophie Rhys- Jones every time she is in the news. We know the paparazzi can be relentless, but I think this is very telling that they do not respect Kate.
    My parting shot because I am not feeling too nice today-I cannot stand Kate’s boring dress style anymore and that long flopping hair ,her aging make-up, bad posture, crotch clutching………….for the love of all that is sacred get thee to a stylist!

    1. I’m with you. They are at a high rate of speed loosing relevance.

      These two are not FIT for this important cause. Like many have pointed out they are ill prepared for the meetings, tense and awkward. Kate ‘white knuckling’ her way through a 20 minute meeting doesn’t make anyone feel comfortable.

      This is a serious question: Why do part-time royals need full-time staff? Do these two think prep work done by staff will magically get in their brains via osmosis? They both looked and sounded like idiots.

      Kate should stick to sports and not speaking. She is a lost cause. Will should tie his work with the air ambulance with bystander emergency education. Too many people do not know CPR. Even my husband has picked up a few tips. He once stepped in during a serious choking incident in a restaurant. The person was unable to speak. He also knows a foreign object should never be removed. Remember poor Steve Irwin? We were watching TV the other day (a police show), a guy had been stabbed with a small blade knife and lost consciousness. He turns to me and said, “Why doesn’t someone lift his legs?” My husband hates medical situations, but has learned enough to retain a few important bits of info.

      People may make mistakes, but teaching a few key things can make a huge difference in the outcome for someone waiting for the emergency team to arrive. If Will took this on he would look like more of a full-time working royal. Part-time air ambulance job+emergency education=full-time (at least sort of looks like it). Enough to fool many in the public.

      I am sure my idea is a bad one. Brittle Kate needs William glued to her side to leave the house.

      When I read the story of Will and the balloon animal, I hoped Will was smart enough to grab what we call a “clean glove” v opening up an expensive sterile glove pair.

      1. I think your idea about William working with the public on emergency education would be a great fit for him. But there are two obstacles – he may not think it’s important enough (in his mind) and he would have to learn more than how to fly a helicopter and keep his facts straight because he could affect someone’s health or life with bad information.

        He could go to schools and meet with kids and other situations. But I don’t think he’d do it. Great idea though!

        1. Hi! Lisa, thanks for reading about my idea. I guess I thought (but, didn’t write) emergency experts could do the talking and Will is there for a little ‘pep talk’. He never says a whole lot and we can’t expect that to change.

  33. I’m cyncial so i believe this recent 2 day spate of engagement is to get the bad press off their backs.

    I predict that once the bad press dies down, then they will quietly retreat back to Anmer Hall and their “workshy” ways. They will ONLY do enough to get the bad press of their backs and will only do something when bad press pops up in the first place.

    It’s going to be an endless cat and mouse game with WK. They simply don’t like doing the work of royals, but yet don’t want to give up the privelages that come along with being royals. So they will go back to their baseline…which is to hide out an Anmer Hall doing nothing until the press calls them out. Then they will do some work. Then retreat to Anmer and be their true selves. Rinse and repeat.

  34. Since we are talking about a serious issue like suicide, I wanted to include this article on one of Canada’s largest social problems: the high suicide rates of First Nations children living within First Nation communities. Unfortunately, First Nations in Canada live in a sub-standard way and the legacy of colonialism, the forced erasure of their language and culture (taking young kids and putting them in residential schools away from their families and communities, where they were physically and sexually abused a lot of times) has done a lot of lasting damange:


    1. Ah yes, we have that issue in the United States. I lived in the Alaskan Interior for 3 years and I saw firsthand the ravaging effects of alchohol and violence on the native americans. However, the natives in alaska are much better off than the natives in the Lower 48: the alaskan natives were able to remain in their villages and land whereas the lower 48 were pushed onto reservations. It’s as terrible situtation and the US government does little to help.

  35. Just have to share my day hope you don’t mind. My Mums had a stroke I’ve been visiting but as I have glandular fever the 3 hour round trip is not good for me . Mum is ok and the hospital have just rung to say the ward is on lock down for 72 hours so I can’t visit . Selfish sigh of relief – wine, bath , rest.
    Then phone rings madly Facebook on overdrive. Our local reservoir has had a problem with a chlorine leak. We cannot use water to drink, cook or wash even teeth. Supermarkets all sold out of bottled water.
    Don’t think W&K have these problems !!

    1. Birdy, all best wishes to you and your mum in this trying time.
      Sorry you are under such stress and wishing that things turn around in the most positive way.

      1. Running water we take it for granted don’ t we until we don’t have it and then you realise how vital is it! Biggest concern is my dog I don’t think bottled water is brilliant but will phone vet in the morning. These times make you realise how much we take for granted and how lucky we are. Wild Rose will have been out helping the homeless – they don’t having running water .

    2. Birdy sending positive thoughts and prayers out to you and your mom. I hope your mom makes a full recovery and you get the rest you need. Remember to take care of yourself!

    3. I am glad to hear your Mom is doing alright. I hope I am understanding your info about your Mom. It sounds like she hasn’t suffered too many residual issues as a result to the CVA. You sound like such a sweetheart, she is lucky to have a daughter watching out for her and offering support.

      Ugh, the water issue. I cannot imagine dealing without this basic and vital resource. So many around the world have to face this for long periods of time or on a daily basis in certain parts of the world. I think this is part of the reason we are so hard on W&K. Many royals seem to understand hardship, but the Cambridge’s cannot fake the fact they don’t get it or don’t give and “F”.

      Best of luck and keep us posted. Too bad Wild Rose is on the other side of the world. If she was nearby, she would be knocking on your door with a few liters of water to tide you over.

      1. Thanks all I’m off to bed dirty and having drunk too much wine!! But I have a warm bed and clean clothes for the morning so I am really very lucky. I may have a drive to get bottled water in the morning it’s all sold out locally.

        1. Sounds like a good idea to get some rest after a massive day. Hope doggie is okay too… Sending you hugs and willing you strength to keep moving through all this with grace.

    4. Best wishes for your mother Birdy!

      We do take a lot of things for granted. I always get a reality check when I vist my grandmother (97) and we talk about her childhood. She gre up on a remote farm without running water and electricity. I am always very grateful for the comforts of modern life after a visit with her. 😉

    5. Best wishes Birdy and I hope the water situation is sorted quickly.

      Sending you and your mother virtual hugs from New Zealand!

      Hope your Mum is recovered and out of hospital soon!

  36. I hope that bluhare doesn’t mind that I quote her from CB. I was so moved by her comment which adds to KMR’s substantial and on point information:

    “We don’t need to bring attention to suicide per se but we do need to bring attention to how it affects everyone, warning signs so loved ones can intervene, and services available for those who do recognize they need help as they are so severely depressed that suicide looks like a good option, especially for those on the lower income scale. That is what needs attention — and money”. *This* is the tack the Dolittles should have taken if they actually cared and there were intelligent advisors. Camilla and her team are the gold standard, IMO.

    For me, the warning signs especially, if addressed, may significantly reduce the completion of suicide. It can never be stressed enough.

    These ignoramuses are a danger to society, IMO.

    1. Yes, precisely.

      IT is a shame these two will never learn from others who know what they’re doing. William knows best!

  37. Thank you so much Katemiddleton review! Another great article, with great research as ususal !!
    you should have gone in the lazy duo’ s place to talk about suicide and menta health.
    As you wrote in another article menthal health is a complex argument, it’ s not only about good caring parents, happy childhood or speaking about that as William stated. Unfortunately isn’ t. I suffered from anorexia and I have to say that these two show no empathy at all and won’ t do anything for this problems, never ever because they don’ t care. if you do you look involved and concerned, you make researches, you check if the information you have are correct.


    This is prince Harry,during a briefing about helping people in Nepal. He looks concerned, with pen and paper to take notes. This is how a royal should work.
    Not that inaccurate sentences by the lazy duo

    1. [about Harry] Those were my first thoughts when I saw the photo! He is actually taking notes and is not the first time. – William and Kate have set the bar so low that seeing a royal acting as a professional is something we feel worth mentioning! I really love that his work behinds the scenes has had some regoginition on KP twitter, is nice seeing Harry preparing for his tour, which looks very good and packed with engagements fit for him, I’m very excited for it.

      One of the most ironic and funniest things I saw relating to Kate was when she attended a conference and the man seated next to her said “she was very interested about the topics being presented at one point she turn to her assistant and said ‘I hope you are taking notes'” ahah – this one never fails to make me laugh and set a lot of my belief on how untruthful they actually are…

      1. This last paragraphs of yours. She can’t even bother to take her own notes. You ALWAYS take your own notes – because each person weighs information differently.
        The academic in me is just gobsmacked by this cavalier attitude of hers! *Ugh*

        1. ArtHistorian is good to know I’m not alone! I always find it so hard to be in a conference, class room, meeting, without taking notes, I’m in university without them I would be lost… I have no idea how we get reports on how intelligence Kate is and yet we have never saw her take notes.

          I personally love to do it, gives me a good starting point and allows me to retain information much better. A few days ago I was at a dinner and sat next a history professor, I got to restrain myself from taking my note book out of the bag, it was just an amazing and interesting conversation that as soon as I could I wrote all I could remember!

          From my experience if one is trying to know more, construct a better argument or just for personal and cultural growth taking notes is a must. I’m fortunate enough to have unbelievable professors top notch with amazing curriculums, guess what they do when at a conference? – yep they take notes!

          It seems such a small thing but Imo is essential that’s why I found it so hard to believe they are interested in something when they can not even take a small step.

          1. I’m a copious note taker myself. When I’m writing an article, I usually have a notebook at my bedside – just in case I have abrilliant thought. 😉

        2. I am a notorious note taker. I learned pretty early on in school that if I wrote it down I retained the information a lot better. And Rebecca can write down everything word for word, but if Kate doesn’t review it afterwards and/or retain that information in some way it will do her no good.

      2. Is anyone surprised? At what point has this woman done any work? The Cambridge’s have no substance; they have too many skeletons in the closet. They would not have the need for such extensive PR if they were truthful and hard-working.
        Wouldn’t it be awful to work for Kate? I don’t think I could bear answering to such a fool… and believe me, I’ve worked for some doozies.

    2. @livia
      Thanks for bringing the photo of Harry to our attention. That’s a really working meeting not a HuffPo meeting!

    3. I hope he does a grand job in Bhutan. Harry seems open to guidance; he can only improve if so. It’s a good photo. He looks genuinely engaged.

      1. He is going to Nepal Jen 🙂

        I truly believe he is going to do a great job, he has been in meetings, the one shown above is a briefing with NGOs working on the ground in Nepal and on 16th he is having another briefing by MapAction (he is patron) to learn more about the charity’s response to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. He is also arriving a day earlier than expected to Nepal in order to meet their Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is leaving for a week-long visit to China on March 20.

        If someone wants to know more details have been released: http://www.princehenryofwales.org/news-and-diary/12423/press-release

        1. Thanks Snowsie, and for the details too. I’m sure Harry is taking the visit very seriously and prepping to make the most of the visit.

        2. Amazing Rhiannon can I be your assistant ? This is the most amazing trip and I would give my eye teeth to be apart of it. Looks like he will be working about 18 hours a day. Can’t wait.

  38. The Cambridge Crotch Clasp is in full effect. It makes them look defensive and uncomfortable.

    In the ITN video Kate is sitting and has her arms crossed and her legs crossed at the ankle. So uncomfortable looking. They need a body language expert to help them. Sadly, I doubt it is going to happen.

    1. The Crotch Clasp is tremendously formal and the last bastion of the dutiful/#whateverroyalworkmeans elite, IMO. If one is interested in the subject, hence, relaxed, there is no Crotch Clasp or tight hand clasp of any sort. Truly, the Cambridges should trademark it as they have done with their names. I wonder if they’ve trademarked the names of George and Charlotte as well.

  39. I thought Kate took her coat off for the second meeting hence the black and white dress? KMR your stats are worth sending to the Windsors. I hope someone is not sabotaging their efforts or trying to downplay the reality of how many people are suffering.Many people are under enormous pressure and its worth doing our homework. Hopefully it was a slip of the tongue?

  40. Quick question about William’s statistics. It occurred to me that William previously stated his focus would be on male suicide prevention. I could be wrong on that, but I think that’s what I remember. Was he quoting a statistic based just on males using the figure of 5? As far as I’m concerned his focus should be on the entire subject, male or female, adult, teen or child. One is too many. This thought occurred to me while I was loading the dishwasher. I guess I was zoning out and my mind decided to torment with thoughts of W&K. Just wanted to get it out of my head.

    1. It could be it, another option is he was referring exclusively to England rather than UK, or it was just pure incompetence…

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