Swedish court releases first photo of Prince Oscar

Swedish court releases first photo of Prince Oscar

What’s that saying, you wait for ages for a bus and then two come at once? Yeah, that’s what happened yesterday. I’ve been waiting since March 2 for the first baby photo of Prince Oscar, and I thought for sure we’d get one first thing Monday morning. But then hours went by and no baby Oscar, so I threw together a post with a cute video of a baby Prince Charles and more photos of the Prince of Bhutan.

Just when I had given up hope of getting any baby photos at all (I thought we’d get one from the Cambridges for Sunday and that didn’t happen), Kensington Palace dropped a set of six photos from Prince William and Duchess Kate‘s ski vacation with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Then a couple of hours later the Swedish court finally released a photo of Prince Oscar.

H.K.H. Prins Oscar / H.R.H. Prince Oscar Sweden

The photo was taken at Haga Palace when Oscar was five days old (so it was taken on Monday, March 7). The sweater Oscar is wearing is embroidered with light blue flowers and was made by Crown Princess Victoria‘s grandmother, Alice Sommerlath (Queen Silvia‘s mother), for Victoria when she was a newborn.

Victoria took the photo herself. It’s not the first time she’s taken photos of the Swedish babies – Victoria took the first photos of Princess Leonore with Princess Estelle in 2014.

For reference, here is Estelle’s and Oscar’s first photos side by side. Estelle (at four days old) is on the left; Oscar (at five days old) is on the right. Estelle was also wearing a sweater made by Victoria’s grandmother Alice.

Prinsessan Estelle bild 2

Oscar’s hair seems to be much darker than Estelle’s at the same age. Oscar’s a cute little baby. I can’t wait for more “family of four” photos.

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  1. Oh, I am actually squealing at the cuteness of this little one. He is adorable and looks so much like Estelle at the same age.

    Adorable adorable adorable. I could just look at the pics all day.

    Thank you so much KMR for these pics.

    1. I know! I was surprised at just how similar Oscar and Estelle look.

        1. Totally agree!

          Having dignified, dedication to the people and hard working parents gives us hope for the children and the future.

  2. Cute & beyond adorable! I wonder how Estelle could stay away from her baby brother! I bet she’ll always be showing him her drawings or reading him stories. I feel a warm glow looking at these fotos. Unlike the fotos of the Cambridges. I felt cynical & always thinking what they’re up to.

  3. So nice that Victoria and Daniel shared a photo of their son tiny Prince Oscar so quickly after his birth. They seem to be conscious of everyone’s desire to take a peek. Thank you for post.

  4. So cute!
    Thanks for the post KMR!

    (I like the way the Swedish Royals share clothes and clothes get passed down from generation to generation)

    1. Some of the dresses Estelle wears are also made by Alice Sommerlath (in the link there is one dress). http://www.expressen.se/mode/kungligt/svenska-kungahuset-1/estelle/estelle-i-klanningar–fran-sin-mormorsmor/ Which shows that the family cares about their history because they keep them so well. The most impressive one for me was Leonore wearing a dress so old that her great-great-grandfather had worn it previously. You can’t compare any other royal family that does this.

      1. Those dresses look so cute on Estelle. Why do they have to be specially designed/made though? Do the royal family do that here in the UK or can they not just buy from Marks and Spencer?
        Thank you for the photo of Oscar KMR. Very dark hair and Oscar looks very content. Oscar does look a lot like Daniel.

        1. The dress Estelle wore that was made by Alice Sommerlath was made years and years ago. Alice Sommerlath was Silvia’s mother, Victoria’s grandmother, Estelle’s great grandmother. She died in 1997. So all of the clothes that she made would have been made at least prior to 1997. So it’s wasn’t like Victoria had clothes made specifically for her kids. She put her kids in clothes her grandmother most likely made for her when she was a baby.

          1. Oh my goodness, how sweet!! I have a friend who sews dresses and such for all of her grandchildren, what special mementos they will have to pass down to future generations! I do wonder though how they keep them clean?

          2. I imagine Lauri that they have to be specially cleaned or hand washed. My nieces had their christening gown and dress made by their mum. That was a wonderful touch.

  5. Aww, I would love to coo over little Oscar. I’m happy that Victoria didn’t wait long to release this.
    Thank you for the side by side comparison KMR, I hadn’t seen any pictures of Estelle as a newborn and the resemblance is more than striking. I often think Estelle looks more like her dad so lets see if Oscar will grow looking more like his mum!

  6. Just wanted to add – I’m so glad they did a proper newborn picture, that is, a closeup. Everyone wants to see the baby and compare as to who he/she looks like.

  7. This little guy gives me baby fever bad!

    I was looking on my phone earlier and my son saw it and asked when HE was going to have a baby like that. LOL

  8. phew what a cutie, looks like nikolai as well, WK holiday made me laugh, I knew it was about to happen, after all the negative publicity they have been getting, bring out the adorable kids and voila, gosh, is that what they do all day, scheme and no work!!!!

  9. What a sweet pic. Some folks can go a wee overboard about baby pics (no shade at all) but this was just right. I think he looks a bit like his daddy. This was such a sweet treat for us. Oscar is a cutie and Dan and Vic were so sweet.to share.

    Thanks for such a cute post, KMR!

  10. Awww, Prince Oscar is just the cutest!!! And how sweet to use a sweater his mother once wore, awwww!

    Thanks KMR for not posting this article yesterday. Prince Oscar deserves his own day for us to ohhh and awww over him.

      1. Yeah,I don’t like close eyed baby photos.I prefer open eyed ones shows personality.Just my preference,though I do realise he’s not even a week old!

        1. Yes, I echo KMR, Candice. Seriously?, He’s not even a week old, you said. And, that is what is true. I think he is a gorgeous and precious baby.
          Just like his sister and his parents are not bad, either.

          You are entitled to your opinion, but if there are ever new babies around you in your family or your friends’ families, get ready to see a lot of sleeping newborns. In time, yes, they do open their eyes more.

          I do repeat, however. Oscar is darling. Many newborns are not this good looking, although one must find a way to tell their parents that they are.

          Thank you, KMR. Oscar is another Royal Baby to be excited over. He has yet to disappoint us!

    1. He’s a few days old he is sleeping. I think he looks cute and calm, although probably at 3am he is a little monster 🙂

  11. The baby is adorable! I can’t wait for a picture of Estelle holding him. Leonore could be in it too… Don’t know about Nicholas.

    How cute that they cared for and value the clothing items made by their grandmother <3 I can imagine her proud moment 🙂

  12. Before I get to the negative (sorry, 7-3-16 really bugged me), Prince Oscar is every bit as cute as his big sister. If he develops half her personality, the world has another delightful royal child to watch with real interest in the coming years.

    These are refreshing photos. They are not overproduced and contrived like the photos of the four Cambridge children. C.P. Victoria and Prince Daniel treat the public with kindness and respect and they earn the same from us. Daniel and Victoria are the true masterminds of the media.

    There isn’t any talk of Victoria being a “keen” photographer. Somehow this photo looks professional compared to photos taken by our famous “brittle” Duchess.

  13. I am so happy that we have so many little royals around to distract us from the circus that is W&K. Oscar is a gorgeous little man. He looks like Estelle, who looks like her mother and father. I can’t wait to see these two as he gets older.

    I’m so glad Vic and Dan are willing to share their happiness with the world.

  14. Oscar, you are such a cutie! A sweet and very placid baby in those photos. As someone else said, I can imagine his cries, though, at around 3am.

    Just think the Swedish Royals get it! They are not selfish with photos of their little ones. Soon, expect we will see Estelle holding her brother and little cousin, Leonore, getting in on the action, too.

    Just find these photos a wonderful way to start my day. Thanks for getting them up so quickly, KMR.

  15. Beautiful baby sleeping in peace. How wonderful of the family to share. He is a cross between his mother and father.

  16. A very sweet picture. I was wondering about the clothes, it is a beautiful gesture to the family to clothe him in that handmade sweater.

    Ever since the Christmas pictures I am totally in love with Victoria’s family. These pictures were dynamic and showed genuine interaction of a loving family. Yes, they were dressed for the occasion, yes the pictures conveyed a message, but they were authentic and warm. (Unlike recent pics of ‘you know who’)

    Victoria has understood that they owe the people something in return for the privileges they have. She is a hard worker and, while not allowing her family to be exploited, she includes them into her life as a Crown Princess seemingly with ease, so her people can watch Estelle and Oscar grow.

    It takes discipline and intelligence to juggle privacy and the public life in such a seemingly easy manner. Discipline and intelligence Mr and Mrs Cambridge sorely lack.

    1. Great post HB. It also takes good PR advisors who they listen to!! From what little I know of the SRF they have had some challenging times and work hard now to make themselves of value. I keep banging on about it but for goodness sake Kate befriend the European royals, ask for help from people who understand. Mental health initiative is all about asking for help and caring for others yet they refuse to follow their own advice. Mary, Daniel, Max, Charlene could all offer her help.

      1. Thanks for the kudos, Birdy.

        If Bill Cambridge thinks, he is the only one who suffered, he should think again. Victoria had anorexia at some point which was a very public struggle initially, her father’s philandering ways must have been very hurtful to her, too. But she faced her demons, found her own way and grew into an astonishing woman.

        William, not so much.

    2. I love this line HyacinthBucket, “she includes them into her life as a Crown Princess”. It really seems to encapsulate the way Victoria includes her husband and raises her children, she doesn’t try to keep these areas of her life apart and separate but rather has built an inclusive life. Quite inspiring really!

      1. Lauri, you’re so right. It is all about accepting her role, which is unusual and not even her own choice. She was born into it and managed to shape it into something special.

        1. Not trying to be sexist all but since yesterday was Women’s Day, I find it interesting that the women who were born into this role seem to have an easier time adjusting then the men who were born into the same role.

    3. Well done! This is why so many of us love many members of the Sweden royal family. There is an especially sweet spot for Victoria, Daniel and the children. If she is ever frustrated with the public she does not let it show (at least to my knowledge).

      I think over the years affection for the crown princess and her family will grow. It may be difficult for Will and Kate to regain the goodwill of the people they have thrown away.

  17. Not wanting to thread jack but this is royal baby related…I’ve read rumors that the name of the new Bhutan Prince will be announced on April 16th, during the Zhabdrung Kuchoe (death anniversary of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal).

  18. More news from the SRF. Sophia is obviously working for her charity ‘Project Playground’ still. Even though her due date is approaching fast, Germany’s “Bunte” reports.

    What are the Cambridges up to? Some R+R from their photo-op in Courchevel?

  19. Just wondering, we all seem to love the SRF and other European houses, what do their subjects think of them? Are there any Swedes on here? Or other Euro nationals with royal families?

    Love the baby photos, and love what I’ve seen of this family since following this blog. Thanks KMR.

  20. Today March 10 in the Daily mail there is an article about Bill’s agreement with the queen. I do not know if it is true?

  21. Oscar is one of the most adorable babies I have seen in a long time. So perfect, and he looks like he’s just as contented as he can be. While I think that the ‘royals’ are outdated and archaic, I also think that Victoria and Dan have what those other two nimrods want or pretend to want. A down to earth and aside from the ‘royal’ absolutely beautifully normal family. Lovely children who are very much a part of their parents lives, Victoria took the picture of her little man and yet it wasn’t made to sound like anything but what it was, a mother sharing a picture of her baby. KMR thanks!! so much for the post and the **cough cough** timing. Not to wander too far off track here but I suspect that there might be a bit of jealousy coming from the ‘wannabe normals’. I am interested in knowing how the Swedish feel about their ‘royal’ family as well. Victoria’s comment that she couldn’t understand why a country wouldn’t have royals or something to that effect is also interesting. I think I read that not too long ago.
    Very happy to see such a welcome baby 🙂 and he is beyond cute, just like his very proud big sister.

  22. Even though I know I read it, it never struck me as some big deal that Victoria took her babies pictures and those of Estelle and Leonore. They didn’t precede the announcement with a 21 cannon salute or talk about how she’s such a “keen” photographer who studied with (insert a famous photographer). They just released the pictures with her credit as photographer.

    I will say this, I like her pictures, you oddly feel a connection with the kids. And I absolutely love that the babies wore things that their great grandmother made for their mother. Not to mention I’m a tad bit jealous as a crafter because they are beautifully done.

    Love this family!

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