Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte skiing

Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte skiing

Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte skiing last week in the French Alps and released photos.

William and Kate took George and Charlotte to the Alps where the kids played in the snow for the first time. Though the Cambridges went in secret and did not do a photocall like Diana and Charles used to do and some of the European royals do now, they did take one photographer and posed for photos (on March 3).

Kensington Palace said:

    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share new photographs of their family, enjoying a short skiing holiday with their children in the French Alps. The Duke and Duchess invited the Press Association’s Royal Photographer John Stillwell to take the photographs earlier in the week. This was their first holiday as a family of four and the first time either of the children had played in the snow. It was very special and fun short holiday for the family, and they are grateful that John Stillwell was able to capture the moment so well.”

We finally got that photo of William holding Charlotte that we’ve been waiting for. Charlotte’s got some tiny teeth growing in on the bottom.

I’m actually shocked to see William and Kate goofing around with each other here. They are usually so staid and grumpy looking with each other. These are probably my favorite photos from this set since it shows movement and playfulness while the others are a bit boring. Nice, but boring. I wish they’d have shown us the kids playing in the snow. But oh well. Also, I wonder why Kate took off her gloves for the top photo? It’s the only one she’s not wearing gloves in. Odd.

Overall, I like these photos. I wish we had gotten pictures of the kids playing in the snow, but the ones we did get are nice.

These photos don’t absolve William and Kate their laziness, though. Let’s just be clear on that.

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  1. I agree they’re cute, and I like seeing the little ones, but blah. So boring. It will work to stave off criticism for awhile, however. It’s already being shared all over Facebook from what I can see on my feed and what a perfect lovely family they are, how great, you know, the usual.

    I looked up where the BRF goes to in Klosters. Eugenia Chalet, about $50k/week.

    Charlotte, in the picture with William, looks so like him as a baby. But seeing him hold her just makes me think how much he must prefer her judging by how he talks about his kids. I mean, I don’t think they’re super involved, they’re too self-centered, but I think George is short-shrifted in some ways.

    3am and I can’t sleep… Yuck!

    1. Jason needs to be fired for this. And promptly. What type of PR crisis manager would sanction holiday pics of their clients on a public forum when their bosses (the taxpayers) were being told that they were lazybones and workshy whilst drawing a salary from the company(the tax payer CC).

      It’s basic PR 101. Doesn’t require a crisis manager to tell them this. And I seriously doubt jason’s former work quality as a crisis manager IF he was railroaded into releasing these photos and or allowed them to be released.

      Sure, release pics of babies. It’s a tried and true method of deflection, but don’t use holiday pics. And especially holiday pics in a foreign country. Have them doing something mundane and down to earth.

      Further, this play in the snow, where a previously private marriage is suddenly on display + cute babies, screams trouble in paradise to me, in the manner of every single cheating politician/celebrity who is trying to pull the ‘loving, united’ family card. Playing in the snow is the card posh and Becks pulled when he was caught with Rebecca Loos.

      This set of pictures is just as problematic as their christmas card – perhaps they are being deliberately playful because we could all see that they were photoshopped into their christmas card. However, this one screams major insecurity. Is a major contradiction given their stand on privacy – are we invading their privacy by even commenting? AND is especially poor timing given their new label as workshy.

      The press points out that you are workshy and lazy and you respond by posting holiday pics?

      Does it really need a special type of commonsense, never mind PR managers, to see how tone deaf that is?

      If a person on benefits at the lowest end of the social scale did this, their benefits would cut immediately, they’d be asked to pay back some, if not all, they previously been paid and there might be some jail time for defrauding the taxpayer.

      Yet these two are flaunting it and people just shrug and say they have cute babies??!!!

      This right here is on a par with ‘let them eat cake’ sentiment from Marie Antoinette’s circle. It’s that tone deaf.

      1. My first reaction to these holiday pics was “oh no, they didn’t” because it is just such a completely tone-deaf move. The BBC reported on the pics but also referenced the negative criticism at the same time. I’m by those in the know that if the Telegraph and the BBC runs negative stories on the royals, then said royals are in trouble.

        1. I think William and Kate wanted and has planned a holiday and this was the best that Jason could do to own the narrative.

          We know William does whatever he wants, and seemingly doesn’t care what the public think, so a Cambridge holiday was gonna happen. William and Kate always go on a holiday before their royal tours, unlike last time I Jason or the Middletons may have convinced them to take the kids.

          This loving family, couple in love having fun a change in recent press, though some papers mentioned work-shy William, it reinforces their ‘young family’ PR spin and involved parents spin after more photos of the kids always with the nanny were published.

          1. There are more talking points now than work-shy William, even though that’s still in the there people can talk about the kids, William and Kate in love, etc.

            Unlike other holidays there was a media black out for this one which leads me to think it was all very strategic.

      2. I agree completely, though wonder if William bypassed Jason in releasing the pics? Didn’t William engineer his engagement interview with similar slyness and disrespect for his father and grandmother? At the heart of everything, William is simply out of control. He has not many brains and what he has are used to ill-effect. In short, a lazy fool.
        No one needs pictures of idle royalty frolicking in the French Alps no less, entourage in tow, when those paying for it slog on, day in, day out. Personally, I don’t find the children cute and find the blue for boys, pink for girls outfits trite and ever so predictable.

      3. Actually I suspected a hijack or such to the PR team, like a new member just joined but not with the Cambridges best interests in mind or someone take a bribe to smoke their royal skeletons out. Recent PR moves have been incredibly bad passing the border of stupidity and ignorance. Yes the pair themselves are acting like two kids refusing to be disciplined, but PR should perform full-blown damage control. Either W&K refuse to listen to PR advises and act how they like despite knowing the consequences, only relying fully on PR team for image creation, or they are stuck with unprofessional amateurs who don’t think much about them. Either way the Cambridges are totally screwed this time, and rehabilitating this would take years of full-blown PR and consistent hardwork by W&K.

        1. Their PR is out of control. There have been so many f- ups this year and we’re only two full months in.

          1. The PR can not make miracle when the main concerned people don’t see issues…..
            After all, doesn’t Kate say that she gives no interrest on the people ‘s opinion during engagement’ interview?
            And William doesn’t make an effort to only look better on the work’s field (failure of his communication about EAAA)

      4. Excellent post, Herazeus.

        I’m more convinced than before that there is trouble within the Cambridge family. It was SUCH a removal from normal stiff images that it screams panic stations to me.

        I think William was sticking his fingers up at the Press and paying public by arrogantly showing off his holiday. He’s saying he doesn’t give two shits what we think.

        1. This has gotten fascinating. Some seasoned pros and others here are so on point at predicting what will happen and also sussing out the real story. I haven’t a clue how to tell there’s trouble within the C family; you all have mad skills.

          It does sound like William threw a massive tantrum with that ski holiday. Big baby.

        2. William and Kate are sending a message, that is for sure. It would be pretty difficult for Jason to rectify the situation at this point, particularly when The Cambridges obviously do not care what the public thinks about them. If I were Jason, I’d resign because this is just not going to improve until such time that they two step up to the plate and start doing something constructive with their entitled lives.

      5. I doubt that Jason was completely on board with this idea Herazeus. His purview is supposed to be crisis management. I worked PR in music and I learned enough about PR crisis management to know that this was NOT the way to turn the tables on this situation. This is all William. Knaupf is William’s employee. He can counsel, he can cajole, he can state facts, but unless and until William sees that he’s being a fool (and he’s not going to ever admit that) he will have things his way.

        One of the worst/best case scenarios right now would be for Jason to resign. That would let the world know that this is all on William.

        1. It’s hard to be believe that poorJason is a crisis manager. Where did that come from? Looking at his CV, he’s held 9 jobs in 12 years, averaging a year or less in each job except for one for 3 years (all crises?). Is this common for PR people? Because among the common people he would be considered someone unable to hold down a job.

          Also, is there any evidence that he was successful at averting crises?

          1. MavenTheFirst, this is just my experience, but PR people are generally with someone until that someone decides they need to move on for some reason, or they’ve accomplished what they set out to do for their client.

            Jason as a crisis management specialist would not work long term with a client. He’d come in, squash the fire and hand it back over to their normal PR people. Unfortunately for him, he seems to have hit a giant wall with W&K. I think (and please correct me if I’m wrong) he did work for some financial institute that turned their image around and I think a politician??? In both cases, as probably with others, he did his job and moved on.

            PR is very much a minefield kind of job. As long as the client is getting the results they want, you’re golden. One bad/iffy story and you’re being called on the carpet for not doing your job while the wolves (other PR agents) are at the door wooing your client away with promises of mended fences, better coverage, etc. Just my two cents from watching the wheels turn in a former profession.

          2. Maventhefirst: What Lisa said. Jason was touted as a crisis manager because he came from a successful stint turning around the perception of a bank and a politician. crisis management is typically a short term deal, but you need to have co-operative clients. Look at Camilla’s turned around image.

            I think WK’s image is actually worse under Jason because he has pulled some moves that have directly antagonised the press whilst simultaneously not being in control of his clients AT ALL. Someone as difficult as William needs handlers who are human whisperers ie appear to acquiesce with whatever him whilst pushing gently in the direction you wish him to go. definitely don’t allow him to ever have the reins, just make them think they do.

          3. Thank you, Lisa and Herazeus. You provide clarity regarding PR and that is worth its weight in gold. Thanks especially for uncovering PR machinations. Really, really good stuff. That kind of window is tremendously enlightening and challenging.

        2. Hi Lisa, I agree, but I worked PR too, had a very difficult-going to do whatever the hell I want to whatever you say–boss, and I knew his pressure points. I knew how to get around the tantrums to get things done. Not saying he’s Will, but the obvious is call in Carole. She’s the only Mum-One that the babies listen to. Carole’s little plan of complete conquest can go down in flames if Parliment removes Will from succession along with George and Charlotte, and crowning Harry. I wonder how the public would respond to that?

          1. Speaking of Carole, isn’t amazing how she and the rest of that clan haven’t been papped during this whole work shy saga?
            If this isn’t proof that they tip the paps off on their whereabouts, I don’t know what is!

          2. I hear you Sunny and I get that some clients can be massaged and made to think the whole thing is their idea so the job can get done. However, Jason is dealing with Willful William WillNot. He will not do what those he considers to be his underlings (i.e., anyone who works for him or on his behalf) might say will be best for him. He has gone on record as saying he does the complete opposite and he’s proven that time and again. A human whisperer, as was suggested by Herazeus, would have a heck of a time getting William to toe the line or at least concede that others may know better in some areas. He’s been coddled and given his way for far too long. The Piers Morgan story of lunch with him and Diana and William getting the wine he wanted at 13 (!) just adds to the legend of the Willful William WillNot.

            At this point I think the only thing that will get his attention is if Parliament does say enough is enough and start drawing up the provisions needed to pull him and his children out of the line of succession. And if they do that, they absolutely cannot blink or back away from this even if William claims contrition and swears to change his ways. If they were to listen to him and then back down, William would then consider himself to be invincible and everyone will be looking back on this time period remembering it as the honeymoon days. He will be a true terror at that point.

            Personally, I think the public would readily accept Harry as King. He’s more personable with the public and if he manages to find a wife who is committed to the position as much as she would be to him, he would be well ahead of the game as far as image goes. And honestly, if his wife works only twice a week she’d outwork Kate.

  2. Call me snarky but some of us thought that these photos would magically appear around Mothers Day. I love the photos of the kids and they adorable but the ones of Will and Kate look like they are well and truly staged. Kate is going to look thrilled as Wills is paying her attention and Willd will do anything to get good press. Too little too late for the parents but the kids are adorable.

    1. That’s funny; I liked the photos of William and Kate playing with the snow the best, and I thought the ones with the kids were much to “pose-y”. So basically the opposite of you.

        1. Same. Yea they’re staged shots but that doesn’t mean everything about them is fake.

          However, this is total deflection. They got called out on being lazy and caught in lies to hide that. They got exposed and their addition of a few events and PR statements did not improve their situation. So, yea. There’s this. Show a happy family front that during any other time they would fight tooth and nail to keep hidden. Because it’s been repeated numerous times from actions and statements they do not want these moments seen by the public and go through great lengths to keep every aspect of their lives private.

          So, William is still not working and trying to blame his employment in a job he rarely works as reason he cannot do anything else. And Kate has shown she gets very excited about tennis for personal gain only, but not her latest crusade on mental health.
          And they have found time to take a vacation at Tax payers expense to the French Alps.

          Because there was a photo op might this at some point try to be counted as work in some capacity? I’ve noticed some events not added to the CC at the time of the event were added later or had events split to pad numbers.

          1. Exactly. The whole shoot is staged. Just because the photos are staged doesn’t make them not more lively than posed photos. Also, all of the European photocalls are “staged” as well since the families know they are being photographed. It’s no big deal.

            I think it’s interesting though that to counter criticism of William’s lack of work, they release photos of him and his family on vacation. Um, how is that going to counter the “barely works” image?

            I don’t see how or why they would count a private holiday photo shoot as work, but I’ll keep an eye out for the CC rider if this shows up.

          2. After being called out for their lack of work and after those amazing photos of little Estelle and her baby brother, everyone was waiting for photos of these four. And, bam, here they are.

            Very predictable, indeed. The kids are getting so big and I thought they looked very sweet. George looked more like William to me in one of the pix. Gosh, each day at that age, they change so much.

            Loved seeing William holding Charlotte, too. Very sweet.

            The pix of Kate and William together showed them in a fun setting, but seemed a tad posed to me.

            I am happy that we got to see the pictures, KMR. Thanks.

            Just think it is all so planned by them. Time to get the kids out for a fun family photo. If they would only share the children more often — not too much, mind you — but a bit more, we would not be quite so skeptical. Oh, and if W and K worked more, too. That would be great.

          3. Kate could get a new band that sets off Big Blue that makes the “V” sign, so every time she flashes BB she’s giving everyone the finger. That’d be brilliant and very in keeping with W&K’s 2016 attitude.

        2. KMR
          Holidays have become events. Or events have built in holidays. Wardrobe lines got blurred on the Canadian and NZ/AUS tour.
          Even Kate’s work as a volunteer for the girl’s camping group. It should never be counted as work, higher wardrobe reportedly was covered like that. The wellies 1.

      1. The playing in the snow pics are odd to me. Show them chasing George around or pulling the kids in a sled. Just the two of them, though, I’m not sure what they are trying to say with these.
        The set up kind of reminds me of the “flirtatious snowball fight gone wrong” in Dumb and Dumber.

      2. The ones with kids were Posey too, but at their ages you can’t do much more than that. But the ones where they are playing lovey dovey are too much sugar to handle. They looked a lot more “Posey” than the kid ones. And what is the deal with not looking at the kids in the pics?

        1. They could have let the kids play in the snow and photographed them being natural. Those would have been great photos.

          1. G&C don’t need good PR. The point of the photo shoot was good PR for W&K, hence goofy “oh we’re so young and fun” snowball pics.

            Were it for the benefit of the public, we would have seen G&C playing and being themselves rather than posing formally.

    2. I think all photos were staged : they choose the photographer, the pictures…. and after that journalist must write an article about these pictures without knowing what to say apart to thank K&W to give us picture….

      I don’t think other photographers are very happy to be ignoring more and more….

      1. Yes of course they were staged. “Act like you spend time together. At like the kids know who you are. Act spontaneous. Act like a NORMAL family.” If we look closely, we can probably see shadows of Jason and Nanny Maria in the photos.

        1. Lol! What about the shadows of the bodyguards? I wonder how many accompany them.

          Who pays for the rent of this little mansion in the snow?

          1. 2 or 3 RPO’s per royal I think is the norm.
            So, there could easily be 8 to 12 in a perimeter. Plus, Nanny Maria and other Nanny staff. I think it’s fair to assume someone for hair and makeup was there with photographer staff.

            So, it might have resembled a movie set.

            BTW. William’s teeth are WHITE! It’s always a red flag to photoshop.

          2. Maven,
            In one of the papers the cost of security for this jaunt was 50,000 pounds. It also said that ‘friends also joined them’. W+K used the private jet belonging to the Duke of Westminster at 12,000 pounds. Who knows where they stayed at Courchevel, maybe privately or at a lodge, where discretion would be upheld.

    3. Tanya, I SO agree.

      Photo #1- Kate had to make sure her calling card (ring) was on full display. Heaven forbid someone see her photo and not know it is The Duchess.

      Instead of showing off their children playing in the snow, W&K have to make it about them. It looks like something out of an TV show (very G rated) from the 1950’s or 60’s. They way they used to show couples in a “playful” exchange as a replacement for anything sexual. SCENE: The couple has a pillow fight and the husband chases the wife and tickles her on the sofa. Everyone is supposed to think the couple is so in love.

      It looks like they are trying way too hard to look happy and in love. Kind of like when Charles and Diana did the TV show at Highgrove with the boys.

      The statements that come along with the release of photos sound ridiculous. “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to show new photographs of their family…” Yeah, right!

      I think the photos are overly staged and creepy. Didn’t they learn from the Stepford Wives scene they put on at Princess Charlotte’s christening?

      1. “Heaven forbid someone see her photo and not know it is The Duchess”

        Maybe she’s worried someone will mistake her for Jecca.

        Sorry, had to go there.

      2. In fairness, I think “the ring” is on display because in that picture because she is holding a (likely fair squirmy) baby – in a snow suit, no less. Adult glove + baby snowsuit is not the most secure grip.

        Imagine the comments if she was holding the baby in a way that looked not very secure! Or if she didn’t have her ring on – marital discord!! Lose/lose in my mind.

        1. Please, note the photo of Kate holding Princess Charlotte perched on the outer part of her leg. Kate is wearing gloves.

          I didn’t make a count of the number of comments throughout the thread, but there are others who believe Kate is “showing off” her ring.

          1. I’m definitely one of those who believe that Kate is “showing off” her ring. I mean, really, who wears a priceless engagement ring, in freezing weather when rings slide off easily, playing around in deep snow, and pulling gloves on and off? She simply could have worn her wedding band alone.

          2. Yeah. If it came off in the snow and she was not aware, imagine the digging that body guards would endure to find Big Blue once she realized it was gone. She does show that ring off, Diana did not. And, when she (Di) wore it, it looked like that is where it belonged. If I was Kate, I would not have wanted the ring as my engagement ring. I would have used it for State dinners, etc. Or, I would have reminded Will that Diana left it to Harry for his future wife. But, we can’t all think along the same lines.

          3. Oh, she shows the ring off, all right. Every chance she gets.
            It’s her link to Diana. Her way of saying, “I’m William’s prize and that ring is mine!”

            Who wears an enormously expensive sapphire and diamond ring when skiing? Or, when at a polo match? Or, anywhere where it is not appropriate. It doesn’t even look that great on her hand.

            I hate to ski. Just hate it, but when I do go, I don’t bring my engagement ring. And, it’s not anywhere near the financial value of Kate’s. Although, to me, it means everything.

            The photos were definitely staged and Will and Kate look like school kids horsing around the way they were. There’s a way to show a fun and loving demeanor, but the photos just smacked of a photographer prompting them. Juvenile, juvenile!

            I do think that Charlotte and George are very cute. Cannot get really excited about them, though. That surprises me because I really love children. Especially such little ones.

            Yes, ti was time to bring out the kids after the smack downs the Cambridges have been getting in the press. And, after the happy news from Bhutan and Sweden.

            Now, those two Royal Families know how to show warmth and love so beautifully.

            It saddens me that I can’t be more excited about the Cambridge children. It’s not their fault that their parents are so lame. So, let me repeat that I think they are darling. Love those little bottom teeth of Char’s.

        2. Oh Kate is showing off Big Blue for sure. She was not wearing it by accident. It was probably the first thing that she packed, followed by the clown make up and eyeliner.

      3. Yeah, I remembered! I hate those christening fotos. They look so amateurish except the formal one with the whole family.

  3. The pictures are beautiful, no doubt.

    But I love construction about these pictures, they are calculated : she wears the ring in the snow (very practical…)…. After all, they choose the photograph, so they can select the pictures….

    I love the element of language of KP : first holiday, short ski break… Implied : they work… But I think it’s too late for the parents : on DM opinion are mixed : happy to see the children, to see the love of these 2, but many critics on another holiday in France (and not in the UK)…

    Now W&F fans can not criticize Harry to spend ski holiday : I don’t think that the two brothers are close

        1. Of course you wear a large Sapphire do you can be sure everyone knows you sweetheart prettiest prettiest princess.

          1. I do wonder though how often Big Blue gets caught in her hair, as she is forever running her hands through her hair.

          2. Getting your ring caught in your hair? I agree Tanya and what about getting the ring caught up in your gloves/ mitts?

            I hope you and your family weren’t affected by the siege in Sydney today?

          3. @Tanya S
            Phew! I know Sydney’s a big place but it’s just a bit too close for comfort.

            I’m happy you were all far away from it 🙂

          4. Tell Kate to stop showing off THE RING. Only wear it during formal occasions & not during vacations & sporting activities.

          5. Wow, Tanya. So glad you are not near that place where the horrible incident occurred. Very scary when such horrors take place. The world can be a truly crazy place.

            Take care of yourself!!!!

        2. Totally agree with Clem @ 6:11. And another secret vacay so early after the holidays.

          Meanwhile the Earl and Countess Wessex (rest of the BRF) performing dignified duties in the Bahamas and other islands like Cayman.

      1. Well they do vacation 25 days a month throughout the whole year in the UK, maybe they want to have a change of scenery once in a while.

        1. lol true…

          I ask because I just read Charles was recommending vacationing/visiting an area recently flooded to help revitalize the area, etc. and I just thought, given past vacations and everything that is usually in the media that (please don’t take it the wrong way) there isn’t much to visit in the UK.
          I visited London, loved it and wish to go back, but I’m an American.
          Many Americans that I know prefer to vacation in the US (Hawaii, Florida, California, Colorado, etc.) but I’m under the impression the British need to go overseas for holiday.

          1. Absolutely, positively, 100% not true.

            We go abroad a lot because Europe is on our doorstep & package holidays are cheap. Equally, in fact more so, we holiday in the UK because we have a huge tourism industry that is not London centric. West Country, the Lake District, Wales, ancient Cathedrals dotted all over the place. I could go on and on.

            I appreciate news can be London centric, but truly that’s like me saying to you that I think NYC is the only place to visit in America and you guys have to go abroad for holidays.

            I’m a proud Brit and millions of jobs depend on our tourism industry. W&K don’t support it because they are selfish and thoughtless. Their loss.

          2. There’s plenty to see in Britain besides London! I lived in Yorkshire for a year and I only managed to see a fraction of all the historical sites.

            If you’re into history, then there’s a lot to see. When it comes to art London has the most art museums but many of the provincial galleries are quite good as well.

            There are also lots of places to go hiking. From my experience people love to hike in Britain. I was even a member of my university’s hiking club.

          3. As another American I think we tend to vacation at home for a couple of reasons. My husband and I have often struggled to get much time off at the same time. I have to mention, W&K feel their “short” ski holiday is considered a long weekend, but for us it would be considered a week.

            Getting a week off together is often the best we could ever manage. In order to make sure we never ran into weather problems with flight delays, we always made sure we were home at least a day before returning to work. I have many friends in similar situations. It makes it hard to travel out of the country when you are limited with this kind of time frame.

            Also, with less than a week for vacation, the last thing you want to do is cover too many time zones. The last time I changed five time zones for four days away it made me kind of grumpy for part of the trip.

  4. Looks like Charlotte’s eyes are turning blue.

    I wish I could like these pics, but my dislike for William has really soured me.

    Kate looks so much more at ease in ski/sporty clothes!

    1. Agree : same for me, dislike for K&W, rare pictures about children make difficulty to interest about them…. Mostly if it is to hear that George want to have an helicopter…..

      There is a huge difference about my “feeling” to princess Estelle :yesterday I look about an instagram about princesse estelle (official or not, I don’t know) : we are many many pictures about her, she goes to engagement, funny when she dances….

      1. Estelle has been doing engagements since her 1st year I think.

        There was a favorite for me. I think it was a tree picking or trimming ceremony. She stood with her mother and some Christmas trees. It was an annual event and 1 she would have to do so perfect she was exposed to it early on. She really carried her own for that age.

        1. She showed up even earlier. Estelle was part of the open press photo shoot and on the balcony for the King’s birthday in April 2012. Daniel carried her around in front of crowds at VictoriaDagen 2012, when Estelle was 5 months old.

        2. Yep, the receiving of the firs at the royal palace. Estelle has been to a few of those now. It’s a great engagement for her since it allows her to ease into her royal role but it’s not stressful and they’re aren’t a ton of people around.

  5. Call my cynical but these photos (especially the top one) look like they were photo-shopped and placed in the snow (if that makes sense). These pictures are for damage control, pure and simple. On the weird plus side, Kate and William have become better actors at showing affection.

    1. Compared to the obviously photoshopped christening and Christmas pictures.
      These pictures actually look like all five were in the same place at the same time.

      One thing I think is off… Is that there is no visible interaction between parents and children. Only posing with the kids facing the camera. Just will and Kate acting out for the camera.

      How many times will William be able to deflect attention off of himself and his dislike for royal duties onto his dead mother and children. Enough is enough.

      1. Agree about Photoshopping, there’s no son falling in front of them in the first photo, though there is in the others. All soft focus in the background, perfect for a catalogue.
        Also, Wills stance in one of the two of them, looks straight out of a cheesy catalogue (with one foot behind him).

  6. Very cute, I don’t think the affection is acting, I think sports make them happy. Similar to the rugby events and Olympic events…the only problem with the photos is if Kensington PR thinks this is the cure for negative press. That would be a problem. But as for the family itself, I bet the kids enjoyed the snow!

    1. Yes,I agree I do believe that their affection is real.The criticsm is mainly of their work.These pictures don’t show them working,so it’s not going to stop the work criticsm.

    2. You know there’s nothing better fpr deflecting claims of their work-shy ways than with a bunch of vacation photos that include cute children. *sarcasm*

      1. It was so nice of will and Kate to include geroge and the baby. He doesn’t have the coordination to ski and she cannot walk!
        What a fun trip for the entire family.

        It’s not just the optics that look bad here, the entire decision making process is faulty.

        1. They do come across as incredibly tone-deaf when they release vacation pictures after a media storm that focused on William’s work-shy ways. Did noone tell them that this might not be the most politic ways to try deflecting from the stories of their laziness?

    3. I think being on vacation secretly, yanking the chains of the press, and not working is what makes them happy. For 10 years their entire relationship was based on vacationing 10 times a year. This is what they think their lives are supposed to be like all the time.

      1. It would take a very drastic action to wake them up. Like of Fergie backlash size.
        They would still try to deflect and hide but after a bit of time they would have to make real change or drown from their years of lack of action.

    4. I would have loved seeing the kids’ reaction to the snow. They should lhave been playing around. Not W and K, who looked like the Two Stooges with their childish antics. Grow up! You can still look like you are having fun without being so idiotic!

  7. Interresting comments from victoria arbiter on twitter : “Talk about the perfect catalogue ad!” and “These should stop everyone complaining for a bit! : ) #whenindoubtreleasefamilypix ”

    She congrulates the photograph too….

  8. The week ones are cute. No doubt. Char looks more like her daddy and Georgie looks so grumpy and surly. I love it. But I can say that i.didn’t squeal with glee. It was more “Oh look at that” and kept scoring.

    The W+K pictures are a bit staged. They’ve never done this. I think that it’s deflection. Big Blue came out to remind us who she is. As Simon Cowell would say “it’s gonna be a no fromeo me”.

    Thanks for the swift post, KMR.

    1. That was my reaction, too! I saw the pics, went oh ok, and kept looking for pictures of Prince Oscar. It isn’t the kids fault that I am annoyed with W and K but I am just not as interested as I am with other royals. I bet when Harry has kids he will have some awesome natural looking pictures with his kids. He is going to be a great dad.

  9. Thank you for post. Whoever called this were right on. The photographs are delightful.

    Article indicated first time playing in snow for the children. Doesn’t it snow in Norfolk England? (Anmer Hall)

    1. No need for accuracy. Just a cheesy “picture-perfect” statement to go with the perfect, happy family pictures.

  10. Interesting to note that on the DailyMail the most popular comment is: ‘So how much is this jolly costing us’, followed by ‘A well earned break after such an arduous life and schedule!! (insert sarcasm here)’.

    The public just aren’t buying William and Kate’s narrative anymore. In times when we are preached to about ‘austerity’ and ‘all being in this together’ by our Government, watching our Royals go on holiday to escape, erm, more holiday really does leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    It’s lovely to see the children, but it’s not going to deflect criticism of being work-shy, as it shows them being work-shy once again!

    1. I hope that the British public is not buying the rhetoric from these two. How anyone can justify the expense attached – both what is openly disclosed and what is most definitely hidden – is beyond my comprehension. Particularly when citizens have public services withdrawn that compromise their own lives.

      1. I’m not buying it! We’ve run out of funding for immunising babies against meningitis C, but we can afford these two layabouts.

        Gets on my wick.

  11. I think it’s annoyingly hysterical they selected/published a picture of all five of them… w,k,g,c and BIG BLUE! Like, seriously?!

    KP must be desperate. They actually skipped the patronizing preamble to the usual picture release memo.

    I could care less about w&k because they don’t care or put any effort into being decent representatives of the UK.
    This sentiment has passed on to g&c. Not interested.

    And in the ‘queen totally loves Diana article’ DM had the nerve to say the future of the monarchy was steady and bright!

    I wonder if granny made this photo session happen, so lazybill wouldn’t spoil her big party?

  12. Thanks KMR for the quick post.

    They are nice photos (well done to the photographer, not Chris Jackson though?) and it’s nice to see the kids.

    Sorry but I think these photos look like one of those photo essay story and they look fake fake fake, we haven’t seen this kind of emotion between Kate and William since that hug at the Olympics, which just happened to come a day after we saw real affection from Charlene and Albert at the Olympics.

    Who said it looked like photos from a ski wear catalogue is correct! 😉

    I’m picking there are people all over trying to work out where the photos were taken – gosh are there any clues in the reflections of the goggles? My first thought was they had gone to an indoor ski slope as the snow seems man made (I’m a skier so you get to know snow and snow types)

    (I want to take a makeup artist skiing too, and a hair stylist #nohathairhere)

    I guess I should say well done for carrying out the task of providing a set of family photos so all will be forgotten about Will not working.

    (did it work?)

    1. I think the story will be focused on his numerous vacations rather than his “work.”
      When will the precious princeling realize he didn’t inherit his mother’s skill for media manipulation?

      What egghead gets widely criticized for not working at his cushy made up job and/or not showing up to unveil the odd plaque.
      His next move is to release family pictures of his rarely seen kids on an expensive, luxury break?!
      FFS William you are an idiot!

    2. Cathy I am a skier too – their outfits look staged to me. They are wearing their ski gear (fine) but are clearly not about to go skiing because no ski boots, so why the goggles over the hats? Surely to goodness these two don’t ski without helmets? So the goggles only come out with the helmet, you don’t wear them for playing in the snow.
      Big blue? Madness, I leave all my rings at home when I ski so as not to lose one when pulling off gloves and inners to check the piste map!
      And we got the first photo of Will holding Charlotte – what an enormous surprise.

      1. Like Kate has to wear Big Blue so we know who she is, you have to wear googles so we all get the skiing connection?

        1. The goggles on the hat like that is staged. Goggles for skiing though are a must imo. Depends the level of difficulty, but if you’re as decent as people who love to ski so muc it’s on their family crest I bet youu need goggles.

    3. I thought it was a bit odd that W&K went with not Chris Jackson. They have used Stillwell before (he did George’s 1st b-day pics), but Jackson is the Golden Boy right now.

      Re Charlene and Albert at the Olympics: what real affection? Her putting her head on his shoulder? Because that didn’t look so much real as it did awkward.

      1. Ok, it’s just my personal opinion – I thought it was sweet. I feel that if Charlene wasn’t comfortable and happy with Albert then she would not have “flopped” on his shoulder like that, and if he wasn’t happy then he would have shaken her off? If that happened then I’m sure we would have seen photos as the paps were watching. I felt it was odd that the day after we saw close comfortable contact with the Monaco Royals that we saw the hug with Kate and William.

        And yes, I too thought it was interesting that Chris Jackson was not the photographer of choice this time.

        “did Icarus fly too close to the sun?”

    1. Oh dear that pesky Crown Princess Victoria had another child and they’ve already named him and the media is loving them for it. QUICK we need some family snaps to get the attention back on us (in need to drink more coffee to keep my brain from running wild)

    2. Good for the hotel to refuse treating their customers badly because VIPs want to be accommodated. However, it does make their team look ill-prepared and borderline incompetent. Another explanation might be that this event was a last minute add on to their rather empty schedules. Bottom line is that they come across as amateurs, or their team does.

      1. ArtHistorian. I read that article too. Bravo to that 5 star hotel. And wondered just how long in advance is their calendar prepared.

      2. As I said below, it’s not W&K’s team at KP which contacted the hotel, it was the Foreign Office. And again, I don’t think trying to book a hotel 7 months in advance is “I’ll-prepared”. They tried to book a hotel 7 months in advance in order to be prepared.

        1. It is ill prepared for an event such as this which has been well advertised for a long time. That is why the hotel is fully booked. It’s not as if 1916 is recent and they didn’t know about this and the fact that as it is not a huge tourist area for the wealthy there is little 5* accommodation. But they’ll find something – a wealthy person with a chateau will offer to give up their home I’m sure.

          1. It all depends on when the FO knew the royals were going to the event. It was announced that the royals were going to the event in the middle of February. The article said the FO contacted the hotel in January. So…

            Either way, it’s not right to blame W&K or KP for this since it was the FO which made the plans and contacted the hotel.

          2. In my long life, I worked for people who arrange these sorts of occasions. 7mths is the equivalent of calling up the night before.

            An occasion like this is years in the preparation. All the potential heads of state are informed with good time to make arrangements.

            Now, one could say that perhaps the British and French govts were lax in confirming arrangements and making preparations for all their guests, or that the British were a last minute addition. Somehow I doubt that given how everybody feels about the Somme in Britain.

            Further, it’s been known for years that the Queen no longer travels for these things, yet Charles can’t be present everywhere. Someone else has to step in to help. This is the one occasion Sophie and Edward can’t deputise.

            I’m not at all surprised that WHK made the equivalent of a arrangement in a diplomatic event. It’s known that WK don’t like to tell handlers whether or not they will show up to events until the absolute last minute, even when arrangements have to be made. I remember a note came up about that some time ago when India was a mooted possibility for a tour and WK hadn’t given their consent even though the tour was less than 6mths away and these things are normally arranged and recced at least a year ahead. WK’s operations are a constant source of annoyance for all organisers. Not because they have an opinion of WK, but because they simply can’t plan ahead or properly because WK are so secretive, even when they don’t need to be.

            I’m surprised though that Harry, who is normally co-operative, didn’t organize better. Unless he has now hitched his wagon to the Cambridges and either takes their que or awaits their decisions.

          3. Many many men died during the battle in 1916 so it goes without saying that 100 years later there would be a function, surely the Foreign Office should have just booked the rooms and then worked out who was going later?
            It doesn’t surprise me that Kate is the one not responding to RSVPs, or not responding until the last minute. How rude!
            And Carole is on record as saying Harry has no manners? She apparently has all these rules she’s made up but no seems to have no social skills. This is one of the things that really bugs me about Carole.

          4. If Carole said that I couldn’t take it with a fist full of salt.
            If she holds William so highly who is just terrible with manners her compas is off.

            Their arranging abilities bother me. I worked for an entertainment portion of a large charity for years. We put on a single large annual event and had an 8 months minimum to confirm acts and prep for them. And 8 months was very last minute.

            I’m not sure why nothing gets confirmed on time. If it’s an office error. If WK fail to give a response or do not bothere to show up to meetings/read documents?

            It’s unprofessional. And it’s a reoccuring theme of how they do not care to plan for the future. Work is as needed to them alone.

          5. I’d say that it is W+K vacillating until the last minute and suggest that they wouldn’t be going at all if their image was in better shape. Sophie has an interest in military history and would be a great choice for such an event. her royal status might be lesser than W+K, but her interest is genuine.
            It has been stated that royals decide on their own individual work arrangements. In the case of W+K, they are incapable of work. Someone senior needs to take over their office and direct them to perform.

          6. @Jen
            I have a feeling that Kate doesn’t respond to RSVPs because a) she has no manners and or b)She wants someone to plead with her to “pretty pretty please come” as it makes her feel special.

          7. Kate has a rep for not respondidn to RSVP. It is apparently a long-standing problem with her. It is either due to forgetfulness, apathy, lack of manners or a combo of the all of the above.

    3. Don’t panic – I am sure there are some fabulous hotels just a helicopter ride away!! God forbid they should slum it in a 4* hotel.

    4. I think trying to book a hotel 7 months in advance is showing adequate preparation. It’s not like they contacted the hotel a week in advance. I’m all for criticizing W&K but it seems the Foreign Office tried to book the room as soon as they knew the royals were going to France. Also, it’s the Foreign Office which contacted the hotel, not W&K’s team at KP. So W&K aren’t to blame here.

      1. I am not totally convinced. It is a big commemoration, so they will be tourists and visitors, so many reservations. Amiens is not a big city with many offers, at least luxuary hotel (I was born in Amiens) and the region is not very touristic, so there is not many hotel.

        The foreign office is so not very effective : but the foreign office can take reservation, when he knows that he must take reservation… And we don’t know if these visits are planned since a long time or just since one-two months…

        I don’t know if I’m clear or not in my phrasing

          1. Like we said in French : les grands esprits se rencontrent…. In English : The great spirits meet each other….
            We write at the same time…

        1. I’m just going to copy/paste my reply to Birdy here since it applies to this comment as well:

          It all depends on when the FO knew the royals were going to the event. It was announced that the royals were going to the event in the middle of February. The article said the FO contacted the hotel in January. So…

          Either way, it’s not right to blame W&K or KP for this since it was the FO which made the plans and contacted the hotel.

          1. Yes I saw your comment : the time limit for reservation is too short in order to have a luxuary hotel in Amiens during these period of high demand for the ceremonies…. 6 months is nothing…

            But anyway I think they will not have issue to find an hotel elsewhere.

          2. Actually you can blame WK for this because the foreign office isn’t going to act until they have confirmation that royals will attend.

            WK are resistant to letting what they perceive to be TPTB of their plans and it has already caused complaints amongst civil servants who organise and plan these things.

            I’ll go back and search and post for an article complaining about their refusal to tell the office whether they would go on the India tour despite the tour being 6mths ahead at that point in time. Apparently Kate (which I though was an unfair blaming) didn’t want to commit herself and was therefore keeping everyone guessing. Tours are normally planned a year in advance. Special events like this, involving heads of state take years to prepare and go into diaries for years. It could be that a British contigent had to go, but charles can’t be everywhere, so he requested WHK to go, but they kept him waiting with a decision.

            To me 7mths says very poor planning on the part of WK.

  13. I’ve been reading this blog for awhile but this is my first post. Thanks for the work & effort that goes into the blog KMR. My views on The Duchess and her family are probably more positive than many who post on here. (Just being honest, not a criticism of anybody else’s views!)
    I would love an hour with their PR team! After negative media comment about being work shy, they counter act that by releasing photographs taken on holiday! It doesn’t make sense to me. But I thought the photos were nice, if HM was releasing fun images of PC 60 years ago, she must find the ‘hidden Cambridge babies’ a bit strange.

    1. Hi Rose, welcome!

      W&K’s PR has been terrible this year. Something is really wrong there and they need to fix it.

      1. It could be incompetence by their PR but William and Kate are incredibly difficult clients and are on record saying they do the opposite of advice offered. They don’t listen because they don’t have to. There are no consequences for their behavior, at least in ways that matter to them: money, status, goodies. Until they are held accountable and feel approbation in practical ways, they won’t change. Why should they?

  14. I am no longer interested in those people. Tilt. Game over.

    The SRF released the first picture of Oscar 🙂 <3 What a beautiful little boy <3 🙂 Every Monday should start with pictures of cute little babies!

  15. Charlotte looks so much like William. But these photos feel weird days after announcing they working on mental health (I mean mental health and suicide is more serious than these fun pictures) but it can’t be helped.

  16. I remember someone here predicted that after sour criticisms to Will’s laziness and Kate’s overspending, they will: 1) throw harry under the bus (check!), and 2) release pictures of the children (check!). Amazing prediction!

    Totally staged pics imo. Reason? Ring of doom shows up! Lol. Great pics by the way, but I don’t buy the “we go to have fun, then taking pics in between.” More like “we go to take pics to cover our arses and play on the side”. And again, I feel nothing looking at George and Charlotte. No excitement, or “aww…how cute!” moment. It feels like they are so insignificant now. Really sad.

          1. Kate seems to be the type of woman who would tell me that the natural look is in as a backhanded compliment. And say that I could only use her stylist for 15.minutes while she had 2.75 hours.

            She doesn’t exude “sisterhood” to me.

          2. @Rhiannon,

            I’ve read/heard that Kate was always more comfortable making friends with men than women. But I agree, I don’t see Kate and Harry’s future wife becoming like Diana and Fergie.

          3. rhiannon, OMG I think that would be probably the best comment you’d get out of her too. I imagine death stares off camera, insistence that you curtsy to her and call her ma’am and heaven help you if the public likes you better. Which at this point you would win by a landslide.

  17. Damage control.

    How lame though. He took off 4 weeks recently. And now this. Did you notice how KP keeps emphasising the word “short” for the holiday? Suuuure. How long is that in Dolittle years?

    And as everyone predicted, they brought out their most powerful PR artillery, the babies. They’re just trying to snow us like usual. I’m not buying it. Why is William *not* at work? Great way to counter the gossip- give ’em the finger.

  18. Okay, first photo of a royal baby I saw today was of the newborn Oscar and I completely loved it. Then I saw these photos of the Cambridge clan and honestly could care less. It was expected, honestly we could have probably set a clock to them.

    I’d just like to know how photos of a family on vacation when the two parents have been accused of not working enough is going to help their image? Yes the kids are cute, I think the photos of William and Kate are just too cute for words. Kate looks thrilled, for one reason she’s on vacation, the second (as someone else pointed out) William is touching her. Would have preferred more photos of the kids than the adults.

    That’s it, hasn’t changed my opinion of them for the better. Seems like a second rate photo call when compared to the Euro royals.

    1. It would have been nice to see photos of the kids playing in the snow instead of William and Kate.

  19. First thing I thought of when I saw that pic of Waity without gloves is that she is so trying to show off that ring that she worked for 10 years to get. Yech. The children look cute though.

          1. ArtHistorian, if Lupo took out the Wedges of Doom I will personally bake him a huge batch of doggie biscuits.

          2. I think the annihilation of the clutch of doom is much more urgent. I hope Lupo will target that next.

  20. Has Will had his teeth whitened or is he just copying Kate’s manic grin? He seems to be showing a lot more tooth!??

  21. The only thing that will redeem this pair in the eyes of The Daily Fail reading public in Britain is a significant change in their work ethic and attitude. If you look at the comments section under the Fail article, 90% are cynical, critical and downright hostile. The days of throwing Harry to the wolves / chucking a couple of crumbs to the masses i.e. releasing photos of the children, have passed. This pair have blown the immense goodwill they’d garnered and no PR guru can spin this pair out of trouble…..the GBP are just too cynical and have seen it all before. The only way out of this is a sustained period of hard work, a routine and I would suggest Staycations this year……as Grandpa Charles said visit the flood areas of UK for your holiday this year. Having said all that I expect they’ll go an bang out another kid, have a couple of sunshine holidays and William will continue sticking two fingers up at all and sundry because he too arrogant, too petulant and too stupid to realise that it’s not just the media who are fed up with the Duke & Duchess of Dolittle, no matter how cute their little ones are.

    1. Agree and hope you are right! But please, not another child. Do you really perceive the public being fed up with them?
      The Telegraph (royal arse licker paper, by appointment) has many favourable comments…I despair.

      1. I don’t think another child would give W&K that much goodwill. Charlotte barely brought them any goodwill. Another child wouldn’t do anything except give Kate even more excuse not to work and that would make people even more upset with them.

  22. I see the gender lines are being drawn with WK and their respectively held mini-me’s. Charlotte and Waity in white, George and Willy in blue.

    It is indeed, like a fashion catalogue. I’ve never seen them wear toques before. Aaah, warm fuzzies! (not). What a cynical setup.

        1. Charlotte is wearing sheepskin slippers in the photos (check out the sheepskin soles!)
          I do hope she didn’t play in those slippers as the snow would soak through very very quickly.

      1. Funnily enough, a hundred years ago blue was considered a proper colour for girls and pink for boys. There been at least one book written on this subject in Swedish.

        1. I know that back in the day, in Catholic cultures, blue was for girls (because of the Virgin Mary) and pink was for boys (in the red spectrum – Holy Spirit/Sacred Heart, seen as more of a “strong” color).

        2. That was also true here in Britain in Victorian times.

          Baby blue was supposed to reflect the angelic quality of the sky, which was assigned to girls.

      2. You should hear some of the comments I’ve had on my son wearing pink. Or even purple, or teal. Holy crap, it’s like I’m scarring him for life.

        His favorite color is pink, so if he wants to wear a pink polo he is gonna wear it, rock it, and look adorable.

          1. I grew up in the late 70s/early 80s in Scandinavia, which seem to be a much relaxed period when it comes to gender stereotyping. I actually find it very worrying that there’s such a strong gender stereotyping at play at such a young age.

            Plus, the whole colour thing is completely arbitrary.

  23. I’ve been pondering these pics as in the gym as I’m recovering from a grueling Spartan Race on Saturday. Okay, I’m rambling. I figure something out. This is what IDGAF looks like.

      1. Hi, Lauri! I finished a 5.6 mile race with 20+ obstacles in 3 hr 59 minutes. I ran with a team and we helped each other out. I am literally bruised and sore.

        IDGAF stands for I don’t give a fudge, but replace the fudge with the mother of all curse words.

        1. Wow, congrats on such a great time!! It sounds like a hellish race course, my hat is off to you!! Harry would be so proud of you right now.

          Hehehe, I love IDGAF now!! It will be my new favorite!

          1. I would love to do one with Harry!

            It’s mud, running, climbing, crawling, rolling and jumping. Kinda like kindergarten, lol!

    1. Sounds a bit like a Tough Mudder which my sons love. I don’t love the washing the clothes have to be hosed down before getting anywhere near the machine. Well done huge achievement, and I agree I can see you and Harry doing these together. You’ve said elsewhere you are a little introverted, but to me from your actions you seem like a real go getter. I will probably be prepared to curtsy to you when you are an HRH. You’ll have to get a move on though before my old knees give up on me!

      1. Yes! I have a TM coming up in a few months. I had to wash out my car and clothes several times. I am still finding mud in weird placed. I am an introvert, but this really pushes me. I may not feel comfortable striking up a conversation, but I can help people climb over walls and such. I always look out for the one that is quieter than me to offer encouragement and support.

        No need to curtsy to me. I am just me and that will never change. 🙂

  24. When I see pictures of the SRF I can feel warmth and love. Those pictures of the Cambridges are staged and boring and I can feel nothing. Somebody wrote they look like catalogue pictures. How true. Made to sell something, in this case the impression of a perfect, happy, lovely, beautiful, “normal” family.

    1. Same feeling.

      there are commentaries of richard palmer, mark cuthbert on twitter : very interesting

      critics remains on certain medias…

    1. Remember the photos of C.P. Mary and the rest of the family on sleds? Kate would never have a photo of her officially released with her hair messy.

    2. Jeepers ArtHistorian, that pic of CP Mary and the kids just makes me think that ones of W,K,G & C are a little too perfect.

      It doesn’t snow where I live and I’ve never actually seen snow before so I really don’t any better but for some reason I always thought that much like powdered sugar on a cake, a dusting on snow would be visible on clothing when it’s snowing lightly and people are outside. Is it just my imagination or does this really happen?

      1. I am from snowy Canada here 🙂
        It depends on what kind of snow (heavy packed snow would get on your clothes while the snow that looks more like rain will only get you a little wet) it is and what angle the snow is falling in, for the snow to gather on your clothes 🙂

      2. Snow looks lovely when it has just fallen and the world is glittering white, then it quickly turns into a muddy sludge that gets everywhere (in the cities) + the salt strewn wreaks havoc on your foot wear. There’s generally a lot of wind in Denmark so everything feels much colder than it actually is.

          1. I hope you get your wish fullfilled. A quite morning with glittering snow is very beautiful – especially in nature.

            When I was a child there used be a lot more snow in Denmark – enough snow to block traffic tunnels on occasion and freeze up a good part of the sea shore. That seems to be a thing of the past. Climate change I guess.

        1. Brr wind chill factor!

          Thanks ArtHistorian! It’s a pleasant +25 degrees C here and you’ve reminded me of skiing at Åre at New Years, it was -25 degrees and that wind chill factor put it at -35 degrees C!

    1. This is an interesting article for them to publish right next to their article about the holiday photos. They pretend the article is about equality overall, but at least 1/3 of it is attacking W&K. Very interesting.

      “We celebrate the fact Kate has marvellous hair and is a stay-at-home mum, despite the fact her husband’s salary isn’t enough for a mansion, ski holidays AND weekly up-dos. We treasure how unequal this family is, while ignoring the fact that if we treated them the same as the rest of us we’d all be a bit better off. Kate would have to get a part-time job and rely on her mum to babysit. William would have to get a mortgage, and downsize to an end-terrace.”

        1. I so agree. My Twitter feed is exploding. I think that we’ve now crossed the line of demarcation in regards to the Cambridges.

        2. Very bad start to the year celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. She and BP can’t be happy about her landmark birthday be in overshadowed by her grandsons’ bad press.

          1. But a good new : 2017 = Invictus in Toronto.

            I don’t understand : I believed Invictus Games will be every two years….

  25. I woke up this morning really hoping for a picture of Prince Oscar and got a truly unexpected surprise from the Cambridge’s instead. Of course I expected them to release a photo yesterday in honor of Mother’s Day and when that didn’t appear I was wondering who was advising them as I thought it was rather unwise. Now the reason for that photo no-show is apparent. What was unexpected for me was 1) the number of photos released, 6 count em 6 photos! 2) photos of W&K acting like a normal couple, even though it looked rather “stagey” it seems like they tried, 3) William was holding Charlotte, 4) Chris Jackson wasn’t the photographer for this little photo op, 5) on one particular very pro-Kate site commenters are actually questioning the timing of this little vacation, coming hard on the heels of William’s “work” debacle. Now all I need to finish off this day is a Bigfoot sighting and a ride on a unicorn.

    1. Oscar is adorable! The DM just published a picture taken by Vic. There was a source listed in a Swedish link that said the family would sit for limited photocall pictures of all four in a few weeks from now. They really understand that the public wants to be part of their happiness and have created a healthy balance. It can be done.

  26. Looks EXACTLY like an advertisement for winter outdoor clothing! I just hope this was on his 4 days off shift and that while there in the Alps and he got in his rest periods as required by air ambulance drivers. Hahaha, what a joke this all is! This doesn’t look very “normal”, normal bill! The kids are cute, that’s the best thing!

    1. No European royals nail outerwear like Hakkon and Mette Marit. Frederik and Mary’s game runs a close second. The Cambridges don’t even get an honourable mention. Boring, contrived, and way too matchy. I don’t like it.
      On the other hand, George is really cute. His serious slightly reserved expressions remind me of my kids when they were little. My daughter turned into a ham, but my son is quite serious still.

      1. My reference to the Cambridges advertisement-like photos was not intended as a compliment to them. It was pointing out that they looked like actors and trying to sell something, phony….like an advertisement.

        1. No worries, I knew what you meant! They do look like mannequins in a shop window, just so perfect and put together.
          I don’t think Kate skis much; been wearing the same get up for years now. Or maybe she’s just so freakin good, she never falls. Nah, more like she’s one run and done then toddies in a squashy couch taking up prime real estate in front of the roaring fire in the lodge.

      2. Haakon and Mette Marit do know how to work the winter outerwear. This whole photo call was just so obviously staged (and I realize they all are staged to a degree) that it’s not the least bit heart warming or cute. I don’t care about the pictures of them all huggy and having their cutesy snowball fight or walking along. Kate’s smile is just too plastered on. It’s almost taking on a sneering look in some pictures to me. But that could just be my disillusion talking.

        I do like seeing pictures of the kids. I’m still far more engaged by George than Charlotte, but he’s beginning to fade as I see such wonderful pictures of the European royal kids. It’s not their fault their parents are tools. If William was as clever as he believes he is he’d be much better off.

        1. We can hold out hope for the kids, though. Some of the dumbest people I went to school with have smart accomplished children. It can happen!

  27. Definite damage control by the Cambridges.
    Judging by some of the headlines it looks like it might have backfired. I expected the DM to coo about what a perfect family they are but even they have a surprisingly snarky headline: “State secret: ‘Work-shy’ William and Kate take the kids on their first skiing holiday – but only reveal it when it’s over and won’t tell you where they’ve been”. It really is hard to believe that neither W&K nor any member of their KP staff didn’t have the common sense to realize that boasting of a holiday after being labeled work shy is a giant faux pas!

    The kids are cute enough but I ‘m not really interested in them. Although I do think it will be interesting to see the dynamics between them play out as they grow older. Considering this set of pictures along with everything he has said, it’s clear William favours Charlotte. They should have kept this pic of W&C for their personal album and released one of him and both his kids. Although that would have made no sense immediately after Mother’s Day, which actually if you think about it would have fitted in perfectly with their peculiar PR strategy.

    Also, how does Kate’s face look so very different in almost every photograph taken of her within a short space of time?She looks much more youthful here compared to the school visit in Scotland, the cadet event and the candid pic of her shopping in exercise gear. Bizarre.

      1. That’s what I don’t get- even their Photoshopping in the “official” pictures they release is inconsistent.
        Kate looking so overly plastic next to the rest of them just takes the fake-ness to another level?
        Has Charlotte also been touched up?

        1. Since W+K chose the six images for release, it is fair to assume that they also directed and approved all digital enhancements. It boils down to personal vanity – a lot of it!
          In one newspaper article, they were careful to note alongside the official text of W+K wanting to introduce their kids to skiing early, that William and Harry were introduced to it at ages 6 and 8. It was a clever little dig that George and Charlotte were far too young to experience what their parents claimed. Had the kids been shown playing freely in the snow, it might have been nice but since the pics are all about control…
          The photos are contrived:
          W+K are trying to appear young, as in their 20’s. They are drinking their own Kool Aid, and it’s laced with something highly hallucinogenic.
          W+K look as if they holding a sack of potatoes rather than their daughter. No warmth. The kids are just props.

          1. Ugh, of course the Cambridge’s make it sound like they are such devoted parents. Like they are only going for the sake of the kids. Heaven forbid the stupid public think they headed for the snow so Will and Kate could ski.

            I will not believe a trip is done for the children, until I see Will sitting in a ride at the amusement park, crammed in a rotating ladybug with his knees hitting his chin.

  28. Anyone who predicted that the ‘gruesome twosome’ would trot out pics of their children to drown out the media and public’s legitimate criticism, can award themselves a drink!

    The kids are cute and it is even cuter that they are enjoying a luxury ski holiday on public money, YAYYY! On most other royal families, I would appreciate these family pictures- but with WK it is such a cynical ploy at getting positive attention, I couldn’t be bothered to look at the pics for any length of time. And never mind that Kate has been polished and photoshopped here- she looks a lot more haggard in real life.

    I had a good laugh to myself that the PR statement repeatedly said “it was a short holiday”- guess WK no longer want the public to think that they swan off for undeserved vacations to sunny destinations in times of austerity, do they?

    But since WK have a habit of lying about their work and their whereabouts, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did go off on an exotic vacation sometime in January-February, but it is all a secret for now, until the next round of media criticism.

    These two think that they are such master media manipulators- frankly I dislike them!

    1. This has got to be the f**k you photo op from the two lazy insensitive twits to the peasants. Doling out photos from some super luxe resort when you’re both hardly working is not the way to win votes of sympathy. What a tone deaf couple!

    1. Please, the photos of W&K playing in the snow are so trite and contrived. It screams…”look at us having fun because we can’t look miserable with each other!”

      1. More solid proof they’re both in a state of arrested development. Who wants to see a couple in their mid-30s, married, with 2 children, playing in the snow/tossing snowballs/in a snow tussle like a couple of ten year old boys???? ROFL Their mental growth STOPPED when they met each other — at about what… age 17 or 18? These two…. and now Mr Jason are NUTSO. It’s actually starting to disgust me that these 2 procreated. They seem to me like 14-year-old street children who got pregnant but are children themselves. NO CLUE ABOUT ANYTHING. #neverregal

    2. +1
      Those pictures shout RIDICULOUS but I guess they have to remind everyone how in love they are. A picture of George playing would have been a more natural/real shot in the set (I’m sure he enjoyed playing in the snow and he would have been seen happier).

  29. Honestly i think we need to see past cute photos. If we want cute photos why don’t we fund kardashians or any other celeb. These people are not in the position to be cute. Their family pictures look like most family’s photos. Who cares. They are taking us for fools.

    1. +1. Oh yes, big time they are taking everyone for fools. And why not? They have nothing to lose and indeed, suffer no consequences for behaving so poorly.

  30. Let’s not forget that World Wildlife Day was celebrated on March 3rd. Isn’t conservation a “thing” for Will? Not a peep was heard from him that day. It would have been great to hear about the dwindling numbers of animals that his kids won’t be able to see.

    I digress, but it bothers me that he didn’t care enough to make a statement.

    1. William was too busy playing in the snow for the camera to say anything about World Wildlife Day.

        1. Um guys you’re forgetting he’s SOOOOO passionate about mental health now. The rhinos and elephants can fend for themselves. How many cause can he be expected to care about??

      1. I saw that Gisele Bundchen posted about World Wildlife Day multiple times plus went to speak at the UN about it that day and my first thought was wow she’s doing more than Prince William and he founded a charity for this cause, that’s sad. She is a goodwill ambassador to the UN for enviromentalism, but still, she tweets and posts on Instagram multiple times and KP only retweets one thing about the day.

    2. Now come on Rhiannon – the wildlife thing is so last year. Now it is all about mental health, they can’t be keen about more than one thing at a time!

    3. William has a long history of being unable to sustain interest in a range of things, quickly dropping them. I think his attraction to preserving wildlife was more in the direction of supporting Jecca Craig than the cause itself. He shoots as a hobby so hardly has the credentials to support WWD. I am glad he did nothing; his support is not an asset imo.

  31. I think these pictures are revenge all the way around. For William–to Olivia for not being into him and now getting married to “the hottest barrister” in Britain. He’s like, “I’m fine, I’m happy, have two adorable awesome kids, look at how awesome things are between me and my wife. Could have been you.” (Except we know Olivia was smart to dump his bum because her whole life would have been revolving around not only royal duties but changing-Wills-nappy’s. And Will is not fine, he’s trapped and weak but he won’t admit it. What is Carole putting in that cheese toast?) For Kate–to all Will’s friends who can’t stand her and are at Olivia’s wedding–that’s why she flashed Big Blue, because as pointed out by a previous poster, who wears the rock skiing? Especially since Will is neurotic about her losing it. Kate’s like, “Look at me all you *$#* I’ve got the rock, the title, my kid’s going to be King, and you’re nothing.” They don’t like her because she and mother stalked William and he let them. Will’s not stupid, but he’s weak, and that doesn’t sit well. Who wants to pay for a weak poser who’s still obsessed with keeping the woman closest to him fanatically protected? Worse, Kate knows about his obsession and plays on it. Duh William. Timed to release so that Olivia and crew are cut by W&K obviously could have come but chose not to. I feel for the photographer. All the others are going to hate him. They’ll understand that he’s got to do his job, but they might feel like he should say no unless W&K open it up to a limited photocall. Terrible job as always by Jason to handle the media and press. The guy is on Mars.

    1. Did Olivia dump William? The articles made it sound like William dumped Olivia for Kate after he saw her walk the runway in a sheer dress. I honestly don’t know because I wasn’t royal watching at that point and I don’t really care about William’s ex-girlfriends.

      1. I got that from LoveLola’s site but you’re right, it’s not a definite because most people don’t tell (which is nice). What has been said is that Kate body-blocked and chased off girls that were interested in Will. I did check around to see if there is a secondary souce but I can’t find one straight off. However…Olivia clearly has a life that she may have already had concerns she’d have to curtail some if she became more involved with Will, not so much negative to helping charities which I think she would have liked and excelled at, but the unfortunately boring royal ceremonial functions can be a big negative unless you want that crown. I believe Olivia wasn’t keen on pursuing the relationship with Will and that stung him. They may have “mutually” ended it, but not because he wanted it to. So Kate swooped, scooped and scored.

      2. The press is being economical with the truth and by that I mean outright lying. The parade of girlfriends was Arabella Musgrave (sixthform – 1st term St Andrews), Olivia Hunt, Carly Massey-Birch, Kate.

        Carly has been written out of the picture because William cheated on her with Kate. And Carly didn’t take it lying down nor was she discreet about her hurt and the reasons for it. To call it a bad break up is to put it politely.

        Carly’s family have since tried to downplay it further, but people talk. And frankly, given all the gossip, I can’t look at Thomas Van Strawberry (or whatever his bloody name is) without thinking what a sleazy so and so, because he is the one who is alleged to have arranged Kate for William despite the latter not being single.

        What is more eeky is that William has shared women with the Van Cutsems boys. First Olivia, who dated Edward, then Rosie who is married to William.

        1. Both William and Harry appear to have some truly nasty friends: sharing women. Ugh.
          I have not heard the Carly story but good on her for calling Wiiliam out on his disgusting behaviour. The guy is just bad news, prince or not.

          1. Did Kate know about Carly and William then? Wow that is mean. If Olivia liked William why would she get invovled with someone else. Olivia seems like the perfect choice but hardly sensible getting involved with someone else under William’s nose. I agree Olivia or Jecca would have made a better choice.

        2. What do you mean by “sharing women”? Were they having a threesome or taking turns having sex with the same women on the same night, was it against the women’s wishes? Or did the women happen to/chose to date William and then happen to/chose to date his friends?

          1. From what I understand KMR, William’s friends “dated” or “hooked up” with the girl first and then would let William know that that girl would be amenable to “hooking up” with him. The social circle around the royals seems to be rather incestuous, “dating” and “hooking up” with one another at one time or another.

          2. KMR: what Laura from CA said ie one of his friends would ‘hook up’ with the girl, and then pass the information on to William as to how amenable she was to hooking up/hooking up with William.

            Kate was said to be both ‘amenable’ and ‘discreet’ by Thomas Van Strawberry.

            Laura: Kate knew about Carly. The nasty gossip was that Carly wanted to wait before having a sexual relationship with William and that Kate was deputised to service his sexual needs as he waited for Carly.

            BTW, Olivia didn’t cheat on William. That relationship seems to have simply fizzled out before he moved onto Carly.

            However, William definitely cheated on Arabella with Olivia. Between the distance (she remained in Gloucestershire whilst William went away to University) and the cheating, Arabella bailed on William.

            It’s a running theme of William’s life that he constantly cheated on his women, Kate included, and all dumped him because of it, exception Kate.

            If you go to the WK wedding guest list (available online)and look up the long list of ex-GFs invited to it, and then timeline all their relationships with William, you can see the overlap every single time.

            Olivia and Carly are the only ones without an overlap, and Carly is probably the only official ex-GF who wasn’t invited to the wedding.

          3. Herazeus

            The gf overlap has since been clean up a lot. And Carly in many articles has been almost entirely erased because she was with William during much of the Kate courting William time.

            A girl can get down as she likes. That doesn’t bother me.
            How William had his friends screen girls. How he openly left a party by proclaiming he had sex waiting for him when Kate was who was waiting. How her code name was “mattress”. And how poorly William treated her while she made her life about him. Leaving herself dependent on his value of her. That bothers me. It’s an unhealthy relationship that should not be promoted as anything more.

            And maybe much of this could be explained except for Kate showing his cheating upset her when it was made public. So, we know it hurts her and we know William doesn’t care enough to change. Ugh. He’s terrible.

          4. Just wondering how this information about this group of friends seems to be so known, yet was never brought up during William and Kate’s courtship?

          5. BostonBrahmin
            It was all over the courtship as it was unfolding. Years later and certainly with the engagement this was all cleaned up from their history.
            This is well known by those who followed as it happened because it was so common for William. So expected by those around him. So, understood within St. Andrew’s. And fell in a neat line with William’s known and admitted history of using his friends to screen people and test them.

        3. Okay, this is just ewwww…but it really doesn’t surprise me any. The more I learn about him, the more I dislike him.

          With regards to his cheating on various girlfriends with the next one, at least it seems some of them had the balls to leave him, Kate practically offered herself up on a silver platter. No self esteem, zero, zip, zilch, nada.

          1. Bostonbrahim: there used to be blogs and forums ran by students at St Andrews while these two were students. There also used to be articles that gave details that were supplied by people around them or the Middletons themselves. When Kate worked at Jigsaw, her co-workers talked. Many of these articles and boards have since been removed from the internet or the bloggers have stopped blogging but they’ve left their blogs up and if you have the time to look through their archives, you’ll find the old comments/articles pasted onto their blogs.

            When they got engaged, the PR went into overdrive in promoting Kate and William and describing it as the romance of the century. Going as far as outright lying that they’d met at university when infact they’d met in high school. The stalking part of the relationship was also kept out of the narrative. Quietly, all the old articles and blogs were shut down and scrubbed. that process continues today. you have articles that were still up as recently as last year that have been scrubbed and give an error message if you bookmarked them.

          2. Re “all the old articles and blogs were shut down and scrubbed”:

            Were these blogs self hosted (ie. Did they have their own domain name like mine) or were they on some sort of hosting platform (like WordPress, Blogger, Livejournal, etc)?

            Because if they were self hosted, it’s possible that the people who owned them simply stopped paying for either the server, the domain name, or both which would cause you to get errors if you then visited those links. They may have been shut down on the owner’s own accord because they didn’t want to have to pay to keep them up if they weren’t using them, rather than them being forcibly shut down.

            For example: my domain name here is paid for through another two years, but the server costs a certain amount of money each month. If I stopped blogging today, the domain name would still be around but if I cancelled my server subscription you would just get a bunch of errors if you tried to go to my site since it would no longer be linked to a server and my website’s data wouldn’t be shown to you.

            It costs money to self host a website. So websites don’t stay around forever if the people who own them don’t want to pay for them.

          3. KMR
            Some of my old links were not self hosted. They were scrubbed (as 1 states) for violation of terms when the engagement hit.

            The ones i have that remain are not listed as Kate related. They fly under the radar that way imo.

          1. He annoys me so much that i can’t bring myself to remember his last name properly. He is forever Strawberry to me.

            Runawaysnarker: i firmly agree that women can have as much sex as they want. What upset me in this scenerio was how the BOYS/MEN behaved or used the women.

    2. Olivia would have been the perfect royal consort. In fact, among all the lines of GFs that Will had, I found Kate to be the weakest and one with the least persona. Olivia sort of reminds me of Queen Maxima, as she radiates confidence, charm and power. Comparing Kate to her is like comparing a hamster to a persian cat. I guess a really smart woman would avoid marrying into life imprisonement, so good for Olivia getting away from it. Stroking Will’s ego day and night would have been the worst full-time job ever.

      1. My understanding is that Olivia is not the first or last woman to decline getting involved with William due to his future role in life (and I imagine the thought of taking his emotional temperature hourly was also a deterrent).

      2. In articles his ex’s has given on why the relationships with William ended they all hinted if not directly point to 1 factor. William’s roving eye. They all said this and the University population knew this.

    3. I also thought it was something like a middle finger at his ex from both William and Katie. Quite rude in fact; to not attend, vacation and then (the oh-so-private duo) release pictures telling the entire world.

      Katie always showing how much she hates all of William’s friends. In her single days, while on the hunt, she wouldn’t have missed any weddings and now that she has the blue ring she’s out shopping or vacationing. Huh.

      1. The thought did go through my mind that a skiing holiday could have been a “bribe” to get Kate to go to India? And a quiet skiing holiday is easier to pull off than a holiday in the sun.
        Or did Kate book the holiday and say she would do the photo op to make sure William didn’t go to Olivia’s wedding?

        1. Interesting thought Cathy…… but could the holiday be a bribe so he can go to Jecca’s wedding at Easter. He did in fact go to her brother’s wedding and blow out his cousin Peter Phillips wedding which tokk place the same day.
          Not long now till Easter….we shall see.

          1. This is another option… My guess is they will both skip the Jecca wedding.

            Don’t think William is *keen* to see her marry, nor Kate yo attend or allow him to go and knock some tooth out.

        2. I’m thinking it was to skip Olivia’s wedding. I don’t think she needs a bribe to go to India (I feel she likes to travel and the attention. Especially to escape the boring lock down they live in), it must be a welcome distraction – plus a legit excuse to shop.

        3. Cathy, I’ve got a bribe for Kate. Get of of your lazy butt and start doing the work or your clothing, decorating and shopping budgets will cease to exist. Let William pay for your sprees. We’re not doing it any more.

          And while you’re at it, apply the same thing to William. Enough with coddling this man child.

          And Matty, they only reason Kate would attend Jecca’s wedding would be to upstage her. I really don’t think she wants to be at the wedding of the woman that William seems to be so besotted with.

      2. That’s exactly what I thought Beatrix, because of the timing and the deliberate posing of the ring (is it just me that thinks the ring wears Kate not Kate wears the ring). She hides behind it just like she did her hair–look at the superficial, not the lack-of-substance. That’s what the pictures are too, so much posing and attitude, basically giving the bird to Olivia and everyone who attended the wedding. Kate must be filled with hate for every woman who was more attractive than she, every person who jeered about her family, anyone who tried to get in her way. Scary. What really bothers me is how the Middleton men are so swallowed by Carole and Co. A relationship should make you more, help you to try for your dreams, go beyond your boundaries, not hide and be sucked into a dark hole (Amner). Michael looks like a man who’s accepted his prison. Kate has successfully played on all Will’s paranoia that now his sole purpose in life is to protect her and the kids. I know he’s a pampered brat, but I also think he’s in a very unhealthy place right now and needs intervention. He’s full-on shirking his duties without any regard to what he was brought up to, everything.

        1. Maybe the trip was a Mothers Day celebration? But conveniently timed and exploited to upstage a wedding… such insecurity.
          I wonder, too, about how Carole emasculates men. Michael seems to look accepting of his lot, whatever it is.
          Kate, from so many accounts since childhood, is bland. She certainly harbored ambition, but this was not matched with hard work or ability. From school days she used her body to be noticed; the mooning of boys was superseded by servicing William’s needs when required, regardless of him preferring other women. No self esteem issues there! She was lucky in that his preferred choices possessed more self-esteem than she did in refusing to accept his infidelity. That, and her mother’s drive for status saw her win the prize. William was running out of choices, more appropriate women were not interested and here was this woman, open all hours and propping up his ego. So easy to succumb to that and endless rounds of cheesy toast and flattery from Carole.
          I think W+K are well suited in terms of sharing attributes of arrested development, coming from highly dysfunctional families, both delusional about their abilities, selfish, greedy, and the rest. So for the moment, it works for them. If William is roving – and there have been unproven rumblings since 2104 – he is being discreet. Kate is on record in saying that affairs are to be expected and tolerated. She’s not going anywhere now she has the ring and all that attends it: brittle is indeed an apt term for her. The problem for William is that if he thinks with his dick once too often – as per Charles with Camilla, or Edward with Wallis – and falls hard for someone, he could become reckless and slip up. William is a very loose cannon, so anything could happen.

          1. Agreed, I think the whole thing is creepy. I’m all for strong women, but it’s the parasitic relationship aspect to Middleton women that is unsettling. I’d go further to say that I think Kate has deep hatred for William’s old set; she sees everyone as looking down on her and SHE HAS THE RING NOW (evil laugh–maybe some creepy eyes). I think Mommy fed her lots of “everyone is down on us” to where she could be scary now that she believes she finally has power. Think of Kate’s hate for all the years of waiting for Will, the jokes, being low rated for her looks (which are everything to her). I’m the only one here who thinks Will is completely under her thumb and worries about poor Katie, which she eggs on. He’s acting like he did when he was a child, paranoid about his mother, now constantly emotionally ministering to Kate which she plays on. Whenever he comes out of his daze, Carole brings in cheesy-toast ala Percy Jackson lotus flowers. Kate is not Diana; they are two capable people with plenty of RPO’s and not getting in cars driven by a man who had several drinks and prescription medication together. Will needs to go get constructive counseling.

          2. Hi Duchess of Naps
            I read that here at KMR. Kate had warned one of Harry’s girlfriends – Chelsea? – that infidelity went with the territory.

          3. Sunny
            If what we hear is true or has a grain of truth, Kate is still insecure after 5 years of marriage. Is it because of her own psychological makeup or William’s patterns of behaviour?
            It’s one thing to be 19-21 years old, immature, beating off other girls’ access to William, and generally being swept up with the heady notion of royalty.
            But it’s quite another thing 12 years on, a marriage and two children later to still feel insecure. Why? I can only surmise that there is insufficient trust in that marriage.
            No doubt Kate harbors resentment towards anyone who did not rate her or her chances of capturing William. She got what she went after and all that it entails, good and bad.
            I agree that William needs psychiatric help; his behaviour is disturbing.

          4. Hi Jen,
            I think Kate has an underlying psychological issue stemming from her mother’s probably daily grouse-fest and swearing Kate to avenge the Middleton’s not being invited to Nobby-So-And-So’s Party by targeting Britain’s heir. Will’s behavior, putting her aside for Olivia, desiring Isabella and others against Kate definitely had to add to her insecurities and issues. Both of them are a mess. The only one, (sadly IMO) who can get this Cambridge circus back on track is Carole. They both listen to her–she’s Sauron and she wants the One Ring (how creepy to think of Carole putting Diana’s ring on, looking at herself in the mirror and cackling madly). Honestly, I’m glad PG and PCh have Nanny Maria and crew to keep a healthy eye on them.

          5. Oh Sunny, that’s a scary thought to think that Carole holds the keys to the kingdom! Didn’t the Queen say, years ago, that “it will all end in tears” when referring to William and Kate’s relationship?
            For reasons past understanding, the Middleton’s believe themselves to be a cut above. I think they are a family of ‘chancers’ (= a person who exploits any opportunity to further their own ends).
            I think Kate and Pippa were groomed by their parents. Kate, unable to attract attention/ admiration she craved from others on her own merit, was a willing candidate. A good marriage would provide adulation, status etc to prove she was better than others and without having to resort to work!
            Put that family ambition together with a poorly parented prince with insufficient guidance and who knows no boundaries, and when things settle, you have a debacle. The Queen was right, it will end in tears.

          6. It really is sad. Every day, they are missing opportunities to connect with people who are just offering up support financial and otherwise, oftentimes respect, care… that’s amazing, and Will could care less. He was brought up to this. That’s why I said he needs intervention, because I think he’s so angry, and now so paranoid because he’s been played on by the Mid-crew that he’s a mess. I bet he’s dealing with severe anxiety and has panic attacks sometimes when he’s flying and even to interact at charity events. He sees danger everywhere. Midds “sheltered and protected him” during his courtship with Kate, so in his mind, he’s not safe unless he’s at their house or Amner. Will acts liked he’s owed a luxury life without responsibilities. And Kate’s just fine with that. In her mind, she’s royal now, work’s for the help. She’s punched her clock.
            I don’t know what can be done for these two. India will be interesting.

        2. “a relationship should make you more, help you to try for your dreams, go beyond your boundaries, not hide and be sucked into a dark hole (Amner)”

          This has always kind of made me feel sorry for Katie. All her years in waiting as the girlfriend, unable to smile because God forbid the paps published a picture of a happy Kate (didn’t he call of the engagement announcement because she smiled at a pap while playing tennis). Then she finally gets the ring (Victory!!!), marries and starts popping the kids and even then he doesn’t allow her to blossom. Part of my believes she is happy just lazy and at the same time now busy with her children but part of my thinks she wants more, that after putting up with so much of Will’s crap (waiting, infidelities, snobby friends, prince authority, etc) that she deserves more. I don’t know if she is even aware of it, but I think this relationship cut her wings.

          1. Beatrix, I think Kate clipped her own wings.

            It’s difficult to see inside others’ relationships though I have no doubt William would be a very difficult partner. However, Kate does not bring out the best in William either. He has devolved into a paranoid fool and seems to be more unhappy now than when he married.

            I do think Kate needs a lot of external validation and what higher level of validation could there be than marrying the heir to the throne? Do I think she could do more with herself? Of course. But she has no past history of achievement through hard work, tenacity and stamina so one can only conclude that she doesn’t want it badly enough, if at all.

  32. Well, they are very nice photos and I actually like the ones of Will and Kate. I would like them more if they weren’t being released as a way to deflect all the criticism. It is so obvious they only did this in order to try and appease the public. They honestly believe throwing a few crumbs to the public will make them forget all the negative press as of late! Gosh, they think we are all stupid and blind.

    Oh, and we finally got a picture of Charlotte and William. Hmm, someone does pay attention to the public comments!

  33. This is THE Christmas card they wanted to send out! Just a tad late-they have been busy working.

  34. You’ve all said what I’d say already.

    But just to add MadsMums view (chief royalist!): she said ‘awwwww’

    There is no hope. Bangs head on table.

      1. Haha, it’s possible!

        My Dad was Irish, as am I, so I always feel a bit of republican rebellion going on about the royals. But I’ve been fascinated by recent events with W&K and watching them self destruct. I am a big Harry fan though – not as big as Rhiannon I hear though!

  35. Thankyou KMR they were nice to see. Are their goggles heated? Serious question as I cannot figure out how they seem snow free ?

    I noticed the ring as well.

  36. W+K have had most of December, January and February with little to do in terms of formal engagements. We know that William has done little EAAA work since November, less than the 80 hours quoted, and also had 4 weeks off leave for Christmas.
    The photos are very staged and the photographer had to submit them to W+K who had the final say of what was released. They are unhealthily obsessed with themselves, too controlling. Do they not understand that – apart from MadCatLady’s mother and other rabid royalists like Piers Morgan (check out his grovelling piece in the DM) – people think they are utterly useless?

      1. It also had an interesting tidbit about William already being used to getting his way at age 13. I’m am referring to the whole bit of drinking wine at a lunch Morgan had with Diana and William.

          1. Haha just like Kate and big blue. If he doesn’t tell that story, how else would we know that he, Piers Morgan, had lunch with William AND Diana?

          2. Didn’t know that, so it was news to me. It just sounded like he was indulged in private by parents who couldn’t set firm boundries.

          3. He’s just getting off on letting everyone know that he has met royalty. No doubt Diana was playing Piers in letting him have tea with her and William. Poor sod, must have thought he was special and in the inner circle.
            It worked. That William appeared a total brat whose parents did not set firm boundaries even then was lost on Piers.
            He is still making excuses for William. The article is flacid.

          4. William’s brattiness may have been lost on Morgan at the time (and possibly even now), but I do find his little anecdote quite revealing – both when it comes to William’s character but also when it comes to Charles and Diana’s parenting. He is, so to speak, a “monster” of their own making.

  37. ugh. considering the last time they were photographed skiing, they were both wearing helmets, it really makes no sense to me this time to have goggles on over their toques – especially when they aren’t wearing ski boots. I agree with the comments that it makes them looks “cataloguey”. I don’t know that these pictures(while I am glad to see the children and how much they are growing) are going to do much to stem the flow of negative opinion.

  38. I especially like the photo of William holding Charlotte. Too cute. George does look grumpy and Kate isn’t giving eye contact to either kid. It is good the kids get to see the snow. The couple shots show William and Kate having fun. Something we have not seen for ages. However William looks like he wants to get away and what worries me is they are not mirroring or in sync with each other. As the reporter said its an advertisement. Not very real or any spontaneous interaction.

  39. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, then it occurred to me. They look like a stock photos for ‘generic good-looking white people in snow [insert pose name here – ‘snowball fight, crouching, strolling]’.

      1. + HaHaHa So true!! Forgive me if I offend…. but I’d say even in those Walmart frames the baby girls are much more photogenic than baby Carole.

        1. I’ve tried to push this feeling down, but it keeps coming up. You’re right, she’s baby cute, but she’s not the cutest royal baby out there. Just remember what Kate looked like as a baby…sorry I love babies, she’s probably a sweetie, but I’m really not cooing over her like I do others.

  40. This secrecy thing of theirs just annoys the c**p out of me. They are dumber than a bag of hammers and could the pictures be any more posed. Like 4 sticks of wood. This is going to cause more damage to their image, than repair it.

  41. I’m with everyone else on how catalogue these photos are. They even have goggles on to make it look like they are skiing. But what woman wears a full face of makeup when going skiing? And expensive earrings and ring? I wish they had been a little more natural and not fake.

  42. After all of the bad press about not working, they had to reveal that they were on vacation, otherwise it would look worse when a cell phone image of them is published. This way they can try to control the images and narrative (“short”) vacation. But in the end, it is all the same–they are going on vacation regardless of what critics say about their lack of work ethic.

  43. I don’t get it. Cute photos. However, there is a caveat. Per other news outlets, they wanted this to be a private family holiday. Fine. I get that and I think all royals deserve private holidays. It’s their private time without lenses and paps.

    So why release these pictures if it’s a private holiday?! So strange.

    I even had the thought they threw this out because Princess Victoria just gave birth. I feel William especially is very aware of who is getting attention with the press. He harps on and on about privacy, but at the core, I feel he wants attention on him. If only he understood most people find them boring, wooden, and not relatable. Very odd to me they’d do this if they truly wanted a private holiday and just when Victoria gave birth.

    Charlotte and George are adorable. I see a mix of Scarole (eeek) Her Majesty, and Prince Harry in Charlotte.

  44. Don’t know if any other US posters caught it, but one of our national network news programs featured the pics tonight. Just a few comments, including the anchor noting that W has been receiving criticism for “not working enough”.

    It surprised me that this network would have ANY critical comments about W, particularly when showing supposedly positive pics, because the network us usually so sugary.

    That, and a million other things, show just how clueless (or they don’t GAF) WK really are.

    1. I didn’t watch tv yesterday, but it truly annoys me when they are featured on the news. I could understand the wedding and the birth of the children (minus the endless broadcasting over weeks) but I don’t find them deserving of valuable air time during the newscast. They are ok for all the entertainment shows but not the news.

  45. Greetings everyone,
    Long time since I have been online – sorry out in the real world (unlike the two tossers).

    The only reason they went away was because Olivia Hunt was married in the weekend. She was the first girl friend of bill middleton/Windsor’s when he was first at St Andrews before kate flashed her underwear for the first time.

    Prince Harry was at the wedding – it was a shock and noticeable that bill and his paranoid, jealous mrs did NOT attend the wedding.

    It is plastered all over the internet and I know it is not legal to posts links but check it out. Speaks volumes.

    I am sick of the pair of these lazy, show boaters. If the UK want a pathetic, work shy, petulant Royalty, they are welcome to them. Meaning specifically bill and kate and their mini me self indulged kids.

    However, having said that I have huge respect for any hard working, authentic member of the BRF of which there are only a few.

    These two will be the end of the Monarchy if they ever get near the throne. Having been a Royalist all my life, having sworn allegiance and served in Her Majesty’s service – I am sorry to say that I will never recognise, acknowledge or want to be known as a Royalist once Her Majesty passes.

    Bill and Kate middleton/Windsor are not worth what Britain is prepared to give them. They do not care, both are selfish, self centred and 34yr old spoilt brats.

    Blunt are my comments. However, I will not defend the indefensible or the obvious.

    Thank you KMR for your EXCEPTIONAL reporting of the European monarchies which continually delight, amaze and warm the soul. The European Royal houses know what it can cost if they become complacent or as arrogant as the middleton/Windsor’s.

    Lovely photographs of Crown Princess Victoria etc, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Letizia and the like – they know what it means to be Royal and members of a Royal Dynasty.

    Hope everyone out there is well and safe – will check in on the site while I am in range for the next week or so. Must away, it is raining and now have food parcels to get to the people who are living in parks (literally) – many lost their homes due to various circumstances after the earthquakes slammed us over the last 5 years.

    Keep up your excellent work KMR and a basket full of happiness to you all.

    Kindest regards
    The Wild Rose

  46. Am I the only one who thinks Kate looks completely miserable and dull/dead behind the eyes in all of the photos where she is looking at the camera?

    The only picture in which she looks alive to me is the juvenile photo where she and Will are horsing around… But in that photo I feel like his smile looks forced and fakey, like he would rather be anywhere else.

    It all just feels entirely too “J. C. Penney” ski wear to me 🙁

    1. I think she looks strained, but that rictus grin has a life of its own, while the smile doesn’t reach his eyes and he is simply baring/gritting his teeth.

  47. Looks like the “secret location” of the “secret holiday” is out – apparently they went to Courchevel. So why bother with all the secrecy?
    *rolls eyes*

    1. Sounds very likely – brilliant skiing and lots of very expensive shops due to the huge influx of Russians. Kate could have had a lot of fun with Will’s/ Charles’ credit card. They are the sort of shops that us mere mortals dare not enter you are sort of vetted at the entrance! Also some VERY expensive, exclusive private chalets.

  48. It is interesting to see the treatment by paper journal : narrative about cute babies BUT they speak about the lack of work of William :
    – The Sun : Busy? I’m snowed under – Workshy Wills take family skiing
    – Daily Mail has erased William to the first page
    – Daily Express : Ski mad royals chill out on the nursery slopes (with EU wants asylum control)
    – Daily Star : Wills and Kate slope off again -> Slope off is negative?

    DM has made an article about Jecca Craig ‘s wedding : William will be here or not?

    1. “Slope off is negative?”

      Oh yes @Clem, it’s very negative.

      it means:
      “to ​leave ​somewhere ​quietly so that you are not ​noticed, usually to ​avoid ​work”

      1. Thanks!!!! My translation in French were not very negative, there was not the idea “usually to avoid work” : so thanks for the translation!!!!!

    2. Thanks Clem! I find it interesting to read the cost of the clothing. I realize Kate is wearing gear which is many years old and it makes sense to buy quality, but the clothing for the two children is pretty inexpensive.

      I realize the parents ski and will be out for hours and need good ski wear. Are the little ones in clothing which will keep them warm? I just wondered about price v quality v warmth.

      1. They clearly planned to have photos released from their ‘private’ holiday, hence the photographer in tow. In that context, W+K may have been careful to choose clothes – for photographic purposes – that were inexpensive in order to avoid further criticism. One thing is consistent with this couple: everything is planned for effect.

  49. Well, as we predicted, here are George and Charlotte (I also wanted to predict the lottery numbers, but I can only predict William and Kate because they are extremely predictable). These new photos only prove, IMO, that the kids are even used as good PR for their parents, which I find disgusting. The proof is that William has just been criticized for not working. So it was for him to be seen working, working and working. But not. It shows the kids and everything is okay, and to view the couple “completely in love” couple “and the “devoted husband and father.” A true fairy tale. This is yet another example that William and Kate do not give a damn what others think. And they still wonder why Harry made few engagements. He is taking care of Invictus Games, and only those who work in an event like this is to know how much is laborious. And unlike William, and from what I saw of Harry here in Brazil, he really cares and strives in that he is involved in. Besides Harry will not be king (although I wanted it so much, and I cheer for this). I require more of William and Kate, as they will be the king and queen. And no for me to show the kids, I do not feel absolutely anything for George and Charlotte. And the involvement of the couple in Mental Health and now prevention of suicide, is revolting because these are very serious issues to serve only as good PR for the Cambridges. As someone posted, they should choose something that would not hurt and smite anyone because in these events they (especially Kate) receive more than they give. You know how it is, Kate shows up, smiles, waves, have her photos taken and acts for the cameras with her annoying manic smile, in addition to a “concerned face” she makes. Increasingly I am disgusted with these two.

  50. The pictures are just a testament to KWills boring, dull and unimaginative little brains. Totally staged and I noticed the pics where they are kneeling down with the kids is the exact same pose as the Chrisautumn picture, only differences are the positions are flipped and Willy looks like he is actually in the picture.

  51. I don’t know why they do these staged photo shoots. The only natural pictures we’ve ever seen of WK are the south of France sunning on the balcony photos when they snuck away during the Olympics.

    I won’t even comment on the loose hair and fugly ring.

    They are fooling no one.

  52. Daily Mail headline today: “Wills and Kate borrowed Duke of Westminster’s private jet to fly to their secret ski break at five-star Courchevel resort.”

    That area boasts two *6 star* hotels, called…wait for it…Palaces.I wonder where the Dolittles stayed.

    I also wonder how long this has been on their calendar. I doubt it was last minute.

    1. It answers a little about their location

      More information about the place where the photo has been taken : The family last week posed outside the £70 million home of French-born Saudi Arabian businessman Mansour Ojjeh, 63, who owns a 21 per cent share of the McLaren Technology Group and owned a 10 per cent share of royal jewellers Asprey & Garrard. One of the photographs was taken in front of the distinctive fretwork gates of Mr Ojjeh’s Chalet Lalisa, which is located in a very exclusive part of Courchevel 1850.
      The chalet is one of the largest and most sumptuous in the resort but Kensington Palace insisted that the family did not stay at the property.

      If they can take vacation secretly thanks to his godmother’s husband Duke of Westminster, it is very possible that they have spend other vacation without the media’s knowing (even if it is difficult).

  53. French Alps? Talk about privacy. Cute photos but clearly part of the damage control for the bad press a few weeks back. Now that we know that they can get away from the country to go secret skiing, I wonder how much of the last few years they’ve done this? I remember thinking that some people thought they might’ve done something like that after the Oz tour I think because they were not seen or heard from getting back to the country after the tour.

  54. The kids faces are half covered in their winter gear anyway, so KM still are not showing their precious two to the public- the same public that keep these thieves and their children in an undeserved luxury lifestyle. And sorry if I offend anyone, I just don’t see the cute or adorable in Charlotte. I just see a healthy and happy baby, which is a great credit to the taxpayer funded Nanny Maria. Nanny Maria is working hard for her 6 figure salary! Charlotte will be no great beauty, that is for sure.

    And with their dumb, lazy and arrogant parents, Charlotte and George won’t be able to boast much in the common sense, compassion or the intellectual department either. At least, George seems to show a boisterous, grumpy and a take-charge personality, which makes him look cuter.

  55. I think she was showing off the ring that’s why she took the gloves off. Also because it seems to be the only photo where they were not directly under the snow.

  56. Before it disappears. The Daily Fail has a story on Kate and William taking the Duke of Westminster’s private jet to Switzerland and they’re soliciting any private snaps of the royal couple on holiday. Hell just froze over. We might have a break in the UK ban on Twitter snaps. Here is a link to the story. Check it out before KP gets to the Fail and makes them take down the request.

    1. This article quotes a senior royal source saying that this was a private holiday booked and paid for the Cambridges themselves.

      Are they kidding?! Did they personally pay the wages and travel expenses and accomodation/food etc.. of their RPO’s?

      As long as they carry around their huge entourage, they are answerable to the taxpayer, who surely would love to use a portion of the Crown’s assets to ski to France.

      How much longer can this go on?

      1. This whole thing about private funding is hilarious in a very sad way. We all know that William and Kate get what they can for nothing by freeloading off of wealthy friends like the jet from the Duke of Westminster and who knows how much was comped on their food and lodging in Switzerland. I hope we find out later this week.

        Then, the rest of their expenses are picked up by Charles through Duchy funds, which would revert to the British government should the royals go bye bye through a referendum. Therefore, those funds aren’t actually private as the press and the royals claim.

        The whole private funding thing has an Emperor’s New Clothes quality to it because we are savy enough to know William isn’t using his helicopter salary or his inheritance from Diana to finance these luxury vacations and Kate didn’t make enough as a very part time accessories buyer at Jigsaw.

  57. Another news : the gloves cost 295 £ (gift from carole)…. but the interesting element is that they made from fur’s possum.

    If it is not as if her husband is serious about nature’s protection : after all, it is just a possum, not an tiger, an elephant or an koala (specie flagship)…. (sarcasm).

    I don’t understand people are ready to spend 300 £ for a pair of gloves….but i’m not rich…

    1. Wow, the whole situation is being dissected in minute detail – this is what happens because they hide away – as soon as they appear everyone jumps on every tiny detail. Ironically, if they were more casual and open generally,they would be more likely to be get away with more and the lining of their ski gloves might not become full page stories.

      1. Yes the journalist were not here, they must speak about the photos but they have no contents : so they speak about the clothes (like during Kate’s engagement…), search any possible information…..

        I “love” that the photos were taken in front of the house of a person which own jewelry firm Garrard that Kate loves (creator of the Big Blue)

    2. In a speech to mark Tusk’s 20th anniversary, The Duke noted: “The imperative of balancing conservation of wildlife and natural resources with the ever-growing needs of the human race is at the heart of the great challenge facing mankind today.”

      and then his wife shows up in possum fur lined mitts. They just don’t get it do they?

      1. No from a loyal British subject they really just don’t get it. Their total arrogance is astounding. This is why I am so concerned about suicide it is just not a subject to be played with. I adore elephants and I also believe they and lions,tigers,pandas, whales …..and etc and etc are equally not subjects to be played with. This couple just disgust me.

    3. She’s wearing dead possums? How low can you sink!

      I rescued a couple of possums back in the day. One got stuck in my garbage can- a baby, who couldn’t get out. One, in LA, was eating crunchies along with the feral cats on our balcony, so we removed it to a more felicitous place (I hope).

      Possums are gentle, dear creatures.

      I want to smack HRH upside the head. They are a bloodthirsty lot in every sense of the word. I hope she and the bloody waste of space go down big time.

      1. The article speaks about PETA… PETA wanted to Harry to post nude in order to protest against fur…. (i saw this news)….

      2. I’m not a fan of possum. They look horrendous. However, here in the South, they serve their purpose. I find this to just be idiotic that she has them in light ofor Will’s patronage.

        They are clueless.

        1. I guess you’ve never known a possum personally, rhiannon. 🙂 They look weird, but my goodness, they are so innocuous and gentle and sweet. It’s a shame they look like giant rats.

          1. When I read the purpose the fill in nature, I was surprised. I’ve crossed a few on runs and man, they are u-g-l-y. Despite my dislike, I wouldn’t advocate killing them for fashion.

          2. I can see the conversation between Kate and Scarole like this:
            Scarole: I purchased you some lined leather mittens, love.
            Kate: I’m good mummy.
            Scarole: They’re possum lined and very warm.
            Kate: Eww, mummy. Possum?
            Scarole: They cost me £300!
            Kate: Ooh I love them.

          3. If they are from Carole, then they might be a freebie. It is not the first time Kate’s family has been given freebies that have then ended up in Kate’s possession – thus circumventing the rule that they royals should not accept freebies.

          4. “Scarole: They cost me £300!
            Kate: Ooh I love them.”

            Very good very good 🙂

            It wouldn’t surprise me if the owner of the glove company sent them to Carole (or Pippa) as that was the way other expensive product has ended up with Kate. And then the resulting brouhaha meant great publicity for the firm.

      3. MavenTheFirst, I can understand you relocating the possums, however if they were taking chunks out of your livelihood (literally in my case) you might think differently about them. My husband once showed me the cleaned bones of a possum carcass he found and I thank goodness that possum you relocated didn’t try to defend itself when you did. Their teeth are like sharp razors.

        1. Understood,Lisa.

          BTW, it was a Havaheart trap, the kind we used to TNR (trap, neuter, return to the colony) feral kitties. i never came in contact with the possum.

    4. Hi Clem, I own several pieces of possum fur winter weather items manufactured in New Zealand because there the Common Bushtail Possum, which has no natural predators, has almost decimated the native plants and wildlife plus they carry a form of bovine tuberculosis. By buying these items I hope that in some small way to help the native wildlife and plants in New Zealand.

      1. With all due respect, I don’t understand how buying the fur impedes their seeming devastation of the landscape.

        Wouldn’t it be better to not buy any kind of fur? Are the alternatives to fur not warm enough? Like the fake fur I wear in this super cold northern climate (Canada)?

        1. I do have to add that though they are considered a bit of a pest they are protected in most of the Australian mainland states (I just read that). I’m thinking they are not much like locusts at all!

        2. If the possums are killed for their fur, then there are less of them to impact the wildlife and such.

          1. My grandmother used to make mink fur coats. Are mink possums? Thank you for replying about William and the girl situation. Lucky I wasn’t eating at the time or I would have spat it out. There was an article in the daily mail about Amelia Windsor modeling Eli Saab dresses. I remembered you said KMR that you liked the designer .

      2. @Lauri from Ca
        Thanks for thinking of our native flora and fauna!

        Producing these items also adds jobs to the community as well

    5. To all:

      Can we please not have the fur conversation again. This is not a animal rights blog. Some people don’t like fur, some people do like fur. Let’s just move on. I don’t want this conversation to cause an argument like the last time fur was brought up.

      1. I didn’t realise that this had escalated into an animal rights/fur rights argument. I don’t knpw what I was thinking. I love possums and that was my angle.

        I was not aware of this blog’s stance on the issue either. Now that I know, it won’t be mentioned again. I apologise for my ignorance.

        1. It had not yet. But it did the last time. I’m just trying to prevent the conversation from escalating to an argument.

          1. Sorry like MavenTheFirst, I will cite her sentence because I’m not good in English… : I was not aware of this blog’s stance on the issue either. Now that I know, it won’t be mentioned again. I apologise for my ignorance.

            I wanted just show the gap between William’s action for nature and Kate’s gloves….

            Again sorry….

    6. Clem, the details about the possum lined gloves does show that the knives are out.

      Personally, I can’t stand possums. I raised chickens on the pasture as a business and considered them to be vermin. They were a threat to my chickens, sneaky and hard to dispatch. I could not bring myself to wearing their fur, it would be like wearing the fur from a giant sewer rat. On the other hand, I had the misfortune of running over one the other day (couldn’t stop, couldn’t slow down) and actually felt bad because it wasn’t its fault it chose to cross the road at a freeway off ramp. But that being said, I didn’t then jump out and harvest the fur to use for my mittens next year. Especially not mittens that would cost me $419 US dollars. Obviously money means nothing to this family. Vermin be damned, if Kate wants possum lined ski gloves, Kate gets possum lined ski gloves.

      1. As someone said elsewhere, she’s wearing roadkill. Very fitting, don’t ya think?

        Aw, now I have a dilemma. I’m crazy about chickens. Grew up with them in the backyard. I wish I could have chickens.

  58. Greetings Everyone,
    It is a crisp Autumn morning here in Christchurch, NZ. Did my first “post” in about 5 months yesterday after being infuriated by seeing the two leeches plastered over the evening news mind you it had the added comment “cuteness etc AFTER WILLIAM AND KATE HAD BEEN CRITICISED FOR THEIR LACK OF WORK RECENTLY”

    I am not SHOUTING when I type in capitals – however having heard that straight down the line criticism for their total laziness from a COMMONWEALTH COUNTRY – says a lot.

    Now down to the nuts and bolts (not that anyone particularly will be interested in what I have been doing but thought I would give a quick update on why I drop off the face of the earth now and again).

    For the last 4 – 5 months Early October I have been lurking around the pacific calling around various small poor communities, supplying books for children to learn to read, food parcels, nursing two people through their last stages of life, then spent all of Christmas/New Year helping out at the City Mission, blankets, food, homeless people, then January back around the Pacific and got caught up in that nasty cyclone that belted the lower Pacific in January. Yacht took a hit but got back in one piece and is about to come back in to Port at 1300 hrs today NZ time.

    Recently I have been sorting out food parcels, blankets, clothing and books for displaced families (who are living in parks) sleeping on park benches or in doorways of our still very broken city. Then just to cap it off we got slammed on Valentine’s day with a hefty 5.3 earthquake and 40 plus aftershocks. More broken hearted and distressed people but we do what we can do.

    Do not get me wrong I am not telling you this to raise myself up but to explain where I disappear to. I do not belong to any Church, Charity Group, Collect Money or anything like that.

    I just believe in Kindness.

    Since I checked in with you late last year I also had 3 family members pass away in one week. My Uncle in Croatia, my cousin in Timaru and My Mother in Cambridge. So like all of us on this website I have been a little bit occupied.


    I have never been so disgusted with the b&K twerps than I have been in all my years as a Royalist. To the point that I will never recognise them as heirs of Queen Elizabeth II (whom we swear allegiance to and all her successors). They are a disgrace. There are no redeeming features with these two leeches.

    Both of them are lazy, self indulged, pampered, vain, superficial and would not know real hardship if it bit them on the a…

    What has BOILED MY BLOOD TODAY is the fact of the Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

    I have walked those fields. In fact I have been through all those Commonwealth War Cemeteries throughout Europe (many times). I was humbled. There are very few places in the World that take your breath away and standing in any one of those cemeteries is one of those moments in time that Silence is the only way to respect those men and women who fought and died.

    I have no doubt that Prince Harry would have been going to the Commemoration and would have happily been billeted with an Army Barrack close by –

    The Damage Control and Hotel booking farce is because B&K middleton/Windsor had to be hastily added after they copped such rotten press. Especially after the Cashmere dressing gown for their wedding article came out. When I commented that they could have auctioned the eight thousand pound apiece dressing gowns for charity – I was bullied to the extent that I filed a complaint.

    I am an ordinary citizen, Her Majesty will be 90 next month. April 21st. Her reign is descending into anarchy by lethargy. I had hoped I would not have lived that long to have seen her reign destroyed.

    Unless the British people wake up and get rid of these two idiots (they are not going to listen to anyone) and Prince Harry takes the throne after Charles – mark my words all will be lost.

    As someone once said and to this day I actually believe this:

    To be a King is to have Power beyond all imagining.
    All you ask for will be given.
    All you desire will be yours.
    You will have power but with Power comes DUTY.
    Duty to your subjects, duty to Justice, to truth, to your friends but with it all comes great responsibility.

    bill and kate middleton/Windsor think they are King and Queen now and in an Absolute Monarchy and unless this is stopped and they are pulled off, away or sidelined then there will be no British Monarchy.

    Both of them are unpopular, self serving, totally dependant on the Diana “get out of anything” card and they play it every waking moment.

    I am sick to death of them and I will leave it there.

    Sorry if my little note has turned into a small booklet but defending the indefensible is not right. I am going to hand write a letter to Her Majesty and tell her that I am disappointed in both of them. It may make a difference it may not. However – she is my Sovereign and I am a subject asking to be heard.

    Have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are in this World. A basket of happiness for you all and a cup of kindness tossed in.

    Kindest regards,

    The Wild Rose

    1. Hi Wild Rose I am new tothis blog in your terms but have read all your older posts it is great to have you back. Can you just come and be my new queen ( before Rhiannon takes over) . I am totally in awe of all the work you do for others. The Brits who post on here are totally fed up with the lazy duo, but no one will challenge the monarchy while HM is alive. This latest fiasco just confirms my thoughts that they just don’t have a clue. They will melt into the background we have a generation changing vote on EU membership coming up, they won’t get a look in on the news.

    2. Your work over the past months must have done so much good for people in need. I know you are not looking for compliments, but like Birdy, I am full of admiration for your generosity of spirit, time and expertise.
      Regarding W+K, I think the tone and content of comments here align with yours. They are disgraceful.

    3. I’m so glad to back. You’ve made a difference on the world and that’s amazing. I am so sorry for the losses on your family and know.that I am sending love, light, and much respect your way.

    4. Wild Rose, thank you for all that you do and have done. You are very inspiring and have that spirit that William and Kate desperately need.

      And I agree with you about the monarchy. I’m American, but I have a love of history and this was the first royal family I learned about and read and learned about historically. I’m not by any means an expert or scholar on the subject, but William and Kate just don’t have it and don’t get it. They are not here to be served, they are to serve. I see the monarchy hanging on to a slippery slope with William and Kate standing on the cliff ready to stomp on their fingers just because they can. They really won’t have to worry about working and being in public if things don’t change for the better with their attitude.

      1. Wildrose, my sincere admiration of all your kind efforts and my sympathy on the loss of three loved ones. Oh, to lose one’s mother! That makes me feel especially sad.
        I am so close to my parents and I cannot imagine losing either of them. Please accept my sincere sympathy and my hope that you will always have the best memories to warm your heart.

        Keep doing what you are doing. You make a difference in the world. We have missed your posts and it is nice to read your words again. Take care of yourself.

  59. My question to all: Will the Queen or Prince Charles step in to tell the 2 geniuses to grow up and accept their roles or do we think this has already happened and William, like a two year old, just is tuning it out.
    KatWill’s credibility and integrity as human beings is at an all time low.

  60. Hey there Birdy, Jen and anyone else that reads my “booklet” said with affection and humility.

    In answer to both your posts – by the looks of it the possum glove article and the place these lazy gits stayed in have had an avalanche of succinct disdain for the pair of them.

    It may well be that Her Majesty cannot clear up this mess for them and would be unwilling to.

    Only reason I speculate on that is because they have chosen to wilfully ignore any advice. The moment that big willy calls in or plays the Diana card – everyone freezes. Time and time again that happens and the way babykins flashes the ring (as well as her underwear) it makes people less likely to say what they really think.

    Unfortunately for them The Queen is going to let them fall. They will fall hard and that is a lesson she is making them learn. I would bet my last food parcel on it.

    Since the articles printed in the DM and other papers about this SNOW JOB have come to light there is more and more dissent among the British people for these arrogant leeches, they are being challenged and called out by Commonweal Countries – so the question is will the jump before they are pushed.

    Abdication or removal from succession would be better than having them get to the throne and have them attempt to rule by Absolute Mummy Monarchy mentality. It is a recipe for disaster.

    I only hope that Prince Charles (albeit and Camilla) live long enough to ascend the throne because unless the two are sidelined no good will come of it.

    Prince Harry is the only member of the Blood Royal who manage the Monarchy through this. That is only if it stands the test of time.

    The arrogant two have done so much damage to a reign of a well loved and respected Monarch that falling over the ledge is the only way of saving it and that may not be enough.

    As for me – I am just one person in a chain of people but my Grandmother was my role model. Nana raised me until I was 5 years old. I then had to look after my two younger brothers after she died (we came from an abusive home and would have been better off in Care – not to be however).

    Having said that there was a poll “would you like to be Royalty” or some such question – yes or no. I answered YES. Many answered No.

    The YES was because I believe in DUTY above SELF. It does not mean that I do not look after myself, I am not rich, nor from a privileged background but I understand Duty.

    So, not sure where this will end but Her Majesty will let the two fall because she knows that it will get worse.

    I will leave you with as much happiness as your heart can hold.

    Kindest regards

    The Wild Rose.

  61. Hi All
    Nobody on this site seems to have much time for W&K. I guess that’s the nature of “critical blogs.” But I’m wondering if some of the mean-spirited comments aren’t rooted in a touch of envy? Just once I’d like to read a generous, warm comment like, “Way to go, W & K! Enjoy your holiday. I think you all look great and I wish you every happiness!”
    Sadly, I can’t see this happening, but just saying.

    1. Hi Julie,

      Good job W&K! You spent some bonding time and got to enjoy your very cute children enjoying their first time experiencing snow. Hope you have some amazing memories!

      1. Now to why we say what we say here:

        My criticism of this skiing trip has nothing to do with envy. I grew up in extreme poverty and although I lived within spitting distance of Beaver Creek and Vail in CO, I never went skiing because we were trying to survive–just like a lot of tax-paying people in the UK who don’t get to go skiing either and are paying for W&K’s upkeep. Honestly, I’m sick of people who ride the coattails of those of us who work hard and don’t get the perks. I am now (because I busted my butt and made good decisions or said no to easy) have a good life, stability, kids I adore and a decent life. These two have had everything handed to them. There are hard-working photographers who depend on royals to put food on the table. They would be happy to take pics at a photocall, to be treated as a necessary partner to what W&K have to do for “The Job/aka The Firm.” And W&K spit in these regular people’s face, but then want to snap their fingers for the press to take pics of them at a patronage etc. Their patronages depend on pictures too. We here at KMR would know nada about Place2Be and the very limited other charities that Kate covers if the press wasn’t there. Those charities need that visibility to solicit donations. So W&K are hurting millions with their selfish behavior. That’s why we have a problem with them. At least I do.

      2. Greetings Sunny, Julie and all,

        Yes at some point I would have liked to have given them a good on you. However from personal experience having seen these two (here) face to face when they were in NZ and having being a Royal supporter for many years – it is not going to happen.

        I am sorry if the negative comments have upset anyone but with the sheer arrogance and poor work ethic which is not only duty and expected no good will come from praising them for their laziness.

        I do not like criticising anyone or commenting on issues however I have long been a loyal, serving (as in work) subject of Her Majesty and these two are tearing the British Monarchy to shreds.

        I will certainly be happy to say Good Job when that day comes to these two however that I fear will be after my lifetime.

        Hope that gives you an insight into the way I think and why I value the work of the European Monarchies and those who have married into them. All workers, not shirkers irrespective of having children, pregnancy, and/or death.

        If anyone has a face to face positive experience of honest to goodness warmth from these two please share it. Only if you wish to.

        I speak for myself, my experience, what I have seen and only that. Unfortunately I cannot defend what is indefensible.

        Kindest regards
        The Wild Rose

    2. Julie, might I suggest that you look at entries further into this wonderful site? We did offer Kate praise when she gave a speech. We praised her when her work was on the uptick. We were excited about 2016 and what she had planned. Then, as is previous years, we were let down and disappointed.

      I have always said that I’ll praise Kate when she works. But she and William are plain lazy. Another poster said there are clinics in the UK that cannot immunize babies. The UK is facing austerity. This trip was a big slap in the face.

      So until they do better, I’ll just day bless their heart.

    3. Hi Julie.

      “But I’m wondering if some of the mean-spirited comments aren’t rooted in a touch of envy?”

      That’s a very broad question. What exactly is it that you are asking if people are envious of? W&K’s platform, their lifestyle, their fame, etc?

      “Just once I’d like to read a generous, warm comment like, “Way to go, W & K! Enjoy your holiday. I think you all look great and I wish you every happiness!””

      We do praised Kate and William when it is deserved. But on the heels of both William and Kate not having done much this year it’s understandable that people are annoyed that they went on a holiday.

      I suggest looking up WhatKateWore, HRHDuchessKate, and FromBerkshireToBuckingham. Those three sites will definitely give you the types of comments you’re looking for.

      1. OMG I just discovered From Berkshire to Buckingham – the comments policy says they are not allowed to comment on Kate not working enough! It seems very odd on a sugar site that they need to mention that, its as if they are not allowed to question even though knowing there is a question to be answered. It’s fine that some people love W&K but not blind obedience, I find that slightly odd in 2016.

    4. Why does it bother you that people critique them? William will be head of state of Great Britain and Kate will be his Queen Consort. They are not simply wealthy, private individuals. They don’t need my well-wishes or blind approval.

      You confuse envy and anger. Their every breath is taxpayer subsidized, and so taxpayers and the public feel deservedly invested in their successes and failures, and absolutely have a stake in their lives.

      1. Julie asked a valid (if vague) question. It is possible for one to be angry and the underlying cause of the anger to be envy of whatever one is angry at.

        1. That’s true. I think there are many of us that look at the positions they have by virtue of luck and think: what I could do with that, how would I handle that, etc.

          On the flip side, I’m legitimately curious about why it bothers people so much to critique them. They’ve made it very clear they shouldn’t be treated like celebrities, so fandom should not come into play. What attracted me to your blog to start with was the fact that it is so essentially unacceptable to critique them at all, when they will one day inherit the throne of Great Britain. They are not even comparable to a presidential or PM couple; Kate will be Queen Catherine, whereas the partners of the people in those positions get informal titles.

          I should mention — I’m their age. It does lend something to it.

          1. Hi Bluejay,
            I think the superfans immediately jump to the conclusion that any criticism is unfounded because — (numerous points that I personally don’t agree with get brought up–“hard life to be born into a fishbowl, etc.). I don’t think the fans really read the points we make. Some of my points about W&K might seem harsh but I really want them both to be successful, yet I trust my instinct and background in psychology that something is very off with these two. It is interesting that the fans will immediately support W&K but forget about the photographers or condemn them as horrible asses, instead of working men and women who need to feed their families too. I dislike and disapprove probably half of photog’s behaviors of pushing, cat calling and chasing down subjects, but it comes with the territory. Will can give up the throne for himself and his children, live off the trust fund he inherited and all should be well in Middleton world. Or would it? Would Kate live happily ever after if Will gave it all up “for a normal life?”
            To Julie–I’ve been caught up in the Kate saga because I don’t like the idea that Diana’s son was stalked for his position. Maybe she really loved him; I don’t know. I wasn’t following any of this until a year ago. But I’m horrified at Kate’s lazy behavior. She has a degree that she doesn’t use (she’s capable and probably intelligent but remains void). And Will is so lazy too. All the hope many of us had for him to do good things with his life, to encourage people and make a difference. He goes through the motions on barely any charity work. He’s cold and awkward when he used to at least know how to smile, shake hands and engage. His entire family personify service, but he’s a slug. So Kate gets some blame for either encouraging his laziness, his entitledness, or his screw-you attitude.

        2. I was surprised when I read many of the comments over at DM about the holiday photos. There were far more positive comments than I expected to read about the Cambridge’s. This was about 24 hours ago. I don’t know if opinions have shifted.

          Many of the positive comments stated Will and Kate should enjoy themselves because there will be plenty of work in the years to come. Also, they are a young family and deserve to take time away together. Many felt there was no need to criticize Will and Kate because what they do on their own time is their business.

          While Julie may have had a valid question, I am not sure if this was a critically thought out reaction due to the fact there are many factors involved. The Cambridge’s are not a celebrity family who spends their own money, earned through work and foots the bill for any needed security.

          Considering Will and Kate have done little work in the last three months makes people (validly) question their need for a holiday. In the day where people have resorted to working full-time plus for an entire year, and then end up with a stay-cation as their only alternative, there may be more anger than envy over the W&K holiday.

          1. Just checked the DM’s two stories on this. The first pages of the latest batch of 6000+ comments are mostly negative. I guess it depends on the stance of the paper re. royals as to the kind of comments it garners.

            It seems a substantial number of people saw through W+K’s strategy and called them on it. W+K are shameful to pimp their children in order to deflect attention from their own lazy behaviour. Regardless, the ‘lazy’ moniker has taken root and will be hard to shift. People will review any further PR with degrees of suspicion.

            I agree with your comments re. celebrity vs royal. Personally, I don’t find W+K fun, glamorous, attractive or escapism, though understand that some people have the need to tug the forelock to someone. But if you have that need, geez, at least be discerning and find someone worthwhile, not these two grubs.

        3. Anything is possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s probable. Stats, for example, never deal in possibilities, only significant probabilities. I’m sure someone has done a study on fandoms and critics etc., predictive behaviour, and posited reasons for such behaviour.

    5. Well to begin with, they wanted a private holiday. I think that is great. They deserve a private holiday. So why release the pictures then? Go about your private time and don’t worry about releasing pictures.

      1. Didn’t Charles renovate a play house in the garden? Photos of George playing there in the garden at Highgrove would be brilliant – and a photo of Charles holding one of his grandchildren? (are you listening Jason, that would be a good idea next time you do a photo shoot.) We have many many photos of that amazing garden, so they couldn’t use the privacy card either.

        1. Considering W&K keep Charles and the rest of the Windsors away from G&C… (Which I don’t get. My dad and I had a fractious, awful relationship due to a nasty, nasty divorce that dragged on long and while obviously was not for public consumption damaged me a lot. I grew up. He got sober. I love seeing him with my son and how delighted he is in being a grandpa.)

          This would be lovely to see, Charles playing with George in that treehouse! Imagine how delighted both would be.

    6. Hi Julie
      Fair question about motivation. I discovered this blog last year and have come to enjoy this community very much for many reasons but especially because of the honesty and integrity of both blog host and commenters. They place high value on service and no value on PR fluff.
      I’ve not detected envy of William and Kate, but certainly disappointment and frustration with W+K and their PR. Frankly, I’m surprised how commenters hang in there, hoping that W+K will come good! W+K have an amazing platform given to them through, really, what amounts to an accident of birth but do next to nothing, preferring to indulge themselves. When Kate gives a decent speech or makes progress, however small, it is acknowledged here and praised. These moments are few because Kate does so little.
      From my perspective, and in responding to the kind of comments you recommended, I’d have difficulty expressing those sentiments but would say:
      You have had almost two months off, maybe more, with few if any royal duties to occupy your time. Your country is facing severe austerity measures that impact heavily on many citizens and especially on those who can least afford it. In light of that, your trip is insensitive. costly to those same taxpayers and unnecessary.
      It may well be that I am just an insolent colonial, but am old enough to know that holders of titles of whatever kind do not necessarily equate to people worthy of blind adulation and respect.

    7. Oh shocking. A new commenter saying comments must be rooted in envy. Why is this always the fanatical Kate fans only response to critical comments? My question is, why can’t the truly obsessed Kate fans handle criticism of Kate? It’s like they can’t handle someone pointing out her flaws.

      There are plenty of times people give ‘warm’ comments, but this post isn’t one of them. They definitely don’t deserve a ‘way to go’ since they haven’t done anything to need a vacation from! If you are only looking for sickeningly sweet comments, I recommend Fromberkshire…She only allow comments that put Kate on a pedestal. If you are open to positive and negative comments, then this is the place. But don’t expect everyone to only worship Kate on this site. We are realistic and don’t wear rose-colored glasses.

      Sorry, but I am really tired of new commenters coming on here and being rude to everyone because they don’t like the critical view of Kate. Just saying.

    8. I don’t see honest appraisal as mean spirited personally. And I certainly have no envy, other than I would love to have their platform to do good, and would employ Wild Rose to advise me. I have said so often that if Kate had been my daughter my advice would have been to turn round sharpish and walk away. Who would wish to live their life, and that unfortunately is why Harry is finding it so hard to find a wife – the women he loves want careers and all the jewels and pretty dresses and holidays won’t compensate for their loss of freedom. What we do like on here is honest opinions, and KMR is keen (sorry it just popped out) to ensure we give everyone the right to air their opinions. I would be interested to know what you think W&K have achieved this year?

      1. I love Harry, but heaven forbid, there is another reason a woman would not want to marry a handsome prince and have a tiara on her head.

        Sometimes, I wonder if a woman with a positive attitude may look at fishbowl=platform. Role=opportunity, duty=worthwhile work, engagements=a chance to meet lovely people and help.

    9. If you actually read all the comments and recognised the reasoning behind it, this would not be a discussion. As of now, I have yet to have any WK fan argue the points critical comments bring up. Why is that? It always comes down to criticism of the commenters, like the word ‘mean-spirited”. It would be like me calling WK fans delusional or trolling or attention seeking, and especially criticising the commenters on their own sites whether fan or critical. Some things are better left unsaid. Besides it’s not like minds will be changed by those kinds of charges. So I can only conclude it must be personal.

  62. Hey Sunny,
    Back you 100 per cent on that comment – my experience, same sentiment. Will respond a bit later have just had another shallow earthquake here (I live on the side of a hill) and need to go check things. It was light but shallow so could be a few more rolling in.

    Kindest regards
    The Wild Rose

    p.s. This is not a “critical blog” it is an open discussion (my view anyway)

    1. Thanks Wild Rose hope all is ok, and looking forward to your post.
      Julie, you’re thoughts are always welcome and we appreciate the healthy discussion. But no one here is going to cut the Dolly Twins any slack. We all work in various capacities, so W&K’s inability to get sweaty when others both commoner and royal (SRF/DRF, etc) are able to get it done is beyond excuse.

  63. Wow! 392 comments for this post & more is coming!
    KMR is this the most comments you ever got in one post?

    1. This comment will make it 398. And yes, the most comments ever on a single article.

      1. I know, I was thinking that too. Break open some champagne! I’m predicting 475 comments when it tops out. Anyone say 5?

      2. Sorry KMR, but probably too many came from me. I have never been more irritated by W&K than when I saw these photos. My disappointment has been growing the last 3-4 years and this just set me off.

        I have to add the photos bugged me because they were so controlled. I swear, if the weather had not cooperated with a light falling snow, Kate would have had her mummy bring in a snow machine.

  64. Hi all

    So W and K are “tearing the British monarchy to shreds.” Really? I think that’s a bit over the top. I can’t speak for all you hard-working tax-paying Brits, but from where I sit in sunny New Zealand I still find the monarchy fascinating, and in a positive sense. In New Zealand there have been rumblings for some years about the possibility of our becoming a republic. A large faction of our population is even trying to remove the Union Jack from our flag! But I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’d miss the royal family. OK, so they live a life of privilege such that I could only dream of. But I like them BECAUSE of their glamour, not in spite of it. Life for most of us us humdrum enough– even depressing at times. Sometimes we need a bit of escapism. And who wants to be ruled by a president when we can get all this entertainment from the monarchy?

    As you will be aware, the Americans go nuts over our royal family. I’d take Prince William and his beautiful wife any day.

    OK, so the Queen never has to wash a dish or worry about her electric bill. But would I prefer her to be “one of us” and unblock her own lavatory? I don’t think so.

    As for those who carp about WK’s skiing holiday. They get their pictures taken and people complain. (“Why are we getting pictures of a family holiday? Hrrumph!” ) If they DIDN’T get their pictures taken people would still complain. (“We’re supporting them through out taxes. So how come we can’t ever get to see them? Hrrumph!”) Sometimes I think W&K can’t win. So he’s lazy, they say. But last time I heard he had a job flying rescue helicopters. So he can’t be a total layabed. So Kate stays at home with the kids, and people grizzle. If she went out to work people would still grizzle. (“How come she leaves her kids with nannies just so she can go out to work?”)

    I know I’m a tiny minority opinion on this blog, but I’ll hang in there. And yes, I do subscribe to the Duchess Kate website so I do get my daily (positive) fix of the royals. But I’m sorry they give so many other people dyspepsia. I still think they’re rather fun.

    Blessings to you all.

    1. Julie,

      I removed your reference to American politics in an effort not to cause problems. Politics is a very touchy subject for a lot of people, especially during an election year, and I don’t want things to get heated on here.

    2. Glad to hear that you will stick with KMR. The traditions of royalty are fascinating and you will find many authoritative commenters here; check back through KMR’s archives. It is a treasure trove, with glamour galore.
      William and Kate are not celebrities though are often conflated with such. That’s not to say they can’t be ‘fun’ or ‘glamorous’ but their position is a world away from celebrity, and escapism, one demanding duty and service first. Perhaps that is the big difference of this blog to the more fandom-focused blogs? W+K have a serious historical/constitutional role, but to date both have indulged themselves primarily with the enormous privileges of the job, excusing themselves all too often from the heavy lifting. It is unknown how hands-on Kate is with her children; nanny Maria is seen as a more constant presence. And William’s pilot job has been exposed as quite marginal. Even the pro-royal press has not argued otherwise.
      I imagine the NZ flag referendum will see the current flag retained for the simple reason that the alternative design is a clumsy compromise. Certainly not of the quality of the Canadian flag with its crisp design.

    3. Are William and Kate considered glamourous? They rarely attend the big time events.

      Had these two jumped in right away after the wedding with royal duties and state events. (And had her family stayed in the background like other in-laws) I think the waity years would’ve been a thing of the past

      However, they both seem unable to commit to the little they actually get involved in. Their pr sets them up to fail time and time again. And there is only so many times a person will fall for it. Now the biannual “Kate orders staff to fill calendar” iarticles are a joke.

      I think the majority of posters like and/or accept the monarchy and from observing w&k’s history can foreshadow the shit hitting the fan when they need to finally step up.

      In some aspects they can’t win. They’ve lost a ton of public support in the past five years because they chose to sit back and enjoy the full perks of being heir to the heir, while being “part-time” royals. William said as much last summer… He doesn’t know or really care what his grandmother or father do, he just wants to (co-pilot) fly.

      Side note – 400+ comments! That must be a KMR record.

    4. I thought Americans on the whole were pretty indifferent to all but Diana? Many Americans posting here say their friends have no interest. Would be interested to hear what Americans feel .

      1. Indifferent pretty much sums it up.

        People will look at what is out there on a general basis, but that’s mostly it.

        Harry and the Queen are liked. No one compares to Diana though.

      2. I don’t share my royal watching with friends and family. The few times I do I got teased mercilessly about it. Many if my friends can’t name anyone outside of Charles, Diana, William, Harry, and HM. IMHO, the reason that Will gets so much attention is his physical resemblance to Diana and he holds the Diana card.

        There is only one publication that really feeds into it and that’s People. They insist on calligraphy her Princess Kate. The articles are quite sugary. However, go to their website and read comments about them, it’s about 50-50.

      3. Yeah, I have to disagree with Julie’s comment about Americans. I’m American and I can tell you not all Americans go nuts over the royal family. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. The people who do go ga-ga for them also treat them like celebrities. They are treating like any other celebrity couple. They’re certainly not seen as heads of state. And it will end as soon as they aren’t young anymore.

      4. American’s as a whole are indifferent. I think right around the wedding, more people were interested. But a lot of that interest is gone now since they are so boring. When I have mentioned Kate to my friends, they ask ‘who’? The only time they have an idea of who she is, is when I call her Prince William’s wife.

      5. Good question Birdy. I’m an American and followed the royal family from childhood through my late teens. After Diana died, I got busy with my own adult life but I cared about Will and Harry, and hoped they would be happy along with a great new generation of royals. I’m really disappointed how hostile, cold, and lazy Will behaves. The ability to transform from a ruler to an ambassador or other country representative can be done and fulfill a necessary role to encourage business development, highlight charities and other needs, but today it is a JOB. That’s the huge miss for Will. He thinks being a royal–even in his position as future King–is a golden hang-glider. He thinks he should be able to sail around while wailing about his life in the fishbowl. So he can grow some freaken legs and get out already. Nobody’s asking you to hide your kids and whine about your life. Come enjoy “normal” with all of us and get ready to line up and wait your turn; no negative on that, but I don’t think Will’s cut out for not being special.

      6. Hi Birdy, I am american, and the only one I like is Diana. I only pay attention to the british royals because of Diana. I kind of find Harry interesting, but W & K are not that interesting to me. No one else I know gives a flying fig about any royals. We are too busy working and living. : ) PS: I do think Estelle is adorable, and thanks to KMR, I do like reading about the swedish royals, and other royals. This blog has been quite educational!

    5. There are many here who love the glamour of the royal family. When the gowns and the tiara’s come out it is fun for a good many of the KMR readers.

      I have to add, as an American, we don’t “go nuts over our royal family”. We may see a big event, such as a royal wedding on the news, but interest is limited.

      The interest in the U.S.(IMO) WAS based on specific people. Princess Grace and her children and Princess Diana. Once these two women died there was little interest. Will and Kate may be of interest online, but overall they have not captured the hearts of Americans. Grace was of interest because she was a movie star and Diana was loved because of her hard work. Americans as a whole have great respect for hard work.

      1. Very good points, G. I wouldn’t say we Americans, on the whole, are enthralled by the concept of royalty. I’m sure there are people, like myself, who are ‘interested’ for any number of reasons, including but not limited to: history, etiquette, protocol, old-world charm, or just plain novelty. But I think most Americans actually side-eye the concept.

        I agree totally about the past overwhelming interest in women like Princess Grace and Princess Diana for the reasons given by G. I also think it’s because people honestly saw something in those two women that EMBODIED the CONCEPT of PRINCESS.

        Never happening with Kate, despite the endless juvenile PRINCESS KATE! articles in People magazine. She doesn’t have IT and she never will.

        1. I do sometimes wonder if Disney isn’t to blame for this weird fascination with the concept of a princess.

          I live in a constitutional monarchy where we have been very lucky to have a long-lived and extremely capable monarch. I am, however, nervous about her heir because he does appear a bit frivolous though he is supported by a hard-working spouse. A constitutional monarchy is somewhat vulnerable because it has no political power and is thus entirely dependant on public goodwill, and that means that the royal individuals, their characters and their work become very important. A constitutional monarchy can’t really afford too many or too big scandals because it theoretically can be abolished by a change of law.

          I do love the pomp and glamour associated with living monarchies. The British are perhaps best at processions, etc. whereas the Danes and the Swedes excell when it comes to banquets, gowns and tiaras. However, a constitutional monarchy doesn’t really exist to provide escapist glamour, rather it enters into an unwritten contract with the public that its members will serve the nation, in an apolitical manner, in exchange for a cushy lifestyle.

          Will and Kate doesn’t uphold their part of that unwritten contract and since he is eventually to become Head of State that is worrying indeed. In fact, he gives the appearance that he dosen’t give a sh*t about that contract at all! Frankly, if I were British I would be a republican.

          Historically speaking, old monarchies are hard to dislodge outside of radical political or violent upheaval. However, it is extremely stupid to antagonize the public whose goodwill they are dependant on in times of recession and austerity. Those times are always dangerous for monarchies, constitutional or absolute.

          In Britain, problematic monarchs have been ousted by different means, the last time in the 1930s where Edward VIII abdicated. I don’t think anyone, neither the BRF nor members of the political establishment, want to open a debate on removing someone from the Line of Succession. It would open a debate on the relevance of the monarchy itself. It is hard to predict what will happen. It depends on how long William will have to wait to ascend the throne, whether he will man up and do his duty or whether he and Kate will continue to fritter away the massive goodwill they had after their wedding. That they’ve tarnished their image to this degree after a mere 5 years is actually quite astounding but William is waging a war with the media, which is the interface with the British public (he needs their goodwill, not the American’s, etc.). Granted, social media has altered the playing field but it cannot completely take the place of the traditional media. William is, by all accounts, headstrong and obstinate – and monarchs with those qualities have never fared well in Britain.

    6. Julie,

      I’m an American, who used to be enthralled with WillKat and Harry, because my only source was People Magazine. Then I discovered this site, run by the extremely fair KMR and realized, other than being a overly thin stalker, with a mother who has deep pockets, what does Kate have going for her? And other than being an overly-spoiled, self-centered brat who happened to be born into a wealthy family, what does William have going for him?

      I’m younger than both, already have a graduate degree, and make a more than comfortable living, and have for some time. I’m involved in my church, have friends, work, and even take time to give back. This isn’t to brag on myself, but just what, in your opinion, is WillKat bringing to the world? What do they bring the Brittish monarchy, other than shame and a sense of lazy indulgence?

      Americans are not obsessed with WillKat, except for the same type of people who adoringly follow the Kardashians. And as much as I find the Kardashians horrible, at least they make their own money, pay their own security people, and allow the press to photograph them at all times.

      With that being said, I do still admire the dedication Prince Harry has shown to wounded veterans.

  65. Hi Julie,
    Yes it was ME – who used the term “Tearing the Monarchy to shreds” I own it, I said it, I stand by it. If you have read my other posts (present and past) you may realise where I am coming from.

    If you want a positive fix on these two – feel free to find one however do not assume that those of us who critique the two in question are not looking FOR THE POSITIVE.

    Living together, getting married, popping out 2 kids, having KP renovated which went into the millions of pounds, then hiding out at the Anmer Hall Bunker, doing less engagements than an almost 90 year old Monarch and her 93yr old husband in well over 5 years is not something to be proud of.

    How is it that European Monarchies, even Diana at her worst and most difficult still managed to handle Royal Duties – but not bill and kate?

    Prince Harry has never played the Diana card. He is not stuck in the warp that bill middleton/Windsor is. Why?

    The Monarchy is being torn to shreds – why?

    1. No responsibility is taken by the perpetual work shy bill and kate.

    2. No attempt except threats of prosecution when it comes to hard questioning articles are made.

    3. If any poor innocent citizen takes a photograph (like in a park or zoo or whatever) they are threatened and then a big song and dance is made about the security issues.

    4. God forbid if anything resembling the truth (i.e. about their laziness, reluctance to work or disinterest in anything) is said – then we are accused of jealousy, envy, malice etc.

    5. Duty over self is what preserves a Monarchy. Not selfishness.

    6. These two are answerable to the people and the Commonwealth no matter what position in line they are.

    7. Her Majesty is 90 years old, her husband 94 (or thereabouts) yet can get out of bed to go and do their Royal Duties, handle their Official engagements, travel and respond to letters they receive. What is the problem with the Cambridges? Just look at the Somme debacle as an example.

    8. If the being “normal” tripe is trotted out – then he would be working, there may be one nanny, and they would not need the handouts from Prince Charles, which comes from the Duchy of Cornwall which in turn comes from the public (if they are buying things from the Duchy itself).

    9. Bill has had more gap years than a dentist can fill – neither of them have stuck with a charity long enough and there is a list (just turning up is not doing it justice).

    10. Last but not least without the Goodwill of the people there will be no Monarchy.

    I have seen these two in action – and when the precious day comes that they have earned respect, earned it – I stress because you do not just expect it because of who you are or married to – then I will say “good job” until then ….

    To wind up this rather long message – I will not apologise for standing up for what I believe in and that is not the “fairytale” that these two are the saviours of the British Royal Family as has been said many times.

    Please continue to post your comments, please continue to wait and see – it is your right, your freedom as it is ours.

    Kindest regards
    The Wild Rose

    P.S. Sunny – have a couple of more cracks in the walls of the house and water pouring out from a collapsed pipe (even the little earthquakes do damage) but am okay. Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Take care wildrose. I didn’t hear about this earthquake in the news? The way you sounded as if it’s such a normal thing. I’d be hysterical! Anyway my thoughts are with you.

      1. I too would be hysterical! NZ have had such a bad run of earthquakes coping with them must become second nature. Sending virtual hugs Wild Rose while you repair the damage.
        I am, by the way, totally with you regarding your view of W&K – I so very much want them to work hard and understand the duty that must be shown, but sadly whilst we have little glimpses of hope, eg before Christmas, they don’t last.

        1. Birdy, IDA and Wild Rose, my opinions so often fit with yours. We keep hope alive we see a change for the better in these two. A huge attitude adjustment has been in order for quite a while.

          I read someone thought Carole may be the one to straighten these two out. Who knows what will work. HM or Charles stepping in? I wish public displeasure would reach critical mass.

      2. Hi there Everyone,
        Apologies if this is not the forum but just a quick message – if we have a 5.0 mag earthquake or near (they are widely reported) but they do not bother reporting the baby ones in the news. With the rattlers (2.3, 2.0. 1.3 magnitudes or lower) they can do a bit of damage if you are on unstable hill land, and are shallow ones. These ones happen, sometimes are mistaken for big trucks etc. People in the rest of the Country are sick of hearing about this City so unless it affects Valentine’s Day sales (typical) or Boxing Day, as you probably saw, then it hits the news. Has been like that since Day 1.

        We just live on that very damaged area which is why even a little “rattler” can loosen what is already under pressure. Stress fractures etc. Thanks for your thoughts. Just sick of cleaning up the mess!

        Learned a long time ago that you can’t control the earth under our feet but I can control what I do as a result of it.

        Hence me being staunch on the issue of Duty and Service. Can anyone imagine what would have happened in King George VI and The Queen Mother bailed when Britain was been attacked in WWII?

        This is why my views are straight down the line with what is required from a Royal Family perspective. This may seem harsh however Her Majesty fixed trucks – and looked great doing it!

        I do not expect anyone to be perfect, I am no better than the next person however when it comes to those in power respect is earned – not a right because they look pretty or sell magazines. Substance matters.

        Must away, it is nearing 10 p.m. NZ time and I have blankets etc to leave at places where some homeless people sleep – just trying to make a little corner of the world a bit better – which is what I do see is a role that a Monarchy can stand for without having to take all the time.

        My internet is also hinckey on the hill so when I check my emails I usually have a hundred backed up, so that is why I take the opportunity to respond if I can.

        Have a good day/evening wherever you are. Life is good even if it is not so good in the moment you are in.

        Kindest regards
        The Wild Rose

    2. I agree with Wildrose completely. Eventually the survival of the monarchy will depend ultimately on the will of the British people. The moment they decide that what they pay to keep the royals is not worth what they get back in return, they will certainly demand to abandon the monarchy.

      The royals SERVE as ambassadors, patrons to charities and organizations, initiators and promoters of movements, etc. People pay taxes to keep the monarchy running because they want prominent figures who can represent them and fill in these roles. But what will happen when a future king and queen want to live like commoners, refusing to attend important events, refusing duties and choose to live in a bubble away from their people? Do they still deserve all the perks of being royals?

      If they want to be commoners, they should let go of all of their rights as royals and they will automatically be released of their duties. It is as simple as that.

      I personally believe that Harry would make a great king. If Will doesn’t wish to be a king in the future, he should give the rights to his brother and he will be free to live as a commoner, away from media and scrutiny, and sans royal duties. Of course he will lose a great deal of privileges and Kate will lose access to tiaras, royal blings, clothing budgets, staffs, etc, but that’s what being commoner is all about right?

    3. Oh my gosh Wild Rose, glad you are ok! Sending you good thoughts and a cup of joe (and I wish I was there to help clean up/patch up). Take care of yourself and glad you are back.

  66. Hi Julie! I think you should read previous articles & comments before you make anymore comments. We’re not W+K bashers. There are solid & valid reasons for these comments,not to mention relevant proofs. Sorry, I can’t agree with any of your points.

  67. We have been saying this for years now, that kate and william are lazy, arrogant, entitled spoiled kids, and nothing has changed soo far, none is better than the other one, marrying in a woman who spent her twenties being a booty call?? and they still behave like they are in their twenties dating, their wild years of not being answerable to anyone, are over and they seem not to get it!!!! I pray Harry gets a woman who will bring sanity to this mess, and I hope will and kate never ever become king and queen unless a miracle happens!! I still believe william is better off without kate!!!

    1. Adam, I am still coming to terms with the fact that the Will’s RPO’s referred to Waity as, “The Mattress”. That to me is terrible and there is no way that I would have stuck around after that.

  68. Julie: I would have way more respect for KatWill if they just stepped up and did their jobs as befits their position as the future king and queen of England.

  69. I am laughing….and someone probably posted this earlier but since so many posts I may have missed it but saw a quote from “the glove” designer in the DT who said possums are considered vermin in her country.

    1. Maybe she can put that in her marketing campaign vermin gloves,lol. How she speaks so badly of the very ones that put money in her pocket. The “vermin” have given this lady a nice living, she needs to speak more appreciative of them.
      Im scratching my head as to why Scarole would give Kate possum fur gloves. Especially given Kate’s position and how controversial fur is, also, the fact that Will and Kate are big animal conservationists. Either Scarole thinks the fur rules don’t apply to her and her family or just clueless. But I’m thinking fur must not be as controversial in UK as it is in USA.

      1. I cannot say if a possum is vermin I don’t know we don’t have them here. But if they genuinely are then fine I appreciate they have to be controlled. We have problems in the UK with rats, foxes and badgers among other animals. Without getting into a political debate the thing I would say is whether or not the populations need to be controlled I would not personally (I stress personally) want to wear their fur. I’m probably a total hypocrite because I eat meat and wear leather! Badgers are so beautiful as are fox tails but I can’t image wearing one. But either way I am not claiming to be a leading light in conservation although I am actively involved in elephant charities because other than my beloved dog elephants are my love.
        These two claim to be very publically involved in conservation yet Will hunts for fun not food, and his wife wears possum. To me it shows how shallow they both are.

      2. I cannot say if a possum is vermin I don’t know we don’t have them here. But if they genuinely are then fine I appreciate they have to be controlled. We have problems in the UK with rats, foxes and badgers among other animals. Without getting into a political debate the thing I would say is whether or not the populations need to be controlled I would not personally (I stress personally) want to wear their fur. I’m probably a total hypocrite because I eat meat and wear leather! Badgers are so beautiful as are fox tails but I can’t image wearing one. But either way I am not claiming to be a leading light in conservation although I am actively involved in elephant charities because other than my beloved dog elephants are my love.

        The difference is these two DO claim to be actively involved on the world stage of conservation yet they hunt for fun not food. Just don’t get it.

        1. They’re actually marsupials. And they do their part in keeping “vermin” in check from overpopulating.

          To the fur issue. Kate loves fur. She’s never appeared to have an issue with it, much like hunnting. She has enjoyed in often until the press made note of this. Then she “waited in the car looking on” while William and others hunted post article.

          William is the conservationist because of Jecca and her family. I think he does care to a degree about endangered animals. If not endagered though they’re fair game. No matter if they exist only to be killed or live a restrained and unhappy life. That matters not.

          This bothers me also. Just… Ugh. I’m still waiting to see any actual desire to improve a cause because they simply want to.

      3. Oh it is very controversial in the UK.
        In Courchevel where they have just been there are some amazing fur shops. Honestly the coats are beautiful and absurdly expensive but to my mind the fur only looks truly beautiful on the animal not on a human.

    2. Hi BostonBrahmin
      Yes, possums are considered a pest here in New Zealand.

      The Australian brush tailed possum was introduced into New Zealand in 1837. In Australia it is up against dingoes, bush fires and less palatable vegetation. In New Zealand there are no predators and lots of very palatable vegetation. As a result, possums have a huge impact on New Zealand ecosystems. Possums are big eaters, they eat flowers, stopping seeds from forming, so the forest cannot regenerate and strip trees of all the new growth and bark so the trees die. Possums eat the eggs, chicks, and sometimes adults of several native bird species. They also eat the fruit and flowers that birds need for food. Possums eat native bats, insects and snails.

      Possums do come into suburban gardens and will attack animals; my cat was attacked so viciously by a couple of possums in the back yard that he needed to go to the vet. I can tell you that they are not cute!

      The possums which are used in the fur trade generally come from the south of the South Island of New Zealand as the fur is thicker on the possums from there. I’ve spoken to furriers selling South Island Possum fur as I was concerned about Possums being caught in bear type traps and was told that is illegal. They said that they only take skins from hunters who work humanely as possible. The hunters are experienced, only use a firearm, and skins the furriers I’ve spoken to are from possums killed with a single shot. I don’t like shooting but it’s better than poison. I, personally, have mixed feelings about wearing fur but could wear possum as it is a good way of utilising a resource. These possum hunters are working in areas with not a huge amount of employment opportunities, they are clearing the bush of a pest. Would it be better to throw the bodies away? Jobs are created to process the skins too.

      1. I did not want to stir up such feelings, but just thought it funny that the glove designer basically admitted she used vermin in her designs.

        1. No worries BostonBrahmin

          I just wanted to make sure people knew a bit more about the NZ possum which is nothing like the possum you have in the US.

          As for fur lined gloves? The thought of fur touching my palms makes me want to go wash them! Ick!

  70. You know. For this being private time for them i’d love to see this happen.
    They must petition for the funds to cover these getaways.

    Let’s say they’re allowed x number of vacations a year. Only to last a minimum of x amount of days. And the more the work the more time can be added to that set minimum.
    This would all be covered by tax dollars are much as it currently is regarding transport/security.

    Now, if they sneak away for more vacations than earned/given they must pay for them privately. OR they can petition the taxpayers for the funds. Why taxpayers? Because some people feel they have no issue paying for the Cambridges and the money is deserved to them. While others cannot stand their funds go to virtually nothing of substance.

    So, they can pay for this themselves, work more, or be honest with the public.
    That’s my 2 pence on this after reading many not willing to pay, but still have to

    1. What a brilliant concept though royals would probably rather die than ask mere subjects for funds!

  71. Well, when Prince Charles ascends the throne, the Duchy of Cornwall goes to William and he will be accountable to no one, which it doesn’t look like he is now, but with the Duchy behind him, the arrogance shall really ensue.

    1. I reckon William is hanging on only for that pot of gold to land in his lap. But do you know how Harry will be funded when William gets his mits on DoC? Does he have to rely on his brother?

      1. Hmmm. I don’t know but good question. I guess we have to look to Prince Charles now and see if he and the Duchy funds his siblings, Princess Anne,Princes Andrew and Edward and the Yorkies and Princes Anne’s kids. Is Prince Charles funding his siblings, their kids and his children? Will have to research that, interesting.

        1. No, I don’t think Charles funds his siblings but I am wondering whether Harry is awarded some other funding when everyone moves up (so to speak!) or whether he has to get a proper paying job and live off the salary and his own personal wealth? What do Anne, Andrew and Edward live on?

          1. From what I remember Harry received more than William did from Diana’s will as she knew that William would have the Duchy funds to fall back on, but that Harry wouldn’t. I am sure that when Charles becomes King he will ensure that Harry is well taken care of.

    2. firstly, the duchy of Cornwall was set up to fund the activities of the Duke of CORNWALL. Not set up to fund his hangers on or extended family members. By the strictest reading of the law, Charles is breaking the law by funding the Duke of Cambridge, even if said duke is his heir. unless caveat to the law was added to allow this scenerio, William should not be receiving funds from the duchy of Cornwall unless he was working for the duchy and adding value to it and thereby contributing to the Duke of Cornwall’s expenses. Harry to a certain extent can still be regarded as a member of the duke of Cornwall’s household since he is still a commoner,BUT he is also not working for the duchy so again……slippery slope reading of the law when it”s quite clear what and for whom the duchy was set up for. In ye old times, extended members of the family were given their own pot to fund them, not suck at the tit of another family member. So William and Harry would/should have been set up with their own lifestyle funding fund or been set to work with the duchy rather than simply take from it whist not contributing to it.

      One could say that Charles is being an indulgent father and using money set aside for his own personal use ie the duchy profits, to underwrite his sons, but the flipside of that is should he stop doing that, the law would be on his side.

      To answer your question, Harry has ONLY his trustfunds and the current indulgence of Charles/HM to finance his life. Just as Charles is under no obligations, legally or otherwise, to finance his siblings, and does not, so too does William once *he* becomes Duke of Cornwall.

      1. Thank you Herazeus.
        I wonder why Charles chooses to fund his sons when they do have substantial private funds at their disposal. Or fund them to the extent he does. W+K have no rental/mortgage, security, travel costs (the latter when on duty). So the funding comes down to wardrobe (tax exemption), staff, day-to-day living? This could come from W’s private funds?

    1. Thanks for the link!

      I love particulary the last sentence :

      To try to pitch this fabulous, luxury break as a well-deserved respite from a busy life of exhausting public service is to insult the intelligence of the British public. More gravely for the young Royal couple, the media seem to be tiring of their demands for, and expectations of, privacy. The old war of royals vs. press might be rumbling back to life.

      1. My favorite part was were the author pointed out the W&K/PR team thought they had made a play in the media with statements, “first family holiday” and “first time either of the children had played in snow”.

        Which was followed by this in the article, “…as if they were some deserving orphans plucked out of the inner city by the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.”

  72. Greetings Everyone,
    Just a quick message while I have a stable internet – high winds, and still clearing up a mess from the smashed pipe after yesterday’s little rattler.

    The s… has hit the fan by the look of it. An article has been plastered over the Daily Mail about The Queen giving permission for his laziness.

    Total PR clean up job but by the look of it has backfired – people are seeing through it. Also just as a side issue there is an article about her “wedding hair” – to which my response was:

    “I am sure that Marie Antoinette was worried about her hair 5 minutes before the Revolution…” or words to that effect.

    These people are in need of the wake up call and with this PR by the Daily Mail – and the exceptional piece by Tom Sykes which initially I thought was going to be a hint may have added to the avalanche.

    Interesting reading the comments because quite a few are saying in the DM comments that they believe that the Palace is trying to do a PR Snow Job and they are not idiots (can see through the BS).

    Thanks for your excellent comments in a lot of your posts. Have about 30 to go through but will go and attend to my shovelling of clay (set like concrete) before doing the nightly blanket run as it will soon be a cold night here for some.

    Take care out there everyone – a basket full of happiness and a armful of smiles.

    Kindest Regards

    The Wild Rose

  73. Did not have the time to check this blog yesterday. When I came back today, I was floored to see just how many comments this particular section has garnered. I’m curous, KMR, is that the most replies to any of your posts?

    It boggles my mind!

    1. Yes, it’s a KateMiddletonReview record.

      I’ll have a new post about William and Kate’s event today. I was working in it but got called away. It’ll be up later this afternoon.

      1. My goodness, a record! The bar has been set. And, could keep growing.
        Congrats, KMR. Your blog is tapping into many hearts and minds!

        1. @Jenny
          Hi, you are so right!
          I agree with Jenny, KMR it’s the great and thoughtful writing in your post that keeps me coming back for more.

    1. There is absolutely no hope if the Queen is supporting William and Kate to the extent claimed in this article. But it sure explains the Queen burying her head in the sand. It seems to be her parenting style. Talk about wearing rose-colored glasses!

      I understand how parents and grandparents filter unpleasant truths about their children/grandchildren and by extension their own poor choices. But there is more at stake here. In a private family, the world can take or leave them. Citizens are stuck with this lot and a clearly sub-standard William and Kate. Talk about a dysfunctional family on a multi-generational scale. They all need a big dose of reality.

      1. I have a lot of respect for the Queen but even her greatest fan cannot say she is good at dealing with family issues. Again and again this is where she has made poor or even bad choices.

    2. I couldn’t make it through this article. I skipped to the comments about three-fourths of the way through it and was relieved to see most of the public was having a hard time too.

      For a long time now the royals have had a hard time getting the public to buy what William and Kate are selling.

      1. I ended up skimming through it too. A huge majority of comments were just scathing about William and Kate, which then developed into the relevance and need for royalty anyway. Several comments spoke to the disconnect the BRF had to the 21st century which strove to honour meritocracy rather than aristocracy. What struck me was the brittleness of the responses; they were not having a bar of this tosh. The constant damage control is exasperating people’s goodwill. No-one likes being treated as a fool. All William and Kate need to do is step up. They have no trouble stepping up to the privileges that accompany their roles.

      2. Greetings Everyone,
        The link to the article that India Andrews was the one I was referring to in an earlier post. I saw that in the Daily Mail but then had to rush off.

        I would imagine that if any of it was trying to be the Queen explaining because they thought it would cool the issue – well it just added a fuel dump to it.

        The comments have been coming in quick and fast – as well as copping a fair bit of flack for the fluff piece on snakey katey’s wedding hair – that set my blood curdling so they got a serve from me saying that they should wake up and what the hell was wrong with them

        as”it was like Marie Antoinette worrying about her hair 5 minutes before the Revolution.”

        Another thing came up in the leaking of about whether The Queen ever says anything – some said “no” Constitutional Monarchy etc (which is true) however I sent back with the speed of light that:
        ” to have a lazy potential heir was as political as the EU thing and if The Queen had an opinion on b&K then she can obviously say what she thinks.”

        I think you can imagine the response I got back from little exchange. Also on another issue: I stuck up for the British People, Ex Pats living in the US or wherever when somebody told me to “bog off etc” and what did it have to do with the people in the US or the Colonies?

        I then responded “Everything – if they are British Citizens, ex pats or from Commonwealth Countries, they are accountable.”

        So there were several articles in which I gave a straight down the line comment.

        That Daily Mail one about The Queen giving bill and snakey katey permission to be downright lazy..” really got me started. Now it has obviously back fired on whoever dreamed up that bunch of tripe.

        As for you Birdy – YES, YES, YES, feel free to use my quote “a basket full of happiness” to your hearts content.

        It usually follows a toast (if I am in a position to offer up one – with the words –

        “To all things in life and to those with the eyes to see them….”

        So please use any of my phrases that you find that could be helpful.

        I had just got home around the 2am NZT mark when I checked again on that DM article that India sent a link to and it was still getting hammered then.

        In the last 24 hours we have had hurricane force winds, broken ship lines (my partner is a Marine Pilot), hefty seas, grounded planes, two out of control massive forrest fires, one home lost, six sheds gone and still burning….

        Tossed in with a couple of earthquakes as well – so in the scheme of things this is my “NORMAL” part of the world.

        It is amazing though even the homeless, who I leave blankets and food trays for on my late night, early morning runs have strong opinions. They may not have much of anything but their views are straight down the line when it comes to DUTY and SERVICE, which are the backbone of an Monarchy.

        I survive on about 3 hours sleep on any given day – due to varying situations like the blanket, food parcel, clothing run or making up lunch boxes for kids – all through this stuff I am just grateful for a chance to do a little good in a small corner of the world.

        Take care out there today/tonight, have a good day/evening wherever you are

        I will be off again on Sunday NZT for another book/blanket/food/clothing delivery trip so please keep on doing what you do. Not sure when I will be in range to email once we have headed off HOWEVER I will try and check in before I head off back out into a world which sorely needs us all.

        A basket full of happiness for you all, an armful of smiles and a sprinkling of magic to light your way.

        Kindest Regards, as always

        The Wild Rose

  74. India, thank you for the link to this article.

    William seems to always be given much slack because of the loss of Diana, and perhaps, the guilt some have for not having been kinder to her. William the workshy, his lazy wife and the social climbing Midds certainly don’t deserve the understanding they seem to be getting in this article.

    Truly, times are changing and people are getting fed up with the lack of duty the Cambridtes show. Oh, but they have no trouble taking the perks. Does anyone really believe HM feels so fondly of the Midds?

    1. Red Tulip you are I am sure as delighted as me that his short working hours give him time to fulfill his royal duties. Only question is then why isn’t he fulfilling those royal duties? I wonder if George is now KEEN to be a ballon artist? Great thing to do for the poor little boy but it hardly makes up for Will’s laziness and why on earth is this considered news?

  75. As an American, never in my life have I been so smug about the Revolutionary War and the fact that my tax dollars aren’t funding this debacle. The Brittish may be early (considering we celebrate our independence from them on July 4’th), but if WillKat want to keep setting off fireworks, I can throw a barbecue.

  76. I may stand alone on this, but this just pissed me off. Of course they took a secret vacation. Of course they did. I also think the “affectionate, happy family” stuff is a PR move. It looks forced and unnatural to me. On a positive note, it’s nice bto see George smiling. Charlotte seems like a happy baby, but why wouldn’t she be? I’m sure both kids are coddled and spoiled beyond belief. Charlotte looks like a different baby, I never would have recognized her without WK there. I’m not going to criticize a baby, but she’s very generic.

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