Kate Middleton and Prince William visit XLP

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit XLP

Dear Kate, The next time you claim your work with X supports your “mental health issues are cause by childhood trauma” thesis, you might want to have actually worked with X first.

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited XLP yesterday, March 11, to meet it’s founder and hear stories from mentors and the young people they help. They also watched a short video about XLP’s battle against knife crime. This visit with XLP is “the work that we do with… knife crime” Kate mentioned on Thursday. For some reason I don’t think one visit counts as “the work that we do with… knife crime”, but that’s just me.

William and Kate arrive at XLP 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at XLP and met with it’s founder, Patrick Regan, who founded the charity in 1996 in response to a stabbing in a school playground.

XLP is about creating positive futures for young people growing up on deprived inner city estates, struggling daily with issues such as family breakdown, poverty, unemployment, and educational failure, and living in areas that experience high levels of anti-social behavior, criminality, and gang activity. XLP helps over 1,500 young people in 75 schools across London.

William and Kate arrive at XLP 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate heard stories from mentors and young people about their experiences with gang violence, gun and knife crime, and family issues, before meeting with the mentors and young people.

William and Kate nodded while one young woman said she thinks a lot of young people face mental health problems.

BTW, the reason Kate and William are laughing in some of these photos is because the speakers used humor to tell their stories.

As I mentioned, William and Kate watched a short video about XLP’s battle with knife crime – you can watch that video here.

I was confused about Kate’s “knife crimes” comment on Thursday, but I guess this event is what she was referring to. This just proves to me even more that Kate hasn’t learned anything about mental health in the months she’s been working with it, and all she does is spout out pre-written lines.

William and Kate listen to young people tell their stories at XLP 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William admitted, during the visit, that he watches the MTV show Pimp My Ride. From the Mirror:

    “CEO Patrick Regan said: ‘Have any of you seen the programme Pimp My Ride?’, to which William grinned and raised his hand.
    “As the crowd of young people and their mentors laughed, Patrick continued: ‘When I told people the Duke was coming back [to see the work of the charity for a second time] they said ‘Can you get him to rap in the van?’.’
    “William looked less sure about this suggestion as wife Kate laughed.”

William also joked that he wanted to take the van home. More from the Mirror:

    “Afterwards they were presented with a CD of the song and Patrick told them he hoped to hear it ‘blasting out from Kensington Palace’ to which William joked: ‘Do we get the van? I want the van.’
    “The XLP van is a former police riot van that was converted on TV show Pimp My Ride in 2008 into a mobile recording studio. It now travels to schools, pupil referral units and on estates across London using the medium of music and music production to engage with some of the hardest to reach young people.”

William and Kate visited this van in 2015 when they first visited XLP.

Kate chose a new brand for this appearance: Eponine London. Eponine, by designer Jet Shenkman, is a “bespoke womenswear brand inspired by the elegant lines of the Fifties and the unexpected styles of the Sixties.”

Kate wore a skirt and top from the SS16 collection in a red and white checked pattern with pleats and buttons (which we know Kate loves). The suit costs £1200.

Eh, it’s not my taste, but I can see it being Kate’s. I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that Kate and I have different tastes, and leave it at that.

Eponine London SS16 red and white checked two piece

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough “Morganite and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings” (£3,400) as well as her Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps ($670), and carried her Stuart Weitzman black suede Muse clutch (£255).

Here’s a video of William and Kate arriving.

PS. On March 18, Kate will visit Holt in Norfolk (which is right near Anmer Hall) to open a new charity shop for EACH. Also, Kate will skip St. Patrick’s Day and handing out shamrocks because of some BS excuse of “they wanted to get away from the expectation she’d do it every year.” Which I don’t understand at all. Handing out shamrocks is one of Kate’s easiest events all year, and an easy way to pad her CC numbers. So why skip it?

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  1. As soon as I saw her face in those close ups I made an appointment for a beauty treatment, took a long relaxing bath and put on a moisturizing mask. I’m 10 years her senior but I look 10 years younger than her….like, 34.

      1. The photoshop generosity of the press is over. *singing Cindy Laupers True Colors as loud as I can* I guess that’s why they picked one photographer for Courchevel and selected the photos themselves.

        It’s not only that she looks so old but she doesn’t look really healthy either. Something is off. Why is that area above the inner corner of the eye so swollen? And her skin is extremely dehydrated. IMHO she looks hungover

        1. I read some comments speculating that she had chirurgy because of the changement of her physical apparence during her youth when she seems sick (but I don’t know if it’s true or not)…

          1. I don’t believe that’s true. There are no signs of surgery in that face. Maybe she should have continued/started Botox. But she is definitely in desperate need of a good (and I mean really good) skincare regime. If I have time and money for my skincare then she has even more. If I had her money and if I was constantly in the spotlight I would take better care of myself.

          2. maybe she really needs to put on some weight: if you don’ t eat properly, i mean if you starve yourself your skin won’ t get npourishment and will look dehydrated and older

        2. That little buffed up pump on the inner corner has always been there in her adult life. But I don’t know why or from what. I read once it is hereditary. But then I also read it could be from a needle. So I am not really sure what that is from

        3. I agree Greta. Looking at un-photoshopped photos of her when she was younger (pre-wedding) she was definitely not as “fresh faced” as she’s been portrayed in recent years. I guess this is what happens when you don’t play nice with the press.

        4. There is quite a difference between her real face and her photoshopped face. I think the sun during numerous holidays has done a lot to make her skin age so rapidly.

    1. I agree she looks rougher now… But I will tell you why. She stopped getting Botox in her forhead and fillers in her cheeks. I don’t think William liked it. That’s the only reason besides planning on more pregnancies I could think of because she looks terrible without it IMO. I read people thinking that in the family ski photos she looked “overly Botoxed” but that was just photo shop. Trust that Kate has definitely stalled the Botox. For those of you who don’t know what exactly botox does, it relaxes the muscles in your forehead so you don’t wrinkle or move it with facial expressions and create forehead lines, bunny lines and lines inbetween the eyes. In other words, Kate can’t make her “concerned face” with botox, lol! Kate’s forehead lines are as deep and wavy as the ocean.

    2. This is going to sound weird, but she has no smile lines around her eyes. I love to see that in other women because it speaks to a life of laughter and fun. There’s no “there” there for Kate, IMHO.

      1. From my observation she is laughing all the time, sometimes I have to ask myself a question what is so funny that she is cracking up so often.

    3. Now that I’ve seen evidence that she smokes, I honestly think this has a lot to do with her poor aging. My stepmother is a longtime smoker and is aging exactly the same way. The poor skin texture is a huge sign..

  2. I’m agree with you about : 1 engagement about XLP and they now work against knife crimes…. Funny.

    Perso I hate her clothes during this engagement (I prefer her style during Australia and New Zealand tours) : the color, the form (it seems so old; in opposition the other royals seem so modern)… But everyone has different tastes…
    But for me 5600 £ during a day when people facing issues like poverty, unemployment…. is just for me indecent. But I know it’s royalty (they have money,….) but I find it’s too much…

    On an article on DM about K&W visit in India’s slum, there were many commentaries about Kate wearing designer’s clothes in constrast with the poverty… I find it were too much, that she would have the decent to wear expensive clothes, but in this context : I find she can wear beautiful, classe clothes without paying so much…. But after we don’t know if she chooses her clothes, if she has proposition about shops, if her PR choose for her ….
    Maybe I’m not very objective : every royal female spends much about clothes, but Victoria, Mary, Maxima, Letizia seem so happy to be here, work seriously, they take speech… I don’t see that in Kate now. I have hallucinated when someone say on another article Kate doesn’t take her own notes on HuffPost UK (the time of scribe is finished since a long time)

    A positive note :
    About the visit : everybody seems happy (not bad commentary about young people like the last time : but I don’t see interview about young : after all we want to see, hear about these people whose beneficit about these charities; it becomes more real).

    About the PS : excuse is not very good : maybe there is too much distance between Anmer Hall and the place where there is St Patrick’s Day (I don’t know where precisely it is); or it’s the way to show only William.

    Sorry : if I’m seem to much criticizing or cynical 🙂

    1. Re the distance between Anmer and where they do the St. Patrick’s Day event: The St. Patrick’s Day event is held in London. So it’s no farther from Anmer than any other engagement. There is no logistical reason Kate couldn’t do the St. Patrick’s Day event on one day and do the Norfolk event the next day.

      1. Maybe Kate feels secure that she’s done enough engagements to keep criticism at bay? Given a tour is coming up, multiple engagements no matter how small can be counted to boost the numbers.
        I agree, the St Patrick’s Day event is an easy, stress-free engagement. Maybe she was advised against using the helicopter given the recent press and thought, stuff it, no heli, no Kate? She has been a very regular user of it well before the latest blow-up. I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was the real reason and not the lame excuse given.
        It seems W+K are given a lot of leeway to do little. I feel as if they are working to a mandatory minimum, if there is such a thing.

        1. I think they’ve given it to William to bolster his numbers. Even though Kate isn’t working full time, she’s definitely had more engagements than Will this year. I think since he’s gotten SO much negative press lately, they thought this would be a good PR move. That’s just my opinion.

      2. What a shame. The one thing of hers I always looked forward to was the st Patrick’s day event. She is so non committal. lol, she doesn’t want to make a tradition of this work thing. Then people will expect way to much.

      3. furthermore Will and Kate have an appartment in Kensington, she might stay there for one day. Thank you katemiddletonreview for another great article, honestly i don’ t like this outfit and i didn’ t like her green Erdem coat during her last engagement ( I agree with you, I’ venever seen anything I like by Erdem).

    2. Re kate wearing inexpensive clothes in the slums in India: I agree that a designer dress would be inappropriate, but if she wears something inexpensive, for less than 100 pounds for example, it is really likely that this garment was made by exploited workers who work under horrible conditions in one of the many textile fabrics in India/Bangladesh…
      It’s not only primark, but labels like H&M, Forever21, Topshop or Zara (and many more) probably also have their clothes made there. (I admit that I also buy clothes at these shops) But in her role/position, it would also be inappropriate to wear isth like that in the slums. Yes it might be cheap, but the people who live in the slums probably made it.

      In my opinion, this is a really difficult situation. She will be criticized if she wears expensive designer clothes bc of the high price tag, but also if she wears cheap garments.
      Kate really can’t win in this situation.
      What are your thoughts?

      1. She should wear lightweight linen or cotton clothes. Ankle length skirt and loose top covering the arms and shoes that protect the feet. India is dreadfully hot, humid and dirty. If she really is going to,the slums, she should be prepared for it.

        1. What Arthistorian said.

          It’s the only way to get around the expense or lack of expense of her clothing which might trigger unintended associations with sweatshops.

          Regarding her dropping out of the St Patrick’s day engagement, it’s really stupid to give the reporter such a boneheaded reason for dropping out.

          Why explain at all? Just list it in William’s diary, and not Kate’s diary. And if a reporter comes sniffing about it, steer th conversation to William doing the engagement. To say she doesn’t want a public expectation is very contemptuous of the public and these soldiers.

          Perhaps we the public should withdraw the taxpayer perks. Afterall, we’ve created an expectation that money I available for her to spend.

      2. I agree with you : she can’t win in this situation.
        I think she must take something neither too expensive neither too cheap.
        Practical clothes : why not trousers and shirt with a simple jacket… but with the weather (temperature) I don’t know….

        But like I said later on this page : clothes are secondary, the important is what they do and said : if it is just to speak generality, or to say that they see Slumdog millionair….

        I must maybe be contradictious : when I speak about her clothes on the beginning of this page, to conlude later that it must not the main concern about Kate…. ^^

    3. There is a photo of the Queen Mother visiting the bombed-out areas of London back in WWII. She was roundly criticized for wearing her fur coat and fancy hat, while her subjects were languishing in destitution (having just lost their homes). Her response was so interesting: she said that if those folks had come to visit her at her home, they would have worn their finest clothes, and so she wanted to pay them the same courtesy. Just food for thought!

      1. The Queen Mother also said, after Buckingham Palace was bombed, “now I feel I can look the people of the East End in the face”.
        It’s all about showing respect and the Queen Mother seldom put a foot wrong .

          1. But Kate says (or is said to have said) a whole bunch of things that never pan out eg the St Patrick’s Day thing is one of her favourite events, ordering her staff to fill up her diary, any number of statements about her ‘work’ (what a joke)… and on it goes. It’s just something to say to make her look good for that moment. It all comes down to contempt for the public, playing us all for fools. They don’t seem to tell the truth often.

          2. It’s all talk and no action with KM…at this rate she will be lucky to not be part of the demise the monarchy, let alone be anywhere near the level of the Queen Mum

  3. I read in a daily mail article a couple years ago that Waity said she and Baldy enjoyed hanging out shamrocks a lot and it was one of her favorite events that they did together, she even did that even while pregnant before. What a load of crap these two are… She clearly knows little about mental health, I don’t believe she is really sincere about it, her or Baldy. Also, that dress is not gingham, that’s too thick a material to be gingham. :-/ But whatever it is, I think that may be jacquard, it looks peach or pink from far away. Yuck, it’s not a good look for her, she has no waist and the fit and flare cut looks better on people who actually have curves to back it up.

  4. Along with the Erdem floral disaster, this has got to be my least favorite outfit she has worn… I just googled the conversion to dollars and her outfit cost approximately $1698 US… I could have found her a better outfit at JCrew for a fraction of that…

        1. I was thinking more along the lines of a serviceable upholstery. I am not a fan of this material or the look of the suit itself…on Kate or anyone

          1. I sometimes wonder what goes on in the head of a designer that uses fabrics that look it ought to be used for curtains or upholstery. It is like that hideous Erdem dress she wore recently.

            I do like designers being bold and playing with shapes, fabrics and textures. However, it does demand a discerning eye and real talent.

  5. I am definitely not a fan of the outfit for myself. On me it would look hippy but Kate is quite thin so for her it works. Her comment at the other event for knife crimes did not make sense except for this event and no one else has commented on this except for this blog …glossed over I guess. Holt is 24.2 miles from the town of Anmer and says about 40 minute drive. It probably is closer than London but is no excuse for not showing up to pass out shamrocks that she was doing apparently as a tradition or so everyone thought. Extremely strange to decide not to do it.

    1. God knows they’d use the helicopter to do it, anyway.

      Odd she isn’t going. Maybe William doesn’t want to deal with her again for a day. He always clenches that jaw and fist and looks so irritated.

  6. I believe St. Patrick’s Day was Kate’s first duty of her own and I find it disrepectful that she doesn’t want to be obligated or expected to do it every year. I wonder how the regiment feels hearing that. I would have assumed she would have felt some sentimentality but alas I was wrong. Did the Queen Mother feel such obligation for all the years she performed this great honour with a smile?
    I live in a Commonwealth country and we no longer teach monarchy, hang a picture of the Queen or sing God Save the Queen in our schools every morning as when I was a child. The next generations only know of our monarchy by what they see; or don’t see. I am very disappointed and am afraid this is the end of the line for me with Will and Kate. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Good luck in the future with these reluctant heirs.

    1. This is wild speculation, but maybe the Irish Guards asked for another female Royal like Sophie or Anne? And now Kate is pouting? It’s so strange that she’s not going.

  7. I give KM mixed reviews. Pretty dress color that’s appropriate for a visit with children. Hair nicely styled though could be shorter. Not a big fan of gingham that screams tablecloth. Awful tailoring or perhaps the lack thereof. The fabric tugs above the small button belt and the skirt is rumpled in some areas. And for the love of god, why black pumps? The news said she’s channeling Jackie-O with her look. Nope, Kate is a poor imitation.

    I wonder what the kids think of the visit this time? But I guess any unflattering comment will be scrubbed by KP.

    Her mantra of mental illness stemming from childhood is so tiresome at this point. C’mon Kate, if you’re reading scientific journals, share some new pearls of wisdom. Who is coaching her with these repetitive vapid comments?

    1. This time they kept them away from the teens. We’re there any actual teens at this event or was it workers and young adults?

    2. Dear God, Jackie O was a fashion icon! What news media put Kate in the same category? ? Talk about someone spinning in her grave?! Jackie, a thousand pardons!

  8. I thought at the beginning of the year Kate told her staff to fill her diary. Now, St. Patrick’s Day is too much.

    Which is it Kate? You two slippery royals want to throw out information at events and per media to make it sound like you are doing much, much more than is reality. You may fool some with your false advertising, but you fool very few at KMR.

    Someone recently pointed out Kate is just a couple of years younger than Diana when she died. I realize the role is different and the time frame is not the same, but come on… Kate, what do you want your legacy to be?

    As for the event, I am sure this week W&K think they managed a ‘we showed you’ to the naysayers. IMO these two have to dig themselves out of a deep dark hole after years of lazy behavior. I hate to break it to you two, but your emotional age does not count the same as your chronological age. Grow up! Accept responsibility!

    I am sure I have lost count of the excuses: Leave me alone until I get out of school, I have my gap year to complete, I am young and need my space, I am not yet POW, Kate and I need to adjust to the first year of marriage, we are having a baby, we are having another baby, I am working on my flying license, I am taking a course in agriculture, I need another gap year. When does it end?

    I realize the above is not accurate or complete, but I am sure some of you get the idea of what I was trying to say. Come on! HM, Philip and Charles is this behavior acceptable to the three of you? They sound like little children with their constant string of excuses for not working.

    KMR, I present this idea to you. I know, it sounds terrible then someone has an idea and asks someone else to do all the work. I wondered if there comes a time when things are relatively quiet at the site and in your life, if you would consider a short survey with maybe three questions. A few days ago a reader wondered why many of us wouldn’t just compliment Kate.

    The questions could be along the lines of: Did you ever like W&K (yes/no)?
    What year did you lose faith in their ‘work’? (pick between 2011 to 2016)
    Do you think they can change things around (yes/no)?

    I was thinking something relatively simple so we could point to hard figures. This way people who think many of us are just bashing W&K can see this is not true. Many, many of us wished them well for a long time. We are not full of envy, nor are we mean spirited at KMR. I think there is a little part in all of us hoping these two turn things around. KMR, thanks for hearing me out.

    As for this event: they are out of the house, this is kind of like a suit=2 brownie points.

    1. I love the idea of a survey to see what percentage of people think in which way. My answers would be: yes, approximately 2013, and : I Think the public goodwill for William is gone for good. Kate I believe could turn it around if she and William were to separate or divorce, and she began her own post-royal legacy similar to what Diana invested herself in. Only if she were to buckle down and work hard and stop with the verbal nonsense and wardrobe faux paus.

      1. Hi, Charlotte,

        I don’t see Kate having enough substance to amount to anything sans William. She cannot amount to much with him, either. She seems utterly satisfied to be living the “quiet” life with him and the kids at home. That is fine. Just don’t keep sponging off the public. I am sorry and I don’t mean to appear rude, but I cannot fathom Kate having any post-royal legacy. I hope her kids have happier and far more productive lives.

  9. Interestingly the Telegraph had her picture on the front page ( this is the paper that had the sycophantic article by B Gordon a couple of weeks ago.) no other paper had her front page. Then the Telegraph had a half page article on page 3 – the charity was mentioned in the final paragraph but the whole article was about the exciting new designer . If I were her I would ring the Editor and ask the next time to ensure the charity was the story not the clothes. It made me soooooo angry I’m going to stop buying the paper.
    If Kate wants to wear outfits with detailing side and front then for the love of god stop with the crotch clutching which hides the detailing.
    I can live with her wrinkles, I could live with her being fat and ugly, what I can’t live with is her inability to prepare better and get some speech training as well as some proper advice on intelligent questions to ask. There are no more excuses Kate , start doing your job.

    1. Yes her physical apparence is not the most important thing : as long as she has not Marylin problem, her physical apparence is secondary. In our society communication is the key : a part of communication comes from the picture… But often like you said speech, intelligent questions are MORE important. And that is an evidently lack here.

      I didn’t know Victoria very much before this year : but that I admire in her it’s that she overcome her issue (dyslexie, anorexy) and is courageous, is very serious…. She seems very friendly and humble…
      Ok the comparaison with Kate is not effective (Victoria is a future Queen and Kate = Queen by mariage) ( note for myself : if I compare Victoria’s education and William….there is not contest)

      A funny fact that I learned today : Victoria suffers about face blindness.

      But I hope that people doesn’t want just a beautiful face, but people with brain, with a very sense of duty…. If not why support monarchy?

      1. That’s true. Her physical appearance shouldn’t be that important. But a) it’s all we get from her and b) I.e. her bad skin is a symptom of the real issue: laziness.

        1. The problem is that media concentrates on her physical apparence, because they tell the “story” of royalty (like R Palmer said on Tweeter : royal correspondant tell a story which depends on the relationship between press and royalty) and like she says nothing too profound, they concentrate on her clothes.

          I find interesting the treatment of the press about the royals :
          -Press about William : they speak about him when he takes a stumble or when he returns to worK….
          – Harry’s : it is very variable….

          On another point : we have nothing information about the visit from the Wessexes….

      2. Beauty does come second in her position, yes. She is not a fashion model or movie star so I agree the work and effort she puts into her duties is much more valuable and worthy of praise than being just a pretty face.

        But this is not the face of a happy woman IMO and she impresses nobody with her lack of work/ engagements. I could see if she exceeded expectations, I wouldn’t mind the wrinkles either. She has aged like 15 years in the last 3-4 years . With all the time she spends at home in private, you would think she would take better care of her skin and not just the wardrobe. A gentle facial before a public appearance never hurt anyone. With all the expert physicians and resources available to Kate, it just seems like she does not care. There are plenty of women with two small children that don’t have the nanny and staff and don’t look this worn down.

    2. The Telegraph isn’t the only entity who mostly talked about the clothes and ignored the charity. I read a pro-Kate blog on this event and the one on Thursday and in both of those posts the blog talked almost exclusively about Kate’s clothes and just gave the bare minimum about the charities and Jonny.

      1. Well, if it’s not important enough to William and Kate to say anything about their charities, then really what are they giving anyone to work with?

  10. This is my favorite outfit that Kate has worn this year. I think maybe I’m just happy she is not wearing black or beige. I really hope she keeps wearing color. It looks more youthful.

  11. I am disappointed that kate won’t be attending the st Patrick’s day ceremony. They always looked like they enjoyed doing it, and it is really a great honor for all involved. Afterall, it is a grand tradition and something the queen mother always did.

    I agree, KMR…it is strange she won’t be there. And the reason is ridiculous, an engagement only 40 minutes from her,house the next day?

    1. Point form today. I’m half asleep due to work…

      – Her dress made me think of a picnic table cloth.
      – The crotch clutcbing serioisly needs to stop! You can’t see the details of the dress.
      – Does she know how to walk properly? Or is it as a result of her crotch clutching? She looks so awkward in the video!
      – She needs to tie her hair back. Some of her outfits look good with her hair down. But the hair today just looks like a mop.
      – She looked really good right after they got married. Now she just looks haggard. I spend time and money to make sure my skin looks good. And I have a job that means I don’t usually get the sleep I really need or at the appropriate times. Whats her excuse?
      – If the reason she isn’t doing St Patrick’s Day is because she doesn’t want to make an expectation that she’ll do it every year.. well, that’s just disappointing.
      – I really liked them. Now I’m annoyed.

  12. Willy didn’t really want the van, he’s so stupid in what he says. I guess he thinks, as usual, it shows he’s one of the plebs after all, good old Normal Bill.

    “They wanted to get away from the expectation she’d do it every year”.

    What fresh hell is this???? Who says this kind of thing???? What kind of excuse is this? Whom are they aiming this at? Whom is Willy revenging himself on? None of this makes *any* sense at all. She won’t deign to show up because we don’t want people to expect it. Some royal. What about the regiment? Could Tweedledum and Tweedledummer be any more insulting?

    The dress looks ugly on her, she needs some curves. The colour is all wrong. Everything she is wearing cost over $10K in total. Someone wants to make sure that everyone knows she’s a princess when she swans in. I find it indecent in the midst of such deprivation.

    1. Kate is squandering an opportunity to make an honorable tradition uniquely hers. It’s really too bad.

      Of course Will shall be there as an honorary colonel, but still. I hope the press seizes this and justifiably excoriates her for it. Shame shame shame.

  13. The Cambridge PR-team should finally start to work with the Cambridges. If they pr makes claims to the media, the Cambridges have to follow it through. It’s like Jason makes some random claims and silently wishes that the Cambridges would do that. It looks like from an outside perspective like the Cambridge pr don’t work with Cambriges at all.

    1. Perhaps he’s trying to use the media to force W&K into working ie. the regular “Kate has instructed her staff to fill up her diary” stories could be his way his way of coaxing her out of the house by trying to get her to save face. It’s not working and isn’t very good from a strategic point of view but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason/her PR team are *that* desperate…

    2. To be fair, maybe the PR team do get agreement from W+K, who then change their minds for whatever reason? The pair of them are not solid. It seems an odd excuse. If William is there as an honorary colonel or whatever, I wonder if he just wanted to do it solo? There’s something amiss.

  14. A fine visit, and I’m neutral on the dress. As for the close ups, I think High definition photos can make facial lines stand out. Her skin looks fine in videos. But, what really struck me today was the press release by Harry. His visit to Nepal explains why he is doing various activities. It clearly states his interests and goals for the visit. And he’s super busy there. As soon as he arrives, he has a reception and then a meeting with the prime minister…the next day meeting the president, touring earthquake zones, restoration areas, temples, emergency areas, and a camp for the displaced. The following day tiger conservation, meeting military and locals involved in safeguarding the nature and animals…then visiting a school and servicemen the next day. The final day attending the girls summit with the president. When Harry works, he works hard. So, it’s easier to forgive him for long breaks between. Whereas all we know so far about William and Kate’s visit is a desire to “experience the culture” in Mumbai, Delhi, Bhutan, and the Taj Mahal. That can mean anything! Aside from a visit to a wildlife park, assuming that coincides with William’s interest in conservation, the rest is so vague. So it’s hard to know their true interests, their goals…and it makes it easy for us to say they don’t have any interest at all.

    1. Plus he will be staying with a local family, in their home, while he’s in Nepal. I don’t see him demanding organic fruits and veges, or special accommodations.

      1. He was a soldier. He’s had to carry his needs for survival in a pack on his back. I think he’d die first before making rockstar requests like that.

    2. You are right, Anne. When Harry works, he works hard. It’s is because I admire him so much. He really looks engaged and “at work” when sitting at a table with people having a discussion. Harry looks totally different from the lazy duo, he’ s concerned and he cares. No clenched jaw, no grinnings, no fake interested face.

    3. I just love Harry.

      My favorite recent clip of him was about a month ago and he was exiting an event and a mom with a child in a stroller was waiting and the child had kicked off her boot. The boot was lying on the ground, in Harry’s path. Harry was in a hurry, but he spots it, picks it up, looks around for it’s owner, and then walks over and wiggles it on the kid’s foot…and then pats it for good measure…just the WAY he did it…so natural and unassuming. So cute.

  15. They are so painfully awkward. It’ really difficult to take them seriously. I just want to go there and poke Kate’s back with a stick to make her walk with her shoulders straight. She also needs a new skin care routine asap. I don’t know what she eats or which bad habits she has but she is ageing way too rapidly for a woman her age and that harsh eye make up doesn’t help.

  16. The lack of any information about the charity and what they do in main stream media reports of Kate’s events make me dig harder as I don’t want to know about Kate’s horribly expensive clothes, I want to be informed about why they are there.
    Imo the newspaper reporting on this event was poor. At one stage I was wondering if it was about Pimp my Ride???
    As for Kate not going to be handing out shamrocks this year? Is she unaware of the privilege and honour of being asked? At least she will not be frightening the Irish wolfhound mascot this year.

    1. +1000, Cathy. It did seem as if this event was about Pimp My Ride! It would be wonderful to know more about the organization and what William and Kate are really trying to do for them.
      It all seems so superficial. I still blame their handlers for not prepping them more. And, I also blame this lazy duo for not caring enough to do their own legwork prior to attending such events.

  17. I read the other day that she won’t be attending St. Patrick’s Day because she’ll be officially opening an EACH charity shop in (Holt) Norfolk THE NEXT DAY. Clearly the jive talk about the Queen having leased the helicopter for them to attend functions, etc. is just that – jive talk. KANNOT happily uses the helicopter on a day with ONE. SINGLE. ENGAGEMENT and none scheduled the days before or after (simply to get home before dark). But to LEGITIMATELY use it, to attend two back-to-back engagements on two separate days, to fulfill her duty — NO WAY!!

    Irony is that would be a legitimate use of the helicopter. At least they could show they WANT to be working, working, and need it to flit from here to there – it’s almost good PR for the copter! But of course….. NAH.

    They WILL get their comeuppance.

  18. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has published her masters in international diplomacy! Tessy went to Geneva, Switzerland for a conference.

  19. Will the day ever come when the media is more focused on the charity and the message rather than Kate’s clothes and hair? Unfortunately, if the trend of her sounding like a dodo when she opens her mouth continues, I think not.

    I didn’t care for this 60’s rework of a picnic tablecloth. I don’t think she looks good in it because her build doesn’t do anything to help the outfit at all. She’s all straight road and those pleats just overpower everything. I think this outfit was altered from a size close to hers instead of being made specifically for her frame and it shows. But it’s a good thing it wasn’t bespoke because then it would have cost a lot more and 1200 pounds is a lot for a tablecloth.

    I’ve come to realize that Kate is just a parrot. Rebecca probably chants key points to her on the ride over and she spits them out at the appropriate time when she gets there. One problem with that is that she doesn’t come off as if she completely believes what she’s saying – at least to me. There’s no real conviction.

    I know, I’m asking for too much. On the William front, I have nothing. He wore the blue suit, again.

    1. “Will the day ever come when the media is more focused on the charity and the message rather than Kate’s clothes and hair?”

      The same thing can be said about some of the pro-Kate blogs, too.

      1. True, but it seems that’s all the pro-Kate blogs seem to expect and/or care about. That and defending her right to stay home forever because she’s a hands on mom.

      2. Those blogs are in Lala-land. Engagements are just props for Kate’s clothes and hair! Just pointless.

  20. She can’t even be bothered with petting an Irish wolfhound and handing out shamrocks? I can’t even.

    I hate the outfit. It doesn’t move and looks boxy. It might have worked as separates, but not together. Maybe the top with some wide legged brown or black trousers…

    The positive: I am all for shedding light on these serious issues in the UK. At least their showing up showcases them. But they bring nothing else to the table. I, for one, am not looking forward to the India tour. I feel that they can foul it up big time. I agree with ArtHistorian that she needs to get a tailor. Some of the more affordable lines are made by the very people that they will visit.

    Thanks for the review, KMR!

    1. Oh, I love the thought of this top with wide legged trousers Rhiannon!!! I do hope you will be amenable to wearing more than black pumps and carrying black clutches? I do tend toward more classic looks (ala Leti and Mary) but favor using jewelry, shoes, purses and scarves to make an outfit stand out, what are your thoughts on that? However, if you favor styles more in line with Maxima, I’m sure I could work with that too 🙂

      1. We will get along fine. I love being fun and whimsy with accessories. Ithe adds some style to an otherwise drab outfit. I’m more of a Mary, Vic, or Char regarding my taste. But there’s a Max and Leti screaming to get out.

        1. I think I need to offer my help here Rhiannon and Lauri if you are both going on a shopping trip.
          I’ll be hopeless at picking clothes but I’ll be there taking notes and I’m more than happy to carry bags for you both.

          1. Let’s rent out the Goring. I stayed there when I was in London and oh my goodness, it is fabulous! Worth every penny!

    2. Rhiannon, “They bring nothing to the table.” Except the gingham table cloth! Sorry, I could not resist. You are right, btw.

  21. I have to vent – hope it’s ok to post here – there is a comment repeated on several Kate blogs that excuses her absence from the St Patrick’s Day event because if she were to attend, she will give George mental health problems if she misses a party at his school. That is the lowest, vilest fallacy I have yet read on a Kate blog. I question the health of the person who went so far as to write that. It’s a terrible, terrible reflection of the public image Kate has made for herself through a sustained lack of commitment to her role.

    1. I went and read the comments in question, and wow. Just wow. That is so stupid.

      Personally, I doubt there is an event at George’s school on St. Patrick’s Day, and if there is I doubt it would involve the parents. When I was in school, we’d celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a tad with green and whatnot, but it never involved the parents.

      Also, if Kate were skipping the St. Patrick’s Day parade in order to attend a function at George’s school, wouldn’t KP release that information? It would make Kate seem like a caring, devoted mother versus a lazy jerk for randomly dropping an annual event she’s done every year since she got married.

      1. I tend to go with the “not wanting to raise exceptions that she’ll attend every year” over this one, because gosh we shouldn’t really expect consistency and commitment from our royals.

      2. KMR: also he just started school. Pre-nursery I believe (can’t be bothered to google). They only attend for a few hours and not necessarily everyday.

        He won’t be upto a full day, everyday yet.

      3. Agree with you, KMR. This is pre-school. Wouldn’t such an event be for the tots, not the parents? What a crock that excuse is. Want to teach the lad a bit about the day? Bring him along to pass out shamrocks!

    2. Seriously?!?! Just because you’re physically present doesn’t mean you’re also emotionally present. My dad worked on the other side of the planet for most of the year before he retired. Did my brother and I ever once feel neglected? HELL NO!!! This we before skype days so we talked on the phone everyday and during school holidays, we’d fly to where he was. It was a great vacation plus we got to see our dad and the rest of our extended family. That’s just a load of bull.

    1. “he was apparently delighted to have kept the press in the dark”….

      Gosh William needs to grow up! He has a serious control issue. I imagine it would be horrible to work for a man-child who thinks he is always right and won’t listen to anyone else.

    1. I just knew Scarole was there! Believe me, I’m in my 30’s and super close to my parents. We are best friends, but we still give each space. In a way, I think William is incredibly dependent on her. It’s the family he never had, but it’s starting to get odd.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this little tidbit to come out. I would have found it hard to believe that she would miss her grandchildren’s first adventure in the snow. I was going to say something much snarkier but for my well being I think I’ll pass at this time 🙂

        1. At first I wondered if she’ll be on tour with them, but she will probably at Anmer (sp?) or is it Amner, making sure Maria doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t.

          I often wonder how James and Pippa feel about all of this. Most of Scarole’s time is taken up with W&K.

          1. I do feel for James and Pippa as their mother has been so involved with William and Kate for almost 15 years now. It speaks volumes to me that Pippa has not been able to enjoy a lasting relationship and while James and Donna Air have been going out for a couple of years now I don’t see him proposing to her any time soon.

          2. Soon, William will know Carole for more years than he knew his Mum I find that particularly sad. Something, Carole banks on, if you ask me.

    2. Oh, Lauri, where does one begin with these articles?

      I just knew Carole was in the mix somewhere, though thought Pippa and James were the other two people mentioned of the five adults there. Maybe she should have paid for the reported 50,000 pounds associated security costs too. Why this woman is so involved in not only K+W’s lives, but also insinuating herself in others’ lives as well, is beyond the pale. Ugh.

      As for the ‘William makes his own decisions’ article, the sub-text is that he is a tone-deaf tool. All of which folk here have said for eons. Interesting that it is being written at all but may be signalling that things will be changing, with or without William’s approval.

      1. I wonder what Wiliam’s friends think about them having Carole around all the time? Does she get along with them? Do they enjoy her company or do they think it’s creepy?

        1. That’s a really good point. I haven’t heard anything recently about William having a night out with friends. They are rarely mentioned anymore.

          I’ve wondered if W&K have really reduced their circle of friends. I’ve noticed a few in their circle had private social media accounts and several have now made them public. It makes me wonder if some of his friends are over it.

        2. Carole seems to be able to inveigle herself into the lives of vulnerable people rather well. I think she has the mothering concern thing down pat. Whether it’s real, or whether she just wants to insinuate herself into the lives of the wealthy and well-connected…well…

  22. I find it so childish that William kept talking about wanting the van. It is so superficial and honestly takes away from the whole reason you are there. I know the van helps the charity, but he is only focusing on how pimped out it is. Sorry, I find it a bit annoying.

    As for Kate, I am torn on her outfit. I am glad to see something different on her, but she likes choosing really juvenile clothing. I love vintage feeling pieces, but something about this outfit feels too childish to me.

    Did anyone else watch the video? Kate looked so bored at one point during the speeches. She is really just going through the motions and doesn’t seem to care about the charity. Also the bored face really doesn’t flatter her. I think she is so pretty when she smiles and looks so much older when she doesn’t. Her aging just really struck me this engagement, which it seems like it did others as well since no one has really commented about that before today. Maybe it is just exhaustion from working 2 days in a row 😉

    Hey did anyone else notice the comments on DM yesterday? I found it odd that all the bests rated comments where saying the same thing. Each one was talking about how DM needs to stop calling William and Kate lazy or work-shy. Each comment was made at around the same time as well. I found it odd since most the time the high rated comments on the DM are critical of the Cambridges. So, it seemed strange that all the sudden the best comments were defending the Cambridges and their work ethic. Is KP ever able to control this?

    1. I noticed that too and began to wonder if they enlisted their minions and sycophants to post those identical comments.

      1. I wee an account created yesterday with 4 commentaries : 1 which criticizes harry and three defending K&W against DM. (It is the best commentary about Harry’s article if you want to see).

        Warning : next there will be an invasion on KMR….
        Sometimes when the site doesn’t function, I say to myself that maybe the site was erased by KP or other…. I’m a little parano…

    2. They are probably using astroturfing. It’s more common than you think. They use it a lot when JLP was in charge. Not so much once he left and Ed Perkins, then #poorjason took over.

  23. Well I waited all day to post my comment so I could take several deep breathes in order to try to be a bit positive.

    I like this dress and the retro vibe it has. It’s certainly not a style that I would wear but it does seem to suit Kate, the colors give it a young and fresh feel. I’m just glad that the skirt isn’t any shorter or it would have been too much of a tween look. Unfortunately, her poor posture and insistent crotch clutching really ruined the whole look for me. (apparently I haven’t taken enough deep breathes…sorry).

    I’ve noticed that William and Kate no longer walk around and shake hands with the crowds that gather outside to witness their arrival. I would imagine of no better way or easier way to accrue some much needed good will from the people who support their opulent lifestyle, than to take 10 minutes out of their exceptionally busy day to shake a few hands and exchange some pleasantries.

    1. Lauri, don’t be ridiculous! I mean, 10 minutes is a lot of their time! They are soooo busy and loosing 10 minutes would have serious ramifications. I mean, William needs to get back home ASAP so he can get back to his pretend part-time job. And Kate, well she needs to get home to take care of the kids and clean/cook since she does it all herself. I mean, cut these 2 some slack! They are just a normal couple like you and me and shouldn’t be expected to spend 10 whole extra minutes shaking hands after having just exhausted all their caring and interested faces for 30 minutes. We should just automatically give them our good-will since they give us so much 😉

        1. Overit, you forgot that Wills cannot go without his cheese on toast in front of the Telly in between his part time rescue job and the part time royal job.

          And Waity needs to shop you know. Those clothes are not going to buy themselves either.

  24. I’ve noticed Kate’s aging for a while. I can relate because I also have deep forehead lines. They can be hereditary which I see in her dad. I’ve nearly removed mine from retinol and peels. I’m surprised she isn’t doing these. They don’t cost a lot and they are very effective. The problem with botox is it doesn’t truly solve the wrinkles, it simply paralyzes muscles. So when you do botox, but quit it, the wrinkles are still there. For anyone reading about aging it’s all about: retinol at night, peels when you can, and sunscreen during the day.

    I think she does the big goofy smile all of the time because it lifts the sagging jowels. You can see that from pics before she married. I’ve also noticed William showing more of his teeth lately also. So odd.

    I really liked her outfit! I thought she looked good. I’m disappointed about the Shamrock event. It was one of my favorites. I think the Queen Mother loved it. The guards always seemed to like having Kate attend. That’s really silly not to attend.

    I truly feel there will be a time when the UK is tired of supporting a Royal Family. Going so far as protests in the street, etc. Events like the St. Patricks day with the guards are highly favorable to the public. They need new PR. If things keep going like this, I don’t see good things coming for the Royal Family in 10 years. Possibly even less.

    1. I noticed that too Ccoop, William’s photos from the ski trip were all teeth no genuine smile. I’ve known several women over the years who used botox and I noticed that after a while they all tend to look alike. Personally, I try to take good care of my skin, nightly cleansing, serums, facials and hydration from the inside out. And not to criticize anyone who feels the need to use surgery or injections but I happen to like (some) of the lines and wrinkles I’ve worked so hard over the last 50+ years to earn, all the smiles, laughter, tears and memories I get to see every time I look in the mirror.

      1. The teeth grins do not seem genuine. I wish more women took your advice and learned to care for their skin. It’s amazing what good skincare can do. And it looks more natural.

        We take care of our teeth. Taking care of your skin is not vain as some may think. It’s simply body maintenance.

    2. Where can you get retinol? A dermatologist? I’m 30 and have some not-so-deep forehead wrinkles that bug me. I also have major wrinkles and bags under my eyes, but unfortunately it’s genetic and there’s nothing I could really do about it. I’ve tried this Strivectin cream but it hasn’t done much good, despite all the glowing reviews of the stuff.

      1. Retinol products are available over the counter. I personally prefer medical grade skin products that one can buy from dermatologists and plastic surgeons. However, not everyone can tolerate retinol. There are other skin care product alternatives to retinol. Best to consult with a professional.

      2. You’d want to get a prescription from a dermatologist for the retinol. Sometimes you might have to try different products to really see results and find what works best with your skin. I change up my skin care regime at least twice a year, because what I use during the cold, harsh winter months isn’t what I’d use during the hot, dry summer months, well sometimes I continue using a heavier night cream for hydration but my day time cream would be lighter in the summer.

      3. Professional grade are good as everyone states. However, you can start light from the drugstore. I started Neutrogena (sp) Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream when I first started. There is one called Green Cream that is amazing for first time retinol users. That one you can order on Amazon.

        It’s best to start with light ones and work your way up to a stronger percentage. I have friends who start too strong and give up because of the flakiness and redness.

        When you start, you need to also use a sunscreen. Japanese companies make the best sunscreens. This one is amazing and light: http://www.amazon.com/Biore-JAPAN-Sarasara-SPF50-Sunscreen/dp/B00SM99KWU/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1457846496&sr=8-2&keywords=japanese+sunscreen

        Sorry if I’m not allowed to post links!

      4. Ellie: i’m a big proponent of lifestyle/food over products. You’ve mentioned, genetics aren’t on your side, so products are not going to help.

        You need to use lifestyle/food to work with genetics.

        1. Drink lots of water. Not flavoured water or water full of some buzzy word like electrolytes or vitamins or some such. Plain natural water.

        2. If you drink alcohol, cut it out. Stop. There is nothing more dehydrating than alcohol.

        3. Daily codliver oil supplements. Or if you can stomach the taste, a tablespoon a day of the oil.

        4. In general you need to UP your intake of oil/fatty and hydrate.

        5. Increasing intake of oil/fatty foods isn’t a licence to increase your calorie intake.

        6. Exercise as often as you can.

        7. And try to be in the fresh air as often as you can, even if you live in the middle of the city surrounded by tall buildings. Getting away from aircon which is very drying for the skin is a must.

        8. Eat clean. No ifs about that. The only way to ensure that you eat clean is if you cook from scratch. It’s time consuming, but it will work out better in the long run.

        9. Sleep. Dark circles can be genetic, but lack of sleep can make them worse.

        10. Never forgetting to moisturise and use sunscreen at all times. Even when you don’t feel like it or it seems unnecessary.

    3. No amount of Botox, retinol, glycolic acid and potions will help if you are unhappy and unraveling inside, which I think is happening with Kate. I don’t think she expected to be working and thinking this much when she signed her fishbowl life away with the Firm.

      1. This is very true. I do think something is going on. I’m not taking up for her, but I’d hate to be married to William. I know she chased him, but I don’t think it’s what she’d thought it would be. He seems so easily unhinged.

    4. They show all those teeth because their smiles aren’t genuine. They are going through the motions and think (wrongly) that the wider they smile, the happier and more into being there they will appear.

      I tease my sister about this all the time. She is a beautiful woman but hates to have her picture taken. When she’s forced into a picture she gets that same look. Eyes wide open, showing every tooth in her head when she’s smiling. The pictures I have of her off guard when she’s smiling are natural and don’t look like a dental exam.

      William hasn’t given us a genuine smile in years. I take that back. The pictures last year of him at the table with Joss Stone at that charity event were a real smile. You’d probably get a real smile out of him if he were near Jecca too. Otherwise, he’s just baring his teeth at the camera. I’d actually hate to hear what he’s thinking during the whole thing.

      It’s just another piece of evidence that could be used to show how they truly don’t give to s*&@s about their “jobs”.

      1. I use La Roche Posay Redermic R, or Skinceuticals 1% – Caroline Hirons blog has a whole section explaining retinols. I read her blog religiously!

          1. I’ve found the key to avoiding peeling and redness from the higher strength retinol is to balance on alternate days with face oils – no need to spend ££, organic rosehip or vit e capsules pierced & applied as a serum at nighttime seem to work for me.

        1. I use jojoba oil as a moisturiser sometimes. It works great.

          Right now I’m using some skincare from Paula’s Choice with AHA and BHAs in it to combat pesky clogged pores. Sebaceous filaments, they are the bane of my existence.

          I love how we’re talking skincare, haha. I am going to check out some retinols.

  25. I liked the dress from a distance up close not so much. Is it me or does many of Kates profile shots look like she has a clinched jaw? Just very disappointed with this pair and it’s heading towards disgust. Or I’m just really tired after several days of helping people and pets impacted by the flooding in Louisiana. Sorry for rambling!

  26. No shamrocks this year?
    Hopefully, Kate “Can’t be bothered” Middleton will be headlining. It’s definitely more clickable than the normal prince showing up in his costume.
    There are moments one may feel pity for the wig wearing robotic parrot, however, She really is just as bad as gormless william.

  27. I like her outfit,it’s not my favorite but the color+the gingham print+the structure+the buttons that add a smart touch=a nice look for me.

    1. I am cool with this outfit. The flaps on the skirt are overdone and I would have done without them. I would replace the black buttons with cream ones allowing cream coloured shoes.

      I would so wear this outfit since a haven a ton of a-line skirts with pleats like this. I often accent the dresses that I make with buttons.

  28. “I was confused about Kate’s “knife crimes” comment on Thursday, but I guess this event is what she was referring to. This just proves to me even more that Kate hasn’t learned anything about mental health in the months she’s been working with it, and all she does is spout out pre-written lines.” Exactly. That’s why I do not buy for a minute the involvement of the Cambridges in this issue. They do not show any credibility in their “concern” with the cause. Pathetic.

  29. Hello,

    I have the impress we are assisting to a Diana thing again with Kate. After reading a lot of biographies about William I think he has been not well prepared to his future role: spoiled during childhood, Diana psychic failure and his father who let him doing what he wants don’t help to fit with his duties.
    I have high respect for Kate, she has been educated to be a hard worker and devoted spouse but how can you deal with a dysfunctional family and her husband who seems to be very demanding verus high public expectation? Especially if your upbringing is so far away from british royalty.

    1. Marianne, nothing personal in this reply towards you, but I don’t see how Kate has been educated to be a hard worker. She didn’t work a day in her life (I don’t count that Jigsaw “job” as it was basically just on paper) and is hard pressed to do anything after the marriage. Carole and Mike worked to make their business a success, but no where do we see that Kate was instrumental in their success.

      She comes from a very dysfunctional family on her own, their closeness is verging on creepy and she can’t seem to do anything without her mother there to hold her hand. Including a short vacation. She didn’t need Carole there to watch the kids, she has a full time nanny. William may come from a dysfunctional family as well but there’s no way I can look to Kate as his strong, upstanding wife who is bringing him through it all especially when she comes off so childish and unsure herself more often than not. And while she may not have been brought up with the BRF, her mother did everything in her power to get her to associate with the next level down from them. More likely than not so that she could (and did) get next to William.

      I just can’t lay this all at the feet of William. He’s made a ton of bad choices, chiefly IMHO getting wrapped up in Kate and her family, but Kate is no trodden upon saint in the making who is fighting the big bad dysfunctional BRF. If she wants to change something she should start with telling her mother she needs to stand on her own two feet in her married life.

      1. I agree with you Lisa.
        In the very dysfunctional family that RF is claimed to be, Harry, Zara and Peter are functional, normal an nice.
        When you see more closely at the Middleton siblings, all three of them seem to be immature and lazy. They all pretend to be working hard, but in reality they don’t.

      2. I’m with you Lisa. Kate has no work ethic. Sadly, I think her dysfunctional family has caused her enmeshed behavior to be so entrenched, she will never stand on her own to feet until the death of her mother.

  30. I agree with you KMR. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the no show at the Irish guards events. What’s wrong with us expecting that she would attend it every year? Perhaps they don’t want us to expect ANYTHING from her at all. This way, she can just show up to any event she wants without expectations that she would do anything at all. I hope I’m making sense. I’m beginning to side eye all this mental health shtick they have. I’m no expert but I rather think that not everything stems from childhood, bad or not. That just seems to be the only thing she spouts about mental health. This and that is because of bad childhood. Anyway, this dress is okay but it’s weird for me because it really looks stiff yet on pictures where she moves it seems it’s not. I don’t like the fabric though and the pattern because it reminds of baskets and basket weaves. I

  31. I find it annoying that Kate will skip St. Patrick’s Day and handing out shamrocks because of “getting away from the expectation she’d do it every year”. That sounds workshy and stupid after all the negative PR.

  32. Greetings Everyone,
    This will be my LAST written post for a while.

    We were hit by a 4.4 earthquake early Sunday morning NZT – have just finished clearing as much as I can from the collapsed mess I had over nearly 4 days ago.

    Now I am off on my – wandering travels, books to villages, food banks, blanket delivery etc.

    As for this ROYAL CHARADE…

    I am done with the pair of them. There were well over 60 photographs of this “event” – as if to prove that they were actually there and not potoshopped in.

    The British Press as well as other critics hammered them over it. And like OVERIT – I am OVERIT.

    They turned up – 2 points

    It went downhill from there.

    In the DM article there is a photograph of snakey katey getting coming around the back of the car. Her race says it all. She has been forced out and been told to face the press. Bill is the same in another photograph his face looks like a tantrumed 2 year old.

    These two have no idea what they are talking about “X” proves the point. As with Mental Health and Suiicide (of which I have seen much of during my life). They again have no depth or understanding.

    I have lost 2 family members and 2 friends to suicide. I found 2 of the 4 – and actually spoke at their Funeral and Memorial Services.

    Does anyone have a clue how hard it is to speak of the person who was in such a place that this was their only option? If you do you know exactly what I mean – Coming from a “family member” you walk a line that respects the person and reflects on what made them the person they were – then you must speak to the actions they took.

    My absolute bottom line with these two is that they TAKE EVERYTHING and STAND FOR NOTHING.

    They blow off what they do not want to do.

    The pair of them fly “their whims like mental health and suicide” like banners to bolster their failing PR and that is moral bankruptcy.

    They play the Diana card every single time – it is their “get out of work card” and “we will do what we want”

    I am beyond sick of it. I will not and no longer have any respect for the heirs and successors of Her Majesty.

    In some of the photographs that have surfaced with these absolute nightmare dimwits in them, it is quite obvious that they expect that criticism will stop. It will not.

    When they attend anything it is “All about them” WHEN it should be “ALL ABOUT THEM” meaning it a visit to places is about the people in the place, running the place not the two idiots showing up in clothes from their dress up box.

    European Royalty – a sight and a pleasure to behold. Whatever the people may feel about having a Monarchy, the Europeans do it well. Whether they are children born into Royal Homes, of the Blood Royal or married into it. Either way they give a damn.

    As I said in one of my earlier posts – the British Monarchy is failing.

    It is failing because of the attitude of the very people who have squandered every second they have had to change. It is Monarchy failing as a result of lethargy. Chronic, ingrained, lethargy.

    The people are seeing this right here, right now – and I am happy to see it fall unless Prince Harry can pull it back by having bill take himself or be leaned on to remove himself from succession.

    Diana once said that she would never be Queen. I believe that the same goes for William. He is a hate filled man. Petty, mean and tyrannical. He reminds of Henry VIII – I don’t like the rules so I will change them to suit me. History teaches us a lot. This will be a lesson bill and his lazy mrs will learn the hard way. Public Revolt at its best.

    Meanwhile KMR community – I have to go now. The wind is blowing, it is a grey, cold day however there are some parts of the city and world which need a little bit of kindness – so it is time.

    I leave you with my best thoughts, be kind to each other and those you love. Remember that even just opening a door for someone or letting a person pass before you is a simple act of kindness.

    KMR keep up the exceptional work you do and I will try to check in with a comment when I can – depending where I am. Keep this site honest and be proud of it.

    So a basket full of happiness for everyone – I will see walking down the road sometime.

    Kindest Regards, and Respect, as always

    The Wild Rose.

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