Katie Nicholl doubles down on Prince William being the cause of his own bad press

Katie Nicholl doubles down on Prince William being the cause of his own bad press

Katie Nicholl wrote an interesting piece for the Mail on Sunday basically confirming what we’ve been saying for a while: that Prince William is a stubborn idiot who is responsible for his own bad press.

Nicholl wrote in part (for space, I removed the recap of all the PR blunders from the last two years):

    “Royal insiders say the turning point in William’s fortunes came when the Cambridges and Prince Harry set up their new office at Kensington Palace two years ago. The move coincided with the departure of his former private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.
    “A distinguished former SAS commander, Lowther-Pinkerton, 55, had spent a generation as a reassuring presence by the side of Princes William and Harry. Crucially, it is felt he was willing to stand up to the young man and William turned to him for advice right up until the birth of his first child Prince George in 2013, and made Lowther-Pinkerton godfather.
    “There are some who say he is sorely missed. Today, William’s Private Secretary and team of aides are all, like him, in their 30s. One friend of the Royal Family says: ‘There is a feeling that perhaps there isn’t someone in William’s court who will put their foot down and say no if they think William is making the wrong decision.’
    “‘William has changed and so have his aides,’ says another source. ‘William needed Jamie for advice and counsel because he was younger, but he’s a grown-up man now with his own ideas and opinions. He has a clear idea of how he wants to steer his PR machine. He has a good team around him, but the point is they all listen to William and rarely question him when sometimes William does need to be questioned.’
    “At Kensington Palace, the team of aides include Communications Director Jason Knauf, 30, an American who dealt with the near collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland as its spin doctor. He was appointed in 2014. The other senior figure is William’s popular Private Secretary Miguel Head, 37, who used to be the Palace’s head of communications.
    “‘William was involved in the interviewing process when they appointed a new communications director and he liked Jason Knauf,’ says a source. ‘Others who were interviewed had big ideas to bring to the table, but William wanted to do things his way.’
    “And Knauf, perhaps wisely, was willing to oblige.
    “Then, last week, just as it seemed things appeared to be settling down, Kensington Palace released pictures of the Cambridges on a luxury vacation on the French slopes. The images, taken by the Press Association, went ‘viral’. And so did the backlash. The press was filled with a fresh slew of critical headline pointing out that ‘part-time Wills’ had sloped off despite having carried out just four engagements so far this year.
    “No wonder Kensington Palace has announced a flurry of new engagements for the Duke and the Duchess. While the Palace would argue these were arranged months in advance, his aides must surely be relieved to have their ‘principal’ back on Royal duties.
    “Last week, William carried out two days of engagements with Kate to promote mental health. Tomorrow William, together with his wife and Prince Harry, will join the Queen at Westminster Abbey for a Commonwealth Day Service. Perhaps, though, the temptation to shoot the PR messengers should be resisted. Because the person pulling the strings is William himself.
    “The Mail on Sunday can reveal it was William who decided not to follow the Royal tradition of posing on the slopes in favour of a private photoshoot with PA’s Royal photographer John Stillwell. The pictures were carefully selected by the couple before being released once they were safely back in Britain. And it seems likely that the release date was chosen by William himself, against advice from some in his team. He was apparently delighted to have kept the press in the dark.
    “According to Ingrid Seward, Editor of Majesty magazine: ‘His aides are very young and very good, but the problem is William has never really taken advice and has a tendency to think he is always right.’
    “With his diary of Royal duties now filling up, including foreign tours, there are no doubt sunnier times ahead – particularly if he takes the brave decision to find someone to stand up to him.”

[Daily Mail]

So basically what we’ve been batting around for a while: That Jason can only do so much if his employers are not willing to listen to him. While Jason isn’t doing a great job, since he’s not willing to stand up to William at all, the blame for William’s terrible PR can be laid on William’s own doorstep.

Though it is not said, if William is the one calling all the shots, I would imagine it wouldn’t be too out there to suggest William is the one pushing himself and Kate over Harry, shunting him to the back burner and not promoting his visits the way William’s and Kate’s get promoted. I would imagine it also wouldn’t be too out there to suggest that William is the one behind Kate not attending the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

PS. It seems William has a fake concerned face, too. But on him it looks more like he’s constipated.

PPS. Can we please not make fun of the way Charlotte looks. I know several of you on here have mentioned that you don’t think she’s a cute baby, and that’s your opinion, not everyone has to think every baby is cute. But I read a comment elsewhere that said something to the effect that Charlotte is going to be so ugly when she grows up that she’s going to need plastic surgery (that comment disturbed the hell out of me). And I’ve read several comments that have said in a negative way that Charlotte looks like Carole.

I’m not one of those people who thinks every baby is cute, so I don’t think it’s necessary that everyone thinks every baby is cute. So saying you don’t think Charlotte is cute is fine. Commenting on who a baby looks like is fine – personally I think it’s a bit pointless since they change so much when they’re young, but I understand the desire to question which parent a baby looks like.

But attacking a child based what they look like, or on which parent or grandparent they look like, is not okay. Girls and young women are already under so much pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, think a certain way, and already suffer enough self-esteem issues as it is. We don’t need to be giving a baby self-esteem issues because we don’t like her parents and grandparents.

Cambridge Ski Holiday 3l
[PA/John Stillwell]

221 thoughts on “Katie Nicholl doubles down on Prince William being the cause of his own bad press

  1. So PoorJason is merely 30? Not very seasoned at all and not up to a challenge.

    I’m not a baby person but Charlotte’s smile is everything. That’s all that’s important, IMO. Waity may not feel the same.

    So Katie Nicholl, the ultimate royal sycophant is criticising? Wow. Hell has frozen over.

    Of course it’s true that Willy needs someone to stand up to him. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, how embarrassing for him that his idea of PR is on show. I find him and his arrogance tremendously unlikable. He really does consider himself high and mighty. I just want to smack him upside the head to get a clue.

    1. I think we should stop calling him “Poor Jason”. He knowingly signed up for this job. He specifically rolled over and showed William his belly to get this job. Jason is not “Poor Jason”.

        1. Imagine Prince Petulant useless Willnot and the middletons feel so commercial that he needs the banking industry PR crisis guy – a sad day for the protectors of the longivity of the British Monarchy, HM, BRF, POW and Harry Line.

          When will PRince Charles eject entitled petulant Bill middleton from his Line

          1. I don’t see this this as Nichol changing her tune. She’s just repeating unassailable facts about William’s screw up’s and that they are of his own making. Then at the end she claims that his diary is filling up and everything will be fine. This is the same woman who has written of Kate’s “endless round of engagements”. And when this Workshy Will story broke, she rushed to assure us that Kate is “everywhere these days”. I’m starting to think that there’s only two ways out of this mess. Work more *snort* or give a sit down TV interview.

      1. The same woman who penned the saccharine bio of Kate wrote this article? Well, my goodness!

        Ok, so she is telling it like it is. Good for her. But, yes, the ending with the calendars of the Cambridge’s filling up is something I wish she had not included. It’s as if we are all going to live happily ever after, now. Fairy tale continues!

        I loved the point of her making the “concerned” William face and equating it to constipation. Haven’t a few people here said that? We should be published, too!

        Jason, at 30, may have been a good spin doctor for the Bank of Scotland, but he’s not doing a great job with William. He’s too young, I think. Not seasoned enough in dealing with the Royal family to steer William in the best possible way. And, that is as much of his job as any other aspect of PR.

        William is doing nothing to better his approval rating. And, Kate? Well, she is just too much of a wishy washy type. She will do anything to stay in the approval zone in her husband’s eyes.

        Also, KMR, thank you for the words on negative words toward Baby Charlotte and her resemblance to Carole that so many rant of. You are right. Little girls and women are constantly being scrutinized in the looks department. And, Charlotte will change a good deal over the years. One day babies look like their mom. The next, more like their dad. A week later, they take on a grandparent’s appearance. They change and change. Just look how much William, himself, changed since meeting Kate! He totally looks like a different person.

        I’m in Charlotte’s corner. I think she may just have the inner strength as a teen and young woman to raise hell within her family. Kate, get ready. Your little girl might have the substance to stand up for herself the way you should.

          1. I in Charlotte’s corner too. Though I hope that Charlotte has a bit more self respect. I think the best thing William and Kate can do is support Charlotte. Even if Charlotte is forthright it doesn’t make her a drama queen.

  2. Hmmm…the timing of this article is interesting. People (this blog included) have been calling out Jason for the bad press and now here’s a story saying Jason and staff are not to blame. They are following William’s lead. That could be a double edged sword for them though. They are loyal enough to trot along blindly, but at the same time they are too skittish to call their employer out and/or advise him when he might be erring in their ways. Some people out there actually pay PR people to make them not look like fools and to let them know when they are venturing into that territory.

    As for Charlotte, that plastic surgery line is disgusting. As you said not everyone may think she’s the cutest thing in the world, but that someone said that makes me nauseous. Unfortunately she’s been born into a family of people who are drawing the wrath of the public at the moment and while she should not be painted with the same brush as her parents/grandparents there are a lot of people out there who just aren’t very stable or able to censor themselves.

    That being said, I can’t wait to see what the next volley from the press about W&K will be. I keep seeing this exclusive sit down interview with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in my mind where they try to justify they reasoning, pull a mea culpa in hopes that the public will forgive them, make a lot of empty promises and go right back to where they were before. Kate cancelling St. Patrick’s Day, whether is was her idea or William’s is flat out one of the dumbest things this couple has done. Can no one get through to these two? I swear HM is just doling out that rope and is going to snatch it tight one day. Only I think the result won’t be them falling into line, but being pushed out of it all together.

    1. Kate cancelling St. Patrick’s Day event with the excuse that she doesn’t want people to expect her to work this event every year is incredibly stupid, especially with such a stupid explanation and at this particular juncture where she and William are under fire for being work-shy! It really makes me believe that it isn’t a professional that is in charge in KP’s PR office.

      1. I agree! Cancelling St. Patrick’s Day is the exact opposite of what they should be doing right now. It honestly seems like a pretty stress-free event for Kate. She doesn’t have to regurgitate any stereotypical lines about mental health or put on her pretend concerned face. All she has to do is stand there with her exaggerated smile, pass out some shamrocks, and pet a cute Irish Wolfhound. Hell, she could probably get a new green coat out of it, and we all know how much she loves expensive green coats…

      2. My thought when I heard that excuse was “Why not work it every year?? It is low stress. Stand in a green coat, pet a great dog, shake some hands. Done. One more event in the can.”

      3. When I heard this, I wondered if it was really to give William another engagement on his own. I think possibly Kate has had more individual engagements than William at this point and we all know that can’t be allowed to continue!

  3. My negative feelings and criticism of Will and Kate have reached an all time high this week. The two darling children are the one compliment I can give to the Cambridge’s.

    I have a gut feeling about how we look at pretty women in present society. For years I have noticed celebrity women get the majority of press attention until they reach about 35 years old. The coverage seems to decrease at this point, but can increase when celebrity women reach the early 40’s. This is when the stories start about how good they look for their age.

    I could be wrong, but it does show the scrutiny females face in society over their appearance. From cradle on females get positive/negative about their appearance. Some studies have shown females would rather be pretty v intelligent. Thank you KMR for bringing up this issue concerning a baby.

      1. I would go further to say it really isn’t fair to a person of any age to criticize their natural-born looks. It’s fair to criticize things that are within one’s control — choice of wardrobe and hairstyle, etc.

        1. Agreed which is why I don’t like how the press and public make nasty remarks about Princess Beatrice but that’s another story. 😉

    1. I wish we could call a moratorium on criticizing women for their looks worldwide.

      My brother is transgender and it shocked me when he told me because he was so good at hiding it for over thirty years. I asked him a lot of questions trying to understand why he would want to become a woman. One of my questions was about how he and I were approaching forty and how hard society is on men versus women as they age. I asked him why he would want to bring that down on himself when he didn’t have to. Then, I followed that line of questioning up with how expensive it is to be a woman who is aging because you’re supposed to buy all of this cosmetic crap, dye your hair and moisturize and SPF your body to stay artificially young looking. If some women could stop aging by sleeping in formaldehyde every night, I bet they would do it.

      Having him transition made me think a lot about how much more expensive and harder women have it than men. To ramble even further, I told him about the clothing thing too. Men can get away with a few outfits. If you don’t know what I mean, compare how William dresses to Kate and what kind of reception Kate would have it she only wore the same couple of things for every appearance. William gets away with the same blue suits, white collared shirts and blue jumpers because of his gender.

      At the end of the day, my brother had thought about all of this and decided transitioning was worth it anyway.

      As for myself, I like being a woman and have no desire to be transgender. However, in the maintenance and upkeep department I would love to be a man. Much cheaper. Much simpler.

  4. I never believed for once that Harry is not doing more or a lot of engagements or that he is work shy. I always thought that some people in the palace actively make his numbers low for Will’s sake because it would be really bad if the heir to heir is outnumbered. We see photos and hear mentions of him on twitter and stuff that I just don’t think he isn’t doing more. The only way he will represented better in the press if he gets a separate staff from his brother but I don’t think that will happen until he gets married. Anyway, I don’t think it’s just Will and his press people that are bad, I think the whole BRF press people are bad. They just don’t seem coordinated.

    1. I agree, I believe Harry does more. But, I don’t think getting married will really help him. I think if he marries someone with any work ethic, they will be shut down and be very unhappy. I think Kate will have major jealousy issues when Harry’s new wife gets the halo of attention that Kate did when she was first married. I wouldn’t be surprised if Will and Kate strongarm Harry and hsi future wife into keeping a very low profile.

      1. +1

        I hope she’ll be super secure and not give a rat about the PR games and publicity seeking stunts the Cambridges will pull and just do good work, with or without applause the way Harry does.

        1. I could only see Harry falling for a girl with this type of hardworking attitude. I don’t think he would be interested in someone who wants to sit around all day. I see this causing a clash in the future for sure.

      2. I’ve thought about how frustrating it would be for Harry’s wife if he marries a woman with passion and work ethic too.

        That could be one of the reasons why Harry has a hard time finding a wife. Who would want to deal with Kate and William having any authority over your life? No one in their right mind.

  5. I’m with Maven, I’m really surprised to hear that from Katie Nichol, she must be really rilied?
    Good point bringing up the comments about Charlotte, she’s just a baby! And imo, the only one genuinely smiling in those photos. Reminds me of taking my eldest niece out to play in the snow for the first time when she was that age!

  6. Wasn’t Katie Nicholl a W & K sympathizer? I remember seeing her on TV as a “royal correspondent” or expert. The fact that she’s calling William out on his *bleep* is huge, IMO. I’m just so stunned that people’s words are falling on William and Kate’s deaf ears. Wow. I just can’t get over how flippant they are.

    I saw the pictures from the past couple of engagements they’ve done together and they’ve both aged so much. Like you said, KMR, he looks like he’s constipated whenever he does his “concerned” expression. No sincerity at all from him. I think he’s starting to (finally!) realize he can no longer use the mommy card and is running out of cards to shuffle in his deck (so to speak).

    Charlotte is cute but since the photo releases are inconsistent (and infrequent), I don’t feel an emotional attachment towards her and I’m definitely one of those baby people.

    Sorry that I’ve been MIA this week. I’ve been battling stupid shingles (started experiencing the signs last Saturday (the 5th) and red splotches showed up on my face the following morning). I was out from work this whole week (UGH!!) and my face still looks yucky but I’m getting out and about and plan on going to work tomorrow, though I’m still hurting.

    1. We have been missing you Kimohy shingles are vile even for someone without your other health issues. Sending you Wild Roses baskets of happiness.

    2. Hi Kimothy
      Ugh! Shingles! My Mum has had them an said she felt exhausted for a long time afterwards!
      I hope you get through it quickly and recover quickly too!
      Can you get that injection to prevent another attack afterwards?
      Sending you a virtual hug in the meantime!

      1. Yorkie, Birdie, Rhiannon, and Cathy,

        Thank you for your well wishes. My doctor was stunned at how early I was diagnosed. I was wiped out last weekend (March 5/6), saw red splotches on the left side of my face Sunday (6th) morning and the next morning, I was at my dermatologist! They scraped a bit off my back (there are spots around the nape of my neck), tested it and wham–diagnosed with shingles. Actually, as soon as the doctor walked into the room he was like, **gasp** (keep in mind he’d just seen me 5 days earlier!).

        I was out of work the whole week last week (and furious because this is the second time this year that some ailment has prevented me from going to work for a whole flipping week). I’m still feeling a bit worn out and sore but am forcing myself to get out there and get errands/chores done this weekend. Last Tuesday was the worst. I was up almost all night, in pain, due to the blisters. A couple of times, I actually howled like a wounded animal. I’m amazed my neighbors didn’t call the police on me!! I’m also surprised my fur-baby, Missy, didn’t walk out on me that night haha!! Actually, she was an absolute sweetheart that night and kept on checking on mama and made sure not to drive mama crazy.

        On the plus side, I did some binge-watching on Netflix and fell in love with this Netflix-created show from Japan called “Atelier.” It’s kind of like “Ugly Betty” meets “The Devil Wears Prada”–such a great show!! I totally fell in love with the characters and hope there is another season!!

        Unfortunately, I cannot receive the vaccine because it’s a live vaccine (a big no-no for transplant recipients). I just finished washing ALL of my towels and recently-used bed sheets, hoping that’ll help prevent me from getting sick again. I truly hope to go to work tomorrow because I’m going stir-crazy!!

        Thanks again!!

        1. Ok, that is not fun and I know what it was like for Mum as she went through it too.
          Mum said to tell you to toss out your toothbrush too.
          I suppose the plus side is that Missy didn’t bring home a dead something to make Mama feel better? I had a cat who used to do that… being sick AND having to dispose of a dead bird? #notyum
          And when I asked Mum if there was anything I could suggest you could eat to hurray up the recovery process, she said chocolate, good quality chocolate!

        2. I hope you make it back to work this week. A week of misery and then you were stuck doing laundry. Just what you needed when you are unwell. Thank goodness you had your fur baby for comfort and company.

        3. With all this stress how are your feet Kimothy? Do you think the rashes and sores were the start of shingles? You remind me of my oldest brother who has been in a wheelchair for 60 years and is diabetic and is losing the loss of his hands and still manages to keep going live on his own do his chores care for others. I feel really honoured to know you (OK ‘ virtual know’) and you make me realise how my own problems can be dealt with.
          Baskets of happiness – just love that expression!!!

      2. Oh, Kimothy. My best wishes are coming your way. Shingles are so very painful. You ahve been through so very much. May things improve for you. We support you and send a group hug.

    3. Katie was a royal correspondent during the wedding and a scary one at that. She kept appearing on American television wearing the same necklace, shoes and wrap dress that Kate wore to the engagement interview. Talk about identifying with your subject. She was single white femaling the heck out of Kate.

  7. Sorry to hear you have been poorly Kimothy and trust you can get back to rights asap..

    The timing of this article is curious, and coming from Katie Nicholl too. I think William has behaved badly many a time and the press is seizing an opportunity to slap him around while they can.

    I’m not a ‘cute baby’ person, but really, projecting hatred of Carole et al onto a baby is mean and not a little bit sick.

  8. Along with Katie Nicholl writing this rather damning piece about William, I’ve noticed on other pro-Kate blog sites some serious questioning of William and Kate. Now, I don’t really like to name names but I’ve seen this on one site in particular, whose author won’t allow any questioning of Kate’s work ethic, commentators are starting to see through the haze of adoration, are starting to realize that maybe these two could and should be doing more, that those of us who have been saying that for years aren’t “jealous” and mean spirited. It appears that Kate’s non-attendance at the St Patrick’s day event is really upsetting a lot of her “fans” and the excuse of not wanting to raise “expectations that she’ll attend every year” has thrown a lot of people for a loop.

    1. I am sure if asked Rhiannon would commit to going every year. What an honour to be asked. Shame of lazy Kate .
      And on the Rhiannon clothing spree please be aware I will be there as it is important that an American marrying into the BRF has a British advisor and is coming through clearly with Will and Kate someone older with backbone who is prepared to be tough on Rhiannon if she makes the occasional error. Love the fact that she is considering the odd ‘mad max ‘ moment as long as it doesn’t involve Erdem!!

      1. I would be so honored. It’s a given. I do need a British advisor. I think that some serious training on etiquette, diplomacy and working with W+K are in order. We all mess up at some time. It’s all about what we do our celebration we learn from it.

        I believe in feedback, both good and bad. This is what bothers me about the Cambridge’s. They are a part of a dynasty. History, tradition, and service is what it’s about. Will does not care. I don’t know what else he needs to do to show that he doesn’t. If he doesn’t want this, start making plans fast.

        Harry gets it. But I also need Harry to branch out. His loyalty to his brother is not going to end well. It’s high time he separates himself.

        1. Absolutely Harry needs his own team – he can be the Anne of his generation, quietly making an enormous difference because he can, without always being on the front page of the papers. I loved Diana despite her issues, and Harry seems to have inherited her strengths but avoided most of her weaknesses.

        2. And after a long day of dealing with W&K, I can be your Southern lady-in-waiting ready with sweet tea and caramel cake, after ribs, potato salad and fried okra, of course. If you don’t like caramel cake, I can do a custard pie or chocolate icebox pie.

    2. I wonder if William is throwing Kate under the bus the way he does Harry.

      Katie N. in writing this piece about William isn’t necessarily making a comment on the Cambridges as a whole but William himself, so I think she still remains Kate’s positive publicity inforcer and protector.

      The ground work is pretty much being laid for “Kate wants to work but William won’t let her” which is why I reckon the Middletons have been keeping a super low profile. Let the story run and people see a bit of the behind the scenes?

  9. The author covered her backside by comments of sunnier days ahead for wee willie by mentioning the upcoming tour and a calendar that is “rapidly ” filling up. I’d love to know their definition of filling up

  10. http://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/camilla-tominey/652192/Duke-and-Duchess-of-Cambridge-overly-staged-says-Camilla-Tominey

    Camilla Tomney also wrote a piece today.

    “But the Prince cannot have it both ways, either. He cannot turn on the tap of publicity when it suits him and switch it off when it doesn’t while pretending it is all in the interests of protecting his young family from the paparazzi that “killed” his mother.

    Such excessive image control is at odds with the laid-back informality the Cambridges like to portray

    Post-Leveson, the Press has arguably never afforded the Cambridges more privacy, allowing them to live out of the limelight in deepest, darkest Norfolk, largely unbothered. Since they married in 2011, newspapers have not printed photos the couple have deemed to have invaded their privacy, even those taken in public places such as beaches, museums and playground.”

    1. I don’t need or wish to see their private moments I need and wish to see them working. My mum is 89 same age as HM and my brothers and I and our children do all we can to ensure she has as few worries as possible. This lazy duo are a total disgrace and HM and the Dof E cannot be happy. My poor doggy is exhausted because I read KMR get angry and he has to go for another run through the fields- but he’s losing weight!!!he’s currently curled up asleep in the spring sunshine.

      1. I’m glad that doggy is getting a run through the fields! I’m with you on not needing to see W+K’s private moments, but their privacy obsession seems to be a ruse to avoid scrutiny of their workload. They are a pretty sly, slippery duo when all is considered.

    2. I just love how people have conveniently forgotten that Diana called the press with leaks and photo ops or had her friends do it on her behalf, then cried foul when they showed up.

          1. Oh contrare, I believe William has inherited her artfulness in garnering press and then complaining about it. Diana, however, had the work ethic he lacks. She was also lovable and even pitiable at times. William is not.

    3. “Kate is understandably still a little nervous around us. It is as if she cannot let us see who she really is. And herein lies the problem.”

      This line was interesting. I often feel Kate is a bit of a mystery. She defines herself (at least outwardly) as William’s wife. The comments she has made over the years about “William liked this color” or “William didn’t like that dress/coat/etc” make me think she lives in his shadow privately too. I do think they get along well, when they enjoy what they are doing, they seem to really thrive on each other’s company. But, I worry that the relationship will have just as many downs as ups because they don’t seem to be truly equal partners.

      As for the baby comments, it is horrible how many internet comments remark on looks of children. I personally find the two children to be quite sweet looking, but even if I didn’t, there would be absolutely no reason to go online and complain. Anyone who does reveals an ugliness about themselves, in my opinion.

      I was an ugly baby, no hair until I was over 2 years old. I was thin and long too. My mother always told me I was the ugliest thing she ever saw and was humiliated by my appearance. As a child, I can’t tell you how sad I was about this. What could I have done? Fortunately, I somehow realized I wasn’t defined by looks alone. As an adult, I can look at my baby pictures and laugh at my poor self, but that’s only because I now have healthy friendships and family relationships. Hopefully, these children will have true friends in their lives, who value them as individuals, and therefore they will be able to ignore the bad, useless comments.

      1. Personally I don’t know how anyone could be truly and honestly happy living in someone else’s shadow or bidding devoid of any sense of identity. It’s self destructive.

        1. I agree with you Yorkie, but I never understood how Kate could seemingly put her life on hold for years while waiting to be given the ring. Why didn’t she build a life for herself, pursue a career and then marry William if that’s what she wanted? She would have learned so much about herself.

          1. William wouldn’t have been there for her to marry? I don’t think William wanted a woman who had an actual job and life outside of him, and if Kate had not been totally available then he would have found someone else. Any less desperate woman would have dumped William’s butt eons ago. But Kate was desperate so she put up with William’s stupid demands.

          2. Sadly, I agree with KMR on this front. Waity became exactly what William wanted. A woman at his beck and call with a family that doted on him.

  11. I bet a glass of cosmo that this is the work of someone at the PR office who is sick of the duo. Recent bad PR has shed a huge shadow over the Kensington PR team, and each will have their share of smudgy CV. They are at the point of desperation since people keep blaming the PR team when it is Will’s ugly decisions that put his own two feet in the quicksand. Imagine having a boss who refuse to listen to you but force you to take the blame and fix everything when things get nasty. I had one such boss, and boy did I quit as soon as I found an exit. I just hope they are well compensated, because for a crisis management expert like Jason, this situation is a clear and utter failure that spreads mud all over his resume.

    1. …and professional royal reporters, respectable media organizations B AFTA (while on carole sofa with toast), misusing his public royal title of UK GB and CW , rather than for the good of the people in secretive, entitlements and waste of public funds in RPOs and staff , palaces and mansions. Yes! It’s way pass …

      Thank goodness Charlotte is looking more Windsor and smiling (except when Willnot is holding her), as even George seem to not like the public like W*w and the middletons.

  12. There’s an associated article in the DM that states that Carol hosted the ski weekend. This could be conjecture but interesting nonetheless.

    1. Hi Tara2, yeah some of us discussed that yesterday. While I can appreciate Carole’s desire to see her grandchildren’s first romp in the snow, I wonder what William’s friends think of her constant presence? Personally, nothing could prevent me from seeing my granddaughter’s first time in the snow and if my kid’s friends had problems with that oh well, but I’m not trying to integrate myself into my children’s lives with their friends at every turn either.

      1. There are going to be innumerable firsts for a baby: seeing snow, going to the beach, first seeing a dog, a cat, the list goes on. Has there been no snow whatsoever in Norfolk or London this winter? Does Charlotte even have to see snow in her first year? And if so, must it cost the best part of 100,00 pounds? Because it does cost. Goodness knows what accommodation for 7 guests amounted to.

        If the Duke of Westminster absorbed the flight costs of around 12,000 pounds, it costs him, presumably, and that’s his choice. The taxpaper has no choice and no knowledge until after the event that their 50,000 pounds is being used for a 4-day holiday after W+K had enjoyed a prolonged Christmas break with no EAA work or royal duties.

        If it is true that Carole hosted the holiday – and to be honest, I am suspicious of that claim – I believe this snow trip is about her need to keep insinuating her presence and influence in Kate and William’s lives, enabling bad behaviour and keeping both W+K from stepping up to their responsibilities.

          1. I did read somewhere that the trip was “paid for privately”, which might mean the flight and chalet, but not the security, etc.
            How many paper plates and party hats do the Middleton’s sell???

        1. Surely Carole, who is said to be a shrewd master manipulator, would be able to see that no good can come of their bad behavior and failure to do what is expected of them. Unless she’s actually counting on them being vulnerable so that they *need* her? Honestly, their relationship with her is very very strange.

  13. I’m surprised hello mag is the only news outlet that has reported on Kate’s non appearance at the st Patrick’s day/Irish brigade event.

  14. I have never seen such a flurry of articles as has been in the last few weeks. Whewie!! But I suspect long overdue for some ranting and raving.

    One wonders just when did Kate decide not participate in St Patrick’s Day.

  15. Auch! Someone actually made such comments about a baby? Come on guys! We may not like the parents or the family, but this is a baby we are talking about. She is an innocent child who won’t realise for several years what she was born into and who her family is. No need to be so nasty.
    That being said WK&H should hire someone that dislikes them enough to throw in their faces what that public really thinks about them. That should wake them up.

    1. That would take some kamikaze PR person. But I’d buy a ticket to that gig!

      I’m unimpressed that current reports blame the youthful PR team. They were hired to do a job that the principal (William) believes he can do better. In fact, hasn’t William gone on record boasting that he does the opposite of what is recommended?

      Jason Knauf has worked with some high profile and difficult people despite his age. Granted, he may not be as brilliant as his own PR claims – these people rarely live up to expectations. William strikes me as someone with severe psychological issues that have not been adequately addressed. His ridiculously privileged lifestyle does not help.

    2. I don’t think anyone on this site said that about Charlotte. KMR said she read it somewhere else. No one on here has been that nasty.

      1. I also think Overit that none of us on KMR really care very much one way or the other about Charlotte. We’d rather see Oscar, Estelle and Leonore!! Charlotte is a baby girl with a pretty smile. I hope to feel more invested in her as she grows up.

  16. I wonder what HM and Charles might think about this article. There must be discussions behind the scenes. I’d really like to be a fly on the wall right now.

  17. Sounds like someone from KP is singing too. Welcome to the den of snakes! No wonder Waity is ageing and Workshy Will is getting intransigent. Who do you even begin to trust? But hey, she wanted to be princess and he wants to keep the royal perks. Now grow up and suck it up!

  18. I was reading that the passing out of shamrocks was traditionally done by Elizabeth the Queen Mother until her passing in 2001, then it was done by Princess Anne until 2012 when the tradition was passed to Kate. Oh well, so much for tradition with W&K. Hmmm isn’t that what the monarchy is all about….tradition? They kind of go hand in hand monarchy and tradition, well until now that William is changing it.. Maybe since Kate is busy, William will ask Scarole to fill in and pass out Shamrocks with him. hahaha what a hoot that would be

    1. I bet that either of the York girls would be happy to pass out the shamrocks, since Kate can’t be bothered. But Willie won’t let that happen.

      Not having a female royal to pass out shamrocks will seem like Christmas without Santa Claus. This duo should be ashamed.

        1. Tradition was started by Queen Alexandra in 1901. It has been done by a female member of the royal family ever since with only a couple of exceptions

    2. What part of tradition does Kate not understand? You’d think she’d be happy to be given such a sweet event to do each year, something to call her own. As Rhiannon said later down this post, Kate does not have a strong attachment to work. She just refuses to get it, or is certifiably stupid.

      I think the Queen should ask the York girls to step in. I’m sure they would be glad to. Or Sophie.

    3. The pressure is on Will and Kate now. I don’t think Kate is the type of woman to handle such pressure. So, of course, she would back out of the St. Patrick’s Day appearance. She is being criticized. She is being scrutinized. She doesn’t seem as if she can handle such negativity. In a sense, I feel sorry for her. She is in way over her head. Then, I stop to consider that this is the role she took on and, darn, she should step up to the plate!

  19. I’m glad William is being called out. I do agree that Kate follows his lead, but doesn’t have a strong attachment to work either. Will always looks pissed off at engagements. Some said a while ago that he looks as of he’s sucking on wasps. Whatever it is, he needs to grow up.

    As far as Char is concerned, it’s disrespectful to talk about a baby. Unfortunately this little girl is experiencing the wrath of people’s frustration with her parents.

    Great post, KMR!

    1. Yes I share your thoughts.

      For Charlotte : like others said, I don’t have an particulary interest in her or in Georges, I critizice her parents. But she is a child, like you said : it’s disrespectful to talk about a baby.
      Personnally I find in this photo she looks like little Harry.

      The main difference between W and H : it is that Harry radiats, is passionate about his work and his result (Sentebale, Invictus Games, the evening with the child’s award (I don’t remember the name).

      But I find that K and W won’t have a drastic change this year…

      Happy to see the efforts of H on twitter : maybe the change is a way for the PR to affirm themselves against W. But I think that I see a conspiracy where there will have maybe nothing (I hope my last sentence has a signification…)

  20. “Last week, William carried out two days of engagements with Kate to promote mental health”.

    Was XLP about mental health? Will give the DM an out with this as it possibly is (although I thought it was more focused on Kate’s particular area of expertise – knife crime). Just goes to show how much attention the visits bring to the charities when even the press are confused! I know I am.

  21. I’m surprised with Katie Nichols’s article. She has been written good articles about the Cambridges and now she writes bad news about William. It was said that it was Katie Nichols who dubbed Kate “Waity Kate”, Nichols herself told this in an interview. She also said that Kate (Middleton) thought it was her (Nichols) who put her this nickname but she (Nichols) denied it. If she is being sincere about William being an “stubborn idiot who is responsible for his own bad press” so I’m with her 1000000000%.

    1. ‘Waity Katy’ actually came from one of the online royal forums. It caught on and eventually made it’s way into mainstream media.

      It really took off in the final year of dating because all articles kept talking about how she was doing nothing with her life except to wait for a ring. I remember this long article in the times that went on and on about how all she did was groom and wait like a later day disney princess and how she really had nothing going for her except to wait, a choice she’d made, and the times saying that this choice was really quite sad since William didn’t look like he would ever propose.

      1. It is amazing how people forget the past concerning Kate and all she did was wait. They wanted to believe the fairytale. And now she still won’t work and people wonder why. Her past speaks volumes

        1. Excactly! She didn’t work, didn’t do chairity or voluntary work. She only partied, vacationed and shopped. How on earth would she now change!
          The saddest thin is that I think Kate actually thinks she works hard and doesn’t understand criticism she gets at all. Compared to her pre-marriage life, her work load HAS increased. Kate is one of those people, who can’t do the math so to speak. She doesn’t understand that if Sophie works a lot, she actually should do even more.

          1. I think your right Larissa. Kate actually believes she works hard since she has nothing to base it on. Any work for her is a lot and strenuous, so she thinks she is doing enough. Kate also can’t handle criticism

        2. You are so right Overit, her world revolved around William then as it does now. Nothing has changed except for our high hopes.

  22. I just saw this photo and to me it speaks volumes about William and Kate’s relationship, when the cameras aren’t on. I realize that most of us have a Bitchy Resting Face but this really doesn’t look like a woman who’s happy with her life.


    Then of course when the cameras are on out come the smiles and adoring looks.


    1. Lauri, of late it seem that some papers are choosing not to Photoshop Kate’s images. The Snow Job pics are heavily Photoshopped but these ones, no. A kind of revenge? Possibly, but it is also real.

      Kate looks bereft, as if she has displeased William and does not know why. But what did she think she was signing up for all those years ago?

      1. I believe Jen, that what ever she signed up for all those years ago is not turning out how she expected and now there is nothing she can do. I think that both her and William were sold a bill of goods that hasn’t turned out as promised, neither one of them strikes be as being particularly happy.

        I agree that the press hasn’t been photo shopping Kate to the extent that they were but the look in her eyes in this photo really says a lot to me. Imo, this looks says “I signed up for this? He treats me like sh*t and now I’m stuck”. As you stated, she is bereft, she has displeased William, she doesn’t know why and her mother takes his side.

      2. Also agree. To me, the last time Kate’s eyes showed genuine happiness, when around William, was either when George was born (when they were on the steps outside the hospital and no, I’m not kidding) or during the Australia/New Zealand tour.

        She’s probably kicking herself now going, “oh sh!t…..now what do I do with my life?”

        1. She can do what the rest of us women do when our husbands become shitty partners and manchildren: divorce them, dust off and move on knowing that you would rather be alone and divorced than live another minute with the SOB.

          1. I don’t think the word “divorce” is in Kate’s vocabulary. I truly have a gut feeling that she’s been led to believe that in no way, no matter what he puts her through, she can’t divorce William.

          2. I suspect Kate and her family are too invested in the status and trappings accompanying the man-child. It’s been a 12 year+ investment of stalking, aligning herself to William’s orbit, entering it, staking her claim and closing the deal. She will cling for all it’s worth, no matter how the marriage pans out.
            Even Sarah and Diana had problems adjusting to being stripped of the royal privileges when they divorced.

          3. Agree with everyone. She and her family did put 12+ years into this as Jen stated. I get the feeling she wouldn’t want to do this to her mother. Or perhaps Carole picks up on this thus she is always there to help and sooth things over.

            I’ve known guys who act completely fine and normal for years and then they change. If this has happened, I feel sorry for Kate. It’s really hard to handle someone when they do a complete change. Perhaps William has other issues. I get the sense he’s a tyrant and he’d be this way even if his mother was alive.

            He doesn’t seem like an individual that is happy or knows how to find a sense of happiness. At least in public.

          4. Kate – divorce William – if I could insert the emoticon where I was laughing hysterically it would be here.

            Kate isn’t going any where unless William decides he is done with the whole thing She has no where to go except back home to Bucklebury and Ma’s whining and complaining about how she had the golden goose and lost it. She had no career, she has no interests beyond taking some snap shots on occasion and shopping. What will she do? Take up (or continue) drinking and smoking again so she can look like a prune by 50? What man out there, other than one looking for a slightly tarnished trophy who happens to be filthy rich (kind of like Onassis) and is willing to put up with her oddities just to have her on his arm? Her life would effectively be over. I picture a her living the life of a hermit if that happens.

          5. I don’t see that ever happening. I could see William having multiple affairs and her just hanging along for the ride so that she can continue reaping the benefits of being the Duchess.

          6. Agreed. But the Royal Family would come at her full barreled. I think it would make the Diana Battle Royale look like nothing. Remember the comment of their engagement interviewer? He excused the “wait” as “these are two people that can never, ever, divorce…”

          7. If William decided he’d had enough, ran back to his family (BRF) crying that he’d been sucked in and they lied to him, blah, blah, blah, they would probably circle wagons and obliterate the Middletons.

            However, William would first have to kiss some major butt and I really can’t see him saying he was wrong about anything. He might say she (Carole, etc.) lied to him and took advantage, but he’ll never, ever say he was wrong. So they are basically stuck together for the rest of their lives.

            Or until (if) Jecca’s marriage falls apart and he dumps Kate for her. Camillagate 2.0 anyone?

        2. I watched a documentary about English royals and aristocracy in which was stated that after wife provides the hire she is free to do with her life as she pleases, for example take a lover. And this same applies is with to husband but to the outside world they play the part.

      3. Of course the snow photos were photoshopped. She and William approved them, there’s no way, none, that they would get sent out without being touched up first.

    2. Hi, Lauri. I cannot access the photo. When I try, a box comes up saying this is a porn site.
      Is there somewhere else where the photo is. My curiosity is now through the roof!

  23. I feel the article/journalist are trying to excuse Will, it’s the PR machine’s problem as they don’t stand up to their boss etc etc. Regardless their boss is paying them for their insight so it is his fault for not listening, in regards to the diary filling up, only time will tell. I personally think Charlotte is more Windsor than Middleton, she has their eyes. Would it be such a terrible thing if she resembled Carole? She is her grandmother after all!! There are worse things in this world.

  24. Maybe the Queen should sit out Trooping the Colour this year – I mean, she doesn’t want to give the impression that she’s going to do it EVERY year! These two are ridiculous. It’s a tradition that you’ve been handed CATHERINE. It’s an honor and you’ve done nothing to earn it. And frankly, if she did do it every year and then one year she had a good excuse not to do it no one would be up in arms. As ever, these two are all about lowering expectations.

    I’ve been reading the last few posts and comments, but have not responded. So I will just say that I thought the family in the snow pics were cute. They looked super photoshopped, but genuinely happy – which I hope they are. I was glad to see Charlotte and her smile was super cute. In an alternative universe where Wills and Katie work hard for their country and their charities, these manipulated photos would be fine. I don’t think people are asking too damn much from them, personally.
    I also read that Carole hosted the trip which included lots of their (meaning Will’s) friends. Including the newly divorced Van Straubenzee and one of his “old flames.” Ah the life.

    1. Does wonder what it says about the two of them that they’re trying to fix their dear friend Sophie (who is not single) up with her ex even before the ink on his divorce papers has had time to dry? If I were Sophie or her partner, I’d be very offended!

      1. Yes, my eyebrows were raised at that one too. Wasn’t Thomas van Strawberry (Herazeus’s name for him) the one who ‘screened’ women who were amenable to hooking up with William? They ‘shared’ women? Their social circle is a tad incestuous. The woman, Sophie, should run a mile.

        1. Jen, I’ve often read that his friends screened women. Has what this screening entailed ever come to light? Part of me would like to believe that they aren’t as disgusting as we think they are.

          1. I fear they are as obnoxious and crass as we might expect. A couple of blogs have said TvS gave Kate a test run to make sure she was ‘good’.

        2. Gross. If that is true then they are crazy. Is that why he and Missy Percy are divorced after only 3 short years?

          Nothing Carole does really surprises me. How else can she control everything if she doesn’t pay for it? Do they always have to vacation with her family?

    2. My question is if Carole was “hosting” the trip, does that mean she paid for it? Or was she just acting as den mother to the troop of rich babies.

      And if she did pay for it, where did she get the money. And most importantly, will William ever, EVER pay for a trip he goes on himself? He always seems to get some if not all of the trip paid for by playing the heir to the heir card.

      And if Ma Midds did pay for this trip, I’m sorry but she’s an idiot. Then again she’s jut continuing to play her long game with William which will result in titles for her family and her sitting behind them on the throne.

      1. I just find it strange and uncomfortable that Kate is that dependent upon her mother. Close relationship? I’m all for it! Having Carole help with newborn George and/or newborn Charlotte for a couple of days/weeks? Totally understandable! Have mom move in for months at a time, take your husband’s side during arguments and/or host a ski trip for your (really, your husband’s) friends? Pushing it, IMO.

        I LOVE my loud, little Colombian mamacita* but we both would feel weird if she was on a trip that was for my friends and me! Usually she just goes “let me know when you get there” and that’s it! And isn’t Carole like this with Pippa and James too? I’m sorry but I just find that range of closeness strange and uncomfortable.

        *Don’t worry, she knows I call her loud……because she is! We have some family jokes regarding the fact that she’s barely 5 feet tall and has the vocal cords of a large cat. 😉

  25. I understand the criticism towards Kate missing St Patrick but with all honesty William is the one with official links to the Irish Guards.
    He was appointed coronel on Feb 2011, it was in the uniform of the Irish Guards he got married and their first appointment related to them, as a couple, was on June 2011.
    From what I saw Princess Anne last year presenting shamrocks was in 2009, but of course the press ignored it and only reported about the Queen Mother doing it.
    So the only reason Kate proceed with the tradition, in 2012, was because William’s link to them as a coronel (he was in the Falklands). Their team at the time said how she would love to create a standing relation with the regiment so ‘close to her husband’s heart’.

    I think this speaks volumes about their work how they have consistently given statements of empty words with no expectation of action. I think they all share blame: William, Kate and their team.

    1. I wish Sophie would go to HM and ask if she can handle the St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks presentation. The press would write glowing things about Sophie stepping up and really put Kate in her place.

      1. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that. Like I said Kate went because William is officially linked to them, not for some honoring tradition thing, they have proven they only care about those things when their image can benefit from it, other wise they don’t care.

        I thought about another possibility: would it be Kate decided to skip it because now she has an official royal link to a regiment? Have you imagine how would they feel if Kate shows up every year to do something related to other regiment but neglects her own?

        1. Royals all have links to multiple regiments. Does she actually have her own personal connection to one yet? I wasn’t aware.

  26. I agree that kids and babies are off limits for comments and especially comments about their looks. That comment about Charlotte requiring plastic surgery when she is older was just sick and whoever wrote it needs to take a long look at themselves.

    Jason ( previously referred to as “Poor Jason”), sweetie I have one word for you RUN. You are not going to be able to change Willnot and Cannot and if the person you are trying to give advice to Will not take it and then leaves you in the lurch it is not a job that you need.

    Willnot wants to control the entire media and as his Mother ( who he should have learned from ) tried to do this. It did not work for her. They turned on her as they are turning on Willnot and Cannot now. HOWEVER the one thing that they could not fault Diana on was her work ethic. Diana worked her butt off and achieved a lot in the time that she was a member of the royal family and for the year that she was not part of it.

    Willnot and Cannot are not working, they holiday/shop/hide a lot but want the press to write kind things about them. Taking one photographer to the French Alps with them might have looked good on paper, but someone should have put their foot down very very hard, and if needed be, through the floor to TELL, not advise Willnot that this was a VERY VERY bad idea and it would only put the press offside and coming so close to the reports of Willnot being workshy was not going to be good press at all.

    Jason, for your own sanity get out now my dear. It is not worth it. They will not listen and you can get another job for a person who WILL value your talents.

    As for Cannot not wanting to do the St Patricks day thing this year. Please, how hard is it. You turn up, hand out some Shamrocks, pat a dog who is probably more intelligent than Cannot and then leave.

    As for not wanting to set expectations that she will be there every year, umm that is sort of what the Royal Family does, The Queen Mother had charities that she did things for over 70 YEARS. Come on Kate, get off your butt and do something. It is a light hearted gig, and you get to smile and wear a green coat, but please not that God awful thing that you wore last week. You get your numbers up and people are happy. And if you are lucky the dog won’t outshine you.

    1. Actually BlueSkye this was discussed three days ago on the thread with the pics of the ski holiday.

      Maybe you should check your facts before you criticize KMR and the people who post on this site.

    2. Seriously why do these kind of rude comments keep getting through KMR? Mainly just because I don’t like that the Kate fanatics even have a chance to post here, since all they want to do is stir things up. It actually speaks volumes about Kate worshipers and how they can’t handle any criticism of Kate (shhh don’t tell them she is not perfect-that really pisses them off). I wish you could block these people

      1. Overit, every time I see one of these comments I have a flashback to the first Harry Potter movie with Professor Quirrel running into the great hall and yelling out “TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IN THE DUNGEON”. I giggle every tine I see that movie LOL.

      2. Stay calm Overit they disappear pretty quickly when challenged by facts! There was one – was it Julie??- who dipped in the courchevel photo blog and then when challenged couldn’t find a suitable response. Waste of energy worrying .

      3. I remember a number of people said a while ago to just keep scrolling. Just wave at it and it will go away.

    3. I honestly never even saw that article. It got buried by Kate’s suicide engagement last week since it came out the same day. But thanks for being rude about it – I appreciate that.

      Now it is 4:00 AM, I just got home from out of town having been busy all day Sunday after only getting 4 hours sleep Saturday night. My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I barely made it home without falling asleep, so please excuse me if I just don’t care at this point.

      Have a great Monday.

          1. Hi Birdy
            How is the water situation at your place?
            Resolved I hope?
            And that you are over your glandular fever and your Mum is getting better too?

          2. Hi Cathy yes we have water again, glandular fever will I think take months to fully recover from I have good days, do too much then collapse! My Mum is alive and being stroppy, but lost much of the use of right side and her speech is very poor. But she thinks she can live on her own. It is likely that she will have another stroke that is likely to lead to her death but it could be today next week or next year. The battle is to force the issue on making sure she gets the right care without taking away what little independence she can manage – tricky!

      1. Honestly, KMR, that article will make you hopping mad. It’s complete rubbish saying that the Queen is happy for William to do whatever. As we discussed a couple of days ago, it would be appalling if the Queen had sanctioned William and Kate’s activities to date, which are just a train wreck on every level.
        Have a rest KMR, a nice hot bath and some wine. Always works.

    4. As has been said, we did see it. But I don’t consider it “positive one” as I don’t believe they have this arrangement. I think this article came out as a way to try to give a good reason why they are not working and quite honestly think it’s a steaming load of horse poo. Pun intended.

  27. Gosh, even the independent newspaper, a paper that pretty much ignores all things royal, managed an op-ed about royals and their need for the press and how William was on the wrong track.

    The paper does say that the sun newspaper is on a crusade against William, so I guess we are going to get more negative press.

    And where the sun goes, the mailonline will follow because the mailonline is edited by Piers Morgan and he never misses a chance to continue his tabloid glory days of editing the mirror.

    1. I actually think the Independent story will worry them the most. As you say the Independent simply doesn’t cover the royals so things must be really bad for them to get involved. It is certainly not a gossip paper.

  28. Apologies if my comments were ever taken out of context. I find Charlotte a pretty baby. Her face changes a lot so in one photo she may look like Carole and another I noticed a resemblance to Prince Harry and HM. I find it fascinating personally how babies faces change. It happens as we become much older as well. I see many of my relatives faces changing as they enter their 70’s. I see HM in Lady Louise as well. But I hope nothing every came across as mean or snarky.

  29. One of the anecdotes I have read over the last few days is of Her Majesty apparently chiding Kate gently and encouraging her to increase her workload only for Madam to tell the Queen to ‘stop nagging’. I don’t know how much truth there is in that story but OMFG. I mean just who the hell does she think she is? I have never ever heard of anyone speaking to the Queen like that (Prince Phillip aside). It just defies belief. This woman needs a rocket launching up her boney arse. And as for declining to take part in the St. Patrick Day festivities because she doesn’t want it to become ‘expected of her every year’ I am beyond stunned……that is what being Royal is. Being expected to do your duty year in year out and being expected to show up and be dutiful. Way to go Kate…….what a week. In my more charitable moments I feel sorry for her because I do truly believe she’s not well but talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

    1. Wow I had not heard that! Gosh I wish there was a way to find out if it were true! Kate seriously needs to learn some manners if that is true

      1. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall if Kate did speak to HM like that. I bet that she was fixed with “That” look.

    2. I know that story. It is a complete fabrication!!!! It was written by someone who seems to have a rather tenous grasp on reality and an almost pathological hate for Kate. She was apparently quite infamous on the Royal Dish forum before she was banned there. She has continued her shenanigans on another forum where a lot of the posters are into a conspiracy theory about Kate never being pregnant but using a surrogate.

      1. Where I read it I cannot recall but like a lot of these anecdotes they start as a comment on a forum and then before you know it that are in the public domain as ‘fact’. I do apologise for not being more discerning with that but although I was shocked I sort of could believe it had happened. Anyway that aside Kate is at the Commonwealth service this afternoon and looks lovely. She looks appropriate, elegant and how one would expect a Royal Duchess to dress at a thanksgiving service at the Abbey.

      2. Is it Kuei Fei and/or gingerboy on royal gossip? They are the worst for pulling things out of their asses and therefore completely discrediting legitimate critics of WK’s performance.

  30. I post the link of an article about relationship royalty/press : http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/the-media-column-if-the-royal-family-continues-to-push-out-the-press-it-will-put-its-own-future-at-a6929281.html

    Interesting : I give some highlights :

    – There are signs that the public – more than ever drawn to noisy extremes – is a bit bored of a princess who is elegant but reticent and a prince who thinks he deserves the life of a Norfolk squire. They will need to be seen to match the work rate of William’s grandparents if they are to be considered global ambassadors worthy of their publicly funded lifestyles.

    -Kate is not Diana. Her front page pictures do not sell newspapers (though the children do, hence some of the problems). Kate and William are not big drivers of online traffic

    -While it’s perfectly understandable that William wants to protect his wife from the fate suffered by his mother, it’s something else to expect to live by different laws from the rest of society. The press now talks of the “Middleton Rules”, shaped by William with Kate’s father, Michael, and intended to shield the Cambridges from the public gaze.

    1. Bahahahaha! Now it’s Mike Middleton’s fault that W&K can’t do more engagements??? Next it’ll be “well we can’t possibly attend such and such event because poor Lupo is having separation anxiety and is chewing up my beige couch”. For a running tab W&K have blamed William’s part time job, the Queen, the press, Kate’s dad and of course the children for their inability to carry out the duties that they are very eager to be compensated for (in advance). Hysterical!!

      1. He also blamed his own parents too for his woes. Pretty much everyone. Except himself.
        First time I’ve heard Mike Middleton’s name mentioned in all of this as a media player.

        1. Yes and I forgot to mention his PR team as well as Charles and Camilla. I kind of feel for Mike, he strikes me as the type to keep his head down and just try to get through the day and now he’s dragged into this mess.

          1. I don’t see him as the henpecked victim. He raised his children as well and the outcome is as much due to him as Carole. He’s as much a social climber as the rest of them, with the same values as the family. I would not let my daughter get near a man who treats her like garbage. Nor would I be acquiescing to faux signet rings and faux coats of arms. It’s mortifying. He doesn’t seem to mind taking money to support the buying of their luxe mansion either. He does keep his head down. He’s sly, like Willy, IMO.

            All this pity for him simply emasculates him. What self-respecting man would be fine with that? He made as much of a deal with the devil as the rest of them.

          2. The Middleton Rules thing is a reference to the reports before the wedding that Mike sat down William and crafted a list of rules together that would “protect” Kate. This media “strategy” and allowing her to live of life of any spoiled aristocrat certainly sounds like it could be related to that.

          3. Maven, maybe he and William have some good talks over drinks wondering how they got themselves into the predicaments they are in and how to get out. 🙂

  31. I am going out on a limb here but I feel a tad worried about William and Kate. Especially Kate. I know she is workshy but could she suffer stage fright? I know she had every chance to learn the ropes and what to expect but she has changed since having her babies. Could she be depressed after giving birth? She often looks as if she has no idea what she needs to be doing.

    I recall Diana constantly looking at Charles for direction and not always being acknowledged. The 2 photos mentioned above give me the impression she wishes William would wait and then walk with her. It was the same in Diana’s day and she felt alone and unsupported.The royals do expect their partners to get on with it as they have no way of knowing how it feels to have stage fright due to it being all they know.
    It took years for Diana to admit she was scared witless, Bulimic,lonely and unhappy in her marriage.Going on a holiday where nobody expects anything is different to making an appearance in front of the cameras. Perhaps that is why they used one photographer? I hope she is not suffering stress at home and they are covering for her which is why she canceled her appearance at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
    Of course I can’t figure out why William is reluctant to participate. He is going the wrong way about showing his work ethic. Many families don’t have the help they have and its not that he would have to stay home to look after his wife, if she has a nervous disposition regarding crowds, all the time, as Kate’s mum is there along with others. Its hard to work out what is the reality but I feel there is more to it.

    1. William has always treated her badly. He cheated on her to test her loyalty! She knew exactly who she was marrying, so to expect sympathy when she herself made a deal with the devil is a bit rich. She created the monster, she has to deal with it.

    2. Mostly, I think it depends on what event she is at, does she put on her poor put-upon Duchess mask or its-all-about-me duchess mask.
      She seems fine when it’s an event that she wants to attend or when she is the ‘star.’
      The “grueling” boring engagements not so much.

      It’s clearly obvious neither is suited for their roles, but they love the perks.
      Dear William is an ass.

    3. Kate had far more support at the beginning of her marriage to William than Diana ever did. And, Diana was far younger. Something happened to Kate and she is indeed suffering, I believe. It is sad to think of someone being so out of sorts with her place in life. But, she is.
      Perhaps, William is not supporting her the way she needs to be helped. I keep falling back, though, on the concept that she knew what she was getting herself into.

      Her early mistakes: Those nude photos in France, her flashing in Canada and Australia, seem to show that she took little or no care of her place in the Royal Family. Such mistakes were inexcusable (Oh, the paps were there to snap those French photos when she thought she was in a secure environment — ok), but the flashings were just so insanely naive. Come on!

      I think the amount of press those garnered and the dressing down she received from the higher ups, did a number on her. She seems terrified of every move she currently makes. Kate’s mom doesn’t seem to be the best source of advice and assistance.

      William? He’s his own little mess. Too bad, Kate doesn’t have a good friend to call upon. Sad that she or she and William have isolated her from the likes of Cam and Sophie. They could be enormous help.

      1. I think Kate discovered that things were expected of her, like work and she is miserable because of it. I also imagine Willy is a tyrant. That’s a rotten combination, yet she chose it all.

        Hence we get announcements like the latest, where Kate won’t attend the shamrock event because she doesn’t want it to be expected. What does she think royal duty consists of?

      2. If I was a new member of the RF, the first person I’d make a beeline to and befriend is Sophie. She also arrived from the outside and is incredibly close to HM. I love the way Sophie goes about Royal duties and tasks. She’s not overly made up, looks naturally beautiful and truly enjoys what she’s doing.

        1. I so agree with you ccoop. Sophie seems so down to earth and natural..no airs. Feels like you get the real her…it is hard to explain.

          1. It is hard to explain. Sophie has it. I sense this in Victoria of Sweden as well. I find myself googling Sophie’s events. RF is lucky to have her. I hope they realize that in years to come.

          2. Have you seen her outfits on her Carribean tour? I think she’s got a bit of the Max in her. Talking of which some of Max’s outfits for the French visit would challenge most people.

    4. Diana was 19, Kate is 34 and officially been part of the royal circus for 5 years. Unfair comparison. And Diana learned and improved and did what needed to be done to get better, and she *cared*. She also worked all the time; how else to get past stagefright (as if Kate had any).?

  32. Meanwhile Daniel was out having a pizza with Estelle. This is ‘normal’ Mr Cambridge. Someone took a picture. So what? A lot of people find it charming and this is excellent PR.

    1. Too sweet for words. Vic and Daniel spending alone time with Estelle. Having pizza!
      Great parents. I know the new baby is loved, but sometimes the older child needs to have quiet time with mom and dad, again. Love this!

      1. Jenny, from what I read it was Daniel alone with Estelle, treating her to daddy time. He must have known someone would take a picture, but do they hide? No. Because the less fuss you make the less pressure on you.

        I watched the Cambridges today on BBC. Expect some real trouble soon. Something is totally off.

      2. Photo I saw had Vic and Daniel with Estelle. Maybe an old photo?
        Still, quite lovely that the darling Estelle has some alone time with a parent after the new baby’s arrival. Very understanding of Estelle’s parents.

      1. I like her hat for one time, but it is so far down on her head like you said he hides wrinkles. I love the color but not the coat..
        If you go on DM site, the photo 15 is interessant: all the men look in front of, Kate looks the photographer and she seems sad (Why am I here? Why am I criticized?) and the queen seems to looking her….

        I stop in order to have some other things to say when KMR makes this article.

        1. I too noticed something different about the photos of the Commonwealth Day service which I will mention when KMR writes about it.
          I thought she seemed not herself but it could be the angles. In the video she turned to speak to Harry rather than her husband as they walked into the courtyard and she was much less animated than usual. As I said I hope she is mentally healthy and these appearances will become more commonplace.

      2. Like Clem mentioned, the hat is smashed down on her forehead to hide the wrinkles. If she had worn her hair up (like a Max side bun) it would have looked better. It beats all the saucer hats she has in her wardrobe.

        1. I’m going to give the Duchess of Cambridge a pass today. I think she looks like a grown up Royal for a change – an actual hat, not wearing a mini-skirt, hair restrained and only one picture of that mouth wide open thing she usually does. I’m not a fan of anything grey and love seeing her in vibrant colours but overall, I think she got it as right today as she ever has.

      1. Well, I will give her credit. She got out of her comfort zone with her usual coats and fascinators. But, I didn’t like the coat, and felt she didn’t carry it, or the pushed down hat, well. What Kate should do — it’s been said before by many — is learn to accessorize. The looks she feels comfortable with could be helped if she added interesting scarves, pins, handbags and shoes.

        Oh, well……

  33. I’m another one flabbergasted by the released statement about the St Patrick’s Day parade.
    Maybe as I’m Irish it’s even worse I don’t know. But really it’s an easy win this one, hand over shamrocks, pat the dog, wear a green coat.
    Teams I’ve worked before use the term KPIs (key performance indicators), I feel the KP team really need to start a chart for their KPIs and attendance at events is definitely one column that would be in the red. All the time.

    I have had to attend various work events with my husband over the years and I may have felt the same about not wanting to lead to an expectation that I’d go every year but I’d never dream of saying that out loud to anyone organising the event. And some events you just take on the chin and go to because you have to.
    She shouldn’t have started this one if she wasn’t prepared to stick with it.

    And as someone else said I wouldn’t mind using the heli, or buying the expensive outfits to look good, to attend lots of events and work hard.

    The knife crime comment really made me cringe! Oops wrong day!

    The photo of her looking at Will over the car did make me feel sorry for her though. I saw the video and thought how rude of him! If my husband walked off like that and didn’t wait for me at an official event, not just going to the shops (even then I’d think it rude), I’d be less than impressed.

    I don’t mind today’s outfit, not my taste but it’s smart, not flying up, not too short, etc. Not too many grimace smiles so maybe she’s toned it down a bit. Or she’s sad, not sure. Hope it’s not sadness.

    1. I’m sure the Irish guards would rather Kate pass out the shamrocks over Wills. Maybe that’s it. Maybe he’s possessive and didn’t like her smiling and laughing with the guardsmen. Who knows, but it is disappointing that she won’t attend.

  34. Looking at the photos of the service today HM looks different – old, tired, let down . I think the stress of the press speculation must be terrible for her. For heavens sake W & K give your sovereign/grandmother something to be proud of.

  35. I think KM letting the the statement” not going to St. Patrick Day ceremony. because people would expect it every year.” Seriously Katie who in the world do you think you are? The british taxpayers support your lazy & spoilt ” body.” The nerve of this woman is mind boggling!

  36. One of the most overlooked things in terms of media coverage of Kate vs. Diana, and Diana’s struggles, is that Diana was LIVING A LIE from the very start. She knew her husband didn’t love her. She knew he loved another woman more. And she believed until almost the very bitter end they could not — would not — divorce. So for huge swaths of her time in the public eye, she was hiding things — her bulimia, depression, general sadness, fear, etc. And all the leaks, the speculation, the rumors — it was intriguing to the press and public. Things were being hidden, big lies were being covered up. She had very little experience with meaningful male relationships and thought she would be stuck in this marriage the rest of her life and never get to live with the great love affair she believed was a real marriage.

    So what’s Kate hiding? Because why else is the public pressure so melting that she can’t do more work? Work is controlled, hour-long, stilted interactions with the public. That’s it. Diana handled that even throughout the absolute worst parts of her marriage.

    1. Really great points. Reading this then lead me to wonder what William was like while they were dating at university.

      I never thought much of Scarole encouraging her to change universities. But then a few years ago, I read that Kate actually first met William during an outing in high school while visiting Club H- William and Harry’s crash pad at Highgrove. I believe it was through her friend at Marlborough, Emilia (sp). William was probably much different a decade ago. He seems so different now. I do think the Middletons play a huge role in all of this. Just thinking out loud.

      As for work commitments, I find it strange. The Queen Mother was known to hand out shamrocks year in and year out. The public adored her anyway, but they loved she did this. I’m surprised Kate wouldn’t recognize this is one task you can do every year that basically everyone loves. Why be so silly to turn it down. It’s an event that will endear you to the public.

      1. My main question about the St. Patrick’s day outing is why would their press department let that excuse be released to the public? Do they just not care or did it come from a “source”? This one might just overtake the one about the flying rules being the reason William can’t do more royal work.

      2. Thank you!

        I do think he was different, but I also think she was blindingly star-struck, especially because they met before university. She did pursue him. She certainly wasn’t against it. That much is obvious. She, I think, was also much different a decade ago. Where is the big sports star we all heard about? Women who play competitive sports are usually much different than Kate. Assertive, forthright, confident.

        Agreed 100% on the shamrocks. Just an absurd decision. There is no organization left to which they will show any devotion.

    1. That was a fun romp through Kate’s limited dressing style. I took the whole tone as more snarky than sugary. She really is limited in what she wears.

    1. Hi India, I posted these photos with some comment upthread. Imo, this isn’t the face of a happy woman, did her and William have a fight in the car on the way to this event?

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