Kate Middleton joins the Queen for Commonwealth Service

Kate Middleton joins the Queen for Commonwealth Service

Kate Middleton joined the Queen and Prince Philip for the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey yesterday, March 14. Oh, and Prince William and Prince Harry were there, too.

British royals at Commonwealth Service
The Queen, Philip, William, Kate, Harry, Andrew

Each year, on the second Monday in March, the annual Commonwealth Service is held to mark Commonwealth Day – celebrating the 53 nations, and 2.3 billion people, which make up the Commonwealth. This service is the largest annual inter-faith gathering in the United Kingdom.

The Theme of this year is “An Inclusive Commonwealth”. The Queen’s Commonwealth message says in part (you can read the full message here): “Wherever we live in the Commonwealth, we can always benefit from being open to the ideas and encouragement of those around us. Each of us can also make a positive difference in the lives of others by being willing to contribute and offer support.”

William, Kate, Harry leave Commonwealth Service

Since Prince Charles and Camilla are currently on a tour of the Baltic, the Queen and Prince Philip were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew.

(The photo on the left is the first time I’ve seen Kate walk without crotch clutching in a very long time)

Kate went new for this year’s Commonwealth Service. She wore a new bespoke grey Erdem coat with lace and an oversized peter pan collar which was buttoned all the way up to her neck. She wore a grey pleated skirt/dress underneath the coat which you can see poking out when she gets out of the car.

My dislike for Erdem is well documented and this coat is not the exception – I dislike it. When I first saw photos from this event, I actually liked the coat, but when I saw front view photos I disliked it. It is too heavy and constricting on Kate.

Kate wore a new hat from a new hat designer: John Boyd (who used to design hats for Princess Diana). And it’s actually a full hat. I like it, a lot. It’s giving me Peggy Carter vibes, and I think it looks great on Kate.

Kate added to her Emmy “Natasha” clutch collection with a new grey clutch. She also wore new Rupert Sanderson “Winona” pumps in grey suede.

Kate’s earrings are her aquamarine and diamond drop earrings she’s had since 2012.

After leaving the Abbey (and collection flowers from a girl), Kate joined William and Harry in chatting to schoolchildren. Kate mentioned Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

From the Mirror:

    “[Kate] told pupils from St Matthew’s Primary School, Westminster: ‘[George]’s got a scooter. He’s going super fast on it.’
    “Rolling her eyes she added: ‘It’s hard to keep up with him. Charlotte is keeping him in check‎. She’s getting bigger by the day.'”

There were photos of George on a scooter published in Women’s Day a while back, so I don’t doubt that George loves his scooter, or that he goes as fast as he can on it. But I do doubt, heavily, that Charlotte is doing much in the way of “keeping George in check”. She’s not even a year old, what’s she going to do?

LOL at Kate’s eye roll. Kate’s eye roll is legendary – it’s still one of my most viewed posts ever.

See, from this angle I like the entire outfit – it’s very 1940s gangster.

I think the problem is 1) the lace doesn’t cover the shoulders and collar, 2) the collar is way too high and constricting, and 3) since the fabric is so heavy it adds to the bulk and constricting-ness at the neck. If the lace had continued all the way on the shoulders and collar, and if the collar was not so high, I think I would have actually really liked this coat. Because from the angle of this photo – where the collar is obscured – I actually like it.

The Queen Commonwealth Service

The Queen wore a blue coat and hat, and her Australian opal brooch (which was a wedding gift). If this outfit looks familiar to you, it’s because HM wore it to George’s Christening.

Here is a video of William, Kate, and Harry arriving.

And here is a video of the royals’ procession.

I leave you with more photos from the event, including Ginger Beard.

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty / BritishMonarchy ‏@BritishMonarchy

209 thoughts on “Kate Middleton joins the Queen for Commonwealth Service

  1. HM looked different today – she’s either ill physically or she’s stressed by recent events. I also noticed Will creep to her in greeting & get a cold response. HM is letting it be known, I think, she doesn’t approve. If she wanted to send a message of support she would have greeted him warmly.

    I don’t care about Kates mourning coat, I care about my Queen. Something is not right.

    1. I’m with you. If you compare the two photos of the Queen in the repeat outfit, it’s obvious something is brewing inside her head that wasn’t there before. She seems overly sad or depressed maybe? I really wish I could get the videos to play 🙁

      1. I think that she is sad, everything that she has worked for, for over 60 years is being threatened by two upstarts and she can’t stop it. She is nearly 90 and she really does not need this type of stress at her age and those two would should be given a kick up the pants by someone in the family and told to pull their heads in.

        I did not see the photos/video of HM giving Wilnot the cold shoulder JL. Can you please tell me where I could find it? I would love to see this.

        As for the coat, it was too tight around the neck for my liking. It would feel as though I were being strangled. The close up of the shoes was scary though. You would think that she would have someone to take care of the heels for her. I think that all grey was a bit over the top. Maybe with a purple bag and hat ( I am a great lover of Purple) or a shade similar to that to give it a pop of colour.

        1. I watched it live on the BBC, not sure if it’s available online…it was after HM had greeted the clergy & dignitaries and before they took their places for the procession up the aisle. William took steps towards HM, but she didn’t match it and simply turned to take her place. It could have been fine, of course, but it looked cold and of course HM could have sent a clear message to media/public by greeting him & Kate warmly. She didn’t (nor Harry, to be fair)

          1. Now see, Max got her greys coordinated well. She’s even wearing lace. I’m on the fence about her hat. I know she’s worn pill box style hats before, but I think she would have killed in Kate’s hat. However, this hat may have been more appropriate for the engagement.

          2. Max looks good but IMO that ensemble is simply too grey. There’s a little added texture with the lace but I don’t like the monotony of the monochrome.

          3. As usual Max rocks it!!! I don’t have anything against grey, I wear it almost every day, it’s just the outfit that Kate wore that I don’t like.

          4. Love Maxima. I would have liked to see a tad of color mixed in. Maybe, a violet ribbon on the hat? Just think she is overall smashing, though. The way she tied the belt on her coat? Wonderful.

        2. Hi Tanya

          I agree. Grey does go really well with other colors and purple would have been nice.

          I was glad not to see a double breasted coat too. The button thing is off-putting.

        3. HM could stop it if she wanted to. She’s the Queen. If she really put her foot down, they would have to listen. She just doesn’t/hasn’t.

      2. I agree with the comments concerning HM’s health and the lazy duo and their unwillingness to honor her and work harder and ease her mind and being. She has been an amazing Queen. Dedicated and hard-working. W and K are shameful. They do nothing to ease her mind or her work load. At this stage in her life, she does not need the tension they create.

        As for Kate’s choice in dress, ugh! Again, does anyone in her group of advisors ever think things all the way through? The photo of the clergy in his vestments behind Kate in her horror show of a coat, clashed terribly. WHAT!? A simple look would have been more appropriate for the day.

        The hat? Not for Kate! It was pushed down too low on her forehead. She is not the big hat type. She is no Max or Cam. I give her a nod for trying something new, but not this. On a different lady this would have been a lovely look. Smashing, in fact. (Hat, not coat).

        The coat? OMG. And, the heel of her shoe! What is going on? She is careless and clueless. That is a sign of disrespect. To the Queen, the Royals, the people of her country and the Commonwealth. W and K just do what they want. Let everyone else complain. It never seems to impact them. Again, I think Diana must be so upset when she gazes down on her lazy son and his equally lazy wife.

        Harry? Just amazing. As usual.

    2. I made the same comment yesterday – HM looks old and frail, she must be devastated that after decades of hard work these lazy duo can do so much damage in such a short space of time.

      Re the outfit – I love the hat, but don’t like it pulled so far down on her head. It seems to be rammed on as if she is taking Lupo for a long windy walk and needs to keep her ears warm.

      The coat is too old in style, far too ‘buttoned up’, the material is far too thick for a lovely sunny spring day, and for a bespoke piece I am appalled at the fit. The sleeves are too tight, it gapes at the bustline, the collar is terrible and for me just a little bit shorter would be more youthful.

      But to be fair there was no flashing, no manic grins and she did bend down to talk to the little girl. On the other hand she did not appear to talk to the Queen either – there is definitely some tension in that household. IMO anyway.
      Late Edit:
      Ok just managed to watch videos which I couldn’t on my iPad – from a distance I think she looks a lot better, elegant indeed. I think close up it is the fit and that really high constricting collar that ruin it for me.

      1. Birdy, you raise a good point about the fit. I’ve sometimes wondered if Kate gives the wrong measurements to tailors. Her clothes are regularly tugging or too tight/loose in one area. The whole point of bespoke or tailored clothing is that they shouldn’t do this! Perhaps her vanity is getting the better of her and she’s still using her pre-pregnancy measurements.

        1. I’ve read that Kate doesn’t attend fittings with her designers but sends them measurements and I think you’re right they are her pre-pregnancy sizes (especially in the bust line). I feel for these designers, they take the time and serious effort to create wonderful (not this coat) bespoke pieces but they are ruined because their client can’t be bothered to make sure they fit correctly.

          1. Lauri, that’s crazy. She’s too lazy to attend her own fittings?
            Something is deeply flawed in this lady. What is wrong with her?

            The entire group surrounding her is not helping at all. But, as others have posted. W and K may be getting advice, just not heeding it.

            Their lack of concern and their lazy lifestyle would make me just livid if I were a British taxpayer. I’m mad enough now and what does it really have to do with me?

          2. What if she actually gives the designer proper measuremenst. Due to her long torso her waist and breasts are lower than for a regular body type. I don’t think she realizes this.
            Kate wore in the beginning of her second pregnancy a baby blue coat with gold buttons. Because her breast area is lower the impact was that, the firstbutton row of became a bit unfortunate nipple buttons for her.

      2. That coat? Wow, just wow.
        It’s like she’s going out of her way to make herself look much much older. And here I thought only teen girls, try to appear a bit older when it suits them.

    3. @JL in England
      I care about my Queen too so wish the games would stop, those who need to be working do so and for HM to enjoy her birthday.

    4. I, too, thought the Queen was looking frail. Jesus, she has a life of relentless working behind her, ever simce she was 25. She deserves more support from the younger generation.

      1. Worrying, isn’t it, Cathy & Hyacinth? This is the first time she’s looked invincible and it seems like it’s because of those two lazy scroungers.

    5. I totally agree! She is watching the meddlesome family slowly destroying her and her family century old dedication and hardwork to the Monarchy and the people.

      Lazy, entitled looking away from our Queen – the duch seem to be avoiding eye contact withHM. Such outfit and hat seem very similar to her ‘wanna be royal’ meddlesome carole at he christening of PG.

      1. Oh my gosh Yes! I was hoping someone would call this look Carole-ist. She’s evolving into her mother more and more day by day. I keep looking at this whole outfit and I want to like it … but something is simply wrong with it. How on earth can she be wearing normal clothing with a heavy coat – with long sleeves and buttoned or zippered up – all the time?!? Is her temperature below normal 98.6?? A normal lady would be hotter than hell in all that and sweating. Ugh!

          1. I agree with you regarding her outfit being influence by her Mather. It strike me as something she would wear, also the red checker suit she wore for previous engagement give me similar impression. I could be that her Mather is her recent stylist. Personally I couldn’t,t care less for both of the “creations”.

    6. I try not to read too much into her expressions, but first impression was her maj was not her usual chirpy self. Perhaps she is not feeling well?

      That is one luscious brooch!

    7. I agree. The thought that HM is a mortal, scares me. Maybe I thought that she would live forever. I am naïve to think that, but it’s true.

    8. I don’t want to use the word “declining”, but HM has been declining for a while. A couple years ago HM was supposed to do the Order of Bath service and pulled out because she couldn’t make it up the steps of part of the church with the tiara and robes on. Charles ended up doing it.

  2. gahhhhh I wish she would stop bespoke-ing what appears to be upholstery into outfits!! This looks like she ripped out the seat covers from my parents’ 1984 plymouth voyager van. I’m with you on the fact that the coat looks better from some angles, but this thing really competes with the floral luau hoedown monstrosity for the worst thing Erdem ever made.

    Oh and nice that the hat covers the forehead wrinkles she’s been sporting lately. I really want to love the hat simply because it’s such a departure from her normal head gear, but it’s just not really doing anything for me. I think maybe if she had styled her hair differently, in a side bun or something, that hat could have really popped and looked fantastic.

    On the positive side though, I thought her makeup looked very pretty today, and I think I’ve only seen her tonsils in one photo, so … There’s that.

    1. I know! I just wish her ability to put together an outfit would expand beyond “Today, everything will be furry grey!” It would have been really great if she had used, say, plum to highlight the coat. A deep purple dress and shoes or even hat would have been lovely. The coat needs a belt. Upholstery indeed! Even her darn shoes were velour grey. The outfit screamed “Pet me!”

  3. Gosh, I really want to like this outfit. I have tried all day, but there is too much going on. I agree it looks better with the collar hidden. I think it would have looked better too with the dark ‘lace’ going all the way up to the shoulder and only the lighter plain grey at the bottom of the coat and sleeves.

    I really don’t like the hat though. I think it is too big for her head and worn way too far down. I am happy she wore a real hat though. I just think the style of the hat and size don’t work with the coat. Maybe I would like them both separately. But together, I don’t think the coat and hat work. Just way to much going on. With that busy of a coat, it is better to choose a hat that doesn’t stand out or vice-versa.

    I will give Kate credit for doing something different this time instead of her boring and safe wardrobe. It’s funny, I thought Kate might wear grey today, but I was hoping she would repeat that grey Alexander McQueen coat from Easter Sunday in Australia. I love that coat. One of the biggest problems with this coat is the fit. For a bespoke piece, it should be perfect. But it gaps around her chest. Either Kate likes it too small to show off her figure or they just didn’t fit the coat right so it gaps wrong. If this was off the rack I wouldn’t care, but again it is bespoke!!!

    So, even though I don’t like her look today, I still count it as a win for Kate. I like the pieces separately and I think she looks more regal today than normal. I really wish she would start wearing contrasting shoes/clutch at least. Even choosing a dark grey heel as opposed to the light grey. It is small things like that, that really add to an outfit!

    KMR, I am pretty sure she is wearing the grey Orla Kiely dress. The one with the black floral neckline.

    1. I don’t have an eye for tailoring at all, but does the coat seem too big for her frame to you? I feel like she is buried alive in this thing.

      1. I think it doesn’t cinch in the waist as much as Kate normally likes it to (that is why she always wears belts). So, the coat looks more straight up and down instead of hourglass. That may be why you think it is too big for her? I actually think the overall cut is pretty good, it is the finite tailoring that is lacking, like the pulling around the buttons over her chest. That should have been given a bit more fabric. The waist could have been brought in more too to give her more a shape. I also think part of the problem is how heavy the fabric of the coat looks, which also give it more of a large feeling (if that makes sense).

        I also wonder if the oversized hat makes everything look a bit oversized? The hat kind of sets the tone for the rest of the outfit. I think the coat would look better without that large hat.

        1. I am a skilled, but totally amateur, seamstress and make many of my own garments in order to accommodate a large bust and long torso. Kate’s clothes often pull or gap across the bust and it’s a bad look. I assume it’s because they’re too tight through the bust – but a poor fit through the shoulders and her bad posture might be contributing as well – I’m not sure. I think another inch or two of fabric there would help but I think Kate likes to wear her clothing tighter than normal to show off her emaciated frame.

    2. I actually don’t mind this outfit ( she just needs to ditch the shoes, ugh, and should have styled it with her yellow Catherine Walker(?) from Calgary airport underneath), but yeah, first thought that came to mind was why? When you have that gorgeous AMcQ dove grey coat that makes you look like a million bucks. Sigh, who knows, she seems quite pleased with herself in the pictures. So much better than seeing the scared, worried, full of misery unguarded faces we’ve been seeing from her….although that one in the church was telling…

  4. Lauri!!! Oh my gosh, did you see in one of the photos, Kate is walking with her hands at her sides??? She looks sooooo much better. It makes her look more confident and well royal :). I wish she did this all the time. It really makes a difference!

    1. I did see that Overit!!! I can only imagine how difficult it was for her to make it all the way down the aisle with her hands at her sides, she must have been sweating like crazy from the exertion.

    2. I thought the same! She still looks kinda awkward, but it’s much better than the crotch clutching she does. Now if onlt she’ll do it all the time.. and fix her damn posture!

    3. Surprising, considering she always mimics Billy and he clutched his crown jewels the entire length of the abbey. yuk. I think it was merely a one-off, as her default pose is crotch-clutch in all social situations. Maybe the formal procession reminded her of her wedding day when crotch-clutching was verboten!

  5. Another Erdem monstrosity. That coat looks like it belongs on a rug, curtain or sofa at a haunted house somewhere. The all grey monotone from head to toe and constricting style are dour and dowager-y. Another epic fail while she tries to be edgy.

    On the upside there were no manic grins.

    1. I agree, I don’t like the coat and Erdem in general. I love her hat, but it is too down on her.
      No manic grins, no smiles : is she sad?

      1. Since the event did not require “meetings” and “serious talking” regarding complicated issues, there was no need for manic smiles to cover up her insecurity and discomfort.

  6. I HATE this outfit! Well, I love the shoes and earrings, everything else is hideous. I hate big hats like that and I don’t think they suit Kate at all, way too bulky. Reminds me of the hat she wore with the red Armani coat and then to Remembrance Day, I hated that one too.

    I think this outfit would’ve looked so much better if she had’ve worn the beautiful grey hat she wore to the Aussie Easter service, and then with the grey tartan coat.

  7. Whilst the fabric might not have been to my taste I actually thought progress was made. We had a Royal Duchess who looked appropriate, elegant and with a degree of poise. We didn’t have an over abundance of leg, a too short dress, wind blown hair and skirts accompanied by manic posturing. She looked fit for the occasion and to be part of her Majesty’s party. Yes, I could criticise the cut and colour but that would be subjective. I would prefer her not to dress like her mother but on balance she got it more right that wrong. Progress of sorts and it would appear she might be taking onboard some of the criticisms……not before time.

  8. KMR, first of all I wanted to confess something. I started reading this blog two years ago. I discovered it putting “Kate Middleton lazy” on Google and found you. And since then I do not live without reading it, although I have only begun to comment this year. And every time I read a post I’m so eager to comment about Kate that I forget to thank you. So THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for your work. Your job is AMAZING. This blog is a relief in my problems and I am deeply moved to read about the personal experiences of commentators, and learn about British royalty and other European royal houses. That said I’m with you KMR, I dislike Erdem and every new Erdem outfit Kate wears my opinion increases. And Kates’ comenting taht “Charlotte is doing much in the way of keeping George in check”. My God, what is she thinking about? To say that about a year old child makes me think who is the “real” child, mother or daughter. Thanks for the Harry photos, they made my day. Well, excellent post. Have a nice day.

    1. Like you Jamel I’m a long time follower & have only just recently started commenting. I too did a similar search and came upon this blog and I’ve not looked back since. Thanks KMR for the awesome job you do. Personally I think the hat does not suit the coat. The hat she wore in Sydney would have been a better match. I do like seeing her in real hats & hope to see this one again paired to a more suitable ensemble.

    2. Again, one of these astoundingly nonsensical statements. How can a baby keep George in check? It doesn’t even make sense. Word salad anyone? I’ve got the vinegar.

    3. Too funny–I wonder how many of us there are who found this wonderful blog by Googling “Kate Middleton lazy”?

        1. I must be the exception. I found this blog by googling does Kate Middleton hate children. or like children. I can’t remember.

    4. Jamel

      I think I typed in Kate Middleton lazy narcissist or parasite.

      Mostly I couldn’t believe I was the only person watching the predatory Middleton lionesses taking out the weak gazelle William. I see waaaay more negative qualities to Miss Kate than laziness.

    5. Thanks Jamel. It’s interesting to see what phrases draw people to the site.

    6. Hi, Jamel,

      I found this blog by typing People who Don’t like Kate Middleton into google.
      So glad you found the site, too.
      KMR, your work is amazing. You never let us down.

  9. I am neither here nor there with that coat. What jumped out at me was Kate not upstaging the Queen in bright colours with short hemlines or her habit of playing with her hair. She was understated and seemed to be more respectful in her outfit choice with not a hem lift to be seen.

    I always thought the Queen’s dresser was consulted so as not to clash or wear similar colours.On some occasions I have seen Carole dressed similar to Camilla which I thought was not the done thing in their pecking order. Perhaps that has changed these days.

    Today the queen stood out. Everyone looked subdued as if they had been told to behave. I did notice the queen glancing their way and they did show appropriate respect. The jostling and joking was replaced with a mature attitude.
    The queen does look tired. Perhaps they have finally understood how much she is doing. It only involved a few of their hours and I am glad they made the effort. So, Kate can do it, she is just indulged but someone or something has changed.

        1. Agree too. I would like to know what it’s going on behind the doors of castles. I’m not sure what I say it is understanding… I had an exam of 7 hours and again 3 to go in the next 3 days, going on KMR and reading commentaries is relaxing me. So I join my complement to KMR;

          1. I study history and geography, I had already diploms in order to teach history and geography in high school. It’s a contest to have better work’s condition (salary, number of hours…) but it’s more difficult to have. I stay 7 hours, I will see when I will have the result. Today suject if it interests you : the political violence in the roman world between 70 before JC and 73 after JC. Thanks for your concern!

          2. Thanks Clem my son is studying Geography at uni and has just chosen his dissertation subject – is the London 2012 legacy proving to be successful? A little different from your area of interest! The Romans of course had an enormous influence on Britain which always fascinates me.

          3. Interesting subject concerning your son.
            I made the half!!! And I’m happy because I have an article from KMR to read…

  10. Soooo… What’s next? Any plans to see our favourite Ducal couple before India or are they too exhausted poor dears?

    Regarding the comment about Charlotte keeping Monster George ‘in check’ I’m stumped as to how – unless she physically lies in front of him! Honestly, I’m not sure if Katy really sees or knows much about her children other than their names. This comment is beyond stupid and no one can tell me it’s something a genuine hands-on mother would say. Maybe she meant Lupo?

    The coat? I have no words. It’s fugly.

    1. Yes, George is always a monster or an implied handful. Neither of them has ever said a single wonderful thing about him or his personality. They always make him sound like an annoying hooligan.

  11. Nice speech from Queen Elizabeth.
    As for Catherine’s ensemble,I can’t decide whether I like it or not.In the far away shots it looks very nice,interesting integration of lace and suede,but in the closer shots it appears to have a bit too much going on in it.Her Erdem choices usually have this effect on me.I like the choice of hat.

  12. Have been enjoying this site enormously and anonymously for the past 6 months. Today was the day, after seeing Great Aunt Jessies’s lounge drapes on the Duchess of Cambridge’s body, I felt compelled to jump up and be counted as a KMR – er. What is up with such a young woman wearing so many aging outfits? Does she not own anything but suede footwear? Does no one ever point out the other rather well turned out royals in Europe? So depressing to see her dressed as her mother…even more depressing as her mother usually looks better!

    I believe Kate is relatively intelligent as Scottish degrees are not given out like sweeties at a party. I also don’t understand the concept of waiting 9+ years for a man to put a ring on your finger. I suspect that she is so obviously overwhelmed with the job (as she sees it) and coupled with what appear to be serious psychological issues, she is barely coping.Perhaps and before she crashes, her mother will step up to the plate….not William’s plate but her daughter’s….

    1. I am with you, Sophietta, I think Kate is way in over her head and it shows. She might have a serious breakdown of sorts, at one point (which I would wish on no one, even if it is of her own making).

    2. I have always had a theory that even the dullest of rich kids who went to the best schools are at least somewhat learned/intelligent — how could you sit in those classrooms every day and not learn something, be exposed to something, etc. But what you do with it counts… and she does nothing and has no drive. Drive can’t be taught, imho.

  13. Everyone else basically already said what I was thinking about Kate’s ensemble. Here are some pics of CP Mary doing a much better job (I think) of wearing a big gray hat:



    The hat + hair + heavy coat with high collar = overwelmed Kate and just looked stifling.

    1. I love Mary, she is so stylish. I love the contrast of the grey & maroon. Her hair is styled nicely as well.

        1. I respectfully disagree. I find Mary neither adorable nor very stylish.
          She is a rather vain and selfcentered woman, who loves the camera.
          She does get about however, lazy she is not. Just IMO.

          1. She’s going to Queen in my country and I’m quite satiesfied with that. I think she fullfills her obligations admirably and she’s very well respected in Denmark.

            One of my friends has met her several times because he has worked for the CP couple and he says that she is forthright and knows her mind – and that her and Frederik’s children are sweet and well behaved.

    2. Mary has a great stylist, which can really be seen in the way colours are used as counterpoints in her ensembles and in her impeccable accessorizing. She also has a really good hair stylist. Mary wears a lot of different types of hats but I think she looks especially good in pillbox hats.

      1. Kudos to Mary’s stylist – it really shows in how well put together she usually is (I don’t follow her, but from what I’ve seen, she always looks good).

      2. I agree, ArtHistorian. Kate is so monochrome. I love seeing how some of the other royal ladies mix color. Speaking of color, is Commonwealth Day a celebratory event? If so, then why is Kate dressed as if she’s going to a memorial? She could’ve worn a brighter color! The monochrome gray makes her look like a sad cloud. My friends and I actually call this a “groutfit”, when you are wearing an all-grey outfit.

        I will say I was happt to at least see her in a proper hat instead of a fascinator for once.

        1. I wish she’d with going for a monochromeous monotony with her ensembles and apply a bit of colour theory to her accessories. Burgundy or maroon would have looked really good with the grey lace-covered coat.

    3. I’d like to say I like the hat on Mary in the second series of photos, but frankly, with that hat (which is too big for her features) all she needs is a zoot suit and a pair of spats. 🙂

      1. While I generally like big hats, I don’t like this type of big hat with a wide uptured brim. It is just a dowdy-looking shape. The only one I have seen get away with this hat-shape is Maxima but I think that is rather due to her charisma than the hat itself.

  14. I must say my first thought was the Queen like quite frail too. Kate and William speak so impersonally bout their children and stick to the boring script. George is a feisty boy, running and climbing and being noisy and getting into mischief. Charlotte is the placid girl keeping him in line ‘Oh George! Do sit still”. Said no one year old, ever. K & W are robotic.

  15. To me it seems as if HM has had a word with Kate and William after all the negative PR.
    Probably she has sent somebody to Kate to give her a refresher in how to dress and behave like a member of the RF. This of course didn’t please neither HM nor Kate and the expression of their faces was somehow solemn.
    Anyway, Kate was dressed for the occasion, had a nice make-up, her hair was out of the face and there was not too much teeth dazzling.

    1. I do have to give her kudos for easing back on the black eyeliner, it appears from close up shots that she no longer rims her whole eye. Now she just needs to put down the eyebrow pencil.

      1. I would prefer to see her without an eyeliner on the lower lid and a lighter eyeshadow for a fresher, brighter eye look.

  16. The good: the hat, earrings, picture of her walking with arms to side, I liked her curls today, Harry and the Cambridges seem to be at ease with each other, Kate seemed touched and happy by the sweet kids waiting outside
    The bad: the coat has lovely detail but is not to my liking – it seems heavy and too buttoned up (the cut is not youthful), the shoes and clutch are nice but I don’t feel all the shades of gray quite work – this is one outfit where her black might have been welcomed (I would love to see a contrasting color, but Kate likes classic), her comment (and previously Williams comments) make Charlotte sound so much older than she is – it wouldn’t be hard to say “and Charlotte gets a laugh at her brothers antics” because that I can imagine the baby actually doing

    1. I totally agree with you about the Charlotte comments. They do talk about her like she is older than she is. Kate did that with George last year, too. I wonder if they spend very little time with their kids to not know how babies interact with the world, or if they just spout out random crap because they think it will make for a better soundbite and none of what they say is true in the slightest and we know even less about the Cambridge kids than we think we do.

  17. It is different..the Erdem coat. I wish she would take a chance and be open at neck line. I did like the hat but my favorite are this type of hat like Camilla and Maxima wear.

  18. I am so glad that I had a full day to think about my critique of this outfit before commenting as my initial thoughts were just chocked full of snark. But after a day spent taking many, many deep breathes I feel ready 🙂

    I give kudos to Kate for trying something new and wearing a full sized hat, unfortunately that’s the all the positive I have in me for this outfit. When I first saw the pictures yesterday morning of her and William arriving at Westminster I was confused, who invited Miss Marple? where’s Kate? Imagine my surprise to find out that Kate decided to dress as her favorite Agatha Christie spinster sleuth! I had no idea that the Commonwealth Service was a costume event! I guess Kate was the only one to receive that memo because no one else dressed in costume although William would have made a dashing Hercule Poirot, of course the Queen could have come dressed as Dame Christie herself. I can just see Prince Phillip wearing a jaunty cap with a pipe hanging out of the side of his mouth.

    Any how, Kate must burn Erdem’s phone number immediately!!! The only dresses he’s designed for Kate that didn’t look horrible on her were the two blue, lace dresses she wore during the Canada tour. I have read that Kate doesn’t actually attend fittings anymore, the designers are simply sent her measurements, which would account for the extraordinary number of ill-fitting bespoke pieces she owns.

    1. *sigh*
      At first, from a distance, Kate looked good… I’m not sure what I dislike more about that coat, is it the fact it seems to be made from carpet or the terrible tailoring? I wish Kate would turn up to her fittings when she orders bespoke clothing as the clothing would look better and therefore be more worth the high cost.
      This does look very similar to an outfit Carole wore to George’s christening, so did Carole pick this outfit or was Kate trying to channel her Mum?
      The evening news here showed a clip from the service, it was interesting as Kate had lost her way in the slim order of service and asked Harry to help her out.
      Needless toI say that Harry was a gentleman and helped her out?

      1. How can you lose your way in an order of service? She has an Honours Degree FGS! Is she that much of a wreck that she can’t follow her own language in a slim pamphlet? It is worrying that her attention span is so short or her nerves really are shot to pieces.

        1. William guided her to her seat & the three of them stood in front of the chairs. William & Harry picked up their order of service but Kate didn’t. William was showing her his when Harry spotted Kate wasn’t holding one, so passed her his & then took the one from Kates chair as his own. Kate said “oh thank you” to Harry.

          1. Seriously!!!! Okay, first, how nice of Harry to give her his instead of just telling her to pick hers up from her chair.

            Secondly, Seriously???? She has done this event before and ones very similar. How could she not have known there was a program on her seat. Is she playing the helpless woman or is she really that daft?

          2. Thanks JL in England
            I was wondering what happened, it just seemed awkward to me. Does she not attend enough church services to know what to expect?

          3. Kate looked really rather dumb because of it. I mean, its a white order of service on a coloured chair – you can’t miss it.
            I wonder if she’d taken something to quash nerves that had left her feeling spacey? Just conjecture, of course.

          1. Or she doesn’t wanted to look in the programs, and she would like showing her angryness/sadness/direspect… but I think I exagere a little !!!

    2. @Lauri from Ca
      I agree with your comment about the poorly fitting bespoke clothing. Kate mustn’t be attending fittings or the clothes would not fit so poorly. To my eyes this coat doesn’t fit over the bust. I also think there is a problem with the measurements Kate (or Rebecca, or Tash?) is giving the designers too. I’ve sewed for years and know that if you have taken good (correct) measurements then the clothing item will fit better.

      1. I agree Cathy, a woman’s body changes after two children even if all the pregnancy weight is lost structurally there is change. And I imagine after breastfeeding G&C, there are definitely changes to her bust line that she, for whatever reason, is refusing to acknowledge. I’m sure these designers would be happy to send a member of their staff to the Duchess if she was too busy to come to them.

        1. I’m not sure Kate understands you need fittings for bespoke and couture. That’s what women who wear couture do Kate, in between lunching at an expensive restaurant on a lettuce leaf they go for fitting, first with a toile and then the final item of clothing. That’s one reason why they always look perfect.
          You may as well be ordering by mail order with Kate’s method?

  19. Why even try to dissect this godawful outfit? She has lost her sartorial mind. The hat overwhelms her face (she’s no Camilla), the colours are not very flattering, and the different grey of the hat jars with the grey of the coat. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Ugh for lace on the *outside* of a *coat*. Ye. Gods. She looks like she’s wearing upholstery fabric.

    She’s such a fashion enigma. What goes on in that empty head of hers? What does she see in the mirror?

    Also, in all the DM pics, not once does Willy make eye contact with her. It’s the usual shot of Willy talking across her to Harry, and Waity pretending she is part of the conversation. Plus ca change.

    Again, another new coat and dress. Because she doesn’t have enough outfits for all the hard ‘work’ she’s doing these days.

    1. Do you think Kate doesn’t go for fittings for a reason other than a nervous disposition. I read William loathes any intrusion into his life and enjoys having Carole there to run interference for them. I wonder if part of her usefulness is to deal with the running of the household and staff. Perhaps that could include ordering Kate’s clothes?
      They do seem to want to be left alone so perhaps the less outsiders who need to knock on their door and could leak private information, the more in control they feel.
      They play their cards close to their chest so it can’t be easy working for them in regard to coordinating schedules with other members of the family or to have to put out spot fires such as this alleged comment.

      ”Lord George Foulkes was among those infuriated by the jaunt. He said: “I find it outrageous that the younger members of the Royal Family spend huge amounts of money enjoying themselves in the most lavish way when a lot of people are not getting wage rises.

      “If they are going to get the kind of financial support that they are getting then they really need to show they are doing a proper week’s work every so often.”

        1. I thought about that too Lauri, then I remembered reading that the reason William had trouble getting the wedding band on Kate’s finger was because Kate had ordered it in a smaller size than she needed at the time. This leads to the theory that Kate intended to lose even more weight post marriage. So is she buying smaller because she wants to drop more weight or is she like a girl I work with who insists she takes size 7 shoes and buys that size even though she clearly is a size 8?

          1. Or, perhaps ordering a ring size too small was a Freudian slip.
            Maybe, she was hesitant about marrying him after the long wait!

        2. Then she needs to go to them. If she can go out and shop, she can go out for a fitting. They’d put her in a private room, she could probably even go in the back door (which she probably wouldn’t do). Then maybe her darned clothes would fit.

          And if William is so concerned about his privacy that he can’t have an designer come by to fit his wife’s clothing properly he’s really a giant ass. Seriously, as many rooms as Anmer has there’s no reason they can’t have one for her to use for fittings that’s separated from the main area of the house? I’m sure she could decorate it to her liking and Carole can serve them all cheese toast and tea.

          Why does everything have to be so difficult for these two?

    2. “Why even try to dissect this godawful outfit?”

      Because I don’t think it’s godawful. I think it could have been a good outfit but there are a few things that turned it from good to bad.

      “Also, in all the DM pics, not once does Willy make eye contact with her.”

      That may have just been those photos they chose. I specifically chose two photos in which William is looking at and talking to Kate. He is definitely making eye contact with her in those two photos (the second and third from the bottom).

      1. Re why does it matter -it may explain why she is uncomfortable at these services. There is a daily mail article which explains thing better than I obviously am.Cannot provide a link not clever enough with technology to that but easily found on google.

  20. Yeah… she needs to stop going to Erdem. Aside from the blue lace dress she wore in Canada, all of his stuff is HIDEOUS!!! What is she thinking? There’s trying something different and there’s this. I’m not a fan of the hat. The curls underneath were just too much. How about straightening her hair? Or an updo? Or somethig other than curls? And I love curls! But there’s a place and time for it. When I first saw the picture of the hat from the back, I thought of Carmen Sandiego. I loved that show as a kid! I’m happy to see her walking with her arms by her side. She looks less awkward. But her posture. Hold that head up high! I know I can be bad about it too sometimes, but that’s why I make a point to try to stand up straighter. I also agree that she needs to learn how to accessorize. She’s just so blah. She can take her outfits from meh to wow with that. All in all, a fail for me.

  21. Commenters are frequently pointing out Kate is channelling Diana again. I never got the connection until I remembered that press is really, really negative right now, so it’s time to trot out reminders of the sainted one and even her old milliner. A win-win. She and her gang wouldn’t do that, would they?

  22. I haven’t read anything about the reason Charles and Camilla are absent. Does anyone know about that?

    I like the hat — but I am surprised/not surprised that Kate is able to fiddle with her hair even under the big hat! Ugh!

    I like the detail on the coat. I think it might be better in different colors. Way too big on Kate. There is a pucker between a couple closures in the torso.

    Interesting body language in the three-shot of William, Kate and Harry. Harry is distancing himself, and rightly so.

  23. I really liked that she wore a new kind of hat, it looks pretty good on her. She looks good in real hats, she should wear them more often. More like the one she wore to Trooping of the Colour when pregnant with George, which I think is a better size hat for her than this grey one.


    Also, I came across this gif of the event on tumblr and I thought I’d share it because the interaction between Harry, William and Kate is pretty interesting.


    Harry and William are chatting happily to each other while Kate accepts the flowers and then when she turns around to join them again, she gives this weird look/hair flip towards the boys and Harry just stops smiling and turns away from her while she returns to her spot in between them.

      1. Kate is just looking off somewhere, bored as can be in that gif. She is not even pretending to pay attention to the conversation. She must make people around her uncomfortable since it is obvious she wants to be anywhere but there

  24. I will be plain-speaking: Kate looks like an idiot. At least there were no upskirt me today and the hem is an appropriate length for the occasion, so I guess with this woman we have to be thankful for even that. I can’t wait for KM to be Queen Consort- Britain will be a laughing stock being represented by this inelegant clown and her workshy, petulant husband. Comedy galore!

  25. I know I am once again in the minority for liking an Erdem piece but I love this coat on Kate and think she looks Royal and we’ll put together in this. Not feeling the pleated skirt or dress underneath but this coat is on point. I love where the lace was placed and the dotted grey fabric on the sleeves, shoulder and bottom.

  26. I like Kate’s comments about Charlotte more than William’s. “She’s getting bigger by the day.’ is better than “ladylike”. Ladylike tells nothing about her development. Ladylike is such an old-fashioned term that it’s not even a compliment anymore.

  27. My Harry looks handsome as ever. Thank you, KMR for always giving me a little extra Harry in these posts 🙂

    The good – I like Kate’s makeup. It is applied well and not heavy-handed. I loved the hat. It was a little low on her head, but it’s much better than those fascinators. She looks good in a full hat.

    The coat is ghastly. It wouldn’t have been quite as bad if it didn’t have that horrible lace print/overlay. She looks way too closed in. She is 34, but dresses as if she is 74. HM looks much more youthful than Kate. I just hate it so much. And, she needs to wear lower heels. Full stop. She needs a proper tailor and how to stand up straight.

    I find their presence laughable. When I think of the Commonwealth, I think of how the BRF have used their goodwill and presence to highlight all that’s going on. What have W+K done? Nothing. HM does not deserve to hear and experience this slight on her legacy. I always find it interesting to see how HM interacts with Harry vs. W+K. HM is obviously delighted by Harry. He is respectful of her, yet still remains Harry. W+K are cool and aloof. There is no reason for it. HM seems to give them the perpetual side-eye.

    *Edit – I am tired of the hair twirling. I was raised that you don’t mess with your hair in public. All the hair flipping and adjustment is in bad taste. And you want to shake someone’s hand after? Blech…
    Thank you for sharing this post, KMR!

    1. Hi KMR
      I’m with Rhiannon, thanks for the post and thanks for the extra photos of Harry too 🙂

      Hope you are rested after your busy weekend? And thanks again for getting this post up so quickly.

      1. Hi Cathy! I know you guys, so I always include extra photos of Harry. I did get some rest; I’m good now. Thank you.

  28. The Good: The coat was an appropriate length and no flying hems and bum flashing. The color was appropriate and did not outshine the Queen (who was teh Queen of Spring in her get up, love love the opal boorch). The hat was nice and not dippy looking like the other too small ones. The jewelry was tasteful as well.

    The Bad: Kate needs to wear her hair up so she stop messing with it in public. Its makes seem like she is 12. Also, the high heels….in my part of the world, heels that high are called “stripper heels”. THey need to stop too.

    The Ugly: The coat looks like a very heavy tablecloth. Given that it is spring, a lighter weight coat would have looked better. I didn’t like the all gray either…she looked wrapped in pavement. Would Kate dressing in a spring color upstaged the Queen?

  29. When watching the procession video, did anyone else notice the Queen favoring one leg? I believe I see her favoring her right leg, but this could easily be my imagination. I don’t want to speculate about a potential illness, but I agree that HM does not look like her normal self.

  30. I was looking at the top photo and I couldn’t help but notice body language. Harry and Andrew are sitting like frogs, Wills is sitting right-over-left (I expected left over right since he’s left handed but whatever) and then…..Kate’s leaning towards nobody but her legs and feet are clearly directed towards Harry! Also, Kate just looks so lost and, for the first time ever, HM looks her age, which is heartbreaking to see.

    The length of the coat is fine but the color is ugly as sin, so not appropriate for this time of year. A nice mint green would’ve been nice, especially since St. Patrick’s Day is in 2 days.

    Also, the hat overwhelms her; it’s just too big and her hair should’ve been in a low chignon.

    A positive is that Harry looks good (like always) and William sorta kinda looks like he’s paying some attention to Kate in a few pictures (though most of the time, it looks like he’d rather chat with his brother).

    1. Kate frequently sits like that. I first noticed it years ago when Princess Diana sat that way. Think of how Princess Diana sat in front of the Taj Majal, and you have it. When she did it, you could tell it was a natural part of how she would sit – I think partly from all the years of dancing. But, when Kate does it, it’s posturing – she’s not moving or sitting in a natural position for her. It’s all about “looking” like a duchess, and that’s how a duchess sits, in Kate’s mind!

  31. First Kate wears a cheesy looking red and white gingham tablecloth and now this mess. I must say Erdem is consistent……for tuning out fugly clothes, with each creation you think it can get no worse and voila, it does. Maybe it is the pattern on the coat, but once again, with a lot of her coats, the fit across the bust looks a bit off.Kate just has looked devoid of all color lately in her face. She is very pasty looking.

  32. I admit that lately W&K put me off with all the depressing press and demoralising facts and arguments about their poor work ethic. I thought that was our own thing here, in KMR, to comment (and be snarky about :-)) and unexpectedly – or maybe not – it was out in the open! So we lost our exclusivity on that one.
    In the meantime, real life caught me with real problems of this part of the world, you know, some thousands of immigrants and some more than thousands of refugees from war zones, so I raided our closets twice, cooked meals at my daughter’s school and prepared our ‘baskets of happiness’, as Wildrose would say.
    Today I will only comment on the message of the day, which is inclusiveness in Commowealth but also for the rest of the world, ‘being willing to contribute and offer support’ where is needed.
    And for the fun part: I wish we had more of Kate’s eye roll moments to entertain us.

    1. Kate’s eyeroll is the one time she’s showed genuine personality. I love it and want more of that.

  33. Bill the entitled brat has foot in mouth disease. Bad. Now he chose talking trophy hunting in an interview about a wildlife conservation event. How tone deaf can a single person be? Trophy hunting is about as spoiled-rotten-rich as it gets. It costs 10s of thousands of $$$ to shoot one of the big five and the whole “industry” is Vile, corrupt and disgusting.

    Ugh, ugh, ugh, nasty. He has the lack of tact of Prince Phillip, but nothing of the charms, the looks or the work ethics of his grandfather. Typical upperclass fop.

        1. What on earth ? Surely not – thin end of the wedge? There are NO circumstances in which trophy hunting is acceptable . No wonder the queen looks so terrible. Is there a link to what he has said?

          1. Birdy I heard it on ITV and am too furious to even open the usual newspapers to read it up. I guess the Daily Mail should have some, or the Express.

        2. JL, He fully well knows, it isn’t like that. It is an excuse to continue the barbaric practice. A lot of trophy hunting is going on in enclosed hunting grounds where animals (lions, birds, deer, you name it) are bred and raised for the slaughter, so entitled rich brats can feel like a Lord of the Empire, because they killed a big animal. It is utterly disgusting and inhuman. And so fitting for the Cambridge brat. A bag of hammers is Mensa material compared to that one.

          1. The only place for Ivory is on an elephant, the only place for rhino horn is on a rhino, the only place for fur is on a living animal…the only exception is my doggy the only place for my doggy is curled up on my knee. Sorry I know some KMRers like to wear fur, and I wear leather shoes, we all make our own choices. But TROPHY hunting an old animal FOR FUN .. I am banging my head against a wall .

      1. Maven I hope you’re still with us. I can fully understand your feelings. Sometimes I just stare at the story or video in disbelief. This is one of those moments.

    1. “This afternoon 40 global transport leaders will sign a historic declaration in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking routes” (from Kensington Twitter)

      I do give credit to William for helping to raise awareness on illegal wildlife trafficking. I think this is a smaller scale example of the climate change summit in Paris – there were many things that didn’t go far enough there too but it was still important to have leaders meet and sign declarations. It shows William is working behind the scenes on this issue and he isn’t as lazy as the official event number tracker suggests.

      Where William is completely wrong is to follow up an important day with an interview suggesting trophy hunting is ok in certain situations. I personally disagree, but even if I agreed with him, it’s a very bad PR move, the focus will now be on those comments rather than the signed declaration.

      1. He really ought to have kept his mouth shut on the trophy hunting issue. Now, as you point out, he has lost control of the narrative – and it is going to add to the already negative story about him that is playing out in the press.

        1. I agree with both of you about what he said about trophy hunting being a very foolish statement. I was shocked by that. Also, he came across as really arrogant about it, IMO. And arrogant when the journalist dared to question him about current criticism. But what I found really interesting was the journalist’s reaction. The way he would cross his arms or move around in his seat. The journalist’s body language spoke volumes. He wasn’t buying William’s BS and when Will made the statements he made about trophy hunting you could just see that the reporter was trying to control himself. I bet he was tempted to call William a hypocrite then and there.

      2. I doubt William had anything to do with this, he’s just using it for credit; and honestly, getting a bunch of people to sign a declaration… Does it DO anything? Most likely not.

    2. Did you notice the photographs? They’d removed personal photographs from the frames in the apartment so nobody would see! My God, the paranoia.

      And calling George a bum.

      He is vile.

      1. Calling him a bum was strange. But I can’t figure out what he meant by George’s sandals and ‘bangles.’ What did that mean? Put that together with Kate saying that Charlotte keeps George in check (at ten months old) and it seems like they don’t know their children or just don’t know what to say about them. I didn’t notice the photographs but now I am going to have to check because you have made me curious!

        1. Maybe because he wishes he could bum about Africa in Birkenstocks playing conservationist at Jecca Craig’s family hideaway so he hopes George can instead. Who knows!

          Poor George. It upsets me, how his father talks about him. 🙁 Sweet boy.

          1. It’s shameful how William talks about his son Not funny at all!
            George as a bum? That really smacks of insensitivity and a lack of understanding of how to speak of one’s children to others.

            There are days I feel like tearing my hair out after a long day of work and my little ones just being their fun-loving, often a bit too loud selves, but I would never be so horrible as to criticize them to others in so callouw a way. Even in a joking tone.

            Kids are kids. They bring joy to our lives and they are a good deal of work, too! Most parents have hope for the future for their kids. They imagine the best and focus on that. They guide their loved ones through childhood and teen years, as well as early adulthood, so that the best will happen for their offspring.

            William seems to always have something negative to say about his son. When you see him with the child, he does appear to be a loving dad. But, words, even in jest, have an impact. And, with the Internet, they last forever. I hope George never reads the comments his dad has made. They are so insensitive. Just plain dumb, too.

  34. Greetings Everyone,
    Just checking in before I lose my internet connection (out in rough waters) at the moment. No sunshine and have to stay inside rather than “on deck”.

    The last Photo of snakey kate – says it all.

    The Look Dissected…

    1. It looks as if she could commit murder.
    2. Why am I being bothered by these people? They are beneath me.
    – that I think includes Her Majesty and Prince Philip.
    3. I am above all critics and so is William.
    4. I will be putting you in your place – as we will have an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY.
    5. I could not care less about Her Majesty, The Commonwealth or the people.

    I saw a brief clip – neither bill or kate looked interested and “sang” like they were choking on the words while mouthing God Save the Queen (both out of sync in their words).

    I have said this many times and the sounds are getting louder from afar –

    These two will be the end of the British Monarchy. Neither of them are popular with the people. It is obvious to see. They are being called out on everything now – and it is not going to let up.

    There was a part when a poem was being read that snakey kate was fooling around with Prince Harry who looked mortified. She was laughing – trying to find the page.

    It was both inappropriate and rude.

    Her Majesty and Prince Philip just looked like icicles – I swear to God she is watching her life long work go down the toilet and knows it will not stand the test of time.

    W & K are two leeches, they were forced there to attend that Commonwealth Day Service – I do not want them as my representatives nor do I recognise them as anything else but two greedy, spoilt, petulant people who believe that the World owes them.

    I made a comment a few days back while still on solid land to the effect that it is as if bill and wifey are going back to The Tudor way of doing things.

    I am King and she is Queen and we will do exactly what we like, when we like and we are answerable to no-one.

    This will end up like Henry and Anne Boleyn – all the way to its crashing conclusion.

    Prince Harry has the same belief in duty, service, loyalty and respect that his Grandparents and father has. An exception to the rule – and you could actually see his discomfort at being close to and associated with his god awful brother and wifey.

    I love my Queen. Her Majesty will always have my loyalty, devotion and support however once the Queen passes it will be the end of my interest in the BRF unless it is Prince Harry or the Princess Royal, Charles, Camilla and Sophie. The other two – no hope. Not now. Not ever.

    They used to say that you grow into a role or mature but these two have regressed to pathetic individuals believing that it is their divine right to send a “screw you” message to the peasants.

    Well the peasants revolted.

    Meanwhile – I am starting to lose my sketchy coverage, the ship is well equipped however weather conditions can play havoc in certain areas.

    Take care out there in the world all of you – take a basket full of happiness and share it around. Lord knows the world needs it.

    Will see you down the road sometime, and remember that I may just be the one stranger that you pass in the street that says “Good Morning” or smiles – I am all of you and one of you.

    Kindest and best regards – please keep that basket full of happiness in your hearts.

    The Wild Rose

    P.S. BETS – True comment – have thought the same for years.

    1. Baskets full of happiness to you Wild Rose and stay safe. I worry about what happens when the queen passes . Whilst making some very bad mistakes overall she has done an amazing job, and the stability we have had from having one HOS for so many years is amazing. My national anthem is God Save the Queen . I cannot imagine ever singing anything else. We always hear that she is very close to Will but goodness his behaviour must be upsetting her. She had a chance to prove these comments that she thinks they are right to be so lazy, but she didn’t . That says it all. Take care of yourself as well as others.

    2. Kate’s “look” in that last photo is not “snakey” and she doesn’t “look as if she could commit murder”. She’s just bored. Not smiling all the time doesn’t make one “snakey”.

      “This will end up like Henry and Anne Boleyn” – William is going to behead Kate and then have four more wives and many more years as King?

  35. Lauri from Ca,

    If that information is correct it falls in with my thoughts that Kate may be suffering from anxiety or something similar. Although on occasion, she does go shopping alone, she is more often out with her mother. She is not often seen with the children. Most amateur pics of the children that I see are taken with the nanny.
    I wonder about postpartum depression and if her marriage is as fulfilling as she thought. I read that Carole fusses over them as if they are delicate birds which keeps them both dependant and at the same time separated from their reality and responsibilities.

    Kate looked to me as if she was not really present and self conscious at the same time.
    I can see Carole in that coat for sure. I wonder who picks Williams clothes.

    ” I have read that Kate doesn’t actually attend fittings anymore, the designers are simply sent her measurements, which would account for the extraordinary number of ill-fitting bespoke pieces she owns”.

    1. I think you were right on in your up thread comment, “I read William loathes any intrusion into his life and enjoys having Carole there to run interference for them. I wonder if part of her usefulness is to deal with the running of the household and staff. Perhaps that could include ordering Kate’s clothes?
      They do seem to want to be left alone so perhaps the less outsiders who need to knock on their door and could leak private information, the more in control they feel.”

      Imo, they are both so used to being coddled and “protected” they simply don’t know how to manage everyday life.

    2. I wonder if we see the children so much with the nanny because it’s the only time they go out in public. When they are with their mother, she so can’t bear to be photographed that she will not bring them out. Why this has only become an issue since Charlotte was born — your guess is as good as mine.

      1. Maybe William put his foot down about those “candid” photos that kept cropping up of George with Ma and Kate. Just won’t let that happen with Charlotte. Could be a contributing factor to the sad face, no extra income for Ma from the pictures.

  36. I guess the next time WK will surface will be in India/Bhutan. So gird yourselves for lots of pretend romantic photos at the Taj Mahal, sad puppy faces in Mumbai and absurd babble about their baby keeping George in line when they hit Bhutan.

    Will any sari’s or sheer headscarves be worn on the tour do you think?

    1. For Kate’s sake i hope so, and that they are made of linen and cotton. The heat and humidity in Mumbai is dreadful adn ONLY lightweight cotton and linen scarves will keep you cool anc clean.

    2. Kate has an engagement on Friday and William has one on Thursday, but I bet after that we won’t see hide nor hair of them until April 10th.

      I would love to see Kate in a sari, they are made with such luscious fabrics and colors she would look great in one. I wonder though if she’ brave enough.

      1. I think Friday will be the last we see of Kate until the tour. Those 3 weeks between will be used as an excuse to prepare for their couple day vacation, I mean tour. Seriously, who needs 3 plus week to prepare for a short tour? Especially since we know they are really not preparing at all.

        1. Why do I think these two call just about any prep ‘billable hours’. (i.e. looking at clothing for the tour = 30 minutes, thought about tour = 10 minutes, spoke on phone to assistant = 5 minutes and tried on two outfits = 15 minutes) See? A good full hour of work. Billable hour of ‘work’ in either of their minds.

      2. With her signature slouch, crotch clutch and sausage curls while she grins like a little girl playing dress up in a school play? I’ll pass, I’ve seen some incredibly beautiful saris and I don’t need to see the bone thin woman in one.

        I also hope she doesn’t attempt the national dress of Bhutan. The elegant Jetsun would wipe the floor with her.

        1. Hey, Lisa. My sentiments, exactly. Skinny Kate in a sari? Doesn’t matter how gorgeous the fabric would be. I don’t think she could carry it off. As for the increible and colorful Bhutanese dress, no! Kate, just be yourself.
          Even if you get a rise of criticism from people who don’t think you are stylish enough, please be yourself. It’s something you need to do in order to set an example for Charlotte. Believe in yourself and be the woman you truly are. You’d be a happier person, I am sure.

  37. I get depressed just looking at Kate’s outfit. It is so heavy, dark, and dreary. I hope she retires that drab wear. In contrast, The Queen’s outfit was springtime fresh ,spot on. Maybe the Queen will let Kate borrow it,lol. As for wills,I see he found his blue suit/red tie combo. I was hoping the cleaners lost it. Harry always looks nice!

  38. I really loved Kate’s whole look! It may be one of my favorites so far. I realize Erdem isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I can see why. He’s ‘fashion’ fashion. Breaks rules at times, but that’s why I love his work. I’m not one for short skirts and ‘hoochie’ fashion, but I love an insider of the fashion industry such as Erdem.

    The hat! Where do I even begin. I LOVED it. It looked beautiful on her and made her refined while still looking young. It makes her profile regal and pretty. And I liked the coat as well. The print was odd, He could have made it larger or not encompass so much of the coat. But that’s Erdem and why I love his work.

    I seriously loved this look!!

    Did anyone notice a shot of HM looking at the way Kate was holding her program? Everyone else had it opened laying flat on their lap, but not Kate.

    I see what you all mean about HM and Prince Philip. They seem preoccupied and HM looks sad.

  39. This outfit was hideous and her worst one yet. Perhaps it would have looked marginally better if Kate was 50. It wears her and she looks ridiculous in that hat.

  40. I like the outfit a lot but don’t think it was the best choice for this event. It would have been better at the Remembrance Day event. The Commonwealth service needed a lighter colour and fabric.
    As for Catherine’s comments to the children waiting, she has only a few seconds to talk to children she doesn’t know personally, so talking about kids and scooters seems to me to be a safe choice.

  41. Just watching the procession…perhaps Kate wore all grey so as to blend into the Abbey. Maybe if she matched the color of the actual stone, nobody would notice how bored she would be attending this service!

  42. Honestly, I think what the Duchess meant was that Charlotte’s PRESCENCE was keeping George in check… as in “George you can’t ride in your scooter too fast, because you might crash and hurt your little sister; who is slowly learning to crawl on the floor.” I thought that was what Kate meant by that, immediately. Hurried, yes, not well explained, yes, but I certainly did not find the intent of the remark THAT far out. WOW.

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