Kate Middleton celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets

Kate Middleton celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets

Happy Sunday (or Monday – sup New Zealand)! Kate finally made an official appearance that wasn’t a church/memorial service the Queen dragged her to – yay!? It’s been a week shy of two months since Kate worked last, on December 16, and for her first official appearance of 2016 she can already check off one of her patronages as visited – also yay!? The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, paid a visit to the RAF Air Cadets in her new, official role as Honorary Air Commandant today, February 7. Kate marked the 75th anniversary year if the Air Cadets with a church service at St. Clement Danes and a reception at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Kate attending church service for Air Cadets
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The Air Cadets is made up of two organizations: Air Training Corps (ATC) and Combined Cadet Force (CCF). The Air Cadets promotes a practical interest in aviation and encourages the development of qualities of leadership and good citizenship. They have more than 40,000 members ages 12-20. Since the Air Cadets was established in 1941, there has not been a female Honorary Air Commandant until Kate was made one in 2015.

Kate listening to speech at Air Cadet reception
[RAF Air Cadets @aircadets]

Kate spent two hours total (one hour for service and one hour for reception) attending the church service and later the reception where she heard a speech from Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty before cutting a cake with the youngest member of the Air Cadets.

Kate cuts the cake with youngest air cadet
[RAF Air Cadets @aircadets]

Kate also presented the top female cadet, Lucinda Conder, with the diamond and ruby Dacre Brooch. The Dacre Brooch had been given to the top female cadets from when women were admitted to the Air Cadets in 1982 until last year when it was decided that they should receive a sword like the top male cadets. Conder is the last woman to receive a brooch.

Kate chats to students at Air Cadets reception
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wrote a message for the service’s program:

    Having recently assumed the role of Honorary Air Commandant of the Air Cadets upon the retirement of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh as Honorary Air Commodore-in-Chief, I would like to thank all members of the Organisation for inviting me to lend my support to your work.
    I am delighted to be able to continue my link to the Royal Air Force family through this new affiliation and I believe that the Air Cadets bring genuine benefit to our young people and indeed wider society. The Cadets offer countless opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork skills and community spirit as well as self-confidence borne of testing boundaries in a safe but exciting environment. These activities are supported by an incredibly dedicates team of adult volunteers and staff who are integral to the success of the Cadets.
    I feel very proud to be involved in supporting present and future generations of Air Cadets and I know they will go on to achieve their full potential, just as thousands have done before them.

I hate that I don’t actually believe Kate wrote this. It seems too formal for Kate.

Kate's air cadet message
[@betonykelly on Instagram]

Kate spoke about Prince George and claimed he loves airplanes and wants to join the Air Cadets. From the Express:

    [Kate] told cadet Lucinda Conder, 19, that she had shown George, who is two and a half, pictures of Spitfires after a royal engagement.
    “He is now obsessed with the air cadets and wants to join,” said Ms Conder, a medical student from Hammersmith in west London, who was the top female cadet of 2015. “We are going to have to push that one when he gets to age 12.”

Kate repeated a blue bespoke Alexander McQueen coat she first wore in New Zealand to the Blenheim War Memorial in April 2014 and repeated to the 70th anniversary of D-Day commemorations in June 2014.

The more I see this coat, the more I dislike it. The first time Kate wore it in New Zealand I liked this coat but the second time Kate wore it I started to dislike it, now with a third wearing I really dislike this coat. I think the coat swamps Kate’s slender body and the oversized pockets do not help and don’t look good. Also, I noticed that there is darting going up to the breasts which I think looks odd. So this coat is not a win for me.

Alexander McQueen bespoke light blue coat
[Rebecca English / Emily Andrews / Helen William]

Kate wore a hat by Lock & Company which we previously only got a glimpse of in a fan photo when Kate attended a memorial service at Bath Abbey in March 2015. It’s another one of those flying saucer hats. But of Kate’s collection of flying saucer hats, this is probably the least flying saucer-y of them, so there’s that.

Kate wore her aquamarine and diamond earrings she’s worn since 2012.

Kate got to wear a Dacre Brooch. I must say, I really like it when Kate wears a brooch because it makes even a boring, thrice-repeated coat more interesting. All my attention was on the brooch. Kate wore her hair down, of course, which was not the best choice for showing off the brooch, but Kate moved her hair enough that we got to see the brooch. I really wish Kate would wear more brooches.

Kate carried her Stuart Weitzman navy Muse clutch, and navy gloves. She debuted ANOTHER pair of navy suede pumps, this time from Rupert Sanderson‘s “Malory” ($675.00). How many pairs of navy suede pumps does one woman need?

Kate arriving at the Royal Courts of Justice for Air Cadet reception
[RAF Air Cadets @aircadets]

In other news, the Sunday Express is reporting that William and Kate will visit the Taj Mahal when they are in India. They’re also saying the tour will take place April 10-17.

    Although the schedule for their India tour is yet to be finalised, local media has reported that the breathtaking white marble mausoleum in Agra is on William and Kate’s agenda. Diana was famously photographed sitting on a bench in front of the famous landmark in 1992, nine months before she and Prince Charles announced their separation. […]
    While a royal aide stressed it was “far too early to speculate on the programme”, Indian news outlets reported yesterday that an advance team from the British High Commission had met with Agra officials on Thursday to review the security system and other arrangements for the royal couple. […]
    It has been reported the royal couple will be in the country between April 10 and 17. William, 33, and Kate, 34, have never visited India and it is highly likely they would want to take in the country’s top tourist attraction.

Devil’s advocate for the “They’re copying Diana” criticism: William and Kate are also copying the Queen and Prince Philip, who visited the Taj Mahal when they were in India in 1961, and Prince Charles visited the Taj Mahal during a visit to India in 1980. Yes, Diana visited the Taj Mahal, but so have other royals. Unless Kate sans William copies Diana’s pose outside the building (while William stands to the side, randomly) then I don’t think they’re necessarily “copying Diana” as much as copying every other royal who has ever visited India (which, yes, includes Diana).

I really don’t care if William and Kate visit the Taj Mahal, I would expect them to, I think it would be odd if they didn’t visit since it is one of the most well known parts of India. Like, I would also expect a photo of them with people wearing Saris, visiting Bollywood, and with elephants. I don’t want to stereotype or anything, but those are the things I think of when I think of India. And curry and naan (which is delicious).

Kate arriving for Air Cadets service
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate meets Air Cadet veterans
[RAF Air Cadets @aircadets]

165 thoughts on “Kate Middleton celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets

  1. Oh My, what is that? I disliked the entire outfit (the coat is worse behind), and her eyes were terrible. I seemed she cried, cried, cried, cried again, cried a little more and then went to that engagement. It was one of the worse aspects I’ve ever seen on Kate’s eyes. And the brooch, OK, it’s important but fawning Daily Mail pointed it so much that it seemed Kate received a Nobel Prize. And the DM also pointed her “enviable make up”, Oh God, only they think all women envy Kate’s make up. It’s always so heavy that IMO it makes her look even older. At least I didn’t see the awful bangs. One commenter wrote: “why does she always be grinning it is rude and uncalled for . Surely by now she must know how to conduct herself in public , most kids would do better . They are no funny events so why grin and laugh?” One days ‘work’ in 5 weeks. That’s is true. Kate being Kate. PS: I don’t believe Kate wrote that message either.

    1. Re the grins: If Kate weren’t grinning people would think she was grumpy or angry or bored. Also, a lot of the time she is talking to or listening to people which is why she is grinning – I know the close ups of her grinning face make it look like she’s grinning randomly but a full framed photo would show that she’s actually interacting with people. I do think she goes overboard with the exaggerated expressions, but I understand why she would choose to smile versus not smiling – people would, and have in the past, call her out for not smiling because they would assume she was bored or angry. Also, this wasn’t a somber event where grinning would be really rude and uncalled for. This was an event where she was meeting and talking to a lot of people, so smiling was appropriate.

      Re the DM: Yeah, it was overly fawning. It wasn’t written by Rebecca English, though, who didn’t seem to be at the event at all.

      1. I did notice earlier today that there seemed to be an unusually high amount of negative comments from DM viewers.

      2. 2 things.
        Kate turns that grin on and off like a switch. In video the transition is swift. Reminds me of someone who is just reacting so as to appear they’re paying attention.
        Most of us have done this.
        Pictures chosen tend to be her smiling with others, but there are all too many of her smiling randomly. Video is key here. Same goes for her serious/concerned/listening face. There are 2 expressions here.

        2nd thing.
        DM comments are out of control, but with reason imo. It’s the way the articles are framed. Surgary sweet or passive aggressive it leads to extremes. And often in blogs/threads like DM the commenters go to war with eachother. Things almost become less about Kate and more about the other posters.

        1. “Things almost become less about Kate and more about the other posters”

          Which has happened here in the past and is something I’ve tried very hard to shut down. There is no need to be mean to each other.

    2. Well, the DM stated that “hundreds” turned out for this event but Richard Palmer said only 50 showed up, so the DM does like to overstate things a bit. I think sometimes she grins so much is because her resting face is not all that great, very haggered and jowly.

      1. Agreed, did you see the picture of Kate from the side where her jowl hung terribly. I thought, “gosh woman you’re only 34, this is what happens when you don’t lose weight in a more managed way.”

    3. Wow, public opinion is really turning against her! There were quite a few negative comments. They need a major turnaround in their image.

    4. Jamel, I totally agreed with you — it looked like she’d been crying terribly prior to the event. Also, I didn’t like when the hair fell on her beautiful brooch. That seemed disrespectful to me.

    5. Kate looked the most tired I think I’ve ever seen her. Definitely crying or not sleeping much now. Looked so strained. She also needs a little more color in her face. Taking the nude lips a little too far. Needs a bronze glow or a bit of blush.

      1. I must not be able to tell when someone has been crying in a photo. But Kate did have puffy eyes and appeared tired. The make up did nothing. She looked as you indicated….pale and drawn. Her hair lacked the lustre of yore. But this was a very nice put together event. The British sure know how to honor the military. This was special.

    6. I don’t see the crying. I see lack of similar photo edits.
      Tough to tell since she’s got the same bags and at times double bag puffy look she and her family all have.
      Around the nose job time it was suspected she got some under eye lipo since her double bags went from nearly nothing. Just compare photos to enagement/wedding period from any point in her life.

      If she had been crying I feel for her. As much as I think she made her bed with William it’s still tough.
      He is her only true stability long term. Her family can’t give her that lifestyle. And I doubt he’s less of a nightmare than dating years.

  2. I thought the color of the coat coordinated with the cadets’ uniforms and was austere enough looking for a military event. I also am happy it isn’t likely to fly away on her and it looks like she wore a straight skirt under the coat just in case. Is it a coat I would buy, no. I don’t like the large pockets on the front but it works for this event. A brightly colored coat would’ve been appropriate for a children’s event or a flowery outfit for a garden party, so neither option would’ve worked. So it is a fairly solid showing for Kate. The makeup is too heavy and the little hat is just okay bit Kate likes them clearly or she would’ve changed them by now, so I think everyone is stuck with these items.

    1. I think the coat has a military feel which is why Kate continues to wear it to military-related events. So I agree with you that it worked for this event. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, though. 🙂

      1. She seems to get hung up on her “uniforms”. Maybe she should have worn a real one, Carol Voderman did, and the DM reports she is only an honorary ambassador for the RAF air cadets.
        As to the coat, I liked it best the first time she wore it, but that might be due to the fact she was wearing her hair back as well.

  3. I think Catherine looks very appropriately dressed for the occasion. The coat has some smart stitching detail on the back which isn’t obvious in most of the photos. It looks like she and the Cadets enjoyed the service and reception.

    1. I do like the pleating in the back but feel that the combination of belt, large pockets and pleats are all a bit too much. I know I was pretty snarky with my take on today’s event so thanks Marion for providing a bit of positivism 🙂

    2. I do love the pleating details and find the back is more pleasant to look at than the front with the gigantic pockets. The coat resemble WWII soldiers in the trenches so the coat is appropriate for the occasion.

      1. I agree, Beatrice, about the pleating at the back. I like the back of the coat, it’s the front I dislike.

  4. Thanks for getting this post up so quickly KMR!!!

    I have to say I was completely underwhelmed with the Duchess’ fashion choice for this event. I do like the color of this coat but imo, having both a belt and large pockets is just overkill and detracts from what might otherwise be a beautiful coat. And for her first event as Honorary Air Commander I would have thought she would have chosen a new outfit, not a three peat. Lastly, can this woman not stand up straight??? I swear her posture is getting worse and worse, if she doesn’t do something now she’ll end up with horrible back pain as she gets older.

    Is it just me or does Kate look rather tired and puffy today? You’d think after taking 53 days off, she’d be a bit more rested but maybe Charlotte decided to stay up last night. Oh well, she doesn’t have another engagement for 10 days so maybe she can sneak a trip to Buckleberry in and have Carole watch the kids while she rests.

    Sorry to be so snarky this morning, I just (unwisely) expected more from today’s event.

    1. Re Kate looking tired: Or she just got off a long haul flight from Mustique. I know there are reports that the didn’t go this year, but just because we didn’t see them doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

    2. Lauri I saw a picture of her this morning and just started shaking my head. She slouches so much it has to hurt to stand like that all the time.

      I wasn’t impressed by her in this outing at all. After all of the time she had off she comes back looking like she’d either been up far too late the night before or had to be subdued as she tried to sprint away with a dart gun so they could get her into her clothes, the car and to the event.

      Yes, the shoes are brand spanking new. Not a single scuff on them could you see as she got out of the car. The only saving grace of this is that they have yet to be scuffed up. Now her hat is a different story. It’s called a lint brush Tash! Invest in several, always have one in your bag and make sure your boss doesn’t look like she pulled her hat out of the kids toy box and threw it on. It makes no sense to me whatsoever that they let her out looking so shoddy at times. The devil is in the details and no one over there seems to be able to get these things right. But then again that comes with experience and her groupies just don’t have that.

      I agree about the military feel of the coat KMR. We kind of figured she continue her run of theme dressing. At least shiny buttons weren’t involved.

      I’m so glad the other princesses in Europe get it right more often than not or we’d be stranded in the desert of William and Kate searching for an oasis.

    3. I actually like the coat. I think that it is sleek. The brooch was beautiful and added an extra “oomph” to it. But she did look a bit puffy around the eyes. She seemed a bit off to me.

      1. Oh, dear Lord, I hope it’s just a cold and not another baby on the way. Not yet!
        I doubt she is pregnant. She looks so very emaciated. Not a good way to be when you are trying to conceive, or during the early days of pregnancy.

        I long for the posts concerning Victoria and Leti and Max! These ladies know how to related to others. Their style is impeccable and their ability to relate to people is beyond compare. All the other Royal Women who are often written about on this blog seem to have it rings around Kate.

        It makes me sad that she has failed so much. She has a platform to do such good and shine a positive light on things that need to change. She just doesn’t seem to want to do it, though. She and William are just skating by. No substance there, I’m afraid. They are boring everybody!

        Kate, to me, has become one big snooze alert!

        1. And the brooch is for a cadet which means it carries weight and means hard work, discipline, duty–things Kate doesn’t have. It irks me she’s wearing it, as ugly as it is. It should be for a cadet, not for their patron who will show up once and probably never again.

          KMR, they released her Children’s Mental Health Week message. IMO better than last year’s, at least. I figure you’ll do a post on it. It’s on Place2Be’s Youtube. 🙂

          1. I’m actually glad that they have decided to not give out a brooch but a sword to the female air cadets in the future. I really don’t like this sort of gender difference within the same organization, even if it is “just” the kind of award object being handed out.

            Why do I feel like this? Well, the object handed out does contain a secondary symbolic message, intended or no. A sword has military connotations, appropriate to the organization, but a brooch given to a women when her male collegues get a martial sword sends a subliminal message that a woman’s main role is being decorative, even if she is a member of a military organization and being awarded a prize fom excellence, hard work, disciplne and duty. This particular tradition is a relict of antiquate ideas about the two genders and I’m more than happy to see it fall by the wayside.

  5. She comes out of the car, and starts playing with her top snap? Why?
    Her posture? If I didn’t work for almost 2 months, I would look like a fresh daisy!

  6. The color of the coat? Very nice. Especially on Kate. The style? Ugh. But, yes, I assume it’s appropriate for the outing with the Cadets. In the profile photos, Kate looks so thin. Unbearably, thin. And, in the photo where you see much of her back, you can see a bone sticking through. Ouch.

    I don’t think she wrote the statement, either, and quite frankly, I found the entire event rather boring. KMR’s coverage of it, made it shine, though.

    Also, in the three pictures — side-by-side – where KMR describes how she liked the coat the first time she saw it, but now does not, notice the rather unsettling wrinkling at the bottom of the coat. Has anyone shown Kate how to sit so as not to cause so much muss to her clothing?

    Sorry, she is hopeless to me.

  7. I actually like the coat, but hate the fascinator. Buy a proper hat, woman! I would also recommend her to wear a sleek pony or low chignon. It would have looked more uniform with the cadets. I am going for the snark here – but her eye makeup is hidjous. Her eye shadow and eye makeup is so thick that you cannot see her eye color. And her eyes are beautiful. She looks like Po from Kung Fu Panda did her eyes. And those brows…She channeled Groucho Marx with them. I love a thick brow, as I have them, but her’s look like Georgie did them for a Montessori project. That makeup did nothing for her and it only highlighted how puffy her eyes were. Total loss. It made her look bad.

    I am interested in the tour of India for many reasons. First, this has been a destination that has been visited by many of the royals. I think that it’s a beautiful country and it would be nice to see W+K’s iteration of the tour. I’m not surprised about the Taj at it is the #1 site to see while there. I don’t think that they will copy Diana’s pose per se, but I do think that Kate may channel the colors. No offense, but I don’t know if I could handle seeing them in sari’s without it looking patronizing. I still have a bad taste in my mouth about the South Pacific visit.

    Sorry for the snark this afternoon, KMR. I just had a hard time with this visit. This is a group of young people who are dedicated to serving their country. Kate as their patron is a joke. She knows nothing of service and duty.

    Thank you for putting this up so fast. Have an awesome day everyone.

    1. Oh, Rhiannon, I am with you. Buy a proper hat, woman, indeed! I am tired of Kate’s choice in chapeaux. And, your advice about her hair is spot on, as well.

      You summed it up concerning the upcoming visit by W and K to India. I don’t think I could stomach Kate in a sari, either.

      I guess crankiness may be in the stars today. I am also feeling very negative toward the Duchess. She just seems to always be going through the motions, rather than getting involved.

      I wonder when she will begin her pre-work day “work” for the Huff Post. Or, will she just breeze in and think that it’s enough that her face will be plastered in photos worldwide. I’m really eager to see her jump to it on that gig! Sorry for being so gloomy. I’m taking a break from getting ready for Super Bowl festivities. Better get back to the fun of the event. For those who will be getting into the football spirit, have fun.

      1. I think that Kate could do better, but she isn’t. She will stay for 2 hrs at the Downton set, but won’t stay and chat with the cadets any longer than she has to. She left right after the cake was served. Two events in two hours. Imagine the impact it would have had on them.

        On a positive note, I’m looking forward to the game. I am eyeing some chips and salsa and wings.

        1. Exactly, Rhiannon Her in and out of the events is disappointing.
          On a lighter note: What’s better than salsa and wings?
          I hope it’s a good game. It has the makings of being one!

    2. I’m right there with you rhiannon, I too felt like I was overly snarky in my response to this engagement but my only excuse is after 53 days off and a new patronage (following in Prince Phillips shoes) I really expected more.

    3. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, but I didn’t write that I wanted/expected Kate in a Sari, I wrote that I wanted/expected W&K to be photographed with people who are wearing Saris.

      1. Gotcha, KMR. I was referring to her sartorial choices during the South Pacific tour and when they donned the headdress and skirts and danced.

    4. I don’t have a strong opinion either way on this outfit, one thing I do have a strong opinion on is that I was happy to see her repeat a coat. Maybe I just have a different worldview on what purpose a coat serves, but it drives me insane how many similar looking ones she seems to have. It really drove the point home for me when she debuted yet another green coat at Christmas. I would love to see her in some non-coat outfits. She has gone through so many long, a-line coats in the last few years that I would at least like to see her repeat them a few more times before debuting another similar looking coat.

      1. Her many many similar looking coats drive me batty as well. Many of them are bespoke and therefore extra expensive. I find the way she buys clothes obscenely spendthrift. She doesn’t need that many coats – she needs different ways to accessorize them.

        1. Completely agree. New accessories would make a world of difference. They all seem to be basically the same, but with subtle differences. It looks like a big waste of money to me.

          1. I am not bothered that a lot of money is spent on clothes for Kate, it is not like the BRF is on their last million or anything, and this is a perk of being a royal, but I do agree that all these “bespoke” (love that word, it is so British) coats look so similar, so in that way it is a waste of money. Accessorizing is key if you want to keep wearing the same styles over and over. One , bold accessory would do it, in the way the brooch she wore today worked, even though I did not love it. I think a bold multi-color scarf or shawl worn with some of her other coats would be fantastic (no more belts please) for her as she does not seem to ever wear any statement jewelry other than really small, albeit expensive pieces. As you all may know, I am not a fan of outfits being repeated more than 2 times, and in my royal fantasy world, I don’t think any royal should ever repeat any outfit when doing their public duties.

          2. Charles gets a tax write-off for her “work” wardrobe – so in the end it is the British tax payers who are stuck with the bill for a good part of Kate’s veruy expensive wardrobe of items only worn a few times.

          3. I agree, LJA. It’s not really about the money. If she was getting a lot of pieces that all looked different, I would understand. My issue is that they all look the same.

  8. Yep, it’s Monday here in New Zealand already. But we aren’t all thinking about the start of the working week as we have a public holiday today. That means half the country will probably be at the beach or watching sport in TV. Super Bowl is being played live for the first time today in the middle of the day so I’ll be watching that.
    I feel rather underwhelmed by Kate today. She just seemed awkward. I liked that coat the first time she wore it but she seemed awkward in it today and it doesn’t seem to fit right. I agree that her hair would have been better up. We just aren’t seeing the polish that we see from the Royal ladies from the other royal families here.

    1. Oh, enjoy the Super Bowl! Are you favoring one team? I want The Broncos to win so that Peyton Manning can end his career in style!

      I am underwhelmed by Kate, too. All the amazing coverage of the other Royal Women of Europe of late makes her look even worse. And, you summed it up perfectly. Kate did seem awkward. She really seems more uncomfortable in public now than she did when she first married.

      Someone kind and elegant, someone with impeccable taste and a true understanding of the world needs to take Kate under her wing. She is failing miserably. If she has not gained composure and dedication as of yet, I doubt it will ever happen. I think that is fine with her, but the people of the UK deserve more! From William, too.

      Enjoy the game, Cathy! And, everyone!!!

      1. Thanks Jenny, now I know which team to yell for… Go Broncos!
        As for Kate getting guidance from someone else, say Maxima, I don’t think she would ask and I don’t think she would take any suggestions on board. Even Diana asked for guidance, from Princess Grace, and had capable ladies in waiting to help her.
        Even Sophie could give some guidance if Kate didn’t want to go outside of the family.
        Oh well, at least she wasn’t wearing scuffed shoes today?

        go Broncos!
        (Now I must go google the rules!)

        1. Enjoy the game. You are smart to google the rules. So many of my friends don’t even do that and are forever asking questions that show they don’t know squat about the sport even though they’ve been following it for years.

          The Charlotte team has the best offense in the League and the Broncos have the best defense, so the game should be a good one. Cam Newton, the quarterback of the Panthers, is really awesome. He’s the star of the future. I just want to see Manning go out with another Super Bowl ring.

          Enjoy the game. I hope Lady Ga Ga doesn’t blow the National Anthem.

          1. I’m team Manning for that reason. He’s a good guy and deserves the ring. Cam is a wonderful young man who has given a lot back to his high school and community.

          2. Cam’s the man of the future. And, I think he might just make his mark tonight! He’s awesome! I just can’t help but feel for Manning. His brother has two Super Bowl rings and I want Peyton to have two, as well.

          3. Broncos are my team so I am a little biased. But I really want it for Peyton. He is such a class act on and off the field. Cam is young an has a long future ahead. Though I think he is arrogant and needs some time to grow up. I think Wilson is a great example of the future. Anyway, I am happy to see so many people rooting for the Broncos. It’s funny, I think most the country (other than Carolina) will be rooting for the Broncos because of Peyton. He is loved by the nation and everyone wants to see him finish on top. 🙂

          4. Which team has the cuter outfits? Because that’s the team I’ll be rooting for (if I actually watch the game).

          5. Lol, KMR I am not sure you can call their uniforms cute. Especially since they are the same just different colors. One is white and one is black for this game. So, I think you are better off picking by which mascot you think is cuter (if cute is what you are using to decide). I will say though, the Broncos have a real white horse as their mascot, not just a man dressed up. Hint hint hint 😉

          6. “Horses for the win”. That may have slightly subliminal on your part, KMR, though I know you love horses. Fun fact – the owners of Super Bowl 50 champs are Pat and Annabel Bowlen. She is originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Daughter of a WW2 bomber pilot and a British secretary. Maiden name Spencer. Yep, the very ones, albeit distantly related. Even one of the greatest sporting events in the world can be linked to the BRF. It brings to mind ” the sun never sets…” Haha

        2. That’s the thing, though. Kate thinks she’s doing great, apparently. And William certainly isn’t going to suggest getting outside help since he refuses to get any himself.

          1. Oh, I disagree. I don’t think she thinks she is doing great. I don’t think she cares one way or the other. William must have sold her a bill of goods during the engagement, saying she could do as little as she wanted. And, she’s doing just that.

            That’s what bothers me the most. The fact that she just doesn’t seem to care. Neither does William.

          2. I think these two have been so protected all their lives (Will because of Diana dying and everyone giving him his way/Kate because of Carole crying “bullying” if Kate didn’t get what she wanted or pushing money to open doors). K&W are two disfunctional people living with enablers who could care less about anyone but themselves. That doesn’t make them terrible people, but is going to cause some consternation for the hard-pressed tax payers.

        3. I have always wondered about why she doesn’t seem to have taken much guidance from other women in the BRF. I’ve thought about (i.e. wildly fantasized) what I would do if I were to be suddenly put into the BRF and the first thing I would do would be to ask the other women in the family (The Queen, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Princess Royal, Countess of Wessex, Gloucester, Kents, etc.) if I could shadow them for a day and talk to them about how they do their job.

          I think there is so much to be learned from how these women handle themselves, it’s sad that Kate hasn’t been able to find a meaningful mentor to help her. Even some of these more “minor” women carry themselves so much better than Kate in public. I saw photos from the Duchess of Gloucester opening offices from the British Polio Foundation about a week ago and was amazed at how engaged and graceful she was.

          1. We discussed that before because it’s a very good point; the consensus was, if I remember right, these two don’t want to listen to anyone. They do what they want, and IMO, it’s because they’ve both been brought up to be victims. It’s really sad, but there it is.

      2. Personally, I wouldn’t care if the Duchess had horrible taste as long as she had an understanding of the meaning of duty and service. Unfortunately, Kate has no understanding of either so all we are stuck with is the fashion and hairstyles

        1. Agreed. That’s why I think she needs a mentor. She doesn’t seem to care enough to try and learn things on her own. Gosh, she should be researching every organization she is about to visit. Every country, too.
          Yes, she has a staff who prepare notes for her, but if many of us were in her shoes, we’d want to find things out on own, too. Don’t you think?

          Are you feeling better, Lauri? Hope so.

        2. +1. Didn’t Kate say at one point – engagement interview? – that she didn’t care what people thought of her? I recall people saying that Carole also couldn’t give a toss about negative press. Perhaps they are a thick-skinned family who get what they want because they are so unabashedly self-serving. That becomes a problem when the ‘job’ as royal consort is to bring attention and support to others through various causes. I imagine it must be at great odds with pleasing oneself. Like Lauri, I’m not overly concerned with her clothes; I would just like to see her genuinely engaged.

          1. I doubt that’s true Jen or we wouldn’t be hearing constantly from DOC what a wonderful childhood she had (i.e., what a great parent Carole was so all the negative at her is undeserved). They are as sensitive as anyone. Hence the fake accent for Kate too.

    2. Cathy a good morning to you. My sister in law is in New Zealand at the moment. I wondered how many hours a head New Zealand are?
      Is that the first blue outfit for Kate for the new year? At least it is not a bright colour. Kate does look manic with the grins and hands in front when they should be by the side or behind. I like the photo of Kate cutting the cake though the kid next to her is not showing that he is engaged. I wish Kate had worn a ponytail that would have looked neater. George is only two years old so it is a bit far ahead to talk about him joining.

    3. Happy Waitangi Day, Cathy! Yes, the Super bowl is on TV here in Australia too (Monday morning). Can’t follow how it is played though…

  9. I ‘ve got mixing feelings about her coat – I think it was appropriate for the occasion but still the cut is too long and the oversized pocket are TOO oversized. Nevertheless I know that recycle is advisable but she recycle too much for my taste – it’s getting boring and so predictable, like her pumps. By the way – is it possible that Charles cut their founds?
    Anyway, my first impression when I saw today’s pictures was that her face looked very swollen and I immediately thought that she must be pregnant but still it’s rather unlikely – don’t you think? But who knows, maybe she was puffy because she cried that she finally needs to move her “three letters” to work

    1. PolishGirl,
      I also thought she looked pregnant! Also, when I saw the side by side comparison, I noticed that she looks a bit fuller in the chest area but that might be because of a type of bra she’s wearing.

      I think the color is flattering (as is the length) but the style and cut is not.

      Makeup: OY! Could it be any heavier? Not just the eyes but the foundation in general! Geez Louise! I don’t want to even imagine how long it takes to scrub it off! I wish she’d tone it down.

      Message: Like others, I don’t believe she wrote it. Sigh.

  10. I really liked the coat’s color.The coat itself is fine,but a little shapeless on the Duchess.
    I wonder what she carries in her clutch…I mean she has her PA who would inform her about any calls from home…maybe tissues…
    Also I wonder why she wears super tall heels b/c she always slouches,heels can ruin one’s posture…

    1. I’d love to know what Kate keeps in her clutch. I don’t think she keeps much in there; it’s just decorative.

      1. She needs to start leaving in the car. It’s not like she can pull out her cell phone or lipstick at an event like this. What’s even the point? The “decoration” isn’t even that nice…

      1. Yes, but in her defense, have you ever gone anywhere without your purse? You really feel lost! She needs something to hold onto. Just stop the crotch clutching, please!

    2. Clutches are tools. Something to occupy your hands and you can always pass it off to an assistant.
      This would be part of body language and how to hold yourself in public. Part of “princess training” so I don’t have an issue with her having a clutch.

  11. Just wondering, but as patron, why did she not wear a uniform, it would have been better than the coat. I think Kate just looked out of place in a powder blue coat, that also seemed a bit snug around her bust. To me, wearing a uniform would have shown her solidarity with this patronage, but again, she manages to give the impression she is not interested and above it all. I too, have been thinking maybe she is in early stages of pregnancy since she has been out of view since Christmas, and when I see these pictures today she does not look healthy. Another odd thing I noticed is that her eyebrows looked thicker than usual, almost too thick. I was looking back at other pictures of her and they really looked stenciled on. Kind of reminded me of Groucho Marx, or in her case, Sloucho Marx.

    1. Because she doesn’t have a uniform? I went back through old photos of Philip and the only time he ever wore a uniform was when he wore one of his actual uniforms from the military. Kate was never in the military and does not have a uniform. Sophie has worn a camo jacket and pants to certain engagements before but that’s not the same as an official uniform. So I’m guessing Kate didn’t wear a uniform because she was never an Air Cadet and never in any other branch of the military and doesn’t have one.

    2. Yes to you all who have commented on her brows. That’s the first thing I noticed when I looked at the pictures – yikes! her brows!

      So not a good look, in my opinion!

  12. I really do not want to be nasty about Kate, and I do not think her fashion sense is ever going to be sophisticated as Maxima, Mary, Leti, Victoria, Charlene, Madeleine etc..so I have no expectations on that front, but when is she going to be more mature and self-possessed like these ladies when she is meeting the public, instead of us having to see these pictures of her smiling widely with her mouth gaping open….or is this the press choosing the pictures deliberately and getting back at W & Kfor being so inaccessible. Kate either wants to be seen as a girl-woman and needing protection and is okay with that role because then she never has to do anything, or she is being forced into that role by the people around her, who think they are protecting her. Either way, she is not developing as her own person.

  13. She is a mature women but her clothes are for a girl; pleads, bows, high waisted coats, this particular one with giant packets. All she is missing are pigtails because her clownish facial expressions are just perfect for it. She is totally regressing in her conduct and fashion. Her shoes are great but belong to a chick women’s assemble.

  14. I thought the cos was predictable. Military style, but I complement McQueen again with his awesome fit. She a fly-up moment, by the fit, belt and underskirt all foiled an R-rated moment. So that’s a plus because I don’t want to gag while I’m drinking my coffee.
    The broach is a beautiful piece. But it has a history of being awarded to the top female cadet who’s been a stand-out for the year, exemplifying someone who pushes their boundaries and sets the bar. Kate has done none of those things. She didn’t even give the speech that she supposed wrote. She showed up, smiled, and yet again, we’re told how she’s *learning* more about the Air Cadets. And they think that women will be encouraged to sign up because Plasti-Kate is the titular head? I think they’re going to see quite the opposite. Newsweek has already done their comprehensive piece on how literally no one wants to be, or be friends with Kate. Few are interested in her and she definitely doesn’t have any social power. Maybe that’s why PC likes her. She poses no threat.
    I think PW will continue his neurotic issues in India by posing in a loving couple embrace in front of the TM. He isn’t the first or last to try and rewrite bad parental history with his own life. Sometimes I’m guilty of it, just like millions of others. So prepare for pics ad nauseum.

    1. The brooch *used* to be the highest honor a female Air Cadet could receive, but it doesn’t have that meaning anymore. Now the women get a sword like the men. So the brooch is just decorative at this point. It doesn’t mean anything. So I see no problem with Kate wearing it.

      Honestly, while I do think W&K try too hard/much to evoke the memory of Diana, the press is just as guilty of it, too. If we get a million photos and stories of W&K in front of the Taj Mahal “just like Diana”, that’s the press forcing it on us. The press don’t *have* to constantly compare W&K to Diana. It’s not like W&K forced the press to print photos of them in front of Uluru next to photos of C&D in front of Uluru. Sure, W&K gave them the photo op, but the press ran with the comparison. Please don’t think I don’t think William has a f- ton of mommy issues, I do, but I also think the press helps push the comparison on the public.

      1. Right, the media is definitely still trying to cash in by bringing up Diana references, but I think Will needs to start writing his own story already and stop trying to live the relationship/life that he wishes he’d had. He seems to be shooting for normal guy. If so, it should go to Harry, who does seem to embrace being interactive with the public rather than just a figurehead.
        As for the broach, I know how Kate just gave the last one that will be awarded to the 19 year old as they change to swords. My point was that the piece represents something, and while it’s great that she’s wearing it to represent, the point of this year is for Kate to grow. She could have given the speech she *wrote* (maybe she did write it, I don’t know). But this visit is the same, smile-wave-learn. Boring. And it brings down the piece from all the other women who’ve earned it and probably have interesting stories on how they achieved it. Kate’s would be, “well, I sleep with a prince, and I got up this morning.” Like I said, who’s going to be inspired to join the Air Cadets with that? She’s got to move out of meaningless

        1. Very true, Sunny. This is the same type of engagement she’s done every other time before. Nothing new here. Such a bummer. Kate was doing so well at the end of last year, then she took 7 weeks off and showed up doing the same thing she’s always done. Sad.

          I agree that if William wants to be “normal” like he claims, then he should step aside and let Harry be the heir. William can’t have it both ways.

          1. It looks like that she and her team have given up on her doing public speeches. Handing out an award is the perfect time for a speech about the values of the organization and what qualities being rewarded. Instead, they chose to hand out a written statement.

            This is a step back for Kate. Though the speech she gave late last year didn’t go well because her delivery was soo poor, I did applaud her for trying to do something that she is obviously very very uncomfortable doing. Now it looks like she found the whole experience to so intimidating that she’s given up – again! She’ll never get better this way.

            To improve herself she needs to get out and do it again and again, which means wrestling with the fear and the nerves each and every time. That is hard, very hard but with time and experience the nerves usually becomes managable if they don’t disappear entirely.

            Kate’s seeming capitulation in this area just confirm my opinion that she has a weak character and that she’ll never really improve in her public role if she isn’t trying to move out of her comfort zone and challenge herself to do better. I find this incredibly sad when it comes to Kate as an individual and very disheartening when it comes to her role as a public figure/representative of the UK and a possible role model for young girls.

          2. I agree, and that Kate couldn’t try to find something in this visit that would give her the strength to push through whatever is holding her back makes me shake my head. While I’m trying not to judge, it comes across that she doesn’t care about any aspect of charity work. This visit, it could have been thinking about George being one of these children and emulating, it could be someone she knows with anxiety or depression that she privately connects with Place2Be and wants to speak out for the organization, it could be the people who run P2Be with their stories and hard work that impress. Something. I can’t get a handle on if she’s so self-absorbed that she literally can’t care about anyone, maybe even Will (or even the kids)–and there are people like that who are just cold, or she needs to hatch. I was thinking today that if there hadn’t been that media blackout during a lot of their St. Andrews days and we could see more of her and get an idea of papers she wrote, etc. we’d have a lot better idea if she was the quality person so many believed her to be.
            I sincerely hope their India trip shows W&K in a better light.

      2. I don’t know I kind of think that the Uluru photo op was intentional on their part. They didn’t have to do it in almost the same area, at almost the same time as C&D did; they could have chosen a different area or a different take on that photo. And yet that was the set up of they did. I agree that the press is just as guilty. They’re dying to have “another Diana” so every chance they get to compare the two they do it. But Kate doesn’t really give it to them so they’re scrambling every opportunity to make it happen. Though tbh, I don’t think Kate has done much to copy her late mother-in-law. Much of the “copying Diana” stuff seems forced. The only time I really thought there could be legitimate comparisons was when she first showed up in that red Luisa Spagnoli suit which was styled almost exactly the same as when Diana wore an orange one (though I don’t know if that was also Luisa Spagnoli) and that Uluru photo because it was made to eerily remind us of C&D during the happy times. Also, because George was there and C&D’s Aussie visit had them bringing Will as well.

        1. Even if W&K intentionally set up a Diana comparison photo op, the press don’t have to play into their hand and run the comparison photo. The press could choose to leave Diana out of the conversation. But they choose to force the Diana comparison.

          I do think there have been times when it was very clear W&K were copying Diana or Kate was copying Diana’s fashion, but I agree that some of the “Kate is copying Diana’s fashion” is very forced.

          1. I think the Diana comparison appeals to an older audience and that might be demographic that the papers are trying to grab with this. For instance, my mother couldn’t care less about KM but adored Diana and will read just about anything with her name in the tag line.

        2. don’t forget the Diana-like outfits when she had the kids and George’s outfit for the fly-over. She also wears a lot of old Diana designers. So I think it varies from subtle to too-much, but it’s definitely not incidental.

    1. Hi Rachel and welcome! Yes, Richard Palmer gave credit to KMR’s excellent work on Kate’s visits to her patronages. It concerns KMR’s post of the same day. I think it was commented there. You can check it out if you want, that post was extremely thorough and very interesting.

  15. Okay, I am taking a quick break from SB festivities. I doubt she wrote this forward either. Today was a very blah event for me. I think it also says a lot that only 50 people showed up to gawk at Kate (especially having been MIA for so long). Btw, it appears that Kate is growing out her hair again. I didn’t think she would stick with the short do for very long :(.

    Go Broncos!!!!

    1. Yes, it does look like Kate it growing out her hair again. She curled it at the ends for this event, too.

  16. What’s with the fatty lumps on the inner corners of both upper eyelids? Looks really odd.

    She had food in her teeth (DM photo) and lint on her hat…and yet again she was out of the door as soon as she possibly could. She’ll never improve if she doesn’t try.

    1. I looked at the DM photos and can’t find the picture to which you’re referring. Which one is it?

      1. I can’t link using just my phone, but about half way down there’s a pic of K with the side of the senior air cadet lady & the back of a chaplain in white & burgundy church dress. Wide smile shows detritus on upper side tooth. DM comments refer to it, but some way down the list.

        1. I could not find any photos with detritus either, but they did have a reception, so it is conceivable something got stuck then. I think this sort of thing is the horror of all royals: you must partake in the meal, but also photograph perfectly after it.

    2. The fatty lumps could simply be make up not blended well. I did not notice it until you pointed it out. Now that I looked closely, I think it is either too much brown eye shadow not blended well, or could be puffy upper lid due to some issues with liver, spleen or pancreas. None of our business, really. Most people have some sort of chronic health issue.

      1. Puff around the eyes is a family trait.
        The puff refered to looks (imo) as 1 of those features we rarely notice because it has to be the right day, right lighting, right angle, etc… To notice. And because it’s not seen often it looks out of place.

        Your statement about chronic illness and most people is true-ish. I don’t care for the wording though as a worker in the heallth care field. Hot bitton words like Chronic make people think the worst and not understanding what is actually means.
        It can be said being fertile is a chronic condition.that impacts numerous internal organs.

  17. Goodness me, George seems to want to do everything! I just hope he isn’t as “keen” as his mother!
    I love that they included a message from Kate but is it just me or was the tone a bit too stiff and insincere? Do other royals of a similar rank and age write like that too? I hope the HuffPost editors aren’t afraid to send the Duchess of Cambridge’s contributions back with suggestions. In a buzzfeed world, I doubt such wordy and weirdly punctuated writing would work. At least the bit where she, of all people, talks about the cadets reaching their full potential was amusing.

    1. I work in political PR in the US, it was certainly written by an aide. She needs to get a stronger PR team that doesn’t make her come off as such an awkward robot. She’s just about the same age as my boss, we would never put something out the door with his name on it that was this formal because he’s so young. Young people don’t speak like this, so it sounds fake and impersonal.

    2. It seems like George wants to do whatever it is the person Kate is talking to does. Just like how William and Kate love every TV show the people they are talking to are on. Such a coincidence.

      1. Wow Ali, you’re right! And that first uber-long sentence needed another comma or semicolon. I was always told that commas were in place to help someone catch their breath when speaking or reading someone. A person couldn’t catch their breath saying that first line/paragraph! Way too wordy!!

  18. Interesting…I just went back to the DM article about Kate’s RAF Cadet visit today and I was unable to see any comments. I tried on 2 different internet browsers and nothing. Do you think DM shut it down due to too many negative responses. I know sometimes after a few days there will be a notice that comments are no longer being posted on an article but in this case there is nothing.

  19. Oy, that picture where she’s standing next to the car playing with her collar… She looks almost anorexic there, especially since her head, face, and mouth have a strange, ghoulish look. Girl, eat a sandwich. Eat several. She looks like she eats so very little, it kind of makes me sad.

    1. Being thin does not mean you’re anorexic.
      Eating a sandwich is no way to help someone who is suffering from that or any ED. They are truly serious mental and physical disorders.
      I know it’s the internet and everyone have to have thick skin, but the old argument of eating a sandwish because you look so thin you appear ghoulish or unappealing still irks me.

  20. Hey, since this was a church service and then a reception which totaled 2 hours and she normally only spends an hour, will the CC count this as 2 engagements? If that is the case, then I think we should keep another running total this year that is more realistic and not pumping of her numbers. By that I mean, keep count of her work days not number of engagements during a day. So, today would only count as one. I am just curious at the difference it would make in the totals at the end of the years. Plumped up numbers vs. number of days.

  21. Following our collective New Year’s resolution to stay positive, here is one take:

    — Kate showed up. Check.
    — She stayed for 2 hours instead of 1. Check.
    — Her clothes, while underwhelming to some, was appropriate in color, cut and fit. Check.
    — Her skirt did not fly up. Check.
    — No revealing slits of decolletage. Check.
    — Hair was loose, but did not obscure her face. Half-check due to still having to tame it in the wind, but need to acknowledge that at least we could see her eyes at all times.
    — She did not say any official words, but at least spent a great deal of time talking with the students. Again, half-check.

    OK, I just ran out of positive things to check off, so there we have it. Hey, baby steps, right?


    1. Ha ha, Ecelos, I do like your lists. Yeah, I suppose if you count Kate showing up and the rest of things that didn’t go wrong, I totally agree. No, really, I’m with you on trying to be in the positive side. But you know, today of all days I kind of felt sorry for Kate. I think she did look puffy, tired and pencil-thin. Not to mention her poor posture!
      I don’t even get why she took this patronage from the Duke of Edinburgh, in the first place. I mean, shouldn’t have been William as an RAF pilot? Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see for more ‘baby steps’ from the Duchess.
      P.S. You forgot to add to your positives that so far for this year, Kate is hardworking/doing more royal engagements than the third in line for the throne.

      1. It would have made way more sense for William to take over the Air Cadets patronage. Maybe it was offered to him and he turned it down?

        1. Yes, KMR, this is a possibility, only a very disappointing one for William. I can’t imagine why William would turn them down (especially if George will like to join them in the future). We kind of all agree that Kate is in no position to offer a lot to these young people, except of a showing up and smiling. But then again, maybe that’s more than what the Duke of Edinburgh has done for them lately, if he has hardly visited them for years.
          P.S. I meant the second in line to the throne -William of course- in my previous post.

          1. Yeah, maybe Kate is better than Philip in regards that Kate is more likely to actually show up than Philip (even if it is once a year and all she does is smile and get her photo taken). He doesn’t visit the majority of his patronages.

        2. Would she have had a choice? She may be a senior royal, but I can’t think she’d have much decision making authority in those regards. She may be given a list of however many and told she must pick 3, 5,10, whatever from it. I feel like that’s as much control she’d be given. But if “someone” said you’re doing this, I don’t believe(at this stage of the game, anyway) it’s in the DoC’s power to decline

    2. Kate stayed the minimum for 2 parts, an hour each. No improvement at all.

      Baby steps are for babies. Kate is a 34 yo woman who costs us Brits untold thousands each year.

  22. No offense, but in the first picture, I thought she looked like a PanAm flight attendant with the blue uniform looking outfit and hat that is at odds with everything. Fast forward to the realization that she’s wearing another boring coat dress that’s too busy with outsized features (belt and pockets) that only accentuated her emaciated shapeless body.

    Her posture remains atrocious. The heavy makeup is disgraceful as you can’t even see her eyes. She also needs a lawn mower to trim Her eyebrows. Another pair of new suede pumps — why even bother? It’s the same as everything else in her closet.

    I know I’m being snarky, but I can’t find any redeeming value at this showing. The outfit, the makeup, the short 2-hour visit are all disjointed. Can’t put my finger to it but something is wrong with her. No progress. Same old Kate in 2016. Not an impressive start at all.

  23. The coat itself is nice but the Duchess needs something more in keeping with her age, that is for someone of more mature years.
    I don’t think it is tiredness we are seeing, but the fact she is skeleton thin and is very underweight, bones are protruding through her coat in the back view. It is very aging to the face. She has a pretty face, when she became engaged if you compare the photos she was a little more rounded and it was softer looking. Her makeup around her eyes is very harsh, what on earth has happened to her eyebrows? it looks terrible. I try and find positive things to say and not criticize but someone needs to start to advice her, what she is doing herself is not working. The royal ladies of Europe get it right literally every time.

    1. Anything engagement to wedding to honeymoon is Heavily photoshopped. Engagement has her extremely thin. Maybe still her lowest point.
      I suspect marriage to William has brought more stressors than relievers. She has duties that she must deal with. Nothing crazy, but more than she was ever expected of.
      Like a presidency it ages you swiftly.

      Either way, now we have a far less photo edited Kate and her true traits are seen as much more drastic because we’re expecting a different image. Like a celeb suddenly without their makeup. They look tired and awful, but this is how they are.

    2. Yes, Kate dresses too much like a matron. I wish she had the taste/confidence/advice to emulate Charlene, who in in her latest two outings was super chic and appropriately dressed. A contemporary pixie cut complements her face and physique at this time of her life. Kate is stuck between middle-aged matron and aged teen, not a good mix.

  24. I think it’s too “precious” that George wants to be a cadet. As in, I think it’s malarky. My son is but 2 weeks younger than George, and just because he likes sharks, trains and the piano doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be a marine biologist, train conductor or a pianist! It also strikes me as very William-centered. Remember when Kate said that she’d have to be invisible if William was invisible – in response to a question about what super power they’d like to have? It’s all too, too fawning. And a bit of denial about the role that they will eventually play in the English monarchy.

    As for Kate’s coat – it’s meh, for me. In the profile shot, it looks as if it’s just barely touching her waist, and hanging poorly on her. I think it’s just as boring as 90% of her other coats. A few could be stunning, but they’re all so similar! I imagine seeing them all lined up by color in her closet, each with identical hem length. Ridiculous!

    RE: the tour of India – I predict she’ll wear a black dress with one oversized paisley – similar to the dress she wore in New Zealand with one big silver fern leaf. Anything to show that she “gets” the host country’s style! Can’t you just image Kate and William in front of the Taj Majal? She gesture to the famous bench where Diana sat, and she’ll soooo want that photo of herself there – but William will shake his head “no” and walk away! Plus, how often will Kate wear purple and red during the visit? Or a white sari? Too easy… 🙂

    1. “I think it’s too “precious” that George wants to be a cadet. As in, I think it’s malarky. ”

      I agree!

      However, I do think that is her clumsy way of trying to relate to the cadets. She doesn’t really have much life and work experience so she probably draws on her immediate experience and that is her family life – and that gets old fast if she does this every single time she has to relate to people outside her bubble of eternal privilege and leisure.

    2. Kate’s just making small talk re. George. Those kids will be super busy if they are made to partake of every activity that Kate says they are super keen to do.

      Even though it is said that Kate bones up on all of her events, you’d think she’d have more searching questions to ask or comments to make. Her own life experiences are unrelatable to most people: expensive schools, expensive holidays, excessive shopping, never having to work, incredibly dependent on parents well into adulthood.

      1. The issue is her small talk is always the same vacuous comments. Next time she goes to a charity for sailors, you bet George would want to be a ship captain. At the Wimbledon Patronage, George will be the next Federer. She doesn’t add much depth to the conversation.

    1. Right?! It’s like she’s channeling Brooke Shields early days as a model/actress but on Brooke it was cute. On Kate, it is not.

      Edited to add: or maybe Anne Hathaway is who she’s trying to copy. 😉

        1. Exactly. I realize brows are naturally uneven, but usually people fill them in to make them fuller and even them up a bit.

  25. I live in an area where many women have long hair extensions and I have come to recognize them immediately. To me, Kate looks as if she has gone with some fresh hair extensions since her famous cut not long ago.

  26. I love the coat to bits and pieces.

    My goodness, those eyebrows. I get that full eyebrows are ‘on fleek’ but these look hideous and painted on. She needs to use a shade or two lighter to fill them in. Sometimes it appears she applies makeup in a dark room or closet. She has several females on staff. You think they could get together, watch some makeup Youtube videos and settle for a softer makeup for public appearances.

    The teeth look better. It almost looks as if she got a bit shaved off so they don’t look so chompy. And they aren’t overly white.

    Increasingly what comes across to me concerning Kate and William is their lack of empathy. It’s not really something that can be learned or forced. It’s simply natural to many people, but I don’t see it in these two at all. I see it in Harry and also Sophie as well. I think that’s why their public appearances almost come across as cringeworthy to me.

    You have to be empathetic and good listeners to come across well to the general public. I don’t see it with these two.

  27. I like the colour of the coat but truly dislike the buttoned up to the top look – a v neck looks much better on her, with a pop of colour showing from a dress or a scarf. She looks even more thin then before with no real shape. Pippa is slim but athletic, we are always told how athletic Kate is yet she seems to have no muscle definition. And her face looks odd – is it Botox? It doesn’t seem to move right. But I am glad she turned up, let’s hope she does so more often. These extended holidays are justifiable for HM who is 89 and doing all the State papers every day but not for Kate, Will or Harry.

  28. Perhaps in Kate’s keen ness to support the military, she decided to allow Army worms to nest above her eyes in order to show her support of another branch of the forces. I mean, she is ever so keen on everything that she would certainly go all out, and in keeping with her low key, secret support she wouldn’t say anything. I agree with KMR to a point regarding her facial expressions, in that she has to at least phony up some interest but where I veer off is she shows genuine enthusiasm (to a teen age groupie level) when meeting celebrities. I think that Kate would have been better in using George as a talking point if she had just left it at ‘he loves to play with military things, or play soldier’ rather than trying to get people to believe A. he knows where she is B. he knows about the cadets at all C. that she and George have these conversations. Rather a bit ott I think. No way do I believe she wrote that speech herself and for all the reasons all the other posters have said so well, especially the ever so formal language. Oh well, she showed up.
    The comments on the article are really scathing but I had a bit of fun. Someone decided to tell another poster what not to say and my comment was “these young men and women are the reason we all have the right to express our own opinions”. On the brooch, it looks like a carnival prize on her, so big and gaudy. and I do resent that she accepted it. I guess it’s a little comforting to know that it’s the last year for the brooch but still. She could have graciously declined but that opens a whole new area so I had better zip it.
    I am not a sports fan at all but for all the Bronco fans I’m happy for you. My son is Broncos all the way and has everything Broncos under the sun. He’s a special needs man so this win was all good.

    1. If Kate had declined the brooch, it would have been a huge FU to the Air Cadets. I know people are upset she was allowed to wear it, but refusing to wear it when offered would have been extremely rude.

      1. Cool, thanks KMR!! And you are right about the brooch, and I guess I knew it would have been extremely rude to have declined it. In this situation she had to accept it. Graciously. Yes, it was upsetting to people, including me but in this case Kate had no choice. Thanks for checking into that error message and I’m still trying to work out why I don’t get email notifications of new comments. I’ll just keep coming back to this site and scrolling thru until it gets sorted out. 🙂 I’m going to try something here, I am going to try and edit this comment and see if I can.

        Hi KMR, attempting to edit.

        I was able to edit this comment:) Must have been a fluke. Thanks again!

  29. I tried to edit my comment and couldn’t. I was toning it down a bit where George’s keen interest in joining the cadets was concerned. I was given an error message that I don’t have permission to edit this comment?

    1. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be allowed to edit the comment. I’m on my phone and cannot look right now. I’ll have to look and see why it gave you that error later.

      PS. I didn’t see anything wrong with your comment about George.

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