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Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive, play cricket in Mumbai

Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially started their royal tour of India. They touched down in Mumbai this morning (April 10) and headed straight to their hotel to pay tribute to the terrorist attacks which took place there, before heading off to play cricket with children from charities in the Mumbai slums. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited Banganga Water Tank.

PS. I will cover the gala dinner later. Please no threadjacking. Thank you.

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Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Peru and Colombia

I hope everyone who celebrated Halloween had a fun and safe celebration. We’ll kick off November with a long-awaited post on Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel‘s visit to Peru and Colombia the week before last, October 19-23.

A programming note: This coming week we’ll have posts catching up with the royals that we missed during the two weeks Duchess Kate decided to fit in all of her appearances, plus November’s Hot Guy. Kate will be back in action on November 7 when she and Prince William join the Queen and other family members at the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. Then on November 8, Kate will attend Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph with the other royals.

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POLL: Least Favorite Outfit – Royal Tour 2014

Let’s have a “Least Favorite Outfit Kate wore on the Royal Tour” Poll!  William is boring and I have no idea when we’ll see Kate next, and we already talked/voted about the outfits we liked, so we might as well talk about the outfits we didn’t like.  Yes, this is filler until Kate pops out of her hidey hole, but I think it will be fun nonetheless.  I’m super curious to see how this one turns out.

As with the last poll, I’m only including Kate’s dresses and coats she wore, because the skinny jeans are throw-away outfits.  A new poll this time around is the “Least Favorite Hat” Poll.  I thought I’d add this one in simply because I want to make fun of the Demented Bunny Ears hat.

Also, as far as site maintenance, I’m going to start using a “Continue Reading” button on the home page.  Each post with show up on the home page with an opening paragraph or two, then you will see a “Continue Reading” button in pink type that will take you to the rest of the article—as demonstrated below this paragraph.  I’m doing this so that the home page and the past posts are easier to navigate (when I scroll down the home page it’s hard/annoying to find a specific post because the posts are so long).

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Favorite Outfit Poll Results + upcoming appearances (or lack thereof)

We have a winner!  I have the Favorite Outfit Poll results.  The LK Bennett blue/white poppy print dress was the winner with 23.08% of the vote.

Rounding out the top 5 were: the Dove grey Alexander McQueen coat with 13.02% of the vote; the Roksanda Ilincic yellow/white dress with 7.69% of the vote; and tied for 4th are the Tory Burch black/white patterned dress and the Lela Rose white cocktail dress with lattice sleeves and peplum, both receiving 5.92% of the vote.

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Post-tour updates for Will and Kate’s 3rd anniversary

Happy 3rd anniversary to Prince William and Kate Middleton.  In honor of their 3rd anniversary, let’s do some post-tour news.  First, landing in London after the royal tour counts as an official engagement for both Will and Kate.  What?  Again, that’s crap, and I’m not counting it.  My numbers and the Court Circular’s numbers at the end of the year will be off because of their “landing/departing at airports where no one sees them” numbers inflation.  Second, Will has scheduled an appearance.  He will visit the Royal Navy Submarine Museum on May 12th.  That’s just about 2 weeks after the end of the tour.  Wow, I’m impressed.  Now if only Kate would have an appearance in May.  Third, Guy Pelly is getting married in Memphis this weekend, and William and Harry are supposedly going—but Kate is staying home, I guess.  Fourth, here are some previously unseen photos of Kate and Will playing with George on Easter Sunday.  That’s nice.  But if you’ll notice, there is at least one bodyguard with them, as well as Nanny Maria.  This makes me think even more that Kate playing with George on their day off was a stunt, because there was not a bodyguard to be found on that day.  Fifth, Will and Kate will attend a ceremony on behalf of Her Majesty to commemorate the start of World War I in Belgium on August 4th—the day Britain declared war on Germany.  There were numerous happenings between June 28, 1914—when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated—and August 4th, including several ultimatums, Russia’s mobilization, and Germany declaring war on both Russia and France.  Sixth, here is an article that is so sickly sweet it’s not even funny.  The photographer who took what he claims is Kate’s favorite photo of the tour has given many quotes on how in love Kate and William are and whatnot.  He calls her “Princess Catherine” numerous times as well.  Someone needs to explain to him how titles work in Britain.  The article is calling the photo “iconic”, which I disagree with.  It’s a sweet photo, but I don’t know if it’s “iconic”-level. Seventh, go here to have a laugh at Kate’s crazy facial expressions.

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