Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Taj Mahal, sit on bench Princess Diana sat on

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Taj Mahal, sit on bench Princess Diana sat on

Well, Prince William and Kate Middleton have finished their seven day royal tour of India and Bhutan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge capped off their tour by visiting one of the most tourist-y tourist attractions around: the Taj Mahal. And, like everyone has been speculating since this tour was announced, they sat on the same bench Princess Diana sat on, alone, all those years ago.

Why did William and Kate do the “Diana” photo op? Because that’s what all tourists do, of course!

A spokesman said: “They made the decision because it is what all visitors to the Taj Mahal do – they sit on the bench with the perfect symmetry of the building behind them. They got a brief glimpse of the Taj from their hotel earlier and were visibly excited. They couldn’t wait to get down here and experience it for themselves. Like everyone visiting this magical and beautiful place, they want to have a unique experience to remember forever.”

I’m not even going to try and pretend that if I visited the Taj Mahal that I wouldn’t take the exact same photo, because, well, that’s what tourists do. This entire jaunt to Agra and the Taj Mahal was really just so William and Kate could be tourists. That’s it. It served no other purpose. But it’s a great photo op!

But while we’re busy remembering Princess Diana (and posting old photos of her), William, like, totally isn’t you guys.

A source close to the couple said: “For the Duke of Cambridge, his mother’s visit to the Taj Mahal is not a particularly strong memory at all. He has many other memories of his mother that are much more important to him. The visit was about creating new memories for their family.”

While the couple did the public photo op, they toured the Taj Mahal privately. When they came out, William was asked what the visit meant to him. He said: “It’s a beautiful place, stunning designs in there.” Kate added: “It’s been really incredible to learn about the romance of the building and really beautiful architecture.”

Known at the ultimate monument of love, the Taj Mahal (Arabic for “Place of the Crown”) was commissioned in 1632 by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan a a mausoleum for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Banu Begum). The mausoleum was completed in 1643, with the entire complex – which includes a mosque, a guest house, and formal gardens – completed in by 1653. The Taj Mahal was designated a World Heritage Site in 1983 for being “the jewel of Muslim art in India”.

Princess Diana visited the Taj Mahal alone in 1992, Prince Charles visited alone (because he was still a bachelor) in 1980, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited together in 1961.

If we needed any more proof that this trip is not much more than a 5th wedding anniversary trip, here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail:

    “Tour guide Rizwan Mohammed, 35, said he wished them a happy 5th wedding anniversary for the 29th April, adding : ‘They were shocked that I know about it, but you know the internet. But then she said this is the perfect thing to do before their wedding anniversary. She was quite happy about it.’
    “Asked if it was a ‘romantic day for them’, he said ‘absolutely’. They were fascinated ‘by the story of the king and the queen’ and the love that made him build the monument to her.
    “And Kate got ‘quite emotional when she came to know that the Queen died at the very young age of 39. ‘She said ‘she really deserves this kind of building as they were madly in love with each other.'”

Kate finally wore another Indian designer: Naeem Khan. She wore a dress from the Resort 2015 collection which is white with blue embroidery. Kate’s has been altered to add an extra row of design on the end to make it longer.

Kate Naeem Khan white and blue Resort 2015
[Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail]

Kate opted for her LK Bennett “Fern” pumps again (these are going to replace the Sledges aren’t they, in that we will see them a million times from now on). She also wore the Bhutanese earrings she purchased yesterday during the hike to Tiger’s Nest.

Kate in Bhutanese earrings at Taj Mahal
[Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail]

KP posted these photos on Twitter with the caption: “TRH want to say thank you to the people of India for their hospitality and warmth.”

William and Kate sit in front of the Taj Mahal
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate walk grounds of Taj Mahal
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate look at Taj Mahal
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Earlier in the day, for the flight to India from Bhutan, Kate repeated a white, broderie anglaise two-piece from Alexander McQueen she first wore in Singapore in September 2012. I am so happy she rewore this. I loved this outfit when Kate first wore it, I’ve wanted her to repeat it for ages, so yay!

Kate carried her LK Bennett “Natalie” clutch and wore her “Fern” pumps. I think the nude accessories kind of wash the whole look out a bit, but I still love the McQueen.

Here’s Kate wearing the McQueen shirt and skirt in 2012. She wore it with a belt in 2012.

Kate wore a new necklace while leaving Bhutan. It was a gift to her from Queen Jetsun. The symbol is one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism. This one is the Auspicious Drawing which symbolizes “complete union of wisdom and great compassion.”

Kate's necklace from Jetsun

The plane flew by Mount Everest on it’s way from Bhutan to Agra.

Everest tweet

That’s all folks! The tour is over. Coming up this week will be posts on Crown Princess Mary, Countess Sophie, and the naming (finally) of the King and Queen of Bhutan’s son. Until then, I’ll leave you with some more photos from the Taj Mahal.

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  1. Thank you so much KMR for all of your hard work these past 6 days! As always I am grateful for the wonderful community you have built here and hope that you can enjoy the rest of your weekend, maybe relaxing or having some fun!

          1. +1 billion here too, especially for taking the time to highlight the history etc behind the visits. We have probably all learned more from your posts that these idiots did by being there.

      1. You deserve a very good rest and all the best in life. I absolutely agree that we who follow you are getting more of the flavor and history of the country than the two dolts who just vacationed there. I sure have. I didn’t know about Bhutan and while I can never visit there I got to see some really gorgeous scenery and a very patient, polite, gentle king and queen who put up with a very rude couple from the UK. Get some sleep KMR and enjoy the break.

      1. I agree with everyone outstanding job, much the best researched blog, and we are all fed up with Kate so learning about the places has been wonderful.

        Now….breathe and rest .

        1. Thank you KMR – but what a waste of energy, time and taxpayer funds for the two most undeserving,and useless reps in tne BRF and other royals of the world (especially if at the level of position), Showimg off how entitled while looking down at the less fortunate.

          All I see in this photo op -TWO useless unattached married bodies, compared to One dynamic, dedicated hardworking HRH lady, who gave her respect to the BRF , her all to mankind while a member of the BRF.

      2. Absolutely, and want to bet that we who comment here can clap with enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for a lady who has done something very worthwhile, educating and entertaining and who can take great pride in her work. And it is work. Fun for us but a whole lot of work goes into this. I would also like to thank my fellow commentors for their input, thoughts from all over the world and an awesome field of learning possibilities. (Not looking for sympathy here but if I seem a bit incoherent, my little brother just died). Waity and Wimpo are useless expensive ornamental drains on the British economy and on the relationship between the UK and other countries so thankfully they **are** simply entertainment and have no real say in anything.
        Two of the most incredibly rude and ungrateful people on the face of this earth. Now that their little vacation is over it wouldn’t trouble me at all if they just did a disappearing act. I’m pretty sure that they will (despite missing their children massively, I mean naughty terrible little George and lady like baby Charlotte) that these yahoos will manage a vacation trip and be able to drag themselves away from them. Kate sure managed to tear herself away from George in a hurry after he arrived.
        Anyway, yes for sure a **so** for KMR and thanks to all!!

        1. @royalsareajoke
          Hi, I’m sorry for your loss.
          Good luck for getting through the next few weeks.
          (Sending you a hug from New Zealand)

        2. Oh Royals so very sorry for such a terrible loss. You may not ask for sympathy but you know you will always get it here. Sending cyber hugs.

        3. royals, so sorry to read about your loss. Remember we’re all here if you ever need to reach out. Prayers for you and your family.

        4. I just read your sad news about the loss of your little brother. My heart goes out to you. I am very sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself at this difficult time.

        5. My best to you Royals at a difficult time. Yes, be kind to yourself and know you have support and care here.

      3. A most well deserved standing ovation for KMR. Along with more thanks for keeping us so very well informed during this “holiday” for the Cambridges and every other time, too. Rest easy and take some “you” time. It’s so well deserved.

  2. KMR thank you again for all of your hard work and sleep deprivation to keep us updated.

    Whoo hoo it’s over!!! I don’t know if they’ll get another tour for a couple of years. I might need all of that time to get past this one! 🙂

        1. No, Kate needs weights on her skirt hems. i.e the India mishap ‘Marilyn Moment’. These need to STOP or she should be commanded to stay home. Why reward a stubborn exhibitionist with more trips?

      1. I’m kind of glad they didn’t, because the little ones would have been used to make them look better. And without their cuteness to distract us, we get to see the glaringly obvious awkward dynamic between them- in short, the honest stuff they can’t hide, and they fool the public less.

        1. Good point! The more people see the truth, the sooner HM, PC and people demand more from them and we can see if they can manage to improve. I doubt it, but there may be a tiny bit of hope.

          They are just so boring.

          1. If this is how they are under current demands of HM or Prince Charles *and believe it’s good enough*, then ugh. The monarchy is in real danger.

    1. Dear God I hope they never ever ever ever do another ‘tour’. Let them stagnate in their big houses. In my opinion, they would absolutely have to take the kids with them if they did manage to score another holitour, you can only miss the kids massively so many times while looking like kids yourselves.

      1. Agreed. Nor do I want the children being used to distract people from the inane behaviour of their parents. Children, of course, can’t be depended on to say and do the ‘right’ things on cue; I think there would be much awkwardness from William and Kate that would make their ‘hands-on parenting’ to be another lie.

  3. First and foremost,a big thank you to you KMR for your well researched and regular posts.
    Secondly,this tour was short.I wished that William and Catherine had visited South India.I also wished that Catherine would give a speech.
    My favourite day of the tour was day 3.
    Thirdly,what I have really been interested in from the beginning of the year is her work schedule after the tour.So,now the ‘games’ begin.
    P.S:Her Naeem Khan dress is one of my all time favourite dresses from her.

    1. Thank you, Candice. I like this dress, too. I’m not sure where it ranks on my all time favorites list, but it is pretty.

      1. Finally, I really like her outfits today! I always liked the white McQueen, but really, nude accessories against white, ugh. I think the blue and white dress is lovely and perfect for the occasion. Basically three days of back to back tourist events though,not cool. They are uninspiring, insipid.

        Will be interesting to see what happens next. Cannot wait for posts on other royals!

  4. I would hope that Will and Kate took some gifts for the King and Queen Bhutan to thank them for their hospitality and considering that they gave Kate a nice present too. But judging by how mean-spirited and cheap the KP reception for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) was that they hosted pre-trip, I would be surprised if WK brought some gifts with them- hopefully they have someone on their team to remind them of these courtesies.

    WK’s pictures by the Taj Mahal look great and Kate’s dress is lovely- this type of silhouette does suit Kate. They do look happy to be there. I just find it funny that William is now trying to backtrack from the Diana memory- so that he looks like less of a copy-catting loser. Sorry to late for that.

    And how does their tourist visit to Taj Mahal ‘thank the people of India’? One would think they would bring a gift for the PM or donate to the various charities that they did their quick visits to- that would be more of a thanks, no?

    And their comments about all these beautiful architecture that they are lucky to see are so generic. Don’t they have anything else to share about what they learned of these sites? You would think Kate with her Art History degree would probably already know about the Taj Mahal and the Persian-inspired Islamic artwork there.

    1. This would have been a great opportunity for Kate to sound knowledgeable. But alas.

      1. K said, she really deserved this type of building because they were madly in love. That made me cackle. I have no words, other than what a stupid freaking comment about one of the most famous structures in the world. Honestly.

        1. Because *she’s* madly in love. RIGHT. That has got to come from a very deluded place!

          Well, instead of a building, she seems to be getting Botox, skinnier, and absolutely no chance at being loved back.

      2. Oh, my how true.
        Visitng such a gorgeous site would be a truly inspirational moment for anyone. Somehow, I didn’t see or feel that when looking at the photo of William and Kate there.

        Their trip lacked so much. I would like to say that Kate did seem more relaxed and happier than she is when making the rounds at home. Still, there were so many mistakes on this trip. The biggest being the fly-up at the war memorial.
        Inexcusable! Disrespectful! And, just so very, very Kate, unfortunately! She appears to be so stubborn about ensuring such things won’t happen again and why? Is she really an exhibitionist? Is it her way of thumbing her nose at the Queen? I just don’t get it.

        William and Kate were given the opportunity to meet wonderful people, see the glories of the countries they visited and go on a Safari, which so many of us would enjoy! Yet, it seemed more like a vacation for them than a working trip and working on building relationship should have been such an intricate part of their visit.

        So, I have walked away from this trip with the viewpoint that little of substance happened. What I did appreciate was the fantastic coverage of all their activities by this blog. I cannot afford such a trip, myself, KMR, but you took me there! It is appreciated more than I can say. Oh, to feed those baby rhinos and elephants! To actually see the Taj and visit Bhutan!

    2. I was thinking the exact same thing Red Tulip! I believe the Queen brings gifts when she is on tour, I know there is a gift exchange when other head of states or monarchs visit her, so I would have loved to have seen the gifts W&K exchanged, both given and received.

    3. “I just find it funny that William is now trying to backtrack from the Diana memory- so that he looks like less of a copy-catting loser. Sorry to late for that.”
      I picked up on that little change as well. And he couldn’t even pull his stupid hoof out of his mouth entirely, since he came up with ‘creating new memories’. Really? How very nice of the taxpayers to pay for those new memories. It is simply a time among many where William should have keep his trap shut. New memories indicate that there are old ones, no? Stupid clod.
      And speaking of clods, that little Tiger’s Nest hike was blatantly a photo op, nothing more and Kate looked like she was about to go sloshing into the water to catch fish with those huge clodhoppers on. And the lovey dovey shots. Fake/phony/staged. I am at a loss for words regarding these two, they want to be seen as ‘just like us’ but proceed to act in a manner that I’m reasonably certain no one here would. Rude. Arrogant. Entitled. Childish.
      Maybe, just maybe, Kate will copy cat Diana and sell those horrendously expensive clothes she wore on this disaster and give the money to a children’s charity in India. Yo, Jason if you’re still among the rational and lucid people how about that for an idea. (not original with me). I totally understand if you’re reluctant to show your face though and if you are on your way to another country after changing your name and appearance, well, God Speed Jason. 🙂

      1. I think that auction would tank. There was a demand for Diana because she was so visible. Though gala pieces from her early marriage might sell (like the lavender Alexander McQueen or lace
        Alice Temperley) I don’t think people would be *keen* to buy the Emilia Wickstead that blew over her head or that fugly green doily.

        1. I agree Lexistential. No one is going to want any of Kate’s badly tailored, super skinny clothing. Nothing she’s worn has achieved an iconic status in my mind. There are dresses that Diana wore that people can still recall. The ones most people will remember are the ones that flew up and who is going to spend big bucks on those?

          1. I think that the people want buy the clothes which were worn by Diana, even if the clothes are not beautiful. It’s the fact that Diana wore them, that gives value to this clothes. All around the world, Diana symbolizes something (beauty, generosity), she is iconic. It is not the case for Kate. The value of Diana’s clothes is also increased by her death.

          2. Exactly! I remember Diana’s velvet dress from dancing in the White House as well as a one-shoulder teal gown from after her divorce. And, she was also 5’10” and a size 6 to 8, so a broad range of women could fit her clothing, and probably bought something not only to own, but wear for their own use. Hence her auction’s success.

            Kate looks like a deeply neurotic size 0. Aside from lack of iconic style (or any genuine achievement while even dressed regulary), the clothes are only sample size and can only fit other diet-crazy skinny minnies.

        2. Lexistential, Lisa, and Clem, alas you are probably right, after reading your thoughts I think that yep, an auction would tank. She’s too thin and I guess I was thinking along the lines of some hardcore sugar and since I’m also thinking that the hardcores are either teenagers or older people who haven’t a whole lot of money and realistically wouldn’t spend it on a symbol anyway. That’s what I think Kate is to these people, a symbol not a person. And she has yet to prove them wrong by showing her personality consistently. Now, I’m almost thinking it would be fun to see her try to auction those costumes and find out what people really think, or don’t think of her. And her puppet master’s reaction to the failure. But, having rethought things and seen from another angle I agree. Not happening. Ever. So major money down the toilet. The tour was not only a total waste of money, time, energy it was another embarrassing display of the childishness and total unsuitability to their roles of both Kate and William Middleton. Not to mention that they are totally undeserving. They managed to insult two entire countries in just a few days, and threw a king and queen into the mix.

    4. I wonder if Will realizes that some people don’t want that he uses and abuses of the memory of his mother; if he realizes that the comparaison of the work ethic of his mother put him and his wife to shame.

      1. I have a feeling William feels like Diana is his mother and his perception of her trumps all, and that he would try ruining anyone who dared say that his work ethic compared to hers is terrible.

  5. Woo hoo, it’s over! Thank you KMR for staying on top of this. I really enjoyed reading your coverage, and all the readers’ comments. I think we all deserve a rest from this, except the Cambridges, who should start working to justify the expense of all this.

      1. Hey KMR!
        I don’t mean to threadjack, but I didn’t know where else to post this. Harry did an engagement on behalf of the Queen at Westminster Abbey in the midst of the Lamebridge Roadshow. There are some very regal photos of him I thought you all might enjoy.

  6. I have to say Kate absolutely nailed it with her Naeem Khan dress today. Simply beautiful, dignified, serene and Duchess appropriate. And I did feel quite emotional seeing them sat on that bench because is made me think of Diana and how there really will never be anyone quite like her again.

      1. I can’t believe I am going to write these words but I love that dress…not the shoes, but wow the dress – stunning. Oh and she needed her hair up it was so hot you would have thought a high pony tail, but still love the dress.

        1. I don’t know how she isn’t dying of heat with her hair down. William to for that matter. He is wearing a blazer over a long-sleeved shirt. How are these 2 not sweating?

          1. they seem to thrive on the sun. I would have been in a big sun proof hat for most of the week. I am surprised, but not really because she clearly loves to be tan. besides, what does it matter when you can not botox. I wonder if that had an impact on her not sweating or if it was having her entourage constantly pepping her up.

          2. It was probably both Reilly. Botox stopped the sweating and what little she did sweat, her team fixed. Remember she used to freshen up before leaving the clubs so that she always looked good in photos? It is the same thing here. She always has to look perfect.

          3. i live in Auckland and it gets hot here in summer, there is no way I can go out in the middle of the day with my long hair down – I’ll have it up off my neck in a ponytail or a messy bun up do. Plus I always wear my hair up or back if wearing dangly earrings as they will get tangled up in long hair. I’m always surprised when Kate wears dangly earrings, don’t they tangle in her hair? Or are the earrings caught up in her extensions and she can’t feel the pull?

      2. Totally agree. This and the hike, couldn’t get over how beautiful she actually is. Being happy makes such a big difference, she’s just been glowing this tour.

        Thanks so much for the coverage and in-depth knowledge.

        Have a good rest and enjoy they weekend.

    1. The dress is very nice and a slightly more sophisticated silhouette than those floaty A-line things she likes to live in. That said, I think it’s way too busy for the ‘iconic photoshoot.’ I’d have worn a knee-length sheath dress in a striking, solid color – for once, her boring uni-color look would have been appropriate! I can’t get out of my mind a vivid fuchsia. I even recall a canary yellow dress with white color blocking she wore in Australia.


      This, too, would have been perfect. Alas, the more I see her fashion choices, most especially this past week, the more I think she really is the embodiment of a “Party Pieces” princess. Her going overboard with these Indian themes is beyond comical. She dresses the same way she’d select party paraphernalia — INDIAN NAPKINS! Matching PAISLEY PAPER CUPS! Jack-o-Lantern Tablecloth! ENOUGH!! She does much more than “give a nod” to the host country! This last dress, while lovely in another environment, tried to mimic the architecture and surroundings which should have been avoided. WAITY: The Taj Mahal can stand on its own!!!! You don’t need to sit in front of it with wearing a navy-blue onion dome on your chest. Pfffft…….Why oh why do I always expect more from an Art History major?

  7. Finally caught up. Thank you for the coverage KMR. I’ll go over it within the next few days. I’ve been busy at work (holder reports are due at the end of April/beginning of May), at home (doing something I like to call ‘Transplantation Education’ where I educate people on social media (FB, Twitter, etc) about organ donation/transplantation since April is National Donate Life Month….I hope to turn Transplantation Education into either a NPO or PAC…..yup, I’ve got ideas hatching and I’d like to actually DO something regarding transplantation and donation) and personally (went to see my new nephrologist (he’s CUTE!!) this past Monday, have wound care this coming Monday (FINALLY!) AND PCP on the 25th (so that he can sign my medical waiver for the transplant games)).

    Also, I hope to purchase my plane ticket soon for when I go to the games (in Cleveland) in June–YAY!!! On top of that, I’ve put on a wee bit of weight and need to go clothes shopping (grrrrr) and though all of my friends say I look good, I’m still self-conscious because I’m tiny so even 5 pounds looks like a lot and I’ve put on 15-20 since Spring of 2014! I was at my lowest in April of 2014 at 102 and now I’m between 117-112!! **wails**

    Okay, onto the comments about the Taj Mahal:

    1) for a visit to the ultimate building about love, they’re showing anything about it. Awkward body language. They look like they’re posing for school pictures or something.

    2) I like the first dress (one at the Taj Mahal) but don’t like the nude shoes. The dress needed navy blue to make the blue in that outfit pop.

    3) I don’t like that Elvis dress. The design and cut is fine but the beading is “meh” IMO. Also, someone please burn those nude pumps of hers. They just don’t seem to match this dress to me.

    4) I don’t like how she’s worn all of these great-designed (but horrendously baggy) dresses but will, more than likely, never wear them again! I LOVED the bright colors (just hated how the clothes wore her and not vice versa).

    5) While Kate flashes, Wills wears way-too-tight pants!! I swear, it looks like he’s going commando or something!

    I know, I know…..some of these comments should’ve been saved for previous posts. Maybe I’ll post these there too. 😉

    1. Sounds like you have been busy . I wish I weighed 112 pounds!! Do your anti rejection drugs affect your weight? I was thinking about Daniel, too. He has a kidney transplant, do you know if that shortens his life expectancy?

      We’ve seen a lot of nude shoes this holiday and to me she would have been better off in cool open sandals! Her feet must swell in those tight courts.

      1. I mean, I’m between 117-122!! To quote Homer Simpson: “D’oh!”

        Transplant doesn’t shorten life expectancy but here’s the thing that nobody realizes: transplant isn’t a cure. It is a treatment. You’re trading one illness for another. Daniel, myself and all of the other recipients out there take a battery of medications including drugs and you know what? There is a reason why they’re called drugs. These pills can and do make us sick. Some days I’m UP and raring to go! Others (like today)? I had to drag myself away just to go to the supermarket. All I wanted to do is stay in my pajamas and allow my imagination to go wild. (meds can affect your sex drive and I’ve been dry for a while so I’m trying to get my engine going since I miss its usual hum. 😉 Hope that’s not TMI!!) Ah well, I’m home now with nowhere to go so YAY!! I can do some naughty things for the rest of the afternoon and not feel bad!! LOL!! 😉

        Also, it looks like Kate’s shoes are too small!! Mega ouch!!

        1. Sounds like that weight gain is good old predinsone doing its thing?
          Great you have a cute doctor to look at, my orthopedic doctor is very cute and funny. But everytime I tried to tell someone about him they always said I’d been watching too much Gray’s Anatomy!
          I agree with you re Kate’s shoes, she looks like she should go up a size or two.

          1. Cathy,
            Thanks but I think it’s just yours truly being lazy.

            And yes, I was pleasantly surprised at the attractiveness of my doctor so, of course, I looked up his info, did the math and realized that he’s not that much older than me! Also, I bone-headedly forgot to see if he’s got a wedding ring on. 😉

            Ah well. Keep on looking for my Prince Charming!!

    2. Wow Kimothy! you are inspiring! Glad your doc is such a cutie, makes going to appointments so much easier 🙂 Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your weight, between chronic pain and menopause I’ve gained some myself and although everyone says how great I look I just feel “thick” and uncomfortable. I’m done stressing about it though but I do understand how you feel.

      5) Ewww, I just don’t want to think about either of their private parts. I know we can’t help it with Kate because she insists on showing them to us all the time but uck, is William following suit?

      1. Yup, said it before and I’ll say it again – I DO NOT want to ever wonder if my future King and Queen Consort wear underwear. I have never in my life thought that about HM (feels wrong just writing it) but these two? Gawd, everytime the wind blows I wonder what Kate will surprise us with and as for William – the models in the Speedo swimwear catalogue display less. Just put it away already!

      2. Lauri from Ca,

        I almost did a double-take at the doctor’s office right there! I have a kinda secret-thing for Asian men and preferably drool over Japanese and/or Koreans with a bit of Chinese thrown in but rarely do I go for Indian BUT my doctor made me start to change my perspective!! Really warm face plus, there is this guy in IT who had to come over and give me my new PC who I had to force myself to not stare at. He’s Asian (not Indian but maybe Thai) and just has the sweetest face and warmest smile. On Netflix, I’ve been watching a lot of Asian shows and got hooked on a couple: one called Atelier (which I’ve mentioned before and watched twice) and Terrace House (only part 1 of the current season is up and I’m waiting for the second part to be added).

        Yeah, I know I’m weird since I’m a white-looking, half-Colombian chick who seems to have a secret thing for Asian men. Sigh.

        1. Oh, Kimothy, you’re a delight. I’m happy that you’re cheerful and being busy. And, dear, do you have a little spring fever going on?
          I can perfectly understand. Look around girl, see your options. I think being fun and exciting makes a person attractive and you surely have the temperament!
          Good luck with everything you’re doing, love your posts! 😉

          1. Elina,
            I’m just trying to get my engine going since it has been in park for over a month and i hate that LOL! 😉

            Thank you very much for your sweet words! 😀

            **goes back to do some naughty Pinterest searching** 😉 😀 😉

  8. Today I love her earrings, the two dresses, not the shoes. I dislike the look of William : am I alone in this or anyone sharing the same opinion? Globally, I prefer when her hair are up, I wonder how many she pays for her hairdresser.
    Doesn’t she have a dress which looks like the dress of Taj Mahal?
    Beautiful gift from the King and the Queen of Bhutan.

    This picture is a highlight of a tour thanks to Diana

    When I compare them with Maxima and Wilhelm, Victoria and Daniel, they don’t seem to be in love, a little akward.

    1. Hi Clem, I read that her hairdresser is paid $500/day plus expenses. I personally don’t think the end result is worth that much money but that’s just me. I have noticed that Kate’s hair has been done in loose waves as opposed to the bouncy curls, I rather like it but I think it’s due more to the humidity than her personal choice.

    2. I thought their body language awkward as well. I guess they are spent on the madly in love act. They seemed stiff and stilted.

      1. I’m surprised he didn’t put his arm around her or at least sit right against each other. They are supposed to be so in love and they showed more ‘love’ on the hike then this historic landmark which is about love!

        1. I think he is tired of the PDA nonstop over the last two days. the irony, though, of sitting on Diana’s bench looking like marble figures.

          1. I so much agree. I was expecting a lovey dovey picture with a relax hug or his arm around her waist, something not as stiff as the mirroring of crotch clutching. They sit on the bench like school children.
            Hey, W&K, we know you’ve been in a second honeymoon trip, why pretend it was something more than that? At least relax and enjoy it, right?

          2. Even something small would have looked better. Like he could have held her hand in her lap. Something…anything 🙂

        2. Even a small sign of affection like a hug before they sat down for the photo would have made all the difference.
          They look uninvolved, not a hint of love.

  9. I love the dress she wore for her final, most anticipated day in India. The picture on the bench, well whatever, it will always be Diana’s bench. Just like it will always be Diana’s ring. I had a giggle at the one picture where she’s turned toward Wills…the talk bubble says “Darling, how DO I remove the stick up my bum after this? What usually works best for you?” (Snark;))

    Great coverage this week, as always KMR, a gold star for you!

    1. Thanks for the laugh. I feel the same thing. Kate especially, seems either wound tighter than a top or manic/making faces.

      I wonder if Kate sat with her legs in the opposite direction of Diana (when sitting on the bench) on purpose. Any guesses?

          1. I thought she was sitting up straight too and there was a little less crotch clutching. Hope the Queen of Bhutan gave her a few tips on posture. She is on a par with Queen Leti.

          2. Oh I agree Reilly, all the “love” shown here is from Kate for William, it’s not really reciprocated though. Interesting after all the PDA yesterday to find them so stiff and undemonstrative today.

          3. Diana sat up straight on that bench & Kate (or her mother) studied that photo for years…….Diana 2.0 you know. Complete with big-blue, the ring.

        1. Yes, I think you are right. I thought this may be the case, but didn’t voice the thought. It makes me wonder if they just sat down or decided (I mean Kate) who would sit on the right or left.

          I cannot help feeling Kate had it all planned out. She would be closer to the center, William sitting on her left and then she could turn her legs towards William and have them the opposite of Diana. So much SWF behavior in the past tends to make me imagine all kinds of things from Kate. You know, Kate the “puppet master”.

  10. They are luckier than regular tourists. The bench was prepared and cooled for them so they wouldn’t have to suffer. This happens for all famous people but William and Kate seem to be oblivious to their privilege.

    I have no idea if it was Kate’s idea to make her dress longer but if it was then good for her.

    1. They cooled the bench for them? I had no idea.

      They are also luckier than most tourists since they got to visit all by themselves. They don’t have to deal with a ton of tourists like the rest of us do. When we take photos there are a ton of strangers in them, lol.

      1. It was exclusive and staged for them as everything else in this tour. I wonder how much cleaning and prep was done from the city authorities just for them to have their photo op.
        Been there, done that. That’s the Cambridges!

  11. That’s a beautiful dress is all I can say. Still think it was weird that they posed for the photo in that bench but if that’s what tourists do… Anyway, I feel really let down. Like, for five years there was always a part of me thinking that maybe this time it’ll be different. That they’ll be more than just Kate’s clothes, Diana’s memories and Will’s petulance. But I give up. This tour was totally a fifth wedding anniversary honeymoon. The last few days, especially the trip to Bhutan and Taj Mahal, served no purpose. I mean, aside from the British reception with some Bhutanese and meeting the King and Queen, what exactly did they do there that benefits the UK? Nothing. They just wanted to go to the Tiger’s Nest! They wouldn’t even be photographed if the press hadn’t rowed with the KP officials. And the Taj photo op almost certainly confirmed the fact that this was a holiday for them. Perhaps they miss the kids but nothing will stop them from getting a tax payer funded holiday, no sirree.

        1. I have to say to Clem and Anneke that I don’t see any advantage in living in a Republic. Even in a Republic people pay for every politician and their political engagements. Here in my country, Brazil, there is a “suit tax” (we pay for the suits the politicians wear), a tax for the gas they use, a tax for their drivers, a tax for them to go to their political engagements and many other taxes and they can retire with only two terms, while the people have to work more than 30 years to retire.. A Republic is very expensive and people pay for it like in a Monarchy. It’s not different. I always laugh when I see people from Monarchies wanting a Republic, they have an illusion that their problems will be over only beacuse they “won’t pay for a Royal” anymore. Huge mistake. People will always pay for the political system, whatever it is.

          1. I prefer the Republic because the people who are in power are elected, choosen by the people. We can change them, they can come from different social origin, they are here because they earn their places and not just by privilege of birth (even if the political don’t represent perfectly all the people, but every person has the possibility to have a political role).

            I agree with you, in all the case we pay for the political system but the people that we pay are people who have the merit to be choosen (even if they are bad it is the tyranny of the majority…) by the people. We can choose, we can replace them. I prefer to pay for people who work for my country (concret and honorific role), than to pay for people whose the place comes from the birth only (with or without qualities; what if the future king is really bad, we wait his death and that’s all… I speak hypothetically and not about Prince Charles. In republic we know that the president will not be here more that the two mandates) and whose the role is honorific.
            And there are limits to the salaries of the president, ministers or deputies (even if they can occasionnaly increase their salary which are criticized), I don’t think that Kate a limited budget to her clothes.
            I don’t know if I make sense…

            In all the cases (monarchy or republic), the role of the press is primordial to reveal the dysfunctionnements of the system and to have a possibility to change it.

          2. One part of my answer has been erased… Argh… I research all my sentences, now…

            Sorry if I offend someone or KMR, I don’t want to enter in a political debate or to cause a clash but I just wanted clarify my thoughts. Everyone can have its opinion. In all the regims (republic, monarchy….), there are defaults; like Platon said republic is the “less worst”. In all the regims, there are corruption.

            Personnally, I just enjoy see royalty (knowing what they do, what causes they support, their personnalities, the history and the signification of traditionnal events), it is a little like a TV series and it is a little strange for me to see the perpetuation of the monarchy actually.

          3. @Clem I think we all get what you mean. I, for one, have never met or heard of anyone who thought that life was going to be perfect if they lived in a republic and there was going to be no expense for it. Still, for the ones who do, if they come from a society where they’re ruled under a monarchy, especially an absolute monarchy, then I can understand why they see it as perfection. It’s easy for some to laugh at these people when they’ve never walked a mile in their shoes and had to live under the conditions that they live.

          4. Hi Clem I understand what you mean, and you are right. What I find it bad is that I really read comments of people from Monarchies wanting a Republic because, as I said before, they think their problems will be over only beacuse they “won’t pay for a Royal” anymore. I say they will pay for a Republic too, but they think that everything will be perfect and I say it will not be, but they don’t bebieve me. You are right, a president only stays for two terms, and this is the best thing of a Republic. But the expenses, corruption and mistakes are the same in all political system.

    1. Well I was reading that Bhutan officially does not have diplomatic relations with the UK- perhaps the visit by WK will pave the way for those diplomatic relations? The current King of Bhutan is trying to open up his country to the world- a bit by bit- while showcasing the wonderful and well-preserved culture and history, perhaps as a means to attract the tourism dollars and alleviate some of Bhutan’s poverty. I was reading that 30% off Bhutanese still do not have electricity, which then trickles down to locking people in back-grinding poverty and hard work, as they need to spend their days walking and physically hauling water, doing household tasks all by hand (time consuming), etc. The amount of time spent looking after a household, while not having electricity to speed things up, I would imagine would also affect the literacy and education attainment rate for a lot of Bhutanese.

      1. If Bhutan were opening up diplomatic relations, shouldn’t there have been more events where Will and Kate were doing diplomatic stuff? Or visiting places where UK-Bhutanese trade investments are happening? Maybe they did do some of those stuff during the reception but that seems like a small part for opening up relations between UK and Bhutan compared to everything else they did. I mean, it would be better to do a documentary about their country if they wanted to showcase their culture and invite tourists. Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Singapore almost certainly do it because a lot of the documentaries about their countries and histories are sponsored by their tourism board. Anyway, I just really feel like the latter part of the tour was mostly a holiday for them. Maybe I’m just really pissed off on behalf of the press pack who travel all the way to cover their tour but get shit in return. Also, it’s made me think that if all Will and Kate’s tours are about touristy stuff maybe they should just open a travel agency or do a show on the travel channel. That’s like a dream job you know, going to all these exotic places for your job. But then you’d have to be really personable in front of the camera so maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. If nothing else, I hope that what you said about this tour paving the way for more diplomatic relations will be true.

        1. Sorry Yuhkiminamitani, what you are suggested sounds like WORK not holiday! But wouldn’t it have been great if they had done something more substantial. Somehow I find it hard to believe that the King and Queen are now close to this lazy duo as is being reported.

    2. It maybe just me, but when the press asked them if they missed their children, for a split second before William answered “massively”, they both looked a bit blank. I don’t their children figured too much this past week; not sure they are the hands-on parents they claim to be. Just a vibe.

      Also KMR, you have done a truly wonderful job in covering this tour, particularly in light of time zones and your other commitments. Much more interesting and informative than press who were there!

    3. I agree. Today totally made it look like a vacation. They got the Taj Mahal to themselves. Plus, they then wouldn’t let the press come close to them at it either. The press was stationed so far away. So, they toured the grounds by themselves. To me this just shows how this was only put on the itinerary because they wanted to go and have alone time-at the expense of others. If I was a reporter, I would be mad.

    4. I agree with you: it has been a luxury holiday funded with the taxpayers money, nothing else. They didn’ t want journalists when they were hiking and today at the Taj Majal, yet this holiday is not private, it is funded by us

  12. KMR Thank you for your sleep deprivation to keep us updated. Your hard work is truly appreciated. It was a very blah tour IMHO. And I’m so looking forward to catching up with Max and the rest of the royals. Any bets on how long waity and wills will need to recover from this exhausting vacation I mean tour?

  13. Firstly thank you KMR, for your extensive and fantastic coverage of the tour. It is much appreciated. The Taj Mahal looks breathtaking. An expression of love.
    Kate and William’s body language does look awkward. They are not relaxed and for William he must be feeling something emotionally surely but seems to be hiding it.
    I do like Kate’s dress and it is appropriate. Not a spectacular choice but it does for the day.

    1. It was good seeing more of Bhutan. I learnt more about the scenery and how elegant and composed Queen Jetsen was. It was generous that William and Kate got gifts. I hope they gave gifts back in return. I don’t know about wearing the gorgeous necklace straightaway. I would have waited until an occasion arose. I think William will take a mistress. There is nothing stopping him sadly.

        1. That is not right though. William shouldn’t need anyone else. I wonder if Kate really likes Safari or is it because of Jecca.

    1. Haen’t read through the entire comments, but I have the sinking feeling I am the only one who was not ga ga over the dress. It was another Kate classic, to me. Lacked inspiration. But, why take away from the splendor of the Taj Mahal? So, perhaps, it was a good choice.

      The only thing that she wore that I truly liked was the gown she wore to the Bhutanese Dinner and her shawl.

  14. What is up with Will’s clothing? Frankly, I do not wish to know which side he fly’s his royal flag.

      1. When Kate wore the leather vest and hiking books for the hike up the mountain in Bhutan she resembled Jecca. Makes you wonder what Kate is trying to do? Keep William snared?

  15. It was a beautiful trip and sadly too short for all there was to see. But they did cover alot in a short amount of time. Very nice photos in front of the Taj Mahal. I echo what everyone has said and will say in heart felt appreciation……thank you very much KMR.

  16. I was glad to see Kate re-wear the white McQueen dress as I’ve always liked it. And how lovely of Jetsun to gift Kate such a lovely necklace, another gracious gesture by such a gracious couple. I am so looking forward to a post on their son’s naming ceremony!!! I have to say that I’m glad that W&K visited Bhutan, not for coverage of them but to see more of that beautiful country and their stunning King and Queen. Also, I have to admit I was curious to see how Kate would interpret Bhutanese clothing.

    Kate wore a very nice dress for her visit today. I like that extra length was added and the print/color looks very nice on her, so kudos to Kate. Also, I’ve noticed a difference in her hair styling this tour, more loose waves instead of bouncy curls. I’m sure it’s only due to the humidity but I hope she continues to style it this way.

    I have never wished for the copying of Diana by these two to stop as much as I did today. While I understand that they practically had to visit the Taj Mahal, being such a symbol of India, it just makes me sad that of all the good things about Diana that they could copy they only choose the superficial.

  17. I greatly appreciate all your hard work/analysis in getting these posts up pronto, KMR. Thank you. Wasn’t always able to comment in a timely fashion, but am comforted by the fact that I’m not alone in my viewpoints. Thank you for providing a forum in which I can vent my frustration without having to say a word! I always look forward to your next post ….

  18. Thanks, KMR, for completing this Herculean task, a bit like cleaning out the Augean stables given the subject matter. I hope you have time to refresh yourself. Meanwhile, I think the Dolittles are done (except for the queen’s birthday) until November sweeps. We all need a breather. How quickly will Willy be back at his ‘normal’ job, I wonder.

    1. You said it well, Maven. Herculean task it was. I just hope KMR got some joy out of it, too, except of sleepless nights.
      Let me join the others in thanking you, KMR, for your consistency and dedication to this blog.
      Now, as you promised, we are looking forward to a healthy detox watching some favourite royals!

  19. Thank you KMR, you have really worked so so so much harder than the vacan.. hard working couple on this holi-tour.

    I like the Naeem Khan dress but can’t help myself thinking that has Kate got a version of the dress that is a row shorter than the original…
    And those Ferns she really loves, it looks like she’s got problems fitting all her toes in them. Maybe that’s why she’s bought a new almost identical pair? Wasn’t it so, or do I remember wrong from a previous post?

  20. Thank you very much for all your efforts and sacrifice of sleep to keep us updated on the tour. You, KMR, are a rock star!! You have the best blog ever. =)

  21. You have amazing stamina to keep up with this faux royal duty tour. I went off the grid as I could not take the charade from W&K anymore. Thank you for keeping us curious and amused. Kick off your shoes (or sneakers), turn off the laptop, pour the wine, and enjoy the lull.

  22. AT LAST a dress I love. The Naeem Khan is simple and perfect. It’s about time she wore another Indian designer (and this tour should have been showcasing them). And her hair’s easier look of loose waves looks so more womanly than those schoolgirl sausage curls.

    Much as I like the look of her departure outfit, every time I see a flared skirt silhouette, I think it’s going to blow over her head. Pretty, but I think she needed a different outfit.

    I totally agree with the upthread impression of two kids taking school pictures on a field trip. The bench photos look incredibly awkward and not at all like a couple in love or celebrating an an anniversary. There is no loving energy whatsoever. If Diana’s enduring impression is poignant princess, these two look like the awkward wannabes. (And it’ll never be the Cambridge bench, but Diana’s.)

    I have to chuckle at all the scaffolding in the back. Diana’s portraits were beautiful, and with these two… sigh, there’s scaffolding. So much for trying to replicate magic.

    KMR, I hope your only plans are to put up your feet and enjoy these comments. Thank you for donating so much of your time to give us these posts!

    1. Even without the scaffolding, there is not magic in this photo; that’s just two person sitting on a bench.

    2. Lexistential, I think you hit the nail on the head : the media and the Cambridge duo are all about “replicating”, not doing anything original. I think Diana was loved and admired, despite, or because of her flaws, and many people would love to have someone new in the BRF draw the same level of emotional response that Diana did. Peopke are desperate for a new Diana and Kate simply cannot do it. All she can do is pose; she seems the such an empty shell. And, now that this big moment the world has been salivating to see: the son of Diana with his wife in front of the Taj Majal…I really don’t see that interest in the Cambridges will increase. This tour was a holiday, a shopping trip and a photo opp…and a big yawn. Now that the big, anticipated moment in front of the Taj Majal is over, what is there for them to do? Its quite sad: Kate looks like she’s been waiting for years and years to out-Diana Diana on this bench…and William looks bored. They clearly cannot generate the public interest as Diana could, so it’s all a slow downhill from here. Quote bored by this couple, and pleased to see that the public is more than a little outraged bybthe taxpayers expense for this holiday.

      1. Sometimes I feel bad for Kate. She’s always going to be compared to Diana. That has to be a tough act to follow. Even with the whole chasing after William thing. I’m sure she knew about it and we can all say she asked for it by chasing William for so long. But I think even with that knowledge, she didn’t realize just how big of a shadow Diana cast. But maybe now that the big Diana moment has passed, maybe she can finally emerge from Diana’s shadow and become her own person. At least one can hope. But given her track record, I highly doubt she will. And that’s really sad.

        1. In order to navigate comparisons to Diana and get a few people speaking positively of her, Kate has to get away from William enough to create her own identity. In short, she has to work regularly- choose and promote causes with appearances, and create and maintain a relationship with the press. I don’t know how much William stands in the way of Kate not working regularly or if she is really an uninterested homebody, but right now Kate looks like all she’s interested in being is “wife of” versus having a solo identity as part of their marriage.

          1. well said. her identify it seems has been wrapped up in William since college. ten years the girls friend, now the wife. her identity seems to have formed around him because she never had anythingelse. no travels, no real job, no close friends anymore. she is very isolated. she has spent so much time focused on will that she does not have much of an independent identity.

            Diana could have gone the same way, but she forged her own identity and made her mark on the world.

          2. I agree Lexistential. I don’t know if Kate tries to be like Diana because of herself or because William wants it. I don’t know if she wears Diana’s ring because she wants it or because of Willam. A lot of times she shows submission and I don’t know if this is true submission or a play game. But I agree, Kate has to get away from William enough to create her own identity

        2. Yes, people are clammering for a new Diana, but not a replica. If Kate and William would just be themselves and work hard, they would be appreciated. Nobody is saying they have to be charismatic, but if only they showed they cared for people and were concerned about issues that others are struggling with. Not just in bits and pieces, but in efforts that go on.

          Oh, well. Diana will always be remembered by those who were lucky enough to see her in action. I was a child when she was alive, but she really made an impact on me. I love reading about her and looking back on the way she tried to help so many. She was a bright star during her life and her light, thankfully, still shines.

      2. Exactly. I feel like the Cambridges are trying to replicate Diana as though she and her effect is as easy as connecting dots: “Make a concerned face”, “Say something about mental health”, “Hug someone” and then add “My mother would be proud” and so forth. They are terrible at connection because neither of them *want* to connect, don’t come off as genuine because they’re barely present, and aren’t taking half the risks she did by advocating causes like AIDS or landmines. Worst of all, they feel like her beloved legacy is theirs to have as though putting on a coat, and without possessing her character.

        Diana had her flaws, but she was totally invested in her causes and determined to use her standing to bring visibility to those causes. And she really good at being equal to everyone she interacted with- no pulling rank, she was human. She never hid out in Anmer Hall or pretended to work an Air Ambulance gig, she worked her engagements even when she felt like she didn’t know what she was doing. Try as William and Kate might, they don’t have her abilities to connect. And it’s truly clear Harry has all the things that made her so good at connecting to people.

        1. Diana was born with a hefty dose of charm and presence. It was exciting to watch her. Kate is a dud. No matter how hard she tries, she is reduced to a woman who wears clothes and jewelry.

          i’m so tired of the Diana copycatting and wish Kate would cease and desist. She will never ever be Diana.

          As far as the Taj Mahal pic, what I see are 2 statues.

          1. I can’t believe I’m writing this I love the dress. It’s probably the best one on the tour. With that said. I’ve been looking forward to the Taj Mahal visit and dreading it at the same time. Diana ‘s picture was a very extremely iconic picture. Especially when the Battle of the Waleses was going on. I love Diana. I thought she had a common touch and warmth to her. She also knew how to work the press. She was extremely smart and calculated in that area.

            Now to Will and Kate, I found them extremely stiff. They do not have that wow factor at all. Also I just so over the cheap way they evoke Diana. I get William very much misses his mother. He has let Kate and Carole run amuck. Trying to recreate Diana’s clothes, Williams clothes on poor George. What are they going to do to Charlotte? I just do not get the obsession? Kate you have Big Blue, the Heir and the Spare, and all the money, clothes, jewelry, and homes. Yet sadly how happy are you? Was it all worth it?

          2. “Kate is a dud. No matter how hard she tries, she is reduced to a woman who wears clothes and jewelry.” I completly agree Yorkie. And no matter how much her fans try to make her the new Diana because Diana fans don’t give a damn to Kate. They’ve never seen her as a Diana 2.0.

  23. Thank you for posting the lovely photos. Like others have said, the Naeem Khan dress was a hit with me. I vote it and actually like it better with the extra material on the end. So glad she wore the Bhutanese earrings, too. Nice touch. Thank you for posting a pic with them in front of the Taj that isn’t showing that ugly scaffolding. Nice photos in all.

  24. KMR, thank you again for your outstanding work. Each post was perfect, well balanced and it was a joy to see all the beautiful pictures you provided.

  25. https://twitter.com/KensingtonRoyal/status/721321746645655552?lang=fr

    “The tour has been a huge success in deepening the UK relationship with the people of India” We don’t read this type of affirmation after a tour of Harry, of Charles and Camilla, of Edward and Sophie. Anticipation of critics, justification of the tour?
    Anyway this statement lacks modesty
    -> PR goes on : I think that in order to evaluate the sucess to the tour, it takes more time and this tour is not a success because KP decided this.
    For me, this tour is not a success because we speak mostly about the look of Kate, because there is not a transcendent speech (apart we miss our children). We have not very learnt about India, about the charities they visited (when it was not tourist’s activities). The Indians seem in majority indifferent of the royals.
    But it is not a failure because we learn things about Bhutan

    Am I too negative?

    1. No you aren’ t. Harry doesn’ t need his PR, his tour has been great, noneed of any hyped statement. Regarding Camilla and Charles I think is the same. This tour just brought nothing, it has been another holiday for Will and Kate, they didn’ t want the press at some points of the tour, they visited part of the Taj Majal without journalists and yesterday it has been the same, it has been a private holiday. Indeed they didn’ t much. No speeches, no efforts.
      And don’ t forget about Kate flashing again, the awkward statement by Will about the Bollywood films, Kate refusing food. I’ ve read a couple of article saying that indian people didn’ t care at all about this visit

  26. Thank you KMR for the insightful reporting and for your time, and adjustments to your own schedule.

    One of the commercial channels here in the UK has just shown some of the visit to the Taj Mahal. There were many references to Diana’s visit there and the reasonance for William. However, towards the end of the VT the reporter stated that the couple were ‘undoubtedly keen’ to learn about the site and its history. I could not get past the feeling that there was a significant emphasis in the reporter’s voice on the k word. It could be just I my hearing but an interesting use of words nevertheless.

    1. Tara2 I think they know exactly what they are doing!! I really don’t think this holiday has healed any rifts with the press.

    2. We shall never escape the ‘keen’ word shall we?!? They have overused the word so much, with no actual follow up at that, that I swear I just want that word to die now lol

  27. What I can’t get over is that they chose to go there at 3:40 pm. Really? The hottest time of the day starts then, and in Delhi, at least, it soared to 44 degrees C at 5:30 pm. Smart people go to the monuments BEFORE lunch.

    Personally, I wouldn’t go to the Taj or any other monuments in April – and if I had to (as in take visiting dignitaries), I’d go in the morning.

    As for the dress… my first reaction on seeing it was – what on earth is she wearing on her chest? It grows on you, but I agree that a simple monochromatic dress would have been a better choice. Lovely dress, but wasted here.

    1. wow. nicely sums up how many of us feel. Glad to see an article commenting on her manic expressions without trying to make them cute or funny.

    2. I’ve read a few articles now, including this ones, and none of them good. Carole Malone deserves a standing round of applause.

      I agree Clem, hopefully it continues

        1. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/kate-middleton-has-turned-into-the-duchess-of-drab-a6985921.html

          This one isn’t a full criticism article http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/taj-mahal-india-tour-live-7766989 but I like that we get something from an actual local so that KP aka Jason can’t lie and try to spin the visit.

          “Not everyone is happy with the Royal visit.

          Social activist Shravan Kumar Singh said the arrival of Kate and William was nothing special.

          They added: “Clearly there is no excitement among the people here, for whom they remain symbols of imperialism that subjugated India for over two centuries.

          “Although the media is trying hard to hype the visit of the royal couple.

          “For us it is like any other VIP visit.”

  28. Agree with everyone here. The tour didn’t accomplish anything. I’m not even sure what the goal was to begin with. It’s really nust a vacation.

    Fashion wise, I thought it was meh. She did end on a high note. I really like the dress she wore to the Taj Mahal. And love the earrings she bought in Bhutan. I’d love to get my hands on a pair.

    As for the pictures, I’m not quite sure what to think. The Taj Mahal is an iconic placw. The bench itself is also pretty iconic. I’ve never been, so I’m assuming that’s the best spot to get an amazing shot of the Taj Mahal. It would seem weird if they didn’t take a picture there. I feel like for this particular instant, they can’t really win. Take a picture and it’s “oh, they’re copying Diana.”. Don’t take a picture and it’ll be “oh how rude and disrespectful”.

    1. The Taj is very big, though. They could’ve taken many picture in other areas besides that bench, which they did. I don’t think anyone would’ve considered it rude. However, they only sat on the bench because Diana sat on it. Many are trying to pass it off as it just being a bench and for the rest of us it pretty much is, however the itinerary release made it clear that the only reason they were even setting foot near the Taj Mahal was because Diana’s picture that had been taken in front of it were considered iconic.

  29. Thank you KMR for the work that you do. I have been a lurker for a long time, but had to start commenting regarding this particular tour because William and Kate finally got on my nerves!

    William and Kate should be made “full time” and take the load off of the Queen, so she can spend more time with her horses and corgis and more visits to see her favorite — Sophie, Countess of Wessex and children, Lady Louise and James. It’s the only way for Kate to learn how to speak well in public, etc. etc. No excuse for William since this is his life and he should know better.

    The anticipation of the Taj Mahal photo op has come and gone. It was almost a let down after the build up, but I think at this point William and Kate just wanted to go home. I do like the dress Kate wore at the Taj Mahal, but not so much her going away outfit (low v-neck? why?) But that’s OK. I’m just from far away. I don’t pay for their upkeep.

    OK. I seriously need to check out my favorite royals in Sweden! I miss them terribly! I don’t want to miss Princess Sofia’s baby …!

    1. Hi Poppy! I’m so glad that Sofia didn’t give birth this week!! I was so worried that she would and that great news would be overshadowed by the vacation, oops I mean working tour. I want that baby born soon so I can clear my mind of the royal vaca…oops again I mean tour.

        1. Thank you for thinking of me 🙂

          Due date is mid June, so I’m still waddling around with this big ole belly lol

          I don’t post much anymore, just too busy at the moment, but I’m still reading!

          1. Good to hear from you, LizB!
            Oh, I understand you being busy.
            Be well and hold on. Won’t be too long.
            And if possible, let us know when the baby comes.
            We’ll celebrate! 🙂

          2. LizB, thinking of you and sending best wishes. Oh, those final months, right? Take care of yourself and may you have a safe and easy delivery. We await the news of your little one’s arrival!

      1. I hear you, Lauri. I’m glad Princess Sofia didn’t have her baby while the royal tourists were out and about.

        I read that Sofia had finished all of her public engagements last Sunday and the baby is due any day now. I can’t wait I cant wait I can’t wait!

  30. As many have already stated, great job on the coverage KMR. A fabulous thing for you to do when you to do.

    As for this trip. Entire thing was horrible.

    These recreations of moments that Diana and Charles had in their marriage are incredibly creepy. Of course, the sugar’s will spin it differently but there was no love to speak of between William and Kate. Just yet another moment of her trying to cling to him or engage him and him ignoring her. The smiles both of them were wearing were stiff and forced and Kate’s SWF-ing Diana’s pose (she’s certainly not one to sit with her legs to the side). It’s disgusting.

  31. I love that McQueen and have been wanting her to repeat it, so I am happy she did. I like it better without the belt. Also, her dress today was nice. Kate looked very pretty. I am surprised Kate didn’t re-wear the LK Bennett blue poppy dress in Bhutan. She could have worn that getting off the plane instead of the yellow coat dress (since that is their national flower). She had the perfect dress and didn’t wear it.

    I think you are right KMR, the ‘Fern” is the new ‘Sledge’. Although, these look far less comfortable with the pointed toe. I think she listened to someone though about how no platform and a pointed toe looks more elegant and elongates the leg. So, she will wear these all the time and rotate them with all her pointy black suede heels :).

  32. Thanks KMR! A round of applause & a standing ovation for your superb coverage of the tour! You deserve your rest. In my opinion for the future of the British Monarchy, there are 2 groups: the hardworking & charismatic Harry & the other one is “glamorous” yet dull, no brain & lazy couple, William & Kate. If Harry doesn’t find a wife soon then we’ll be stuck with W+K as the ultimate royal couple of the next generation! How utterly depressing ……

  33. I find it interesting that the Palace had to announce that this was a successful trip. That they accomplished all they set out to do and then go on to tell what exactly that was. They had to do this because it was not clear. No one knows the point of this tour and I think KP is trying to clean up the press/public thinking this was clearly just a anniversary holiday for Will and Kate. But they can’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. They want us to believe this was really work, so that Will and Kate can now go on official holiday for their anniversary. I wonder where they will go and for how long??? We probably won’t see them again until around May 11, which has a few days celebration for the Queen.

    1. Where else than another island with white sand? For all we know, they could have taken already several similar holidays during the year. They have proved they can keep them secret like they did with the ski holiday.
      Besides, Kate is a natural sun worshiper and has showed it today in the heat of the Indian afternoon. So, exotic islands, here we come! And we don’t have to pretend missing the kids ‘massively’ to anyone! 😉

  34. Marvelous coverage this week, KMR!I appreciate your dedication and spectacular coverage.

    I love the white dress and necklace from the Queen. I even like the Khan dress.

    I’m glad that this vacation, I mean tour, is over. The real winner here is Bhutan. Everyone was able to see the warmth of the people, beautiful landscape, and regal, yet elegant King and Queen.

    I’ve decided that William and Kate don’t have “it”, meaning service and duty. If William continues this, the BRF is starting to see the sun set on its legacy.

    1. Rhiannon, you really took the words from my mouth in saying the winner here is Bhutan. I said this yesterday as well that King Jigme has played the PR game well, and good for him. Hopefully he will attract interest to his country. It shows you what a great asset a royal family can be for its country.
      As for W&K? I usually leave the harsh criticism for the British taxpayers, except of the occasional snark. I’ll just say that although they may not have the charisma, let’s hope sometime they’ll be willing to learn and open their eyes to the real world.

  35. I really like the dress Kate wore to the Taj Mahal. It is the type of silhouette she should wear all the time. It minimizes her long torso and makes her look like she has a figure instead of looking like a 2×4. My only criticism is that a solid color would have stood out more and sadly, the embroidery, beautiful as it is, will not translate well back to life in the UK. As a result, I doubt we will ever see it again. But then, I can’t see her wearing most of the outfits again, so she spent well over $30,000 on clothes that are only worn once.

    Looking at the Taj pictures, I don’t see the love story of the century. They almost look like brother and sister. I do get a sinking feeling that one of the pictures might be this year’s Christmas card. Good way for Will to stick it to his father and with all the photoshop that their photos get I am sure someone on their staff could figure out a way to add the kids to the picture.

    KMR thanks for all your hard work. I have really enjoyed your comments. Here’s wishing you several good nights of great sleep!

    1. Sue, I agree with you and the others about today’s dress. To be honest, I’m more glad that she finally wore another Indian designer. But the dress was fine. This silhouette is good for her and every time we see it on Kate, it’s really becoming. As for the embroidery, it was beautiful but too busy for this photo op. It was a bit distracting from the ornate Taj in the background. Yes, a solid colour would have been better.
      I was also glad to see her wearing the Bhutanese earrings and the necklace from Queen Jetsun.

    2. I doubt we will see any of the clothes Kate wore in India again.
      My reason for thinking this? It’s taken a while for me to be able to work out why Kate’s dresses appear to sit “funny” on her. Now we know that Tash has altered some pieces I can now see what is up with the fit. As well as altering the waistline and having it lifted I am betting that Kate has the side seams taken in as close as possible so the fit is skin tight. This means that any time Kate lifts her arm (royal wave anyone?) there will be strain on the seams, especially under the arms, and probably ripped armpits as well. It seems to me that the only clothes we see Kate repeat are ones where it wasn’t possible to take in the side seams. Of course I could be wrong but have a good look at the seams on the “china plate” dress she wore at the Taj Mahal, and have another look at the hack job which was done on the red McQueen.

  36. Her leaning in towards him combined with his indifferent body language is telling, to say the least. Then we have to go into how darn creep it is they have to re-create Diana’s PR moment. I see no love between them. He always acts as if he can barely stand her, and she looks at him so adoringly and pleased he’s reacting to her instead of ignoring her. Goodness, he’s talking to me, oh my, we’re holding hands! Like a little fangirl. I do think she loves him but in a preteen, child’s crush sort of way. Neither are mature adults, that’s for sure.

    There was a picture someone tweeted of Kate sitting alone before William joined her. I wonder if she was upset he ruined her Diana 2.0 moment! Their obsession with her is disturbing to say the least. William is such an angry, troubled person.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, KMR! Please go sleep all weekend. 🙂

    1. I have seen the video,they both walked together towards that bench,sat there for almost 25 seconds and thats it.

  37. I just noticed Kate’s “smile” in the photo of the both of them in front of the Taj, it looks more like a grimace than an actual smile. I wonder if she wanted to do this photo or did William make her?

  38. Thank you so much Katemiddletonreview for such a brilliant coverage of this tour!!!! Thank you!!!
    What an hard worker! Will and Kate should learn from you!!! Bravo!!! I hope you’ ll have a well deserved holiday after this!!

    The whole tour to me has been a disappointment. Will and Kate did barely something, it has been another holiday for them funded by the taxpayers ( that’ s why they shouldn’ t have demanded privacy, it wasn’ t supposed to be a private holiday at all), no speeches by Will or Kate, only focus on Kate’ s outfits which weren’ t wow at all.
    Plus Kate flashed again, Will stated he had never seen a Bollywood movie ( couldn’ t he see one at home one on the plane to India?) embarrassing his nation, Kate refusing food, Will and Kate pretending to be in love at the Taj Majal. No way, the tour has been a flop in my opinion. But these are the Cambs, what would you expect?

    The dress Kate wore today wasn’ t that bad, though, not one of my favourite but not bleah either. I loved the necklace given by the Queen of Buthan

  39. Now we know all the details of Kates clothes, shoes and jewelery, that she hardly sweats, that William has not seen a Bollywood movie yet and that George is naughty. We have seen the Cambridges enjoying a safari and feeding baby animals. We have seen them hiking in the breathtaking landscape of Bhutan and sitting in front of the marvellous Taj Mahal creating memories for themselves. A gorgeous vacation, indeed. And what was this all about ?? Kate’s flashing and William’s row with the press during their hiking tour didn’t improve their image very much. Nothing of substance was done or said during this holitour.
    But anyway, at least for me the royal vacation was a welcome distraction from worries and daily routine.

  40. My first reaction when I saw these pictures was relief that the Indian government did not accede to any requests to have the scaffolding removed for this photo homage to Diana. After all, the world does not revolve around this couple. KMR, you did sterling work on all this non-stop coverage of their vacation – er, tour – and now that the traveling dog and pony show is over, I’m sure the Cambridges will go to ground for the next several months and we won’t see hide or hair of them for awhile.

  41. I laugh when I read a text from Robert Jobson : https://twitter.com/emynash/status/720953841659863040

    “Unlike his more open, sowehat erratic but hugely popular younger brother Harry, William has a clear sense of direction – and a profond acceptance of destiny. He is preparing for the role of the King by watching his grandmother. He knows what ahead lies a lifetime of duty”.

    -> I wonder how many he is payed in order to say that; or what drug he takes…

    1. Omg that is total tosh. He is preparing by being lazy, selfish and vacuous. I really hope he is never King. Vive la republique!! ( and I am a royalist at heart!!)

    2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! “Profound acceptance of destiny” Hahahaha when all William does is everything possible to avoid his destiny?? Oh my goodness Clem thanks for the laugh!

  42. Thanks KMR, I’ve been reading but got behind so not been commenting.

    Something that’s bugging me, is in all the ‘preparation’ for the tour, they could’ve done some archery and dart throwing practice couldn’t they?
    The laughing and joking about hysterically when they messed about with Bhutan’s national sports really wound me up!
    How offended must Everyone have been?

    Anyway, most of everything else I think has been said already.

    Onto other royals for a break I hope!
    Surely Sofia’s baby must be nearly here??

    1. I thought the same about the archery that they could have “practiced”. I’m sure they knew they were going to do it. What a missed opportunity for Kate, for example, to show off her “sporting skills”. If she had aimed well and hit the target like Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss in Hunger Games) then wow, I would have been super impressed. And it would show the locals that William married well to have such a great future Queen by his side. Sigh. That’s just in the movies. Instead we had a woman who made crazy faces.

  43. Thank you KMR for all your work this week! I was not surprised that W & K sat on the bench in front of the Taj, and it does not bother me, even with the whole Diana factor. I love Diana but she could also manipulate the press and this was what she did with that picture, while Charles was in Delhi on their tour, she was at the Taj, kind of giving off the poor me vibe. I read that from the get-go when Charles and Diana did this tour things were so bad between them that having them pose in front of the Taj Mahal together would have been a farce and was never even considered. This dress was the best look on Kate for this whole trip. Well, the grueling all expenses paid holiday is over and it is back to Anmer to hide out and rest from such a punishing schedule until the Queen’s birthday.

    1. Well Lela14, she needed a month off before the tour to spend time with her children (read hairdresser, facialist, shopping) before being gone for 7 days, so I imagine another month off to recover and reconnect with the children(read the same as above).

    1. They didn’t tell the media beforehand that they wanted to be in private? That is so rude! I would understand if the media was told before because they wouldn’t have to travel.
      Comparing Kate and William to Harry is wrong because they’re not even trying.

      1. @Mri It wouldn’t have mattered. This was a tour, not William’s and Kate’s private holiday (although it was still a holiday), so there was no private time and the press were supposed to go with them on the hike to capture the engagement. The two idiots told the press last minute that they wanted privacy towards the end because they wanted to blind side them and thought that they would get their way and the press would let it slide, not care, or have no choice but to let them do whatever they wanted. They two are so stupid. The press didn’t go for it without something in return though, hence that interview.

        1. William sounded very impatient and as if he could hardly suppress his anger of being forced to do this interview.

    2. Wow, they probably aren’t even home yet and already the press is opening up about how bad things were on tour. I found it interesting that the couple treated the reporters to drinks in Bhutan, from what I’ve read before W&K are notorious for ignoring the reporters and photographers while on tour or at engagements. Of course, they probably thought that it would buy them so good will but then they ruin that chance by making the photographers lug heavy equipment half way up a mountain to then turn around and tell them the rest of the way is private. If Jason doesn’t quit soon then I would question his intelligence.

      1. I think Jason is just as dumb as Chopper and Chutney are and that he’s a part of these little schemes too. He’s a part of the ‘yes man, don’t know what the hell they’re doing’ crew just like the rest of them.

        Some would say “but look at Harry” but I think Harry is successful because of Harry. He has a work ethic, he wants to be involved with the people and not in a superficial way, and I don’t doubt is very involved in his tour schedule plans. So when the plans are being made he’s got a very clear idea of what he wants to do/accomplish and I don’t think he lets anyone steer him away from his goal.

      2. Hi Laurie I read Patrick Jephsons book about Diana and it had a lot of interesting info about how Royal tours are carried out and I believe that they do have drinks with the press pack that are with them.

        1. Hi Haze, yes I’ve heard that other royals do but not W&K. I recall reading somewhere (I can’t remember now) that on the flights frequently the royals would go to the back of the plane and speak with the reporters, very casual and off record, but never W&K.

          1. KP says that : “Thanks to the travelling media who covered the tour – we really appreciate all your hard work. See you next time!”

            What’s going on? Since when they have respect for the press? lol

          2. Hahaha! I imagine that KP is well aware of the articles written about how boring this tour was and is maybe trying to kiss up a bit to prevent more.

  44. A huge thankyou from me also for the gorgeous photos and impeccable research KMR put into this tour.
    I loved the dresses. As others have said, the shoes are nice however I wished for something different at the Taj Mahal.
    I think the earrings purchased at the Tiger’s Nest were a lovely touch but her hair covered them which said to me she had not thought it through. I would have prefered a half up, half down arrangement that allowed shown them off.

    The same applies to her beautiful necklace, I would have honored the Queen by changing the way I wore my hair so as to send the message its all about the beautiful gift rather than her hair and wearing my same old style.
    Ok, the nude shoes with the white dress. Kate needs an intervention I think. She was wearing white with gold jewelery and could have worn sandals with a medium heel which would have added some movement and flattered her legs.

    As for the nudes with the Naeem Khan dress they were nice but again a sandal would have looked cooler.
    Prince William wore a blue jacket to match? I think he looked uncomfortable and his pants were a tad snug . I don’t know what to think about their sitting on that bench although his father and mother have done the same pose. I expect they felt awkward.

    The only thing that could have changed the vibe would have been if they had told the media to come along as they went inside which would have been great PR for them. I suppose they aren’t comfortable being spontaneous. I saw the King and Queen of Bhutan do it when they were first married and people were smiling .

  45. Oh, there is a photo that is shown a lot, of Kate and William sitting on the bench taken from the side and it looks as if Kate is sitting there alone. Some people are saying it was published on purpose to make a connection with Diana. I don’t think its a nice shot. Just my opinion.
    Did anyone else feel something lacking in the Taj Mahal shots. I don’t know what I expected but I felt like an intruder.

    I thought they would do something that would stand alone rather than just copy others such as ask for some underprivileged people or a charity to accompany them.

    Perhaps no one could think of anything original.

    1. Because these two posers aren’t original… They are still trying to suck the goodwill off Whiny’s long dead mother. God, how pathetic…. Seriously, they are a joke.. I’m SO glad this all expense paid by the taxpayer 5th year anniversary present is the hell OVER. Taxpayers, you got PLAYED.. They are going to suck you dry as the years go on. Waity is probably furiously going over her “travel bucket list”–deciding where she is going next.. She got a shitload of extremely expensive, extremely UGLY clothes (money doesn’t buy class). They are TRASH. They care about no-one except themselves. Journalists, I hope you were watching/ doing some digging on where that “homeward bound” plane was heading–cause I totally think its heading toward a beautiful, tropical island–so these two douchebags can “recuperate” from all their “HARD WORK”. Right, they are missing their children “MASSIVELY”. That sounded like them—SO FAKE….SO, WHINY, i guess you will be working some shifts next week?–back to “work”–right????

    2. Feeling was missing. They were stiff and forced. I know I saw one pic where there was a bit of space between them, obviously they couldn’t sit on the opposite ends of the bench because they’re trying to convince the world they’re so in love, but I found that bit of space significant because if you’re so in love and together, there would be no gap at all and William would have put his arm around her. The entire “engagement” William wasn’t interested in showing Kate the slightest bit of attention or affection. Some fairytale romance.

  46. I want to add my thanks KMR, you’ve done a great job reporting on this vaca-tour for us. I hope you are having some relaxing downtime this weekend.
    Thanks again!

  47. Once again KMR thank you very, very much for the coverage. Amazing work from an real precious person who spent time doing a serious job, and give to your readers not only the informations but also your best. I liked both dresses, the first, one printed again bit I liked and the second was good. I like the length too, I hate when she wears dresses with lenght below the knee. It makes her look older. The Taj Mahal photo was boring, no originality sign. But as they are really boring I could only hope that even. Have a good day everyone.

  48. I also offer thanks to our host -KMR – for all the information this week and to say how much I enjoyed reading everyones comments as usual.

    Loved the clothing worn by the folks of Bhutan. Loved the look of that fine hiking trail up to the tigers nest. Loved the grace and beauty of the king and queen consort.

    I can’t stand the disconnect between Bill and Cath. She seems almost scared of him and he acts like he’s stuck with his smelly kid sister for the day. Even couples who don’t do pda’s just gravitate close in to one another if they have that good foundation of loyalty and friendship. He almost burns with resentment.

    If their man Jason is still with them they’ll be forced straight home. They might even do some charity, chopper and loving parent stunts right away because the PR has been very tightly controlled lately.

  49. “Nothing was left to chance and there has been at times a lack of spontaneity. Glimpses of the ‘real’ William and Kate have been sparing. Even the questions at the Taj Mahal had to be submitted in advance.” (Katie Nicholl)

    And therein lies the problem. My favorite moments were Kate sitting on the floor cross legged with kids, Kate and Will watching them play at the same engagement, and both of them getting down to the children’s level in Nepal to say hello. I also loved watching the baby animals, but Will and Kate are afterthoughts there.

    All the carefully planned visits were pleasant to look at, but didn’t leave a great impact on me. When there is so little spontaneity it is hard to relate. The Taj Mahal bench scene was 25 seconds long, I read. I realize it was as hot as can be, but how much could they have appreciated of the view from there in such a short time? It was for the photo and that is all.

    As long as Will tries to control everything, the harder things will be for him. The BRF already has things run quite controlled, so his over efforts are counterproductive. As Harry said in the interview (with Will by his side) by Ant and Dec, it’s more enjoyable when something doesn’t go “just right”.

    1. It feels like William is so paranoid about anyone or anything getting close to him, his wife or his family that he simply can’t relax and just be William. When he was younger, really up until the children arrived, he seemed warmer, more relaxed and easy going (of course not as much as Harry but then who is), I truly believe that having children has brought forth some very real fears for this young man. I believe that he is so scared that something will happen to them, like it did his mother, and by controlling every second somehow he will be able to ensure their safety. I imagine that inside, he is a jumble of stress, knots and worries. Now, I’m not really defending William, he was very much an ass to the press in Bhutan (and everywhere else too) but he needs some help and as his children get older I bet they, especially George, will start to chafe under his over controlling ways.

      1. Agreed. I think he still feels “protective” towards his mother but that protectiveness has turned into real paranoia and I’m sure that that’s hurting those around him. I feel bad for the children and even Kate and this may partially explain why he and Harry aren’t as close as they used to be.

        1. William is sly and secretive. It’s not about normal privacy IMO, but about being naughty and not wanting to be found out. It’s also about wanting and wielding absolute power. He uses mummy as an excuse.

      2. He could very well feel protective. On the other hand, he may have been white knuckling his way through for years and the children came along at a good time to be the perfect excuse.

      3. The only problem with that is no one has total control over anything. By putting the family on a proverbial lock down and limiting access he will do more damage to the family unit as a whole than he would by letting them experience the world and get to know their place and the duty of their roles.

        I’m sorry, but if something is going to happen it’s going to happen. No amount of smothering, control or security will change that. It’s better to live your life than hide away from it and possibly breed resentment from your children as they get older, or even worse turn them into even more paranoid versions of yourself.

        1. I completely agree with you Lisa. He was born the heir, but if he cannot or does not want to assume that role and all it entails, he can step aside. he cannot have it both ways, though. if he is going to be the future king, he has to embrace the good, bad and all else that comes with it.

    2. So, if questions were submitted in advance, I just don’t understand how William and Kate still managed to come across as bumbling idiots!?

      1. Probably because they don’t review the briefs they are given and if they do they don’t retain it because William is too busy trying to figure out how to screw over the press and Kate is too worried about how she looks.

  50. Slightly off topic but: I had a dream this morning where Sofia had her baby (a boy!) and we were all so happy that she didn’t have him during the tour and that KG was all like “good thing we got the girls (Estelle and Leonore) out of way and we’ve got more boys now” (something like that and I know how sad that is!). Supposedly, she had the baby last night or today!! Very odd!!

    1. My guess is a boy, but I thought she would have the baby last week. I think she is going to have a big baby.

  51. Sorry if this has already been shared you can delete it if you want to.
    “William and Kate clearly mean well, but if they don’t start taking a few more risks, there’s a danger the world might mistake these highly stage-managed royals for a pair of cardboard cutouts.”
    Camilla Tominey was on the tour with William and Kate. I think it is a pretty insightful article and she is getting a lot of praise for her honesty.

    1. If anything I think she is kind. I don’t think William is growing in stature I think he’s becoming more and more paranoid. Much of this tour was simply holiday and it is shocking that they believe they are so entitled. If we want political relations with Bhutan then a delegation should have been with these two. Kate’s inane comments are becoming embarrassing. She is a mature woman, mother of two with ample time to research. Goodness we all know more than she does.

      1. Birdy, I agree that Kate doesn’t seem to act her age. It is like she is trying really hard to put on a princess-y, cutesy act. I can understand if someone is shy, but she does this meek, demure act that rubs me the wrong way. I didn’t enjoy this tour much. I was annoyed by her flashing at India Gate and after the King of Bhutan gave photographers his permission to take pictures at the monastery Will and Kate had a lot of nerve saying they wanted ‘privacy’. That right there proves this ‘tour’ was nothing but a five year anniversary vacation for the Cambridges. William is a control freak.

    1. That’s a sickening amount of money.

      It is made worse by the fact that she wore no British/Indian /Bhutanese designers.

      And so many similar shoes, bags and earrings.

      Get a life Kate !!

      1. I did an error : 34 732 £ is the total of all the clothes (even some she worn already). So if we want to know the total of the new clothes and others, it is less that the price announced here.

        I don’t know if I make sense, sorry 🙂
        In all the case, it is many money…

    2. The Daily Mail said the tour cost 270,000 pounds. Not sure if that included Kate’s clothes. The article alluded to flights and security, ‘several’ recce tours to India etc. Someone said a fewdays ago that the Foreign Ministry (aka taxpayer) picks up the tab for the clothes; if so, that explains the many outfits.

    1. With Harry. They will speak about the children, the Invictus Games… The speaking is not the quality of Kate or William.

      have you read the article of the Sun?
      “What did they say to the people they were pictured with? The Palace would rather you did not know.
      Indeed, some of Kate’s comments were banal at best and clumsy at worst. Meeting a chef who had been badly injured in the Mumbai 2008 terror atrocities, she murmured: “It must have been a surreal day.”
      And when speaking to charity workers helping India’s street kids, who are mutilated to make money begging, she managed to utter: “Gosh, so interesting.”

    2. Don’t panic, Harry will be there! They can talk about the attempt to stop Trump entering the UK, obesity ( a huge problem in both countries) , Brexit which Obama is trying to interfere in, or how much Michelle vs Kate spend on their wardrobes!

    3. My advice to the Obamas would be, have a few drinks before you get there!
      Seriously thank heaven Harry will be there!

  52. I read on the new scroll at the bottom of the television screen that Kate, William and Harry are going to entertain the Obamas this week at KP. I would like to be a fly on the wall so I could see everything.

    1. They replay a lot of the commentary from the wedding in part two. So interesting to hear the optimism and comfidence in William and Kate that is lost now.

    1. They always tag in Harry to this because he is included. However, it gives the false sense there’s an equal 1/3 split. We know who takes the lions share.

    2. That’s what I think too Runaway. I’m sure the vast majority is handed over to William and Kate and their overblown needs.

      1. And that’s just what has to get reported because it’s tax funds. Not included is what “private funds” get used. Which… is not like they get that money from any real work. It’s all handed via taxes somehow.

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