Prince William and Kate Middleton hike to Tiger’s Nest

Prince William and Kate Middleton hike to Tiger’s Nest

Day 6, you guys, Day 6 (April 15). Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s royal tour had them in Bhutan for a second day where they hiked several hours to Tiger’s Nest monastery before attending a reception celebrating UK and Bhutanese friendship and cooperation at their hotel.

Because of the time difference, this tour has wrecked havoc with my sleep schedule, but because I finished my post on Day 5 early in the day and didn’t have to do another one I decided not to stay up and follow the tour on Twitter and instead got a good night sleep for once this week. When I woke up and checked Twitter, I saw all the reporter’s tweets about their hike, and William and Kate’s hike, and then their interview, and then tweets about the end of the hike. I didn’t know what happened and thought “They didn’t go all the way to the actual monastery? What a waste!” But it turns out they did hike the rest of the way to the monastery, but that part was private. Which is a huge bummer to me since I was looking forward to photos of the monastery.

So William and Kate did go to the monastery, but it was private and the press was not allowed to go with them even though they had been given permission by Bhutan – it was KP that blocked the press. That caused a big mess between KP and the TV crews which resulted in a brief interview with the press after they came back.

KP, TV row tweet 1

KP, TV row tweet 2

William and Kate stopped half way during the hike to rest and talk to the monks and pose for photographers. They also spun the prayer wheels.

As the couple showed up to the press pack, William was sweating but Kate “showed no signs of struggling on the hike” which prompted Richard Palmer to wonder whether Kate had stopped to “freshen up” before the photo call (Amanda Cook Tucker and Natasha Archer also did the hike). It makes sense – I wouldn’t want to have a photo call while sweating and red faced after hiking for an hour or so.

As mentioned, William and Kate did a short interview with the media after the visited the monastery.

    William on the what Tiger’s Nest was like: “It was amazing, beautiful scenery as you saw and you know with the mountains like this and the temples at the top, it was just stunning to walk up there, see all the scenery, and to witness some of the history and religion of the country. It’s really important when you come on a trip like this to see some of that.”
    William saying that the hike got harder after the halfway point: “Yes, I may have slightly spoken too soon; it was a little bit cheekier on the second part, definitely.”
    Kate on how she liked it: “It was an amazing experience, yeah. I felt very lucky and fortunate to see such beautiful scenery, and um, as William said about the country.”
    William on Charles’ hike in 1998: “Well my father didn’t make it to the top, so that’s something I’ll be reminding him when I see him.”
    William on bringing George and Charlotte: “I’m sure it would be lovely if the children could come as well, definitely.”
    Kate on seeing a small child a the monastery: “We did actually see one family up there with a small child on her front and actually very brave of them to… [can’t understand what she’s saying].”
    William on missing the kids: “Massively, yeah, of course. And we are looking forward to seeing them, but they’re in good hands.”

[my transcription of the video below]

William and Kate Tiger's Nest 1 William and Kate Tiger's Nest 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Tiger's Nest
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

When they got to the midway point, Kate joked: “It’s a great way to burn off the curry.”

The dog in this photo is everything to me right now.

William and Kate both purchased little trinkets: Kate a pair of earrings for 500 rupee/£6; William a bronze tiger for 200 rupee/£2.

I like these earrings, but they don’t look like Kate’s personal style at all and I highly doubt we will ever see her wear these.

William and Kate's trinkets
[Simon Perry Instagram/Twitter]

Kate’s hiking outfit consisted of a new Jaeger “Classic Linen Blouse” in white (£89.00), Really Wild “Nubuck Waistcoat” in olive green (£495.00) which she first wore in 2012, skinny jeans, Penelope Chivers “Long Tassel Boot” (£475.00) that Kate has had since at least 2005, Kiki McDonough Citrine drop earrings she’s had since 2011, and her Flora Garments Indian embroidered stole she debuted the other day.

Jaeger Classic Linen Blouse Really Wild Nubuck Waistcoat in olive green Penelope Chivers Long Tassel Boot

In the evening, William and Kate attended a reception at their hotel for guests who are Bhutanese and lived in the UK and British who are living in Bhutan.

William and Kate Bhutan reception Day 6 1 Kate Bhutan reception Day 6
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wore another new gown: Beulah London “Juliet” red poppy gown (£745). The blue poppy is the national flower of Bhutan.

She paired the new gown with her Cassandra Goad “Temple of Heaven” earrings and Gianvito Rossi “Crisscross Ankle-Wrap Suede Sandal” which she’s worn a few times this tour.

Beulah London Juliet red poppy gown Gianvito Rossi Crisscross Ankle-Wrap Suede Sandal

William and Kate got their photos printed on real Bhutanese stamps as a departing gift.

William and Kate Bhutan stamps 1 William and Kate Bhutan stamps 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

There was a rhino killed at Kaziranga National Park just a few hours after they left the other day. There was also a rhino killed at the park two days before they arrived. KP released a statement:

    “The Duke and Duchess were angry to hear about the killing of this rhino during their visit. They hope their time in Kaziranga encourages others to support the brave rangers that are protecting animals that are so important to the communities that surround the national park.”

ITV says the rhino’s death happened hours after William and Kate left, while KP’s statement says it happened while they were there. I’m wondering, did William and Kate’s visit, which pulled rangers in so they could meet them, impact the number of rangers who were protecting the animals in the park? There was a killing two days before, so maybe not, but it’s a question I had when I initially read KP’s statement on Twitter.

Oh, and ITV says “Prince William was said to be ‘appalled’ by the poaching that happened shortly before the couple’s visit and has vowed to help tackle poaching.” Maybe giving the speech you promised us then reneged on would have helped there William? But I guess you were too busy having fun on safari and feeding baby animals.

OH and one more thing, the King of Bhutan is a really great dude. He sent all the journalists gift bags.

Journalist gift bag 1

Journalist gift bag 2

128 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton hike to Tiger’s Nest

  1. Interesting about the Duchess stopping to freshen up. While she was India, her face never showed signs of excessive perspiration. I did wonder if the the Duchess doesn’t sweat or she had some really heavy duty make up that absorbed the perspiration.

    When I was in SE Asia and it was very hot, my face always looked like it had a layer of oil covering it. I am used to super cold weather so going to a super hot country, it seems like the body has to really hard to adjust to the heat.

    1. Didn’t you see the photo of Kate’s hairdresser and stylist and Rebecca’s assistant who went along on the walk too?
      Nice to have a jolly for her (paid) buddies, huh?
      And what’s the bet that as soon as they were out of site of the press Kate was sweating too and then the stylist and hairdresser went to work to freshen Kate up again before they hit the next lot of press!
      Kate doesn’t sweat? Yeah right!

    2. Seriously, I was thinking how odd it was that Kate didn’t sweat. Especially with all her hair worn down. My long hair always sticks to my neck. I was thinking, ‘great one more thing to be jealous of Kate of’. LOL. I am so glad to know now that Kate was actually freshened up. Which is a bit shallow on her part. She wants to give off the image she is perfect

    3. I read a comment saying that with a face which has used BOTOX, there are less sweat.
      Other people speculate about the using of horses when they were not seen.

        1. I didn’t know that, I’m too young to use Botox and I don’t want use for myself…. But each made what it wants…

        2. I post that here : sorry, but it’s fresh air!!

          “I think Oscar is a combination of both of us [Crown Princess Victoria and him]. But I hope that there will be more and more of mom on him to come. Estelle is very proud of being a big sister, she and Oscar are very similar to each other.” – Prince Daniel of Sweden

          -> no stereotyping of his children!

        3. I didn’t know that was a use for Botox…that sure made me chuckle. Wonder if it’s permanent or the need for perodic injections.

          1. Periodic injections. It only lasts for a short while, just like Botox in the face.

        4. My daughter actually had Botox injections in her armpits and palms for excessive sweating(hyperhidrosis). Starting when she was 14 till she was 17. The bottoms of her feet could have used it as well, but the dr said it would way be too painful. Happily she has moved past the worst of it, almost 19, but it made a HUGE difference when she needed it most.

          1. Ray I forgot that excessive sweating can be an issue. That would make injections a blessing even though sounds painful. I am so glad your daughter got relief.

  2. My view is, how dare they demand private moments when they’re working. This is not a holiday. And to be juvenile, Kate looks like a pirate.

    1. Personally, it doesn’t really bother me that they have some ‘moments’ that are private. There may be a lot of different Reasons for that- both for them and for the locations they are traveling. Harry didn’t invite the press with him when he dined with the family in Nepal. But- that being said- I am SO bummed there are no pictures of the monastery. I have been anticipating this part of the visit since they announced it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see it for myself so I was really looking forward to seeing a bit of it through their eyes. I do imagine the difficulties in terms of logistics to bring all of the press with them to this remote and sacred location though. Harry published photos the next day of that private part of his trip. It would be nice if they would do the same. This would help involve and educate the public while still respecting the sanctity and privacy of the location.

      1. Maybe KP took some photos, but it doesn’t appear Kate even brought her camera which is just stupid. If she had brought her camera and taken her own photos and they released those later, that would have been great for us. The press would have been pissed, though.

        1. Was the press pissed when Harry published his “own” photos from Nepal? Maybe there was some backlash but I didn’t hear about that. I think when it comes to Will and Kate the “press” will always find something to be pissed about. And I don’t mean that to sound snarky at all. In some ways I think they do bring it on themselves because they aren’t as good at playing the PR game. (I wish they were.) But it also really seems as if the “rules” for them are MUCH different than with other members of the BRF. In some circles- they will never win IMO.

          1. Let me clarify. The press would be pissed in this case because of the row over KP not letting the press come to the monastery with William and Kate. If the press had been allowed to come with them, at least as close as possible, and then Kate had released photos, I don’t think anyone would have minded. But because the press was not allowed to come with them and it was a sudden change of plans, if Kate released photos then the press would be upset. It’s not about Kate releasing photos as much as it is lack of access for the press THEN releasing photos to shove it in the press’ face.

            Like, if W&K did a photo call or two during the year with their kids, then Kate taking and releasing her own photos of the kids wouldn’t be such a big deal as it is currently. The press gets upset because of their lack of access, not that Kate wants to release her own photos.

            Also it would depend on the subject of the photos. If Kate only took photos of the scenery like she did in Asia and like Harry has done the couple times he’s released his own photos, then I don’t think it would be as big a deal as it would be if Kate took photos of herself or William at the monastery (or if one of their assistants took a photo of the two of them there).

          2. KMR- yes I do see what you mean and I appreciate your response to my post :-). I wish they would work WITH the press more than they do. But- I’m not sure I agree with your point about the content of the photos. That one shot of Harry looking our over the horizon in Nepal was incredible. Also, the one of him with holding the baby. Weren’t those “non-press” photos? I could be wrong but I thought they were since they were released on the KP site in Harry’s name. If I’m incorrect I apologize. I wonder if Will and Kate will be more open to photo calls when the kids get a bit older. The times they are out with George now they both seem very protective- explaining what to do, when to wave, what those ‘crazy people’ with the cameras are doing 🙂 and what all the fuss is about. As much as I selfishly wish I could see new pics of these cutie pies on a weekly basis I do respect how their parents seem to be protecting them and keeping them grounded.

          3. Oh I forgot about the photo of Harry holding the baby. I kind of think my point still stand since Harry had given the press such good photos during the tour, but you might be right.

      2. That is true Zoe… but there were a lot of moments for privacy …the reporters went ahead of them so no photos were taken on the hike itself. And from what I read no phones and cameras etc are allowed in the monastery itself where one can go in for the private moments of silence etc which was a disappointment to me too. The you tube portrayal was everything except inside. There are parts I agree which should allow for private moments just like they allowed the couple to go without reporters on the safari for a period of time. It doesn’t bother me either as there needs to be times for privacy.

        1. Why does there ‘need’ to be times for privacy? I am genuinely curious. Seeing as how this is a royal tour and not a penny of it was paid for by them, including Kate’s wardrobe, why do they get to demand things when they are already pretty much getting a free vacation? If they want total alone time, then they should pay their own way. And seeing as how the photographers went ahead and didn’t take pictures of them actually hiking, they already had alone time. It is just selfish and once again controlling.

          1. Jolly holiday for them only difference is that they don’t have to pay a penny for it. I think the general feeling i the UK is that this trip has been a waste of money, achieving nothing. They need to think hard now before the next trip. The queen has never used a tour as a holiday, Charles has .

          2. Plus wasn’t there something about the King of Bhutan giving his permission for the press to accompany them every step of the way? This refusal was KP’s decision and a major snub to their hosts.

          3. I agree with ABC. If the King gave permission they should have respected his decision. To take precedence, as a mere visiting prince over a King in his own country, once again points out Will thinking he is EVERYTHING.

            These two win as the most boring, rude, wound tighter than tops 33/34 y/o people on this planet.

            I cannot believe all the positive comments over at DM about this romantic couple and how their love shows during the hike. How can people still fall for this? I do not buy it. I am not saying they don’t have a lot in common, because they are both filled with the same negative character/personality flaws. But, this is PR 100%, because it is the only final trick which can be pulled out of the Wizard of Oz bag.

            I guess they refused to have a photo taken by a trio of American hikers. Seriously? It wasn’t as though there were dozens of people asking for the same chance to take a pic. They miss time after time to act like decent human beings.

          4. Agreed. It was billed as an official royal tour, NOT a private holiday. I don’t believe they should have been entitled ANY private time, except when their “working” day was done. That’s it. Will and Kate themselves seem to have conveniently forgotten the trip was not even one penny privately funded, to assume special and private time when they so wished. If the King of Bhutan wanted publicity for his country when they came, there should have been no doubt that he had it. We’ll have to start referring to the Cambridges as Zeus and Athena, since apparently they make decisions for EVERYONE everywhere on the planet now.

          5. Seems like Bhutan got the most out of this tour. Savvy PR, stunning royal family, gracious hosts, and scenery that makes many of us want to travel there. Just saw a estimate of $50K on her wardrobe for a 6 day trip. Wow.

  3. I’ve seen a report on the hike on a sugar site. They made it sound like Kate and William were so generous talking to the press. And then I read KMR and hey, it’s a different story altogether. Oh and we have Kate “not breaking a sweat” too. I had wondered why Amanda and crew were along for the hike. I do wonder if Chris Jackson got more photos when they got to the monastery, I’ve seen a nice one of him and girlfriend Tash at the top by some buildings.

  4. Ahh. I had truly wondered why Kate looked so good half way up. Yes there are those who don’t sweat but to look that good…I missed Richard Palmer’s tweet that he wondered if she freshened up..and yes it is nice all those assistants got to go on hike too guess they were also there for other reasons. Anyway thank you for the extra stuff I missed including the exact wording of the row..I can’t blame them..the time for privacy is on a NON tax funded trip. Kate is truly in her element when it’s anything related to hunch over no hands over body…very confident in the natural element. And she looked the best I have ever seen her look. Happy to see the affection between the couple. I took a tour via you tube up the mountain. It was very nice. Yes. Beautiful country. The King and Queen of Bhutan thought of everything to make the entire entourage comfortable. Love that red dress on Kate. That one photo she is so hunched over looks like a baby bump. Too bad she is back to poor posture after the excellent posture on the hike. Thank you for another interesting post.

    1. OMG You’re right!!! Not one photo of crotch clutching. Not even when talking to the press! So it IS possible for her not to!

  5. Thanks for another great post !!!
    The last bit Kate said was ‘maybe when they are a bit more mobile’ or something along those lines.

  6. Kate was really mumbling. She needs to work on her interview skills. I had a hard time understanding her and it was awkward.

      1. I agree, especially since the point of an interview is the words that are spoken, it negates the point of the exercise if those words are unintelligible….

        1. The clip ran for me the first time with no sound. So I noticed that whenshe speaks, half of her jaw doesn’t move and she hardly opens her mouth. No wonder she’s so hard to understand! There is no way she grew up speaking like this, what an unnecessary facade, just sets her farther apart from connecting with “normal” people.

      2. This was their compromise interview and it was worthless. I have been wanting them to work more the last few years, but now I want them to go home. IMO each tour they do is worse than the last. If my opinion has any merit, can you imagine what their next tour has in store.

  7. Okay, can we also talk about the fact that she wore knee high riding boots for a strenuous hike? Why didn’t she wear her hiking boots that she wore on the south pacific tour? It seems more for looks than comfort. I don’t know, it just seems weird.

    1. It just depends on how comfortable those boots are. I’ve had riding boots that were very comfortable.

      1. I have comfortable riding boots too, but they don’t give as much as needed for a hike. I have a hard time believing any riding boot would be good for a real hike.

        1. I’ve walked the Inca Trail, which is I think a similar high altitude walk including many steps. You need proper walking boots to protect your ankles, especially on the way down! Kate looked so happy because they got another one over on the journalists. This couple are such idiots , if they keep upsetting them they will either turn on them or ignore them . The Queen would advise them that the second option is deadlier than the first.

          1. Oh Haze thank you that worked and I totally agree. We needed in the appropriate places ( not the slums) high end British designers with Royal jewels. And as I already said a British delegation of MPs and business leaders following on behind making deals for British and Indian companies to trade.
            I adored the elephants and rhinos, but the complete inability of Will to make the promised speech, turned the event into a simple jolly.

          2. I am with you Birdy. Between the issues with the media and Kate and her clothing, something needs to change with W&K. I think HM and Charles need to set these two straight.

            Perhaps, Prince Charles needs to give Kate a stylist for a Christmas gift, along with a note explaining he will not pay for any of her clothing unless the stylist made the selection. Any of the ugly stuff she wants to have needs to come out of their personal funds.

        2. I work with animals and spend all day in a very similar pair of boots. I’m not sure about this one at all. My boots are a year old, falling to bits and very worn down but on the positive side they are super comfortable and don’t give me blisters (anymore). I’m a bit sceptical that she’s had these for 10 years and they still look great, but maybe they’ve had an easy life. Would I wear my boots hiking? I would on flat, wide forestry type tracks. Up a mountain? Not a chance! There just isn’t the ankle support, the soles are not designed for the type of grip required and, tbh, they don’t breath! We’re talking very hot, very sweaty feet and unless she’s worn them to the point they look like a pair of old socks they’re gonna rub. I laughed at the pics of her in heels later that night. Where can I get some of what she’s taking?

          1. I could be wrong, but I think Kate not only buys many items which are similar, but she may also purchase duplicates.

      1. I just looked at the article from the Independent, which Haze linked to (above); within that is a video clip which I looked at: one sees W&K walking along (more or less flat ground, later rising a bit), after they have passed come a number of men in local dress leading horses/mules with saddles on their backs…. Now who were they for?

    2. I was skeptical as well. I do a lot of hiking, and those boots would never do. I thought it was supposed to be a strenuous hike? They didn’t look too taxed to me, at any point (her hair wasn’t even up, for Pete’s sake!), so while it may have been a longish hike, I certainly don’t believe it was difficult.

  8. Also, I am with everyone else who thinks it is ridiculous they they wanted half the hike to be private. AND it was the most important part of the hike. I guess we are supposed to feel blessed that they gave us their crumbs with that very brief interview at the end. I am so glad I don’t pay for these two!

    Does anyone else wonder if part of the reason they didn’t want the press along for the rest of the hike was for Kate’s vanity? Since she freshened up before the half-way mark, maybe she was afraid of really sweating the second half and wouldn’t be able to clean up before photographers caught her. Where as she could hike the second half in peace and then freshen up again before the press caught her. Nothing would surprise me regarding her vanity anymore.

  9. Such a beautiful place to be ruined by William and Kate’s selfishness. William and Kate have brought “negativity” on this mountain. KP versus the Press. (Can you imagine the vocal disagreements on this mountain while the locals look on in confusion?) How rude. Bad Karma for William and Kate? You bet.

    I feel sorry for the British taxpayers to hear Kate say, “I felt very lucky and fortunate to see such beautiful scenery …” Yes, you are fortunate because the taxpayers are funding your trip when you do so little back home.

    1. Totally agree with you Poppy. It’s yet another slap in the face. I still feel furious about the American dress ( I hated it whilst others loved it but that is irrelevant). If she can do absolutely nothing else in her stupidity she can showcase British designers and highlight the country to boost tourism.

      1. I don’t know what this tour did for the British designers. I doubt if it helped mending W&K’s relationship with the press either, especially after today’s incident.
        But if anything else, I hope it contributed to King’s Jigme’s efforts to put Bhutan on the map. He has invested on this visit to promote their tourism and I was glad for the positive feedback of British journalists together with showing their goodies’ bags and thanking him.
        In this sense, I agree with you, it didn’t do much for Britain, let alone the British taxpayers!

        1. I agree with Poppy, Birdy and Elina 100%. I hope they have a sage cleansing ceremony after these two left this area. It is magical! All they said in their compromise interview was a few trite words. I think anyone with any soul could have come up with a better description of the scenery on the mountain and the monastery. It must take a five star island holiday to make these two happy.

        2. It is a shame that while the King gave royal permission for the Press to go all the way up the mountain, William and Kate in their royal arrogance decided the Press should not. What a missed opportunity (PR) for William to say a few words with the Press “up there” and say something positive and good to boost Bhutan’s tourism, etc., but no, William and Kate couldn’t care less. They don’t want the people back home to see what they have seen “up there”. They only thought about their convenience. They speak of “I, I, I …” They couldn’t care less having their photos taken by tourists either. I can understand the Queen — but William and Kate? The modern royal couple? (Diana would have said, “OK, but do it quick because I’ll be holding up the line!” Smiling and giggling.)

          Oh, I don’t know. As an American, I do find them arrogant and selfish. Gestures speak louder than words, you know. I do hope the Press continue their pressure for the sake of transparency. It’s only fair these days to be held accountable … The voice of the British taxpayers should be heard louder than William’s requirement for privacy or these two should step down.

  10. The row between KP and the TV cameras was referred to during Chanel 5 (UK) news coverage of the hike. The journalist in a “piece to camera” pointed out that this is not a holiday, it is funded by you” [ie the viewer/tax payer]. He went on to comment in a voice-over showing images of TRH that KP didn’t want TV cameras there but indicated the TV crews ‘won’ as they were there. I guess some photographs were taken as the row was specifically about TV cameras. The news piece showed the interview but didn’t point out it was a ‘compromise’. What interests me is this is a main stream tv report on the couple, a piece showing them in a positive light but not shying away from pointing out more negative aspects. My own personal observation is that the mainstream media have changed in their reporting on the couple, I think since early this year and PW claim that he was so busy as a rescue pilot. It will be interesting to see how the trip to the Tag Mahal is dealt with today.
    This tour could have been a very good opportunity for the couple/KP to build better relations with the media, I hope they haven’t squandared it. They came across very well in that casual interview, they have posed for cameras and even smiled and waved at photographers, if they carried that on during engagements here in the UK, their public image would be improved dramatically. (They’d have to show an improved work ethic as well).

    1. I haven’t seen any photos of William and Kate at the monastery. I don’t think any members of the press were allowed to accompany them.

      1. There is a certain point on the trail, a police station in which everyone has to leave their cell phones and cameras. No cameras are allowed past that point for anyone. The monastery doesn’t allow any photos to be taken by anyone,ever. I doubt the press would leave their cameras. That’s probably why it was private.
        Ps-who hikes a trail in tall leather boots and vest? She looked like she was going to a German beer fest.

        1. Emily Andrews said Bhutanese officials gave the press permission but Kensington Palace told them they couldn’t go.

        2. Interesting. I hadn’t heard about that. If true, for me this makes the press “kerfuffle” a big nonsense story. In this case anyway.

      2. Sorry, I should clarify. The news piece indicated the TV crews had ‘won’ and even suggested they (camera crew) were at the top but images shown were from the half way point but that was not made clear to the viewers.

    2. Rose thanks for reporting what your local news station has been reporting. It is very interesting to see how the media is starting to turn. This tour was supposed to redeem Will and Kate’s image-make the public fall back in love with them. So far, it doesn’t seem to be doing that.

  11. Thank you for another great post KMR. Your coverage of the tour from day 1 has been wonderful.
    What a beautiful place, the experience of a lifetime for them.

    1. I too am so jealous of this hiking and visit to the monastery. What a wonderful and sacred place it must be. No wonder there are no pictures from the inside.

      Kate’s hiking outfit is a bit quirky with her riding boots and unnecessary leather vest. She seems to have taken it off later because we don’t see it in the pictures on the viewpoint from the top. But then, we got yet another shot from her behind in skinny jeans, ugh! In both these pictures, W&K have identical positions?!

      Kate seems to have enjoyed her hiking, maybe more than William. Maybe she went into competitive mode like she does with sports with him. In any way, refreshed or not by her entourage, she seemed more happy and confident. And yes, no croth clutching there. Which actually came back in all it’s glory in the evening reception. Too bad her awful posture there ruined her appearance. IMO it even ruined her pretty red dress which I actually like.

      KMR, I was glad to hear that you worked your way through this coverage and managed to get some sleep. Thank you for another wonderful post. Looking forward to Agra tomorrow!

  12. I felt the pda was put on for the media. They don’t seem like the real deal, Kate is a very good actress imo. I think she’s happy to receive any attention from her husband. I don’t understand her outfit for the walk and I’m disappointed but not surprised that they demanded private time on a tax payer funded holi-tour. I’d be so annoyed if my taxes were paying for this…

    1. I agree Cat. They photographers asked them to put their arms around each other, they didn’t just do it themselves. So, I feel like after that, they wanted to keep up the PDA moment by walking away hand in hand. They are not a touchy-feely couple, which there is nothing wrong with that. So, when they do act ‘lovey’ something feels off.

      1. IMHO, it is not that they are not a “touchy-feely couple”, they don’t act like a couple, period. All this tour all I have seen is how apart and cold they are toward each other (especially Bill to Kate)

    2. The PDA totally seemed inauthentic. They look like two people who don’t like touching that have to cuddle and resent being asked. (Frankly, William should feel lucky that Kate hasn’t pushed him off one of those beautiful cliffs with this trip coming so soon after Jecca’s wedding.)

  13. I will say Kate looked pretty at the reception. I am glad she filled in the slits of the dress. And I know this is similar to other Beulah dresses, but I like this one much more. Her hair looks different though and I can’t figure out why???

    1. This Poppy dress would be the first one I would consider successful for this type of visit (if the national flower of Bhutan is a blue poppy, which I don’t know): the dress is of a style of her part of the world, while including an element of the location visited. To me that is the preferred way of acknowledging your host country, instead of dressing up in ‘their’ clothes. In other words, I would not have considered a Sari etc. a sensible choice, then it becomes dress-up.
      Dressing for this kind of tour is a delicate business, that requires real tact & sensitivity (to avoid offending), cleverness (to know what elements of the other culture to pick up on) and style (knowing how to combine the elements of ‘theirs’ and ‘ours’ stylishly).
      If one achieves that, then, I think, one achieves the bonus and advantage of having clothes that have a chance of being wearable again, because their subtlety is such that they can fit elsewhere.
      Where in London would K have worn a Sari again? As ‘dress up’ at the Queen’s Diplomatic Reception? (Thinking of W’s comment…)
      Also, there needs to always be a contrast (just as with high quality dishes in a very good restaurant): if your dress is billowy/flowy, your hair should not be, otherwise there is too much ‘flowyness’ (N.B. her dresses for cricket and in Assam); too much of one colour is overwhelming, and looks uninspired (N.B. the blue evening gown, blue wrap and enormous blue earrings).
      Oh, and yes, clothes should be sensible (N.B. wedges for sports, leather vests and knee-high leather boots for up-hill trecks in hot weather – I noted W carrying his jacket, presumably because it was too hot to wear it – perhaps while hiking she was sans-vest, but put it on when there was a chance of being seen, so as to cover a sweaty blouse….).

    2. I am not sure the slit is filled in – the photo of the model wearing it has the same colour fabric ‘inside’, at the time of the photo the fabric could just have fallen in a way to look ‘closed’. Either is possible (slit closed / not closed).

  14. Why on Earth didn’t she wear this outfit for feeding rhinos and whilst on safari instead of those incredibly horrible sprayed-on Zara legging things? It’s a good look, but for hiking? (Incidentally, because her boots are recycled, the old pictures of her wearing them in 2005 ran- she was so much prettier a size or two heavier.)

    It takes some selfish cojones to block off “private” portions when you haven’t paid for this tour and dragged taxpayer-paid staff up the mountain to keep you pretty- too bad Jason wasn’t included in the hiking party. Glad the British press isn’t sparing them any criticism, because these two deserve to have this tour scrutinized for any actual work and diplomatic achievement. They have done nothing of any worth, not even social value to the monarchy.

    I will note that Kate’s Beulah dress is pretty, and she seems styled in a retro way that almost looks sexy. It’s a gorgeous celebrity look, but she is lacking any kind of jewelry to indicate she is a representative of the Queen- no loaned necklace or brooch or tiara. (If anything, it seems like she may have a hairpiece at the back of her head that is teased and looking like extra hair.)

    Great post again, KMR. Thank you for making time for them!

    1. Thanks Lexi!

      I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been any loaned jewelry at all for this tour. We’ve gotten loaned brooches on tours before and yet for this one there is nada.

      1. I wonder if the lack of loaned jewelry reflects an opinion of the Queen? That she thinks this is a holiday versus a tour, and didn’t loan anything on purpose?

        1. Maybe. There was certainly times Kate could have worn loaned jewelry. So either HM refused to loan any, or Kate/her team didn’t ask.

          1. Those diamond and emerald earrings and bracelet were a wedding present for their 2011 wedding, not jewelry loaned by HM.

            But I am wondering why no loaned jewelry this time.

          2. I didn’t realize those pieces she wore in at the gala dinner were wedding gifts.The lack of loaned jewelry is definitely an interesting point.

          3. I went back through quickly to see which loaned pieces Kate wore during the Asia tour in 2012, because I couldn’t remember, and it doesn’t seem like she did wear any loaned pieces during that tour. So maybe her not getting any loaned pieces this time isn’t so weird?

          4. Aha. I just did the same. Noticed loaned brooches for the Canada/US tour and Australia/NZ tour but not the Southeast Asian one. Perhaps there are different protocol rules for different regions, but I am disappointed that there jewelry presence for the King and Queen of Bhutan.

      2. She has also worn a lot of cheap jewellery which isn’t really appropriate when representing the queen abroad, and how many pairs of Kiki very similar ear rings? She must have them in every colour now, I hope she is getting a bulk buy discount!

        1. AMEN. Those Kiki McDonough earrings look like something I could buy at Macy’s. Royal jewelry doesn’t have to be extravagant, but would have elevated her outfits.

        2. The citrine Kikis I think were mentioned on the hike. What is their price tag? Is that really a sensible thing to wear on a hike??

          1. The citrine’s are £495.00. She’s had them since 2011 and has worn them quite a bunch.

  15. When I see her for the first time, I tell myself : it is just lack a hat and there is Indiana Jones then I see Owen Grady in Jurassic World.
    I take trek and it’s not pratical clothes, and I think that the priority for her is her look (which is understandable when there are journalists).
    The dress doesn’t transcend me, but I find that this form of dress is not for her, it’s too aging…

    Honestly, the last day, the day of the trip, the day of the safari = vacation.

  16. Side note: Every tour Will and Kate have been on has been trending on the search engine Bing. But not one day so far has. Now that I point that out, tomorrow will, but probably only because of the Diana comparison. I only mention it because it seems like people are less interested in this tour. Maybe their popularity really is fading a bit? I just found it interesting.

    Thanks KMR for all your hard work during this tour. After tomorrow, I hope you can rest a bit :). Just know we all appreciate it.

  17. I am sick of Willys childish, spoiled attitude toward the press and toward the public. I read that as they were going up the mountain, they met a few Americans on their way down. They chatted for a bit but refused to let them take their picture. Why not? Where’s the harm in that? He is such a jerk, I can’t stand him. And there were some nice chairs set out for them at the halfway point going up, but Willy didn’t want to sit and rest, he wanted to keep going. I’m sure it’s because there were other hikers around and they might have tried to talk to the royal twits, or ask for a photo.

  18. I don’t begrudge them private time. They need to reset relax and recharge. I do begrudge them private time at a scheduled, public, work event. They are so reluctant and seemingly unaware of their privilege.

    1. Yes I agree but they have had most evenings free with only late afternoon meet and greets, and haven’t started early in the mornings. So time to unwind phone home etc. But to need private time on public duty is disrespectful to all the press who are dragging around after them, working far harder in much less comfortable surroundings.
      These two are just arrogant, self centred and selfish. The Queen, though not perfect, tries to be the exact opposite – thoughtful of all others, and selfless. The difference is astounding.
      I also think she has changed far more often than necessary, and if we thought the wedges were doom, I am so sick of the smart, high business courts in all these inappropriate occasions. She has no clue.

    1. No,not her color at all. She looked like Roslyn Carter in 1976. I appreciate the appropriate nod to the country’s flower though.

      1. KMR, thank you so much for all of your work. I have followed the BFR most of my life, but it was partly fascination with the pomp and circumstance, which I respect and love, but also for the glamour, fashion and jewelry. your blog has made me see it all in a new light – as ambassadors, reps of the people and HM, etc. I know that I am snarky, this couple grates on me, but I have discovered a new perspective and so much knowledge. so I sincerely thank you for that.

  19. The King and Queen of Bhutan seem like lovely people. I wish a good things to them. The pics of Bhutan took my breath away and would love to visit.

    Kate’s outfit, with vest and boots, screamed colonialism to me and that left a bad taste in my mouth. You all know that I run trails and hike and I look like something that circles a drain when I’m finished. Kate must have a) freshened up and b) took a horse. I watched their interview and Kate repeated what William said plus garbled words.

    I want her to use her voice. Have something to say. Surely she has her own thoughts and would love to hear it.

    KMR, you’re the best for keeping us updated. One more day, friend.

    1. Like you, her outfit screamed colonialism, it lacks just the hat! I think too about the clip of Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams.

      She is unintelligle

      1. This hike made me angry. I get that you are at a site that is breathtaking and truly a wonder. But she couldn’t even articulate anything in her own words.

          1. And she spent weeks preparing. What a joke. I would be furious if my tax money funded this trip. And wasn’t it reported that W and K specifically added Bhutan to their tour? Then they demand private time and over rule the King. Disgraceful.

      2. I like vests, skinny jeans and riding boots, it is such a classy outfit and recently quite fashionable. I think she looks good in this outfit, she looks very sexy and empowered. Unfortunately the vest and giant boots are made from leather, ugh! Another killed animal, not a good message after recent visit to the conservation park in India. Seeing the outfits of Buthanise people I didn’t notice elements of their garments made from the skin of other animals. Although some men wore western loafers. Nice vest from wool would do just fine. This boots are not for hiking, she wore proper hiking boots in Thailand. Only the linen shirt is a right choice due to breathable fabric. Her jeans are too skintight for comfortable movements and are usually worn by teens not a women in respectable position, which despite all the crazy circumstances surrounding her, she has. Base on my observation of the couple behavior she is a privet jester to William, sidekick for his jokes and perpetually striving for his attention, which leaves little room for any interest outside her own egocentric pursuits. This subservient attitude toward William is noticeable in her actions at all time and she pushes herself to the extremes to please him. Because of her focus on William we all get too many insights from their privet life instead of well balanced official and purposeful visit to another country as a representation of Britain. Kate’s range of emotions which borders on maniac- depressive spectrum should be kept in check as well. It clearly indicates that even she is not sure if she is coming or going probably due to Williams behavior behind the curtains or as a result of her own manipulation she done to herself. With all the money and the services at their disposal it is shame that we are left to watch this immature, arrogant, self entered, self contradicting half-heads in power.

        1. Hi Ale, I like the hiking outfit, as you said it made her look sexy but is that the right look for a future Queen visiting a monastery? I am still shocked that the ladies wore skin tight jeans/jeggings to visit a monastery, sorry to go about this but it’s just so disrespectful imo.

          1. Lauri from Ca, I totally agree with you, I should have stated more clearly that although I like the look it is out of place.

        2. Hi Ale, that leather vest is described as a “Shooting Waistcoat.”
          Hardly surprising, despite enjoying the baby animals, she also enjoys hunting.

  20. Personally I’m glad they are on the last day of this tour. It has been very exhausting and frustrating watching them take their anniversary trip. And I don’t really care about either of their numbers now, I just want them to go hole up in Anmer. I don’t care if they don’t work, I’m tired of seeing their faces (her over the top, his snarky) and need a big break from them. Maybe they did really accomplish what they want in that people are a little sick of them right now.

    BTW, I would love to go to Bhutan and India one day and take that hike up to the Tiger’s Nest myself. As a matter of fact I’m going to look into the cost and start working on saving for it. I’d like to appreciate it through my own eyes and not the eyes of these two.

    KMR, you’ve done an outstanding job throughout this entire tour. I hope you get caught up on your rest and am looking forward to posts about anyone but the Cambridges when you feel up to it.

    1. Ah ha Lisa, their evil plan worked!! 22 engagements (read outfit changes) in 6 days has made the public sick and tired of these two! Now they can go hole up in Anmer for the next month or so and no one will care one bit, very devious of these two and well thought out to have a tax payer funded 5th anniversary trip that makes everyone so sick of them they can skip out on doing anything until the Queen’s birthday celebrations! Maybe they aren’t as dumb as I thought.

      1. The sad thing is that I think the opposite has occurred–comments on Kate and William articles were pretty negative up to this tour, and now they’re all glowing about how ~*in tru luv~* W&K are and how beautiful she looks and leave them alone!!!! I think the press got too caught up in publishing pieces that were critical over silly things rather than the substantive issues, and, combining that with the tour, people have been bamboozled once again.

        1. ABKM, I’m not buying all those positive comments. I honestly believe those comment sections were loaded by a well meaning PR team.

  21. Kind of an odd outfit for hiking, but I later read it made sense for the weather. Definitely odd she wore her hair down, though. Glad she wore the poppy dress to honor Bhutan, I feel she’s been doing a pretty good job of wearing clothes that are made by love designers or at least honor local culture.

  22. Very interesting tweet of Camilla Long (I read her tweet on Jennifer ChicHappens): “The Kate and Wills Bhutan thing really has been the Hair and Make-Up tour. They are just a pair of outfits now”.
    What are you remembering after this tour from them?
    His speech? Her looks? Her flashing?

    1. Wow. That is a strong statement and I think that resonates a lot. There are stark differences between Prince Harry’s tour and this one.

      It’s gotten to the point where we know so little about them it’s so disinteresting. If we at least knew more of them, their lack of work would not garner as much bad sentiment. In my opinion, both of these together could spell long term trouble for the future of the royals.

  23. In related and probably more interesting news, Jamaica and Barbados, 2 Commonwealth countries, plan to or are planning to drop the British monarch as their Head of State and have a President.

    So Kate and Wills better enjoy this taxpayer funded holiday tours while they can, it may be likely that they will have to their pay their own way in the future. And George & Charlotte will actually have to *gasp* go to university for an actual degree (not some missus degree like his mommy) and learn some job skills! I hope that this is the future awaiting these lazy, entitled and arrogant duo, who think they can override the decision to allow the Press make by the King of Bhutan.

    And I am now inclined to think that Kate is a wonderful actress. She seems to be able to turn her anxiety displaying behaviours (closed body, fake smiles, crotch clutch) on and off at will.

  24. My first reaction when seeing these hiking photos was “who hikes in boots like that??”. I think the hiking outfit she wore in Borneo would have been much more practical.

    Secondly, I can’t believe that Kate and her posse wore skin tight jeggings and a spaghetti strap tank top on her hairdresser for a trip to a monastery!! If this was a Christian monastery would they have dared?? I was/am actually shocked at the level of disrespect shown by this woman, a future Queen no less, and those in her employ. I really can’t say more about this as my blood pressure goes off the charts…so rude and disrespectful.

    Thirdly, William is an ass when it comes to the press but in this instance he also insulted the King of Bhutan by undermining his gracious decision to allow the photographers, reporters and camera crews all the way to the monastery. I get that they would like a few moments off camera to spend looking at the wonderful sights but surely a compromise could have been worked out if W&K weren’t such twits about it all. Really glad that the press didn’t cow down and made this kerfuffle known and I thought W&K were just being nice saying a few words for the cameras, silly me.

    Fourthly, what was with all the PDA’s??? Holding hands, walking with their arms around each other?? And no crotch clutching?? I have to admit that while I’ve long said it would be great if they were a bit more affectionate toward each other in public, this was almost creepy to see, like a deranged clown smiling.

  25. In yesterday’s DM article about the hike there is a picture of Kate’s hair dresser and her so called fashion advisor and some other young woman. I hope I am not repeating what has already been noted but all 3 had on skinny jeans, plain tops and Ray Ban’s. I think that is creepy, like they are Kate-bots in uniform.

    1. I noticed those 3 Katebots too! They definitely dress like her and advise her on her style choices- poorly. They must be her immediate entourage and rarely tell her no.

  26. Oh, Thank, Thank God this week is over. I was exhausted with this tour on the first day. To sum it all, I think this tour was just a vacation, as many have said this is one gift by five years of William and Kate wedding. I do not believe that the couple has learned something useful about the countries, because they will return home still lazy, arrogant, self absorbed and thinking only of themselves. As for Kate’s clothes, there were few that I liked and I emphasize strongly that just liked few clothes, not them on Kate. And as I said before the prices of the dresses are alarming. Formerly when a head of state was visiting India it was a habit to give a ride on elephant. Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy did it and I imagine Kate on top of an elephant. Thankfully this did not happen. Yesterday I saw some videos about the trip on E! News Update and it became even more evident Kate‘s bad posture. It is REALLY terrible. Photos are nothing compared to videos. When she is with that green dress at the meeting with the prime minister, My God, it seems that she suffers from a spinal problem. She’s all awkward, with no class, although you cannot expect Kate to be classy. Her posture can ruin the most extraordinary dress. She can be well dressed but classy, definitely not. There’s a video of her walking through the slums with an Indian woman. The camera is right behind watching the two women and one can clearly see that only the Indian woman speaks. Kate is just nodding his head. She did not question anything, does not express interest or curiosity about the place or what the woman is talking. And there’s another video of William and Kate when she’s with that white dress that flew. There’s one hour in which the couple applaud and Kate applauds slowly, completely bored. This is the right word: B.O.R.E.D. Even William is more excited. The strange thing is that she applauds with her left hand on the right hand, where the most common is to applaud with the right hand on the left hand. We can see some pictures where she looks more animated, but in videos reality is another. In the presentation where some girls danced, the photos show the couple smiling, but the video is clear how much they were bored. But of course the press will only show pictures of the couple smiling, “showing happiness”. It’s like the pictures of Kate’s engagements at home. The pictures show her smiling but videos show her acting for the cameras, IMO. Videos are more true. Kate’s facial expressions are silly and childish and on the videos of this holi-tour it is evident how much Kate looks with worship at William and how he ignores her. royalsareajoke said: “this tour has been thus far just a pointless purposeless tourist trip that others have to pay for. She has been beyond rude and totally lacking in basic good manners and for sure is the worst representative of the UK ever.” I agree. Kate saying she was sad because she was missing her kids was rude. It’s like someone being in your house but saying she was sad because was homesick. I’d feel embarrassed and sad. It was like a sacrifice to her to be there. Kate refusing food was rude, mainly because the reason was that she did not want to get her dress dirty. This shows how much she is futile. Anyway, I have not seen anything useful on this tour about William and Kate. No real substance. And the incident with the press during the hike show how selfish and arrogant William and Kate are, not respecting a decision of the King. The only good was the information I had here on the blog. Again thank you very much KMR for the fantastic coverage. This blog was the only place where I followed this holi-tour. Thank you very much, KMR.
    P.S. Sorry for the long post.

  27. KMR, thanks for all of your work and dedication to this blog. I know you will need a break from these two (lol) but I would love it if you have a chance to poll on favorite outfits, which we would actually wear, etc. (you always keep polls fun) 😉

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