Kate Middleton and Prince William meet King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan (updated)

Kate Middleton and Prince William meet King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan (updated)

Day 5, April 14, of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s royal tour saw the couple head to Bhutan to meet King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Bhutan – they got to sit in the cockpit of the plane during landing – and were welcomed at the airport by the King’s sister, Princess Chimi, and her husband. The Duke and Duchess received flowers from some kids.

Kate repeated a light yellow Emilia Wickstead coat she first wore in 2012 at the Order of the Thistle service. The coat has been altered a bit since the last wearing, adding a belt.

Kate wore her LK Bennett “Fern” pumps and carried the “Natalie” clutch. Kate wore a new pair of gold dangle earrings. UPDATE: Kate wore Brora “Gold Charm Earrings” (£39).

Brora Gold Charm Earrings

Kate in 2012 on the left, and in 2016 on the right.

William and Kate arrived at the Tashichhodzong palace and received a traditional welcome ceremony before meeting with King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan.

William and Kate had a private audience with the King and Queen in the Golden Throne Room of the palace. As Duke and Duchess, William and Kate bowed and cursied to the King and Queen when they met. For a recap of the King and Queen’s background, please see my post on them from December.

William and Kate audience with King and Queen of Bhutan
[King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck Facebook]

The foursome lit butterlamps in the Grand Kuenrey of Tashichhodzong, as nuns from Thimphu sing the ‘Guru Soledep prayer. The act of lighting a butterlamp is part of everyday lives of the Bhutanese, which signifies dispelling darkness, and is considered to accumulate great merit. To light a thousand butterlamps magnifies the act.

William and Kate, King and Queen of Bhutan light lamps
[King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck Facebook]

The Grand Kuenrey of the Tashichhodzong is the most splendid room in the Tashchhodzong. Monks perform their daily prayers here, before the enormous statue of the Buddha. Every inch of the room is covered in Buddhist art, and a thousand smaller statues of the Buddha line the walls.

William and Kate, King and Queen of Bhutan Grand Kuenrey
[King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck Facebook]

Th two royal couples walked across the courtyard before posing in front of the thongdrol of Terton Pema Lingpa. The Royal Family of Bhutan is descended from the saint, a treasure discoverer in the 15th century who discovered sacred texts and treasures hidden by Guru Padmasambhava. Thongdrols are gigantic applique images of saints, displayed during important events. It is believed that simply by looking upon a Thongdrel is spiritually purifying.

William and Kate with King and Queen of Bhutan 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Crotch clutching. While walking. From both of them.

Here’s a photo just so you can see a better view of Jetsun’s face.

Here’s a shot of Queen Jetsun’s red, platform, open-toed heels. I’m pretty sure her toenails are painted red.

Queen Jetsun's shoes

After the meeting with the King and Queen, William and Kate left them to travel to the Changlingmethang National Archery ground in Thimphu with the King’s younger brother. Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. William and Kate had a go at the archery as well as darts and a traditional sport of khuru.

William and Kate archery
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate sipped tea while watching an archery demonstration. This cup is very beautiful and I want one.

The Cambridges also met local children from NGOs Draktsho and Ability Bhutan.

William and Kate meet children
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wore another new brand, Paul & Joe (a French label). She wore their “Embroidered wool cape” ($520). Kate wore a skirt made in London by an unknown designer from traditional Bhutanese material. The material was made by Mrs. Kelzang Wangmo from Thimphu.

Kate added yet another new pair of Kikis to her collection. The Kiki McDonough “Lavender Amethyst Pear and Oval Drop Earrings” (£3,900.00). I like these. I’m happy that Kate has finally decided to buy the bigger Kiki pieces instead of the dinky ones.

Kate wore her LK Bennett “Fern” pumps again. UPDATE: It turns out Kate wore a different LK Bennett nude pump, even though they look exactly like the nude Ferns. These ones are the “Floret” (£175.00). They are the same exact pump except in a slightly lower heel. That’s just stupid.

Interesting bit about the red carpet: the carpets had designs on them made of multi-colored rice.

Bhutan red carpet rice design 1 Bhutan red carpet rice design 2
[Camilla Tominey @CamillaTominey / Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail]

Here’s a photo of a crazy Kate expression. Now, this is the moment that Kate learned what the cheerleaders where singing during the archery display.

They sang, to William: “You’re bald. You’re a baldy. Your nose is really big. We hope your private parts are as big.”

It is encouraged in Bhutan to sing obscenities at rival archery teams.

UPDATE: The taunting was not directed at William and this photo was taking during a different time of the event.

William and Kate had a private dinner with the King and Queen. Here’s them leaving their hotel to go to dinner.

Kate wore another new dress, this time from an American designer: the Tory Burch “Floral Mesh Gown” ($1,495.00). And Kate wore, gasp, ORANGE! In shawl form.

She also wore the gold dangle earrings she wore upon arrival (UPDATE: The Brora‘s), and the black sandals she wore to the garden party in New Delhi. UPDATE: The black sandals are the Gianvito Rossi “Crisscross Ankle-Wrap Suede Sandal”.

Tory Burch Floral Mesh Gown

Kate actually waved to photographers in the car. Holy cow! William looks pissed.

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        1. Always add me to the love. This has been wonderful and awful and I’m dreading the Raj photo op!! KMR you are a star.

  1. I want some of whatever they gave Kate before she hit Bhutan so I can make it through the rest of this tour. Her expressions today were so over the top that they were verging – no they were manic.

    This tour is not the least bit diplomatic. It is the Cambridge fifth anniversary trip.

    King Jigme and Queen Jetsun are a gorgeous, serene, graceful couple. Then we get Will and Kate. I thought Jigme looked wonderful as usual and yes, her toes are painted red.

    I wonder if the only part of the briefing about Bhutan that stuck with Kate was the happiness factor because she seems to be going out of her way to appear happy.

    Could someone explain to me how Kate’s advance team and team of advisors would not fix her skirt so she didn’t have to fight another fly up/open and in a country full of women who are covered, why would she wear a dress with double slits? Boggles the mind. One can only hope heads roll when they get back home.

    1. Oh god, the battle with this skirt too, I just posted below about the same thing. Seriously? To meet the Queen and fight with her skirt? Wtf? I need a mimosa now. I am done lol!

    2. Hi Lisa, just to play devil’s advocate here Kate did wear the dress with the slits (the Tory Burch dress I believe) in private with King and Queen. Now I’ve seen photos recently of the Queen in London and she was wearing a one shoulder rather tight black dress, she looked gorgeous but I guess what I’m trying to say is that this dress was probably pretty appropriate for their private dinner.

      I so agree though that Tash (who probably made the skirt) should have know that Bhutanese women wear them with the flap in the back not in the front and I think the material wraps around the body more than once. For as unprepared as W&K seem to be, it doesn’t seem that their staff is any better.

      1. Tash needs to step away from the sewing machine and pack up her needles and thread!
        It is easy to alter clothing if you pay attention and doing it properly so the failed tailoring on this trip makes me cringe!

  2. Great coverage, KMR. You work fast!
    My biggest Wow comes from the amazing artwork and traditions of the Bhutanese. Just lovely, in fact. Lighting those lamps. Such a positive act!
    And, all the color. Just lovely.

    My next Wow comes from Kate in the orange shawl. I loved it, actually. She looked awesome.
    And, the look on her face in the photo where she learns the words of the song being sung to William during the competition. Oh, my! Now, to me, that song was rude. But, ok, that’s the tradition.

    I wish I had time to comment more, but it’s lunch time and I need to scurry.

    Jetsun is so lovely, isn’t she? Kate’s pale yellow coat seemed to set the stage even better for the magnificent color of the Bhutanese wardrobes. Oh, I did like the skirt she wore later. Not the cape, though. I would have liked it paired with something else. Thanks again. I have been anxiously awaiting this part of the trip.

    1. That song made me laugh – it must be just like “sledging” in cricket?
      Not that the NZ cricket team would ever sledge eh?

        1. Hehe
          Gosh Birdy, not us! It’s the Aussies!
          I’d better explain for those in non cricket playing countries. Sledging is the snarky comments between one side to another, especially between the bowler and batsman.

          1. I thought I should add that even though sledging sounds horrid, they shake hands at the end of the game and are often friends off the pitch.

          2. Hi, Cathy,

            Thanks for the explanation of “sledging,” I guess in the States, the “trash talking” that linemen on opposing football teams engage in as they stand face-to-face at the beginning of each play is similar. And, supposedly, all is forgiven, or not even taken seriously, as the players always shake hands after the game ends.


  3. About Kate’s crotch clutching today…. there are pics of her walking with the Queen holding down the front of her skirt from either opening or blowing up and when she is next to the children she is also holding it down. This is getting ridiculous… Seriously…

    1. Someone on another site made sure to let everyone know that Queen Jetsun was also walking like that, as if somehow that makes Kate furious crotch clutching okay. To be fair, yes Queen Jetsun does walk and stand like that fairly frequently but (another but) she still manages to stand up straight as her hands aren’t clasped tightly and are usually up and away from her nether region. I don’t know for sure so if someone does please correct me, but it seems that in the Bhutan culture, as in other Asian cultures, the woman adopts a more subservient posture, at least in public, so this would not be out of line with what is expected of her. However, Kate does not come from a culture that expects it, in fact her culture expects a woman to be strong and confident especially in public.

      1. Someone on another site had a theory about the way the Queen has her hands. She has a gorgeous woven or embroidered scarf around her shoulders and her hands are right at the point where the two ends cross. It may just be a way of keeping the scarf in place. Either way, her hands are very graceful as apposed to Kate’s death grip.

        The fabric of the Queen’s kira is beautiful but I am really drooling over the scarf. I’ll take the scarf and let her keep the kira.

        1. I agree Sue, Jetsun doesn’t so much crotch clutch as holds her hands lightly together and more in the diaphragm region (similar to QEII) not at crotch level and I said above I think it’s more of a cultural thing then born out of insecurity. God I can’t believe that we’re having discussions about the crotch area of a member of the BRF?!?!?! Thanks Kate:(

          1. Lauri, I loved your comment about the crotch area. Earlier today, I was catching up on what was going on. Seeing the pictures of Kate’s skirt starting to blow, all I could think was that I never would have believed that one day I would be praying that a future Queen of the UK was wearing underwear when she flashed the world!!

        2. It is difficult to believe the Queen is so young . Although she lives in a fairly isolated country she seems totally serene and confident in any given situation. She is outwardly beautiful, but like Diana I think she has IT! She just seems happy in her own skin, comfortable in her environment and enormously proud of her new role as queen. Her husband and her people clearly adore and admire her.

          How I wish I could say the same of any of our royals other than the Queen. All the others are very divisive.

          1. +1 Perfect summation, Birdy, of the Queen. She appears regal and classy and Kate tends to look awkward and nervous at times.

  4. Regarding the “obscenities”…parts of Bhutan’s religion can be NSFW in westernized countries.

    But they don’t see it that way. One lama Drukpa Kunley (who has a Wikipedia page) promoted a different type of enlightenment which might also be considerd NSFW.
    He is credited with the NSFW artwork (even painted on houses) found throughout the rural parts of the country that represents fertility. This kind of thing is discouraged in urban areas.

        1. Thanks but I don’t understand then what it means when Mri said “parts of Bhutan’s religion can be Not Safe For Work…” That just doesn’t make any sense. Sorry to be so dense today, it’s been a really long week and my brain is just fried

      1. Lela14 is right. Sorry for the obscure abbreviation.

        I wanted to provide the info without being horribly explicit. Some people don’t mind and would like to know this stuff (there was even an article about Kate and William seeing some strange things in Bhutan).

        People in Bhutan don’t feel uncomfortable at things that seem inappropriate in other countries. But in urban areas, they try to be more accommodating to western people.

        1. Ohhhh! Thanks for the link, that explains it pretty clearly. It is interesting what is some cultures consider uncivilized and what some cultures consider civilized.

  5. I remember Diana and Charles touring and the coverage was much greater. Outside of the blogs and entertainment shows in the USA, William and Kate’s tour is receiving very little to no coverage. William is getting what he wants, which is to be left alone. It will be interesting to look back on this time period and how starting with Diana the BRF unspooled and unraveled and continuing with William and with William’s attitude toward the public and press, the BRF eventually became irrelevant and ignored.

    1. I don’t think many Americans have much interest in this pair. Just my opinion, but on the whole, I think Kate’s wardrobe has been blah for this tour. Especially, considering the cost. The only thing I give her credit for is the belt added to the previously worn yellow coat dress.

      Too many pairs of expensive earrings. 3,900 pounds! Nice, but she has too many duplicate, triplicates of almost the same, coat, dress, shoes, earrings… So much for the thrifty duchess.

      1. Yeah, those earrings are horrendous and are the price of a car for many people here in the UK. How she can justify spending what is basically OUR money (I know, via Charles, via the Duchy but basically via us) on what looks like glass tat is offensive. My snark levels are beyond legal capacity right now…

        1. ABC how much has her total wardrobe cost ? We could buy a house in London for the total cost including her travelling hairdresser.
          They stay in 5* hotels I am sure they have hairdressers.
          I wouldn’t mind so much if something positive was being achieved for the British economy but there is no sign of that.

          1. Birdy, Out of curiosity, I have been keeping a rough total of her wardrobe on the tour. As of the end of the 1st day in Bhutan I come up with $30,900. This does NOT include the McQueen worn on arrival or the blue gown for the Bollywood gala. I am also not sure that I have everything.

          2. Hmmm, Amanda Cooke Tucker is on the trip as Kate’s hairdresser.
            Probably getting the 500 pounds per day she charged on the Asia trip. And yet the hairdos Kate has been wearing are styles I can do myself.
            Someone on another site pointed out that Amanda is using black hairclips (bobby pins) in Kate’s hair instead of brown ones which would be less noticeable.

      2. I like her earrings today and the other day, the two colors of amethyst. The price tag is staggering though. Not that it helps but at least she will repeat the earrings. Was blown away by the scenery, art work, the colors and general sense of peace from the hosting royals. Not impressed by W and K. Nothing to say except that the manic facial expressions are back. You can see her forehead trying to move.

    2. Yes, the coverage in America is left to the entertainment and style TV shows and magazines. I saw a mention yesterday about it on Huffington Post, but it was photos of them feeding animals. The rest of the tour has not made the news here, and I’m looking for it.

      On the plus side, I really like the dress with the Orange shawl she wore to dinner with the King and Queen. It was a bit of a risk, and I think it paid off. I wonder what they talked about at dinner.

      1. Hi Jet, I too loved the dress she wore for the dinner, too bad once she lands back in UK all these great dresses will be stored away and it will be back to ill-fitting, high necked coat dresses in boring colors.

        1. Personally I wonder at a representative of the British Royal Family who is there representing Britain and the British people wearing an American designer to dine with royals from another country. What happened to promoting British companies?

      2. When I saw the photos of them leaving for a private dinner, all I could imagine was how the King and Queen would make it through the evening with these two. I am imagining a secret code between the King and Queen as a way out.

        It reminds me of two TV shows: Sex in the City where Charlotte has a horrible date. She spots Carrie in the restaurant and begs her to phone saying, “something bad happened.” The other is Swingtown, where the new neighbors invited for dinner are such morons, the husband stages a fake broken glass/cut hand emergency with their son to get rid of the unwanted couple.

          1. Yes, considering that the only thing Kate talks about is George and Charlotte, I imagine that the two women talked about the kids. What else Kate would talk about? She and William have showed how unprepared they are for this tour, so I think none of them stopped to learn about the countries they are visiting.

  6. All the pictures of Bhutan show that they try hard to hold onto their cultural identity in the changing world. It helps that Bhutanese architecture is promoted over western buildings.

  7. KMR, thank you very much for your restless work. You are providing us with lovely pictures and well researched information all the time. It also is a pleasure to read the various opinions from people of so many countries who are taking part in your blog.

  8. 4 outfits in a day?

    The yellow is boring, the next outfit is all kinds of odd and mixed messages, although the woven material is stunning, and the evening outfit for me is just diabolical – the worst of the tour by far. So inelegant compared to what her majesty will be wearing.
    But it looks like the holiday is lots of fun for them, just what did this achieve for the British economy?

    Thank you so much for all the background information. I’ve visited Tibet and Lhasa which have similar histories. Tibet has been over run by the PRC so it is fabulous to see Bhutan maintaining their culture so successfully.
    Tigers Nest tomorrow… Second on my bucket list ( first is a trip down the Amazon).

    1. I really dislike everything she wore today. Why could she not keep the skirt closed with all that material . . . And the dinner dress, ick. Esp with the side slits and open V at the neck. I really do not like it and waiver between thinking it or the blue monster was the worst of the tour. Inelegant. Perfect way to describe it,Birdy

  9. By George, she’s got it! By George, she’s got it! The tony Burch dress is beautiful! Keep your fingers crossed that it’s not just a one hit wonder…..

    1. Oh Greta what do you see in it? It’s all kind of ugly in my eyes. Far too busy, strange shape at the bottom …yuk.

          1. It’s not just you Birdy. It reminds me of something from the 70’s, which is not a good thing. Maybe a 70’s blanket or curtains. Very ugly. I don’t see her wearing it again.

    2. Hi Greta, I agree the Tory Burch dress is beautiful but yes it will be a one hit wonder. Unfortunately, it’ll be back to boring black lace dresses until the next tour. Is it me or has she worn more new outfits on this tour than on any other, except the Canada/US one where everything was new?

      1. I wonder how she keeps all these outfits back home. She must have one different walk-in closet per tour. The Canada tour closet, etc., so the outfits can be stored and not repeated again. Or she gives them to her entourage like her old shoes? It’s such a shame for some really beautiful staff she’s worn on the tours, like this dress, which I actually find vibrant and age appropriate for Kate.
        And another trivia consideration: I bet Kate plans the tours depending on available places for her to change. If she’s constantly on the move, where does she change to so many different outfits? On the plane?
        Oh, the joys of the holitours…

      2. I’ll look into that. It would be interesting to compare the four tours she’s been on.

  10. I was looking forward to this post because of Queen Jetsun Pema. She is beautiful and appear more poised and confident next to Kate.

    William as usual look a bit glum. Maybe he’s realizing that the public can see through this tour as a vacation — and revenge photo-op at the Taj Mahal is coming up. (Prince Charles is probably dreading it back home and his PR team getting ready for the negative press, etc.)

    You know, William should return to Bhutan (without Kate) to find that happiness that has so eluded him all these years and start over to become a better man. It would seem that’s what he needs to stop his anger, paranoia, and his “me, me, me” attitude. Kate is oblivious as usual and her over-the-top facial expressions remind me of Sarah, Duchess of York. Kate is really enjoying her vacation!

  11. Loved the Tory Burch dress and the shawl.
    Is the bottom from the yellow coat flowy? After the flashing incident I thought she knew better than wear something like this at the airport, where it tends to get windy.

    1. The Emilia Wickstead coat dress worn today is exactly the same silhouette as the red Catherine Walker she wore when she got off the plane in New Zealand that the wind took away and gave a full frontal. It’s also almost the exact shape of the Wickstead worn at the War Memorial the other day. However it does look weighted on the hems but it’s still an accident waiting to happen. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she came down the stairs of the plane today wearing that. Also the skirt with the material from Bhutan…..she spent a lot of time clutching at it, trying to hold the split in place from the wind. I just despair because it’s almost as if she’s sticking two fingers up at everyone now. She’s either stupid or unbelievably arrogant.

      Today even the Sky news Royal Editor questioned live on TV why they were in Bhutan beyond a logical extension as they were close by? It definitely wasn’t a deferential piece of reporting and very clearly insinuated that they were there but it was their choice and not a Foreign office driven agenda.

      Oh and apparently Kate likes Assam because she likes tea…..FFS. **Cringe** That reminds me of a 19 year old Diana in Egypt on her honeymoon expressing a love for mangos to President Sadat and yet Kate is in her 30’s and should have more conversational art.

      I quite like the Tory Burch but so much of this tour ‘wardrobe’ is clearly too trend led to be used again and I think the strategy for what she’s bought and worn is all wrong. The PA / Stylist needs replacing post tour IMO. Too chummy, too deferential…..she needs to take a leaf out of the stylist who sorted B & E at Prince Andrew’s expense after K & W’s wedding. I believe her services cost 50k a year which is about half what Kate has spent on clothes & accessories for this 6 day holiday.

      1. Mrs. BBV please tell me the story about “the stylist who sorted B & E at Prince Andrew’s expense after K & W’s wedding. I believe her services cost 50k a year”. Has it “stuck” are they better fashionably-speaking now?

          1. Wow, I am seriously impressed with both of their gowns. The York sisters look fabulous and are finally not being “worn” by their clothes.

      2. I forgot about the NZ dress. Can she and her stylist/PA/whatever be more clueless? At this point it doesn’t even matter if the skirt is weighed down, the safe/smart thing to do would be keeping these flowy silhouettes to indoor events.

        I agree with you, while I liked some of the outfits for this tour, they are clearly not her style and she won’t probably ever wear them again. Styling and image consulting is much more than buying new pieces. I really wish she would auction her clothes and donate the proceedings to a charity.

  12. Ok question: how on earth is that thongdrol supported / attached? Is that a building behind it? Are mystical dragons holding it aloft on orders of the King? Why isn’t it blowing away? If we get one ‘learning moment’ from the holitour please let it be this!

    1. It’s being hung off of a temple building. I imagine that it’s quite heavy with all the fabric and embroidery plus it’s probably strapped down in some way.

  13. 1) Again hate all of the outfits, but the the traditional dress a little less, but I don’t like the idea of ordering fabric from Bhutan and instead of actually having a Bhutanese dress maker make the whole clothing piece. Funny how he couldn’t she have wear a traditional sari in India instead of a bunch of mimic prints and styles.

    2) Can I just say how much hate Kiki McDonough and this is another instance of where she splashes out money for these jewels that aren’t worth the money IMO and that she’ll hardly, if ever, be seen as wearing again.

    3) Kate must be medicated today because of all of those crazy faces she’s pulling. I see they also layed off the photoshop in Bhutan 😉

    4) I see that now that she’s feeling like a celebrity again, she has no problem waving to the paps

    5) King Jigme and Queen Jetsun are such an elegant couple. I just love looking at Jetson. She’s so beautiful and elegant and it’s true beauty and elegance. She doesn’t have to do anything stupid to draw attention to herself. Her presence, even in pictures, just commands attention.

    6) Ah, yes, the archery. Well this holiday just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? 🙂

    1. I am glad that Kate did not wear my national dress, Sari, and ruin it with her inelegance, her terrible posture and her complete lack of any feminity. In general though, I cringe when I see Westerners wear sarees- they never wear it or carry it off correctly.

      1. True about the inelegance and terrible posture on Kate’s part. Forgot about that fora minute. However, for someone in her position, not her specifically, it would’ve been great for them to wear sari because they’d have access to someone who could and would show them how to wear it properly. That’s just generally speaking for someone in the royal family but yes when I think about it, Kate’s bird brain self most likely wouldn’t ask for help and would instead wear it improperly. She couldn’t even put Charlotte’s bonnet on correctly.

    2. She could have at least learned how to wear the skirt properly, Jetsun had the flap in the back where it could not fly open, of course Kate had hers in the front where it could.

  14. you are right Poppy! very much like Sarah, Duchess of York with the over-the-top expressions. Think it’s because they know they are in over their heads? The side by side comparison of the 2 women speaks volumes to me. The younger of the 2 is confident and poised, multi-lingual, respected by her countrymen, sure of her fashion…………………

    I like the Tory Burch dress with shawl. Not sure why but I do. Fingers crossed the painted on jeans don’t make a second appearance tomorrow for their hike. Those really aren’t a flattering look on anyone and are (IMO) completely unsuitable on a person carrying out a public role.

    1. IMO, the painted on jeans should be burnt together with the rest of Kate’s skinny jeans, ASAP. Maybe this way Kate will start wearing proper trousers.
      I wondered about Kate’s manic facial expressions today. How did she manage after the botox? I thought she was unable to move any forehead muscles, but she clearly did in that picture, right?
      I love the royal couple of Butan. This visit is one of my favourite parts of the tour. I wish their dinner wasn’t private so we could get a glimpse of the interaction between the two couples.

  15. She almost make twice flashing today : with the yellow dress and with her skirt.
    I read on a blog that yellow is a color reserved to royalty, maybe the King, but I am not sure

    Personnally, I think it is too much to dress like she is Indian, she is Bhutanese (the tissu comes from Bhutan, but she shows much more than in a traditionnal dress). Maybe later when she will come in Africa or in Middle East, will she wear the same traditionnal dress? It is like these country are different from UK, has a different culture, I will wear colored dress.

    When I take the tube this night, I laugh because on the newspaper there were this title : “Lune de miel pour Kate et William ” (Honeymoon for Kate and William) : this trip is more a vacation for their 5th anniversary than work!

    I don’t recall where I read this but the comportment from reporters is different during Kate and William’s trip and Harry’s trip. The tweets from reporters consist to speak about her dresses and a little to their action. About the coverage from the press, it seems that the tour is not earning many coverage on paper dress, or on the first page : William is often absent on the first page too.

    Her expressions are wery exagerated!!!

    The positive side of this tour : I learned about the Bhutanese culture, the ceremony is beautiful. Queen Jetsun seems so sereine, calm : she is a breath of fresh air.

    Sorry for the long post, in 2 days it ended! Youpi?

    1. LOL, Clem I love the French, German, and jus the European press in general for always being okay with calling these two out and stating plainly their true actions and intentions. The British press are still too cowardly. Here in America, our press don’t care, not even the gossip mags much anymore. Of course you’ve got Simon Perry over at people still trying to make Princess Kate happen when it never will or the rare she’s pregnant with twins nonsense but overall nothing, which I’m glad for on some level because I don’t want our media overtaken with them. We’ve already got the Kardashians.

      1. But unfortunately the french press is not critic about them, when they speak about them, it is just a reflection of UK press. In general serious french newspaper don’t speak about them : apart for the wedding or the babies, picture of the tours but well hidden on online page.
        These 2 don’t seem royal to me but celebrities (an french article spoke about that : problem to be seen like a celebrity )

        1. I think the fact that they treat them like celebrities and don’t hide it is what is great about it.

          Our serious press don’t pay them any mind either but the less important celeb crap that does, like People, treat them like they’re these oh so great royals who work and William actually is a pilot who spends his time at EAAA or at home with naughty George and soccer Charlotte and Kate is the second coming of Diana and a dedicated mother.

          Same with the royal news reporters, they’re getting more snippy and critical lately but still nothing outright and they flip flop a lot. You would never see a blatant headline in the Daily Mail or People that says Honeymoon for William and Kate.

          Leading with a headline of “Honeymoon For Kate and William” on what is supposed to be such an important tour, forces the reader to read between the lines.

          1. I love hearing about the difference of treatment by the press and the difference of perception by the public of K and W in different countries.

  16. KMR, great job on the coverage! This has to be exhausting for you and I appreciate all that you do. The Tory Burch dress and orange shawl is a huge win for me! I love the design and colors. She looks fantastic in those colors and her tan really helps her complexion and softens her makeup a bit.

    I was never a fan of the yellow Emilia Wickstead and nothing has changed. It is one of the most blah dresses I can think of. On another note, KMR I agree that Kate is debuting larger earrings and so far I love that she is doing this. If this is how she is going to up her accessories game, I’ll take it as a first baby step. The gold color ones especially help liven up her face.

    1. I wish she would stop wearing Emilia Wickstead. IMO, she has not been able to pull off one Emilia Wickstead design. The most horrid was that blue number with the pleated skirt.

      1. Completely agree Sholux. I don’t think there is one Emilia Wickstead that I have ever liked on her. Either its the designs or how she “tailors” them.

      2. I think she has. There have been two Wickstead pieces Kate has worn that I loved: the green coat worn to St. Patrick’s Day in 2012 and 2013; and the teal dress worn in NZ and to an event last year.

    2. Thank you Klein.

      I agree about the yellow Wickstead. I never liked this coatdress. I really do like the gold earrings, though.

  17. In the Paul & Joe outfit Kate is not wearing the ‘Fern’ shoes. She is wearing the LK Bennett ‘Floret’ pair. Easy mistake, since they look identical :).

    Did they chant anything at Kate while she was doing archery? Or only William? I am guessing only Will since they wouldn’t want to upset Kate (I don’t think she has thick skin or could laugh at herself)

    1. Btw how many pointed nude shoes does Kate need? I know these are .2 inches shorter, but they are basically the same shoe as the fern. What a wasted opportunity to wear beautiful colored shoes with her outfit. Of all places she could have chosen a shoe that brought out a color in the skirt!

  18. Even allowing for our differences of opinion on the dress, why is a representative of HM on a foreign tour wearing an American designer? She just keeps missing the point. It’s not just about her looking good, this is an opportunity to highlight British, Indian or Bhutanese designers.
    Sophie does it too wearing hugely expensive European designers and I’ve called her out for the same thing.

    They just have no idea.

    1. I agree that it is strange. This might be my favorite thing Kate has ever worn. Seems rather unpatriotic to wear a foreign designer in such circumstances. (And I’m American.)

    2. Who knows. Kate did this last tour, also. She wore an American for one of the big receptions in Oz and everyone went “HUH?”

      The only reason I can think of is that there aren’t any Bhutanese designers who make non-traditional clothing? I don’t know, though.

  19. I like the Emilia Wickstead dress, but with a pop of color, not beige shoes. Navy shoes and clutch, navy belt, red, who knows, something else! Blue and yellow look fabulous together.

    I do not understand why she gets fabric from Bhutan then has her people make a skirt that is not in the proper style thus the flying up and pairs it with an altered tunic top that’s supposed to be like a cape.

    Jigme and Jetsun are lovely as always with such grace and gravitas, two things W&K don’t have.

    1. Yes! The Emilia Wickstead would look great with a pop of color! Comparing between 2012 and now, I’m a bigger fan of the coat with the addition of the belt.

  20. Before I get super snarky I wanted to say Thank You to KMR for all of her hard work!! You are to be commended for such great writing because these two certainly don’t do enough to fill a napkin let alone a whole blog. So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

    Well, this tour has at least provided Kate with several new pairs of pumps, black sandals, clutches and over priced jewelry as well as some expensive evening gowns that will never see the light of day again. So glad she had a chance to fill her closet, I’m sure thinking of that (and of her new jewelry) was a lovely distraction when she was meeting with the street children in India.

    Gosh too bad about all those British steelworkers who might be losing their jobs, I mean William tried and all but no go, but hey Kate got to wear a new dress, clutch and shoes so all is not lost. I’m not British but boy I would be so pissed at all the new clothes and accessories purchased just for this trip, when she wears the same old boring clothes to engagements for the folks that paid for all this.

    1. Seriously Lauri, that is all this tour is so far. No real substance. I see why people say this is a vacation for them. It seems like an excuse for Kate to splurge on shoes and jewelry.

  21. I LOVE the Tory Burch dress that Kate wore for the evening dinner and for once she has accesorized it appropriately- with a deep russet shawl! Kate looks glowing and happy wearing this dress too- it is an unexpected choice for her and is a fashion win. I would say that minus the skirt flying up (so trashy of Kate, but that at this point we cannot expect Kate to have any sense of elegance and professionalism), today was a fashion win for Kate.

    As for what this holi-tour has achieved in diplomatic relations? Probably nothing. And with this holi-tour not getting much media coverage, the charities that William and Kate visited will not be getting the publicity that they need.

    Thank You for your tireless coverage KMR, we have learned much due to this. I am not familiar with Bhutanese culture at all and I am happy to start learning about it from here. I think you are going to need a vacation after this holitour is over…perhaps to India and Bhutan 🙂

    1. Hi Red, the Tory Burch dress was a huge win for me too! After all the beautiful prints and colors Kate’s worn on this tour I rather saddened that until the next tour all we’re going to see (fashion wise) is coat dresses and boring black lace gowns. Sigh….big sigh….

        1. Her fashion suits the weather, doesn’t it.
          I suppose we’re all more relaxed, colourful and experimental in our holidays. So is Kate in her holitours!

  22. I just watched a video of Kate’s archery attempt. What I found odd was a local was instructing her on how to shoot and William was standing behind her also adjusting/instructing her on how to shoot. Even though, he had just shown he doesn’t know how. Why does he always have to butt in and tell her what to do? He isn’t an expert or even beginner with archery. He really does have to be in control all the time!

    1. I noticed that too. She is not a helpless kitten, despite the fact she sometimes puts on. I wonder if he is annoyed that most of the attention is on her. He looked really unhappy heading to dinner.

    2. William can be a butt but 9/10 he has to butt in because Kate doesn’t know what to do. It could be the most simple of tasks and she’s lost.

      1. She had a professional helping her. This time it’s William being a butt.

        1. Old habits die hard. The world isn’t going to fall a part because he was adjusting her arrow. I think in this instance he was genuinely trying to help regardless of his own skill or lack thereof. That doesn’t make him a a butt, this time around anyway.

        1. I have to admit I’ve been going to other sites to see what the other royals are up to, to see some great styling and mostly to see royal women who know that it’s a job not an excuse for a holiday.

      1. Sorry! I guess I should learn to keep my disappointment to myself, but even I expected some good out of this “tour”. What a waste. Go home W&K.

        I should have listened to fellow KMR comments about this was simply a holiday.

          1. I understood, but I have been extra harsh. KMR has been working so hard, but an update on Max or the SRF is needed (at least for me).

  23. Very nice coverage of the events so far. My observations on the Duchess’ clothing choices are not too positive, I love the bright colors of some of them but not necessarily the styles. On the other hand her straight up and down figure just does nothing for her look. She is a pretty lady but she has no figure to speak of. Makes all her clothes look like they are on a walking hanger. I hope I have not been too rude, that is just my opinion.

  24. Can somebody give that woman some kind of diazepam, anything? I swear I have never seen a person making such crazy faces like she does? Is she really sane? Compering her to Queen Jetsun she has no grace, no dignity – she acting like silly and infantile teenager.

    Well I think commenting her dresses it’s too much for me – in my opinion all her tour’s wardrobe is pure disaster – the last one is especially ugly

    1. She is unprofessional, not very graceful and generally unpolished. It shows when given this amount of coverage. Queen Jetsun is lovely and serene.

      The wardrobe has been a disaster in my opinion as well.

    2. I was wondering if maybe Kate had taken something to calm her for the flight into Bhutan and it had the reverse effect. I have taken night-time cold medicine that sometimes has me wide awake all night instead of making me sleepy. She seemed more manic than usual. Another thought is maybe she was drunk.

      1. Agree PolishGirl, her wardrobe was a disaster. Her poor posture and crutch clotch ruins everything. She has the feat to turn a very beautiful dress into a cheap piece. And I also agree with Reilly and Sue. I don’t know if she is taking something, but yes she seemed more manic than usual. It seems the effect seems to be contrary. My sister is taking a madicine which is making her to sleep sitting.

  25. It was just so interesting to learn about a culture that just started having televisions in 1999. A very fascinating country dripping with culture to include what they wear all the time. I would like to visit except for that plane ride in…that only certain pilots can do that kind of maneuvering in. Eek as one of the royal reporters tweeted. I did enjoy the colorful photos and the all out welcome of royalty by royalty. Thank you for your extensive coverage. I felt like I knew the king and queen from Bhutan because of the coverage here.

    1. Bhutan’s culture really is interesting. The King and Queen are very much modernizing the country while still keeping the traditions. They both have Facebook pages.

  26. If I could photoshop Wills and Kate out of these photos, I’d enjoy them much better!!

    The King and Queen of Bhutan are so beautiful…put together…regal…basically everything you would want out of the reigning monarchs of their country!

    1. Might I add that King Jigme obviously adores his Queen which is absolutely delightful to see? He speaks of her so highly and his admiration is so evident.

  27. The good: Bhutan looks like an incredible place, the King and Queen are the epitome of regal poise.
    The bad: Boring Emilia Wickstead clothing, just variations on a theme of a belted dress (or coat, whatever the heck it was) with a full skirted bottom (that thankfully did not blow up in the wind).
    Why does Kate seemingly wear her hair down when it is windy? All in all, her hair looks really bad, kind of stringy and lank. More Kiki McDonough earrings, again variation on a theme, small jewel on top, with a larger jewel drop on the bottom.
    The ugly: Anything Tory Burch, as an American, I find her style nauseatingly preppy and sexless. At least Kate was not swimming in that gown, it had a shape to it.

  28. Fourth picture in this post -close up of Kate-
    Please, please someone advise her to wear a bit of lipstick or lipgloss. There is no balance or dimension, just that dark eye makeup!
    P.S. KMR, you are doing a great job keeping us all updated.

  29. Thanks KMR for providing some really interesting details about the different traditions like lighting the butterlamps. I enjoy royalty for the occasional jewel)fest, learning about charities, and seeing interesting people and places I personally don’t have the VIP status like these two do.
    Kate definitely slipped back into girlfriend mode. She’s forgetting to follow Will’s hate the press line. DM was harsh on her today with several he-haw pictures and some nasty innuendo. They are going to return to some angry people rather than a fanfare.
    KMR, agreed about the Kiki earrings (nice and big). Is there some reason that she favors her designs so much? There are other jewelers.

  30. Thanyou again KMR.

    I loved the orange scarf. I think the dress was a nice change, her style seems to be what is in the shops this European season from what I can see. Birdy mentioned Ladakh and all I could think is the design label which is one of my go to places to look at clothing.
    I thought the skirt Kate wore to meet the King and Queen was a good effort, regardless of the lack of awareness of how it is meant to be worn. I just don’t get the shoes. Something more in touch with the culture, natural looking would have been nice. Also the yellow dress would have looked nice with matching shoes instead of the nudes.

    The Telegraph says – ‘Five people, 3 months, £1,000: Behind the workmanship that went into the Duchess of Cambridge’s Bhutanese skirt….These fabrics are made by hand with no use of machinery, with Kelzang and her team relying on traditional techniques from making the texture to dyeing the material.

    It was confirmed that Kelzang created the fabric for the Duchess of Cambridge, but this was a complete surprise to Kelzang who can not recall creating this specific fabric and had no idea that the Duchess was going to wear one of her pieces.

    Kensington Palace shared a video on their Twitter account of Kelzang’s reaction to the news’.

    People are suggesting they are on holiday. Last time they had a holiday in the Maldives and before that, a night away at Sandringham without their baby, Kate and William were criticised for their couple’s holiday without George so I wonder if this was another chance to have legitimate alone time. Perhaps that is why Kate is saying she is missing them but looking so happy with William once she became acclimatised.

    Finally they are reporting –
    Strong earthquake strikes Myanmar, felt in India –
    …’ The tremors were felt in the eastern Indian states of Assam and West Bengal, including in the area of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting during their royal tour of India.

    “We felt the tremor very strongly, but all is fine,” said British Deputy High Commissioner Scott Furssedonn-Wood, who was staying in the same 12-cottage jungle resort as the royal couple’.


    1. Are you asking why I called Kate’s expression “crazy”? It’s because crazy rhymes with Kate. That’s really the only reason I used that word.

      1. Thanks. I think her facial expressions are sometimes so out of control, and not in good way. She’s called beautiful. But I’ve never thought her anything more than cute. After seeing the photos and reading news stories about her on this tour, everything seems so off about her and I’m can’t pinpoint why. It seems she would have been happier married to a banker and out of the public spotlight.

        1. Me too I find Kate ‘cute’,sometimes quite pretty.But she has never struck me as having film star or model good looks.

  31. The Asian term for the “skirt” both Kate & Queen Jetsun were wearing is called “sarong” it’s supposed to be wrapped around the waist, not too tightly for easy mobility. It’s not supposed to have slits at all. Kate was wearing the modern & modified version with the slits. Her sarong was so ill-fitting & worse, with the slits, flapping & showing her legs, my goodness, has Kate no decency? In Asian culture it’s considered rude to show your leg like that especially when all the other ladies are covered up. Her PR/stylist should have asked a Bhutanese stylist to help in her dressing. Her manic expressions made her situation worse. She didn’t look regal at all, only embarrassing herself. Kate didn’t try to emulate the graceful & gentle Queen Jetsun. She wanted to be the same crotch clutching, maniac expression Duchess who doesn’t show enough respect for other cultures.

    1. Hi IDA excuse my ignorance of Bhutanse culture but do you think that Kate should have covered her legs coming off the plane as well ?

      1. Hello Haze. Actually non-Bhutanese ladies are not subjected to cover up their legs as long as they are wearing their own western clothes. But once they’re trying to compliment Bhutan by wearing their traditional garments then everything must be proper, including no legs showing. This dress code was set up in 1989. Kate & her PR should have done their homework. During official functions & visiting the temples the dress code is taken seriously.

        1. Oh good grief, her staff didn’t even check on the dress code? It seems that her loyal, hardworking staff like to set her up to fail or at least embarrass her. I have worked as an assistant before and it was my job to know these things and to make sure that procedures and protocol were followed so that my boss could do his job with stressing about the little things.

    2. I never noticed how much she showed until I saw a photo today. But still I never expected anything good from Kate.

  32. I really would love to visit Bhutan. For the sake of their country, I truly hope this increases tourism. Not sure if they would welcome that though. They seem like such a unique country and people. Not exactly worldly and plugged-in like the rest of us. That’s exactly what I like. Thank you so much KMR! I LOVE seeing these pictures.

    I like Kate’s dress, not a fan of the orange scarf. But it works.

    The manic grins and expressions are very strange. We have years of pre-wedding photos when she was dating Willian. I’ve yet to see one of them with these bizarre grins. I also notice no one else in these photos ever matches her laughing/grins. It also feels as she’s always pumping William up, but he never reciprocates. He does put his arm by her back to guide when entering places, but that’s about it. He’s very wooden. The armchair psych in me feels he isn’t very happy deep down inside. Simply my opinion of course.

    How adorable would Sophie have been on this tour?!

    I also think Kate and Bill will later use Harry to visit countries that seem boring on non-holiday like. They know how much the public likes him and he can do work they have no interest in.

    1. But … but … the comments on DM would have you believe that Will and Kate are soooooo in love and Will is a very lucky and happy guy because he married for love, comparing their body language to Charles and Diana.

      I really think it’s all for show, truthfully. The couples I believe who show real affection without making it so noticeable on camera are Max & Willem-Alexander, Victoria & Daniel and Jigme & Jetsun. As much as I adore Mary and Madeleine, I don’t see genuine affection between them and their spouses. But I still believe they love each other.

      1. I know, right. The body language articles always make me think Kate is miming herself and hoping to find it pop up in William. There is a very small part of me that feels sorry for William. Since 2002 or 2004? The Middletons have sort of trapped him.

        Agree, I see the real affection also with the ones you mentioned. I’m partial to Victoria and Daniel and Max and Willem-Alexander. I wasn’t a fan of Chris O’Neill, but I saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U8UZuTHY0M It did make me think differently of him. In a better way. And I do love the way he didn’t want a Royal title. If you watch it, love the part where Chris says Victoria, Madeleine, and Carl Philip are great with children.

        1. I don’t think there is a need to feel sorry for Willy. He is old enough to make his own decisions and choices. Part of me believes the reason why he chose to marry Kate is because she was like sticky gum which just would not come off his shoe. She hung onto him like a sloth to a tree, despite breaking up several times. And I remember someone commented she even sat behind him during a concert after the breakup? Like a creepy stalker breathing down his neck. I also believe his decision to marry Kate is because she is the only woman in this modern age who is more than willing to be subservient to him. Willy loves that, I suppose.

          OMG!!! Thanks for sharing that video!!! I love Chris more than ever now!!! I am imagining him as Phantom Of The Opera for some reason … don’t know why ….. HAHAHAHA ….

          Anyway …. do you think it is a waste that Will and Madeleine were not matched together? Just random thoughts. Maddy would have been the rose of the BRF with her beauty, poise and communication skills!

          1. Oh, never wish Will on Maddie. She is so lovely. And, Chris does seem to be a better match. They do seem very much in love and have darling kids. They are not afraid to share their kids with the public and the love that is evident between all the Swedish Royals is just so dear!

        2. Hey there ccoop, Thank you so much for the link to that video. This couple is awesome and appear to be so down to earth and genuine. The first 3 comments compared them to the ‘loveeist doveeist couple since Ozzie and Harriet” and the fairy tale duo got a whole lot of fairy dust thrown at them. Will and Kate are getting called out for fake/phony/bull defecation. Anyway, a bit ot but just had to say thanks!

        3. I just finished watching the entire video. Not once did I notice what Madeleine was wearing because it just did not matter. Both she and her husband were well-spoken, intelligent, passionate about their work and their family. It’s so refreshing compared to the Middletons and their fashion statements or lack thereof.

        4. I’ve just come across this site and must say I have enjoyed reading all the comments. I too had a giggle at the body language “expert” explaining the great depth of Kate and William’s love for each other. Yes, let’s grasp at straws and drag out for comparison the awful photos of Diana and Charles on their last overseas tour. I also have to say that if I were Kate I would be absolutely terrified that someone had captured a much more revealing photo of the “mishap” at the war memorial that will surface shortly. But I really can’t work her out – most of her fashion choices appear so demure but then there is the constant flashing and the jeggings on safari monstrosity which are anything but. It’s like two different people. Also she does indeed look “hyper” in the Bhutan photos when she’s leaving the hotel for the dinner engagement (and William’s trousers are too tight and he looks sloppy). I think I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for Kate as she seems out of her depth.

  33. KMR***** Did you see my note above that those are not the “Fern” shoes, but the LK Bennett “Floret” shoes that she is wearing in the lavender skirt/cape shirt. They are .2″ shorter, even though they look exactly the same! So she bought almost 2 identical shoes for this tour. **********

    What is the point of a tour? Other than an excuse to buy new shoes and expensive jewelry?

    1. A commenter – Patrizia? – said the other day that the British Foreign Ministry pays for the clothes on foreign trips. If this is the case, Kate took advantage of the situation to stock her wardrobe even further.

      1. In my opinion Kate is very much a little girl with no concept whatsoever of money. Her mummy and daddy took care of her and gave her everything and she went from them to a black amex so she doesn’t know from squat about how hard money is to come by for a majority of people. She’s arrogant and this tour has been thus far just a pointless purposeless tourist trip that others have to pay for. She has been beyond rude and totally lacking in basic good manners and for sure is the worst representative of the UK ever. Looks like she even went so far as to lie about one of her outfits and the lady she credited didn’t go along with it. Of course, Katiekins didn’t know, it was her staff. Her staff is utterly worthless or maybe she just does what she wants irregardless of their recon. To visit a country like India and make some of the comments these nimrods have made is atrociously wrong and totally insulting. And Kate’s facial expressions are silly and childish. Just my thoughts.
        And KMR I can’t thank you enough for all that you do, this takes time and research and you do more than just the minimum. Love this blog. Kate should take lessons from you and some of your loyal followers. But that isn’t going to happen. She is a done deal and I think she’s stunted emotionally and since she thinks she’s all that and a bag of Cheetos she isn’t going to look for help. I really think there’s something not right about this woman/child and the man she married has issues of his own so they’re pretty much co dependent on each other and of course mummy, the one who died years ago and the one who runs the show now. Bad mix, very toxic. Again, just my thoughts.

        1. I have to agree with you royals. She has no concept as to what it takes to earn money, pay bills and deal with a budget. All she’s ever done is spend, spend, spend and be coddled. She’ll never understand.

    2. Yes, I saw it. The two pairs of shoes look so similar because they are the same exact shoe just with a slightly shorter heel. It’s so stupid of her to buy both.

  34. I think Kate is overcompensating for her long torso. I guess she’s self-conscious about it. The always raised waistlines on her dresses/coat-dresses look odd.

    1. This was actually really interesting. Thanks for posting this. I actually learned something. And to be honest, I would love to go on a tour with the queen. Kate and William on the other hand… not so much. I think it would be hilarious to watch them flounder, but after a day, I’d probably just want to smack them upside the head.

    2. I’d love to have some perspective on their relations with the press on this tour. On the HRHDuchesskate blog there are two pieces of interesting information. Firstly, the King of Bhutan sent welcome gifts to each member of the press, very gracious and thoughtful. Secondly, William and Kate spoke to the press on their return form the Monastery today and this was viewed as an improvement in their relations with the press. However on visiting the Daily Mail they state that the press, despite having permission to travel all the way to the monastery, were stopped by KP so that William and Kate made the visit without the press, very controlling I thought. It also makes William’s call to the press ‘hello intrepid explorers’ seem very cynical, a little triumphant.

      1. Hi Daisy, that’s why W&K spoke to the press at the half way point, after KP denied them access at the monastery apparently the press started hinting at stories about “why are these two on tour?” and “what have they accomplished on this tour” and my favorite “did the taxpayers just pay for a holiday that they don’t even get to see?”.

  35. Great coverage, KMR! Thank you so much for the beautiful red carpet pics. Such simple beauty is not lost on me.

    King Jigme seems like a kind hearted man. I loved the picture of him and Kate lighting the candles. Jetsun is exquisite.

    I am loving Kate’s earrings during the Bhutan visit. I actually like the Tory Burch and wrap. I will venture to say it’s my favorite look so far. It’s busy, but I actually like it. This is the one time where she needed to do simple accessories. I would have done a silver or gold flat, but whatever.

    I like the Emilia Wickstead coat dress. But, it’s a wrong choice. In some Asian cultures, I believe this is so in Bhutan, the color yellow or variations of it is solely worn by a king or queen. This is a faux pas.

    KMR, you’ve outdone yourself. You’re pretty awesome for this.

    1. There’s this video showing King Jigme who was waiting at the foot of the stairs of the temple for his queen. When she arrived, he held her hand & they walked up the stairs hand in hand together. This was before William & Kate’s arrival. Jigme is so caring & both of them are still so romantic. I saw clips of video of their honeymoon in Jaipur, India which is also an official visit. They’re still holding hands despite being surrounded by their entourage & Indian officials. They’re visiting museums & historical sites & the Indian officials were impressed by his knowledge of the Indian culture & the knew that he read a lot & did research before the visit. I never hear anyone praising either W+K. It’s always “keen” all the way.

  36. I’m apparently on a different schedule as everyone else here.. usually by the time I get to this blog to read, there are 100-200 comments already and everyone has already stated everything I could possibly have thought to say. KMR you are outdoing yourself with every post! I love the pictures and all the background info and side notes you include!! This tour has been such a whirlwind, and this is the only blog I’ve been able to keep up with besides Lola’s. Thank you so much for your hard work, I for one appreciate it very much.

  37. I do adore the Orange shawl. That does bring the colour out on Kate. The archery looked like fun. I do think that feeding the baby rhino and baby elephant would be an amazing experience but the archery comes a close second. Thank you KMR for the fantastic job of the round up of the tour.

    1. I know and I’m so excited about that!! I wonder if they will release photos?? W&K will be back in India for their Taj Mahal photo shoot and then the journey home.

    2. Yes. I’ll have a post on that next week. W&K won’t be there. They’ll be in Agra at the Taj Mahal.

  38. Ok, who wore it better?
    Drew Barrymore attended an event in NYC last evening, wearing the same Tory Burch dress that Kate wore to the dinner with the Bhutanese Royals. One of the rags in the US (perhaps, it is IN TOUCH Magazine) features a section in each edition titled, Who Wore It Better? It shows two celebs wearing the exact same gown — but, different shoes and accessories. They must poll people before the magazine goes to print and they print the results as to which celeb looked better in the gown.

    In my opinion, and I am not a Kate fan, fashion- wise or otherwise, Kate wins — hands-down!
    The photos are in today’s Daily Mail near the bottom of a rather extensive and photo-crazed article about W and K’s trip.

    You go, Kate! Now, keep it up.

    BTW, I was so taken by the lovely fabric of the Bhutanese styled dress she wore, I did not realize that she was wearing it backwards. What a gaff. But, she has the tendency to do that sort of thing. Remember Charlotte’s little bonnet on backwards when she left the hospital?

    And, it’s amazing that she chose the soft-colored yellow coat for her arrival, if that color is intended for the Bhutanese Royals only. I thought the coat looked soft and quite nice until I read some of the posts above and realized the color choice was definitely wrong.

    So, once again, no preparation for the important elements of the trip. “But, we are modern. We do what we choose! Why play by the rules?”

    I was so much less nasty yesterday, but in the long run, the lazy and unconcerned attitude of William and Kate always leads to a case of crankiness.

    1. I looked up photos of Drew in this dress and I have to say I like it much better on Kate. I like Kate’s addition of the orange scarf.

          1. It feels good to like something Kate wore. How do you feel, Elina?

            Truly, sometimes, of late, I have re-read some of my posts and I wonder why I can get so upset and just who I think I am?! Yes, there seems to be many things to be critical about when it comes to William and Kate, but I can get sooooo worked up. That’s not good.

            Maddie is being baptized tomorrow — finally! My mother has been pushing and pushing, but I wanted to wait for nice weather and it looks like we are going to have that.

            Her dress is beautiful My mom and my sister and I wore it at our christenings (Baptisms) and each of us was about her age, so I wonder why my mother has gotten so riled.

            At any rate, I am focusing on being a kinder person as we approach such a special day for Madeleine and I hope I can keep that up! I want to be a good role model for her. A snarky mommy is not necessarily a good mommy. Oh, a little snark doesn’t hurt, but I want to rein it in!

            Wishing you, Elina, and all, a very nice weekend.

            Another huge thank you to KMR for all her fantastic work following W and K on this trip. You will need your own holiday after this is done!

          2. Oh, Jenny, you made my day with your sweet post. Sending you best wishes and blessings for your Maddie’s christening. I hope you’ll enjoy her big day, don’t get at all nervous if she cries, I still regret my being a bit upset when I remember my daughter’s christening because she cried a lot. Just enjoy the day and as you said, the beautiful weather and Maddie in her beautiful dress.
            I can’t really say anything else, as you pointed out I’m trying to be positive as well and I do feel happy for Kate when she has a win, almost like encouraging her. And it does feel good, doesn’t it. Although a bit of snarkiness sometimes never hurts! 😉

            Enjoy tomorrow and give Maddie a big hug from me!

          3. Thanks for your always kind words, Elina. And, for your advice concerning the christening. I will try not to worry if Maddie cries. I mean, she is a baby, after all.

            My sister is her godmother and will be holding her. Maddie adores her and my sister has a calming demeanor, so fingers crossed.

            Yes, I agree. Good for Kate. I really feel happy for her. And, I think she looked great in the dress and shawl.

            Have a wonderful weekend. I am cooking dinner, so I must go. Oh, and a little snark is fine!!!

  39. I thought Kate’s sartorial choices this day were the best of the holiday so far. But once I really started looking at what Queen Jetsun was wearing, my jaw dropped and I had eyes for nothing else. The color, the pattern, the fabric, the scarf…just incomparable really. In fact, I keep going back to pictures and zooming in to look for new details. It’s rich and beautiful and becoming for a queen. I’m in awe, I tell you, AWE! (I even loved the spikes sandals she wore with it, though we only got a little peek when she was walking)

  40. I really like Kate’s outfit for the meeting with the King and Queen. Very appropriate. I think this is probably my fave outfit of hers for this tour. Not surprised by her expression upon hearing what the song meant but honestly if that was me I would be laughing out loud. I also like the new Kiki earrings. I’ve never been impressed with her jewelry before but this is really pretty. That being said, her jewelry is like her shoes. Everything almost looks the same, especially the Kiki earrings. I don’t know about you but if I had that kind of money I’d buy different designs. I’m sure there are more options for her.

  41. Big MEH on the yellow coat dress. It’s functional but not very flattering. I LOVED the other two though. I thought the purple looked great on her. I don’t know that it was meant to be traditional though so I don’t think she wore it backwards. I also don’t see any skirt malfunctions at all. I looked at some of the video from these events and I don’t see any slightly dangerous skirt flying. As far as the Tory Birch dress – what a winner! I absolutely love those colors and the shape on her looks amazing. I don’t mind the height of the slit at all. It’s no more leg than what is shown with her average skirt length so not sure what all the fuss is about that. I think she looks glamorous and comfortable. I also think they’re doing a fabulous job at showing off Bhutan’s unique culture, scenery and traditions. Makes me want to visit!

  42. So tomorrow W&K fly back to India for the already infamous Taj Mahal photo shot, who here wants to bet that she wears an outfit with either orange or purple or both in it??

    1. Ha ha! I’m sure it will be a lovey dovey pose. God forbid if there is any innuendo about problems in paradise!
      It’s interesting though that they have to go back just for this photo op. How much will this photo op cost to the British tax payers, just for W&K to ‘create new memories’ and prove their solid marriage?
      And let’s not forget: will there be any scaffolding on the monument? I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be taken away since everything in this holitour is staged for their perfect shots.

      1. Oh, just want to say I am hoping she will blow us away and wear something that is not recommended by her staff or William. So no coat dresses, lace or full skirts. An British designer perhaps?

        1. I hope she wears something recommended by her staff, it might be better. The coat dresses, lace and full skirts are all her choices, not her staff’s. So maybe one of them will suggest something different then her go to looks. She always chooses very similar outfits

    2. I’ll take that bet and say it won’t be an exact colour match but will involve colour blocking and a jacket with possibly a patterned skirt. If it is more asian meets hippy I will be so disappointed. She bought 15 outfits and has worn 12/13 already? I cannot recall so I am thinking she will be sweating the Taj Mahal as it will be an iconic photograph that will mean something to them. Hoping to see some loving looks. Perhaps on the day they will decide to avoid that seat altogether?

      1. She has already worn 16 outfits, so she brought more than 15 since she will probably wear 2 different ones tomorrow.

    3. When they shot up to Bhutan I hoped they decided to skip the Taj photo shoot.

      I wonder if the Indian government removed the scaffolding after all for these two nitwits.

  43. Here’s a little tear jerker, Prince Oscar’s christening date (May 27th) is exactly 7 years to the day when Daniel received his new kidney. Aww, sniff, sniff 🙂

    1. Well, I guess that day was chosen for that very reason. Here’s to continued good health for Daniel and all his loved ones. Thanks, Lauri.

      Oh, and a shout out to our own wonderful organ recipient, Kimothy. Here’s to you, Kimothy. To your health and happiness!

      1. Here’s to our Kimothy! May you always be healthy and cheerful! And keep posting here, we love it. 😉

        Thank you Lauri for reminding us.

  44. I must admit their visit to Bhutan has made me seriously considering going there. I love everything this beautiful country stands for and it looks spectacular. I think the only thing that’s putting me off is the flight into there.

      1. I too am so jealous. Especially the hiking to tiger’s nest. I would love to do that. Most likely W&K’s visit will give a boost to their tourism. I think Bhutan is hoping for that.

    1. Oh it looks SO amazing! I, too, am longing to go there after seeing all of this. Anyone have any recommendations for tours or groups that are reputable and affordable?

    2. In my opinion Kate is very much a little girl with no concept whatsoever of money. Her mummy and daddy took care of her and gave her everything and she went from them to a black amex so she doesn’t know from squat about how hard money is to come by for a majority of people. She’s arrogant and this tour has been thus far just a pointless purposeless tourist trip that others have to pay for. She has been beyond rude and totally lacking in basic good manners and for sure is the worst representative of the UK ever. Looks like she even went so far as to lie about one of her outfits and the lady she credited didn’t go along with it. Of course, Katiekins didn’t know, it was her staff. Her staff is utterly worthless or maybe she just does what she wants irregardless of their recon. To visit a country like India and make some of the comments these nimrods have made is atrociously wrong and totally insulting. And Kate’s facial expressions are silly and childish. Just my thoughts.
      And KMR I can’t thank you enough for all that you do, this takes time and research and you do more than just the minimum. Love this blog. Kate should take lessons from you and some of your loyal followers. But that isn’t going to happen. She is a done deal and I think she’s stunted emotionally and since she thinks she’s all that and a bag of Cheetos she isn’t going to look for help. I really think there’s something not right about this woman/child and the man she married has issues of his own so they’re pretty much co dependent on each other and of course mummy, the one who died years ago and the one who runs the show now. Bad mix, very toxic. Again, just my thoughts.

    3. I would be absolutely terrified of the plane ride. Bhutan is beautiful and it does look calm and serene, but I can’t imagine being in the cockpit of that plane as I wouldn’t even be in a seat unless I was sedated to the point of being all but unconscious.

    4. For most people the flight is troublesome because you have to fly over a mountainous region,therefore higher altitudes.

      1. Paro Airport is the sole international airport in Bhutan. The airport is 6 km (3.7 mi; 3.2 nmi) from Paro in a deep valley on the bank of the river Paro Chhu. With surrounding peaks as high as 5,500 m (18,000 ft), it is considered one of the world’s most challenging airports. As of October 2009 only eight pilots were certified to land at the airport. Flights at Paro are allowed under visual meteorological conditions only and are restricted to daylight hours from sunrise to sunset.

        Sounds well scarey to me! Xx

    1. Apparently too much work to rummage around in that closet to find the good old stuff. Haha, she probably forgot that red dress was in there. I actually like it better than the flowered version, which is a bit garish for me

  45. Please correct me if I am rude! Why is Bill Middleton wearing brown & blue together? Where his tie to have dinner with Bhutan royal family? Bill needs a stylist asap! Kate looked good have dinner with royalty! When I saw the pictures, I actually cringed! What is going on with this guy?

    1. Halia, you are ***never**** rude on this blog, if you were KMR would say something. Now, Billy Middleton is another story altogether. He’s an arrogant jerk who thinks that he’s entitled and people should be honored to simply be in his presence no matter what ridiculous combo of clothes he’s wearing. When I saw those pictures I thought Kate looks like a long beaded purse and William’s jacket is shiny. He all but said directly, ‘I am here and I don’t care about respect for a culture or a country, I’m going to do what I want, say what I want, and dress however I want. That’s just my thought. This tour has been one slap in the face of the hosts after another, and Kate’s wearing ethnic clothing may have been an attempt to be ‘nice’ but to me she just looked silly. And William may be trying a newer hipper style but his clothes don’t look like they fit and he doesn’t wear them naturally. Tight pants.
      Maybe, as has been said the King and Queen of Bhutan told the Middletons that it was casual in which case I think Kate looked overdressed. Either way they didn’t even look like they were going to the same event. Just my thoughts.

  46. Now was there a need for that split in the skirt?There was no flashing this time,but she takes a risk many times.Anyone remember the Ralph Lauren houndstooth dress that she wore to the Anna Freud centre?Loving the new Kiki McDounough earrings.
    The Tory Burch dress is fine.Not stunning though.And it also has a slit.How annoying!
    The Emilia Wickstead’s belt makes the garment look cheap.

  47. My first thought of the traditional skirt was that it was a minor oops, but then I started thinking that what if Kate would visit for example Sweden on CP Victorias birthday and alter the Swedes traditional clothing by wearing a blue and yellow mini skirt. (And most probably show us even more we want to see..). So how I feel about that is perhaps how the people in Bhutan feel about Kates “I wear your traditional clothing as I want” skirt.
    (The Finnish traditional clothing is quite similar to the Swedish, so maybe that is why I feel strongly about it).

    And KMR, thank you so much for this blog! I try to read it daily but as someone above said, I too am obviously in a different schedule, because when I read a post, there’s almost always at least a hundred comments and everything I had to say, has been said 😀

    1. Thanks you, Summer!

      I hadn’t thought about the traditional clothing like that. Yeah, if anyone went to Sweden and tried to emulate their traditional dress but in a more “modern” way, that wouldn’t go over well.

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