Prince William and Kate Middleton go on safari

Prince William and Kate Middleton go on safari

Day 4, April 13, of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s royal tour of India was the most “vacation” of the entire tour so far. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a safari tour of Kaziranga National Park before meeting local villagers living near the park. They then visited Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation and Elephant Family.

PS. Yes, I know William and Kate are already in Bhutan now; keeping up with their schedule is a bit difficult due to the time difference.

First on the agenda was their safari tour around Kaziranga National Park. The took an open air jeep around the park. Supposedly Kate took photos on her own camera. I wonder if KP will release those photos the way they did Kate’s photos after the SE Asia tour.

When the couple met the park staff, Kate seemed happy that there were female park rangers. She said: “That’s really great. I was actually wondering if there were female rangers.”

PS. Jason, to quote you, “William will speak out against rhino poaching” after they meet park rangers. Um… What happened to that? There was no speech at all on Day 4.

William and Kate meet park rangers
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kaziranga National Park is a World Heritage Site which hosts two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses. Kaziranga also boasts the highest density of tigers among the protected areas in the world and was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006, and is home to large breeding populations of elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer. The park sits in two districts of Assam and covers 170 square miles (430 square kilometres).

Kate wore pants! Skinny jeans, but they’re still pants. Kate chose Zara “Mid-Rise Biker Trousers” ($49.90). Kate paired them with a new RM Williams “Gretna” white ruffled blouse with blue and gold diamond design from the AW14 collection. According to Kate’s Closet, who contacted the designer, the shirt was a gift during the 2014 NZ/Oz tour.

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine drop earrings and her Sebago Bala boat shoes with an “Indian Embroidered Stole” in beige from Flora Garments (ยฃ180.00). Flora is a UK brand but the stole was made in India.

Kate changed to visit Pan Bari Village to meet villagers and discuss challenges of living near the park.

William and Kate chat to villagers
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The couple walked through a tea garden before meeting women working at a traditional weaving loom.

William and Kate did some sort of walkabout to meet the villagers who came out to see them. Kate also got her hands kissed and a hug from a woman.

Kate talked about Prince George and Princess Charlotte and said she was sad because she missed her kids.

From the Express:

    “The Duchess told locals that Prince George is very cheeky, and said seeing all the little girls dancing in the village reminded her of Princess Charlotte.
    “She said she is feeling sad today because she is missing her children, but added that she will bring George and Charlotte with her next time she visits India.
    “When asked by elders why they had not bought George or Princess Charlotte with them, Kate replied: ‘Because George is too naughty. He would be running all over the place. The next time we come we will definitely bring them.'”

I want to preface this with the fact that I know parents miss their kids when they are apart from them for any length of time and that it’s perfectly normal and I’m not judging Kate for that at all. Having said that, is it just me or is it pretty darn rude to tell the people of the country you’re on an official visit to that you are sad to be there because you miss your kids? Sure, it’s perfectly normal to miss your kids, but maybe don’t say or imply that you’re sad to be where you are when all these people have come out to see you.

William and Kate next visited the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation at Kaziranga National Park where they fed baby elephants and rhinos.

The Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) is the first rescue and rehabilitation centre near a protected area in India. SWRC was established in 2002 as a way to stabilize displaced animals before releasing them back into the wild. CWRC takes in all type of animals, but since William’s conservation work focuses on elephants and rhinos, they spent their time with orphaned elephants and rhinos which the CWRC takes in, rehabilitates, and returns to the wild.

I haven’t been envious of their tour until now. These babies are adorable and this looks like a super fun vacation.

The final stop of the day was to Elephant Family where the Cambridges drank tea and painted an Elephant Parade statue to launch the Parade. Elephant Parade will see 200 elephants decorated and placed in 200 locations across India.

William painted the blue and red design on the left, and Kate painted the orange design on the right.

William and Kate elephant painting
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Elephant Family, co-founded by Camilla’s brother Mark Shand, is a non-government organization which works to save elephants from extinction by funding over 150 field projects in six elephant range states: India, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia. They fund work and research of leading environmentalists and grassroots conservation organizations to save the Asian elephant’s habitat, and in doing do help the tiger, rhinos, and other wildlife that share that habitat.

Kate wore another print, this one by Topshop, the “Embroidered Smock Dress” (ยฃ75.00). She accessorized with her Accessorize Filigree earrings we’ve seen several times this tour, and her Pied-a-Terre Imperia wedges in black.

I like this dress; I think it’s cute. The only thing that maybe would stop me from buying it for myself is that there is just a tad too much black on the bodice (which makes it look rather boxy), but otherwise I think it’s super cute.

Here are some more photos from the Park.

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  1. I’m just writing to HMRC to ask them to fund a trip for me to go and visit this park. As they’ve done it for Kate surely they’ll do it for me too? ( Americans think IRS)
    Why does she wear long, long sleeved and buttoned up dresses all week and then get the spray paint out, and without even a longer tunic? It seems very inappropriate and disrespectful if this is ‘work’. But it does explain refusing food. One extra pound and they wouldn’t fit.
    Ok I just love the babies, far more exciting than Will and Kate- the baby Eli’s are so tiny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just as well they were babies, if they were old Will might have auctioned off to the press pack the right to go and shoot one. Sorry, that speech still irritates the hell out of me. Perhaps that is why he decided to keep his mouth shut today.

    1. Ha ha ha ha Birdy!! All I thought was, hmmm….do you think the IRS would send me there? I guess they would if I was wealthy enough to deduct it as a “pretend” business. And Will knows that no one would pay to hunt an old animal. Trophy hunters want one’s that are considered a “trophy”, so yes, a good thing he didn’t give the speech. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ooof. The first shot of her in a blouse and skinny jeans really highlights how short her legs look while her torso is very long. A higher-waisted set of chinos or capris would have been an improvement over those disastrous spray-on skinny jeans.

    Though I hate the Wedges of Doom, the dress is cute and the look is an okay choice for hosting lunch. I would not have worn it to feed small animals- I would have opted for something that’s smarter for the outdoor setting like some sort of cargo capri and a printed blouse with a long beaded necklace and scarf.

    Also noticed the shot of her hugging the woman is totally half-hearted on her end (like a half-hug you give to a date you don’t plan to call back ever) while the other woman is totally hugging her. (It’s unfair to compare her to Diana, but the difference in their body languages is vast and easy to notice.)

    Another great post KMR, thank you!

    1. I don’t understand why Kate persists in wearing these super skinny jeans because they are highly unflattering to her figure.

      The picture of the Indian woman kissing Kate’s hands made me sad. It reminded me of a similar picture of an kneeling, almost prostrate, Indian woman touching Diana’s shoes. No person, regardless of their rank, deserves this kind of abject subservience. This kind of self-abasement makes me so sad.

        1. +1 from me as well:) Kate is in absolutely no way respectable in my opinion and hardly deserves any sort of deference from anyone.
          Those jeggings were bordering on vulgar and obviously meant to show her ‘figure’, ***speaking of totally unworthy of any respect***. This tour is absolutely pointless and to me dumb and dumber simply made fools of themselves. This dingbat is supposedly representing Britain so why all the missing the mark ‘ethnic’ costumes? I guess I’m just not getting it. And that doesn’t trouble me at all. These two are just overgrown full of themselves teenagers. Buffoons. Jokes. An embarrassment. I cannot for the life of me see Kate as regal/dignified. William at times when he keeps his trap shut or doesn’t try to be funny does look ‘royal’ but Kate no way. Not once, no matter what she wears, or how she does her hair, she simply looks like a little girl playing princess/dress up.
          And yes, thanks so much for the coverage KMR and the pictures are awesome. Only comment I’m making on this post in deference to my blood pressure, so forgive me for being all over the map:)

      1. And really, did she need big blue on her finger for this day? The skinny pants are fully. Why can’t the woman buy a pair of khaki paints and casual top? Nothing about her clothes worked for me. I am sick of the same dresses. Had I seen this one earlier I probably would have liked it, now it just looks like every other dress she has worn.

        Yes, AH, i thought of that pic of Diana. In that pic, at least Diana showed emotion and empathy. It looked like all Kate was thinking was you are not supposed to touch me, I am royalty.

        KMR,thank you so much for the animal pics. Majestic creatures and such adorable babies

        1. Those leggings were terrible! This would have been the only time I would have said, “Go ahead, SWF Diana!” You are right, Reilly, khaki’s would have been better. The shirt was ok, though.

          Oh, those beautiful animals! How I would love to see them.
          Kate looked happy to be feeding the rhino and elephant. I’m so glad they can be helped. I read where so many were found in desperate condition.

          She really was enjoying herself and seemed to be so relaxed. I just loved her dress, too. Perfect length. Not the midi, that annoys me, or too short. I do agree the bodice was a bit boxy. And, I did not like the shoes. But, for once, I liked her look on this trip. The dress, not the leggings on the Safari.

          I really wish she (and Will) would forego referring to poor George as naughty or “cheeky,” He is a two year old child and they keep people busy by running around and getting into everything Poor George. He is always being spoken about in such a manner. Charlotte, is referred to in a more pleasing light.

          Of course she misses her kids. And, I did not think that her saying so would be rude to the hosts, though. I guess I just figure they would understand, but you are right, KMR, she could preface such a statement by saying, “William and I are having so many wonderful times in your beautiful country. We can’t wait until the children are old enough to come here with us when we will visit again.”

          There was a remark she made that was posted in the Daily Mail during the Safari that puzzled me. She supposedly patted William on his knee and said, “Now, we’re safe.” What did she mean? The safari was life-threatening? Oh, I would love to go on a Safari.

          The photo of the woman kissing her and hugging her showed an embarrassed and uncomfortable Kate . To me, she seemed to feel as so many of us have posted. She did seem naturally uncomfortable as if she knows she does not deserve such flattery. And, I thought her hugging the woman was ok. If I put myself in Kate’s shoes (not those wedges, please), I don’t know if I would be comfortable. Still, I would hope my hug would be more warmly given. But, I do think sometimes I am too hard on Kate so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Sorry, I have not read the rest of the commments, so I ;may be repeating things others have said.

          Lovely post, KMR. The photos were magnificent that you chose and your copy — as always — was great. Thanks for a morning retreat into nature!

          1. One royal reporter on Twitter said of Kate’s comment about George being naughty and running around: Just like every toddler.

            I thought I read the quote as saying, “We’re all safe”. Like, from the animals. But maybe I interpreted that wrong.

            Thank you for the complement Jenny!

          2. Thanks, ladies. I just am lost in thoughts of Safari, today.

            Hope little George is having fun running around and learning new things as he gets into them! As for Charlotte, may she toddle in her big brother’s footsteps!

          3. I think having PG would have been fun. I am sure as a two year old he is far more interesting than his parents. W&K keep making it seem as though he has too much energy. The truth is the parents are such dull people they do not recognize their son has personality.

    2. I agree about the way she looks in the pants. If she were so concerned she would wear a higher cut pant or leave her top out. I think it’s probably harder to find a pair of tight pants/jeggings that are higher waisted so she wears kinds like this.

      I loved seeing the animals. I saw a baby rhino at a zoo once and it was adorable. It was completely taken in by the crowd and when it turned and realized it’s mom had left it jumped about 6″ off the ground then ran off to find her. Well we don’t get to see her feed her kids, but at least we get to see her feed the animals.

      Finally, I wish they would lay off talking about George so negatively. For two people who claim to champion mental health for children they seem to be going out of their way to make him a little basket case who is too naughty, to rough, etc.

      1. I don’t think they realize the implications of the narrative that they are perpetuating about George. Let’s say George ends up to be a bit of a “fun-loving” teenager. The press will be all over it, saying George has been bad his whole life. It’s bad to be on the record saying things like that. They clearly don’t think long term about any of their choices and PR moves.

  3. I like her dress (but not for feeding baby elephants or rhino). Skinny trousers.
    Will doesn’t speak : Jason doesn’t want that the press remember us his speech about hunting sick animals,
    Yes it was a tourist’s day!

  4. The sprayed on pants, I just can’t get over them. RM Williams! Yay. They are a rural/cowboy brand here, hence why Kate is wearing the top on Safari LOL

    She really did not want to be hugged did she, but gave in at the end and half hugged the other lady I hug my MIL who I cannot stand in a more friendly manner than this.

    To talk about being sad about missing your children is just rude. Yes we all miss our kids when they are away from us and I have no doubt that she misses them but to say it when you are in someone’s country as a guest is very rude.

    1. I think it’s even ruder that it’s not said because she actually misses them but needs a talking point because she has nothing else to say. Ever since George was born that’s all she has to say to people, even when they don’t ask; she inserts him into the conversation.

      It’s also done to put it in the public’s conscious that she spends oh so much time with these two kids so that she should be excused from doing any royal engagements. She’s setting it up right now. We all know that they already will go back to the UK and do nothing for a month at the least. But now we’ll get the statement, a “legitimate” excuse, that she or her or both are spending so much time with the children because they missed them so much and were away for 6 days. Of course that won’t stop her from being spotted/photo’d shopping and eating out or doing whatever.

    2. Tanya S, Your comment about your MIL brought back memories and made me laugh. I had a dreadful MIL. Hang in there.

      You are correct, the sprayed on pants do nothing for Kate. But, we all know she (as is William) seems to be stubborn beyond belief; so they may resurface.

      The best part is the photos of my favorite animal: the elephants.

  5. This is definitely what I would love…safari and feeding wild babies. I too liked the dress. I also don’t get the impression that Kate wants to be hugged by others but not everyone is comfortable in that area. I am glad that William or whomever decided against William’s giving a speech. It will anyway be noted in newspapers his stance on conservation. I think Kate tries to include her children so to speak. But I think just to say she missed them would have been enough. It would go without saying out loud of course she is probably having a hard time being away from them. I have learned a lot and continue to learn. I read up on Mark Shand and would like to read at least one of his books..the one about the elephant he became close to. Thank you for another interesting post.

    1. I actually can forgive the whole “not wanting to be hugged” thing because I don’t like being hugged. Not even by family members and friends. Like, out of everyone I know there are only two people I feel comfortable hugging.

      1. I don’ t like being hugged either, but I think this is part of her job, so even if she’ s not so willing she should act as if she’ s pleased to hug people. It’ s part of her job. This tour has been so disappointing to me, actually I didn’ t expect that much from these two, but the disrespectful flashing by Kate, will stating that he ‘ s never watched a Bollywood movie, Kate refusing tasting food, and the safari, nothing but a trip they’ re enjoying, these two are just having another holiday. Kate’ s jeggings are not so appropriate for a duchess, why doesn’ t she ever wear trousers? they would be much more appropriate, we all know she’ s very thin, she doesn’ t need to flaunt her skinny figure every time. Nice article again, I’ m getting addicted to your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. If I remember correctly, she did kind of reciprocate when a stunned little girl, an orphan from Uganda, gave her a great big hug out of the blue.

  6. “Kate paired them with a new RM Williams โ€œGretnaโ€ white ruffled blouse with blue and gold diamond design from the AW14 collection. According to Kateโ€™s Closet, who contacted the designer, the shirt was a gift during the 2014 NZ/Oz tour.”

    So royals can accept free gifts of clothing? I thought they couldn’t…?

    1. Royals get gifts all the time from members of the public, public officials, etc. They are formally declared as gifts received during work and are technically property of the Crown rather than personal property. The royal who received the gift is allowed to use it until death and then it goes to the Crown to decide what to do with it. OR the gift is officially declared and then disposed of properly.

        1. That gown was a bespoke piece created just for her and was given to her as an official gift during her trip to Prague, Czech Republic.

  7. She looks so thin in the jeans & top. Even though they were on safari she could have worn more suitable pants like chinos or capris. Don’t like the embroidery on the dress, luckily it didn’t fly up and expose her to the villagers today. Can’t stand their vapid & fake excited staring, the safari photo at the top with Wills pointing & Kate looking way too excited is almost as bad as the spear photo from a previous holiday, I mean tour. She doesn’t seem to like the plebs touching her or near her, she looks really uncomfortable when the lady kissed her hands and then she laughed that try hard, false laugh to hide it once she was hugged. Keep up the great work KMR, I’m not reading other blogs or looking up the tour on the net, I prefer to follow from your blog. You have a life outside of this blog so take the time you need. <3

    1. Agree! She lacks the natural warmth with people. It really shows! Maybe that is the reason why she doesn’t feel passionate about charitable work?

    2. Thanks so much, Cat!

      Re Kate’s safari outfit: I would have worn a looser pant and a boot instead of the boat shoes.

      1. Agreed. When the Rescue I volunteered at had our big cats, yes lions and tigers, our standard attire was cargo pants, polo, tee, or button up work shirt (depending on our assigned task) and boots. You can look good while still being practical

  8. Ah look upon them British and Indian peasants!! Feast your eyes on this amazing holiday that you’re footing the bill for, under the guise of a tour that’s accomplishing nothing, and that most of you could never afford to go on ever or at least until you’ve reached retirement age, and bow down. – I mean this trip that forges a better relationship between the UK and India. After all, as told by William, the past was so good so the future can only be amazing!

    Fawn over Waity’s ugly boat shoes that need to be thrown away already and her ugly skinny jeans that accentuate her no-ass-a-tall syndrome and be overcome with awe – no, no, hold on! That should be fit and trim figure and her nice casual wear Forgive me. We should all aspire to look so good ๐Ÿ™‚

    Don’t be afraid to go weak in the knees over Chutney’s having to be without the children who she frequently leaves to at home to go shopping, to the salon, and who you’ve only seen out in public with George when she and her horrible mother have set up a pap shot. – wait a minute, that should be the children she’s dedicating her life and time to unselfishly. We can all take a page out of her book!

    And damn it don’t be afraid to catch a case of the vapor’s over Choppper’s hypocritical stance of the killing of wildlife because he’s only interested in conservation because his one that got away, Jecca, is highly passionate about conservation. – That’s not right. Sorry, I’m having an off day. That should say his strong and inspiring stance on conservation because he wants George and Charlotte to be able to see a Rhino one day. Conviction just so powerful, it moves you so much, you just have to have a sit down, you’re so overwhelmed by it!

    Ah, well everyone makes mistakes you all know what I meant. So yes, all, bow down and be grateful because after all they’re so amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Kate owns the hippie look. LOL! With her hair and lanky physique coupled with those patterned lightweight dresses …
    Oh! And she’d look great in flared pants and a peasant top!

  10. I, too, wondered how this would fly with UK taxpayers. Just what does having representatives visit foreign animals accomplish for the taxpayers? Boggles the mind.

    1. I could understand it in terms of William’s conservation work if he made a speech and spoke about how there needs to be more parks like this that work to protect animals from poachers and whatnot, but he didn’t and therefore it seems more like a fun vacation thing rather than him working toward anything. And even if it did relate to his conservation work, it still does nothing for the UK taxpayer since his conservation work has nothing to do with the UK.

      1. Please feel free to disagree other UK taxpayers, but this is just a ‘jolly’.
        It’s not making headline news, in fact last night there was a 15 second segment on th evening news.
        As someone said earlier this week, the pair should have an entourage of MP’s and business leaders following on behind and actually making some deals in the haze of the good will.
        Same with Bhutan – fabulous country, brilliant royals who appear hard working and grounded, but what has that got to do with UK taxpayers?

        1. Totally agree Birdy . I noticed that on the BBC website there is not much coverage of this tour and it hardly reaches the most popular stories section of it .

        2. That neither William nor Kate can be trusted with a speech, and can just be seen patting, clapping, waving, whatever speaks volumes as to how hard their PR has to work to keep them out of trouble.
          Wasn’t this tour at the request of the Queen? One can only assume that it was just a vehicle to make William and Kate appear less lazy, more attractive… I really don’t know. Given the gaffes, not really sure if it worked. If trade concerns were uppermost in the UK government’s minds, business people and diplomats should have accompanied them.

        3. Birdy, thanks for giving us the ‘insider’ perspective. In general, how is this tour/holiday going over in Britain?

          1. It is being very little reported – throw away pieces at the end of the news.
            There is a lot going on here with Brexit just around the corner, and another MP scandal!!
            In general I would say pretty pictures, but no substance.
            No doubt next week all the magazines will be full of pictures, but the newspapers whilst reporting have been very quiet.
            I feel (although I am loving KMR’s coverage and check in because I chose to) that it is a bit like watching a friend on Facebook throwing their wonderful holiday in your face each day, while you work hard!
            To be fair even Charles trip was very little reported, nor Ed and Sophie’s. The days of Diana are well and truly over.

      2. I agree, a speeche is really missed, it looks like an holiday and I agree conservation brings nothing to Uk and most of all I don’ t find him credible, since he goes hunting

  11. Thankyou KMR. I have been hanging out for your article.

    I really loathe the chains on the elephants ankles.

    1] I like the dresses but am tired of the same asian meets hippy look.

    2]I thought the pants were jeggings at first. Perhaps a half size up would make her more comfortable. I saw a pic of them from behind. They leave nothing to the imagination which I thought odd as she has been mindful of where she is so far.

    3] Missing the children is normal. Wouldn’t they have rehearsed these types of questions before the tour? Could she have answered that George was in school and Charlotte too young to travel as yet and when they were older they would bring them? I felt a tad uncomfortable for her hosts. Working professionals don’t usually sit at work and complain they miss their children, well at least not with global media cameras they don’t.

    4]Again, I really loathe the chains on the elephants ankles.

    1. Chains on elephants ankles??? I missed them ๐Ÿ™ why chains? we’ re not in a circus, aren’ t we? Elephants should walk freely in that place

    2. She talked about her feelings with regards to her kids, yet said nothing about all the poverty stricken children she’s seen and met. It’s all about the snowflake.

  12. I think Kate has zero conversation skills resulting in the go-to about Charlotte the sweet and George the terrible. I feel for the kids if this keeps up; at some point this could become an issue between them. Good catch that Will did not give the vaunted speech. I wonder why, but it may have been a timing issue. Lol if their itinerary developed to keep these two mossy boulders continually moving so they didn’t sink into the usual inertia. If they need a two week holiday after a half hour/hour British event, how long will they need after these 22 short events. They must really want that Mustique vacation, they probably whisper continually when approaching villagers.
    Kate looks great. Some of the clothes choices are meh but this dress is cute and she looks animated. IMO Will is looking ticked off lately. I wonder if he’s sick of having to “work” (and this isn’t really work Will), or if he got an earful from the Queen about Flashdance. It was clear that Kate didn’t even try to attack her dress down the second it flew up, nevermind she chose it and knew there would be wind because of wind reports. He seems remote in many of these pictures where Kate appears engaged.

    1. Agree, Sunny. They use the children card as part of their buzzwords’ little talk. Only it’s even more annoying to use your own children in a clishe conversation and as an excuse for not working. It’s really beneath any parent to do that. Haven’t they supposedly packed all these events to make the tour shorter? She misses the kids, we get it. And George is naughty while Charlotte is cute and ladylike. Please, pity! Our brain cells will explode from this monotony.

      As for the pictures from the open jeep, I had to laugh with William seemingly being in his element playing the tour guide for Kate, and Kate playing the dumb blonde. On the snarky side: did he forget his gun? Sorry, can’t get past of his trophy hunting remark!

      Thank you again KMR, for the thorough update, no matter the time difference.

  13. We’re all sad to leave our kids for work Kate. She is so insensitive to those workers who work miles from their children and see them annually, if ever. I think she plays the mommy card like she played the girlfriend card. Whatever means the least amount of effort.

  14. There are people who go half-way around the world to work, their children at home with relatives, they don’t see their children for months on end (they send the money home so the children can get an education)…. Now THAT is tough!

  15. Oh KMR, I am feeling guity. I went to bed these days knowing the next day I was sure you were up updating the blog. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Well, a “vacation” day of the tour. How I think this whole tour is only a “vacation”, it’s not a surprise to me. You said about Kate saying she misses her children: ” is it just me or is it pretty darn rude to tell the people of the country youโ€™re on an official visit to that you are sad to be there because you miss your kids?” Yes, it was very rude on the part of Kate say this. It’s like if was a sacrifice for her to be on this tour. Very sad. But with Kate this is not a surprise.

    1. I’ m baffled about Kate’ s unpreparation about what to say : can’ t people around her give her a sheet of paper were’ s written something interesting to say? Talking about how George is embarrassing is nothing but embarrassing. I’ m pretty sure she really doesn’ t care, even if she was taught about what to say during this ” holiday” she wouldn’ t learn, because putting some effeort is not what kate’ s willing to do

  16. 1. Dress mishap – check
    2. Skinny jeans – check
    3. George is naughty – check

    But, I must say this tour is much better than the events at home. She’s looking like she’s enjoying herself and engaging more with locals than she has previously. She and William seem to be enjoying each other too, which is lovely to see.

    I do not understand the chain around the elephant’s ankle? I hope this won’t turn out to be another time William tries to raise awareness for conservation only to find out the animals aren’t well cared for upon further investigation. That would be sad and unfortunate.

    1. Perhaps the park wanted to make sure the elephant was there for the photo op and/or W&K to look at?

      1. Probably, but it still seems wrong. If William is a true conservationist, than I’m sure he felt awkward about that. As a guest in the country, he wouldn’t likely bring it up, but it would be a poignant reminder of how much of wildlife is not wild anymore.

        1. I share your point of view. At the end of the day, it is not important if there are not elephant because after they will see the babies.
          I want to know if the chains are here to make sure that the animals are here or if it is normal. I don”t know if the journalists are talking about this.

  17. I realised I was a little too critical before, which is not usually me. I’m not a British taxpayer, nor a subject. I’m here mostly for the fun and good conversations, without having a direct interest in BRF.
    So while I keep reminding myself of the above, I have to say that I like Kate’s dress today. Although it’s another print dress, it’s still more interesting and pleasant.

    I also enjoyed the pictures of the baby animals; what I would give to take my daughter to a park like this and getting to feed them from the bottle! And another positive note: Kate with the young lady in front of the weaving loom. I would be excited too!

  18. Oh KMR no need to apologize. The time difference is rough. We so appreciate everything you’ve done to keep us updated. Now on to the show. …skinny jeans again? Katie they don’t work on you and I really want you to realize that the entire world doesn’t want to see the outline of your lady parts. (courtesy of fly away skirts we’ve already seen more than we ever wanted to ). I like the bottom part of the afternoon dress the top just doesn’t work at all.
    I’m glad Billy kept his mouth shut, Kate needs to work on her conversational skills and try to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around her and her photo ops/work skipping excuses errrrrrrrr children and at least pretend to be interested in others
    I will say they look happier and more relaxed this trip and it looks good on them. Sorry for the rant and ramble my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

  19. I haven’t read any of the other comments so forgive me if I repeat someone else.

    This whole tour Kate has dressed like Miss Modesty with high necklines, long hems, flowy fabrics but this pants are so tight that you can tell if the nickel in her back pocket is heads or tails!! If ever there was an event to wear a nice pair of chinos too, this was it. (sigh…head shakes…)

    Yet again, poor George’s parents can’t find one nice thing to say about him. When he grows up and reads about what his parents have said about him, in public no less, he’s going to need serious help. I get that he’s a handful, I raised one of those myself, but geez at least say that he’s a snuggle bug, super athletic or inquisitive, anything that doesn’t make him sound like a thorn in your side. Yeah, I bet he’s going to be a bum in Africa (like William said), anything to get away from his parents.

    1. I’m hoping that George is the exact opposite of his parents, rejecting everything about them. If so, the poor kid has a chance and we’ll be cheering him on.

      As for the skin tight pants: for God’s sake, just put it away Kate! You’re not 22 any more. More modest pants would have denied her the opportunity to show her thigh gap and her thin legs. Such vanity; like the flashing, it seems core to Kate’s public persona.

      1. I have to say that I’m way past 22 or even 34 but I do wear skinny jeans on occasion but never in 90+ heat and humidity, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable she must have been. However, I do try to not make a scene in them, you know wear a top that covers the butt or a longish sweater but you are quite right this is totally vanity for her, look at me, look at me! Ugh.

        1. I wear them too. But on the other hand, I like to wear a tunic or something with it. And I don’t buy them to be skin tight.

  20. KMR, you are amazing to provide us this in a timely manner. No explanation necessary.

    I don’t know what else to say. I didn’t post yesterday because this is starting to anger me. Why? Because they have no regard to duty, decorum, or people. Here are some examples that add to my pisstivity:

    – Kate made note of female park rangers. Kate, it’s the 21st century and women can be who they want to be.
    – All this talk about naughty vs nice on regards to her kid’s personalities. Why stereotype them based on gender?
    – Kate wore pants. Good. But they were extremely inappropriate. This is not the region where showing off one’s body is appropriate
    – The whole “India iso a great vacay” vibe is getting trite
    – Kate and William and their over the top behavior

    I doubt that HM, Diana, Anne, or even the Queen Mother (who Kate is keen to emulate) would dare do any of the above. They are becoming more useless. I can’t throw anymore shade today. It’s become too easy.

    1. I thought Kate was well-travelled enough to not say stupid things. Isn’t she the daughter of a pilot or something and went to preschool in Jordan? I thought she would have seen a female park ranger at least once.
      I agree with the pants. She seems to only own skinny jeans though. But skinny jeans are not comfortable to wear while doing physical activity and in the heat.

        1. From what I remember, Mike was a pilot and Carole was a flight attendant. I want to say that’s how they met.

          1. So apparently Mike was never a pilot, he worked as despatcher possibly in the control tower. The press gave him a “promotion”/occupation more fitting for a royal in-law.

      1. Heavens no Mri. Kate has never been well traveled. I doubt she remembers much, if anything at all, of her time in Jordan. Their tour to America was the first time she’d ever been to America. It was really shocking when that bit of info hit the headlines. I’m not trying to be arrogant about my country, it’s just that you’d think she’d at least have been to the more cliched, known for having residents with big money, luxury shopping, and/or sport like New York City, Beverly Hills, Aspen, and/or Miami. If it didn’t involve and island or stalking William she didn’t want to be there which is why it was so hilarious that Chopper said that lie about “Catherine” telling him that the first place she wanted to go after the wedding was India. Like, not only are you lying, it’s not even a half-way believable lie. Don’t insult our intelligence. (not to mention it came off as her thinking that being a royal was a gateway to free vacations)

  21. I wanted to add, that imo Kate’s hair hasn’t look very good on this tour, maybe the first day yeah but since then it’s been down hill. I get that this morning she had an early wake-up but her updo later in the day looked flat and uninspired. For $500 a day plus expenses her hairdresser should be doing a much better job than she has been.

    1. Agree I’ve commented as such on earlier posts – I think her hair has been dull. With so much hair to work with she should have some wonderful up dos and half up dos. In the heat I am surprised that she ever wore it down.

  22. Once again these two miss the mark. William who is so passionate about conservation. Yet does not make a speech. Jason what are you worried about that they are to inept to say anything? And Kate rambling on about her children. I cannot stand when she refers to George as naughty. Hello Kate he is two. I have a son that is a week older than George. I do not go around saying he is naughty all the time. As for Charlotte it always seems to be characterized as the good one. Keep stereotyping your kids. Good and bad. See how that works out for you. I really hope George and Charlotte give the Lazy Duo a run for their money. Not saying for them to be naughty kids. I would really like to see them rebel. As in actually in the sense of work ethic and duty to the Royal Family. Yet I fear with the Lazy Duo steering the ship. That may never happen.

  23. I am just shaking my head at Kate now. This time, it’s nothing to do with fashion, and everything to do with the “George is too naughty” comment. It makes me so sad to hear other parents put down their children. Yes, they all have their faults (parents do, too!), but you could at least say something positive: “George would love it here! He’d be running all over the place!”, rather than class normal toddler energy and behaviour as “naughty!” My son is exactly 2 weeks younger than George, so I know exactly the needs of an energetic toddler. It’s a balancing act, knowing that your child needs some fresh air, stimulation, nourishment and then (hopefully!) a nap. Playing is the work of being a toddler, as well as learning and understanding the boundaries of accepted behaviour. To do this, children need to be in an environment where they can learn and yes, make mistakes. I’ve observed that if you treat your children as if they are capable of behaving, then they generally will! Granted, I don’t know George’s temperament, and everyone is different, but believing that your child can (eventually) do something is a huge, positive element in bringing up a child.

    I suspect, had they brought George, that the public would see how much George doesn’t interact with his parents, and – more importantly – how the Cambridges don’t parent – and I mean “parent” in the active, verbal sense. Pure speculation on my part, but it really doesn’t seem like they spend much time with their children. If the nanny or in-laws do the majority of the child rearing, then the parents are not really regarded as authority figures, which is why they might be calling G “naughty”. Again, pure speculation.

    1. Completely agree with you Elizabeth. When parenting any child it’s about boundaries. At two especially it’s about pushing these boundaries. As for the Lazy Duo as parents. I really do not believe they spend not a lot of time with either one of their children. When I think of Will and Kate’s parenting style I think of Downtown Abbey. Where the children are presented to the adults at tea time by the Nanny. After all it is one of they’re favorite shows.

    2. Hi Elizabeth, this comment really got to me too. I wonder if at home they are always scolding him for being rambunctious somehow I can’t imagine Kate (being as nervous as she is) being okay with him running around and making noise all the time. I remember my son climbing a bookcase at 1 year old (he started walking around 9 months…ugh) and generally being into everything, it was exhausting but he wasn’t being “naughty” he was being a high energy toddler who was super interested in everything. I just really hope that W&K don’t end up damping his spirit too much.

      1. Yes Lauri, I had three boys close in age, and we had a number of trips to A&E through over excited exploring (and then later from sports injuries). They weren’t naughty, just inquisitive. BUT – big but – I didn’t have cream sofas, and expensive curtains etc etc that I worried about them touching with dirty fingers. I wonder if George is even allowed in most part of their two homes?
        I would appalled and disgusted if people’s views here were true – these two are not working because they are parenting, so if it does ever come out that they are not hands on their reputation would be in tatters. Of course they need a full time nanny, I do fully appreciate that given their other responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean not being hands on. I do hope others are wrong – it would be difficult to know where to go from there if it came out that they were Downton Abbey types parents.

        1. The thing is Birdy, Kate and William lie so often about their lives, and have been caught out numerous times. So, is the hands-on parenting another tall story? They are a selfish couple and come across as impatient and self-absorbed. It has been reported that Kate still identifies as a child which affects her mothering abilities. The kids are babies, the staff is discreet, all is hidden.

      2. Ack, another 9 month walker! I feel you! Except my son is relatively cautious, I was still thinking, “Gosh, really? Aren’t you too young?” lol

        I feel so bad for George. Everything he does is painted in a bad light. ๐Ÿ™ And he seems–unlike his father of Billy the Basher fame–a sweet little guy.

        1. LOL Ellie, thanks for the sympathy! To be honest my 9 month old is now 30 so I can look back on those days with lots of affection (and thanks that he is no longer climbing the bookcase :)). Become friends with your local emergency room nurses because pretty soon you will all be on a first name basis, oh and they love cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I’m the same age then! Hehe. I was apparently a 9 month walker, adjusted as I was 3 months early, so he’s just taking after his mom. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            We live right next to the hospital so I’m well prepared! We could walk there in less than five minutes. He’s starting skating lessons soon, I’m sure we’ll have lots of injuries… haha.

  24. This just feels like we’re watching their honeymoon (and how many did they already have?). I’m glad they look happy together but they should be doing their jobs and go on vacation privately. It’s sad that they’re so unprepared and seem to have nothing intelligent to say. I guess it really is like William said in his speech the other day…he can now report back to granny that he did his job. They’re not interested in changing or achieving anything.

    About the jeans: she needs to wear a bigger size. She’s skinny but those jeans are too small.

  25. I have no time to read all your comments Ladies so please excuse me if I will repeat any of you.

    First her super/ultra/mega skinny biker jeans. To make it clear I love skinny jeans, for me skinnier the better but I would never show publicly my butt like that. (Did you see her pictures from behind on Daily Mail?)Does she think her ass is so incredibly sexy it would be such a pity not to show it around the world? Seriously – it’s disgusting !!!

    Also can she stop looking at William like a puppy begging for her muster attention? It’s like she is trying too hard to convince us that they are so much in love. Don’t get me wrong – I love my own husband very much and I love to be close to him but her maniac smiles and that entire show of happiness is too much to bear – it seems very unnatural.

    Last I would like to point George’s topic. She said they didn’t take him on this tour because he is too naughty. Well as far as I know most of the children in the age of 2 are naughty. Does it mean that all parents should separate their toddlers from the world and keep them locked in the house until they start to behave. For that lazy duo it’s even to much to look after their own children. What would they do without their nannies? …. But I suppose that is their definition of being normal and so down to earth family.

    1. I really like your comment Polish Girl. there is an article on line talking about how they look like they are on their honeymoon (don’t know about the rest of you, but we had to pay for our honeymoon) because of the loving gazes, touching, etc. I can’t believe I made it all the way through it.

      maybe ithe is a British English versus American, but I have a problem with the word naughty to describe a little boy. it implies that he is doing it on purpose and is at fault. I cringe when I hear them speak about George. my son was the most wonderful child at 2yrs and my daughter was always slipping away from us, wandering off, knocking things over. but she was adorable. frustrating, like the time she climbed her dresser drawers and pulled the whole thing down, but hilarious too. why must they talk about their kids as if they are older than they are? they’d do much better to tell a quick story rather than the gender stereotypes.

    2. Wow PolishGirl you just hit a nail on the head with “Also can she stop looking at William like a puppy begging for her muster attention?”, her whole adult life has revolved around William, she never seems to be as happy as she is when he is paying her the slightest attention. To me it’s rather sad to watch and I think that G&C will never be as important to her as William is, not saying that your children should be your everything but I don’t think it’s healthy to put all your happiness and sense of worth in the hands of one person.

      1. it is so sad to watch, Lauri. rather than spending time making herself into something – she doesn’t have to be Diana, but she doesn’t know who Kate is. all of those years waiting for him to choose her seem to have taken away her identity so now she only knows how to exist for him. it is on her for letting him define her existence, but it is still sad nonetheless.

        sorry if thisis harsh. I just can’t stand another gooogling into the eyes picture. I end of singing “sea if love” for the rest of the day. there is a line in there about that’s the day I knew you were my pet.

    3. @PolishGirl Actually, this one of her real expressions. She’s been doing it since 2011. It’s entirely pathetic but she truly wants his attention just like a puppy begging its master.

      William on the other hand could give a rat’s ass about showing her any real affection. I hate when she does this because, again, it’s pathetic, and I think she should just accept, already, the very real fact that life is not a Disney movie, she and William are not a fairytale, and that even if he once upon a time had a fondness for her in a friend way, even if they never divorce, he was and will never be in love with her nor will look at her with true love and passion in his eyes.

    4. William is Kate’s sun and moon and all the stars in the universe. He is the reason why she’s breathing, moving, living. Seams like a real romans but only from one part. She is so lost in pursuing his affection that she completely forgot about herself. She doesn’t exist if it’s not being next to William, looking at William, talking and touching William. He is indeed a reason of her existence. I can only be sorry for her ….

  26. I have to agree with the skinny jeans. It would have been more appropriate if she wore a mid-thigh tunic of some kind to hide the shape of her legs. She is not in England anymore. But then again, she is on vacation. Ignorance is bliss.

    I have noticed many pictures of Kate looking at William much more than William looking at her. But it’s strange that he doesn’t look at her “often enough” or “reciprocate” that gesture. It reminds me of her asking him after the wedding, “Are you happy?” I thought then, “Wow, she is asking him instead of him looking into her eyes and asking her that question?” Pretty sad, really.

    Looking forward to your next post, KMR.

      1. According to the lip reader yes. She was in the carriage after the wedding and she turned to him and asked “Now, are you happy ?”

      2. PolishGirl — Yes, Kate said that. I saw it with my own eyes on TV. US media had shown some highlights and there was a video that they used that you can see her mouth move saying those words — and they thought it was cute that she said this to William.

        Here is DM article about it. The famous line is near the bottom next to the photo of the Beckhams.

        1. Yes, Poppy, she said that, I too remember this at the wedding.
          What I want to know, though, is and I can’t remember exactly when it happened, maybe in the engagement interview, someone said or implied that she was lucky to have William. She then replied that *he* was lucky to have her and I kind of thought, ‘good for you, girl’! I often wonder if it was a moment thing or if she felt more confident pre-marriage. If that is the case, her marriage has done nothing for her. She had her children, bought an expensive wardrobe but in fact, she has lost her own self.

          1. Elina, I remember reading about that, too. I am sure that bravado is lying dormant. People don’t change all that much. She has been a good supporter to William — an heir and a spare, too. But she also married a nation. Is the UK lucky to have her? Time will tell. At the moment, the evidence doesn’t support it.

          2. That was back in the St. Andrews University days. Reportedly, a classmate asked her about how lucky she felt that she was going out with William and Kate replied back that he was lucky to be going out with her.

            I don’t think there’s ever been a specific date or date range of when that happened but I think it was most likely earlier in their relationship.

            I don’t think Kate has ever been truly confident. Her mother never instilled it in her. When she was young and the boys didn’t think she was top choice, her mother spent the summer with her trying on new looks to get their attention. Her mother did instill an arrogance and rudeness. So, she’s never known true inner confidence, which would be being yourself despite other people’s problems with that.

            I think she said what she did out of arrogance at the thought that she had William in the palm of her hand and arrogance of thinking she could control him.

            I could be wrong but I think if she had been asked that same question later on, when William started showing his true colors, she would’ve said that she was lucky to be dating him or both were lucky to have the other because the more the relationship progressed the more she was the one, not being controlled because William had a gun to her head, but turning into a pathetic loser begging William for attention.

            I really do think in the beginning that she arrogantly thought that she was going to be the one calling the shots, mixed with him turning into a fairytale Prince and offering her his undying love. How wrong she turned out to be.

  27. Regarding if she was sad about being there, I think she was just saying that more than usual she was missing her kids. It’s like when you go on trip, sometimes you just feel super homesick at parts, doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying yourself. If someone said that to me I wouldn’t take it as rude

  28. What a lovely holiday. I always wonder what these tours, especially for these two, accomplish. Pretty much just media salivating for the masses, I suppose, to promote the brand of W&K? Other tours I understand–for trade; to promote charitable links; or simply country links as they make sense for other royals with their engagement load and what is done, but these two just go on glorified taxpayer holidays. It bugs and I’m not a British taxpayer!

    I have nothing to say about them. Honestly, just nothing because they are so drab, so unsophisticated, and he is so rude and boorish. I just look and think, “Poor Britain and the Commonwealth, this is your future head of state…” Imagine him making these idiotic or downright offensive comments he’s made when he is king! Or Kate making these ridiculous faces with her gurning as Queen Catherine! Yikes. I also notice him blatantly ignoring her. She gazes at him like a woman always wanting to make him happy, and he is never happy, so he just ignores her or pushes her along as if, ‘let’s get this over with’. The body language between them is always so one-sided. A couple in love they are not.

    Thanks again for all your hard work KMR!

    1. ” I also notice him blatantly ignoring her. She gazes at him like a woman always wanting to make him happy, and he is never happy, so he just ignores her or pushes her along as if, โ€˜letโ€™s get this over withโ€™. The body language between them is always so one-sided. A couple in love they are not.”

      But, but William and Kate are sooo in love. At least according to the expert Jason probably hired to pump up the Taj Mahal visit.

      1. That made me retch a little.

        You know, if you stare at your husband adoringly because he is the reason for your existence ,and he only tolerates you and turns away, that ain’t love, Kate.

  29. First time poster here. I’m happy I have won the tour bingo now. Messy hair, flashing at memorial, skinny jeans, inappropriate comments, hooves for feet, and for the win, “naughty” comment on George, a two year old. Shame the bingo win didn’t bring more than exasperation.

  30. It’s quite funny and sad really that Kate wore her super skin tight leggings when she was in the accompaniment of 20 or so male Rangers. She changed when she went back around the women and children. I realize that she couldn’t wear a dress in the jeep ride ,but she certainly could have worn some linen trousers or cargo trousers or even the dress with some leggings underneath it. She certainly put herself on exhibition for all the men to see.

    1. I’m going with sad LadyJenn. After nearly a week of being covered up Kate saw a prime opportunity to share her bony assets with the world and took it.

  31. Those pants are absolutely horrendous. Especially a few of the back angles I saw yesterday. It looks like she purchased them a size or two too small on purpose. There is nothing acceptable about wearing those pants on this tour.

    Royal tours used to be 2-3 m months. Then it would be nora to hear HM she was sad to miss her children. But Billy and Katie haven’t even been gone a week. I found the comment rude also. She could have said she can’t wait to share all of her stories with her children.

    1. Yes, I agree ccoop, your suggestion would have been a nice comment. But, really where is Kate’s manners? She can’t summon them in front of HM, so why would she suddenly pull out her manners for a stranger.

      I bet her mother making rude comments about Prince Harry being rude, really stem from Kate’s behavior and the ‘stories’ (from Kate’s POV) are really about Harry trying to guide her. Just my guess.

      I think someone at Love, Lola stated they were on their honeymoon and W&K were on holiday at the same place. They stated Kate was rude, but did not elaborate.

      1. Interesting! Thank you for sharing. I can’t recall where I read it, but when she was dating William, someone in London saw her at a pub or a club and also stated she was rude.

        I had no idea Carole said rude things about Prince Harry. How awful.

    2. Long-time reader; first-time commenter. Regarding the comments she’s made about her children, I’d say she just has nothing else to talk about — either due to lack of social skills or lack of any life experience.

  32. I read that a rhino was killed during their days on the park :
    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge say they are angered to learn a rhino was killed by poachers while they were at Kaziranga National Park.” Richard Palmer
    Imagine if it was a rhino with chains…

  33. I find it especially odd that Prince William opted not to speak out against poaching. It would have made a particular impact if he had chosen to do it during or after a visit to the park. It is especially odd given the fact that a rhino was poached during their visit and the Cambridges were made aware of this.
    I am happy to see Kate experimenting with prints more on this trip. While I haven’t liked everything she has worn, I’m happy to see her going outside her comfort zone. I hope she brings some of this tour style back home.

  34. “According to Kateโ€™s Closet, who contacted the designer, the shirt was a gift during the 2014 NZ/Oz tour.” I wonder what they meant by that? Gift as in freebie, someone gave it to them as a souvenir or as an official gift given to them for the tour? Because if I recall, official gifts can be used by the royals but technically they are not theirs. But isn’t it weird to give a shirt as an official gift? Who else would use them?

    1. Sophie was given a bespoke gown as an official gift during her tour to Prague last year. So official gifts of clothing aren’t unheard of.

      1. All of Kate’s excessively repetitive and expensive clothes — is it likely that they are paid for by the taxpayer, Charles, Wills, or Mike and Carole, or are they mostly gifts?

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