Swedish royals at Nobel Laureates Dinner

Swedish royals at Nobel Laureates Dinner

King Carl XVI Gustaf‘s dinner for the Nobel Laureates was held last night, December 11, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Unlike the Nobel Banquet (which is put on by the Nobel committee) the Laureates dinner is hosted by the King – a tradition dating from 1904 when King Oscar II implemented a separate gala dinner to honor the award winners.

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Crown Princess Victoria wore Princess Lilian’s Laurel Wreath Tiara and a floral gown. Both Victoria and Prince Daniel are wearing the sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim.

Princess Madeleine attended with Chris O’Neill wearing the Modern Fringe Tiara and a repeated a pink Elie Saab gown she wore to Carl Philip and Sofia’s 2015 wedding.

Princess Sofia wore a sage green gown and brought back the emeralds on her Diamond and Emerald Wedding Tiara. Both Sofia and Prince Carl Philip wore the sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim.

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Queen Silvia wore the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and accompanying parure.

The menu consisted of: Duck liver terrine with honey-glazed figs, fried brioche and herb salad; Fried hjälmargös with saffron sauce, potato puree with browned butter and chopped spinach; Whole roast deer saddle from the royal hunt with green pepper sauce, fried asparagus broccoli, fried black cabbage and celery confit; Baked Alaska with a taste of cloudberry.

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42 thoughts on “Swedish royals at Nobel Laureates Dinner

  1. Puh, this goes definitely to Madeleine. I am not her biggest fan- but credit where credit is due. She looks lovely and radiating and the dress is a nice repeat. Her wedding tiara is just beautiful and she wears it so well. Fashion wise she left the other ladies far behind.
    Victoria’s gown is a shocking miss. The pattern, the colours, the fabric, the cut (body and hemline) – everything is awful. And it looks too long.
    Sofia’s dress is a bit bland and the colour is washing her out again. I wonder why she chooses this kind of pale colours. It is not like as if she couldn’t wear lighter colours- her engagement dinner light blue gown was perfect, but she continues to choose light colours that aren’t really working. Well, maybe it looks different in person, or she just prefers this look? And as said in the last post- I wish she would stop with those high necklines. The open shape of her tiara really is a great imrovement.

    The menu sound delicious.

    1. I agree, Victoria’s dress is horrible. The shiny material and the floral pattern à la my grandmother’s curtains are so ugly. I think this dress is even worse than Kate’s erdem gown!!

  2. I think Victoria’s dress is quite interesting.That’s something you really only wear to such a special occassion, but I like that it is something different.
    Sofia looks beautiful.Her dress is a bit washed-out but her make-up is far better than yesterday.
    Silvia’s jewelry is beautiful.

      1. Victoria’s dress is divine.

        I watched the Nobel Peace prize ceremony and lecture (by Beatrice Fihn); so many people in the audience were thrilled for ICAN. The hall (?) where it took place was awe-inspiring too. I noted Mette-Marit was moved to tears by the Bob Marley Redemption Song. By the way, she was wearing a beautiful jacquard jacket reminiscent of an Old Masters painting, paired with a striped skirt; very chic.

  3. Congratulations Kazuo Ishiguro! He is such a talented writer, and he and his partner look lovely. It must be absolutely bizarre to have to meet the whole royal family of Sweden because you are married to a scientist or writer. I get nervous enough going to a work party… can you imagine the pre-party jitters you get for the Nobel Prize Dinner?

    Fashion wise, everyone looks lovely but summery. Too pastel-y for December in northern Europe

    1. I agree. I loved all the dresses. Yet for the season way too much pastels. I would have gone with darker and richer colors. I am one of those people that doesn’t wear white shoes after Labor Day though. To each his or her own.

      1. I like pastels in spring.And the rich, dark colours for winter, especially Christmas time, so I think the same as you, Eleanor.It would be beautiful to.see them in Christmas colours.But perhaps we will see it at the Christmas days?

  4. I wonder if the SRF plans their colors. All the ladies are wearing pastels. No one stands out. The photos looks very cohesive. Although they could have chosen those colors because they coordinate with the pale blue sashes many of them are wearing. Whatever the reason, or lack of reason, they look great. SRF for the win!

    1. I wonder if they telephone each other, discussing the colours they will wear or if their stylists choose it.
      I guess they are all pretty close.It’s fun to see them together.

  5. Sigh. I wish we all had occasion to dress up more. It looks rather other worldly these days, very much like the stuff of fairy tales.

    Victoria looks fab in ball gowns and that one is stunning. Hands down the breathlessly big bling prize goes to Queen Silvia.

    I am so down with the menu. Set me a place, or make me a royal.

    1. Victoria’s dress wowed me, too. She is stunning! I thought Maddie looked magnificent too and knows how to be one glam pregnant woman. Sivlia is also gorgeous and Sophia looked very, very lovely, too.

      Oh, the jewels and gowns. A real holiday treat. nice to have something light and fun to comment on.

    2. “Sigh. I wish we all had occasion to dress up more. It looks rather other worldly these days, very much like the stuff of fairy tales.”

      I so agree Maven!

      My Mum used to go to lots of balls in the 1950s so by the time my sister and I came along we had the best dress up box ever! I wish I had kept those gowns though as they were so beautiful 🙁

      And lets not forget how nice men look in tails, especially white tail evening clothes?

  6. I’m in the minority because all I think is Yikes! Where are the lovely ladies from last night??? Silvia and Madeleine are okay. Don’t live their dresses but they look pretty hair and jewelry wise. Vic’s dress looks like the pattern belongs on my grandmother’s sofa and I don’t like all the material at the bottom. Hate the mint green on Sofia. As someone else who is pale and dark haired, you need to stick to bright colors!
    Baked Alaska with a hint of cloudberry sounds yummy!

    1. I so agree, especially about Victoria’s dress, it is hideous! Even worse than Kate’s floral erdem gown…
      And re the pattern of a grandmother’s interior: my thoughts exactly!

  7. I am beginning to think those big tiaras, like Sylvia’s or the Greville, really only work with fluffy medium length hair. Can’t picture them on a sleek head like Victoria’s.

    I am glad to see Sofia’s emeralds back. What a clever way to use a tiara. However, if her hair is down (I had troubling telling) I don’t think it works very well with any tiara. And her two Nobel dresses looked matronly to me. I could picture Queen Elizabeth wearing that style.

  8. So I am hearing that Harry decided to go on the hunting trip instead of attending the Sent bale benefit concert that Ellie Goulding performed at. Is this true? Wouldnt this have been a good event for Harry and Meghan to attend together? Anyone have any info about this?

    1. I don’t know when Harry got back to the UK, but the Sentebale Christmas Carol Concert was yesterday, December 11 (I just checked their website). Meghan is in LA, apparently. Who knows if Harry was back in the UK yesterday. He’s back today as he’s scheduled to attend the Star Wars premiere.

      1. It just reminds me of that gala for the hospice that Kate is a patron of that she skipped but Ed Sheeran performed at it. When the young royals decide to work with less than twent organizations I expect them to show up for the biggest events. They need to mark it on their calander a year in advance if need be.

        Sentebale is Harry’s own charity, one that he created in memory of his mother. Wouldn’t it have made sense to bring his fiance with him to this Christmas concert? He couldn’t come home from his vacation one day early? I’m a bit annoyed by that.

          1. I don’t agree. This sounds like Meghan will be placed in a royal cage.

            1. It seems that Kate has managed to hang with family a lot of the time after marriage.

            2. Harry and Meghan met on the sly for 18 months. I doubt that hanging out with others post marriage is going to be an issue.

            In other words, she will have no restrictions on her hanging with folks. I don’t understand why it would be asserted as otherwise.

          2. Most of Kate’s family and friends are in the UK making it a lot easier for her to visit them. Meghan’s family and friends are in Toronto and LA. Huge difference between taking a train to visit friends and family (Catherine) and Meghan flying out to LA which is like an 11 hour flight (with time change I believe).

            She clearly will be busy after her Jan vaca with wedding prep, honeymoon and her UK tour. She’ll also be expected to be with the BRF for most Christmases and Easters.

        1. I agree Maven. At least Harry should have been there although I also feel that Meghan could have attended as well. She was there for Invictus before they got engaged so even if she doesn’t have engagements count on the court circular yet I feel that both Harry and Meghan should have made an effort. If what they said in their engagement interview is true and they never spent more than a week or two apart they must be used to traveling long distances. I think what it comes down to is they just didn’t make it a priority.

  9. Madeline looks regal and stunning as always. She always looks like a model. Even when she misses it fashion wise, her looks save her.
    I love Sophie’s hair here. I don’t know why she and Victoria always insist on such severe, slicked down styles but both have beautiful, thick hair that they should wear out often. Sophie’s dress is better than last time. The color, while beautiful, doesn’t do her any favors.
    I have mixed feelings about Victoria’s gown. Like I see where it appealed to her but it’s a touch off.

  10. Oh my, Victoria’s gown is hideous! The shiny material mixed with the floral pattern that looks like my grandmother’s curtains – just a no go :/ I think this dress is even worse than Kate’s floral Erdem gown. What a miss for Vic.

    Sofia looks so much better in green in comparison to the nude gown that made her look really pale the night before.

    But the definite winner of the night was Maddie!!

  11. My first impression of the Swedish royals is an appreciation for how healthy and radiant they appear. I liked Victoria’s dress because it reminded me of the lush, patterned fabrics depicted in the paintings of Watteau. The updated bodice creates a more contemporary usage. Madeline looked both lovely and regal.

    I vastly prefer the more pastel sashes the Swedish nobility wear.
    Too often, the brightly colored ones worn by other royal branches, clash with the dresses.

    I so want to visit Sweden!

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