Kate hands out presents at Rugby Portobello Trust

Kate hands out presents at Rugby Portobello Trust

Kate Middleton visited Rugby Portobello Trust yesterday, December 12, where she handed out Christmas presents and met with families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

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Rugby Portobello Trust provides services for kids and young adults and parents – offering playtime and sports for local kids, Youth Club activities, parenting classes called Magic Mums, and support services for Grenfell Tower residents transferring to new accommodation.

Upon arriving at the North Kensington charity, Kate helped hand out presents at the Magic Mums Christmas party. She then met privately (as they asked not to be photographed) with families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Kate then met young people taking part in a music workshop before speaking with staff and volunteers about the services the Trust offers.

Kate music session at Rubgy Portobello Trust s
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Kate helped set the table for the Trust’s party later in the day.

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Kate ended her visit by presenting the Trust with a framed letter signed by William, and saying a few words. Kate said:

    “This is really just to pass on a huge congratulations to everyone for all the hard work that goes on here by everybody, honestly, sort of huge amount that you do within the community here. And just speaking to everybody here today, hearing some of the stories, and hearing how the community center here really benefits everybody on so many levels. Um, so well done to each and every one of you. This, I know, comes from all three of us, and a huge congratulations to you.”

I think Kate did a better job speaking at the gardening event last month, but I am happy that she said words here. I hope she keeps up saying words at appearances and the hopefully she’ll gain some confidence when speaking.

The letter read:

    “Catherine, Harry and I are delighted to congratulate the team of staff and volunteers of The Rugby Portobello Trust on receiving the Inspirational Team Award. In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower, you all worked tirelessly to help those bereaved by the fire; providing practical and emotional support virtually round the clock. Every member of your team – from cooks to youth workers, fundraisers to teachers and army of volunteers – has dedicated themselves to supporting the community.
    “We were able to hear first-hand about your help for those bereaved during our visit to the Grenfell Community Hub in September, and we know how crucial your efforts have been at a time of overwhelming grief and sadness. Many congratulations on your award.”

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Kate brought back another coat from her pregnancy with Charlotte, this time wearing the Seraphine Maternity Marina coat she debuted in NYC in December 2014. Kate wore her Tod’s block heel pumps again, and her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black.

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Kate brought back her $3,500 Asprey 167 White Gold Earrings with an amethyst stone that she debuted back in February. Good to see these make a repeat appearance and not at a sporting event.

Asprey 167 White Gold Earrings

In other news:

William and Kate were awarded a Gold Blue Peter Badge for their work in children’s mental health. While at the BBC Children’s studios last week, the couple were presented with the badges and filmed a segment that will air on December 14.

In the video Kate says: “Thank you so much; it’s very special… No, it’s hugely special, thank you so much. And obviously mental health has been a learning process for us, too, and that’s really what we’re trying to get everyone talking about it, so it’s not, hasn’t got that stigma that it’s had for so many years.”

And when told that The Queen received a Gold Blue Peter Badge and William joked about comparing the badges, Kate said: “We’ve got a lot more work to do, I think, but thank you so much, it’s a real honor.”

It’s not the most eloquent thing Kate has ever said, but at least she tried – at least she said something and didn’t just sit there quietly while William did all the talking.

In non-press meetings news:

On December 7, William and Kate, as Joint Patrons of the Royal Foundation, held a Board Meeting at Kensington Palace.

In upcoming appearances news:

On December 14, Kate will joined Prince Charles, Camilla, William, and Harry for the Grenfell Tower National Memorial Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The dates for William and Kate’s Scandinavian tour were released. The Cambridges will be in Sweden on January 30-31, and in Norway on February 1-2.

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Also this happened. A little boy threw up two fingers (which is the UK equivalent to giving someone the middle finger in the US, right?). Kate’s reaction is funny.

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Here’s another video of Kate handing out presents. Kate’s reaction to the first little boy is cute.

148 thoughts on “Kate hands out presents at Rugby Portobello Trust

  1. And there she is, the Duchess of Keen! playing Lady Bountiful. And apparently, there were loads of people to see her. *sarcasm*



    And does she she shovel that blush on with a spackel? My goodness! I am happy she wore a repeat, but since it was a Grenfell related engagement, she would have looked a right fool flouncing in wearing a new outfit.

    Still…this engagement rubs me the wrong way. It’s nice that she handed out presents and all, but the survivors need more. This was another fluff engagement.

    Look, I have said all along one of the issues with William’s wife is that I feel that she chose the wrong charities off the bat or they were chosen for her. Despite her best attempts, The Duchess of Keen! is not a natural with children and to be honest, she seems to have no real interest in the charities she is supposed to patron of. She just doesn’t seem to be interested in much.

    Can anyone tell me the last time she visited Action on Addiction, the Art Room for instance?

    And don’t get me started on Blue Peter. An award, really? When William and his wife just repeat the same old trite phrases and soundbites? And good lord, her fake accent almost stole the show. And I saw that hand on the knee, missy!

    All in all, a mixed bag.

    And where was Catherine Quinn?

  2. Well better late than never. She should have been supporting Grenfell survivors from the start. Maybe now she has met some she will realise she needs to do more.

    And she’s realised that pregnant women look better in maternity clothes. This coat is not a favourite of mine, but it fits her body shape well rather than being huge on the shoulders and back like the LKB one last week.

    Her speaking remains poor, but I hope she keeps it up because practise makes perfect, and at the moment the only way is up.

    So despite the critique she is doing better. Now we need more pleas Kate.

    1. +1

      I think the award is pretty stupid. For doing what, precisely?

      But the rest, spot on. Glad she finally did something with the poor people.

      I heard that no Tory is allowed at the service. Despite Emma Dent Coad (the MP for Kensington and a republican) being invited, and I’ve read she was involved in the decisions that led to all of the cutting costs and dangerous stuff that led to the whole thing in the first place…

      1. They get so many awards for doing so little. What specifically have they done for mental health? Create a foundation? What exactly does Heads a Together do? Why can’t this be specified at this point ?

      2. Theresa May is expected to attend. The ‘ban’ relates to Tory councillors or possibly all councillors but Labour decided to attend – there’s been some differing articles.

  3. My take is she is just not good with unpleasant things in general. I don’t think it enters her world and when unpleasantness occurs, she can’t handle it or finds it distasteful.

  4. There is a large drop in the middle of her head that is visible from the first photo (a sideways angle) that shows us exactly where her wiglet is.

    I still can’t give her lauding praise for turning up, saying words, wearing clothes that don’t paint for us her entire backside, etc when these things are truly so very basic. But I do appreciate that she is choosing to keep her hair the shorter length – more practical and sophisticated on her if you ask me.

    I wish I had more positive things to say, but she has fallen so short of expectations that I’m uncertain if she’ll ever recover the deficit.

  5. She looked nice, the dress is a bit too short for bending over with children but the coat takes care of that. How she doesn’t overheat inside is beyond me though. I like those colors on her, glad to see her doing work as well. Ive never been a fan of those earrings, though, I always thought they looked like a pair of breasts. Lol!

      1. It seems off wearing earring that cost that much while visiting kids who have lost their home. She has tons of cheaper Kiki’s that would have worked. Tone deaf on this I think.

  6. Kate looked radiant! She wore repeat clothes and jewellery. Her hair and makeup were lovely. If she is wearing a wiglet I don’t have a problem with it.
    While watching Kate engage with others in the video I am struck by her gentle nature and manner. I agree with what you say KMR – “I think Kate did a better job speaking at the gardening event last month, but I am happy that she said words here. I hope she keeps up saying words at appearances and the hopefully she’ll gain some confidence when speaking.”
    And the boy who flicked the bird at the camera – he’s a little character!

    1. +1

      I don’t get the wiglet problem at all. Because a lot of the younger royal ladies do it. Victoria of Sweden has not as thick hair in real life as her big buns make us believe. I saw a picture from an engagement in the last weeks and her bun was so small (like tiny)- no way you can reach her normal volume just by good styling. Why is it a problem if someone wants to fake more volume? We are fine with makeup, push ups, shaping underwear, false lashes and nails, coloured hair…

      1. I think because of Kate’s vanity. Victoria didn’t fire her hairdresser when s/he talked about her wearing wiglets/extensions, did she? No. But Kate sure did. And Kate had KP make statements about her hair! It is really silly. I think it looks stupid, but you have to do it for formal events; but every day Kate wears this fake hair because it’s part of her schtick, look at my gorgeous lovely locks.

          1. Every engagement she does, because it’s a lot of what they talk about with her. Her hair. Her clothes. And more and more about how wonderful her hair is. It’s like a selling point. Her hair looked fine before.

          2. Ellie I misunderstood. I thought you meant Kate wore wiglets ‘every day’.
            As for wearing them to engagements I will agree to disagree. I don’t have a problem with Kate wearing them or anyone else for that matter.
            However, I do agree that her hair was ‘fine before’. Her hair was beautiful before she starting having babies.

        1. I don’t know because of Kate’s vanity or rather the hairdresser is a chatterbox. I’m sure there was a confidentiality contract(?) with that hairdresser too. If s/he couldn’t bear it not talking about her wearing extensions s/he became an untrusthworthy person. Not the extension the secret but any other thing s/he could be a witness. (Eh, sorry for my english, it is one of my foreign language, and I use it mostly for reading so my grammar is sooo passive… sorry) In that case I would have fired that hairdresser too. I think. Although I agree extensions and fake hair looks stupid but if someone likes to wear one it is her/his way it is still ok. But only until its colour is not eg. orange. 😀

        2. I agree. It’s the fact that the palace went out of their way to say she doesn’t wear wiglets, extensions, etc. It reflects her vanity.

      2. If KP had not sent a press release trying to say it was a childhood scar and most definitely not extensions, no siree, then none of this would be raised again and again. Kate wanted people to think it was All her hair and most people weren’t impressed with the lie. Firing the hairdresser who admitted the truth later on also smacks of extreme vanity.

        1. I don’t know anyone who objects to wiglets, extensions or hairpieces. It’s perfectly normal. And frankly with celebrities, i assume it’s deriguer because of having to present a perfect image and all the hairstyling they put their hair through.

          The reason Kate’s extentions/ wiglets became a thing was because KP sent out a statement denying them within hours of a paper pointing them out and deflecting with childhood scar story.

          Kate having a childhood scar and extensions are not mutually exclusive and most people would have shrugged and moved on if not for KP’s statement.

          That KP statement was the streisand effect in that by denying it, she actually put a spotlight on the issue.

          Not helped by the OTT PR about her fabulous hair.

          In 2007, Kate’s blown out hair looked like this:



          And in 2010, after using a hairdresser who is known to use hair extensions as his signature style: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/e2/8d/08e28d3157644eeb37362666c37d5ed3.jpg

          And she’s maintained the extensions / wiglet habit.

          Again, not that big a deal, but she made it one.

          And so we continue to point them out.

          1. She looks so good in 2007 with her natural hair. The wiglet bothers me because you can see where it sits on her head. If her hairstylist made it look less obvious it would be fine.

            I think with grand occasions we expect royal women to wear extra hair pieces. Besides, I tend to be looking at the tiara.

          2. I don’t care how Kate’s hair gets the way it is – but I do think when she wears it with the heavy curls, she uses it as a protective shield.

            When she seemed the most relaxed, the most natural, was when she cut it and wore it simply straight – I believe two Christmases ago. People here and elsewhere criticised that look for being ‘old’ but to me she looked younger – it was an easy style she didn’t have to think about as much – or touch. She seemed happier as if some weight had come off her shoulders along with the inches and I wish she would go back to it – although so many people seemed to love her ‘beauty queen’ curls, I’m not surprised she didn’t keep it that way.

            For what it’s worth – I find Victoria’s hair very severe and not flattering to her strong jaw and wish she would find a softer way to wear it that frames her face. Again, I’m not going to concern myself how it gets there – just what the look is.

            I realise shorter cuts becomes an issue with all royal ladies – I liked Letizia’s shorter too – because of wearing a tiara.

          3. She also made her hair stylist climb mountains with her, to get to the Tiger’s Nest Sanctuary. Even on foreign tours, the focus is on Kate’s hair and clothes because she chooses that to be the focus.

          4. I’m sorry, but all I can think of about the 2010 picture are those toy ponies (my little pony?) who had the incredibly unbelievable manes.

          5. I don’t think anyone actually cares that Kate wears wiglets and extensions. However, the issue is not that she wears them, but the fact that she wants for the public to believe it’s all her own hair. She fired her hairdresser for spilling the beans that a lot of what we see on her head is fake hair. I remember reading that she attributes the gloss to weekly keresterase (sp?) treatments. I suppose it’s all a part of her quest for perfectionism. She’s been found lieing on several occasions thus one more lie is par for the course.

          6. Devil’s advocate:

            1) Most celebs and royals would fire someone on their team, like a hairdresser, who blabbed to the press about them, regardless of what was said. It makes even more sense that Kate fired a blabby hairdresser when one thinks about how William ‘tests’ his friends for blabbers.

            2) Kate gets ripped to shreds when she looks ‘old’ or ‘like she rolled out of bed’ or when her wrinkles are showing or her roots are showing or any other number of comments about her appearance. Kate’s “quest for perfectionism” may be due to the fact that the press and public crap on her when she doesn’t look polished, or she could have body issues and self esteem issues and only focuses on the negatives from the press and public that fit her own negative narrative about herself, or any number of other things.

          7. “Quest for perfectionism” does not equate to channeling a version of oneself from ten years ago. There is no shame in aging well and happily. Why would the public expect Kate not to have wrinkles or grey hairs? And what’s wrong with that anyway? All Kate has to do is be engaged and dressed appropriately when on duty. Any other expectations by media/public are on them. Kate’s own vanity and fear of aging largely drives her choices.

      3. For me it’s not that kate wears extensions per se, it’s the media nattering on like it’s her real hair. Add in that her hairstylist doesn’t seem competent to do updos with the extensions, this all the bleh updos that lay at the nape or twee like twists. The swedes know how to incorporate the extensions to add volume to their tiara hair. I sometimes think Vic adds it to her bun as well but it’s done in a professional way.

    2. Kate is so much better with children since her kids have reached toddler age. She can truly relate. I feel like she always liked doing things with small children but was always out of her comfort zone because she’d never really been around them and it didn’t come naturally to her.

  7. The bar is set so low for Kate so I think this was a good engagement overall. She seemed happy and involved. Little kids are great judges of character, though. That boy knows what’s up. Lol

    The video from the Blue Peter visit that’s making the rounds is quite cute. Kate broke “protocol” and put her hand on William’s knee while joking a bit with him. They looked good during that portion of their visit.

    Thank you for finally wearing the maternity duds, Kate, but you still need longer hemlines!

    1. I don’t know why people think showing affection is breaking protocol. All made up by people to claim that’s why W&K aren’t affectionate with each other.

      It makes me sad since whenever she shows him affection he ignores her. Or does his thing of shoving her around.

      1. Same here.Showing affection is nothing horrible, quite the contrary.
        I think William is not a person who likes to be much open in public.We all know he loathes the press, but I think it would be nice for his wife if he would try when she interacts with him.

    2. Um…. Actually this is not the first time kate touch william knee in public, in canada tour last year there was some photo of her touch his knee too, people just dont pay much attention for it before

      1. I was going to say something similar. No we haven’t seen Kate and William walking hand-in-hand or holding hand for an extended period of times, but there have been gestures like this before where either William or Kate makes a quick tactile gesture.

          1. You’re right, in my initial comment I qualified that statement but then edited my comment and took that part out.

      2. She also gave him a back rub when they were at a museum or something of that sort. I don’t feel sorry for her not one bit that William does not reciprocate regarding her displays of affection towards him. It’s obvious he does not like it so why do it, unless she’s a sucker for punishment? IMO Kate follows the cameras very closely and is aware when the lens are on her. She’s just trying to show the public, especially his ex-GFs that they are so very much in love.

        LOL, I just realized that most of the comments are 1 to 2 days old, and probably much of what I’m saying has been mentioned. So sorry for the oversight.

  8. I like Kate’s clothes and earrings.
    For me, her hair just looked styled, with much volume.If I style my hair this way, it looks the same, no need for a wiglet.
    It seems Kate grows into her work.She is no huge person of charisma, but she is how she is and that’s not bad in my opinion.

  9. William’s letter says it all……they’ve not been near Grenfell since September and given so many of these families still haven’t been rehomed in time for Christmas that is just piss poor. We aren’t talking about rehousing a refugee crisis here. We are talking about 200 accommodations maximum. It just stinks it really does. They could have made a massive diffence to those on their doorstep and they have spectacularly failed on every level……all of them.

    1. Sorry……that was a rant and bordered on political.

      Look on the bright side, it’s the Clarence House Children’s Christmas party today. My favourite engagement of the entire Royal calendar. ??

      1. I don’t think it is political. There’s a huge failure on all sides to deal with this . WKH should and could have done a whole lot more o kip the issue in the spotlight.

    2. I doubt any of them care very much about it. If they made private visits we’d have heard. I know Harry has gone to the Red Cross to help with supplies and the like, but he did so quietly without fanfare or fuss. W&K should have done as well. And we know if they did we’d have heard of it.

      1. I recall reading on another blog that William does do private charitable visits that do not get reported on. The person who made the comment was/is a William detractor and said that a friend/relative gave her this information.

        1. I have heard that too.

          But equally I have also heard that William summons very important, busy people to meet him at KP and in the case of the last England Football Manager he was really annoyed at the waste of his valuable time.

    3. Oh that was William’s letter? I thought it was written by an arm that drops sprinkles into an open mouth, judging by the “signature”.

  10. This engagement is a miss for me. The coat is too short (as is the dress–seriously?! Black with kids again?). The earrings look like crystalized boobs. Too much make-up. The kids can see through an adult’s BS super fast, hence the boy’s reaction (though I can’t quite read Kate’s expression, can anyone please help me?)

        1. Children do all sorts of rude things – and that is very rude – however, I do wonder if he wasn’t put up to it.

          Kate handled it very well.

        1. Oh I agree, he’s giving the equivalent of the middle finger (and his expression is saying “F you”) but I’m talking about Kate’s expression/body language.

          1. I had no idea that two fingers held up is equivalent to the middle figner being held up in the States. Yikes. The little boy must have been put up to that. Not right, if you ask me.

            At any rate, to finally visit (again, William), the people who were displaced in that horrific fire seems a bit long in the coming. And, with holiday gifts It smacks of elitism, but had nothing been given, it would have been terrible, too. So magnanimous, it seems, to be out there gifting little ones. Oh, well, if the gifts came from the heart, that is something far different and I can be a bit more generous in my feelings.

            I do think that someone at KP is putting up others to post here, too. And, taking tips from our comments. Have been doing so for some time. I saw this being posted on another thread, but the ability to comment was gone.

            Kate allowing that little girl to smell the bouquet, seemed to be a slight nod to what I posted a while back about a Governor’s wife giving me a flower from the bouquet I presented her when I was a kid. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Kate would have thought of letting the girl sniff the bouquet, if she wasn’t given advice to do something kind, herself.

            At any rate, she looked engaed. I keep saying that at all her visits. She should, mind you, after all these years. But, good that she finally is more relaxed and open to the people she visits.

    1. @Collegedrowner

      If you are doing the peace sign then you show your palm outwards, if it’s the other sign (like the boy is doing in the photo) then you show the back of your hand.

    1. Bullseye. 3/3 now. I am so glad for HMTQ and PP that they will have all their grandchildren and great grandchildren around them this Christmas. I bet it’s going to be a lovely Christmas for them all.

      1. Absolutely – and we will see Meghan in a hat!!! So glad she is being invited, and I assume she is in the States now spending time with her family.

    2. I only hope that Harry and Meghan don’t have to walk two steps behind William and The Duchess of Keen! due to protocol or something like like that. Can’t wait to see what Meghan wears. I am sure Middleton Manor is hard at work trying to upstage Meghan in some way on Xmas.

        1. That sucks. Also, I don’t think the kids will be there as the Queen likes for kids to be a bit older when they do the whole church walk.

          1. This. HMTQ doesn’t encourage children of eight or under at the Sandringham Christmas Day service and the only exception to this will be if the service is made child friendly in theme and tone. Viscount James Severn made his first appearance last year I think it was.

          2. The service the Middletons went to last year was a child friendly and child inclusive service. Sandringham isn’t unless HMTQ instructs the vicar to make it so.

          1. Of course, to take the focus off Harry and Meghan as much as possible. I hope the media sees past such tactics. What an obvious gesture from the Middleton playbook.

          2. It’s been said on Twitter that they won’t go. They went to church with the Middletons last year because it wasn’t a royal affair. They will be releasing Christmas photos though.

  11. I’m glad the royals are finally showing interest in Grenfell, especially since it’s in the Kensington neighborhood. All three will attend a memorial service. Better late than never. I wonder if the royals saw it as too political at first? If so, that’s a shame, as people needed support and empathy.

    Kate looks really nice. Pregnancy seems to soften her features, and she seems to be in a happy frame of mind, which is lovely. I’m glad she spoke, only with practice will she improve.

    1. Visiting people who have literally lost everything is not political surely? It just needs compassion. I am very disappointed that they didn’t take the opportunity to keep the issues on the front pages, but hope that now Kate has started she realises that she can do more.

      1. Considering the Queen and William visited much earlier it is not political at all. Kate couldn’t be bothered to visit until now.

        1. Unfortunately, it has become very political – making it hard to separate what is a legitimate response to an appalling tragedy and what are people using it for their own agendas.

          William and Harry dd visit – Kate missed it because she was ill. I think there has been an appropriate level of royal response but that Kate did need to make up the event she missed – and has now.

          There have been many tragedies sadly and they don’t all result in multiple royal visits.

          1. +1

            The Queen and William made a visit a few days after the fire, William then made a second visit with Harry and presumably Kate would have participated in that visit if she was well.

            To each his own but I don’t get the Grenfell related shaming of Kate.

          2. aaa the shaming is because Grenfell is in their back yard….had they been at KP they would have been able to smell the smoke. These people are their neighbours. Yes there have been many tragic events this year, but this one was so totally avoidable and it is so near them. Can you imagine this happening in your neighbourhood and just ignoring it for months?

          3. I am aware of the backyard argument and it is debateable whether princes and princesses of the United Kingdom are more obligated to tragedies in their backyard than in other parts of the country. However if I subscribed to that line of thinking I still do not get singling out Kate, she’s been a part-time resident of that community for six years, as opposed to her husband and brother-in-law who grew up in that community, and the Kents and Glouceters who have lived in that community for decades.

          4. I don’t think William and Kate are more obligated to tragedies in their backyard than to tragic events in the rest of the UK, but because they are physically so close it should have been fairly easy for Kate to have found the time in her schedule for an earlier visit had she wanted.

  12. Is that CQ in the video at the back in the camel jacket? If so, I wish KM would take some style tips from her. I actually like this coat, but it would be far more business-like and practical paired with trousers. And I really wish she would get her hair off her shoulders by a ponytail or simple updo.
    Those earrings seem awfully expensive for very little sparkle or pizzazz.

    I don’t think KM will ever be an articulate impromptu public speaker, and that’s okay. What is needed is some rehearsal. She knew she would be making brief remarks; she should plan ahead and practice them before the event. Even having them on a card at the event would not be terrible.

    I don’t quite understand the value of presenting a letter from William. Doesn’t it kind of say “I couldn’t be bothered attending”?

    1. No it is NOT okay for an almost 40 year old not to be an effective public speaker. It is a huge part of her JOB, which like everything else about her position, she has shirked. She needs to get on with it, get over her nerves, stop being lazy and do her JOB. Part of the problem is she talks in that fake accent, which doesn’t help. Of course, she’s been a fraud for so long she probably forgets her natural voice.

        1. I’ve wondered who she does it around and who she does not. Does she do it with the royals? While with the Turnip Toffs?

  13. She has finally met with the survivors of that horrific Grenfell fire. Very good.

    This seemed like a long and purposeful visit and she should be doing more of this kind of visits. So I’ll say good job Kate. But I’ll keep my enthusiasm muted, as this should’ve happened a long time ago. I almost wonder if KP staff read this blog, my spidey senses are tingling…hmmmm…

    I like her outfit today too, festive yet a bit somber as well as she’s meeting survivors from a tragedy. Although if its unseasonably cold in London, wearing wool trousers would make more sense and look professional but She looks very nice.

    Regarding the award, at least Kate acknowledges that she needs to do a lot more to promote children mental health, and I hope that they continue to do so.

  14. A little boy threw up two fingers (which is the UK equivalent to giving someone the middle finger in the US, right?). <- I hope this was a joke, because no, that's not the equivalent to giving the finger. Good lord lmao.

    1. I have British friends and it definitely is the same as eff off. Maybe he is too young to know but an adult can’t get away with doing that.

      1. I think it’s hysterical. I hope it had everything to do with her. I wouldn’t want her swanning around me after I had gone through such a tragedy, especially when she never visited or showed concern before or seemed genuine.

        1. Or to an older brother /friend in the crowd. This little guy may be used to seeing people pose for selfies etc this way( product of the times), so when the photographer said look this way, this is what he thinks is “acceptable”. Kids are sponges- I’m sure his mom was mortified but any older sibs who see this will think totally hilarious. Doesn’t appear to be directed towards Kate, though.

          1. I wonder if that gesture and the meaning behind it is a generational thing, namely that younger kids and teens, who are greatly exposed to other cultures via the internet / social media, don’t have the same interpretation of that gesture as older people. The funny part (to me) is making the gesture in front of someone like Kate, who is conditioned to seeing that gesture as offensive, and then getting their reaction.

            Actually at Pippa’s wedding one of the page boys did the two finger gesture and Kate really reacted to him, I guess you can say she falls for it every time! 😆

            Pippa’s wedding:

          2. This child is not two or three, when doing such a thing would have been seen as being a little sponge. It was a rude action. I’m not so sure his parent(s) would be mortified. You can say as much as you want about not being in Kate’s corner all the time, but such an action, if it was giving the finger, was so disrespectful.

            Until, I read that such a gesture was the equivalent of what the US refers to as “giving the finger,” I didn’t even see it as a peace sign. Pardon me for being naïve, but I thought the little guy was asking for two gifts, not one. Oh, well……

          3. Jenny- imo, the gesture was in no way directed towards Kate. I’ve raised 2 kids to adult but do remember the times, despite how they were being raised, the cringe worthy questions or comments that would fly out of those little mouths in public. It happens.

    1. Even better she is the new patron of the Roald Dahl Marvelous Children’s Charity. They invited nurses and staff from the hospices to the party as well!

        1. Last year a little one was in tears because there was no ketchup on the table. And she said “of course you’re upset, how can you have sausages without ketchup. I would be upset too”……and then off she went to the CH kitchens to get ketchup.

          That’s style, empathy and breeding in one. ??

        1. I must admit to a few tears as I read the article. But happy tears that these dear children were having the best time. I love that one of them called her Deputy Queen. ?

      1. Oh, how sweet. This is my favorite annual tradition, this and the book reading/literacy event. I like the extra touch of having a guard present to help.

  15. So, did anyone else write Christmas cards to the royals. I’m excited to get The York family Christmas card, Sarah, usually sends out such lovely cards, worth it.

      1. There’s still time, the send out Christmas cards well out into February. once I wrote to Sarah in January and she still sent a Christmas card with my name on it..

        Yes to their usual addresses. If you want the York Family card specifically write to Sarah at Buckingham Palace . I’m always specific in the letter that I would love to receive The York family card

          1. Should I include my address inside the card as well (like a return address label) or just having it on the outside of the envelope is enough?

  16. Off topic, but the DM had a blurb about how W&H’s scene in the new Star Wars film was cut. Oh, that makes me so happy! As a die-hard Star Wars fan, it irked me that those two over-privileged people got cameos in the biggest movie franchise of all time. I don’t like celebrity cameos in general, except in a Muppets movie. They didn’t deserve to be in it, and now they are not. Phew!

    1. I hear you wouldn’t have seen them anyway because of the masks.
      It’s probably all big PR.Strange, that it is cut out now.
      I would laugh so much if I would be Harry or William and my little scene, in which nobody can recognizes me, gets cut out but I’m still invited x)

      1. Daniel Craig (Bond) had a cameo in the previous SW film. I can imagine William having a tantrum about his scene being cut from the film. **big cheesy grin**

        1. Daniel Craig is a total babe Kimothy, he would make any movie 10x more watchable with a cameo….but I may be biased. I lurvvv him. Hottest. Bond. Ever.

  17. How long was Kate at this engagement? Does anyone know?

    I’ve tried not to comment about Kate’s clothes but I’m going to fail as, yet again there is something a bit off about what she is wearing. At her last engagement I actually liked the coat. The sewer in me approved of the way the pattern all matched up at the seams. Ok, the boob flaps were a bit odd. But that red dress was spoiled by the fact that it needed to be worn with a slip (petticoat) underneath so it didn’t stick to her tights. I also noticed that Kate’s shoes that day were scuffed and could do with a brush. At this engagement Kate’s shoes are scuffed again. If she had a dresser then the dresser would have taken care of that. It may seem like a small thing but it’s all part of presenting the best image of yourself to the world. I also have a beef with the short dress, as Kate doesn’t have long legs then anything that short runs the risk of showing way too much, is she not thinking that little kids would be looking upwards and could possibly get a glimpse?

    As for the earrings? After reading Kimothy’s comment above I just can’t think of anything else about them (b**bs!). Thanks for that Kimothy! If I had Kate’s earring budget I wouldn’t have been spending my money on overpriced Kikis or these things either, I’d have bought a good quality, good size pair of diamond studs and some good quality pearl studs. Then the rest I would have spent at estate jewelery auctions and bought some quality peices. But for every day wear you can’t beat diamond studs as they go with everything.

    I am pleased that Kate did spend some time with the kids, setting the table though was a bit of a strange activity. And I’m glad she spent that private time with the people from Grenfell. As I have said before, these people will carry what happened that night with them for a long time to come so I hope this visit from Kate helped them. And I hope they are continuing to be supported in their every day lives too.

  18. Well she is improving … but then again it’s bren a while so improvement needed to happen… but credit to when credit is deserved… anyway those poor kids from glen fells dreserves the best Christmas… so I am glad she was there to not only give out gifts but support the fam…. awesome gift

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