Tiaras at the 2017 Nobel Prize Ceremony

Tiaras at the 2017 Nobel Prize Ceremony

Tiaras! This year’s Nobel Prize Ceremony and Banquet had so many pretty tiaras, and so many Swedes on display: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Chris O’Neill, and Princess Christina. Links to watch: the ceremony, and the banquet.

Crown Princess Victoria Nobel 2017 s

I first fell in love with the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara in 2015 when Madeleine wore it to the 2015 Nobel Ceremony, and I love seeing Crown Princess Victoria wear it for the first time here. She added an extra diamond rivière to the base to give it some extra sparkle. Victoria also wore Queen Silvia’s diamond floral earrings, a large diamond brooch, and a large diamond bracelet.

Victoria wore a blue Jennifer Blom gown which would look so much better without the high collar. As always, she wore the Order of the Seraphim and the royal family order.

Princess Madeleine Nobel 2017 s

Princess Madeleine wore my all time favorite tiara: Queen Josephine’s Amethyst Tiara. She also wore the earrings, necklace, and brooch from the parure. Her gown is bespoke Seraphine Maternity in pure mauve silk featuring hand-beaded overlay in precious gold lace. Madeleine wore the Order of the Seraphim and the royal family order.

Madeleine attended the ceremony, but skipped the banquet due to a pregnancy-related back problem which causes her to be unable to sit for extended periods.

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Princess Sofia wore a dress from Ida Lanto, which is pretty, I suppose, although the color is boring to me.

Sofia’s tiara, though, is the interesting part. Sofia wore her Diamond and Emerald Wedding Tiara, but this time with pearls in place of the emeralds. She debuted the diamond-only version back in November, and I said at the time that without the emeralds the tiara was missing something, so I love this pearl version. The pearl version is my favorite version, actually.

Sofia also wore diamond earrings, and a diamond and pearl bow brooch securing the sash of the Order of the Seraphim. She wore the royal family order as well.

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Queen Silvia wore a purple dress which she previously wore on a State Visit to Germany in 2016.

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Silvia wore Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong Tiara with diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. A diamond floral brooch secured the sash of the Order of the Seraphim, and she wore the royal family order.

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Princess Christina wore the Steel Cut Bandeau Tiara.

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King Carl Gustaf is never not grumpy, but at least Prince Carl Philip is smiling. I’d give KCG a pass for not knowing he was being photographed in this moment if he ever smiled in any other photos, but since he doesn’t I won’t.

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Here’s a photo of Prince Daniel for you.

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Chris O’Neill went solo to the banquet.

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The menu for the Nobel Banquet:

First course: Pressed and dried Jerusalem artichoke, served with kohlrabi flowers flavored with ginger and lightly roasted cabbage broth.

Second course: Crispy saddle of lamb, potato terrine with Svedjan crème, yellow beet, salt-baked celeriac, apple salad and rosemary-spiced lamb gravy.

Third course: Frosty bilberry bavaroise, bilberry ice cream with lemon thyme, lime jelly, lime curd and lime meringues.

Food Nobel 2017

107 thoughts on “Tiaras at the 2017 Nobel Prize Ceremony

  1. I think all the ladies look spectacular. Pity Madeleine hasn’t befriended Kate and introduced her to maternity wear. She looks stunning, I hope she’s ok. Love Sofia’s new look tiara and it sits much better on her head too.

    The food doesn’t grab me this year, and the dessert looks like a bush tucker trial. Do you have I’m a Celebrity in the States?

    1. I like the aquamarine tiara but I think it did not suit Victoria at all. The tiara did not shine at all and it looked dull. It is best suited for Madeleine because her blue eyes can make it shine brighter and her whole face looks radiant. Victoria’s blue gown is a beautiful colour but it does not pair well with the tiara, makes the tiara fades away. The frilly high collar is too much and the first thing I see when I look at Victoria is her busty chest. The chest area looked very tight and I was wondering she must be feeling suffocating, the tight chest and the collar. When Madeleine wore this tiara, we see her face first then the whole look, but when Victoria wore it, I didn’t see it at all, all I saw was her boobs. I think it was a mistake to wear blue for everything, blue gown, blue shoes, blue clutch and blue tiara…

      Madeleine looked radiant and she always looks very good when pregnant. Glad to see Chris there, I applauded him for singing the Swedish National Anthem and the King’s Song at the Award Ceremony. He looked very good too.

      Sofia had too much make up on and her whole face looked very white, her gown is okay, too bland.

      The menu didn’t look appetizing, not sure about the ginger flavour in the broth. There are people who don’t really like any ginger taste in their food, I hope the guests don’t mind it.

    2. It seems that the menus for the other Swedish dinners I’ve seen have all featured some form of seafood in just about every course except for dessert. As someone who is allergic to scaly fish, I was happy to finally see the Swedes serve a dinner that was seafood-free! I think this might be a first? (At least since I’ve been reading this blog.)

    3. I love the aquamarine tiara but to my eyes it doesn’t match Victoria’s dress with has a lavender-blue tone to it rather than an aquamarine colour. Agree about the high collar – it does nothing for Victoria.

      Madeleine looks fantastic – those amethysts suit her and that colour is wonderful on her. I like the simpler gown on Silvia rather than the over the top creations in shiny satin she often features.

      Sofia looks less like she was the eleventh runner up in a pageant than she has in past years – this dress is a bit less beauty queen and more regal but the colour washes her out and the severe hairstyle does nothing for her. I like her best in her own tiara – regardless of what jewels-of-the-week adorn it – because she has a smallish head and other tiaras tend to overwhelm her.

      Don’t care for the menu so glad my invite was lost in the post.

  2. Yes! My favorite royal event is here! I thought Victoria looked spectacular and even though the collar isn’t my taste, she makes the entire look so incredibly regal. I also loved seeing the Aquamarine Kokoshnik under the main stage lights. It sparkled so beautifully!

    The pearls on Sofia’s wedding tiara make for its best configuration yet. On my screen her dress is a lovely pale pink. She looked stunning.

    Madeleine somehow manages to make formal maternity dressing just as elegant as her other appearances. I really hope her back gets better asap.

    I found Sylvia’s simple, vibrant gown to be the perfect backdrop for all those gorgeous jewels! She looked amazing!

    I just love kicking back and watching this splendid event honoring the best and brightest in such a grand way. This is a good role for the Swedish Royals and I’m so glad they understand and embrace it.

    1. +1 The tiaras and dresses are beautiful! I also love photos of the Nobel prize ceremony. Such an intelligent and thoughtful event, Nobel had a great idea and the Swedes are surely proud to be able to honor the brightest out there.

    2. I think they all look great. I also love how the whole family turns up for these glittering occasions. Pity we never see the BRF like this.

  3. We may not always like the colour or maybe the style of a dress/ gown, jewellery or accessories etc.. but I think these Royal ladies certainly know how to put it all together and look divine.
    They really just ooze individuality, class and breeding.
    A great page.
    Thank you KMR. Well done.

  4. I like Silvia’s elegant style the most. She really does give the younger women a run for their money on this occasion. The silhouette of her gown is oh so flattering. The colour is not a personal favourite but on Silvia it is a winner. I particularly like how the purple gown makes her blue sash and ribbon pop. The younger women look beautiful but to me Silvia is chic.
    Sofia’s tiara is my favourite.

    1. Yes,Silvia always dresses in an elegant way.Her warmth shines out of every photo.She seems to be a really nice and polite person, she is a great queen for Sweden.
      It was not always easy for her from the stories we heard, but I’m glad she has the love of her children and grandchildren.

        1. I don’t think so.I think she loved him but didn’t leave him because it would have endangered the swedish monarchy.
          It’s not all about money and fame.
          It is hard to live with a man who treats you this way, but I think she had other reasons to stay.
          And I pity her.To love someone who.doesn’t respect you, plus children and crown!, that’s especially difficult.

        2. Divorcing royals in an ongoing constitution is not as simple as regular folks divorcing.

          Parliament has to be consulted and they may refuse to grant the divorce.

          Easiest to live separate lives. See Sofia of Spain and Margaretha of Denmark. Husbands who woild try the patience of a saint, seperate lives.

        3. I wouldn’t call her a doormat. women of certain generations seem more willing to put up with things many women today wouldn’t. Add in certain countries attitudes are more blasé about such things.
          The reason people stay in a bad marriage is their own reasoning. I’m not a fan of cp but all her kids seem to have a good relationship with each other. Victoria who has every right IMO to besmirch her father is still able to say nice things about him. So, I’d say she (or the nannies) did okay with the kids and that’s something.

        4. How can one not respect Silvia for raising such lovely daughters — even if her husband prefers the male child? As for women of certain generations finding it easier to turn a blind eye on their husband’s behavior, I think it crosses all generations To me, Silvia is a lovely woman and her daughters seem to love and appreciate her very much. She’s a great grandmother, too. Full of love. I think she has made each of her daughters feel confident and has encouraged them to be themselves and do things that help others.

    2. “Silvia is chic”–yes! She is absolutely stunning. My only complaint is the gold clutch; but the dress is so lovely, regal and elegant.

  5. And, I sound silly, but Chris makes me weak, I.don’t know why.I guess, some people just like each other(although he doesn’t know me and I’m glad he has his Madeleine!) x))

  6. Overall, well done, all the ladies of the SRF!!

    I like the cut of Silvia’s gown and she looks very comfortable and confident. Great color.

    CP Victoria looks beautiful, but the gown is not my favorite. It was a lovely surprise to see her in the Aquamarines!

    Madeleine is GORGEOUS. I love everything about this: the maternity dress, the Amethysts – ALL the amethysts – her hair, makeup, I mean everything.

    Sofia looks fine, but I really don’t like the bell shape of her dress or the blah color. This shape is like Kate’s red one she wore to the State banquet and I really can’t stand it. I think it looks silly.

    The men look good, as usual, but do my eyes deceive me?! Did Carl-Philip get a haircut and use less gel?!

  7. The way that Sofia’s tiara sits on her head looks horrible! And this hairstyle where all her hair is severely pulled back doesn’t help either… sigh.

    I love the Amethyst tiara and Madeleine’s gown is so pretty – maybe a possibility for Kate when she will be further along in her pregnancy? 😉

  8. Great turnout all around. I’ll never be a fan of Sylvia’s party antlers but she sure seems to love them. I think the difference between the aquamarine tiara on Madeleine and Victoria is the hair. Yes, Madeleine’s eyes make it pop but so does her hair. Victoria’s hairstyles are always so severe while Madeleine’s are flowy and light. That tiara needs some soft lines around it.

    I loved Sofia’s look. This tiara setting is the best yet. I love that she opened it up so it’s not always plonked flat on her head.

    Those men… Woooo, Chris O’Neill is a good looking man. Carl Philip looks much better when he’s properly groomed.

  9. This event is one of my most anticipated ones. So much sparkle… I am happy that there weren’t any misses this year. Sofia’s tiara looks so much better in the open shape. Her makeup seems to wash her out a bit, but this could also be due to the camera flashes. I wish the royal ladies would stop with the t-shirt neckline for evening dresses/ball gowns. I know the 90ies are back but please give us some clevage or at least interesting and flattering necklines.
    Madeleine has the great ability to make even the most difficult tiara shapes look goot. I am really not fond of Queen Josephine’s Amethyst Tiara but she can pull t of. Her dress is nice and suits her but was also a bit predictable.
    I am on edge on Victoria’s look. I love the dress and the tiara. I think with a different hairstyle her face would have stood out more. More volume might have given a better balance to the high and frilly neck and given a nice background for the tiara. It is still the winning look for me, because it is a bit different and a real eyecatcher. The added diamond base for the tiara is great.
    Queen Silvia looks great in the dress. I wish she would add another tiara for the occasion into the mix. She always alternates between the Nine Prong or the Leuchtenberg Sapphires.
    The biggest surprise for me was Princess Christina rocking the Cut Steel Bandeau. This is such a hard tiara to wear and she nailed it. Maybe it is the contrast against her white hair and the overall modern look her her shorter cut hairstyle gives it?
    Can’t come around to like Chris. And no, I can’t even give him applause for singing the national anthem and the King’s song. He married into the royal family but doesn’t hold a title so he carries out duties only if he wants to. They are married for more than four years now. You can expect someone pick up a bit of the language in a bilingual relationship/marriage (I am in one myself) and you can definitely expect someone to learn the national anthem and more if he indeed carries out official duties. If you watched the live coverage you could see that he looked as bored as always. If Kate or any other royal would give a look like that all time on video, not even I could give her a pass (and I tend to do that on more things than others). At least he smiled in the banquet foto.

  10. They all look great, no one ever looks better in pregnancy than Madeline. I wish Silvia would stop dyeing her hair, now she is older that color just looks so harsh.

  11. Thanks for the seperate photo of Prince Daniel.He is one of my favorite royals.
    Victoria was a miss because of that collar.
    Sofia’s dress was pretty but the dress could have been more striking in a different color.
    Prince Carl was as good looking as ever.
    And in the fashion stakes,Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia tie for first place.

  12. Yay! Sparkles and tiaras!

    I love that color of blue on Victoria but, like you said, the ruffled neck is just nope. The tiara is fine though.

    Madeleine looks lovely in anything she wears and tonight is no exception. Like someone up thread said, I wish she could befriend Kate and introduce her to some fab maternity wear!

    I thought Sofia looked wonderful in that white and I loved how her emeralds were traded for pearls–looking very white snow queen (or snow princess in this case).

    Silvia, of course, kills it like always.

    While some of you ladies are drooling over Chris, I’ll be flying solo drooling over Daniel’s smoldering look.

    One more thing: KMR I had a dream about you. Not you personally but a dream where your blog was a finalist for an award presented by the newspaper The Guardian. I remember writing up as to why you deserved the award, blah blah….and then I was at (I guess) Kensington Palace and got to see Kate there. She was inside an office setting and rubbing her stomach in discomfort (pregnant) and something told me she was having a girl. A premonition for this baby? Who knows about I thought I’d share with you all!

      1. Thanks M from Germany and that last sentence should’ve said “who knows about that but I thought I’d share it with you all!”

        I really shouldn’t be posting at 5 in the morning. 😉

    1. I’m not ashamed to say that Daniel makes me just a trifle (okay, maybe more than a trifle) weak in the knees. It was his wedding speech that just did me in.

    1. That’s the point where I always wonder in which world William and Harry live with their heads.Don’t they-or rather Harry here-doesn’t he realize what he is doing there?
      Crying on a shot elephant in Africa and then shooting European animals.Of course, we have more deers here but the pain for these poor animals is the same.
      And it makes me really angry how stupid Harry acts, this pleasure in hurting and murdering, this is no sport for me and especially no fun.I would have expected better of Harry, but he learned it long time ago and didn’t stop it until now.

      1. You hunt to keep the population of for example deer low because a too high number of them would damage the forest/ecosystem (eat all the young plants, etc) and because of the overpopulation there would not be enough food for all the deer and they would starve.
        In Germany, there are plans authorized by the community government (‘Abschusspläne’) that state how many deer etc. have to be killed each year in order to keep the population at an appropriate level and thus protect the ecosystem. The times when one species can be hunted is also limited, there are periods of rest for the animals when it is forbidden to hunt them (‘Schonzeit’).
        Hunting is not bad per se as long as it is within the legal restrictions.

        1. Hunting for population control is one thing, it happens in Canada all the time. But it should be Germans doing it, not foreign rich folks trotting in to play at being masculine.
          I also objected to a certain orange person’s son coming to Canada to hunt. I don’t think foreign nationals should hunt in the countries of others because they rarely have the training that those who reside in that country are required to complete. And the training in Canada to use hunting rifles is demanding. It requires courses written and practical as well as exams. Does Harry have the same training with guns as a German is required to obtain ? Does anyone even check? Same with his trip to Spain. William is no better.

          1. Well, in Germany there are a ton of requirements you have to meet in order to be allowed to have a gun and go hunting. To be quite honest, I doubt that Harry has all of the required documents…

            Here in Germany, in order for you to get a hunting license, you have to take many courses in all kinds of subjects: handling guns, about animals, about the forest, and so an and so an. Then, you have to pass the theoretical and practical (shooting) exams which are not that easy. Also, you need a card that says you are allowed to own weapons (don’t know if there is an English word for this bureaucracy term). This is the total opposite to the US where almost anyone can own a gun nd hunt, can’t he? The fellow Americans on here will probably know… If yes, then this is really shocking…

          2. “Hunting for population control is one thing, it happens in Canada all the time. But it should be Germans doing it, not foreign rich folks trotting in to play at being masculine.”

            Nic919 +1

            This is poor judgement on Harry’s part and is not a good look.

        2. You’re right,M, I know these plans.
          Sadly, there would be no need for them if our ancestors haven’t exterminated the wolfes and bears in middle Europe, the natural hunters of deers and rabbits.
          But that’s how mankind often works.
          Changing things before thinking of the consequences.

    2. Aren’t wild boar one of those pervasive species people kill off? I don’t get hunting at all or why these guys are raised to do it as some fun sport, personally. I get how at Sandringham or Balmoral, they shoot, and eat everything they kill. That’s fine. But just for fun…why?

      1. Hunting for fun is something I will never understand.It would break my heart to see something like that.
        For me, it’s just some snobbish royal freetime-activity of the older days in which it only was allowed for a few men to hunt.

        1. Hunting just because it is fun, or because humans can do this is for the unenlightened. It is quite gross that a royal would do this as each being have a right to exist. I understand the need to cull, but this ought to be done by scientists, or assigned officials. Hunting as a sport needs to be eradicated.

    3. I wondered where Harry was. It’s not like he’s been ‘working’ much. What a sweet deal.Then come the holidays, and perhaps a beachy vacay with Meghan after. When does Harry work? How many holidays has he had this year, besides hanging with Meghan every 2 weeks, which means a lot of time off.

      1. AT least four vacations this year that I can remember off the top of my head. That’s not including any trips to Toronto to see Meghan, nor all that traveling all over the U.K. They talked about in their interview.

      2. Maven it seems to me that Harry’s whole life is a vacation and that he occasionally shows up for a few events per month to keep his pictures in the papers.

      1. I wonder if Meghan would come with him to such an hunting-trip.
        People speculated if he changed his eating habits for her, but here he goes hunting.
        Perhaps she has nothing against hunting or he doesn’t mind.

        1. How does killing animals for fun align with Meghan’s beliefs, such as we understand them? Up to this point part of her brand message has been about being vegan (sometimes) and rescuing animals. There are long-held activities that Harry and co will not be persuaded to give up is my guess.

      2. But this is work, Jen. Harry does have a job- clearing nuisance animals from properties. Like a migrant pest controller, he wanders from country to country with his big guns, spilling blood to clear the land of vermin. Meanwhile, he practises in the safe confines of royally sanctioned abbatoirs on hundreds of birds specifically bred, and bred for helplessness, to sharpen his slaughtering skills. Good ‘culling’ help is so hard to find these days.

        1. I have to get into pest control! Who knew it came with a title, palace, enormous salary and endless luxury travel that no-one can be allowed to know about?

          1. Pest control royals, Jen, are rare creatures, like unicorns. The financial support is justified. The bestowing of royalty is secret. Harry is like a legendary hero. His purpose is greater and nobler than we can imagine. The rest of us are not worthy to be privy to this secret. Harry brings the magic.

    4. The amount of vacations Harry has taken this year is staggering. With Meghan taking a few months to travel to see family and friends before coming back to the UK it sounds like Harry will be vacationing with her. So much for hitting the ground running.
      But besides that, I am generally perplexed that they wouldnt want to be together for wedding planning. They just got engaged and they still aren’t in the same country together? Weird.

      1. I’d say that Meghan is back and forth to the UK as much as she wants, or Harry is off to the US when it suits. They can travel without being observed. Wedding plans will be happening. Since Meghan was shopping for bikinis in London prior to the engagement, you know there is another holiday planned in a warm and sunny place. It will be interesting to see if Harry will change his work habits, or lack of them, once he marries. Or whether Meghan will fall into line of – as you say – rocking up for photos every now and then.

          1. Yeah so much for getting to know the UK. I really think Meghan should have lived in EnglaND a while after finishing Suits before announcing their engagement. Prince Daniel took speech lessons and other things for years to help prepare him for his role and Princessant Mary took lessons on how to walk and present herself, too. Meghan should have spent some time while some advisors while living in England learning about her role. There is a difference between being an actress and being a princess. She knows how to present herself and promote her work as an actress but being a member of a royal family is totally different especially since she is from another country. I woder if she knows anything about royal history and protocol? I suspect Harry hasn’t really prepared her like he should have. She may think being a royal is like being the First Lady or a celebrity and it isnt.

            If I were meghan I would hire the people who helped train Princess Victoria and Madeline. They always preset themselves beautifully. Elegant and reserved while still being modern and approachable. They have a fantastic balance.

        1. Harry won’t change his habits. Meghan will. She has already given up her job, her independence and her previous charity and humanitarian interests. She hasn’t done any charity or volunteer work since her relationship became public. She, just like Kate before her, cannot wait to get on the gravy train of endless exotic vacations, bespoke and couture clothing, access to jewels and castles, intermingled with occasional work and photo ops.

          1. I don’t know if Meghan wants to laze around like Kate, but it is a fact she shut down any activism in the past. In fact, she shut down anything to do with her. Nor has she done any charitable works since meeting Harry. It’s not looking good, IMO.

    5. This does indeed look bad. I get that his host probably owns the land and therefore has to maintain it. They have to stay inside the hunting quota regulations and especially boars are a big problem in and around Berlin. But there is a difference if you have to shoot them and do it quietly and ensure that the meat is not thrown away or if you make a little happy group activity out of it. It is how you approach the job where I draw the line.

      1. I adore your ever rational views.

        But bottom line for me is that Harry adores slaughtering a living creature for the thrill of the accurate shot. Man, he nailed it! He doesn’t see these lovely vulnerable , helpless creatures as anything more than an opportunity to win, the power; it’s all about the feeling of power. I can feel his satisfaction.

  13. William and Kate will be in Sweden and Norway late Jan-early Feb, 2 days in each country. Wonder if they’re bringing the kids?

  14. YIPPEEEEE! My fav event! I thought the ladies looked lovely. I’m of the Queen Mary mindset that one can never wear too many jewels, so love the addition of diamonds to the aquamarine tiara!
    I’m not a huge fan of the high collar of Vic’s dress but think it’s saved by being sleeveless and the pleating. I saw a pic of her sitting and it just flowed and looked gorgeous! My one complaint was she needed some better lipstick, what she had one didn’t work for me.
    Madeline looked gorgeous! First my favorite parue being worn and it looked stunning with the sparkles of dress. I didn’t even mind the cuff of the sleeves too much. Loved her hair. Glad she was able to make the big event.
    I found Silvia’s dress on the plain side and it didn’t do much for me. Loved the color tho! She does love the antler tiara, I think she wore it last year?
    Dan looks??in that pic!! CP looks like he didn’t drown his hair in a vat of gel and it looks so much better!
    The last two events I found the food lacking, even this dessert was bleh for me. I found the ice sculptures rather unfortunate looking.
    Yay! Thanks for this happy! Now, I eagerly await Camilla’s Christmas party!

    1. Andrew Morton was quoted as being a fan of MM/ Suits for quite some time so it could well be just another authorised puff piece.

      1. That really surprises me because honestly I had never heard if Suits before Harry dated Meghan (and apparently neither did Harry according to the engagement interview!)

    2. Cooperating with an author for a book looks so bad, especially the one who wrote Diana’s scandalous book. I hope for her sake this is just a compilation of everything that has come out in the press already.

    3. I watched a documentary on Diana last night, with Andrew Norton on it. The impression I got was that inspite of Diana’s emotion issues, she managed to complete her duties, and by the 90s, she had acclimated to the chaos. And thus I asked myself, are her sons changelings? They appear to be the opposite of their mother! If she left her sons any impression, it would be to work hard, or expect their wives to work hard.

  15. If I was a Nobel prize winner being honored here, I would be depressed having to eat that food, as part of my “Thank You”- probably would drive to a McDonald’s right after, lol. The only reason I would have a ginger and cabbage broth would be if I needed to recover from a cold, and do it fast.

    Madeline looks spectacular- she is a such a beautiful woman! Sophia has yet to find her stride in princess gear, to be honest—this gown looks good, but the color is so bland and the tiara does her no favours. She wears her hair way too flat for any tiara.

    Victoria, like the blue of the gown, the flowing pleats and the gorgeous tiara, but as someone indicated above, the chest area looked way too busty and the ruffled neck reminded me of an Elizebethan painting. Victoria looks tired, she doesn’t have the big smile that she normally does.

    I like the color of the Queen’s gown but overall her look was very simple. But oh well, after a lifetime of wearing gorgeous gowns, I am sure she has days when she’d rather go low-key and simple.

    1. “Victoria looks tired, she doesn’t have the big smile that she normally does.”

      There are lots of photos of her smiling, KMR just only included 2.

    2. I’ve always thought that Victoria really takes after her mother, but in these photos (perhaps because she isn’t smiling) she strongly resembles her father. I do wish she would find a way to wear her hair a bit softer, not so severely pulled back, with a tiara.

  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5164159/Prince-Harry-flies-Germany-private-hunting-party.html

    So much for Meghan having a positive influence on him! Just 2 weeks after announcing his engagement, Harry has reverted back to type!

    My main gripe is the constant drivel by Harry & William about wanting to be ‘normal’ and yet they continue to partake in these blood sports that are created simply to indulge the rich & privileged. Harry is just as entitled as the rest of them. Why does a British prince need to fly on a private jet to Germany to cull animals? Isn’t there plenty of conservation work he could be doing in the UK?

    Conservation for them seems to be the new buzz word for going on vacation! Last summer we were told by the palace that Harry was going to Botswana for a month to ‘work’ on elephant conservation. However they forgot to mention the bit where he shipped in his girlfriend for 5 days so they could ‘camp under the stars getting to know each other’ while he was there on official business at taxpayers expense.

    Once Harry gets married he will be given even more leeway because of his rising star power, so expect to see lots more ‘conservation’ work in Africa & plenty of overseas holiday tours to the former colonies!

    1. “My main gripe is the constant drivel by Harry & William about wanting to be ‘normal’ and yet they continue to partake in these blood sports that are created simply to indulge the rich & privileged. . . . Why does a British prince need to fly on a private jet to Germany to cull animals? Isn’t there plenty of conservation work he could be doing in the UK?”

      Eve: A big fat +1

    2. I get your point but there are plenty of middle and lower class people who hunt for fun. It’s not just a rich person thing to do except the private jet part.

      I didn’t expect him to stop hunting just because he’s marrying Meghan. He’s not going to change, he’s just getting married.

      1. I agree. And frankly I don’t expect a woman to change a man upon getting married or that would seem too much like a mother son relationship and not like a married couple. There are lots of married couples where one hunts and the other is opposed to it. Married people are still allowed to have individual opinions.

      2. Fuel on a private jet takes a toll on environment. So much for this royal family blathering about conservation. I remember celebrity Leonardo di Caprio spake about global warming, and spending 25,000$ on fuel for his private jet, and the media roasted him for it. We won’t get that criticism for Harry. All the saccharine media over the royal family, thank Odin for this blog!

    3. It’s funny, in the US hunting is often more of a blue-collar endeavor, and not considered an elitist thing. But hunting and environmental conservation have always gone hand in hand (see Teddy Roosevelt, for example) and continue to today. Wild boar in particular can be incredibly destructive to native habitats and have no natural predators, so they must be hunted to preserve other species.

      1. Hunting is definitely more of a “redneck” thing here. It’s also usually for the purpose of filling the deep freezer with meat for the season. If the rich want to hunt they go overseas on expensive safaris and such the likes of what Harry’s doing.

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