Royals in tiaras for King Harald & Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday dinner

Royals in tiaras for King Harald & Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday dinner

Last night, May 9, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway held a joint 80th birthday dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo – their birthdays are February 21 (for Harald) and July 4 (for Sonja). A truck load of Norwegian and foreign royals attended including crowd favorites Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Maxima, and The Countess of Wessex.

Royals at Norway 80th birthday celebrations
[Thomas Brun, NTB scanpix]

4th Row L-R: Princess Tatiana (of Greece), Prince Nikolaos (of Greece), Princess Mabel (of the Netherlands), Prince Constantijn (of the Netherlands), Princess Sofia (of Sweden), Prince Carl Philip (of Sweden), Crown Princess Marie Chantal (of Greece), Crown Prince Pavlos (of Greece), Hereditary Grand Duke Guillame (of Luxembourg), Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie (of Luxembourg), The Countess of Wessex (of the United Kingdom), Desiree Kogevinas (of Sweden), Carlos Euguster (of Sweden).

3rd Row L-R: Lady Elizabeth Shakerly (of the United Kingdom), Queen Anne-Marie (of Greece), Princess Beatrix (of the Netherlands), Prince Daniel (of Sweden), Crown Princess Victoria (of Sweden), Crown Princess Mette-Marit (of Norway), Crown Prince Haakon (of Norway), Princess Martha Louise (of Norway), Crown Prince Frederik (of Denmark), Crown Princess Mary (of Denmark), Madeleine Bernadotte Kogevinas, Bernhard Mach, Jenni Haukio (wife of President of Finland), Eliza Reid (wife of President of Iceland).

2nd Row L-R: Princess Astrid (of Norway), Queen Maxima (of the Netherlands), King Willem Alexander (of the Netherlands), Prince Albert (of Monaco), Queen Silvia (of Sweden), King Carl Gustaf (of Sweden), Queen Sonja, King Harald, Queen Margrethe (of Denmark), Grand Duke Henri (of Luxembourg), Grand Duchess Maria Teresa (of Luxembourg), King Philippe (of Belgium), Queen Mathilde (of Belgium), President of Finland, President of Iceland.

1st Row L-R: Emma Tallulah Behn (of Norway), Leah Isadora Behn (of Norway), Maud Angelica Behn (of Norway), Princess Ingrid Alexandra (of Norway), Prince Sverre Magnus (of Norway).

Taking a page out of Queen Elizabeth’s book, Queen Sonja outed for neon green for her big birthday celebration. She went full neon with a lime green ballgown with lace on the bodice and sleeves, and Empress Josephine’s Emerald Parure.

Both Sonja and King Harald wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Crown Prince Haakon walked in with Queen Margrethe, who wore the teal lace gown she wore to the recent State Visit from Belgium and the Floral Aigrette Tiara. Both sported the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Crown Princess Mette-Marit walked in with King Carl Gustaf – both wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway). The Vifte Tiara Mette-Marit is wearing is barely visible in this photo.

Princess Martha Louise sported King Philippe on her arm, a new navy gown from Cecilie Melli, and King Olav’s Gift Tiara. Both sported the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Princess Astrid and Prince Nikolaos walked in together, both wearing the Order of St. Olav (Norway). Astrid wore Queen Maud’s Turquoise Tiara.

Queen Mathilde was accompanied by Prince Carl Philip. Mathilde wore the red Armani gown from last year’s State Visit from Jordan and the Wolfers Necklace Tiara. Both royals wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Princess Tatiana and Princess Sofia walked in on either arm of Bernhard Mach. Tatiana wore the Antique Corsage Tiara and a green dress with bell sleeves (I hate this trend). She also wore the Order of Saints Olga and Sophia (Greece).

Sofia wore the black Oscar de la Renta gown she wore to the 2015 Nobels and a new-to-her tiara: the Six Button Tiara. She’s sporting the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden). Is is just me or do the button tiaras really suit Sofia?

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on the balcony (the royals did a balcony appearance before the dinner). Victoria wore a repeated blue Elie Saab and the Baden Fringe Tiara. Victoria wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway), and Daniel wore the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden).

Also in the above photo are, L-R: Jenni Haukio, Desiree Kogevinas, and Carlos Eugster.

King Willem-Alexander escorted Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, wearing a black dress, pink coat, and the Belgian Scroll Tiara. Both rocked the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Queen Maxima was escorted by Grand Duke Henri. Max repeated the Jan Taminiau gown she wore to Prinsjesdag in 2015 and the Dutch Sapphire and Diamond Tiara. Both wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Princess Beatrix, wearing the Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara, was paired with Crown Prince Frederik. They both wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Crown Princess Mary was paired with Prince Albert (who went solo because Charlene doesn’t like attending things). Mary wore her Diamond and Ruby Necklace Tiara and the Order of St. Olav (Norway). Albert did not wear any orders at all.

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie had two gents on her arms: Carlos Augster and Prince Constantijn. Stephanie wore Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide Tiara and the Order of Adolphe of Nassau (Luxembourg). Constantijn wore the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Nehterlands), and Carlos wore no orders.

Queen Silvia, wearing the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and a repeated blue gown, was accompanied by the President of Finland – both wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

Sophie, Countess of Wessex was accompanied by the President of Iceland. Sophie wore the Single Aquamarine Tiara and a new gown by Suzannah: V Curve Gown Bottle Green (£1,850.00). Sophie wore the Royal Victorian Order (Britain), while the President of Iceland wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway).

This is my favorite look from Sophie ever. She looks amazing.

PS. Edward had an engagement in the UK which is why he couldn’t attend.

Also representing the UK was Lady Elizabeth Shakerly, who walked in with Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, who wore a Valentino gown and her Diamond Fringe Tiara.

Queen Anne-Marie walked in with Princess Mabel. Anne-Marie wore the Greek Ruby Tiara, and Mabel wore the Dutch Pearl Button Tiara. Anne-Marie wore the Order of the Redeemer (Greece), and Mabel did not wear any orders.

Bonus photo of Harald giving Sonja a kiss after her speech.

Below are some close ups of the group photo so you can see the tiaras a bit better.

[Thomas Brun, NTB scanpix]

[Thomas Brun, NTB scanpix]

[Thomas Brun, NTB scanpix]

78 thoughts on “Royals in tiaras for King Harald & Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday dinner

    1. +100. I love her dress. The color is gorgeous, though I am a big fan of dark green. And then the shape is beautiful. I love the train with how it billows around the skirt. It looks so elegant. She knocked it out of the park. That is how you do royal 🙂

    2. +100

      It’s wonderful a member of the BRF was present. I hope Princess Henry become close the Countess/PR among other dutiful royals. The hardworking Contess return a few days ago from overseas dutoes, and was here representing HM – well done considering her Line.

  1. Yay tiaras, tiaras and more tiaras!
    The beautiful-Max, Vic, Sylvia and Sophie. Nailed tiaras, dresses and other bling
    The good-Sonja love the emeralds but not with chartreuse dress, mathilde love the dress but her tiara is a wee bit small and Beatrix love the jewels the dress meh
    The ugly- Mary’s dress is reminiscent of the erdem with the drop waist thing-just no it’s unflattering on everyone mette-Merritt no on dress on come on wear some bigger jewels
    The truly hideous-the lady in red where you can see her nipples and a very ugly tiara-NO!!!
    At what point do you stop calling yourself Royal when your country abolished the monarchy 50 yrs ago?!! I’m talking to you Greek ex royals
    Only thing that would’ve made it better would be Felipe and leti!
    Thanks for this I needed to stop watching the news and this was a great diversion!
    And I said it before but feels it should be repeated-time for William and kate to go to those things

  2. I gotta say Mathilde has look very fabulous ever since becoming queen. Not that she didn’t look fabulous before but it’s like she really bloomed ever more since then. My top favorites are Mathilde, Maxima (as always) and Sophie.

  3. Maxima, Sophie and Marie-Chantal were my favorite looks from the party. But WOW- Queen Sonja looks amazing for someone turning 80. I’d love to know her secret!

  4. Mette-Marit is Queen Elsa, believe me,with the Order of St.Olav x)
    It must be interesting to attend such a birthday-party. I guess, for the royals, it’s routine.
    I.always like to see Guillaume and Stephanie of Luxembourg.
    Norway is a nice country, far north of course, but deeply interesting with the polar lights and the darkness there, mysterious, like in the Pullman-novels.
    I don’t like that the British royals(except of Sophie here) never attend such festivities. The Swedes are there with six high-ranking royals and this doesn’t make them less important, also the Dutch and Danish.

    1. I think it is disrespectful of HM to send Sophie. She may do a good job but all other countries send with the King/Queen or Crown Prince/ss. This is exactly the sort of stuff Will and Kate should be taking on now to start to build relationships with the European royal families. But for such a high profile event I think Charles should have gone. I like Sophie and I think she does her job well, but I don’t think this is her job to do.
      I appreciate Sophie is much loved on here, and I’m beginning to sound a bit like Kitty on this one….always saying the same thing. ( no disrespect intended Kitty ?).

      1. I agree with you Birdy. When every other house is sending the monarch or heir apparent (and/or spouses), sending the 9th in line’s spouse doesn’t cut it. I know William and Kate don’t know these people, but neither did Edward and Sophie before they started going to these things. It’s high time William and Kate were thrown into this kind of work.

        1. That’s perhaps the reason the British royals are seen as special.They make themselves special and rare.
          I don’t like this high-and-mighty behaviour. It’s time for them to show some respect to the other royal houses and send their crown princes.

        2. I seem to remember that when the BRF (The Queen?) started sending Sophie and Edward to these events with the other royals that it was said that they were chosen to go as an indication of the high regard HM had for the couple, especially Sophie. I can’t remember the source, sorry it was some years ago. Probably DM?

          1. I actually read awhile back that Charles doesn’t like doing these things as he’s still heir and most of his contemporaries are rulers. Thus Sophie and Edward get sent. But we literally just had an article saying the queen wants William and kate to do more state events-so why not send them to these things??
            I think they’re quite clueless/rude to other monarchies. I believe it was a WW 11 memorial where William (maybe Kate) completely ignored Felipe

          2. They were also the only ones available. Many of those royal weddings they attended were between 1999 – 2004. Charles was a widower and not yet remarried, Anne’s husband/s don’t do engagements, Andrew and Sarah were divorced. Unless she was going to send her cousins (Gloucesters), Edward and Sophie were the highest-ranking couple that was still a couple.

            Charles did make an exception to attend Haakon and MM’s wedding, I suspect to show support in the face of criticism of the relationship. In turn, they are some of the few royals who attended Charles and Camilla’s civil wedding and blessing service.

          3. Both W&K ignored Haakon and Felipe at the WWII thing, and din’t recognize CP and Dan at the Olympics. Ignored them completely. I think Harry did then later there was a picture of Harry greeting Dan and CP. They don’t know these people from Adam and it’s a shame.

          4. Actually, I think it was Harry that completely ignored Prince Carl Philip and Prince Daniel at the Olympics. There is a photo of Will greeting the Swedish princes with a friendly smile and one of Prince Edward shaking Prince Carl Philip’s hand. But in the only pic of the Swedish princes and Harry in the same frame, Harry isn’t even looking at them – he’s (rather pointedly) staring off into the distance, seemingly avoiding eye contact.

        3. That’s the British Royal Family for you! Too high & mighty! During Queen Fabiola’s funeral, not a single member of the BRF attended. That’s really a sore point in the relationship the royal families. Even if the Queen sent a letter of condolence, it’s still so very rude. The Queen did attend the funeral of King Baudouin ( very exceptionally rare occasion).

        4. I thought they are sending Edward and Sophie because they have always been the go-to choice when it comes to wedding and birthdays of the other European royals. It seems to me that they already have a relationship established there, especially with the younger generation of kings and queens. Charles and Camilla are a bit too old for WA and Max, Felipe and Letizia, Mathilde and Phillippe and the crown prince/ss couples of the other monarchies, whereas William and Kate come a little too young plus they barely know anybody.
          I am actually happy to see Edward and Sophie on those gatherings, they seem more natural when interacting with the others and they have always been there so there must be a friendship or two.

          1. They’re not that much younger, though–Kate is just two months younger than Guillaume, and Victoria’s only five years older, which isn’t much. Actually, both William and Kate are older than Stephanie and Sofia.

            I do think Edward and Sophie do a good job at these events and have made strong relationships, but I don’t think William and Kate’s ages justify them not starting to go, as well.

          2. Why not send both? Keep Edward and Sophie for continuity and then break Will and Kate in. Maybe, just maybe, Kate could learn decorum from Sophie. Of course, they’d have to learn everyone’s names…

          3. Great idea. At least for a while, send both couples, then gradually phase out E&S.

        5. Ready or not, time for Willnot & Kannot to step up and represent. While Sophie is great, when other Royal families send heirs & monarchs, the BRF looks cheap. Stop the coddling QEII and tell them to work.

      2. +1. I think Prince Charles or Will and Kate should have gone. But they all make it a point never to mix with the Euro houses–it’s always Sophie.

      3. Good point. Not to take away from how regal Sophie looked, but yes, a higher rank in the family was called for here.

      4. As I wrote above, I think it started as an expediency. There wasn’t anyone else to send to weddings from 1999-2004, which is when many of those took place. The others were widowed, divorced, or married to husbands who don’t do events.

        For the next round of weddings 10 years later (Victoria, Madeleine, Albert, Guillaume, etc.), Sophie and Edward were already friendly with several of the couples. She and Charlene are said to be close, Edward is godparent to Joachim’s oldest son. Why not send them to a big party with their friends/distant relatives?

      5. I agree Birdy! Charles seems anti-social because some people say he doesn’t like mingling with young kings like Felipe and Willem Alexander because he is jealous they get to be king while they are young.

        1. I don’t think it’s outright jealousy, though I can imagine how awkward Charles would feel. Also how HM is so much older, her children are older, and so on; they aren’t really contemporaries. I wonder if the attitude stems too from the BRF distancing itself in general after WWI. wouldn’t surprise me HM would keep that up. I wonder if it’ll change when HM goes.

    1. The beard/no beard photo is a photo comparison on Getty. So I would say it’s real.

    2. He did, it was part of the evenings entertainment. I don’t know if watching a man getting his beard shaved off is entertaining but maybe for them it was.

      1. So is it because Haakon’s parents didn’t like his beard or something? Like an inside joke? This is so odd.

  5. I wish we could’ve got a clearer picture of Queen Emma’s diamond and sapphire bracelet which Maxima is wearing for the 1st time. I’m also annoyed that HM didn’t loan Sophie a more substantial tiara.

  6. Thank you KMR for a look at the Royal Palace at Oslo.
    It is so interesting.
    WOW! Countess of Wessex has really nailed it. She looks really beautiful and the evening wear is simply stunning. She looks just right, not overdone, and graceful
    She is carrying herself here with confidence. I love the sincere look on her smiling face in the last photo, no artificial enhancement (I don’t think anyway) Botox etc.. just natural
    Now that is how you do it!!!!

        1. Sophia, loved your comment. If I had the money, I would send a tiara to you. It’s Mother’s Day here in the States this Sunday and you are such a caring, brave, loving mom to your daughter. I think you deserve accolades. And, bling! How are you and your daughter doing?

          1. Hello Jenny,
            How are you. All stable here for the moment. We had a rocky last week but things have improved. Working hard to rehab my daughter right now, when she has better days I have things organized for her to do. We have joined some terrific organizations and that is a real help right now. When able she gets out and is proactive at the same time little steps for her to try and get her as good as we can. Thank you so much for your kind words, you never fail to enquire about her, I always pass it on and she is very humbled and grateful as I.
            Jenny I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day as well As I do to all the Mums out there.
            Oh you are just the loveliest lady! a tiara WOW. I would not look near as nice as the Queens, and princesses above they all look so stunning.
            It is Mothers day here on Sunday here in Australia as wellso I have a few things planned with my daughter. My son is coming up overnight to stay for Mothers Day w’end so that will be great we don’t get to see him often. So this was lovely surprise.
            I hope no one minds me mentioning the following –
            To all the Volunteers here in Australia a big thank you for all you do. It is Volunteers week here. You are selfless caring people. It is much appreciated the time and energy you give to others less fortunate.

  7. I loved seeing all the tiaras and the dresses.

    A couple of favourites – Princess Tatiana’s dress and Queen Maxima’s dress.

    then there were a few that made me want to go huh? Like Mary of Denmark’s dress? Reminds me a bit too much of the bed spread I had as a kid. Let’s just not mention Desiree’s red (um) toga dress?

  8. I love Queen Maxima’s gown–her tiara is MASSIVE. Wow.

    I agree that the button tiaras are a good fit for Princess Sophia. The six-button is a substantial piece but there’s also something quite girlish and youthful about it that suits her quite nicely.

    1. I love that tiara on her! I don’t know anyone else who could pull one off of that size the way she does.

  9. I have to say that despite not being a big Sofia fan, she looked so pretty! The six buttons tiara just fits her head perfectly and looks much more beautiful on her than her usual emerald tiara. I just love this tiara and have to admit it looks better on her that on the other swedish royal ladies (even my favourite girl maddie)!

  10. Maxima for the tiara win! Sophie looked great and I do believe she and Edward are favorites of the Queen which is why they attend these royal events. Also, the Queen can be confident that Sophie knows how to make intelligent conversation with others. I think Queen Mathilde looked lovely as well, I am not a fan of tiered dressing but she was able to carry it off just because of the way she carries herself.
    On the other hand, CP Mary’s gown reminded me of an Erdem schmatte, the drop waist, a bottom tier , blah color and just a general matronly look.

    1. I shudder to think about Will and Kate at an event like this​. However, it would be a good idea for them to get to know the other CP’s and monarchs, as they will be part of that club some day (maybe).

      1. Just a thought, Sophie does a lot of bread and butter events so shouldn’t she get some fun ones too?

        Sorry but I don’t think Kate is up to attending this sort of engagement. She’s no good at small talk, is this a skill she could pick up in her 30s?

        Remember her at the function for all the royals that the Queen held? Kate stuck like glue to William and Harry. I noticed in several photos that Queen Beatrix was standing alone in several photos with no one to talk to. She was close to Kate, as a representative of the Queen it would have been good manners to go up to Beatrix and talk to her, but Kate ignored her. It made me feel very uncomfortable and I felt it was possible that this was a sign things to come.

        1. Oh, my gosh. How pathetic Kate is. Truly, can someone help her to learn how to make others feel special at events? She has to overcome her own shyness and think of others. She needs to learn proper small talk. She’s been a Duchess far too long for this to still be a problem. How sad that Beatrix was ignored. Kate should have been there and greeted the woman and just struck up a kind, friendly conversation.

          Meghan could actually be of help to Kate. But, I wonder if Kate will accept such help. I think she will be very threatened by Meghan. In fact, I’m surprised she has not gone to Jared yet and said, “can you ghostwrite a blog for me about all the charities I work so hard for?”
          I’m sure she really believes she’s making an impact.

        2. @Cathy, Kate is a future queen. If practise makes perfect shouldn’t she start practising ? We need to stop making excuses and allowing others to cover for her inadequacies . Sophie will never be Queen ….maybe that’s a shame, maybe she could do that job, but that’s not the reality of her position.

      2. The inviting royals may also have a say in the matter. This isn’t a request for a foreign tour, where you can request your royal of choice but you get whomever they decide to send. Edward and Sophie have been doing these events for 18 years; they’re known and friendly with many of these folks.

        There was a kerfuffle around the Lux wedding which speaks to this idea. Stories were floating that W&K would attend that royal wedding as their first big overseas event with other royals. Lux “responded” by publishing the guest list at the height of those rumors – with Edward and Sophie on the list as the attendees from the UK. I don’t think the timing of that was a coincidence.

  11. Totally off topic, but gossip, gossip……Princess Anne has gone into hubby’s work this morning. He was outside having a coffee in the sunshine and suddenly there was a big swarm of cameras and he looked up and there was Princess Anne. So far he’s sent me a picture of her back going to the building. But there is no doubt it’s her. The hair is a bit of a giveaway. Hubby’s hanging around to see if he can get one of her coming out. Xx ????

      1. Neither can I! He didn’t even know she was coming. Just checked on Court Circular and it’s not listed as one of her engagements today either but she was in other London boroughs closeby so I wonder if she just decided on the spur of the moment? Literally he rang me from outside to say what a lovely day it was in London and then he said OMG you will never guess who just walked past. Too funny. Xxx

    1. That’s exciting. I hope he sees her again and we get more details. Mrs. BBV, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what does your husband do? I am curious to know because it made Anne pop in randomly 🙂

  12. I thought the lighting in the hall through which they walked was so bright that it washed out the tiara glitter a bit, but still what a feast of bling.

    Couldn’t miss Max’s tiara, and she looked fabulous, as did most everyone. I thought Queen Margarethe also looked chic. MM (the Norwegian one) managed a few prairie flowers on her dress. Where was Charlene? Did she skip because an aversion to tiaras? Is the lady in red with gold tiara a Swedish cousin?

    And yes, BRF should be sending Charles and Camilla. No point in being snobbish about bicycle monarchies when they are out-doing you on many fronts. I think the Queen sends Sophie because she can trust her to dress and behave with dignity.

  13. This may be a stupid, ignorant question, but I’m so curious! Does anyone know why the royal couples are split up and rearranged to walk in? I really enjoy seeing them oddly paired, so it’s not a criticism, but I’ve never heard an explanation. Is it as random and “fruit-basket turnover” as it seems, or is there an underlying logic to the pairings?

    1. It could be related to seating arrangements. Generally you aren’t seated with your spouse, but with someone else. You might walk in with your dinner partner not your spouse. Victoria and Guillaume walked in together, they are seated at the dinner next to each other. Maxima’s best accessory (even beyond the tiara) was Grand Duke Henri, who escorted her in and is seated next to her at dinner.

    1. On another site, I saw a picture of her mother in what appears to be the same dress at King Harold’s 70th birthday. However, Mom wore it much better because she was wearing appropriate undergarments. I guess this is another case of “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”!

  14. I feel really proud of Sophie, she looks amazing and we know will have represented the BRF with aplomb. I agree this is the kind of thing we ‘should’ be sending the really senior Royals to (and I’m sure QEII would have enjoyed it herself) but I remember how W&K totally blanked Daniel and CP at Wimbledon and they couldn’t recognise Filipe. They’d have been useless. Sophie is likely very friendly with them all and looked so great, she’d have had a good time, I’m glad she went, she deserves a few ‘good’ engagements now and then!

    Other high points, I love how they mixed it up with the couples, it’s strange to see them with different partners, I found that entertaining. Sofia looked gorgeous, Vic and Daniel looked so much fun and I laughed at Haakon shaving his beard between courses, I can imagine the reactions. Good memories for them all. Sad not to see Charlene but Albert was present. I can give Charlene a pass as she does have young twins. If Kate can use that excuse to not attend an appt half an hour away I can forgive Charlene not travelling to Norway. But I’d have loved to have seen what she would have worn, she just oozes glamour. Good job all round, thanks KMR for the work putting this together.

    1. I remember that they blanked Daniel and CP, wasn’t there a video showing Waity turning to the person next to her asking ” Who’s that” or words to that effect meaning Felipe.Hope she recognises him at the Spanish State Banquet.

  15. Queen Sonja looks fantastic! Rocking lime green and emeralds at 80!! I know we’ve commented on clothing costs – what about Maxima? She’s looking great, but that’s some clothing budget!

  16. Queen Sonja is dressed like Loretta Lynn and I love love love love it.

    I’d also bet good money, based on the given picture, that Princess Astrid goosed Prince Nikolas as he went to take her arm.

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