More info on William, Kate & Harry’s May 13 BP party

More info on William, Kate & Harry’s May 13 BP party

In between the announcement that Prince Philip is retiring and all the stories that followed, KP announced on Friday more details of the Party at the Palace hosted by Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry.

It seems like they’re really leaning into their talk of children loosing parents at a young age, because the party is for children of those who died serving in the Armed Forces, and will feature various bereavement charities and support networking as well as fun and games.

    “A special party is to be held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace for the children of those who have died serving in the Armed Forces. Families will attend the party, hosted by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry on Saturday 13th May. Their Royal Highnesses have arranged the event to acknowledge and honour the fact that young children have had to come to terms with the loss of someone very close to them at a young age.
    “Singer Jess Glynne and ventriloquist Nina Conti will perform at the event, as will other children’s entertainers and magician Lance Corporal Richard Jones. The event will be attended by children up to the age of 18 and their parent or guardian. Representatives from charities such as Child Bereavement UK, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Winston’s Wish and SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity – will attend and provide practical support on the day. The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry hope the event will provide an opportunity for these children to broaden their support networks amongst other families with similar experiences.
    “As part of the day, guests will be able to enjoy face painting, arts and crafts sessions, science experiments and try out circus skills. The Royal Foundation’s Full Effect and Coach Core programmes will also attend to lead workshops in beatboxing and breakdancing. Finally guests will be treated to a special display from the RAF Falcons parachute team.”


It sounds like it will be fun for the kids.

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66 thoughts on “More info on William, Kate & Harry’s May 13 BP party

  1. Sounds a like a lovely event. I think this event will be a highlight of their calendar this year.

    This is the type of event Camilla often does without such media attention and that’s why I raise a skeptical eyebrow at the latest articles about the Queen wanting the trio to focus on official state duties. It’s obviously possible to do both state duties and personal causes successfully.

    1. Camilla doesn’t just swan in and anoint everyone with her fragrant presence and then bugger off. She’s also hands on at intimate little gatherings. This sounds like more of the same- get everyone else to organise and then bring the body. Of course, Harry is terrific at schmoozing, especially with children, so that’s a major plus, especially for the 2 dullards who have completely co-opted his charm. I will be interested to know how long they stay and if anyone gives a little speech. I wonder who’s paying for it and under what auspices this is happening.

      I am very pleased for the kiddies, even though it sounds like a Bereavement Faire mash up.

      1. And Camilla serves the kids at her Christmas party!!
        I wish Madeleine would make her tea princess tea party an annual event too!
        Those two are my favorite events

        1. +1

          These kids attending I see as r addition to Prince Harry’s work and dedication of his charities – to service members re Invictus- the workshy middeltons lambriges just add ons. Prince Harry is the sincere credible planning, while bill kat middelton credited as well.

        2. Sarah, the princess-party of Madeleine was great! I would have lovee it as a child to meet a true princess in a true princess-dress who smiles so brightly at me like Madeleine does.She has much of her mother. It was a great idea of them!

      1. That sounds like a good idea in theory but Kate & William would be too focused on George and possibly ignore the other kids like in Canada.

        1. I agree. It would be a great event for G but because he’s seen so rarely, the focus of the event would shift from the children to G

          1. Hopefully this is another wonderful addition event for Prince Harry to have MM if in London -(nothing about unroyal private wedding; and copykat of Prince Harry Megan polo kiss.)

            Now pips/matthews PR bs headline ‘can’t keep hands off…’ ). Meghan definitely teaching carol how its done – no 10 years stalking/waity.

      2. I used to think it would be great for them to bring kids to age appropriate events but the Canada tour made it clear that when the kids are there they either can’t or won’t step away to do other obligations.
        Kate on runway-other people there and she stands with Charlotte like a prop instead of turning to talk to the others
        The party/petting zoo event- how many times did we actually see them mingling with other peeps?
        Whether they are true helicopter parents or they want the optics of good parents-it all equals the same, they ignore almost everyone else when the kids are about. Which negates the purposes of those events.
        I don’t know what it’s called in the U.K. (Maybe just etiquette classes?) but kate needs cotillion classes. Learn how to mingle and make small talk.

        1. Kate needs a finishing school, but then, so does Willy. But then, a finishing school keeps you humble and I don’t see that in Dolittle’s future- she’s above all that now and all her ways are fragrant.

          1. +1

            Finishing she should have had during the end of her waity years. But then the RF had little clue whiny willy was attaching himself to an unsuited threesome of waity carol and middeltons to the BRF.

            TQ approve Prince Harry to have his solo Garden Party at BP on May 30.

    1. They are too young and would inevitably attract the attention that should go to the child guests. Plus Kate and William would be distracted as they are real helicopter parents, judging by the Canada garden party. They took no interest in the guests (parents as well as children) and just isolated themselves for photo ops with their kids. Not good.

      1. They are not helicopter parents per se, that is only pretencefake PR – and used to not host/ mingle with regular people they so wanna be, with grand royal status palaces and the yearly millions handed to them for luxury lifestyle hidden in secrecy and ‘ private’.

    2. They’d do what they did in Canada. Focus on their own kids, especially Charlotte, and wave them away from the pleb kids. Don’t want them to get icky commoner germs, and they need their hands on parents photo ops!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day and the children will be in for a big treat. Given Harry’s personality, I am sure he will throw himself right into all the activities. My hope is that the other two take the sticks out of their ***** for the day and join in as well.

    1. This is exactly what Buckingham Palace should be used for, more often. Not just Garden parties for the already privileged but days like this that give something extraordinary to the more challenged in society. Oh the things I would do if only I had the chance. Can’t see William embracing that type of Monarchy but Harry & Sparkles would.

  3. This is right up Harry’s alley, I’m sure he’s genuinely looking forward to it and probably excited as well. He loves putting smiles on kids’ faces.

  4. This sort of reminds me of what Princess Madeleine did a year or so ago, for the Swedish version of Make-A-Wish (though, of course, the reason behind it is incredibly different). I can see Harry jumping in head-first and having a ball. It’ll be interesting to see how W&K do. William can be alright around kids but sometimes he can be incredibly uptight. Kate? I’m sorry but, to me, she seems to still so awkward around children.

    Hopefully, the press will be there to get pictures and quotes.

    Edit: I’d love for at least George to be there to interact with the kids. (Charlotte might be a bit too young.)

        1. One of those tiara’s from Claires accessories perhaps or maybe Kate could raid the Jewellery. Come on Kate. Dress up as a princess. In a dress with puffed sleeves.

          1. Inappropriate skirt. Come on, she has a lot of bending down to the kids’ levels to do.

            Hope the party is a happy time for the children and their caregivers. It’s nice that they are being treated to such an event and I do think Harry will win everyone over.

          2. Perhaps, another white crochet longer dress, like the one she wore in Canada Or, a very short skirt would get my vote, too. I think she will dress up. And, have to work hard to keep things in place.

          3. Kate will have really high heels on so she can loom over the kids.

            I’m crossing my fingers that there is no flashing?

          4. I am also hoping there is no flashing. I vote for high shoes, too, Cathy. I’m sticking with a short skirt of some style

    1. Painted on jeggings and a striped shirt eerily similar yet different to one we’ve seen her in before.

    2. Her summer white sneakers seem to be the go to shoe this year. So those with her jeggings. She doesn’t seem to own any other type of pants.
      How cute would she be in capris/cigarette pants?!!
      Let’s hope the hair is pulled back

          1. Oh Mary Elizabeth don’t.

            I’m still upset that my beloved McQueen vomited up that monstrosity and Kate actually wore that thing.

          2. Lee McQueen would have vomited it up too Hera.

            I’m betting the wedges might make an appearance as they’ve been hibernating for a while. Not sure she’ll do heels on the pristine Palace lawns. Definitley jeggings and a striped top though.

          3. Hera, I hated that dress so much, too.

            The other day, I was walking in the local mall with my girls and there was a dress of a similar design in one store that caters to teens It was black and white and only had one tier of a ruffle on the skirt. The skirt then floated into a slight A-line. It was hideous, too. But, not as bad as the McQueen number.

            Do you think Kate will ever wear that dress again? Even if she auctions off her clothes for charity, who would purchase that one?! I say burn it with the gifts you so graciously accept from people you meet at your appearances, Kate. Don’t look back, just light the match!!!

        1. Either jeggings or a girly dress with her wedges with the hair clipped back with her little hair accessories.

      1. Cigarette pant suit would be fab, Vic and Maddie both wear these and look so awesome. With a little cropped jacket and a silk blouse of some sort and a great pointy toe heel (*not* suede)- oh yes to that! I sometimes wonder, though, if she doesn’t go for the pant suit because of her proportions (very long waisted). Maybe a skirt suit works better for her shape than a dress pant??

      2. I keep hoping for a lovely ankle length trouser. They would be perfect for this. But the one time she wore something like that they were in that insane pattern.. Navy or black Kate!

    3. Gahhh- noooo moooore stripes. I now hate the nautical tops more than the wedges of doom. The only time I liked her wedges was on the beach in Australia. That’s it. Otherwise they looked like big clumpy hooves on the ends of those tiny ankles. Skinny jeans, I can live with (and do nearly every day of my life), but the soul destroying monotony of the stripey top on Kate is too too much. I need to go declutter that closet of hers- she will be *amazed* at what I find!

    4. In his note attached to their invitations, Harry asked the kids NOT to get dressed up so hopefully the trio will dress casually, comfortably and in the case of W+K, not genitally explicit.

      1. Oh, bad news. I did not know that Harry asked the kids not to dress up. I don’t want to change my vote, though. Kate needs to dress like a “princess,” so the little girls, especially, will feel like they are in fairy tale land.

        Oh, well, if she will be participating in any fun activities, I guess she will wear jeggings. But, please, not the striped shirt. Not any one of them. I am sticking with a short skirt, but now I feel like I am making a huge mistake. How about a longer skirt/dress?

        I need to have a nice talk with myself. Something along these lines: “What does it matter if she wears trousers, jeggings or a skirt, Jenny? Aren’t there more challenging things facing the world? Just calm down about what Kate will wear.” The sad thing is that I can’t. At least not this morning!

        P.S. Jen, loved your comment!

  5. I don’t know if I’m setting myself up for disappointment but I’m excited about this event!
    I hope William and Kate actually engage with the kids and family-the event in Canada we didn’t see many pics of them really interacting with many of the peeps. It felt like they forget they weren’t part of the exhibit

  6. I think Indiana Joanna was asking about this on a previous post. So here’s a review. The best part, which will now make me watch it plus it’s pbs so can’t be that bad.
    “It also casts Kate Middleton as a Lady Macbeth-style schemer who pushes her weak-willed husband, Prince William, to take the throne for himself” bwhahah they got her pegged what’s the Jane Austen quote about vanity working on a weak mind produces the worst kind of mischief. Something like that. That’s William and the Middleton’s

    1. But it’s really Carole Middleton who’s Lady Macbeth, isn’t it? She’s outwitted and outplayed the lot of them so far. Kate hasn’t a business brain, but a steely tenacity in getting taken care of (endless money, status and comfort). I thought the actors timid and in fear of offending royals. Do they really fear their futures would be in jeopardy because of a mafia family? People in the public eye are the subject of satire, drama all the time and the play contains nothing that hasn’t been in the public sphere for decades. I hope the televised version comes is broadcast in this part of the world, or available online. It was Tim Pigott-Smith’s last role (Charles) as he died last month. Let’s know how you find it.

      1. Maybe it’s safer to portray kate that way than Carole? As Carole seems to straddle public/private persona. I believe she’s public and puts herself out there but maybe technically a shade of grey so go with the public figure?
        Ha the Camilla and William drama adds even more reason to watch
        Indiana do you know if it’s just one night or multiple nights?

    2. Sarah, When I read that KM was portrayed as a clever schemer I laughed. Though apparently the actress who plays Camilla gets to slap the actor who plays Willie. I’m watching just for that.

      1. This was a great article. And true, I wish the media would stop give them platitudes just because they are Royal

        1. Look at all those jewels!!
          Rather unfortunate the one lady in organge chose to forgo a bra and step outside when several are draped in fur so ya know it’s going to cold out and a terrible tiara to boot. Which might be the bigger crime!!?
          Love maxima and Vic and their bling too!
          Did the Spanish royals not go?
          I don’t follow the Norwegian royals but every time I see met merit(?) I’m not a fan of her attire.
          And if the queen is so set on the younger royals doing more state affairs, isn’t it time that William and Kate go to these events? I know Charles was in Ireland and looking quite dapper. Kate has her Luxembourg thing and the tea party so we know it would be too much to add this to her schedule but why not William?

          1. Hi Sarah, Prince Edward and Sophie have been attending these types of events for years and have developed relationships with the European royals, so I think it would be a shame if they were pushed aside for William and Kate, however it would be good for them to start developing relationships with other monarchs.

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